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so Abbadon, the Kill Six Billion Demons and LANCER guy, put out a new RPG called "The Pit". He says it's OSR-inspired, and influenced by stuff like the Souls gamed and Darkest Dungeon. Now, I'm interested, but I'm also perpetually broke and I don't really even have a dollar to spare to his patreon to download it from there. Does anyone here happen to have the PDF, and could they toss it up here?

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In the meantime, here's some art he put up on twitter. These are portraits of the different races. In order, they're called:
Bright Folk/Fae
Horned Folk/Trogg
Stout Folk/Dwerraugh
Star Folk/Humans

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and here's some icons he made for the different classes. Don't have a list of names for these, but knowing Abbadon, they're probably weird and interesting.

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Well that's cute, but this guy can't seem to finish a single thing before he flits off to yet another concept.

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I dig the races.

The game you are describing sounds a lot like Torchbearer. Have you looked into it? It’s a great system if you want the players to feel like everything is grinding their sanity to dust.

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why would you bump this there is nothing to talk about

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I want the pdf

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you aren't getting it. besides, it's the same shit you can find in the OSR thread

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well alright, I guess someone died and made you grand overlord of bitching at people to try and get rid of threads you aren't interested in. still gonna keep the thread up a while longer and hope I get lucky.

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I'd love to get more info on this, also is it expensive?

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aside from the possibility of someone posting it up here on /tg/ for free, the only way to get it is to donate at least a dollar to Abbadon's Kill Six Billion Demons patreon.

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So are we really all just waiting for someone to post it rather than pay 1 measly dollar?
Makes sense

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>Now, I'm interested, but I'm also perpetually broke and I don't really even have a dollar to spare to his patreon to download it from there.

It's stuff like this that makes people accuse everything related to Abbadon on /tg/ as being from shills.

It's only subtle if you're not aware of really blatant shilling in the past. From a more critical perspective, we've got a guy hoping to mention the guy's patreon without coming off as a shill since he's aware of the shill association.

It's like, c'mon. Stop abusing this anonymous image board by using it to advertise, and be more honest and just talk to us like regular people.

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I mean alright. I guess I, OP, am actually the KSBD guy. Except I can't draw for shit and do not make 3k a month off patreon. So, actually no I'm not him. Also, side note: I really don't understand this mentality. How the hell is it viable to anonymously advertise on an image board like 4chan? Like, has anyone ever actually done it, or moreover reaped some actual benefit from doing so? I can't actually imagine it working and

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*and it'd genuinely shock me if anyone ever managed to pull it off

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You can't imagine advertising working? Get a grip.

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I saw him mention this on the KSBD Tumblr but I assumed it'd be something coming out in the far future, seeing as he pretty much only just released Lancer. The dude either works surprisingly quickly or is really good at multitasking, because he still gets KSBD up on schedule most of the time.

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>The dude either works surprisingly quickly or is really good at multitasking
No, he just doesn't finish his shit.

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I know a few workaholic people like that in the art world. Over-extending yourself is a survival mechanism when you're working poor, but it's also a killer when you're actually successful and have a brand that needs consistent quality and releases.

My take is Abbadabba is working with a few groups of peeps on these side projects, and it's possible they're all working on their own projects at the same time. If these projects do have a lead, then Abbs is either a distant lead who lets the rest drive the project, or is a secondary component of the team and others are driving it while he (or she? What is Abaddon?) provides input when there's time or it's necessary.

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Those this mean that the Kills Six Billion Demons Rpg is already done?
Lancer is supposedly made by his friend.
But if he isn't done with the K6bd rpg, why is he already starting to make a new game?

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Yeah I'm fairly certain Lancer and The Pit were both worked on with other people.

I don't know if it's finished. He's going to keep on updating it in the future, I think.

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He's never going to finish any of these games.

Expect another largely superfluous and unneccesary RPG in the upcoming months.

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He's announced, like, three of these. And the art and worlds for them have been cool, but the mechanics have been universally lackluster. Does he even playtest any of these?

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Actually he said the KSBD rpg is done and should be out this month. But you can go on and be negative about it if it makes you feel good.

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He's finished the colored art for Broken World, and says he's getting pretty close to a full release.

Knowing him it will continue to get updated, but that's not really here nor there; every major game gets updates and patches after a community gets their hands on it.

I know he did a public playtest of Broken World with some patreons, so we know he's done it at least once. I think he playtests all of this stuff himself at least a couple of times, and we know that he accepts player input pretty consistently.

As far as mechanics go, he seems to really like PbtA and modifying it to fit his games. I can't really blame him, I'm a fan myself. I haven't taken much of a look at Lancer, but considering Broken World and The Pit are PbtA-based (the former far more so than the latter, but the latter is still noticeably so) I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it was also.

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Got links to this shit?

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You people are fucking killing me.

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>Another new RPG when the first two are still broken piles of shit
And of fucking course he gets his cronies to shill it here

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Maybe if you want us to playtest your game for free you should give it to us for free you fucking fat fetish faggot, abbyboi

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The games aren't all that bad. Broken World is perfectly workable and fun, being almost purely a PbtA game. Lancer seems way more mechanically-oriented, but most mecha games are, so whatever. And what we have of The Pit isn't quite enough to play a game (no section on foes), but the basic premise seems good, the Lantern mechanic is inspired, and he seems to have borrowed enough of an identity from 4e without getting stuck in its traps.

I put a copy of it here >>56836580. Someone's got to pay the measly $1 first, brochacho.

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Woah Abbadon Himself put out a new RPG?

No, the author of Kill Six Billion Demons™? The genius behind LANCER™?
You mean, the very same Abbadon - OUR GUY?
And he's taken inspiration from Dark Souls™ and Darkest Dungeon™?



I've already bought a dozen copies.

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You are literally the problem.

The guy who shilled for Lancer at first was a dick and a sweetie-poster, but no need to continue his legacy.

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Don't forget that Abbadon™ of Kill 6 Billion Demons™ fame is a GNOSTIC GENIUS that puts Kirkbride to shame! So you just KNOW that the lore of The Pit™ will be epic! Epic for the win!

I bet there will even be lesbians because Abaddon™, creater of hit RPG Lancer™, is so progressive and forward thinking!

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What is this? What is this thing you are doing? Explain it to me.

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No one really cared that much about Abbadon's stuff until the guy who shilled Lancer went overboard.

Now hating literally everything the guy does and treating him like a corporate totem is in vogue.

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Some fags like to shill K6BD and the creator despite it being a shit webcomic and the creator a hack. They're making fun of those posters.

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It's called "being a snarky asshole" and it's very hot right now on this board

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Umm sweetie? If you don't get it maybe you should just leave

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>shit webcomic
That's a bit far. It's uninspired if you're already into gnosticism or TES lore, but the art is pretty rad.

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What's wrong, anon? You don't want to buy my game? Why not? Why won't you just buy my game already, anon? It's only a dollar. For less than the price of one coffee, you can support an independent artist and get a spiffy new RPG that's just an old RPG except less complete and with lore poorly derived from whatever videogame is popular at the moment. Doesn't that sound good to you, anon? Right?


