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Please post 40K crossover art. This is all I have.

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What is this? Commissar do not like ants, possible tyrinid strain.

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>Not 40k, and not even the good version
c'mon now

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got the perfect song to go with that. Oddly enough, it only came out a few days ago too.

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I'd play that

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There was a time where this picture would literally kill the thread and send the whole board into a fucking meltdown. It's funny, looking back at it, how seriously people used to take this shit.

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Not one of those rats is in the process of murdering another. Feel same anons. Feel shame.

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Should we prepare to see a similar reaction to zootopia pic right below it?

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Was there any serious issue with Zootopia around? I don't think there was, unless I somehow mercifully missed it. Not even with Frozen, despite it's massive and undue popularity. I don't think anything got ever even close to Pony frenzies, though Rick and Morty apparently gave it a good college try.

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I don not remember such times. Please, elaborate.

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fools often start screaming "yiff in hell" at slight provocation around these parts
People didn't like seeing MLP, people screamed about it 'till MLP got its board and rule making a ghetto out of it. IDK how justified screeching was, I'm a newfag aeterni

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So far, nobody's taken the bait

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Go to lulz dot net and hang out there for a ffew hours. Or better yet, go to /trash/ and see what happens when you let MLP and furries anywhere.

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The problem was mainly twofold:
A) MLP attracted some really insane, and at times really damn weird fanbase, and there was a lot of adult people who got really, really creepily into it, and would not stop posting about it,
B) I think it was /co/ that thought it would really funny to capitalize on the cringe and started literally flooding various boards with MLP related shit. Between the "ironic" posting and the genuine and genuinely obsessive fanbase, emotions got really tense, and even a single mention of the show, especially in relation to other media (a lot of people made genuine or intentionally provocative crossovers for MLP), generally send the entire fucking thread into meltdown. The more people overreacted to the shit, the more they invited trolls, and shit kept going in circles. It was one of the worst frenzies and storms of butthurt I've seen on this board in my years, and it dragged on for YEARS.
I actually watched quite a bit of the show, originally out of stupid curiosity, eventually kept watching it over insomnia bouts. For a kid's show it was actually suprisingly good, though not anything an adult would have to see in his life. Damn the fanbase was creepy as fuck though. I still remember the Derpy fucking wars. I felt honestly sorry for the makes or the thing.

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Take a look at all the politics in /tg/ right now. not the opening parts of threads, but at the ends of them.

That's what it's like.

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Hey yeah, I have noted more and more political posts in /tg/ than ever before.

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I've seen /tg/ mods nuke threads for having official beastfolk character art from actual RPG rulebooks for being too furry.

And then sometimes there's three day long running thread series that are basically chock full of softcore furry art.

I don't understand this place.

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Mods are fags and do it for free.

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>one of you ISNT planning to betray me

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Ok, even if this is a FUCKING pony, It still looks cool.

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>Knights of Blood are confirmed extinct now
It's a shame, I loved their color scheme.

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>Quake Marine
>Not using a Missile Launcher as an improvised Jump Pack

Missed opportunity right there.

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Council of 13 bra. None of them actively murder each other but they all have at least 13 assassins within leaping distance.

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What game is that?

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However, the pic is a shop. There's currently no 40k mods for it.

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this image doesn't capture the essence of Tzeentch OR Slaanesh

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Last one for me.

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The worst part is that Eugen cant get the license for 40K, according to MadMatt they tried and in didn't work out.

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ywn fuck the rabbit from zootopia let alone an actual female

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Literally how?
GW is literally giving away the license for anyone that want it as far as vidya is concerned.

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Eugen really needs to make a 40k game in the Wargame style

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I didn't expect to see a 40k version of that meme.

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cleaner version

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Even better.

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>not posting the full one

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Fuuuuuuuck I want to play that campaign now

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...I could see this being an interesting episode plot.

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Look there Baldric, it isn't even worth turning you into a servitor, that lobotomised cretin over there still has ten times the brains you do, and i'm sure theres nothing in his memory about turnips.

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Since Ponies are beind discussed here,
This is the only accurate image of what pastel horses would be in 40k: Tau Auxiliaries. Any other race would purge, WAAAAAGH, eat or otherwise defile them to oblivion.

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>The kung-fu gun-toting weeb action hero is an ork
>not a tau
You had one fucking job
That's pretty cool tho

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Everything wounds on a 6.

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>warping reality through force of will

Come on, Anon, keep up

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>hey Bevis
>we're in charge of a penal regiment

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I've read that fanfic. It was great.

