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Nuke 'Em From Orbit Edition

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>Thread Question
What is your favorite boardwipe and why? Stories of post-nuke triumph encouraged!

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best boardwipe coming through. Expensive as hell but the most fun

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/EDHG/, it seems my sleeves have something growing on them. Does anyone know what this might be? I'm totally flummoxed as to what the appeal would be to living on the outside of a Dragon Shield.

>> No.56905155

My favorite board wipe is Oblierate.

I actually won with Barren Glory because of Oblierate.

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>What is your favorite boardwipe and why?
Is there any other option? I don't think so.

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Someone went infinite in a buzzbark deck?

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It's the curse of dragon shields. They all get like that eventually. As far as I can tell it's not a fungus or mold or anything, it's just dirt and muck collecting on them. Shits annoying as hell.

>> No.56905213

This can work right?

>> No.56905219

It's not technically growing. What it is is grease, fat, or oil from a finger, from a table, or from the back of another sleeve. Dirt or dust sticks to it, then more dirt, dust, or any of the aforementioned adhesives stick to that. It's just a build-up, it won't grow if left alone and can be cleaned.

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Yup. You Just need to deal 5 damage. A darksteel plate would help too

>> No.56905236

Yes. Any main phase that happens after a combat is a postcombat main phase, so Neheb will trigger each time.

>> No.56905246

Already have one in the deck I have started now

>> No.56905274

It's not mold, I have heard it referred to as gamer gunk before. It's just dirt, dead skin , oils, your best friends jizz, etc.

Dragonshields are pretty notorious for accumulating it, but I think that's just because they last long enough to get it. I would just get new sleeves, it's not worth the effort to try and clean them all off.

>> No.56905452

Best boardwipe. You need to clean up the board? Six mana for a boardwipe is still playable. You're ahead on board? Fuck everyone else, play the Armageddon mode and win.

>> No.56905593

Give me Enchantment deck tech, hotter the better

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Serras realm
Nykthos, shrine to nyx
thank me later for all the wins ;^)

>> No.56905684

daxos the returned can be sweet, just play conviction :)

>> No.56905695

I know my buddy in my playgroup is doing a Sram aura deck

>> No.56905700

Aura of Silence

>> No.56905731

Do you mean Serra's Sanctum?
Not looking at Daxos. We're going to 5 colors.
Already got it.

>> No.56905779

Also flickering ward is almost always better, just name a color you don't care about.

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How do I git gud at EDH? My decks always manage to deliver at least one OHKO / disrupt someone's game enough for them to scoop / never recover but I never managed to win a game in the past 8 / 9 months (how long I've been playing EDH)

>> No.56905964

What's your commander? Is your playgroup willing to let you houserule Chromanticore or Genju of the Realm?

These will probably get the most obvious cards out of the way:

>> No.56906061

Fun and synergistic but my particular build feels like it's lacking a little oomf, it's not consistent enough.

That and (surprising nobody) flying is pretty damn common in EDH so you'll need to build in ways to deal with it.

I feel like there are better options for a token deck, but this one works well enough.

>> No.56906125

Starfield of Nyx
Anointed Procession/Parallel Lives/Doubling Season
Something to create a token copy of whichever of those three you have out

>1 Anointed Procession
>Token copy to 3 Anointed Procession
>Populate to 11 Anointed Procession
>Populate to 2,059 Anointed Procession

>> No.56906196

Ain't there an enchantment that populates?
Also, I'd suggest trying to duplicate starfield first so they have to sink to removal spells to get rid of it

>> No.56906216

A lot of that comes down to the kind of deck you're playing and the win-cons you're running. OHKOing just one person is fine if its a trick you can recur it or its pretty durable, otherwise it sounds like you're stilling playing with a 1v1 mindset and deckplan. Your story is reminding me of a guy's Kresh deck that makes a huge general, has pretty good removal, but can't keep it's wincon around long enough to kill the table and usually just kills one person.

There's also almost certainly ways to make your decks better in general, so post lists if you want general critiques.

>> No.56906219

You're probably trying to win through conventional means like bashing people with powerful cost-efficient creatures.

The easiest way to win in EDH is to go nuclear. Either an instant-win combo, or ramping so hard with so many sources of card advantage you overwhelm the entire table with value even as they all team up against you.

If those sound boring to you, try prison strategies. Daretti is one of my all-time favorites. No one can disrupt you when you Jokulhaups every turn.

>> No.56906250

I've sat here with 100gbp store credit for weeks and have no fucking clue what decks I want to build and what to play

>> No.56906387

Is norin (+warp world, scrambleverse, thieves' auction etc) a fun meme deck to play against?

>> No.56906400

>is chaos fun to play against

>> No.56906429

Red chaos is control magic and nobody likes to play against winconless control. If you can win with it go nuts but i doubt your deck can build up to anything.

>> No.56906570

>playing blue

>> No.56906601

>not playing blue

>> No.56906641

Has anyone tries the Explorers of Ixalan?
I'm curious if it's specifically made for the included decks, or if custom decks and commander decks would work with it as well. Seems like a fun way to change things up a little.

>> No.56906726

EXL works with any deck. It just gives you effects that are flavorful to the plane.

>> No.56906827

honden cycle from kamigawa

>> No.56907010

What's your pet deck that you'd like to pimp out?

>> No.56907071

Don't make a combo the relies on the combat step.

>"I'll swing at this open player and do x damage"
>"Cool, I concede before damage"

>> No.56907254

>>"I'll swing at this open player and do x damage"
>>"Cool, I concede before damage"
Dick move. Legal RAW, but a dick move.

>> No.56907268

>What is your favorite boardwipe and why? Stories of post-nuke triumph encouraged!
honestly....the fact that you can wipe the reanimate a bunch of broken creatures for four mana makes this easily the stupidest board wipe in edh. nothing else cleans up your opponents boards while also giving you a board. sure it's "symmetrical" by design...but in effect it rarely is.

>> No.56907283

Most playgroups have an answer to this problem. If somebody scoops to avoid combat damage your scoop is nullified because you were dead anyways.

>> No.56907300

i forgot to mention. the fact that this gets around indestructibility and regeneration...insane.

>> No.56907325

>four mana
I agree with you in general but you should probably look at the cmc again

>> No.56907352

i have a jet medallion in play

>> No.56907379

Holy shit i sensed the medallion. Are medallions the most undervalued edh staple?

>> No.56907470

I don't really like them, I think they only really are better than a talisman in mono-colored decks with low artifact counts (which isn't a lot of mono-colored decks).

