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Fulgrim BTFO by a Skeleton edition

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Dunkan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8klnCoAEi0 [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (all of them):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations
>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer Updated for Tyranids? Math-Anon requests vetting

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1st for :thinking:

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Reposting some anons cool kitbash.

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Hi /tg/! I wanna start a small IG army, 750 points to be precisse, so here are my questions:

- Is the Start Collecting!: Militarum Tempestus good to start the army?
- What should it be compossed mainly? I mean, what is the main compossition it can go with?


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How much terrain is too much?

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Reposting since the previous thread just went under. What do you guys think of this list? I've already logged one "unfun for everyone".

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Can't have too much terrain. The more the better. That is nowhere near enough.

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5th for sisters mod for x-com when?

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To find the perfect amount of terrain for a table, try and completely cover one quarter of it with all the stuff bunched together. If you can't, that's not enough. If there's spill over, you have too much.

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height and LoS blocking is more important than flat coverage.

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Decent but you'll need more troops.

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At LEAST a quarter of the table's space should be occupied by terrain that'd block LOS for an average infantry model

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what is with this boards obsession with ig, most boring faction imo.

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>tfw a Vulture + Punisher Cannons /w shipping is the same price as a Knight

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kys taufag

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it's better value than a knight in points and dollars.

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>Not owning multiple armies

How's welfare treating you?

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I could also get two Valkyries for the same price.

There's a lot of neat vehicles and troops for various purposes, plus you can make your own regiment which is far less cheesy than making your own Chapter.

Also xenos are yucky and chaos is for edgy autists.
I'd run some Craftworld Eldar with Rangers if my brother wasn't playing Eldar

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What if all of my infantry models are above average? I play Krieg.

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Did chapter approved change the points cost of the Arvus Lighter?

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Nope, only the Avenger.

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>TFW you play at a GW and they don't even have enough terrain for ONE table.

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use the filters on the left to disable all the extra crap

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Format it properly and we’ll tell you

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I don't encourage nor reward autistic tendencies, sorry.

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Even Wraith guard should be blocked by it

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Not everyone shares the same opinions as you.
Shocking I know, but there it is.

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What does the "A" stat do? Is it how many times a model can melee attack?

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If I had any knowledgeable or enough time to learn I’ll do it my self.

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>Shoot two plasmas at a warlord neurothrope.
>Overcharge to get that sweet 2+ to wound
>roll4 6s
>roll 4 2s for wound
>Dice gods blessed me!
>He saves 3 on 3+ invulnerable and 1d on Hive Fleet's FNP.
fuck's sake

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There aren't a lot of neat vehicles, the opposite in fact. They're all boring analogues of run of the mill current military shit. The only interesting unit in the whole faction are Ogryn.

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If a strong invuln makes AP worthless, best to shoot it with massed-fire to force fails with weight and use that plasma on things that are more likely to feel it

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should have brought mortal wounds instead :^)

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Two plasma-gunners were the only thing on that half of the table.

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>chaos is for edgy autists.

What about Renegades?

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Would Ultramarines be less insufferable if they went all out with the Roman aesthetic for them?

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>Also xenos are yucky and chaos is for edgy autists.
>better stick to muh 20 flavors of space marine
you are wrong

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That's because you're not interested in "run of the mill current military shit".

Like always, irrelevant.

I don't play space marines, and I'm largely in agreement with you.

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Nah, it clashes with the gothic aesthetic of the imperium and would make them look very out of place. Plus too much other shit needs models before new marine snowflakes.

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I've put four 3d wounds on a lord of contagion and had every one of them saved by disgustingly resilient. That's 12 5+

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You got to be shitting me

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why would you waste so much money to make a stupid Ork mememobile and then not even make it look good

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Start Collecting! Astra Militarum is the good one.

Start Collecting! Militarum Tempestus has the fail taurox.

Get the Start Collecting! Militarum Tempestus box, add
>heavy weapons box (lascannons)
>cadian command squad
>two cadian shock troop boxes

That's your basic early army.

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>literally popsicle sticks and string
>fucking popsicle sticks

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>Not buying minis with welfare money

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Could always do with more responses.

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Tauroxes aren't so bad any more. They're cheap tansports that are only frailer than chimeras by a point of toughness.

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What's the difference in the two?

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There is something very weird going on with the ork on the left

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And I’m not wasting my time scrolling through your effortless copy/paste filth.

If you won’t put any effort into organizing your list, why would you expect anyone to put in the effort to give you an analysis?

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This is the type of people that shares the hobby with you.

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and for paints:
abaddon black spray & base
zandri dust
castelen green
bugman glow
agrax earthshade
celstra grey
nuln oil
cadian fleshtone

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I don't think people feel Ultramarines are insufferable because of their roman aesthetic.
Some people might not like the blue, or might have learned not to like the blue because Ultramarines, but I see very few people bitching about the helmet crest-plumes and leaf-shaped swords.

You might occasionally find someone who laments the choice of a Roman aesthetic over a Greek one, but very few people simply dislike the Roman look on its own merit.

Ultramarines are instead considered insufferable for their fluff caveats and their suffocating presence in events that eclipses all other Codex chapters. In other words, people dislike the Mary-Sue/Poster Boy aspect of the Ultramarines, particularly in this current climate of Tell-Don't-Show writing.

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That's like asking "do you prefer Khorne or Skarbrand?"

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I presume you're gonna use the tauroxes to transport the infantry squads?
They only have 10 capacity so you can't take their officers with them.
I also see that the infantry squads have grenade launchers, I'd advice you to use anything else

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Well I mean I just dislike them for how generic they are. Amping up anything that differentiates them can only make them better in my eyes.

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Basically undivided can't exist for anyone else (Lorgar, Perturabo) if you take Bella's dumb lore at face value.

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Aw, it's got a little plane and launch ramp.

It seems like there's a lot of neat ideas here marred by some poor execution. And although I am just a burger, 110 euros sounds like a lot.

>> No.56945338

And people wonder why even the most basic, obvious stuff needs an FAQ ...

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>poor execution
ork vehicles are supposed to look like a hunk of tied together garbage, whats the problem.

>> No.56945352

So... You think Ultramarines are generic, and removing the aesthetic stand-outs would make them look less generic?
Or are you saying the Roman aesthetic is generic?

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110 euros is about 130 burgerdollars

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Chaos undivided used to be the fact that demon princes / legions could decide to align themselves with all 4 chaos gods at the same time.
While this wouldn't give them the blessing and favor of any specific god it would give them the ability to call upon any god that would most helpful at the time as well as giving an undivided bonus.
This also meant that all traitor legions / primarchs minus the 4 aligned with a specific god could fall under this undivided category.

Belakor retconed all this saying he was the first undivided demon prince that all 4 gods gave their blessing to, and that belakor would play the gods against each other leading them on that if they just gave him a little more power he would join a specific gods faction.
Then the gods caught onto what he was doing and removed 90% of their power from him and said they would never allow an undivided follower again (despite the fact horus and abbadon are exactly that).
This also means that all legions and primarchs that were undivided now have to be devoted to a specific god, but for the most part they never bothered to actually say who these undivided factions suddenly joined.
This means for example Perturabo now has to either be a khornate retard, a slaaneshi degenerate, a disease infested nurglite, or a bird person.
None of those options fit in with (what little) demon Perturabo there exists.

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The MT taurox prime is actually really good as mobile dakka

>> No.56945376

Totally agree. I honestly think it starts from LE STEEL BAWLZ XD and how manly are they supposed to be, something which the average guard player isn't at all. Let them be though.

>> No.56945377

>going all out with
could you people stop being retarded? You are giving me a headache.

>> No.56945378

The fact this this looks like hunks of real-world 1:1 scale garbage glued to a baneblade model. Not hunks of 41st millenium 28mm scale garbage welded or riveted onto a captured imperial tank wreck.
You fucking stupid cunt.

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They're going to be always generic because they follow the codex astartes

>> No.56945393

fits their playbase lad.

>> No.56945397

where did you get that from?

I'm saying they are generic now. Make them more roman looking to make them less generic. Is english not your first language or something?

>> No.56945398

My bad. I read "Without" instead of "went all out." I apologize. I'm just still traumatized by the old people/dark eldar story from yesterday.

>> No.56945410

>an undivided follower again (despite the fact horus and abbadon are exactly that).

They said they would never create an Undivided Daemon Prince again due to the fact that the Chaos Gods cannot control such a thing. Undivided followers are still kosher but they don't get any marks.

