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>Latest News:

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
What is your speculation on what this card will look like?

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>What is your speculation on what this card will look like?

another damn bad hydra

you know it'll be a dinosaur hydra

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First for RBF

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>What is your speculation on what this card will look like?

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>thread question

Big dumb Timmy shit

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Disappointing, hopefully part of the story at minimum.

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Does anybody else find RBF kinda hot?

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I’d use that as a playmat.

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Building pic related as discard elfball. Working on my list, but just in case what's some good tech?

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The best tech

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That’s guaranteed to be the 6th elder Dinosaur after the 5 mono-color ones

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This truly terrible card.

Very yes. Does magic have more examples than Queen Facesit?

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Oh big time. My sister's friend has it and god damn

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It's silly but I quite like this art.

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Does mono black counter mono blue by running card discard tech?

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You can, and if it's 1v1 you have to. Otherwise, just try and overload their counters.

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>Does magic have more examples than Queen Facesit?
Either version of Teysa, but particularly Envoy of Ghosts.

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Resting Bitch Face

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Her expression seems a bit more neutral. Marchesa has that ever so slight lip curl.

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See >>56921733

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>What is your speculation on what this card will look like?
Complete shite
But aside from that, how the fuck do I stop Derevi from locking boards and dodging everything while coming back every turn for 4cmc? Currently running Omnath, Locus of Rage

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By having friends that aren't assholes

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Song of the Dryads

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Rampaging Ferocidon followed by mass bolts

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Biggest ass I've ever met mate. Don't know how my other playgroup friends even tolerate him
Thanks anon, looks like that might do the trick

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>Stop Derevi
You've got a few problems, especially without access to white to fuck the bird up with Hallowed Moonlight or Humility. (or even suppression field)

Torpor orb helps, but only so much. At least it denies the ETB twiddle. Sorcerous Spyglass or Phyrexian Revoker naming Derevi should lock off her cheating IIRC. You can turn her into a tree as per >>56921833 of course.

The real answer is to preempt Derevi with Blood Moon

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You know what I hate most about Derevi players? How every single fucking last one of these goddamn subhumans will claim "mine's not like other Derevis, it's not the tryhard version". IT ALWAYS FUCKING IS.

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What does "tryhard version" mean anyways?

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You can also run Lignify if no sac outlets are common.

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Usually it means lots of stax and lockdown pieces.

Not that anon though

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Stasis hard lock. Nobody plays Bird Tribal, or Inspired shenanigains, it's always stax/stasis.

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Is this guy as insane as I think?

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>needs to stop blue with Green/Red
Run every single blue hate card, and destroy every single artifact he owns.

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He's fine, costs a lot though and doesn't do anything until you untap. Plus most equipment do little until combat so that hurts him too.

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People complain about 'stax' so much in these threads but I've never encountered it. Should I be scared? Are there any cards I should be running to stop it? Wouldn't it just fold to artifact destruction or sweepers for the hatebears?

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He’s fairly strong, but a bit slow sometimes.

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When Stax works, it denies you the ability to actually sweep its shit. The core of its identity is denying you the ability to play cards. True, if you clock a developed Stax board with a Shatterstorm or in some cases even a Wrath of God you make a lot of advantage against them, but being able to actually pull off the spell is a sign that the Stax player isn't doing their job, or wasn't fully set up and probably still has enough pieces in hand to oppress you with.

Thus, it becomes a game of chicken. Burn resources to wipe out artifacts FAST and sure you may hit the Winter Orb but you'll still get fucked hard by Static Orb and Tangle Wire. Wait too long, and the Wire or something else awful that sets you back all at once will come out and deny you the ability to actually hit them until it is far, far too late and you've been forced to sac your shit.

As a Stax player, I honestly fear things in about this order
1) Opponents establishing the ability to lay more permanents than me
2) Fucking myself over by sacing the wrong piece at the wrong time and breaking parity against my interests
3) One little play bringing the whole house of cards tumbling down in a self-destructive chain reaction (I have lost a game to a Volt Charge proliferating my Smokestack up at the exact wrong moment. It was pretty awesome.)
4) Enemy mass removal clocking my important pieces.

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Hes amazing in kalemene

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What's the appeal?

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FUCK derevi players. got one in my group i often play with and he refuses to accept that derevi is degenerate for casual edh. im literally playing some stupid tribal elephant list while this motherfucker comes in with combo stax. is it legal to murder dickwads?

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Seeing your opponent's face turn from a face only a mother could love to one on the verge of crying. Sweet, sweet salt.

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It is fun as heck to pilot. See fear #2 - loss to pilot's own error. You have to take full account of EVERY resource -- board, hand, and even often graveyards for both yourself and every opponent to determine your probably optimum lines of play, and even then thanks to hidden information (future draws not the least among them) you have to fall back on intuition rather than pure math like you see out of combo. Attempting to establish lock as a Stax deck is the biggest rush I've ever gotten out of a game of magic, life total dropping like a stone, board in constant flux, and then, if do correctly, it finally clicks and you're holding the game in your hand like a maniacal super-villain, able to crush whatever displeases you at will.

And no, the best line of play is NOT usually to vomit all your denial onto the board. the pieces can get in the way of each other or fuck you too hard with their symmetrical natures so you need to think VERY carefully about what you hold, what you cast, and what you throw away.

Playing against Stax may be stereotyped as a dull experience, but being behind the Stax deck is the exact opposite.

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use in zurgo, tutor for worldslayer

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So it's very mentally engaging and rewarding for you but you don't mind turning a multiplayer game into solitaire to experience it?

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I'm honestly not sure how much the stereotype holds while I'm still setting up. It's pretty solitaire if I don't get concessions once established but usually the game is, frankly, over at that point. And I play fast.

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So you think it's the regular thing of people not running enough disruption in commander so they complain when unchallenged stax stomps them?

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>> No.56923825

I've played against stax, it's very engaging if I'm playing a low-curve deck with lots of disruption, but it's terrible to play against if I'm piloting a ramp-into-7cmc-spells deck like Maelstrom Wanderer or pretty much anything BUG.

That makes stax a positive influence on any meta because it fucks with some dominant archetypes while encouraging people to build lower curve, more interactive decks. Everyone needs one or two stax decks in their meta.

As for the "turning into Solitaire", when the game actually does turn into Solitaire for the stax player is when his opponents should concede. Don't fucking force him to play it out and then complain that it took forever, you already know you lost.

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What do you do with a deck when you don't like it anymore but don't want to scrap it? I have a Roon deck that started life as a Derevi pre-con that got heavily edited. It was my first edh deck ever and I kept reading about how cancer it was online so I changed it to Roon Blink. I also switched it because it was too much for my meta to handle. I hate my roon deck though. It's really boring and durdly and gets really gross. I've blown up everyone's lands before, I've made my board impossible to remove, I've locked entire games down to stalemates for 3 hours. So I know it's a functional deck but I just hate it for being boring. Idk what is boring about it but it is. 4 years later my meta is more expierenced and I'm now not playing the most degenerate decks in the meta but it still isn't a super high power meta. Should I just switch it back to Derevi? I got permission from my meta to and they think it should be fine. But that also feels super lame and I'm kinda beyond the point of needing derevi as a crutch. I just really don't know what to do with deck but don't want to scrap it as I like have a lot of options for EDHnight at my friends house in case anyone forgets their deck or wants to try something different. But fuck /EDHG/ What do I do with a deck I don't like but don't want to get rid of?

