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Peak shitposting hours

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for new Abaddon Model

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3BlpkaZp-k [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Open]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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For the Emperor.

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What's a good model base for a female Eversor?

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For the Greater Good

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>TWO auxiliary support detachments of a single understrength terminator

For what purpose?
I can't think of a single reason you'd bother to do that other than gaining Deep Strike anchors, and for that singular Marines would be cheaper.

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I want to put my Ardent Blade inside Celestine and impregnate her

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It's always good to know that ork tactics will never change.

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As a dirty Waacfag, albeit one who never strays from his chosen army of 10 years, should I start naming my dudes? I've had some amazing moments but never considered making short stories of them til I started reading fluff.

Can I make them "My Dudes"?

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>tfw the Tau got changed to being manipulated by the Ethereals because Marine-fags couldn't handle a faction being good in their faggy grimdark setting

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Because learning how to ignore mean words works out better in the long run for yourself instead of demanding an authority figure police things for you.

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>worst scheme

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as a dirty waacfag you shouldnt even paint your models.
pay someone to paint them for you

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This artworks is fucking beautiful!
>Tau using Guard tactics
>not getting their asses kicked

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>getting minis for christmas

is there a better feel

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Do it. Name them or post them and have /tg/ name them and get horrible names. They unintentionally gave me my Inquisitors name so I'm glad for that.

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A Wych/Harlequin hybrid

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SoB are for breeding

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>letting tg decide names
>not letting 40kg decide everything
dubs decide my new army.

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They're part painted some don't have arms yet

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are you telling me you don't want some Mc'astartes

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Getting nothing feels pretty good.
Oh wait no it doesn't

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>Give her claws

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Is there an edit of this with the Emperor and Horus?

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that's a lie, you're getting my sincerest, best wishes anon, you're the shit!

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Reminds me of pic related. These guys are meant to be elite infantry?

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>don't often get much for Christmas
>having baby in May so know this is last Christmas I will ever get anything for me
>parents get airbrush, sister gets dremel, partners family pay for small works on my house (I'm a builder)
>Gonna have small warhammer room ready for the new year to do all my hobby stuff
>Girlfriend buys me warhammer

So comfy right now

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I actually like it because of the stripes. Something is wrong with me.

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nothing better

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This is why Stormbolters exist

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First, from the pretty blonde and the ridiculous amount of white-wash, I can tell your reaction image is cropped from BLACKED.com, so you're full of shit regardless of what you say.
Second, the Ethereals have been manipulating the Tau from the start, you just didn't want to hear about it.

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Rolling for GSC

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>Get a 3D printer

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Rolling for necrons

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ultramarines 2nd company

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Death Guard

>> No.56836190

>Grishnak just sent me the paypal invoice
Its happening. Plastic SoB here I come

>> No.56836197

Orks with nothing but choppas

>> No.56836201

fudging the numbers again!

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Threadly reminder that Celestine and Greyfax are in Lesbians

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father-anon u better tell your progeny to be loyalists


>it even has its own stat-line

>> No.56836216

Imperial Guard Conscript horde
>Death Korps

>> No.56836225

that was fast
cuteguard it is then, actually looking forward to it <3

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>Got minis from mom all the time in my early 20s
>Fell out of the hobby at some point
>Get back into the hobby
>Dig up everything she got me
>Paint and build everything
>Go out and play games, taking a bunch of pictures to show her when I get home
>Remind her a bunch about how they are all the models she got me
>Might be last Christmas for mom
>She starts asking about what models I want

Cherish those models and those feels anon. They are good.

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I am putting subtle blush marks on my hauler. DG is a really fun army so you lucked out with that roll. Focus on your demon vehicles, cultists and helbrutes if you want to win big, and pox/plague marines if you want to be fluffy

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>> No.56836263

tyranids but only hormagaunts

>> No.56836273

what does the tallyman tally?

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But anon I play filthy Xenos, she'll have an upbringing fitting of a Trueborn

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Holy fuck...
>The feels...

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Love you Anon.

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Yeah, even Beaky Boyz kno MOAR DAKKA! iz best.

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You're good people, anon. I'm sure she loved that.

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Me banana.

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Anon, you better do right.

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I actually like the manipulative Ethereals aspect. An all good faction is pretty shitty since its pretty one note in what it can do.

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your mom was worthy of a son like you, and likewise with her

carry that weight, anon

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fair enough, but remember, the most important thing you can tell her is 2 thin coats

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Anon, you stirred up my heart...

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It's happening guys

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I name my dudes after they do something cool. But I don't paint their name onto their base, maybe I should? But I go for maximum comfy fluff with my dudes, so ymmv

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this is gon be a 404

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>those NZ prices

that shit scares me more than any primarch announcement

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Around 28:05, they're reviewing the sanguinary gard, calling it "the most "bling-bling" unit of the imperium, AT LEAST UNTIL FEBRUARY".
What's your pick? These guys's leaks are worthy, they were before.

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Called it, anon

>> No.56836427

I like to give characters names sometimes, but I'm not naming all of the boyz.

>> No.56836434

Full Custodes army.

>> No.56836453

my big mek is named klampz

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A-Anon you must not hurt me like this

>> No.56836459

One. Fucking. Job.

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>check link
>aa bablededoopede larrasdhharaadpedupde
Now thats what I call insight

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My Painboy is named Shakk

>> No.56836481

Well, one HQ at least. Maybe more.

>> No.56836502

>8 as deathguard
That can't be right

>> No.56836503

Holly shit i am blind. I just realized his Axe has a gun in it.

>> No.56836509

Best space marine flavor for an only primaris force?