Abaddon is the only exception to the rule. The Chaos Gods have so much faith in Abaddon that they bestowed upon him the Mark of the Chaos Ascendant. A mark that not even Horus got because he was a tool in a both figurative and literal sense.

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>> No.56945417

which one?

>> No.56945427

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>> No.56945430

You are being rude, while i agree that orkblade looks like shit there is no need to be an asshole while wording it.

>> No.56945440

Even still anon, even still...

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>Aw, it's got a little plane and launch ramp.

That's a grot bomb.

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>> No.56945466

Just drop it, ok?

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I believe it, check the STD rate for the elderly it's ridiculously high because those degenerate bastards cant get enough

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>> No.56945498

oh fuck, i think I now which story you mean

>> No.56945499

Do they even exist in 8th? And if they do are they at least mediocre?

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Your picture is missing an e

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>my picture

>> No.56945534

>i'll just mention this two unrelated things to sound intelligent
>Fans are autistic idiots, I get to say what is canon
>GW told me I can't do this but i'll sperg like a little kid and tell them everyone thinks like I do so they must let me do it
Wew lad that was embarassing. No one called him out?

>> No.56945556

>ask a simple question of "if Undivided princes don't exist, how are daemon primarchs handled"
>receive several paragraphs of "you're all retards" with a nice "lol I dunno" at the end

And people will defend this.

>> No.56945569

What's the best way to combine Space marines and Tempestus Scion (Or/and?) Sisters of battle as a fighting force?

>> No.56945577

Quickly, change the subject.

>> No.56945578 [SPOILER] 

For those who want this dark knowledge, here you go.
You don't want to know, though.
You don't want this burden.
You read it, didn't you?

>> No.56945585

Marines as objective takers/holders and Scions as suicidal strike teams to remove armored threats

>> No.56945595

Make SM into Red Hunters, Scions into Inquisitorial stormtroopers and make a Witch Hunter army.

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>> No.56945597


>> No.56945606

>mfw iron warlels will never, EVER be as important as the superior Imperial Chads

How can Perturabo even compete with Dorn?

>> No.56945612

I thought it was going to be something more fucked up than just old people dying from having sex, what a let down

>> No.56945623

.......with no small amount of horror I can understand exactly where he is coming from.

One tick closer to Midnight on my Doomsday Clock.

>> No.56945625

Easier to paint.

>> No.56945637

>literally is god
> "I am not. I will use my god powers to kill your entire planet if you call me god."
What the fuck is his problem?

>> No.56945641

what did i just read

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>> No.56945649

Makes sense considering that autistic IW fans would probably go apeshit if they had to paint a model differently from a spray, wash and drybrush

>> No.56945655

Did he just said Emperor is not a god? What a heretic!

>> No.56945675

You may not be familair with chan culture but Anonymity is not equal to being an asshole.
ıf you want to be an asshole you can go to /b/

>> No.56945685

meh I just posted it in response to
>they would never create an Undivided Daemon Prince again
ADB and I disagree on what is meant by chaos undivided but his stance reflects the current thinking in GW so I guess that's where it lays to for the time being

>> No.56945688

Anonymity removes the consequences of being an asshole. Unless you're an idiot that believes in Karma or something.

>> No.56945695

>Yellow armour
You know that the man is a retard when he decides to paint a army with the brightest colour around

>> No.56945697

Guten Nachmittag, Akkoposter.

>> No.56945706

Akko a dumb
Lotte best

>> No.56945711

Why are Imperial Fists yellow anyways? They are the chapter most closely tied to Terra, shouldn't they be golden like the banana boys?

>> No.56945714

I dont want to be in a place that is filled with assholes so i choose not to be an asshole for that.
Simple as that.
That is the basis of any successfull society really.

>> No.56945719

Maybe it was really sandy. Like sulphur sands, or something.

No wait, only dumb fishplayers actually use camo.

>> No.56945725

Gold was already taken they had to make do with the closest.

>> No.56945728

Having more Undivided Daemon Princes would ruin the point of Be'lakor. Take that into consideration.

>> No.56945738

Because Dorn is autistic and has no sense for aesthetics.

>> No.56945741

Camo is very useful for armies.
Only a fool would ignore such basic design just because he likes to paint his legion in bright colours

>> No.56945749

Because the original marines were painted in primary colors.

>> No.56945751

Be'lakor sucks anyway.

A nice character in fantasy, but a horrible idea in 40k

>> No.56945752

Not that anon but both belakor and chaos undabaduu is retarded.
Why would chaos gods care about people not worshipping them ?
Are they taking turns giving them power or are those worshippers taking power from other warp entities or taking it straight from the warp?
If so why do they even worship guys that arent giving them any power at all?

>> No.56945754

>Gold was taken
By whom, Cusstoads?
This didn't stop the Raven Guard and Iron Hands from having the exact same colour scheme.
He wears gloriously decorated golden amour himself.

>> No.56945761

Marines dont use camo for a reason.
Lurk moar on lexicanum before posting in a lore discussion.

>> No.56945763

>keep lore that's been around since RT (regardless of what ADB farts out of his mouth)
>keep OC donut steel from WHFB, which is as logical as having Mortarion and Magnus in AoS

Gee, I wonder what's the better option...

>> No.56945768

>being a faggot that needs camo

>> No.56945774

Well yeah, wearing gold is kinda like wearing the aquila. you can't do it unless papa emps says so

>> No.56945777

Be'lacuck is worthless anyway so who gives a shit.

>> No.56945778

>Camo is very useful for armies.
Fuck off, T'''''au.

>> No.56945785

Nah I'm not a swede, the original video took place in Italy when two lidl workers locked a gypsy into the trash section and she started screaming while they mocked her LOL

>> No.56945787

it need not do so it's quite possible to have Armless and snowflake be the result of an agreement between the gods and other undivided be the result of lesser deities individually or in concert that represent the indivisible nature or the warp

Anyway the point is at the moment GWs says there are 4 goda dn 4 gods only who can create daemon princes. That may one day change but probably wont

>> No.56945797


Well he could have, he is a primarch after all but he didnt. There is no point in arguing the matter further really.

>> No.56945801

They have been acknowledged as one of the most loyal chapters, and have been dubbed "the defenders of Terra" due to their actions during the Heresy. Does this not warrant golden armour rather than ketchup n' mustard?

>> No.56945804

What's the best character sniping unit in the game?

Mindwar farseer seems pretty good.

>> No.56945805

Fool and human are synonyms in 40k.

>> No.56945819

It's a shitty excuse to explain why there are giant warriors using bright colours in a futuristic world.

>> No.56945820

Once Christmas is over and I get back to my own apartment, I'm going through all my material on Chaos and making a nice infograph on Chaos Undivided with direct quotes from the lore.

>> No.56945824


Unironically the Vindicare.

>> No.56945830


>> No.56945832

I cant wait the android revolution where we wont need people which work in third rate jobs throught the world.

>> No.56945834

Do you have the video?

>> No.56945841

Please lurk moar before posting new friend

>> No.56945844

What's your argument then?

>> No.56945864

I always lose my shit every time they mock her. Too bad they lost their jobs over this, even though the gypsy was fucking going through the trash

>> No.56945876

ratlings or eldar rangers

>> No.56945877

I'm starting to detect that you're a bit of a bitch.
Behave like a stupid cunt, get called a stupid cunt.
That is the society I want to live in.
Now fuck off and update your blog you whiney shitposter.

>> No.56945886

The vindicare is great. 90p for a character who can deep strike, shoot on a 3+ (2+ after), wound on a 2+ and gets a -2 to be hit while in cover?
My only gripe with it is that unless you field 2 of them or roll a 6+ to wound, it's hard to actually snipe a character. D3 damage on the rifle who can ignore invuls kinda sucks.

>> No.56945890

Different anon, but the argument is that your personal ignorance about the setting doesn't give you leave to make "insightful" commentary about it. If anything, it makes your ignorance everyone else's problem.

>> No.56945896

his problem is he's not a god

>> No.56945916

I may be a burger, but thank fuck i don't have to deal with gyppos

>> No.56945917

It doesn't make sense

>> No.56945925

It doesn't have to. You don't seem to understand the setting or it's appeal.
I think you should try historicals, instead.

>> No.56945927

You have to deal with yourselves which is way worse, mutt

>> No.56945928

McDonalds or Burger King?

>> No.56945940


>> No.56945950

You're acting like a children.