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>Oh hai, Russ.

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Still dumb headcanon. The dumbest of them all. The joke of an admech being stumped over techno-heresy and refusing it would work literally flew over your heads.

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The chainsword horn kills my sides every time...

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>tfw no Ogryn pam

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I.. okay!

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Plus it was interesting to have a renegade chapter who still fought for the Imperium, but also had totally legitimate reasons for being kicked out. Like if the Flesh Tearers went way off the rails.

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>Akpha legionary with hair
What is this?

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FYI it's a parody of of shitty manga called Midori no Hibi.

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>of of
Time to sleep I guess.

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but the hand?

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>Much to his surprise, after waking up the next morning, Seiji discovers that his demon right hand has mysteriously turned into a miniature girl, Midori Kasugano, who reveals that she has had a crush on Seiji for the past three years

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well shit, im sold.

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Eldar would make the most sense, but even Orks are more nimble than tau.

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Well, you've been warned.

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I laughed way fucking harder than I should have.

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Who wants Ed Edd and Eddy/40k crossover from circa 1999?


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There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.
I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, giggling like a like girl as you once again type your little Tommy Wiseau thread up and fill in the captcha. Or maybe you don't even fill in the captcha. Maybe you're such a disgusting NEET that you actually paid for a 4chan pass, so you just choose the picture. Oh, and we all know the picture. The "epic" God Emperor guy, isn't it? I imagine you little shit laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your Doritos on the floor, but it's ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh, that's right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your mother. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she's probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on 4chan posting about a Space fantasy setting. Just imagine this. She had you, and then she thought you were gonna be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand, and then you became a NEET. A pathetic 40kiddie NEET. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can't even try to talk with you because all you say is "YOU’RE TEARING ME APART HORUS, YOU’RE TEARING ME APART HORUS." You've become a parody of your own self. And that's all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he's done a million times now. And that's all you'll ever be.

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man I want that real bad

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If it wasn't for the fact that's probably /mlp/ faggotry, that'd be a pretty cool cyber-doggo thing.

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...are you stroking out?

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The Emperor deserved his fate and Horus did nothing wrong.

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New copypasta?

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Best way for the Emperor to come back.

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One is coming back for sure

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/trash/ is one of the better boards on 4chan now though. It captures the good old days when autism was allowed to run wild and free and people didn't screech about threads they don't like instead of just moving on.

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>Please post 40K crossover art.

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>good old days
This is how I know you're new. Things were never good.

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They were better, at least.

I distinctly remember /tg/ taking a nosedive right around the time /wst/ became a thing.

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>Still dumb headcanon

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Would fuck Admech Velma into the ground.

>Would do it to any Velma really.

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I might be wrong but I think this diorama was made before the tau were even a thing

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I have no computer art skills but I've always wanted to see Futurama as a Rogue Trader

Fry is the Rogue Trader
Leela is the Navigator
Farnsworth & Amy are Tech Priests
Hermes is Administorum
Bender is Necron or Man of Iron
Zoidberg is Xenos or Chaos
Scruffy is a Servitor

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I'm so glad she got an episode, and it was good

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>One day. One day and it was like they were here since forever. The little girls if girls you could properly call them. Little girls had thought alongside the Emperor in the crusades. A little girl was there with Ollianius Pious. Little girls were on our battle barge right now. But somehow I alone remembered the truth. How absurd and silly this was! The corrupt and awful nature of their buggy eyes and strange noseless faces! And their horrible chittering cries: desu, desu, desu, desu, desu! By the emperor! What manner of warpcraft is this! Desperate time call for desperate measures. I managed to arrange my sending departure to the Deathwatch where I came into contact with several Inquisitorial agents. I made arrangements with one such Inquisitor and had a meeting in his private quarters which if he was any good Inquisitor would be free of bugs. Inquisitor, I must tell you. Something has gone terribly wrong. Heresy most foul!

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What the fuck is this? GIGA-SATAN!?

>> No.56875123

>Heeeere we are
>Born to be kings
>We're the Princes of the Universe!

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Plz be a mod

>> No.56875407

WE built Tizca an shit!

