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Which color apocalypse do you enjoy the most? I like green.

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Blue-Green is best

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comfyfags have to ruin everything

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>Which color apocalypse do you enjoy the most?

I want to enjoy Red, but I can't because everybody always crams them absolutely full with survivors and it completely detracts from the mood.

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Blue-green is nice
So what's your favorite apocalypse color?

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Red/Black is better.

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That's just Mono-W, not W/B.

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Nice to look at =/= comfy

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I like that Grey-Green thing Metro: Last Light had going on.

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Black and White

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Purple and green.

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Urban jungles are the best post-apocalypse

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earth colors

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But I like grey even more

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I need all the colours of the rainbow

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Blue-Green is neat, and it's a shame it doesn't seem to get used anywhere.
Everyone just jumps straight to Fallout-Grey.

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Def green imo. I love the idea of nature taking things back, turning former cities into literal urban jungles.

Of course, other motifs can be enjoyable, but I love me some green wastelands.

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The whole 'nuclear spring' aesthetic of that game was incredible.

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Green, turn everything into Australia on steroids.
>all plants and trees are covered in venomous thorns that would put hogweed and the gympie tree to shame
>all animal species incredibly venomous or super highly aggressive, usually both
>mutant highly aggressive carnivorous plants that are ambush predators, like giant venus fly traps that can eat large animals and people
>all the edible plant species are toxic in one way or another, thus you can't eat any plants raw, you have to leech the toxins out first, just like with acorns IRL
>toxic fungal spores everywhere, like black mold on magic steroids, some of them devour animal and people brains, creating mold zombies that they pilot around until they explode, to spread the spores so the fungi can reproduce
>everyone hates spring because the pollen that gets spread around through the air is highly mind altering, think the worst shroom trip in the history of mankind combined with PCP
>giant insects all over the place, people actually like them because a lot of the larger ones are non venomous/toxic, so they breed them for food, but some are highly aggressive and kill people, like highly aggressive ant colonies where each soldier ant is the size of leopard gecko, they can swarm over and devour entire villages
>giant eagles (like harpy eagiles IRL) that snatch up young human children for food right out of their parents arms when too far away from the safety of the village
>giant flightless predatory birds (like the extinct terror bird or a carnivorous ostrich/cassowary) that hunt people and large animals, some species hunt during the day, others are nocturnal and are silent as an IRL owl
TL;DR Green is done best if it's as absolutely lethal in every way as it is beautiful.

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Pale Blue.
Specifically the color of ice-nine.

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Rainbow. A different apocalypse depending on where you go.

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>See night land thread on /tg/ last month or so
>Never heard of it before and read everything about it tip to toe, completely obsessed
>Trying to get past that prose or read the re-write
>Completely obsessed with the setting, but there's so little about it

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This, copious amounts of flooding but also overgrown vegetation. My favorite two apocalypse aspects.

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Green is the most realistic. Save for the trees that were alive at the time and were petrified in time, you wouldn't distinguish Chernobyl from the Pine Barrens if you point the camera away from the buildings.

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You've never been in a building with water damage you sheltered little shit.

If anything a green apocalypse is drastically more dangerous.

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So what do the color apocalypses consist of?
>green: suddenly forests
>red: all is fire
>blue: suddenly oceans
>white: suddenly ice
>black: sun is gone
>yellow: suddenly deserts. Alternatively, China conquers the Earth
Anything else?

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Grey is all life wiped out, even microbes.

Pretty sure red was desert wasteland, think mad max.

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Is that a pizza-cutter?

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>This thread again
>Even the picture is the same
I was sure you got bored with this shit by June

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>apocalypse colors

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There is a next-level autism for this. Bunch of Pollacks made a decade or so ago a post-apo game running on cliches and one of the core rules of the game is picking colours of your scenario. Not as a metaphore, but literal colouring and with rules and objectives related with it.

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the start of apocalypse is obviously red/black, then white/black and black/red/blue then green/blue and white/green and black/green

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well, obviously.

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This. Darkstalkers made such a great setting and then barely ever went back to it.

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Yes. He's waiting for his night land supreme to be fully baked.

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That goes without saying, duh.

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Technology has overtaken the environment and killer robots are always a threat. Any humans left live in isolated pocket, scurrying through the pipes and industrial runoff like rats. Life is a day to day struggle to find food in a world that just doesn't make it anymore. You're lucky if you can find a spot to sleep where you won't be torn apart by some robot.

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Henry's Quest

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>this post again
>even the text is the same
Words that weren't the words you were expecting

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Okay so there's BLAME! and what else in this category?

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IHNMAIMS, Terminator, Splicers...

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Doesn't GURPS have a source for something like this? O.G.R.E. or something?

