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Waiting for a game edition.

A thread dedicated to the development and discussion of the One Piece RPG, inspired by Eichiro Oda's titular work.
System building, character building, campaign building, and general advice and discussion are all welcome.

>D6 One Piece
System in progress by OPD6-anon (V0.3): https://pastebin.com/atFsdSue
There are still a few spots for pregens of Paramecia and non-DF users, although the rules are subject to change. V0.4 should be here "soon".

>One Piece RPG by The Beard
Somewhat complete system, with quite a few cool ideas, but it might need some work to get all the more recent information from the series. Also relies heavily on the GM for rulings on custom content. A more crunchy but lite take on the series.

>One Piece: Age of Pirates v6
Game developed by Hitotsunami, quite a few things missing but playable, unknown if it still being updated.

>/tg/ One Piece RPG Discord

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Where do the marines get their Sea Prism Stone?

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IIRC, it only exists on one sea, and they probably have control of the largest known mines of it. Probably centuries of hoarding it, since until Roger came along, the Marines had a cozy job, the entire pirate chaos is pretty recent.

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I ran a session zero with my players and they seemed unimpressed with the scenario. Aside from battling mook pirates, what kind of things would you like to do as players?

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Encounter completely weird and insane NPCs, get caught up in nonsensical plots, standard One Piece stuff, anon.

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I think a lot of what makes One Piece fun is the clash of personalities between characters. The charm of the series relies on a lot of silly comedy, with characters taking turns on acting as the idiot of the group, and players tend to get too stuck on being always silly or serious instead of playing it by ear.
And of what I find interesting, would be constant hints about situations the PCs found themselves stuck or about their backstories. Even if tangentially related to a character, always giving someone a shot to tell a bit of their tale along with the GM can make the game flow better.

And like the other anon said, over the top silly going into over dramatic situations where the stakes feel higher and higher.

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I had a enemy captain that was pretty weird. Problem is that the players ran and hid when he showed up so I had to do some pantomime.

There is also the problem that Mutants and Masterminds has a flaw in the combat system. NPCs that get alpha striked can wind up getting only half their actions each turn, limiting engagement.

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I'll try to make it sillier, Anon.

For my upcoming game I realize I have a problem.

The starting scenario is that the players are stranded on an island and need to secure money for a boat auction happening the next day. I have four different ways they can get money for the boat (as well as the option of stealing it outright). But the party may split and attempt to pursue multiple leads at once. How can I encourage them to stick together without outright mandating it? I want the story arc on the island to end in a single session.

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I had an interesting idea in the same vein as Chinjao. A World Government assassin/operative known as the "Yami Mask" due to his combat style of coating solely his face in Haki and then just going to town with head butts, face plants and woodpecker attacks, and due to his expression when he fights, his face would resemble a black Shikami mask. He would keep his arms behind his back at all times in a fight unless he's using them to specifically support himself for another attack, but rarely using them or his legs in a fight.

His secret technique is relaxing his body to reveal he has a fat gut and coating it in haki as well to create a second mask.

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Dump pictures of NPCs that would fit in a One Piece game.

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The issue is that even in the series itself, the party tends to split up a lot. The easiest way I can think of making everyone stay together, is making sure they are short on time, so they need to commit fully to whatever option they end up going with, making every job need a couple of moving parts so they can't just send someone and be able to do it easily. The other option is telling the players directly to keep together for a while.

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Quite a few borderlands characters seem like they'd fit in a One piece world

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Pic Related.

Good call. I think the players would be agreeable if I asked them to stay together.

One of the plot hooks I have under-developed is that they can talk an heiress into her arranged marriage in exchange for a reward from her father. I'm not sure how to make that require the whole party, though. Any suggestions? The wackier the better.

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The hieress has eaten the Back Back fruit, that causes anyone who is looking at her back to only be able to move backwards. You need to surround her to stop her from just walking off.

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damn, we really need more posters/

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Have the heiress be ugly and her suitor be handsome, but she believes him to be hideous, so the party has to combine forces to make the suitor fit her unique tastes.

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Alrighty, here's our drunkard Okama as promised, will have a redone wood logia and some other stuff in a couple hours.