>> No.56945952

Marines don't use camo because they're fucking morons, which is completely justified by rule of funny (pretty marines), rule of cool (angry marines), or averted by using camo (reasonable marines). But there's just no excuse for even using a static paint job on the armor - unless you're going out of your way to fight to lose, you should be changing your appearance based on new fighting conditions, especially when you have servitors on hand to paint the thing while you sleep.

>> No.56945957


Yes ,what a perfect society you are envisioning.

Person A thinks B is an idiot, B thinks C is an idiot C thinks A is an idiot.
I am sure it would be a very productive environment if everyone started hurling insults on people that they think are idiots.

If you are still adamant about your beliefs on this matter , again i will have to ponit you towards /b/ where you can socialise with like minded individuals.

>> No.56945958

You're spelling like a child.

>> No.56945962

>overly proud order of warrior monks who implicitly believe in their own superiority and that of their arms do not use camouflage because it covers up their holy livery and is almost useless in a shock troop role

>> No.56945977

1) Their primary role is *not* shock troops.
2) It is *not* almost useless, as Scouts prove on the regular, even if it is (at least in the fluff) useless against a variety of xenos, such as Vespids.

Being overly proud and superior is dead-on accurate, though. 95% of Space Marine idiocy is due to staggering amounts of unwarranted hubris.

>> No.56945992

And you're being dumb as fuck. Go back to bolt action or whatever gay shit you play dude.

>> No.56945994

Additionally, the technology of all races who are threats already have visual acuity technology advanced enough to not be fooled by plashed paint.

>> No.56946009

you do realise it's possibly to benefit from a society without contributing to it. Take America for example

>> No.56946014

>and is almost useless in a shock troop role
This is not true.

>> No.56946020

Assault marines with flamers for my salamanders?

>> No.56946025


Ok , i will give you a short explanation because some people are giving wrong arguments to supprot their cause and showing they did not get it either.

The reason Space Marines dont use camo is pscyhological and an essential part of their battle tactics.

Now, lets return to basics.
Why do we use camo?
To make it harder for the enemy to differentiate between you and the terrain and make it harder for them to shoot you accurately.

Now this will be critical at long range engagements. But space marines are not long range fighters.

They are designed to be mid-short range shock troopers. It is not their job to engage in firefights over long distances. Your basic space marine doctrines revolve around the idea of getting your dudes to engage the enemy at short range and if feasible charge them to break their formations.

When you see a line of bright red 2.5 meter monstrosities that shine with bling charging at you screaming you will lose your shit, i guarantee you that.
At such short ranges camo becomes irrelevant, especially considering you are a 2.5 meter monstrosity.

Granted space marines also use infltrations tactics and long range support. But that is done by space marine scouts and lnog range vehicles .The main role of the standart line troop does not change much.

Get in close, hug the enemy and sometimes even hug them literaly.

>> No.56946033

>Their primary role is *not* shock troops.
This is the part where I ignore you.
Space marines are primarily infantry shock assault forces, and that comprises most of their work.
>use camo for ship boarding actions
>use camo for teleport assaults
>use camo for massed drop pod strike

>> No.56946038

That's just false. One of the most common tasks for a Space Marine is putting down uppity humans, such as chaos cultists, who for a variety of reasons are not bringing the good vision to the party.

>> No.56946054

Anyone have this one? Seems like Custodes have been getting lots of focus lately.

>> No.56946062


>> No.56946064

M8, 50% of people are below average intelligence. Average intelligence isn't even that high. The belief that most people are idiots is a fairly accurate one.
I suffer enough fools gladly irl to not want to have to do the same online.
Now stop crying because some arsehole on the internet called you a mean word.
It's tiresome and irrelevant.

>> No.56946081

Holy shit I just walked into yet another realism in 40k argument. Must be europoor hours.

>> No.56946087

Either you don't know what shock troops are or you don't understand what it is Space Marines do. In your mind, what is it Devastator Marines even do? Hang out and shine their useless-in-a-shock-assault gear all day?

>> No.56946096

Speaking god-like bullshit. Is big daddy E's firey sword just a regular power weapon? was he hooked up to his armor like any regular Jobber? and what about the primarchs? We see pert and co regularly plugged to the nines but one would think hyper-engineered supermen wouldn't need anything as base as power armor or sockets

>> No.56946097

depends of the type of average you're using surely

>> No.56946098


Sniper Warlord Wraithseer with Bright Lance. (D6 damage 36" s8 -4)
Sniper Warlord DA character with Lions Roar, using Weapons of the Dark age stratagem overcharged. (Assault 2 24" s8 -3 3d)
Sniper Warlord Autarch with Reaper Launcher (heavy 1 48" s8 -3 3d)

Take your pick

>> No.56946100

What colour scheme should i paint my guard army? They're french themed if that helps

>> No.56946103

Scouts and devs watch and learn canocally.

>> No.56946108


>> No.56946112

This are burger hours

>> No.56946115

Without an empty table for you to line up and shoot each other across, the games take too long and the twelve year olds / spergs get bored and wander off.

>> No.56946118

I dont see how that image is even relevant as a reply.

>> No.56946123

>Hiding from cultists using weaponry barely able to scratch the paint on "muh camo".
>Not charging in as a 2.5m Angel of Death that'd shatter their morale on reputation alone.

>> No.56946126

Burgers are just waking up, and most of them are going to work.

>> No.56946127

I'm only tangentially into 40k, looking to get into it eventually. This whole thing about the Primaris marines has me on caution however. Are they just flat out replacing chapters now with the primaris? Will the old ones be tossed down the irrelevant chute?
Will Chaos get Primaris?

>> No.56946135

its not as long range, but a sniper warlord d-cannon wraithseer gets d3 s10 ap-4 dD6 attacks at 24"

>> No.56946141

That's not what effortless means, you fucking spacker.

>> No.56946145

>not using Sniper Warlord sorcerer with infernal gaze

>> No.56946154

Just waking up...

>> No.56946158

I wake up early, that's the only reason I'm here. Every other burger still has an hour or two before they start posting.

>> No.56946160

>Bright Lance on a Wraithseer instead of a D-Cannon...

>> No.56946162


Yeah that's also a good option. Sniper Warlord Avatar has a decent melta shooter too if you cared for him

>> No.56946165

Being close combat soldiers doesn't mean you should neglect camo.
At some point you're going to find enemies that are far from you, and if you're using bright colours they'll kill you.

>> No.56946177

Median is an average.

>> No.56946181

what happened to Fulgrim ?

>> No.56946184

Lol, just drop pod their ass. Better yet, shell them from orbit!

>> No.56946190


But why do you need sniper for that anon? Psychic phase isn't beholden to the character targeting rules.


Knew i was forgetting something, sorry I don't play worst eldar

>> No.56946195

French? Paint them white

>> No.56946203

Because it's the only form of sniper CSM get :((((

>> No.56946206

> being this fucking new

>> No.56946207

>Will the old ones be tossed down the irrelevant chute?
Lore wise, yes. But I think they'll keep producing normal marines for money.
>Will Chaos get Primaris?
Probably. Fabius will soon get one of them

>> No.56946211


>> No.56946212

well yes that's why I queried it. Usually when people say average without a qualification they mean mean

>> No.56946219

You're a fucking mong and you should shut up now.

>> No.56946225

>bright red and yellow camo
Where are they trying to hide, McDonald's?

>> No.56946230


I wish I could tell you it's going to get better but...

>> No.56946232

Not an argument ________;^)

>> No.56946242

Here you go anon.

>> No.56946249

>Latest short story reveals that the Emperor was planning on killing the Primarchs and stabbing them in the back
>Literally viewing them as tools to be disposed of
>His reasoning is that it would be better for humanity in the end
>Perturabo decimates his legion however and everyone thinks he’s a dick and that he shouldn’t act like that
>Despite him doing so in order to benefit humanity(it actually worked)

It’s okay when Emperor does it

>> No.56946258

McDonalds is full of gluttonous "people". As far as I know, this is slaanesh worship.

>> No.56946259

Because he gave a valid reason. Get fucked xeno player.

>> No.56946260

Cheers anon, I hope its good like the recent Thunder Warrior one.

>> No.56946268

Should have killed Pertarubo just to raise humanity's net IQ

>> No.56946272

Black Library is nothing more than fan-fiction with a budget. Ignore it and move on.

>> No.56946276

People never understood Perturabo.

Poor guy

>> No.56946284


>> No.56946289

Perturabo is one of the most intelligent primarchs ever.

>> No.56946292

Mars is more orangish.

>> No.56946296

To be fair I think the reason people despised him was because they DID understand him, he was a nobend

>> No.56946297

I mean, it's a far better gun for what's being done. D3 shots with no LoS requirements, same D6 damage, waàaaay higher Strength, and it got a discount.

