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Aggressive Edition


Thread Q: What decks you wish were Top Tier?

>Comprehensive Rules

>Current Modern Metagame


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unban stone forge mystic

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unban splinter twin

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Sold all the shit since Modern hit the fan.

Question: has Modern at any point not been the goto Aggro or Combo MtG format?

Havnt seen a propper control or Midgame deck since its inception.

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legacy is the go to format for mtg players with taste

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>thread q
We can tell it's a question you don't need to tell us champ.

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>Boros burn bby
>affinity and scapeshift
>not really a brew but building mono green stompy. Was going with T&N but decided against it
>thread q
Mono green stompy, T&N, Grishoalbrand

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Trying to build an Esper Reanimator deck, I need suggestions. I'm too poor for goryo's, so I'm just gonna try to be a grindy deck that uses Unburial Rites

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>What is Jund
>What is Junk
>What are the Eldrazi decks
Get out.

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>too poor for goryo's
Well that's a shame because LotV was the first thing I was going to recommend. Unless you want to play the reanimator package in a Tron shell I don't know how you're going to make it work without her, since I can only really see slotting the combo into some kind of midrangey brew

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5 color superfriends

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I had an 8-0 day last week playing cascade balance :)

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Trying to build on Vebulids. Would love some feedback.


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Anything Temur, it's my favorite color combination

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Vebulid and Spike Cannibal aren't modern legal reard

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Also, I'm not trying to be modern legal. Just playing casually with friends.

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Then why are you posting in the Modern thread?

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trying to amalgamate the dankest hollow meme, help me out here /tg/

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Didn't know where else to post and didn't want to spam with my own thread.

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can also swap gurmys for monkeys and go pure r/g for easier vengevine hardcasts, at the cost of a slightly worse delvebeast (that trample tho)

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i am doing the same, for now i am just jamming stuff and thinking , not yet testing, I am storngyl considering cutting the bolts and just using temur rage as reach so that i cna jam in more dank stuff. Also considering claim to fame, but i doubt it has enough targets and strongly considering Wild Nacatl too. I don't really love cathartic reunion since it costs a lot and not loving the neonate either, so i wouldl iek to cut on those as much as possible, but of course cutting your enablers is dangerous so i need to run some numbers for that.

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of course

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Just bought the stuff I needed for that humans deck. Going to rock that for awhile see how it goes.

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i hope you play against nothing but rock decks

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Amulet Titan
All the burn decks at my local. The matchup is fine but the deck is for chimps.
Thinking about a Through The Breach package for amulet.

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God fucking DAMN I love this card. especially paired with anointed procession and obelisk spider. Any /tokenfags/ here?

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I just got a 2017 arcane wizardry commander deck. hoping I didn't waste $26.

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My favorite card right now. This shit makes people so mad.

Some examples that have really happened

Turn 1 vs thoughtsieze, take their second thoughtsieze

Redirect bolt to goblin guide

Take Karn, Gideon, Lilly, etc...

Redirect their counterspell and make it fizzle

Take their Scapeshift

Take any noncreature combo piece

Take codex shredder and give Lantern a taste of its own medicine

the list goes on...

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I don't play EDH, I use this in modern.

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I really only see this being any good in blue decks that can't beat Tron or Through the Breach. Exiling 2 cards from your hand is an absolutely crazy heavy cost.

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So I got a bunch of pieces for eldrazi and taxes and I know there's not really a set decklist.

Anyone have a list for a meta full of abzan, jund, and control? Aggro, burn, and affinity are rarely played here so I need something for a grinder game

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he looks like he's reading a cue-card thats on his desk

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i just got llanoar elf, elvish mystic, and arbor elf. what sort of ramp shenanigans can i pull with these three?

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>Where can I post my deck that has nothing to do with modern
>I know I'll post it in the modern thread
Don't post your shit in here. Thanks

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I said it was my favorite not that it's good in every deck :P

There are certain reasons it works in my deck and because of that it has won me a lot of games against a variety of opponents. In decks where the cards you would be exiling give you a similar effect (like remand or cryptic), you would be losing a lot of advantage. In my deck, most times the advantage I get from Commandeer is much greater than what I end up exiling.

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>I use this in modern
And I top 8 with Fungus tribal

see >>56655569

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Are you asking for cards for your E&T 75 to help you grind better or what deck is the best alternative to grind with?
Assuming it's the former, Gideon AoZ is solid, and people used to play Elspeth Knight Errant in the SB. Otherwise you can just go up to 4 displacers and just sandbag them until you have the Mana open for multiple activations, most decks have a hard time with that if you have another threat

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Arbor elf mostly loves in tooth and nail, and the other 2 go in regular elves.
Neither deck is very good

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"Traditional" Bant was once a solid pick. It was very much a Midrange deck. Control has always lacked the tools it needs to keep pace with aggressive threats in the format.

