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Why didn't Palpatine order the construction of Female Clone Troopers?

I am sure there were plenty of bad ass female mercenaries or supermodels out there to use as the basis, since all the clones acquire is genetics and not the original's training or personality.

I think that should have been the way to go.

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Because they only wanted to have to CG-clone one actor instead of two for Attack of the Clones.

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That picture still haunts me to this day

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Well Palpatine wanted sexy femclonetroopers, but if he made his wishes that overt it might have tipped his hand in matters. So he tried to play subtle and for once didn't get his way.

That and he thought Jango was a girl's name.

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Because, while on average, women are more pain-resistant than men, dealing with menstrual cycles, a lower muscle mass, and little natural testosterone is not productive. Can you work around those things? Sure, but you're wasting money that could be spent on creating/training/equipping more male clone troopers.

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In the early 2000's there was a completely different set of shoehorns than now.

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Because Palpatine didn't order the clones to begin with at all, let alone possible female ones.

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Why didn’t he have anyone besides Jango Fett cloned period? You only need one base, and it seemed Jango was good enough as is.

That said, wasn’t it a plot point in side material that the original stock of dna was going bad? Then if so why not find a replacement donor? Couldn’t have been too bad to find a replacement human male so they can keep the same equipment.

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Because there are no Femandalorians

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Jango Fett is good enough. No need to search for anyone else, male or female.

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If you can mass produce an army out of one dude you know is badass and loyal, why bother with anyone else?

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Hmmm... genetics of the most feared Bounty Hunter in the whole galaxy twice over or the genetics of a gender physically incapable of matching the opposite gender?

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This, although there were female stormtroopers in the Empire.

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>women are more pain-resistant than men

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>dealing with menstrual cycles, a lower muscle mass, and little natural testosterone is not productive.
Ok, if you’re going to use the “because men are stronger then women” argument why not clone Wookies? They’re clearly stronger then humans, you can train them like any other alien. No, only reason why they chose Jango was because of his history, they would’ve chosen a women if they had a similar track record

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Jango's the best there's ever been. No one -man or woman or freaky bug-person- could compare to his glorious Mandalorian genetic material.

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You ever try to vacuum wookie hair out of space armor?

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Isn't it implied sheev was more than a bit racist? Especially to Wookiees?

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>why not clone Wookies?
>Why would the predominantly humans and then actually human supremacists want alien scum with guns working for them
Also, wookies can't into basic.

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Because he wanted one sample of best. No woman reached the peak, Jango was best. end of line

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Because Jango was basically the Batman of Starwars. Peak human physique, mandalorian training, jedi hunters have to be smart, etc. Cloning him also copied his mind, slightly changed and programed to create an instant army of elite troops.

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>making your clone army all clones of one person
I don't see how that could possibly go wrong...

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Jango is a mandolorian tho he's not as strong as the wookie but spartan like discipline and critical thinking skill

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>he thought Jango was a girl's name.
Sounds about right.

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Wookies would have cost more. In actuality, they should just hired zabrak. Basically tougher humans but more prevalent due to being used as labor since near the dawn of the republic.

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>humans are the same as bananas

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Nice dubs but he wasn’t, his master was alien and so was his second in command
Pic related
See above, also if he was a supremacist he wouldn’t mind using aliens as cannon fodder
>Mandalore fanboys

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If they gave a fuck about having a diverse range of throwaway foot-soldiers they wouldn't have built an army of fucking clones in the first place.

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>nobody in the entire galaxy could engineer a targeted disease

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Shit, I meant quads

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Easier to program all the clones for order 66 when you don't need to change the pattern from one batch to the next.

In addition shortly after the clones wars he immediately discontinued the clone program and started using indoctrinated soldiers as he was against using clones in the first place. They were used only because of how he could program them and it was an "army in a can" to match the droid manufacturing speed.

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OP, and some of the rest of you, y'all thinking of this entirely wrong.

Palpatine was behind both the Grand Army of the Republic and their enemy, the Separatist Droid Army. He did not need to think so deeply about optimizing the clone army because the entire war was a setup, an excuse for Palpatine to accumulate power and become Emperor. In the end, he "defeated" the separatists not with clone forces but by sending Vader to assassinate the separatist leaders, and he knew where the separatist leaders were because HE WAS THEIR BOSS. He did not need to diversify his assets, or use the strongest possible candidate. He used Jango because Jango was a mercenary and willing to be discreet about who he is really working for. Sure, Jango was a good specimen, but that was not the point. The clones did not need to be the absolute most powerful army in the universe, they only needed to stretch out the war long enough for Palpatine to accumulate political power, and they needed to be trusted enough by the Jedi that they could execute order 66. That is all.

