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>Unearthed Arcana: Elf Subraces (No new UA this month)



>5etools latest update-
Use the Readme to get it working if you're computer illiterate, or ask for help ITT.


>Previously, on /5eg/

Do you have players in your group who actually believe in lucky dice?

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>(No new UA this month)

They can't be bothered to push out three pages of non-committed material once a month?

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I have like 5 dice that roll good for attacks and 5 that roll good for checks
It all comes down to picking which one will roll the best

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>Do you have players in your group who actually believe in lucky dice?
No, but I have the whole group convinced that I take dice superstitions seriously just so they won't roll my fucking dice with their greasy fat fingers.

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So I'm making a Ranger and struggling for spell choice. Nature Cleric has most of the speak with animals kind of spells already so I don't want to waste picks on those.

So far I've got Goodberry for the ignoring food, bringing people up from 0 and the fact it's plain better then Cure Wounds most the time. I'm not taking Hunter's Mark because most rounds I'll be using Planar Warrior.

Are Ensnaring Strike and/or Zephyr Strike any decent?

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But it's Christmas, anon. How can they be expected to work on (any day in the same month as) Christmas?

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Take spike growth if you get it and silence

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Man... I really want to play this now. I even made a sheet for it!

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>Do you have players in your group who actually believe in lucky dice?

Since I play on Roll20, no.

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I was going to grab Silence, not Spike Growth though because the Cleric already gets it every day for free.

Honestly looking over second level spells... I'm glad I get Misty Step from Horizon Walker to use.

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After rolling 3 nat20s in a row for an encounter on roll20, my players are convinced that I'm somehow weighing virtual dice.

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2 spike growths are better than one, one time me and the party layered ice storm and spike growth with a wall of fire at the end between us and some barbarians, surprisingly it worked

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>asked to join a high level game.
>For one reason or another, we are long lived.
>The idea is that we've been level 17 for a long time, like 500+ years.
>Party consists of a Paladin of Ancients who is a king who just stepped down from the throne to hand it over to the first worthy heir in 500 years. Spent on this time trying to make the perfect kingdom.
>Another is a Monk, who had isolated himself in a mountain for a lot of years, working with a smithy and trying to craft legendary artefacts. He has become a rite of passage for any swordsmaster or other wise important person, who tracks up the mountain to get a weapon forged by him.
Not sure what the last one is yet, but he took dips on a Dragonblooded Sorcerer.

I am considering a GOO Warlock, who just had fun running around impersonating everybody with disguise and alter self, and has created so many alternate identities, that the Warlock no longer remembers what the original body he had looks like. Even the gender is lost to time, and the identity has just become a "whatever I feel like today", or even a "Hey looking like this might be useful" and then changes into that.

Any thoughts on this? Any Warlock options I should consider? We are not allowed MC, but even then, I feel a bit overwhelmed having to pick so many spells, before really having a feel for the character. Especially the level 6+ spells, as they are so locked in place once I pick them, that I really feel i can't afford to mess those up.

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That's what happens when you have real pure chance instead of the weight that dice can add in to skew the rolls.

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>Seeker of the Sound. Whenever you cast a spell that has only a verbal and somatic component you can choose to cast it as though it only had a verbal component. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher that only has a verbal component, including those modified by this feature, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier that last for one minute.

Singing Eldritch Blast! And you heal from Dissonant Whispers.

>Eldritch Invocation: Cheerful Duet. If you have a symphonic songbird as your familiar, it gains additional maximum hit points equal to your warlock level. You can choose to cast spells that require only verbal components as though you were in your familiar's space.

Eldritch Blast has even more range.

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Try to remember not to use a certain set of percentile dice when rolling for loot. If there's a bag of holding on that table the party will get it, if it's the only good thing on the table they'll get that. Pretty sure it's just something in the dice but it still makes me shake my head sometimes.

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>implying a program can ever be "real pure chance"

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There's one player in my group who never, ever rolls below 10, at least according to her. She swipes her d20 off the table the moment it stops moving so I've never actually seen her rolls.

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what kind of shit dm allows that

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Does anyone have advice for writing their own module? I really want to write an adventure, but I also want to set it out in a way similar to published content, so that it's easier for me to navigate.

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Her boyfriend.

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I'm sure you have your reasons for playing with these "people"

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Yeah, they're my only friends.

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>Implying anything is pure chance

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I'm so sorry

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basically i'm gay

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My entire group believes in "Cursed Dice" so much so that they don't like it if I have to use them, its bizarre to me.

Maybe its cause they don't have many dice so they just keep them closer? If I had metal dice I'd keep them safe, but not so much so as to call them "Cursed" or "Blessed".

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I feel like partly the reason why people have a "problem" with XTGE gish subclasses is that they feel incomplete in one way or another

For one the spell that you would want for a gish is kinda all over the place and sometimes doesnt mix well, I mean other and wizard there isnt a sub(class) that get access to Haste,Shadowblade, Steel Wind Strike

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God the things I could set up as a lvl 17 Wizard with 500 years of prep time.
Not even from a powergamer standpoint, just as a clever bastard who knows how to prepare for any situation.

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He found a manual of clear thoughts
Used it 6 times

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If you want those spells and still feel like a Spell Blade, X Bladesinger/2 Fighter can pull that off fairly well.

I do agree though Steel Wind Strike is not on enough spell lists, Hexblade's at least should have gotten it.


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I assume that is why wizard was specifically not allowed.

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But they dont. Bards get it as well :^)

I also like it as a Bladesinger spell, to be honest.

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>getting fun tools into as many hands as possible and preserving the specialness of a class
give spell to class cause of a one subclass, but not other classes of similar subclasses

yeah fuck crawford

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I fee like the reason why gishfags have a "problem with XTGE Gish subclasses is a no true Gish syndrome. As to the spells being all over the place it's almost like it was done intentionally since they're atleast pretending they want to keep the martial caster balance.

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I'd be hardpressed to call what they do "work."

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>spells being all over the place it's almost like it was done intentionally since they're atleast pretending they want to keep the martial caster balance.

it would be easier if they made them class only spells

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>Start a new campaign session 0
>We roll stats, 4d6 drop lowest
>3, 4, 4, 5, 7, 12
>DM has shit eating grin and says I have to stick with it
>Not allowed to go variant human for a feat
>Friend tells me about the Tortle race and their sweet AC17
>Friend also suggests I put that 12 into Charisma and go Hexblade for Charisma Attacks
>DM tells me I'm too stupid to understand or know languages, I operate on instinct
>Also, I'm not be house broken
>Also if with negative constitution, it means my max HP goes down if I roll the hit die bad on level up

I'm now determined not to die out of spite.

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warclaster or resilience for sword bard

>> No.57010314

Do you have Dissonant Whispers?

>> No.57010368

making a level 8 character so maybe?

>> No.57010398

If so get Warcaster. Due to Dissonant Whispers being able to cause Attack of Opportunities you can actually get some use out of the AOO spell casting part of the feat. Also its good for concentration.

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homebrew is totally fine guys
martial weapons, heavy armor and throws 48damage fireballs by level 5

I swear, some people shouldn't be allowed to upload their shit

Did anyone make a decent warlord yet?
I want a tactical warlord, as in improving the party defenses/attack rather than healing them

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I'm pretty clueless about casting and about to roll an EK (no multiclassing planned for now), from what I've read there are roughly 2 types, the ones that concentrate on support spells like shield and are actually encouraged to dump int and the ones with high int using evocation spells. I'm planning on playing the second type, is going snb the best way to go? It seems like a great weapon EK simply does too much damage with his normal attacks to justify forgoing them to cast a spell, even with a decent int.

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I have a pair of green D6 that roll satisfying numbers to me.

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Tell your DM to fuck off and to not tell you how your character works in roleplay. Wolves and Dire Wolves have an Int of 3 and can be house trained. Not that hard to imagine a playable race knows not to shit where they stand. I'd also argue Intelligence has no bearing on learning languages so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to speak.

Also since your DM seems to want to be a shit eater there's no reason your character should work with the party if he still says you work off instinct. Just say your character sees animals it likes to eat and then run off into the woods to never be seen again. Roll new character.

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Warcaster's shit about casting with two weapons is mostly useless.
Resilience is pretty solid if you have an odd stat.
Otherwise, up your goddamn charisma faggot.

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>Using DandWiki
Why are you not using Unearthed Arcana?


This stuff may not be perfect, but people at least test their stuff and get feedback.

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Should've been a moon druid or a wizard, they don't care much about their stats.
A tortle wizard would definitely work.

>Rolling for stats
>Rolling for health instead of averages

>> No.57010495

a player brought up that for his cleric
I'll check that, thanks anon

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If I fill my "bowl" of commanding water elementals with beer, will I summon an alcohol elemental?
Will filling it with holy water make the elemental do radiant damage instead?

>> No.57010512

why would you want to play with that DM?
unless its a oneshot

>> No.57010523

It's literally just tempest cleric but with 'fire' instead of tempest abilities.

I'd call it refluff if it wasn't essentially a buff with regards to that max damage fireball you mentioned.

>> No.57010559

With all this talk of homebrew. I could still use some feedback on these.


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>Get warcaster
>Cast Dissonant Whisper
>Warcaster AOO Haste
>Immediately drop concentration.

>> No.57010589

What your dm stats? All 1?

>> No.57010595

Any good homebrewed buffs/fixes for Monks Sun Soul? I wanna throw around light(ning) bolts and praise the sun, but it just seems kinda weak and boring except for the first 2 skills

>> No.57010622

call her out but don't be a cunt about it
how old are they?
that's some childish shit

>> No.57010623

>Warcaster AOO Haste
>Immediately drop concentration.
This would be amazing, if Haste did not require a willing target.