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Forgot to mention Celestial purge is deceptively strong in the SB, it seems narrow but deals well with a lot of the threats Taxes lists otherwise struggle to answer. It's probably your cleanest answer to Lily if your meta is full of midrange

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more like Women Of The Color amirite

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yeah I was asking for stuff for me eldrazi and taxes 75. I've seen a bunch of different lists and they all really vary. Like some include bobs some don't, some include flickerwisp as either a playset or none, some run push some don't and run more creatures. May throw in Gideon Aoz

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wow dude get a tampon its just a thread. he wanted advice and most of those cards are modern legal

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Who's on trice and has time for a game?

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so im building a 5 color allies deck and am going to add 2 AEther vial. Other than those expensive cards I want some shock lands. I have 22 land slots which are currently populated with 3 Rupture Spire, 2 City of Brass, 4 Plains, 3 Island, 3 Swamp, 3 Mountains, 4 Forest.
I dont want too many shock lands because historically I've had good luck with mana fixing. Any suggestions how to decide what lands to use?

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If you are doing 5 color allies I'd use 4 cavern of souls, ancient ziggurat , and unclaimed territory

>> No.56661077

>cavern of souls
oof, loads of money right there.
what would you say would be more important? AEther Vial or Cavern?
Also, opinions on pain lands v. shock lands?

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There really aren't any good black allies, You are better off going Naya or Bant

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Vizier Company

Tron pls go and stay go

Really just various flavors of Vizier Company. The deck has a lot of flex slots, making it super modular, and I just love playing around with different ideas.

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Hagra Diabolist and Bala Ged Thief. I built this when Scars came out because Harabaz Druid + Gen. Wave + E.T.B. effects

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Mono U Thing
Anything with non-basics
U/R Thing with 4 magus 4 blood moon
>Thread Q: What decks you wish were Top Tier?
Bant Knightfall

>> No.56661293

>plays Visier company
>can't beat tron
How bad are you at this game anon?
Even on the draw your matchup vs Tron should be obscenely skewed in your favour

>> No.56661318

Is that not what UWR control is right now?

>> No.56661326


I never said it was a bad matchup. I just hate playing against it. It always feels like a slog in my experience, even though I rarely actually lose.

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No idea if this is the place to post but there's a bunch of MtG generals. Finally bit the bullet and started my physical collection.

This is what I bought. Almost bought the gift box things but apparently those are terrible value.

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>wow dude get a tampon its just a thread.
Sorry I don't like off topic shit in the thread you dumb faggot.

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>Dragon Shield ivory matte
Ma nigga

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>mfw Modern is dying

>> No.56661629

>dragon shield matte
Good man

>new wotc product
Good goy

This is the thread for the discussion of the modern format and while those cards you bought *are* modern legal, they aren't exactly playable in the format due to much more powerful things going on, unless you play at the most casual of levels. I suggest you google Mtg formats and decide on which one you'd like to play and try and build your collection towards that. I might add that it's much better for you to buy singles especially with the garbage wotc has been printing recently. Most importantly get informed about the format you wish to play so you know what you want to buy and what you want to avoid. It would probably beneficial to either google stuff for new players or make a thread.

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pls be lying I just started building a deck

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why is Modern dying?

>> No.56661734

We've all moved to the superior format Legacy

>> No.56661831

Might as well torch your cards if they aren't Legacy playable my man.

>> No.56661943

phew, thank goodness Snapcaster and Sclading Tarn are used in Legacy...right?

>> No.56661993

Nope :) You can send them to me instead of torching them though, I wouldn't want you wasting cardboard.

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>Nope :)

>> No.56663775

>Deathrite Shaman: the Format

>> No.56663814



>> No.56663867

It's not nearly bad enough to be called a deathrite format desu. Now if you said cantripping: the format

>> No.56663891

List please.

>> No.56664365

I'm thinking of running some in my turn's deck to prevent a counterspell when I'm going off.

>> No.56665328

Went 3-0 tonight at a local weekly with amulet titan. didn't drop a single game. Beat burn, skred, and affinity.

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How do I create a deck around this card

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By playing EDH

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The fuck you're talking about, Jund has been the top dog for most of the format's lifespan (and is still the safest choice) and Jeskai and UW control are Tier 1 right now.

>> No.56665748

>This bitch does not know about angel moon
Lol KYS asap

Blood moon, ghostly prison, chalice and some wraths

>> No.56665803

Post a list or GTFO nigger

>> No.56665808

>This bitch does not know about an obscure meme deck
lol kys asap

>> No.56665854

It's an MTGGoldfish meme deck

>> No.56665903

That deck looks fucking awful

>> No.56665931

Here’s a card idea
>Rally the troops
>1 gen 2white instant
>target creature gets +2/+2 and gains creatures you control gain +1/+1 until end of turn

>> No.56666233

That surprises you?

>> No.56667428

Is there any reason to play anything other than Grixis DS or Eldrazi Tron if you play to win?

>> No.56667720

Seems pretty costly to card advantage. Do you happen to run Misthollow Griffiths as fodder and beaters?


