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Three Weeks to RIX Spoilers Edition

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>Latest News:

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?

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Mindslaver in gay dudes, yay or nay?

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Insects. I want a remake of Xira Arien.

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>What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?

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What’s the best way to break this?

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>Insect Tribal with token swarming and grave shenanigans that isn't just reanimator
I have never noticed that a remake of Xira Arien is the Jund Commander I always wanted.

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Ok so I already ordered some cards for Mimeoplasm but I was goldfishing him just now and I realized the deck doesn't do very well past the first mimeoplasm cast (if it goes bad)

Generally speaking, what should I be doing?

>stack protection on mimeoplasm himself to make sure he doesn't needlessly die, rely mostly on recasting him if he gets removed


>put in a good deal of sac outlets and reanimation to reanimate as a backup plan and to sac mimeoplasm in response to disruption, forgo protection otherwise

I know it's a matter of taste but I'd still like to hear if anyone has experience with the commander and can tell me how either build works out. I'd rather have the deck style that is less obnoxious for everyone else

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Play it in 1v1

>> No.56886462

>>put in a good deal of sac outlets and reanimation to reanimate as a backup plan and to sac mimeoplasm in response to disruption, forgo protection otherwise

to clarify, i had issues doing this since the fucker eats through my grave in an instant. i'm sure it's less of a problem irl when i have 3 other graves to exile from, but still. most people in my meta run shitty tribal or synergy jank like karlov, so copying their stuff isn't that great.

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Play a bunch of back up plans, i use a lot of dredge and wheel effects in mine so i fill up the graveyard prettty quickly, i run Mortal Combat and some cheap reanimation spells like Reanimate, Victimize, Animate Dead etc. to make sure i can do something else in case Memeoplasm gets hated out.

I could also run Laboratory Maniac since my deck gets thin pretty quick but that would make it a pretty easy wincon to achieve and wouldn't just work as a backup plan.

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>Thread question
Definitely specters, it's kind of lame that there isn't a legendary for them. It would be mass hand destruction.

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r8 my mill deck

It's for group plays, my first deck in years. Phenax doesnt necessarily need to be the commander, pretty much any legendary can, especially hexproof Lazav


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So what did your local post officer bring you today, anons?

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>that Sly Spy - X synergy

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I need enchantments that make mana that aren't blue. I already have black market. What are my options? I also already have a Serra Sanctum so don't worry about that.

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Honestly, the new commander decks made so much “choose a tribe” tribal stuff that you could make almost any tribal deck work off the backs of crazy cards like the wrath and the enchantments.

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>I need enchantments that make mana that aren't blue.

>> No.56886882

Frontier Siege

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Foil Karlov Horse

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Don't be obtuse, I already have a different stax deck.
Fair. I've never used that search engine, thx bby

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>Three Weeks to RIX Spoilers Edition
We have some today at least https://www.mtggoldfish.com/spoilers/Rivals+of+Ixalan

>> No.56886985

You can make the query even better but since it was only two pages of results, I figured it would do.

I recommend any EDH player to familiarize themselves with that syntax, it saves a lot of the time.

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Fucking hell I'm such a newfaggot

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r8 my mill deck

It's for group plays, my first deck in years. Phenax doesnt necessarily need to be the commander, pretty much any legendary can, especially hexproof Lazav

Link works now


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I actually really look forward to Bass's Bounty since I like treasure but I wish they had made silvergill adept "reveal a merfolk or wizard". I mean they printed a wizard commander deck and now they've already forgotten the tribe again

>> No.56887158

>I mean they printed a wizard commander deck and now they've already forgotten the tribe again
Silvergill Adept is a reprint, you fuck.

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>What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?

「 H O M A R I D S 」

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Anyone got any good recommendations for wincons in Rashmi that aren't infinite/labman combos?

>> No.56887562

>What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?
I just want a Legendary Bear for my Bear tribal deck

>> No.56887570

If I copied someone's basic Kraj deck, what could I go for to personalize it?
Some big X mana pay-off since the main shenanigans of Kraj is to get infinite mana?
Or some Herald of Secret Streams business since I'd have so many +1/+1 counters in circulation?
Or use Arcanis burn through my deck for a surprise Laboratory Maniac?
Or streamline the basic Kraj combo, then run Biovisionary and a bunch of shapeshifters?

Once upon a time I wanted to make some Kraj deck with shit from Ixalan, but then I realized very few Ixalan cards have good abilities to take. Maybe Rivals will give me what I wanted.

The majority of said Kraj deck

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She's simicgoodstuff.dec anyway why vother making her even slightly original

>> No.56887867

the way it's 5 mana abiltity is worded means you can play stuff from your hand, so omniscience, ulamog etc are now 3ub lol

>> No.56887901

I don't like winning games regardless of opponents' board states and life totals, it makes every effort up until that point feel meaningless.

>> No.56887929

just play death's shadow+ that 1/1 unblockable infect dude+ lgreaves

>> No.56887955

>2 mana 2/2
>each bear you control has T: This creature fights target creature you don't control
or you could just use surrak

>> No.56888011

Nope. MaRo said it only works while X is being revealed by his own effect in another player's hand.

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>Thread Question
Tribes: Ninjas, moonfolk, rogues, crabs, knights, soltari, dauthi
Mechanics: Ninjitsu, Shadow, Ingest, Suspend (actual suspend synergies, not Jhoira), Prowl, "Flowstone", returning your own permanents to your hand, Scry

>> No.56888060

So, further proof that MaRo is an idiot?
This doesn't seem to be a thing that needs a day 0 errata. It should have been caught in testing.

>> No.56888085

still bows my mind why they couldn't make a squirrel legend

>> No.56888161

No, it's because it doesn't say "from" in the rules text. It's actually kind of esoteric rules text that get in the way of it, but it's completely by the books.

>> No.56888252

Do you guys think this would be too good if the ability could be activated from the command zone? I kinda want to make it if my group is okay with it.