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>but the art is pretty bad

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>tfw everyone so busy shitposting they don't notice someone posted the pdf

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Who cares? It's a pile of shit made for a quick buck.

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It's certainly not complete, but it shows some real promise.

I'm not going to pretend it's going to revolutionize the genre or anything, but calling any of the three games released thus far "a pile of shit," isn't being entirely honest.

Broken World is the only one complete enough to be worth really trying, but it does the job well enough; most all PbtA games do if you're not an autist about number-crunching.

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>Demon Deer Guys
>Demon Guys
>Iguana Guys
>Cat Guys
>Guy Guys
seems faggy

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>guy guys

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>Like, has anyone ever actually done it,
>or moreover reaped some actual benefit from doing so?
No. But that doesn't stop people from trying

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It's post modern irony

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Why? Why would you think it would be a good idea to just post 'hey heard about this thing you can access for $1 which isn't finished' when Lancer was shilled here, probably admittedly as a false-flag, for literal months and Broken World threads when they were here were trolled into oblivion? And when the author literally got his start shilling on /co/ in the first place?

Sorry for "killing you" by having a reasonable reaction to threads which have been cancerous as fuck for the entirety of their tenure on /tg/.

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Can that not become a buzzword? Because I don't see anything OSR in >>56836580.
This shit's less OSR than GLOG

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The most supreme irony is that whoever posts these threads genuinely has nothing to do with KSBD guy, whose arguably just some spergy nerd doing his spergy nerd thing like we all are, but comes off looking like a cringe inducing community co-opting salesman because he has fans trying to push his product in unsubtle ways in the most hostile market on earth

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It's just fucking depressing to watch people try to ruin a thread over the chance that someone might like a thing too much or be accredited with its creation. Even if they are right it feel like the people shitposting these into the ground still have worse intentions and outcomes.

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Why not? If someone's going to make a thread about it, I might as well try to mitigate shitposting by giving everyone something to play with. Is it complete? No. Was OP a shill? Maybe. But this is /tg/. I'd rather people discuss the game than shitpost on a thread about the game.

For what it's worth, I personally don't care about anything that happens on /co/, that board is cancer personified. And yeah, the Lancer sweetie-posting shill was obnoxious; shitposters continue their legacy. Yeah, the Broken World threads were trolled, but that game is actually pretty decent since it's "hey! Do you like PbtA, but in Sigil? Boy, do we have a game for you!"

This shit might not be so cancerous if people actually talked about the game instead of ironically acting like a commercial because liking things on /tg/ is apparently badwrongfun.

You're probably right. I guarantee the original Lancer shill (after Abbadon's friend who crated the first thread realized his mistake) was just an over-eager fan. And yet the shitposts persist.

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I downloaded and am going try it out. I am not going to bother trying to discuss it here though.

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>try it out
Good luck. It's honestly not done.

PC stuff seems more or less complete, but there's little to no material for GMs like foes, metaphysics, basic lore beyond the premise of the dungeon, and plot hooks.

It's less a game demo and more a teaser trailer.

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Seriously. At least this is playable, tangible, content. Content of readily debatable quality but still.

Also, having played Broken World for a few sessions I can say that it's actually not bad. It's got problems, absolutely, but it's different and functional enough that I'm happy to give it my time. I'll check this out too, especially now that my group knows PbtA.

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So how IS Lancer now, after the 1.5 update? Anyone who's given it a read able to fill me in on whether it's any good?

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It's a mech game, which means it's of dubious quality.

If I were ever to GM a mech game I'd use either it or Remnants, which speaks pretty highly of it. But that's mostly because, like Remnants, it's got enough rules depth for some fun grid-based combat but without making mistakes like pilots having a god-stat or the weapons and systems being so in-depth that they frighten new players away.

You'll get more depth out of more crunchy mech systems, but the implied setting is very heavily geared toward heroic mech pilots saving the day by dropping out of atmosphere into either clandestine 08th MS Team-like conflicts or into wars with casualties in the millions.

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I've got Remnants, haven't read it in ages though. I liked Lancer because I wanted to run something in a Destiny-esque setting.

>> No.56838104

If you wanted to run something in a Destiny-like setting, you're better off using Broken World. Lancer is more for Titanfall-esque campaigns; but even then, only kind of. It expects your Pilot gameplay to be almost entirely narrative, with little to no real combat-oriented rules for them.

Personally I prefer Remnants to Lancer, but that's because I'm the closest that this board has to a consistent Remnants/Warbirds shill.

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Having gone over the changes from 1.4 to 1.5, it seems like they attacked the principle problems people had (melee was shit, talents pigeonholed very specific and same-y loadouts, stats are weird and confusing a lot of the time) pretty successfully. I'm really dubious of the "cinematic" combat where after every player's turn there is an enemy's turn and then the next players turn, but mainly because I haven't played a game that works like that. There's also a method for resurrecting dead characters, at steep costs.

Seems more pleasant to play and easier to understand than 1.4 with better balancing, but it's still far away from being a complete game by anyone's standards. Unless you intend on using your playing as test material for the dev, then I wouldn't bother with it yet.

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WHOAH hold on now!
Are you sure this is abbadon, the same guy?

All of these aren't represented by women or obsesivly circle around women as a concept.

>> No.56838132

what's remnants?

>> No.56838185

Remnants is a really good mech RPG who's default setting takes place in a future-post-apocalypse setting.

I love it because it uses the core mechanics that made Warbirds such an amazing game, while its mech-building borrows from the core concept of Mutants & Masterminds: the results are what are mechanically described, while the fluff of how the ranged damage is done or how the melee is made is up to the player.

One of the main points that makes the game so great is its pilot stats: Body, Mind, and Spirit, all ranging from -3 to +3. Skills are based on those (with ranks in skills adding other modifiers), but the best part of it is that all the mecha-use (or warbird-use, in Warbirds) skills go off Situational Awareness, which is Body, Mind, and Spirit all added together.

>> No.56838192

Sounds fun. I'll check it out.

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>> No.56838210

Situational Awareness is pretty brilliant, because it guarantees that you don't need to worry about a piloting god-stat and your characters don't need to be built a certain way to be effective outside of in and inside of the cockpit.

Someone can be brawny or skilled or charismatic, but they're all about the same level of competent inside of their mechs.

Definitely do. The setting itself is pretty rad too, but it's something that can be passed on. The core mechanics are what makes both Remnants and Warbirds worth it.

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Don't you mean WOMEN>YIS


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You're gonna have to explain this one to me.

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>You will never game with Babycakes.

>> No.56838373

YIS is female, silly.

Think of it this way: Allison is often referred to as Al-YIS-UN. Woman first.

>> No.56838466

I did a blunder. And if its the women thing, the comic has this really weird forced feeling with the no-penis gender around everything. And not in the progressive "MUH VAGOOBER FUCK MEN BEING IN EVERYTHING" .

I mean I will not be surprised that it turns out allisons former "boyfriend" is either a transwoman or was turned into a woman by female magykyna powyrs.

BRAVO Abbadon

>> No.56838492

Is this a thing we're doing now? We're pretending KSBD is SJW nonsense because it borrows heavily from fringe mythology like Catharism?