>> No.56667764

>tfw have to wait until next month to buy the rest of my Affinity deck

Feels bad man. Wish the holidays would fuck off already.

>> No.56667803

>Thread Q: What decks you wish were Top Tier?
Any non-BG midrange decks
>Rainbow Beats
>Mardu Midrange

Shamefully won't ever happen because WotC is in bed with the Tron meme.

>> No.56667823

Mardu Reanimator

>> No.56667825

What about GDS
>it can't be mid range, it has 1 counterspell!

>> No.56667845

Faeries has counters.

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>Thread Q: What decks you wish were Top Tier?
Spirits, especially non-CoCo Spirit decks.

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By the rest do you mean 4 opals?

>> No.56668045

Opals, Ravagers, Etched Champions, Masters, and sideboard although I've already got a bit of the sideboard mainly Blood Moon and Thoughtseize.

>> No.56668085

Wait until Masters 25 in Feb to get the rest of your deck. You might save a ton.

>> No.56668087

Aren't Etched Champs cheap?

>> No.56668106

>waiting till February when Modern comes back to the Pro Tour

sounds like a terrible idea to be honest. there'll be more interest in Modern which means demand will go up and prices will go up as well especially with a top tier deck like affinity.

>> No.56668125

They are. I just prioritized Inkmoths and Overseers this month over them.

>> No.56668165

When Ravengers and Opals drop to $15 a pop after another overprinted masters set don't come crying to me.

>> No.56668176

Can someone explain why Dredge runs Darkblast?
I'm new to the deck and that card has been useless in the 20 duels I've done so far but some guys run 3.

>> No.56668183

Yeah but anon what if the Pro Tour causes them to spike? I'm legit worried about this.

>> No.56668197

Just depends on the meta mostly, they're probably using old lists. It's good against creature combo.

>> No.56668224

Hey man, welcome to the speculation market!

You can:
>spend $250 on Opals and $150 on Ravengers now
>wait and see if it becomes cheaper and buy low

And either:
>they drop in value by about 66% and you lose literally hundreds of dollars because you didn't buy some cardboard at the correct time
>OR they spike and you COULD make a few bucks if you sold them, but you won't and eventually they will crash in price and you stand there sobbing like the cuck you are

>> No.56668237

if they reprint either affinity drops in price like 50%

>> No.56668249

Alright I'll wait until February. Is there a set date for the set?

>> No.56668279

I ask because the latest Dredge example on goldfish is some guy with 3 Darkblast. I just don't understand why under any circumstances you'd run it.

>> No.56668332

Yeah that's pretty abnormal. If you look at the breakdown below the list you can see most decks run it as a one of, allowing you a high chance of accessing it when you dredge your deck out, but low chance of actually drawing it.
I'd imagine the guy running 3 was predicting a lot of humans, and looking at the top 8 he was right, as well as DnT.

>> No.56668439

Affinity becomes a fucking budget deck if those 2 are reprinted.

No date yet. I mean you can buy them now and sell high if you wanna take the risk. Just don't sit on Opals that are at $80-$90 a card in a few months thinking you can sell them at $100-$110 later. They WILL be reprinted.

>> No.56668660

WR fireball tron?

>> No.56668779

How the fuck is tron still a thing?

How is it not banned yet?

What does it lose to?

>> No.56668795

anything fast

>> No.56668811

>Affinity is down to 5% on MtGTop8

What caused Affinity to take such a big hit? Wasn't it at like 8%?

>> No.56668812

So modern as a format is warped around tron?

>> No.56668832


>> No.56668849

Storm and GDS take care of it pretty efficiently, especially post-board.

>> No.56668856

Time to buy into legacy.

>> No.56668870

Hope you like DRS and Brainstorms!

>> No.56668894

So is that why decks are running Hope of Ghirapur?

Also is Affinity dead now? :(

>> No.56668930

Yeah, it's a nice piece of tech from SCG Regionals, but still pretty flimsy. I don't think the deck is dying, but it's definitely hit a low point.

but hey that means no bans

>> No.56668933

Time to buy into commander

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File: 22 KB, 343x424, party-cat-party-time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but hey that means no bans

Well that's good at least.

>> No.56668962

>infect on the cusp of death close to its last breath
>literally 1 deck on mtgtop8
>now it has 18
>all of them are dogshit that still fold to fatal push/path

Nothing in the decks have changed. The format is really fucking weird right now.

>> No.56668975

So is Affinity still Tier 1 or did it get cucked by Storm and pushed to 2?

>> No.56668996

I'd say it's still Tier 1, it's been top 8'ing here and there. Remember that Affinity is strongest when it's off the radar so as people start to shave hate it'll come back.

Although sometimes I just want to go full jank and go mono B with some Urborgs and maindeck Thoughtseize.

>> No.56669005

There's nothing stopping you from using Lupine prototype either. Embrace the Jank. a 5/5 for 2 mana. Upside of not having to sac your board for a 5/5. Downside you don't have a hand when attacking or blocking.