>> No.56888253

The oracle rulings for Mairsil are kinda funny. Its neat that he can get crewed and make friends. But it doesn't mention anything about flip cards, if you exile a flip card with Mairsil do you get the abilities of both sides or just one? Idk if there even are any fli pcards with activated abilities on both sides but its still making me wonder

>> No.56888278

Treasure Map has an ability on both sides.

>> No.56888283

Only include if you have a Mind Break fetish.

>> No.56888291

They chose not to so you could have multiple squirrel lords

>> No.56888307

The characteristics of the flipside of a flip card only exist while it's on the battlefield and flipped. If you want to search your library for a legendary creature, you can't find Akki Lavamancer or Tok-Tok, Volcano Born. If you exile Kenzo the Hardhearted with Duplicant, Duplicant will be a 1/1. In short, no, Mairsil does not get the abilities of the flipside.

>> No.56888309

Vildin-Pack Outcast // Dronepack Kindred
Ulvenwald Captive // Ulvenwald Abomination

>> No.56888312

Hiding your decklist is maximum Dimir flavor

>> No.56888320

Oh also, since >>56888278 kind of reminded me that you might have meant DFCs, the same is true for them. Only the front side has any identifiable characteristics when it's not transformed on the battlefield.

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>finally built wort goblin storm
>triple cast a faithless looting to triple cast a gamble next turn, then storm out with past in flames
>got to win with triple kicked urzas rage and double kindred charge
Holy shit wort is amazing

>> No.56888358

X's first ability says it can activate its abilities from a hand if it's being revealed in its owner's opponent's hand specifically. Explain to me how you activate his 3UB ability targeting a card in a hand he's in, if he's in your hand.

>> No.56888389

>put into opponents hand when empty
>save mana and use its 3ub ability each time they draw a card, casting it to your side
>rinse and repeat, soft-locking your opponent out of the game

>> No.56888558


Building Wort as well and I can't fucking wait for holidays so i can have time to play this deck. It looks like a god damn blast!

>> No.56888586

Hey /EDHG/

Where the fuck do you get those small white cardboard boxes that have a folding flap. Retailers use them all the time to sell boxes of 100 to 200 bulk rares and uncommons? They make the best customizable deck boxes ever

>> No.56888621

>Conspire Howl of the Horde
>Plow Under

>> No.56888649

Comic book shops.
Or you could order them.


>> No.56888657

They're probably just bcw boxes. Amazon or game store.

>> No.56888871

200 count boxes were what i wanted but fuck i don't need 100 and I don't want pay $5 a box. I'll check with the local hobby/game stores. Thank you

IMHo these are again super awesome deck boxes. They hold a whole sleeved commander deck, the commander, a few tokes, and some life die. You can also write and draw all over them and they are fairly compact and durable

>> No.56888927

>have opponent's X commander in my hand
>I cast Timetwister
>opponent argues that it ends up in his command zone due to the MTGcommander.net rules
>I argue that it ends up in my library because 903.9
Fuck this gay format having conflicting rules

>> No.56888937

My buddy has a jund lands deck, with Xira at the helm. From my experience, all you people whining about no jund land commander are dumb. Jund lands doesn't need a commander, it regularly beats most decks, no need to cast Xira. Our meta is pretty strong, and we go to the lgs sometimes and Xira fucks people up regardless of what they're playing.

>> No.56888965

Ad: His jund lands deck is not budget by any means.

>> No.56889279

Triple cast? Just remember that conspire gets you at most one extra copy.

>> No.56889287

>no jund land commander
Where did I ask for one? Sure, there are people who wants jund land commander, but I'm not of them. I love jund colors, but as they are now, I think their legends are pretty meh, nothing really fun.

>> No.56889296

>attempting to rule-lawyer Silver-Bordered cards

>> No.56889313


>> No.56889369

>6 mana
>only counts your graveyard
>sac/tap requirement
>doesn't even have trample
I'll take Hunted Horror, thanks.

>> No.56889379

>cards forced into the format
>judges be like

>> No.56889547

Angry about the lack of trample on playable hydras

>> No.56889561

R8 my mana disruption m8.

>> No.56889586

>Hydras and Sphinxes are the blue and green """"""""iconics""""""""" because they're the closest those colors have to just fucking dragons

>> No.56889602

Pardic Miner seems kinda bad unless you have a lot of recursion. Ghost Quarter is mana disadvantage unless your playing against hyper-competitive decks that have no basics.
And were is your blood moon? 5/10 okay disruption package.

>> No.56889644

>>Thread Question
>What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?
gargoyle would be cool. they need to develop them thematically better though. for the most part they seem to be artifacts or artifact creatures that either turn into creatures or lose defender and gain flying.

hoping cephalids come back in dominaria. they could easily become more dimir or esper.

yeah i don't think anybody is going to let you reveal it from the command zone. now that you mention it tho, i'm kind of surprised wotc would print a card like this which interacts to poorly with edh. i thought after grandeur they were more aware than that.

>> No.56889648

I'd run other things but Hydra's play so well with Kruphix's mana-banking ability and I like the vaguely flavorful use of them with my Theros block commander.
Also Eldrazi are expensive and my playgroup thinks annihilator is anti-fun.

>> No.56889662

Need as many dwarves as possible. I suppose I could swap him out for Blood Moon. Any other disruption effects I could include in here?

>> No.56889716

there are some good trample hydras. managorger, primordial, domesticated, lifeblood, & scourge of skoka vale could all have a place in kruphix.

alternatively you could just give your stuff trample. brawn is a favorite of mine. primal rage. nylea. triumph of the hordes.

>> No.56889739

Is it a good idea to run cards like Evolving Wilds and Teramorphic Expanse to thin your deck and fetch out basics?

>> No.56889771

Pyromancers goggles my friend

>> No.56889779

i do this in one of my decks that revolves entirely around milling through my library without hitting lands

but otherwise. no. it's not worth it. unless you would need the mana fixing anyway.

>> No.56889850

Does it need more recurssion?

