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I found my Scraplootas folder today. It gave me a wave of nostalgia. It also made me think that more people should give the stories a chance. I genuinely believe they're the best bits of writing /tg/ has ever done.

I fear nobody even remembers them now though. A relic of a better time.

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Cringey OC belongs on /qst/.

Just kidding, but I wouldn't be surprised if the thread got moved the instant someone posts Blue.

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I feel like it's a shame Blue was the centre of it all as she's the weakest aspect of them.

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Literally who

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Something made when /tg/ was still innocent and fun.


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You'd totally fug her though

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Bump for comfy times.

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I'm doing something really autistic. Give me ten minutes and then you can give your feedback.

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Why did people waste their time writing so much for this?

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Here's my autistic thing:


I only got about halfway through the first story and it took a good 45 minutes. I personally prefer audiobooks as I can listen to them on the move, so I was wondering how it would sound if I had a go at it.

I can't do accents

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>Why did people waste their time writing so much for this?

It's hard to picture, but back before 2015, the average poster on /tg/ was more interested in having fun than in making others unhappy.

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I don't see how writing is fun.

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I assure you, it is.

PDFs related

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Thing is, it was all actually based on a blue shortstack.

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Oops, this should have been second.

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She's hardly even the feature of less than half the stories.

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She's the main character of almost all of it.

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Are any of these worth reading or are they all fapfic tier?

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They're fanfic tier, not fapfic. It's far from high literature and leans heavily on /tg/'s lolsorandumb humor more often than not. I think there's one fapfic out there, though.

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People would probably call it reddit now

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It's just very early late naughts /tg/core. Which isn't that far off

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>early late naughts


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Late naughts, thought I deleted the early bit. It's been a long day and it's only half over.

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What a depressing thread.

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We must go wider.

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You're still alive?

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I found some of the jokes land well

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Whatever happened to OC?

Someone should totally collect some random /tg/ stories to make into an audiobook. I'd listen to it.

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>Whatever happened to OC?

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Yup. /qst/ happened.

Now if you want to be creative you get redirected most of the time to a dead board. Also nazi mods, enforcement of the blue board restrictions on the week ends to include text, drawfags being given the shaft and a general 'not on this board' shift for anything user made

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The fact drawthreads are now 'free character commissions' instead of being about spontaneous creativity doesn't help.

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and the cake still a lie.

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I miss the old days of /tg/. When was this? 2011?

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The thing is /qst/ "OC" completely lacks the planning and creativity required for good OC.

OK, so the scraplootas were born from a dice roll. After that the were given a lot of character though, through writing and pictures. /qst/ doesn't have that coherence of thought.

Also it's a dead board.

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>Whatever happened to OC?

This basically >>56912475

Turns out the people who enjoyed making engaging interactive threads with original content... were the people who made most of the engaging interactive threads with original content on /tg/. Once they were told to GTFO, they did.

>The thing is /qst/ "OC" completely lacks the planning and creativity required for good OC.
A lot of that is the fact that it has almost zero population, because the only people who frequent it are a splinter of /tg/, which is itself one of the smaller boards. OC threads need a minimum number of participants to make the thread shine, and if you can't reach that number, you don't get anything.

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So how do we fix it?

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>So how do we fix it?
Well, when all the bullshitting threads like Field Kit Inspection got moved to /qst/, it caused the population to go up there. RISK threads are still unworkable on /qst/ because the population is still too small to support a game before it hits the five-day autosage limit, but since /qst/ is for the most part unmoderated and lots of non-quest threads are being moved there, you could start making fun threads (roll threads, collaborative map-making threads, etc.) on /qst/ and try to get more people from /tg/ to start browsing it.

I wish we could have a Quest Thread General thread on /tg/ with links to specific quests on /qst/ but so far that's an instant deletion.

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It's not terrible, just very amateurish and several of the jokes rely on a foreknowledge of /tg/isms. I'm not saying it's shit and that people only like it because they get that reference, just that if you're going in looking for something to hate, it won't be hard to pick the stories apart.

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I suppose that's true. It's the nature of anything than comes from this place though really, you'd struggle to find something that's genuinely amazingly written.

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>collaborative map-making thread


These are always fun, let's see what happens

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Of course, I just wasn't going to be one of those IT'S ACTUALLY AMAZING I SWEAR faggots. I enjoyed it, but it's not like his life is lessened for not bothering to read it.

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That's fair. Is there only one writer for all of it?

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Nah, it had at least a couple. I was one of em but I never took a name.

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I was also one. I wrote Two Tribes in a fit of autism and boredom. It feels like so long ago.

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which one is two tribes?

what was warmaster triumvirate?

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Say, did the Gretchin bureaucracy become a fleshed out thing?

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The long story.

Sort of. Some of the stories went into more detail on it. It was always my favourite part.

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Hey, a Scraplootas thread. Haven't seen one of these since I compiled all the stories into pdf files 6+ months ago.

I'm glad someone saved them.

I'm still holding out hope for those unfinished stories to get finished.

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I think you might be waiting for a while. I appreciate the compilation though. I was unironically thinking of doing an audiobook version of them until I realised how long it would take.

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Yeah well, two of the writers are in this thread, so my nothing-of-a-hope is that they see there's still interest from someone who likes what they wrote might encourage them to do something at some point.

I mean, I wanted to see where the rematch with the 1st Membranes was going, as well as some form of closure with the other factions in the sector before the endings for Blue.

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which of the two things I asked about are you talking about?

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All my stories were finished I'm afraid. I don't like trying to finish someone else's work.

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Two Tribes is >>56904038

The 4th compilation >>56904083 contains the full GrotQuest, which took place within Boris.

Both dove deep into the Grotocracy.

There are a number of stories that focus on the inner workings of Boris.

Whoever wrote Yoof was just doing it on the fly in one thread, so I doubt that'll ever be finished. I think the Krumpus Bay stuff was done by Writefaggrot, and that's where the unfinished stuff is.

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Unfinished stuff doesn't bother me too much. It's a shame it isn't done, but it's better than nothing.

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If it was a solo unfinished story, then I'd agree, but it was building up to something and I'm just left wondering.

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>I wish we could have a Quest Thread General thread on /tg/ with links to specific quests on /qst/ but so far that's an instant deletion.
That's sad. It would make /qst/ actually useful.

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Oh my. It's an honor sir.

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Like the other guy, I wrote everything I'd care to on the subject. Not a fan of revisiting old works, hell I don't even want to read what I wrote for fear of cringing myself to death.

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Blue and her ded killy dildo are some of my favorite teej things

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Welp, I am filled with sadness now.

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guise i dont understand; who makes the decisions the draw hard lines between boards and enforce it like nazis??

isnt the purpose and content of a board determined by it's population not a couple unseen moot hirelings??

who is profiting/benefiting from excising creativity from this board??

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>Not the animated one

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It's not that, really, more a case of "a few bad apples spoiling the barrel". Quest threads got to a point where they were drowning out other content (for instance, about discussions of games) so they cut the board in two. The good stuff got moved along with the... less good.

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It's funny how this is what everyone always seems to remember despite showing up only in one smut fic.

Probably because the pics are so good.

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This. I understand the split, even if it's disappointing.

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If you want me to be interested try telling me why. Why should I care?

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It's fun.

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I liked the Blood Jaguars

>> No.56926982

i liked the story times

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You must have low standards then.

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What were those guys getting up to with their blood alters?

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>only showing up in one smut fic

That dumb sextoy was all over the threads, m8. Someone even made rules for it I think. Not that I'm complaining, it was great.

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I always found it a bit boring. It's such an obvious joke

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>guise i dont understand; who makes the decisions the draw hard lines between boards and enforce it like nazis??
Anon, you need to understand how much this site has changed since moot sold it to Hiro.

Back when moot ran 4chan, you could email him with a complaint about a moderator or a bug, and he would reply to your email within a few hours and he'd actually try his best to solve the problem.

Now that Hiroshima owns 4chan, he's not concerned with the site as long as he continues to make clickthrough money. He doesn't really know how to run this place, so he's delegated all authority to the mods. Because of this, the mods have been able to carve out their own little fiefdoms on "their" boards without any oversight from Hiro. In the case of /tg/, we ended up with a mod who really hates quest threads, so he (the mod) was able to make the decision to ban them and create a new board without input from the userbase.

>isnt the purpose and content of a board determined by it's population not a couple unseen moot hirelings??
Not anymore since moot sold 4chan.

>who is profiting/benefiting from excising creativity from this board??
The mod who runs /tg/ benefits because he doesn't have to see a thing he dislikes on "his" board.

Since /pol/ is the most traffic-heavy board on 4chan these days, Hiro makes the most money by encouraging /pol/tards to continue using 4chan. This is one of the main reasons why nothing is ever done about the /pol/ spam. If /tg/ was a more valuable board in Hiro's eyes, we would have more pull, but we don't earn Hiro enough money to have our opinions counted, so /tg/ will continue to hemorrhage creativity.

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>Quest threads being banned was one mod
Bullshit. We argued about that for months.
>But it was all one guy who was complaining about quests!
Bullshit. If so many people really liked quests that much, why was your board slower than molasses when it first went up? Even with a sticky-link on the top of /tg/, which is STILL THERE? We, as a board, talked about the problems quest theads posed and asked the mods to make a new board for them. They did. And from what I've heard, /qst/ is doing perfectly fine now.
I miss Mootikins as much as the next guy, but things REALLY aren't that different.

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>Back when moot ran 4chan, you could email him with a complaint about a moderator or a bug, and he would reply to your email within a few hours and he'd actually try his best to solve the problem.

Or tell you to fuck off.

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>Bullshit. We argued about that for months.
You're right; it was probably just a coincidence that within a month of hiro bringing in a new batch of mods we suddenly had /qst/ despite the majority of posters in the thread where it was announced voicing their dissent:

>If so many people really liked quests that much, why was your board slower than molasses when it first went up? Even with a sticky-link on the top of /tg/, which is STILL THERE?
Because quests were just a fun activity that people did while they were in the process of browsing /tg/.

