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Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread.


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Thread Question: How do you handle encumbrance?

Thread Design Challenge: Most creative trap you would actually use in your dungeon.

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I handle encumbrance via negotiation. Players have to reasonably demonstrate that their bag could fit everything in their inventory and that it's a reasonable load for their character to carry

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>Thread Question: How do you handle encumbrance?
You can carry your Strength score in half-stone.

>Thread Design Challenge: Most creative trap you would actually use in your dungeon.
I can't say it's all that creative since it's blatantly plagiarized, but I've always been a fan of the idea of a trigger of some sort that causes part of the dungeon to rotate.

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>causes part of the dungeon to rotate
The twist is that it rotates vertically

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follow up challenge: resist the urge to link to your blog

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>the resident faggot being this assmauled
Lucky for you that Skerples wrote a post about guys like you!

I guess I should post a painting by Hubert Robert or somebody to trigger you further, but fuck it, I can't be bothered. You'll have to imagine it.

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[Coins]/[Bracket - Previous Brackets - Gear].
1 line per encumbrance bracket, gear spills to the next line if the right side hits 0.

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Just wait for a stranger to spring me.

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I am partial to the "giant stone door barred from the side the players are facing" as a trap. Who barred it? Is there a monster behind it? An apocalypse? Several apocalypses? But maybe... it's gold. We should open it.

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So it dumps the party on the ceiling?

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Gravity reversal too! Big spinning stone hamster wheels or gears or round things with holes in them.

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nth for let's make a wrangler class a reality

Attack: as thief/cleric
HP: 1d6
PrimeReq: DEX, CHA
Armor: leather
weapons: dagger, dart, whip, lasso & pistols(hand-crossbows if there are none)

Wrangling: as a cleric's turn-undead, but instead it triggers when the wrangler uses a whip/lasso to attack a non-magical beast, how ever instead of dissolving or disintegrating at low enough HD, a wrangled beast is "dominated" and will follow the wrangler as closely as it can.
If the wrangler buys meals and/or barding for the beast while also spending 1d4 weeks worth of time with it, the beast eventually becomes as loyal as a follower and follows the same rules as one(except the ability to gain class levels).
The beasts can follow simple orders only.

At 9th level the wrangler can open a "Gran Rodeo" and gain some wrangler apprentices, he also gains the ability to wrangle magical beasts.

(I kinda wanted to give him some trick abilities, but I have 0 idea how to do it without fucking up the wording)

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Ability: Cor, Ain't She A Beaut
You get XP from creatures you wrassle and release instead of killing. You must describe the creature's features to any bystanders.

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Made a custom character sheet for Basic Fantasy RPG. Stolen from Last Gasps sheet because it's the best one.

- Includes some supplements (Secondary Skills, Combat Options)
- Kept % Skills blank for custom classes.
- Kept LotFP Encumbrance because its just better.
- Included the x-in-6 die for dungeoneering skills everyone has.
- Added a 'grimoire'.
- Room for listing save bonuses

I dunno, it might be of use to someone else.

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Wrangler (xp as Fighter, prime requisite Wis)
THAC0 as Fighter, HD as Fighter, Saves as Cleric
Prohibited from drawing blood against non-humanoids.
Rolls to take subdued semi/low Int monsters as hirelings.
At name level, takes a Rodeo to any settlement they visit.
Can leads herds of animals when running mass combat.

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Quoting from previous thread
>Okay, aftermath of the Temple of the Serpent Kings / Stars Without Number run:

>3 Players with multiple character sheets. The party was awakened from cryo with their captain missing and a damaged Spike Drive. The goal was to search the wrecked ship for salvagable parts to maybe repair their ship.

>Two dead bodies. Psychic (and party medic) got bisected by the door trap (I recontextualized it as a faulty Doom door rather then a hammer). The Expert got stabbed by the Rogue Prosthesis, the reskinned mummy hands in the pool in area 11.

>The players found the Basilisk and the Guardian, both reskinned as models of war droids. They retreated from the former and managed to destroy the later. As it turns out, machine guns are better at dealing with stronger opponents then sword and board is, who knew?

>All in all, I liked how the session went. Players had a healthy dose of fear and SWN's lack of easy healing meant they were playing cautiously... sometimes. It didn't stop a couple boneheaded mistakes.

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Well that sounds absolutely excellent.

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This trap looks interesting, but I have no idea what's going on. Can you please explain it with more words?

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Would you agree that removing the "core" classes (fighter, thief, wizard, cleric) limits compatibility with TSR D&D more than removing the "core" non-human races (elves, halflings, dwarves)?

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Only because you said that removing the classes |more| than removing the races.

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It's a pitfall trap hiding a door. You won't spot the door unless you fall in, search the pit, or cross the pit then backtrack.
To go through the door you have to go into the pitfall, then move the false floor out of the way (probably by raising it up).
The you open the door and BAM! Poison. You can't move rashly because spikes. You can't climb because false floor.

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Ok you schmucks, here are 1d100 Seduction Side Effects: https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.ca/2017/12/1d100-seduction-side-effects.html

Roll after you've seduced someone. It's system-, setting-, time period-, and gender-less. How's that for non-GLOG content, eh?

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>How do you handle encumbrance?

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Players get ten inventory slots modified by their str mod. Then they go up encumbrance levels depending on their str mod. At -3, they go up one for each extra slot, at -2, it's every two slots, at -1 it's every 3 slots, and so on until at +3 it goes up every four slots.

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I'm amused by the idea of getting challenged to multiple duels at dawn.
It's odd that there's no roll twice +20 or just straight up roll twice.
How does Next! work with the capstone?
>How's that for non-GLOG content, eh?
Hard to think of it that way knowing it was made as a class tie-in.

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>Lost Pants. Can't find your underwear or pants/skirt/dress. Armour is not affected but will chafe.

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>Most creative trap you'd actually use in your dungeon

Once I had the idea for a trap that was essentially little more then a small depression in the floor which was constantly on fire. It's extremely easy to jump over even when encumbered.

There are some treasures in the dungeon, perhaps a large chalice or some gemstones, that are enchanted to sink to the floor at the moment they cross over this line. So most of the time people will just try to jump back over the fire and get shoved to the ground where they will take fire damage over time.

The solution may be to either slowly winch it across like with a crane, extinguish the flames, or build a bridge over the fire that can support the strong weight of the pulling downward force.

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Your houserules?

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>I'm amused by the idea of getting challenged to multiple duels at dawn.
Typical PC behavior.
>It's odd that there's no roll twice +20 or just straight up roll twice.
Adding too many of those could create a silliness cascade.
>How does Next! work with the capstone?
As you'd expect. You seduce a target and select Next! (because it's your selected result). You may roll again on this table with a +5 bonus if you immediately seduce another target.

So if you immediately seduce another target (and it is immediate, like, roll out of bed and seduce the maid, bother the next Mind Flayer in line, etc), you gain a +5 bonus if you roll. If you don't roll and choose to select the Next result instead, go back to the start. Otherwise, roll with a +5 bonus. You can always choose to roll, remember.
Hard to think of it that way knowing it was made as a class tie-in.
Bah, I started working on this first.

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If you made this, could you typeset Gary's?

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I'm sorry?

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I think he means Gary Gygax's house rules.

