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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Would your character ever get a Tailful Polymorph? What would they get Tailful Polymorphed into?

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/YLikTing

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31

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Fuck you.

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How good is Starfinder?

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Someone who lives in a happy world where bad things only happen to bad people

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It's a dumpster fire. A game where cars can't make turns at more than 10 mph and you get worse at running a spaceship as you gain levels, I am in awe of how bad the rules are.

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Well, it's general dies every other day, so take that as you will.

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My group decided combat reflexes was trash ever since we realized that you can't take multiple AoO on someone for moving through multiple threatened squares as part of the same individual move action.

Which would you say is more poorly designed, Starfinder or the Shifter?

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I have no idea what a tailful polumorph is.

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Oh good lord

There's potential for a one-shot campaign to include this Ara~Ara~ priestess of Shub-Niggurath, HELP

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>cars can't make turns at more than 10 mph
I don't care much about this. I ignore more vehicles rules.
>you get worse at running a spaceship as you gain levels
Also something about classes, weapons (The rules and the growing damage with levels is odd), races, the setting?

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It's a minority game. That doesn't surprise me.

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Is it a minority game or a shit game?

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Anons HELP how do you deal with someone diving headfirst into your magical realm completely unintentionally

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Just fap later and don't run games pent up. Literally just take a fucking cold shower.

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Play the game like you normally do, and when it's over, either take a cold shower or jerk off furiously.

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Well the ship rules have gotten better at least. The FAQ just straight said the numbers are wrong, and they're generally lower now. Also, you get skill-bonus class features now.

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Tell me.

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Just because you ignore something doesn't mean it's not shit. I mean, people ignored your ugly face, but it's still ugly.

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Did you guys know Shifter's Edge got nerfed last month?

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Stop projecting please.

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please show us. I need a good laugh

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Where are the REAL games? I'm tired of these anime premises, these shit lewd APs, these pvp games. Give me a CLASSIC adventure.

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Okay, what do you mean by that?

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What was it before?

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No shit that sounds """"comfy"""" or like it's a shitty seasonal anime. Nothing that is just a paizo AP with the word "lewd" attached to it. And no game that has a built in traitor or incentivizes pvp.

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So what if I just said Rise of the Runelords.

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full level to damage

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Here's where you can find the best games, every time: In person with a consistent group that meets in a house

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Plain APs are milquetoast, but they're better than what we got now. But put the lewd shit in there, and fucking kill yourself.

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>remove lewd
Okay, that eliminates a good third of Rise of the Runelords then.

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Whoever is in charge of this stuff at Paizo needs to be given the ol sock-and-soap treatment

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>mfw a character I hadn't planned at all gets to level 15, and will likely cap out at 20
>mfw he's stuck getting trash ribbon abilities since there's nothing else to take, while people without meme builds all ponder over which three gamechanging options to take
>mfw all the characters I was looking forward to playing at this level and had plans for, all had their games die immediately after they hit 7th level
>mfw still having fun in spite of this, just feeling fatigue from a long-running campaign

When life gives you lemons, I guess you gotta deal with it, even if lemonade isn't your thing.

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>imply everybody didn't see it coming a mile away

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Shifter had to be nerfed, so I'd say it's more overtuned than Starfinder.

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I mean it's not like it doesn't have precedent.

Swashes get full level to damage, even if it is precision.

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Swashes are also the SHITTIEST fighting style

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feels bad, trips-anon

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And that still doesn't make it any less retarded

>Deserving a nerf
Nigga what?

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>I'm supposed to be the utility guy
>"hey should I take [thing that's utility]?"
>"oh no I have that, and I can share it with you!"
>"oh cool I'll take it then"

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>coworker is female
Anons HELP how do you deal with someone diving headfirst into your magical realm completely unintentionally

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rape, of course

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Your spaceship's tier (level) automagically increases at the same rate as the party's. Higher tiers mean higher DCs for skill checks, and they increase at a significantly faster rate than skill check bonuses.
Still very poorly balanced, and there being less classes means there's fewer real options.
Every weapon has a level now. Every merchant in the galaxy can tell your level by looking at you and will refuse to sell you weapons of a higher level than you are.
A bunch of generic scifi cliches, and they're all ugly as fuck.
>the setting
The future of Golarion, except Golarion's not in it anymore. Still shit though.

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>tfw no game

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>Higher tiers mean higher DCs for skill checks, and they increase at a significantly faster rate than skill check bonuses.
Wait, they Truenamed spaceships?

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Yes, that's exactly what they did. The absolute state of Paizo in 2017.

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>Every merchant in the galaxy can tell your level by looking at you and will refuse to sell you weapons of a higher level than you are.
What I suspected. This is awesome.
>and they're all ugly as fuck.
Their androids are somewhat cool, but the background info is self contradictory.

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>gimme gimme!

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It got FULL LEVEL to damage! That's fucking crazy strong. It's one of Paizo's best classes to date, but it needed a nerf. It was just too powerful. If it still isn't obvious, I'm taking the piss about the nerf.

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I enjoy some of the bullshit alien races, but pretty much this.

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Hol up, did they seriously nerf Shifter?

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Why shouldn't I sit here and whine for games? It's more likely that it causes a game to happen than sitting quietly.

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Stop being a lazy fuckwad and run a game yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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That's not how item level works whatsoever.

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I'm thinking of getting some Deep Cuts minis to use as heroes in Age of Sigmar. Would there be a scale problem or would they fit in the 28mm scale of GW? I fear they may be too big

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Didn't you know Paizo had promised a hotfix for the class was incoming? See >>56873939

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Because there are options besides those 2 that are more likely to get you actual games instead of more boozles.

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I remember a little while back a new book was leaked here, and one of the magic items in it was a Greater Aegis of Recovery. Does anybody know what it does/have the screencap of it handy?

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Do a gun chemist's alchemical ordnance count as alchemical cartridges?

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>The future of Golarion, except Golarion's not in it anymore. Still shit though.
This is legitimately the most fucking baffling things about this. And the excuse they gave doesn't make any sense (invalidating player work in an AP) because they made shit like Casandalee becoming a deity canon.

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Not that guy, but that's a fundamentally different experience from just playing in a game. Guy needs to not whine, but running something takes a lot more planning than just being a player.

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Funny story? I was going to run an AP but I decided against it.

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Like what? Sit here, suck the dicks of celebs like Vult, Disk, Broodie, and Rory? No thanks.

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Running the game is still playing it a sense, but I understand what you mean.

But honestly, running something and finding a group that likes each other means more games in the future for you, no app bullshit, no thread drama, no bait.

