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Sins of the Past Edition

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>Latest News:

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
Do you have hope for the future of EDH, Magic, and/or your involvement gets in? If so, what gives you that hope?

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There can be no hope.

For all I want is a fun Jund commander.

Proshh is just funky voltron. Everything else is boring or stax.

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Haha OP you forgot the discord:

Simple mistake. Just remember for next time.

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>ywn play a fun landfall land sacrifice jund deck
>ywn play a UR artifact deck
>ywn play a WR spellslinger lifegain burn deck

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Kill yourself.

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It was the worst of times, It was the blurst of times.

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What about Shattergang bros? They seemed fun enough.

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Shattergang are stax.

I could but.


Stax is stax is stax is stax.

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Does Oloro control make sense or does he lend himself better to a lifegain deck? 2 life per turn is nice and all but it doesn't change the game

>> No.56868924

I always target the person that whips out oloro

Oloro control is pretty good

>> No.56868937

>Do you have hope for the future of EDH, Magic, and/or your involvement gets in? If so, what gives you that hope?
not entirely sure what all of this means ("involvement gets in"?)

but yeah i have hope. i like edh a lot. i like drafting a lot. i might start playing legacy a bit. i have faith in the nerds who make this stuff up and i think that some developments at wtoc (the new play design team & removing rigid block structure) will allow the game to get even better.

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Seems like GAAIV would be better and more painful to fight against. 2 life? It's nice and all but really

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Went 4-1 at Unstable draft last night with Esper Contraptions, and I want to make this a full EDH deck. What’s the best 5c Commander for this?

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>falls for the unshit meme
>makes a deck
>silver borders banned in jan
>you wont get that time or money back

>> No.56869136

Not everyone's playgroups like playing with sticks up their asses, anon.

>> No.56869153

>edh players worried about wasting time

>> No.56869168

>already cleared a houseruled banlist for Un-cards
>other players in the group are building Un-decks too
>it’s a fucking Contraption deck just run removal you cunt

>> No.56869270

>future of EDH
Although C17 was terrible as fuck, at least C16 was pretty good, and allowing Unstable in shows how much they don't cater to the cEDH audience.

>future of Magic
Bleak, standard is basically no fun allowed, and that dictates every single new set that feeds modern which used to be what I played.

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Don't go 5c, go Breya.

>> No.56869393

>implying this isnt testing to make some commanders legal
>being "too good" for a fun set

>you wont get that time or money back
>basic lands pretty much pay for most of the pack, essentially playing for free with a chance of getting up to a foil 30 - 1000 card
>and go up in crazy prices in another 10 years guaranteed

wig shig diggy

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t. poorfag stuck with cuckatrice that couldn't pay for a round of draft and is too autistic to interact with people irl

>> No.56869505

You need to run UR at least if you want contraptions

>> No.56869511


>one at a time targeted rolls is a strategy

>> No.56869578

>30 - 1000 card


>> No.56869610

$1000 card? Did you mean $100?

>> No.56869615

kresh is also funky voltron. build sek’kuar sac/recursion for profit.

>> No.56869635

Foil island is $99 right now, probably what he meant.

>> No.56869642


oh, couldve sworn urza foil was a thousand. probably on release day only, knock off a zero and its still pretty good. still, guaranteed 2-3 dollar card minimum aint nothing to laugh at.

>> No.56869661

Not to mention the foil tokens.

>> No.56869671


For pure silver 5c fun I'd say ramos.

>> No.56869701

Can anyone give me a suggestion on what to cut for Asceticism? I'll provide pictures of my pets as payment.


>> No.56869719

There’s probably supposed to be a dollar sign in there somewhere. Foils (excluding tokens) are harder to come by than most people expected. Especially if you pull a foil land. That shit’s cash money. I’ve opened 8 packs and only seen one foil. I saw someone online selling 10 foil islands from Unstable for ~$2500

>> No.56869745

Foil tokens ain’t worth shit in terms of cash.

>> No.56869822

People seem to be buying them at like $1.50, at least the popular ones. That's a decent enough return.

>> No.56869935

Maybe its because the only people who want to play un-sets are chaos fags or tryhards who need to feel special with their silver bordered cards

>> No.56869946

Fuck I need to brew

>> No.56869982

Does Oloro control make sense or does he lend himself better to a lifegain deck? 2 life per turn is nice and all but it doesn't change the game that much

>> No.56870048

$1.50 is decent. My statement that they aren’t worth much was based on what I saw on tcgplayer. Thinking about it, I traded a Storm Crow token and the Voice of Resurgence Elemental token for a foil Spell Pierce, which is like $2.75. So I guess they are worth something if you encounter the right people.

>> No.56870050

Oloro gives you life, Black has plenty of ways for you to spend life as a currency. Control Oloro makes plenty of sense.

>> No.56870107

Well lifegain is a bad deck. Oloro is decent as esper goodstuff, but you usually get focused for making people update their life pads every fucking turn cycle.

I'd rather play Dakkon Blackblade control with an optional commander damage finish. Or Zur because necropotence.

>> No.56870189


Monored Daretti Stax player reporting in.

>Do you have hope for the future of EDH, Magic, and/or your involvement gets in? If so, what gives you that hope?

EDH is right now a joke thanks to Sheldon. I am entirely sure that on January 15th those faggots WILL CONTINUE TO USE SILVERBORDER SHIT.
The only worthwhile way to play EDH is duel french commander now. Almost everyone mature enough to understand how garbage this situation is getting is arlready modifying their list to adapt to the 1 vs 1 with 20 life.

>> No.56870215

Guess it depends on what you want to do. Got blue for draw and what not. Although yeah, it helps in some ways.

Life pads?

Lifegain isn't great but I do like draining opponents as I gain through various effects.

>> No.56870232

>The only worthwhile way to play EDH is duel french commander now.

>> No.56870293

>Almost everyone mature enough
stopped reading right there. your playing a childrens card game, yet you are this much of an elitist prick about a fun, interesting set? maybe you need to stop playing or grow up instead of throwing a hissy fit like a child.

