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>Fill in the survey, ask GW for new Abaddon Model

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2vXHE7ZDVY [Open]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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1st for kasrkin

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On the subject of rolling us back into Inquisition, rate my list while we wait for that day of mercy. Reposting because no replies last thread.
On a scale of 1 to Penguinposting how bad is my list?
Battalion detachment 2000pts
GMNDK-Sword, Psilencer, Psycannon, Teleporter, WL:First to the Fray, Sanctuary
Draigo, Hammerhand and Vortex

3x 5 man Falchion Strike Squads with hammerhand

2x Paladin Squads
Paragon with hammer, 4 falchions and a Psilencer.

VenDread with Astral Aim, Twin Lascannon, twin auto cannon.

Apothecary with Halberd and purge soul
Paladin Ancient with psycannon

5 man Falchion Interceptor squad.

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so, are there any new fluffy things in the new BA codex ?

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Reminder no trap discussions on my Christian 40k general

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GW officially endorses lexicanum over 40k wiki


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>Rise of the Ynnari pdf and Epub

>Key Of Infinity (Ahriman advent audio)

>The Assassination of Gabriel Seth (advent Rageman vs Eversor)

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9th for FW shotguns are SHIIIIIIIITT.

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wait, i thought that /TG/ hates lexicaneum ?

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The Emperor is a retard
>People need to stop believing in silly superstitions like immortal gods and demons!
>Is himself literally an immortal with godlike psychic powers
>His favored son gets corrupted by a literal demon which apparently do exist for real
>Entire empire gets fucked over because he's a dumbass who scoured knowledge of the biggest threat to humanity from the worlds he conquered which was a the very thing that made them susceptible to demonic corruption

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Reposting in new bread,
Will Chadmarines get more weapon options in the future?

>Intercessors have no melee
>Interceptors have 2 weapon choices, no melee
>Reivers only have a Combat Knife for melee with no AP
>Have to waddle a fucking Aggressor across the field for decent melee

What's the point of making SWOLE marines if you're not gonna give them greatswords and powerfists etc?

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>Waaaaaah, some units in my army have no melee options, Waaaah

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Anon why arent you making your own custon Space Marine chapter with backstory, characters and color scheme?

If you have done POST 'EM!

The Emperor Protects.

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they do but they also hate 40k wiki

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wasnt there a part about Corbulo discovering a flaw another than the red thirst in them ?

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Tau codex better re-add Fusion Blades as an option. I want a squad of Crisis suits to go with my Farside and cut people up with plasma wristblades

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Yeah but these aren't blue spineless commies cucked by Ethereals.

I want my Primaris Sword Brethren.

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2 lazy to listen to the gabriel seth thing right now

does /my guy/ die? and why is there an eversor after him?

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i am sure they do deserve our hate

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what chapter is that?

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>blue spineless commies cucked by ethereals

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>grandpa gets crazy melee, but nu-marines are left out

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Some BA Primes rip traitors to pieces
Corb take it as a sign of the red thirst

It just sounds like 40k to me

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>Burns along with his church in a rainy midnight in front of a group of demigod super soldiers

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Any new DA news from the livestream early on today?

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Got a bargain copy of Dark Imperium just because the deal was good. What chapter should I play the marines as to support my Guard army?

Candidates are:
>Black Templars
>Space Wolves
>Raven Guard

>inb4 meme chapters
Doubt they'll end up being anything more than a small game force or support for Imperial soup

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Better not anon.

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>Also, traps are gay

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>random eversor killing named character with model, known for being brutal in melee

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The moral is that you need to be a loyal servant to the emperor to get some nice melee.

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true, it is pretty 40k generic, but i hope that it is actually a first sign of the black rage.

i like Cawl, but i would also like to see him, fail

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My own one!

Raven Guard would be really good, especially if you utilise their Deep Strike Stratagem.

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Out of my way Gue'la

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Anyone going to the GT Heats at Warhammer World tomorrow? I'll be there to watch some games and grab a beer, maybe some more mandrakes.

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"Fusion Blades"

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>Xenos, when will they learn

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Sperg our for me like a good Commie

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Ever wanted to know what ADBs relationship with his father is actually like?

Want to know if he'll ever write a good book?

Curious about what else shocks and intimidates him?

Well now's you chance to ask... if by now you mean 8pm GMT that's about 25 minutes away

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he's not a primaris so is disposable

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>implying anyone but absolute weebs want this shitty anime stuff

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>But they are xeno, they are!

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Old pics are gone and I was bad at painting at the time, but

>Dragons of Karavak

Thought to be a descendant of either the Salamanders or the Ultramarines, the Dragons of Karavak were a codex compliant chapter based on the frigid death world of Karavak, who recruited from the fire-worshiping tribes on that icy world. Their history was an honored one, until late M36, where two full companies of the chapter fell to Chaos and their homeworld was lost to a demonic incursion. The Ordo Hereticus investigated, and nearly declared the chapter Excommunicate Traitoris, but instead leveled stringent penalties upon the chapter. With the loss of their homeworld, they became fleet based, and changed their name accordingly.

>The Void Wyrms

The Void Wyrms were noted for never maintaining a 4th or 5th company, skipping directly from 3rd to 6th, but compensating by including roughly twenty additional marines in each other company. The Void Wyrms' most notable cultural divergence is in anonymity - they have sworn vows not to know each others' names or faces, giving up their individual identity in service to the Imperium. Marines were instead referred to by their company number, squad number, and number within the squad. Thus a Marine from the second company, fifth squad, eighth member of his squad would be known as 2-5-8. Exceptions were made for specialists who exist outside the standard support structure. On casual occasions, the Wyrms wore veils to hide their faces, whilst on the battlefield they always appeared helmeted.

In the closing days of M41, the Void Wyrms were savagely mauled by the Necron menace, and then wiped out in the aftermath of the Cicatrix Maledictum by the forces of Chaos.

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Is assault a viable strategy or is it a meme tactic

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Someone ask him what he's getting his parents for Christmas!

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ADB is one of BL's better authors, best besides chris wraight and abnett.

/tg/ is too autistic

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>whilst on the battlefield they always appeared helmeted
Sensible Wyrms

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Tau are an assault army. Its in their lore!

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From what I've seen he seems like a cringy chaosfag.

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>Using weeb as a pejorative on 4chan
Where do you think you are nigga?

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I'm the main editor of lexicanum and shit is pretty desperate atm.

I add about 70% of any content you've found there since about 2013. The rest is done by like 1 other guy. We need more contributors

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what about graham Mcneil ?

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Space wolves primaris will give access to chainswords to almost all primaris but aggressors and reivers

>> No.56832870

I think that says more about Black Library more than it does ADB

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>Suggest that the Emperor might not be perfect ib every way in order to justify the heresy happening in the first place

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i dont really belive you, but i noticed that Lexicaneum has really been slow in the last few years, you really need new contributors

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It's really because back when I had these guys I didn't know how to paint faces.

Then again I couldn't paint anything else either. Their scheme was dark green primary, gold eyes, black pauldrons and backpack, and brass-colored metal like bolters and such. But when I got out of 40k back in early 7th I stripped them, and now that 8th has sucked me back in I've turned them into Black Templars

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How do you not get shot to shit after a unit falls back

>> No.56832900

McNeil is either amazing (Thousand Sons) or garbage (Crimson King)

>> No.56832904

He’s a saint. The Eisenhorn Trioligy was the best piece of 40k I’ve read

>> No.56832906

Very carefully

>> No.56832908

Some comic book artist, he probably plays with toys too.