Name: Hank Hennessy
Dream: To spread the Okama way far and wide

"How 'bout I buy ya a drink before I kick your ass."
>Body: 4
>Agility: 4
>Brains: 2
>Charisma: 4
>Will: 4

[habitual drunk] an alcoholic, Hank just doesn't feel right when he isn't drunk and begins craving
booze if he goes more than an hour without any(1RP)
[okama]a member of the Okama way, his flamboyant attitude and subversive behavior tends to raise eyebrow
and get him in trouble with those who follow the more mainline social moors. Social rolls in situation with normies
use disadvantage.(2RP)
[gentle enemy] Hank always goes easy on opponents, believing that neutralizing the threat
without causing actual harm is better for everyone involved. He may never fight to injure, cripple or kill an opponent(2RP)

[heavy drinker] Hank has spent most of the last fifteen years drunk and has built up a great
tolerance to poisons, unfortunately for him this applies to alcohol as well. Gain advantage when
rolling to resist poison and intoxication.(2RP)
[rough lover]he believes that one should be harsh on those close to them to harden them for the world. Allies gain bonus to will rolls thanks
to his stern demeanor and uplift confidence.(free)
[iron boa]his signature weapon, a long nunchaku hidden in a bright pink boa. Capable of crushing stone or tickling chins, it can be passed of as just a piece of clothing.(4RP)
[hand-to-hand style:okama kenpo]a special fighting style developed by the Okama, incorporates karate and dance moves.(free)
[okama citizen] all okama recognize and welcome there own. Other okama will lend a hand to Hank, a place to stay, some food and drink, directions and aid. He is expected to provide the
same when possible.(2RP)



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[hard love]a quick whip like strike with his boa, blindingly fast.Roll agility+device+1d6(1rp/1pp/free)
[shot through the heart] a palm strike that looks almost gentle, it strikes a nerve in the chest causing momentary paralysis. Rolls agility+melee and stuns target for 6 turns minus their body rating(2rp/2pp)
[bad company] snares his opponent with his boa and pulls them in for a gentle embrace, leaving them open to attacks.Roll body+device to snare opponent, any attacks made against them roll with advantage. The opponent must succeed
an urgency roll equal to Hank's body+device to get free. Hank can make attacks while the opponent is snared but not with his boa.(3RP/3pp)
[dazzling storm] using his boa as a counter balance he spins at high speeds, kicking foes around him. Roll agility+melee+1d6, strikes everyone immediatly around him.(1RP/1PP)
[cold shoulder] able to twirle his boa to block attacks. May be activated when another rolls ranged attacks against him, decreasing their successes by 1(2RP/2PP)
[soft rejection]a gentle looking palm strike that knocks an opponent away.Roll Body+Melee+1success and knock an opponent away(2RP/2PP)

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Reposting so theres some stuff going on in this thread!
>Ever Red Island
>An Autumn island located in the Grand Line. It is a large island country which is made up of mostly large flat lands and small cliffs and hills. The island is covered in lush forests of reds and oranges and yellows, with bricks of bright red connecting the various villages and towns to the central city, surrounding an immense, bright red castle.
>The island is ruled by King Guyreed, a tyrannical lord who took over the kingdom by forcing a political marriage so he could rule it by law.
>He was able to do this unopposed and continue to control the throne despite attempts on his life thanks to his own power and the strength of his loyal Brush Knights, three incredibly powerful knights loyal to Guyreed
>Guyreed himself has no special powers, but is an unrivaled swordsman (at least on the island) and has cut down numerous fools who attempted to take him down
>His Brush Knights consist of Darkly Briggen, a knight how ate the Brass Brass Fruit, allowing him to create and control brass freely and dominates foes with his brass constructs, Ridicule Ockley, a knight who ate the Silver Silver Fruit, allowing him to control silver and cuts down enemies easily with his two silver blades, and Langselot, his strongest knight, who ate the Deer Deer Fruit Model: Elk, possessing enough strength and skill to crush entire pirate crews alone, shrugging off even cannon fire.
>Along with the Brush Knights, Guyreed commands a legion of over 100 knights who guard and keep order across the kingdom