>> No.56870342

>children's card game

>> No.56870350

I highly doubt that. People who play at LGS will likely say fuck it and not play intil the 15th or join the other fags in Un-set revelry. Kitchen table will use house rules and if some faggot doesn't like it they will leave their group for the LGS

>> No.56870396

>he actually think that mtg isn't a children's card game

>> No.56870416

Explosive Vegetation

>> No.56870424

the amount of wizard shills for a useless joke set in this thread is disturbing

>> No.56870441

>The only worthwhile way to play EDH is duel french commander now.

How did you manage to pick the absolute worst format in existence?

>> No.56870446

The madness of the Un-Shit will fade in time. Just give it a few weeks.

>> No.56870462

>duel commander
>silver-border being a problem
>he can't ask people to use their non-siver border deck

>> No.56870512

>thread question
Commander will never truly die, even if Magic itself does. Perks of being a casual format. It WOULD suck never to have any more sick tech to try out and experiment with though.

>> No.56870517

How much butthurt you are about a joke set that is going to be out of the format in a month is even more disturbing.

>> No.56870521

why do you think the market for magic is so flooded? confused parents buying something for their children that they have no knowledge of are the best customers. this is literally the same package pokemon would make.

i guess i shouldnt be surprised about the amount of elitist scrubs that are "too good" in an edh thread

>> No.56870536

>Still being this mad at a temporary rule change
>Even if they do say "Oh hey you can use silver bordered cards but only legendaries that aren't Richard Garfield, contraptions and a select few others" You would still probably be mad

It's been a week and 3 days since Sheldon said you can use Un-set cards. Have you played commander with your playgroup/at your LGS since the announcement? Have you or any other players there tried using silver bordered cards, and if so how did they affect the game? Have you discussed silver-bordered cards with your playgroup within the last week, or in the past for that matter?

Even if they did say "Hey Un-set cards are legal" in January they'd probably extend the banlist by a fuckton so that only like ~100 cards between all three un-sets were legal, contraptions included. This shit is literally just to A) Test the environment/reactions to silver-borders being legal in Commander and B) Give Wizards a few extra bucks by giving the joke set an extra use for people who play commander but might not be interested in drafting Unstable.

>> No.56870543

>he fell for the duel commander meme

>> No.56870552

>target audience anywhere over 18

>> No.56870555

Most of that price are mtg investors. They know that investing in those full-art lands is a safe bet

>> No.56870564

>being reminded of the gift set's existence
I'd wager EXL sold better than this, and EXL was destined to fail from the get.

>> No.56870597

You're an idiot if you interpreted that as me being mad. Duel Commander is a joke. I was laughing at you for being retarded. I honestly don't give a shit about the Un-card legality, my group agreed to not use it anyway.

>> No.56870598

I play eternal /non-rotating formats because no matter what happens, I'll have over two decades of stuff I was at least content in to play, and, barring bans, it'll always be available. If new stuff disappoints, I don't have to play it, and even if I don't play it, it doesn't mean I don't get to play magic.


>Brew a deck of pure un-shit
>Realise Un- would be stupid busted if built using proper synergy from black border cards
>Only allow self 1 non-mana source black border card per color, to keep it light hearted and silly
Am I doing it right? Or am I purposefully capping myself too hard? I'm worried its gonna iron out to be a lot weaker compared to my black border decks due to its limitations during dexkbuolding. Decklist in question: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/x-gon-downtown/

>> No.56870653

My bad, I mistook the reaction image in >>56870232 as one of despair. I agree Duel Commander's a joke too. Like nigga just go play Vintage

>> No.56870655

This was one of the most retarded moves I have seen. At least pokemon packs gives cards you can't find in boosters, cards with new art, and oversized versions, on top of shit like miniatures, pins, and coins.

Those 2 cards barely see play, those 5 lands have no reason to not be full-art, and why the fuck is Chandra on the cover? Shouldn't there be a Chandra card in the pack instead of Zari Kev?

>> No.56870677

Tg what's my next deck?

>> No.56870689

>barring bans, it'll always be available
Modern has gone to shit due to this. Standard has been doing so little to the format that they needed to ban modern decks to rotate the things a bit.

>> No.56870715


>> No.56870716

Vela the Night Clad because that was the one I zoomed in on when I clicked the image

>> No.56870721

Crosis, the Purger Discard Tribal

>> No.56870817

>Not wanting to build a Daretti Contraption deck with a bunch of gobos and shit?

As another Daretti stax player, pic related.

>> No.56870835

>Do you have hope for the future of EDH
Yes. EDH, for the most part, feels pretty disconnected from the rest of Magic. I see a lot of Magic players treat EDH players with the same immaturity they treat people who play non-Magic TCGs.
Not really. The game's not likely going to stop being made for a long time, as even if they lose the entire competitive community and fully alienate all long time fans (which isn't likely as it is), casual players and parents mistaking Magic cards for other games that their children want cards for (and parents getting their children into Magic because they had good memories of it as a kid) will be enough to keep it afloat. However, disregarding the consistently lower quality art (which is, admittedly, just my opinion), the sets both lowering mechanical complexity of the average card and throwing in more and more one-off mechanics is going to seriously limit design space, and I believe it will eventually back them into a corner. I don't know how they'll handle another Homelands.
>and/or your involvement
I've sold off most of my valuable Magic cards (there are a couple I kept for sentimental reasons - stupid, I know, I should probably sell them too), and only play casual EDH occasionally with my friends. I'm moving to a very different area soon, and I'll give the communities at the LGSes there a chance to not be like every other LGS community I've seen, and if it goes well, I'll probably continue to play casual EDH occasionally. Otherwise, I might just pack up my decks and stick them in a box in the basement.

>> No.56870878

So I wanna build unmander decks for each faction and I am going for Dr. Julius jumblemorph first. aside from every host/augment card what would be some good black border cards for the "feel" for crossbread labs?

>> No.56870933

I feel ya, I play a colorless shitbrew, which can only work because tron. If urza lands get b&, I'd probably just be out of modern indefinitely.