>> No.56875412

I love the visual narrative going on here.
Clan Eshin guy there wants to do...something, with the big hunk of warpstone and is confining with his Clan Skryre and Clan Moneybags allies while threatening Ruby-Eyes to stay out of it, and Red Hood there is all "Hey, that's MY MY ally-pawn I was going to back stab!"
Meanwhile Clans Molder, Pestilens and the Greyseer are all like "Listen-Heed here you sneaky little shit-shit." while the three guys over there are like "Should we intervene-meddle?" "Who the fuck cares, I side-ally with whoever gives most warpcrack" "Yes yes, good idea-plan"
All while the guy on the left is all "I'm getting to old for this shit."

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May the Emperor bless you, for you have superior taste.

>> No.56875686

Someone has more respect for the Dark Angels than they deserve.

>> No.56875714

>One day. One day and it was like they were here since forever. Like little girls but not! They called themselves the Lolee. And it seemed like they had fought alongside the Emperor in the crusades. A Lolee was there with Ollianius Pious. Lolee were on our battle barge right now. But somehow I alone remembered the truth. How absurd and silly this was! The corrupt and awful nature of their buggy eyes and strange noseless faces! And their horrible chittering cries: desu, desu, desu, desu, desu! By the emperor! What manner of warpcraft is this!

I dwelt on the matter for several days until I could bear the corruption no more. But when I voiced my concerns to my superior he judged me mad! And then one of that wretched Lolee scum laughed at me! It took a long time after that to regain the trust of my superior but I managed to arrange my temporary loan to the Deathwatch where I came into contact with several Inquisition agents. I made arrangements with one Inquisitor and had a private meeting in his quarters which if he was any good Inquisitor would be free of bugs. I promised him a cask of the finest Fenrisian ale that I had been gifted once when I had saved the life of a Space Wolf marine.

>I dwelt on the matter for several days until I could bear the corruption no more. But when I voiced my concerns to my superior he judged me mad! And then one of that wretched Lolee scum laughed at me! It took a long time after that to regain the trust of my superior but I managed to arrange my temporary loan to the Deathwatch where I came into contact with several Inquisition agents. I made arrangements with one Inquisitor and had a private meeting in his quarters which if he was any good Inquisitor would be free of bugs. I promised him a cask of the finest Fenrisian ale that I had been gifted once when I had saved the life of a Space Wolf marine.

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>And I told that Inquisitor: Something has gone terribly wrong. Heresy most foul! The Lolee are not flesh of man but foul corruption!
>The Inquisitor replied: Captain Brutus are you quite mad! Why my own daughter serves in the service of the Emperor in this way?
>Brutus: That foul witch is not your daughter! For she bled not ichor of man but sugary liquor!
>Inquisitor: My daughter Mel... Where is she!
>I opened the lid of the cask I had brought in with me and tossed the tiny xeno's corpse onto the floor.
>Brutus: Gaze! Gaze upon this beast's vile anatomy!
>Inquisitor: You've gone mad!
>Brutus: I am mad! But you're curious. Too curious to know what could drive an Astartes to such derangement! You can't resist yourself from taking a closer look!
>The Inquisitor drew a Bolter and kept it trained upon me. But when he looked upon what he had thought was his daughter he could not deny its inhuman nature.
>Inquisitor: So it is. My own daughter Mel. So proud I had been of her service. But how could such xenos be with us all along?
>Brutus: These beasts of uncanny almost human anatomy. Know that though it seems they have been with us all along I have only known the Lolees to be among us but one month!
>Inquisitor: One month! But I raised and loved my daughter Mel her whole life!
>Brutus: And that life was just a fantasy! A psyker madness implanted in your mind!

>> No.56875736

>Inquisitor: ZOUNDS!!!!! <<Inquisitor performs Pieta pose with Mel's corpse>>
>Brutus: Now arrange with me to hatch a plan. We need must enlist the help of our greatest foes. The corruption has spread too far and can only be cleansed from without.
>Inquisitor: You are quite right. I remember that the Lolee are absent among the Eldar and that we fought them for their hatred. How foolish that I should have thought them my greatest enemy and yet now for that same reason think them my greatest friend!
>And so we plotted to arrange a meeting, the Inquisitor having certain unorthodox contacts, among them an Eldar witch and then we left at once upon the Inquisitor's private vessel and departed for a place far away.

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Hmm, are you a Boy Heretic or a Girl Heretic?

>> No.56875823

that was way larger than I intended, sorry.

>> No.56875827

there's a fanfic?