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>The citizens of Ever Red island have had to endure Guyreed's tyrannical rule for years, with no hope of escaping, as the Government refuses to step in, and any brave souls who decide to lend a hand are quickly crushed
>Except for one man
>Two months before (current events), an elderly man arrived to the island on a small house boat. He was adorned in rather ratty looking armor, and carried a sword far too heavy for a man his age to be wielding, and it showed with how he could barely swing it
>The man was known as Wasser, who presented himself as a gallant knight who had cut down countless villains and monsters in his quest for a city of great dreams to save his home
>When the citizens learned of this man they quickly begged him to save them from Guyreed, even throwing what little money at him
>What the citizens did not know is Wasser was an actor, a self-proclaimed master of any role, and he had been sailing from island to island to put on his latest play, of a knight of great strength seeking a city of dreams. Wasser himself was a weak, cowardly old man, and certainly not up for the task he was being asked to do
>Of course Wasser was prepared to run away as soon as possible, until he witnessed the sight of one of Guyreed's knights attacking a family in the streets for walking in front of him. Wasser, despite his cowardly demeanor, rushed to the families aid and engaged the knight, with a combination of boisterous lies, masterful acting, a surprising grit he never knew he had and a lucky swing from the monstrously heavy sword he had, he bested the knight, though didn't walk away unscathed, but thanks to his armor and acting talent, he convinced the citizens he has won flawlessly
>Now pressured by the praise of the citizens, as well as his rage at the injustice they suffer, Wasser fights a clearly overwhelmed battle against Guyreed, but even hit and run tactics end with him barely escaping with his life

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>That is where [Your Party/Crew] come in
>Arriving on Ever Red island, your lot are quickly made aware of the injustice of the island, as well as the losing battle the cowardly actor turned heroic knight is waging against Guyreed. It falls upon your lot to lend a hand, and hopefully topple Guyreed's rule and free the island, and perhaps turn Wasser's lies into reality.

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You know with Oda' penchant to take design inspiration from musicians this is totally possible.

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Cute! She would be a cute swordswoman, possibly on some island with thick forests, so she plays the role of a forest ranger

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Kind stuck on fleshing out the wood logia more, so heres's another thing since we needed lesser, common enemies.
Barda Higgs
Dream:To rock and roll all night and party every day

"Listen up jerks! The only way things are gonna go is my way, the hard way! Now hand over your stuff so things can get ugly!"

>Body: 4
>Agility: 3
>Brains: 2
>Charisma: 3
>Will: 2

[greedy] she loves to take as much as she can at any possible opportunity. (1RP)
[glutton]whether it be food or booze Barda just can't get enough, she eats and drinks far too much (1RP)
[roughshod] she doesn't have anything in the way of manners, never asks and never pays for anything(1RP)
[needs must] she has very poor impulse control and needs to pass a will check to resist going after what she desire, even if it's an obvious trap. (2RP)

[followers] Barda has amassed a band of pirates who view her as a wild goddess and sail her around as their captain.(4rp)
[wild child] reputation and social hierarchies mean nothing to her, nothing is taboo, everyone and everything is a target(free)
[intimidating] often considered to have the disposition of an enraged boar, she can be quite intimidating. Gain advantage when rolling to intimidate those with lower body score than herself(2RP)
[wild beauty] for all her slovenly. brutish behavior Barda is quite beautiful, winning the hearts of those she robs and getting away with a lot(2RP)
[Aetolian tusks]her chosen weapon, a pair of katars made from the tusks of some ancient beast, they are unnaturally sharp and strong.They reduce the urgency to break any object by 1.(6RP)



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[big pig rampage] she leaps into the air and somersaults, tearing through her foe as a spinning ball of blades and furry. Roll agility+melee+1 success, knocks an enemy back(3rp)
[big pig crush] delivers a bone shattering headbutt that leaves her opponents shaken. Roll body+melee, stuns the opponent for six turns minus their body rating.(free)

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>that pic
>those quirks and traits

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If I eat the Snail Zoan fruit, what sort of benefits does this give me?

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Slime generation, a protective shell, the ability walk on walls and ceilings, poison maybe(if conch shell you get a poison harpoon).

You become a hermaphrodite.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_dart Most snails get a harpoon, it's just that Cone Snail and Conchs hunt with them and other snails use them for sex. What the fuck is wrong with you, Nature?
I'm sure there's as Okama Kenpo style for the Snail Snail fruit user to weaponize that shit.

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I think all snails in One Piece world are psychic.

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No, only the Den Den Mushi species.

>> No.56857284

We have no idea if denden mushi are the only type of snails but a denden mushi zoan is an interesting concept. The ability to communicate the users vision, words and hearing to other denden mushi as well as the ability to hijack denden mushi would be wild.