>> No.56889864

you should just post the whole list anon. (you probably need more)

>> No.56889866

you have to play a lot of fetches to make it work, on average you can only get enough fetching to thin about 5% of your deck in edh unless youre 5 color and depending on how the rest of your mana base is you might be paying 1/4-1/3 of your hp for minimal deck thinning. You can use a hypergeometic calculator to figure out the exact amount of thinning but it generally wont be worth the cost unless youre already playing green and using other land tutors.

>> No.56889955

Taking suggestions for my shitty Un-commander


>> No.56889962

>green iconic

>> No.56889973

wouldnt play with

>> No.56890073

I'm sorry, I didn't see the wurm on the packaging for ICONIC Masters

>> No.56890082

still just a knock-off dragon either way

>> No.56890311

Wurms arent knockoff dragons, theyre dune references etched into the lore

>> No.56890448

I'd fucking love that

>> No.56890500

There is literally a single wurm that doesn't have wurm in it's name

I don't know if that's stupid or cool

>> No.56890535

Swap out the 4 or so uncards and pretend the commander is pic releated.
Pheobe isn’t that broken either way, she doesn’t keep stuff when she leaves, and stuff re-entering regains it’s text. And is blockable by anything she steals. It’s probably not even as degenerate as my mairsil deck.

>> No.56890563

In chronological order:
>Henge Guardian
>Vastwood Gorger
>Belligerent Whiptail
>Canopy Gorger
>Soul Swallower
>Cowl Prowler
>Serpentine (augment)

>> No.56890738

He probably looked up wurm so that's all it showed him
What a loser lmoa

>> No.56890835

Stupid question, but I want to make sure:
Does she accumulate stolen text boxes, or does she replace a previously stolen text box when she steals another text box?

Which reminds me, between her and Kraj, does anyone who runs either ever use Spy Kit? Or do affects and abilities that refer to (Specific Name of the Card) just adapt to whatever creature card is stealing or mimicking them?

>> No.56890945

Accumulates them.

>> No.56891072

houserule that the ability goes up with commander tax maybe? Or perhaps that it costs 2B?

>> No.56891127


>Fucking Un-players.

>> No.56891167

You're being lazy. Commit to somehow putting it into your hand, or don't bother. Command Beacon exists.
I hope your group doesn't let you do that.

>> No.56891173

This dudes a human but offers repeatable Stone Rains

>> No.56891255

Accumulates them but loses them upon death.

Mairsil and quicksilver elemental rulings say that instances of a card name change to be relevant of the creature that it’s attached to.

>> No.56891350

>Atraxa's price is only going up
>just want to build a modest +1/+1 counter deck about buffing up weenies

Ghost Anafenza looks so fucking comfy to play why does she have to be monowhite

>> No.56891363

>Mairsil and quicksilver elemental rulings say that instances of a card name change to be relevant of the creature that it’s attached to.
Okay. I figured that nobody used spy kit because it might be completely irrelevant, but now I know.
Huh. Thanks. I might branch out more with my Kraj deck in the future.

>> No.56891472

Soz me and a buddy are building off of premades. He's both playing Sigarda goodstuff and dumping more dosh into his deck and I'm getting my ezuri list dramatically outpaced. Wat do? I've already added a stax suite to try and slow him down, but even with that its about a 60/40 his favor. What do?

>> No.56891601

you aren't playing 1v1 commander are you Anon? ;_;

>> No.56891662

Polymorphist's Jest, Ixidron, Archetype of endurance, Glaring Spotlight, and Arcane Lighthouse are some budget options to deal with Sigarda

>> No.56891691

>tfw you slowly tune your deck until it's much better but not the same deck anymore

help me

>> No.56891798

Do you focus on one deck at a time?

>> No.56891804

I feel you. You have two options:
Back to ground zero OR
Understand that your deck has changed direction, and that's okay. Maybe even build a new one to better reflect the old and tune that!

>> No.56891833

Fuck, anons. What's a deck that doesn't make me want to die at a table? I currently run Arjun Eggs and Jund lands. I've run so many decks it's not even funny. Give me something to build that doesn't suck and has 2 or more colors. No need for a list, just an idea. Budget is no issue, just casting about for something to tune that I will want and won't make my opponent's want to throttle me.

>> No.56891895

Shell something for Assault Suit lock.

>> No.56891942

Assault suit...lock?

>> No.56891964

no, i try and play them all and tune them all bit by bit. with some of my decks it feels like the focus gets sharper over time but with others it's the opposite. some of my decks feel like they have a few flexible card slots where i could put in new things but others feel so incredibly jam packed with stuff that every cut i make is painful.

i think i'm going to try and keep and open mind and just go with what is the most fun to play. but diluting the original vision is hard when it seemed so well planned.

is the arjun eggs a rage inducer? my arjun deck has kind of gotten to the point where people hate to play against it.

>> No.56892014 [SPOILER] 


did somebody say Assault Suit?

>> No.56892068

Sometimes your old vision has to die. It's part of getting older, friend. Whether it's a day or a decade, some things just have to shift.

Arjun is comfy. I make a point of making the turn I go off a series of triggers that resolve quickly - either I have a wincon on the board, or I know EXACTLY what I'm digging for and so can shortcut and focus on just resolving Arjun triggers. I've had several wins off of Aetherflux Reservoir and have only heard "so do you still?" Once, and only immediately after I cast it. A fine tuned, quickly played Arjun that isn't doing traditional eggs (ie just looping second sunrise until you maybe get the combo) can be a fine machine to witness. I make a habit of playing one game with it, then putting it away for 2-3 games, then taking it out again. It's like playing a Yidris deck - nobody wants to watch you quadruple Cascade your good stuff and wheels - that's boring. Be reasonable.

>> No.56892081

*So do you win?
Is what I meant

>> No.56892124

Is a creature black as it enters the battlefield or does it enter the battlefield then become black

>> No.56892141

What I do is keep deck lists with strategies and objectives on it, and if I find I'm not keeping to them, either change the deck or correct course.