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That's very good. I'd consider adding a few magnet/floating/movement based traps elsewhere just to give a hint to a clever player.

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A bit crude, but here's the odds of getting X meaningful bonuses.

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Would moving Initiative from DEX to WIS break anything major in LotFP?

I'm working on removing Clerics, but without them WIS is only good for non-magical saves. Since DEX does AC, Ranged AB, and Initiative, I figured I could add some importance to WIS by tying it to Initiative instead. Thoughts?

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>Wisdom rating will act much as does that for intelligence.
You're putting more consideration into making Wisdom useful than was put into adding Wisdom initially.
I'd make a case for removing it even if you left Clerics. If you're removing Clerics it has no business staying.

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>Just remove WIS altogether
That's not a bad idea. So you're suggesting remove WIS, and distribute the remaining saves out to other stats (Probably DEX to Stun and Breath, and CON to Poison)?
I'm half-tempted to just do away with the idea of stats influencing saving throws, but it seems... counter-intuitive.

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Yes. Dex is already pretty overstocked with bonuses. Giving Wis a little something extra is great.

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>Most creative trap you would actually use in your dungeon.
Long time ago someone posted a dungeon to osrg with a room filled with blown up corpses and a charred goblin that managed to put its helmet over something. The orb under the helmet just chucks fireballs all over if its exposed. Really liked the description and set up. Effective storyteling in a short description, good bait, useful if the players can figure something out.


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>The orb under the helmet just chucks fireballs all over if its exposed.
I guarantee at least three players will die trying to capture and weaponize a think like that.

And it'll be glorious.

Could be in the same dungeon as the fire pit trap posted in >>56910529
. Seems thematically linked.

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you find a ladder going up, daylight goes through the small hole at the end.

If you decide to go up, (you're probably tired and worn and want to go out and have a rest, replenish equipment and all that) you find that it's in fact the chamber of a painter, who is painting the sky over the small vault. The whole room is lit by a flock of fireflies.

The painter is actually a nice guy but the fireflies are carnivorous and he needs to feed them in order to finish the painting.

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also, a wisdom check might let you know that the time outside doesn't match with the light coming from the "outside"

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You all know that most World of dungeons clones have no storygaming charge at all, right?

>> No.56913015

But that makes no sense, why isn't the orb shooting fire at the helmet? What counts as "exposed"? Does it have to see the ceiling? Is a cloth enough to cover it? Don't helmets have holes for line of sight to travel through? Also, is the orb fixed to the floor or can they carry it around?

>> No.56913227

Does it only target creatures?

>> No.56913273

Open question: If a character tries to use a weapon that could totally use RAW, but feels weird somehow, do you let them straight away or put some kind of penalty?

Example: An elf using a shotgun the first time he comes into civilization; a druid using a rapier after using a cane all the campaign; a cleric using an orc slingshot; even having lots of dexterity or whatever.

I guess that's up to the GM. We are in the technological age and we cannot help thinking in terms of "movement-position-heat detectors; shoot trigger". Personally I'd go with a more magical explanation: The orb is programmed by it's creator to wipe all intruders in the room it's located. Once you put the helmet over it, the helmet becomes the room it's located.

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Why would it matter which classes exactly you used? You could change the classes entirely to Monk, Shaman, Warlock, Centaur, and Gnoll if you like and it would probably work out just fine.

>> No.56914011

Who else gets rid of Class restrictions from Ability Scores and ditches weapon restrictions all together?

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I just give them -4 to hit at the most. Each thing they kill lowers the penalty by 1.

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>classless games
False OSR, get ye gone.

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Daily reminder if you don't have classes you're playing RuneQuest.

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This sounds like it takes forever.

>> No.56915942


It's just stripped down Dungeon World. Not OSR. Nobody cares.

>> No.56915962

Ran out of air to burn?
Just put it in a tube.
Reads like a gotcha.

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If the whole dungeon rotates upside down AND gravity reverses wouldn't that change nothing?

>> No.56916244

Seems that way right up until they leave that part of the dungeon.

>> No.56916425

You just saved me a lot of time, thanks a lot.

>> No.56916464

>- Kept LotFP Encumbrance

>> No.56916509

I get it. It's just that room then. You could describe strange things on the ceiling up until then. As a bonus it will fuck up their map, like the rotating room in B4.

>> No.56916636

how does time in rooms movement works?

some rulebooks say it is 10 minutes per room, how do you narrate that when the players want to interact?

i mostly do turn by turn of 6-10 seconds when in a dungeon

>> No.56916806

>This will require four turns.

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I was told to come here in my own thread
Anyone can give me some tips on how to make a hexcrawl/travelling system? Its for a computer game so rules can be quite advanced, but I am struggling with finding interesting mechanics that make it fun to plan your travels.

>> No.56917204

> tips on how to make a hexcrawl/travelling system
It might be fun for the players if they know how dangerous each hex is. For example, the further the players get from the central city, the nastier the monsters but also the bigger the loot. You could also require the players to carry more supplies or hire porter/pack handlers to travel further from the city.

>> No.56917505

Hm, how would I do that?
I could add a scout button I suppose, allowing you to scout out the tile ahead, but there would have to be some penalty involved to not bog the game down in scouting every time you want to move. So far everything has revolved around balancing your rations for the trip. Do you think it would be a good idea to separate food and drink?

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That is really clever, I love it. Especially nice as a special room on the 2nd floor of a dungeon, should the players remember that.

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>Anyone can give me some tips on how to make a hexcrawl/travelling system?
Make use of misinformation. Have rumors and approximate locations of things on maps. Have villagers and passerby sell incomplete/flawed maps. Show some landmarks, but not others. Maybe you can have a hand-drawn map that gets replaced by realistic terrain as you explore?
Answering questions can feel very rewarding, so give your players several questions and uncertantities to figure out.

>Do you think it would be a good idea to separate food and drink?
Many people handwave water in tabletop games since it's relatively plentiful, but with a digital game I see no reason not to include it. As long as it's not a pain in the ass to refill waterskins (oops you forgot to manually click on the refill button at any of the three streams you rested by, looks like you die of thirst) it can become an interesting limitation in certain types of terrain.

>> No.56917722

That's pretty clever as well. I would probably introduce the gem-magnet floor somewhere just to totally fuck the playera out of the blue, but I love the puzzle

>> No.56917811

It's superior to any other OSR system.

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>Thread Design Challenge: Most creative trap you would actually use in your dungeon.

Not sure if it's "clever" really, but here's a trap idea I've been working on recently:

A dry fountain sits in the middle of a stone chamber whose walls are painted in the likeness of a tranquil garden. The fountain is made from 4 marble statues, the holes that the water once plowed through now plugged, set in macabre poses:
>A screaming man, doubled over in pain. His hands and eyes are made of gold. The hands and eyes have seams and can be removed. If the hands or eyes are removed, then 3d6 water moccasins (snakes) will pour out of holes in the statue and attack.
>A bald woman. Her jaw is missing, and she holds a porcelain jug. The jug is stoppered by a large ruby. If it is pried free, there is a loud popping sound like when you open a bottle of campaign, and a hissing sound issues forth from the hole. Everyone within 30' of the statue must save versus poison or fall victim to sleep gas, falling asleep for d4 turns. The gas dissipates after a turn. The noise triggers a wandering monster check.
-A muscular man, his head missing and his arms and legs swapped. An Emerald is wedged into the open neck hole. Removing the emerald releases a jet of green slime (save versus breath weapon to avoid). The slime coats the thief and glows bright green in the dark. It is very difficult to remove without soap.
-A young boy and girl, each tearing the skin from the other's exposed back. A sapphire is wedged int the girl's left eye. Prying the sapphire free will release a brown pudding which will gush forth from the statue and attack, surprising on a 4 in 6.