>> No.56923980

What are some fun instants for Toshiro Umezawa? I know that if I build the deck its gonna have a lot of kill spells, but I also really want to play big dumb spells if possible, but I don't know much about black at instant speed.

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Just keep it. Maybe at some point you'll feel like playing it again.

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That mono black one gives me hope that dinosaurs are going jund, but I've been hurt before.

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write down the decklist and dsmantle it. That way you can easily rebuild it later, but can now use it to build something different.

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I had a bird tribal deck with him at the helm. Too many birds are too over priced for their effects. If someone wanted to boat race it, there was not much it could do.

>> No.56924136

>legendary creature has a creature type
>brainlets force tribal

But why?

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Woah...so intelligent! You watch rick n morty anon?

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Bothered tribal player?

>> No.56924285

Nope, I don't enjoy playing tribal. Just tired of relentless shitting on ______ playstyles. Its EDH, relax.

>> No.56924310

the big reason why scarab had spiked up so high.

>> No.56924335

Or, it spiked because it's one of the best things to do in standard. The casual demand caused it to spike from 5 to 15 after release, but after that was all standard.

>> No.56924420

i remember the bug going for 20, then thirdy, then jumped up to fifty for the longest time. zombie tribal is popular in standard and edh, and being a good card and the best dimir commander doesnt help the price. tribal, popularity, and spikeness are both factors.

>> No.56924437

>the best dimir commander
Fucking excuse you

>> No.56924450

>the best Dimir commander
Have people seriously forgot about Oona, the nonstop rape train?

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Daily reminder that netdecking is cancerous and you'll never learn how to master your decks if you don't build them yourselves. Kid in my group dropped $400 on a netdecked Brago and has never won a game with it while I use my $80 Daretti or $70 Tana

>> No.56924477

$400 is a weird price point.

You have all this expensive good stuff, but you need to cut some of it to enable synergy. The flip side is, you don't have enough money for anything truly degenerate, so you're probably log jammed with a bunch of expensive splashy 4 cmc cards.

>> No.56924518

>Only 400$

As long as you spend more than 50 and less than 1000 there isnt going to be a power gap thats too enormous.

Geez, 400$ won't even cover a competitive manabase.

>> No.56924535

>blowing out the last 2 people in a 4-man pod with Volrath
I can't take this deck apart, the "Surprise Motherfucker" factor is just too high

>> No.56924596

>Geez, 400$ won't even cover a competitive manabase.

It's more than enough for a 2 color deck. You don't need every offcolor fetchland for that.

>> No.56924618

>have almost all the parts for a fairly solid Alesha Stax deck
>mana base costs almost as much as the majority of the deck

>> No.56924639

Volrath is love, Volrath is life.

How do you even out your curve? I found it was mostly a cluster fuck with dead draws and tons of ramp that immediately folded to any hate

>> No.56924709

I actually found suicide/life payment "anything for power" effects help a lot. Night's Whisper, Seizan, Arena/Necro and the like. Hatred is fucking top-tier if you want to push someone's commander damage over the top on another player, since Volrath can get just as huge, just as easily and Hatred is just redundancy.

Or you can just go maximum politics and complain about your shitty draw, discarding your huge creatures until you hit or tutor Living Death. That's worked exactly twice and I cackled like a retard when I pulled it off.

>> No.56924867

>To be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to appreciate stax
Everything you just listed is the normal stuff any player would need to consider when choosing an optimal play. You're not special and neither is the archetype you continually wank yourself off to.

>> No.56924913

fucking this.

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>> No.56924942

I don't think that's how it works at all...

>> No.56924945

Stax requires much more consistency and attention to game state than any other archetype.

Good combo is often fish removal, or a linear telegraphed list. Midrange/aggro is just vomiting out your hand faster than anyone else. Control can be good, but because it's one sided, you don't really have to plan too much. Because stax is symmetrical, it's incredibly easy to fuck yourself over if you aren't attentive to every aspect of the game, and you can lose easily if you don't sequence your plays right.

That being said, RIP and Psychic Surgery are the two most underrated cards in the format.

>> No.56924970

>Stax requires much more consistency and attention to game state than any other archetype.
No, it doesn't.

>> No.56924978

Go on, explain your stupid point of view so I can prove you wrong.

>> No.56924992

careful fellas, this dude's is SMART

>> No.56925009

Lol what a nigger

>> No.56925049

not everyone is a strawman for you to fight and your not always right about everything, scrub

>> No.56925077

Point proven.

Me: 1
People who don't play Magic but post on /tg/: 0

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Am I the only who enjoys helping their friends build decks? I assume not because i'm not a massive narcissist and i am just using a rhetorical question to start a conversation What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you because of a deck you helped build? Have you ever been BTFO by a deck you helped improve?

I have 2 friends I introduced to magic. I have helped one build 2 decks and the other build 1.

The first guy was building Nath and didn't have enough cards to make 99 so I looked through his cards and handed him a Hurricane. He told me that card looked stupid and why would he ever play it. I told him just trust me. He has now won 3 games off of killing people with Hurricane. His decks first win was against me with hurricane.

Second guy went to a draft and opened Scarab God. It made him finally decide to build his own EDH deck instead of always borrowing some one elses. The first iteration was laughably bad. It was literally just hard casting terribly costed vanilla zombies. I spent 4 hours with him fixing his deck and giving him cards since he is new. I showed him the 10 ramp/10 removal/10 card draw method of deck building, helped him make a mana curve, explained win cons and helped him realize he could steal stuff from other peoples graveyards. That deck has been the biggest thorn in my side since then. He went from almost crying about how bad his deck was to a supreme sense of smug. I don't know if I should be proud or annoyed.
Funniest story about helping this deck is that he had no repeatable card draw for a long time after the first time i helped him so i gave him a greed and a coastal piracy and he nearly killed himself the first time he resolved greed. He went from 28 to 6 life in one turn digging through his deck look for his 2 pieces of enchantment removal. It was so bad I had to remind him the name of the card so he wouldn't go down to 2 life

>> No.56925134

I feel like you don't know what "competitive" means here. Legacy and vintage players don't phone it and say "thats not optimal but its probably fine"

400$ buys you an underground sea and some cheap fetches, but doesn't even get you mishras or a tabernacle, and god forbid you have more colors in your deck.

Really though you are proving my point, you need to at least break a grand to have a real advantage against "budget" players

>> No.56925137

Literally nothing was proven you edgy retard

>> No.56925162

You have not listed a single aspect of the archetype that makes it any more arduous than its counterparts. They are all based around the same thing: breaking parity over your opponents. The axis on which you attack from (life, cards, mana) is irrelevant.
So many of your embarrassingly described hard choices are reduced down to "look at the board" which is the exact same thing aggro,control, XYZ must do.

>> No.56925163

And yet no one has said anything about any other archetype requiring as much consistent attention as stax.

Points for effort, but you're on /tg/ son, we expect more than the minimum.

>> No.56925173

he was merely pretending to be smart. he is actually retarded and doesnt even watch the smart nihilistic show that everyone loves.

>> No.56925203

Tabernacle may be a land, but it is not part of your mana base.

>> No.56925253

>the point
>your head
Look anon, I get it, your rustled. But you missed the main crux of the argument: symmetrical disadvantages.