>> No.56907487

they're only useful on monocolored decks, si not really.

>> No.56907493

they are pretty legit. i'm not really sure how other people feel about them, but they can easily save you a dozen mana over the course of a game. they might generate more value than most 2cmc mana rocks if your deck is 1 or 2 colors. maybe i should be running them in boros...

>> No.56907534

the key cards you need to run are Pentarch Paladin, Mother of Runes, Glare of Heresy, Circle of Protection: White and Story Circle (also consider Rune of Protection: White for redundancy and the fact it has cycling) and then you can run it however you want. I went with whitestuff.dec as Voltron is a brainlet strategy even if it probably is a more effective use for Eight-and-a-Half

>> No.56907851

>doesnt play medallions in 2c decks

My medallions usually earn me 10+ mana and usually allow me to combo off. I love them and own the whole cycle

>> No.56908288

>plays medallions instead of actually good rocks on 2c.

Also I tend to play only 3+ colour decks, so no medallions for me.

>> No.56908448

I play good rocks and medallions, turns out when they kill your sol ring, felwar stone and manacrypt you get to keep your ruby medallion usuallly. Also daretti/trash for treasure are better when they cost 1 less and have a rock to work on.

>> No.56908552

I know that the answer is because Grixis is reserved for Bolas, but to me it still seems weird that Esper is the "main" artifacts matter wedge and not Grixis. Red cares about artifacts a lot more than white.

>> No.56908682

*red cares more about artifact destruction

>> No.56908795

I've just made 2 themed 100 cards deck for Crossbreed Lbs and League of Dastardly doom, to make sure I could have a really thematic deck I allowed myself to put 2 copies of every uncommon and 4 copies of every common, I'm playtesting them tomorrow and I really hope they are decently balanced, I think the host-augment one will stomp the baddies but I'll reserve my judgement for after some playtesting.

>> No.56908799

Are there any Forests that go with the Chippy Esper Islands?

>> No.56908806

Grixis colorwise artiface, esper is the artifact wedge because they needed grixis to be the reanimator zombie tricks shard that are also prevelant in grixis's potential identity. White does artiface so it was fine to make esper the artifact shard. The only weird thing to me is that the jeskai didnt have any artifacts and instead had enchantmemts.

>> No.56908823

> I allowed myself to put 2 copies of every uncommon and 4 copies of every common

>> No.56908826

That's why we have things like scrap mastery, goblin welder, daretti, slobad, trash for treasure, kurkesh, and a shitton of other artifact matters cards in red, right?

>> No.56908839

Are you fucking retarded m8
Nice dubs tho

>> No.56908856

I think he means Esper as in the location in the artwork, not the colour shard.

Maybe Mirrodin forests?

>> No.56908858


>> No.56908868

>mfw im taking the bait and cant resist

>> No.56908870

>Esper as in the location

>> No.56908888

Except for Kurkesh, all the others wants to send artifacts to the grave.

Also, white is literally the equipments color. If anything, black cares less about artifacts of the three.

>> No.56908895

Buddy i hate to tell you this but all the green alara lands are on bant or jund and you literally will need to wait for return to alara to have a chance to see forests that match espers aesthetic.

>> No.56908915

Are you retarded? He wants forests that looks good together with the esper islands. Like harmonizing cheese and wine.

>> No.56908964

>mfw my Foil Unstable swamp I ordered arrived

>> No.56908998

I was identifying the specific Island, it was the Esper variant of the Shards of Alara Islands.>>56908856

Sorry if it was vague. I meant the place Esper, not color trio Esper.

I like Chippy, but I don't have a literal esper colored deck at the moment, so I wanted to use those islands in a simic deck for the time being,

I like one of the New Phyrexia forests, it feels engineered, but I may as well get one of the Return to Ravnica forests that I hope is supposed to look Simic. Only the first Ravnica set had their basics explicitly identified as to which guild they correspond to, with those MPS foils.

>> No.56909044

I wanted to make decks completely from Unstable cards beacuse that is what I have available (I only recently got back into magic with this set and a commander preconstructed)
It's not like I'm gonna use them at my local game store, I'm just building them for fun and will bring them out when a friend wants to try out the set.

>> No.56909060

>I made a deck that's not commander legal, now what?
>I know, post in the commander thread about it!

>> No.56909064

If the aesthetic you're going for is "Nature with an imposed orderly arrangement", Kaladesh might be the style.

>> No.56909114

Are you retarded? He wasn't clear with the question and there's absolutely no forest that matches up with that gridwork design of the island.
Like, harmonize yourself with a grave plot.

>> No.56909138

it's not relevant to any other general and commander started as an house rules format so excuse me if I tought this would be something you guys would be able to give some advice for.
The cards are literally legal for commander and the only reason I'm allowing myself that modification to the deckbuilding rules is because there is not enough cards to make a thematic EDH deck with only Unstable cards

>> No.56909147

>there's absolutely no forest that matches up with that gridwork design of the island.

>> No.56909166

Not that anon, but I don't think that really does go well with it.

>> No.56909170

It's not relevant to commander either.

>> No.56909184

It's cool, I allow myself to play banned cards and also run non-partner commanders as partners for thematic reasons.

>> No.56909222

Planeswalkers are an abomination.

Except Garruk, he's cool, even if he's kinda edgy.

>> No.56909232

gg man

>> No.56909235

He's cool because he's edgy.

>> No.56909238


>> No.56909239

anyone have experience with brick sleeves? recently used them with a new deck for the shuffle feel, but then heard they split every other game.

>> No.56909310

Do I get enlightened tutor or bear umbra for sigarda equipment?

>> No.56909371

Hey guys, I have a question. Say one opponent is attacking another with a 5/5 double strike lifelink creature.

Say the target of the attack has only 5 life.

Does the attacking player gain 10 life from his attack or does the opponent die after first strike damage?

>> No.56909402


According to this, the best selling point the Legion sleeves have is neat designs and you're not even getting the ones with designs on them.

>> No.56909407

If whatever is being fought dies in 1st strike there is main strike because the thing theyre killing is already dead. Doesnt matter if its a creature planeswalker or player.

>> No.56909432

The opponent will die after the First Strike combat damage step. If state-based actions weren't checked in between combat damage steps, First Strike wouldn't actually accomplish anything.

>> No.56909494

Isn't* holy shit

>> No.56909554

So I build Queen Marchesa recently, switching from Alesha. Meta/Playgroup is High powered casual, not too competitive but no strat is frowned upon, and generally people have high budget decks.