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>a human disease would spread through the entire cosmos as fast as a fungal infection in banana trees
>quarantines dont exist

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Women don't understand comraderie the way men do, so the army would have been ineffective, inefficient, and disloyal.

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What does this have to do with traditional games?

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>it wouldn't kill all your troops at once so it's not a problem at all
>posting images you saved off facebook

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I want feminism to leave.

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>implying you would be able to infect any considerable numbers

stop trying brainlet, you know nothing about pathology, any disease as efficient as you are trying to imply would kill more than just the clones

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>it wouldn't instantly kill all the clones and only the clones so it's not a problem at all

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Don't insult Mandalorians like that, cloneposter. You hide behind your pansy laser-sword-wielding monks all you want, they can't make up for the fact that your """army""" is literally planned obsolescence destined to be replaced by conscripts who can't shoot for shit.

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>making your clone army all clones of one person
>I don't see how that could possibly go wrong...

The transition from the clone army to the Stormtrooper corps included the increasing use of non-Fett genetic material and also non-clone enlisted soldiers.


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There would not be a disease, because the people the clones were fighting did not use disease, they used robots. In fact, 100% of the separatists' strategy was "throw more robots at it". Palpatine knew who they were fighting because Palpatine was Darth Sidious, and thus in charge of the separatists. He told them what to do, and what he told them to do was make more robots.

The foe Chancellor Palpatine was fighting a war with was... himself! The entire time. So thinking he needed to make the clone army better somehow is silly, the clone army was exactly what they needed to be.

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The pain thing literally only happens during child birth, when women have the biological narcotic equivalent of a black friday sale to compensate for them trying to pass out a human

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>addressing one point while ignoring they literally cannot speak basic
uh huh

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If you are going to the trouble to clone instead of breed soldiers, you probably don't want them to breed.
If that is the case, then making a female model of soldier doesn't do anything for you other than require you make twice the amount of clothing based equipment variants, needlessly complicating your soulless clone factory.

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There is no need to have female clones, this thread is stupid

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>Don't insult Mandalorians like that, cloneposter.
And yet the Mando queen was a disloyal bitch, the Deathwatch Mando girl was a disloyal bitch, and the Rebels Mando girl was rebel scum and therefore a disloyal bitch.

It seems as though honor only exists in mandalorian men.

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Why don't you just go a rape a woman while you're at it, you sexist misogynerd shitlord.

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Opinions, opinions everywhere, doesn’t help that they’re all wrong; I’m sorry buddy, but you’re retarded

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I dunno, geneseed or something?

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clones weren't bred from camaraderie, they were bred for obedience

rly makes me think

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You have to learn to differentiate feminism from fetishes.

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>being this faggotery
He watched Jurrasic Park retard

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>Why didn't Palpatine order the construction of Female Clone Troopers?

Because men cost less maintenance.

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>Why didn't Palpatine order the construction of Female Clone Troopers?
Why wasn't Palpatine Female?

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Star Wars: Attack Of The Bones

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Because the clones were always meant to be a temporary, disposable army. Having females around could have jeopardized that. Because, y'know. FUCKING.

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my dick is now curious about this as well

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>Don't insult mandalorians like that
>Post a picture with one in boob plate
Space yourself

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Because Palpatine knows that women are inherently less effective at war then men.

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>my dick is now curious about this as well
See, Empress Palpatine was no where near the evil asshole her brother Sheev was in canon, nor did she have his tremendous strength with the Force...
But unlike canon, she did have SOME, and to Darth Plagueis surprise, was able to turn her brothers' Force Lightning back against him when he used it to barbecue the rest of their family...
Haunted by the loss she suffered in her life, Galactic history takes an unexpected turn.

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Because he wanted the best mercenary, and it happened to be jango fett

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Cause, being a girl would have spoiled George Lucas' TRUE vision for the setting. Setting up a chain called "Papa Palpatine's Pizza"

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As cool as the clones and the clone wars are for something that was nothing but a pseudoreference in A New Hope, can we just take a second to recognise how insanely stupid the premise is?

>So George what are these clone troopers?
>They're actually all the same as big time fan favourite Boba Fett, a whole army of him, but they're raised to be soldiers so there's like a difference between them and him anyway but they're all Boba Fett. Also there is a Boba Fett Sr who is the basis for all these clones.

It's about one level above "By the way, Chewbacca was a friend of Yoda."

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Are you surprised anything coming from the prequels is stupid?

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>Cause, being a girl would have spoiled George Lucas' TRUE vision for the setting. Setting up a chain called "Papa Palpatine's Pizza"

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Becouse men are physically superior to woman?
ya know we are stronger and physically built thicker and more robust, IE: men are better for the life of soldiering than woman

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because women have a harder time developing muscle mass, you may argue but its a scientific truth, so while they could get as buff as men given time and training, it would take longer and therefore be less productive.