>> No.56871025

Wasn't it made clear this format isn't for people like you anymore?

>> No.56871059

ev has ended up getting cut from a lot of my decks

>> No.56871060

Doing it thanks

>> No.56871084

Upload the list to TappedOut and post it here when you're done. I want to see what my suggestion amounts to.

>> No.56871156

Do I need to drop my mono black deck if someone at my table is running mono blue?

Last night every time I tried to tutor or play a spell I got lol noped non stop

>> No.56871208

Teeg hatebears

>> No.56871279

tutors are meant to be countered

only pleb plebbicus uses tutors in edh

>> No.56871299

Fucking partners you dumb cunts

>> No.56871317

Nah, you just need to cast more than one spell a turn. Bait out counters so you can resolve mana doublers, then start playing 3+ spells per turn. Start running imp's mischief, or point some discard at them.

I just can't believe that one player has enough counters for three other people.

Alternatively, run Surrak Dragonclaw.

>> No.56871322

>tfw my playgroup has decided that un-cards aren't allowed

Since my playgroup clearly hates fun, what deck should I play to ensure the least amount of fun possible?

>> No.56871367


gitrod,stax, eggs, either some kind of blue "nu fun allowed" deck or a deck that combos and takes forever to finish with little to no real results like a infinite combo.

>> No.56871409

your playgroup is based

>> No.56871443


>> No.56871469

What are some key fast voltron tech

>> No.56871472


But bloodsower sucks ass and silas rhen is a gay

>> No.56871514

I've got an old list this is what I'm going to start with

>> No.56871530

Vial Smasher Thrasios is fucking INSANE landfall. Thrasios is literally landfall: the commander.

>> No.56871534

>Countering the tutor
>Not what they tutored for
Got blown out by sudden spoiling one too many times I see :^)

>> No.56871551

>brother's friend comes over to play magic
>fuck ya I finally get to play some edh with a real human
>pulls out Zur control
>it's a neat hybrid of legacy cards and tutors, with the whole gameplan being a "toolbox" setup with tutoring Rest in Peace + Helm of Obedience, or Mana Vortex, or apocalypsing + zur to tutor things and play around the lock
>I'm super stoked that I finally get to take the kids gloves off and build something really powerful
Alright, in terms of cards I have, I can build Jhoria MLD, Planeswalker Teferi featuring all the mana rocks and counters ever printed, Darietti stax, or Oona infinite mill combo. In terms of what would be effective, Jhoria seems like the least competitive because it's rather... hit or miss, and requires a solid setup, while Darietti is going to have a hell of a time interacting with enchantments. Teferi and Oona seem almost interchangeable, but what do you guys think? I 100% am going to have to play around counters and necropotence, but I have a glut of powerful cards like Mana Drain, Mana Crypt, and just about every non-reserved card/tutor you could want.

To beat his deck, there are only two real answers: he runs 6 creatures, and if I lock Zur out, I'll be able to extend the game until I can drop something fuck-huge.

>> No.56871555

That's not jund

I'm not using thrasios.

>> No.56871620

It's Jund but better, fuck

>> No.56871663

Sorry dude, I'm 99% Vorthos.

>> No.56871698

Teferi High Tide

>> No.56871707


>> No.56871724

Alright, I have a high tide kicking around.

Do I just paradox engine, bust out high tide, then lock down the board with a hard artifact-based lock?

>> No.56871764

>make first 3 decks
>have a mix of all 5 colors
>want to make new deck
>cant because dont want to deconstruct my original 3

how do i get over this

>> No.56871776

>not countering the tutor because you think you’re going to counter what I tutored for


>> No.56871793

>how do i get over this

buy more cards

I have like 20 sol rings

>> No.56871827

High Tide + Palinchron + Blue Sun's Zenith/Stroke of Genius/Temporal Rift
Time Spiral and ways to recast High Tide in the same turn help, artifact stax locks can stall the game until you drop your gamewinning combo.

>> No.56871842

*Temporal Fissure

>> No.56871852

I'm building Tana / Tymna. Would it be worth it to grab Saskia precon from Walmart for $36 when the only pieces I'll be using out of it are some of the lands, Tana/Tymna, some cheap rocks and a few of the removal spells?

>> No.56871861

yeah you just make more decks. i proxy stuff like ancient tombs so that i don't have to keep buying them. literally everybody is okay with that.

>> No.56871995

Anyone down for a casual game on Cockatrice? The idle dicks in the lobby are killing me.

>> No.56872045

whats the primary difference between kess and jeleva?

>> No.56872060

Kess works better for control/tempo, and for higher consistency in the Storm.
Jeleva works better for combat tricks/spellslinger aggro, and for quicker potential Storm turn.

>> No.56872290


jeleva is better at cheating out powerful high cost spells

kess is better at casting and recasting efficient value spells

>> No.56872484

Who /mardu/ here?

>shredding everyone's hands
>blowing up permanents all day errday
>solid card draw

>> No.56872494

>> No.56872504


i dont really like any of the commanders, or partner combos really

>> No.56872835

>Split Screen + Oracle of Mul Daya + Vizier of the Menagerie in pic related

Also, question: if I Rampant Growth and search library A, can I shuffle library B instead?

>> No.56872926

yes. this applies with anything that may shuffle your library during a tutor. I don't know how legal it is to rearrange the order of your cards before the shuffle.

>> No.56872984

>friend plays greedy overtuned decks
>gets key components hated out
>instantly scoops or plays salty politics for the rest of the game
Anyone else have this problem?
It's the biggest buzzkill ever but the alternative is losing to their shit that should have never been resolved

>> No.56873007

Play un cards and remind them that they are allowed

>> No.56873064

House rules override Sheldon.

>> No.56873086

don't listen to this anon >>56873007 , nor would I recommend trying to ruin fun. Sometimes you have to accept that people won't play against certain cards. Be the bigger anon and continue looking for fun elsewhere. I believe in you to make the right choice. on a commander choice, I would try and build Doran.

>> No.56873150

house rules say no

>> No.56873165


yup, have a friend who has a hard on for his animar/eldrazi deck. no shit i'm not gonna let animar live longer than I can let it.