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I'd say one of the most difficult things that seems to be overlooked here in regards to running a game is actually getting people to show up consistently. Scheduling, make up days, no drama with in the group. We seem to ignore a lot of the stress that could come out of those in favor of saying how easy/hard it is to run the encounters and narrate.

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To be fair, pre-nerf Shifter's Edge makes the Shifter do almost as much as a Swashbuckler when attacking.

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Sure is bait. Nobody could be dumb enough to think /pfg/ is the only, let alone a good place to find games.

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Yeah scheduling is hard, but playing with people that actually respect the time you set aside is part of finding a good group of players.

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>tfw no players who respect the time
>tfw the players who did were good enough people to get busy with successful lives over the years
>tfw no player who respect the time
Dust to dust, friends.

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Yeah but they didn't get CHARMED LIFE

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I personally love when the shitters run off the good players with their advanced stupidity.

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too bad all of those bonuses are insight, same as the feats and items bonuses. Very little stacks and your ship (even with the FAQ changes) outpaces you by 10-13th level depending on if you min/maxed yer stats or not

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My community picked up a 3pp armor called the Brigandine. It has the stats of +6 AC, +4 Max Dex, -4 ACP, 20% ASF however one thing remains a point of question though. Should it be counted as a leather/cloth armor or metal armor? The person who found it insists it should be the former but given what a Brigandine is supposed to be, most of the weight and protection is from the metal plates so I thought its supposed to be a metal armor. Thoughts?

Also, the brigandine is a pretty common armor during the renaissance era but it does not actually have a counterpart in DnD/PF, I wonder what would it actually be

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What do we do? What can we do?

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Brigandine is usually compared to studded leather.

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I'm moving to a new town where I don't know anyone. I've never played a tabletop RPG before. Would looking for Pathfinder groups in the area be a good idea?

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Drink, and enjoy the warmth of your burning house. You'll be outside in the cold soon enough.

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For the purposes of mechanical classifications it would be metal. Bridandine armor is about 60-70% leather, but the main weight and protection comes from the metal plates. And of course, since there's metal period on it Druids can't use it.

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>tfw see >>56874021
>tfw >>56874992

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I propose full on desert wasteland, inhospitable to human life, to explain why the party has to stay at the brothel, which is of course at risk to the BBEG eventually

I leave it to the shang-hai'd DM to decide if it was the same guy.

Perhaps a certain clock based warforged trying to reset reality?

>> No.56875105

>certain clock based warforged trying to reset reality
Did he really do anything wrong?

>> No.56875140

Is that a plus or a negative?
Honestly it feels like /pfg/ should love the Swashbuckler way more, considering it actually plays similarly to a PoWerhouse

>> No.56875150

It doesn't do that at all though.

>> No.56875172

Opportune Parry and Riposte, full attacks

what's not to love?

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Recommended stats for Swashbuckler

0 point buy:

7 7 7 7 7 18

5 point buy:

7 7 7 7 7 18

10 point buy:

7 7 7 7 7 18

20 point buy:

yep, you guessed it

7 7 7 7 7 18

Guess what? It doesn't matter what the rest of your stats are. You put max points into charisma as a swashbuckler and you only need one ability, charmed life. You pop that ability once every round and just ignore everything. Goblins? No problem. Charmed Life. Swashbuckling duels with a foolish cavalier who thinks he can keep up with your superior deeps? No problem. Charmed life. Wizard blasting your party with a fireball? You'll get to keep all of their equipment when they reroll because you're the only one still around thanks to charmed life. Chaotic Evil goddess of paladins kidnapping and torturing you (and probably more if you know what I mean)? Just another typical day for a swashbuckler with charmed life.

There's pretty much nothing charmed life can't solve, it's basically the best ability Paizo has ever printed. Or should I say, Paizo is the best company that charmed life has let itself be printed by?

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>Full Attacks are PoW
If you warp the system as intended. Most people don't like PoW because of the full attack+boost option.
>Opportune Parry and Riposte
This is more like a SoM shit than a strong counter in PoW.

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Alright. I've wanted to play a TTRPG for years, but I've never been able to join a group. Where I currently live, most groups that publicly advertise only want people in their 40's and up, and only people who have lots of prior experience with AD&D. I tried starting things with my friends over here, but we never were able to start it; things kept coming up, and eventually everyone else just stopped caring about it or changed their mind.

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it hurts to look at

it's a meme you dip

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>Opportune Parry and Riposte
Uses a janky, limited resource with what amounts to an RNG recovery and that's all it's got going for it

>full attacks
bitch fighter can full attack, that doesn't make it "good" at it unless it has a longbow, paizo was retarded and didn't think it needed an actual move+attack option

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So I just hit 10th level as a Wizard. What are some of the best Battlefield Control/ AoE spells available? We're about to deal with an assload of troops and I need as much help as I can get.

>> No.56875247

> clock based warforged

Who is this?

>> No.56875255

I never suggest Pathfinder as a first time system. It isn't about meeting IRL. It's the system of choice. I find it creates bad habits in players and GMs, and a rigidity of thought that I find annoying. I'd suggest FATE or something rules-lite to get the feel of making decisions and basic role-playing, then moving into something crunchier. I think that makes for players who are more willing to try different systems, and don't feel lost with less structured play.

The meme version: Don't play Pathfinder. Get out while you still can.

>> No.56875260

>tfw the best thing PoW does is give martials important decisions to make with swift actions, and effectively gives them a free move action.
I don't care how autists break it. This is better than any alternatives out now.

>> No.56875304

Seconding this. Pathfinder wasn't my first system and I am glad for that. I use it, but I don't feel beholden to it.

I knew some people who were trying out rpgs. They started out on Pathfinder and got burnt out.

>> No.56875323

What should I look for then? Aside from PF and 5e D&D, there aren't really any RPGs popular enough for people to be publicly advertising, right?

>> No.56875326

I mean, if you can't find anything else, sure. The genre is just so much bigger than d20, and people tend to get stuck playing DnPF as their first and last system because it's the biggest name. Don't mind me, though. Go for it, if it interests you. There's nothing wrong with IRL groups.

>> No.56875340

Might be worth a try, Pathfinder is an overly complex system and hard for beginners to learn but it's one of the more popular games.

>> No.56875347

While I don't suggest starting with PF, you might have to if you don't have a group of friends with which to play. Just remember to stay open to other systems, and once you have a few buddies in the community, try to branch out into other systems.

>> No.56875358

Just look at Meetup or something and see who's recruiting. Every game has some people who like it so don't put too much stock in the opinions of anonymous strangers from the internet, try different things and decide what you like.