I misread your first post. I thought you were looking for a deck that plays with being the threat, not the opposite . Assault Suit on endrek sahr or emperor Croc, if they can't stop you from trying to sac them the game is a draw.

>> No.56892143

black as it enters the battlefield

>> No.56892156


I believe it enters the battlefield as black, so it wouldn't trigger flayer drone. kinda like humility and an etb creature

>> No.56892207

Is big Teysa reeeally that bad? I want to try Orzhov again and didn’t like Karlov. I have both no mercy and dread, figured instead of life gain could focus on black and white goodstuff

Furthermore I want to make a deck that doesn’t relly on the commander

>> No.56892327

Just like bloodmoon makes lands enter as a mountain, this moon makes a creature enter as if it was a black.

>> No.56892352

she's fine in the 99
a 7 CMC creature really needs to bring some board-changing effect/utility to warrant a spot in the command zone

>> No.56892417

Or some rockin titties

>> No.56892447

W/B Pillowfort

For those who dont wanna go to the Queen and add red, she's good for that.

>> No.56892677

>don't like playing exile-but-can-play-it-cards like Outpost Siege because I'm scared I'll lose the card
>put it into practice on tappedout playtester
>it's literally just drawing an extra card every turn

>> No.56892795 [SPOILER] 

"Those who grasp its hilt soon hear the demon's call."

>> No.56892869

Who should I make next?

Options are:

>Adriana, Captain of the Guard
Melee Tribal (and Knights)
>Oona, Queen of the Fae
U/B Control with a side of faeries
>Derevi, Empyrial Tactician
Birb Tribal
>Zurgo Helmsmasher
>Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
Demon Tribal with a side of reanimator
>Darien, King of Kjeldor

Trying to stay away from green since 8 out of my 15 commander decks have it, but Derevi is mostly U/B.

>> No.56892906 [DELETED] 

Assault Suit and Endrek Sahr cause an infinite loop and draw the game unless someone has instant speed removal.

>> No.56892919


>> No.56893143

A weak man like you could never pilot my deck effectively. Now kneel, worm!

>> No.56893201


>> No.56893203

fuckin kek

>> No.56893230


>> No.56893253


Our very casual playgroup has a ban on extra turns and controlling other's turns in edh.

>> No.56893258

Weakling, then

>> No.56893266

What the heckaroo...
what happened to cause this anon?

>> No.56893285

stronk tho

>> No.56893302

my money is on newzuri sage of hours/edric time warp.tribal & Memnarch slaverLock
in summary, U/G cancer

>> No.56893307

Here's my list if it provides any inspiration. He's been kicking of around 5 years and is mostly foiled out. The best way to use Kraj is a multi-tiered wincon, capable of winning through huge damage, infinite turns/mill, or big mana combos. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/kraj-sale/

>> No.56893335

there was a girl back in my high school on the powerlifting team that could bounce her chichis, is that you Marci or Sarah?

>> No.56893398

I can't wait for RIX spoilers. I keep checking Mythicspoiler hoping for more.

>What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?
I really want something good for pirates. So far all I can do is just... shove most of the meh pirates into a deck.

Do you think there'll be a good enough Pirate EDH after Rivals?

Dinosaurs is another one.

>> No.56893407

Cadaverous Bloom
Carpet of Flowers
Mirrari's Wake
Mana Flare

>> No.56893558

>half the cards i bought a year ago are now 2-3 times higher in value

what the fuck have i gotten myself into, my cabal coffers is 14 euros now and i got it for 6

>> No.56893573

Anyone ever seen this dick someone hard? I have two people in my pod with token decks and was wondering how effective it’s ability is

>> No.56893590

yeah, it definitely dicks wide strategies hard, and it's asymmetrical to boot. you're best off using it in a deck that can either flicker its ETB or cheat it out, like a reanimator or something

>> No.56893625

I always picture him laughing as he gobbles up all the X/1s and X/2.

>> No.56893633

>What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?

Tribals are for brainlets

>> No.56893701

Planning on building 1 deck for every color/combo, has anyone ever had fun with a white deck

>> No.56893739

>Dimir and flavortown.

>> No.56893742

C'mon, Anon, don't be a pussy.

>> No.56893768

I didn't think I had to include that I was a hipster that didn't want normie decks

>> No.56893794

A proposal:
why not make a deck for each possible color pairing, make a scheme deck for it, get 4 platers, and have the players verse each deck in wubrg mono to bi etc in archenemy? maybe call it the "Commanders Gauntlet"

>> No.56893809

it isn't great but it is certainly fun

>> No.56893814


>> No.56893900


>> No.56893905

take the knot

>> No.56893967


>> No.56894016

>What obscure or underdeveloped tribe do you wish you could build around?
WotC's own tribes. Instead of more shitty Human-Merfolk-Zombie-Goblin-Elf worlds and deconstructivist crap like brown Dwarves and black Orcs

>Fungus (Thallids)
>Insect (Nantuko)

Obviously I don't expect them to suddenly have as much support as Elves or Goblins, but if they could all be at least as viable as Kithkin and Treefolk I'd be happy.

>> No.56894040

>want to make Elesh Norn deck
>talran friend asks me not to

>> No.56894102

Except sphinxes actually are perfect for blue.

>> No.56894117

a decent talrand deck would run circles around an elesh norn deck, you'd never resolve her against one

>> No.56894149

Build it in secret and hold it in reserve until the Talrand player really pisses you off.

>> No.56894262


I played magic back in the late 90s and the first (and pretty much only cards I had) was from Urza's Legacy Theme Deck - Crusher.

If I wanted to get back into Magic what formats would my cards work in? I had a major nostalgia rush finding the deck. I looked on the website and I'm lost in options.

I can't even remember most of the rules (assuming they haven't changed anyway.)

Could anyone link a youtube video etc explaining how to get back in and how to play?