Any recomendations, spicy tech, critiques? Not exactly budgetless but I generaly can afford expensive cards.

>> No.56909579

Oops, forgot to link decklist:


>> No.56909587

Hell, I don't even play a medallion in my Feldon deck. It's monored but I have such a density of colorless things that it's basically just better to have another mana rock.

>> No.56909593


Oh, a part of me loves doing this.

>Guy ended up with ten spawnwrithes
>Swings at me with him
>"You sure?"
>"Okay, in response to declaring blockers I scoop."
>"You son of a bitch!"
>Now is tapped out with no blockers.
>Tables face as they murder him next turn

Its mean and a huge dick move but god is it fun.

>> No.56909620

See, that's what I thought, but I had a friend arguing that "all combat damage happens at the same time" when I told him he didn't gain as much life as he thought.

This friend, btw, who has been playing since the 90s and who is constantly wrong about rules.

>> No.56909641

>Planeswalkers are an abomination.
Go back to bed, Yawgmoth.

>> No.56909674

I don't know what your average CMC is because you chose not to post a tappedout listyou fucking monster, but your land count seems low. 33 lands +7 rocks in a stax deck where you may lose some lands, and then you're still play plentiful 5 and 6 drops...that's sketching me out a bit. I know the plan is to stay monarch, but if someone takes it, you might not draw out enough mana in time to cast your impactful cards.

It's also hard to tell because you posted from some awful site where I have to fucking click every card I want look at but it seems like you only have 3 pieces of artifact/enchantment removal? That makes me a bit uncomfortable, as I find myself wanting for such things when I have under 5. You run more tutors than me admittedly, but perhaps a vindicate or mortify or even unexpectedly absent might still not be out of place.

>> No.56909734

Thats like saying every spell on the stack resolves simultaniously just because they were all on the same stack. Get him the first strike rules from the rulebook. Its part 702.7b specifically and it notes how to do first/doublestrike. If you read that to them and they cant deal with it you just shouldnt play with them because they are too stupid to understand the rulez or are a cheater.

>> No.56909754

>a concession that outright chooses the winner
I hate that so much. Only time I've truly salted off in magic.
>3 way game
>my stealy Feldon deck vs 2 grindy value decks
>steal one guy Greenwarden of Murasa
> dude's a little behind, his deck requires ramp and he's on the recurring a fetch plan, but still has 6 mana
>was going to be able to take the greenwarden, make a pretty big swing at third player, and sac the warden to get back a card and keep me in the game vs the grindy decks
>guy whose greenwarden I'm targeting salt concedes
>I'm left with my steal effect fizzling and an anemic board vs the last player
I wasn't taking him out of the game, I was giving myself a fighting chance in the long run. He consistently loops greenwarden for absurd value late game, if I have the opportunity to remove it early then it's smart to take it. And he absolutely was still in the game without it, he had huge swathes of live draws and was far from dead on board.

>> No.56909770

You'd also keep your signet, talisman, Coldsteel Heart, Prismatic Lens...

Medallions are good for monocolor decks and 2-color decks that want to cast loads of cost 2+ spells (mostly U/X since you'll have the draw power to get more than 1 mana worth of value per turn out of the Medallion in the endgame). If you want to cast expensive shit or activate abilities, they don't pull so much of their weight. Even a diamond can help pay the colorless cost on an off-color spell. A Medallion doesn't. in exchange it helps EVERY on-color spell (With a colorless component to its cost, at least) but they're hardly autoincludes outside monocolor.

>> No.56909784

>What is your favorite boardwipe and why?

I am torn between Descent of the Dragons and The Great Aurora. Both are equally cool alternate wipes and both synergize with tokens super well. I would probably have to pick Descent though because Aurora wiffs ocasionally.

He said favorite, not lamest.

>> No.56909807


Spite is powerful anon. Not too mention prevalent in EDH specifically.

>Man goes infinite
>Capsizes one player's things
>Player Scoops so the spell fizzles
>His face

>> No.56909842

You could argue his not conceding would decide the outcome of the game by allowing the attacking player to get his triggers and gain advantage over the survivors. It's a two-way street.

>> No.56909882

Tappedout was down for me atm, couldn't post. You can click the "Details" Tab for CMC and more stats on the deck.

I don't like Vindicate much, since sorcery. But yeah, I guess I could use some more noncreature removal, I'll try adding Mortify and maybe a Kcommand.

How many more rocks should I be running? Do you think the stax package is Ok or should I go harder on stax.

>> No.56909902

Conceding to give the survivor a chance is one thing. I've done it on occasion. Conceding and choosing the winner is a different story. It sounds like the spawnwrithe guy was in a commanding position but probably not locked to win or anything.

It's the distinction between conceding and keeping the match interesting, or conceding a choosing the winner. The latter is a total dick move, particularly with the player doing something cute and janky like a spawnwrithe wincon.

>> No.56909907


also here is a less retarded way of displaying the deck.

>> No.56909928


>> No.56909937

>The latter is a total dick move,
You're failing to grasp that this opinion you hold changes depending on whether or not the player's concession helps/hinders.
It's the same thing.

>> No.56910010

I don't have a lot of stax experience but it seems like a reasonable package. I doubt it'll lock anybody out usually, but it'll definitely slow people down.

I don't like your Containment Priest very much, it seems like it shuts off your best combo wincons. Kiki angel and titan guide are both off the table, which feels bad for sure.

You don't have a strip mine, which seems like a strong inclusion if you're looking for more lands. The more I look at it the more I think you need it the higher land count, if you find cataclysming or smokestacking yourself off most/all lands. You already have a lot of the best mana rocks, including signets that require input to work(usually a land). So I'd go up to at least 35. I guess I don't hate another rock to consistently power out some fast lock piece, so maybe a fellwar stone would be a reasonable inclusion.

>> No.56910033

I think the only good way to concede is the way that lets you play the most magic. A scoop so they don't get lifelink, killing them on the next players turn seems fine, if that means the game ends and I get to play more magic instead of the two of you slugging it out for another half hour without me. On the flip side, I definitely wouldn't scoop if you need the saskia triggers off me to kill the other play and end the game.

Can someone defend an antiscoop position where this is the case? What valid reason could you have to want to stop me from playing more magic?

>> No.56910046

Had a game earlier tonight online that had both my opponents make balls to the wall retarded plays.