>> No.56946298

>Should have killed Dorn just to raise humanity's net IQ


>> No.56946307

sort of like a combination of red and yellow then

>> No.56946310

>wanting to kill Dorn

Anon, are you racist?

>> No.56946312

He did the same thing with the Thunder Warriors. I'm not surprised.

>> No.56946317

No, they did not.

Perturabo only wanted to build things to make the life of humans better. It was the Emperor that thought he was useful only for destruction

>> No.56946320

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [110 PL, 2000pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 152pts]: 2x Entropy cannon, Rothail volley gun

+ HQ +

Malignant Plaguecaster [6 PL, 110pts]: Blades of Putrefaction, Fugaris' Helm, Putrescent Vitality

Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Blades of Putrefaction, Putrescent Vitality

+ Elites +

Beasts of Nurgle [2 PL, 38pts]: Beast of Nurgle

Blightlord Terminators [14 PL, 284pts]
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Plague Spewer
. Blightlord Terminator: Flail of Corruption
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-plasma
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-plasma
. Blightlord Terminator Champion: Bubotic Axe, Combi-plasma

Deathshroud Terminators [11 PL, 180pts]
. Deathshroud Champion: Manreaper, Plaguespurt gauntlets
. 2x Deathshroud Terminator: 2x Manreaper, 2x Plaguespurt gauntlets

Helbrute [7 PL, 147pts]: Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Helbrute [7 PL, 147pts]: Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

+ Fast Attack +

Myphitic Blight-haulers [7 PL, 142pts]
. Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

Myphitic Blight-haulers [7 PL, 142pts]
. Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

+ Troops +

Plague Marines [10 PL, 115pts]
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 4x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 128pts]
. Plague Champion: Plague knife, Plasma pistol
. 4x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plague Spewer

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker

++ Total: [110 PL, 2000pts] ++

Exactly 2k points, I think this is decent

>> No.56946329

What they meant with "hispanic"?

>> No.56946331

>Perturbo why are you decimating half your legion?
>I'm building things!

>> No.56946332



>> No.56946337

This. The guy is probably the most tragic of the Primarchs because he is the most relatable. He starts off as a person who has a basic understanding of how things work, but wants to make things better for everyone, only to realize that humanity just can’t have anything nice. You throw your pearls to swine essentially, and they are never grateful for how hard you work. And then bitterness intensities

>> No.56946339

GW has said it themselves that they are meant to be used alongside normal marines and given their awkward combat roles and the confirmation that they will still be making upgrade kits for normal marines it seems they meant it.
>Chaos Primaris
There's been some suggestions toward them lorewise but at least the new chaos marines are more appropriately scaled for the time being(see Dark Vengeance and Dark Imperium for examples)

>> No.56946344

Play Raptors, then.

>> No.56946355

This explains the Crimson Fists

>> No.56946356

and stick on decals, don't forget that

I have a Mastodon, Spartan, Deredo, Leviathan, 2 x Contemptors and 20 mk4 Marines under my desk at work so my wife doesn't find out that I have been spending...

I sneak them home a few at a time so she thinks I am just slow at painting my IW backlog and they all looks the same don't they...

>> No.56946361

I thought you were just joking, didn't realise frenchbois actually wore white, looks pretty cool to me as well.

>> No.56946364

>Imperial Fists board Perturabo's flag ship and kill his body guards AND could've killed Perturabo himself if they wanted to.
>Kills more of his own soldiers for losing and replaces his Honor Guard with robots because he knows how shit Iron Warriors are.

>> No.56946367

And the walls

>> No.56946368

>Half your legion

You dumb or somethin? Also he was trying to make a point that war was unfair and even the most valuable people can be killed in it. He’s right, and as a result his soldiers dedicated themselves to the cause entirely knowing that they give their lives as equals, because the ends justify the means during the great Crusade. It’s no different than the mentality of the Imperial guard

>> No.56946375

So the Black Templars are a hispanic crusade...

>> No.56946378

Tried plasma spam scions in a three-way TTS game today, so we could all get used to the game again. Opponents were Raven Guard Primaris and Death Guard focused on poxwalkers with forgeworld vehicles behind them.

I managed to fuck up the game by deep striking rapid firing overcharged plasmas on the Raven Guard's shit turn 2 and destroying both him and myself at once, leaving the other half of my army to attempt to hold the poxwalkers from the objective, which they failed at due to bad luck and the bombardment from the vehicles while lacking numbers.

The suicidal scions were extremely and at times disgustingly effective per point, but I jumped the gun on slaughtering units who weren't a threat to me yet when they could have put dents into the DG for me. It was a good time and I think I know what I want to go in my sisters's inquisition detachment now.

>> No.56946379

>New Miniwargaming BR
>Not really a fan but Curious to see IG list
>He has the same chimera conversion as me
Yeeees! I like this man already

>> No.56946383

>"You're all worthless! I'll kill you!"
How inspiring.

>> No.56946386

Maybe he was the most intelligent Iron Warriors Primarch ever

>> No.56946388

I'm not convinced by this website

>> No.56946389

How do I get to play TTS 40k games?

>> No.56946396


>Actually uses transfers
Seems like a cool guy.

>> No.56946397

it's real-european hours. little kids are home and neets woke up an hour ago and are having their breakfast in front of the shitposting machine.
Spaniards are the number one shitposters in 40kg and any thread on /v/. it is well known.

>> No.56946403

That's not a REAL sombrero! That's why its not working!

>> No.56946409

No, that's what he did. Half of his legion was missing, but he had the other half on hand, and he decimated that half, killing off 5% of the total Legion as a result.

>> No.56946415

Fugaris' Helm doesn't actually do anything on a Plaguecaster, the Beast of Nurgle loses you your Death Guard bonus because he lacks the proper keyword, plague spewers are godawful, no Warptime is going to result in a lot of dead terminators after they fail their charges, and lack of reroll auras mean your shooting isn't going to get the job done and you'll be losing Blightlords to plasma overheat.

>> No.56946429

Errr....why do people omit the part where Malcador says that he was lying?

>> No.56946430

Neither I

>> No.56946436

Say something nice about him!

>> No.56946441

He does look kind of asian there...

>> No.56946446

>Malcador outright says he was lying to her
Why do so many people fail to grasp this?

>> No.56946447

Have tabletop simulator, have friends who have tabletop simulator, figure out the basics of how to use it and label things/save bags of armies after locating the models you want on the workshop, then just find maps on the workshop to play on and have everyone load in and drop their armies.

Then proceed as normal but with a simulator instead of real models.

Optional: Create and save tables for each faction you play with your labeled models, alter and upload textures to be the colors you want, play with people who are not your friends, construct fancy kill team bases, etc.

>> No.56946448


Ugliest squint I’ve ever seen.

>> No.56946464

His best quality is not existing.

>> No.56946466

Had the worst shit happen to me during my last game.

>playing my IG army 2750pts
>against chaos
>turn 3 and the battle is going well when suddenly my opponent sends a single hq model at my allied titan formation
>some no name chaos hq called fabulous bill or some shit
>the chuckle fuck actually charges my titans
>all overwatch misses and he makes it in
>rolls to hit, then wound. I end up failing one save
>get this, the prick has something called "Instant Death".my titan is just killed off on the spot
>battleshock frags the other 2 titans in the squad and kills them both
>this dickhead then starts his way towards my leman russes

Who the fuck is this guy?

>> No.56946467


>> No.56946470

Did nothing wrong.

>> No.56946486

>Why do so many people fail to grasp this?
Same reason people love the "Rocks vs Be'lakor" meme. Even though the White Dwarf where the meme came from stated that it was a generic Daemon Prince using Be'lakor's model.

It fits their narrative.

>> No.56946494

Vulcan blacknose confirmed!

No joke though, our local black dude is getting into 30k with Salamanders and wants to play Thousand Sons in 40k.

>> No.56946498

> Guilliman was able to teach his sons this kinda shit
> Didn’t have to murder a percentage of his forces to do it
> He even created a better version of Perty’s Tyrant Squads

>> No.56946500

This Christmas I wanted to do something with my Elysians and Solar Auxilia I had gotten from based Chinamen. Gonna grab some Deathwatch stuff as well. Idea is the main IG force is fighting a losing battle against Hive Fleet Tiamet as the xeno jump from world to world building their super organism. Their planet is the next to be added to the fold.

A Deathwatch KillTeam was dispatched along with a notable Elysian regiment to provide support to the beleaguered Guard Regiment. The Watchmaster pulling every resource he can for the fight ahead.