>from what I've heard, /qst/ is doing perfectly fine now
It's still slower than molasses because most of the people who were interested in quest threads on /tg/ weren't interested enough to start lurking a second board on the off-chance that they might see something that interests them. It's pretty telling that quest threads supposedly went from "clogging 90% of /tg/" and "pushing all the good threads off the board" to barely getting five posts per hour split between 150 threads. Most rational people would take this to mean that the majority of the people who were interested in quest threads on /tg/ weren't interested in browsing another board.

Making a separate board for quests was about as sensible as making a separate board for Excuse Me threads.

>> No.56931745

>Or tell you to fuck off.
Maybe you just had bad luck with him. I emailed moot at least five times about different issues with /tg/ and he always wrote back right away for either more clarification or to tell me that he was working on it.

He even unbanned me twice!

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I only remember it being discussed for maybe 3 threads before it died down and other stories took the spotlight.

>> No.56931819

Sometimes the simple, obvious jokes are the best anon

>> No.56931978

I remember that picture

>> No.56932005

Reading your link, it looks like most of the negativity is from how /qst/ was going to be set up, specifically with how OP would be the only one who could post images. In terms of outright praise and "I don't want quests to leave /tg/," the numbers seem about 50/50, which was what they were leading up to this point.

Could it be, maybe, that Moot just didn't touch the issue because he was preparing the shift over to Hiroshimoot?

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You need a better memory then, lad. It never really died down, hence why we got some pretty nice art out of it.

>> No.56932173

nah man blue was great

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can you record some more please. It's nice to listen to while working on things.

>> No.56932884

>Could it be, maybe, that Moot just didn't touch the issue because he was preparing the shift over to Hiroshimoot?

I think moot just knew enough to not let a handful of whiny shitposters determine what was allowed on a board.


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I would but it takes so long. Ever paragraph takes a good two takes. I thought I'd be able to just read through and it would be nice and easy. I've got a new respect for audiobook readers.

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>> No.56933979

But Blue is cute.


>> No.56936190

Sure, but that's her only feature

>> No.56936239

Fair point. I still like her (and the scraplootaz in general), but I feel like much like the angry marines, they were very much a product of their time.

Except that I don't find the angry marines amusing.

>> No.56936314

>I would but it takes so long. Ever paragraph takes a good two takes. I thought I'd be able to just read through and it would be nice and easy. I've got a new respect for audiobook readers.

yeah. finding voice actor blooper reels online really shows that it can take many takes for each part of a production, be it audiobook, radioplay, cartoon, videogame or something else.

>> No.56936372

What's funny about the scraplootas that isn't about Angry Marines?

>> No.56936381

She's also proppa killy and lucky.

>> No.56936648

Those aren't personality traits

>> No.56936739

No one said anything about personality traits other than you.

>> No.56936894

I remember them, but board culture is dying on every board. Generals played a part, but the real reason most people know.

>> No.56936931

I hate using the term Autties/Naughties. I always call them the Thousands, because every year was called 200X.

>> No.56936979

People keep saying that but people forget that those threads were never more than 25% of the board at the height of their popularity.

>> No.56937277

>those threads were never more than 25% of the board at the height of their popularity.
While technically true, it would be more accurate to say that they were never more than 15% of the board at the height of their popularity.

>> No.56938428

I like the idea of the scraplootas better, and the writefaggotry with them was more fun imo. Angry Marines always just seemed like a kid who just learned curse words and knows about Warhammer yelling "FUCK! XD". I get that it's a /tg/ mainstay and that a lot of you guys love it, and I respect the opinion - I just personally find it cringey as fuck.

>> No.56941030

This, Angry Marines are just one-note. I mean you could boil them down to
>Angry Marines
and everyone would understand. And thus be boring because that's all they have.
Scraplootas, on the other hand, have enough complexity to make it interesting, and tickled enough for people to expand on the original idea. I mean this whole warband with its looted titan, grotocracy living in said titan, ork batman, grot tank division, and a Tau white knight and fanseer hot on their trail blossomed out of one question.
>"What would happen if Tau kid got adopted by Orks?"

>> No.56941367

The Scraplootas just leave me wanting more.

And it's one of the many things where I feel as if I'm the only person who enjoys it.

>> No.56941436

I'm actually sad that this is better than most of Black Library's crap. And not a by little, but a lot.

>> No.56941488

Any favorites?

Personally I would've liked to have seen more of Rosncranz and Gilnstrum even if they were just a combination of Waiting for Godot as well as Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens.

>> No.56941932

>And it's one of the many things where I feel as if I'm the only person who enjoys it.

trust me.
you are not the only person who enjoys it.

>> No.56941944

>I genuinely believe they're the best bits of writing /tg/ has ever done
That's stupid. You're stupid.

>> No.56941955

Nigger this shit was post- or during Nazimod, hardly the golden days.

>> No.56942007

We do?

>> No.56942074

I am at the point where I think most people just refuse to enjoy things.
Like that phase somehow looped back around where you showed up at middle school and all of a sudden everyone hated pokemon when yesterday and the previous 2 years it was the most amazing thing ever. Though somehow during college it became that again when everyone stopped caring about what others thought.
Where revealing enjoyment of something is a mockable offense.

>> No.56942116

You're confusing the first Nazi mod and the second Nazi mod. We've had at least two.

>> No.56942322

Studies say that if at least two things are stupid, then a third thing must also be stupid. If this is stupid and I'm stupid, then what are you?

>> No.56942388

Not him but Whatever Happened to the Blue Grot is genuinely sad.

>> No.56942404

In what sense? They're not amazingly well written.

>> No.56942442

The first one, sure. The other two are more upbeat endings.

Shame there wasn't more of Blue working on that mech suit from the Blue Nob ending.

>> No.56942466

Now I'm imagining a granny Blue riding a modified floating scooter. That can fit into a slot in what used to be a Tau mech-suit turned giga-mech to become a Tau-ish Killa Kan.

>> No.56942482

Does Blue mostly just work as a straight man (female) in a world of crazy orks? I feel like her character is more important as an entry point into the weirdness of the scraplootas.

>> No.56942490

Well, I meant more Blue Nob killing things in stories, but I guess that could tie into the first ending where she dies from old age.

>> No.56942522

Pretty much. She's the audience view point for a bunch of stories and serves as an excuse for orks to explain why they are orky. Once that's out of the way it opens up to more stories that focus on other members of the Scraplootas with Blue as just one of the boys.

>> No.56942591

The fact that Blue is a great audience surrogate is why I feel it all works.

Despite being a bunch of random "wacky" characters made up over the course of a few threads, they're actually varied and interesting in a Saturday morning cartoon sort of way. This while still ultimately being about "what if Orks adopted a Tau".

We should never forget that RNG was responsible for Boris the Titan though.

>> No.56942665

I'm glad I made that Ork Klan Generator on 1d4chan years ago.

>> No.56942688

And your ass belongs in the abortion clinic, sadly your dumb cunt of a mother didn't go through with it.

>> No.56943027

To be fair, the generator was only responsible for the inspiration.

>> No.56943356

>They're not amazingly well written.
They don't have to be. We're talking about Black Library here.

>> No.56943441

I think you just like them more because they're funny and black library isn't.

>> No.56943483

Guilty as charged.

>> No.56943550

In general I always felt like the scraplootas were 40k done by Terry Pratchett.

>> No.56943626

Grotocracy was pure Pratchett, what with bureaucracy being the next best thing to demonic corruption

>> No.56943795

Yeah, I think that's why I liked it so much. It's a simple joke but it works very effectively. I wish more of the stories detailed it. I think the only one that really did was Grot Quest.

>> No.56943950

Why is she so cute

>> No.56944464

Weaponised cuteness.

>> No.56945484

What the fuck is wrong with the black library

>> No.56945527

>when you reply to a post without reading the spoiler

>> No.56945582

It might have been a real spoiler!

>> No.56946394

Because she's the cuteness of a Tau anime waifu, but with more dakka and none of the space gommunism

>> No.56946934

Two Tribes also did it. That story was the proper introduction to grots wearing suits and ties.

And also the weird grots dressed as secretaries.

>> No.56946965

So, a tomboy?

>> No.56946996

Female secretaries?

>> No.56947091

>female grots

>> No.56947173

>Cringey OC
>I don't know what it is, but it isn't monster girls, or 20% furry lolis so it's cringe.

Can you fucks just stop. TG isn't a "less lewd" /d.

>> No.56947210

Maybe trap grots?

>> No.56947225


>> No.56947377

Basically. Just with hips.

>> No.56947528

She was a shortstack before the term was coined.

>> No.56947585

Is Two Tribes worth reading? I never got round to it as it seemed long.

>> No.56947781

Yes, grots wearing dresses, wigs, and fake painted nails.

There are also escort grots in the casinos who double as security. They're for showing off status by the big shots in the grotocracy and also for being bodyguards.

What did you think chaos taint would do to gretchin?

I think it's good. It has a lot of good jokes, funny characters, interesting story that reveals some of the inner politics of Boris.

>> No.56947836

The grotocracy is the best joke /tg/ has ever come up with.

>> No.56947935

It's Terry Gilliam's Brazil with orks. That's not a bad thing. The 60 second market idea was always entertaining to me, the idea that grots would try to sell things somewhere so obscenely dangerous is fun in how dumb it is.

>> No.56948192

Move your mouse cursor over the black bar.

>> No.56949636

That doesn't make a difference

>> No.56951102

Shit this ain't half bad

>> No.56952059 [DELETED] 

What's so bad about quests?

>> No.56952086

What's so bad about quests?

>> No.56952137


I'm a huge fan of the Star Krakens. I'd like to see them fleshed out more. Well, actually, I'd like to see a lot of the flesh torn from them, because they devolved into special character wank.