>> No.57010672

>if Haste did not require a willing target.
Damn, I forgot.

I've never had a situation where I'd want to haste an enemy, so I just assumed I could.

>> No.57010712

well DUH, you're on 4chan.

>> No.57010714

I like the way you think anon, trying to weaponize Haste sounds really cool and It would be really good!
>Target moves 60+ feet away
>Loses Reaction
>Gets Lethargic and loses its next turn.

>> No.57010737

5eg official weebshit game when

I swear the only game I've seen hosted on here was an extra-short oneshot at level 1 in an arena

>> No.57010742

Well, I'll probably play it as I'm effectively a disposable meat popsicle for my patron. Go chaotic stupid and shit myself whenever I can.

Fuck! I did not think about moon druid.
This DM loves the randomness of dice. She rolls for everything that can be rolled for.

DM is friend of a friend and I have a few friends in the group. So I got at least 3 players who'll support my character. Plus I now get to roleplay a retard that fucks everything up "Hey DM it's what my character would do, he is incapable of knowing better"

Ha. I kinda wish I rolled straight 3s. Campaign would derail into the party all taking turns making my my tortle wouldn't swallow his own tongue.

>> No.57010760

maybe don't roll stats like a fag if you aren't willing to take what the dice give you.

>> No.57010810

sounds like it was mandated by the DM, friend

>> No.57010817

I stand by my previous comment.

>> No.57010827

>Playing with a DM that allows rolling stats at all

>> No.57010841

Be a Moon Druid with 12 in Wis and 7 in INT?

7 INT is below average, but half of the world population have below average intelligence and you don't see them babble all day. Your DM is one of those too.

You don't have to roll for health. This is both RAW and RAI, if he force you then just quit.

>> No.57010881

>This DM loves the randomness of dice. She rolls for everything that can be rolled for.

Everything? That's a big red flag of them either being brand new or a shit gm.

>> No.57010890

>but half of the world population have below average intelligence and you don't see them babble all day.
I have a facebook account

>> No.57011036

Why are you all so desperate for the UAs?

1. Lot of them are shit.

2. It is not like they are obliged to publish materials for testing. We want them to publish good resulting material, and betatest might help it, but demanding something to test is rather... dunno. Weird. Let them publish that shit when it's reasonably ready.

>> No.57011084

Mate, I didn't choose to roll stats. But I am rolling with what I got.

Wish I could go moon druid, but session 0 is over and characters are locked in. Although, if I live long enough and ASI charisma to 13+ I might even be able to try this fabled coffeelock I've just read about.

Well, at least it seems like everything. Monster HP, loot tables and she used to have a fumble chart.

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>Mate, I didn't choose to roll stats
you chose to play in a game with rolled stats, so yes, you did.

>> No.57011130

You chose to get this dick in your mouth anon.
Buckle up.

>> No.57011140

>Session 0 is over
Then you haven't even started playing yet, you still have time to switch out of warlock which kinda won't do any damage or any role without charisma aside from maybe some out of combat utility, but worse than wizard.

>> No.57011154

>implying anyone on 4chan dislikes dicks in their mouth

>> No.57011170

What changes should I make to Strahd’s spell repertoire?

Anything to add from EE, SCAG or mainly XGE?

>> No.57011228

give him steel wind strike

>> No.57011306

It's less about being desperate for material, and more about how lazy they must be (or how understaffed they must be).

>> No.57011332

Would an Empowered Shadow blade allow you to reroll damage dice for every attack with it, or am I missing something?

>> No.57011363

Pretty sure, yes.

I know I would allow it, as a GM, at least.

>> No.57011416

>Do you have players in your group who actually believe in lucky dice?

not luck but I have roll tested a few and found some duds. and I keep my DM dice and my player dice separate. mostly though as a player I roll like shit (3s all day) and as a DM I am a crit rolling GOD. I think it's psychological, but you know call it luck if you like.

>> No.57011426

There is nothing wrong with playing a hexblade, it is pure /5eg/ memery and laziness to cry about turret shit.

>> No.57011440

I played pathfinder, and I liked it.
I hope my dm don't mind it.

>> No.57011452

metal dice are awful

one of my players has them and it's like bringing a mace to a tea party

>> No.57011468

>determined not to die out of spite
welcome to AD&D

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>> No.57011498

>he never had a tea party cosplaying as a barbarian

>> No.57011620

You're right, but if you weren't baiting you'd know it's the dipping that people dislike.

>> No.57011682

It was a shit design to tie medium armour+shields to a patron.

>> No.57011707

Why would you want to spend a sorcery point every single time you attack?

>> No.57011744

I wouldn't, I just wanted to know if I can

>> No.57011746

Oh, also, sorcery cost aside I'm not sure if shadow blade's damage counts as 'spell damage'. It conjures a 2d8 damage weapon, and then you make weapon attacks with it rather than spell attacks. However, it could very well count as spell damage still, but I think this would only be relevant if you were against an ancients paladin or something who halves spell damage.

>> No.57011755

the damage of the blade is psychic damage, so I do believe it is "spell damage"

>> No.57011797

That's poor reasoning.
If I put a weapon on the weapon table and you found it and it dealt psychic instead of slashing damage, it wouldn't be spell damage. Kenseis can even pick shadow blade as a kensei weapon.

I think what should be asked is:
If you cast 'magic weapon' on a weapon and give it a +2, then attack someone who halves spell damage, does the weapon do [Usual damage]+1 or [Usual damage]+2?

>> No.57011814

>If I put a weapon on the weapon table and you found it and it dealt psychic instead of slashing damage, it wouldn't be spell damage
no, but seeing as how we are talking about A FUCKING SPELL...

>> No.57011870

First time DM here, trying to start a game with some friends.
I'm trying to do a Plane Shift campaign, probably starting with X Marks the Spot, and then plot twist the ending by having whoever is alante's contact betray them and have a firing squad "take out" the PCs, which causes some of their sparks to ignite and planeswalk the fuck out of there as a group.
How retarded does this sound and what tips can I use to make the campaign more interesting?

>> No.57011876

It's not that simple.
You could use a spell to create an ordinary sword or a magical sword, but I imagine either both are subject to spell resistance or neither is.

I think the deciding factor though is that shadow blade isn't an instantaneous spell, which means that it's ongoing and that it might count as spell damage for that, maybe. But I've been looking through sage advice of similar examples such as elemental weapon and magic weapon spells and I haven't found anything thus far because nobody would ask this question because it's mostly just pointless, you don't come across enemies with spell resistance and there's no reason to use the +spell damage there.

Oh, no, here's a good question - Does shadow blade also add extra spell damage from shit like stone sorcerer's ability or evocation wizard's ability?
But I'm still not finding any relevant sage advice on that question either.

>> No.57011889

Isn't there anything that makes daggers better for rogues? Do I really need to have a rapier for max damage if I'm using just one weapon? I want to stab people with a dagger in the back, damnit.

>> No.57011907

Hello is 4 hours too much?

>> No.57011937

>Oh, no, here's a good question - Does shadow blade also add extra spell damage from shit like stone sorcerer's ability or evocation wizard's ability?
as for wizard, no, it's not an evocation spell.
>Beginning at 10th leveI, you can add your Intelligence modifier to the damage roll of any wizard evocation spell you cast.
As for Stone Sorcerer, yes:
>You can then make one melee weapon attack against the attacker. If that attack hits, it deals an extra 1d10 force damage
and yes:
>When you cast a spell that deals damage, choose one creature damaged by that spell on the round you cast it. That creature takes extra force damage equal to half your sorcerer level. This feature can be used only once per casting of a spell.

>> No.57011938

For wolverine couldn't you just throw yourself off a cliff or have your friend hit you

>> No.57011957

I'd consider that metagaming and the player would be punished accordingly
But my players wouldn't do it anyway

>> No.57011988

How is it metgaming if you know what the effect is in world? "Hey guys I'll be able to hit them harder if you beat me up a bit all right? Just trust me on this."

>> No.57011989

Is it really metagaming, if they know the potions effect in game, surely a barbarian would be crazy enough to try it

>> No.57012005

I was thinking more in line of
>oh shit a fight, wizard throw me a fireball so I can crit my sneak attack when I play after you

>> No.57012007

Does that mean using a spell to indirectly cause damage counts for the extra force damage for stone sorcerer's feature?
i.e. conjuring creatures that immediately on your round (somehow, don't question it) attack.

It seems that way for the previous spell, that it's a case of indirect damage through attacking with a conjured weapon. The 2d8 damage is a part of the weapon's properties rather than the spell damage, in one theory. Or it could be spell damage.
The point of asking all these similar questions is to try to find actual evidence from sage advice and shit that can then apply to shadow blade.

Standard time divisions are either 1 hour or 8 hours usually, but I guess 4 hours is a good inbetween.
Just remember that thunderbolt could be used by ranged guys with two-handed or one-handed weapons by drawing a dagger after firing your weapon and then dropping the dagger at the start of your next turn to fire, then drawing another dagger at the end of the round.
Wolverine seems kind of ridiculous especially since you can do shit like build up temporary HP and arcane wards, have everybody buff you, stack up +damage on crit effects and use shit like smites.

>> No.57012018

For Wolverine, check Quaggoth's Wounded Fury (MM 256) for a less exploitable mechanic.

>> No.57012036

It lasts 4 hours why would you ever stick above half while under it's effects?

>> No.57012070

If anyone has any questions to Mearls, be sure to ask on his AMA at https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/7kuzsa/ama_mike_mearls_dd_creative_director/

>> No.57012087

I'm soon gonna play in a party of three. The other 2 guys are a first-timer druid and tempest cleric. Who should I pick from ranger, rogue and battlemaster fighter?