If examined it is easy to tell that the gemstones are mere glass replicas, worth a handful of copper pieces each at most. The hands and eyes of the first statue are stone covered in a thin layer of gold: if scraped completely it barely amounts to a single gold piece.

>> No.56918211

Getting lost.
Terrain themed events.
Definitely have penalties on movement speed in more difficult terrains. Generally this is easiest if you have hexes (or squares in your case?) that take longer than a day to move through. This also makes rations and planning more of a concern. Possibly avoiding unpleasant terrain.
Limit inventory so that you can only take a certain amount of supplies without taking porters or horse-drawn wagons along. But if you do bring horse-drawn wagons along, they'll have more difficulties with some types of terrain than humans will. On the other hand, they carry significantly more.
You'll also need firewood and potentially feed for horses. If you're in a cold environ or season, you'll need warm clothes and blankets. A tent as well, even when it's not cold. If they don't have things like a tent, have them take penalties.

I'd have it auto-scout personally. I'd also separate food and drink myself, but you could do it either way.

>> No.56918218

While we're on the subject of character sheets, I made one in excel to have when I'm going to introduce some friends to d&d. It's based on LotFP, with some stuff made simpler.

The style of saves is a bit of a hot potato in this thread. I like F/R/W because I don't personally care for the 5 different saves, and its slightly more nuanced than save vs magic / non-magic.

"Abilities" are for writing down stuff like Press/Defensive attacks for fighters, along with spells, and other things players might want (Back stabbing as a specialist, for instance).

I wanted a lot of room to just make stuff up and have it fit somewhere since we haven't played with this group yet.

>> No.56918425

Not that guy but how do you do getting lost in a hexcrawl if the players can see the map?

>> No.56918529

Also not that guy, but you can show them where they think they are, while keeping in mind where they actually are.
>We go west.
>Okay, you see a forest on the horizon.
>But it should be mountains to the west!
>That IS interesting, isn't it?

>> No.56918533

Missing information. You show them going north, but actually they're going northeast. Not sure how well it would work in a computer game though.

>> No.56918860


Except Engines & Empires.

>> No.56919068

> Hm, how would I do that?
They could meet a traveller who tells them that it gets more dangerous the further they go in a certain direction. Or symbols on the map are chosen to make the dangerous areas look scary. Or use time-honored OSR method of teaching the players by killing their characters.

>> No.56919142

Oh shit I love that character sheet.

>> No.56919216

Fucking lol

>> No.56919266

Just say/show the surrounding hexes, players make their own map.
Make an actual map and impose the hex grid on top.
If you're not sure where a swamp ends and a forest begins you can roll for which it acts like.
If it's past by again, roll again. If actually visited, describe it as something in-between.

Disregarding all that, http://herebedragons.watabou.ru/ is great.

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>> No.56919658

It's fine

>> No.56919715

Yeah, I like the idea of forcing the players to navigate from the DMs descriptions only. No pointing on the map where they are, they have to refer to landmarks

>> No.56919815

I feel that players would feel the urge of killing ANYTHING in order to get rid of the penalty fast enough. Maybe I'd do it so they take off the penalty during enough downtime.

>> No.56920165

That is a good idea. Do you think the penalty is too harsh? Or just that it's harsh and can be immediately removed by killing things.

>> No.56920241

Two questions:
1. Has anyone tried playing AD&D without the optional proficiency rules?
2. Is OSR just a meme? I can't find any games advertised online.

pic not related

>> No.56920309

>AD&D without the optional proficiency rules?
You mean 2e? It's possible if you don't allow kits.

>I can't find any games advertised online.
People usually specify "[system] game" instead of just "OSR game"

captcha: stop juan

>> No.56920372

> People usually specify "[system] game" instead of just "OSR game"
I've searched for LotFP, LL, AD&D, etc individually, I must be being retarded then

> You mean 2e
Yeah I do, sorry. It was the first RPG I played back in the day, so AD&D is always 2E for me.

With respect to not using proficiencies, do you think it would be fun? There's a paragraph in the 2E DMG about players using proficiencies as a crutch and no longer worrying about character development or RP, and I think that's a valid point.

>> No.56920504

F/R/W saves fucking sucks

>> No.56920534

>I've searched for LotFP, LL, AD&D, etc individually, I must be being retarded then
Which sites?

>With respect to not using proficiencies, do you think it would be fun?
I don't see why not

>> No.56920608

Which sites?
Enworld, Plebbit, Mythweavers
>With respect to not using proficiencies, do you think it would be fun?
Right then, I'll get my DMs hat on, thanks anon

>> No.56920784


OSR is a memeplex—a cluster of memes.

>> No.56920987

What are everybodies thoughts on AS&SH 2e? It seems to me like the game system and the setting don't quite mesh right, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

>> No.56921254

Maybe 2 of us have read it and none of us have played it.
We have no opinion yet.

>> No.56921366

Do you really conduct melee before describing the room?

>> No.56921434


It's not like you can ask the enemies to hold on while you move your light sources around and measure the room and so forth. If you step out of a door into a big black space and there are nasty critters at the edge of your circle of light, it's either fighting or running time.

>> No.56921467

You suck!

>> No.56921470

On a scale of 1-10 how autistic would it be if I started running a solitaire campaign for myself and keeping logs of it?

Keep in mind that someone is already doing it: http://theironrealm.blogspot.com/

>> No.56921553

Play some of the single-player 2e modules, I'd be interested to read your antics.

>> No.56921618

How would I go about submitting some PDF's to the trove? I have some files to add, specifically the first and fourth editions of Tunnels & Trolls

>> No.56921677

It's not a big room.

>> No.56921736

Daily reminder that ASSH 2e and some other new OSR stuff is in the EPT Trove in the share thread.

>> No.56921757

Wow that scale is really fucked up

Using RAW 2e or something else? When I posted I was thinking of S&W + Black Streams using random modules.

>> No.56921860


Sounds like the good kind of autism, that makes entertaining stuff.

>> No.56921908

>Using RAW 2e or something else? When I posted I was thinking of S&W + Black Streams using random modules.

AD&D 2E. There were at least two single player modules that you had to use an invisible ink pen to reveal what happened in each location.

>> No.56921924

As long as you post it somewhere, you have an excuse that you're an entertainer

>> No.56921940

How do I do jojo in D&D

>> No.56921941


I want to know this too.

>> No.56921985

Still a very small room.



A torch at the door will give full view of the room, though the back wall and corners will be dim.

>> No.56922046

PCs are 0-level humans.
Their stands are fighters with one unique special ability. Preferably rolled for on a d100 chart.

>> No.56922111

>harsh and can be immediately removed by killing things.