Every single other archetype has a certain linearity involved with the decision making process. Sure, you can build a janky rube goldberg combo engine that's absurdly complicated to play, but beyond t3, that shit literally never matters.

Stax is about choices, and while people often feel Derevi prison-style lock-out is the epitome of stax, it's really a combo deck with a commander-based wincon to break a hard lock. Utilizing Smokestack, or Trinisphere effectively requires you to have your game plan locked and loaded. You need to be aware of the locks in your deck, your opponent's capabilities, and the best time to implement a lock where you can also break it. You can still fuck up a perfect stax lock if you aren't aware of what your opponent's using, but Kiki-conscripts or smacking someone with a fuck-huge Uril doesn't have the same drawbacks.

There's a point when a Stax deck becomes a combo deck, and the example I usually use is Brago. You can throw down Winter Orb + Tangle Wire, then connect with Brago and win the game, but that's more of a combo because it's a hard lock; you can't break it once its set.

A quality stax deck operates on a continuum of minor advantage, and even slightly having it upset ruins your day, like playing against Meren and running a discard package, or Darietti if you're going to Decree of Annihilation. The difference is, unlike a combo deck or an aggro deck, no match-up is unwinnable; it's about when you use what you have available.

>> No.56925268

Is this a nitpick just to nitpick? We could go with tropical island and cradle. or as you have pointed out, mana =//= lands, so we could talk about mox diamond, crypt, opal...

A competitive mana base expensive. 400$ does not even get you there.

>> No.56925279

what would you consider a non-degenerate derevi?
A friend gave me the pre-con as part of a trade a while back and I never opened it.
I know the stax shit is obnoxious but i'd like to at least use it for something fun eventually

>> No.56925391

Recommendations for this guy? I'm building him as a casual spellslinger deck with a splice/arcane subtheme. It's the deck I plan to use with my hyper casual friends, so no infinite combos

>> No.56925447

Azorius Charm
Fractured Identity
Ojutai's Command
Sphinx's Revelation
Thoughtweft Gambit

>> No.56925522

Is it rude to sideboard in/out cards depending on which decks my friends run?

>> No.56925531

I might add, just before a game starts

>> No.56925539

Symmetrical disadvantages doesnt make stax more difficult to operate. It's debatable to even call them that in the context of a stax deck since the decklist is built to function under them.
Every archetype is about choices and when there is a finite amount of cards linearity is an inevitability for each of them. Each of these strategies has ideal moments for implementation and each can be punished. Your second paragraph is just a transparent attempt of you trying sound smart when in fact you're simply stating that being aware of the cards in your/your opponents' decks is important.
You then reveal you ignorance in the third by errounesouly calling Brago Tangle Wire + Orb a Hard Lock, finishing up your pointless, masturbatory post by spouting another statement useless to anyone who has ever played a game of Magic: "timing is important"
No shit, Sherlock

>> No.56925558

Depends on the group. If yall dont play with sideboards, Yes.

>> No.56925566

Depends on if you are using an optional sideboard as outlined in rule 13.

If you aren't then you are cheating. I think thats pretty rude.

>> No.56925594

Derevi stax isn't a combo deck, you're just leveraging your commander to break parity, which should be what stax is about; making it so your opponents can't function properly, while you're relatively unimpeded.

Stax decks are more like toolbox decks than anything else, because you need to search out the right pieces to fit the table. Trinisphere is great against storm, but Yisan or Blood Pod give zero shits.

Also, most of the good stax decks I've seen have a combo finish. Keranos Blue Moon has Dramatic Scepter, Blood Pod has Kiki-Jiki, Teferi has Chain Veil.

You need to win the game, and I think stax without decent wincons is why everyone is sperging out over the archetype. They've played a game against someone who has a "stax" deck that's just armageddons and resource denial until the end of time, with the opponent asking them if they're ready to scoop yet. That's just a chaos deck, and that's trash garbage.

>> No.56925637

Me and a buddy helped a friend get into commander by building him a deck between our two binders and bulk. He pulled a Locust God from a pack. He beat all of us game 2 because he found ashnod's altar and skull clamp early.

>> No.56925651

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Aggro. The strategies are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of analyzing the boardstate most of the plays will go over a typical player’s head. There’s also Red’s aggressive outlook, which is deftly woven into its characterization- a personal philosophy draws heavily from goblins passion for life and motivation, for instance. The fans understand this flavortext; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike RDW truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humor in Goblin Chieftain’s existential catchphrase “Lets all sing the Smash Smash Song!” which itself is a lively reference to Diogenes simple life yet aggressive questioning on social norms. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those Spike simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as MaRo’s genius wit unfolds itself on the Unstable set. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a MTG tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within a judge ranking of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid

>> No.56925692

Yeah, you need Frozen Aether, or you're vulnerable to all the 1 CMC removal, and you need free/cheap counters to dodge Slaughter Pact and Snuff Out.

Probably Stony Silence too (which, I don't think Brago can afford to run), or instant speed interaction wrecks you during the upkeeps while they can still use their rocks.

Brago beats is too slow a clock for that. You need Strionic resonator or whatever the fuck Brago uses to combo off.

>> No.56925711

Blind Obedience has become prominent enough in my meta for Amulet of Vigor to find it's way into my beatdown decks.

>> No.56925768

Oh wow, I always assumed Amulet was only for lands, because I'd only seen it in Bloom Titan. It's been on my maybeboard for my Tasigur Lands, but that might bump it up a few slots.

>> No.56926066

I’m not that anon, but Amulet has proven to be one of the biggest EDH staples for me. Enough so that I use it in 3 or 4 decks. It’s a fucking powerhouse in my Progenitus deck.

>> No.56926180


Not getting fucked by Yisan or Sisay fags on turn 3.

>> No.56926234


As solitaire as every combo or elves list. They just play by themselves and no one but the torpor orb guy might stop these guys

>> No.56926316

Would this fake card be overpowered?

Frark, Archetype of Persistance
Legendary Goblin

Haste, First Strike
At the beginning of the next end step, sacrifice Frark.
Frark's casting cost is unaffected by commander tax.

This is probably shite, but what (if none, why?) kind of cards could evade commander tax?

>> No.56926332

Is your group heavy on political cards?

>> No.56926333

I would put a good amount of instant, sorcery, and dragon spells into this deck.

>> No.56926361

We have one K&T grouphug player who always try to get political with things like the Akroan Horsie, but usually his strat goes from diplomacy to pillow-fort pretty quickly.

>> No.56926429


hes not insane, he's clunky and not particularly likely to go off, in theory getting a bunch of equipment from your library onto him is good but the ceiling actually isnt anywhere near as high as for most enabler/combo/engine type cards

id call this card playable at best, but very cool

>> No.56926448

I don't really like the concept. Any card can be played politically, so why jam cards in your deck to be more political when basically anything can act as one?
>Why should I not song of the dryad's your shit? What can you offer it to me to do it to player X? What can player X offer me to do it to player Y?
>convince me to not beat your face in right now
>convince me to not counter your card.

>> No.56926478

would this draw much dislike? I mean, I just want all of the creatures on my side

>> No.56926502

Nah, it's just a telegraphed Rise of the Dark Realms.

>> No.56926538

Expect to get to 3 study counters and it then gets removed.