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>Now to prepare for a bunch of autists shilling their shitty indy games.

>> No.56875390

Blah blah Legends of the Wulin, yadda yadda GURPS, rabble rabble Dungeon World.

>> No.56875408

Other than Leadership, is there a way to mechanically reflect your renown?

>> No.56875447

FATAL a best system!

>> No.56875455

Vigilante social talents?

>> No.56875462

Vigilante's renown talent

>> No.56875484

Oh of course. I didn't even think of the vigilante. Thanks for the spoonfeed, friends.

>> No.56875544

Explain. Because that was my impression on a first reading. Whats the point of item levels if you don't limit characters access to them?

>> No.56875557

Fuck off 2hu, you don't even like Pathfinder

>> No.56875563

Hit up roll20.

>> No.56875578

You do? The book says to limit access based on level, going up to +2 character level based on settlement size, iirc. You also can't craft an item if you have fewer ranks in the skill than the item's level. Crafting also isn't cheaper than buying.

>> No.56875605

>Crafting also isn't cheaper than buying.
>can only craft things equal to your level
The fuck's the point, if you have a stingy GM then you wouldn't even have the money to craft shit.

>> No.56875678

I think the items you make have more hp or something, I can't recall. I remember WBL also being kinda low, given you're always buying new gear to keep you up to code, since the way you get more damage is by buying a better weapon when it becomes available. Grenades are really expensive for one-time use items. Don't get attached to a weapon because you will need to replace it unless your GM lets you fluff making the weapon you have better. And... I think there was something else that I was gonna point out, but it seems to have slipped my mind. Anyway, there are lots of weird things that need to be houseruled for the system to play well. I'd suggest a different system for your space operas for now.

>> No.56875767

>The book says to limit access based on level, going up to +2 character level based on settlement size
I haven't understood this. How are you supposed to limit characters access to high level equipment? And what is the logic of weapons using the same basic principles doing twelve times the damage?

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Does anyone in /pfg/ REALLY like Pathfinder?

>> No.56875772

Items created by PC's take 1/2 the time to fix, and are treated as two levels higher for HP, hardness, and it's saving throws.

Those are the only advantages of making your own items

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>> No.56875797

Who sucked Vult's dick?

>> No.56875809

Does it count as liking something if I don't hate it as much as its competitors?

>> No.56875820

Combat scabbards appear on the martial weapon table, but their pages call them simple weapons. Which are they?
Also which weapon group would they fall under? They're not listed on the Fighter page.

>> No.56875821

Pretty sure no. There are a lot of great systems, the only reason PF sticks around is sheer inertia.

>> No.56875850

Are Corruptions good enough for me to emulate One of Many?

>> No.56875862

corruptions are absolute garbage

>> No.56875874

Like what? I've been looking for another system to run but I'm having trouble finding any. I'm not really into Star Wars, Warhams, Shadowrun, or OSR, and everything else seems to suffer from a severe lack of content and playerbase.

>> No.56875881

Just checked the entry in it's book (Adventurers Armory 1) Combat scabbards are One handed Melee weapons that occupy weapon groups depending on the blade it's meant to house. Scabbards for heavy blades are part of the Hammer group, while scabbards for light blades are part of the Close group.

>> No.56875890

Sorry, forgot to mention that they're martial, not simple

>> No.56875895

So like I said, sheer inertia. Be the change you want to see in the world, anon! Run games!

>> No.56875910

How bad? How easily can they be houseruled?

>> No.56875913

Awesome, that's all I need to know. Thanks

>> No.56875926

If you fail your save three times ever you become an NPC. The failures don't even have to be consecutive. You just need to fail three times throughout the course of your character's life to lose the character.

>> No.56875940

Also keep in mind it does have the improvised tag, meaning unless you have the proper weapon/item trick feats or the improvised weapon mastery feat it's a -4 penalty for attack rolls with it

>> No.56875948

Any essentials in particular on items to buy at Level 3 with 3k starting gp? Aside from armor, weapons and the like. If anything the question is "How much special materials and bonuses should be on my equipment" versus utility equipment/wondrous items at this point

>> No.56875953

So if I just repeatedly dump problems on them to feed the corruption instead of forcing save-or-lose, it's fixed?

>> No.56875978

not that anon, but if your corruption level hits 3 PERIOD, so from failed saves or just general over-use of the corruption it's game over, auto-retired, regaled to NPC status.

>> No.56875984

I was planning to take Catch Off-Guard anyway

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Thoughts on the /r/Pathfinder_RPG Discord? It's the only Pathfinder-related Discord I've been able to find outside of PFS stuff.

Is it exactly like I should expect?

>> No.56876052

I hate Paizo, but I still like Pathfinder, warts and all. I just get annoyed when people start trying to talk about how other systems are better, even if they have the same basic problems.

>> No.56876081

I am so sorry for you, anon.

>> No.56876109

Why is starfinder better than every other game out there?

>> No.56876119

It's not great.
But I feel it's folly to try and say Pathfinder is a hopeless system. Especially since all the heartbreakers people keep presenting to me tend to have borked action economy or something worse.

>> No.56876124

Go see for yourself and let us know. I'm certainly not going to sniff that dumpster

>> No.56876142

You are so uncultured it physically hurts me.

>> No.56876153

I agree with this, it's sad to see Paizo doing their best to ruin it but I like how there are third-party devs who do a much better job than they do.

>> No.56876206

Starfinder thread is beb

It’s not 4e in space, so it has a bunch of problems.

Not as many as Pathfinder, but it still fails to even approach

>> No.56876207

So are you going to tell me to play GURPS, or just 5e?

>> No.56876267

Probably that or something even stupider like WHFRPG or some boring OSR clone like ACKs or Barbarians of Lemuria.

>> No.56876333

I'm telling you to broaden your horizons beyond 3.PF simply because it has a lot of players, anon.

>> No.56876691

Although I agree it's stupid to nerf it, I think it was just being based off the vigilante talent of the same exact sort of bonus, being Lethal Grace.

>> No.56876809

Admittedly, if the feat worked properly, it SHOULD have been nerfed. The problem lies in the fact that said nerf should have been accompanied by MASSIVE CHANGES AND BUFFS to the class it was for. Because that class is fucking garbage. The original Shifter's Edge didn't fix anything, it just made it more obvious that shits totally broken in every direction.

>> No.56877113

>supposed to be a nature paladin
>not even a 4th level caster

>> No.56877147

Fellas, level with me
Is Warpriest a good class?
I mean you're basically an awkward midway between paladin and cleric.