>> No.56669106

It's fuel for Shrapnel Blast and Fling, and it helps Metalcraft for Galvanic Blast, so if you want to make a Metal Burn deck, maybe you could use Lupine Prototype as a combo piece.
Of course why not just play Burn at that point? Better yet why not make a 5/5 Darksteel deck using Tezzeret and auras?

>> No.56669119

You never go full jank

>> No.56669206
File: 555 KB, 983x822, IMG_3340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watch this
*format warps and fluxes*

>> No.56669338

i am new and want to play modern, is goblin guide good

>> No.56669504

>march of the machines
>all our mox opals are now 0/0's
>board wipe yourself
>mox's dont count towards colossus

>> No.56669635

When will this "control is unplayable in modern" meme end? Jeskai control is literally the top metadeck right now.

>> No.56669769
File: 56 KB, 300x537, 1504729731671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW control doing better then affinity and burn
Be thanks to DS and storm for slowing everything down and allowing this.

>> No.56669959

>1 mana 7/7s and T3 wins have slowed the format down
Well that's completely fucking wrong. What's doing well isn't traditional control, it's Jeskai decks running Bolt and Snapcaster, aka. kill multiple Barals and have the reach to finish off Death's Shadow players.

>> No.56669975

>it's not REAL control if you don't rev for 15!

>> No.56670020

So Death's Shadow is control too? I mean, they have counterspells and removal.

>> No.56670056

Yes, unfortunately there is no nuance to deck categorization, so we obviously go by the 'one drop rule' and 2 counters are the same as 12.

>> No.56670166

>What decks you wish were Top Tier?
Eternal Command. Or just some RUG deck where I can play huntmaster.

>> No.56670940

Never, Control players are whiny prats who aren't happy unless they can ruin everyone they play against's day.

>> No.56670967

Not only is jeskai control control, but UW has been doing its best since i started playing modern. Also death's shadow is not the aggro deck it used to be, yes 1 mana 7/7 slowed the format down because now people are forced to respond to the 7/7 or the baral.

>> No.56671450
File: 131 KB, 600x350, 28-11-17-Nei-restore-balance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KCI Trawler Eggs
Tron because that shit is a broken mechanic
Restore Balance because it seems fun

I would say that I'd like to see Eggs as top tier but then people would start running even more artifact disruption and it'd probably eat a ban again for being "too slow".

>> No.56671453
File: 56 KB, 645x773, 1426865641052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jeskai control is literally the top metadeck right now.

>> No.56671470

>not showing annex and animating iona on black

>> No.56671692

>implying it isn't slow as fuck

>> No.56672471
File: 127 KB, 223x311, Image (4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I want to throw in a package of Nykthos along with a voyaging satyr or two and a genesis wave for the spicy meme, yay or nay?

>> No.56672482

*In mono green stompy

>> No.56672554

>not unmasking them
>not just exhuming Gdaddy and draw 7 your way into animating Sire so they don't get a hand

>> No.56673351

Have you played the Trawler version?
Winning the game in 10 minutes isn't slow; no one uses Pyrite Spellbomb anymore.

>> No.56673460

Very much so
Burn is pretty much always solid and turn 1 goblin guide is one of the strongest burn plays in the format

>> No.56673549

I don't think it's a good idea mang. Mono gee stompy is aggro, voyaging satyr and Genesis wave don't really fit in without trimming threats. Go T&N if you want that action

>> No.56674127

gotchya, Stompy is gonna be my next build as an easier deck to play against my more casual friends, I dont like storming off against vampires

>> No.56674250

>looking though the standard gauntlent decks
>worldwake's standard deck is basically a tier 0 modern deck
Twinblade with JTMS and other blue cantrip goodies looks so fucking busted.

>> No.56674371

I've been told that standard was basically Eldrazi winter for modern but worse

>> No.56674410

Damn look at these thigs, how did we go from that to today's standard?

>> No.56674570

Today's standard was just as busted. Rai combo is fringe T3 in Modern, Marvel cheated out big daddy Eldrazi on T4 which would be modern playable if not for the rest of the weak shell (energy cards aren't good enough).

Also Smuggler's Copter is busted. The difference is Wizards won't acknowledge those decks exist for another few years when people change from upset to nostalgic.

I think you just mean the cards have gotten shittier, and to that I agree.

>> No.56675659

>I think you just mean the cards have gotten shittier, and to that I agree.
Why you correct me then? Today's standard clearly also refers to card quality of today's standard.
Alsothere ios a big difference between a T3 combo and a combo which is banned in modern and miracles was only that good because standard is bad enough that energy is very good on its own, if energy wasn't good miracles could easily be hated out of tier 1 and it isn't consistent enough to begin with.