>> No.57012097


>> No.57012108


>> No.57012122

someone should ask him "if he has time to do this shit, why don't we have a UA for this month?"

>> No.57012176

all 3 will workout alright, just play whatever you'll enjoy more

>> No.57012210

Even is Mearls isn't busy doesn't mean that the interns aren't.

>> No.57012319

Anyone have homebrew for hireling?

>> No.57012342

Page 159 of the PHB?

>> No.57012343

battlemaster unless you need more reliable skills for the group in which case rogue

>> No.57012358

Can't you just make a fighter with mercenary as his background

>> No.57012365

then why doesn't he do it?

>> No.57012376


>> No.57012382

you should check out this awesome compilation of homebrew!

>> No.57012387

Can I use shocking grasp as I stab someone with a dagger to electrocute them through the metal?

>> No.57012398


>> No.57012422

Couldn't you technically stab someone with a dagger after doing shocking grasp as a bonus action?

>> No.57012437

yes, but you're still making two separate attack rolls.

>> No.57012489

Then stab people with your daggers. The bulk of your damage comes from sneak attack anyway. You could use a sling and stay competitive in the damage department

>> No.57012502

>"As a reminder to everyone, Mike is taking time out of his assumedly busy schedule to answer our questions. Please treat him respectfully, and show him what an upstanding community we can be. Also, most importantly, have fun with the AMA!"
>assumedly busy schedule
>assumedly busy

>> No.57012524

2 gold for a cr 30.
Cheap 2 gold for extra character
There nothing much about it in the phb except for skill and unskill hireling.

>> No.57012551

dual wield daggers/short swords so you get 2 chances at landing your sneak attack
It eats up your bonus action though, but you can decide against using the second attack after hitting the first anyway

>> No.57012567

>There nothing much about it in the phb except for skill and unskill hireling.
"Skilled hirelings include anyone hired lo perform a service that involves a proficiency (including weapon, tool, or skill): a mercenary, artisan, scribe, and so on."

What exactly does that not cover, for you?

>> No.57012571

>Do you have players in your group who actually believe in lucky dice?

My group actually has a lot of inputs on this kind of thing.

One guy always gets bad rolls when he's a player, but if he lends his dice to someone else, they do pretty well usually. This has lead him to multiple times running the numbers on his dice and selects a set of seven dice from his collection that are "doing well lately" he has one d20 that always makes an appearance. He even named it.

Another of our players believes that if you buy dice for yourself, they won't roll as well as a set given to you as a gift. That being said, she rolls pretty well with dice she gets from scoops.

Another player will do a roll at the start of the night to see how well he thinks the game is going to go that night. Of course, he doesn't let it actually effect how he plays or anything, but it's really funny when he rolled a 1 the night of a big fight.

I was taught that dice have a set number of high numbers and low numbers, and they should balance out in a way, unless they really are a blessed die or something. So when you roll a bad roll, at least it's out of the way to make room for a better one, and if you roll a good roll without it meaning anything, you've wasted it and need to keep rolling to see a good number so that everything is reset to 0. I don't really believe it, though.

>> No.57012586

You see the "homebrew" threw me off by making me think you wanted to play one because the rules are in the fucking PHB

>> No.57012588

use a rapier and call it a dagger

the only purpose to daggers is their ability to be thrown a short distance, remove that and there's no problem using rapier and calling it a dagger and having fun shanking people

>> No.57012596

I'm looking for resources on magic items (homebrew or otherwise) in the low to mid power range. Can anyone hook me up?

>> No.57012611

the DMG.

>> No.57012616

XGTE has low powered magic items. Otherwise look for items on here >>57010474. There is bound to be some compendium with uncommon items.

>> No.57012620

Why rapier? Daggers are light, meaning you can use two of them at one (for the situations you want to have bonus action attack) and you can use them at range (for when you really don't want to get near the enemy).

If you insist on single-wielding, rapier might be better, but let's be honest - the two points of damage won't make significant difference.

Wait, shocking grasp as bonus action means quickened spell? That seems... wasteful? Why not other shocking grasp?

>> No.57012622

Should speak with animals work on owlbears and other very beastlike-nonbeasts?

>> No.57012625


>> No.57012632

No because they aren't animals

>> No.57012636

When I think about all the big sweaty men on /tg/ right now, I get flushed and my breathing becomes labored.

>> No.57012638

many monstrosities like the owlbear are 2 beasts merged or a beast with some magic flair added to it.

seems fair for a dm to allow speak with animals to work on such creatures like the Owlbear.

>> No.57012639

How would you build him, /5eg/?

>> No.57012642

>I get flushed and my breathing becomes labored.
that's just the default state of being a fa/tg/uy

>> No.57012653

I wouldn't.

>> No.57012662

I.. prefer ca/tg/irl ^._.^

>> No.57012663






>> No.57012673

Yeah like he said, fa/tg/uy

>> No.57012689


>> No.57012694

What's some flavor that could go into a Dwarven Ranger as opposed to an Elven Ranger?

>> No.57012711

monster slayer subclass
check out the dwarven slayers from warhammer for inspiration

>> No.57012732

No problem. Hope you find something you like.

>> No.57012736

I b-bet you guys play big strong martials... I c-could run a game for you t-two..

>> No.57012744

Us fa/tg/guys only play wizard, anon. Every other class is shit.

>> No.57012753

>not playing old men and lolis or oldmanlolis

>> No.57012755

I'll be a Battle Master/Wizard anon.

>> No.57012767

Is there any benefit to using 5e over AD&D? No I am not shitposting.

>> No.57012791

>No I am not shitposting.
So you're just retarded, then?

>> No.57012811

Actually getting a game, for one.

>> No.57012830

o-oh my.. o-oldmen can be attractive too..

>> No.57012833

Quality post homie.

I have friends, Anon. I don't rely on a cache of neckbeard fucks from the game store.

>> No.57012835

Nothing, just felt lacking. I like the ToA hire guide though.

>> No.57012844

Probably more concise and less so "A book of rules" filled with a lot of optional stuff like AD&D.

>> No.57012855

>I have friends
you don't need to lie to us.

>> No.57012871

I do but I don't need another clingy sub right now, annoying enough to train the one I already have.

>> No.57012881

o-oh w-wow..

>> No.57012979

A sword that can kill me! I'm not sure if this is a Rare item? Feels cursed.

>> No.57012996

>Did anyone make a decent warlord yet?
Late to the party with shitty homebrew:


>> No.57013013

Sounds perfect for a rogue or barbarian.

>> No.57013043

With Evasion and Rage, I guess it won't be so bad. Might hurt your pals though.

>> No.57013047


>> No.57013050

>I am not shitposting.
If you need to specify this, you clearly understand your how your post would be interpreted.
Backhanded shitposting is just shitposting.

To answer your question, AD&D is bloated. Most people cut the chaff, but if you play it by RAW 5e is unquestionably better.
Seeing as you felt the need to ask, the advice in Gary's DMG still holds value to you.

>> No.57013106

The only real problem with the ToA guides is that their pricing is meant to be an obstacle for 1st or 2nd level players. It's like 5 gold/day with a month up front. At 150 gold/month it's too easy to buy a fucking squadron after a few levels.

>> No.57013111

Modern design - everything is more elegant and streamlined. (No more THAC0, higher is always better.)
Most successful edition ever means more available players.

That said, if you are playing AD&D with same group since highschool and are fine with it... you probably need not to bother.

5e is easier for new players, though, and if you want to get new players into hobby, i strongly urge you to use it.

>> No.57013132

What is the best class build for playing a spellcaster who blasts things but still has a little bit of utility and tricks up their sleeves?

>> No.57013135

I like this one, I wish my group's bard did not die I would have given him this at some point.

>> No.57013160

I'm still here anon, reading it now

>> No.57013161

Any wizard
Some sorcerers

>> No.57013163

Evocation Wizard? Fiendlock?

Options are endless!

>> No.57013172

>What's the best class build for playing a spellcaster-

>> No.57013176

That's why you make sure they aren't within range, I'd be Wade into the middle of the shit, drop fireball then have your buddies run up to help mop up.

>> No.57013177

Sooooo, after many adventures, my character is quite rich. What do I spend the gold on, anyway?

We've recently acquired 6 horses, a carriage, saddles and other related stuff. The party wanted to sell it all, so I bought them out. I want to buy a farm and take all of our stolen/liberated animals there.

How much would you charge a player for a small farm? Maybe an acre, a house, a barn? We're in a backwater, lawless area too. Property shouldn't be expensive, no one to pay taxes to at least.

>> No.57013218

Not 100% on how much your DM normally charges for things so can't give a estimate but if you have that going then you'll also need to hire farm hands and guards or your guy is retiring.

>> No.57013252

>(No more THAC0, higher is always better.)
You clearly don't understand THAC0, which is odd since it's the same as BAB.
The 'lower is better' roll is rolling under attributes. Which is for like, jumping over pits and standing on two horses and stuff.

>> No.57013265

>farm hands and guards
I wasn't planning on doing actual farming. Just a place for the horses to graze and shelter. I can't imagine guards are actually worth it. If some evil dude comes by and kills/steals my horses... oh well.

>> No.57013266

Regarding the Revised Ranger, it should always have Extra Attack, except when dealing with the Beastmaster, right? The problem is that I picked a homebrew Ranger class that basically gives the Ranger Moon Druid tier wildshaping and multiattacks in all beast forms, not just those that come with it.

But outside of my two Wildshapes I've only the one attack. Did I fuck up? Should I insist to my GM that I need the Extra Attack to stay viable? Or am I too worried about it?

>> No.57013274

>5e is easier for new players,

This is also wrong. Though
>if you want to get new players into hobby, i strongly urge you to use it.
is fair.