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Guys... I kind of fucking hate the Shifter. And I don't mean on a mechanical level. I'm talking about a basic gut conceptual level, I kind of fucking hate the shifter. Why does this class exist? Who was asking for it? What overarching fantasy archetype does it fill in? We still don't have a dedicated spy or noble, but we got Animal Man. Why?

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Yes, but only because of the 3PP options. If not, I would have moved on to 5E.

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How do I stop getting mind controlled as a Dexterity alchemist who tanks their Wisdom with a mutagen?

GM is using Adventurer's Guide for ioun stones, no Path of War allowed.

>> No.56877521

I know Pathfinder has its flaws but 5e shares most of them while being awful in its own way. Why not move onto something actually good like Shadow of the Demon Lord?

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File: 4.06 MB, 2528x1003, PF Kingdom Death.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a hard enough time finding people to play PF, and the 5E group at the LGS doesn't look that big.

I don't think I'll be able to find players for anything else.

>> No.56877760

People play them, anon. You're definitely looking at a much smaller pool comparatively, but that doesn't mean they don't have any players.

Also, jeez, the Iconics look so much better like that.

>> No.56877825

That or Dark Heresy I'd actually play if I could rope more people into doing it. But sadly, Warhammer's settings aren't cute, so nobody I know is up for it.

>> No.56877858

It's terrible on every level. Everything it could do and more is done by the Feral Hunter

>> No.56877866

>But sadly, Warhammer's settings aren't cute, so nobody I know is up for it.
What kind of ridiculous manchildren are you playing with?

>> No.56877877

Just toss a coat of cute paint on, anon.
It works for Pathfinder, it can work for any other game.

>> No.56877883

People I met through an anime club. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

>> No.56878125

Anon, nothing could EVER make someone run a game for /pfg/ that isn't shit.

>> No.56878242

Pathfinder is a goddamn terrible system for anyone who hasn't played before. It's almost better for you to not play at all than to start with Pathfinder.

>> No.56878252

My two main ideas are play a campaign as naive Tau going all shonen anime against the grim dark universe, or a group of Slaaneshi cultists/Noise Marines trying to subvert a Hive City.

>> No.56878293

Dungeons the Dragoning >>shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>starfinder

>> No.56878358

What is your favorite initiator and why do you like them?

>> No.56878497

Difficult question, I locertainly them all! Though if I had to rank them from my least favorite to favorite, with 8 being least, and 1 being most....
8. Medic
7. Raja
6. Warlord
5. HarbInger
4. Mystic
3. Stalker
2. Zealot
1. Warder

>> No.56878973

Mystic =(?) Rajah > Harbinger > Zealot > Warlord > Stalker > Warder > Medic

>> No.56879027

It depends on the person. Some people much prefer the heavy rules, allowing them a refuge of 'stuff they know' while they get a handle on actually roleplaying.

As opposed to a game which has much less crunchy rules and leans more on roleplaying, they're gonna be a bit more adrift.

>> No.56879049

If you prefer rules-heavy systems, Pathfinder is STILL among the last systems I'd recommend for anyone's first game.

>> No.56879055

That's what the picture in OP was. Clearly.

>> No.56879065

I mean, Shas'O Kais is pretty damn heroic.

And if heroic ain't your bag, Or'es'Ka takes the angle of 'nuke it from orbit then nuke it again'

>> No.56879140
File: 531 KB, 1200x1009, 36987664_p1_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually had about as much fun starting out as I do now. d20 in general is pretty easy to understand, it only gets difficult in the paperwork and minutiae.

>> No.56879216

I think it's the bee's knees, personally. It's like 3.5 but incrementally beter, and with a more interesting default setting. However, I haven't hit any of the weird SJW stuff yet, since I don't bother with APs.

>> No.56879273

You might have to settle for limited content if you're that opposed to the titans of the industry. If you track down Da Archive, there were some PDFs for a GODDAMN CONAN THE BARBARIAN RPG in one of the pastebins. I haven't checked them out yet, but if you want to look at alternatives that still fall into the fantasy/ swords and sorcery genres, that's where I would start.

>> No.56879295

Have you considered Maid RPG?

>> No.56879932
File: 364 KB, 744x1158, 0f2a379e9f6cbe877205c736d33c5133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it poor form to make a character for Reign of Winter named Raynov Winter?

>> No.56880035


Did you already do the usual? Purchasing cloak of resistance, getting iron will / improved IW, Ioun stones, etc?

I like it.

>> No.56880043

Shopkeeps just don't trust them or something. I dunno.

>> No.56880136
File: 19 KB, 466x359, 1511669260754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had a fantastic experience a few nights back
>Be Half Elf Brawler, play CC master since that's what a Brawler does
>Rest of team is spellcasters and a cleric
>Facing down big bad of chapter of campaign, a Priestess of Urgathoa
>Alright, lets do this
>Go through the mooks until only she remains - Part spellcasters use buffs on me. They make me large, and cast bulls strength as well as Haste and a few other things
>I roll to grapple her from the air, since i'm tall enough to reach her floating ass
>Her turn passes, she can't get out, I then roll to pin
>I succeed the pin, her turn passes, she can't get free
>I pull out rope
>At the time, I was level 7, but with so much buffs, I manage to tie her up mid way through the encounter
>She can no longer do a damn thing, and the DC to save herself from the rope was now 34, of which she'd never be able to break out of
>Instead of just killing her, we spend an entire round of turns making checks to disrespect her, calling her a shit necromancer, and bullying her as a brawler would bully a spellcaster tied up under a giant hand

My game master allowed it, but you could hear how damn defeated he was. It gets better

>We eventually kill her, and she rezzes
>Giant abombination Daughter of Urgathoa
>Alright, we'll punch it
>Move into her threat zone as I go to grapple her again, walk into Attack of Opportunity thinking me impervious
>Rolls high on damage
>One shots me from full HP (77)

>> No.56880178

Hubris was your downfall.

>> No.56880180

>I like how there are third-party devs who do a much better job than they do.
>better anything
Hahaha. This is funny joke, yes?

>> No.56880184

Is that a motherfucking Curse of the Crimson Throne reference?

>> No.56880188

Can i use the spell attack gish feat from champion of the spheres, with dual attack from dual wielding sphere. If yes, both attack would gain the bonus damage?

>> No.56880195

>Did you already do the usual? Purchasing cloak of resistance, getting iron will / improved IW, Ioun stones, etc?

>> No.56880200

DSP exists you mong

>> No.56880210

The group whose only usable content is their port of 3.5e psionics?

>> No.56880223


It was indeed a curse of the crimson throne campaign

Pls no spoils, I wanna see everything for myself.

