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Last time, on Kamigakari! >>56956586
>Cyborg confessions?!
>Promises for storytime!
>Helping others find their inner image.
>More importantly... The unexpectedly early arrival of undeciphered books!

Baseline things! And stuff:

Expansions and errata:

THE ULTIMATE Google Docs character sheet V2 ASSAULT-BUSTER (for online play!):

Mononoke homebrew guide, FAQ, and a quick rules cheatsheet!

/jttrpg/ Discord - Look for games in #on-topic, not #general.

Kamigakari is a JTTRPG focused on episodic storytelling, with simple but tight mechanics.

Its design goal is to start players spread out, getting involved with the episode's peculiarities, and eventually coming together to fight a big bad, A la tokusatsu shows, magical girl shows, and/or other such shows in that vein.

TL;DR, Its a Monster of the Week Format game with an emphasis in the fluff on high power shenanigans of just about every type.
Remember boys and girls, Japanese schedules suck, so JTTRPGS are optimized toward quick and easy sessions.
That said, they can be adapted for longer ones.

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TODAY'S QUESTION: Break free! What's a combination of styles you find interesting, but wouldn't play, and why?

... Hey, don't bully, I think an Elder Mage A + Elemental Adept A would be cool as hell, but I'm not much of a mage person.

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Well shit. You beat me to it again. I was gonna make the thread and put the docs sheet in, but you are on top of it.

Way to go new threadmaker anon.

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Okay, i updated the quick rules sheet to include the information pertinent to players on Appearance checks, scenes, backstage, and master scenes.

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aaaaa sorry, i was only trying to be helpful, and make it early-ish

Cool! Thank you so very much, Anon.

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I wasn't being sarcastic. I actually meant that.

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>Okay, i updated the quick rules sheet to include the information pertinent to players on Appearance checks, scenes, backstage, and master scenes.

Thanks anon. Does it need a new link or does the current link go to the updated version now?

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Nah, its the same link. Rather, so long as the link is to "Homebrewanon" its fine like that. For the link to change i'd need to make an entirely different pastebin, after all.

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I'd like to play an elemental adept but haven't found a good reason to so far. Also Time Wizard sounds fun in concept but looks terrible mechanically

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Due to last thread or the one before it, i've been mulling over the idea of a Dragon lord Elemental adept A/B.

Due to dragon lords getting a permanent element, i think it'd be neat to play.

And the only reason i wouldn't be play it is lack of ability to join games.

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I feel like time wizard is better than thread gives it credit, but since i can't personally playtest it i can't give solid reasoning as to why.

At the very least, i think its mostly just misunderstandings on how various abilities work, in part due to odd descriptions or perhaps minor mistranslations.

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I don't know why people think Time Wizard is bad. It's a very sound support class. It's really good at breaking enemy engagements and managing turn orders.

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Time Wizard (especially B) disinterests me for that reason. Way I see it, more bookkeeping ya do in a game, the more likely people will get disinterested mid-game, go on their phones, and ask when their turn is.

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That's fair. I like it though.

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Different anon here, but Time Wizard is bad in my opinion because it's a bit of a waste of a style. I mean, you could either do a fuckload of damage as Arc Slayer A and be fast, and not need to damage yourself or others to mess with the initiative, or you could support others' damage with Elemental Adept A or Digital Sorcerer A, and end the battle faster. That, and the specific X dice costs of 1 on alot of talents, and the HP draining of the abilities makes it so that the majority of the talents just aren't that useful, in my opinion.

I mean, I've never gotten around to playing it either, so everything I'm saying might be wrong, but initiative fuckery just doesn't seem very useful when you could be doing anything else.
It's sad, because being a time wizard seems really fuckin rad mechanically.

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I agree that it could have been way cooler than it is.

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>THE ULTIMATE Google Docs character sheet V2 ASSAULT-BUSTER (for online play!):

What do I type in the Race field in order for the formulas in the Main stats to work?

I tried typing in
Scion Martial

both didn't do anything.

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Ruth anon here, apologies on behalf of the group! I saw some people wanted an update on how the games are going. The christmas season is hitting us pretty hard, so half of the group (self included) is being shuffled around the globe to see family. No sessions this week or the last two weeks, sad to say.