>Combat phase, attacking Daretti player
>I have a bribed Avacyn, Angel of Hope and a Keiga, both swinging at face
>Daretti has a Bosh and Soul of New Phyrexia
>3rd player on Bant Partners, has a cloned Keiga
>Daretti sacs his Soul to kill MY Keiga
>I say sure, resolves. He facepalms.
>He sacs Bosh to kill the other guy's
>Keiga steals back Avacyn
>With 6 damage marked on it and no indestructible anymore, my Keiga dies and steals back Avacyn.

Best part was the Daretti literally saying "We fucked up" in chat. I won a few turns later to scoops after playing and exiling Metallurgic Summoning

>> No.56910065

Demon of Dark Schemes, Goblin Dark-Dwellers, Harsh Mentor, Pain Seer (unless you upgrade to Bob), Kaya, and Dowsing Dagger stick out to me as cards you probably shouldn't play. Nahiri seems like a shitty version Elspeth Sun's Champion

Blood Pod is pretty similar (http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/tana-and-tymna-blood-pod-primer/), and it runs 13 accelerants (14 if you count crop rotation -> cradle) with the same land count. Since you're not in green, I'd add ~4-5 more rocks to bring you up to 12-ish.

Your stax package is okay? I'm not seeing how you get out from under Winter Orb without SoFaF, which I guess explains the Stoneforge.

What's Restoration Specialist for? Getting back Animate Dead + Tanglewire or Smokestack? I'm not sold on him.

>> No.56910211

ugh my buddy does this all the time just let me resolve the game dont make it awkward by picking your ball up and going home

>> No.56910258

The Priest is a meta call. A lot of Cheat into play shit. I normally can kill it/sacc it before combing with my reanimator pieces.

I do have a Strip mine in the deck. Also a Ghost quarter that wil eventually become a wasteland.

Yeah, Demon is going to become a Elesh norn and yes, Pain seer will eventually become bob, so they are kinda on their way out. Harsh mentor and Dagger i'm testing them right now, dagger being good for cataclysm and harsh mentor not so much aside of some cute interactions on my meta. Nahiri is overall versatile, finctioning as removal, card filtering and a tutor if survives long enough, which under stax locks is actually not that rare. And Kaya is just a pet card, could take her out eventually.

Yeah, Restoration Specialist is a value engine, but a bit too slow. Aside from the mentioned taget, gets back extra rocks/draw enchantments destroyed from cataclysm and other wipes. It's mostly leftover from my Alesha days. If i ever manage to get a LED, maybe i'll put auriok salvagers on that spot.

I know of the 4c Bloodpod list, but it's kinda hard translating it into non-green lists since you miss some of the most broken things there.

Still, solid advice, gonna rethink some shit tomorrow, specially the mana base.

>> No.56910327

Oh, you've got the shitty mono white Nahiri in your deck list. I spaced and forgot the boros one existed.

You might want some free token producers to offset smokestack better. When I saw the other Nahiri, I thought that's what she was for.

>> No.56910385

O shit, well, yeah, it's the Boros one, I fucked up. That's another thing to consider. I wanted to get a Bitterblossom, but didn't think it would be great by itself in multiplayer if i don't have the somestax online. I have an assemble the legion and 6 mana elspeth on the maybeboard, but dunno if they'd work sine they are too high on the cmc. maybe with a higher land/rock count they would work.

>> No.56910432

Dont play with them or fix the scoop rules, if hes too immature to play a childrens card game then no magic is better than broken magic.

>> No.56910436

I almost feel like big Elspeth is worth it. She just wins games plusing for three turns, and then emblem, GG.

Assemble the Legion is probs too slow, but I really like bitterblossom.

>> No.56910487

Bitterblossom is cash money in any black deck. Assemble the legion is too slow and is so expensive it begs your opponents to remove it in a lot of metas. Also big elspeth is always worth it because shes a 6 mana wrath that can win the game.

>> No.56910489

Welp, thanks for the input, will consider it for the next deck iteration.

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>> No.56910931



>> No.56911225

In other news: water is wet

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>> No.56911799


>> No.56912808


>> No.56912848

>opened a Blood Moon awhile ago
>LGS has a foil Krenko & M10 Goblin Chieftain
Do I take the plunge into the world of Gobbo's lads?

>> No.56912873

Yes. It is the only way.

>> No.56913103

What's your favorite non-elf/goblin/vampire/dragon tribe, /edhg/?

I love tribal decks and am looking for something new. Zombies? Elementals? Warriors?

>> No.56913115


>> No.56913166

Sidisi Zombies.
You get a lot of mileage out of having 20 zombies and Dread Returning a Craterhoof Behemoth.

>> No.56913192

Is that just dread returning it once, or saccing the craterhoof as part of the flashback cost to dread return it again?

>> No.56913240

I'm really partial to Moonfolk.

>> No.56913246

Sacrificing the zombie tokens. You can't Dread Return a creature you sacrificed to pay for Dread Return. Targets are chosen before costs are paid.

>> No.56913275

I kinda like wizards and zombies in the same deck, but G&G is pretty bad commander and Scarab god is way expensive so far.
Otherwise, I really like Atogs and Clerics.

>> No.56913385

I like my new wizard deck, Inalla is janky and eminence is retarded but its fun to play with. Do slivers or atogs, preferably atogs but if you're really gay you can do slivers.

Atogs represent

>> No.56913424


Need to cut 3 cards to fit 35 lands, i never played her, can i get away with 33-34 lands instead? If so that simplifies thing as i need to cut only 1-2 cards. Pls help.
Pic unrelated

>> No.56913668

35 is still pretty low, that looks more like a 36-37.

You really need an aetherflux reservoir. Tendrils is ridiculous in a four player game. You're looking at a storm count of around 25 to cast and recast to wipe a table, and that's so much mana. If you don't draw paradox engine, I don't see you going off.

I'd cut dark deal, victim of night, visions, probably pyretic and desperate rituals because they suck without a cost reducer. Decree is more of a control card, it's great value but it's slow as fuck. Mirage mirror doesn't really fit either. It's just a filler value card. I wouldn't play gitaxian probe without doomsday.

The dramatic scepter combo seems like a pretty obvious add, and gives you a faster paradox engine.

>> No.56913713

i'd cut decree of pain and consecrated sphinx, you shouldn't need either card if your deck is doing its job currently

>> No.56913721

obviously meant this post for >>56913424

>> No.56913745

>I wouldn't play gitaxian probe

>he wouldn't play gitaxian probe in a storm deck

>> No.56913776

>tfw you're protected by its crimson umbra
>tfw your enemies are brought to their knees when confronted by their greed
>tfw they thought they had all their plans laid out, but you were always in control and they never had a chance
Why is bloodmoon so comfy?