>> No.56836514

Will he be out for Christmas?

>> No.56836517

Khorne Knows how bad of a spot we are in right now. He is hoping that support for Death Gaurd will get us our own Cult codex.

>> No.56836520

raven guard

>> No.56836526

Asking again from the last thread:

I'm not sure if I should take Abaddon or a Lord/Prince with Exalted Champion for this list:

HQ: Sorcerer (98 pts)
Elites: 2x 5 Noise Marines (2x Blastmaster, 4x Sonic blaster) (206 pts)
Troops: 2x Cultists (80 pts)
Troops: 10 CSM (130 pts)
Transport: 2x Rhino (2x Combi-bolter, 2x Havoc launcher) (166 pts)
Heavy Support: 2x 5 Havocs (2x Flamer, 4x Lascannon, 2x Heavy Bolter) (268 pts)
Heavy Support: 2x Predator (2x Twin lascannon, 4x Heavy Bolter) (320 pts)

Every combination will result in 7 command points.
Would Abaddon be the bigger force multiplier with the re-roll for all hits and automatically passing morale? On the other hand there would be a re-roll of 1 with lord/prince and re-roll all to wound in cc.

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Jesus Christ, anon!

>> No.56836532

genuinely when will we get female guardsmen
When will we get more plastic guardsmen period actually
I want some fucking plastic Mordians you cunts
Also return the fucking cadians to the old urban camo and red shoulder pads

>> No.56836556


Why would somebody waste their valuable time to create a 28mm monument to the SJW boogeyman...?

>> No.56836567

i translated it for you, my lovable non-french anon.

>> No.56836569

>When will we get more plastic guardsmen period actually
Warlord Games has a good range of 40k-scale historical soldiers in plastic - if you want Vostroyans, they have Napoleonic Russians, for example. Or you could do a regiment of British redcoats. I have some WW2 Finns and Soviets I use for mine

>> No.56836573

>Ordered 200€ worth of Skorne minis
No one around here plays Warhammer anymore

>> No.56836581

>Also return the fucking cadians to the old urban camo and red shoulder pads
This. I want guardsman that look like pic related instead of football-pad wearing goons in fatigues. I could care less what gender they are as long as they look kick fucking ass.

>> No.56836593

I wonder why forgeworld hasn’t made any resin mordians or vostroyans or valhallans. There must be some demand for non-metal models especially since the new codex came out.

>> No.56836609


>> No.56836614

but that's just kopinski magic using 2nd ed cadians as a base.

>> No.56836616

I know, I know
I feel retarded for saying this but having actual GW products to entice newfags is something that I crave
Victoria Miniatures are better and cheaper than a new set would be, sure, but nowhere near as many people use her stuff as use GW's stuff
that image is straight up the best IG drawing ever made

>> No.56836617

I just want more models in general. Something that isn’t fucking Marines or Nurgle/Deathguard. Where the FUCK are all the minis teased in rumor engine articles?

>> No.56836639

I actually think girls models in guard will drive more marine sales lel.

>> No.56836646

its really sad when you think about it.

how old are the tallarn models now? i remember thinking those models were cool in like middle school

and now im closing in on 30.

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>> No.56836665

forge world did tallarns, fuck all people bought them. Muslims lol. They were well done too can't even get them from FW now.

>> No.56836669

Let me rephrase that. Some new 40k minis that are used in 8th edition matches, not a boxed game.

>> No.56836677

The Tau get away with it because they're Tau so anything they do is automatically smart and brave and better than your stupid poo-poo guardsmen GARY!

But in all seriousness, the real reason is "It looks cooler than seeing squads properly scattered and in cover taking pot shots from 100 meters away." Which is the same reason the Guardsmen do it in their pictures, and the Space Marines in their pictures (You often see half a company in a single picture clumped up like ninepins which is insane!) and Eldar in their pictures.

The only army that actually fights like this are Orks. Even the Valhallan Human Wave has more in common with IRL human waves (that is, entire companies of infantry providing cover fire for entire OTHER companies to move up, who then take cover and provide cover for the overwatch companies to catch up. Thus producing an effect like a dozen unusually accurate machine guns) than you actually see in the cool art.

>> No.56836678

I would like a female upgrade pack for at least Cadians.

>> No.56836683

>There must be some demand for non-metal models especially since the new codex came out.
There is, but GW only judges demand based on how many models a faction is currently selling. This is the reason why armies with shitty models don't get updated. GW thinks that no one cares about that since no one is buying the shitty models GW made for them.

>using 2nd ed cadians as a base.
That's the things. Cadians ever getting changed from their 2e perfection was biggest travesty in all of 40k. They lost all the magic they had when they jumped from metal to plastic. At least the Catachan Command Squad box is decent. Plastic Cadians don't have a single good looking model imo.

>> No.56836690

idk what your havocs are doing. I hope you aren't mixing flamers with the lascannon squad and if possible I would drop basic flamers altogether for more heavy bolters. Normal flamers are crap against anything worth shooting. I don't see why you need 2 rhinos either, the points from one of them would be better spent on better havoc guns or something else. Reroll all hits is cool but it would only really be useful if he camped back with the preds and havocs so if you don't mind that then go with him

>> No.56836700

>Dont give nothing for christmas because both parents died long ago
>Im fired for my job because the fat fuck of my boss died and his son dont give a fuck about the company
>No money for buying nothing for christmas this year
>My fucking live, no girlfriend too!

Live its suffering

>> No.56836705


I understood what you said, you asked where all the rumour engine shit went. I want more xenos models, especially dark eldar. Their last update was 3-4 models in 2014.