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It's ok to like any color.

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What’s stupid about the Fallout franchise is that everyone who played the Bethesda-era games seems to not realize that the only reason it was a desert in Fallout 1 and 2 was because it mostly too place in Southern California and Nevada, which are ALREADY fucking deserts, while the northern areas were supposed to be heavily forested and filled with crazy irradiated mutants.

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Ogre is about sentient giant killer tanks roaming the lands, I think?
Then Reign of Steel is basically "what if there were a dozen competing Skynets?".
Both pretty good and interesting, IIRC.

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Red, brown and orange

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m8 we're told all vegetation died because of the black rains, and anything found in the FO1/2/NV areas was meant to have come from the Nursery. There weren't supposed to be jungles anywhere.

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and full of bear traps apparently.

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Hey, post-apocalyptic doesn't necessarily mean safe

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NOiSE, and all the BLAME-related OS chapters, that's pretty much it for settings centered around apocalyspe without any hope left in megastructures, I'd be happy to know about other stories like these.

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>tfw you don't live in the timeline where he survived WWI instead of tolkien

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Faded, scratched paint.

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what about the pink apocalypse?

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>squatting down in the middle of an overgrown city
>attacked my mutants with blood curdling screams wielding pikes with the heads of their last victims, alongside giant mutant rats.
>I am SO fucking /comfy/ right now. omg aesthetic amiright?

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They should be bright and colorful. all shades of the rainbow, I need good contrast. Anyone who thinks that removing color makes things more realistic or serious is wither an idiot or colorblind. Some times using grey scale can be useful but recently I've been noticing a trend of artists too lazy to design anything that catches your eye using "gritty realism" as an excuse.

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Green is pretty nice, but I'm also a sucker for yellow (probably because I've never living near the Mojave and have no idea how much the desert heat sucks)

New Vegas with the wasteland flora mod is basically the perfect mix of both

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Green is pretty nice, but I'm also a sucker for yellow (probably because I've never living near the Mojave and have no idea how much the desert heat sucks).
New Vegas with the wasteland flora mod is basically the perfect mix of both.

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if ALL vegetation died humans would not have lasted as long as they did. If all plants had been destroyed by the black rains the soil would still be far too fucked to plant in, and the nursery would have been far too small to have enough plant matter to sustain the remaining humans let alone the whole ecosystem. You could argue that the current ecosystems are sustained by unaffected underground tubers but again anything powerful enough to kill all plantlife would have destroyed to soil, those tubers would also need nutrients and would not be able to sustain themselves without sending up sprouts to harvest the sun. It's just bad writing todd.

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New Vegas changed it up though.
And mahogany

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Man her mouth is gigantic.

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I like Brown, even if I also hate it and pretend to prefer Green.

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Well what do you expect? She's a fucking mutant man. Probably cannibalizes the last true humans and doesn't realize it, calling them "small mouth" and or "vermin"

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There's also what we see of the real world from the Matrix sequels (if you can manage them) and mixed in with white/green in Horizon Zero Dawn, but yeah there's not a lot of material for it.
Which is a shame since I fucking eat it up.

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green is overgrown
red is mad max deserts
blue is oceans
grey is no lifeforms of any kind

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theres also the fact that shit was recovering in fo1\2 and wasnt supposed to stay stagnant forever
then theres the coast to coast cultural sameness but thats just because bethesda is dilled with lazy cunts

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Dark purple.

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I love you too, anon.

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What do the different colours even mean?

What would a purple apocalypse be? A magenta apocalypse? An orange apocalypse?

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A colored apocalypse would be a post-apocalyptic world where that color stands out the most and is the most prevalent in the eviroment. That's it.

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incredible setting, but good god the movie was bad. there's a comic right? is it worth it?

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The manga is pretty great as long as you don't mind that there is almost no dialogue and that it can be a bit hard to understand what's going on sometimes.

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New Vegas did continue the progression of FO1/2 pretty well with how much the NCR expanded and evolved and of course the Legion.
Fallout 1 was about rebuilding
Fallout 2 was a world rebuilt
Fallout New Vegas was a world that had come full circle and was back to waging the wars of old

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>"I don't think the world of Fallout had a nuclear winter. It's part of the genre - miles upon miles of scorched earth, inhabited by slathering, bloodthirsty mutants." - Chris Avellone, Fallout Bible

The Fallout world is not meant to be realistic in it's depiction of radiation or nuclear war. It is inspired by 50's pulp comics, and as such shows the post-nuclear world through that lens rather than realistic environmental effects.

It also works better that way. The desert wasteland aesthetic has always gelled far better with the retrofuturism americana than boring realistic overgrowth ever could.

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