What with the 40k setting getting fucked up, it's a perfect excuse to say their sector of space got fuck up and they were forced to abandon it and become truly fleet-based. They could even have picked up some Primaris on the way, and now they have Primaris with extra-large Boarding Shields.

Similarly, the Emperor's Nightmares might be radical converts to Primaris as a bid to fix their Super Narcolepsy (with mixed results), and the Blood Jaguars adopting them if only to help them kill more efficiently.

>> No.56952211

No imgs allowed aside from OP on a North Korean beer tasting board.

>> No.56952938

I'm rereading Two Tribes, it's better than I remember. A few too many "witty" parts though.

>> No.56953656

Originally that wasn't the case. It's a problem of /qst/ more than quests generally

>> No.56954914

>what is wrong with the entire HH?
Where the fuck to I start?

>> No.56955117

haha (yes) [No Thanks!]

>> No.56955878

Man, I really do enjoy these guys. I just don't think there's anything left to do with them

>> No.56956164

There is something left to do with them, but I doubt it's ever going to happen.

They were trying to break out of the Karib sector in collection 4, to do this they were going to fight the 1st Membranes again and loot their flash gubbins (tinfoil hats).
The 1st Membranes arrived in the sector again in one of the unfinished stories.

So, the 1st Membranes, the tau forces in the sector, the battered and destroyed chaos warband, and the Scraplootas all have at least one more huge fight that's been alluded to with things building up to it.

There's still that one last story that could be told in the Scraplootas saga, but no one to tell it.

>> No.56958071

See, they were always episodic in nature, so even if you wrote that story there's a dozen before or after you could do. And that's kinda the beauty of the Scraplootas, they were a never-ending story

>> No.56958120

Well yeah, I'm just saying that's one of the big things that could still be done with them. A thing that's still "left to do with them".

Someone could write a story where it's the first time Urtylug deployed Boris and got payback on those dark eldars.

Or a story where they actually do go down to a planet infested with tyranids or necrons or any of that other crazy shit that gets mentioned in other stories.

Or something totally new, but I get the feeling that's less what was intended by the comment I was replying to.

>> No.56958539

Im glad people still remember. This is probably my favorite thing to come out of tg.

>> No.56958808

Scraplootas are what would happen if Terry Pratchett wrote a 40k story.

>> No.56958866

Except without the wit or humour

>> No.56959561

This is just nostalgia goggles. To modern /tg/ this sucks.

>> No.56961416

Please, start. I want to know what the fuck was wrong in your eyes.

>> No.56961606

>This is just nostalgia goggles. To modern /tg/ this sucks.

t. started browsing /tg/ in 2015

>> No.56961649

as a modern /tg/ newfag I like this
angry marines was dumb though

>> No.56961733

How did you find out about them?

>> No.56961802

by lurking? its not like they don't get mentioned occasionally

>> No.56962179

They hardly get mentioned at all

>> No.56962951

I liked it when it was new and I still like it now.

Nostalgia plays little to no part in my perception of this.

>> No.56964878

We will never know how the head office of the Grotocracy has actual CLEAN water.

>> No.56966238


>Emps as simultaneously incompetent and a vicious genocidal monster
>Chaos pumped up to be more or less omnipotent
>The events of MoM rendering the actual outcome of the HH a fucking moot point
>glorious, ultra-/fit/ God Emperor is just a projection; the man behind the curtain is just some tiny old guy
>taking what should have been at absolute maximum a six book series and stretching it out to 40+ shitty novels full of filler just for the money
>many of the writers of said series are garbage-tier. Ben Counter and AD Fucking B, I'm looking at you.

If it weren't for Dan Abnett, Gav Thorpe and (sometimes) Graham McNeill, the series would be x1000 worse than Twilight. As it is, it's only x100 worse.

>> No.56966496

There are many things I suppose we'll never know. Like who was the first politician grot?

>> No.56966782

Seeing how the bureaucracy is a result of chaos taint, it might not have been a single grot, but a bunch of grots in quick succession who decided to organize and were able to sway enough of the other grots either through lies, weird boy powers, or even promises.
Once they got enough of the grot population on board with the idea, then it would've been easy to weed out any dissidents and the rest fall into line seeing the alternatives.

All of it would've happened in the span of an afternoon probably.

>> No.56967036

Was it ever established what the Orks thought of the grotocracy?

>> No.56967090

they never noticed

>> No.56967409

The only ork who ever noticed is Derknitt, and that's only because he spends so much time trying to keep everything inside of Boris orky.
So he is aware of the grotocracy since they provide him with information on which walls inside of Boris are currently screaming so he can go scream right back at them.

Any other orks who take any special interest tend to have a run in with The Grot.

>> No.56967567

Who's the best character? I do like threegrot

>> No.56967691

Threegrot was great, but I'm always a sucker for the whole "three kids in a trenchcoat" gag

>> No.56967883

Fizzguts is fun. Pretending to be a prophet through ignorance.

>> No.56968959

I was always impressed that they managed to make the mugs meme into a genuine character point for Urtylug.

>> No.56969977

Threegrot never got his own focus story.

>> No.56972334

What would you even want it to be about?

>> No.56972476

fuck you guys for making me dig up two year old shit

uh here's as close as proof as I can muster

>> No.56972518

disregard here's actually the updated stuff

>> No.56972558

holy shit it was five years ago
why the fuck are you assholes reminiscing on this shit
Christ what is wrong with you
Also I literally have pages of splat to write for homebrew
why the fuck am I updating this shit
Okay guys
Get ready for some fucking 2012 vintage /tg/
When I was still bushy-eyed and and bright tailed and shit enough to write shit for free for anonymous assholes on the internet

Somewhere in the Oestalan Sector there is a section of the Warp that never truly recovered from the storms that ravaged the sector for two millenia. If there were a Farseer of some sort studying the Warp in this area, she would conclude that somehow, because the Warp folds over on itself or something, there is a pocket of reality that is extremely difficult to get into and get out of. Indeed, the scattering of systems that lie within this irregularity are even now still curiously isolated from the sector at large and are quite difficult to detect from the outside. The inhabitants find themselves shielded from the larger machinations that surround them in the sector, yet trapped with nothing to do but brood and plan. If a small Craftworld pursued by Dark Eldar were to punch through this fold in a daring and foolish attempt to escape, they would no doubt shake off some (but not all) of their assailants and then have the time to slowly recover. Perhaps the hypothetical Craftworld would hire out a group of Freebooterz, lead by a dashing and handsome swashbuckler of an Ork, to take care of the rest of the Dark Eldar and all of the other threats in the small group of systems. Hypothetically.

>> No.56972571


The Blood Jaguars' homeworld lies but an comet's orbit away from this irregularity, and indeed they, out of all of the Oestalan Sector, have the most experience dealing with the inhabitants. Once they were able to force their way into this irregularity to liberate a fallen world from Chaos, and, after a somewhat phyrric victory, spent the majority of a standard year trying to get back out. Any attempts to escape using the Warp simply turned the fleet back into the irregularity. The method the Blood Jaguars used to finally manage to leave is only known by them and the Sun Emperor. They have not since tried to return to that irregularity, probably for good reason.

There is but one other record of this irregularity on file.

The 1st Membranes made it in. The regiment of psykers freed an Imperial world from the scraplooting clutches of the Orks in a battle and a half, and then left again. This is pretty well known among the scattered systems within. It's the one defeat that the Scraplootas have definitely suffered. What is not well known is that the 1st Membranes returned.

"We've arrived Commander."
Commander Randi was not a psyker, but even he could feel that odd tingly feeling in his brain.
"Tell me, how long were we in the Warp?" His first mate cleared his throat.
"...Roughly thirty sweeps, Commander." The number hung in the air like a coyote off a cliff before reality brought it crashing down.
"Thirty sweeps? We just lost thirty sweeps to the Warp so we could aid some backwater world? The Greenskins will be long gone by now! Surely we look upon the ruined husk of..." The Commander looked out over the bridge at the planet. It sure didn't look ruined. Didn't even seem to be under siege by Orks a little bit. If anything it looked like the world was thriving.
"Hail the Planetary Governor. He better have an explanation."

But this is not a 1st Membranes story. This is a Scraplootas story.

>> No.56972581


Parked on the far side of the moon of this world was another familiar fleet, a flagship space hulk and several smaller space hulks with an Orkified Chaos Titan suspended between them. This one was not fresh from the Warp. It actually had never left the irregularity. Not for lack of trying, just no matter how many attempts they made or how many boarding daemons were killed, the Scraplootas could never make it out. If they were more aware of Chaos, they may have blamed Tzeentch or Slaanesh or whomever, but instead they just assumed it was the usual culprit. It didn't have enough Dakka. To that end, they tried affixing guns to the ships that only went off in the Warp, but that didn't seem to help, and it made no sense to point guns at their engines, so they stopped trying to add more literal Dakka and went for more flash and shiny bitz. They looted scraps, so to speak.

Urtylug gestured for a mug. The serving grot on his back filled it up carefully with squigtea and added a dash of squigmilk the way that the Kaptin liked it. He gracefully placed it into Urtylug's waiting hand, and Urtylug serenely took a sip. There it was. Their ticket out, slowly moving to orbit the resort world below.
"Kaztrukk, looks like yer info iz gud."
Kaztrukk nodded, of course his info was good. Urtylug guarateed that much by press-ganging Kaztrukk. This way, even if they ended up exploding or whatever in the Warp, Kaztrukk couldn't escape the krumping he would get if it turned out to be bad info.
"Three dayz dey stay, den dey're gone fer six sweeps." Kaztrukk accepted the mug of squigtea he was handed by a serving grot.
"Den we leave da sektor in three dayz." The two clinked mugs and drank, watching as a scattering of the Scraplootas shuttles emerged from the belly of the space hulk.

