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>dm's oc donut steel world
>int 10 means you can't read or write

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Well 10's supposed to be average, and for the lion's share of human history the average person was illiterate so...

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Take time out from adventuring to learn to read.

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>Depends on system/setting
D&D makes reference that natural language and int 10 allows for proficiency in reading and writing said language.
Other systems will differ.
Regardless, Rule 0: GM's word is say so.
So do this: >>57033809

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the average arrogant DM is illiterate

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PCs aren't average. And most people couldn't read or write because they didn't have the time it resources to do so. It's a common historical trend where increased availability of education and written material corresponds with increased literacy rates. That's why the printing press was such a big deal.

Besides, as per RAW, you start the game being able to speak and write your own native language regardless of your Int. Saying someone can't do either when they have the in-setting equivalent of straight C's on their report card is pure bullshit.

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Ahem. Being able to read and write should be based upon status. Not upon intellect unless the character is mentally disabled.

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>PCs aren't average
Depends on the setting you shit eating snowflake

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Its average intelligence, not average access to educational opportunities. Even actual retards are able to learn how to read when properly educated

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Nobody wants to be average, except if you feel such hatred for those that are above average that you cannot get over yourself and play such a character, or you are so far below average or so deviant, that your ideal is simply to be a normal person.
I imagine either or both apply to you. Dickface.

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Im assuming OP means that his character is supposed to be able to read but the DM wont let him because he has 10 Int

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>I can't wank to a shallow empty power fantasy if my character can't read, because of how immensely important that is to me.

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>I am such a shitty person and so unnacomplished, as well as threatened by successful people, that I cannot conceive of a more ideal thing than to be average


>average is already above average for me

Pick yours, neckbeard-san.

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>average intelligence isn't average

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I assume that if your DM (fictional) was using a published setting, you would shitpost about how your DM (fictional) isn't using a homebrew setting.

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My flaw for all my Fighters and Barbarians is they’re illiterate.

It’s not that hard. Just get your party to read to you and use pictographs when you need to “write”

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Players usually deserve their GM.

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>Playing d&d
Found your problem

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Literacy is a skill, not an inborn ability.

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Intelligence and literacy aren't perfect 1 to 1. You could wind up smart and be a dirt farming peasant by birth who has to show his cleverness in other ways: or you could be a near brain dead noble whose been taught rote to read and right, comprehension or no. I'm not saying the odds are good of that happening, but it could and it's got very little to do with attributes.

I think this has to do with DMs assuming too much about your character: very few peasants would sit around and learn to read or write from their uncle, the local priest, but whose he to say you didn't, 10 int or 20. That and players always choosing to be heroic peasants rather than lesser nobles for some reason as if the bottom of the nobility were always so fare above commoners, or even just avoiding any advantage or ties to the world. And everyone making retarded assumptions about grimdarkness in the beginning of the second millennium in an effort to capture GoT in a bottle or something stupid. There's a lot of reasons this shit is a problem.

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