>> No.56873267

so basically i swing with her, cast free spell, recast her, exile even more, etc?

>> No.56873379

>completely btfo breya player with hellkite tyrant
>cyclonic rift

>> No.56873485

Mama Meren STAX

>> No.56873541

Any good acquisitions edhmen? Almost have my Kraj deck foiled out.

>> No.56873554

I have dumb question about Mairsil the pretender. Can you only use 1 ability per turn or use all ablilties only once each per turn?

>> No.56873563

Each ability only once each per turn.
Until you cage Quicksilver Elemental

>> No.56873616

this guy was using a card that exiled one of my cards then copied it but I can't remember the name. Any guesses?

>> No.56873629


say you have three cage counters each with one of the following
u:uptap <this>
tap:do a thing
1: get haste

you can pat the 1 colorless and give mairsil haste once a turn, tap him to do a thing once a turn, and pay blue to untap him once a turn.

>> No.56873688

Mimic Vat

>> No.56873725


t. salty anons

>> No.56873738

no it was exiling creatures on the board

>> No.56873762


>> No.56873813

Dark Impostor?

>> No.56873833

got a decklist for kraj? I've been thinking of building him

>> No.56873998

it was this fucker. Thanks

>> No.56874283

You probably already know this, but Duplicant doesn’t copy creatures. Just their p/t.

>> No.56874333

Would Animar be immune to Scorpion God counters?

>> No.56874340

yeah and now I'm pissed

>> No.56874355

+1+1 and -1-1 counters cancel each other out

>> No.56874367

Did you get bamboozled?

>> No.56874404

yes he copied my jevela

>> No.56874408

>scorpion god

>> No.56874420

I've played with X. As soon as you have the mana to stop them from being able to draw cards anymore, they scoop. It is unfun in 1v1. In multiplayer, people can at least team up, so maybe things are okay there.

>> No.56874475

Even if Duplicant copied Jeleva's abilities it still wouldn't be able to copy the cards exiled by the Jeleva that got copied.

>> No.56874498

:( I’m sorry, anon.

Just remember that next time. Also, (someone correct me if I’m wrong) if the imprinted card is your commander then it goes back to the command zone and Duplicant remains a 2/4 shapeshifter without any of the imprinted card’s qualities. The imprinted card must actually be in exile for Duplicant to take on its p/t and creature types.

>> No.56874592

*eats your commander*

>> No.56874607


pro black, can't be targeted by black spells or abilities

>> No.56874631

>Angry Omanth player drops Craterhoof
>Etheral Haze
>Next turn, copied and kicked Rite of Replication his Craterhoof

>> No.56874683

spit it out it doesn't belong to you

>> No.56874684


>> No.56874694

I mean, he can cast instants and flash spells before passing priority to you to move from draw step to main 1. Also, mechanically, it's a pretty remarkable difference between softlocking 1 player out v locking out a table (which X presumably COULD do, if arbitrarily vast amounts of mana were available)

>> No.56874704


Feeding time again!

>> No.56874714


then it isn't black now is it? also i think there is a plain artifact that makes all creatures colorless

>> No.56874734

Mycosynth Lettuce.

>> No.56874772

I'm sure this has been asked before but how does /EDH/ feel about infinite combos/board locks/not getting you oppenent to 0 life, ten poison, milling, or using an alt win condition on a card to win games?

I understand the argument for both sides, but im curious what everyone here has to say, should they be hard banned, limited, or should it just be an ethical code in your group to not bring something too strong, alternatively are combos for wins just a part of magic and should be treated as such?

>> No.56874775

You'd think mycosynth lettuce would make things green

>> No.56874780

both would be good for black in general, gets around pro black. though the gnomes would be a good interactive and political piece.

>> No.56874785


>Did you get bamboozled?

Pic related

>> No.56874790


Thran lens was what i was thinking of. Only cost 2

>> No.56874804

Ethical code is how we deal with it, if it's too degenerate we talk about it openly, talk about how it could be changed to be ""more fair"" but it rarely comes up, and I don't think we would ever ban anything outright.

we also have a loose budget for our group, so that helps reduce chance we even need to discuss anything degenerate

>> No.56874809

so does this affect cards in the graveyard or the deck and make them artifacts?

>> No.56874832

are cards in the graveyard permanents while in the graveyard?

>> No.56874840

No. Things are only permanents on the battlefield. It does make them all colorless though.

>> No.56874843

>loose budget
Explain please? just arrived in this general after getting back into mtg a month ago and im still stupid
anyone got a picture of collapsed skull feels guy to appropriately depict me?

>> No.56874849

I think two card infinites should be banned honestly. It's too easy. Three card combos take more work and can't be cheated out with Tooth and Nail etc.

>> No.56874863

It's okay Anon, we basically have an agreement to not spend over 130ish USD on a deck, which means no quite expensive Staples such as demonic tutor, slowing decks down and making them less consistent. we are New Zealand uni students so it was easy to agree to a low budget

>> No.56874882

i think he means to prevent an arms race among friends

>> No.56874928

I play Sharuum and the whole gimmick to the deck is i never swing at anyone and never go after anyone unless they mess with my board state or are about to win, i like the idea of slowly manipulating things as my master plan comes together and i draw cards and build up combo pieces and counters in my hand, its fun and fluffy but i never have a combo ready until like turn 10, maybe five if i draw like a god, I even ask everyone if they are okay with the game ending or if i should let it continue.
it feels fun and fluffy in those colors to have this master plan im building up to as everyone ignores me or cant attack me for one reason or another

so id say its fun in moderation and shouldnt be too strong, basically if you start hearing your group bitch about it behind your back its probably time to nerf it a bit, otherwise be ready for your group to start building decks with combo hate like rest in peace.