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As far as we know, One Piece original species aren't zoans. We've never seen any yet, and theres some weird animals in One Piece.

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Would transforming into a Golem be a Zoan or Paramecia fruit?

>> No.56858397

>Eye Eye Fruit- A devil fruit that imbues the user's eyes with special powers. Depending on how the user looks, it can produce different effects, for example, giving someone a 'piercing gaze' will cause them to be stabbed, or giving them an 'icy stare' will cause them to start freezing.
>Mask Mask Fruit- Allows the user the ability to seal people, animals and objects into masks, and when worn, the masks will transform the user to take on the attributes of the mask, no matter what, whether it's a giant, or a tiger, or even a gun. If the masks are destroyed, the victim is released and can never be sealed into a mask again.
>Bio Bio Fruit- Allows the user to manipulate the biology of things he touches, even to absurd degrees, like turning a simple flower into a man eating plant monster, or turning a small mouse into a massive rodent beast. The changes are temporary, and require the user to 'recharge' his subjects every five hours or they will revert to normal. The subjects changed by the user will always possess their own free will no matter what, unless the user chooses to control them remotely, but can only control as many as two, one for each hand acting as a remote.
>Snake Snake Fruit Model Hydra- Allows the user to transform in the mythical hydra. Starting out with a single head, the hydra can regrow two heads when it loses one. The user also gains the ability to spit out deadly venom
>Measure Measure Fruit- The user becomes a measurement person, they gain the power to physically touch measurements and alter them, for example, taking part of the height away from one person and adding it to another to make them taller, and the other person shorter. Any kind of measurement, whether it's an object, a person, or even a distance, can be altered like this.

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Paramecia. Zoans are living creatures, and a golem is a construct.

>> No.56858526

What about Sengoku's ability, the Daibutsu? Those are statues but he's classified as Zoan.

>> No.56858576

Thats true, I suppose, though his fruit is still "human"

>> No.56858635

His appearance and name are based on a Daibutsu, but I don't think the statues possess the ability to punch with enough force to destroy a scaffolding, or shoot pressure blasts from their hands. An a daibutsu statue isn't very mythical.

>> No.56858655

pretty sure his is mythic

alternatively, a clay logia

>> No.56858684

It isn't the statue itself, but what it represents. A divine being as a zoan fruit.

>> No.56858797

Sounds like a Golem would be a Mythical Zoan.

>> No.56858877

The mythical "crafted man" fruit who has some properties of a clay logia but not as powerful/ to the extent a clay logia would have. Maybe it would be tougher than a logia, tougher than most zoan at that, shrugging of cannon fire and able to weather a buster call.

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>> No.56862060

Then would things like the Grim Reaper and Angels be an acceptable Zoan model?

>> No.56863583

yep. anything that isn't human but is alive (or "alive") is applicable for a zoan as long as it's in the right type.

>> No.56864032

Could the angel fruit go full biblical with turn people into many eyed/winged/ringed monstrosities? Or would it be better to stick to the winged-person most commonly seen as angels?

>> No.56865687

Does anyone know if half-fishmen can breathe underwater or not? The wiki is not really saying anything about it, and I honestly can't remember if they did.

>> No.56865907

Praline is half fishman and she can breathe water.

>> No.56867321

Have their partial transformation be the radiant winged person and the full transformation the winged wheel with a hundred eye then have the character either repulsed by their own final form and rarely use it.

or have them travel around in it exclusively, yelling be not afraid, because floating everywhere is comfy as fuck and scaring folks is kinda fun.

>> No.56868702

So what should we discuss? NPC ideas? Character concepts? Scenarios and plots?

>> No.56869824

I need character designs for some generic guards, not pirate or marine.

>> No.56869890

If someone could come up with various islands that could be used in campaigns it would be a big help. The Ever Red island is great but we need more.

>> No.56870157

I can give some summaries of islands I have coming in my campaign:

>Franklin Island, home of the Greeley Printing Company. Every day, trees are shipped in and every evening magazines are shipped out. A huge amount of the island is dominated by Tea fields, to fuel the insatiable demand of the thousands of writers who live there. It is rumored that there is treasure hidden in the castle of the castle of the Chief Editor, who recently died, but you would have to search through millions upon millions of manuscripts that fill every room and hall.