>> No.56913792

Yeah, sphinx should be necropotence or nothing. I didn't want to tell him to cut all his favorite cards though.

Past in flames is also pretty medium without infinite mana.

It's a good card, don't get me wrong, but a lot of the storm wins he's going for look like they hinge on having all the mana already. Probably be better served by replacing it with another land.

>> No.56913818

Not even that guy, but git probe is never the card to cut in a storm deck. Its free, its a cantrip, and it provides crucial last minute information that can be the difference between an easy win or knowing you need to play around an answer to your plan.

>> No.56913860

With a wicked sense of humor

>> No.56913870

>Why is bloodmoon so comfy?
Because, along with its pal Ruination (And some other similars like Back to Basics or Price of Progress), every bit of suffering it inflicts is earned by the greed and arrogance of those it hurts. The kind of people who enter full dick mode about "Muh consistency" are the people who get totally BTFO, while the humble EDHer, who built on a budget and thus still runs a fair share of basics, is at worst annoyed.

>> No.56913876

I am in love with this card. It has been the reason my anthem BW deck has an artifact subtheme. But my love for this card is killing me. The subtheme is eating so many slots.

>> No.56913882

Kay, got it. I was also thinking about cutting big cards like decree and sphinx, they come out too late to make a difference, sceptre however is a big no no, i don't want to go infinite if possible even if it makes it harder to storm out. I will take out tendrils for reservoir however.

>> No.56913902

Sure, it just doesn't seem good in his deck. It's one extra crow, or a wizard token.

I'd prioritize the scepter combo, then necropotence, frantic search, gush, maybe delay, and then jam probe back in if I still had room.

>> No.56913944

the people that bitch to me about bm are the same people who are running all the fetches and duals while playing stax and nofun

feels good to play a card that makes a 500 dollar card worthless. thanks wizards for the reprints

>> No.56913993

asymmetrical ones.

>> No.56914020

gitaxian probe means he's building a 98 card deck instead of 99. there's absolutely no reason to ever cut it from a tryhard deck, especially storm

>> No.56914061

>It's one extra crow, or a wizard token.

It's free information.

>> No.56914253

It's amazing on the turn you're winning, and mediocre otherwise. You typically don't want to see it in your opener, and you probably don't want to waste a Kess flashback on it later unless you're real desperate, and if you're desperate, you'd rather it was a more impactful card.

I run it in my storm deck, but definitely not over the good instant speed draw spells. It's fantastic in a doomsday pile with Kess/Yawg will, but it's not uncuttable.

>> No.56914334

The only bad time to see Probe is in your mulligan or topdecking at exactly 2 life. Any other time it's either beneficial or completely inconsequential.

>> No.56914417

Who has the sunscorched desert pasta?

>> No.56914547

Combat dmg now resolves even if a player scoops on mtgo
Im taking that as proof that this is how the rules work

>> No.56915047

Atogs in da hood.
I just won a game with my Hanna deck, by saccing Aura thief with Auratog

>> No.56915201

that sounds fun
how often do you actually cast your commander and of those times how often do you actually activate her ability?

>> No.56915226

Is it worth it to buy ur-dragon for $36 if I only want Ramos and would sell the rest

>> No.56915256

>there's absolutely no reason to ever cut it from a tryhard deck
Disagree. Certain decks require a certain density of a certain type of cards. Something like a Maelstrom Wanderer certainly doesn't want to flip a Probe on a Cascade. The same concept applies to any deck that tends to play from the top of the library a lot (save for Melek obviously, Melek fucking loves a Probe on top). My Sidisi Brood Tyrant, though not especially tryhard, wants a high creature density so it had to cut back on cantrips even though they're normally very good in BUG.

There are a lot of exceptions.

>> No.56915338

I have been casting her pretty often usually, as artifact/enchantment hate is pretty common in my meta, and I use her for Solitary confinement softlock, saccing the thing on upkeep and returning it back on my main phase

>> No.56915431

none of those decks are really tryhard though

>> No.56915438

Bro, I get what you are trying to say, but none of the decks you listed are tryhard competitive decks.

Every top tier deck I can think of that can run probe does.

>> No.56915440

Maelstrom Wanderer is pretty tryhard. Not as top tier as it used to be but it's still comfortably sitting in high tier.

>> No.56915534

Sidisi brood is the fastest labman deck in the competitive meta at the moment
Wanderer is used too but it is fringe

>> No.56915607

Its only 5bucks for ramos that’s easily a better deal than trying to turn a profit in todays climate

>> No.56915663

I heard sultai sidisi is pretty weak because she's a target once on board and that fucks the tribal mechanic entierly.. leaving a medium aggro deck..
Tasigur seems way more consistent

>> No.56915746

>What is your favorite boardwipe and why?

balls deep in pussy

>> No.56915856

>What is your favorite boardwipe and why? Stories of post-nuke triumph encouraged!

pic related, very efficient for hosing down wide strategies and doubly good if you're running nothing but big guys who don't care. i'd say it's sometimes worth running even if you don't make use of the free cast aspect

>> No.56915864

>why are you playing worldgorger in mono red, you cant go infinite

>> No.56915901

Even being able to drop a small piece of artifact ramp really makes this one good 99% of the time i see people use it they get to wipe a few creatures and get a free mind stone or a few cards off of nights whisper etc

>> No.56915948

Worldgorger is an open invitation to get blown the fuck out by any instant speed removal though.

>> No.56915970

When playing mono red edh you dont have time to think about stupid shit like consequences

>> No.56916083

Please don't do ravnica they suck ass. all of them.

>> No.56916130

I have never seen Sidisi competitive. Everyone would rather play Tasigur, or even Yidris rather than Sidisi, which isn't even a close in power lever with Tasigur

>> No.56916165

My just started playing EDH because he opened a Scarab God and I've been feeding him cards to get the deck up and running. He always targets me for mill so that he can reanimate my creatures because as he has said "I know you've been playing the longest and spent the most money on your deck so i know there's good stuff in there." He packs both Creature reanimate and a couple of steal instants/sorceries and quite a few forced sack effects. I've been getting tired of being the target of scarab god and have been thinking of building a new deck anyway. I have Oloro pillowfort, Roon Blink, Nekusar Wheels,i'm cancer i know and i hate it Queen Marchesa, and BUG Sidisi self-mill. I'm looking for something different and settled on Enchantress Voltron for 2 reasons. 1. It is a strategy that I currently don't have 2. It is a strategy that Scarab God will have trouble stealing from my yard.

