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Superior waifu edition

A thread dedicated to the development and discussion of the One Piece RPG, inspired by Eichiro Oda's titular work.

System building, character building, campaign building, and general advice and discussion are all welcome.

>D6 One Piece
Current system in progress (V0.3): https://pastebin.com/atFsdSue
There are still a few spots for pregens of Paramecia and non-DF users, although the rules are subject to change.

>/tg/ One Piece RPG Discord

Previously, on Islands and Sea Devils: >>56734709

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Is this the part of the song where we remind everyone that Age of Pirates is already a thing?

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Quick update for you guys, my schedule cleared up for tomorrow. If all goes well v0.4 is soon to be released with character progression and the bare bones of combat.

Following that, I'll be able to spend most of my days working on the system and getting feedback here. I'd like to set up a playtest a few days before Christmas, so if anyone is interested look forward to that, at least three players would be ideal. Keep working on those pregens and feedback is always appreciated.

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I would like to play in the test game. Whats your name on the discord.

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I'm not on the OP's discord, but as soon as I get my PC I'll join

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The one based on OGL? It's not complete, and it has no rules for anything other than combat, and it's very inflexible in how that works. I feel like an OP game would need a good mix of narrative and crunch in order to feel nice to play.

Sounds fun, I'm interested and have another interested player if you are up to try it out.
On the idea of Haki, would they work as Fighting Syles with specific effects?

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Haki is used to supplement your fighting style or Devil Fruit. You buy it with RP and it works like moves do, as you spend PP to use it.
It will give you bonuses based on your Will stat, like increasing your damage, reducing damage taken, sticking to what has been shown in the manga. Still thinking how Conqueror's Haki should be avaible to the player

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Anon who was stating stuff here, sorry I've been away but life decided to rear its ugly head. Will have stuff for the thread on the weekend.

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I would add a pre-requisite Trait for Conqueror's Haki, kinda like the Poneglyph, as it's something you have since birth or not. You start with it, but you haven't awoken it, and as you go along the game you can buy the unlock/GM gives you the go. A Special-Style attack would be the main way it can faint people.

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I got an outline for a possible plot for a Grand Line island story
>Ever Red Island
>An Autumn island located in the Grand Line. It is a large island country which is made up of mostly large flat lands and small cliffs and hills. The island is covered in lush forests of reds and oranges and yellows, with bricks of bright red connecting the various villages and towns to the central city, surrounding an immense, bright red castle.
>The island is ruled by King Guyreed, a tyrannical lord who took over the kingdom by forcing a political marriage so he could rule it by law.
>He was able to do this unopposed and continue to control the throne despite attempts on his life thanks to his own power and the strength of his loyal Brush Knights, three incredibly powerful knights loyal to Guyreed
>Guyreed himself has no special powers, but is an unrivaled swordsman (at least on the island) and has cut down numerous fools who attempted to take him down
>His Brush Knights consist of Darkly Briggen, a knight how ate the Brass Brass Fruit, allowing him to create and control brass freely and dominates foes with his brass constructs, Ridicule Ockley, a knight who ate the Silver Silver Fruit, allowing him to control silver and cuts down enemies easily with his two silver blades, and Langselot, his strongest knight, who ate the Deer Deer Fruit Model: Elk, possessing enough strength and skill to crush entire pirate crews alone, shrugging off even cannon fire.
>Along with the Brush Knights, Guyreed commands a legion of over 100 knights who guard and keep order across the kingdom

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Did you ever review the Square Head guy from the last thread?

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Quick people, I need short descriptions of minor NPCs. Townsfolk, mook pirates, give it to me.

>Puckel, a sculptor who prefers to sculpt on a boat.
>Bagingi, the waitress with several missing teeth.
>Tap, the wagon driver with the tattoo of a deer on his hand.
>Eryam, the housewife that carries a flyswatter everywhere.