>> No.56926539

If it's countered, It's put into graveyard, if it's not, it's put into graveyard

>it's not banned
>4 mana

>> No.56926618

Punisher cards are bad.

>> No.56926662

What creatures in white except Eldrazi displacer can repeatedly blink opponents' creatures, preferably as an activated ability and not a trigger? I've been thinking of some anti-theft tech (that would also double as a scarab god hoser) and this seems like a promising avenue.

>> No.56926698

Post yfw 4 color dino

>> No.56926726

>Mana base doesn't cost four times the remainder of the deck

You're a bad player and you should feel bad

>> No.56926728

Not when you drop a wound reflection just after someone payed half his life

>> No.56926730


eldrazi displacer is the only white creature i can think of that does that

but there's also flickerform which is a noncreature way of doing it

>> No.56926777

>Derevi Stax

There are decks that can punt a player out of the game faster than he can even cast his first spell.

Build such a deck and whip it out every time turbofaggot plays Derevi, every time until he gets the point.

>> No.56926787

i doubt it but fuck it, wizards making four color legend in a main set would be dope. might make lands jump thou.

>> No.56926834

Speaking of decks that go fast, the new dino is good for this. You can reliably whip him out at T2 and murder your first player T3 if your spite is strong enough.

>> No.56926849


>reliably t2 this guy

how so?

>> No.56926852

Flickerform is useless vs tokens and I can't use it to blink value creatures on the side, plus one StP and flickerform is dead. Is there nothing like the Displacer that taps to use the ability or something?

>> No.56926890


im stupid and didnt read your post correctly, thought you jsut wanted flickering your stuff, not your opponents

but no displacer is definitely the only one that i know of that flickers opponents stuff repeatedly

now that ive read your post though, like a person of reasonable intelligence would, i can say that if you want something that is anti-theft, anti-scarab god, and can occasionally get some value of your own etb guys, look no further than pic related

>> No.56926909

T2 might be a bit christmaslandy, but there are many creatures with high power and negligible downside (we're only casting them to get the Big guy out).

On a budget you can bring him out T3, but it's less effective with Derevi.

>> No.56926913

You know what to do.

Hexproof Tribal.

>> No.56926922

>Not-blue dinos
>Not-white pirates
>Esper vampires
>Temur merfolk
I have a boner

>> No.56926977

This guy is usually great, but being able to only return a creature "I control" instead of "I own" reduces its anti-theft potential (which is my primary concern).

>> No.56927057

>Anti-theft in White

Just nuke and revive.

>> No.56927074

That's kind of rough when your commander is Avacyn

>> No.56927101

...i thought the problem was OTHER people stealing creatures?

Also, hallowed burial.

>> No.56927115

What are some fun artifact based commanders to play in multiplayer EDH where the decks are about mid to low-high power level?

>> No.56927127

>Thread Question
Nigger that's got to be the Aspect of the Threefold Sun, worshiped by the Sun Empire of Ixalan.
>Legendary Creature - Elder Dinosaur God
>Indestructible, Lifelink, Trample
>Maybe "can't attack unless" clause (maybe three or more red creatures, three or more green creatures, and three or more white creatures?)
>High-cost activated ability revolving around the number 3 (Lightning Helix and you draw three?)

But knowing my luck it'll be much less fun and much lamer than that

>> No.56927147

Brainlet tier:
Plebeian tier:
>Breya or anything Esper
Patrician tier:
>Sharuum carousel ride
Enlightened tier:
>Possibility Storm Mishra

>> No.56927157

Except if they just let you have your slightly undercosted Time Warp. The point about punisher cards is that you almost always get given the worse option between the two.

>> No.56927170

What is the Sharuum deck?

>> No.56927194


>> No.56927249


>> No.56927276

Bosh, Iron Golem. It's not as insanely broken as Daretti and you can one shot people.

>> No.56927283


No you respond to the theft spell with it

>> No.56927285

Feldon if your definition of "Artifact deck" is flexible. It's more reanimator

>> No.56927316

Bosh is amazing.
>mfw launching Bosh himself at low health opponent

>> No.56927369

>4 color creature
>evolving wilds is the best fixing in the format
I don't think that's how standard do, anon. Making a creature that outright isn't castable in draft...

>> No.56927387

The theft is the biggest risk when I cast Avacyn and am tapped out.

>> No.56927541

Is theft -that- prevalent in your group?

>> No.56927583


You might want to consider using oblivion ring type effects then, since your need is so specific

If you can't afford to wait until you have enough to protect your big thing, then maybe you could have a surplus of o rings so you can o ring a stolen avacyn and then o ring your o ring

>> No.56927597

I am assuming you already have Homeward Path? If theft is the problem.

You're a white deck. I know you got the indestructible thing going on, but c'mon, I'm sure that Avacyn gets exiled and then you get board wiped, right? Or else you eat a fat All is Dust. So run a good recursion package + some sac outlets. Theft decks weap bitch tears vs sac outlets, and white gets stuff back from the grave EZ PZ. Just some tangential stuff like High Market, Miren the Moaning Well, maybe Trading Post. Versatile or unobtrusive sac outlets, that don't hurt you significantly/can do other things when you don't want to sac.

>> No.56927708

>What are check lands
>What are bicycle lands
I see, you are retarded

>> No.56927731

>What are fast lands
>What are tribal rock and tribal land

>> No.56927756

>dual lands will surely enable easy 4 color decks
4 color decks work smoothly when you can fetch for shocks, when you're play birds of paradise effects, and things like that. 4 color in standard would struggle to do better than a splash; people can kinda do like a green splash for 1 or 2 vraska, shit like that with only 1 cost on the high end. Still sketchy. And once again, must somehow be castable in draft. You ever tried to run a 4 color deck in ixalan draft? I've even seen the 3 color decks fail more than they succeed. Standard mana fixing is sucky sucky sucky. Particular given that attune with aether may see a ban to put energy in check.

>> No.56927778

>the tribal land
dino decks aren't pure dinos, it encourages a strong human backbone. So now you're running low drops in several colors while packing 4x colorless lands
>tribal rock
??? I can only do so much if you don't say actual card names.

>> No.56927782

I need help choosing a deck for a Facebook group organised EDH 'tournament'. 24+ players, don't know any of them, is it a faggot maneuver to play hyper competitive at a casual competition? Should I play easy to deal with tribal decks.

Do I;

<1>Play a supreme faggot tier 1 Zur control deck and try and win some booster boxes

<2>Play an experimental non-relentless rats, marrow gnawer rack

<3>Play an all or nothing Work spell slinginger with almost no protection but the potential to kill everyone turn 5-6

<4>Play a dumb treefolk tribal doran

<5>Play a whatever predictable tribal vamps deck

>> No.56927784

>white recursion
Besides reveillark, karmic guide and sun titan, what else is worth bothering with at all (creature recursion, I know about replenish etc.)?

>> No.56927788


>> No.56927800

Pic related

Anyway i know it's probably going to be the most boring legend ever, a man can dream sometimes

>> No.56927810

Be the supreme faggot

Crush the weaklings beneath your boot heels

>> No.56927819

Spread ur cheeks and show them how much of a faggot you are with Zur, you're not even running the doomsday lab combo so the punishment will be slow.