>> No.56675746

How do Etron players feel about Ulamog in the mainboard? I hear mixed things about him, I feel like he's good enough to keep sometimes but the last few FNMs he's just been a dead card

>> No.56676178

he is a dead draw so often, also at 10 mana how often will you realistically need ulamog to win that game? I am not saying he is winmore because 10 mana is not an autowin situation for tron, but you are usually going to win a game or be about to win the game if you are at ten mana. Ula is not worth it.

>> No.56676341

Why the hell are you talking about Miracles?

>> No.56677108

meant marvel of course.

>> No.56679455

whats the point of playing modern when you can play legacy

>> No.56679491

No cards no players, online is where the legacy lives

>> No.56679688
File: 41 KB, 559x355, pikala.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but what does he mean with that

>> No.56679690

yeah but there are no fun control decks

>> No.56679727

Modern having a lower power level allows Lantern to not be crushed like it would in legacy. It also happens to be the most fun control deck to play ever made.

>> No.56679885

What kind are you looking for? There's not a single deck archetype both played in Legacy and Modern that's more fun in Modern so you're out of luck no matter which deck you wanna play

>> No.56679959

Not even sure. I just looked over the ban list and all the fun cards are gone

>> No.56680087

So why was stone forge banned?

>> No.56680117
File: 256 KB, 375x523, 93yF7vz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The main complaint alot of people have about modern is that control may be a little too neutered, some people want JTMS but I dont see it. Very fucking good card

>> No.56680135

What he means is "I'm a salty scrub, I should be allowed to play 5 colour slivers and not get blown the fuck out by everything.

>> No.56680138

It was pre-emptively put one the original ban list due to power level concerns.

>> No.56680231

Is there no good artifact removal in modern?

>> No.56680288

Idk, I think modern is so aggro centric because tron is that good

>> No.56680300

Hardly, in fact now that we have Kolaghan's command and Abrade SFM is like a complete non-issue IMO

>> No.56680366
File: 75 KB, 500x667, 1386812222616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Standard is garbage and my local scene is full of whiny kids, vampire roleplayers, and drug addicts. Desperate to escape this, I've decided to start playing Modern somewhere else and would like some advice on starting up an Eldrazi deck after getting some cards from my friends for a birthday gift. Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.56680430

Do you have $1000 lying around that you don't need?

>> No.56680441

Is it that expensive?

>> No.56680450

Colorless or colored?

>> No.56680468


This is the colourless version, mind. BW versions are cheaper.

>> No.56680521

Lantern control and shitbrewing are the only two things I enjoy about this format.

>> No.56680563

Preferably the cheaper option.

I actually have most of these bar the chalices and Karns.

>> No.56680586

Chalice and Karn makes up like over half the deck's value senpai.

>> No.56680645

That's what I sorta thought. Is there a valid substitute for Karn?

>> No.56680942
File: 31 KB, 350x350, 41c0hEu+QuL._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugin, or another dumb colorless creature. I like Pic

>> No.56680971

I'm sure a list like this would be fine at FNM.
BW Eldrazi is an alternative but Thalia is really getting up there and Aether Vial is never all that cheap.

>> No.56680981
File: 21 KB, 384x395, americans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(Zero is even)

>> No.56681020

Yep. Zero is even

>> No.56681031

GDS is almost a bye for Affinity. I've played against the deck well over 50 times and I've lost maybe 12 times.

>> No.56681108

Its more of the fact that you have to remind people

>> No.56681144

Isn't that odd?

>> No.56681253

That's what I thought lol

>> No.56681765

It's really a midrange deck and you know it.

>> No.56681836

Which challenge list do you play?

>> No.56682287

I have $200 and I want to be mildly competitive at modern night, I have never played mtg but I really want to get into it, is there literally anything I can buy for $200 that can help me top 8 at a shitty game night?

>> No.56682308

half an underground sea

>> No.56682333

>any number that can be divided by itself and 1 with no remainder is even.
>0/1 = 0
>0/0 = ???
Yep, checks out.

>> No.56682354

thats not the definition of an even number you fucking retard

>> No.56682373

are you meming or should i just not bother

>> No.56682393

>3/1 = 3
>3/3 = 1
3 is even?

>> No.56682410

Maybe goblins

>> No.56682422

I thought we didn't allow brainlets in mtg

>> No.56682425

Fuck, that's prime numbers. Let me try that again.
>any number that can be divided by itself and 1 2 with no remainder is even.
>0/2 = 0
OK we're good here.

>> No.56682429


underground sea isnt modern legal but it really is around 400 dollars

You can get half an Elves or UR storm deck though

>> No.56682442


>> No.56682446

UR gifts is quite cheap for a Tier 1 modern deck. I'd get that

>> No.56682459



>> No.56682501


is this bad at all?
i really like red, i cant really go over $200, its just a christmas treat for myself really

>> No.56682541

i mean its goblins, its not great but i guess it will do

>> No.56682633

alright, i'll just put the $80 left toward upgrading it

>> No.56682639

UW Spirits can be upgraded and evolved to Bant Spirits.
BW Tokens can be upgraded.
Mono-White Humans can be upgraded and evolved into 4/5-Color Humans.
8Rack can be upgraded, but it's matchups are highly dependant.
Mono-Green Stompy can be upgraded and evolved into other things such as Naya Zoo or Abzan Counters.
You could also go to MTGGoldfish and look up some janky budget deck articles and look at the non-budget decklists and compare with the budget, since budget decks are defined there as being around $100 or less.