>> No.56874965


>> No.56874997

i like this idea, for example my rhys deck is hyper dirty but i refuse to put a single tutor in the deck because i dont want to make it too consistant
i also know theres like $50 of cards to make the deck way better but i already have sunk about $150 into it and any more wouldn't add anything more fun in it, just stuff like infinite combos and stuff to make it less fun and more consistent

>> No.56875046

if the majority of the people i play with only play big smashy timmy creatures with 12/12 trample they have no right to be butthurt when i pull combos

>> No.56875056

>not using the card that has her drinking a massive glass of wine
Pleb detected, I bet you don't even run everythingamajig in your Sharuum deck so you can switch places with your opponent when hes about to win

>> No.56875108

this exactly, if you ban combos then people will just play massive creatures or 100 20/20 indestructible tokens with fly, or they will just lock the board with a cunt like zhur and just make you forfeit

>type captcha
>get my check mark
>you seem to have mistyped the capcha
what the fuck, is this 4chan telling me to go to bed?

>> No.56875129

Didn't you get the memo? EDH is only for Timmies. Johnnies should stick to solitaire Magic, and Spikes don't have friends, so they can't play outside of competitive.

>> No.56875136

Tutoring for Kikki-Pester or Mike+Trike or Palinchron+Deadeye isn't a Johnny thing.

>> No.56875156

>and Spikes don't have friends, so they can't play outside of competitive

>> No.56875162

I can accept basically everything but board locks. At least some artifact or gitrog player can normally to end the game once they're done masturbating, lockfags just make you sit there unable to do anything until everyone has had enough.

>> No.56875239

I used to think this was a good card back in like ‘02. I ran them in my Lobotomy mill deck (the deck was basically trying to be what Lantern Control is today).

>> No.56875245

Is there a way to build Lantern Control in EDH?

>> No.56875246

>once theyre done masturbating
can confirm, I do wring my hands and giggle as I watch my opponents not know the game is going to end in a turn or two

>> No.56875254

At least you seem to have recovered somewhat from your horrific brain injury.

>> No.56875285

man i bet this guy was a joke in standard during a set that didnt have a single non legend rare creature

>> No.56875324

>posting worst girl
something about logs and eyes

>> No.56875353

>my group hates fun
Or you're just a massive faggot

>> No.56875379

dont see why not, you can do a pseudo cheerios with sram if you have no to low cmc equips with some cost reduction.

>> No.56875410

Probably not, since it’s a singleton format. I don’t see Surgical Extraction effects being very useful (especially in multi-player).

In my defense, I was 12 at the time and my budget was $20/week which I got for mowing the yard. My Favorite card around that time was Traumatize. Funny thing is, my deck actually won quite a bit because of my turbo-casual Timmy infested meta. Man, my younger self was a ritard...

>> No.56875419

house rules schmouse rules.
tell those pussies who's in charge with your 12 inch raging unDonger

>> No.56875531

wish i had done the same with chromatic lantern when it was $3 since almost every multicolor commander deck is better with one

>> No.56875536

If you want straightforward and cheap, there are options that will likely yield better results. Ezuri elfball is a very reasonable and effective monocolor agro deck. You can run as competitive as you like, it's VERY easy to upgrade pieces as time goes by, but you can also run it effectively for like $50. As you feel like upgrading you can buy green tutors and a fast mana.

>> No.56875543

>friend convinces me to take off some of my limiters in the deckbuilding phase
>won two games before turn 5
Red 2 stronk

>> No.56875628


>> No.56875675

>10 years of playing Magic I have never played on a circle table
>yesterday was the very first time doing so and it's so much better

>> No.56875792

red is the color of patricians.

>> No.56876087

Who is the most qt waifu commander who is also at least somewhat good?

>> No.56876122

at my lgs they had a few circular ones for drafting, but they recently switched them for more long tables for more playspace. drafting in a full circle felt pretty good tho.

>> No.56876131


how is that better? every time ive played on a circle table its been way way worse

>> No.56876209


>> No.56876255

Is investigation mill viable in commander? I have something thrown together with Kami of The Crescent Moon as my commander.

>> No.56876543

What is the point of Mary O'kill? Its a tribal commander for a tribe with only 12 creatures (including changelings). And its effect doesnt even work in the command zone.

Its even bad in limited. I reslly cant see what the idea or point behind this card is.

>> No.56876575

Un-sixty card block constructed, even though everyone knows the premiere Unstable block deck is S.N.E.A.K. evasive beaters.

>> No.56876626


she is better in the 99 for Baron von count. Also conspiracy helps her out too but you need a reliable way to get it out for her.

>> No.56876705


>> No.56876764

My playgroup is about 6 guys. We fired up the old group text after playing sealed Unstable. We reached a mutual decision that while some cards are ok and some are very not ok we just wont touch silver bordered cards and life will go on like usual.

I agree in the sense that you just have to talk to your playgroup.

>> No.56876819

My waifu commander will always be Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

>Karl Kopinski art
>Hot dom snake lady
>will turn me into a zombie to serve her forever

10/10 waifu

>> No.56877019

I can get behind a good snake lady, but buddy.


>> No.56877041

To all of you aggressive T1 players who get mad as fuck when Sub-T4 players gang up on you: Fucking kill yourselves.

I had the literal worst experience I have ever had with some unimaginable new tryhard at my local cafeteria. He only owns one deck and it's an unreasonably oppressive unfun Breya Stax deck with numerous two-piece infinites. Game 1 was a disaster since none of us were aware what kind of bullshit we were playing against. So comes game 2 when we outright refuse to let him have ANYTHING because we are already aware how much of his deck is geared to either lock the table out of play or go off by T3/T4, and he gets upset at us for focusing him down and "Not letting him play". So we cowtow to his bitching for literally one rotation and he combos off and wins again. He shuffles, sets up, and all of us simply spend turn after turn killing him before returning to a regular EDH game during Game 3. At this point he's visibly upset and is literally asking us why we keep doing this. We pointed out our four decks at the table:
>Ulasht Hellion Tribal
>Sidisi Zombie Ball
>Admiral Beckett Brass Pirates and Piracy
>Ramos Cantrip Tribal (Storm-ish, can pop off if he hits enough flickers)
So he quickly says "Just because you guys can't make good decks doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to have fun with mine". We have not permitted him to play another game with us since. What the fuck is wrong with these faggots?