>> No.56927852

>EDH tier 1 Zur deck example: 92% competitive
>Anons Zur control: 100% competitive

roll these niggas, get someone to record the reactions

>> No.56927877

Is there formula for how tapped out determines its ratings?

My piece of shit decks are 60-80% and some of my 1v1 competitive decks like kess are 20-30%

>> No.56927887

it went from 22% to 100% after I finally gave in and bought some dual lands. The system makes no sense to me

>> No.56927918

emeria the sky ruin

emeria shepherd

reya dawnbringer is very expensive for mana but maybe

if you are angel focused, bruna the fading light is dec'.

In decks that aren't dedicated graveyard decks, 5 or 7 pieces of flexible recursion is probably just fine.

>> No.56928003

Wizards and Tap Effects

>> No.56928155

Wizards is a horrible tribe and the precon begs to be turned into budget tier 1 kess. Literally throw half the cards in the bin, buy cheap cantrips and draws and a few 20cent creatures and youve got a dick kicking edh deck. Anyone who gets upset at you for running stax or storm should remember that your other options are total trash

>> No.56928265

Derevi bird tribal

>> No.56928285

You're looking for Squee Goblin Nabob, or Derevi but fuck Derevi.

>> No.56928443

Havnt been playing much, how has edh been with silver boarder cards?

>> No.56928462

Not him, but does Taigam need dragons to be a really good lockdown commander? Been wanting to build a political commander and he seems like a good fit with hexproof instant/sorc.

>> No.56928479

>not tutoring for Sword of the Paruns, untapping, tutoring for Illusionist's Bracers, untapping twice, then tapping twice for Fireshrieker, Sword of Feast and famine, then two more random equipments
>first hit connects, untapping all your lands, proceed to dump every equipment in your deck onto the board before the next hit

I know it will never happen, but I dream to be ble to do this once. All you need is 12-14 untapped mana.

>> No.56928515

>Taigam need dragons

no, he doesn't. he's one of the few good things to come out of commander 2017. you can run him entirely as a spellslinger

>> No.56928520

I'm not a timmy or a spike, and combo is to easy. Plus Humility/winters orb/torpor orb are my favorite cards. Next to Divine Intervention.

>> No.56928586


Literally every single blue and white cantrip you can find becomes Divination. Put down Talrand or Metallurgic Summonings and start tearing some assholes.

>> No.56928595

My ennui for deck building is at an all time high because I always make better and more fun decks for others than I do for myself. I helped a friend make an Animar deck that consistently stomps my shit (read: at least half of the games we play) and it looks fun to pilot. Granted my friend is full Timmy and loves dropping creatures left and right. In comparison, nothing I've crafted since has felt as good or run as smoothly as the deck I helped him build. Maybe it's because I put too much thought into my decks and over think what I'm doing with them, but nothing has felt right since. I got all three of the new gods super cheap when they first came out, so maybe I'll play with them next and get bored in a week. Scarab is either zombies or gravestuff, Locust is wheels, and Scorpion is worse Hapatra though. This isn't funny. This is a cry for help.

>> No.56928637

Okay, I sleeved this piece of shit up, but one thing I don't understand:

Does his effect stack?

The way I've interpreted it is that if you tap three, your next die roll is 2d6 instead of 1d6. If you tap six, your next two die rolls that would be 1d6 are instead 2d6.

Is there a possibility that it's actually 4d6 or 3d6 on your next roll instead?

>> No.56928789

here are my decks

give me ideas what to build, i need something red but not braindead boring or linear to play. i get bored easily.

my player personality ratio is 50% timmy, 30% johnny and 20% spike

>> No.56928986

Grenzo, Havoc Raiser thievery tribal. Attack them with their own creatures, then cast their own spells, then sit back and watch them attack each other with goaded creatures.

>> No.56928996

im sure you add one die roll for each set of brainiacs tapped. hes like super krenko/marrow for a tribe that has only three actual creatures. ethier way with black you can tilt roll results in your favor and get even more than the dice would allow.

>> No.56929066

Pretty sure it turns into 3d6. The first replacement effect applies to the original "Roll a six-sided die" and makes it "Roll two six-sided die and ignore one", so the original event is gone. The second replacement effect would now be applied to the new event, replacing the first of the two rolls. So you'll roll two-sixed sided die and ignore one, then roll another one and ignore either that one or the one you didn't ignore before.

>> No.56929090

I think it just add one each time.
So you activate the ability once you get 2 dice
The next time you activate it you get 3
After that is 4.

>> No.56929390

Angel of Condemnation

>> No.56929410

Anyone running any sort of Raise Dead effects? I’m trying to find good ones for two of my decks (for looting, so pure reanimation won’t work). I know Phyrexian Reclamation is good, I’ve used Haunted Crossroads before but I’m hoping someone has had good luck with some of the other ones.

>> No.56929517

Commander? Oversold Cemetary ain't bad. Ravos and lolPalaceSiege are other options.

>> No.56929561

Palace Siege also provides a wincon lategame if you need to grind out the last 6 or so life points

>> No.56929579

It's also more likely to draw attention to your board/removal.

>> No.56929584

I run Oversold in one of my decks and somehow completely forgot about it for the other one. Funny.

I’m gonna try Palace Siege. I’ve always wanted to, but it being a five mana “scary” enchantment that has to table is always bleh.

>> No.56929591

What dice do you use anons?
What's a good price to quality ratio?
/ck/poster here, needing to buy a present for my boyfriend

>> No.56929623

Legible ones
Pic not related

>> No.56929630

What colors?
If your Green, straight up Regrowth and Eternal Witness are favorites. Naya Charm too, in the unlikely event you're in all three colors.
If you're playing Zombies, Ghoulcaller's Chant is great, and Lord of the Undead.
Grim Discovery might be usable, since it's efficient on card advantage for cost.
Kolagahn's Command is versatile enough to justify its spot.
Liliana, the Last Hope, if you're willing to put up the money.
Macabre Waltz is a sort of looting effect itself, if that's relevant.
Oath of Ghouls and Oversold Cemetery, if you can be certain of staying in the lead.
Ravos, maybe.
Restless Dreams or Undertaker, if discarding specifically creatures is important.
Soul Manipulation, if you need versatility.
Soul of Innistrad, if you can spare the mana.
Stitch Together is good, though mainly because it becomes cheap reanimation.
Sword of Light and Shadow.
Xiahou-Dun, if you're mono-black.

>> No.56929655

Does anyone here have a dedicated demon deck? I have a sheoldred deck with mostly demons and i was thinking about taking out the demons and building a dedicated deck but i dont know which commander to use

>> No.56929688

You know there is only one true option.

>> No.56929741

I'm putting pic related in 4c Sodomy
whats the worst that could happen?

>> No.56929765

I'm not sure if /edhg/ is the right place to ask for this. Magic doesn't really use many kinds of dices when they use dices at all.

>> No.56929769

just get painted plastic ones with clearly written numbers

avoid see through dice and difficult to see lettering

>> No.56929790

>Magic doesn't really use many kinds of dices when they use dices at all.

>> No.56929796

He is spicy but i dont want to sac half my lands every attack

>> No.56929808

>wanting to get blown out by condemn this bad

>> No.56929814

you're probably best off building rakdos, lord of riots or something like that

kaalia is an obvious choice but she's gay as fuck

>> No.56929830

>kaalia is an obvious choice and she's kawaii as fuck

>> No.56929881

Just because you use them, it doesn't mean everyone uses, there are a bunch of decks who doesn't need dices. And even the decks who does use dices, it barely uses differet types of dices, when was the last time you had to use a D12? Or a D10 or D8 at all? There isn't a reason to not just use your D20's that you wotc gives out like candy and a bunch of cheap D6's.