The current episode, which is on holiday pause, takes place in the real world. Manzanar High School is holding another one of their annual fundraising competitions, with the class that raises the most money for the school being rewarded with a cross-country trip during summer vacation. At the moment the party has decided to visit each PC's house to form ideas and get advice from parents, and it's great to finally dig up information about everyone's home-life. So far we've met Rei's single mom, Ryuko's whole family, and Hayate's...house? Somehow Hayate has stayed as mysterious as ever despite everyone having seen his house and room. Next session will be Su's and Ruth's places.

The format it searches for is "Race (Type)," like "Scion (Martial)" or "Honyou (Utility)" to my knowledge.

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HP is supposed to be Strength + Will + Level*3
not Strength / 2 rounded up

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Do you know whats up with isekai anon? He hasn't shown up personally since well before your storytime, unless he's just lurking.

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I feel like Time wizard is "bad" for the same reason Contractor was considered OP a while back.

The GM Section just isn't there to support it. For all we know, there's a bunch of mononoke and boss talents like that that are designed to break initiative that time wizard is meant to act as a solid counter too.

I'd say the majority of the reason the game is a beatdown powergame is simply because we only have core and the first expansion's GM stuff. As we get more diverse stuff, we'll surely see a change in power balance in the classes.

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I know that it depends on what you're doing but is some kind of healing power absolutely required for groups?

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Here's the Official™ answer, with the names edited. He's said he likes my storytimes more than his because a player's perspective is more interesting to read than an objective one, and because it serves as detailed feedback for his GMing style. Our group is pretty notorious for the old "it was fun/good, see you next week" answer whenever he asks how the session was.

He's even posited the idea that I take over for continuing the campaign's storytimes, but I'm not sure if I can tell it right. There's scenes in the campaign that are entirely private, so while the actual GM is privy to what everyone's up to at all times and can describe it all for you, my storytimes would probably have a lot of blind spots since I'm not always in the loop. What do you think about the subject?

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Visit Hayate's place.
Nobody's home except Hayate.

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I'm beginning to suspect Hayate is living in the cracks of society by exploiting accumulated foreknowledge like Homura Akemi.

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>There's scenes in the campaign that are entirely private, so while the actual GM is privy to what everyone's up to at all times and can describe it all for you, my storytimes would probably have a lot of blind spots since I'm not always in the loop.

It happens.

L5R Stonewall Storytime from earlier this year was done that way. It was still good even though it was told from a single character's perspective.

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That's pretty on the dot, to be honest. He lives in a big gated house, but the inside is bare. Like, very bare-- it looked like the inside of a minimalist cubism art exhibition. He owns a coffee maker and a bed. Nobody was home except him. He seemed pretty chill about it. We left with more questions than answers.

One odd quirk we've recently noticed, though: Hayate drinks an obscene amount of coffee, and seems to refuse to eat or drink anything not coffee-flavored or that uses coffee as an ingredient. Appears to have no preference between caffeinated or decaf.

From questions asked, Hayate's parents are usually out working, and send plenty of money back as well as instructions for daily chores. What their jobs actually *are* we have no clue, as Hayate only gave a noncommittal shrug when asked. Ryuko's slightly (possibly very) jealous of his freedom at home in stark contrast to her own home life, but that's a whole different can of worms.

If you guys don't mind the single-character perspective and really want to hear about the campaign, I could give it a shot? Would you prefer having the GM give his objective storytimes and me giving more personal retellings for scenes you're curious about, or just have the whole chronological story told from a player's perspective?

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>or just have the whole chronological story told from a player's perspective?

If you are up for it I'd like to hear it.

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Maybe he's a Shante world zombie.
Their only dietary need is coffee, without it they go from sapient undead to horror movie zombies.

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>be godhunters
>real estate agent sends you to clear out a haunted house so they can sell it

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>be godhunters.
>real estate agent sends you to clear out a haunted house so they can sell it.

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Fixed that and also fixed the Initiative which for some reason was Intellect/2 rounded up instead of agility+5

>> No.57066210

How do I add more entries for weapons without breaking the sheet?

>> No.57066366

When I insert a few rows it autocorrects the formula to adjust for them, so just adding the cell numbers for the new weapon into the formula should work

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Skullomania will never die!
Osaka will be ours brother!

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Thank you.

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late night bump

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Well, if you wanna tell your perspective, and ask isekai anon if he can fill in the blanks, wouldn't that be best?

Because if there's anything i learned from your storytimes, its that people loved the viewpoint of ruth.

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No! Shizu-nee a superior!

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>MiO shitposting

I'm almost proud

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how would you go about making car chases interesting in kamikagari?