>> No.57013316

Post the brew, most of the time unless the class is able to effectively attack twice without any issue it won't need it. From what it sounds like this subclass should have access to extra attack.

>> No.57013322

okay, found the rules in the DMG for upkeep on a farm (5sp a day). There are also costs for building keeps, castles, temples... but no price for a simple barn or home. A guildhall or trading post costs 5k to build.... which seems kind of insane. A simple barn or house must be significantly cheaper. What kind of farmer would even have 1k? I was expecting something like '100 gold for a simple house. 25 gp for a peasant's hovel'

>> No.57013348

Ok then, I saw the lawless part and it was the first thing I thought of. A bunch of free horses with no one around is a damn good pay day.

>> No.57013355

Keep in mind he prices on a good chunk of shit are silly.

>> No.57013393


I don't have the PDF saved unfortunately

>> No.57013397

Those are meant to be two separate arguments.

The fact that the THAC0 and AC are better lower, rolls higher except when doing ablity checks.... it is messy and needlessly complicated. Internal math of AD&D is not the issue i am discussing, but rather the way it is presented to players.

>This is also wrong.
It is long time since i played ADnD, but 5e seems easier. Why do you think it is the other way around?

>> No.57013437

Why do Bards get to be skill monkeys and Fighters and Barbarians don't?

>> No.57013462

Under Skinwalker, I forgot to add because I'm retarded.

>> No.57013468

part of the bard's background as a jack of all trades traveler, seen it all done it all not a master of any one thing.

Rogue is the best skill monkey come level 11 because of reliable talent, cant ever roll below a 10 on a proficient skill

>> No.57013471

Doesn't seem nearly as good as Moon Druid wildshape and has the same amount of uses so yeah, I'd say you should have Extra Attack.

>> No.57013489

Yeah seems like you should get extra attack. The Skinwalk feature is limited to two times per rest. Unlike the animal companion from Beast Conclave who grows with you and can attack when you do without fail, this one has a limation.

So I would say ask for Extra Attack for it.

>> No.57013516

What are the closest two religions that aren't War domain or Evil? Any source, any edition.

Basically I'm having a holy war and I want the factions to be as nearly identical as possible- basically thousands will die over something as minor as "forgive us our trespasses" vs. "forgive us our debts".

I'm not much of a pantheon kind of guy so I'm hoping someone has some bright idea for me on this front.

>> No.57013538

actually a minor difference from 3.5 and 5e in a particular god would be great too.

>> No.57013548


I feel like I don't see these homebrew guides very often, so I will share them with you all.

>> No.57013560

Frankly it doesn't make sense to me that a Fighter (especially one with a background of a soldier) wouldn't have a plethora of skills at their disposal.

Not only that, but mechanically, Fighters have the fewest ways to engage with the narrative outside of fightan' (which every class can do.) It's a huge oversight.

>> No.57013571

I just use this

>> No.57013582

Moldvay wrote this to skip on royalties for published adventures.

The names are changed, a few numbers (turn table, etc) are slightly off, and there's a clearly labelled houserule thrown in; but it's got all the important rules of AD&D.

>> No.57013595

The one above is more detailed, explains proper wording choices, and even gives examples of good homebrew.

>> No.57013605

>playing ToA
>my outlander barbarian is the group navigator and our progress is based on my survival checks traveling each day, we get lost and lose time if I roll poorly

I'm really wondering what the fuck we are paying our guide for, or if maybe the DM is misinterpreting the rules somehow

>> No.57013686

Also, the other one gives explanations on how to helpfully critique homebrew. Which I feel is really beneficial.

>> No.57013710

He is. The guide should be rolling this checks, and the whole point is that they get advantage in addition to their normal bonus.

>> No.57013724

That said, the guide also knows WHERE to go, so I guess even if the DM makes you roll the checks it's not a total waste

>> No.57013727

yeah, the idea is some guides know some locations and some guides can make the Survival check for your party
if the guide isn't doing either, it sounds like your characters should ask the guide wtf they are paying them for

>> No.57013756

What's the best "we are NOT supposed to have something this powerful" magic item you've ever got a way lower level than you were supposed to?

>> No.57013773

Behold, the Leveler.

>> No.57013774

New DM question, please excuse.

Can a Paladin wield a longsword as a two-handed weapon and get reach (10ft attack range) and 1d12 damage? The reach thing, plus typical Paladin shinanigans, really makes him outshine a lot of the other characters in (low lvl) combat. He's a Pathfinder player and I don't know if he's fucking with me.

>> No.57013787

Forget the name but the instant fortress one. Good times

>> No.57013806

Staff of Magi at level 5. The barb took it from me and broke it killing us all in the blast, which was seen as a bad move by most people not the bard and then the group broke up because of it.

>> No.57013812

What? No.
A longsword has Versatile, meaning you can wield it in two hands to increase the damage from 1d8 to 1d10. That's it, no reach.

>> No.57013819

He's fucking with you, only one race gives extra range. Also a longsword would be a 1d10 for using both hands, only weapon in the phb that is a 1d12 is greataxe

>> No.57013822

Longsword has the Versatile feature you can use it in 2hands to deal 1d10 damage instead of it's 1d8.

you do not gain reach, and you dont gain 1d12 damage either.

>> No.57013828


I have been bazinga'd. Goddamnit. Time to kill him irl

>> No.57013830

Before you ask - this campaign happened years ago, none of us are native english speakers (and it's a mystery why DM wrote this whole thing in english as well), and the DM kinda regrets the whole thing now.

>> No.57013835

So why did he break it? Just a random stupid character? Also why not just tell him "yeah you're not playing with us anymore" then retcon him just leaving before you got it?

>> No.57013855

Not really bazinga'd, more of an asshole from fucking pf of all editions taking advantage of a new DM. Also you should really read the books.

>> No.57013867

While personally, I prefer version 2 of the Pugilist, due to it being more simplified and requires less bookkeeping. I agree the pugilist has its place.

>> No.57013897

Oh good, because I was gonna say, that looks like a teenager decided Blackrazor just wasn't 'hardcore' enough.

The Instant Fortress looks hilarious, but also game-breakingly powerful. How did it go down in game? Did you end up keeping it, or did the DM have to fiat it away from you somehow?

Smooth, Barbarian player sounds like a jackass. Did he have an in-character reason for smashing it, or was he just spewing "Hurr Thog hate magic, Thog smash magic stick!" memes?

>> No.57013924

I'm planning on an Arcane Trickster who will use Booming blade as the main attack, so I won't be able to attack twice.
>use a rapier and call it a dagger
>the only purpose to daggers is their ability to be thrown a short distance, remove that and there's no problem using rapier and calling it a dagger and having fun shanking people
Heh, yeah I figured I'd have to do this. It's funny because I did the same thing just a while ago with my current character when I really wanted a one-handed martial weapon spear, so I renamed the rapier. Was hoping I wouldn't need to do that again, but I guess I'll have to if I want the dagger.

>> No.57014001

OOC the player didnt like that I had it, even though I was using it to support the group. I dont think I had landed a killing blow on a monster in the first 5 levels. He thought it was unfair and we discussed it and the DM said he wanted to try to up the power level so we were all going to get something good. The rogue, paladin and cleric all got theirs, it was all something related and we were going to get the barbs, i think it was armor or something and he just freaked out. It was seriously autistic. Which then devolved into OOC fighting about why he would do it when we were going to get it, he accused the DM of favoritism, then left. We were going to retcon him out but the DM was just blah afterwards and we disbanded after 2 weeks

>> No.57014037

So apparently Mearls wants the Mystic and Artificer out by mid next year. Artificer is ahead on the mystic in progress, mystic needs to be more defined in it's role.

>> No.57014057

Your reading comprehension is utter shit. Reread what he said about Mystic and try again.

>> No.57014073

Ah right, full-retard autist mode.

What is it about RPGs that brings the turbo-spergs out to play?

>> No.57014074

You should just wait until you get into combat and when he starts saying he has 10 ft. reach and can do 1d12 ask him where he's getting the ability to do this stuff from.

>> No.57014089

Where the fuck is my finalized Revised Ranger

>> No.57014096

I swear to fucking god. Every time a monster rolls a 20 when attacking them, they go "wooooooooooooooooooooow.....".

When they roll low, "wow this is such bullshit..................."

Shut the fuck up, Mark.

>> No.57014108

That's not what he said, idiot. They want revised ranger and artificer out for more playtesting in the first half of next year, with mystic being sent back for heavier overhauls to focus on class identity.

>> No.57014112

It was part of random roll from the tables he claimed, my guess is he just thought it was cool, that we got at level 5. I was playing a dwarf and being far more clever than he anticipated used it like a weapon and a fuck you option in the middle of fights. The command words were "get off my lawn" in dwarvish.

My main use was a safe place to rest without burning a resource, but it really came in handy in fights. Throw it in the middle of some mooks, squishies and ranged guys would run in and start raining murder from it. Me and the other martial moved around the base keeping people from trying to scale it and mopping up those avoiding fire. He was a pretty cool DM and thought it was a pretty good use of tactics so he just tried to invent ways to make it less optimal than take it away. I tried not to abuse it too much, and instead played it like a trump card.

>> No.57014121

Probably waiting to see what the Xanathar's sub-classes do to the Ranger's viability before they devote the time to polishing up a replacement that somehow still works with all the same options.

>> No.57014124


>> No.57014140

So I want to play a (technical) pacifist Glamour Bard, who uses his music to turn enemies into friends, or if thats not possible, uses his music on his companions to inspire them to overcome anything in their way.

What are the best spells and feats to pick up? Avoiding anything that directly causes damage.
What race and background would best fit this theme?