>> No.56894390

good deck names

also go go demons

>> No.56894397


>> No.56894415

>nuh uh, you could never even touch me

>> No.56894504

why do you assume i'm bragging? i'm warning against building the deck because it just doesn't do well against mono-blue control. an elesh norn commander is going to be an incredibly telegraphed and easy to deal threat against a talrand control deck. all the talrand player needs to do is leave 2 mana up (which he will be doing anyway) and keep countering the commander every time the mono-white player tries to cast it. talrand loses 2 mana and a counterspell, mono-white player loses 7 mana and adds 2 mana to his command tax.

if the mono-white player sees the obvious counterspell coming and doesn't cast elesh norn, the talrand player will instead use the mana on 1-2 cantrips and drakes, and losing no tempo, whereas the mono-white sits there doing nothing.

i'm a timmy whose big plays get countered all the time so i know how this shit works

>> No.56894529

The only common format that cards from Urza's Legacy are allowed in is Commander (due to the age of the cards), but the format is 100-card singleton (no duplicate cards) so your theme deck won't work.

If you want to play with just your deck, the best you'll be able to do is some casual "kitchen table" games with pretty much any other deck of a similar power level.

There have been a few small rules changes over the years, but the overall structure of the game is basically unchanged. Quick search turns up this official video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZyXU1L3JXk which goes over the basics, but there's a million similar videos on YouTube that I'm sure go over the same material.

>> No.56894539

Even without a 7-mana creature at the helm, the idea of a mono-white deck doing fuck all compared to a mono-blue deck in EDH is pretty laughable.

>> No.56894572


Cheers. I assume they don't allow older cards because they want to sell newer ones. I don't recall my deck being overpowered back in the day.

>> No.56894614

You'd be surprised. Some old ones are still in demand, and are really high in price because of being out of print as well.

>> No.56894709

The real problem is that the other two formats where Urza's Legacy cards would be legal, Legacy and Vintage, have extremely high power levels and showing up with just a handful of old cards is a guaranteed loss every game, every match. Commander is a casual format, so people mostly build decks more to theme than to power level, so it has room for someone playing underpowered stuff built from whatever they happened to have lying around.

>> No.56894719

The general consensus is that older spells and lands were much more powerful, but contemporary creatures are drastically better than older creatures.

>> No.56894732

best deck to make this work in?

>> No.56894740

With a few outliers, of course.

>> No.56894827

Is wake of destruction considered a single target spell? I know it destroys all lands with the same name as target land, but is it initially only one target?

>> No.56894835

Yes. If they can get rid of the targeted land, it will stop the spell from resolving.

>> No.56894876

Poorfag trying to build this guy as stax. Best stax-y cards for him under $10?

>> No.56894895

$10 a piece or $10 total?

>> No.56894908

Just off the top of my head (assuming you mean 10$ per card)
Tangle Wire
Dictate of Erebos
Call to the Grave
Butcher of Malakir
Price of Glory
War's Toll
'walker Xenagos
OTG Nissa

>> No.56894930

This + that one blue splice cantrip = destroy all lands?

>> No.56894945

squee goblin nabob
nether traitor

>> No.56894963

I have a problem.
>want to build a new deck
>have enchantress, spellslinger (storm), artifacts, midrange/creature value beats, dedicated combo, stax, and a super shitty casual deck I only bring out for new players
>every other archetype/strategy not listed (voltron, reanimator, LD, etc.) I've found is bad and/or boring
What do

>> No.56894976

nope, Splice adds the effect to the original spell, you're not "playing" Evermind

>> No.56894982

$10 each

>> No.56894994

Play proper midrange, the key is adapting the deck to your meta

>> No.56895001

Fuck I'm a brainlet, thanks anon

>> No.56895029

you can play him under BW commander with Conspiracy and some 0 CMC creatures re-purposed to "Spirits"

>> No.56895050

In GBW colors, you can Eldritch Evolution on Academy Rector, use her death trigger to find Living Plane, and the Evolution to find the Wurm. Many keks will be had.

>> No.56895111

Liquimetal Coating for schenanigans

>> No.56895305

Post cards that aren't necessarily bad but just totally pointless and/or weird

>> No.56895385


>> No.56895400

Doesn't do anything

>> No.56895418

Here's my existing creature value build. What's the difference between that and proper midrange?

>> No.56895429


>> No.56895531

I feel it's only apt to bend 903.9 to include each player's hand/library/grave. Elsewise, whenever your commander dies and I have Graveyard Busybody, I could argue you don't get to replace it, because it's also going to "my" graveyard

>> No.56895567

does my library get summoning sickness?

>> No.56895579

Hammer of Purphuros.

The tokens are Artifact Enchantment Creatures.

>> No.56895627

Yes. Your library is not on the battlefield.

>> No.56895900

Too bad they didn't print animate graveyard too

>> No.56895926

There is a card that does that you tardlet.

>> No.56896039

Then please post it i failed to find a card that lets you turn your graveyard in a creature

>> No.56896115

I think they mean the one that animates every creature card in your graveyard.

>> No.56896144

That's not what i meant at all

>> No.56896251

He literally asked for an "Animate Graveyard" card replying to Animate Library. How can you misinterpret that?

>> No.56896349

I don't know. The alternative is that maybe they meant Lord of Extinction, since he'd be functionally the same thing?

>> No.56896777

Lord of Extinction would technically always be at least twice as good as animating your own graveyard.

>> No.56896880

R8 m80s

>> No.56896924

No graveyard hate/10, you'll get shit on.

>> No.56897054

Reccomendations?? What do I take out for it?

>> No.56897073

I have him in Ramos Door to Nothingness.

>> No.56897222

Drop magnifying glass and star compass and slot in relic and either tormod's or rest in peace. If you're using magnifying glass for the investigate card draw instead then you should probably replace it with tamiyo's journal. Maybe run a few extra boros charm like effects to make your stuff indestructible with all that mass removal like teferi's protection. Consider running apocalypse as well if your meta has anybody who runs darksteel forge or other shenanigans to get around stuff. You should really probably just cut a couple of the shittier dwarves to slot stuff in. But then I guess at this point you're getting away from a bad tribe to just being a boros fuck all your shit deck

>> No.56897313

The idea was to slot in Scroll Rack and draw my whole deck with Depala's tap ability. She's the only commander in these colors that actually draws you cards.