RAW there doesn't seem to be much support for it.

Chases can be pretty dramatic and dangerous, but they are also effected heavily by the environment that the chase is taking place in, the skill and condition of the participants, and the condition, attributes, and performance of the vehicles.

The environment a chase is taking place in can shift from moment to moment.
The condition of the participants and vehicles also can change over time, usually decreasing as damage accumulates, but its also possible for a vehicle to be temporarily advantaged in an environment that plays to it's strengths.

Most RPGs are not designed to support forms of combat or struggle that revolve around the above factors. So usually a bit of creativity and homebrewing is needed if you want good chases.

I'm still new to Kamikagari so I figured I'd ask the anon's here for advice since you guys are the largest English speaking experience base for the game and system that I'm aware of.

I'm asking because I may be playing in a game where godhunters are cops.

Below is an example showing some of what I mean and also showing how chases can be complex and dynamic and dramatic things.

If you haven't watched Magnum Force yet don't watch the clip below. (this is from the 1973 version)

>> No.57070417

>you guys are the largest English speaking experience base for the game and system that I'm aware of

We're the only one that i'm aware of. Mostly because the only translation of the book came from an anon from here.

As for chase scenes, thats a lot of stuff. I think you would mostly need to play it by ear. Figure out how fast each vehicle would go on average, when, where, and why they would get an advantage based on terrain, and what talents could concievably help the car go faster or be more durable. For example, I would possibly let dragon carriers use their Crystal transformation/Install on the vehicle to give it a speed/durability boost respectively.

For example

In this, the character uses their immense mana and ability to materialize armor to both increase the speed and durability of the bike. But at the same time, the person she's chasing also has a chariot capable of flying, and both characters can still fight while riding.

One thing i could see happening is having the movement of a round be handled by the GM At the start of each round, and let players do their thing seperately. Instead of actually moving tokens each round, put it in terms of speed gain VS speed loss, and only move the chasing vehicle after you've mathed it out.

>> No.57070480

yeah afaik there's pretty much nothing in Kami that would support a chase scene. In fact most the movement rules are more about locking things in place through engagements. Vehicles are barely even mentioned - there's combat motorbikes with charge attack options but that's about it, and those are just stand-ins for mounts in general.

>> No.57071089

I guess that would also allow passengers who can do things to effect the chase to also do so?

>> No.57071120

the rules don't really have anything to do with vehicles as vehicles.

The weapon entries for vehicles are limited to the idea of using artificial regalia vehicles as ramming weapons.

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What are the most fun magical styles?

>> No.57071754

Indeed. At the start of each round, just take into account what characters have done and move the chaser token accordingly.

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Digital Sorcerer B + Elder Mage B, free heals, every time.

>> No.57072295

You mean on the same character? Because you're gonna need to explain that to me if you do.

>> No.57074133


>> No.57074162

Mainstyling DS B gives you access to the ◎ «Mystic Suppression» (Expansion 05: Four Guardian Gods), which lets you treat one portion of any [Timing: Attack] Style Talent cost that doesn't inflict damage to be treated as being paid. Having EM B as a Style lets you use «High Cure», a [Timing: Attack] Style Talent that costs [6] and heals for Rank 3. This also applies to other talents, like «Invigorate» or «Clock System». Depending on preference, you can take DS B's ◎ «Ether Chunk», or EM B's ◎ «Ultimate Rite» instead with a High Talent. (Expansion 05: Four Guardian Gods)

So, yeah, I might be lying when I say "free heals", it would be more correct to say "really nicely discounted heals and other things".

>> No.57074546


it sounds like a build that doesn't actually start to do much until level 5.

>> No.57074604

Can you add ranks to magic?
For example, could you apply element burst (giving +1 rank) to a magic weapon that already started off at rank 2?

>> No.57075550

Yeah there's no reason you can't do that

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I wanna fuck that squid.

>> No.57077566

I wasnt aware of those talents. Gotta say, thats actually pretty neat

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Merry Christmas Eve

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does anyone else find they want to laugh and run and hide when things that shouldn't have faces have faces?

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late night bump again

>> No.57081651

What about when things that should have faces don't?

>> No.57082590

The way the two damage types work is that physical simply adds onto your existing weapon, where-as magic tends to Give you a flat "You do this rank of damage".

If something either specifies it +X rank to magic or simply +X rank in general, then it will add on to your weapon or even magical talents.

