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Plagueburst Crawler General

>Blood Angels Preview.

>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao

>Daily Duncan

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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1st for Sisters a QT !

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>Hammerhand as a chapter tactic

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What's /tg/'s take on Alpha Legion being outed as 100% Chaos, then? Personally I liked the ambiguity about their true allegiance.

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>AL being "outed"
Just as planned

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I'm glade they've moved away from that piece of shitty lore. That was only a piece brought up due to the HH series, it isn't an essential piece to their long established history. I far prefer them operating as they do as a force of Chaos.

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So sisters of silence: How useful are the different variants? As far as I can tell sword seem to be the clear winners, but I might be missing something.

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I updated my 2000pts list with the Chapter Approved changes. r8 me please

Death Guard Battalion detachment

Typhus – 175pts
Winged Daemon Prince – x2 Malefic Talons, The Suppurating Plate - 180pts

x20 Poxwalkers – 120pts
x20 Poxwalkers – 120pts
x20 Poxwalkers – 120pts
x7 Plague Marines – x2 Blight Launchers - 139pts
x6 Plague Marines – x2 Blight Launchers - 122pts

Tallyman – Plasma pistol – 62pts

Myphitic Blight-Hauler – 142pts
Myphitic Blight-Hauler – 142pts

Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought – x2 Butcher Cannon Arrays, x2 Hellflamers – 329pts
Chaos Predator – Twinlinked Las. Cannons, x2 Las. Cannons – 190pts
Plagueburst Crawler – x2 Entropy Cannons, Rothail Volley Gun - 152pts

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Exodites when? I wanna see an in lore fight between Exodites and T'au and see the T'au fucking lose. It would be hilarious and this is coming from a T'aufag.

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That's just what we want you to think.

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Looks pretty solid to me. I'd consider moving away from the Hellforged but that's just because I'm not overly fond them as compared to another Pred or a PBC.

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Battles against Space Amish would be picking on hobos

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>newest codex gives yor once per turn psychic power to an entire army for free
So this is what it feels like to be kicked in the balls when your already down, huh?
>t. Gk player

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>that fucking tranny
>a QT

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Can someone upload those Dorn screenshots from the instagram? thx

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When are SoB going to get new models and units? They look like Ogryn currently.

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>widest hips you ever done seent

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I'm looking at my Blood Angels in light of the new codex preview and I'm debating between tacticals and intercessors and I just don't see the reason to take tacticals as a Blood Angel.

Yes, BA tacticals get a heavy flamer, woo.

However you're paying 17 additional points to put it on a 1W model with a 3+ save.

A heavy flamer has an 8'' range and does D6 S5 AP-1 D1 auto hitting shots.

I'm sorry but that's just not a good enough reason for me when I can take a squad of intercessors who have rapid fire 30'' AP-1 rifles and are easier to keep alive with a narthecium and the new ancient banner giving them a 5+++

Can someone point out how I'm wrong?

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That crawler looks like shit
prove me wrong you can't

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Honestly they seem the least detailed legion despite not really being the one with the least screen time. (Which is probably Iron Hands?)

Their core concept is interesting enough, but they haven't really done anything with it.

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Seriously shite art right there

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>10 of each SoS+Rhinos is 726pts
What's a fluffy way to bring that to 1000? I'm thinking about an inquisitor stand in for an Oblivion Knight-Centura, but idk what to do from there.

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It's a decent looking tank, but gives no visual indication of being a daemon engine.

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Meh, I guess if you're a fan of hamfisted narrative and being spoon fed everything.

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I can't say I didn't see it coming. I knew the rumor was legit.

>tfw Sanctuary was swiftly nerfed but Psychic Barrier Crusaders is working as intended

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Rate my Green Armor Bros alliance list. It's a little light on bodies, but seems pretty good and should survive going 2nd.

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What's wrong with it?

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I'm just going to assume you started with 40k lore during the HH series and disregard your opinion.

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Chaplain dreadnought maybe? Would help you capitalize on those swords while giving you some much needed lascannons and your tank rhinos can ensure he can't be targeted

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Really? I agree there are aspects which could be tightened up, but on the whole it's decent.
t. Drawfag in training

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I prefer the idea of them being so deep into it that not even they know anymore

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>it isn't an essential piece to their long established history
If by that you mean most underdeveloped legion in the game than yeah.