>> No.56836711

Tallarn guard have it easy, at least they look presentable when painted and unfucked from their finecast prison
fucking catachans are still made of literal balloon muscles and massive gaps between every single fucking piece

>> No.56836717


Don't fool yourself OP, there's only one reasonable spam for the survey

>> No.56836719

>More Dark Eldar

>> No.56836721

I think I mentioned last night when you posted this, but I feel obligated to remind you that dropping a unit of havocs and adding a pred can really improve your long range fire by getting you access to their stratagem.

>> No.56836732

Tits wouldn't show through thick fatigues and armor plate, so all that would be different would be heads. If that - could you even tell under the helmets?

>> No.56836738


>> No.56836745

Not Muslims, Arabs. And i like the quality on them

>> No.56836755

>thick fatigues and armor plate
are we playing the same game anon

>> No.56836757

Dubs decide what flavour of marines I play

>> No.56836760

Blood Angel Successor.

>> No.56836765


>> No.56836766

different anon, but how good is their stratagem? he could drop the nonlascannons havocs and the rhino and easily afford another predator. personally I think they are too soft

>> No.56836769

Imperial fists or black templars

>> No.56836770

Chaos Undivided.

>> No.56836772

You know it.

>> No.56836774

Howling Griffons

>> No.56836777

It's thick. I never said it was GOOD.

Melee-heavy Salamander successor

>> No.56836779


I already bought 20 metal ones, I just miss Sliscus so much I want him back so bad

>> No.56836782

Uhhhh shit dude go play lamenters

>> No.56836784

Primaris only DA

>> No.56836785

Funnily enough I was going to paint a blue angels successor with silver instead of gold sang guard.

>> No.56836795

Rolling for Chaos, Slaanesh

>> No.56836797

Show's over lads.

>> No.56836798


>> No.56836799

>Melee-heavy Salamander successor
Neat. The rerolls will help.

>> No.56836814

So, lots of thunder hammer terminators, flamers on assault squads, Bray'arth Ashmantle...

>> No.56836826

+1 to-wound and +1 damage on all 3 predators for 1CP is ridiculously good value. Plus, remember that as you add more predators to your army they become effectively tankier, because your opponent does not have an endless supply of anti armor. You actually want to stack up as much of the same level of toughness as you can against a well rounded list, because that forces them to field options that are otherwise not useful.

>> No.56836833

Pellas Mir'San too

>> No.56836844

The ultimate dilemma!

>I want to burn them, but then Their might not be enough left to punch!

>> No.56836845

Dubs decides what Dark Angels successor chapter I paint my lads as.

>> No.56836888

THe Hanged.

>> No.56836900


>> No.56836908

So I have a friend who wants super expensive krieg models..... Besides chinaman....are there any third party models that have a similiar look to them or anything?

>> No.56836910

Is that the old Minotaurs color scheme with a new style? Looks kinda shooped.

>> No.56836913

looks like I'm taking the knot.

>> No.56836915



>> No.56836928

We're on a roll tonight.

>> No.56836940

very interesting. I don't know if I want to buy 2 more preds irl though so I don't think I will get to test out how good that stratagem is

>> No.56836946

old school minotaurs. I think a fan did it

>> No.56836952

just do chinaman you spas

>> No.56836953

Ork characters need to all drop in price 50% seeing as you need half a dozen to make the army function

>> No.56836965


>Having useful characters

Oh gee what a burden

>> No.56836967


>> No.56836987

>says dark eldar
>the faction with a 2++ and dirt cheap HQs

>> No.56836990

Dubs names my WIP Stormlord
Army is Panzergrenadier/Wehrmacht themed

>> No.56836997

>He doesn't realize his faction exists only to be bullied by the 70% Imperium playerbase.

>> No.56837002

Flamers and lascannons are against possible flyers/charges. Rhinos to shield noise marines/havocs round 1.

>> No.56837003

>deldar talking about characters
I hope you lose the rest of your named characters in your next codex.

>> No.56837022


>> No.56837023


>> No.56837028

Literally what I was going to type.
Also instant winner.

>> No.56837040

Well damn, thats no fun, you got it straight away


Name its Little Brother, the Trojan support vehicle going around with it

>> No.56837049


He ain't do shit in combat when he gets there and a 2++ fails eventually. Named characters are 110+ pts. Characters ain't do shit.


Wow cruel.

>> No.56837057

>you got it straight away
Blitzkrieg dubs

>> No.56837058


>> No.56837065

>Wow cruel.
Well we were talking about deldar sooooo...

>> No.56837069


>> No.56837074


>> No.56837081


>> No.56837082

The person who wants the models is like 18 or something and I dont think he could handle chinaman. Also fuck if I'm buying for him.

>> No.56837086

Hitler's Missing Testicle.

>> No.56837087

The UK.

>> No.56837091


>> No.56837104


Remember when people thought this meant Vect was coming back? Back in 2016? Yea we've suffered enough.

>> No.56837111

FW sell their own regiments, why would they undermine their lines with stuff that might not be as popular?

>> No.56837118



>> No.56837123

And a Mary Sue faction would have been oh so much better right? Besides the Tau have always been cucked by the Ethereal caste, you were just too dumb to notice.

>> No.56837126

>Yea we've suffered enough.
Bullshit, I still make it a point to bully all the deldar players I meet because their models all look so good and I'm jelly.

>> No.56837144

Remember when /tg/ insisted with 100% certainty that Vect was getting his own Triumvirate? YIKES!

>> No.56837160

More Lebensraum

>> No.56837165

>He ain't do shit in combat
>bs2+ with a blaster/blast pistol
>a 2++ fails eventually
>but you have a 1/36 chance to fail it with command rerolls
Warbosses cant even get invulnerable saves in melee.