>> No.56838543

People have always accused K6BD of being SJW. From the moment the Angel Cop started having the plot where it started identifying as a "she," despite the Angelic tendency toward male pronouns, people screamed SJW.

Even if that plot was handled fine because the Angel never demanded anyone respect her life choices and even growled at people that implied she was in fact a she, because she still had/has some respect for her order and their peace-keeping duties and originally saw anything that distanced her from her brothers as distancing her from being a peace-keeper. At the current point in the plot she seems to have come to terms with herself, and STILL there's no moment where she demands people acknowledge it.

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Near as I can tell, it's hardly the SJW story people might claim it is. Allison constantly gets wrecked because of her lack of knowledge and perspective, and even now when she's rocking Incubus's power, it's hardly an even relationship.

>> No.56838599

I'm actually hype as shit because Abbadon said this is pretty much going to be the last arc where things happen because Allison is retarded.

>> No.56838618

No surprise, it's shit.

>> No.56838630

>despite the Angelic tendency toward male pronouns
It's not even that the angels trend towards being male, it's that they perceive having a gender at all to be pointless, and are quite literally accusing "her" of being a special snowflake whose losing perspective by identifying as anything at all

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For a start, it's interesting enough to keep me watching. If there's a discord where this is being discussed, I'd love to be involved.

>> No.56838652

Oh it'd be okay if it was just that.

But for gods sake man you can know who is going to be friends with the main character by its gender.
Also who is going to be overpowered.

Its like if a guy did big dick ala jojo but there was almost no women outside slight side characters and it had this oozing, bright wording "MALE POWER" constantly on the screen without any actual hate towards women, as equal parties die but somehow it just ends up with more women being powerful or last standing. Some men, if not all turns out to be no-homo gays, fucking rocks turn out to be shower rapist big-dicks all over the fucking place, constant reference to smegma and the way the whole adventure started who was actually a fucking interesting and cute plot point is just fucked five ways to sunday and the character, who's struggle to actually deal with the problem at hand turns out to have no interest in "that bitch".

Its not misogyny or even a fetish about males, its an obsession and its fucking grating to read trough when you catch onto it.

>> No.56838670

The people who are on this argument, either side, are brain damaged and need to bring it into everything they do.

>> No.56838697

You know I kinda find this >>56838599 as bullshit because Allison not being chad Dudebro who comes to saves the girl or butch Clitdick but rather a generally not up for the task person.

and yeah, the geek saves the day isn't exactly new but the spin of not having to woman being "just as good" to save the guy who probably would be up for doing it and being horribly under qualified is just great.

>> No.56838699

Which she responds to by calling out their hypocrisy. They're all "brothers," and refer to each other as "he."

I agree that they're accusing her of being a snowflake, and she absolutely hates it. But she does eventually grow to embrace it without the author shoving it in our faces. The closest we get to the author coming down from on high to say "she's trans now, get over it," is when we finally see her flame form or whatever it is and she happens to look like a woman.

It's actually been handled fairly well. Won't stop people from screaming SJW all the same.

What are you talking about. Yeah, the main "adventuring party," is all female, but the comic has some top-tier male cast-members.

Oscar is an absolute dream of a ham, the Conquering King is a KING, Allison seems to have a much harder time dealing with Incubus than with Nadia, and the biggest bad in the entire series is a dude who decided to pound nails of immortality into himself. Hell, there's a genuine chance that Allison's boyfriend is the chosen one and she just happens to be stumbling her way through the Power because Zoss had no choice.

>> No.56838731

He implied that Allison is still going to struggle through and learn as she goes, but he more or less said this is the last arc where she knowingly does the worst thing possible because she's tired of people pushing her around.

Accepting Incubus' deal and forcing a bunch of devils into robbing the Dragon's Bank is probably one of the stupidest things she could be doing, and it's been infuriating watching her go about it.

At least the arc in Nadia's castle was rewarding because of the "I choose King!" moment; she happened to be in a shitty situation and made the best of it, but she was even in the castle in the first place because "fuck it, I'mma just walk right up to a demiurge and play it by ear."

>> No.56838750

In fact I'd say most of the biggest badasses are guys

ESPECIALLY Solomon David.

>> No.56838776

Nah no thanks, not interested in a game by an SJW.

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See >>56838776

>> No.56838815

>but the comic has some top-tier male cast-members.
Yeah and I brought this up, its not sexism its just bizarre obsession on the female gender and it would honestly be less eye catching and grating if he just toned it down.

>> No.56838824

Might just be you, guy. Even with it being pointed out, I'm honestly not that bothered.

>> No.56838842

All I know is this better be playing when we finally get to fighting Jagganoth.

>> No.56838909

>male pronouns
Angels are the race directky derived from, and most strongly associated with, the male god. They're inextricably tied up with masculinity in the cosmic, metaphysical sense. Moving away from this at all would be becoming more feminine. The trans-angel, in particular, has come to strongly identify with the humans he/she protects as a peacekeeper.

>> No.56839049

You'd never claim the opposite if the roles were reversed.

>> No.56839064

Yeah because men are normal people and girls aren't.

>> No.56839131

I literally did though. Jojo almost have the same problem you F U C K.

>> No.56839142

JoJo is elevated by its masculine themes.

>> No.56839144

A lot of people haven't actually read hindu mythology and don't realize how much trasgenderism, androgyny, male and female gender roles, and the "form following function" there is in Hindu mythology. Abbadon has read his mythology and he's using what he has learbed pretty damn well.

People who have complaints about the SJW nature of it are largely illiterate and unread people who don't really give a damn as long as they can shove their personal issues into his narrative, both good and bad.

The Goddess of Mercy used to be a God, for their sake, long before the current era of special snowflakism.

>> No.56839156

>I mean I will not be surprised that it turns out allisons former "boyfriend" is either a transwoman or was turned into a woman by female magykyna powyrs.

Why would you assume this? We've had plenty of male characters who stay male. I'd be surprised if we didn't have a female character who switches the other way.

>> No.56839254

>Jojo almost have the same problem
Lisa Lisa


Joseph and Jotaro are both flawed figures whose flaws tend to spring from their "masculine" natures and harm them later (Josephs infidelity, Jotaro's inability to connect emotionally with his family)

Anon pls, not everything is about gender politics. Same goes for KSBD.

>> No.56839259

>Why would you assume this?
Because (S)he is related to the character.

Everyone who doesn't think beyond their nose are yelling about how the comic is sjw trash when there obviously is nothing else but the weird fixation on women worded badly. And you not noticing could be that you either don't want it to be because you really, really like the comic or you are desensitized to the concept of characters just turning out to be women or trans.

I mean I am fully there to accept that I am making this up and I do kinda wish I was, the comic has a good concept and story. But so far anything against it has been "Guys are cool too" and "The non-gendered rock people actually wanna be WOMEN is a cool story done well" and if it really is just hindy myth then well fuck I guess the poo's are the ones obsessive about women.

>> No.56839261

If Abaddon is such a great artists why do all these faces look like shit?

>> No.56839273

>but it shows some real promise.
It's literally a rules hack. Where's the so-called promise?

>> No.56839293

I'm concerned too. That you won't BUY MY GAME.