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>implying you're ever not gonna get bullied for being faggot with a bodypillow

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It's more up to date than 40k wiki at least. They have all the Beast stuff and gathering storm whereas 40k wiki hasnt added all of it yet

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By killing whatever you charge and consolidate into another combat

>> No.56832928

Knowing about Chaos doesn't actually stop people falling to Chaos though. He's still a retard, but it's not obvious that the same shit wouldn't have happened anyway.

>> No.56832941

true, i think warhammer wiki is dead while lexicaneum is just sleeping

>> No.56832949

>implying he'll ever leave the house and let it happen
You can't bully the dead when he passes either.

>> No.56832952

that's abnett

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Fuck really? God damn my bsd

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40k wiki is really active, the problem is it's badly organized

for instance, lets say they're going to add the events of the novel Ruinstorm. It has stuff about sanguinius/lion el jonson/guilliman. 40k wiki will have an editor add stuff from it to maybe sanguinius because he likes him the most, and ignore everything else

meanwhile 40k wiki will add the info to sanguinius, lion ,and guilliman pages as well as the ultramarines, dark angels, and blood angels pages. It makes the info much easier to find

>> No.56832979

wheres muh blood angels codex im seein pics from flgs that they have them in why not upoaded yet

>> No.56832982

Thx my dude

>> No.56832983

I like you.

>> No.56832991

>Knowing about Chaos doesn't actually stop people falling to Chaos though
Horus found a world that was basically immune to Chaos corruption because they educated their citizens on what Chaos was and why they were bad news, so there was no vector for chaos to corrupt anyone, they just got told to fuck off

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Who’s gonna win this?

>> No.56833009

i already got mine on tuesday
everything has already been eaked days ago

>> No.56833015

Dark Angels have it in the bag

>> No.56833018


Do you even need to ask?

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Nothing suprising.
Lexi is best 40k encyclopedia so far.
Mistakes are rare(unlike 40k wiki)
articles are short but have all info that are needed

>> No.56833029

can i get a source please?

>> No.56833034

>Want Tau to win, cause stealth suits are cute
Its gonna be the Angels tho.

>> No.56833049

You can't be serious. 40k wiki has enormously detailed articles on just about everything in the lore. Lexicanum is mostly stubs.

>> No.56833054

Sounds like a faggot desu

>> No.56833065

How’s are stealth suits cute?

>> No.56833067

Not that anon but I remember a human offshoot that got friendly with the Eldar and learned of Chaos. Horus was fascinated with them up until he had to murder them all.

>> No.56833080

Ah yes. The interex. They would those ape slave people who made all those super chaos knives

>> No.56833092

>40k wiki has enormously detailed articles on just about everything in the lore.
Not that anon but, this is bait right? No one actually right?

>> No.56833097

I wouldn't say they were immune to it, given that they were clearly very afraid of it. Many people in the intervening 10,000 years have fallen despite knowing the deal.
Knowing what you're dealing with probably helps, but Horus bought the whole, "Daddy's lying to you" thing anyway.

>> No.56833098

40k Wiki falls into the trap of "summarize every single story this person appears in" that a lot of wikis do. It's like when you go on the Babylon 5 wiki page for one of the main characters, and the Biography page is basically a summary of the whole show because this character was present in all the important arcs.

>> No.56833099

>Chapter Approved 2018
>Primaris Marines are given weapon options equivalent to Marinelets
>Marinelets are increased to the same PPM as Primaris

>> No.56833101

40k wiki is utter shit

>Fanfic everywhere
>Fanart everywhere
>No citations. Simply dumps sources at the bottom of these massive pages making it impossible to look anything up
>Simply plagiarizes entire GW sourcebooks, copy and pasting them word for word page after page. Literally no other wiki on the web does this.
>Actually far more behind lexicanum in updating stuff. When stuff does update it's only done piecemeal and in a poorly organized fashion (i.e. new information on vulkan fighting horus might be added to the Vulkan page, but not the Salamanders, Sons of Horus, Horus Heresy, or Horus pages)
>Shitty in-universe rambling style that makes looking stuff up exhausting and annoying
>Awful organization that makes looking stuff up exhausting and annoying (Wanna find a specific Dark Angel? Well, a copy paste might be somewhere on that massive DA main page but good luck finding anything individual)

Lexicanum isn't perfect but is still far superior

It's easy to be "enormously detailed" when all your article is is copy-pasting stuff straight from GW books and then adding in fanfics

>> No.56833102

Yeah, that's them


>> No.56833120



>> No.56833130

I prefer that. Compare the articles on Nurgle



One has just about everything you would ever want to know, the other is just "Nurgle is a disease guy."

>> No.56833154

>your article is is copy-pasting stuff straight from GW books
Why do you give a shit? Means you can read the lore without shelling out for books. Win/win.

>> No.56833155

Several of his sons ended up corrupted just because they didn’t know not to associate with chaos.
Fulgrim picking up and using a daemon weapon for instance.

>> No.56833162

Nothing. Their codex is going to suck and my 20+ Death Company army is still going to be mediocre as shit compared to their slight viable-ness from last edition.

>> No.56833167

Lexicanum actually has stuff that isn't just copy-pasted straight from the source books (big no no)

Also it's far better organized.

I value these things more than giant copy pasta's

>> No.56833172

>The articles are too long! I hate reading!
The absolute state of 40kg

>> No.56833173

>enormously detailed articles
Yes but not on topic, and sometimes with false info

>> No.56833190

no other wiki on the web does this and it's lazy. Also it's gonna get them shut down as soon as GW finds out

>> No.56833200

>big no no
Give me one reason that isn't just being a cuck and defending the IP rights of a company that is happy to price gouge its consumers to an absolutely egregious degree

>> No.56833208

What are some good models for Death Cult Assassins?

Since they're basically just ragtag feralworld assassins I imagine anything goes.

>> No.56833211

>wanting a wiki to be giant autistic copy-pasta's from the books you already have PDFs from instead of an actual reference

>> No.56833212

thank you

>> No.56833224

Sure. I just don't think it's fair to imply ignorance is the one thing that made them susceptible to Chaos' influence.
Heck, he's still retarded for lying about it just because they were going to find Chaos shit anyway and would be better off prepared to fight it, even if it didn't corrupt any of them.

>> No.56833231

I remember when they claimed Nicassar were giant floating polar bears

>> No.56833234

>ask GW for new Abaddon Model
I actually did this. His model is older than most of the players ffs.

>> No.56833245

Lexicanum has less quality images and less details on their pages but is better organized

>> No.56833249

>Not wanting a wiki to be a compilation of all the information pertinent to the subject because one autist has pdfs of the books already
Fuck off. Lexicanum is absolutely fucking useless for finding info on specific topics.

>> No.56833273

The wiki pages are too long though

>> No.56833279

wut. That's literally what it's for. Good luck finding something specific on 40k wiki with how badly organized it is

>> No.56833296

Given how Electropriests are suddenly FUCKING AMAZING how would you go about theming an army around them? You're basically forced to use Stygies to get them into range, so no Wrath of Mars nonsense, but otherwise there's some scope for fun.

How would you convert a Magos Electropriest? Would he literally just be Chancellor Palpatine and/or Doctor Doom?

>> No.56833297

I use witch elves with their ears trimmed.

>> No.56833305

Lexi is really lacking in the pictures department. While 40kwiki is a bloated mess, Lexi is often out of date.

>> No.56833307


>> No.56833317

Convert some hellions, wyches or kalabite warriors

>> No.56833319

Don't have any photos, but i personally use Harlequins with Caress's and obivious eldar stuff cut off.
I recast some random human heads i have laying around.