>> No.57014172

Im not really sure, we were playing for a little over a month at uni, meeting once a week. We did almost a level per session so it was moving at a speedy pace. He cut all contact with us after he left so I have no idea what his side was or why he did it aside from being upset that we were getting high powered items. We were fighting some intense things, I know at one point I was absorbing 6 and 7th level spells with the staff, which was why it was so full of charges when he broke it.

>> No.57014190

>> No.57014214

"Moving the mystic back a bit - it lacks a clear conceptual boundary. The design right now kind of does everything. We're looking at it in terms of settings. What does a psionic-user in Dark Sun do, etc.

Artificer is moving up ahead of it, would like to have something by the middle of the year."

>> No.57014224

Say I wanted to let a guy brew an Oil of Sharpness.

What would the components of such an Oil be?

>> No.57014230

Though it does depend on the guides you take. Some of them are... Better than others.
Our group took Azaka and it's worked out so far. Certainly been helpful in combat.

>> No.57014248

Why did you just type out what I capped?

>> No.57014250

So there's the constant consensus that most campaigns never get past level 10.

Why the fuck not?

>Start at level 3
>Play once a week
>Milestone level every other session, ish
>6 months of playing (26 weeks)
>Gain 13 levels, hit level 16

Are we seriously at a point where the majority of groups and DMs aren't capable of playing a campaign for six months?

>> No.57014286

>6 months of playing
found your problem

>> No.57014289

Well the oil says it has silvery shards so that should be the first thing is getting a small amount of silver to flake. Then the rest can be herbs or liquids or fat that you deem would be necessary to make it.

>> No.57014292

Because /5eg/ is for memes, anon. You don't actually take the shit that gets repeated here seriously, do you?

>> No.57014299

Cactus needles, obsidian, pumice, and the distilled essence of a gelatinous cube

>> No.57014308

Why is that a problem?

Didn't WotC release a survey that said that something like 70-90% of games take place entirely within levels 3-12?

>> No.57014339

When i DM milestones, i prefer longer time between levels - more like three or four. Maybe even more.

Character dies, roll new on level-1.
"Guys, i can't make it this week".

Also: There is significant shift in feeling the game provides between levels 5 and 15. I like lower levels more - the game is better balanced and the players (read: wizards) can't pull out weird, realm-changing shenanigans.

>> No.57014340

Can I get some thoughts on this, /tg/? I'm thinking that for Storm King's Thunder, I don't want my players to just come across a random +1 magic longsword, but instead something with some story and lore behind it, in the vein of Baldur's Gate (and I ripped off a goodly number of Baldur's Gate weapons while I was at it). So I put this together.

Too powerful? Not powerful enough?

>> No.57014350

>6 months
I wish I lived in your world. Most games end when the GM ghosts after a 4-8 sessions.

>> No.57014385 [DELETED] 

Originally I found this, but it was outside of Organized play. With AL you can jump into Tier 3 games like its nothing.

Though don't always expect the tippy top tier folks in AL. I'm currently with a very experienced DM that's run countless modules and he straight up told me "I've never had a character like yours" (that is, full support and control Bard, that deals no damage)
We're level 8 right now, and I can't wait to hit 9, let alone 10. I feel like a well placed Wall of Force from Magical Secrets will break their brain.
I know that's 'Not over 10' yet, but he plans on having us 14th by the time we hit the Soul Monger.

>> No.57014438

>When I DM milestones, I prefer longer time between levels - more like three or four. Maybe even more.

Why? In D&D everything is tied to leveling up. There is no incremental improvement between levels, you get your stuff for (say) level 5, then you get nothing else new until you hit level 6, when you get another couple of new things.

In my experience, nobody has fun playing a static character for four or more sessions in a row. It gets stale. Players need to be drip-fed new toys and tools to keep the experience fresh. Two sessions is where I generally average, because that's usually enough time for players to get to grips with their new features but not long enough that their characters get stagnant.

>Character dies, roll new on level-1
Why would you ever make a new character come in at level 1? That's just straight retarded.

>> No.57014450

Replied to the wrong guy.

>> No.57014460

Celestial patron Warlock or Rogue with Magic Initiate, Mounted Combatant, refluff Eldritch Blast, always go everywhere with either a wheelchair or a horse. Alternatively, play a system that would better suit those kinds of low-powered pulp characters.

>> No.57014481

I'm so sorry for you. Is this online?

I'm struggling to concieve of an in-person game group that can't keep together for more than a month. Do you... just not have friends who play?

And yes, I realise the meme that nobody on /tg/ has real-life friends.

>> No.57014533

>how would you build him
Cavalier or divine steed paladin with hand crossbow

>> No.57014548

>then you get nothing else new until you hit level
Well, the way i see it, there are other important things in game apart from getting new abilities and not all the fun is facilitated by those. At least, in theory.

>Why would you ever make a new character come in at level 1
No, no! It was (level - 1), like level one lower than what you currently had. Or maybe just lowest level currently in group (for when someone misses session or so) or something.

>> No.57014575

>like level one lower than what you currently had.

If everyone is the same level what purpose does this serve other than skewing their power below the other players?

>> No.57014580

Both online and irl. I have no friends that enjoy dnd that are not online. The FLGS is mostly for video games and MTG. The owner runs a 3.0 game but it is mostly for his friends.

>> No.57014593

Not gonna lie, some of those spell descriptions are pretty elegant.

Like cure blindness, whose name explains the effects of the spell so it just lists the range and duration.

>> No.57014597 [DELETED] 

next session, I'm going to get chased down in an mc escher-esque dimension full of doors to other dimensions by the BBEG while the party tries to catch up.

The other dimensions are basically portals to other worlds/universes from other games, and its at random.

What are some creative uses of prestidigitation, minor illusion, 2 casts of invisibility that could be inspiring?

pic related, this as well as decoys to make sure BBEG doesn't dislodge my head from my neck.

I'm also leaving false notes and *real* notes for my party to follow if they need help finding me, the false notes to throw the BBEG off if he finds them. Shit like quotes my character has said to the party, or things about the party only they would know

>> No.57014607

Some people do that, that is why i mentioned it. I don't want to argue about this.

>> No.57014611

I just think pugilist shouldn't exist anyway. It's basically the same as/weaker than a grappling barbarian. Tough, not incredibly damagey but can manipulate the battlefield by grappling shit around.
So really it shouldn't exist, it's just an overcomplicated version of something that already exists refluffed as 'you punch shit'.

Guide to balancing homebrew: Stop.

>> No.57014625


My campaign's been playing since early February every week. Missed only 2 or 3 sessions because of college shit on the DM's end.
How are you guys constantly getting ghosted?

>> No.57014659

How do you use Minor Illusion/Prestidigitation/Mage Hand/Invisibility to effectively hide from someone trying to find and kill you?

Pic related.

>> No.57014663

>Well, the way i see it, there are other important things in game apart from getting new abilities and not all the fun is facilitated by those. At least, in theory.

I suspect your theory is wrong. As a DM, you don't need mechanical character progression because you can play a hundred different monsters over the course of the campaign and try out a dozen different playstyles through them. As a player, you've got your character sheet, and that's it. And they don't have enough tools on them to keep things mechanically fresh for more than two sessions or so.

Of course the story and plot and RP character development is vital as well, but it's meant to complement mechanical progression, not substitute for it.

>No, no! It was (level - 1), like level one lower than what you currently had. Or maybe just lowest level currently in group (for when someone misses session or so) or something.

Okay, fine. That's still retarded.

>> No.57014681

Minor illusion / invisibility
Then take the hide action

>> No.57014714

Time never been in a game with individual xp where people level up at slightly different times? Pretty standard to bring a noob in at minus one level.

>> No.57014729

>3.0 game
You're not missing anything

>> No.57014730

Same here, we've been playing for about two years now, a 5-6 hour game every week. We miss a few every now and then when someone has family or work commitments, and we've switched players a couple times as people dropped out because they couldn't make it reliably and other people joined to fill the seat.

>> No.57014743

>DM works over time one week, forgets the next then doesnt reply
>DM has gf issues and misses a day, apologizes, cancels the next week, doesnt reply after
>DM gets sick and ghosts
>DM forgets and ghosts, possibly out of embarrassment
>DM comes but it feels like he is winging it and then stops, possibly overwhelmed
>one player couldnt make it, one player stops replying, DM doesnt want to find replacements
>One player just leaves, no reason, DM says it is fine, only 2 show up the session, session goes well but pretty sure the DM is disheartened and doesnt want to play anymore
Idk, shit happens I guess

>> No.57014759

I'm not sure what rarity value you are trying to get to for these. Which makes it harder to judge if they are too strong. I will assume Rare for now.

Good, though the flat healing is a bit boring. It does not seem bad.

This is about the rarity of an uncommon item from my view so I would recommend making it so you can breathe in all environments, also, it should say.

"While attuned to Amenonuhoko you can breathe both air and water and gain a swimming speed equal to your movement speed."

>Army Scythe
So does the second shot happen as a part of the attack action? How many can this hold at once? You should probably give it a Reload (2) property similar to how the DMG guns work. This might be too strong depending on how you intend this to work.

>Asp's Nest
Why not make it so all the damage is poison? Its easier on the bookkeeping and makes sense.

>Blade of Demarche
This is too much, this is Stunning Strike on steroids. Though it may only affect one target, it WILL effect that single target, on a fighter or anyone with Haste/Extra attack this would be too much. Make it have 2 charges that the user can activate on a hit instead.

>Borok's Fist
It's fine. I would recommend a 1d4 lightning damage instead of a flat +2.

>Conlan's Hammer
Maybe have this one function like the Mace of Smiting instead of the extra weapon damage dices.

>Dragon's Bane
Why not use the Dragon Slayer? Keep the flavor.

Auto grapples is really strong, you should make that a save (DC:13) instead. Remove the restrain as well, that's way too much for a person who has extra attack.