>> No.56929921

ESL pls go

>> No.56929924

Two d10 for EDH life totals, because it's easy to go over 40.

I prefer D12s on planeswalkers, since they don't usually go up much higher and it's easier for other players to see their loyalty than on a spindown.

>> No.56929958

T B H she's just a tranny halfdemon halfdragon halfangel donut steel legend and you should kill you are self

>> No.56929968

>D10 for life
Why not just 2 D20? Also, do you use 4 D10 for life in commander? There is no reason to do that when you get a bunch of D20 for basically free.

>D12 for walkers
Why not just use your D10 for walkers? I don't see how you would go over 10 loyalty easily without needing a D20.

>> No.56929969

Queen RBF is my playmat.

>> No.56930004

my group has set a under €300 budget rule, and I want to build an Atraxa heavy control / superfriends
Obviously the fancy manabase go.
I think I'll start with 40 lands + 10 ramp spells
the 49 other cards will be sweepers, tutors, cards to slow everybody (Propaganda, Dream Tides) and about 15 PWs+ Doubling Season (killed one game with Tamiyo 2 ultimate + Tamiyo 1 ultimate)

thoughts on this?

>> No.56930005

>Also, do you use 4 D10 for life in commander?
Are you a moron?
2d10 is the stand-in for 1d100.

>> No.56930033

Wretched Confluence is one-shot, but great.

>> No.56930041

I do not own a single deck that even comes close to 300€. One of us two is doing EDH wrong.

>> No.56930048

I don't know, no one uses dices in the tournaments and events I have gone to, so how would I know? Pen and Paper is usually what 99% of the players use at those. And when I'm with friends, we just the bunch of D20s we have.

>> No.56930049


>> No.56930056

This is good, but it shares similar flaws as the Displacer, namely it costs a shitton of mana just because it has beater stats. Some wimpy 1/1 cleric with that ability for cheap would be ideal.


>> No.56930057

>Why not just 2 D20
you literally cant even read can you?
>tournaments and events
do you know what general you are posting in?

>> No.56930076

What do you put in your EDH decks? Pauper? The optimal manabase for Atraxa is pretty expensive

>> No.56930077

Most of mine don't come close to 300€, but it's because they've shot straight through to the other side.

I think only my Zada deck is under budget there.

>> No.56930084

you are doing it right
arms races kill the fun of edh

>> No.56930108

case in point
my favorite deck
my previously favorite deck that isnt fun anymore

>> No.56930129

>Can you read?
I don't know, can you?

>what general you are posting in
Yes, and this is why it's not the right place to ask for dice advices, the first advices just told about legibility, when there are more to consider. Mtg doesn't use as nearly as many dices as D&D or Pathfinder for example.

>> No.56930134

that's why my (>>56930004) group has set a 300€ budget limit (we're all wageslaves "rich"fags). But some are already discussing a 400€ budget limit.

>> No.56930142

>I don't know, can you?
he literally already explained why you use 2d10 then you asked again

>> No.56930157

I'd bump it down to 100€ tbqh

>> No.56930168


Yeah, one time. I advised one friend to put Rakdos Charm into his Queen Marchesa. I remember saying something along the lines of "Dude, it's an instant modal spell where all the modes are useful. You HAVE to run it."

>Later that month
>Im playing Riku ETB abuse
>He's playing Marduchesa
>Another guy is playing a shitty partner deck
>I have Purphoros in play
>Cast an Avenger of Zendikar and copy it with Riku
>"Well, it looks like this is it folks. Nice game"
>My friend in response exiles Purph with Utter End.
>He then casts Rakdos Charm at me and burns me for 32, kills me.

>> No.56930250

You deserved that for trying to win with Purphoros.

>> No.56930255

>you asked again
Confirmed for illiterate.

>> No.56930266

>not turning your lands into Demons

>> No.56930279

i know this feel
>friend pops his ajani walker making reducing all damage from single sources to 1
>playing group hug
>have a chasm skulker with 45 counters on it
>attack friend
>entrapment maneuver myself
>sac chasm skulker
>90 tokens out of nowhere
>next turn kill dude with the emblem
>friend casts the rakdos charm i told her to add just before the game starts
>find reins of power
>donate my 90 damage to a friend
i ended up losing that game because im a moron and forgot opponents could pay into Minds Aglow and decked myself when I didnt even need to cast the spell before winning


>> No.56930295

>people on /tg/ dont play magic
ah I see some memes stay the same whether im on /40kg/ or this thread, so does /tg/ actually play anything?

>> No.56930297

>Two d10 for EDH life totals, because it's easy to go over 40.
>Why not just 2 D20?
because it can go over 40 retard and 2 d20s max out at 40


>> No.56930310

250 and ban edric for this particular meta

>> No.56930367

TG is just where Pol goes after they get sick of hearing bad news for the day

>> No.56930374

>EDH game has gotten severely out of hand
>pillow fort guy has literally 30 cards in hand from janky combo guy failing to kill after casting like 20 spells and taking 3 extra turns, meanwhile dragon guy has dragons
>I have giant army of tokens all jacking eachother off because coat of arms
>everyone is at low life, including myself, i can swing for lethal at two of them but the last guy will kill me no matter who it is, pillow fort guy admits to being able to permanently lock his board if i don't kill him this turn
>basically I decide how who wins the game, no politicing to keep myself alive because they know ill just kill them next
how do you resolve this usually? dice roll? whoever you like more? trading for sexual favors? would your actions change if prizes were involved for winning?

>> No.56930380

Desperately needs protection however

>> No.56930383

Tribal is almost the only way a Vorthos can play a competent, not-subpar deck in EDH.

>> No.56930389

If you actually knew how to read, you would know that I didn't know how that he used 2 D10 for 40 life, and I just shrugged it off as a typo, since I specifically asked if he used 4 D10 for life in commander. I may not be knowledgeable about how other people use dices, but you're retarded.

>> No.56930399

What's so wrong with that? Too easy? I dont have any tutors or infinite combos so dont talk to me about easy wins.

>> No.56930401

Kill pillowfort, leave both of the others alive. Now they have to decide to kill you or kill the other.

>> No.56930433

>I didn't know how that he used 2 D10 for 40 life
>admit to not knowing what you are talking
>still agro as fuck
you should cease this behavior
thats the point of all of my posts

>> No.56930449

This is the first time I've seen vorthos and that really describes me. I have a super janky awful Weatherlight deck with the full crew and all the cards referencing it and stuff and love it

>> No.56930452

you gotta tell the other two players you arnt going to kill pillowfort unless they promise not to attack you next turn
gives you an extra turn to maybe pull something together, always play to your outs

>> No.56930458

guess I should have mentioned the next guy could just kill us both as well, along with the next, it was a Mexican standoff, I can appreciate how EDH players will still try and negotiate their way out no matter what

>> No.56930461

gib list plz

>> No.56930469

I may be agro, but you are in damage control right now, moving goalposts everywhere.

>> No.56930476

>how do you resolve this usually?