>> No.56833326

The information provided is shallow and useless though. Lexicanum doesn't do anything but skim topics which is pointless. If you want detail you need to use 40k wiki

>> No.56833327

Related question - anyone know a good way to do lightning bolts? I have a marine Librarian I just put together with a hand outstretched, and it'd be cool for him to have lightning coming out of his hand

>> No.56833332

Looks pretty good from what ive seen. Not top tier, but at least decent in the hands of a capable player.

>> No.56833336


>> No.56833344

>Y'all know how we travel through another dimension with our ships, and how said dimensions sometimes swallows whole fleets, never to be seen again, and how Astropaths and Navigators sometimes have their brains explode because of the warp? Don't mess around with this, shit's dangerous

>> No.56833367

>Implying TL,DR. Wasn't inventedby 4chan
>Implying it isn't better to organise the article in sections to find easily what you're looking for
>Implying that the cluttered mess of 40kWiki isn't tedious to look at
Keep lying to yourself mong

>> No.56833392

You don't go to either page to look pretty images though

>> No.56833413

Duncan confirmed for deathwatch?

>> No.56833433

>Implying that having a truncated 500 word article is preferable to having a detailed 20,000 word article because there are a minority of people too fucking dumb to read more than 5 sentences without losing interest
Even if you personally prefer shorter articles how do you even argue that it's superior to have shorter articles because of that rather than longer articles with a summary section? If you're looking for info on lore Lexicanum has like 1% of the actual story. 40k wiki has the entire Horus Heresy in detail. How is it a better choice to be an absolute jew and force people to buy GWs books instead of just giving them the fucking story?

>> No.56833434

I do...

>> No.56833451

you should read his IG stuff because he wanks them just as hard. this meme that he only jerks off chaos is spread by people who don't actually read books

>> No.56833462

>its better just to copy and paste codex and add some headcanon

>> No.56833482

>Its better just to copy and paste codex
Literally yes.

>> No.56833498

What's the point of copy-pasting codex when you can easly download one?

>> No.56833499

So what is a gretchin's place in Ork society? Do gretchin grow into orks? Are they an entire other race entirely?

I want to make an all gretchin army, i read somewhere about renegade gretchin, which interests me immensely.

>> No.56833519

>renegade gretchin
I think it was in Gorkamorka

>gretchin place
cheap labor force and something to kick

>> No.56833524

Grots are for bullying. Orks emerge fully grown.

>> No.56833531

>Whats the point of having information be easily accessible and freely available instead of just making people sift through torrent sites for codex pdfs
Gee anon, it's a real mystery

>> No.56833541 [SPOILER] 


Servants basically

>> No.56833564

guy at my LGS runs an army like that and I am amazed every time he wins. gretchin just suck crunch wise and no amount of huge ork murder bots can save it

>> No.56833566

Even humies bully them.

>> No.56833576

They have that going for them

>> No.56833585


Just take grots then and a billion Guns, with grot gunners

>> No.56833604

>I'm gay for Duncan

>> No.56833618

How do I deal with orcs as Alpha Legion? I don't want the poor dude to hit me on 6s or not hit me at all. Should I just use the renegade rules for those matches?

>> No.56833619

>So what is a gretchin's place in Ork society?
They're below orks and abused as quasi-slaves, however they naturally will do things like farming and building shelters without being ordered to.

They're still above snotlings. It's basically Orks > Gretchin > Snotlings > Squigs (which are basically livestock)
>Do gretchin grow into orks?

> Are they an entire other race entirely?
They're another species of Orkoid. It's like a different type of beetle.

>renegade gretchins
Necromunda had the Gretchin liberation army which resisted ork control.

There's not that many units for an all-gretchin army that'd be competitive, though look into the forgeworld grot tanks

>> No.56833641

Get one of these for a centerpiece

>> No.56833643

>How do I deal with orcs as Alpha Legion?
Bully them mercilessly for playing a meme race

>> No.56833673

Allow him a bonus point handicap

>> No.56833679


>> No.56833711

Why do people even put orks in their ork army when these exist?

>> No.56833730

They hate us cause they ain't us
and don't have Railguns

>> No.56833732

Bullying is very bad!
It'd need to be a 50% handicap. If he hits on 5s normally that's around 1/3 hits.
On 5s it's 1/6 shots that hit. That's two times less.
A different trait sounds more reasonable to me.

>> No.56833734

The blue commies just need to sperg out from time to time

>> No.56833763

Because I like the idea of the Minotaurs as a whole.

I am making My Dudes out of one of the companies though, an offshoot that booked it after the Death Guard ruined their shit.

>> No.56833767

>people claim that Tau aren't the weeaboo race
>Shadowsun literally shoots magical girl sparkle beams from her guns

>> No.56833777

assuming hes running a pure shooting army.
And then you'd need to give guard a 33% extra points.

Don't worry about it. Orks aren't relying on shooting casualties already anyway.

>> No.56833778

You’re focusing to much on the math of the ballistic skill of orks. More points can be more wounds, more board control, and a better chance of getting into melee.
Well depending on how intelligent he is... but he’s an Ork play after all

>> No.56833799

t. dark angel

>> No.56833844


>> No.56833845

I wish we could get a grot HQ choice, like a Shaman Grot and a shitty shooty leader. Give him the option to Kan up, or just act as an assassin, something to make an all grot force possible.

>> No.56833851

Is is stupid to run death company AND sanguinary guard?

>> No.56833864


>> No.56833878

Usually yes.

>> No.56833885

Depends on the game size

>> No.56833890

Why would a space marine chapter, specifically an Iron Hands successor, fall to Nurgle?

>> No.56833891

oh, thanks!
n-n-no! grots are for cuddling
Honestly, i really like the look of killa kanz and grots, but not orks. I want to run a battalion of 3x 30 grots, a shitload of killa kanz (driven by grots, yes?), and maybe a deff dread under the name "king kan" (fluff-wise it would be the biggest grot that killed an ork and claimed the dread for himself).
something is better than nothing
how exactly do big guns work? move the grots with the big gun to use it? or does it just sit in place and require grots to fire it?
thank you sooo much for the info. Can gretchin live on their own, without orks?
yeah, i like the fw mini grot tanks and the mini mega tank, but i think ima go down the killa kan route

>> No.56833912


>>56833891 / >>56833499 anon here, i think ima just get a mek (or two if battalion) and lop his head off, replace with a grot head. Ill refer to him as an overgrown grot.

>> No.56833917

Too many pts? or just redundant?

>> No.56833936

Any advice on Deathwing? I'm planning on breaking out the Inner Circle good or bad, but I'd like to do good.

>> No.56833944

>Can gretchin live on their own, without orks?
They can, but it only takes one Orkoid spore to eventually produce all four subspecies, so grots will soon find themselves accompanied with squigs, snots and orks fresh outta the fungal eggs.

>> No.56833956

If he's playing shooty Orks he's doing it wrong.

>> No.56833967

So can i use ANY of these for 40k, and if so, what for which?

>> No.56833975

Extreme hatred of the weakness of flesh. Both in others and self-loathing of their own. Nurgle offers a certain kind of strength and resiliency of Flesh and I could certainly see going for Nurgle Renegades with a chemical weapons emphasis to scour the galaxy "clean." Similar to The Purge.

>> No.56833986

Thank you!

Ill have to think of good fluff for an all grot list (i wouldnt mind gettin some squigs).
Do snotlings have models? i dont think ive seen them.