Party likes my brawler well enough to pitch in for the rez. My Brawler wasn't killed immediately, which is the sad thing. But I was stuck at her feet. If I stood, Attack of Opportunity, if I chugged a pot, there was an attack of opportunity. My only option was to keep standing, and eventually the damage just was too much. Nearly torn in half, and the party was attatched enough to carry my body around as they cleared stuff up. Cressida was deeply disturbed they carried a mangled corpse around.

I wonder what would have happened if we just took in Andaisen in alive, tied up and beaten? We could have, in theory, knocked her out with non-lethal damage

>> No.56880244


Did you already do the usual? Purchasing cloak of resistance, getting iron will / improved IW, Ioun stones, etc?

I like it.

>> No.56880250

>Did you already do the usual? Purchasing cloak of resistance, getting iron will / improved IW, Ioun stones, etc?


>> No.56880316


Okay. Additional traits lets you take traits +2 to saves vs charms /compulsions or a blanket +1 to will saves if you don't have it. Cloud Puff (herb) gives you +2 to saves vs mind-affecting at the cost of -2 to wisdom-based skill checks (mostly perception). Pale green prism ioun stones get you insight or morale bonuses to saves which stack with the resistance bonuses. And of course, there is mind buttressing armor, which gives you a blanket +2 resistance bonus to will saves and immunity to charm/possession.

There are also various racial bonuses. Elves/HE have bonuses vs mind affecting, Orcs have sacred tattoo, dwarves have a bonus vs saves they can augment with feats and traits, etc.

What's your level, race, and remaining wealth?

>> No.56880332

Level 3, human, going into level 4, have about 3,000 gp to spare.

>> No.56880382

It's pretty gay. Wait, I meant good.

>> No.56880400

Warpriest is the class you pick when you wanted to play a Paladin without being bad.

>> No.56880431


Ok, so if will saves are your biggest problem I'd look for upgrades to the resistance cloak, possibly plan on getting the additional traits and get some sweet sweet herbs.

Oh, and if you have any spellcaster friend, and expect trouble, ask them to spare a protection from evil or whatever you expect to be facing. Look at the second benefit - it seems to be right up your alley.

>> No.56880432

Given we're a collective of people with differing taste, it's pretty impossible to run a game that we all regard as good, yes.

>> No.56880454


I haven't played it much,but it looks solid. You're basically a divine magus: instead of level 9 cleric shit, you take 6 levels, but have extra feats and combat buffs. It has a bit of a paladin feel too because of the fervor and the overall martial bend.

>> No.56880503

>hating on PoW and akasha
mong detected

>> No.56880535

It's dandd wiki level homebrew shit, anon.

>> No.56880535,1 [INTERNAL] 

What i should play in pathfinder in i wanted to play hexblade? Wanna something full BaB and NOT blasting with shit and spells, so hexcrafter magus is kinda out. PoW is banned. Mythic will come later in campaign, so advice here is welcomed too.

>> No.56880754

A good dedicated animal shifter would have been interesting, and does have a specific niche of stuff like Bearserkers or warriors who turn into animal forms, or even the Master of Many Forms from 3.5. The problem is that the Shifter we got is a mess of hand-me-downs. All of its abilities are at best copies of abilities other classes get as secondary class features, and its two main abilities (aspects and wild shape) are WORSE versions of what they're copying, Wild Shape being a severely degraded version of the Druid's secondary ability, and Aspects are a severely degraded version of the Harrow Medium's aspects.

>dedicated spy or noble
Master Spy prestige class or the Vigilante, and Phantom Thief Rogue.

>> No.56880755
File: 55 KB, 1175x665, danddwiki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>races in dandd wiki include Gungans, super halflings and no less than 10 furry anthromorphic types of character for every furry variation

Don't joke about dandd wiki level homebrew, anon. It's not worth it.

>> No.56880790
File: 111 KB, 1200x675, CSgcMiiUAAAlxFq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ideally a shifter would just be a guy who specializes in gaining natural attacks or transforming without the Spellcasting or fluff bagage of the druid.
> We still don't have a dedicated spy or noble
Because you shouldn't need a whole fucking character class to say your character is a noble or a spy, you cancerous fuck.

>> No.56880798

So is Pathfinder which is essentially acsedned 3.5 Homebrew.

>> No.56880829

>I haven't hit any of the weird SJW stuff yet, since I don't bother with APs.
Because the SJW angle is exaggerated much like any bad thing ever that /pfg/ catches wind of. The worst offender is the first book of Wrath of the Righteous mainly because it starts out bad and most people just see that genderbender and gay paladins as the final nail in the coffin. Outside of those there really is no SJW that cannot be justified with in-world explanations. Hell, /pfg/ was foaming over the gay Erastilian in Ruins of Azlant nor do they mention the one transgender in Reign of Winter. If it wasn't /pfg/ crying for the SJW boogeyman I would not even register this shit as anything other than "well Paizo's left leaning".

>> No.56880843

Is Appeaser Cleric any good?

>> No.56880906

Disk is in it and it's full of people who don't know any rules for sihit

>> No.56880933

It both limits you horribly and makes you more versatile.

>> No.56880954

>Detects as evil without actually being evil
>Locked into negative channels
>Explicitly disallowed from casting Evil spells
>Trades domain spell slots out for the ability to deal charisma damage to themselves to use one domain power once

Maybe if you're starting at a high level and want to use a "once per day" domain power multiple times per day by attuning the domain multiple times per day, otherwise there's absolutely nothing good from this archetype.

>> No.56880974

So kinda like /pfg/

>> No.56880996

I didn't notice the inability to cast evil and good spells, i liked the flavor but damn, this archetype really does limit you.

>> No.56881084

What does a cleric even get that you can't do better as an oracle? Im not trying to start a fighter, Ive just never played a cleric and am having trouble seeing the appeal

>> No.56881090

Prepared Casting, which while not as fun as Spont Casting, is mechanically stronger.

>> No.56881103

I am also in a Curse campaign, not that far ahead of you actually (Goblin knife master/bandit unchained rogue, cause yay for stacking archetypes that fixes all of the rogues combat problems)

I won't spoil anything for ya, but I do wish to share how I and the party caster solved the problem of her round 2
grease spell and squeezing checks

>> No.56881107

Clerics do prepare spells as Wizards, unlike Oracles who prepare as Sorcerers.

>> No.56881157

What i should play in pathfinder if i wanted to play hexblade? Wanna something full BaB and NOT blasting with shit and spells, so hexcrafter magus is kinda out. PoW is banned. Mythic will come later in campaign, so advice here is welcomed too.