>> No.57014774

Turn invisible, use mage hand to tweak his balls until he's distracted, sneak off.

>> No.57014782

It's an intelligent creature with the ability to see souls/cast spells like "See Invisibility"

>> No.57014785

So I lost two of my players (brothers) because I disagreed with one on a single political point a month ago and he's refusing to reply to my texts or answer my calls. He lives within walking distance of my house but I don't want to seem like a creep by dropping by. What do?

They were only three sessions away from finishing the two year long campaign. we played every other weekend.

>> No.57014791

Why though?

What purpose does that serve?

>> No.57014813

Then you can't use the spells they specifically counter to hide from it.

Use fog cloud. Fog cloud solves everything.

>> No.57014822

>overcomplicated version of something
I don't see this? What's overcomplicated abut a class that grapples and punches people? Grappling is nice, but it does not have the mobility of the monk nor does it have stunning strike and has a hard limit on the number of people you can have grappled at one.

>> No.57014842

Either your 'political point' was something that actively insulted them (like agreeing with the far right anti-gay movement when one of them was gay), or there's more to it than that.

Or one or more of you are autistic manchildren, of course.

>> No.57014859

Barbarian attacks and rages. That's pretty much it. Barbarogue might add on sneak attack dice. And of course you can grapple instead of attack.

Pugilist is basically the same except instead you're using moxie points which have a much more absurd way of regenerating with damage you take and all that shit and you use it repeatedly.

So, it's rage 'You are raging for a minute as a bonus action' versus something more confusing than ki.

Just play a barbarogue and refluff your attacks as punches.

>> No.57014887

I just said that I believed there was too much hysteria around sexual assault on college campuses. He said that 1 in 4 women will be raped in college and I told him that ,that statistic was bs.That was right before thanksgiving and he hasn't spoken to me since

>> No.57014890

You get life experiences, Anon. It's about the journey, not the destination. When I was running through Hoard of the Dragon Queen it took my thief 6 or 8 sessions to gain a level during the caravan sequence, but the caravan sequence was the best part of the campaign, and even the best tabletop RPG experience I've had, since it was three in-game months and 6 or 8 sessions of pretty much just roleplaying with a bit of combat every now and then to keep things non-repetitive.

There was murder, mystery, romance, drama, action, adventure, comedy, singing, drinking...it was great, and worrying about levels wouldn't have improved it.

>Why would you ever make a new character come in at level 1?

Sometimes it's fun to start at the bottom.

>> No.57014900

Have you tried not being misogynistic in front of your players?

>> No.57014904

You're better off for having lost him

>> No.57014906

Have you tried /not/ being a "redpilling" faggot?

>> No.57014922

Right, so you're the autistic manchild, got it.

>> No.57014928

>DM comes but it feels like he is winging it and then stops, possibly overwhelmed
I am that DM. I'm so sorry.

>> No.57014940

Yeah my current game where my retired character specifically gained an entire level ahead of the party skewed the power of the character so I could have access to better damage than most of the party (couldn't beat our wizard of course). Then we had a guy come in of his volition at level 4 to our 10/11 party and gained exp at a faster rate. It's been more of a job babysitting him to not die even now when he's at level 9. Because of me encounters had to become harder to account for my increased damage and for him encounters have become easier to make sure he doesn't outright die when he gets hit by two enemies.

It's just doesn't make sense for a gm to do that when it literally becomes more work for them to ensure every encounter is fair for the lower leveled and higher leveled.

>> No.57014941

>Barbarian attacks and rages. That's pretty much it. Barbarogue might add on sneak attack dice. And of course you can grapple instead of attack.
>So, it's rage 'You are raging for a minute as a bonus action' versus something more confusing than ki.
>Just play a barbarogue and refluff your attacks as punches.

You cannot get sneak attack with unarmed strikes, having to reflavor daggers as fist is silly. We don't reflavor monk's fist to rapiers or greatsword etc. why do it with daggers?

>Pugilist is basically the same except instead you're using moxie points which have a much more absurd way of regenerating with damage you take and all that shit and you use it repeatedly.
See this is why I like version 2 more, because it does not have the bookkeeping regenerating moxie. You just get all your moxie back when you reach half once per short rest. Its easy to remember and does not slow down the game or over complicate it.

>> No.57014946

How so? This was during a political conversation after class. There wasn't an argument we were eating breakfast and just talking.

>> No.57014959

You spouted the typical /pol/lack nonsense of "that statistic is BS" because you don't actually understand how statistics work.

>> No.57014966

It's supposed to be balanced for Storm King's Thunder, so around levels 5-10. Since none of these items will appear more than once (except maybe multiple Asp's Nests), their rarity otherwise shouldn't matter.

I'll make all the adjustments you recommended, though.

>> No.57014972

>You cannot get sneak attack with unarmed strikes, having to reflavor daggers as fist is silly. We don't reflavor monk's fist to rapiers or greatsword etc. why do it with daggers?
It's not unreasonable. You don't need to make an entire fucking homebrew to justify it when you could just say 'Okay, you put something on your fists as a weapon, and it's a 1d6 martial finesse light weapon.'
That's all you're doing.

>See this is why I like version 2 more, because it does not have the bookkeeping regenerating moxie. You just get all your moxie back when you reach half once per short rest. Its easy to remember and does not slow down the game or over complicate it.
Oh, well, that's more reasonable.
But that also makes it even less distinct by simplifying it and giving it even less reason to exist when multiclassing and adding in a clone of shortsword refluffed as a cestus or whatever it is does the same job.

>> No.57014973

>creature with the ability to see souls
Well then there's literally no spells you can use to hide from it without it knowing your general position. It's almost like the spell designers didn't account for an ability that's nonexistent in the game they made.
Fuck I hate it when DMs do that.

>> No.57014976

My group believes dice can be "bad". We have a dice jail to punish naughty dice when they roll like shit.

>> No.57014985

That sounds absolutely fantastic, but you're amongst a minor subset of players for whom RP is more important than mechanics, playing one of a very minor subset of campaigns which is run with the emphasis firmly placed on RP rather than combat - from what you've said your DM was absolutely not running HotDQ out-of-the-box.

I suspect you'd have just as much fun playing a game with no mechanical progression on character sheets, but for most players in my experience that's not the case. Almost every player I know would get bored of the mechanical aspect of just having the same tools over and over every session, and getting new mechanical options keeps that side fresh and lets them keep enjoying the story and RP.

>> No.57014988

where is this 1st and 2nd version pugilist anyway

>> No.57014989

How is saying that a statistic is unrepresentative of how the world works /pol/ related.

>> No.57014995

No Laura that is only you and Marisha

>> No.57014997

So are all the Sword Coast Aventure's Guide cantrips just neutral and not class specific, just added to the spell list in a category or?

>> No.57015006

Not him but that statistic is bullshit. Literally everything but constant enthusiastic consent counted as assault. It was heavily weighted so as to get to that 1 in 4.

>> No.57015007

I don't have the first version anymore after the update, but this >>57014941, is version 2.

>> No.57015011

> 1 in 4 women will be raped in college
I have difficulty believing this. (Mostly because i REFUSE to believe world could be so ugly - especially in first world country. Also, i don't speak with real girls, so that may be another reason why.)
But with America's creative ways of interpreting what rape is, it is probably possible.

>I told him that ,that statistic was bs
I know i shouldn't ask you more about it here, but why do you think so?

I apologize in advance to all Anons for asking. American colleges are just so... fascinating.

>> No.57015018


>> No.57015022


>> No.57015027

Finish the campaign without them, just make their characters NPCs or something. Them being babies shouldn't ruin everyone else's fun.

>> No.57015031

You mean Swordfish

>> No.57015038

That statistic is apparently based off of a survey asking about if women think they'll be sexually assaulted in college.Not if they were.

>> No.57015039


>> No.57015043

you're wrong and you don't realize how many women are raped and either don't report or report and are laughed at by the cops or told to not make a big deal.

my wife and my friends daughter both got raped on campus and both reported it (the right thing) and neither of their rapists suffered the slightest consequence, however in my friend's daughters case she constantly sees him around the dorm and campus.

your not taking this seriously is /pol/ tier jews run your shit wack and they are right for realizing you're a fucking scumshit with no respect for women. not everything is a bloated SJW "issue", some shit is real.

may you be graced on day with prison so that you too may feel the rape sticks of many, many men

>> No.57015089

>playing one of a very minor subset of campaigns which is run with the emphasis firmly placed on RP rather than comba

Oh fuck no, there was combat all over the place whenever it was appropriate and frequently when it was inappropriate, and I loved it. Somehow we jut all managed to act like sane and reasonable people during the caravan.

>> No.57015092

came tired once and it just was so fucking hard to put two and two together, make decisions, be creative. really the creativity and spontaneity were totally gone and that alone made the session shit. the worst part is I knew it while it was happening, like I realized it and was observing myself make a fuckery of the session but could not think of how to fix it or even mitigate it as a worst session ever.

but then I went back the next week and everything was fine.

>> No.57015098

>It's not unreasonable. You don't need to make an entire fucking homebrew to justify it when you could just say 'Okay, you put something on your fists as a weapon, and it's a 1d6 martial finesse light weapon.'
>That's all you're doing.
I don't want to rely on Sneak Attack for damage like this, Monk's don't have to why does this one? Now I do admit you may not need a full class for this a Subclass for the Fighter or Monk would be just fine, but we don't have that officially. So the Pugilist, a glass cannon strength based fisticuffs class, fills that missing spot. Barbarian's tank better and can do more consistent damage through GWM, Monks are more mobile, defensive, and can apply battlefield pressure through prone, removal of reactions, and stunning.