>> No.56930491

every girl ive ever seen play edh immediately gravitates to tribal because 1). it tickles that part of the brain that makes them want to buy more matching pillows for your bed and 2). its a shortcut for building a deck, its a heck of a lot easier to fill in a deck if your creature base is all but chosen for you, even heavily populated tribes like humans and wizards only have about 100-150 cards total in a given color combination and cuts are much easier that way.
So i cant hardly fault anyone for doing such a thing, though I do wish people would at least look at the ability of the commander before the creature type

>> No.56930503

>moving goalposts everywhere
ive been consistent from the beginning go fuck yourself esl

>> No.56930607

You can´t always do that. There are some tribes that are not supported at all, so you'll choose whatever mantains a semblance of coherence.

>> No.56930645

>There are some tribes that are not supported at all
yeah but most have at least 30 creatures and thats all you need
even centaurs have 51 creatures total

>> No.56930667

>every girl ive ever seen play edh immediately gravitates to tribal

I play Affinity in Modern and my main EDH decks are a rotating cast of Artifact commanders and Karlov. The only tribal deck I've ever liked is Zombies, because recursion.

>> No.56930686

Something that will make Timmy blow his load, but not on the scale of the Ur Dragon.

>> No.56930689

>I play Affinity in Modern and my main EDH decks are a rotating cast of Artifact commanders and Karlov. The only tribal deck I've ever liked is Zombies, because recursion.
thats cool
whats your point?

>> No.56930699

I haven't converted it yet. I had it as a 60 card deck forever, since I first read about the weatherlight. Now that Rammos is a commander though I've been planning to change it to be a Rammos deck for a while and just haven't. Amazing thing is even after all these years not even double sleeved, just sitting in a deck box barely played because its really trash, all of the cards and even the foil lands are still in really good condition

Fuck you I play eggs and combo jank

>> No.56930708

My point is that not every girl immediately gravitates towards tribal. Unless you're willing to consider Artifacts technically kind of like a tribe.

>> No.56930716

>i dont want to sac half my lands
boo hoo get over it and burn shit, you want to play a demon deck ffs...

>> No.56930718

tribals are for brainlets and there are even girls who understand this

>> No.56930728

Totally forgot to put these in that picture but you absolutely have to have the best flavor text vindicate as well

>> No.56930781

I don't think girls(male) count.

>> No.56930783

you have to realize that most game stores have like one or two girls who arent there with their boyfriends so he likely has only met a handful of girls and from personal experience i get what hes saying
>on the internet
im very sure about this anon-kun

>> No.56930793

>"don't mourn for me, my plot was pretty shitty. This is the end of my badly handled character arc."

>> No.56930809

friendly reminder that no girls exist on 4chan other then /soc/

>> No.56930810

what's so wrong with playing a braindead deck once in a while? I have other decks besides my Edgar Markov vamp tribal.

>> No.56930848

The funniest long running joke on the internet.

>> No.56930862

tribals are only really good for the flavor value. any strategy that you'd do within a tribal would be more interesting outside it, since you'd have a larger card pool to draw from and generally more complex cards

>> No.56930918

Only if your group runs no removal or you have a way of untapping it multiple times a turn. Otherwise just run Rise of the dark realms, because it will be actually something else than a bad discard outlet.

>> No.56930997

there's no such thing as girls on the internet anymore, only males and females (male)

>> No.56931021

my friend plays this in her atraxa deck its one of those things where you really hate to waste removal on it so it ends up going off more often than not with some unexpected proliferate effects
its ok idk if id play it myself though

>> No.56931048

desu female (male) is better anyway if they're cute.

>> No.56931065

I guess we can staw poll this a bit here.


I know two.
>kruphix durdle.dec
>angel tribal with RW precon

>> No.56931075


>> No.56931101

girl 1
>3 color spirit tribal
>rat tribal
girl 2
girl 3
>atraxa precon + other stuff

>> No.56931106

>only good for flavor
These are synergies built directly in the game. You can say its boring if you like, but to suggest that tribal synergy is ineffective seems willfully untrue.
>Ezuri elves
>Inalla/Azami wizards

>> No.56931134

FIRST, anon. I'm assuming these players didn't start by acquiring 2+ decks

>> No.56931156

these are what they had when I started
so i have no idea what they played before I started

>> No.56931184

>friend got commander box
>says he's giving us each one precon to upgrade and play for Christmas etc
>he hands me this

Do I just ruin the game for everyone? What the hell

>> No.56931215

I just realized that I may have a rather significant problem. It's not immediately obvious, but still, just look at what decks I've actually built.

>Dwynen elfball and green goodstuff
>Hapatra -1/-1 with Glissa + Artifacts
>Sydri Artifact Lifegain Combo w/ Energy Filler
>Grenzo 1.0 Aristocrats Non-Infinite Combo
>Sigarda 2.0 Equipment w/ Human Tribal
>Anafenza hatebears and overrun/+1/+1s
>Kamahl Damage and Damage Accessories
>Queen Marchesa reanimator feat. Alesha
>Kess "I Had All This Blue Shit Lying Around" spells

There's two answers here to "what's wrong with me", outside of shitposting immediately before work.

>> No.56931237


>> No.56931257

what am I looking at?

>> No.56931321

I'm starting to see a pattern here

>> No.56931348

ftv angels inspired a lot of angel decks
and apparently girls like angels

>> No.56931389

I can't get the retarded thought of spending my online store credit on a booster box. I know it's pretty stupid and just buy singles if you want to get cards from the set. I've never opened a box before and kind of just want to splurge for an early bday gift

IF I were to buy one whiche of these would you recommend

Unstable (those sweet sweet lands), Nyx, origins, conspiracy 2, amonkhet/hou.

I've done well to resist the stupid temptation so far but it keeps coming back

>> No.56931426

conspiracy 1
draft it
actually have fun
get some good edh stuff

>> No.56931494

girl (female) here and my first EDH deck was sharuum artifact combo control, was pretty janky but it was always fun to sit back and not draw any aggro as I manipulate the game and finally combo off with infinite damage/life/thopters

first deck in general was elves because I thought they were cool so yeah I fit the bill

>> No.56931542

Great post

>> No.56931551


sadly conspiracy 1 isn't an option. Just going off what the online store has available currently. I'd like to build more commander decks but I don't have people to really play with consistently and I'm not willing to delve into the lgs virgin life

>> No.56931554

is that picture of you :3

>> No.56931568

>tfw ywn date a qt asian girl with big tits and a nice thicc body
why live?

>> No.56931621

Unstable and Conspiracy are fun to draft if you already play drafts. If you don't, Origins should be a good choice, you could also bet everything on a God Pack from Nyx, but that would be the same as betting on the lottery.

>> No.56931645

jesus I wish
I'm probably around 7/10 but at game stores I get a buff since girls who don't look like guys in wigs are rare in neckbeard scenes, which sucks since I'm mostly only into girls and traps

>> No.56931673

My wife's first EDH deck was Savra with a heavy focus on Grave Pact effects and reanimate for value (Core engine of Golgari Germination and Malevolent Awakening to repeatedly recur Sakura Tribe Elder, Eternal Witness, or soon), adapted out of a 60 card casual multiplayer deck.