>> No.56881235

So at the last family gathering, I was persuaded into GMing a session or two of Pathfinder because some relatives of mine wanted a taste of it.

I planned on running PFS scenarios and giving everyone pregens. Is there any scenarios that specifically jump out at you that would be good for beginners who've likely never touched a ttrpg in their lives? Also, I'm not bringing every class pregen, which ones could I exclude/ won't be missed?

>> No.56881265

Divine prepared casting is, mechanically, the strongest form of casting in the game.
Pull any spell on the list any time you prepare spells; if the wizard wanted to do that they'd spend a fortune on the spellbooks, let alone the actual spells.

Need a wand, don't want the spell itself? Craft it, easy.
Potions? Done. Scrolls for emergencies? Done.
They're better wizards than wizards.

Don't get me wrong, I refuse to play prepared casters because I hate the book-keeping, but they are unambiguously the better option.

>> No.56881318

Ok, I'm all in for GM creating monsters to surprise experience players but the shit is getting out of hand
>Roc with pounce+flybyattack as freeaction when using pounce+240ft speed+evasion+mobility+freedom of movement, etc
>As a monster against a 7th level group

>> No.56881352

You're not gonna get it without PoW :/

>> No.56881379

Which Hexblade?
3.5 Hexblade? 4e Hexblade? 5e Hexblade?

I'm playing a debuffer Hexcrafter Magus in a game translated from 3.5 in where I had a Hexblade

>> No.56881390



>> No.56881423

>banning PoW
>considering Mythic
your DM should just off themselves desu

>> No.56881435

Oh man, abandon ship if you're a martial

>> No.56881450

>They're better wizards than wizards.
Weaker spell list and no real bonus feats, but spell list Partially circumvented with Dreamed Secrets and pissing off your god aside, divine casting really is better. My main hurdle with Cleric is getting enough skill points on Wisdom casting. I'm aware Archetypes exists for both of those, I'm still mulling it over. I'm thinking Herald Caller and a houserule for Elder Mythos Cultist, but barring that, probably Pact Wizard or maybe Occultist Arcanist.
>I refuse to play prepared casters because I hate the book-keeping
I'm trying to get over this because I've made the argument that spontaneous casters don't need to be down half a spell level at all times on top of having gimped metamagic and fewer spells. If Spontaneous casters got their spells at the same time as prepared casters I'd be satisfied, since metamagic lends itself to freer use when you don't need to decide to use it beforehand. I still agree with you, I think my biggest Pathfinder Sin was probably being Schrodinger's wizard for a while at a con.

>> No.56881561

What's wrong with the Medic?

>> No.56881709

It's a fine class, sure, but mechanically, it doesn't quite appeal to me 100%....it's not the Medic's fault, it's mine.

>> No.56881981

3.5 hexblade. Don't know anything about 4e and 5e version. I played 3.5 hexblade in my brother campaign many year's ago and wanted to recreate the 'feel' of character, not the exact mechanic, that was really shitty even by 3.5 standards. Also don't want many spells, except debuff ones.

What do you mean? Any particular build with PoW for that concept already exists?

I hate alignment smite abilities, just not my thing. Beside that actually not that bad as class. Dunno about antipaladin spells tho.

All party have no 9th level spellcasters, so i don't see a problem in mythic at all. Or there are something i'm not aware off?

>> No.56882066

>Or there are something i'm not aware off?
Assuming you are going champion or the defensive martial path. You are still at the mercy of any other path that gets stuff that is beyond "Hit enemy harder, hit enemy morer"

>> No.56882135

I'll resume mythic paths for you:
Guardian? Shit
Trickster? Oh god so much shit
Hierophant? OP, what did you expect
Archmage? even more OP than Hierophan
Marshal? super meh
Champion? the bare minimum to be considered acceptable

>> No.56882154

And what was that feel?
My hexblade had the shadow aura variant feature and a winter wolf familiar who he used as mount.

>> No.56882305

My hexblade was wielding black greatsword-familiar (don't know where my brother find that thing, but it was more like weapon that advances with level with cursing abilitites), was wearing medium armor and cursing people with swift actions. Martial part was pretty simple (power attack every round and cleave), and being level 7 or 8, i'm almost never used spells, because they was weak as fuck. Weapon had some cursing abilities, like weak debuffs when enemy is struck.

I'll probably use champion, yeah.

>> No.56882415

Opinions on players who metagame alignments? Have this one faggot who refuses to work with evil-aligned players and always picks CG though he plays it more like CN and I want to run S&S campaign but worried about this faggot ruining the fun

>> No.56882475

If he doesn't have a way to detect alignments then he can't tell, simple as that.

If he does, give yer "evil" PC's a cheapo magic item that obscures their alignments or have them invest in Quick-draw; Lead Sheet

Also enforce extremely strict alignment-shift charts JUST for him, since CG's are supposed to be able to work with evil as long as the end result is good

>> No.56882501

>CG's are supposed to be able to work with evil as long as the end result is good
And the evil guys don't actually do anything blatantly evil because I am pretty sure if an NE guy would sacrifice seven babies and enslave a community of basket weavers then a CG is all in his rights to kill or at least beat the ever loving shit out of the guy.

>> No.56882690

>My hexblade was wielding black greatsword-familiar (don't know where my brother find that thing, but it was more like weapon that advances with level with cursing abilitites), was wearing medium armor and cursing people with swift actions
That sounds like debuffer blackbloud hexblade alright.
Also, your brother must have found the holy grial of the hexblade because I don't recognize those features (blackblade familiar, hex as swift action) and I played a lot of 3.5 and consider myself pretty knowledgeable in the subject, even from Dragon magazines. You also must have blown two feats into wearing medium and not have ASF am I wrong?

>> No.56882708

>enslave a community of basket weavers
From my viewpoint, the basket weavers are evil!

>> No.56882782
File: 492 KB, 1024x576, Jedis leave reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In a world where good and evil are tangible concepts that can be given physical forms just having a point of view doesn't change the in setting cosmological order of things.

Unless you play in a custom setting without alignments at which point such statements are reduced to pointless argument starters if you have no definite proof of one way or the other.

>> No.56883270

I am trying to wrap my head around the statement, mostly cause it seems the sentence structure be broke. Cause yeah some asshat sacking 7 babes to the Æther to control a small community of basket weavers (seriously, who the fuck wants to control that kind of production for evil purposes, Dastardly Dan?) Then yeah CG can go ahead and sock a stache-twirler in the mouth.

>> No.56883308

There's a lot of things I don't like about it, but I run it because no other game has nearly as many lego pieces to make encounters out of.