However, magical talents will override your weapon's rank, and not add on to it like with physical talents and weapons

>> No.57082801

I just thought of a good way to think of it.

With weapons, you can just hit harder. With magic, its a set process. You gotta be careful how you change it.

>> No.57083241

So what happens when you use the legion talent that lets you convert the physical damage from an attack to magical damage?

>> No.57083283

which one is that? and what book?

>> No.57084975

that can too. Though the art style has a lot to do with it.

For instance the "faceless" corpse Will finds in the second pirates of the Caribbean movie didn't bother me much because it didn't look like the kind of "face sucked off" horror story that had been told earlier in the movie, it just looked like the persons face has been "erased and painted over" with featureless skin.

>> No.57085145

Legion A talent Special Technique from Expansion 3 lets you make a physical attack with a weapon that works as a [special attack] but that's not a [magic attack].

>> No.57085210


All a special attack is is that it is avoided by the Luck/Insight stat. Nothing else changes from it. Since legion just treats a physical attack as a special one, you just roll your attack as per usual, then have the ACC resisted by INS rather than EVA.

This may not seem great, but its basically a guaranteed hit, so its nothing to scoff at.

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What does Mysteries of battle of battle do? What's it good for? and how do you make best use of it? the way it's written and has been erratad make it confusing.

«Mysteries of battle»
Timing : Constant
Range : User
Target : User
Cost : None
Passive Effect.
Each time the target uses a Talent that has one of [Effect Class: Use On {Accuracy} Check] [Effect
Class: Use On {Conjure} Check] [Effect Class: Use On Active Check], they gain a +10 modifier at [Damage Calculation] (Max +20). This effect is instant upon each use of the designated Talents, and does not persist.

Core Book Errata

Page 90~147, there's currently a mix-up with the Effect Class of 'Use On Active Check'. Currently there ARE NO TALENTS in the core PDF that should have 'Use On Active Check', and rather, any you see should be 'Use While Active'. This means they are not compatible with Mysteries of Battle. Anything else you see with Use On Accuracy Check/Use On Conjure Check is fine.

>> No.57086761

I'm no expert with the system so take what I say with a grain of salt:
It gives you +10 to the damage dealt to your opponent before PD or MD are added. For example if you use a physical attack your rank would be usually be 1 and you roll a 5 the damage would be 5, but if you use Mysteries of Battle it would be 15.

>> No.57086847

but when/how does it apply?

>> No.57086986

it applies whenever you are the actor, so you can't use it on talents with Timing: Defense. Someone with more experience might be able to help better than me.

>> No.57087004

It's literally just a +10 to damage when you attack on your turn

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It's a +10 to your damage whenever you use another talent that is used on active checks, or on physical attack actions. That is to say, when you use Yang Style which gives +1 to Accuracy, you simultaneously gain +10 damage for that one attack. That also stacks with other things that you use [On Active Check] like it says.
It's honestly one of the most OP talents in the game for that reason, since Secrets of the Destroyer is +6/8 damage on average for 2 4's, whilst Mysteries of Battle + a different talent or two that gives you +1 To Hit also increases your damage by +10 or 20.

>> No.57089034

Divine talker. What do you think about it?

>> No.57089040


Mysteries of Battle gives you +10 damage when you use Yang style. It doesn't give you +10 on every physical attack.

It doesn't do anything on its own, but when you use a separate talent that has the phrase "Use on {Accuracy}" check" or "Use on {Conjure} check", then Mysteries of Battles will activate to give +10 damage when resolving the attack you used that talent on. It also activates on talents that have "Use on Active Check" but as the Errata says, no talents in the core book should actually say that so you can just ignore this part more or less. If you can activate multiple talents at once that activate Mysteries of Battle, then you can get up to +20 from it.

But accounting for Errata, the only talent in the core book that actually activates Mysteries of Battle is Yang Style.

>> No.57089115

I think it could be pretty interesting, but haven't delved into it mechanically yet.

>> No.57089174

>One of the most OP Talents

Hardly. Its both situational and a pain in the ass to use, which drags its usefullness down a lot. Its also hard to get the full effect of it at all, and even if you do its not like you get it for every attack in a round, just the one attack. Frankly speaking, there are far more cost efficient ways to get +10 to damage than using a style talent on a situational boost. Getting strong weapons, increasing strength, items that give rank or damage. There's a ton of stuff thats better. It only looks OP from a numbers perspective.