>> No.56922633

> What are everybodies thoughts on AS&SH 2e?
Haven't seen any differences in the rules from 1e. I like it, but there are lots of modifiers to combat to remember or in my case to forget.
> It seems to me like the game system and the setting don't quite mesh right
For example?

>> No.56923292

Is OSR inherently tied to low-fantasy? It seems like practically every rulebook describes "evil and scary" magic, encourages human-centricity, features gritty line ink art, etc.

Is high-fantasy incompatible with the OSR mindset, or is the prevalent low-fantasy leaning merely a coincidence?

>> No.56923302

People have tied OSR to a million different genres. So no. But people generally don't lean towards high power games.

>> No.56923342


High fantasy ≠ high power.

That said, high fantasy tends to involve shit like prophecy, destiny, and truly altruistic heroes. These elements don't tend to go well with open-ended, anything-can-happen games where the "heroes" are money-grubbing rogues and sellswords.

That said, if you want high fantasy OSR, it exists. It's called "The Hero's Journey." I'm pretty sure it's in the trove.

>> No.56923353

>Is OSR inherently tied to low-fantasy?
cf. Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Mystara, et al.

>> No.56923360


Follow up: yep, it's there. Swords & Wizardry > S&W Based games > Hero's Journey

>> No.56923368

>Is OSR inherently tied to low-fantasy?
Yes, but I think you're misusing the term.
>It seems like practically every rulebook describes "evil and scary" magic,
Tell don't show attempting to play up traditional Sowrds & Sorcery.
>encourages human-centricity,
Gary wanted it over people in funny hats. You're mostly listening to parrots.

>> No.56923438

It's time to shill |my| blog!

Old material for some here but free is free.

I talk about what inspired the modules.

Also, what's a good G+ group to join so I can shill to more people and RPGnow e-monies.

>> No.56923445

Does anyone have a PDF of Obscene Serpent Religion? I can't find it in the trove.

>> No.56923481

"Evil and scary" magic is just the hipsters. Don't mind them.

The OSR mindset generally is lower fantasy, but that's because a large part of it is based around resource management. Most of the rules could be adapted to run higher fantasy.

If you want a higher fantasy sort of game, games based on 2e are better for you. Alternatively, just use high-fantasy style rules like a more forgiving character generation system, death not until -10 HP or something, and definitely use a gold standard. Also I wouldn't use race-as-class. And of course tailor the world so that there's some sort of overarching plot involving a major conflict of some sort rather than just having the characters be a bunch of tomb robbers.

>> No.56923580

>Is OSR inherently tied to low-fantasy?
A game with elves, dwarves, hobbits, wizards, miracle workers, liches, and dragons is not low fantasy, no matter what the rulebooks say.

>> No.56923662

Start by looking in the PDF Share thread and going to the solo games trove.

>> No.56923884

but muh conan
delet this

>> No.56923910


Shoo, ghost of Gary Gygax! Shoo!

>> No.56923951

When its not wearing a hat thus exposing its head to god's vision.

>> No.56923962

Name 12 ghosts with better taste in fantasy. And use dice+1d12

>> No.56924050

>when your mind starts to wander and you start thinking what magnitude ghosts Gygax and Arneson would be

>> No.56924247

Can't speak for Arneson, but Gygax would be an ethereal mummy

>> No.56925598

Is there any reason why you can't just re-fluff crossbows as guns instead of trying to come up with some firearms system?

>> No.56925636

Yes, but we'll never tell it
Yes, but we'll never tell it

>> No.56925721

Because what if you want to have crossbows and firearms in the same syyyyyssteeeem?

>> No.56925730

Because I want crossbows and guns?
More seriously, it really doesn't matter how you stat up a combination of damage, range, and reload time, as long as it "feels" right and doesn't become the only choice in combat (unless that's your goal).

>> No.56925770

>crossbows and firearms
y tho

>> No.56925774


The best trap to use in the dungeon is using the player's confidence and the dungeon itself against them. Convince the player they are more one turn and set of torches/rations away from something better. Before they know it they are in more trouble than they realize.

>> No.56925794

>y tho
Because it's not-1380 not-France?

>> No.56925822

Oooh, this is some good stuff.

What's your favorite post?
>Also, what's a good G+ group to join so I can shill to more people and RPGnow e-monies.
No fucking idea. I have next to no idea how G+ works.

>> No.56925839

Because my autism makes me like writing up new systems for different weapons. Or at the very least, creating a wide variety of weapons.

>> No.56925848


>> No.56925939


I bet your ancestors come from one of those countries that used to be scared of them, huh?

>> No.56925967


>not running your game in a totally anachronistic not!European setting
>not having everyone use swords and wearing full plate despite not having any firearms
>but the ships still have cannons because ship to ship combat without cannons is boring and lame

Get on my level scrubs.

>> No.56925982

>hot having a cowboy god in honor of the villain of the tsr story

>Get on my level scrubs.
You'll have to send a wight.

>> No.56926013

>>but the ships still have cannons because ship to ship combat without cannons is boring and lame
Speaking of cannons...
Is there any good treasury of "generic" magic items in OSR format? I remember 4E had some sort of magic armory book.

>> No.56926329

I'd swear my 2e books all have an ad for this in the endpapers.

>> No.56926365

Yup, they all do. Book of Artifacts. I bet. It's in. The trove.
My final final starts in 8 hours. G'night /osrg/.

>> No.56926486

Night. I think the BoA stuff is a little too unique/powerful for what I'm looking for.

>> No.56926527

In b/x when it uses carry weight as "weighs as X number of coins", does it specify what type of material those coins are?

Surely, copper silver and gold coins can't weigh anywhere near the same amount per volume.

>> No.56926607


The weights are the same, because gaming abstraction.

>> No.56926680

I'm looking for interesting posts on giants, you know of any?

>> No.56927500


- Guns are easier to conceal but loud

- Bows and crossbows are harder to conceal but quiet

Also if it was my game, I'd make people choose which one they want and stick with it, so if you lose your gun and find a bow, you're going to be clumsy with it.

>> No.56927603

How do I go about making my own OSR?

>> No.56927620


>Take any game you can mostly tolerate
>Change the one rule that's bugging you


>> No.56927846

Do you use special botch rules for characters that use flails?
I think it's something pretty much assumed among the old rpg guys around here, and I don't know if it came straight from a book or it's just a local meme

>> No.56927894

Do you know any good table for random background/inventory? basically what I want is more like this:

I'm pretty sure this is not what you want, but still.

>> No.56928459

As written coins are 1/10 of a pound. Gold, silver, et al. aren't the same mass per volume.

Yes, this does mean that your copper pieces are pretty huge.

>> No.56929725

>Do you use special botch rules for characters that use swords?
>I think it's something pretty much assumed among the old rpg guys around here, and I don't know if it came straight from a book or it's just a local meme
Yes, of course. If you miss 15 attacks in a row, your sword becomes a +1 sword with a strong ego and immediately wrestles with you so it can find a better owner.

>> No.56930490

Shilling my own stuff again but there's a sad lack of love for giants in the OSR.