>> No.56883345


Don't the Sith actively encourage violent sociopathy?

>> No.56883365

The pic was in reference to the thing post I replied to.

>> No.56883423

It's more that they encourage all emotions, which inevitably leads to violence and lashing out from pain and loss.

>> No.56883457

Isn't there like five different versions of how Sith acted? There's the race of violent sociopaths, there's the "We're not evil, just not as law-focused as the jedi", then there's the whole rule of two thing, and probably more in the expanded shitpile.

>> No.56883507

Allowing Spheres and Psionics but disallowing all Vancian casting: good idea or no?

>> No.56883581


Well, the vast majority of portrayals seem to be the first one; when the Sith Empire fought the old Galactic Republic, the ceasefire ended up doing more damage to the Sith than the entirety of the war, as the Republic basically sat back and watched them backstab themselves to death. Darth Bane created the Rule of Two because frankly, having any more than two of the bastards around at any time was asking for trouble-and even that hurt them just as often as it helped.

>> No.56883633

Okay, you guys generally hate Golarion as a setting, right? Would you rather play a game set there or in Minecraft's world? Which is more cancerous?

>> No.56883670

I need screencaps of some of SKR's "best" moments. Can any of you guys hook me up? Were there any besides the water balloon fighter discussion?

>> No.56883767

>water balloon fighter

>> No.56883800

Good idea, assuming you restrict enemies like that as well. And if you run AP's and stuff analyze the plot to make sure there isn't anything that REQUIRES a Vancian spell to deal with or a plot point that gets broken because you aren't playing with bullshit classes anymore.

>> No.56883802

The guy behind the crossbows being not good defended that with the realism argument, saying that a water balloon fighter shouldn't do more damage than a normal fighter.

Somebody made a waterballoon fighter that did more damage than a crossbow fighter.

>> No.56883808

>Trying to make a warpriest
>Playing a friends homebrew
>Ask for gods names and their spelling
>The names are all these weird sounding things that sound like the sweedish chef from the muppets created a religion.
>Keep asking for spelling of them.
>He gets upset every-time I ask,since well 12 gods in total. (Also I lost my notebook with some of this crap already written.)
>Finally I start asking relevant questions
>GM what's her sacred weapon and animal
>She doesn't have a weapon, she's the goddess of life.
>I then decided to roll up a regular cleric.

>> No.56883838

It wasn't like hexcrafter, it was more like fighter with magic greatsword and ability to debuff ppl before cutting them in half. Maybe he homebrewed weapon for my character, i don't know, but hexblade curse (NOT pathfinder witch hex) was a swift action in 3.5 AFAIK.
I didn't cast spell much so medium armor does not affect my spellcasting that much, so only one feat.

>> No.56883853

This why I hate how D&D tries to codify gods and shit, EVERY god has to have a sacred animal and weapon and shit even when it makes no fucking sense.

Clerics were a mistake.

>> No.56883910

I don't really hate Golarion outside of a few bits(Taldor, Nirmanthas, Brevoy, etc) that wouldn't mind just getting crammed together into generic Arthurian Europeland.

But what the fuck would you even do in Minecraft world? Does minecraft even have "lore"?

>> No.56883931

I was thinking of doing the same, but with magic items allowing actual magic. So scrolls, staves, wands, and potions are all fair game, but no actual casting these things yourself, just UMDing them like a madman.

Like an actual correct use of ABP, where magic items are rare and really mean something.

>> No.56883932


As far as I know, the only real "lore" is the weird discussion by unknown entities you get after killing the dragon.

>> No.56883958

Could be cool, granted Sphere's can just take the place of actual magic. I like Psionic's, but if you're bringing sphere in just make a Psionic /Psychic tradition(I think there's one already for Spheres) and use that just for consitancy.

>> No.56883998

It makes sense if you remember DnD was inspired by War Gaming. A Life Goddess who doesn't give you bonuses to a weapon, or even generic murderhoboing, would be seen as the Games "Hard Mode"

>> No.56884015

Clerics weren't apart of D&D to being with. There entire incpetion was pretty much to shit on another player who was Vampire.

People were playing Vampires before clerics really became a thing.

>> No.56884046

That's barely lore though, like all it is is just some kind of deity saying "Oh hey, this guy slightly ascended after killing the dragon. Good job guy, now go back to your dirt hut."

You're better off coming up with your own lore by running into an underground ravine that intersects an abandoned mineshaft.

>> No.56884071

Hard choice, I really like Warlord and Zealot because I love charisma-based characters and characters who help the rest of the party fight better while still being able to fight themselves. However I also love Harbinger for being so over-the-top edgy that it's comical, they're great fun in less serious campaigns.

>> No.56884099

Everything about this post annoys me.

>> No.56884110

I'm talking more about the gamist side of it. Wasn't the original Cleric more of a Van Helsing person than a Priest?

I'm talking more about the meta aspects of the deities after the Cleric patch. Their different boons and penalties would make it clear to players and GMs that some people wanted an easier time while others, like the Life Goddess who doesn't give bonuses to weapon, would be a way of telling the GM they want a harder game.

Why so?

>> No.56884149

That's not really hard. You just take alchemist for into to damage for splash weapons, and buff throwing through fighter feats, and you've already got 1d4+str+int damage.

>> No.56884151

>I'm talking more about the gamist side of it. Wasn't the original Cleric more of a Van Helsing person than a Priest?
Yes, again Celrics were literally made to disrupt one player with PVP shit.

The rest of your post really isn't true at all. They were differentiated more because that stuff didn't matter as much and some Cleric combos were just broken. It really wasn't a statement about difficulty, just worldbuilding. The Life Goddess doesn't have a favored weapon because why the fuck would she care about weapons?

>> No.56884176

Does she NEED to have a sacred weapon? You can just hit people with force bolts for that force weapon thing.

>> No.56884200

The point being that you are nothing but a fighter specializing in throwing waterballoons without any dips.

>> No.56884245

I think you can get alchemist Throw Anything in a fighter archetype now

>> No.56884276

Again, that's not hard. Just grab water balloons, use weapon training for damage, and rapid shot and TWF to spam them. Each water balloon deals 1 nonlethal damage + Str + 1-5 from weapon training, and at level 20 you can toss out 8 per round which is 8 + 8xStr + 40 compared to a crossbow dealing 4d10+10 damage per round with weapon training, a +5 enchantment, and vital strike.

>> No.56884281

Probably, but this was before it, kinda making the waterballoon fighter even more poignant in that context.