>> No.56972592


"Then we have three days to stop them from leaving." Vaedrisa turned dramatically, her weighty robes adding a nice flourish.
"...Yes. I just said that." Warlock Zielt sighed inwardly.
"I said it better. Can we get there in time?" The craftworld was almost back to a hundred percent. Their respite in this irregularity was coming to an end, and the bureaucrats wanted to rejoin their bretheren. It was taking all the Farseer could do to stall them

It was reckonessence. The very essence of reckoning. And if Orks were reckoning, there was trouble afoot. Orks after all don't really care enough make plans to krump tings dat don't look so tuff. Oh sure, they would definitely krump said things for the sake of a good krumpin', but small things didn't work that into their calculations when calculations needed to be made. Now, most Orks wouldn't do calculations to start with, but Rockeata was not most Orks. Then again, most Orks would be brighter than to chew on rocks too, but well...
"Four." Some things don't require too much reckoning.
"Wot." The bit of shrubbery by Rockeata's side bristled a bit and popped out Snekkit's head.
"Dey got four uv dem."
Snekkit cupped his fingers and squinted through them. It didn't work quite as well as the macrobinoculars that Blue had tweaked for Rockeata. It actually didn't work at all, but Snekkit tried and believed that it might so it was about enough.
"'Ow big? Big as Boris?" Blue was perched amongst the twigs around Snekkit's shoulder, she didn't want to say "Bigger than Boris" since that was likely to get her krumped, but that meaning was caught by the other two Orks.

>> No.56972610

"Dey ain't as big." Rockeata spat out a chip of something, "Dem iz smaller. No 'umie big git iz as big as Boris." Probably. It was kind of hard to tell how big exactly the Titans were at this distance. And Boris had expanded a bit over the years. Mostly out but a little up as well. Gitstitcha wanted to put Boris on an exercise regimen and a diet to get him back into shape.

>And that's all she wrote

Hell I'm drunk
Let's see what I can do

>> No.56972759

Hey now, do what you will. I'm willing to write a Threegrot origin story/character tale if peeps tell me what they want to hear since I'm a people pleasing faggot.
I wrote most of the other origins anyways so it's whatever

>> No.56972775

I'm also drunk af

>> No.56972843

This is fucking gr8, m8

>> No.56972876

Holy fuck, new content?!

It's a LootWAAAGH miracle.

>> No.56972878

Oh shit I fucked up okay uh

"I said it better. Can we get there in time?" The craftworld was almost back to a hundred percent. Their respite in this irregularity was coming to an end, and the bureaucrats wanted to rejoin their brethren in their endless struggle among the stars. It was taking all the Farseer could do to stall them, but even she and her lust for beautiful rugged green fungi-flesh were faltering in the face of overwhelming investigations and hearings.
She had done her best to demonstrate that there was little to be done to leave the sector. Even with no Dark Eldar in pursuit, they were reflected back from the warp, and the craftworld was still in no shape to exert the kinds of energies necessary to punch through the veil, so to speak, again. Vaedrisa reminded the High Council that the self-inflicted damage they had incurred due to that original jump, so long ago, would render them helplessto whatever malevolent forces that lay in wait outside once they exited the sector.
To which, the High Council answered, "Then use the bloody greenskins."
And to which Farseer Vaedrisa responded, "Fuck."

>> No.56972995

we're all like fucking five years older now
why are we still here? Just to suffer?

She was absolutely furious because that meant there were members of the High Council that actually sat down to read the mountains of drivel that she produced as paperwork to appease them with. That busy work she had spent years of her life on that was supposed to be skipped over by the Council but give her enough credibility and justification to continue to do whatever the hell she wanted.
But she was also somewhat inwardly pleased because that meant that there were members of the High Council that actually sat down to read the mountains of drivel that she produced as paperwork to appease the members with. And they had read closely enough to have figured out that the Scraplootas were preparing to break out themselves, meaning they at least saw value in the nonsense that she got up to.
And she was also absolutely mortified because that meant that there were members of the High Council that actually sat down to read the mountains of drivel that she produced as paperwork to appease the members with. She had at one point accidentally submitted fiction of a romantic evening with the Warboss-Kaptin of the Scraplootas... And yet another one with that one blue grot of interest. If they were reading closely enough to read in between the lines to figure out what the Scraplootas may have been trying to do, they had obviously read all of that as well. And they knew fully well how much she wanted to be awash with fungus spores.
"Fuck" was then the most succinct way to express all three emotions.

>> No.56973008

It'd be during the early days, when they first looted the titan. Maybe they first stood on top of each other to avoid being used by the busybody grots forcing everyone to get organized or krumped. While they were doing that, at that same moment, Fizzgutz found da buk for the first time. Then one of Threegrot lights their coat on fire and collapses into three grots and Fizzgutz is convinced that he just lit an ork on fire so good that he burst into grots.

I am told that when I get to a certain point of tiredness that I resemble a drunk.

>> No.56973095

>why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Something like that. Except with more orkiness

>> No.56973107

>why are we still here? Just to suffer?
I don't know. I just don't know.

But I've been wanting this for a while now. I'll take what I can get.

It's literally been on my mind off-and-on since I compiled the pdf collections back in June, and the only reason why I did that is because I remembered, so it's been at the back of my brain for longer than I want to admit.

>> No.56973188


After a short reprimand, she was assigned the new task of finding a way to either stall the Scraplootas long enough to find a way to steal their method of travel, or to stall the Scraplootas long enough that the craftworld could hitch a ride, so to speak, unbeknownst to the Ork menance. Their coffers were depleted as it was, with the continuous payment of mercenary work that Vaedrisa had requested. There was no way they'd be able to afford an escort from the Orkz without pulling some major economic teeth, and all of the dentists in the craftworld were basically fresh out.
So now the craftworld was puttering half way across the sector like an oversized, overzealous golf ball launched from some godforsaken metaphorical club. It was probably Orkish in nature.
"In time? What are you hoping to get there in time for? Some hot xenophilia from your hunk of a greenskin?"
"Quiet you." At some point someone had alerted Zielt to the romantic musings she had accidentally thrown in with the rest of her reports, and now he was never going to let her live it down.
"In time for me to forget what I read without driving a wraithbone in behind my eye and swirling it about? Why there's not enough time in the remaining universe for that!"
"Thank you, Warlock. Your input is most welcome, Zielt."
"At the current rate, we will approach the mon-keigh tropical planet just 'in time' to see the fleet that we have noted appearing and disappearing with intense regularity again about to disappear from the sector, if that is what you're asking."

>> No.56973202


"What kind of a window are we looking at?"
"Not big enough for a romantic encounter with a burly Ork Kaptin, but big enough for our craftworld's Farseer to actually do some Farseeing."
"Fuck you too Zielt."
"I wouldn't dream of it. I'd have to paint myself green first."
"Warlock Zielt, thank you for volunteering to join our Darkstar Fighters in establishing forward reconnaissance of the mon-keigh planet. Your bravery has not gone unnoticed."
Vaedrisa took little comfort of watching Zielt's smirk melt off his face.

>Now continuing at this point:

It was reckonessence. The very essence of reckoning. And if Orks were reckoning, there was trouble afoot. Orks after all don't really care enough make plans to krump tings dat don't look so tuff. Oh sure, they would definitely krump said things for the sake of a good krumpin', but small things didn't work that into their calculations when calculations needed to be made. Now, most Orks wouldn't do calculations to start with, but Rockeata was not most Orks. Then again, most Orks would be brighter than to chew on rocks too, but well...
"Four." Some things don't require too much reckoning.
"Wot." The bit of shrubbery by Rockeata's side bristled a bit and popped out Snekkit's head.
"Dey got four uv dem."
Snekkit cupped his fingers and squinted through them. It didn't work quite as well as the macrobinoculars that Blue had tweaked for Rockeata. It actually didn't work at all, but Snekkit tried and believed that it might so it was about enough.
"'Ow big? Big as Boris?" Blue was perched amongst the twigs around Snekkit's shoulder, she didn't want to say "Bigger than Boris" since that was likely to get her krumped, but that meaning was caught by the other two Orks.

>> No.56973367

Fuck, it's too late at night here for me.
When I wake up I better goddamn not have imagined all this.

I want you to know, writefaggrot, that I appreciate you actually continuing this old stuff.

>> No.56973476

to be quite honest with you guys, I don't have enough gas in me tonight to finish this, and I don't usually have the time to check the shitpile that is /tg/ anymore. I've also forgotten how to write in fucking Ork Cockney. It's been too fucking long.
I'm sorry for blueballing you guys again. Maybe in like another year lol

"Dey ain't as big." Rockeata spat out a chip of something, "Dem iz smaller. No 'umie big git iz as big as Boris." Probably. It was kind of hard to tell how big exactly the Titans were at this distance, and Boris had expanded a bit over the years. Mostly out but a little up as well. Gitstitcha wanted to put Boris on an exercise regimen and a diet to get him back into shape. Boris said he was on a "zoggin' treadmill e'ry zoggin' day," and thus refused. He also doubled up on his squig pies to spite Gitstitcha.
Boris... was definitely getting a bit big. They had to replace the treadmill and hook the nob up with flashbitz that strapped around his head and let him see with his Titan eyes, (an 'eadset, cuz it set on 'is 'ead) not just out of the bridge like he used to. But he hadn't gotten big around the waist, well, maybe a little. It was still mostly the good old fashioned Ork bigger-ness. Boris was still krumpin' and winnin' like he used to. That wasn't something that anyone would doubt.
But it didn't take one of those fancy grots with strings around their necks to figure that four to one odds weren't great.
"Rockeata, watcha chewin' over?" Blue pulled on the Ork's sleeve, only for it to break away in her fingers. She wiped the gunk on her trousers. "'Ow we gonna krump dem all?"
"'Ere, ya git. Chew on dis and lemme do some figurin'." He shoved a sizable pebble into Blue's mouth and then went back to staring through his macrobinoculars.