I know it is kind of a dick move to counterdeck in a small meta so I don't want to a bunch of hard grave hate like RIP. But what do y'all think? Should I go Uril Mistalker or Old Sigurda?

>> No.56916179

That's pretty interesting if true. First time I've heard of it. Do you have any links to show us the deck?

>> No.56916238

Uril is probably still the best for enchantment voltron there is. Built-in protection and buffing is perfect for voltron. The guy used to be a juggernaut of old competitive EDH before it evolved to what it is now.

>> No.56916267

Hakim. If he's milling it'll just be even better for you

>> No.56916276

>old competitive edh

This is the dumbest thing I've read in this general for several iterations.

>> No.56916295

>implying you knew what the format was like in 2012

>> No.56916357

This is why you run Ricochet Trap, Shunt, maybe Reroute, or to a lesser extent Wild Ricochet or Grip of Chaos. or you just YOLO it, either way.

>> No.56916375

No, wtf? How is that helpful? He doesn't mill as main staregy he just has mill cards to feed graveyards. Also Hakim seems like total garbage and does not fit Enchantress Auratron because you can not play any of the enchantress cards.

>> No.56916415

ya new group, he did this in a multiplayer limited conspiracy game and like cmon bro

>> No.56916451

I guarentee your deck doesnt need the synergy with artifacts, just cut the artifact matters cards its not worth it for just a marionette master

>> No.56916506

Naw, not alot of value in there unless u want the dragon theme/subtheme also crux of fate is nice cause it wipes everything but Ramos

>> No.56916528

Fella relax. You said enchantment based voltron and Hakim is a fun alternative to same old decks. If you don't have to worry about graveyard hate then you can just self mill and put a dozen enchantments on Hakim in one turn to win. Its not as competitive but you're obviously not in a really competitive meta. You seem like a really salty kinda guy

>> No.56916680

You must not have looked very hard

>> No.56916698

Here i linked it in a different post

>> No.56916748

Sharuum likes it

>> No.56916764

Not sure if someone in here can help me.

I bought some duel decks recently, unpacked them and set the cards in my closet and I've noticed they've been curling like crazy.

non-foils to be clear. I just set them in my closet, and I don't live in some extremely humid environment.

What can I do to fix these cards?

>> No.56916773

>What can I do to fix these cards?
they are the victims of poor card quality, its an issue wizards has been having for a few sets now
which duel decks did you buy?

>> No.56916781

Happens to everyone, even if you packed them especially safely, new cards have been bending since before conspiracy

>> No.56916819

Are there really not that many artifact token producer?
I know adding blue gives a bunch that way you can stay mostly the same whle really melding the two
Ertai the corrupted offers a good sac outlet sharuum offers recursion
Play it like those old counterpost decks
Im almost done with my own counterpost deck but i domt have a decklist yet

>> No.56916838

I'm not going to get into a dick measuring contest anon but to say there was a competitive form of EDH when it was actually called EDH is demonstrative of your lack of knowledge about the format. There were strong and weak commanders but no "competitive" EDH because it wasn't played competitively. To say Uril was a juggernaut of old competitive EDH is nonsensical. Just say he used to be strong when the format was less solved and less mainstream.

>> No.56916849

>blue gives a bunch
I love this card, never get to usevit though

>> No.56916863

Merfolk/Goblins and Mind vs Might

shoulda left them sealed for now

>> No.56916902

>Merfolk/Goblins and Mind vs Might
>shoulda left them sealed for now
naw man those are the newer sets, they are going to be impossible to keep in decent condition no matter what you do

>> No.56916917

I instantly double sleeve anything worth it to avoid it, buddy lost an foil exploration to this shit

>> No.56916964

How the FUCK am I supposed to build this guy? 5 colors, easy to cast, gives easy access to big mana. Do you go heavy on a Sultai +1/+1 counter build, or go full retard with 30charms.dec? I'm lost. Post spicy tech.

>> No.56916988

legacy weapon

>> No.56917012

Sorry, i'm a spike at heart. I always want to be the best I can be. I shouldn't have jumped down his throat but I know that i want Naya/Selesnya Enchantress Auratron and just need advice on whether to go Oldgurda or Uril.
I'm torn because I already own oldgurda, she's harder to kill through non-combat, and has a cheaper mana base. Uril gets bigger faster, has access to more cards, and has 3 colors which is what i'm used to building. I know I want one of the two I just need help deciding. I don't want alternate commanders.

>> No.56917042

5c good stuff
you cant go wrong with a list like this, this is my child of alara deck but it would work just as well with Ramos if you add a board wipe or two
i think theres a storm list laying around using his abilities but I always find casual games more fun

>> No.56917059

uril is simply boring as fuck no matter how you slice him, that's all the advice i can give you as an timmy-johnny

>> No.56917072


Any fun/spicy sugestions for Riku Midrange? I want to make the deck more than just generic Temur goodstuff

>> No.56917093

Riku is the literal fucking definition of Temur goodstuff, alongside Wanderer.

>> No.56917134

Well at least you apologized. As to which of the two to use its really a meta decision to me. If you know some chucklefuck is going to be running a bunch of sacrifice effects then probably better to run sigarda. Getting bigger faster isn't really the biggest deal anyway since you'll be pumping them up so fast with enchantments anyway the +6 or +8 doesn't really compare. Though you could always run Uril and then just have sigarda in the 99. That might be the most competitive way to do it

>> No.56917153

you can specialize by going more creature focused or more spell focused, my friend only has 3 riku decks, refuses to build anything else

he has one creature deck, one spell deck and one hybrid deck

they are all pretty good at 75% tables but the creature heavy and hybrid builds are probably better than his spell only one

>> No.56917172

oh also pic related goes in every riku deck

>> No.56917178

I got a flip side
>friend combos out with niv mizzit
>teenager immediately concedes
>me and the 4th guy get mad because even if mizzet goes off he doesn't have enough cards in his deck to kill us all since I exiled his Elixir on the casting of mizzit.
>still concedes
>friend had enough cards to kill me and the 4th guy when we both had 40 life
Fucking kid.

>> No.56917206

>~ $ 1610.24
how did you manage that, it doesnt seem like it should be that expensive
>hour of promise
do you get that second trigger all that often?
you might be better off with tempt with discovery

>> No.56917244

this is a bit off topic but what is the easiest way for me and some friends to play MTG together (digitally) when we get together for New Year's? I was thinking untap.in but I'm not really in love with the interface

>> No.56917255

>how did you manage that, it doesnt seem like it should be that expensive
No idea, I just copied my Xmage list

>> No.56917258

>get together
>playing digitally
if you are together why not just play in paper?