>> No.56884315

>I think you can get alchemist Throw Anything in a fighter archetype now
Please tell me where? I know there's a Rogue that gets it.

>> No.56884387

There's no Fighter that gets Throw Anything, they're thinking of the Opportunist Fighter from Blood of the Beast which does get a bunch of Alchemist-lite abilities.

>> No.56884434

Oh, it doesn't get Alchemist's Throw Anything, but it gets a different ability in place of Weapon Training 1 that lets it add its Int modifier to splash weapons.

>> No.56884501

Hey guys my friend was gifted with a box of pathfinder rpg (not the card game), and the default classes feel like eh. I actually did try playing warrior, and felt like he was missing almost 1/2 times AND not being tanky at all. Which "basic" class is the easiest to carry your team with and kick goblin asses?

>> No.56884557


Well, you kind of have to put some effort into making a character good at the things they're supposed to be good at in this system. However, if you want tanky, you might consider Barbarian or Paladin-both are hard to kill, and can absolutely kick the shit out of bad guys.

>> No.56884574

1st-3rd level is a circus known as Rusty Dagger Shanktown. If you rolled stats or have shitty PB you're fucked as a "warrior-type" unless you dump Int/Cha super hard. Unless you're a Paladin, in which case you just cry as you're forced to dump Int/Wis.

>> No.56884745

>pfg/ was foaming over the gay Erastilian in Ruins of Azlant
I saw a lot of people wanting to fug him.

>> No.56884764

Exactly, they were foaming at the mouth for that ass.

>> No.56884799

How much charisma should I be aiming for on a warlord with 25 pb?

>> No.56884801

I want to mention "well, the iconics are pretty hamfisted too", but the iconics are already so laughable and irrelevant to anything as to make that a non-issue.

>> No.56884815


>> No.56884821

Fun fact, the most numerous ethnicity amongst the Iconics is Tien.

>> No.56884832

I'd go with 14-16, Charisma is really good for you but you don't want to neglect STR and CON.

>> No.56884861

Is there actually any penalty for exposing yourself as a vigilante?
I kind of want to play the Iron Man angle, but the class seemed to put a lot of emphasis on keeping the two personalities separate

>> No.56884888

Legendary Vigilantes has an 'exposed vigilante' archetype that gets rid of that

But no, there is no penalty other than people knowing.

>> No.56884889

People will just know who you are when you walk around town in your social persona as far as I can tell. It may make the dm throw some would-be assassins at you when you're walking through the streets, but apart from that it wouldn't be a huge deal. Not sure if you can use vigilante talents in social form though, so you may want to invest a talent into the one that lets you change forms quicker.

>> No.56884901

!8 post-racial if you're using the errata. Gambits are only going to improve at even modifiers, and a 14 is basically a 0 in terms of what it does for you.

>> No.56884920

mechanically, it makes your social mode a target since it takes one minute to shift from social to vigilante

>> No.56884933


Well, some more than others. A few of them are at least entertaining or moderately well-made. There's only a few of them that are just straight-up bad, like the blaster sorc with no blasting, the antipaladin who has terrible CHA and forgot his race is immune to poison, or the ranger who most likely fell off the wagon and shot a bunch of human commoners thinking they were giants, because there is no way in Hell he managed to take out a camp full of them by himself with his terrible build.

>> No.56884947

>the antipaladin who has terrible CHA and forgot his race is immune to poison
It wasn't poison, it was a plague.

>> No.56884950

You can use vigilante talents in your social guise. You just have to make a disguise check to keep people from realizing who you are.
If you're exposed it doesn't matter

>> No.56884968

Is Fighter the most versatile Tier 4 at this point while still remaining tier 4? It has archetypes for pretty much everything.

>> No.56885033

Wait, i have to roll how much stats i get? What is PB anyway?
We played pre-made characters actually.

>> No.56885052

That's the point, it has archetypes for everything, whereas the wizard just has a spell for everything so it doesn't even need the archetypes.

>> No.56885104

PB is Point Buy. It's the alternative to rolling your stats, allowing you to choose your stats within a set limit.
If you were playing pre-made characters it doesn't matter much, but if you make your own characters it's important.
To answer your original question, Barbarian is very straightforward, and probably the best core class at killing things efficiently.

>> No.56885110

Dubious, it's still pretty mediocre. Just because you can build it for almost anything doesn't make it good at it.

>We played pre-made characters actually.
Jesus, I feel bad for you, especially if they're the iconics. The Fighter Iconic was the "best" one, last I checked, and the Fighter is dogshit.

>Wait, i have to roll how much stats i get? What is PB anyway?
You only roll for ability scores if the GM says so, and people will argue for and against it endlessly. PB is Point Buy, and if the GM isn't running at least 20 PB and you want to be a Martial, you're going to suffer horribly. God forbid you want to be a Monk with less than 25 PB.

>> No.56885143

I dunno man, it seems pretty good at fighting these days.

>> No.56885223

The problem is that that's all it's ever good at, unless you take some archetype like lore warden (which, granted, is higher up the tierlist).

>> No.56885251

Fighter was always "good at fighting". Hasn't a human Longbow Fighter always been the benchmark for archery? That doesn't stop it from being shit at everything besides its one thing. Hell, it can't even get pounce on melee unless your GM allows the one mastery ability to qualify you for Dimensional Dervish, something which paizotards will argue up and down against allowing.

>> No.56885326

Thank you, kind sir.
And thank you too.

>> No.56885359

Yeah, which is why I said it's the most versatile tier 4. It can't get to tier 3(outside of that one gimmick build which I think does the trick) but it can do a lot of different things, just not at the same time.

>> No.56885373

Anyone got a Discord link? Really need a permalink put into the Pastebin.

>> No.56885386

I've been thinking about making a discord for some of the anons here.

>> No.56885406

There already is one.

I have no idea why but I believe it's bad form to link it in the general.

>> No.56885414

>cabal part 3: new kid on the block

>> No.56885418

What's bad about the Discord?

Is the Inspectorcord or the Broodiecord better?

>> No.56885433

Why not join the 2hucord?

>> No.56885479

Only been in the one, so I can't compare the two. The only 'bad' is that it does occasional idle-sweeps. As someone who doesn't talk much on it, but mostly reads the chatter on mechanics and flavour, I tend to get swept now and again.
Ah. The General is where I've always gotten the link for it.

>> No.56885549

It's where I got my link aswell, but most people seem to be rather annoyed at the thought of it getting posted here.

>> No.56885627

New thread:


>> No.56885715

please stay in /4eg/

>> No.56885844

Here's your (you).

>> No.56885858

It's a fact.

>> No.56885957


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