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because women are inferior fighters both physically and mentally

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>Why didn't Palpatine order the construction of Female Clone Troopers?
Because he was after troops, he didn't care about the individuals they were made up out of. If he did he wouldn't have stuck to just one source for his male clones.

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I know this is bait but the reason Clone Troopers are all male is because Jango Fett is a man and he is the man they cloned.

Man also have testosterone which makes them, on average, tougher stronger and faster.
So they make better soldiers, which was the entire purpose of the Clones.
To fight kill and die for the Republic.

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>Jango is a mandolorian
He's just a man in Mandalorian armor, not a Mandalorian.

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He askedfor all the clones to have a ''Fit Booty and Saunter''.

The genosians misheard him and thought they were supposed to clone ''that Fett Bountyhunter''

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In addition to all the other reasons given, consider that the republic is likely just as full of insufferable waifufags as this board.

You think they're going to support a war that involves all their qt clone soldier grrrl waifus getting slaughtered by the thousands by battle droids?
It would kill republic morale overnight.

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This, basically. A young pretty girl dies and everyone loses their damn minds. No one gives a shit if a thousand young men die.

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not that poster, but you didn't respond to any of his criticisms.

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Why did not he make an army of Wookies?

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Wookiees aren't as smart as humans and can't speak any language but their own.

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It's even better, they will not question the Drill or the orders, leaves the strategy for the officers

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Because a woman didn't win the bounty challenge? In the Bounty Hunter games story the whole point of the hunt is to find out who is the strongest hunter in the galaxy that can take out a powerful target and thus be used for clones.

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didn't they make a virus in the EU that did just that?

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>That said, wasn’t it a plot point in side material that the original stock of dna was going bad? Then if so why not find a replacement donor? Couldn’t have been too bad to find a replacement human male so they can keep the same equipment.
Because he didn't want to keep the clones around. They were as disposable as the droids, with a built in limited lifespan.

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I'll settle for female Mandalorians over clone troopers.

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You need intelligence to properly comprehend orders and you can't put all the brains in one soldier or the whole unit would go tits up if they are killed. And the clonetroopers are considered a cut above the rest so a bit of functioning brain cells is required.

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Kill urself

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-4 Str and not wanting to tempt the celibate male jedi

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Clones have a better culture than Mandos, tee bee aytch

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Kill yourself, NiceDaemonette

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There's female Mandos, they fit in their culture. There's no female clone troopers, and they couldn't fit in whatever passes for culture among clones.

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Palpatine was racist when it served him to be so. He had no problems (ab)using people as tools no matter their species, indicating that he likely didn't have any particularly personal beliefs towards that end, but if he could manipulate others into it, then he absolutely would if he needed to.

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Because he didn't order the creation of clones. That was Sifo Dyas. After the war, the Empire didn't like to use clones because it was pointless to blow a fuckton of money on a relatively small army where each soldier would take 10 years to be deployed, when you could just do mass recruitment on the galaxy's already massive population. Post-Clone Wars, the Empire was focused on policing and oppression, not on actual war footing as it was against the Separatists.

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Just saiyan, mayne. Mandos are pretty boring outside of clones. I'd rather go for a nice bezerkin zabrak girl or something.

>> No.57057450

Mandos are a fascinating bunch, for being a seemingly simple warrior race they have a lot of complexity to their politics, no doubt because of many different author's interpretations. I'm very satisfied with a girl in her armor with clan markings, equipped with a jetpack and blasters.

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This many replies to a bait thread?

Come on /tg/, really?

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I like Old Republic Mandos, but they got a lil too watered down over the millennia. Though the nice thing about Mandos is they're a pretty inclusive bunch, so you can have your cake and eat it too in the form of a zabrak mando girl painting her face in her new clan's markings and wearing what is hands down some of the best armor in the franchise, no matter the era.

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Were discussing the point anon, if you don't like it leave.

>> No.57057669

Why didn't Palpatine just order the construction of a thread that isn't shitty wankbait?

>> No.57057722

hes playing us anon, at this moment Sheevy Dev is has now made a thread now nearing the bump limit. This is how shitposting dies, with autistic reeeees.

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>plenty of bad ass female mercenaries or supermodels out there to use as the basis
Sure, but Jango was the best in the galaxy, and he was very good at killing jedi, which was the secret purpose of the clone army. Why use any other mercenary if you have the template for the best soldier in the universe?

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>Female Clone Troopers
Well they technically did. During extended campaigns, the Republic drew from non-clone stock to pilot their Arc 170 fighters to keep the already small pool of available pilots from getting depleted. Those that managed to keep up with, or outdo clone pilots had their stock added to the genetic banks of clone troopers. However this seems to be exclusive to the pilots, as you don't waste fighter pilots on ground assaults where soldiers die in the droves. That's just Imperium levels of incompetent.