>> No.56833994

Too many points for 2k is the main issue. Particularly when the BA Strats favor large squad sizes.

>> No.56834000

lol i'm literally hearing machine gun fire as i'm "stimulating" myself

>> No.56834003

So Gretchen troops (replace the runtherd with a gretchen in a commissar cap)
Grot tanks
Grot supertank
Kills Kans
Perhaps a few trucks with Grot drivers?
Mek Guns
Perhaps one of those Mek HQs But a Grot piloting the controls inside the Jaw?

Could be interesting. I just wish GW were our give us Grot Snipers as a sort of ultra-cheap pseudo-ratlings. Like, a S3 30” gun taken in squads of ten or something.

>> No.56834005

Got a 6 hour road trip to D.C. and need some reading material. Anyone got any books I can download?
I've read Greater Evil, Amongst the Dead Men, and that other Krieger one. Haven't read at mechanicus books, and looking for other Tau books if anyone would be so kind

>> No.56834010

Does anyone have Shroud of Night? I can't find it on the mega.

>> No.56834016

News on DA stuff:


From Dark Angels FB group
>- Only Primaris with inner circle rule is the librarian
>- Jink is now 4++
>- Inner circle rule = unforgiven rule from the index
>- No bike Captains, chaplains, Liberian or techmarines in codex
>- LS Storm and scout bikes don't get jink
>- Deathwing Assault stratagem 2/3 CP: Shooting attack on deepstrike
>- No rule to stop you running cypher (you lore heathens)
>- Relic shroud of heroes: -1 to hit character
>- Warlord trait: Ignore wound on 6+ or 5+ in character hasn't moved
>- Relic Mace of Redemption: Powerfist stats with no -1 hit mod and rerolls against Heretic marines
>- Ravenwing stratagem Stasis shells: D3 mortal wounds using grenade launcher
>- No storm hawk
>- Asmodai 130
>- Azrael 180
>- Lion helm affects ONLY infantry and bikers
>- Belial 150
>- Belial only has sword and Storm bolter option in the codex
>- Ezekiel 135
>- Sammael in sableclaw 216 ( 7 wounds not target able unless closest)
>- Sammael in corvex 183
>- No Deathwing Lieutenants
>- No sacred standards

Lore summary from Phil Kell twitch interview (also from same FB group)
>- Apparently the Lion and DA were reunited early in the crusade
>- Luther is referred to repeatedly as the King of Caliban
>- The codex telling of the Fall of caliban confirmed as what happened. DA good Fallen bad.
>- Phil strongly hinted that it is Luthers chamber that is empty
>- Primaris are being kept at arms length and are being used.
>- Cyphers sword MIGHT be the Lion's
>- DA are looking into cyphers antics with Roboute secretly
>- DA are "powerful loyalists" haunted by the Fallen
>- DA better at Strategy and Tactics than anyone
>- Phil slips and says azrael is commanding his legion lol
>- DA see curiosity as a flaw
>- Sableclaw still exists
>- Original Primaris not from Caliban
>- Robes are issued as honour markings
>- No Primaris DW &RW any time soon
>- No watchers in Primaris successors

>> No.56834021

They used to be familiars for sorcerers but they dont have rules anymore.

>> No.56834024

>implying AL isn't a meme legion

>> No.56834026

Bottom-left guy. Emperor's Champion.

>> No.56834040

"Rebel Grots" is the usual way. Generally with Communist themes due to the "Red Gobbo" mini from Gorkamorka.

>> No.56834045

Sisters of Silence with Dark Elf Dark Rider hoods. Obviously.

>> No.56834050

Look in the OP

>> No.56834061

That all sounds shit

>> No.56834068

Objective Markers

>> No.56834076

He's about the same height as the official model too.

>> No.56834079

Still newer than sisters of battle

>> No.56834081

This attention means that the sleeping princess is hopping back into the scene

>> No.56834088

>that naked catgirl model
Felinid spotted?

>> No.56834097

Not necessarily; DC are great as either glass cannons or a meatgrinder of chainsword attacks.

Sanguinary guard are fairly beefy and strong against fire, and can do a lot both with the good bolters and kickass axes

Honeslty take something over DC, Sangy Guard are solid if a bit expensive

>> No.56834101

Sounds really good to be honest. I think Dark Angels might come out on top of a fair few tournaments this edition which is nice.

Might start some Dark Angels, always liked the look of them - plus with Lion coming soon (although probably not soon,soon) I think they'll be top tier for sure.

>> No.56834108

Those are horns and a devil tail. She just has a fucked up face.

>> No.56834118

Nope. Abaddon is from the 2nd. Ed. Chaos dex which was 1996. Sisters are 1997. Warp Spiders and Phoenix Lords are even older.

>> No.56834122

You're an idiot or a decent troll.

>> No.56834128

read gorkamorka
Pic related should be your favourite grot.

>> No.56834132

Why is there no 40k models with boobs showing?

>> No.56834135

Any of them would serve as chaos familiars.

>> No.56834139

What are Seekers of Slaanesh?

>> No.56834148

Yes, nearly all. The robed dudes can be made into decent WitD for a DA army heavy on characters (the little buggers often follow them around), two little knights can make good servitor companions for a BT Chaplain or Techmarine with a weapon swap for more mariney stuff like a chainsword, the walking book will find itself at home near a Tzeentchian sorcerer, and the little dragon fits in well with practically anything (being an exotic pet reptile) while especially good with a Salamanders marine. Can't find a use for the strawman and wooden doll, but the catgirl could be turned into a nice Cherub-style servitor by adding wings from one that comes with the devastator box.

>> No.56834152

Blue mage guy and red robe guy would make decent Watchers in the Dark.

>> No.56834155

Didn't Vect have two slave girl models way back in the day? Also, classic daemonettes.

>> No.56834162

Sounds as gay as it should.

>> No.56834186

Can anyone point me towards actually good army list building software with up-to-date 8th edition content?

>> No.56834195

It's no longer the 20th century
it's no fun or freedom century

>> No.56834197

he's a good author from a pure technical pov but he can't keep his daddy issues and cuck fetish out of his books

>> No.56834205

Fixable with a bit of filing and greenstuff.

>> No.56834208

Why do they always make that face?

>> No.56834213

Actually this is the wrong book>>56834128

What you want is the book here

Its the digganob book. Basically just fluff nowadays but still you might be interested.

>> No.56834220

Asking again from the last thread:

I'm not sure if I should take Abaddon or a Lord/Prince with Exalted Champion for this list:

HQ: Sorcerer (98 pts)
Elites: 2x 5 Noise Marines (2x Blastmaster, 4x Sonic blaster) (206 pts)
Troops: 2x Cultists (80 pts)
Troops: 10 CSM (130 pts)
Transport: 2x Rhino (2x Combi-bolter, 2x Havoc launcher) (166 pts)
Heavy Support: 2x 5 Havocs (2x Flamer, 4x Lascannon, 2x Heavy Bolter) (268 pts)
Heavy Support: 2x Predator (2x Twin lascannon, 4x Heavy Bolter) (320 pts)

Every combination will result in 7 command points.
Would Abaddon be the bigger force multiplier with the re-roll for all hits and automatically passing morale? On the other hand there would be a re-roll of 1 with lord/prince and re-roll all to wound in cc.

>> No.56834225


>> No.56834234

Vect's kit came with two, yes, but they had clothing on them.

>> No.56834250

Inb4 you get memed.
BattleScribe is fine. They do have errors, but that’s what epubs/pdfs are for, use them and your brain. It’s the easiest program to use to actually build the list.