>> No.57015109

Another fag here: Not that i want to dispute what you are saying, but please explain to me how is such high rape rate possible in civilized world in environment dedicated to learning and knowledge? I just don't fucking understand why is that even possible. Are colleges more risky than ghettos?

>> No.57015117

>you're wrong
Care to cite the claim in question and support it with data?
>my wife and my friends daughter both got raped on campus and both reported it (the right thing) and neither of their rapists suffered the slightest consequence
Did they have any evidence that they did not consent, and that the man did in fact sleep with them?
Or did they just say "he raped me" without any evidence supporting their claim?

>> No.57015119

It's because most people, when they hear the word 'rape', equate it to 'forced, violent assault' rather than 'socially pressuring someone to acquiesce when they'd rather not, sometimes unknowingly'.

"1 in 4 women on campus will be violently assaulted, beaten and raped" is false.
"1 in 4 women on campus will be pressured into having sex when they don't want to" is accurate.

>> No.57015159

Ill give it to the GM, I don't know how this dude's ability works, but for the most part he's been taking souls and moving them from body to body so I'm going to assume he has a way to see through my invisibility.

Otherwise, my bard would just invisibility and run to the party, and that wouldn't be fun for the GM or the party

So I'm at least trying to be creative with how I run and juke this asshole. Leaving notes for the party to find me, with red herring false notes they should know the character would never say.

Prestidigitation and Minor illusion being used to make decoy versions of my bard hiding, running into universes and pulling the "I'm totally a part of this world, I am a native, yep nothing to see here."

Probably using mage hand similarly to pull a curtain/door to look like I went in one direction, then double back to try and u-turn towards my party.

I want to work WITH the GM to make this fun.

>> No.57015186

>"1 in 4 women on campus will be pressured into having sex when they don't want to" is accurate.

That is still super fucking iffy and throws up little alarms.

>> No.57015201

The pugilist is exactly a barbarogue. Yes, it's a variant rule, but as things go:
Core Content > Multiclassing+Feats > Additional official content books >>> Homebrew
Multiclassing to achieve the effect is far better.

If you compare a str barbarogue's (probably barbarian5/rogueX) an a pugilist's damage, it's pretty much the same though barbarians have reckless attack which they might sometimes use and pugilists get a thing or two like haymaker which they might sometimes use.
If you compare their durability, they both are great at str+dex+con saves, can gain resistance to physical damage, though they may differ slightly with pugilist's temp HP and barbarogue having slightly more HP, uncanny dodge, so forth.
If you compare their combat utility, they both basically just grapple and shove. Both the pugilist and the barbarian can grapple and shove maybe even three times in a round, though the barbarogue will get advantage while raging and expertise, pugilist is probably actually slightly worse but I think they might have an ability that allows them to try four grapples/shoves in a turn or something.
Barbarogue is more mobile though since cunning action is more convenient and they'll get +10ft speed at some point. Barbarogue could also pick up ancestral guardian which makes them more relevant as a party 'tank'.

I can't recall the full summary I gave before but barbarogue is basically better, except that pugilist is better at staying alive through temporary HP spam.

>> No.57015204

What do you reckon the characters will be?

>> No.57015206

Would Pugilist not work better as a homebrew Fighter sub-class? Here:

Level 3: Your unarmed strikes count as weapon attacks that deal 1d6 damage. While you're not wearing armour, your AC is equal to 10 plus your Strength modifier plus your Wisdom modifier.

Level 7: You have advantage on attacks against targets you have grappled, and gain Proficiency in Athletics.

Level 10: Your unarmed strikes use a d8 for their damage dice.

Level 15: You gain Expertise in Athletics.

Level 18: Your unarmed strikes now use a d10 for their damage dice, and count as magical for the purposes of overcoming damage resistances.

>> No.57015211

>Cites anecdotal evidence to dispute someone saying the statistics are skewed
>Then wishes rape on another while claiming to personally know two rape victims
This is some decent bait, but you still need some work.

>> No.57015224

crazy wacky people having fun and some people who don't even know the rules

>> No.57015229

It was based on all forms of sexual assault: Unwanted sex, kissing, groping, etc. This included any sexual contact that was coerced(talking the other party into it, not forcing them), as well as sex that was regretted after the fact.
We might be talking about different surveys, though.

>> No.57015236

>e-celeb garbage
Who cares?

>> No.57015244

Interesting observation.

>> No.57015252

So, I've had a D&D campaign idea simmering in the back of my head for a long time, and I'm curious if 5e can run it well enough.

The basic gist is that the player end up stumbling upon a prophecy that says all the various evil races(Orcs, Giants, Goblins, etc, etc, etc) will end up gathering together in a huge battle that will decide the fate of the world.

Most of the campaign is supposed to be focused on getting ready for this battle/trying to prevent it, but the twist that comes late is that the evil races end up fighting on the side of good. Not in any sort of "lol good guys all along" way, but more in a "We live here too, of course we're going to try and save the place". So the last big arc of the campaign is running around with all these groups they've royally pissed off and attempting to build an actual army out of them.

So, knowing basically nothing about 5e, how well or poorly would it do at this? I'd be trying to do a couple big mass battles, a lot of demon fuckery, and some elements of investigation and diplomacy/lets try to not kill them.

>> No.57015261

>as well as sex that was regretted after the fact.
I can see the other points but this one is fucking ridiculous, you made a bad decision and want it to be grounds for claiming you were sexually assaulted? Get the fuck outta here

>> No.57015287

>That is still super fucking iffy and throws up little alarms.
Not him, but don't you think that's a distinction worth making? I've heard many many times that "degrees of rape are problematic" but I don't see how it's not true. It's just another example of something being uncomfortable and people not wanting to accept that truth.

>> No.57015289

If the twist is that all the evil races turn out to be allies and not enemies, who are the actual enemies?

>> No.57015293

thanks. ripped what I need as a DM.

hope this helps someone else

>> No.57015305

They're so predictable I can tell just from the silhouettes which is which.

Tailisan, Laura, Travis, Liam, Sam, Ashley, Marisha.

>> No.57015325

I wanna run a really stupid and generic isekai campaign full of web novel cliches with some friends for a laugh. Would it be possible in 5e?

>> No.57015335

Hadn't decided on either demons/devils or something super fuckery from the Far Realm. Perhaps a long dead god, I hadn't really decided for sure.

Was learning towards demons because I could use them as a recurring enemy that seems to be motivating the various races to fight, while their actual goal was the same as the players(keeping them weak and disorganized)

>> No.57015344

Basically a normal campaign but with pcs that know nothing about the world

>> No.57015351

Absolutely, the insistence that any kind of uninvited, unwanted or regretted sexual contact of any nature all falls under the same 'rape' category is probably doing much more harm than good.

Like it or not, the words 'rape' or 'assault' already have plenty of violent connotations, and using them to describe actions that don't fit those violent connotations just flips people's dissonance switches and they go "No, that's not right, that's not what that word means."

It's easier to invent a new word than redefine an old one, especially one so charged with significance.

>> No.57015352

I have no problem with any distinction and would actually prefer having a good statistic for every perpetration of sexual assault. It's the numbers right now that throw up the little alarms.

>> No.57015384

changing the meaning of words usually causes problems yes
please no more semantics discussions,
last threads were painful

>> No.57015415

>It's the numbers right now that throw up the little alarms.
What numbers? Because the way these posts have progressed, you are in favor of the 1in 4 statistic but find the "1 in 4 women on campus will be pressured into ahving sex when they don't want to" 'iffy' and that it 'throws up little alarms'

>> No.57015421

But this one has the opportunity to be a /pol/ vs. tumblr shitfest as well.
Much more painful, but also more entertaining.

>> No.57015434

>I can't recall the full summary I gave before but barbarogue is basically better, except that pugilist is better at staying alive through temporary HP spam.
I can live with a Barbarogue being a better option mechanically for the damage output do note though you have to get to about level 6+ to get this online. The Pugilist is just a class that gets it at level 1 and even feels different due to you having to gain that temp hp and choosing between offense or defense for your turn. It feels different from my experiences with it. Melee integrated counters, for example, is something that no other class can do.

Too much combat focus in there, someone did make this a while back.

>> No.57015440

oh well, might as well enjoy the ride

>> No.57015464

I hope travis plays a female character

>> No.57015466

>I can live with a Barbarogue being a better option mechanically for the damage output do note though you have to get to about level 6+ to get this online.
Barbarogue works fine from level 1. You don't need 6+. Sure, the two classes won't get their features at the same time as each other but if anything that's just an upside for barbarogue as you can choose how you progress.

Even if it plays a little bit differently and some of the bits are a little bit different, barbarogue fills pretty much the exact same roles and doesn't resort to homebrewing, and my stance is that homebrew isn't worth it unless you're filling an actual gap like bloodhunter tries to do with a glass cannon bladelock sort of a thing.

>> No.57015486

pls respond

>> No.57015494

lots of new students to take advantage of
lots of new students who have never had the opportunity to take advantage
several older students who take advantage
no parents
and gosh maybe
tons of fucking parties with tons of fucking alcohol and tons of people getting seriously fucked up many for the first time

my wife got raped because she was drunk
my friends daughter because her roommate was being a whore and she took and offer to stay in a friendzoned guy's room and he swore nothing would happen then basically just straight up raped her cold sober in his dorm room.

it's fine to be all edgy on the interwebs but if you don't realize IRL how seriously and closely this shit affects some people and spewing /pol/ shit would get you more than just me quietly leaving your table.

I'm no internet tough guy as much as I like to think I'd break OPs nose I'd probably just shit down his moms chimney or fuck up his car or something

>> No.57015499

No I'm not. I don't know which poster you think I am, but anyone who tries to throw out the 1 in 4 I instantly know doesn't do any actual research and just spouts rhetoric they've heard from others.