>> No.56917268

because we want to play a bunch of different decks and formats and can't nobody afford dat shit

>> No.56917293

ya got a printer?

>> No.56917301

still too much of a hassle and waste of paper

>> No.56917335

>we want to play but don't want the hassle of actually putting together a deck

Playing digitally should only be done when you cam't play with paper. Politics just don't happen nearly as easily on any digital platform as they do with paper Magic and playing EDH divorced of politics is getting only a portion of the experience of the format.

>> No.56917362

x-mage but its shit
you really have to decide do you want to play fast or have fun

>> No.56917422

cockatrice is probably the best for goofing around with friends while on voip or in a lan

theres also xmage which actually keeps track of rules, but is annoying to install and occasionally crashes when playing online

i think you might also be able to do it on tabletop simulator if you really want things to be crazy

>> No.56917425

>$20 mythics

Jeez anon I wonder why this deck is expensive

>> No.56917433

yeah I was thinking about tabletop as well since we've played that before for other games. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give it some more thought

>> No.56917456 [SPOILER] 

Shitposting unleashed.

>> No.56917493 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56917602

>he thinks $1600 is expensive
You are like a little baby

>> No.56917609

go on post your list

>> No.56917768

go Zombies, my guy. Scarab God is stupid good at milking the shit out of Zombie Tribal.

case in fucking point:
I've beaten several differect decks with this, including but not limited to
>Yidris Goodstuff
>Saskia Aggro
>Cat precon
>Oloro precon
>Locust God tokenspam
>Obzedat Extortion

>> No.56917784

wow, you beat precons with a constructed deck
teach me everything you know sensei

>> No.56917797

I've beaten two precons. Oloro is still one of the most bullshit commanders and you know it.

>> No.56917810

The precon is weak as fuck, and even a well built Oloro isn't exceedingly difficult to beat.

>> No.56917812

I'm running him as color tribal. Knight of new Alara, Bloom Tender, Quirion Dryad, Guild Courier, stuff like that. Janky but fun.

>> No.56917834

>Oloro precon
this is easily the worst precon ever made
aside from the fact theres an infinite in there its full of stuff that is either very overcosted or straight up worthless
The commanders themselves though, they are very good

>> No.56917871

41 l a n d

>> No.56917969

compared to the precons that have come out in the last four years, yeah its totally shit. but I remember for a solid three months in my area everyone hated Oloro. I only bought it because it was the only one available at my LGS. I might make some cool shit with Sydri down the line, though.

>> No.56918013

Oh I still hate Oloro, but for the same reason I hate Derevi and the 2017 commanders. Abilities that work from the command zone are fucking retarded.

>> No.56918109

Precons have always been high in lands
only one I wouldnt immediatly change the land base on is gay dudes, they need a high land base and actually they did a good job getting a good mix of color fixing and comes into play untapped lands
>MIND SEIZE Land (40)

>> No.56918124

>tfw going infinite with inalla and there's literally nothing my opponents can do about it
I agree though eminence is the dumbest fucking shit

>> No.56918154

The only real tribe is fungus tribal.

>> No.56918295

Give yourself other outs to the sub theme like Herald of Anguish and Sly Requisitioner.

>> No.56918390

What are some other stupidly strong one sided cards that are expensive in mana cost but not in real life dollars because they're shit in 60 card but fucking insane in EDH?

Talking stuff like Wound Reflection, Cyclonic Rift, Volcanic Vision, Vicious Shadows & Garruk's Wake etc etc etc.

>> No.56918409


>> No.56918598

Selvalas stampede will run you maybe a 2 bucks
pick related is like 60c

>> No.56918616

I wish she had been a legend.

>> No.56918663

I've always instantly double sleeved foils for this reason, but I didnt know I had to do it for nonfoils till now

>> No.56918901

I'd realize you are an unsportsmanlike faggot who only cares about when they get to play and not letting a match play out. Would never play with you again.

>> No.56918930

>playing OjuTaigam with Daretti, Uril and Trostani
>Trostani pops off three copies of Worldspine Wurm in one turn
>Daretti shitting out rocks left and right
>Uril got screwed at three lands for a couple turns and just started getting set up for the kill
>pop pic related and wipe the Wurms and mana rocks
>rebound it and hit the Wurms again, get Uril after he dodged it the first time with Valorous Stance
>Exile Daretti’s yard before he plays Scrap Mastery and he scoops

>> No.56918984

>Hey guys, competitive decks don't want probe even if they can play it, like BUG Sidisi
>Gets called out
>Gives BUG Sidisi list to prove it
>It has fucking probe in it

I honestly don't know what I expected.

>> No.56919021

I have $87 store credit on cardkingdom, not sure why.

Anyway what should I use it on?

>> No.56919034


>> No.56919035

Lands probably.

>> No.56919036

>want new austere command because grill
>involves using new border and trusting IMA card to not fuck itself

>> No.56919061

What is the bare minimum that I need to conceivably pull off a Biovisionary win? I'm thinking Biovisionary and a Rite of Replication,
right? If I'm not running any shapeshifters,
will Biovisionary warrant attention by himself?
People will likely catch on the moment I try to cast Rite of Replication though.

Also, if I'm doing the Kraj+Arcanis+untapper draw combo, and can potentially draw my entire library, would it hurt to use a slot on a Laboratory Maniac?

>> No.56919074

I have a foil one and it seems to be doing just fine. Apparently there's a bad print run rather than literally every IMA card being fucked, so it's been long enough now that any that were opened on launch that are still NM now are probably safe.

>> No.56919079

>h-how do I win in U/G/x guys?

>> No.56919084

What are the best enchant creatures for voltron?

>> No.56919085

>cares about when they get to play and not letting a match play out
>How dare you want to play more magic, can't you see that me playing more magic instead is more important?

Can you explain how you aren't being a hypocrite right now?

>> No.56919086

Its funny that you expect your creature to survive more than a full turn cycle against a grixis deck that isn't complete shit

>> No.56919102

>will Biovisionary warrant attention by himself?

Anyone that sees it should know you're planning to do something fucky with it. The only possible outcomes of someone playing a Biovisionary are that it does literally nothing or it wins them the game.

>> No.56919112

It has flash you dingus

>> No.56919217

Aw shit it does

>> No.56919361

this isnt about more or less magic its about letting games fucking end
as per mtgo after attackers are declared, if a person concedes the attack effects still happen as it should.