>> No.56897462

Not sure what kind of deck to build next.


Pic related is my current decks.

>> No.56897491

Not exactly edh-related, but Victor Adame's website (victoradameart dot com) has artwork labeled "young chandra pyromancer" and "jace's illusion squad" that I can't find on any of his currently printed cards. Could these be unintentionally spoiled cards for RIX?

>> No.56897507


Ramos lucky charms

>> No.56897642


>> No.56897659

I never really gave Ramos a good look despite picking up all the precons.

He literally exists to enable whatever you want him to. I have no idea which direction I'd take him but I'll have fun figuring it out.

I feel like that overlaps too much mechanically with Scarab God

>> No.56897714

Black has a ton of cards that return creature cards from your graveyard to your hand. Just keep recovering him.

>> No.56897730

Maybe, but it is more likely they are from promotional material from Origins. The Duels game had a lot of art that wasn’t made to put on cards.

>> No.56897840

This, Ramos is great ive made up five different decks with him at the helm. best 5c goodstuff cmmander (maybe best 5c period?)

>> No.56897850

Probably just story article art. The Chandra art is here:

>> No.56898039

So is Un-Commander supposed to be made up of entirely silver boarded cards or a mix of black and silver? To me it'd seem more fun to have the playgroup all be 100% silver.

>> No.56898072

It's a tricky card, to be sure. You'd want it in a Voltron list for ease of fetching, except Black and Voltron don't mix at all. Perhaps something like Dimir Unblockable Shit?

>> No.56898090

Just stop building decks?

>> No.56898170

Unless it's something super expensive I like to buy original printings of cards but should I be worried about potential fakes when it comes to Mox Opal? If I buy from direct sellers I should be fine right?

>> No.56898177

Kambal Life Shenanigans
Brion Stoutarm Fling Tribal
Host of Herons Voltron

>> No.56898324

Just don't forget Abzan + Jund charm. Both are instant speed, 3 mana, 5 counters on Ramos. Casting one of those is guaranteed to start a chain of bullshit that either wins immediately or does a ton of flashy shit that amounts to nothing. I'm fine with either personally so he's my favorite deck

>> No.56898431

Hopefully all silver dont want an autist looping some ffect which busts cards

>> No.56898445

It's a 6/6 boardwipe that doesn't even do that much. It wouldn't be playable even if its ability cost 0.

>> No.56898525

What >>56898431 said and as someone who owns shit like Gaea's Cradle I'd be pretty annoyed seeing one slapped down in Un-Commander. If you wanna play with Tier 1/1.5 commanders that's fine but leave that shit in high tier play not Un.

Also speaking of Un-Commander I'm having a hard time choosing a commander.

>> No.56898690

If i was so inclined I'd make Grusilda bigdumbstuff or phoebe shenanigas

>> No.56898722

And when I said bust I not only meant mechanically but physically ruining cards as well, my friend picked up that nerf cad already and im having nughtmares

>> No.56898790

>Black and Voltron don't mix at all
>Forgetting Ashling, the Extinguisher
>Forgetting Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
>Forgetting Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
>Forgetting Korlash, Heir to Blackblade
>Forgetting Mirri the Cursed
Ob Nixilis, the Falle

>> No.56898844

>Forgetting FUCKING Skithiryx, the MOTHERFUCKING Blight Dragon
>Forgetting Toshiro Umezawa

>> No.56898987

>garbage version of Thrax
>Token general
>Effect only slightly better than regular uncommon vampires
>Nightmare with no flying and regenerate

You're really not helping your case here

>> No.56899041

Skittles the only one that really counts, and that's just because he kills with only a sword equipped so it isn't really full Voltron.

>> No.56899190

Here's a dumb combo for unmander.

>> No.56899306

I put my head on the table to destroy someone's library last weekend, felt good. Wish that exile clause weren't there

>> No.56899345

So I've pin-pointed the decline in magic.This is the "rulings" for Brood Monitor.

>> No.56899399

Gruul in general is a fucking drug, and I am an addict. You can do some ridiculous shit

>> No.56899423

I have a Wurm deck and it's awesome.

>> No.56899514

What's the point here?

>> No.56899537

sorry whats the problem here?

>> No.56899573

Not him, but it seems like a really roundabout way of just saying something is colorless.

>> No.56899652

>tfw this in Ayli
>pretty much a strictly better version of Angelic Accord, which has won me already a shitload of games

>> No.56899744

How things are phrased.

>Devoid works in all zones. A card with devoid is colourless. Based on layers of resolution, you cannot give a card with devoid a colour.
>Sacrificing an Eldrazi Scion to add mana is a mana ability, doesn't use the stack, and can't be responded to.

Now look at this stuff that has nothing to do with anything:
>Cards with devoid use frames that are variations of the transparent frame traditionally used for Eldrazi. The top part of the card features some colour over a background based on the texture of the hedrons that once imprisoned the Eldrazi. This coloration is intended to aid deckbuilding and game play.
The fuck does this have to do with any rulings, or anything? Why is it part of how the card is ruled?

>Eldrazi Scions are similar to Eldrazi Spawn, seen in the Zendikar block. Note that Eldrazi Scions are 1/1, not 0/1.
Self evident, literally no purpose for this.

>> No.56899860

Nigger, where da strip mine

>> No.56900204

In my Edgar deck with sunforger package, I already got a Merciless Eviction as my wipe, should I add another? If so, should I add Garruk’s Wake, Fumigate or Settle the Wreckage?

>> No.56900233

>All these people forgetting Volrath the Fallen and his hilarious OHKOs

>> No.56900482

Mono red Neheb or Grenzo

>> No.56900532


>> No.56900676

>thread question
Assassin tribal

So I've recently built a Sygg deck based around unblockable voltron, but I was wondering if it would not be better for me to change it up by adding Sharuum as my commander instead for the splash of white for some extra protection and artifact retrieval. Thoughts?