List is:

Batt IG (Cadian)
CO-Laurels of Command, Plasma Pistol
Primaris Psyker- Stave, Nightshroud, and Psychic Barrier
Infantry Squad with Plasmagun and Vox
Infantry Squad with Plasmagun and Vox
Infantry Squad with Flamer, HB, and Vox
Astropath with Stave and Mental Fortitude
Hellhound with HB
Heavy Weapon Squad Lascannon x3

DW Libbie in TDA with MoH and VoT.

DW Shotties x3
Heavy TH
SS and Maul x2

Fragcannons x2
Bolter and SS x2

Stalker Bolter x5

Elysians CO with PF and Plasma Pistol

Veterans with 3 Plasmaguns and ML
Command Squad with 4 Meltaguns
Officer of the Fleet

Seem fun and fluffy?

>> No.56946505

>based Chinamen

>> No.56946511

Any Deathwatch players here? I need some list/synergy ideas and would like to see some lists and maybe some general tips/strats if you have the time

>> No.56946514

chaosfags are a bunch of tryhards

>> No.56946520

Lots of LoS terrain so you could concievably take out one unit at a time.

>> No.56946525

>He even created a better
Well duh.
Each Primarch was designed with a task in mind. Dorn is the best builder, Morty has the best immune system, Magnus is the best at fucking up.

Guilliman was designed to be the best at bring better than others.

>> No.56946527

I answered a few threads ago, what all are you looking to do? Pure DW? Mixed?

>> No.56946534

Pure DW

>> No.56946535

Multiple reasons me thinks
one of them being that he did not specify/it's somewhat unclear what he was exactly lying about. He did state multiple things afterall, from saying it's all intentional and is under control, to his friend joining the Emperor after her death.

But really because it's easy to shitpost if you disregard him saying that he was lying.

>> No.56946543

At this point, Bobby literally has all the power and is literally the Emperor just without the title. It’s funny when you think about it too. Big E was using his sons as tools for his own means and now he’s stuck in a chair and his own creation (who’s a better leader than Big E will ever be) is now head honcho while using the Emperor as, you guessed it, a tool

>> No.56946552

Faction wanking.
It's very common in 40k

>> No.56946553


>> No.56946555

oh my

>> No.56946565

What did the ancient Turkeys look like?

>> No.56946569

You still agree?

>> No.56946576

If you fell to such a position as a space marine you deserve to die.

>> No.56946577

Like the ancient sumerians.

>> No.56946578

>It's very common in 40k
Which playable ARMY gets the least wank?
Which subfaction gets the least wank?

>> No.56946592

> not listing last chancers landscape so it's technically in all the categories

>> No.56946593

Night Lords.
Everyone despise them.

Orks in general too I think...

>> No.56946595


>> No.56946609

Damn whats her @

>> No.56946626

in 30 minutes, Warhammertv will have a program in which a studio lore author will discuss the mysterious origins of the Tyranids and the recent lore development in Tyranid lore.

You can also ask him questions of your own. Anyone wanna tune in to it?

>> No.56946629

> You can make Cadians look good by making them look like Kriegers

What did he mean by this?

>> No.56946630

I don't play them, but I'm getting them soon to add to my small IG force.

The biggest thing is trying not to overdo it with each KillTeam.

2 Fragcannons, an Assault Cannon Termie and 3 ablative Bolter dudes with a SS here or there is a pretty decent gun build.

Can do the same and take a Black Shield with Maul and SS, Termie with TH and SS l, Biker, Vets with DW Shotties x4, and a Heavy TH.

A Corvus Blackstar to deliver the melee unit can be brutal. I recommend the Watchmaster and Librarians over other HQs.

5 mean KT with Stalker Bolters or basic Bolters can do andecent job of on sitting.

Can also bring in some Primaris units like Inceptors since they got a pts cut. Hellblasters aren't bad either next to a Watchmaster.

Terminators make your DW KillTeams iimune to morale and can teleport them back to your Teleport Homers if you brought a bike with one.

Beacon Angelis is your only relic, but it's decent.

>> No.56946633

>no Cultists
Shit list

>> No.56946646

Probably Orkz. They show up all the time but never seem to accomplish much. Often used as tools by other factions too. Always come off as the "early game threat" kind of thing and if they get past that it becomes funny.
Not sure if SoB have ever really done anything amazing outside of Celestine and that one time they held back the Custodes.

Elysian Drop for subfaction possibly. IIRC all their stuff was about dying horribly all the time and MAYBE accomplishing their task while they were at it.

>> No.56946648


>> No.56946653

So on Xmas and boxing day, two new books being released.

>On Christmas Day, something stirs in a place of horror. Souls cry out in terror and are silenced, as a sleeper awakens and darkness falls…

>Boxing Day brings twists and turns in a quest for salvation that takes an unlikely hero into the heart of darkness, pursued by mighty foes and in search of something he doesn’t understand.

What do you guys think this is about? (Could be AoS or 40k)

https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/12/13/advent-calendar-far-christmas-teaser/ (At the bottom)

>> No.56946654

Can Index units and Codex units be used together when certain units/models for that faction is not in the Codex? Or units/models not in the Codex are simply not available?

>> No.56946655

hell yeah

>> No.56946657

Which Primarch represents each Backstreet Boy?

>> No.56946662

AoS Death faction.

>> No.56946663

Fulgrim. For all of them

>> No.56946667

fuck off heretic

>> No.56946670

Nice lel

>> No.56946672

Christmas is now a Chaos holiday?

>> No.56946675

Why did girls like these guys, anyway? They all look pretty weird, especially the ratman in the bottom right.

>> No.56946678

check the developer's commentary in the FAQs

>> No.56946679

Are there any in the god tier that aren't metal?

>> No.56946681

Yes - many things from the Index were dropped from the Codex, with GW spouting bullshit about not having Codex entries for stuff they don't have models for, despite e.g. IG getting Ogryn Bodyguards and such. You can still field the Index stuff, but you'll pay Codex prices, which can get confusing, as you might imagine, when it comes to working out which rules definitions to use. Eldar Autarchs are a good example of how messy it can get.

>> No.56946682

Ain't nothing but a fruit cake

>> No.56946697

>elysians meh tier
>solar auxilia not 40k
>vostroyans god tier instead of steel legion

ding dong diddly pinhead!

>> No.56946698



>> No.56946699

Kreig, and maybe the guy on the right. I don't recognize him.

>> No.56946700

First one is AoS Death faction
Second one is Azrael journeying into the Rock to find the Lion

>> No.56946714

If something is only available in metal then it should be automatically consigned to shit tier

>> No.56946719

>an unlikely hero into the heart of darkness
Curze confirmed?!

>> No.56946722

Marbo novel

>> No.56946726

Azrael isnt really an unlikely hero however. Luther would be interesting lel.

>> No.56946738


lol this DA has a round face

>> No.56946746

Why has GW gone to such great lengths to scrub the Praetorians from 40k? Are they embarrassed by them? There's been recent talk of White Dwarf redoing the Rorke's Drift battle report and I'm almost certain they will not mention Praetorians or feature them in anyway.

>> No.56946747

I'd read the shit out of that

>> No.56946750


>Primaris DA have no robes/hoods other than the Lieutenant

put it in the fucking trash

>> No.56946762

Any suggestion for Scout Marines helmet? I don't like their bare heads.

>> No.56946768

They don't make them any more so they don't want to advertise something people cant buy

>> No.56946785


>> No.56946788


He's a chubby Angel. He IS the Rock.

>> No.56946793


>> No.56946798

Looking for OP/powerful/"optimized" lists from the CSM codex, preferably for Alpha Legion

>> No.56946803

balaclava heads

>> No.56946806

Long ranged artillery and infiltrating berserkers

>> No.56946819

Meanwhile, on planet bowling ball....

>> No.56946827

Can’t feature anything that might offend people anon.

>> No.56946832

While you're asking this are there any good looking unhelmeted heads for scouts? I just want to make jarheads.

>> No.56946843

Kinda-Sorta. I feel the Cadian and ‘Meh’tiers can be combined. Especially with how over exaggerated and mono pose the Mordians are. Plus, the Cadians have the advantage of a HUGE number of kits to kitbash with.

>> No.56946845


Why would they offend?

>> No.56946846

What, like arabs and ruskies?

>> No.56946850

Would Emps feel any emotions if he stood face to face with Erebus and Kor Phaeron, knowing they are essentially the ones that kickstarted his downfall?