>> No.56839317

I missed the Lancer shilling but it must've been pretty bad to get everyone so pissy

>> No.56839329

I like a lot of the class stuff, I love the Lantern mechanic, he takes the best bits of 4e's grid combat and lessons from Lancer, and the basic lore premise and the emphasis on DD-style permenance is nice.

It's not nearly as much of a straight hack as Broken World is, and from what we've seen so far I think it's good for its job.

If I ever get the balls to try my GM skill at keeping players interested in a primarily dungeon-crawl game, I may well try this one out. If it turns out bad my group can always just default back to 5e, so it's not like any major harm was done.

>> No.56839331

>Lancer is more for Titanfall-esque campaigns
Quit spamming this terrible, terrible meme. Quit dragging Titanfall through the mud just to shill your shitty system, fans already have enough problems with EA permanently acquiring Respawn and putting them to work on some lootbox riddled Star Wars cancer.

>> No.56839336

It was one thread by a sperg over excitedly talking about a new mecha rpg from abaddon omg you guys it's what mecha fans have always wanted

Every following thread was actually made by those mocking the original poster, with new anons not realizing it was sarcasim/satire, perpetuating the issue

>> No.56839355

Quit being such a bitch about it. The game was literally designed to emulate the sort of pseudo-heroic mech combat that Titanfall does so well, and the pilots can literally run around with jet-packs and rodeo enemy mechs. If that's not Titanfall-esque, I don't know what is.

>> No.56839359

I love how you just don't know what to do with my argument. Its not sogyknees or goobergaber, but you gotta make a conclusion. So obviously I am angry about something that isn't even in the comic.

For fucks sake yeah, jojo does not out women at all and I can count up some who are not only weak women who win trough pure resolve or women that are actually terrifying villains or even heroes, I mean christ one arch is about a all female team of women (and arguably trans one with the sentient algea). But that does not remove my point of jojo almost having KSBD weird focus on WOMEN.

>> No.56839383


Quit being poor.

>> No.56839395

>The game was literally designed to emulate the sort of pseudo-heroic mech combat that Titanfall does so well
And it failed miserably.

>> No.56839402

It does a perfectly adequate job. There are certainly other games out there that do it better, I admit; I was the guy shilling Remnants half a thread ago. But quit being such a shit because you don't like the original shilling that took place.

>> No.56839407

todd, this is tg, go away. this isnt even your idea!

>> No.56839423

What on earth makes a focus on women weird, and what makes it's focus on women a weird focus on women?

You don't see how that's a contradiction in terms? If it's not about attacking men, then what on earth is bad or wrong or "odd" about it focusing on women?

>> No.56839431

I'm only pissed that you won't BUY MY GAME, anon? Why do you hate art? Why do you hate me? What happened to /tg/ gets shit done? You know, shit like BUYING MY GAME.

>> No.56839444

He's obviously stuck in the mentality that there needs to be a certain amount of male casting for it to be "normal."

Kind of like how people will complain if there are too many people of color in a main cast. Something about it seems "off," but God forbid if they can ever tell you what it is.

Would you please stop?

>> No.56839447

It does a perfectly shit job. It couldn't have missed the point harder if it tried

>> No.56839468

Alright, why do you feel that way? What is it about the game that misses the point so hard?

>> No.56839473

Are this and Lancer even for sale? I thought these were beta's with the rules being released for free

>> No.56839495

This you need to spend one dollar to get apparently, but ABADDON also never objected to people distributing PDFs as much they want.

Lancer is entirely free.

>> No.56839497

The Pit was literally just released yesterday for Abbadon's patreon contributors. Someone put up a version above, so no real "buying," needs to happen.

And I imagine that like Lancer, Abbadon will eventually just give people access to The Pit for free once he releases more of it.

>> No.56839508

The fact that pilots are goddamn worthless and your mech wants to kill you, for one.

>> No.56839542

I've never actually read the PDF but isn't that just unchained AI's?

>> No.56839562

But your premise is garbage and irrational.

>But for gods sake man you can know who is going to be friends with the main character by its gender.
Mammon was evil and full of shit, Six has a weird thing going on in that department hate most in others what you hate in yourself I guess, the acrobat devil that tried to dispose of her early in the chapter was female.

>Also who is going to be overpowered.
We already know Oscer is one of the baddest dudes in the world from word of God and apparently we'll know all about it by chapter's end, Incubus has entirely fucked Allison's shit and Jagganoth is the biggest bad and do I even need to talk about the fucking first king!!!

The core cast just happens to all be female and you take this as an obsession, perhaps it is you with the obsession. I repeat myself, I do not think you would even notice if the core cast were all male.

>> No.56839582

Yes, yes it is.

>> No.56839586

>pilots are goddamn worthless
So are pilots in Titanfall. I've played both, and they're worth fuck-all unless you're toting a dedicated anti-titan weapon; and even then, the anti-titan weapons took several pilots or several reloads to do the job. Death by a thousand cuts. What's more, in the first one rodeoing was useless and in the second it's too easy to get killed while doing it.

And the mech wanting to kill you only happens if you use an advanced unstable AI and that AI takes enough damage or heat to break. You can literally get a basic AI that just controls your Titan at a slight penalty and is entirely loyal no matter what. This is perfectly reminiscent of Titanfall, since the Auto-Titan feature was basically offering your mech up on a plate anyway.

So the lack of easily-acquirable pilot-sized anti-titan weapons aside, how does it miss the mark, anon?

It's the advanced AI. If they take too much damage they can unchain, and some of them may well get aggressive; it's not set in stone. What's more, you can put the chains back on with basically a computer check, and if your titan gets re-3d-printed the AI comes back chained.

>> No.56839591


Don't do that.

>> No.56839641

Sorry I have a medical condition where I become irrationally angry at people being wrong esoteric devil poetry forums.

>> No.56839660

You know what fine I'll admit I was wrong and it was me just not used to the absolute amount of themes, worldbuilding, resolution and characters being women. The comic is still good and whatever weird thing can be ignored, even if it rattles around in your head like a thought earworm.

Lets just not derail the thread anymore than needed and actually try to go back.

>> No.56839690
File: 1.01 MB, 500x400, 1418460495893.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm unironically surprised that someone on 4chan could use the words "I'll admit I was wrong," in any capacity.

You're a credit to this shitty community.

>> No.56839693

>even if it rattles around in your head like a thought earworm.
This is a symptom of a very serious medical condition, anon. It's not normal behavior for the brain.

>> No.56839740

Hi >>56839562
You have the grain of the idea you're not a fucking idiot by any means I just think you have mistaken a strong thematic element with a weird obsession.

>> No.56839778

absolutely fucking sage, kill yourself shill rat

>> No.56839797
File: 45 KB, 341x340, 1386539902513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You know what fine I'll admit I was wrong

>> No.56839803

As in, the base state of the AI is wanting to kill you. You don't see how this at odds with the idea of a Titanfallesque RPG.
>So are pilots in Titanfall.
Either you've never played or you're a fucking scrub who needs to git gud something fierce

>> No.56839882
File: 233 KB, 605x349, 9ac749ad98aa3ab98bb60be53602520460abefe8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been playing for a while. Yeah, PvP can get pretty intense pretty quick. But PvT--especially 1v1 fights--take a long time to settle in a pilot's favor unless he can wallbang rodeos and the titan doesn't have his electric smoke handy.