>> No.56837179

Best Legion

>> No.56837184

You can't reroll the save.

>> No.56837187

No because I don't live in magic land

>> No.56837206

My first game since 5th edition is in 3 hours.

Here's my list, made out of what I have.

What Hive Fleet/Warlord Traits/Artifacts/Psyker Powers should I go for?

>> No.56837212

>best chaos legion
fixed it for you

>> No.56837219

Is that Rob Baer?

>> No.56837223

Why not?

>> No.56837226

Loved Storm of Iron.

>> No.56837231


>> No.56837233


>> No.56837247

So how did the elysian drop troops end up behind the kreigers?

>> No.56837249


>> No.56837252


I appreciate that.


I never fell for that one, but jeez.


He's just a blaster caddy, I got 4 of those in the form of trueborn. 2++ fails quick when the hits start coming in and your math hammer don't mean shit.

Haemonculus only one worth a damn so he can buff Venoms and Raiders and has the Electro Whip for double the damage an Archon does, with more attacks and he can take reroll 1s now too. Archons a shit. Succubus a shit. Haemonculus goes down like a sack of shit but atleast he does something

>> No.56837255

>called guardian spear
>it's an axe

>> No.56837269

>*Eaten alive by an overgrown bug*

>> No.56837272


Looks decent enough. Who's going with the Trygon?

>> No.56837276

You morons severely underestimate the demand of your shitty niche.

>> No.56837294


More models need slings on their weapons.

>> No.56837296

Does this mean that Khorne is Pro-furries?

>> No.56837309

30 Devourergaunts. Then doubledakka the turn they get there to wreck face.

Any suggestions on Hive Fleet/Psyker Powers/etc?

>> No.56837315


>> No.56837318

>is there a better feel
i wouldn't know, i'm not getting anything

>> No.56837319

They just Dropped in for some Tea

>> No.56837323

Good question, anon

>> No.56837330

there are literally 15 posts with the words Vect and Triumvirate in them including this one. Only two of them indicate any belief that Vect will get a Triumvirate set, the rest are wishlists or reporting from rumour sites

>> No.56837343

Because it forbids you from doing it in the rule.

>> No.56837373

>Wehrmacht IG

Well that's original

>> No.56837393

Pussy Wagon

>> No.56837395


>> No.56837401

How do I make an Ordo Xenos army without being WAAC?

>> No.56837415

Inquisition and Deathwatch are very far from WAAC. What did you have in mind that could be considered WAAC?

>> No.56837419


You have 20 Genestealers so Kraken.
Why do you have an extra Venomthrope? You could drop that to get more Devourergaunts.

>> No.56837420

yeah yeah, i don't care, i know how common it is, but you mostly see literal SS, not Wehrmacht.

>> No.56837443

Should i run a Herald on a Juggernaut or on a Bloodthrone?

>> No.56837445

Interesting note: one of the new primaris artworks at the beginning has khorne berserkers with different helmets, and standing approximately as tall as the primaris marines. Could be a sign of something down the pipe?

>> No.56837460

Oh Yes daddy. I want Skullcrushers in 40k

>> No.56837462

Don't have the extra models.

>> No.56837474


We can only hope, Anon.

>> No.56837476

I wanted a low model count army that had some Deathwatch, some Inquisitor stuff, and maybe some Stormtroopers if I can find the old metal figs - something that'll run a bit like the stuff I had in 4th Ed. - remove GKs and add Deathwatch.

>> No.56837488

So I have a question
Since the AoS models that they painted with black skin look like utter shit, what kind of colour schemes would go well with a duskier tone? The orange and white robes and gold armour look so fucking awful that I'm nervous to try something for fear of making something just as ugly

>> No.56837500

>I could care less

go to bed amerigoblin

>> No.56837510

what coulour hair do your space marines have /tg/?

>> No.56837511

Cuz it appeals to edgy 16 yesr olds

>> No.56837515


>> No.56837519

I hope not, this kit is the GOAT

>> No.56837530

That kit is older than a vast majority of the posters on here, time for an update

>> No.56837538

Jink is improved to 4+, it was 5+ in the index right?

>> No.56837551

Realistic military tactics don't make good artwork

>> No.56837563

Sounds like a lot of fun. Scion Start Collecting box will be useful for bits and for the Storm Troopers. Taurox Primes got a little more expensive, but they are still decent gunboats. Assassins would also be a good addition.I used to run something like that too back in 2004. I would put the Inquisitor and retinue in a Land Raider so they could jump out and beat stuff up. It was a blast, but not very good. I've been meaning to recreate it here in 8th.

- Terminator Inquisitor as the Inquisitor Lord
- Normal Inquisitor being trained and groomed by the Inquisitor Lord
- 6 Acolytes with various weapons
- Maybe a Jokaero since they got an FAQ that gave them Authority of the Inquisition too
- All in a Land Raider

>> No.56837571

>pulse rifles firing beams

>> No.56837579

RIP Innocence.

>> No.56837581


Ask for plastic sisters

>> No.56837584

it's okay, the new dark angels book has plasma cannon firing like they were a kamehameha waves

>> No.56837608

This brings up an interesting point for me. What are the biggest WAAC faggot lists that people can run in 8th?

Honestly, I could see people making an interesting case between like 4-5 different armies for being as try-hard and unfun as possible.

>> No.56837612

So fucking Dark Angels, of all the fucking factions it could have been, are dominating this edition so far. Why couldn't it have been an actual interesting chapter?