>> No.56834255

He asked for a good one

>> No.56834258

Not much though

>> No.56834259

Battlescribe is shit. Its missing half the characters from the game. I remember last time I used it, Kharn wasn't on at all.

>> No.56834287

Sometimes they have two rosters, one with he stuff, one with fw stuff, but usually there aren't many errors

>> No.56834289

>Great Depression
The ‘Fun’ Century!

>> No.56834290

Well, fuck....Should get me some Dark Age models then...

>> No.56834318

Still no Kharn now for 8th edition chaos space marine codex

>> No.56834330

Why are there five different megas anyways?

>> No.56834345


Sisters scult is from 1996. Look it up. Only older sculpts still sold are Ragnar and the ork battlewagon from gkmk.

>> No.56834354

blue steel is an honored tradition.

>> No.56834364

Just select world eaters as your legion and it works.

>> No.56834374


>GW finally make truscale marines but continue to make Chaos marines manlets

So what's the point of a new Abaddon model?

>> No.56834390

because you haven't decided to make a mega with everything. Also the old ones are abandoned and don't get up dated. And the new guys only put what they care about in their mega. I'll see if I can find shroud of night

>> No.56834411

Death company can absolutely chew through their points cost in melee if you get the charge off

It's surviving after that is the problem

>> No.56834414

If I make a new one it'll just get added to the OP and the others will stay.

>> No.56834421

Where is that option? I'm on the PC version not mobile version.

>> No.56834433

>When you held that fart in for far too long

>> No.56834438

Were you a good anon?

>> No.56834441

Can i shot a quick question? Iam a newfag and got myself a devestator squad with an amorium cherub, what does it do expect moral boost? And if how much? I cant find stats for that lil fucker, can anyone lend me a hand?

>> No.56834464

Is this a baneposting joke

>> No.56834481

It lets you shoot a weapon twice, then you remove it. A one time use. Nothing to do with moral.

>> No.56834485

Armorium Cherub: Once per game, after a model in
this unit has fired, an Armorium Cherub can reload
that model’s weapons. When it does so, remove the
Armorium Cherub and that model can immediately
shoot again. The removal of an Armorium Cherub (for
any reason) is ignored for the purposes of morale.

>> No.56834489

Just above the HQ selection, under "Legion".

Grants you a second round of shooting for one of your models. Also acts as an ablative wound, since you can just take it away instead of a Devastator, and it doesn't count as a lost model in the moral phase.

>> No.56834492

I think the option is in "no force org slot " thingy, it should be on top, but I dont know for sure


>> No.56834501

It needs to have literally everything it it. And then breadmaker needs to understand that.

Pic related>>56834010

>> No.56834510

Because one mega can be deleted and in fact this happend many times.
Old megas will stay because one mega can be deleted and we would have nothing.

>> No.56834529

Thanks, I found it in one of the megas. Half of the Black Library books aren't in their own folder under the half that are because apparently consistency is hard.

>> No.56834534

Thanks bois

>> No.56834540

4 sanguinary guard with unleash rage and the sanguinor can kill guilliman I'm 1 turn, almost guaranteed if you use honor the chapter

10 death company with 8 power swords and 2 thunder hammers, with a chaplain will almost kill guilliman in 1 round, almost guaranteed if you use honor the chapter

I didn't shoot with either squad for the math. They are both useful but sanguinary guard are for hunting big shit, while death company can comfortably blend larger units

>> No.56834549

Excellent, found it. Thanks man, I appreciate that

>> No.56834566

>if you use honor the chapter

>Implying there is anything left if they don't kill Guilliman before he gets to hit back

>> No.56834575

>after cawl blew up cadia Creed was consumed by a C'tan, proving that creed was a rogue C'tan shard all along.

I mean, can it really count as detailed if most details are objectively wrong

>> No.56834576

Yeah its not a bad book. Wanks Kharn pretty hard though.

I appreciate your acknowledgement of me finding it though.

>> No.56834590

They may have 96 on the tab. But they released in 97 after the Chaos stuff. And there is a whole shit load of older figs than sisters including several DA and BA special characters, and all the Eldar I mentioned. Hell the Falcon Grav Tank was released slightly before Sisters.

T. 2nd ed. Player.

>> No.56834602

If anyone's justified in being wanked I think it's Kharn. Just look at that arm.
I'm more interested in the Alpha Legion on the cover though. Any idea if Sons of the Hydra will be good?

>> No.56834620

Honor the chapter doesn't instantly let you swing again?

Why the fuck is it 3cp then, I shouldn't have to wait until someone beats my skull in for the honor of spending half my command points

That's fucking stupid, why is GW so afraid of melee

>> No.56834644

It's at the end of the phase. Same with Fury of Khorne.

>> No.56834646

God damn I hate Kharn and any Khorne fags so much. Literally the most stupid plot armor ever in any story they are in.
>hurr durr, HES so good at killing that he even charges into stupid situations and never dies ever cus I’m Superman so I win

>> No.56834650

more news (from Dakka Dakka)

>The Primaris of the Dark Angels do not yet know anything about the Fallen. In fact, for the elite Veteran's point of view of the Dark Angels, the Primaris are cannon fodder, human shields and little else.
>The Primaris do not use Land Raiders because on the one hand, they have not been trained to use technologies from the old Marines (just as the old Marines are not trained to use Repulsors), and on the other hand, the Chapter veterans do not want to leave their venerable technology in the hands of novices.
>Sammael's Corvex jet bike is not the last of its kind in the Imperium.
>Sammael in Saberclaw no longer has the rule that made it possible to target shooting despite being a character of less than 10 Wounds.
>No deathwing or ravenwing as troops
>no masters of the DW or RW
>terms in cataphracti or tartaros are DW
>He said DW do have some abilities after they DS but didn't go into any details.
>The Eye of the Unseen, enemy units within 3" of bearer has -1 leader ship and fights last in fight phase.
>went over 2 warlord traits, huntsman being one, the other Master of Maneuver. It allows all DA units within 6" to re-roll charge distances.
>He said RW got a lot of point reductions
>Azreal Helm got nerfed, only shields infantry and bikers, he gained and extra CP, so 2 now, and gets a re-roll, once per game.

>> No.56834664

>Invulnerable saves are not allowed if the strength of the attack is double the toughness of the unit being hit
Did I just save Warhammer?

>> No.56834692

Isn't that the whole point of invulnerable saves?

>> No.56834697

That's asinine.

It's 3 fucking cp it should be immediate, not wait until papa Smurf kills half my unit to hit him back

GW has no qualms with shooting being completely one sided, but melee has to be this totally fair and even I go you go garbage

Fucking christ, I was actually excited in being able to murder that jolly blue bastard

>> No.56834706

well you just defeated the whole purpose of invuln saves, so how about it you think it over a second time

>> No.56834717

>death company

You haven't been paying attention.

>> No.56834739

Honestly this. Armies like Tyranids get away with being melee focussed because they're all expendable drones. Some legendary irreplaceable Space Marine running around with just an axe and a pistol is fucking retarded, we're supposed to believe that never in 10k years on some battlefield a stray round hit him in the eyeball and blew his head off while he was charging straight in to close range like a screaming retard?

>> No.56834741


Because while extremely funny, they cost way more than rhino while being far less durable than a rhino.

You can apply that formula to nearly every vehicle orks have.

>> No.56834764

Space marines being legendary and irreplaceable already makes no sense.

>> No.56834767

I like gold, can Sanguinary Guard and Sanguinor work well as their own thing? I already have Custodes, SoS, and a Gold painted Knight to use with them if they need support.