For that matter, adding functionality is far more important. Nuking the field is way better than a situational +10

Well, not "Only". Thats just the only talent in the Arc slayer A.

>> No.57089261

Well I could have missed something but I did a quick sweep over the core book and I didn't see any talent that meets the conditions besides Yang Style. Execution Shadow Art doesn't count because of the errata. There's probably some in the expansions, I didn't check.

>> No.57089298


Also in practice Mysteries of Battle is really simple - it's just a straight +10 damage when you use certain talents - it's just the worst written talent in the whole goddamn system and everyone seems to get confused reading it

>> No.57089309

There's almost certainly some in the expansions.

And doing a quick look myself, you are right. Its only the one talent and its just a measly +1 to hit, so its a weak ass talent for a situationally good one.

>> No.57089347

True that. Honorary mentions go to [Dark killing arts] though.

Mysteries of battle isn't great, but dark killing arts is almost pointless, and equally as badly written

>> No.57089423

Man you aren't kidding. It's Mysteries of Battle but on an ability that auto-kills targets already, why even? I suppose you could activate Murder Method on a non-mook target and gain the Dark Killing Arts bonus, making it effectively +10 damage for [O], but that's needlessly roundabout and takes two talents.

>> No.57089464

Indeed. The Best thing i can give either talent is that maybe they cycle dice you don't need, but at that point just get a spirit fixer instead.

>> No.57090424

yeah MoB is one of the things I'm looking forward to seeing get re-translated.

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Stat me.

>> No.57091160

I wanna say Human God hand B. I dunno about a secondary style. If you wanna emulate her drive skills where she locks on and attacks, you'd need to find something that allows your fist weapons to act as special attacks.

>> No.57091858

Legion A has special technique

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>> No.57092648

Human / Godhand B / Legion A

>> No.57093361
File: 45 KB, 752x564, WAV10249 man in hardsuit and bipedal reverse jointed leg drone armor smoke grenade launcher minigun hatch flamethrower crushing hand Maschinen Krieger not Marauder of Starship Troopers rpg weapons robot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posting mechs, armor, and sentai/bugpeople

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File: 360 KB, 803x800, SHELL DORADO Lucha Turtle mask cape gold aztec shell Henchman 21 Chow # 202 character npc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.57093985

Merry Christmas

>> No.57094126

And a merry christmas to you anon!

>> No.57094730

Y'know, Legion is a pretty versatile style. I could see it being kagura's too, with how his skillset works.

>> No.57096222

How does that thing even see

>> No.57097539

nice trips

Also, maybe magic. or perhapse it goes by smell and sight.

>> No.57097566

I'd buy the smell/sight thing over magic. Its not unheard of for animals to do that.

>> No.57098800

I wonder if Detroit would make an interesting setting for a game of kamikagari.

>> No.57099006

Oddly specific, but i dont see why not. Its just a matter of shifting concepts from japanese to american.

Racial jokes aside, it would certainly be doable

>> No.57099711

Japan has the Demon Hunter's society, and Specprov, while Europe has both the Templars and the Mage's Association. The fluff in expansion 3 has a few mentions of america, mostly in the gun descriptions.

Crescent Tomahawk
>"...An axe Artificial Regalia, with a crescent-shaped blade. It's a frequently used by Native American spirit warriors..."

>"...An assault rifle-style Artificial Regalia based on the latest-model M16. Official weapon of the American anti-Awakened forces..."

Light Warrior
>"...An automatic rifle Artificial Regalia based on the M4 Carbine. It is given only to the elite among the American anti-Awakened forces..."

>> No.57100869

Yeah, while the setting is distinctly japanese the setting does acknowledge the rest of the world.

For example, the knights templar almost certainly have an american branch. The mages association isn't area specific either, and is more of a worldwide gathering of "intellectuals".

I dont know what detroit would have over most other american areas, but it wpuldnt be impossible by any means

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>> No.57102364

that chick looks familiar, but i can't place from what

>> No.57103620

Is that from Cyberpunk Idol Manager Quest?

>> No.57103943

You have my attention.

>> No.57104114


I thought that quest was long dead since it started in 2013. but nope. There's a christmas special thread up for it as of today.

>> No.57104319

Sweet. I'd forgotten /qst/ was a thing.