>> No.56682666

You dont upgrade goblins

>> No.56682849

See if you can borrow a deck form a friend first and learn the game before dropping that.
You could probably buy most of burn outside of the Goblin Guides for that.

>> No.56682946

i dont have any friends

>> No.56682948
File: 269 KB, 975x574, UB Ninja Eldrazi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Check out my meme

>> No.56682976


>> No.56683206

ironically, i wanted to start playing mtg to make friends

>> No.56683208

I've never played any of the eternal formats but I've been really wanting to get into modern. I wanted to start out with Burn or Merfolk. Turns out I'm not down with spending 60 bucks a pop for Cavern in a format I dont know if I'll like. My question is whether or not I can be mildly competitive with mono Red burn leaving out the multiple copies of every fetch land. I don't want to be trying to compete at big events with it or anything I just dont want to get my head caved in at my local LGS.

>> No.56683223

>local LGS
Burn is a great choice for you

>> No.56683298

>Titanshift costs less to build than Naya Burn
Does this mean Titanshift is officially a Budget deck now?

>> No.56683314


Ex-Legacy Stoneblade player from way back, aren't most of the good equips other than Batterskull banned?

>> No.56683339

just clamp and jitte

>> No.56683392
File: 74 KB, 400x565, 1488235635179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56683442
File: 203 KB, 1000x857, 1449530981882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56683498

>Summer bloom is banned in modern
>the legacy land deck doesnt even play it
whats the point. I know DD is banned but come on

>> No.56683517

Amulet Bloom was fucking cancer, Summer Bloom deserved the ban.

>> No.56683529

[cries in goblin grenade]

>> No.56683547

>deck that loses to FoW is banned in format with no FoW
Truly causes me to ponder only in legacy though, banned in modern

>> No.56683622

The vast majority of the modern ban list sees no play in legacy or vintage.

>> No.56683694
File: 82 KB, 512x399, challenged.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fuck? Look at the list my guy

These are the cards on the ban list that dont see legacy play

Artifact Lands
Birthing Pod
Blazing Shoal
Dig Through Time
Summer Bloom
Treasure Cruise

Everything else is a piece of a legacy deck

>> No.56683709

whoops forgot second sunrise

lmao what is that even doing on there

>> No.56683715


>> No.56683749

If you're counting banned cards why do you only list Dig and cruise?
Also Twin, hypergenesis, BBE, Rite of Flame, Seething Song

>> No.56683782

T-Tezzeret Affinity will be a t-thing in Legacy some day!

>> No.56683790

See /tg/ this is how you ask for help with deck lists! So proud of you annon

>> No.56683811

Because I forgot they were banned in legacy

All those cards see play in legacy
Twin in Twin
Hypergenesis in hypergenesis
BBE in jund
rite of flame and seething song in mono red storm

>> No.56683831

Second Sunrise is there to stop Eggs from being Tier Zero

>> No.56683930

Eggs isn't that good with sunrise, the problem is eggs doesn't fit in with the current tournament time system. When you go to time in a tournament there's 5 more turns shared between both players, which works fine as long as those turns are relatively short. Eggs can take extremely long turns, and if a couple eggs fuckers extended each round 5-15 minutes then the whole day goes hours overtime. In addition to making everyone tired and angry, the people running the venue and judges still need to get paid.

>> No.56684374
File: 28 KB, 602x599, Control.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumb faget.

>> No.56684387

damn otros is broken

>> No.56684434

When will we be free of this Tron faggotry?

>> No.56684468

Don't trust these shifty spic stats, pendejo!

>> No.56684577

Why Spanglish?

>> No.56684953

Play big mana decks if that's your meta and enjoy your free wins

>> No.56684962

Hey annon have you played with pentaid prisms in your list? If so wat r your thoughts??

>> No.56684999

nuuuu its secret

>> No.56685562

>Anyone have a list for a meta full of abzan, jund, and control?
play regular death & taxes with multiple copies of dusk/dawn. popping a couple large goyfs and gassing up your hand again feels great.

>> No.56685565

Martyr Proc
Big mana
Picked up Saffron Olive's newest meme eternal command deck and I've been messing with it. It also gets destroyed by big mana though.

>> No.56686240

How you beat skred?

>> No.56686301

Dreadging dark last call affinity seems like the dream.

>> No.56686397

Well, an even number is defined as being of form 2k where k is an integer. This can be organized to what he said so stop sperging out.

>> No.56686491


Stay away from the newer decks, look into older sets of decks and snag commander decks for staples.