>> No.57015518


They are specifically Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard cantrips.

>> No.57015523

You mean the ones in section "CANTRIPS FOR SORCERERS, WARLOCKS, AND WIZARDS" on page 142?

>> No.57015527

>my wife got regretted sex after she sobered up
Fixed that for you

>> No.57015531

Polymorph and True Polymorph do not require the PC to have seen a creature to transform a target into.
How does a PC in-world know what to turn into, how does a PC know what CR is?
It just sounds like the player is supposed to go "Hol' up" and grab the MM from the DM.

>> No.57015544

>But the new “one in four” figure from the AAU survey may mislead readers, many of whom will interpret “sexual assault” as rape or other strictly criminal offenses. A closer look at the survey reveals that 11 percent of female undergraduates said they were assaulted in a way that is consistent with criminal definitions of rape or sodomy. Half of these female undergrads said force was involved, while the other half maintained they were incapacitated by alcohol.

>The study clashes with data gathered by the Justice Department between 1995 and 2013, which found that college-age women who aren’t students are more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than women who are students. The number of victims was significantly lower than those in other recent surveys: 7.6 of 1,000 non-students compared to 6.1 of 1,000 students.

>AAU researchers acknowledged that their findings could reflect an inflated victimization rate at participating schools due to “non-response bias”; in other words, they determined that the hundreds of thousands of students who didn’t participate in their electronic survey (only 19 percent of those asked to take the survey did so) were less likely to have been sexually assaulted.


>> No.57015554

Anon, unless you are his wife and know what happened there, stop being cunt. The discussion was civil until you showed up.

>> No.57015572

Both cases were whitewashed by the college PD despite what evidence there was (plenty) and both were because "we don't want to ruin this poor guys life". It doesn't even matter, I'm not some SJW conflagrating some dude looking at my ankles, and I'm not making this shit up. Poke holes, poke fun, I'm not arguing anything just pointing out it happen and that the important thing isn't even whether OP or you retards are right or wrong about the statistics (you already don't accept them) but that you get a non-autistic clue that some things are actually offensive to actual people and when you want to sit down at a table IRL you can't just be full-autism-faggots like you are on here.

>> No.57015575

>They are specifically Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard cantrips.
So all of the the classes mentioned get all of the cantrips? I'm sorry but I couldn't find a PDF online, I'm only going off of the wikis and they don't say what they belong to.

>> No.57015577

Yeah it was completely civil when he wished another person would be sent to prison and raped. >>57015043

>> No.57015580

It's different when you know them and you know they're not some easy piece of ass that changed her mind three days later.

>> No.57015587

they probably studied them in some books or saw them in the wilds and about the CR some creatures are harder to polymorph into because of their complexity or their power

>> No.57015589

>all of the the classes mentioned get all of the cantrips

>> No.57015591

Not him, but actual rape and drunk sex are two different things. Besides, if the guy that had sex with his wife was also drunk then that makes his wife a rapist, too.

>> No.57015611

Appreciate it anon.

>> No.57015613

>if the guy that had sex with his wife was also drunk

yeah funny think you autistic virgins wouldn't know about
>your peepee doesn't get hard when you're that drunk

>> No.57015616

silly anon men can't be raped

>> No.57015629

You don't have to be an easy piece of ass to change your mind.

>> No.57015638

Sir, may you suck a giant fucking nigger cock, get AIDS and die. Cordially yours,
>that anon

>> No.57015644

Maybe you shouldn't get drunk outside of polite company.

>> No.57015645

Just because you have erectile dysfunction doesn't mean young men in their early 20's do as well. Besides, you can have sex at half-mast.

>> No.57015659

A level 1 barbarian who dedicates themselves to fisticuffs unless they are a Variant human will be doing extremely low damage. The sneak attack will come into play at higher levels then it becomes better. Again though the Pugilist at level 1 is doing solid damage with their fist and has a solid AC, another level down the line they get even better at punching people with the 1d6 & they get a ribbon, a level after that they are countering the people they are in melee with or have grapple tricks. I feel these benefits and keeping the flavor places this class in a fine spot.

>> No.57015670

Not with that attitude.

Anyway, could we go back to discussing DnD? Or at least shitting on other systems?

>> No.57015674

How many people could you rape with infinite sorcerer spell slots and no need to ever sleep?

>> No.57015692

how much time do I have?

>> No.57015695

Possibly a small village.

>> No.57015704

>/5eg/ - Sleep Deprived Multiclasses and College Rape Statistics General

>> No.57015705

Sometimes shit just happens.
Just tell your players, sorry i was tired and do what you did, dont sweat it too much so that you have another session that will be better .

>> No.57015709

Cool man, glad to know you understand how to have a civil discussion to actually win people to your side of the debate. I stand in awe of your ability to comprehend that wishing the very thing on someone else that a loved one experienced makes people not believe you. Little advice, if you don't know how to actually get your points across without having a fit, don't because you do more harm than good in convincing people there is a problem.

>> No.57015711



>> No.57015742

That is obviously true, but (as many other obvious truths) some young people need first hand experience.

I mean, how else would you explain that people smokes cigarettes when there are warnings about how they kill you? Why is it that young people don't invest their time and energy into acquiring skill that will benefit them in the long run? Why do people procrastinate and then do all the work in last hour, high on caffeine and deadline induced desperation?

>> No.57015748

FYI: New thread is up.

>> No.57015755

>A level 1 barbarian who dedicates themselves to fisticuffs unless they are a Variant human will be doing extremely low damage.
Some sort of punching weapon for 1d6 finesse slashing martial slashing. Not broken at all since it's identical to shortsword.
>The sneak attack will come into play at higher levels then it becomes better.
All sneak attack gives you is constant damage progression.
You have constant-ish damage progression with the same jump pugilist gets from extra attack, though maybe sneak attack does become even better later on in the game.
At low-mid levels I'm pretty sure the damage is just about the same if you compare rage-but-not-reckless to a pugilist with just the one bonus attack. You know, one attack and then a bonus attack, just exactly like the barbarian. Then two attacks and a bonsu attack just like the barbarian. Or the barbarian can pick up a shield, discard that bonus action attack and take shield master to shove with it instead, which is pretty much like pugilist, as well as still making almost gauranteed to succeed grapples with the attacks instead if they wish (only need to land one attack for sneak attack, they can afford to lose an attack or two)
>Solid AC
So it's probably the same as barbarian.
>Countering people in melee
Spending points if I remember, which is pretty similar to just using reckless attack since not using those points on temporary HP and such is similar.
>Other grapple tricks
Barbarogue can do all of them.

>> No.57015761

You can't rape an Unseen Servant, it's an automaton without a will of its own.

>> No.57015772

>sorcerer spell slots
Quite a lot, but imagine how many could you with wizard spell slots!


>> No.57015799

Thanks for letting us know! I'll just link it, if you won't mind.


>> No.57015821

>but (as many other obvious truths) some young people need first hand experience.
I'll agree with this, but none of your examples are related.

>> No.57015865

>none of your examples are related.
I am probably just projecting my own issues.

>> No.57016008


See Dragon Slayer or Mace of Smiting, but for fey.

Make it so the weapon deals cold damage instead of its normal damage and an additional 1d4 poison damage.

See sword of wounding, add a saving throw to stack the bleeding.

>The Guide
Hmmm. How about make it make it so you can affect an creature with this that way you can use it on an ally too?

Good, make it a 1d4 thunder instead of 2. Not a fan of flat damage not a lot of things do it unless its a critical hit.

See every other weapon that's specific to a creature type.

>Kiel's Fury
Keep the advantage change the extra damage dice to a d8 or something similar.

>Oublek's Folly
Not bad.

>The Persuader
Same as Blade of Demarche, maybe give 3 charges to this one though, Frightened is not as powerful as stun.

1d4 acid, not 2 acid damage.

>Sling of Unerring Accuracy
Cute, this is fine. I almost want to say you should give this weapon the cantrip True Strike for fun.

>Tansheron's Bow
Totally fine. This is probably uncommon though, I don't usually see many people run into issues with ammunition. So it might be underpowered.

>Unicorn Horn
Fine. Maybe add in some once per dawn healing effect?

You know by now.

>Wyvern's Tail
See Asp's Nest.

Overall some of these seem like Rare items and would work just fine for a level 5-10 game.

>> No.57016045

Anti-smoking ads are paid for by tobacco companies. The government likes it because irresponsible voters like it.
Tobacco companies like it because "parents don't approve" is better marketing than "be like the cool kids."

You use the same part of your brain to think about "future you" that you do to think about people who aren't you.
You're willingness to screw them over is an extension of your willingness to screw other people over.

Procrastination is actually separate from that. You're trying to hide from things that need to be addressed.
Protip: they need to be addressed _because_ you can't hide from them.
When you're laying in bed in the morning, what do you think about while lounging under the covers?

Here's an inspirational quote on how Socrates accomplished so much in his life:
>You have often heard me speak of an oracle or sign which comes to me, and is the divinity which Meletus ridicules in the indictment.
>This sign I have had ever since I was a child.
>The sign is a voice which comes to me and always forbids me to do something which I am going to do, but never commands me to do anything,

>> No.57016114

Thanks, Anon.

>> No.57016617

split the difference, use a shorsword, call it a dirk

>> No.57016941

god this is the worst fucking take yet, i guess you've never been drunk outside your or a friend or family member's home? if there's potential to meet anyone else then you don't know what kind of "company" they'll be and you shouldn't have to keep your guard up against fucking rapists all the time to avoid being blamed

>> No.57017158

Much obliged, Anon.

>> No.57017940

>I'm not responsible for my own actions

>> No.57018854

How's your wife doing? I remember spunking up her beans lad.

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