>> No.56973914

The First Membrane...
The Scraplootas weren't afraid of nothing. That's what they always said. But under that bravado and bad grammar, it still meant they were afraid of something. Well, afraid was a strong word. A word that would free a humie git wid too many wordz in 'iz mouth of da teef in der, if 'e don't shut it.
So perhaps superstitious was a better word for it. And it was normal for Freebooterz to get a bit superstitious. Because all Freebooterz know that krumpin' leads to more krumpin' and winnin'. A place were you led a successful raid was a zoggin' good place to raid again and again until the entire place was razed to the ground and nothing remained. But returning to a place where you got krumped? Freebooterz would never ever be considered cowards, but it was just common sense to avoid old battlefields where went all to zog. Heading back to relieve that? That was just bad luck. That was the kind of bad luck that got you painting the entire fleet with blue and purple for good luck and for sneaking around bad luck.
So of course the Scraplootas hadn't kept an eye on the resort world of Telparroyo. They had no reason to. They never saw the gore-soaked beaches return to a pristine white, the wreckage of war machines dragged away for repair or for scrap, the traumatized survivors doing what they could to eek out survival in a planet that had largely been based on tourism for a system that had faced utter geocide let alone genocide. If they had paid witness to these things they would probably have gone back to be more thorough with their slaughter. And then they would have been stopped by The First Membrane once again.
See, it's bad luck.

"We've arrived Commander."
Commander Randi was not a psyker, but even he could feel that odd tingly feeling in his brain. It was a veritable pulsation, a migraine about to erupt.
"Tell me, how long were we in the Warp?"
His first mate cleared his throat.

>> No.56974028

Wow, actual content. I'm the guy who wrote Two Tribes, it's great to see the lootas getting revisited. I've been reading some of the old stuff again and there are so many jokes which I had forgotten. Good stuff.

>> No.56974121


"...Roughly two hundred and fifty sweeps, Commander." The number hung in the air like a coyote off a cliff in a repeated gag.
"Two hundred and fifty sweeps? We lost almost five standard years to the Warp so we could aid some backwater world? The Greenskins will be long gone by now! Surely we look upon the ruined husk of..." The Commander looked out over the bridge at the planet. It sure didn't look ruined. Didn't even seem to be under siege by Orks a little bit. If anything it looked like the world was thriving. There was a little welcoming crew of shuttles held between them a well-used banner that said "WELCOME FIRST MEMBRANE TROOPERS"
"Hail the Planetary Governor. He better have an explanation."

As the hailing frequencies opened, they were overridden by a stronger signal. A small freighter that no one had noticed previously drifted into view of the bridge, broadcasting a code that was years out of date. When they finally found the equipment and the right psykers to decrypt it, the guns trained on the smaller vessel immediately disarmed and the shuttle bay was opened. It was an Inquisitor, on Inquisitorial business. Commander Randi assembled an honor guard as quickly as he could manage and then waited by the airlock. As it hissed open, every single man in the hallway stood to attention and saluted.
And then angled their wary eyes downward as out scuffled not a tall an imposing black-clad warlord of a man, but a dingy looking elderly man with wild hair in a yellow jacket and a bright red shirt embellished with the Inquisitorial seal. Behind him, a nervous younger man in a life vest pushed in a cart with the Inquisitorial Standard and a load of equipment.
"Commander Randi, we meet once again."
"...Forgive me Inquisitor, but I don't recall--"

>> No.56974391

"Of course you don't. That was merely a formality for my records. A joke of sorts on my part. I am Inquisitor Braun." He extended a hand to the Commander, who shook it gingerly. Then the Inquisitor gestured dramatically back at the younger man, "This is my assistant, McFawkes."
Randi looked past the nervous-looking man, who looked young but old but young again, and saw no one else, "Forgive me, Inquisitor, but don't you have more of a retinue?"
"And who would that be? McFawkes future wife? Marines from Space? My past family? Please, Commander, this is no time for idle talk, you have to go back!"
"Back? Back where?"
"Back into time!"
At this point there was enough dissension in the ranks that the Commander dismissed the soldiers he had gathered and walked with the Inquisitor back to his office.

"Ordo Chronos? My greatest apologies, Inquisitor but I'm not familiar with--"
But the Inquisitor wasn't listening. Instead he had pushed all of the things on the Commander's desk to the ground and unfolded an ancient looking star map. OESTALAN SECTOR it read, centered on the border. He then pulled out of his equipment several very accurate models of Imperial Cruisers and waved them excitedly in front of his face.
The door slammed open and Commissar Tiberius stormed in, about to go off on a tirade again, and stopped, noticed the banner, and then quizzically looked down the barrel of his own bolt pistol.
"Tiberius, now, now, it's not the time to be offing yourself yet! Come, I'll need your skills for this demonstration!"
With astonishing accuracy, Braun recounted exactly the flight path the First Membrane fleet took once it exited the Mandeville Point in the Oestalan Sector, up to and including the trouble the fleet had experienced with this second, unexpected Mandeville Point that they stumbled in as they neared the point where from which the distress call was coming from.
"Here's where things went wrong. You overshot." Inquisitor Braun paused for effect.

>> No.56974565

Hope you're joking

>> No.56974654

"Yes, indeed Inquisitor, we overshot by over two hundred and fifty sweeps."
"I'm sorry Commander, but the entire trip took you six sweeps as you had expected!"
Randi shared a glance with Tiberius, who scratched his head with his bolt pistol muzzle and shrugged, "I'm not sure I follow."
"All in due time Commander, right now we need to find a way to re-orient your fleet in native space-time! You see, this part of the Oestalan Sector never fully recovered from the warp storms that rocked this sector millennia ago!" Braun took his hand and tucked it into a fold in star map, pushing it underneath another fold. "Space and time formed a pocket around a particularly devious warp storm, and has kept it going in perpetuity! That is the cause of all of your woes! When you first re-entered the warp, the density of psychic energy that your men represents dropped your fleet like a stone in a cloud! There was so much momentum you broke through the other side!"
Braun moved his hand out of the way and then motioned for Tiberius to drop the ship he was holding aloft with his psyker powers. The lead model landed on the folded map with a thunk and dented the fine wood of the table underneath.
"So you're saying we hit the table?"
"Precisely! Now in our current understanding of the warp, the impact you left was not just a dent on the table, you can't actually dent the warp obviously! But nevertheless your fleet has indeed left something in the warp! But what? It isn't anything physical, it isn't your sanity--"
The Commissar turned what was clearly a snigger into a prolonged coughing fit.
"Tiberius you should really get that looked at."
"Sorry, Commander."

>> No.56974681

"Right, it isn't your sanity, it's part of your time dimension! Temporally, your fleet remains one foot in the warp! Every time you try to leave this pocket of space-time, you reset to the day you entered and created that dent so to speak!"
"And so every six sweeps we emerge, travel to Telparroyo, find that the Ork menace is long gone, we spend a holiday on the resort world, go to leave, and then repeat?"
"Well done, Commander!"
"So how do we undent the table, so to speak?"
Braun smiled in an unsettling manner, "Tell me Commander, how would you go about undenting your table?"
"Well, I would have to prevent it from being dented in the first place."
"Time travel, Commander? Do you think that's in the realm of possibilities here?" There was an unnatural twinkle in the Inquisitor's eye.

>it's fucking 6AM
>I'm going to fucking sleep

>> No.56975072

We appreciate your service.

>> No.56975856

I just read two Tribes. It's actually quite impressive that it manages to have some varied characters that all have a purpose in the story. It has tighter storytelling than a lot of real things I've read.

>> No.56977208

At least you prove it's possible to still get new stories.

>> No.56978934

New stories only require a writer

>> No.56981343

Are they deliberately written in a British way?

>> No.56981399

Orks are based on rugby hooligans, aren't they?

A willing writer is hard to find these days.

>> No.56983296

Even though I was super tired last night, I'm still mad at myself for not realizing the reference immediately.

>> No.56984869

>Threegrot Gitstitcha Daemoncore.txt

Would you say that takes place before or after the current old thing you were updating last night?

>> No.56985092

The thing is, if you don't keep it to drawings of characters and settings that are explicitly /tg/-related, it goes on /i/ or /ic/ and sometimes gets deleted from the thread.
If you're going to be drawing characters anyway, you can as well draw people's characters - and it's much better practice to be challenged by someone else than to always do what comes to mind.
You get stuck in a rut easily all on your own, and a lot of drawfags seem to stick around because it works as practice.

>> No.56987557

Fuck yeah, BJags. That takes me back.
There was a lot of /tg/ originals going on that summer. Happy that people still remember them.

>> No.56988584

That was a fun time to be on /tg/.

I remember the rivalry between the Blood Jaguars threads and the Scraplootas threads, but it seemed rather one sided since the BJags never really wanted to indulge in it in their own threads and always brought it to the Scraplootas threads.

How do you think they managed to get out of the crazy Karib sector?

>> No.56988719

The Blood Jaguars never really fit in the Scraplootas stuff. It was a lot more 'serious' kind of world building homebrew than the wacky shenanigans of the Scraplootas. They grew apart pretty quickly and trying to keep them shoe-horned into the same 'setting' wasn't working.

>> No.56989399

This. The blood jaguars were interesting but they never properly matched in tone.

Also I found them a bit one note but that might just be me.

>> No.56991496

do whatever the fuck you want, anon. Just write the thing.

>> No.56992268

Don't force writers. It never ends well.

>> No.56992316

Writer here.
Don't you fucking spread that garbage.
You're shooting countless young writers in the foot. The bane of writing is the "creativity faucet" excuse - that just shows you're not experienced and don't have a work rhythm.
If someone told me to "write this fluff", I would be able to.
Sometimes it's even more fun than writing what you come up with yourself. Even if I don't want to, it's my responsibility to be able to sit down and work.
Anyone who can't write on command is not a writer, they just write. You wouldn't imagine how many people just start piping and wailing whenever they're expected to do anything else than whimper about their "writer's block".
Force us to write, please.
We want to get better like everyone else.