>> No.56919414

I should’ve fucking ordered him back when he was like 13 bucks. Fucking hell, even after the announcement he probably would only have been twenty.

I’m enjoying my statuary and similar. I’m on the fence with Salvaging Station. But it and Origin Spellbomb? Sex.

There are honestly tons in the colors.

I know, that’s the problem. It is so fun though.

>> No.56919430

>It's about letting games end
The game is ending though anon. I'm not getting why you are upset.
If you want things to work like they do on MODO may you should play that instead. In paper magic a player can concede at any time and they cease to exist.

>> No.56919529

>as per mtgo

>> No.56919532

Is Darksteel Mutation a dickhead card in casual EDH?

>> No.56919542

What would make you think that?

>> No.56919553

If you playgroup can't handle a 2CMC Aura that's on them

>> No.56919605

Don't forget to play it's cousins Imprison in the Moon and Song of the Dryads!

>> No.56919611

Is Tenacious dead and Walking Ballista worth running in Mazirek?

>> No.56919724


>> No.56919756

Is ballista ever not worth running in counters based decks?

>> No.56919760

some funny budget deck like talrand mass polymorph

>> No.56919806

dragon arch!

>> No.56919826

>Fucking hell, even after the announcement he probably would only have been twenty.

>> No.56919872

Probably the planeswalkers legendary change.

Buy a couple fetches, or some shocks if you need to them. Mana crypt, demonic tutor, wheel of fortune. Buy a whole new deck. We don't know what you should buy, anon.

>> No.56919875

He's probably talking about planeswalkers being changed to being legendary permanents, making a ton of Kamigawa block legendary matter and others like Sissay cards jump a shitton in price.

>> No.56919899

Right, right. Almost forgot about that stupid change.

>> No.56919934

I don’t mind it, but paying fifty for a foil Reki when I was already playing him back when a foil cost 15 sucked.

He’s a bad card. He shouldn’t be this much. He’s a 3 Mana 1/2 for fucks sake. The deck only works if people don’t bother killing him like dummies.

>> No.56919941

I know you guys hate tribal decks, but humor me. Does this card seem worthwhile to you?

>> No.56920006

Only if you turn lands into creatures.

>> No.56920032

No. Even if in the scenario you are the only one playing tribal, people who don’t play tribal usually either have a huge token swarm of the same creature type that they want to keep or one big creature worth saving.

This card won’t do much to the board and you have better options.

>> No.56920153

Nah it was just 1 bad run. I have an IMA copy and it's fine

>> No.56920278

Are there any other cards out there aside from Spectral Searchlight that can give another player mana? My group sometimes likes to dip into some 2hg commander games and something to help ramp a partner up would be an interesting find.

>> No.56920291

>it wasn't a cycle

>> No.56920295

>put Birthing Pod into Saskia tokens due to a friend gushing about how good it is
>very skeptical of the life loss and giving up nontoken creatures
>Hanweir Garrison - Eyeless Watcher - Angel of Invention - Pathbreaker Ibex - Protean Hulk
>proceed to nut

>> No.56920358

>Song of the Dryads
One time I used that one someone's commander and they tried to argue that Song of the Dryads lets the enchanted permanent retain all its abilities in addition to being a Forest

>> No.56920359

theres a GW rare from rtr block that populates on your upkeep, growing ranks or something

>> No.56920393

"very skeptical of the life loss"
nigga are you some kinda pussy?

>> No.56920432

>being afraid of losing life

>> No.56920446

assembly workers

>> No.56920471

this desu

>> No.56920510

New art from RIX. Wonder if this guy will be WUBRG or what.

>> No.56920538

make a skeleton ship deck with pirates, skeletons, and ships

>> No.56920544

>Hydra Dinosaur

>> No.56920554

Post yfw:
>Legendary Creature - Dinosaur Hydra

>> No.56920574

damn. hydrasaurs rex. it looks a lot like gishath. i have no idea what this is to be honest.

>> No.56920576

>WoTC shoehorning in a hydra dinosaur because every block needs greens """iconic""" creature type

>> No.56920577


>> No.56920591

I don't care what it is, I'm playing it.

>> No.56920604

My mono-black deck is a suicide/reanimator deck

Wonky as fuck but still very fun

>> No.56920622


>> No.56920646

It better not be a 0/0 with +1/+1 counters.

I want to justify making a Mayael mostly-dinosaurs deck.

>> No.56920647


>> No.56920660

>not playing 4 colours so you can pod a 2 drop into deceiever exarch, untap, pod into felidar guardian, exile then return untapped, then sacrifice guardian to get reveillark bringing back felidar and exarch, then untap pod with the exarch trigger to sacrifice felidar and get kiki jiki and proceed to win the game
fucking casuals

>> No.56920672

>Legendary Creature - Elder Dinosaur Hydra God Avatar

>> No.56920679

It better be a 0/0 with +1/+1 counters for my Kruphix hydra deck.

>> No.56920695


>> No.56920713

ultra pro stuff

>> No.56920716

I'll post more of the art. It's from the playmats and deckboxes that Ultra Pro are releasing for RIX.

>> No.56920724


>> No.56920729

Angrath is bretty cool.

>> No.56920737

He better live, he seems great from all we've heard about him.

>> No.56920738


>> No.56920741

I doubt it though. I am choosing to believe that it would have more than three heads if it was "Xrgw-comes into play with X counters".
There are three Suns/Sun aspects in Ixalan, only having three heads makes me think it's some escalated version of what Gishath is allegedly supposed to represent as an Avatar.

>> No.56920756

X, Immortal suns avatar?

>> No.56920770

Anyone got those image of the Eldrazi Titans that got run though a translator half a dozen times?

>> No.56920792

>badass design
>a fucking minotaur pirate
>will do anything to get his prize
>is fighting for the hope of returning to his kids back on his home plane some day
It's too much to hope for anon. Even if they don't kill him he's going to be sidelined for the rest of time and we'll never see him again.

>> No.56920838

i disagree. he is being set up as the gateway character to his home plane.

maybe regatha although i don't think there is much evidence for that.

>> No.56921016

>he's going to be sidelined for the rest of time
"And so Angrath returned to his family and had a great and tearful reunion. And they all lived happily ever after"

I'd take it.

>> No.56921047

Cathartic reunion promo art.

Oh wait, we don't get promos anymore.

>> No.56921156




>> No.56921163

I want Queen Marchesa to use my face as a throne.

>> No.56921183

Talk about it here: >>56921143

>> No.56921337


I'm quite fond of this spell, but it's only really good in 4/5 color decks.

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