>> No.56931725

>im mostly into girls and traps
>but im totes a real grill XD
i dont think i can overestimate how much I believe you right now

>> No.56931771


>My friend from college
Mono-black Vampires

>My male friend from college's girlfriend
I don't know what she originally played, since she started earlier than I did, but she played Rith when I first started

>My friend from work's wife
We've been trying to get her to play and she likes the idea of Mono-red.

>> No.56931772

cool opinion anon, so anyways who's your commander and how did your last game with them go?

>> No.56931828

Don't know if that's a popular choice but I absolutely love having Trading Post and some good recurrable artifacts in this kind of decks. I have a casual 60 cards stax-lite deck built around that.

>> No.56931862

4c sodomy
last game went pretty ok but I didnt draw into any of my group hug/political cards so it just became a fight between 3 tuned decks with my wet noodle of a high land count and overly expensive removal deck
eventually the angel player pulled the divinity counter off of her miogyn of cleaning fire and since most of us were low on cards in hand she ended up killing us 7 damage at at time
only took 3 turns cause i was at 6 and my other opponent was at 10

overall a fun game but it was not the way the deck was designed, also it probably doesnt help that I spent the other 3 games we played that day building up alliances and stabbing people in the back or just winning with something out of nowhere like rise of the second sun or insurrection
as soon as you lose your gaydudes for like the 3rd time in 4 turns the deck really just falls apart.

>> No.56931879

My ex built Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord. She built it on a pretty tight budget and it still ended up very powerful.

>> No.56931995

I always hate when the draws aren't on my side so I end up sitting in the corner drooling while everyone else plays the game and actually interacts with the board.
My last game went pretty well, was the first time I used my Rhys the redeemed deck and ended up winning after going up to 65 life and then dropping to 20, kinda ended on a weird note when the guy who was pretty try hard spent like 30 minutes tutoring for a card that could save him, when he was pretty decidedly beaten, it's understandable since there was a pack of modern masters on the line and people like to exhaust all their options but there comes a point where you're not gonna see anything new the 10th time you look through your deck, overall a gg though

>> No.56932001

My wife runs Sultai Hermit Druid and Big Black

>> No.56932032

>All of /edhg/'s self proclaimed women play artifacts
What does it mean?

>> No.56932053

trannies are def not drawn to transhumanism why would you even suggest that?

>> No.56932058

women only care about shinny things that last

>> No.56932099

here's your reply
does anyone have any good mtg related (you) reaction pics, i'm short on them

>> No.56932180

Command! That’s a good one. It is so expensive now. Undertaker has been in consideration, but she’s so fragile. Has anyone actually used her to good effect?

>> No.56932240


>> No.56932655

I know 4 that play commander
1.- RG Omnath
2.- Mardu Zurgo voltron(Retired)
3.- Azami wizard tribal(also retired)
4.- Edgar Markov Vampire tribal and Isamaru Voltron.

The first 3 are cool, but a lot of them stopped playing. I don't play much with 4 but she's nice, sadly she plays with MOL 1v1 rules.

>> No.56932843

Neck yourself

>> No.56932864


angry angry omnath or karametra from my experience

>> No.56932878

you're my kinda guy

>> No.56933021

When using 2d10 for counting purposes, the first die (on the left) counts the 10's and the second die (on the right) counts the 1's.

As clearly seen in this anon's picture. >>56930005

Honestly, bunch of fucking drama queens.

>> No.56933076

I'm thinking about building this deck since I love lands like Swarmyard, Elephant Graveyard, Yavimaya Hollow

How many Relentless Rats should I put in the deck? I'm thinking maybe like 25-30?

>> No.56933082

Women that like MtG have autism
People that like artifacts have autism

>> No.56933193

Mayael fatties and competetive Food Chain Prossh followed by Nekusar, Sharuum Four Horsemen Combo and Rubinia (for the kiddy glove tables)

>> No.56933260

personal favorite catchall

>> No.56933543

Vial Smasher + Ludevig's Opus

>> No.56933708

>make a misplay
>see playmat
>can't help but imagine Marchesa berating me for my suboptimal play
>instant boner


>> No.56933763

weeb genocide when?

>> No.56934083

Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker ft. the Shadowborn Apostles

>> No.56934149

Marchesa ain't anime, dog

>> No.56934151


Sample size is 20 girls /edhg/ knows. 9/20 picked up tribal decks early in their careers. I can't imagine that this is super high, given commander has pushed tribal a lot in every tribal set, with elves 2014, snakes and giants 2015, and 2017 as year of the tribes.

Hell, as a guy, my first deck was Ezuri elves, and my store is rife with tribal decks. Speaking thoroughly unscientifically, it doesn't sound like a significant trend(though maybe girls liking angels is).

>> No.56934169

my group is all dudes and every single player has 1-2 tribal decks (except me, because tribals are for brainlets)

>> No.56934214

The one girl who frequented our commander night plays nothing but combo and is a huge cunt. She got our token stoner guy banned for life by telling the store that he had threatened her life (which is complete BS for anyone who actually knows him, dudes dopey and harmless). I'm just glad she stopped playing desu, she made everyone edgy about not saying or doing the wrong thing and drawing her ire.

The only other girl I know who play(ed) magic is my gf and she was a dedicated hard U/x control player. I used play(ed) because she developed a blindness and while she could definitely still play with braille sleeves, she prefers listening to others because she herself is just so slow to take turns and make decisions.

>> No.56934217

Mtg angels are usually kickass and sexy so they make good fantasy self inserts.

>> No.56934223

That's a little high in my experience, but to be sure tribal decks are common. In my old play group I know at least half the players had one, though I was the only one to pick a tribal up as my first.

>> No.56934306

I want to make people discard. What's my best option?

>> No.56934332


>> No.56934418

Convincing Sheldork to unban Leovold

>> No.56934436

Pure-Voltron Derevi.

4cmc every turn means aggressive Derevi plays, but its voltron, so its a very risky/unstable strategy that can be easily shut down.

>> No.56934498

Bane of Progress and Subterranean Tremors my senpai.

>> No.56934516

Why do you want them to discard? If you just want all your enemies to be hellbent then probably nath, with some extra discard engines.

If you want to do it to take advantage of cards like megrim and waste not then you want nekusaur.

>> No.56934578

my mistake
loser genocide when?

>> No.56934590

Anyone know how I can make high quality proxies with alternate art for my EDH commander?

Are there any chinese printing sites that will print things without question? Does anyone have any good options?

>> No.56934725

Jankmasters, lend me your energy. I keep getting discouraged because I feel like I’m jumping through too many hoops for something that could be achieved much easier.

But the jank must flow. The garbage fire needs to be lit. How do you keep yourself entertained while not getting frustrated? I’ve had at least two decks fail because the only time their synergies worked was when my opponent reanimated by whole graveyard.

>> No.56934748




>> No.56934806

>under 4 cmc
>tremors doesn't even hit Derevi

I'd run shatterstorm, maybe Anger of the Gods and Sweltering Suns. Manglehorn is pretty good too.

>> No.56935451

For best commander, play my man Neheb. You'll be missing some sweet tech, but at least you have red and black to work with, black being the most important thing anyway, red probably the second most important.

>> No.56935452

Negating commander tax is a yuge boon to a voltron deck. There's literally no risk to playing your commander. You're guaranteed to always have an affordable source of evasive commander damage out. Commander damage is a common wincon for Bird Lady already once she's set up a lock.

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