>> No.56837618


Are you going to get her into wargaming or RP at all, anon? A friend of mine is using (very simplified) D&D to bond with his daughter and nephews.

>> No.56837625

So overcharged plasma is wounding on 3s rather than 2s?
Doubles my chance to fail I guess.

>> No.56837627

How many Powerswords should be in a 15 man Death Company squad? I was originally doing 3 powerswords and 3 powerfists in it but i am not sure anymore and am thinking of bumping the number of swords up.

>> No.56837629

I would say that the most waac are the ones that no one would bother running if they were in any way bad. The king, by a mile, by that metric is the assassin spam lists. So something like pic related.

>> No.56837634

Fight phase anon.

>> No.56837640

Well, no

>> No.56837643

The current ones are

>Guilliman with Razorback and tacticals with heavy weapon spam
>Guard infantry, mortar, artillery and psyker spam
>Chaos Primarchs with giant greater demons and little psyker/chaff spam
>Marines mixed with Scions spam

>> No.56837646

doesn't work against shooting. fight phase only.

>> No.56837673

FUCK, those are awesome. Maybe Forgeworld will do MTO one day...

>> No.56837696


Why though. Im literally fine with any gendered faction getting female models. Xcept spess marines.

>> No.56837705

yup, that' pretty awesome, I keep wanting to start a new pure Deathwing army but GW keep making Raven wing the superior choice

>> No.56837724

Except when sometimes they do.

>> No.56837729

See, I can understand that these lists are pretty WAAC to the average player but I'm talking about something far darker, something that can only be described as a hatred for ones fellow players.

Something like >>56837629 is a good way to describe what I'm thinking of. Like, if you had 1,000 years to craft the most meticulous list possible just to ruin one persons day.

>> No.56837734

Oh, right.

Well who cares then? Il blow them off the table with 15 overcharged plasma shots as usual.
Hitting on 2s rerolling 1s, wounding on 2s, that’s 4 dead terminators, right?

>> No.56837737

Huh, nice analysis.

>> No.56837740

Can you blame them? GW just keep jewing their players harder and harder. Not surprising people are just quitting and moving to more affordable games

>> No.56837746

i regret not getting any while they still sold them, wanted some of those heavy weapon teams

>> No.56837749


>> No.56837762

Deathwing just got the stormraven m8, chaplain dread+knights+apoc+asmodai. Thats enough units on the field to ensure the rest of your boys get to deep strike too

>> No.56837763

I've been considering starting up an Iron Warriors or Black Legion army to go with my renegade guard. I have a couple mark III kits, the old khorne berzerker box, a box of raptors, some spare mark IV heads and tartaros terminators. Does that seem like a good start? I know warp talons are pretty shite compared to berzerkers but the models look amazing, probably just gonna kitbash em.

>> No.56837786

But it's the new GW, everyone loves 8th Edition!

>> No.56837787

Fuck off with your dollarydoos.

>> No.56837792

3 attacks with a powersword is .5 extra damage over 4 chainsword attacks vs meq, so you get an extra kill for every two. Thunder hammers will be flat better since the times you fight infantry blobs that they wont one round kill will be extremely rare and a lot of heavy infantry are 3w and t5+ like ogryn, wraithguard, and 2w models with fnp saves.

>> No.56837798

احمد عليك ان تصيب الهدف

But seriously they do look fucking cool

>> No.56837819

Any one else catch the GW community post about blood angles artifacts? The copied lexicanim word for word.

>> No.56837830

Based as fuck!

>> No.56837833

>3 attacks with a powersword is .5 extra damage over 4 chainsword attacks
I don’t believe you, that can’t be right

>> No.56837842

Look to the far east, anon.

>> No.56837865

>>Might be last Christmas for mom

The feels.
I'll pray that isn't the case, but if it is, then I hope you and her have a very merry Christmas

>> No.56837866

why not just shoot artillery?

>> No.56837924

So is this a vote for more or less powerswords? And i kinda kick myself for not going with Thunderhammers on 2 of my first 10 death company. I went with Powerfist because Thunderhammers were just not that good last edition.

>> No.56837932


>Cherish every moment with her!

>> No.56837947

with black rage vs meq
3 x .667 is 2
2 x .667 is 1.33
133 x .833 is 1.11

4 x .667 is 2.668
2.668 x .667 is 1.77
1.77 x .333 is .59

The difference is worse against guardsman since you overkill their save, and against Ork boys the Chainsword is actually better.

>> No.56837976


>> No.56837989

Unless the data sheet is different in the codex, you're only losing bolt pistols for taking power swords. Taking a few can be handy.

>> No.56837994


>> No.56837999

If the choice is straight up between 1 fist and 3 swords for 12 points and the unit is always 15, then a fist is better. You can pull it last as a casualty and the damage dealt by 1 fist and 2 chainsword guys will outdamage 3 power sword guys.

>> No.56838014

>tfw feeling regret for giving my dudes chainswords
thank god

>> No.56838033

I mean i plan on giving the unit 3 power fists and originally to give it only 3 power swords. I am trying to decide if i should be replacing some of the chain swords with power swords.

>> No.56838057

I still wish BA Intercessors could take Power Swords. But being forced to keep them cheap isn't the worst thing in the world.

>> No.56838061

I want to make an ork warboss but the GW ones are too small for my liking, what would be the best way to make a warboss whos big enough to grapple dreadnoughts for fun?

>> No.56838065

I'd advise waiting until we have the wording of how they swap wargear, because as is you can take chainsword and power sword by giving up your pistol.

>> No.56838075

Is this shit?