Or would he just obliterate them with a wave of his hand and think nothing more of it?

>> No.56946855

Do not trust Guilliman! I say again, do not trust Guilliman!

>> No.56946865

Is Wesley Stuckey the infamous Florida man?

>> No.56946868

There's a 40k mod for openxcom which recently added sisters.

>> No.56946876

They're just Mordians with different hats, what do you want exactly?

>> No.56946877

Old Emps would have annihilated them with all the fury he could muster for causing the downfall of his beloved sons.

New Emps couldn't give less of a fuck and would probably job to them too

>> No.56946883

Holy shit. I'm already there and downloading.

Thanks anon.

>> No.56946884

my bases keep chipping. like every time i unpack my models they lose a little bit of sand from their bases.

how do i prevent this

>> No.56946891

Greetings Wesley Stuckey

>> No.56946893

>tfw tempted to just say fuck it and build an ultramarines army with Guilliman in it and fully Primaris

guilliman has become one of my fav characters and the ultramarines aren't that bad despite so much hate towards them

>> No.56946902

Clearcoat or paint the base floor sand color first so it's unnoticeable.

>> No.56946907

I could buy Mortarion instead of this atrocity

>> No.56946909

I feel like I'm in teh AOS thread

>Stormcasts aren't that bad and ____ (left blank because they don't have a single interesting character and I can't imagine anyone have a favourite SC char) is my fav character!

>> No.56946912

I'm doing the same thing but with a character I hate, Abbadon.

>> No.56946913

Offensive to Zulu

>> No.56946922


>> No.56946923

Sicarius is the best Ultramarine character ever simply because of how much of an asshole he is. And yet GW just sweeps him under the rug and now he’s “lost in the warp” fucking bullshit

>> No.56946931


>comparing ultras to stormcasts because their color schemes are similar and completely ignoring their differing characteristics

imagine being this much of a dense faggot


I want to make an Abaddon Black Legion army but his old model is soooooo shit.

>> No.56946942

the stream is starting

>> No.56946950


>> No.56946951


>> No.56946953


what stream?

>> No.56946955

Imagine the soundboard created from Space Marine if Sicarius was the protagonist...

>> No.56946962

who is that homely cutie?

>> No.56946963

Vostroyans deserve their own tier, they're the best infantry GW has ever done.

>> No.56946972

the warhammer tv stream on twitch about 'nids lore
Ceri (pronounced Keri) is the stream manager

>> No.56946981

your minis are an inspiration.

>> No.56946991

do me a recap of anything interesting. im at work and I don't want to get promoted again.

>> No.56946992

>but his old model is soooooo shit.
I'm converting if I'm going to do it. Topknot and all.

>> No.56947002

You better keep posting new models or else you'll get this Wesley

>> No.56947013

Emperor is not a Turk. Turks werent at anatolia by his time.
Turks originated from central asia and branced off to different directions.
Scyhtians are believed to be one of the first turkic nations

>> No.56947016

Jormungandr carve out asteroids with ravener and infiltrate planet with that

>> No.56947036

Cucked by Trazyn

>> No.56947037

they are just going over the lore already present in the codex so far.

Also Ceri is anti-ultramarines (she was giving all the shit to the other guy during Heat tournament because Guillman died). She's a real keeper

>> No.56947044

We should start sending Wesley things...

>> No.56947054

Some of us think armored vehicles are awesome. Also they're a nice foil to le powah armor sooper soljer.

>> No.56947076

which regiment is the top right guardsman?

>> No.56947087

Solar Auxilia
They're 30k

>> No.56947089

It's fun to play WW2 while everyone else is playing sci-fi shit.

Or WW1 if you are Deathkorps.

>> No.56947092

Solar Auxilia.

>> No.56947094

Scythians were a iranian people

>> No.56947105


>> No.56947124

Can spamming heavy bolter over other anti-vehicle weapons (LC, ML, etc) be viable choice in this edition?

>> No.56947128


>> No.56947129

>everyone who uses camo is a Nazi
simply epic

Also those Germans on the right are just regular Wehrmacht.

>> No.56947132

Or Napoleonic if you play Vostroyans

>> No.56947135


>> No.56947137

oh, wew. thanks anyway

>> No.56947138

Am I supposed to smell what else in your list can deal with vehicles or what?

>> No.56947141

No one else used exact same camo.

>> No.56947146

No, it takes approximately a skuzzillion HB shots to kill a simple Rhino, let alone anything heavier.

>> No.56947152

Kaskrin camo is spikier and more jagged

>> No.56947158

Nazi's were stylish, what's wrong with emulating their aesthetic?

>> No.56947166

wtf I love the Imperium now

>> No.56947168

Germans were stylish as fuck, more news at 11.

>> No.56947174

It's not even the exact same camo. Even the example in the middle is a different one. BGS = border patrol units of post-WW2 Germany.

>cherrypicking Yarrick when all other Commissars in 40k use napoleonic uniforms

>> No.56947176

Secret Santa round 3: Florida Man edition?

>> No.56947183

>tfw the winning race of 40k has already long since been decided

Read the Bile books. Chaos, Imperium, and the lesser Xenos races are nothing but insignificant guests to the universe that will fade into memory in a few million years.

The Necron are eternal. Divine.

Too bad their minis are dogshit or I'd play the fuck out of them.

>> No.56947194

>still not deleted
Brave man

>> No.56947211

Can someone capture the batrep of the stream?

>> No.56947212

That's generic commissars from 1st edition.

>> No.56947213

Do reserve units count as deployments?

>> No.56947236


>> No.56947251

All hive fleets confirmed to be under the same hive mind by the way. Different hive fleets are just so because they have adapted differently depending on what they have encountered.

This was discussed here a couple weeks ago. if any lurkers remain

>> No.56947255

>The Necron are eternal. Divine.
Enjoy being eternal after Tyranids steamclean the galaxy of all resources.

>> No.56947266

Still not the same

>> No.56947279

I thought that was always clear. At least the new nid codex fluff makes it abundandly clear.

>> No.56947312

>Tyranids mattering at all

>Necron defeats Primarch easily
>Primarch defeats space marine easily
>Space Marine defeats Swarmlord easily
>Swarmlord is the best Tyranid

They are several tiers too weak.

>> No.56947322


Well there are arguments for it due to some legends etc like

But the oldest confirmed turkic society is Huns and than Göktürks

>> No.56947332

>Tyranids mattering at all
>Not knowing Necron fluff that has Silent King shitting his pants because he's scared of Tyranids.

>> No.56947349

Yes you have to deploy them into reserve

>> No.56947359

Necrons have always been a boring faction to play
You went from move, shoot, repeat to move, shoot, repeat with cheddar on top to trash

>> No.56947368

just putting it here.

Also they reconfirmed that they are incorruptible by chaos. I think I can recall Carnac having a tantrum over that.

>> No.56947375

>Implying the Silent King isn't just wrong again

>> No.56947388

*Develops a virus strain for your hive fleet*
Pssssh, nothing personnel xeno

>> No.56947394

Yeah, but the Silent King is an idiot.

>> No.56947407

Also tyranids psychic powers do not come from the warp.

>> No.56947409

Did they confirm whether that also applies to GSC? I was under the impression GSC had enough human dna polluting them to feel emotions.

>> No.56947413

don't forget the purple drab with green triangles so famously utilised during the siege of Leningrad

>> No.56947443

What are are some 3rd party sources for hereticus inquisitor heads?

>> No.56947446

You deny most guardfags masturbate to WW2 german military.

>> No.56947449

Yeah they do.

>> No.56947451

>space marine beats swarmlord in his own shitty book
Color me surprised
>Dante was brought within an inch of death and only lived through sheet plot convenience
>forgetting swarmlord cut off all of Calgars limbs, ate his chapter champion, then proceeded to nom the entire ultramarines first company

>> No.56947453

There is a story about a GSC in a chaos world overcoming their chaos overlords and eventually stealing their ships to fly towards the fleet to be devoured so I guess they can clear out any chaos contamination.

Also turns out the reactions from GSC upon being devoured are mixed and some of them accept it and see it as part of the plan while others, lower members less with less control might freak out.

>> No.56947455

Some of those look like rugs I used to see in Hotels and stores.
>20 years ago

>> No.56947468

I'm talking pure codex fluff, Calgar beat the Swarmlord to Death with his bare hands.

>> No.56947486

>1997 was 20 years ago

>> No.56947487

eh some do

>> No.56947489

The Silent King isn't scared of the Tyranids, you immense retard.