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>The citizens of Ever Red island have had to endure Guyreed's tyrannical rule for years, with no hope of escaping, as the Government refuses to step in, and any brave souls who decide to lend a hand are quickly crushed
>Except for one man
>Two months before (current events), an elderly man arrived to the island on a small house boat. He was adorned in rather ratty looking armor, and carried a sword far too heavy for a man his age to be wielding, and it showed with how he could barely swing it
>The man was known as Wasser, who presented himself as a gallant knight who had cut down countless villains and monsters in his quest for a city of great dreams to save his home
>When the citizens learned of this man they quickly begged him to save them from Guyreed, even throwing what little money at him
>What the citizens did not know is Wasser was an actor, a self-proclaimed master of any role, and he had been sailing from island to island to put on his latest play, of a knight of great strength seeking a city of dreams. Wasser himself was a weak, cowardly old man, and certainly not up for the task he was being asked to do
>Of course Wasser was prepared to run away as soon as possible, until he witnessed the sight of one of Guyreed's knights attacking a family in the streets for walking in front of him. Wasser, despite his cowardly demeanor, rushed to the families aid and engaged the knight, with a combination of boisterous lies, masterful acting, a surprising grit he never knew he had and a lucky swing from the monstrously heavy sword he had, he bested the knight, though didn't walk away unscathed, but thanks to his armor and acting talent, he convinced the citizens he has won flawlessly
>Now pressured by the praise of the citizens, as well as his rage at the injustice they suffer, Wasser fights a clearly overwhelmed battle against Guyreed, but even hit and run tactics end with him barely escaping with his life

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>That is where [Your Party/Crew] come in
>Arriving on Ever Red island, your lot are quickly made aware of the injustice of the island, as well as the losing battle the cowardly actor turned heroic knight is waging against Guyreed. It falls upon your lot to lend a hand, and hopefully topple Guyreed's rule and free the island, and perhaps turn Wasser's lies into reality.

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Bogran, the town drunk/sheriff

Dolomon, the pearl diver who dives too deep

Takai, an artist who uses powdered coral for his paintings

Calid, a marine stationed at some podunk bay that likes his comfy no trouble job just the way it is thank you very much

Balalaika, pirate turned mayor who still has a few black market connections but would rather give back to the community

Tomo, the barkeep who can beat you in a race or drinks are on her

MacKenzie, who engraves incredible carvings onto boats, not a shipwright

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That's some good stuff, could see that as an actual One Piece story.

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>Block and Tackle- Twin brother fisherman who work to bring in big catches for the town
>Primrose- The pretty but airheaded tailor who sews frills and hearts on everything, even when the owner didn't order it
>Pa Odus- An old man whose beard and ear hair seem to blend seamlessly into each other, always acts hard of hearing towards troublesome topics, always sitting in the center of town feeding birds
>Officer Scold- An overbearing and overweight cop who is always true to his name, scolding people for the slightest infraction, but always lets them off with a warning that next time he'll arrest them for sure
>Captain Pinkish- A pirate captain with a crew of 12 idiots. He and his crew all live in a shipwrecked boat on the beach that they have turned into their personal tavern. They act threatening and violent, but wouldn't harm a fly, and cower at the slightest hint of violence
>Roberts "Death Bringer" ONiel- A pirate who has been 'terrorizing' the local seas. He always displays a bounty poster with a bounty of 444 million Belly, and threatens to wipe people out, but the poster he always shows is a fake.
>Garbuckle- A very bottom heavy man who spends his time diving off shore for oysters, stating he has sustained himself solely on roasted oysters and sake for 33 years, stating his mother even gave him sake and roasted oysters when he was born
>Muriel- Garbuckle's wife, she cannot stand the smell of oysters, but loves her husband too much to say anything, and thus wears fragrant flowers and fruits all over her head. She eats solely beans on rice and claims thats how shes kept her "beautiful figure" for 33 years

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>Balalaika, pirate turned mayor who still has a few black market connections but would rather give back to the community

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That's some good shit anon. Like >>56805411 said it fits really well into the established canon.

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Quick, anons. What is the South Blue equivalent of Loguetown?

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Unknown. Very little is known of the other Blues in terms of islands, save a few key ones.

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> Miss Pegasus- An elderly Okama who retired from traveling to live in peace, the villagers think he's an old lady, he doesn't correct them
>Tingting- A hotblooded young girl in a chinese dress who serves noodles at a local restaurant with hootblooded fervor, much to the chagrin of customers who ends up covered in hot broth and noodles
>Charlie- A shipwright who breaks ships more than fixes them, but he's the only person on the island with shipwright knowledge, and he is cheap so people put up with him
>Dandy- A cat Mink who likes to travel the world. Having wandered out of the Grand Line, he keeps his identity as a Mink secret and just tells people he's a guy with a cat mask on
>Dutch- A scrappy young girl who runs around selling local newspapers, always tries to chase off news gulls because she thinks they are trying to take her business.

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