>> No.56838093

it's not bad

>> No.56838100

They are resin thou

>> No.56838110

I'd convert a Stormfiend

>> No.56838124

I'd like to see the new one, many of the other assault units can go chainsword/chainsword, that would be really helpful on DC who currently cant.

>> No.56838151

That is a brilliant idea
shouldn't be too hard, an ork head, more jagged armour and some gubbinz should do it, ty based anon

>> No.56838158

Haven't played since 5th. I generally prefer shooting over assault (assaulting a devastated unit to clean up is fine). I'm not too keen on Guard. What army should I consider that isn't Tau?

>> No.56838173


>> No.56838194

This isn't big enough?

>> No.56838195

If you don't like assault then skip on: orks, blood angels, khorne, nurgle, slaanesh, space wolves(borderline), grey knights, and genestealer cults. Beyond that, just choose whichever army has aesthetics you like.

>> No.56838202

I'd say that's enough, I think power swords are only good against marine equivalents and they're always small units.

>> No.56838205

what model is that? and how big is it?

>> No.56838227

Ironjawz megaboss

>> No.56838230


>> No.56838236

It's the Megaboss from the Ironjawz in Age of Sigmar.
I've seen a lot of awesome conversion with this.

It's almost a Dreadnought (they share the same base size too)

>> No.56838246

Megaboss from Age of Sigmar for the Ironjaws.

Much bigger then a nob.

Hell, the Ironjaws can probably be used for lots of good orky conversions.

>> No.56838267

thanks anons

>> No.56838279

New Berserkers?

>> No.56838300

Sometimes I see something that makes me wanna go Ork, then I remember I'd be playing as Orks.

>> No.56838308

Primaris Berserkers?

>> No.56838330


>> No.56838331


>> No.56838334

Slaanesh can do shooting pretty well. Marines of course, not daemons

>> No.56838344


Greyfaz wouldn't fugg a daemon

>> No.56838359

They'll happen eventually. But there's no release soon to do them in.

>> No.56838362

What am I looking at here, what is it from

>> No.56838365

When I listed the gods I meant the daemons armies.

>> No.56838368

ADB not Carnac confirmed.

Also confirmed for soy-boy.

>> No.56838383

Its from the Dark Angels codex.

>> No.56838393

I'm so conflicted between the two now

>> No.56838394

You're looking at berserkers standing as tall as intercessors and wielding two-handed chainaxes.

>> No.56838399

Just picked up my second box of company vets for dangles. Is there an easier way of modeling special weapons that I'm not aware of? The kit doesn't to come with non weaponed right hands

The first time I just cut off a bolter and carved a slot in the hand for the handle of a plasma gun

>> No.56838411

por que no los dos?

>> No.56838412

Marines(Specifically Ultramarines, Raven Guard, or maybe Dark Angels), AdMech, Sisters, CW Eldar, Dark Eldar.

>> No.56838421

>Slaanesh can do shooting pretty well
Pretty well?
Right now Slaanesh CSM is the new T'au.

Holy shit how much do they shoot.
EC player in my LGS is tabling everyone.

>> No.56838425

£££ is the reason

>> No.56838454

What the hell is that image supposed to mean?

>> No.56838463

are those hands from the age o sigmar rat kit too?

>> No.56838464


>drink lattes


>> No.56838476

Not Keen of the two poster boy SAOD's?, like really anon.

>> No.56838477

Making fun of star wars for not having modern military tactics.

>> No.56838478


oh shit, new cult marine time
time for bloodwalkers, goregulpers, bloodspew gutstab the "medic", and Angron?

>> No.56838481

Prototype GSC model.

Base colours plus initial shade. Still need to fix parts up.

Thoughts? Was fun doing it. Looks cool. Not sure about the blue carapace though.

>> No.56838483

Hitler's Buzzsaw

>> No.56838490

I hope they didn't mess with it too much. Because of last edition i have Boltguns on every non-powersword unit since it was useless to take pistols on them. So if they change it where i can't take Boltguns and Powerfist and Chainswords i'll just kill myself.

>> No.56838491

Seems pretty standard

>> No.56838493

TBF, the Jedi were not military general in training, only in name, and that battle was a resounding disaster

>> No.56838496

Megaboss will be less work. The Stormfiend is bigger. Up to you.

>> No.56838501

>tfw run EC
>tfw able to win most times with shooting
>tfw still get tabled by Cadian Tanks
Honestly if I built my list with enough anti-tank to take on this guys tank lists I'd be gimped against every other list, I was surprised to have come second at our last tournament though, judge was announcing first and second to give them store credit and he said my name, but I have the same name as the judge so I was confused at first when he said his own name. Then I realized that the only person I'd lost to was the Cadian Tanks (including Shadowsword) and he didn't lose to anyone.
So yeah Slaanesh CSM are in an amazing place.

>> No.56838503

I like it. The fuschias go well with the purples. I think the gold would look better if it were lighter, but that's just me.

>> No.56838535

Do you think I should keep the skin this shade of purple or should I lighten it up and keep the purple in the recesses?

>> No.56838550

>Carnac Commodus
He has a mediocre statline and fairly shit equipment, plus he got punked by the true chad renegades, the Executioners.

>> No.56838562

No. I don't think the hook and mechanical hand are. The body out to the wrists is though.

>> No.56838578

I really like it as is. Though if you have more human models, I would make their skin a little bit lighter to showcase the various generations within the brood.

>> No.56838585

I hope they Bring back the Blood Tithe table in some form or another.

>> No.56838592

Inbuilt bullshit rule

>> No.56838596

Something I've wanted to do myself. Especially with the old school Red and Black ST theme.