Anti-titan weapons help, but killing an Atlas-based chassis takes something like four or five reloads from most of TF2's anti-titan weaponry. That's a long time when a second or two of focus-firing or one lucky melee attack from the titan automatically kills the pilot.

Only retarded fucking pilots or guys who play so much they're VIPER-FAST can reasonably go after a titan in 1v1 PvT. This seems rather reminiscent of Lancer's PvT combat when a rodeo attack does 1d6 damage and most GMS chassis will have between 10-16 hit points. Yeah, the typical Lancer pilot weapon only does 1d3 vs mechs, but rodeos are where most of your damage comes from; especially when Lancer lets you get lucky and kill a dude through his cockpit if you roll high.

>> No.56839894

Well once again it wasn't that I hated the whole thing with women and I wasn't frothing out of the mouth mad about it. It was just a really eye catching thing that every time I look at something related to it, I was just blogging because hey, every argument was that it was sjw garbo or it didn't exist, which I felt was both wrong.

Again lets just talk about the comic or whatever so this is final but at what point does a strong theme not coincide with an obsession of the artist. I know food analogies are shit but imagine if a guy made a cake out of pure icing. Now either you assume the guy is really into icing, which is weird or he's trying to make some artsy statement. Except KSBD isn't, since it clearly has everything against it.
Again I just really felt the need to blog about it because it was bothering me.

So how 'bout that incubus huh? Pretty wacky!

>> No.56839906

I want to see the homeless noodle lady kick his ass and get her Word back.

>> No.56839932
File: 23 KB, 640x302, BDOsFON_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That first pic
Why are the Puazi a playable race in this game?

>> No.56839938
File: 73 KB, 625x416, 73ab7667a8ec3607c28ad4e8c4ce065819edfd65677a943c5030d23feab961e0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hoo boy i never noticed that before

>> No.56839953

Is normal sex even a thing in the godly multiverse place?

I'm imagining that its kinda hard to go back to normal sex after your conquered universe has to deal with SUPER hookers.

>> No.56839982

I imagine the sexual experiences available in Throne are pretty intense. The not!Puazi are in Seal, not Throne.

I mean, I guess they could be in Throne, too. "Servants," are basically supposed to let the PCs make whatever they wanted if they didn't want to play a human, Angel, or Devil.

>> No.56840014

>That's a long time when a second or two of focus-firing or one lucky melee attack from the titan automatically kills the pilot.
The difference is you regain your kit and AT ammo whereas the Titan is permanently damaged. It might take you a life or two (but you can easily take one down in one with a charge hacked rifle or archer and some clever positioning or by being a rodeo king or even just coordinating with a fellow pilot) but you can still take him the fuck out and remain a threat.

You see how this doesn't translate well to a game where the moment you jump out of your mech it hopes you die and if you get so much as nicked it's time to roll up a new character? Nevermind the fact that the TITANFALLESQUE CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE you keep buzzwording about DOESN'T FUCKING WORK if you can't work alongside your AI robobuddy to take down threats simultaneously as you do in the campaign. You know, the most CINEMATIC part of the fucking game.

>> No.56840031

>So how 'bout that incubus huh? Pretty wacky!
I thought this was a Pit thread. Fuck off back to /co/, faggot.

>> No.56840060

Then talk about it faggot, if you can't hold something super relevant we'll fucking talk about the kinda relevant stuff.

I'll fucking smack your legs together that's what.

>> No.56840084

Why do all these faggots have one or none eyes?

>> No.56840092

Yeah I mean, for a guy who's usually really creative with his designs these kinda fucking suck.

>> No.56840094
File: 318 KB, 544x400, 5ab3cb02c1daebeb4e9ba44a1ff4959812d50cb8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this respawn mechanic makes my victory inevitable
>but this RPG that focuses on people with actual lives isn't the same!
No shit, Sherlock. I was describing PvT combat with the assumption that pilot would be stupid enough to want to live through the experience. Of course an RPG that tells a story where your character wants to stay alive wouldn't be the same.

And there is literally nothing stopping your pilot from taking a lot of cover or fighting in an urban environment or trying to rodeo while your GMS-puppet-AI-controlled robo-buddy keeps the enemy mech busy. At literally no point in the entire game does it say that cannot happen.

And let's assume that you do literally want to translate the game over--including respawn mechanics. v1.5 literally introduces cloning your character back to life. There's nothing to stop your GM from letting you do it more than once or do it at the fucking base if that's really what you want. Even though, you know, trying to emulate the game in it's literal entirety is entirely stupid and not at all what the creator meant when he said Titanfall served as an inspiration.

Anon, is it late at night where you are? Or are you just retarded at all hours of the day?

>> No.56840112

On 4chan? The only way to market here effectively is to get blamed for a mass shooting.

>> No.56840157

>this respawn mechanic makes my victory inevitable
It makes battles of attrition possible, yes. The point is that PvT is balanced and possible due to one Titan kill being worth two Pilot kills, three if you get the pilot as well. Shit nigger, am I really going to have to sit you down and school your ass on vidya theory? Especially since the goddamn IN-GAME LORE of Titanfall implies death isn't strictly the end for every Pilot.

And nice job ignoring the entire cinematic argument that was the core of your initial pitch. If it can't even capture the goddamn atmosphere of the game, then why even associate the two?

>> No.56840431

The atmosphere of the game is captured more than well enough if we operate under the assumption that someone in-universe doesn't want to just throw their life away, dude. Yeah, the multiplayer "implies," that they aren't all fighting to the DEATH death, but the in-universe campaign made it pretty clear that Cooper had zero intention of dying.

Maybe because dying would be bad.

>> No.56840659

>The atmosphere of the game is captured more than well enough if we operate under the assumption that someone in-universe doesn't want to just throw their life away, dude.
I'm just going to repost my earlier statement since you're apparently some kinda passive aggressive illiterate. I'll even greentext and line break it for you so your blind, reddit loving ass can parse the text

>Nevermind the fact that the TITANFALLESQUE CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE you keep buzzwording about DOESN'T FUCKING WORK if you can't work alongside your AI robobuddy to take down threats simultaneously as you do in the campaign. You know, the most CINEMATIC part of the fucking game.

>> No.56840685

This is my new favourite meme

>> No.56840716

Only thing new here is you.

>> No.56840739

Let me return the favor:
>And there is literally nothing stopping your pilot from taking a lot of cover or fighting in an urban environment or trying to rodeo while your GMS-puppet-AI-controlled robo-buddy keeps the enemy mech busy. At literally no point in the entire game does it say that cannot happen.

>> No.56841303

So what you're saying is you didn't play the campaign, seeing as you were ass out in the open more often than pinging from cover.
>robo buddy
Literally impossible as per the lore of the game.

>> No.56841450

The point I am trying to make with the campaign is that Cooper doesn't want to die. Kind of implies that dying still has consequences there.