>> No.56834784

I have better idea
"Invulnerable saves can be taken after armour save"
Cos they stole fantasy psychic phase in 7th, then cast value in 8th, armor now have modifiers from fantasy, so why not steal fucking ward save too?

>> No.56834802

No, /tg/ hates 1d4chan.

>> No.56834814

[Spoilers] doesnt die. Betrayed by his xo and the inquisiton. Uses the eversor explosion to open the cell he was in. Killed his xo. I havent kept up with the new fluff. Seth was mad about his men being used like expendable trash. They got abandoned or some shit. I rate it about 4/10 [/spoilers]

>> No.56834820

>using powerswords on gorrillaman

Take 15 guys with chainswords. Also, DC should always have a character like Lemartes with them.

>> No.56834827

I want to do bad things to his boi pussy.

>> No.56834840

Pretty much. Admech can kinda pull it off too, since they have no shortage of cannon fodder and stuff like Fulgurites come in their hundreds on holy pilgrimages if you send off a warfleet. Cawl can probably leverage those zillion partial-clone gestalt Hims linked together into a respawn if he dies, too.

It does mean that fighting the usual characterspam SM armies is a win even if an NPC army is wiped out completely. There's a local BA player who runs the Sanguinor, Dante, Corbulo and probably Lemartes every single game, I table him and that's the BA crippled again. Also the local dickhead Ultrafag with Guilliman, Voldus, Calgar, Custodes, GK, whatever else he can cram in.

NPC armies best armies. My Admech take the heads off a few Terminators and then lose literally my entire army of Crawlers, Servitors, Skitarii and expendable Onagers and that's probably a win. I wipe them out and that's their spearhead gone.

>> No.56834844

Raptors. Tacticool Camo to go with your Guardsmen.

>> No.56834861

Lets make Grey Knights even worse: the post.

>> No.56834866

Grots killing terminators is the best.

>> No.56834954

Seriously you'd think someone in 10,000 years might have just set land mines in front of the World Eaters. Boom, problem solved. It happened to Lucius.

>> No.56834970

Sure. Although that's not a detachment so you'd miss out on some excellent strats. You could just paint up a golden BA Successor and run them as counts as Blood Angels.

>> No.56834989


Friend of mine tabled me with 2 storm ravens, 4 squads of sanguinary guard, sanguinar and another character.

>> No.56834993

The rage you feel is nothing compared to the rage of khorne.

>> No.56835010

Actually, "No saves, including invulnerable saves, can be taken against Mortal Wounds" saved 40k, so I don't even know what you think you're saving us from unless you live under a rock and haven't heard of 8th yet.

>> No.56835047

I just take Tanks in my Ork army, so I can take Zzap guns and watch my shit explode in hilarious ways. Fucking love it when my shit gets wrecked in comical ways... Wreck away matey.

>> No.56835072

Cause Orks is the Orkiest.

>> No.56835074

>/tg/ hates 1d4chan

That's because /tg/ never actually plays 40k and if they do, absolutely despises winning or competitiveness in any form and so despises anything encouraging success in the game like 14dchan.

>> No.56835094

Nice bait.

>> No.56835103

So true, as is random dumbfuck combat servitor Electropriests ripping through Primarchs. "Oh, you wanted to fix the Imperium?" Shouldn't have come to the front line like an idiot, you dumb twat.

Why does Guilliman do that anyway? His talent is mega-generalship, he should be tucked away nice and safe so he can force multiply properly from a massively well-equipped command room with staff, not through one helmet comm mid-battle and where he's likely to get blown to tiny pieces the moment any enemy ship gets an angle to put a torpedo into him.

>> No.56835106

That would be a good weapon option, I think.
There are Onager Gauntlets tho, so...

>> No.56835107

So has anyone hotglued Celestine and if not, why not?

>> No.56835122

I want that little armoured dude as a Gnome fighter model in DnD.

>> No.56835138

wtf did miniwargaming do to duncan?
probably raped him tbqh[/spoilers]

>> No.56835141

A Chapter Master's XO is the Emperor, Anonymous.

>> No.56835151

>Why does Guilliman do that anyway? His talent is mega-generalship, he should be tucked away nice and safe so he can force multiply properly from a massively well-equipped command room with staff, not through one helmet comm mid-battle and where he's likely to get blown to tiny pieces the moment any enemy ship gets an angle to put a torpedo into him.
This is my issue with every Chapter Master and other "legendary irreplaceable commander of the Imperium" figure who go to the front fucking line with powerfists to punch grots and gaunts to death while risking getting utterly blown the fuck out by weaponry that can vaporize cities. What the fuck are these faggots doing?

>> No.56835161

that one doesn't even have flesh coloured thighs. step your game up anon

>> No.56835174

you place the emperor as 2nd in command?

>> No.56835175

Honest question to Yanks.

When you can no longer win do you instantly concede? Is that an accepted thing in the US? Like... maybe you notice in turn 2 or 3, you can't win so you instantly throw in the towel instead of playing the game to the last turn?

>> No.56835181

What a fucking farce this primaris thing has been. FFS they couldn't just make tru-scale marine models?

>> No.56835183

Based Diogenes

>> No.56835186


>> No.56835196

>What the fuck are these faggots doing?

>> No.56835205


The very idea that you think such a change would "save warhammer" tells me that you are a dumb dumb.

>> No.56835207

Stupidity isn't heroic.

>> No.56835211

Got a buddy getting into necrons.... what are some strong picks? Or auto includes

>> No.56835215

>wtf did miniwargaming do to duncan?
Made him watch an episode.

>> No.56835219

no it wouldn't.

>> No.56835223

Hence the Hurr

>> No.56835226

They do this so you can field them in your army.

>> No.56835227

anon, I got bad news

>> No.56835229

I need this.

>> No.56835230

Necrons are the Ork tier faction right now.

>> No.56835231

Snotlings have a few bitz that could count as models across various kits. Pic related is an ammo runt.

>> No.56835239

Actually, it's more like this:
1d4chan just regurgitates what's in the codex, mathhammering and looking a priori on how they think rules should turn out on the table.
/40kg/ on the other hand, has no clue how the game works because they don't play, then look at tournament lists and try to wrap their brains around how those lists might have worked and then base "optimized" lists on that.

>> No.56835240

i though they're the same people, wtf?

>> No.56835243

>When you can no longer win do you instantly concede?

Depends on what "Can No Longer Win" is.
Are you just butthurt you're losing or is it physically impossible for you to win.

Depends also on whether you'll have enough time to play another is.

>> No.56835248

Thin metal wire, wound together near the hand, splitting into separate single strands as it arches out.

>> No.56835256

lol i'm a retard for thinking you're not.

>> No.56835258

Someday, i'll just have to do with the 3rd party version.

>> No.56835264

Chapter Approved says Leviathans are 55 single and 65 pair, does that means I only pay 65 for two, or 55 for the first one and 65 for the second one

>> No.56835267

What is the point of using flyers?

>> No.56835270

Trick question, because most games of 8th are effectively decided by the end of turn 3.

>> No.56835274

>When you can no longer win
I've tuned tactically outmanoeuvred and 60% dead into wins.

>> No.56835278


>> No.56835284

You like the units/model/idea

>> No.56835288

They're just there for aesthetics if you ask me

>> No.56835291

I do yes, but that's common courtesy at our store. We have 2 tables and lots of people wanting to play. If it's an occasion when no one is waiting, I might play longer, but only if there is some potential for me to have some fun or have some interesting turn around. It's not really fun for either of us when it's low tension and one person rolling a bunch of dice while the other removes models. Most of the time I'd rather call it and get a new game going if the game is inherently lopsided.