>> No.56930561

As for official materials:
>G series
>Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff (if you want a giant campaign with out Drow as the masterminds)
>Dragon 254 (giant tactics, NPCs, giant undead)
>Dragon 266 (giant lycanthropes)
>Land of Fate (Ogre Giants and Island Giants)
>various MCs

>> No.56930687

Good 3rd party material that I can vouch for is limited to G4 - Sanctum of the Stone Giant Lord for actual OSR material.

On the DCC side there's Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman which is kinda like an edgier G1. There's also the Monster Extractor III if you want to make your own giants.

If you don't mind some light conversion work, 3e had The Crumbling Hall of The Frost Giant Jarl which was a sorta sequel to G2 taking place years after the fact.

>> No.56930741


>> No.56930811

Where could I get my hands on that Lamentations playtest document?

>> No.56931161

On my quest to mix the anime tropes with the OSR I've stumbled with another question:

When is it right to use charisma as a factor in combat?

How would you implant, be it as a rule, be it as a class feat (knight maybe), the moment in which a combatant takes out his sheer force of will to achieve that special dream and strikes a remarkable punch (or depending on the anime, a strain of berserker fury)?

>> No.56931311


To follow up on this, it would be interesting to use it when PC morale or fear is a factor. But normally PCs do not require that kind of rolls, and when supernatural fear is cast on them, there is a specific save for that.

>> No.56931864

Charisma = guts an/or qi
Like in DCC you can temporarily "burn" Cha points for certain effects. X = Charisma points burned

>1. Second Wind
You instantly regain X hp, up to your max.

>2. Push it to the limit
Increase one other ability score by (X-1) for 1 hour.

>3. Channel power
Gain +X to any 1 roll (including damage); an attack made using this power counts as +(X/3) weapon's attack for purposes of AC (i.e. a +3 to damage also counts as a +1 weapon and can hit a vampire)

>4. Final Attack
A special attack that consumes all the PC's Cha as he goes out in a blaze of glory. For the duration of combat he gets X extra bonus attacks, deals +X damage, and may cast (X/2) extra spells per turn. After combat, the PC dies. Only Resurrection and higher-levels can restore the PC and even then they only have a 25% chance to succeed - the spirit of the PC is totally satisfied with the end of his life.

>> No.56932247

Frankly, this seems like a good thing to put near a real trap.

>> No.56932364

>think i finally got my starting equipment sorted
>already at moderate encumberance

Is it normal in 2e to be considering buying a mule at start?

>> No.56932511

You'd be better off hiring a porter, but a cart is a must for faraway dungeons.

>> No.56932798

Silver standard except the prices of goods are RAW and still in terms of gold.
Is this fair? How does this change the game?

>> No.56932867

That's a very loose term. Even Spelunky is fair.
Everybody is poor. Only Clerics build castles.

>> No.56932925

How it should be, in my opinion.

Makes it actually a fair investment to buy anything. You want plate mail? Yeah, that'll be 4000sp, please. That's enough to buy you from level 1 to 3, or level 3 to 4. A fully equipped warhorse is twice that. Rather than every fighter getting one immediately at level 2.

Perfectly fair. In fact, I use a copper standard with gold standard prices.

>> No.56933136

Making stuff more expensive sounds like a good idea.

>> No.56933196

>I use a copper standard with gold standard prices
Alignment: Lawful Evil

>> No.56933252

>2-axis alignment
You're aligned with Chaos.

>> No.56933356

I also just remembered that & Magazine #10 has an tomb complex add-on for G2 called Ice Tombs of the Frost Jotuns.

>> No.56933738

I was number crunching it a little and it looks like the couple fighters in the party would have platemail at level 3-4, horses don't start being common for the party until 5-6, getting hirelings and gear for an expedition is a huge loss if the party fails to recoup anything, etc. By level 3-5 though, the party members are still fairly wealthy if you use "the price of an inn" as being slightly higher than the average cost of living.
So pretty much, every level they have something big to save up for with their money but they're still able to say hire out 8 or 10 mercenaries by level 7 and start a warband?
I'm worried they could be too broke though at the high levels but the standard GP gives players ludicrous wealth by then. For reference, I run the power level at "Anyone over level 5 is famous, a level 7 fighter is the kings personal bodyguard."

>> No.56933972

For what it's worth I have an extra hard mode if I ever run a game for a group that's as masochistic as I am: instead of 1 GP = 10 SP = 100 CP, using 1 GP = 100 SP = 10000 CP. I've yet to meet a group that's masochistic enough for that, but maybe someday?

>> No.56934275

Based on what I'm seeing on RPGnow, I can safely say that Stranger Things was a mistake.

>> No.56934319

Fuck off shill.

>> No.56934575

But it's true. Everyone and their dog is making some crappy "quirky American teens fight monsters" game. It's almost as bad as the Hackpocalypse.

>> No.56934659

Quit spreading controversy/publicity for trash I've never heard of.
D&D, not!D&D, tits, or gtfo.

>> No.56934799

>Put a ridiculous abstract "riddle" on the wall with no actual solution to distract the party from the gradually lowering ceiling.
Stealing this.

>> No.56934822

I've done one of those before! One-way door in, two doors out, and a sign saying one door is trapped.

>> No.56934860


>> No.56934945

Yo, Skerper >36.7 MB so go find it, but I imagine you'd have a good time jacking off to TSR 9365 - GR2 - Dungeons Of Mystery Fold-Ups.pdf

>> No.56935073

>biggest normie gateway to D&D in years is spawning terrible RPG rip-offs
Domo oregano, Mr. Retardo.

>> No.56935081

The prices from which OSR game though? Basic? od&d?

>> No.56935116

My true identity...

I'm Kiljoy! Kiljoy! Kiljoy! Kiljoy!

>> No.56935276

If the games aren't OSR, they don't matter here. Unless there's a B/X inspired take on that or whatever, you're just blogging.

>> No.56935338

>If the games aren't OSR, they don't matter here.
Then why do so many people talk about GLOG?

>> No.56935390

Because the only thread with moderation is /twgg/
Which is, incidentally, why /twgg/ isn't on /qst/

>> No.56935693

OSR bloggers like GLOG. Either way, explosions of also-rans based on a zeitgeist happen all the time and they vanish just as quickly. Complaining about them is pretty much also promoting them.

>> No.56935850

Why's that?

>the Hackpocalypse

>> No.56935906


He means when The Black Hack came out, and there were some games that came out based on it, thus ruining everything forever.
Seriously, though, just ignore the shitposter and maybe he'll go get a blog we can avoid.

>> No.56935914

>OSR bloggers like GLOG

Not all of us.

>> No.56935934

>Why's that?
PDF related

There was a game called The Black Hack. Got heralded as the ultimate D&D. Once people saw the praise they made their own takes - Blue Hack, Gene Hack, Wasteland Hack, Cyber-Hacked, Cthulhu Hack, Victorian Hack, etc.

>> No.56935979


>> No.56936010

no bully

>> No.56936111

>Then why do so many people talk about GLOG?
You're the second anon mentioning it in this thread, and the first one was Skerp, our resident GLOGposter. And he mentionned it specifically to say he produced something that wasn't GLOG-specific.
Fuck off.

>> No.56936276

And that's a bad thing because...?
There's gonna be alot of shit, and some good stuff. As usual.