>> No.56877085


>flat chest
>all ass
>butter face

kamigawa for best snake ladies

>> No.56877110


If he's bitching about not being able to play while at the same time playing a deck that does the same he can go suck a sock.

Also just tell him his deck is just to good for you "normies" and it just makes sense to take down the biggest threat on the table.

>> No.56877506

Breya for sure

>> No.56877520

's tarkir mate

>> No.56877535

Yesterday there was a foil steanflogger boss selling for 10k€ on mcm
I think he was refering to that it's a 1 in 16 boxes chance or something like that

>> No.56877546

>can't even use your face as her seat
What kind of shitty dom waifu are you trying to sell?

>> No.56877599

>Everyone else here wants a dom waifu
>I just want to snuggle up in a pillow fort with my supportive and caring waifu and hold hands with her

>> No.56877691

This card is just so good

>> No.56877764

It really is. Generally ends up taking 2-3 creatures with it before someone draws into enchantment removal, and that's pretty good value for a single 1-drop.

>> No.56878120

Nobody in your groups happen to know what tokens are?

>> No.56878147

Why would they change their decks to get around one card?

>> No.56878260

Who said anything about changing their decks? I'm talking about just commonly played token producers like certain Planeswalkers, Grave Titan, Hornet Queen, that kind of stuff.

>> No.56878296

Nobody in my group runs any planeswalkers. I'm the only one who has any, and I rarely run either of them. I'm also the only one who has Grave Titan. The two people I play with most often run 5 color tribal reanimator decks and R/x (but never blue) stormless, infiniteless spellslinger respectively. The spellslinger guy has Young Pyromancer, but he rarely draws into it.

>> No.56878323

Do I target the mono blue player or the rakdos MLD?

>> No.56878342

Target mono blue if they have tells that they're about to do something, if they search more than one combo piece, or if they start setting pieces up.
Otherwise, target Rakdos.
Early game, focus down Rakdos MLD to minimize loss of advantage - mono blue isn't likely to go off at this point.

>> No.56878582

>ywn play a WR spellslinger lifegain burn deck
If your playgroup doesn't let you play Tamanoa they're faggots, find a new playgroup.

>> No.56878645

>ywn play Havengul Lich as a commander
>ywn play Sun Titan as a commander
>ywn play Consuming Aberration as a commander

>> No.56878757

Holy shit, I didn’t know there was a color-shifted Drop of Honey. Thanks for showing me this!

>> No.56878771

I just bought a Loliana, now what do I do?

>> No.56878777

Hotglue, post pics

>> No.56878788

would that make her commander identity orzhov, then?

>> No.56878789

>wort is an option
>posts on tg
>playing anything else

>> No.56878840

In my book it does

>> No.56878856

Only if you get it on the mana cost

>> No.56878914

what are your least expected but most fun combos?

>> No.56878931

this is fun but good luck doing it twice lol

>> No.56878959

Why are only half double sleeved?

>> No.56878980

Dude it's Sigarda.


Her Enchantress build is pretty good if somewhat boring because lol enchantress

>> No.56878996

Pic related is a little more reliable since Ashnod’s Altar is sure to be targeted for removal. Also instant speed. Good combo nonetheless.

>> No.56879020

Which of the following should I build?
>Cloudhoof Kirin
>Homura, Human Ascendant
>Gabriel Angelfire
>Jori En, Ruin Diver
>Medomai the Ageless
>Attempt to convince my group to allow Shaman of the Great Hunt as a commander

>> No.56879093

Nebuchadnezzar is a pet card of mine but I can't recommend him. Try Shaman.

>> No.56879171

i don't understand how people have this many commanders, i can keep two to three decks up to date + able to keep up with changing metas. it's just too much, man.

>> No.56879225

I think those are just the legendaries he has lying around.

>> No.56879258

Depends my friend has like 12 but they are like tiered in terms of power top 3 being Mizzix Meren Karametra bottom 3 being pretty much precons

>> No.56879306


>> No.56879322

>during my turn
>cast fractured identity on my howling mine
>you now have a howling mine lolz

>> No.56879323


>> No.56879326

Kaervek's Spite is an instant, anon. You do it at the end of the turn immediately before your own.

>> No.56879353


>> No.56879387

i can't tell if this is bait or not. not even the guy who posted the combo, but kaervek's spite is an instant. with academy rector on the field, you'd cast spite on the end step right before your own upkeep. fractured identity is a sorcery and must be played before the best point to play it, and getting rid of your own howling mine won't help. you would want to fractured identity on their rector, to which they would just play spite in response, but you'd force their hand. your mine would stop barren glory on their upkeep anyway, because your howling mine trigger would resolve before their barren glory trigger, thus putting a card in their hand to make winning with barren glory much more difficult.

>> No.56879410

im merely pretending to be retarded

>> No.56879445

Alright. I want to build something I haven't run before for the last few games of Commander I'll probably ever get to play with a couple friends of mine, at least outside of Cockatrice/XMage.

>> No.56879454

>our mine would stop barren glory on their upkeep anyway, because your howling mine trigger would resolve before their barren glory trigger, thus putting a card in their hand to make winning with barren glory much more difficult.

Howling Mine goes off during the draw step, anon.

>> No.56879480

>Howling Mine goes off during the draw step, anon.
you're right, i missed that. then fractured identity and howling mine are both cards that will not help in this situation. but hey, there's always naturalize.

>> No.56880003

>Do you have hope for the future of EDH, Magic, and/or your involvement gets in? If so, what gives you that hope?
not really. EDH players ruin EDH. they are so ridiculously whiny and annoying and shit like allowing uncards shows that the people running the format dont even care about the format anymore

>> No.56880117

When or what are some viable cards to make a Rat tribe deck with. I need a R/B commander so I can run wheels but that means I can't run Rat Krenko. 30+ Relentless Rats + Thrumming stone doesn't appeal to me as a build.

What can I do to make this even remotely viable, I feel like I have so few choices with just black and trying to run enough rats

Somehow, at 70% Tappedout reckons this piece of crap is my most competitive deck, meanwhile I have a tier 1 Zur deck that it rates at 18%.