>> No.56992467

Last Anon has it right. The tone was never the same. The overlap was more a happy accident than anything else.

I'll agree that the BJags were fairly one-note. As somebody said during a comparison of them and the Scraplootas, it's a heck of a lot easier to write for Orks than it is Space Marines. SMs have a lot of rules and guidelines. Orks are fun, and don't need a lot of justification.

As for how the BJags got out of the Karib sector?
I don't recall any discussion on that, but it's been a few years so I imagine more discussion has gone on with the chapter. Last I checked they just wanted to be back in the embrace of the Sun Emperor after the Long Night, but their nigh-heretical practices made them a bit of a black sheep.

>> No.56993269

Is it OC when it completely disregards lore? That's what this does.

>> No.56993289

Not that anon, but I'm sticking by what I said before with how I see it happening. >>56973008

A Threegrot origin also tying into a Fizzgutz origin.
It's also possibly a prelude to the first time Boris was ever deployed when they stomped all those dark eldar.

The grotocracy could've formed either before or during the first deployment when some grots realized they weren't going to survive this unless they did something proactive.

Seems to me it was never specified how they managed it.

I think the BJags would've had more memorable moments if there were some stories told by normal imperial citizens about how they operate or stories told through the eyes of guardsmen noting how different the BJags are compared to other space marines they've witnessed.

>> No.56993996

It was once. In better times.

>> No.56994179

Sweet young child.
Just because you don't approve of someone's preferred entertainment doesn't mean you can alter the past, nor the present.
/tg/ talk naturally turns onto sex, philosophy and politics. That just happens. Trust me - I've done pick-up groups with everyone from preteen kids to a forty-something female lawyer, spanning multiple degrees of autism.
It just happens. When you try to force it down, people start shitting up the game because things are on their mind and they can't concentrate.
My group makes it an iron-clad thing - the first hour of the session is reserved for bullshit, because let's be honest, going to someone's place, sitting down and instantly starting to play, then leaving instantly when it's over often isn't very fun, leaves you wanting for more and is pretty autismal if I'm allowed to speak.
I'm really fucking baffled by some of you people. Do you really have to put so many limitations and restrictions on what you're "allowed" to laugh at or enjoy that you end up having to shit in everyone else's drink just to feel vicarious enjoyment?
There is little sex in my games, next to no fetish content, and everything that gets iffy is fade-to-blacked. You know how we do that?
We fuck around and make stupid jokes like people before the game. We don't sneer and snarl and snipe at each other because we dare to have different opinions.
And you know what? You don't have to be so fucking serious even about a debate or just a horribly tasteless joke. I've run a group with a SJW and some breed of neo-fascist for three years, and it only ended up breaking up when both moved away.
TL;DR: Do you have any friends?

>> No.56994334

Thank you very much for the explanation and links Anon.

Hello. How are you doing?

1/4 is still a lot.

>Something from a few months to a year before I started browsing /tg/ is getting updated.

I've got this excitement in me that I've not felt in a long time. It's like I'm a much younger anon on Christmas morning.

>> No.56994803

That doesn't make shoving sex where it's not wanted appropriate

>> No.56995380

I think of the Scraplootas, 1st Membranes, and Blood Jaguars as a collective case of "your dudes".

The lore only exists for setting up the backdrop to your games and campaigns, focusing on the lore exclusively is never all that fun in 40k because no matter what you do, none of it will ever contribute to that plot.

It's about what you can take from what's available and twist it to your own liking in your own stories.

I share that excitement, I'm gonna need to update at least the collection 4 pdf after this thread.
Maybe another of them too if that other anon writes the Threegrot origin.

>> No.56997509

I'm enjoying this thread too much.

>> No.56997517

Sheeit I've never seen that before

>> No.56997714

did you just draw that?

>> No.56998295

Really? It's the same guy who drew this and some others from other /tg/ things.

Nah, it's old. I just didn't want the thread to die.

>> No.56998345

Huh, I guess I must have missed it. Cute either way.

>> No.56999813

It's a shame there was never more drawfags.

>> No.57000572

It still had more than a lot of /tg/ things. High quality ones to boot

>> No.57000883

I still don't know which thread some of the pics I have came from.

>> No.57001170

>Blood Jaguars

wew lad
I think I remember being on the thread where that happened.

>> No.57002064

I think there's maybe a handful of pics that the main anons who were/are into this haven't seen.

I've never been able to find the archive of the thread these ones came from to know the context of whatever the hell was happening which caused this meeting to happen.

>> No.57002693

They're part of a drawquest that was a "non-canon" follow-up to Tau Quest. I think it was called something to the effect of Littlest Phaeron? It was a cutesy take on Xeno set after Tau Quest, but Blue guest starred in one of the runs

>> No.57002707

The stuff with the sisters was great.

>> No.57002802

I haven't been able to find an archive of it is what bothers me.

I found some of the pics, but I never found the thread.

>> No.57002838

It was drawn by Technomancer, try that as a tag on suptg

>> No.57003010

Ah, that helped. I had no idea what to look for.

Those are the only two that seem to have Blue as a guest.

I never followed xenoquest, but I am on the hunt for pics of Blue I haven't seen before, and this does have some.

>> No.57003713

Still chugging along. Still lurking, still posting. Sometimes drawing.
Lurking /tg/, /co/ and /qst/, with a smattering of /x/ and certain topics on /vg/.

>> No.57003811

Me too.

I remember making the logo in mspaint like a boss.

>> No.57004588

Any interest in more Scraploota art?

>> No.57004637

I've got a bunch of backlog though, but someday I might draw the whole Scraploota gang and post it in Scraploota's 1d4chan page.

>> No.57004678

>stories told through the eyes of guardsmen noting how different the BJags are compared to other space marines they've witnessed.
I've always felt the Bjags should essentially feel like Space Marine 'Predators', so they leave flayed corpses in trees for the enemy to find, their officers left with their chest cavities opened up and hearts missing. For the most part unseen. It's a bit 'Night Lords' in some respects.

>> No.57005158

Well, I'm hoping this thread continues to exist until bump limit so that if the anon who said they'd write a Threegrot origin still felt like doing that after sobering up we'll have the best odds of seeing it.

So... they do that to the tau forces then? Doesn't seem like it'd work on chaos forces.

>> No.57005206

If I do it, it won't be for a while yet. Computer is in for repairs and there's no way in hell I'm going to write up anything on a phone. I'll make a thread if it ends up happening.

>> No.57005251

>Doesn't seem like it'd work on chaos forces.
It would work fine on renegade Guard, and orks are extremely superstitious. I can see it rattling them, dying in such an 'un-orky' way.

>> No.57005800

I'z feel like I forgot ta shoot sumfin....

>> No.57006529

Is it just me who finds blue the weakest aspect of this?

>> No.57006631


>> No.57006915

I shouldn't be awake anymore but fuck it because you know what, you're right.

Protips for writing something that is immediately interesting with easy and consistent characterization:
1) Have characters with an internal contradiction/lend easily to conflict
2) Have characters paired in contrast interact in a way that meaningfully explores consequences of that contrast.
3) Insert memes, references, and humor, if you can manage it (I can't always)
4) ???
5) Profit

No seriously look back at every fucking story written about the Scraplootas, especially the ones by me. I challenge you to find a single fleshed-out character or concept that can't be figured out as either internally contradicting/conflicting or paired in contrast.
Every single one of my stories is just a series of scenes of contrasting characters interacting in a way that makes the contrast meaningful and hopefully funny. I kid you fucking not. It's basically the easiest way to get internet strangers to pay attention to your hack writing skills.

Urtylug and Zizzbitz = Manager who can't do shit alone, but has ambitions (ambitions are basically conflict generating machines) vs an unambitious but shit doing guy, also people prowess vs tech prowess
Vaedrisa and Zielt = In charge, but selfish in a position where she needs to be thinking of the larger picture vs thinking of larger picture but in a position of no power/mockery

>> No.57006933

The Tau are literally the same dynamic, just antagonists instead of allies to the Orks.
The Tau also appear to be competent but are actually stupid and incompetent. This is a direct foil to Rockeata and Snekkit, who appear incompetent but are actually hypercompetent (this is also funny) and analogous to the two Chaos Marines, who are competent but know better than to do anything with that competency because they recognize what genre they're in.

Blue has a single internal contradiction: She's Orky but not an Ork. This would be a huge thing but everyone quickly moved past that because it's more fun when she's happy and Orky instead of in conflict with her would be allies. It's also honestly a threadbare contradiction with not much to explore because the foregone conclusion is that the Orks don't care, so there's no tension or consequence to the contrast (therefore it's not very meaningful).
No one has done much work to move her characterization to somewhere else because of the excess of other characters and her role as an audience surrogate.

Full disclosure: I don't use her very often because I don't want to be accused of waifuing, I don't know what to do with her, and I was very busy trying to flesh out everyone else.

>> No.57007664

The thing is, in the end, one of the Orks' main "redeeming" features is their lack of guile and malice.
Orks just do. They blow shit up, they break shit, they build it up again and then they krump anything with a small enough braincase within range out of principle.
Someone who is Orky but not an Ork is probably these things, but not to the degree the Orks are - they're basically mushroom-people who run on cosmic stupidity.
Even the most Orky Tau would have other urges, ambitions and thoughts, so either way you pull it in, I can see plenty of drama you can squeeze out as long as you remember one thing.
If you don't want to be accused of waifuing, don't skew the universe for the character, don't make her a straight audience surrogate, don't give her meta knowledge, make her weak spots count and show no fucking mercy.
Get the character on a track that makes sense and then write her - and if you find yourself having some kind of knee-jerk reaction to a scenario that would have her be embarrassingly defeated or doing something completely unsympathetic, now that's where I'd worry about waifus.
People will waifu your characters. That doesn't mean you're doing it, and in fact it's a very good meta-narrative tool to set up a twist that the audience should logically see coming but that they discount because the waifu character is usually never proactive nor changeable.