He is concerned that the Tyranids would eat all the flesh and prevent the Necrons from returning to flesh.

>> No.56947496

Their lore writer literally said over the stream now that the psychic powers comes from the collective power of the hive mind. That they are not creatures of the warp and that consuming blanks does not have any impact over tyranid psychic beasts.

The guy is "thinking about it because it is a very interesting question" though so you can hold to that.

>> No.56947504

>with his bare hands.
That's the best/worst part
Calgar wasn't using his relic Power Fists. But his S4 AP0 D1 fists

>> No.56947512

Calling the Cadians poor is downplaying them. They are what they have to be, easily produced, easily made, cheap (compared to metal & FW armies) that the majority of people will use to build their army.

I'd call them "functional tier". You get back what you're willing to put in for modelling away from the usual look.

>> No.56947514

I really love the look of the old guard models

>> No.56947526

The guy says that blanks don't affect Tyranids but we have tons of lore of blanks affecting Tyranids and screwing with the Hivemind control. Seriously, don't they know their fluff?

>> No.56947544

Prepare to be retconed, mutant.

>> No.56947545

>Their lore writer literally said over the stream now that the psychic powers comes from the collective power of the hive mind.

And human psychic powers come from the power of their mind. But they only have actual power because their minds can channel the power of the warp.

>> No.56947550

See >>56947526

The guy is a tard that was all over the place. He said that Tyranid powers come from "THE SHADOW IN THE WARP".

Also ashes and ground remains of pariahs have been shown to have devastating effects on psykers.

>> No.56947597

>He said that Tyranid powers come from "THE SHADOW IN THE WARP"
after which he immediately corrected himself because the shadow in the warp is a byproduct of the presence of the hive mind which also happens to block out and nullify the warp itself as you can read in the tyranid codex entry about how kronos closes up 8 warp portals using the shadow of the warp to prevent a daemon invasion.

>> No.56947621

Ain’t long ‘til January now.

>> No.56947637

>Daemons are getting new models in January...

Does GW usually new model releases back-to-back?

>> No.56947638

What mods are the go-to ones for downloading all of the 40k armies?

>> No.56947640

What was he right/wrong about?

>> No.56947641

Sorry, you'll have to wait for January 2020

>> No.56947644

No, he didn't. He kept talking.

The Shadow in the Warp is the presence of the Hivemind itself. It leaches psychic energy from the region and clouds the Warp with its immense presence.

>> No.56947653

Let it be so

>> No.56947660

No. They ought hire some fat autistic blob who's obsessed with 40k and has everything.
This is not a joke, someone with an unhealthy obsession with the lore would make retcons, errors and this kind of shit very unlikely.

I can picture him in a lore-discussion meeting interjetting every commentary with an "AKSHUALLY..."

>> No.56947666

Be'lakor being the one and only prince of Undivided.

>> No.56947678

Someone call Carnac.

>> No.56947679

Let me guess, plastic SOB ?

>> No.56947682

>It leaches psychic energy from the region and clouds the Warp with its immense presence.
Unless they retconned it. It doesn't so much leech psychic power so much as drowns it out in white noise of the skree's of a trillon "minds"

>> No.56947692

Right, considering that you chose to ignore the bit where I pointed out how the psychic energy of the tyranids (here manifested as the shadow of the warp) actually blocks out the warp and therefore is not part of the warp, it seems to me that in no way I will convince you about this so we can both casually move on.

>> No.56947696

>the fans know more than the creators

not a surprise. expect someone to come outt and say that the fans were always wrong and this is the realy way its meant to be

>> No.56947699

>Someone call Carnac.
And have his headcanon become canon?

>> No.56947701

>the psychic energy of the tyranids (here manifested as the shadow of the warp) actually blocks out the warp

It doesn't though.

>> No.56947703

>implying carnac can do anything but use BL inconsistencies to try to prove his """"""point""""" before fucking off to cry

>> No.56947723

>"We are planning on doing this, it was never mentioned in the lore"
Do not speak his name.

>> No.56947725

It's not something very vague since the effect of pariahs on psykers are very documented and we have had blanks in both GW and BL content coming in contact with Tyranids and crippling them.

The Necron 5th codex has Necron null pylons rekting the Hivemind. This is disgraceful.

>> No.56947729

Basically just go to the steam workshop and type in "40k" or an army name and see what pops up. Some armies have lots of models and colors to choose from, while others are SoB or Genestealers.

All they are is a table of entities that are links to models and textures which automatically download, and like anything else in the game you can name them and fill in descriptions however you want. Like by filling in their statlines/weapons/abilities.

I think someone made a program that would let you copy an army color scheme from DoW1 and automatically fill in textures for something like marines, but I never figured it out.

>> No.56947739

Carnac's whole game is saying something in a caustic manner and backing it up with fluff. It's why he's so effective.

>> No.56947752

The Ork WAAAAGH! has the similar clouding effect to the Shadow in the Warp. Basically any immense psyker presence. It doesn't block the Warp, it overtakes it.

>> No.56947770

To be fair, GW was right about Undivided. The fans got that one completely wrong and distorted the original intention of the writers.

>> No.56947837

It heals wounds in reality just by being there.

>> No.56947838

If by """fluff""" you mean the same four blurbs about Belecuck then you're correct

>> No.56947850

No it doesn't.
Like any other psyker it can use the warp.
How do you think Grey Knights or Eldar close daemon portals?

>> No.56947857

Chaos Undivided is a retarded concept. Sure the faction based on individuality and being a huge selfish asshole and following your own desires will work together in harmony.

>> No.56947865

It does not. It shuts down Chaos rifts by draining them of psychic energy and by clouding the Warp with its presence. It's more like smothering a fire.

However, the crack in reality remain and would make subsequent Daemon invasions easier. That's the reason why Shadowbrink was re-invaded by daemons despite it being a dead world.

>> No.56947871

At getting replies, you mean.

>> No.56947882

And being a loremaster.

>> No.56947887

Is that what it is? I thought undivided was a general term for worshipping chaos as a pantheon and unaligned warp entities like furies.

>> No.56947898

His trolling works because there's actual substance to his claims, that he can usually prove by posting a pre-prepared screencap.

>> No.56947907

Religion of Undivided =/= Chaos Undivided in the Warp.

What anons is saying that the Chaos Gods joining forces to agree on something is bullshit.

>> No.56947914

Only at shilling for chaos. He cherrypicks like MAD if it's another faction.

Like how he tried to basically doublethink give fleet Kronos out of existence.

>> No.56947924

Plastic Sisters in January.

>> No.56947926

I think you are imagining things.

>> No.56947930

>"Around these psychic organisms the Shadow in the Warp reaches such intensity the wounds in reality begin to close"
Yes it does.

>> No.56947938

damn, you clowns were all fucking loving the chaos rainbow collation of friends aka the abomination known as the 4th edition csm codex, now you turning on it as a concept because it fall out of favour with a few talking heads (perhaps unsurprisingly adb also liked the 4th ed codex)

>> No.56947950

No it doesn't.
The Hive Mind can close warp portals, we saw that the first time round at shadowbrink. But it has to actively do so, like any other psyker.

>> No.56947962

No, I had a massive powwow with him regarding stuff like the fact that Kronos specifically goes after demon planets in spite of the complete lack of usable biomass, to the point where other hive fleets leave out scraps for it, and I got stuff like 'that's not evidence' in response.

>> No.56947964

Which is flowery text for the Warp Rifts. Tons of psykers and even the Necrons have shutdown Chaos rifts but like I said they do not heal the cracks and scars left behind.

>> No.56947968

Shadowbrink had an old warp rift so reality was already fucked up there and SoB and marines made it a cathedral world so they'd keep it closed through the power of faith. Then the great rift happens and from the warp pulse the rift, now in a barren world, reopens. Then nids close it again see >>56947930.

Notice that the warp rift was not open before the great rift. It's just an area where the reality boundary is very slim.

>> No.56947983

Yes, you are imagining things. The whole argument was about whether Kronos can eat tainted biomass or not.

>> No.56948004

>It's just an area where the reality boundary is very slim.

So it doesn't heal reality it just smothers the Warp rifts the same as any other psychic race.

>> No.56948005

>It is unknown if the Shadow in theWarp
is created deliberately by the hive fleets,
or if it is simply a byproduct of the Hive
Mind’s innate synaptic control.

Page 7 of Tyranid codex. We don't currently know if the shadow in the warp is intended or not.

>> No.56948008

>half the chaos cultists are left handed
>yet none of the Imperium is
What did GW mean by this?