>> No.56686589
File: 176 KB, 600x850, 57913379_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moonfolk or Ooze tribal?

I'm trying to shake up the meta.

>> No.56686599


>> No.56686708

Wow, nice card. People gonna love leaving it on the table after the draft.

>> No.56686783
File: 184 KB, 993x325, ss+(2017-11-30+at+02.22.48).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56686827

Jeez every card from Kamigawa could cost 2 less with no troubles.

>> No.56687130

By the time you play one of those creatures, the opponent is already shuffling for the next round, waiting for the next win.

>> No.56687349

You need to get a little lucky but I maindeck 4 basic forests so that helps. G1 he had t2 moon off ssg but not much else. I got a basic down, used it to stirrings into a second basic, and was able to slam a titan and then a 2nd titan. G2 i boarded in 2 thragtusk, tireless tracker, and a couple artifact/enchantment destruction cards. Thragtusk bought be time till I found my 2nd basic. They got down moon and bridge, but tracker let me draw a bunch, and I destroyed the moon and got them with my spicy 1-of hive mind.

>> No.56687628

>desperate rituals for 0
Yes please

>> No.56687644

How the fuck you managed to slam in a titan without ckmboing? What was he doing in the meantime? How much did you ramp for it?

>> No.56688263

My wife bought me into affinity for our anniversary. I have never played modern before outside of infect. How should I be looking to play this deck and what should I be watching out for?

>> No.56688314

Dump your whole hand in one turn.
If they play stony silence or kataki and you don't have lethal scoop

>> No.56688320

Generally you want to be sequencing your opening couple of turns to spaff your hand onto the table as fast as possible. Your big payoff cards are Cranial Plating, Steel Overseer, and Master of Etherium. Arcbound Ravager makes your board super resilient to removal and can turn dead cards into power. Combat maths can get quite difficult, but if you really want to start using Affinity as your main deck, you can learn a lot just from goldfishing until your hand is empty.

>> No.56689163

No, according to his definition 0 isnt even because it cant divide itself

>> No.56689274

Any number divided by itself is 1.

>> No.56689298

Not zero

>> No.56689474

You fucks need to take a remedial math class holy shit. Didn't realize this general was full of brainlets

>> No.56689535

This is the modern general after all. All the smart people play legacy

>> No.56689543

Who got what wrong?

>> No.56689556

Still got my set of Tops waiting for the day, senpai.

>> No.56689653

the fear against SFM is that even if you dso destroy the artifact it is card advantage for them. The only gbod way to combat SFM is killing it, but that forces every single deck to have a removal for every single SFM in every single instance it is drawn.
Not saying it should stay banned, just that artifac t removal is not enough to know it's ok to unban. (ancient grudge is better then those)

>> No.56689672

Oh my god a card is a two for one? Holy fucking shit please leave this thing banned. Speaking of which, why isn't Divination banned too?

>> No.56689680

you know SFM is just a 1/2 right

if you lost to that beating you down you got problems

>> No.56689780

>snap is just a 2/1 who cares it's not a good card
>but fo course i will always have the answer this is not a good card because a certain answer exists and i might have it in hand at the right time

yes it can be answered and yes the body isn't big, but that's only worst case scenario, in the worst case scenario DS just eats a push or path, doesn't mean it's a bad card does it?

>> No.56689862

Thats not what I said. I said that if you real with the artifact, theres not much of a threat left

>> No.56689921

That's partially true, you can ignore the SFM, but he might draw another big artifact or another SFM and then you might get punished if it's an artifact or forced to use removal on the first SFM. It isn't necessarily a 2 for 1, that is true, but it can be forced or you can be punished for not taking it.( of course it's unlikely that he does draw another one, so ignore that ppssibility if you want)

>> No.56689968

Reminder that all Planeswalkers are X for 1s (x being any number) and thus all should be banned.

>> No.56689977

Reminder that i never said SFM should stay banned

>> No.56690025

if you can remove the batter skull then you only have 2 swords to worry about

>> No.56690245

Well I fucking am. Ban it. Then unban Jitte.

>> No.56690436

if they unban sfm then i can see myself playing modern, otherwise hell no

>> No.56690857

What a genius you are.

>> No.56691075
File: 132 KB, 223x311, Image.ashx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know some good sites for finding or learning about card combos? I'm new to magic and want to get into modern.

Also is Lilianna deaths majesty a good alternative to Lilianna the last hope.

>> No.56691146

Nope. Effects aside, the difference between 5 mana and 3 mana are massive.

>> No.56691202


Too bad, the last hope version is out of my price range. Might by deaths majesty anyway cause I like the card art.

>> No.56691475
File: 805 KB, 824x984, metagame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a healthy format?

>> No.56691706

LANTERN BOIS [email protected]

>> No.56691788

How do I beat death's shadow with taxes/eldrazi taxes? I don't know if I'm doing things wrong or if I should sideboard different or if it's just a bad matchup

>> No.56691989

Modern is probably the healthiest format right now outside of maybe pauper. Its a real shame it costs so much to get into.