>> No.57007727

From here (and I have to admit I just skimmed this thread, because I was still mostly on another board back then), I'd say there are two routes.
Less Orky or more Orky.
Blue has a normally-functioning brain, I'd assume. The capability to make rational decisions and, unlike the Orks, the capability to overthink things. The scenario of someone trying desperately to cling on to some kind of innocent culture even when their growth drags them away from it doesn't sound bad. You could even make the Orks more sympathetic, so you get character conflict on a plot-changing level instead of prosaic give-and-takes.
More Orky, then, for a sapient person, is actually worrying. Juxtaposed with other Tau or generally non-Orks, even an Ork-raised xeno would come off as not cheery, inventive and hammy, but genuinely blunted and vicious, not to mention the kind of person who uses intimidation for everything (and intimidation is a great plot seed).
While it's a bit obvious, you could always play on that - that Blue's experience with being able and allowed to krump anyone who can't viably krump you back if you fail makes her seem not cute and innocent, but like a complete blank card from other people's side.
People like that, those who not only do things society doesn't allow but do not even have a shred of comprehension why they'd not are pretty scary to deal with, and adding some kind of objectionability to the character is, in my experience, a good way to avoid waifuism.
If you're fine with the character being misunderstood of their own fault, hurt because of their own stupidity or doing something unforgivable out of their own will, you probably aren't waifuing them.
Blue has this kind of unpleasant tang of fapbait about her, that's true.
It's up to someone to remove it, and personally, I've had good experiences with using more complex motivations, proactive behavior, internal conflict and objectionable acts as a way to bring out the depth in shallow characters.

>> No.57007820

Sure is opinions up in here.

>> No.57008815

I get what you're saying, but I feel like you're over analysing the issue. There are many stories with a fish out of water protagonist, there are many cases where they are not very well written, and are among other characters that aren't very believable.

Thing is, does it matter? If the stories are fun and satisfying, isn't that enough? I like my stories to feel like they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The characters are the way to keep it on the rails and keep it interesting.

>> No.57009001

Well, it's up to the writer.
If you feel something's stuck in a rut because it's too simple, though, it's only natural to think you need to go a bit deeper.
It's the same reason you don't live off Doritos. There's not a lot of depth in them and it gets too fucking similar. If you think you're eating too many Doritos, you don't try to compensate with Twinkies.
Fluff, sweetness and fun are all good.
They just don't carry a story very well. The gags get old, the characters start becoming parodies and the story has to do something entertaining while keeping status quo.
Anyway, you know, this is a collective project and not one guy's game - the charm of those is that you can have both superficial fluff and dead-serious drama side by side from different authors.

>> No.57010006

Dude you're talking about content. It's not about content.
I'm talking about writing structure.
If you run characters through the same plot but change the content, it's not going to lead to interesting story. Okay, maybe it's interesting the first three or four times, but people easily wise up to it.
Whatever Happened to Da Blue Grot? is interesting because it explores Blue's central contradiction in a manner that had not been tackled before, but you'd be hard pressed to write another story with the same kind of structure, let alone content, and still keep it interesting or not obviously derivative. (I did not write that story, I just think it's good)

So instead, you stick Blue's exploration into the B plot, but when you're writing live for a thread, you generally have basically just the A plot and references to a B plot because you don't go back to rewrite and redraft. I mean, I guess if you're super good, you could potentially edit in a full B plot as you write everything else. I'm not that good.
If you'll notice, everything that I've written for the Scraplootas that does include Blue touches upon her central contradiction (I have to, that's her character) but never as the main conflict or point of interest, or if it is part of the main conflict, it's from another perspective in which the contradiction hasn't yet been explored.

>> No.57010262

Alright. Thanks for the heads up.

I could see that working.
Orks would blow away their entire surrounding area (and very likely each other) if they caught on there was an invisible enemy running around.

I think opinions are fine. At least this is a constructive conversation.

As for Blue, I've always seen her more as an audience surrogate so there's a reason to explain things, or as a conflict generator for the tribe (gives them tau attention, makes some of the orks have arguments over what is orky, makes the fanseer irrationally jealous), and an excess of conflict is considered good luck by ork standards.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of the inside of her head is something I could only see working in another plot where she and the fanseer have interactions.
Or a story about Gitsticha wanting to poke around inside there, but that would mean death.

>> No.57010838

The other guy pretty much hit the nail on the head. The problem with Blue is that she's more or less a solved character. Her primary conflict of finding a place to belong. There's potential to explore something where she notices a disparity between her and actual Orks (not healing as fast, not getting bigger despite krumping things, etc) or one where she has to use her non-ork nature to do something conventionally unorky and either rationalize it or confront it. But as it stands, she's fitted into her niche. Therefore, she's kinda been relegated to a plot device of sorts. Something people either react to (Vaedrisa's jealous curiosity) or something that motivates people (the Tau duo) to engage in the story. The reason is because her other role of Audience Cipher is largely defunct when the audience already knows how Orks do (or at least thinks they do).

I think another part of it is the other characters require less finesse to make fun due to being inherently wackier, so people are drawn more to them.

>> No.57011908

I wish modern 40k had balls.

>> No.57012278

Well I like blue.

>> No.57012797

I like her too, it's just that's there's not that much left to work with her.

>> No.57014263

There's aren't any members of the Scraplootas who I dislike.

But yeah, not much new ground to cover with her.
Not unless they get their hands on some new weird tech or something.

>> No.57016123

I think my favorite insult was the one a Blood Jaguar used.


Never were any actual pics of the two factions fighting.

>> No.57016488

The hype died down before I could get too far on anything, but here, have a WIP.

I don't recall any direct confrontation between the Scraplootas and BJags. Any interactions they had were through the acquisition of Boris associated chaos forces.

>> No.57016911

Neat. This has been a very productive thread.

There was one or two times they met.
"Scraploota Sortie" (in collection 3) is where they ambushed the BJags' scouts and that's where the line came from.

>> No.57018139

>2) Have characters paired in contrast interact in a way that meaningfully explores consequences of that contrast.

How do you do this with people who are peers or otherwise not in a superior-subordinate relationship?

>> No.57019059

Difference of ideology?

Dosen't really work with orks though since they just end up krumping each other and whoever is left declares themselves correct.

>> No.57021658

Hmm, there's about 10 bumps left in this thread.

Might as well see what happens.

>> No.57022258

Unusual that it would even reach bump limit. At least some people might have discovered them and read some of the stories.

>> No.57022425

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers
Batman and Superman
Professor X and Magneto (when they're allies)
Han Solo and Luke Skywalker
Han Solo and Lando Calrissian
Kirk and Spock (They're technically peers)
Mako Mori and Raleigh Becket
Newt Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb
Hellboy and Literally Anyone he gets paired up with in an adventure
Solid Snake and Otacon
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth
Legolas and Gimli
That's off the top of my head. I could go on (or go weeaboo)

Anyway folks, with how my work schedule is, I'm not going to be able to sit down and update again until next time.
Whatever that means.

>> No.57022533

To go on one last tirade before this shit dies
There's every so often, I go into a thread, and it gets my creative juices flowing, I start writing fluff and then instead of being constructive and creative and like trying to make shit up, people just start to shit on each other. Sometimes it's fucking edition wars, sometimes it's /pol/-tard triggers, sometimes it's just people trolling without being funny
So I'll delete my 500 something words, close out of the thread, and not look back.

Like holy crap /tg/, what happened? We used to have friggin lore/world building threads once a week at least and you'd have a whole shitton of anons trying their hand at writing. Not everyone was good but that wasn't the fucking point, everyone was contributing to make something that no one person could make alone.
It's like after you removed all of the quest threads the creative idiots went with them. Yeah they're still idiots but they're better than the idiots that sit there waiting for other people to make content.
No offense.

I swore a blood oath to always update my fics when I see a fucking Scraplootas thread in the wild, which is why I'm still around. My soul won't rest or some shit.

This happens at an undetermined time between the establishment of Gitstitcha as the main mad dok and the Krumpus Bay Outing.

>> No.57022548

Speaking of which

What is a Threegrot? What does it do? How does it come about? Moreover, /why/ is a Threegrot?
These are all excellent questions, and Mad Dok Gitstitcha would like to answer all of them. Or at least, he was going to try to. He had the bone saw and the Annisfetik knock out sandbag and giddy laughter all ready and everything. That trench coat would bare its juicy inner secrets yet.
But of course the problem remained catching Threegrot unawares. The Mad Dok couldn't explain it, but for some reason that git had eyes out of the back of his head and off to the side too. Probably a weirdboy thing. They did that. Whenever he got within ten feet of Threegrot, the git scampered. Practically grew two additional sets of legs the git moved so quick. Whatever. Really the hunt was part of the thrill for Gitstitcha. Before his tribe of Feral Orks had been picked up by the Scraplootas. There was a strange something going on, a mutation had stopped squigs from sprouting so the Orks were forced to hunt. And he was the butcher. Not that his tribe didn't eat all of their prey, bones and all, but there was something that required a bit of formality to all of it. It was kind of the same reason he fashioned himself a nice apron of crudely stitched together hide (made of of gits, naturally). It was as instinctive as putting together a shoota from scrap metal that was lying around. Butchering was practical too. You had to figure out how to make sure the bigger nobs got their bigger shares after all.
Carving up meat one way or the other was the same for Gitstitcha. He just patched it all back up when he was done nowadays instead of shoving it in his mouth.