>> No.56880120

>skipped EDH night last week because sick
>apparently my group banned silver boarded cards
my group is so based

>> No.56880143

You're 100% correct and the only answer is that the marketing team understands numbers but cant correlate for shit because they have no interest in the actual product. Its literally popular character + foil cards and booster packs so the whole thing is shiny.

>> No.56880190

You playgroup is smart and we are exactly the same, are you fucking serious nigger, my autism is already firing up at the thought of an Un set creeping into a format.

Drafting Unstable is 10/10 because you know what you're in for. in commander its going to be one guy forcing the group to do dumb shit out of context. Especially if someone tried to use those silver bordered cards to toss shit at my deck or throw my cards around I'd just leave.

>> No.56880220

>ridiculously whiny
>muh uncards

>> No.56880297

I have a dozen, but I typically only keep up 4 at a time, and most are kinda meme-y builds for answering specific problems which cone in seasons in my local meta, so even when I do bust 'em out, call for "upgrades" is scarce, since it's a one trick pony who already knows its trick.

>> No.56880370

They banned Nerf War, so you don't have to worry about your actual library being hit. The big one people are petitioning to ban is Ol' Buzzbark because some people have stated malicious intent to drop dice with the intent of damaging cards. Outside of that, it's just throwing one card.

>> No.56880385

>some people
Who? That one dork on Reddit?

>> No.56880403

It's not only packs, Pokemon version of From of The Vault is much much better too. Pic related has 14 full-art cards, half of them with new art, or it didn't even had full-art before. It costs around $75, but just on the front, you can see cards like N full-art, that is going around $60(although this version is being priced around $30), and some low ball estimates is that the whole pack gives around $100 in value, and that is because most of those cards has just been rotated out of "standard", if they were at their peak, it would easily range around $200+ in value.

Also, did I mention that this pack also comes with 2 boosters, a painted metal coin, a deck box that can hold up to 2 decks, 2 sets of tournament dices(each with 6 normal dices and 1 bigger dice), 2 sets of 65 sleeves, and a code card to re-reclaim all of this in pokemon tcg online? Shit is insane.

>> No.56880411

I'm pretty sure I've seen people here talking about it too.

>> No.56880417

One more thing, the quality of the cards are better too, normal foils bend normal like mtg cards do, but special cards like full-arts and secret rares have a better foil that is less likely to bend, especially if they have that extra layer of card texture.

>> No.56880430

>code card to re-reclaim all of this in pokemon tcg online
why does wizards hate us?
why cant we have nice things?
id love to put my precon commander decks on mtgo

>> No.56880457

Not to mention, their fat pack equivalent - Elite Trainer Boxes, also have sleeker looking packaging, acrylic counters to represent status conditions, 6 dice, enough card sleeves for a full deck plus some singles, and storage dividers.

>> No.56880486

$100? I would give an easy $120 at least. You are not counting in the non-card products, the coin alone is like $8, and it's beautiful. Wotc really needs to up their supplemental product game, although they have slowly trying new things outside of fat packs and ftv.

>> No.56880495

>and storage dividers
Why does wotc thinks that I don't need those is a mystery to me. I have to keep putting cards back to back to not get them mixed up.

>> No.56880500

As someone who's played TCGO minimally on and off, and is already familiar with the way the game plays, what's the best way to pick up the physical game?

>> No.56880622

with your hands

>> No.56880648

If you already have a deck set in mind, the best way would be getting singles, like any other tcg. On /vp/ there is thread for pokemon tcg, they can help you better there, without me derailing this thread.

>> No.56880657

Build them all!!!

>> No.56880659

>EDH players ruin EDH. they are so ridiculously whiny

>> No.56880683

90% of those are tech for other decks or cards cracked during drafts

>> No.56880687

I don't have a deck in mind - not sure what's decent right now. I know there's a thread on /vp/, I just don't know if the Pokemon TCG community is as disdainful and elitist to newcomers as the Magic community is.

>> No.56880691

Because MTGO is shit in the first place. I think the major problem with Wizards is that they slacked for 10s of years being the most popular TCG on the block with almost no effort and only now they are being challenged by stuff like Heartstone and other TCGs so they are really slow to put up a proper answer.

>> No.56880699

Everything you have said makes me believe you don't get to play with real people and you just complain with other people online.

>> No.56880760

I haven't been to the ptcg threads in a long while, but they were plenty helpful when I started out. Now that I remember, there are even people who just goes there and post the card codes since they don't play online.

ptcg Online is not very competitive, so as much as it is 4chan, they aren't that much of elitists. You will however, want a more competitive deck to get prizes in tournaments, but nothing extraordinary, a budget competitive deck will do most of the time.

>> No.56880853

mtgo is one of the worst things I have seen. It looks so terrible and the way they monetize around it is ridiculous for what you get. And magic on steam is so restricted and slow, that I lost complete interest.

Pokemon TCG Online, has a bazzar where you can put almost anything up for trade with anyone, the interface is better, and is automated, without to mention that every single real life product gives you a code to redeem it online.

Yu-Gi-Oh has some console games that are pretty good with story mode and everything, but the unofficial simulator is the real deal, you have access to all cards, including cards that has just been spoiled, to build the deck whoever you want for free, the matchmaking is not terrible, and everything is automated as much as you want it to be. Also, the simulator is pretty fast, so you don't have to wait long ass animations and die of old age before the AI decides on what it will do.

And I didn't even talk about Hearthstone and how Magic Arena will fail miserably.

>> No.56880874

Working on pic related, might post a list later but right now the theme of the deck is a lot of stuff that lets me steal/copy creatures, And a little bit of goodstuff that phoebe can steal.

Anyone got any spicy tech to excitement since this deck is just for the memes?

>> No.56880887

What's the ruling on the text box of a library that's treated as a creature?

>> No.56880894

It's empty, it's like when you try to steal the text box of a vanilla creature

>> No.56880923

Maybe Show and Tell and similar effects to try to bait opponents into playing things for you to snatch/clone.