I have a SC! So Scions and an extra Scions squad.

Was thinking of grabbing a few DW Killteams, Vanguard Vets, Corvus Blackstar, Watch master, and DW Libbies in Termi armour.

Sprinkle in 3 Inquisitors of different builds and a Culexus in a Supreme Command. Should be good.

Not gonna krump Morty or Maggie, but as competitive if not more than most AdMech builds.

>> No.56838600

Will this Killa Kan weapon fit onto the arm of an Ogryn I cut the hand off of or will it look too big?

>> No.56838608

True, he's like a second stage model.

Not sure how I'd highlight that skin. Any ideas on what colour should I do it?

>> No.56838641

I think it'd be alright, if not you could add some greenstuff/plasticard frame up the arm to the shoulders so it looks like a psuedo-powered exoskeleton.

>> No.56838718

Sorry, I don't really paint purples often so I wouldn't knwo what to tell you.

>> No.56838719

>Hoo, boy. This is a tough one, because of, well... the whole Berenstain/Berenstein Bears thing. Y'know, the Mandela Effect, etc. Or at least sort of, but not quite.

>A lot of us came into the hobby in 3rd Edition, and the Chaos Codex of 3.5 was heralded because it gave Legion rules (albeit brief and shallow ones) and a squillion options for Chaos characters. It's well regarded, which is awesome, but it's practically drenched in rose-tinted fan-drool, which is significantly less helpful and not remotely objective.

>But a lot of us came into the setting when Chaos Undivided meant "Chaos Undecided" as the tedious meme goes, and we think that things like Daemon Princes of Chaos Undivided were "the way it was" and anything since then has changed. That's... debatable. Chaos Undivided, as a concept of several gods uniting for a brief time to make Shit Go Down, is a relatively rare thing. It's *why* Be'lakor is special. It's why Abaddon is a big deal. It's the Mark of Chaos Ascendant. That's not just some honour badge or a banner you carry, it's the warp itself crying out to do your merest bidding. Horus didn't even have the Mark of Chaos Ascendant. That's how rare it is.

>So the short answer is that it wasn't there, then removed. It was put in, then taken out, but the massive influx of fans when it was a thing means they will always see its absence as a change.

>IP work is a whole... thing. I love it, but it has its contradictions. For most of its life, 40K couldn't have Daemon Princes of Chaos Undivided. I've been in meetings and lore chats where it was explained to me. Will it flip back? I don't know. I don't think so, and I hope not, as I think it cheapens the lore a little to have it work that way. It's not just a power-up, and it's supposed to be incredibly rare.

>But I also acknowledge the difficulty of stuff like Lorgar, and the appropriateness of him getting a watered-down version of Abaddon's mark, so... Who knows where it'll go?


>> No.56838744

>Magnus is cool
>Wanna write Chaos Marines meet _____ books
>Chaos reacts to Nids

>wtf I love t'a'u
t. ADB

>> No.56838759

How do you all feel about substitutions? I.E. saying a russ has a punisher barrel but it just has the main cannon on the model. Counting it point wise accurately as well, following unit rules of course.

>> No.56838767

>No ears


>> No.56838771


>have the most boring 1-dimensional "we're not the Imperium haha but submit to our caste system" race be in an alliance against the present lord of chaos

>> No.56838775

meh, i would prefer the model but IDM unless its like the whole army

>> No.56838783


it's general consensus that you talk about it with your opponent, if you establish it clearly and it's not easy to forget then yeah you can proxy

>> No.56838789


>> No.56838805

A lot of people like WYSIWYG but honestly you can't be expected to have enough models to change what kind of gun it has all the time, especially tanks.
As long as you tell your opponent and look over each others list before rolling for mission/table/deployment then it's fine.

>> No.56838809

this clown is a fan of the shitter 4th ed CSM codex

>> No.56838818

>ADB confirms that Belacuck is the only undecided demon prince
>This makes pic releated true
skies above I'm dying, my sides just transcended

>> No.56838830

>Most boring race
Not really, they actually have characters and dudes with at least some degree of motivation

>> No.56838834

truly the greatest demon prince of all time

>> No.56838852

Well the ears are only there because of the old World Eater Assault marines helmets IIRC. So actually if the unit isnt from the world eaters they really shouldn't have the bunny ear looking helmets.

>> No.56838859

Can you guys imagine what that Tau scene will be like?

>Ambassdor will be a female
>she won't show any fear of Abaddon and his bodyguards
>she'll stand toe to toe with him in a verbal duel
>Abaddon will be impressed by her performance, possibly even begrudingly respect her
>abaddon will let her go, and mention that the Imperium is in for a tough time with enemies like her on the loose

>> No.56838871

Tartatos terminators - how do we feel about them? Shooty or choppy if I’m running them as deathwing?

>> No.56838882

Don't even need to make a donutsteel OC
Just have Shadowsun roll by and TACTICS some random shit

>> No.56838885

>Well the ears are only there because of the old World Eater Assault marines helmets IIRC.

No, they're Khorne symbols.

>> No.56838886


>> No.56838895

>Not gonna krump Morty or Maggie
Is this English?

>> No.56838903

This clown bodying me like that isn't exactly how ADB will write that scene.

>> No.56838931

>Then proceeds to burn the whole world before she gets back with daemon fire and left the tau girl and his ship stranded and surrounded with more Daemon fire
I mean he do have to look like a powerful dick

>> No.56838937

I'd say it looks pretty good so far, though obviously it's a bit too dark at present without any highlights, but it makes for a good base option. As you said though, the blue does seem a bit too dark. However, it's hard to say if it would be better if the sleeve was a different colour and the carapace remained that shade of blue. Perhaps try changing the sleeve colours first?