>> No.57057883

I actually think the way George handled this was one of his better ideas. He nicely tied the backstory of Boba to the prequels, gave him a more interesting yet still mysterious backstory and motivation, and I don't think
>but they're raised to be soldiers so there's like a difference between them and him anyway
is completely fair.

>> No.57057890

Too bad all of that is fake news now

>> No.57057992

Until I get something that explicitly says Republic fighters are clone exclusive, I'm gonna keep treating it as canon.

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>not personality


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None of the clones are like Jango at all though. They got his body, but not his mind.

>> No.57058072


Well, it is a fantasy setting, after all. I retract my objection.

>> No.57058145

Counterpoint: Jango might've turned out similar in a rigid military environment. Furthermore, the Kaminoan explains that the clones were genetically altered to make them more loyal/subordinate

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Unexpected boner thy name is Sheeva.

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>Because a woman didn't win the bounty challenge?
>Well they technically did. During extended campaigns, the Republic drew from non-clone stock to pilot their Arc 170 fighters to keep the already small pool of available pilots from getting depleted. Those that managed to keep up with, or outdo clone pilots had their stock added to the genetic banks of clone troopers.
>Unexpected boner thy name is Sheeva.
And you just had to have had a side gig Bounty Hunting, didn't you?
Now you've got legions of Force Sensitive Clone Daugtheru Sheeva!

>> No.57065379

I love this picture
It screams
>Its the dark side I aint got to explain Sith

>> No.57066887

I-is that a Pussycat Dolls choreography?

>> No.57066903

t. 12 yo homosexual
you're right tho

>> No.57066917

because you'd have an ugly old grandma as the main villain, and that's a bad idea everywhere except dc

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because making different models of clone troopers with obvious visual differences would have undermined the "identical matching soldiers" feel of the army
not to mention they were all clones of just one guy

female clones would make more sense if they were cloning any old gary or mary who walked into kamino

>> No.57067435

>implying being young and pretty forever wouldn't be her constant number one top priority

>> No.57067922

Stupid retcons
>The man wearing the centurion armor isn't actually a Roman

>> No.57068589

It's not a retcon, actually. It's directly from Boba Fett's original origin, wherein he was just a bounty hunter wearing the armor of the Mandalorian Supercommandos - he never was one himself.

>> No.57068753


>> No.57068991

I don't even know what to say to this

>> No.57069007

How cna you be this ignorant about human biology?

>> No.57069038

It was a text-to-text rp

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It's wishy washy which is dumb.
You have stuff saying he is, stuff saying he just wore their armor to look more fearsome, stuff saying he joined, stuff saying he and his father are flat out not mandos, shit like that.
It's just a problem with the 40 years of inconsistent lore.

>> No.57069695

Underrated post.

>> No.57069772

>Camaraderie between S3700-K and T2819-H1

>> No.57069834

Wrong universe but i like your thinking!

>> No.57069856

I don't think that was his point...

>> No.57069870

I like it, it sounds like the kind of shit a bounty would do in never making it exactly clear what he is.

>> No.57070096

It's not wishy washy, it's vague. It sets up a mystery for fans to ponder about. Would it be cool if Boba was Mando? Yes. Would it be cool if it was just a way to build a reputation? Yes. Would it be cool if it waa to honor his father? Yes.

So I don't know why you're upset. We had no explanation, were given one, but it didn't match your head canon so it's not good enough?

>> No.57070133


I mean, Boba is the chucklefuck that Darth Vader needed to specifically tell 'Don't kill people pointlessly'. Youngling killing, tusken slaughtering, sand hating vader thinks your collateral damage is too high and needs to talk to you about it.

Him not being part of some ruthless but honorable race of supersoldiers makes more sense imo than him being an example of what Mandalorians are supposed to be.

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File: 571 KB, 489x649, 4FE4900A-7DE1-44AA-B16B-959FF76E0F4D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dark side grandma sorcerous queen bitch
>staying young and pretty forever is a top priority

Yea, you’re right, that’s basically how it would go down

>> No.57070521

There are female Mandalorians, which is what you want. Now piss off.

>> No.57070919

the pictures at the end make me pray this is fake

>> No.57070959

I want into her darkside if you know what I mean.

>> No.57071053

Imagine a galaxy full of Cad Bane and/or Aurra Sing clone troopers

It’d be a fucking nightmare

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Still more than women are capable of

>> No.57071990

Kreia was great tho

>> No.57072310

Men > Women as soldiers

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>> No.57072874

...he isn't ? Women have more pain receptors and their pain is dampened during childbirth due to their brain releasing pain killing chemicals.

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