>literally impossible as per the lore of the game
Where? Using the GMS AI means there's literally zero risk of it turning on you if it takes damage and breaks, and the hyper-advanced shackled AI don't always default to "murder operator." So where's it say you can't rodeo an enemy mech while your robo buddy beats the fuck out of it with a robo fist?

>> No.56841542

>The point I am trying to make with the campaign is that Cooper doesn't want to die
No shit nigger, did you know see the part where I explicitly explained how those are two separate arguments? Lancer captures neither the fast paced frenetic feel of the multiplayer where both your life and your Titan's are expendable in the heat of battle but if you're damn good you can slip by any assault, nor does it capture the high octane and downright ridiculous scifi buddy cop antics of the campaign where it's you and your robot buddy against the whole damn world and you can do things like have your Titan throw you from one moving aircraft to another so you can doubleteam and high flying asshole who has entirely more missiles than his Titan can conceivably carry.

Simply put, Lancer is entirely too busy huffing it's own farts on dank gnosticism and grimderp memes to be simply and innocently FUN the way Titanfall is and no amount of poorly worded shilling or attempts to weasel around the shitty lore in order to force a comparison will change that.

>> No.56841622


How the fuck does an “artist” put out two half backed shitty rpgs so befret of art? Lancer has the cover image and this has a bunch shitty merit badges.

>> No.56841767

You got me. I wish he added more art.

>> No.56842059

Uh, sweetie, you CLEARLY aren't an artist yourself, so how about you don't criticise such a talented one?

>> No.56842439

Umm, hon? Maybe because he's BUSY working on his groundbreaking, ultra- progressive comic.

>> No.56842544

This, honestly a lot of gender theorists would probably find the depiction of masculinity as inherently 'abstract' and femininity as earthly 'problematic' (and another part would laud the series for it). But as far as mythology goes it's literally the oldest concept in history.

>> No.56842571

You act like he's super educated when it's all basic bitch, entry level Hinduism and Gnosticism. You'd have about just as thorough an understanding of the themes and motifs he blatantly lifts from watching Gatchaman for fucks sake.

>> No.56842573

Based, thanks anon.

>> No.56842576

No need to samefag yourself, brochacho

>> No.56842593
File: 1.33 MB, 700x1520, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off you fat loving nigger

>> No.56844170

Pretty sure that's intended to be a representation of the character's insecurities, not a literal representation of something, or an indication of the author's fetishes.

>> No.56844246

Whatever you say, retard

>> No.56845146

Come on anon... Her tits unnecessarily jubble out of her top in public in an outrageously blunt fashion. This is wank fuel.

>> No.56845216

>Fat loving nigger
>There are no fatties in K6BD
How come?

>> No.56845763

Haha he has slightly abnormal fetishes, what a degenerate, right?
>posts on /tg/

>> No.56845842

>Quit dragging Titanfall through the mud

It's insulting to Lancer to compare it to Titanfall. Not because Lancer's good, mind.

>> No.56845868

Where is the fat porn? I need it because of reasons.

>> No.56846129


Need to know where he posts that shit for reasons.

>> No.56848081

Jesus fuck there is no way the original shilling Lancer got was half as annoying as this shit

>> No.56848173

I'm all for depending abbadon but you clearly don't know he was an anon drawfag on /d/, which is where that pic comes from.

>> No.56848336

Yeah it's really weird. I skimmed through some of this 'pit' thing, and it sounds neat but man is it boring to read blank pages after blank pages. Simple sketches would be extremely effective also because they could be explained as IC drawings made by a veteran explorer.

>> No.56848791


>when an artist you like has terrible fucking fetishes.

>> No.56848809

No one made him lord of anything, there is literally an entire board dedicated to requests, dickshit.
And there's also a fucking pdf thread where you can request it.
Keeping an entire thread up solely so you can beg for someone to buy you something is shitposting at its finest.

>> No.56849044


It's also already been posted, so add another strike for being a thick cunt who can't fucking read.

>> No.56849233

So why is everything Abbadon does shit now? Was it the fact Lancer got shilled too hard and people couldn't hold their autism in?

Then answer me this, is Lancer actually a shit system? And if so, can you tell me why beyond the fact that Abbadon wrote it? Like what are actual mechanical problems?

>> No.56849354

I love the lantern dice idea

>> No.56849357

>It's insulting to Lancer to compare it to Titanfall
Then why do you shills keep doing it? Oh right, brand recognition for a quick buck. Fucking scum.

>> No.56849620

>Implying anyone here buys RPGs

>> No.56849793

Which is why these threads were started with the intention of getting someone to buy it for the group. And lo and behold, someone did.

>> No.56849999


>> No.56850127

And who gives a fuck if they did? I enjoy Abbadon's shit but I'm not on his Patreon and don't really plan to change that. Getting the RPG these days is easy as finding the PDF here on /tg/.

>> No.56850528

>there are people, right here, right now, who think random autists on a tabletop gaming forum nobody gives a shit about are secretly shills
>Implying anyone here buys RPGs

>> No.56850621

I have no stake either way in any of this, but the misinformation and snowballing in this thread is fucking out of control.

Lets establish a few facts:

Abaddon did not write lancer, he merely helped playtest and did minimal art.

Broken World is based on Abaddons work, but written by him and some associates who I'm pretty sure are just his gaming group IRL.

On a personal note:

I have not played ANY of these RPGS and I neither like nor dislike the Abaddon, I think KSBD is better than most people on this board could do and has some interesting art, but the story is pretty mid-tier and doesn't really hold my interest.

This whole situation speaks to me, and if I may postulate on the situation in this thread from my position, it is partially about /tg/ culture, but also partially pseudo jealousy.

I'm an "indie game dev" meaning I work other jobs completely unrelated to games because barely ANYONE can actually sustain themselves on indie RPGs. I would LOVE to be able to do what Abaddon does, regardless of actual content or talent, he has semi-"made it" for the time being. Sure it can be fleeting, sure he probably doesn't make much money, but his name's out there.

We love to hate people who get successful. my original response to this thread was the same as everyone else, "oh look more abaddon shilling", but I seriously doubt if he has anything to do with this thread, at least originally, who knows if the fucking bedlam has alerted him and he's lurking in the posts here somewhere.

The point is, can you fucking blame him for putting out content? Once again, regardless of quality or talent. HE got his name out. Call him a hack, call him poor author, call him a genius, it doesn't matter. Is it any better than selling your soul to a corporate office job? Is it any better than working a 9-5 you fucking hate? Is it any better than the thousand of sacrifices against our true selves we have to make every single day just to live in the modern world?

>> No.56850689

>my original response to this thread was the same as everyone else, "oh look more abaddon shilling"
I didn't realise any retards legit thought there was shilling. We were just joking, dude.

>> No.56850799

>haha LOLE we were just trolling u the moment you decide to make a genuine response lole

Please just don't talk.
especially not to represent the whole thread, many of whom certainly feel differently than you.

>> No.56851206

It's more that you're basing this very serious (and very badly thought out) rant on a certain assumption that is, in fact, completely incorrect.

There's no super serious Freudian jealousy of Abaddon's big dick. It's just shitposting responding to shitposting, mixed with legit discussion.