>> No.56880938

U Braids

>> No.56880943

I imagine that the library is treated as a vinillla creature because it has no actual text box, and anything *special* comes from the enchantment.

Pretty sure she can only steal what’s directly in a creature textbox, not any gained abilities.

Also worth mentioning the word “permanently” is a bit misleading, she looses text when she leaves the field, and other creatures gain their text back if the leave and renter. She just doesn’t give it back when she dies.

>> No.56881228

Anyone think there will be a future "Old School" EDH format? Wizards continues to print too many OP Commanders and commander cards.

>> No.56881381

What's the point? Half the idea of EDH is to be self-regulating because it's not a tournament format, you can moderate it at a local level. If you had a playgroup that would be wiling to play an "Old School" EDH, you could just as easily start playing functionally the same thing tomorrow by just agreeing what exactly that would imply.

>> No.56881446

there should be a commander format with none of the Commander set legends. people diss on the "spirit of the format", because it was made to make niche legends useful and cards that normally dont see play can work in this format. NOT stuff meant to break it. its why the tucking rule changed because wizards printed these OP shit that would become useless otherwise.

personally i dont see any of the UnCommanders being any worse then the regular OP Commanders.

>> No.56881597

What now /edhg/

>> No.56881603

Touch yourself.

>> No.56881611

Sell it

>> No.56881616

Me and a group of friends have nights where we have to use Elder Dragons as commanders. For the sake of it not becoming as boring, we allowed the usage of the new ones.

>> No.56881635

xer wont be this hot forever

>> No.56881648

A friend of mine runs Ur-Dragon and calls it "objectively the best dragon commander". I'm tempted to run one of the 3-color "X, the Y" dragons to prove him wrong. Which one should I choose, though?

>> No.56881668

not Zirilian?

>> No.56881669

Just play Karrthus and steal all his dragons.

>> No.56881686

Dromar because I can't figure out how to make use of him
Alternatively, Oros

>> No.56881736

Dromar sounds right up my alley. Favorite color combination, and I love discard effects. I'll try to figure something out. Thanks, anon!

>> No.56881737


>> No.56881745

Dromar is garbage because you can't pick anything but R or G without bouncing himself. Somebody really dropped the ball there.

>> No.56881747

Sell it NOW or save it for years when its worth even more THEN sell it

>> No.56881749

Fuck, just realized I mixed up Dromar and Crosis. Still, Esper is almost as good as Grixis, and that mass bounce is pretty versatile. I'll run plenty of value ETB creatures.

>> No.56881757

Prossh Food Chain.

>> No.56881765


>> No.56881790

It doesn’t matter much so since wizards has been pushing a lot of legends in standard to be intended for commander.

Also IMO most of the commander precons are fine, the ones that have unique mechanics like experience and emminace are annoying though because they are harder to interact with. I’d rather if WOTC just tried to avoid making cards “specifically for commander” and just made good cards that make for good commanders.

>> No.56881802

I don't think you'll prove your point building a "dragon" deck that can't even use Red.

>> No.56881815

There are ways around that. I'll mess around with it.

That's pretty spicy. Grixis control is always fun, and with red making haste near-inevitable by the time I drop the big dragon himself and blue to get around any flying blockers left, I can seriously shit on peoples' hands.

>> No.56881816

Build Scion reanimator

>> No.56881830

Hope you like eldrazi and artifact creatures

>> No.56881892

Pretty much this. He's strictly better than the Ur-Dragon and you can run his commander in the 99 to taunt him about it.

>> No.56881949

I'm playing group hug
I drop magus of the moat
Does this draw agro/salt?

>> No.56881957

yeah eminence is bs, it ruins the point of even playing a commander. people were playing oloro just for the colors and the perma enchantment that offsets paying life for things and grants abit more suitability in a pod intended for 40 life.

most people that tell me to run breya/daretti over slobad dont understand why im playing him.

>> No.56882073

Pretty much anything in Simic flavor that's mono-green.

>> No.56882086

Helm of Chatzuk.

>> No.56882089

Literally what the butt hurt anti-Unfags are acting like.

>> No.56882198

they dont see the hipocrasy. they play unfun.

>> No.56882658

Abuse the fact that he is all creature types and throw in some Changlings + tribal buffs slivers/cats/elves the best of anything you can find

>> No.56882724

>Have a foil Johnny, need that foil to finish the Human Gamers

How much are those going for and did you open the one you got?

>> No.56882993


If you're looking for dividers then I would recommend these, they fit most fat packs/deck boxes really well.

>> No.56883067

Foiled Spike is $27-ish on tcgplayer at the moment.

>> No.56883085

Though, that being said, the lowest priced ones are sitting at $16-17 so the market price seems to be skewed slightly.

>> No.56884543

Can you actually write on them? It says that you can, but it being plastic, it feels like it would go away if rubbed with your fingers, or even worse, taint your sleeves.

>> No.56884663

Anon, I . . .

>> No.56884720

Go to tcg and compare. See if you can get the singles you want from the precon for less online rather than buying the pack.

>> No.56884771

This still wouldn't work against animar unless you had a redirection effect. You have to declare legal targets for your spells/abilities before they are put on the stack (and can then be turned colorless). The order would be
>cast black spell/ability targeting NotAnimar
>activate Gnomes to make said spell/ability colorless
>use some type of redirection to make the now Colorless spell/ability target Animar
Just use Devoid spells/Eldrazi Charm

>> No.56885096

The scorpion God is a creature, he can be made colorless before activating his ability.

>> No.56885747

First Pass at a Phoebe, Head of SNEAK deck. Of course there are cards i would like but don't have, But I'm willing to accept advise, especially general ideas on where to improve .


>> No.56886089

Starting at €7 here. That's not really worth enough to sell to me, so I'll hold on to her.
And yeah, I did open her just yesterday. Went to LGS to draft, but since only four people showerd up we played 4-pack sealed with 30 card decks. I didn't prepare for Spike so I only had a Sol Ring and Balance with me, both of which were cast.

>> No.56886164




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