>> No.56835295

Do something stupid and fail, it's called stupid.
Do something stupid and succeed, it's called heroic.

>> No.56835298

55 for single, 65 for pair.
are you buying a single claw, or a pair of claws. those are your two options.

>> No.56835308

Necrons big problem is lack of points efficient anti armor shooting, and by problem I mean they don't have any.

>> No.56835318


-1 to hit

>> No.56835324

I think you mean eldar.

>> No.56835326

>Load up an "astra militarum" battlerep
>its a stormlord and 5 russ episode

>> No.56835328

Now? None at all. In 6th and 7th they were utterly mandatory. Now they just have rules so the WAACers don't throw hissy fits.

>> No.56835329

Most of them have good variety of weapons and are -1 to hit. Can't be assaulted unless the unit has Fly. Can fly away from danger.

>> No.56835344

-1 to hit, faster than regular tanks, flies over terrain/enemy models, and can't be charged except by models with fly. For that you pay a bit of a points premium and suffer from predictable/inflexible movement.

>> No.56835351

Why would WAACers care about anything that is not the best?

>> No.56835356

> Gets beaten down by old lady with a frying pan

>> No.56835366

Even so, I've currently killed him about four times with literally whos, and they're not so tough in the lore that they can tank an entire army going "OOH, A WALKING MEDAL DISPENSER" and lighting him up with entire gun lines. There are ways to justify him fighting on the tabletop that don't assume gross incompetence, his command centre could be under attack or something or he could be fighting a boarding action.

>> No.56835370

Thank you. I hate seeing this shit too. I've only seen a handful of batreps with interesting lists. I want to see more Bullgryn, Crusaders, Sentinels, Straken + Priest + infantry squad bombs, Valhallan Conscript and tank spam, Steel Legion Chimera spam, or something else.

>> No.56835384

>None at all
Almost every army with flyers they are straight up superior to their tanks. GW balance shakes out to be they get -1 hit, 5x the movement, immune to ground charge, and retreat and shoot for zero extra point cost.

>> No.56835399

I can't blame them. It's so much easier to make that kind of a batrep than the horde army ones. I was watching Scorpion's Orks vs Krieg batrep last night and he said that it took them almost 8 hours to play the game the whole way through. You can hear the exhaustion in his voice by the end.

>> No.56835401

god dammit...i need any good news about necrons

>> No.56835427


>Hey everyone, the beasts of Chaos are here to murder us. We will all die, but we will die honoring the Emperor Himself. First, let me strip down.

The reason is because A) it's stupid and B) only virgin neckbeards will buy them (which admittedly means they should be a cash cow for GW, all things considered)

>> No.56835428

Kharn dies a lot but he gets resurrected by Khorne IIRC.

>> No.56835433

Now that awesome fluffy rules that made regular solders and ground tanks ineffective against flyers, and they required AA units just like fucking real world and common sense, are gone, there is none.

>> No.56835436

Take a swig m80

>> No.56835440


>> No.56835441

>load up a battle report
>its a ad mech parking lot

>> No.56835453

Here's a sliver of good news, the relic they got in chapter approved is good. Also, the lack of points changes in CA is probably an indication that they will be updated sooner rather than later I hope. Honestly, it's hard to say good things about necrons right now, they just lack the tools necessary.

>> No.56835457

This. It takes forever. I love doing horde Guard, but it's insanely annoying with time, especially at our store where the terrain is extra hard to work with. Models constantly fall over and are hard to put in places. Movement trays are a total no go. I've cut down on my infantry and cut down on moving them so I can instead use more Sentinels, tanks, Bullgryn and Scions. My games have gotten shorter by about 2-3 hours.

>> No.56835459

their codex is probably coming out really soon.

like feb.

>> No.56835461

Scorpions a nice guy, lets his Ultramarine friend bring Guilliman and las pred kill shot against his truk ork list after beating him a few times in a row.

>> No.56835469

For example, an eldar crimson hunter is 120 points.
Compared to the falcon, its 5 points LESS for:
-1 toughness, no transport capacity
but is a flier, with 2 pivots, and more heavy weapons.

>> No.56835470

Immortals are getting 2 wounds

>> No.56835471

Because they already have 300 bucks' worth of fliers lying around and wouldn't be able to use them at all if they didn't have rules.

I wouldn't call them superior to anything. They can't hold objectives, some have minimum move distances, -1 to hit helps but isn't enough to offset their drastically lower survivability compared to tanks. The only thing they do have going for them is that a lot of fliers are just bristling with guns so they cramp a lot of firepower into a tiny package. Also, the fact that models with FLY can charge fliers is hilarious. Grab some Vanguards/Shrikes/Triarch Praetorians and clobber the fucking things to death.

>> No.56835494

They they are not WAACfags.

Those drop an army on ebay the second their lead flickers.

>> No.56835502

new CA update sisters list
No idea how good it'll be since repressors went up 20 each so I'm gonna try out more immolators and stormbolters

>> No.56835504

Yes, there's no use at all for a fast moving unit that's hard to shoot and which blocks enemy charges whilst being unchargeable to most enemy units.

>> No.56835535

why does he insist with his trukks

trukks are so hilariously shit. they are overpriced by like 40pts.

>> No.56835562

Alternative is a pricier Waggon, personally i use them because I made a load of converted ones that can't function as wagons in size and still lack looted tank rules for alternatives.

>> No.56835568

>open battle report
>see this
>close battle report

>> No.56835569

Hey i don't care if you're autistic and/or a virgin, models with tits are always great

>> No.56835594


>> No.56835603

Looks just like an evening in the 40kg.

>> No.56835606

>open battle report
>see this
>close battle report
>Clear youtube history
>block MWG channel AGAIN
>Get recommended shitty batreps for months after

>> No.56835607

the absolute state of necron players

>> No.56835608

yeah luca is pretty bad man

>> No.56835611


>> No.56835612

Are those whips made out of actual barbed wire with the barbs clipped off or are they just designed to look that way?

>> No.56835613


Ravager, 3 dark lances, t6 5++ 10 wounds

Razorwing, 2 Dark Lances, 3 variations of d6 missiles, twin splinter rifle, t6, 10 wounds, 5++ and -1 to hit.

5pts difference for extra protection from shooting and charging and extra shooting both numbers wise and variety of targets.

>> No.56835626

Pardon the crappy model quality, only put in some base colours.

Ideas for the carapace colours for the Tyranids? Really not sure on that part.

>> No.56835638

...theres not much call for 1½ mm barbed wire, vole ranching never caught on.

>> No.56835649


0pts difference*

>> No.56835651


>> No.56835652

thats some sick camo you got on there, can't even see the model, seems you posted a Lictor by mistake

>> No.56835659

Do assassins ever live more than one mission? Maybe Vindicare and Callidus do, but I feel like Eversors die every time.

>> No.56835660

>drastically lower survivability compared to tanks.
Maybe in some guard tanks, or necrons vs flyers. SRavens are still cheaper and more guns than LR with 14 vs 15 lascannon shots required for a kill. Stormtalons take more las than Preds. Eldar flyers are better than Fire Prisms.

>> No.56835670

I'm pretty sure all the assassin types are reusable just for the sheer cost of producing one

>> No.56835674

You don't hear from successful Eversor missions because there's nobody alive to tell the tale.

>> No.56835676

Nice Alpha Legion, bro.