>> No.56875868

>*sigh* what is it now, Baldrick?
>it's just... do you think Mr Commisar Cain will be angry for that recommendation you sent to send him back to Valhalla?
>I hardly doubt it, Ciaphas has a thing for beards, said it gives him "something to hold on to" while performing his duties

>> No.56875899

MLP gave us the liquid catharsis that is fluffy poney abuse

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>Eventually, we booked passage upon a merchant ship sworn fealty to a Rogue Trader to carry us the main way's distance. This man being no ordinary Rogue Trader though but of singularly boring and unmemorable nature. And this merchant ship being particularly unpleasant, unimportant and boring transporting only beets. As we guessed that Lolee infiltration could only stretch so thin we assumed that they would only target the most elite and notable stations. Still, for one intolerable month I hid aboard the Inquisitors craft inside the ship's bay while the merchant ship made its way out to an agri planet out on the edge of space.
>Once at planetary orbit, our craft slipped out quietly of the merchant ship's bay and made its way to an arbitrary location in the dead of space and we were hailed by an Eldar vessel.
>The meeting was short but fruitful. Some manner of psyker trickery had implanted false memories among us. Only psyker trickery could restore our true ones. But only the death of a God themselves could fuel the magics required.
>Emperor forgive me for what I am about to do.

>> No.56876077

And I should go to bed soon anyway and will skip to the ending.

>I cut my way through the Custodes and breached the door. I looked
ahead. Before me I saw upon the throne: something in the image of a
little girl!

>> No.56876093

Man, Madoka's wish got weird this time.

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>> No.56876196

Nanoha got that place based on her title:
"White Devil"
The same kind of oxymoron as "Dark Angel".

>> No.56876234

feels like it would make more sense with a guardsman

>> No.56876264

And here I thought I was the only one that remembers Midori Days.

>> No.56876271

See also >>56873236

>> No.56876336


My penis can only get such a mushroom form.

>> No.56876362

>you said PENAL

>> No.56876484

>pony imperator

>> No.56876608

thought that was fucking joseph joestar

kill me

>> No.56876618

She's the Inquisitor Harry!

>> No.56876642

If you don't mean Ciaphas Cain then don't leave us hanging. Inquiring fans need to know.

>> No.56876913

It isn't a cyber doggo? Well fuck I'm still going to save it and pretend it is one.

>> No.56877092

These are not the dark times of the distant past when furries ruining everything was a real threat. The battles to make furfaggotry unwelcome were important, but a thing of the past.

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>> No.56878587

>everybody betray me, im fed up with this world

>> No.56879165

>> No.56879235

>comic sans logo

>> No.56879304

I'm pretty sure one of those was harry potter, and not an anime. Although maybe Harry potter is an anime, now.

Anyway, have this

>> No.56879404

Thorn Arne?

>> No.56880418


>> No.56882241

is now

>> No.56883025

Hey this thread is still up, I guess I can post more 40k animu crossove-
>image limit reached

>> No.56883681

>The massive waste of potential that is Strike Witches
>The sad fact that Strike Witches Quest will never be finished
>The even sadder fact that I'm sad about Strike Witches Quest never being finished
At least I have the archive

>> No.56883729

She'd abort your child

>> No.56885413

>Midori days
Fuck me I forgot all about that show, That's actually a really cool crossover pic

>> No.56885456

It was actually a fun read from what I remember, though that was a pretty long time ago. If you're fine with romance than it's a pretty good read/watch. If you choose to watch the show instead of the manga, I would recommend at least reading the last couple chapters after. They both go the same way, the manga just shows more of the afterwards to the series.

>> No.56885512

Well, I thought the jokes got old fast but at least it got a somewhat conclusive ending from what I remember.

>> No.56886705

I have campaigned for this for so long.

It would be awesome.

>> No.56888939 [SPOILER] 

thanks for reminding me about:
Shoggy's AGP
and that it's nearing its end

>> No.56889694

Well, honestly at this rate that might be a whole year away! (oh god please no)

>> No.56890068

>> No.56890112

That's going in the wallpaper folder.

>> No.56890113

Where have i seen this before?

>> No.56891649 [DELETED] 

Rolled 8 (1d10)


>> No.56891696


>> No.56892012

The artist the guy from the Tower Girls threads, and its been posted in the Guardsmen threads.

>> No.56892310

Ironically not one of those is actually a member of the Inquisition. The Sisters of Battle, the Grey Knights and the Deathwatch are all separate organizations. And of those organizations only ever do Sisters of Battle change duties to become Inquisitors.

>> No.56892382


Somebody post an imgur link to the image please

>> No.56892896

saw this and heard their laughter. thanks anon.

>> No.56893840

What's this a crossover with?

>> No.56893887

Steven King's It I assume

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