>Chak-pur, an island inhabited by the Chak-pur Monks. They are friendly to outsiders so long as they obey their most sacred law: Metal is forbidden on the island. As such, docks are built offshore for general business, only connected to the land by a thin rope bridge. Their temple is a tall wooden tower made entirely without metal tools or fasteners. An initiate is considered a full member when they can quarry and craft a perfect stone brick entirely with their bare hands in under a day.

>Uki-uki-uki-uki-uki Island. A tiny island near inhabited shipping lanes, it is nevertheless given a wide birth due to its inhabitants: Thousands upon thousands of monkeys. There are so many monkeys that there's no standing room, so they spend half their time swimming or wading in the water nearby, and will board any vessel they and fight the passengers just for more space.

>> No.56872485

>Darling Island- An island covered in a thick forest. The people of the island love and respect their forest as a haven of nature thanks partially to the existence of a Poneglyph deep in the forest, which they believe is a message from the nature spirits The people avoid unnecessary forestry, and try to protect the greenery as much as they can

>Wavebreak Mound- Thanks to a special sea current, numerous derelict ships have come together, forming a massive island of wood, rails, rope and sails. It is home to criminals of all sorts, escaping from the law

>Margarita Days- A unique island. It has an outer ring , that contains an expanse of water within, and several smaller islands inside. Due to the outer island ring, the inside water is protected from hostile sea life, leaving just docile, beautiful fish on the inside. The small islands inside are connected by docks. The island was once a luxury resort, but pirate activity chased away all it's business, and the inhabitants and workers decided to turn the island into a normal home.

>> No.56875259

How would handle den den mushi in a playthrough would you have them widely available or have them more rare?

>> No.56875446

Den Den Mushi are common items. If it's just a normal Den Den Mushi you could probably get it anywhere. The various different types of Den Den Mushi might be harder to get, like the interception ones, or surveillance, but a normal DDM would be simple to acquire

>> No.56878535

I want to make up a guy who's basically a super amazing tailor, and that's his schtick, that he wants to make the best suits for the strongest people in the world.

I'm debating what his fighting style and quirks should be, since I was going to give him a giant needle as a spear but the party already has a "cute girl doing whaling things" harpoonist lined up and I wouldn't want to double up on the throw-long-sharp-stabby-things fighting style.

>> No.56878689

You could go with regular-sized needles and thread, with a sewing machine gun that fires them. Since tailoring is all about threads, you could easily go for a spider/web theme too.

Fighting style could be a lot like a spider too-- in the sense that he uses cloth and thread to catch and immobilize enemies in their own clothes. They'll look ~fabulous~ by the end of combat.

>> No.56878975

I quite like the idea, yeah, it might work quite well. Don't think we have any ranged fighters as yet. Go full-on Nudist Beach on the enemies.

>> No.56879141

Special technique: [Beautiful Cocoon] wraps enemies in swathes upon swathes of high-quality fabric while working scissors and thread upon them. By the end the attack, the enemy is dressed in a blindingly stunning outfit, but are bound in a statuesque pose by the tightness of the clothes.

>> No.56879167

>Special technique: [Beautiful Cocoon] wraps enemies in swathes upon swathes of high-quality fabric while working scissors and thread upon them. By the end the attack, the enemy is dressed in a blindingly stunning outfit, but are bound in a statuesque pose by the tightness of the clothes.
This is good stuff. I picture him as one of those ridiculously haughty and arrogant high-end fashion designer types, astonishingly serious about his work. He needs to have a quirk or two for humor as well, and I want to avoid the stereotype of flamboyant ambiguously-gay fashion designer.

I think his quirk will be constantly fussing over other people's clothes, making alterations and measurements, even going as far as to do so to enemies and people he doesn't know, totally absorbed in his work and ignoring the world. Until the fighting begins, of course.

>> No.56879289

>until the fighting begins, of course
There is no difference between love and war in the world of FASHION.

>> No.56881230

>Home Home Fruit
>The user of this fruit gains the ability to turn anything he touches into a home, or grant it an aspect of a home.

>> No.56881566

>The fruit can create furnishings, appliances and conveniences but if the home is too small it can effect the amount and quality of furnishings.

>> No.56883830


You could base him off Harry from Kingsmen a bit. Gentleman that uses Gentleman based equipment

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