>> No.57022554

It took the Mad Dok the good part of the month to finally catch up to Threegrot, probably because Threegrot was sick of being chased around, probably not because of Gitsticha's cunnin', but Gitstitcha wouldn't hear a word of it if you said something. Mostly because you'd be speaking in some human tongue and Orks don't /actually/ speak in a hooligan English accent it's a translation conv--
The Mad Dok realized that despite all the experimentation he did on himself and everyone else that he could get his hands on, he definitely did not want to experiment or investigate Threegrot. Threegrot was all wavy and shaky, but that was normal Threegrot. Because Threegrot was just a weirdboy with the power of three weirdgrots. And that was it. These were not implanted thoughts by Threegrot. Mad Dok Gitstitcha came up with them himself. Oh, and make Threegrot your assistant.

What is a Daemoncore? What does it do? How does it come about? Moreover, why is a Daemoncore?
These are all excellent questions, and Mad Dok Gitstitcha would like to answer them with help from his assistant, Threegrot. From what he could tell through visual observation, it was a dodecahedron, a twenty sided regular shape made all of triangles covered in weirdsquigs. Except it had twenty one sides.
No matter how Gitstitcha counted or looked at it or marked off the sides, he always counted one extra. Also covered in weirdsquigs. Like there was something wrong with how the Daemoncore interacted with reality. Reality kept trying to force it into a certain shape, and the Daemoncore did its best to have a little rebellion to declare that it wasn't a part of reality's system. Other than that, it was cloudy and flashy on the inside, like there was a perpetual storm in there. And it spoke with a booming voice. If you asked the Mad Dok to describe it, it was a right flashy voice that sort of barged into your brain without knocking on your ears first. It was also usually quite demanding.

>> No.57022569

I DARE SAY YOU OLD POMPOUS ORK, ARE YOU BACK AGAIN FOR ANOTHER GO AT IT? I SWEAR YOU SHANT GET ANOTHER WORD OUT OF--OH BY KHORNE STOP THE LICKINGAAHH thought Mad Dok as he got closer to the daemoncore. Mentioned previously, it was covered in glowing weirdsquigs, but that was explained. The weirdsquigs regulated the Daemoncore's temperment, reducing the amount of mischief it could get up to. Otherwise they'd have constantly screaming walls and whispering dakka and weirdgrots standing on each other's shoulders hoping they could pass for an actual weirdboy.
"Oi, Threegrot," Gitstitcha said, "Quit whistlin', it bothers mah finkin'."

Anyway, something about the weirdsquigs' saliva sedated the Daemoncore, and because he broke a bonesaw choppa getting nowhere with the Daemoncore and it didn't quite seem to have applicable anatomy to saw off anyway, Gitstitcha was happy to simply pester the thing with questions. He fed the weirdsquigs and cleaned up their super dense and boring looking gray waste that made sensors in Boris click violently.
"I'm doin' research fer da sake of prosp- prosper- prospar-"
"Yeah, dat one. Now, who wuz ya daddy?"
The Mad Dok frowned and scratched his head. Who was doing the Syko- Psych- Psykee- head scratching thing. Getting to the brains without using a proper choppa and only just words.
"Oi, dat's da one. Sykoanaling. Who was doing dat 'ere, da Mad Dok, or da Daemoncore git?" He knocked the Daemoncore about with his broken bonesaw, causing several Weirdsquigs to relieve themselves.
There was the sound of a static screech in Gitstitcha's mind. Threegrot swayed even harder than he usually did.

>> No.57022579

"Oi jus got sum kwestshuns. Now, who wuz yur daddy?"
The Mad Dok stopped tickling the weirdsquigs and motioned for Threegrot to do the same. Gitstitcha did not see multiple additional arms retreating back into Threegrot's trench.
"Okay. So youse gotta pretty rough choildhood. I fink."
Far from the containment chamber that was the daemoncore's holding cell, Boris the Ork shuddered himself out of a fitful sleep. The bridge grots around him eyed each other nervously. This soon before a major engagement? It was a bad omen. Something that could not be fixed by dressing up with those funny long eared headbands and hopping about. The last time this happened, they ran into the Gargaunt that almost krumped Boris good.
Boris groaned and then thumped his chest. The Titan around him imitated the motion with a long drawn out metallic crunch, rattling everyone in and around Boris to the bone.
"Some git finda pink squig. Two pink squigs. Da chewable uns. Oi fink its 'eartburn." Suits him right for eating so many greased fried squigs before battle.

>> No.57022592

A select few grots pulled off their headbands and ripped off the bits of rags that they stuck on ther butts in a ball and scampered off. The other ones prepared the bucket of water that was necessary to down pink squigs. They were too chalky otherwise. Where was the Mad Dok in all of this? He should have been supervising. Not that the grots didn't do all of the work themselves, just well, it was good form to have nobs heading all of the projects. Grots milling about with a purpose was always suspicious in the mind of any alert enough Ork. Wasn't proppa Orky, grots doing things with out orders.
The intercom did its chirpy thing. It was looted from the communications of a Warhawk VI that the Chaos marines used to own, and for some reason it developed a weird chirp after it was installed, and it limited messages to roughly twenty eight words, give or take. It was probably some twit's fault that it did that. Some git must have found it funny.
"Oi, Boris, wat da zog wuz all dat den? Somfin 'appen?" It was Urtylug, being a good Kaptin. Of course, you'd definitely want to check up on your biggest boy if he was the size of a thousand or so of your other boyz, give or take a few grots.
"I fink I'm fine, Warb-Kaptin. Jus a pinch uv 'eartburn. Can ya find da Mad Dok's head fer me?"

>> No.57022597


There were a few things that the Mad Dok was not allowed to do on Urtylug's orders. One of them was to come within a hallway of Boris's command bridge, at least with his body. Gitstitcha was free to make check ups on Boris in his reduced squig leg form. He was held up by grots and then passed around like some weird religious bauble, inspecting the Ork that now hasn't sat down or gotten out of his control harness mechanism in several years. Boris was remarkable in that sense. Perhaps it was the Warp-interacting-with-the-Waugh weirdness that created much of the Scraplootas' oddities that gave him the ability to continuously pilot the Titan. It was hard to say if Boris slept standing because the Titan was always standing or if the Titan was always standing because Boris slept that way. Causality had broken off at some point, not to say it wasn't in a casual relationship already with the Scraplootas. Boris showed no otherwise signs of slowing or wear or tear. It truly was as if the Titan was him and he was the Titan, though how much crossover there really was was a question that Mad Dok was forbidden from finding out, as most of his methods involved amputating and reattaching limbs or setting things on fire.

...Well in this case the Daemoncore looked like it was already burning on the inside already, so it wasn't technically setting things on fire, right?
Gitstitcha knew about metaphors and figures of speech and all, but he had a hard time figuring out which ones were supposed to be literal and which ones were supposed to be figurative. As did most of the Orks. For this one at least, he hazarded that it had to be literal. Torture went hand in hand with interrogation after all. Putting someone in the hot seat had to be a real thing that hoomie gits especially did to their interrogatees. The trick was to get the seat hot enough without killing the weirdsquigs. Even at his worse the Mad Dok knew better than to test his chances with the unbridled Daemoncore.

>> No.57022606


He eventually decided to just heat up the entire containment chamber. Threegrot was looking awfully warm in his trench coat now too, and was more likely to take it off, an added bonus.
Gitstitcha imagined a sound not unlike the rapid deflating of a large wet tire. The hot seat was working.
The Mad Dok was scribbling notes as fast has he could, meaning that he was scribbling on a piece of paper and one of the ubiquitous grots next to him was carefully writing everything down to be dictated to the Mad Dok the next time it was necessary.

Gitstitcha nodded sagely. Why the Daemoncore was coming together nicely.
Gitstitcha frowned. He indicated to Threegrot that he should put more fuel in the steam generator that was pointed at the Daemoncore.

"Ugh. Dem pink squigs ain't workin'. Da 'eartburn's worse. Where'z dat zoggin' Mad Dok when ya need 'im?"
And with that we've hit bump limit
Good night you glorious assholes

>> No.57024409

Good thread everyone

>> No.57025103

>I swore a blood oath to always update my fics when I see a fucking Scraplootas thread in the wild
And here I thought you had forgotten.

It's a good way to finish the thread off anyway.

Yeah, surprising amount of new content.

Should I update the pdf collection with the new words now or wait a while?

>> No.57026144



>> No.57028301

Is the bump limit on /tg/ exactly 300 or is it something like 315?

>> No.57028381

It sounds like you just roll with some weird people, anon. I've never heard of a group devolving into shitflinging because they were told not to introduce their magical realm.

>> No.57028804

Ah the state of /tg/ going into 2018, writing and world building aren't fun.

>> No.57029187

Did you read the part where I said there was barely any sex or sexual content aside from for example the existence of hookers in a WoD game?
What I was talking about was the opposite.
That a game where you're not allowed to bullshit, fling shit and make sexual, political and assorted other jokes at all, not even before or after the game, is likely to have the players pent-up, frustrated and bitter very quickly.
It's one thing to be told to not put the weird shit into the game.
But if you have to be wary around your group even when just shooting the shit, it increases the chance that some joker will try to bring in his magical realm because he feels stymied by the group and isn't very well connected to the rest of the players.
You breed a lack of disruptive content through mutual respect, trust and generally not being a thin-skinned social landmine.
If you don't know people and aren't comfortable around them, chances are you'll first default to downcast apathy and from then on get more and more aggravated until "showing the group" by doing something stupid gets tempting.

>> No.57030505

Maybe it is 315.

>> No.57031323

That's certainly a... unique outlook. I can only wonder at the events that led you to this conclusion. Well, if it works for you that's good enough I suppose.

>> No.57031340

I'm glad you are both still around.

>> No.57031517

Guy who drew this, the portrait of Tinka Zizzbitz, and the original MSpaint insignia here. Might have to start doodling some stuff for these guys again.

>> No.57033664

Something else to look forward to then.

I won't get my hopes up for a full Scraploota revival, but it's nice to know there's still interest.

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