>> No.56900705

>sunforger package
>Merciless Eviction

>> No.56900830

i've been interested in building monowhite for a while. 8½ tails seems like my kinda deck, but i've never seen one in action and have no idea how good or fun it'd be. anyone tried it out?

>> No.56900856

you cannot, people are just confused/bad at game

>> No.56900895

It's like the Demon of dark schemes, but it's better, although the last ability of Demon is arguably more useful, but unlike with Pepsodent (happy wurm), it doesn't win games

>> No.56900904

Thinking of building Akiri Lineslinger, anyone got some secret tech that isn't just "Make a shit-ton of Myr/Treasure/Clue/Thopter tokens and swing"

>> No.56900927

>female mech with hair
It's so dumb but it's also so cool.

>> No.56900930

Build it anyway. He seems like the dude that would lose, because he doesn't run removal and relies on his commander.

>> No.56900959

silas renn/akiri
self-mill + artifact ramp/reanimator into big equipment voltron

>> No.56900985

>playing talrand without half of your deck being counterspells

it's like he wants to lose or something

>> No.56901002

You destroy all lands, if you can somehow cascade on the spell, for example, or cast it somehow else

>> No.56901007

I threw Silas Renn into the 99 for Mishra though, and I want to stay in Boros so if I did use a partner it'd just be Bruse Tarl

>> No.56901025

you can still kinda play voltron with those two, it just won't be very good. akiri kinda struggles without blue, and the myr spam list is way better with jor kadeen instead.

>> No.56901066

No matter what build you go with, make sure to put this in there.

>> No.56901131

>building Akiri
>partner commander
>choosing to keep your deck in Boros
As long as you're aware you're deliberately imposing the restriction upon yourself. Even 3 color would be better.

>> No.56901185

Well, he would still get shafted in multiplayer and against spells that say that they can't be countered. Which is why Talrand needs removal still, counterspells aren't enough.

>> No.56901217

yeah, that's true. watching a bad talrand list run out of spells after countering 2 wraths and then eating shit to a massacre wurm is one of the finer pleasures of the format.

>> No.56901268

I came to an epiphany that I don't have a Boros deck, and that I've never had a proper Voltron deck (I tried doing a shitbrew Yahenni list with whatever shit I had lying around but that quickly transformed into global sac effects). Since Boros is basically either just MLD (gay shit), Angel Tribal (Already got like 3 tribal decks, don't need another), and Voltron I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Is Jor Kadeen better overall? I feel like he leans more towards go-wide strategies

>> No.56901331

I have a Talrand player in my meta and he has netdecked a competitive list. It was extremely satisfying to strip his swords of x and y multiple times during combats with Tower of the magistrate.
He was literally trying to do the retarded "if you don't do it, I will do x for you", but I just kept stripping it and he still equipped every time them back, wasting mana, which I would have guessed being pretty important for any Talrand deck. It's been a long ass time, but he might have been lacking cards.

>> No.56901400

if you want cool boros voltron you should give archangel avacyn a try. if you can get like a basilisk collar on her before she flips it's pretty incredible.

the akiri problem is that she doesn't really do much besides get a little extra power from your equipment, and you're in colors where you're already short on utility.

>> No.56901414

Jor Kadeen is better for different strategies. I him in Dragon Throne or if he has Elemental Mastery on him, it's beating ass like hell, especially if he has a way of untapping. Imagine, 8 4/1's with haste with a single untap

>> No.56901523

>2 mana
>put 24 power of creatures onto the battlefield

why do i never see dreadnought in gisa lists? it's always boring shit zombie tribal and never anything interesting or good

>> No.56901567

How's Sidar/Tana? My mate is considering converting his Iroas token deck to a Sidar/Tana deck.

>> No.56901598

My understanding was that he can't be popped in an alternate way if his condition isn't met.

If I'm wrong, that's a decent use.

>> No.56901630


>> No.56901643

Its triggered ability goes on the stack, and you can do anything you want with it before that ability resolves.

>> No.56901647

the prompt to sacrifice 12 power of creatures is an ETB effect, which you can respond to by sacrificing him to something. similarly, brion can chuck him at someone.

>> No.56901945

or double strike tribal with cards like outmaneuver

>> No.56901961

Is elesh norn good for mono-white? I like the idea of -2/-2 and shit.

>> No.56901967

I haven't seen or heard much issue when dealing with established sellers/ebay sellers. Learn how to identify rosette patterns to protect yourself. Even high quality fakes can't reproduce it correctly.

>> No.56902041

Making her your commander, like all the Praetors (except maybe Urabrask) paints a huge target on your back. Expect to be focused even if your deck isn't that great. She's definitely better in the 99.
That said, if you get the super special Phyrexian text Elesh, you are morally obligated to build a deck for her.

>> No.56902102

I actually didn't even know this was a thing and now I know its a thing and I wish I could spend 250$ on it

>> No.56902129

Sure, if you want garbage like that. I'd rather have Grand melee

>> No.56902138

It's based off Maria from symphogear, which is why the hair I guess.

>> No.56902185

The way he's worded, you can still choose to not sacrifice anything after he's left the battlefield, like in case with saccing him with Gisa. Same reason like with Gitrog moster, if someone responds with removal to the upkeep trigger, you don't have to sac a land.

>> No.56902339

Will this make the creatures I cast trigger abilities like "When you cast (creature type) x happens"? I'm assuming no, since it says creatures you control, right?

>> No.56902349


This finishes off Keranos (for now).

>> No.56902361

Varolz, the Scar-Striped - is he is fun as he looks? Because he looks fun.

>> No.56902388

What blue/x commander should I build if I want to use a bunch of old expensive cards, but don't want to go full cedh? Time twister, mana drain, force of will, etc

>> No.56902585

Once your instant resolve, every creature on the battlefield under "target player"s control will become every type, if other creatures enter the battlefield after this, they won't benefit from it

>> No.56902603

Well, I'm currently using (Akiri//Tarl) for Duel Commander.
Spirit En-Dal is one of the main techs.
Insult//Injury is also pretty good.
Chandra's Ignition is a must.
Cataclysm is nice.