>> No.56692250
File: 62 KB, 400x400, Dimir_Logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I just found my old Dimir Intrigues deck and holy shit.

Is it fucking terrible or am I bad or do I dont like those mechanics? I can't seem to do shit with it and always lose. Everything seems meh, overcosted or too scarce to be of actual use.

>> No.56692298

Probably just a bad matchup.

>> No.56692380

If a card states I take control of my opponent for a turn does that mean I can cheat to get disqualified and he gets disqualified since it was "his" doing?

>> No.56692438

Mirran Crusader, Flickerwisp, Eldrazi Displacer, any graveyard hate you can find.

you really just have to play that match a lot to 'get' it. regular d&t is a lot better, but i've done it on the weekly with e&t.

>> No.56692470

no, because you did it. not them. you don't magically turn into the other player, you're just using her stuff.

>> No.56692485

Someone get this man some coloured blocks to stack.

>> No.56692495


>> No.56692536

>touching another guy's stuff
What are you, gay?

>> No.56692570

Don't where else to ask this. But I am about to move to Germany. South Germany to be more specific.
How is the mtg scene there?

>> No.56692573

Going up on flyers and displacer(if you aren't on 4 already) can help you finish them off. You also have a fair bit of game disrupting their generally greedy manabases, selfless spirit to protect your thalias and arbiters, possible sideboard mindcensor
If your meta has a lot of ds then you'd probably be better off pivoting to a monowhite taxes build, which benefits from more manabase pressure, more fliers and being able to jam Mirran Crusader

>> No.56692705


BW Smallpox
Jeskai something. Tempo or control, who knows. I might get cards for both. Also UG Merfolk

I'd love to see more johnnyshit that isn't scapeshift. I'm fucking sick of seeing scapeshift in every event here

>> No.56692732

The fact that if I don’t main 4 Leyline of Sancitity I die to going second
Nothing ATM
Thread Q:
Counter Company. I see so little of them mainboarding Lilianas, Inq., AND thoughtseize.

>> No.56693391

>I see so little of them mainboarding Lilianas, Inq., AND thoughtseize
I know you're not bright because you play boggles, but they literally don't have room maindeck due to the constrictions that CoCo places on the deck.

>> No.56693580

Is this AIDS deck worth it at all?

I can get it for 40€


>> No.56693597


4x Glistener Elf
4x Necropede
4x Ichorclaw Myr
4x Mutagenic Growth
4x Rancor
4x Giant Growth
4x Groundswell
4x Might of Old Krosa
4x Larger Than Life
4x Apostle's Blessing
20x Forest

>> No.56693660

Don't expect to win any big tournaments, but Mono Green Infect is great against less interactive decks. You should look into getting a copy of Pendlehaven, some Blossoming Defence, and Vines of the Vastwood.

>> No.56693912

Yep, as well as nest of scarabs.

>> No.56693983

Or just play UW control and splash the combo in

>> No.56694090

There's no reason to do that when UW has better ways to win. This isn't /edhg/ kid.

>> No.56694123


>> No.56694329

Wrong. Healthiest format is legacy

>> No.56694375

>DRS v field full of unfair decks v D&T
Wow that sounds amazing. Thank god Miracles is dead.

>> No.56694481

Actually there is a wide field of decks in all the archetypes

>> No.56694500

Yeah there's Sultai DRS, 4 colour DRS, Jund DRS, Grixis DRS splashing green. All kinds of decks!

>> No.56694526


or you could just look for yourself

>> No.56694563

DRS is a 4 of in 40% of decks

>> No.56694568


Were you trying to prove me right?

>> No.56694627

Only 1 of those decks has DRS in it.

I didnt say DRS wasnt played. Its the best green card

>> No.56694651

I mean black card

>> No.56694699

>Only 1 of those decks has DRS in it.
I clicked a random deck on your link that didn't have anything to do with DRS, and it splashed black AND green for nothing more than 4x DRS in the mainboard. There is much more DRS in Legacy than I think you're willing to admit now that Miracles can't keep him in check.

>> No.56694858

No, you clicked on a UR delver list that is somewhere between regular UR delver and regular Grixis Delver

>> No.56694875

In fact its just really grixis delver

>> No.56694934

I clicked a deck that should have nothing to do with DRS, and there's 4 DRS in the mainboard. Like seriously how can you not just accept that DRS is just too good for Legacy at the moment.

>> No.56694970

No, you clicked on a mislabeled deck.

>> No.56694999

show the link to the deck then

>> No.56695020

he did it


>> No.56695035

Which is why it’s good for me, as a boggles deck, ya fuckwit.

>> No.56696115

Mtgtop8 has shit deck nomenclature, the deck you clicked on was a fairly typical Grixis delver list. If you knew anything about legacy at all you'd know that list doesn't look anything like a UR delver list.

>> No.56696426


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