>> No.56948012

No, that wasn't a point at all. The point was whether Kronos was a direct response to the Great Rift.

Which it is.

Jeez carnac, just saying I'm wrong isn't an argument.

>> No.56948017

Except for the fact that we have seen it weaponized. For example in the case of Kronos.

>> No.56948021

We do.
Devastation of Baal expalins the Tyranids quite well. Everything is deliberate, and the shadow in the warp is the "body" of the Hivemind. Chaos even kills it for a moment.

>> No.56948026

Not sure why you quote me there, as I understand it, the warp wound is closed, therefore reality is healed, slim or not. Pretty much like in certain parts of your body you have thinner skin than others, if you cut it you bleed and then you can heal back but you won't make it any thicker.

>> No.56948028

Are you implying you cant weapons things you made by accident?

>> No.56948034

As Gorgon ate Plague Marines without issue the answer is obviously yes.

>> No.56948051

>BL Canon

>> No.56948054

Check the Sargants on Infantry Squads. Unless they’re trying to wield those giant-ass swords in their off-hand.

>> No.56948056

Ahhhh...that one.

You guys were using bad evidence for it. One sentence from community site that says that specific hive fleet adaption was good versus daemons and basically anything shielding. I wasn't denying it was in response for the Great Rift. I was saying you're using bad logic in coming to the conclusion.

>> No.56948069

I find that incident silly given that there was another incident in which the tau tried the same trick of getting the Nids to eat tainted biomass...and it worked perfectly, killing several hive ships.

Of the two I choose the line of thinking that shits on the tau more. Nids don't care what it is, as long as it was alive.

>> No.56948070

Excellent! So all we have to do to stop the nids is rip a big enough hole in space-time to swallow the Galaxy! Again!

>> No.56948073

>therefore reality is healed

The Hivemind did not heal reality itself. It' just a byproduct of it cutting the fuel that's sustaining the rift.

>> No.56948079

We were posting excerpts from the codex, you indignant blithering nincompoop.

>> No.56948082

Are any of the Primarchs confirmed to be left handed?

>> No.56948086

But then they leave and the rift does not reopen though.

>> No.56948090

Oh cool, so if you kill all the demons on a world you can actually return it to normal.


>> No.56948091

>cut apart the tendrils of leviathan
>main fleet still in deep space
>accomplishing literally nothing
Tyranids have been, and always will be, Games Workshops "end it" button for when the inevitably Sigmarify 40k

>> No.56948092

Tyranids have been poisoned, but invariably adapt and overcome it after one or two occasions.

>> No.56948094

If I were the Emperor I’d make them Ambidextrous in case they lost an arm.

>> No.56948096

It ate them to test their flesh and then release spores that can break them down. We don't know if they can sustain from it.

Kronos which goes after Chaos worlds and daemon worlds cannot sustain itself without the charity of other Hive Fleets.

>> No.56948110

Chaos can be defeated you just have to have no feelings nor souls.

>> No.56948131

>so if you kill all the demons on a world you can actually return it to normal.
Duh. First War for Armageddon was a daemonic incursion. And the Imperium still parties there.

But, unless the planet itself is a Daemon
And even if you kill all the Daemons, reality will be thinner and future daemonic invasions are more likely.

>> No.56948135

left handedness is a sign of being possessed by the devil

>> No.56948137

No, you weren't. I remember it all. It was days before the codex was released when were reading about the leaks from the Dakka forums and community website.

You have no way to know this. The Rift was closed but it can reopen again once the Warp rages again.

Nothing returns to normal. Planets that are invaded by daemons must be watched 24/7 because daemons eventually will return due to the slimming of the walls of reality.

>> No.56948144

>Kronos which goes after Chaos worlds and daemon worlds cannot sustain itself without the charity of other Hive Fleets.

On sentence saying as much please. It's being fed by a Leviathan to help it grow, not sustain it. Same with Hydra.

>> No.56948145

Bionics are a thing
Besides, even ambidextrous people will have a dominant side of their body

>> No.56948150


So the saviours of the galaxy are the gingers, great

>> No.56948158

I don’t think I’ve seen such an old meme in action

>> No.56948166

Exactly, it's closed so reality is healed, but if the warp rages again it will most probably reopen because the boundaries here are weak and warp spills easily.
I think we have been agreeing over several replies already.

>> No.56948180

The guy from twitch channel says that Kronos cannot feed itself, though.

>Leviathan to help it grow

Now you are headcanoning. The text here says on feeding ground.

>> No.56948206

>it's closed so reality is healed

But not because the Hivemind directly healed it but the result of smothered the rift.

>> No.56948256

Unless they're fighting the tau, in which case they are seized with a sudden and chronic case of incompetence, just like anyone else.

>> No.56948264

But the rift was smothered by the presence of the hivemind's psychic beasts which amplified the shadow in the warp...? I feel like I am missing something in your reasoning

>> No.56948278

Any sufficiently powerful psyker can smother a warp rift. That doesn't make it an intrinsic part of the psyker.

>> No.56948282

I feel an extraordinary urge to cheetahpost this drivel.

>> No.56948283

Dude, the whole poison the Tyranids at the last minute have been done to death in the lore. Now I wanna know why you focus on the T'au when in the Deathwatch books they did and DoW 2 had the Blood Ravens do it.

>> No.56948292

>The guy from twitch channel says that Kronos cannot feed itself, though.
Let's hear a quote.

>> No.56948298


>> No.56948302

Because I hate the tau, duh.

>> No.56948314

Watch the stream, turd, i'm not here to spoonfeed you.

>> No.56948315

I like T'au

>> No.56948319

Resist! There’s good in you anon I can sense it!

>> No.56948335

"Kronos cannot feed itself". The guy is the one who wrote the Tyranids codex and his army is Kronos Tyranids. He invented Kronos so I am urged to take his word for it because that's his OC.

>> No.56948336

>This guy said something but it's not my job to show you when and where
That's not how argumentation works. You make a claim, you provide evidence for it.

>> No.56948344


Except now Chaos were around, have always been around, and don't need mortals to sustain themselves.

>> No.56948350

What does ++ mean? As in, 4++, what does it convey?

>> No.56948355

invulnerable save

>> No.56948362

A save that cannot be altered.

>> No.56948363

In all the years that you have known me, have I ever refused to spoonfeed someone?

>> No.56948373

4+ means armor save
4++ means invuln save
4+++ means feel no pain/disgustingly resilient/bionics/whatever

>> No.56948384

Gotcha, thanks a lot.

>> No.56948386

Makes sense to me. Isn't it explicitly stated that Tyranids can't feed off Chaos matter? If that's the case then it obviously follows that a Hive Fleet optimised for fighting Chaos Daemons can't feed itself because it can't feed off the enemies it has evolved to fight

>> No.56948397

Humorously because save buffs (that aren't cover, since those specifically modify armor saves) increase the ROLL, not the SAVE, you CAN alter the invuln save. But only beneficially.

Most playtested etc

>> No.56948407

>his army is Kronos Tyranids. He invented Kronos so I am urged to take his word for it because that's his OC.
So he took his OC Donught steel hive fleet that is specifically made to fight daemons and made it canon.

Does that mean my Hive Fleet Idio has a chance to be canon? Here's their fluff
>After encountering Necrons and their Living Metal, the Hive Mind made Hive Fleet Idio to deal with Necrons. Unlike other Hive Fleets, Idio can eat Living Metal.

>Tactic would be: Necrodermis Plating: If you can roll under the damage of a successfully wounding attack on a D6, you ignore it.

>> No.56948408


>> No.56948418

>Isn't it explicitly stated that Tyranids can't feed off Chaos matter?

What qualifies as Chaos matter is is the real question.
They obviously can't feed on things like daemons, who are made of transdimensional energies and bad feelings, but can they feed on mutants and the like?

>> No.56948421

They can't feed on daemons. Corrupted biomas - for instance Plague Marines - are not an issue.

>> No.56948438

In Shadowbrink in 7th ED, Tyranids avoided eating tainted biomass.

>> No.56948444

>OC Donught stee
I knew someone was gonna say this. He IS a writer for the game, I'm pretty sure that's not the same thing.

>> No.56948676

The only heavy bolter platform efficient enough to somewhat replace a lascannon platform is a Punisher Sicarian with hk missile.

>> No.56949222

You know that Swarmlord attacked lone Calgar with entire army?
And haven't cuted off his limbs.

>> No.56949276

ok, I was asking about are there any universal "this is accepted by the community as the best mod for X army because the others don't have all the units or are lower quality etc"

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