Or, alternately, keep the sleeves that shade of blue and put some purple into that blue carapace to tie it in a bit closer to the flesh of the model. That would tie all the colours together nicely I feel.

>> No.56838938

Why not ask her what SHE wants.

>> No.56838939


>> No.56838954

I hope so, I've been collecting fantasy bits for a long time waiting for this day

>> No.56838963

I could do the little 'holes, dimples' what are they called? As the fleshy shade of purple.

>> No.56839008

Have anyone asked ADB about his daddy issue yet?

>> No.56839023

Yeah that could work if you want to keep the carapace blue, I'm sure it'll look better with highlights when you get round to them. I'd definitely consider trying a different sleeve colour though. Perhaps a different tone of an existing colour on the model, or just something neutral like grey.

Either way, the primary colours are strong enough that it'll probably look good whatever option you go with. If you're looking for other ideas to really make your guys stand out, have a look at some of Duncan's GSC videos, particularly the one about how to apply varying purple shades to the head, looks really damn good.

>> No.56839115

>Reminder that ADB is one of the most passive agressive cucks to ever have existed on the face of the earth.

>> No.56839169

To be fair, I feel like the tone was set to pretty-cunty/10 at the offset with the post he was replying to. Neither party came out of that looking good, but adb did explain the point at least.

>> No.56839171

Somebody should point out to him that he's assuming it positive or popular because he likes it and some people agree with him.

>> No.56839182

>also a slightly darker blue T'au from the Earth Caste that chose to join the Fire Caste

>> No.56839224

This, the guy who asked could have phrased it better and in a less accusatory manner. That being said, ADB was a complete cunt about it, his """""""""""""arguements""""""""""""" are complete shit.
The first point is stupid because of what this anon said >>56839171
And the whole "Well you can't know!!!!!1!" shit is retarded. It's a massive copout for how he portrayed emps, saying "if you don't like it, then maybe that's not really how it was" and if that's the case than the obvious response is "if that's not the way it was, then why write it? Why write any of it if it's all like Who's Line is it Anyways where the fluffs made up and the lore doesn't matter?"

>> No.56839229

>/40kg/ anti-Carnac shitposters confirmed for bronies

>> No.56839236

I only use leddit for yoyhammer but i logged in and just did that. Good idea.

>> No.56839241


Enclaves already got a dude like that.
Gets to pilot his own Riptide and is immortal because of him fucking around with NANOMACHINES or something on himself

>> No.56839263

Any bets on how he responds if he does?
I'm betting on some appeal to authority "I'm the author of the book so I know more than you so I'm right."

>> No.56839274

>reminder that according to ADB if you dont like something you just dont get it.
>That is the only explanation for that

>> No.56839282


desu you guys are mischaracterizing his argument which is that his books don't go to press without being edited and judged by a dozen or so people who have worked with the 40k IP professionally for years + the overwhelming response to the book was positive = he has more reason to trust his interpretation than you do to doubt it but you can doubt it anyways because 40k lore is forgiving like that

>> No.56839288

Why do all of your marines have helmets anons?

>> No.56839296

I would bet good money if he linked goodreads score for the novel or something in that vein to prove lots of people liked it and only small dangerous terorist groups hate it.

>> No.56839303

Well yeah, it is only the mentally-damaged people that have problems with ADB'd writing. You should've been able to determine that a long time ago.

>> No.56839311

>like a clockwork

>> No.56839316

Nigga she was an accomplished Ethereal before she put on a crisis suit.

>> No.56839322

ABD aren't you doing an AMA currently?

>> No.56839350

Because faces that don't look like plasma weapon operators is difficult.
But I also don't have marines

>> No.56839375

>the overwhelming response to the book was positive = he has more reason to trust his interpretation than you do to doubt it but you can doubt it anyways because 40k lore is forgiving like that
Show some objective measures that the majority of people who read the book liked it. And don't link goodreads or some shit like that.
And no, his outright states that how he portrayed emps may not be how emps really is. Which raises the question: "if it's not, then why fucking write it, if it is, then why say it may not be?"
It's a copout for the fact that he can't stop wanking over chaos and made the emperor look like an idiot, but rather than actually bother to actually do the emperor justice he'll just continue to do as he does and then deflect any criticism with "if you don't like it than just don't read it"

>> No.56839385

>Well yeah, it is only the mentally-damaged people that have problems with ADB'd writing
No anon, your thinking of anyone who pays any attention to Black Library.

>> No.56839450

I think we should all look on the bright side here: whenever carnac cites BL fluff, we have the very word of his favorite author saying "It's all biased, you don't have to believe it."

>> No.56839470

Anon, the point is that the Emperor is different for everyone who meets him. He's a reflection of their own priorities, thoughts and emotions. That is how he is so charismatic and, well, godly to so many. Land sees a logical, rational, non emotional being, like himself for instance, but he's very different at other times.

>> No.56839488

All of the major book sellers and sites have a majority of positive reviews. Typically if a large amount of people dislike something they don't rate it very well and it doesn't sell very well. If you don't want to accept evidence then produce some contrary evidence. Also he says in the post that the characters in the book all have limited understandings of the situation so reading the book as having any objective truth about the emperor is dumb when it is told through several unreliable narrators on purpose

>> No.56839934

go back to your AMA, ABD

>> No.56840193


>> No.56842018

i got dice once and my family still talk about it like 20 years later like it was some giant hilarious thing they did.
>dice are useful
>used them for ages
>don't care about presents anyway

>> No.56842075

Kill yourself /pol/ack

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