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Let's talk about... this.


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I don't wanna

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Is this the designated thread for shitposting about social politics on the tabletop RPG board? Because I have some very strong opinions about various social groups that I can couch in terms of fictional RPG groups that I may have played with.

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white people can't dance: the movie

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I think I saw a 3.X DMG on the table

Just saying

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A LARP with challenges new players can't attempt simply because they don't have enough XP? That is poor game design. But, what do you want from a woman?

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>My face

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I dont have internet. Can someone type up a play by play so i can judge it?

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>white people can't dance
Umm.... try again sweetie

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Its like 7:00 and this shit made me so tired Im gonna just go to bed.

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I don't even know how to describe the ailment this video cursed me with. I'm pretty sure I need to visit a research lab for this shit.

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Let's fix this thread with some GOOD songs about D&D.

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I agree with this decision

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Oh my, a /tg/ cancer thread? This might actually be fun...

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Jesus, even if one is the DM thats a five person party. gonna have a bad time.

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all of those are moderatly attractive at worst. i call bullshit. if they play tabletop rpgs on the regular, the stars are right and the end is near.

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fuck you anon for making me listening to that

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on the other hand, this is good

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I have no more /tg/ cancer to post, I realize. How does /tg/ feel about /co/ cancer?

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If you're running out of board-related shitposting, you should probably stop posting.

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bump for more D&D songs

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