>> No.56851319

Sorry you individually feel that way, but since you're only one person, and the same person as >>56850689 I don't think you can really speak for the whole thread. Regardless of which, if you read my post above I was saying I WAS jealous, in a very honest and candid way. I even explained why.

Jesus this thread is a toxic shithole. I won't be responding past this.

>> No.56851328

>secretly shills
About as secret as Harvey Weinstein's sexual depravity, maybe

>> No.56851350

>but also partially pseudo jealousy.
Whatever you say, Abbyboi

>> No.56851644
File: 355 KB, 1920x1009, abyss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody else picking up some hints of Made in Abyss? I'm definitely a fan of giant hole dungeons. (Giant tower dungeons can GTFO).

"OSR" and "Souls series" are the new "rogue-like".

Which is to say: I'm not really picking up on those inspirations either. The combat systems feel too gamey and crunchy to be an OSR system. The focus on dungeon delving (areas, rooms, levels, refuge, etc.) might be similar to some OSR games, but could just as easily be called "video game inspired".
I don't really see any Souls elements.
Darkest Dungeon influences are pretty obvious, at least.

This desperately needs an editor. Pretty obvious that this is somebody's first time laying-out a book. The rules are just poorly-written (regardless of whether the mechanics themselves are any good).

Disappointing that there's so little detail on the setting and actually running the game. I guess it's called the "player's guide" which implies that there's a "GM's guide" to go along with it? But even a minimalist player's guide should have at least a few example monsters and more backstory about the world.

It also reeks of "one guy in his bedroom spends 200 hours writing shit without ever actually playtesting".
Honestly, you'd probably have to throw 80% of that book into the trash after a single playtest. But I guarantee that the author would never remove a single fucking class from his "baby" even if 99/100 playtesters were telling him how much it sucks.
There was probably a good game in there at some point. We could have saved it if it was treated early. But unfortunately, this game is already terminal.

Oh, the lack of decent Abaddon art is also very disappointing. It's literally just some icons? What's the point? They're not detailed or evocative enough to give me any ideas about what they represent. A circle with the word "elf", "frogman", "catman", "human" would have been just as effective.

>> No.56851673

>Is it any better than selling your soul to a corporate office job?
I love how artists tout this line out as if they're somehow above the common man simply because they doodle misshapen blobs intended to be attractive women growing into progressively more misshapen blobs intended to be fat women for a living. And they sneer at that guy rocking the cubicle despite the fact that he's the one helping contribute to the infrastructure that allows artists to live in a world where autistic diaper furries can commission vore art from them, not to mention the one giving them money when he buys that shitty comic they put out or throws a buck at their patreon.

The only industry I've seen with greater contempt for it's customers is maybe videogames

>> No.56851696

>the lack of decent Abaddon art
To be fair, that's a problem in everything he works on

>> No.56851859

Not the other anon but I think you missed the point entirely. It's not about being superior, it's about scraping by. It's about the fact that you found a way to eat, whether it's degrading, however it is you made the money, you have the money.

And btw you're fucking retarded is you think most office jobs "contribute" to the infrastructure. I've worked tons of office jobs for completely unnecessary companies that sell totally useless shit to people that certainly don't need it any further than that they've been told they do.

>> No.56851958

And yet that's still more useful than """art""". Art is, by it's fucking definition, frivolous and wasteful.

>> No.56852022

Hahaha ok troll anon. Look at the sheer number of times in this thread people mention how the roles need more art.

>> No.56852144

From their comfy room, on their computer, on a website using code, in their comfy chair, likely eating shitty processed foods they got from a store they arrived at in either their car or a public bus.

But hey, I'm sure artists just scribbled all these things into existence, right?

>> No.56852203


Not sure why I even come to 4chan these days.

>> No.56852206

Well anon you just seem like you got it all figured out. Let me know when you write a book with all your thoughts, sounds like society could really learn from you.

>> No.56852239

*Raises paw*
OwO wats dis?

>> No.56852268

Are you a fucking idiot, dude? I'm not saying art is awful, I'm saying that artists should be grateful we live in a society where they can just do art and make a living and that it's thanks to those drones they sneer down on that they can.

You don't see many artists under communism, after all.

>> No.56852302

It's obviously not a finished product man, he even said as much. I think it's a little presumptuous to look at the earliest beta of anything and go 'well this is doomed'.

>> No.56852316
File: 794 KB, 1400x908, KSBD89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that his side-projects are barebones given the effort that goes into his main project.

>> No.56852338

He draws pretty backdrops. Too bad the actual comic part of his comic sucks.

>> No.56852349

I'm pretty sure you're the same dude from here: >>56851958
>Art is, by it's fucking definition, frivolous and wasteful

Seems like not only are you the idiot, you also have an incredibly short memory.

>You don't see many artists under communism, after all.

I don't even have the energy to explain to you...

>> No.56852394

Show us where the mean artists touched you anon

>> No.56852415
File: 51 KB, 359x305, woah would you look at that.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I won't be responding past this.

>> No.56852449

t. STEMlord butthurt they can't keep up with the glorious arts&humanities master race

>> No.56852452

It IS frivolous and wasteful, moron. But that doesn't make it bad. There is nothing wrong with a little wasteful frivolity from time to time.
>I don't even have the energy to explain to you...
I'm not surprised, you seem to be working the two brain cells you have to your name into overtime trying to rub em together for a single rational thought. And yet you still can't seem to understand that art is the absolute last priority for any society, meaning that if a society can devote itself in part to such aims then it's pretty well off, largely due to the working class performing the thankless jobs artists are afraid of doing.

>> No.56852484

Nigga, I take pictures for a living. You are barking up the wrong tree.

>> No.56852488

What's your job anon? Having a core meltdown on a Tongan Slideshow board?

>> No.56852498

>I take pictures for a living
If it's not artistic, it's not part of the master race.

>> No.56852507

I think this is the worst thread I've seen on /tg/ in a long time

>> No.56852533

Same, I'm almost surprised by how every individual aspect of it is cancer

>> No.56852577

>core meltdown
You're the one crying here, anon. Shieet, you had such a big tantrum you straight up refused to let your precious gommunism get bullied too.

>> No.56852603

If your rough earliest beta is 100 pages (with 10 classes and each class has 3 subclasses and each subclass is 3 pages of text), you're probably already doomed.

If you want people to test something, you give them 3 or 4 options, max. You don't give someone 30 options unless you think that you shit solid gold and everything you write is already pretty much perfect and ready to ship.

>> No.56852654

Different anon friend.

>> No.56853243


Don't pretend you don't like it, imposter.

>> No.56853947

I mean, it's a lovely idea to have more art. but he's also got a comic to update, and he's added more art to this than Lancer. If you're so worried, why not just draw art of your own to add to it?

>> No.56854136

Came here to post this. What's up with that guy?

>> No.56854183 [DELETED] 

If I had a dollar for every time he skipped an update just to do a large uncohesive with tow lines of dialogue that only held my attention for 20 seconds...

>> No.56854259

If I had a dollar for every time he skipped an update just to do a large uncohesive piece with two lines of dialogue that only held my attention for 20 seconds...