>> No.56936486

Is there anything in particular to recommend the earlier versions of Ravenloft over just backporting Curse of Strahd to LotFP or FH&W or something? I guess it mostly boils down to if you want a full campaign, or just a focused adventure that'll last for a session or two at most.

>> No.56936619

I haven't a chance to compare and contrast I6 and HoS but I imagine HoS is the better of the two. I6 really is just an unsubtle hack-n-slash + macguffin hunt.

Unless you're asking about the setting.

>> No.56937071

Fads, anon. So it goes. I wouldn't worry about it.

>> No.56937220

Improved over 1E. Some pages like the character classes need a rework to make them less cluttered and text heavy. Some more bolding+italics to differentiate important terms would've been nice. Most of the new art added is 'dynamic', but not very good.

Author still writes in affected neo-Gygaxian/Lovecraft purple prose. Doesn't bother me too much, but others might find it aggravating. All the actual important bits of information are perfectly understandable though.

Plenty of house rules I plan on stealing, especially the way Attribute Checks are handled. Generally feels like AD&D 1e with most (but not all) of the cruft removed. Big chapter on combat maneuvers dragging down the book should've been condensed to a paragraph giving some general guidelines on how to wing it.

Improved over 1E, more information given to locales and people. More effort made to feel different than a typical FR style high fantasy setting. Plenty of room left on the map to make your own. Heavily derivative of S&S/weird fiction, so if you don't want "Kimmerians" & MiGo & not-Lankhmar, then look elsewhere. Bestiary certainly doesn't need 4 seperate versions of "cannibal Ape-Man". Still has Orcs and Paladins for some reason, but those are minor parts of the setting and can be removed easily.

tl;dr: Worth a read. Now I just need a group to run the damn thing with.

>> No.56938094

Are there any supplements dealing primarily with extraplanar adventuring?

>> No.56938132

Dragon 8
Manual of the Planes
Planescape (yuck)

>> No.56938171

>files to add to the OSR trove
>specifically the first and fourth editions of Tunnels & Trolls
Step one is to gas yourself

>> No.56938179

Just getting here now. Can someone catch me up, pretty please?

>> No.56938220

I'm deeply amused by your physical copy of OSRIC. Otherwise, you have good taste.

08 → 03 → Miscellaneous → OP1

>> No.56938328

Where do you guys go to find online games? I've searched roll20 but found only slim pickings.

>> No.56938382


It's always slim pickings if you're not playing one of the top three or so games. You just have to keep watching.
We had a brief attempt at an /osrg/ open table game quite a while back, but there weren't enough people ready to run games.

>> No.56938410

>Dragon 8
...Interesting. I'm not so certain I'd use that definition of +1 and +2 weapons and so on (that creatures that can only be hit using one exist in 2 or 3 dimensions simultaneously), but it's an interesting idea.

As a side note, also from there is pic related.

>> No.56938496

>That pic.
Actual trash. I know it's probably a joke, but they could have at least tried to make it accurate.

>> No.56938823

I've been in two(?) games that started here and both died by the 2nd session.

Tenkar's discord apparently hosts pick-up games and dragonsfoot has a pbp subforum.

>> No.56938843

so the majority of the population are charisma 0? wot?

>> No.56938852

Has anyone ever taken the Diablo 2 classes and made them into OSR playable classes instead?

>> No.56938882


>> No.56938921

Additionally, serial killers all have high charisma.

>> No.56938947

>died by the 2nd session.

That's actually pretty normal for internet games, in my experience. People are very ready to flake when it's not in person. Hell, some of the games I've tried to set up didn't even manage one session.


It's a joke, anon. One that was probably written up on a typewriter one lazy afternoon in the 80s.

>> No.56938968


Amazon - Fighter
Assassin - Thief
Barbarian - Fighter
Druid - Magic User
Necromancer - Magic User
Paladin - Fighter
Sorceress - Magic User

>> No.56938996


The Diablo II supplement in question is for AD&D 2nd which is debatably not OSR.

>> No.56939169

>AD&D 2nd which is debatably not OSR
You asked for conversions for the game that inspired 3.x's WBL super-heroic hack-n-slash and now you're playing the "2e isn't OSR" card?
Go fuck yourself, Blizzkid.

>> No.56939233


Mechanically, it's like 95% OSR, it's more thematically that it's off. All that's missing is XP-for-gold, and some of the dungeon crawling rules.

>> No.56940007


The Hack games aren't OSR, but I appreciate that they exist. They're useful red flags.

>> No.56940286

>Actual trash. I know it's probably a joke, but they could have at least tried to make it accurate.
Why bother? No matter what they did, people would debate it endlessly and pointlessly.
>so the majority of the population are charisma 0? wot?
Hang out at your local Wal-Mart for a day and report back.

>> No.56940329


>> No.56940411 [DELETED] 

Taking Background: Tranah should definitely a Charisma penalty

>> No.56940431

Taking background: Tranah should definitely come with a Charisma penalty.

>> No.56940474

Please tell me that's satire.

>> No.56940521

The map, or my feelings about our nation's great capital?

>> No.56940731

The only thing Toronto is capital of is being crappy.

>> No.56941007

Ok /osr/.
1. What magic items does your character currently have on them?
2. What would happen if you melted them down and used them to cast a cannon?

I'm working on rules for magic cannons made out of spare magic items. Thoughts?

>> No.56941191

Toronto is your provincial capital, the nation's capital is Ottawa.

>> No.56941207

1. Coral bracelets that shoot high-pressure jets of water.
2. Mmmm...I guess if you had enough of them, and you could actually melt coral, it'd probably summon giant fish and launch them into the air.
seems like a case-by-case basis

>> No.56941230

I am aware, anon. It is a joke.

>> No.56941251

I'm looking at expanding my osr table. Is the online venue really so dead? What? That seems illogical.. DnD is fucking huge on twitch. Why in the hell can't osr bros get their shit together and start making a community, for themselves, and more, for the people who want to try these kinds of games. We need to get those people now, before they get corrupted.

>> No.56941268

Our ingroup political differences are more pronounced in my opinion.

>> No.56941291

Don't scare me like that anon.

>> No.56941297

Oh, well I wasn't looking at it that way. I'm not sure I could if I tried. Say, care to elaborate a bit on that, anon?

>> No.56941322

A lot of the "celebrities" of our "movement" are really toxic people, our brand is kind of tainted by people like the RPGpundit, Zak S, etc. And they tend to have fairly radical political views & rabid followers which also complicates matters.

>> No.56941330

Online games in general are really tricky, OSR or not. Twitch is different - it's usually more organized, with people who know each other outside of game.

Social bonds are the glue that holds a gaming group together. If there's nothing else linking the people involved - friendship, other media, work, etc. - there's no incentive to maintain the game. Even the best online game will slowly fall apart because online humans aren't "real", and real humans take priority.

Your best bet is to make friends in real life and then introduce them to D&D. People who've never gamed but are reliable, balanced, fun humans tend to make excellent players. With online randos, the only measure you have is their interest in your game; not a great metric for judging player quality.

>> No.56941374

>People who've never gamed but are reliable, balanced, fun humans tend to make excellent players.