>> No.56835680

If the Eversor kills all the enemy, the drug cocktails wear off and you can eventually get them back into the box.

>> No.56835681


>> No.56835682

Most do.
It's just novels always has Everdors as a bastard semi Ex-machina/redshirt.

>> No.56835690

Carapace is always dark blue in GSC.

>> No.56835699

Neat. Do they ever have names? I'm just curious lore wise, because I always put in 1-2 with my Inquisitor and her Storm Troopers and Acolytes. I wanted to give everyone names and stores and stuff. Like a little warband within my Guard army.

>> No.56835704

>mfw the fucking video is even worse

>> No.56835714

Yes they usually do. Eversors after killing all their targets just return to stasis.

>> No.56835715

We all are

>> No.56835716

you just made me realise I have never seen white tyranids. As for colour I would probably go blue. Maybe black.

>> No.56835723

How viable of a tactic would it be if I used Razorwing swarms to charge flyers that aren't MCs?

>> No.56835738


>> No.56835752

I would guess serial numbers, with some letters. No one thinks eversors are people.

>> No.56835758

They're getting hard to watch.
>guest brings death watch /groan
>TWO auxiliary support detachments of a single understrength terminator
>overcharges his plasma cannon dread during a 10" overwatch against a unit he couldn't kill and double rolls a 1.

>> No.56835784

Raptors are cool, but do note, my Guard color scheme is basically the police: caledor sky unis with black armor.

>> No.56835792

>>overcharges his plasma cannon dread during a 10" overwatch against a unit he couldn't kill and double rolls a 1.
But... why?

>> No.56835795

Frankly the comments are the best part about it, especially the one loser demanding a safe place:
>MWG you need to do something about the people who comment on your videos. Lots and Lots of trash being spewed forth at the guests and yourselves. Its disgusting to watch. People do have feelings.

Well, you can't keep them in melee because they're fliers, so they can fall back and keep on shooting anyway, but for doing damage, Razorwings are actually pretty good. They wound practically anything but Guardsmen on 6+ anyway, so you might as well make those 6s count.

>> No.56835813

Thinking about running actions as my second army. I really like their infantry and don't mind the taurox but I still like the other ig vehicles.

If playing actions is there any way to bring russes, manticores,valkyrirs etc. Without having to bring IG infantry or characters?

>> No.56835817

Imperial soup chapter coming through.

>> No.56835819

but people do have feelings. i bet if i went on mwg they would write nasty comments about me and my orks

if they want guests the comments gotta be at least somewhat nice

>> No.56835820

I see. I wonder if they would respond to nicknames. Like if you told them, "E-10983, you will now respond to 'Eric the Eversor' is that clear?"

>> No.56835848

In universe they frequently do, in actual fluff not so much

>> No.56835851


Just make their serial number leet speak for the nickname you want or something, ER-1C

>> No.56835863

I wouldn't even give a shit about the brony shirt if he was a friendly guy. The fact he stares into the camera with dead eyes and a completely expressionless face makes it so much worse. He's like a living stereotype

>> No.56835879

I like this a lot and anyone who caught it would be like really, Eric? That's his name?

>> No.56835884

>if they want guests the comments gotta be at least somewhat nice

>> No.56835886

I just remembered there's that Horus heresy book with a bunch of assassins sent to kill horus and the eversor has a name. He called himself the garantine.


>> No.56835891

News alert. You don't have to stare at those mean comments.

>> No.56835901

I think it's the other way around. Don't invite guests without a lick of enthusiasm and for the guests, if you know you don't like being in front of a camera and if you know that you have a hard time showing your enthusiasm AND if you look like the worst possible stereotype of a neckbeard (wearing an MLP t-shirt, no less), don't even accept such an invitation because you should have known you'll become a laughing stock or, worse, a meme. I mean, it's not like MWG is handing out mad dosh to people who come and do batreps with them. If you can't handle the criticism, don't do it. And if you can't handle reading the negative comments under a youtube video that isn't even your own, don't even use the fucking internet.

>> No.56835908

Thoughts on my Genestealer Cult name?

Gonna paint all my genestealer iconography gold and call the guys the 'Cult of the Golden Serpent'.

>> No.56835925

news alert

why would i want to go there if it wouldnt be a positive experience?

>> No.56835929

>don't even accept such an invitation because you should have known you'll become a laughing stock or, worse, a meme
I doubt a guy who grooms himself like that and wears an MLP shirt in public has the self awareness for that

>> No.56835935

I don't really think that saying fits here.

>> No.56835938

its your dudes, do what you want.

>> No.56835946

a friend of mine (and SW player no less) looks quite a lot like the guy on the right

>> No.56835950


>He hopes to kill a Space Marine
>Dreams come true as he kills many and dies a glorious death, happy with his achievement

How Comfy

>> No.56835955


>> No.56835960

So the Broodlord will be golden then?

And are broodlords really serpents?

>> No.56835968

That's not new, that's a question.

>> No.56835973

Just proof that if you set your life goals to be achievable you too can be comfy.

>> No.56835976

Yeah, guess you're right. I'm the most pathetic loser I know irl, so I always assume (re:hope) everyone else has a bit more self-awareness than I do, but I always forget that, if you think you're the biggest loser, you probably aren't.

>> No.56835977

The guy is a freak. He gets hammered in the comments because he can't get himself together to look or act like an adult.

>> No.56835993

Are taking the piss? This cant be serious.

>> No.56835996

We're on page 6, bitch.

>> No.56836011

>tfw your brother bought you minis for christmas

who /holidaycheer/ here

>> No.56836035

what do you want 4 thumbs up?

>> No.56836040

But neither can most of us. We're all nerds to some extent, so we all stand out to a certain degree. We don't try to make this guy fit a mold, he's just someone that everyone, from "normies" to ordinary losers, have a vested interest in disassociating themselves from.

>> No.56836389

This is relevant to your interests, https://snbattlereports.com/2017/07/16/battle-report-dark-angels-vs-orks/

>> No.56836522

That's the thing: if he posts on here he probably comes across as quite normal.

>> No.56837050


Getting behind infantry screens to deposit troops/snipe characters.

Firepower that is extremely difficult to hide from

The ones that can hover- charging units in the back field to be a complete asshole.

Frustrating orks.

>> No.56837101


4/4 of my wins at the Bay Area Open was me with a single remaining model.

Even though I was getting my ass handed to me, those games were fun because it was about using guile to pull out the win.

I did concede my final match because it was obvious to me that I would be utterly tabled in turn 2 and my opponent didn't lose a single model. That wasn't fun.

>> No.56838291

>Playing infantry heavy guard
>After the unnecessary commissar nerf after chaos fags complained them into nerf and the removal of all the guard old rules
It's tonks or bust now

>> No.56838926

crypteks with blobs of troop choices surrounding them can be good. gotta play smart though, let the enemy wittle down squads and then stand back up as you finish objectives. mobility is somthing they lack, monoliths and one of thier flyiers can make up for this by essentially working as transports for most infantry now. regular Lords are sort of garbage, you dobt find yourself needing to reroll leadership 10 very often, overlords on the other hand are pretty great. Overlords have an ability that gives a nearby necron infantry +1 to charge advance and hit rolls, neebless to say this is great beacuse necrons dont have any charcters that give an aura of rerolling one so its pretty good. heavy destroyers can be nice in combo with a lord beacuse they have lascannon arms that hit on 3's rerolling 1's to hit, they ignore heavy and moveing and they move quick at like. 10 inches.

>> No.56838978

cant speak for everyone at the local game shop over here but my Marine buddy of mine and myself never concede.

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