>> No.56902848

Righto. It only applies to cards that are permanents, that are creatures at the moment of the resolution of the spell, so manlands aren't affected, unless they are creatures already.

>> No.56902875

I wish sphinxes and angels were easier to cheat out the same way dragons got love

No, unesh sucks dick

>> No.56902880

Quick rules question, this came up in a recent game but I guess either or I was wrong, or I failed to explain my point properly or clearly enough and didn't get to convince the other players.

So I'm blocking a Permeating Mass with my Dragonlord Silumgar. Dragonlord Silumgar kills the mass, and becomes a copy of it. The other players argued that at that point, I no longer controlled "Dragonlord Silumgar", and as such I would lose control of the creature I'd stolen. I said that whenever a card's own name shows up in the rules text, it was referring to the card itself rather than "a card named Dragonlord Silumgar". They didn't buy that and so I gave the creature back. Very nearly lost the game because of that.

Who was right here?

>> No.56902886

The one you want to build. Any commander can be built competitively, since most competitive commanders are for colours, like Jeleva storm, although they have Kess now.

>> No.56902936

>referencing the card itself

is correct. You are correct as far as I can tell.

What effect let you steal the dragon? I cant off the top of my head think of why your group thought otherwise.

>> No.56902970

>opponent has a Locust God deck against my Anafenza hatebears
>they have Teferi's Puzzle Box in play
>they tap out to cast Locust God and play a wheel
>Dismember Locust God in response
>on my own turn play Spirit of the Labyrinth
Best fucking hardlock I ever got playing hatebears. Salt flowed freely.

>> No.56902977

Unesh is at least a lot of fun when he gets going.

Angels don't do shit to help each other out, they're just big dumb idiots.

>> No.56902989

Dragonlord Silumgar stole a creature on ETB. It was my own Dragonlord.

>> No.56903049

oh duh sorry.

Yeah, as you stated you are 100% on the money.

The rules work exactly how you believe, the card is referencing itself, not its name.

>> No.56903054

Yeah but angels are hot

>> No.56903062

Dragonlord Silumgar's ability refers to the card, from what I recall, the actual name of the card is irrelevant. You only lose control of the whatever you're controlling, if Dragonlord Silumgar leaves the battlefield or it changes controllers.

>> No.56903349

>Average Xenagod turn
>pump your 1/1 up to 12/1 with Kessig Wolf Run
>becomes a 24/13 thanks to Xenagos
>Blood Mist gives double strike
>take out a player in one shot with a single attacking Llanowar Elves
>Sacrifice him to Greater Good to draw 24

>> No.56903419

would anon control the stolen creature permanently in this case?

>> No.56903576

i feel like xenagod is the only actual fun gruul commander. i've tried the rest and the only one that even came close was atarka for the commander damage one-shots.

>> No.56903693

No. Silumgar's ability puts the condition on the theft when you actually steal it. It doesn't matter if Silumgar is turned into a frog or facedown, as soon as he leaves the time is up.

>> No.56903695

is there a good way to build marrow-gnawer without going full-on relentless rats meme?

>> No.56903705

Borbogorb is good.

>> No.56903712


Ruric Thar ultra noncreature hate is fun too. Burning-Tree Shaman, Harsh Mentor, Citadel of Pain, Possibility Storm, Rampaging Ferocidon, etc. Just force everyone to play the creature game, except you're in Gruul and have all the best creatures.

>> No.56903735

I really like my borborygmos lands deck. And everybody seems to really love wort

Just play other rats. Rats have a lot of good cards

>> No.56903832

my meta isn't too great for that sort of thing. if my decks aren't super efficient at taking opponents out, eventually they'll draw too many cards and bury me under a pile of answers.

that's why i liked xenagod and atarka, they can kill those pesky blue players before they have a 20 card hand.

>> No.56904202

>4 person game
>counterspell.dec sitting next to me
>literally lets ur-dragon deck do whatever the fuck he wants
>I play nothing but mana rocks and lands all game because every single card I play gets countered
>last turn of the game
>counterspell guy is tapped out
>mob rule for game on all players
>counterspell guy scoops immediately after
>dragon deck wins
>no one wants to play another game

>> No.56904429

I'm itching for a spellslinger/storm/turns deck, what should i build?

>> No.56904480

>have a copy of Captain Sissy from my old Weatherlight theme deck
>want to make her as a commander
>all the fucking legendaries cost so much
I'll just have to buy a few cards a month but it's going to take a while to really tune her out fully.

>> No.56904563

context please. What deck were you running? Do you normally win? Do you think he was trying to teach you lesson?

>> No.56904635

I was playing jevela thievery but even when I wasn't targeting him he would counterspell me while dragon guy played shit like scarab god.

We've only played one other time but I was playing a different deck and he won

>> No.56904748

Don't EVER sit to the immedate left of counterspell decks. They tend to go after the first person that does anything after their turn. Try to be the furthest player from them, in turn/seat order or, if that's not feasible, closer to their right because by the time it comes to the player closest to them on the right, they have most likely have used up most of their counterspells for that rotation

>> No.56904826

that was the thing though. He never used his counterspells on nekusar/dragons and always had one up for me. I had to watch him let scarab god go through then still have TWO counterspells for blatent thievery+increasing vengeance

>> No.56904919

Does he want to have sex with the Ur-Dragon player?

>> No.56904978

I can only assume so

>> No.56905073

I totally get that, I'd target the fuck out of people trying to steal shit if that's what was going on. That's not on the same level of douchyness as stax, but it's still pretty cancerous.
Play your own deck, you faggot.

>> No.56905100




>> No.56905156

Yidris by far

>> No.56906035

Fun and synergistic but my particular build feels like it's lacking a little oomf, it's not consistent enough.

That and (surprising nobody) flying is pretty damn common in EDH so you'll need to build in ways to deal with it.

>> No.56907562

No—it does nothing.

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