They tend to make the BEST players IMO. Usually they come into the game without the baggage & preconceptions of cRPGs & 3.x

>> No.56941376

I second this anon's advice. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere or somewhere that still hasn't come out of the "satanic panic" phase, you should be able to find people. If you're a) in the army, or b) in college, you'll be tripping over rpg groups everywhere you go. If you don't fit into either of those qualities, just hit up your co-workers, there will always be a few people who always wanted to play but never got the chance. Or you'll find some fellow grognards. I lucked out and found a nice combo of grogs and noobs.

>> No.56941384

Sounds like a good way to wind up with curses, explosions, or ghosts.
And not just _any_ curses, explosions, or ghosts.
_Patient_ curses, explosions, or ghosts.

>> No.56941396

>Why in the hell can't osr bros get their shit together
1. Different systems that all do slightly different things.
2. The emphasis on houserules and rulings is a turn-off for normies.
3. The "big names" of the OSR are either diehard grogs, /pol/sters, or SJWs, none of which are good to hang around.
4. Arguments over how much innovation is too much innovation.

>in college,
At my college everyone played PF. The one guy who ran AD&D was an edgelord who bragged about giving PCs AIDS and how 1e was EPIC HARD MODE.

>> No.56941431

>The one guy who ran AD&D was an edgelord who bragged about giving PCs AIDS and how 1e was EPIC HARD MODE.

Point him out to me and I'll find a locker to stuff him into.

>> No.56941440

Wow.. I don't know if I should be horribly offended by that, accept it and keep my collar up, or laugh out loud? Jesus Christ. The hardest thing is getting people to play dnd again that did as kids and had horrible times with it. Ya, it's true, everyone wants to play dnd these days. Problem is everyone sucks at it.

>> No.56941445

>Usually they come into the game without the baggage & preconceptions of cRPGs & 3.x
Or even if they do, you can still talk to a normal person about high-level concepts like game design, philosophy of actions, implicit vs explicit storytelling, etc. You can explain /why/ you like OSR games in context. You can listen to issues they've had with past games and address them in your own.

It really comes down to GM skill though. And the only way to get good is to fail a lot.

Yuss. That is rather the idea.

Making a magic cannon by melting down spare magic items is not nessesarily a good idea, but it is an idea, and knowing my group it'll be their first idea.

>> No.56941477

>Problem is everyone sucks at it.
Then you must lead them.

"The merest accident of microgeography had meant that the first man to hear the voice of Om, and who gave Om his view of humans, was a shepherd and not a goatherd. They have quite different ways of looking at the world, and the whole of history might have been different. For sheep are stupid, and have to be driven. But goats are intelligent, and need to be led."

>> No.56941519

I'm not saying that it is impossible to change peoples minds, but it can be an uphill battle and it isn't always worth it to try when players grind the game to a halt and defer to the 3.x way of doing things when they aren't satisfied with a ruling. I appreciate your optimism though.

>> No.56941550

So don't play with those people? I'm not saying you /have/ to change everyone's mind. You've got every right to run games with the people you want to run games with.

>> No.56941580

No, but seriously. GR2 is right up your alley.

>> No.56941637

You forgot jails.

In my college, they play everything but D&D.

>> No.56941643

Oh, well in Georgia we had some stupid legislation recently that banned dnd from jails, the books and the dice. Don't know if it got repealed.

>> No.56941676

>not nesssssesairily a good idea, but it is an idea,
Depending on how they go about it, they might be able to save on weight and material.

>> No.56941692

Well, let's see what you think of the rules I drafted up:


>> No.56941698

>If you're a) in the army,
In my darker moments I've seriously considered joining the navy just so I'd have people to play TTRPGs with.

>> No.56941721

There have got to be easier paths to making friends.

>> No.56941760

Not to blogpost, but there's a decent amount of people at my job that I think might be reasonably interested in a game. Too bad I'm planning to find a new job after the holidays. I'd even re-enroll back in the local Community College, but the whole scene there is just furries, weebs, and other kinds of socially maladjusted weirdos. Getting people to try and play is hard. Getting people who aren't mouthbreathers AND want to play something other than PF/5e AND who have time to devote to it is even harder.

>> No.56941769

Seems overly simplistic. For something you'd expect to be rare and memorable, it could afford a few subtables.
Maybe generalize it for crafting other items? What happens if you hire a magic-user to anneal the spells?

>> No.56941818

I figure most of the uniqueness will come from what the players add to the mix. I tend to run unique magic items with weird, non-generic enchantments. I think most osr people here do as well.

What happens when the players toss in:
-a gold ring that lets the bearer see smells
-an electrum plate that contains a lightning bolt spell
-a shrunken head that detects lies but also whispers your darkest secrets
-a half-invisible cat

Or what if they take a legendary sword with a truly silly name http://falsemachine.blogspot.ca/2015/08/the-sword-you-never-heard-of.html
and melt it down along with the Crown of King Death and a few angel feathers?

The devil is in the details. I just want a framework on which to build disasters.

>> No.56941893

>most of the uniqueness will come from what the players add to the mix
Reading your blogpost is functionally equivalent to not reading it? Zen.

>> No.56941993

>Reading your blogpost is functionally equivalent to not reading it? Zen.
Reading the combat rules is pointless because every fight will be unique, right?

More seriously, it's a framework. Take >>56941207
's item, for example. Adding those could:
-let the cannon use high-pressure water jets instead of gunpowder
-make the cannon look like a coral reef and self-heal
-explode (mixing high pressure water and gunpowder might be a bad idea)
-turn it into a dual-mode cannon. It can shoot cannonballs or a water spray (for crowd control?)

And that's just 1 item. Add more into the mix and the results become pointless to tabulate or codify completely. The best you can do is offer some general guidelines or ways of considering the problem.

>> No.56942060

You're not doing the best job selling me on the idea.
And you're not selling me on the blogpost at all.

>> No.56942080

Which system has the simplest and most intuitive rules for maritime and sea-faring ships?

These rules are the kind almost no osr game gets right, a bit like the rules for guns.

>> No.56942084


>> No.56942139

Spelljammer, insofar as I can't think of any others.

Would the Boston abbreviation of "all incorrect" be OY?

>> No.56942213

Have you played Spelljammer?

>> No.56942233

I have, actually! The ship rules are bad

>> No.56942329

Having read the rules, that's about the answer I expected.

>> No.56942565

>almost 40 years after this article was published and it's still probably the best summary of 9-point alignment
really makes you think

>> No.56942616

k and d are nowhere near eachother on the leopard.

>> No.56942640

Really makes you think about how almost 40 years of copy and pasting leads to corruption of the original intent of a script.

>> No.56942651

>>almost 40 years after this article was published and it's still probably the best summary of 9-point alignment
Makes sense. Articles about obsolete things tend to be written around they heydey of the obsolete thing. I'd be surprised to find a great modern manual on the autogyro or the finer points of trepanning.

>> No.56942780

>Zak S

Oh my god, interacting with him online is such a miserable experience. It's not even a political thing, he's just an incredibly arrogand douchecanoe

>> No.56942901

What's he done now?

>> No.56942913

Be Zak S.

>> No.56942925


>> No.56942953

>>56942925 is exactly the sort of thing he's Zak S in response to.

>> No.56942981

Oh shit. I didn't think anyone remembered that band.

>> No.56943046


Yep, and whereas Alf is back in Pog form, Garbage is back in shitty "ironic" OSR splatbook form.