>> No.56855149

>Pretty obvious that this is somebody's first time laying-out a book.
This is his 3rd system.

>> No.56855391
File: 2.88 MB, 2466x3461, 1456089240804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And he has yet to improve

It reminds me of the way I used to "design games" back when I never actually got to run anything. I'd write and write and write and then jump to another project, and write some more on that, then jump to something else. Leaving a trail of basically playable but never playtested games in my wake.

>> No.56855565

>t. Jealous of people with the god given talent that is creating works of art from mundane nigh-nothingness and basic materials.

Have you even tried getting gud?a

>> No.56855583

Clearly sir, your jameses are furrowed.

>> No.56855622

See how much fun /tg/ related ANYTHING would be with stick-figure grade representations instead of art, bucko mc-ignorant-fucko.

>> No.56855797

>hey guys something came put

>300 replies of noxious trash

4chan is unsalvageable. If it isn't /pol/tards or blatant redditors, it's shitposters or plain old assholes.

>> No.56855831

>a board dedicated to creative pursuits featuring people actively posting against art or creating

>> No.56856993

It's like the world's dumbest paradox

>> No.56857555

Then start defending your shitty dark fantasy rpg based on souls and darkest dungeon the two most entry level and unimaginative dark fantasy settings of all time.

Defend your trash or shut the fuck up.

>> No.56857720

Or like, maybe you could stop being a huge baby about it and act like a normal person

His games have problems, nobody is denying that. But you either like the setting or you don't, it's personal preference. And if you don't, there is no reason to screech and fill the thread with cancer.

>> No.56857885

It’s garbage and you still haven’t defended it.

What th fuck is novel or interesting about this setting? What makes it worth anyone’s time?

You don’t answer these questions because you can’t. This setting wouldn’t even be fit for an airport paperback.

You post about shit people will complain about the stink you shill. It’s the same for any shit with an army of shills like Worm.

>> No.56858096

Can you make your argument for why it's bad tangible instead of a vague opinion? I've only ever played 5e so I have absolutely no idea if this is good or not. Abbadon is the only reason I'm looking at it.

So tell me why it's bad. The Writing? The System itself? Or is this a Lancer situation where something of Abbadon was pushed a bit too hard, and now it's all irrevocably shit, no matter what? Did you come here with your mind made up?

>> No.56858134

>In a far away land, where the dying sun holds vigil at the end of the world, there is a broad black desert of dead things and a City. The City's name is Seal a line of fire against the horizon.

OH NO NO NO NO (breathes in)

>> No.56858145

See >>56858134

The setting is baby's first dark fantasy composed of set pieces stolen from better, stronger works.

>> No.56858159

I don't know who the fuck Abaddon is or what Lancer is, all I know is that this setting look comically bad.

You know what a fantasy heartbreaker is right?https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Fantasy_Heartbreaker

This is like that but for dark fantasy.

>> No.56858202

I just want a dungeon crawl game that isn't an embarrassment of terrible layout, groggy legacy rules, and terrible art (if you can't to make your product aesthetically pleasing, don't commission art, or spend it all on a good cover). This might turn out to be it, but I suppose if this doesn't get off the ground, I'll have to look at Torchbearer and grimace through the combat parts.

>> No.56858230

>I don't know who the fuck Abaddon is or what Lancer is, all I know is that this setting look comically bad.

Lancer is the first of Abbadon's RPGs to make it to /tg/. A Titanfall like Mecha game. Now I don't know what the fuck happened, but it was getting a thread back the moment it got archived, the way most Generals go.

Some people got it into their heads that Lancer was a hardcore shilling project, despite it and Abbadon's webcomic being free as fuck. And now it can't be discussed without a lot of shitposting.

>> No.56858258

Tends to be how he works, and I say this as a fan. This is a bunch of dark fantasy slapped together with no idea why things work well in dark fantasy. Lancer was a bunch of mecha stuff slapped together with no idea why things work well in mecha. K6BD is a bunch of Eastern Religious Thematics slapped together with no idea of their context or meaning.

That's how he roll, for better or worse.

>> No.56858272

>Some people got it into their heads that Lancer was a hardcore shilling project, despite it and Abbadon's webcomic being free as fuck. And now it can't be discussed without a lot of shitposting.

Apparently Abbadon has a fan discord and people were talking about putting Lancer threads up on /tg/. The first 2 or 3 OP's were so awful, it was obvious that whoever posted it doesn't go to /tg/ or 4chan in general.

It's a shame because Lancer is generally fun, if lacking a lot of polish.

>> No.56858275

Are you saying Abbadon is Chad: Forger of Worlds?

>> No.56858334

Didn't the poor PbtA implementation of the K6BD setting hit way earlier than that?

>> No.56858362

Armless wonder of the Black Legion

>> No.56858400

>A Titanfall like Mecha game

>> No.56860034

What's wrong about calling it that, anon?

>muh robobuddy
You can do that with a bound AI or a dummy plug, or by getting the AI-related skill. I think the dummy plug's mental abilities are probably closer to BT's abilities in the game, anyway, judging by the colony AI in the adventure.

>high octane pilot combat
When you're fighting as a pilot, you're wearing your pilot suit, and that gives you combat stats and the sort of maneuverability you want for a Titanfall game. When you're outside of your suit, sure, it's more freeform, but there's still a reasonable structure for it to work on, to let you do things like resolve a sniper shooting at your PCs while they're in-transit from the spaceport to get their robots.

>> No.56860085

>Friends are totally friends so long as they're your slave
You're retarded

>> No.56860252

Protocol 1: Link to Pilot
Protocol 2: Uphold the Mission
Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot

>> No.56860332

I like the part where BT's neural link to his pilot is broken at the beginning of the campaign so he just murders you with his newfound freedom.

Oh wait...

>> No.56860589

Except that it wasn't broken, you dingus. It only gets broken when the AI core component itself gets damaged, and the only component that got damaged on BT was his power core, given how he was fully functional immediately after rebooting himself.

>> No.56864313

>Except that it wasn't broken, you dingus
The link to his pilot was absolutely broken seeing as it's a neural link and his pilot was fucking dead, moron.

>> No.56864409

A broken neural link does not an unshackled AI make, you dumbass. Then it's a shackled AI without a neural link.

>> No.56864510

>An AI that's unbound from any pilot and free to make it's own decisions isn't unshackled
Are you dumb or are you implying that one wrong bullet would've turned BT into an omnicidal mess hell-bent on killing Cooper and there a complete blubbering retard?

>> No.56867302

Settings is Been There Done That but I like the races and classes. Nothing wildly groundbreaking but they are Neat

>> No.56869057

Agreed, I like a lot of the class stuff even if the setting is quite typical. The mycomancer subclass thing for the Witch is really fun sounding to me, love me some mushroom/nature magic.

>> No.56869226

Wait it's free?

Why the fuck are people complaining about shills then, what are you fuckin tards on about

>> No.56870779
File: 56 KB, 1608x174, page2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because they're hoping to get unpaid playtesters for their underdeveloped beta that they hope to eventually release commercially.

>> No.56872231

And the moment someone on /tg/ buys the finished product, if they don't just edit an earlier PDF, they're going to scan it and make a PDF out of it.

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