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Bumpin for news from kansaianon or ruthanon

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>> No.57106821

Ruthanon here, I'm pretty much always around posting something or other. This Sunday we'll (hopefully) be having our next session, though there's a lot of between-session chat lately to fill in the lack of sessions over the holidays. The party has, entirely independently, decided to try to find masters to help them become stronger and understand the race they became when they came to Haxia. Ryuko has had trouble, due to all of the honyou she knows being more interested in courting her than training her, but there's promise with one older ship captain we met at the docks who's interested in the bragging rights of having taught a Guardian. Su has found a local spirit of the town's river to explain to her how Divine Spirits work, Rei is talking to the king of the Korefutas who's currently in jail after last episode's antics, Hayate is chill as always, and Ruth is still kicked out of the manor.

When I've got a few consecutive hours to sit down and burn (most likely the 27th, after being settled back at home) I can do a storytime, if you'd like? After rereading the beginning of the campaign, there was a lot of character interaction in the first episode I'd completely forgotten about. Would you prefer that, or something else? There's the time the party went to the mall, Ryuko's troubles with her unwanted harem in Haxia, some conversations with Tinti, and various school shenanigans too.

>> No.57106840
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This is what I imagine being in a barrier too long feels like.

>Bumpin for news from kansaianon or ruthanon

I go to sleep eagarly awaiting news from them as well.
But it IS the day after Christmas.
They may very well both be quite busy with important things.

>> No.57106881
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Kansainon's came down with a terminal case of procrastinitis for which there is no cure. One (you) = one prayer.

But more seriously, he's just been exceptionally busy lately. He will come back to storytime eventually, but he likes to do it when he has a day where he's not been slammed by work schedules and the holiday stuff

>> No.57106896 [SPOILER] 
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>This is what I imagine being in a barrier too long feels like.

Nah it's more like this.

>> No.57106915

Oh shit you've been here the whole time, how about that. Well a couple anons were talking about wanting to hear the whole campaign from a player's perspective. Even though that's probably a lot of work to retell the entire campaign, I'll throw my name in the hat for retelling the first episode at least.

>> No.57106985
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Get the holiday anime juices thawed and flowing.

>> No.57108422

If you want to, you could just give the short version of the earlier stuff. We already know what happens more or less, but how you or others specifically reacted to some of the bigger events up to now would be nice.

Otherwise, just continue on at your own leisure. There ain't no rush.

>> No.57109440

Makes sense.
Christmas season is an exceptionally busy time.

Thanks for the updates on what's going on. Later is fine.

>After rereading the beginning of the campaign, there was a lot of character interaction in the first episode I'd completely forgotten about. Would you prefer that, or something else? There's the time the party went to the mall, Ryuko's troubles with her unwanted harem in Haxia, some conversations with Tinti, and various school shenanigans too.

My gut says start at the beginning, especially since you re-read it recently.

>though there's a lot of between-session chat lately to fill in the lack of sessions over the holidays.

That's pretty cool. Your group must be pretty invested and friendly with each other to do that kind of thing both in response to reduced sessions and during the end of year holiday season.

>> No.57110645

What is your favorite Cop or detactive Movie you've seen anons?

I think The first Dirty Harry movie and The Great Mouse Detective are my two favorites at the moment.

TGMD was something I watched as a kid that really blew me away in how it took the relatively mundane setting of a city, and transformed it into this vast and incredible land just by doing something as simple as changing the size scale of the characters.
Also it was fun following Basil and Dawson on their adventure as well as Ratigan in his gleefully villainous scheme.

Dirty Harry on the other hand had a valence of cowboy cop action, hard work, bad choices, and heroic and vile behavior that made for a very interesting story. Again like TGMD not terribly realistic, but it painted a world, this time a stylized 1970's San Fansico, and told an interesting story in it.

I supppse they aren't anime but that have a lot of inspiration for players and/or GMs.

So anons. What cop and detective movies (or short series) do you like.

>> No.57111564

I dunno if they count as cops, but pulp fiction has a pretty good vibe to it

>> No.57111857 [SPOILER] 
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Nah they are enforcers for a criminal.
But it does have a pretty good vibe

>> No.57112110

Honestly, it might be fairly interesting to play on the "Bad guys" side when its just small time crime and not "Taking over the world" or "Destroying humanity" and shit like that.

>> No.57112958

criminals and monsters have common cause with heros when it comes to saving the world they live in.

>> No.57113031

Of course, but i mean actually taking part in the regular small time crime until something more major happens. Racketeering, smuggling, extortion, that kinda stuff.

>> No.57113048

yeah that could be fun.

Set it in Florida.

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