>> No.56943163

How would a gradually lowering ceiling be a threat though? as soon as it bumped their head they would leave

>> No.56943186

It eventually crushes you? The doors lock? It speeds up as it descends? The possibilities are endleeeessss.

>> No.56943194

If the doors open inward, you'll have to outright break them to escape.

>> No.56943911


>Usually they come into the game without the baggage & preconceptions of cRPGs & 3.x

What utter rot. Who under the age of 40 hasn’t played a CRPG in this day and age?

>> No.56943937


I played more D&D on float on an amphibious assault ship when I was a Marine that at any other time in my life. There is little else to do. I ran 3 different 8 player groups and frequently had people spectating.

>> No.56943976


but the whole scene there is just furries, weebs, and other kinds of socially maladjusted weirdos.

I actually saw more of these types at GenCon this year then I’ve ever seen before. There have always been far neckbeard autistic guys but the weebs, furries, SJW, trannies and gaymers are getting awful thick. Mixing sexual/gender identity activism with rpgs seems a bizarre pairing to me. I really don’t care and don’t want to know what to know what my players do with their genitals.

>> No.56944005


Welp thanks to this I just discovered where Kevin Siembiedia stole his alignment descriptions he cut and pasted into every RPG Palladium Books puts out.

>> No.56944798


I hate metacurrency. Maybe I could see it as a one-time use, or receiving charisma damage (you lose 1d6 charisma or something)

alternatively, I'm thinking on the class using a charisma check to cast a lvl 1 spell at will

As my research is related to everything weaboo, are there other uses of Ki in OSR classes?

>> No.56944958

He's simply arrogant as fuck and aggressive. I get that the guys has faced a lot of criticism, gotten a lot of unfriendly attention. Still he is hostile to almost everyone, even people he has no beef with.

There was a an example some time ago (can't find a screenshot) where he made a G+ post one some art thing. Someone asked him a question on it along the lines of 'I don't understand X about this kind of art, what's your opinion?'
Zak absolutely flipped, treated the guy like he had made a personal attack. Zak's friends, normally automatically in his corner, went 'dude, chill out' and he just did not give a fuck.

>> No.56945640

I haven't personally seen him flip out, he's certainly aggressive and quick to call you a dumb shit to your face, but he can and does argue logically which is such a rare quality that I'd take him over a lot of more laid-back people.

>> No.56946101

I'm gonna go see that cannon next year.
Kill tally:
1 acre of grass
Thicket of pine saplings

>> No.56946188

>argue logically
by "argue logically" do you mean he keeps a log on his computer with every internet post that has ever been critical of him, and then randomly calling out people about it while they're talking about other stuff? And then when others call him out on shit he's done, he says that they need to show proof and screencaps even though people can't be bothered to keep a folder full of that for people they've disagreed with once or twice? He's clever but he turns every discussion into a sophistic trick where he can look like he has all the dirt on people he doesn't like while they can't do shit to him.

You should read this, it's probably the best breakdown of how Zak drama unfolds.

>> No.56946325


One doesn't have to go very far back to find that sort of bullshit:


>> No.56946476

Logically? By continually narrowing the discussion/argument until whoever he is engaged with is backed into a corner? Demanding explanations and clarifications for everything said unless he says it? He tactically makes it so that anyone he disagrees with and engages with cannot meet any standard of decency/moral right, and has to grovel for forgiveness.

He's a bully.

>> No.56946673

Even when people AGREE with him, he seems to find some way to act condescending toward them.

Still, he does make great content so it's a classic case of learning to separate the art from the artist.

>> No.56946687

>You should read this, it's probably the best breakdown of how Zak drama unfolds.

Yep, that's accurate from what I've seen.

I'm still not sure who's more toxic between Zak S and the RPG Pundit. Both are so god damned obsessed with destroying people who disagree with them on the internet for all time and then never ceasing to mention it. A couple of wanna-be Ciceros banging on about Cataline until the day they die.

>> No.56946917

Sounds like the PCs. What's the full story?

>> No.56947889

From the wiki:

>This concept dates from 1642 and Florentine gun maker Antonio Petrini. He cast the first cannon intended to fire simultaneously from side-by-side barrels two balls linked by a chain, intended to scythe down enemy soldiers like standing wheat when it reached them. The operative word, however, was "simultaneously." For the rig to work, the powder behind each round shot had to ignite at the same instant, which, of course, rarely happened.
>In 1862 Georgia dentist, builder, and mechanic John Gilleland raised money from a coterie of Confederate citizens in Athens, Georgia, to build the ultimate chain-shot gun for a cost of $350. Cast in one piece, the gun featured side-by-side bores, each a little over 3 inches in diameter and splayed slightly outward so the shots would diverge and stretch the chain taut.
>Gilleland's invention was a failure. When it was first tested, on April 22, 1862, and aimed at a target of two upright poles, uneven combustion of the powder and casting imperfections in the barrels gave the connected balls a spinning movement in an off-center direction, with witnesses reporting that on its first firing it "plowed up about an acre of ground, tore up a cornfield, mowed down saplings, and then the chain broke, the two balls going in different directions.
>On its second firing, the chain shot across the horizon and into a thicket of pine. "[The] thicket of young pines at which it was aimed looked as if a narrow cyclone or a giant mowing machine had passed through," reported another witness.
>On its third firing, the chain snapped immediately and one ball tore into a nearby cabin, knocking down its chimney; the other spun off erratically and struck a nearby cow, killing it instantly. Gilleland considered the test-firings a success.
>Gilleland considered the test-firings a success.
Always gets me.

>> No.56947988

>RPG Pundit.

Apropos, has anyone got 'Lion and Dragon'? It looks interesting enough, but from RPGpundit's blog I can't really get much other information than IT'S THE MOST AUTHENTIC THING EVER and IT'S THE BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN!

I would love to know something more substantial before buying.

>> No.56948456

>he does make great content
A Red and Pleasant Land is the only thing close to great he's made, and even then it's more just an interesting read than anything actually gameable straight out of the book.

>> No.56948484


But anon... I liked Vornheim. Still use parts of it to this day.

>> No.56948763

>don't know what system to play
>decide to randomly print out a couple of pages from a couple of different games and put them together as a "Player's Handbook"
>at first glance it all sorta works

>> No.56949234

Welcome to the club, Doctor Victor Frankenstein.

>> No.56949259

Yes, also shield carriers and lamp boys.

>> No.56949451

You're clearly butthurt with the realization no one is really interested in your character.

>tfw only CHA8

>> No.56950386

Kind anon can you make one for Crypts & Things please?

>> No.56950463

I've never really read or played the system. I'm not sure I could do that without missing important info needed.

>> No.56950847


Doin' it right.

>> No.56951055

Best I could do Anon, having never played the system. Hopefully it includes everything needed. It keeps the LotFP encumbrance/distance info tho.

>> No.56951098


Let's do it like this. I'll gib you all the files and, if you have time/inclination, one day, you can make it ;)

I love the system but I'll be honest: the editing and layout could be polished up a bit. Its also dying for a better charsheet!


>> No.56951122

You were faster than me! Anyway hanks a bunch, kind sir.

>> No.56951167

np. if anything needs tweaking, let me know.

>> No.56951878

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