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The problem is I'm going to kill the Wizard well before he gets dangerous.

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Not sold on Chaos Predator.

Consider maybe getting a noxious blightbringer, if youre gonna use poxwalkers in combat, you need to get in.

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Neither of these Stratagems are failures to use the Keyword system. Fire Frenzy is a Stratagem that affects a single unit, and so it names that unit. Daemonforge affects units with like ten different Keywords, so it uses a shorthand notation defined within the rules.

No. That's not a "Helbrute." This is clear, people just act retarded because they don't want to face the truth.

No, you need to stop being retarded and face the truth. The Stratagem rules are in that section. None of the powers require a "Chaos Space Marine" target.

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You can't deny that GW is dumbing everything down. This is just one aspect of it. Everything has to conform to the lines in the sand, otherwise people might have to think and draw conclusions.
In b4 GW confirms the fate/status of the Emperor and everything Cypher related.

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What are you, Vostroyan? Because snipers will do jack shit to a Dread, and your AT weapons cannot shoot him.

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Why does Abaddon have the same topknot popularised by the sisters of silence?

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the problem is that the wizard doesn't do enough damage.

But it does move pretty fast

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Not even tzeentch knows, but he does.

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Bumping Q

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You mean why do Sisters of Silence have the same top-knot as the Warmaster of Chaos? He predates them visually.

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I play Eldar and yes I can shoot at him because he's in a fucking dreadnaught and it has 10 wounds. Or do you think anyone was concerned with a flying actual librarian?

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A heavy weapon and two specials is way better than AP 1 bolters. And primaris can't ride anything except for their floating shitbox. What a joke.

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The 8thE Chaos codex.

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Topknot used to be the "warrior's haircut" back in the day. It just isn't cool in the current year is all.

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He wanted to feel pretty.

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Are sisters of battle and silence virgins or do they fugg?

>> No.56644765


That's out of universe. In-universe, Zeke will have seen the silent sisterhood long before he chaosed.

>> No.56644770

Must not have left much of an effect seeing as we are only talking about it now.

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iirc its a Cthonian gang haircut, it's common in the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus/Black Legion/whatever they call themselves these days

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Hey, just wanted to let y'all know that chart-anon isn't gonna keep on updating the mathhammer doc, but I'll take over. Starting next week I'll update the point costs first, then fill in the missing units and options. I'll let you all know when I start in case there are any specific requests. Can't guarantee I'll do as good a job as him, but I'll try.

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Difference is Crusaders are a smidge weaker than fucking Draigo

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Librarian Dreads have 8 wounds, checkmate xenosfag. Try reading the army rules before posting next time.

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>That's not a "Helbrute"
As >>56644649 says it is super ambiguous and I hate that.

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Draigo is the only unit in the codex who can still get a 2++, retard. All the nerf did was take the option away from unnamed GMs and Brotherhood Champions.

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I'm doing an Inquisition army and I was thinking it would be fun to include some Jokaero Weaponsmiths now that they have the Authority of the Inquisition rule too. What do you think would be a good count as model?

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>bloodletter in picture

>> No.56644853

Pauldron - too long
Gorget - too distended
Bolt Rifle - Magazine is thicker than the gun which is about as thick as an assassins codex
Tiny hand syndrome.
Tiny power pack syndrome.
Tiny head syndrome.

>t. Drawfag in training
Never gonna make it if you settle for decent

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Green stuff hair all over an ork boy and paint him brown/orange.

>> No.56644860

Cut outs from your family photo album

>> No.56644864


Oh well, still Hemlockable. Still Autarch with a Reaper Launcherable.

>> No.56644866

You know the poseability of these gals is kinda awful? The first 5 look good, but they're just short of monopose. Next five will come out almost identical.

>> No.56644867

Brotherhood champion can also get a 2++ with the Heed the Prognosticar statagem...for 2CP...in an army that can literally never field a brigade under 2k points...

>> No.56644869

They're just worse SoB with a very situational rule.

>> No.56644874

Riding is overrated this edition.
You don't need to ride very far when you have an effective 36 inch range.
Alternatively you can use Assault Bolt Rifles and move 6'' + D6 inches and STILL fire 2 rounds 24 inches.

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>mfw reading CA leaks on Death Guard

>> No.56644879

>tfw Blood Angels become a WAAC and then when i show up with my army that took me years to paint for my first game i will be considered a Bandwagoner
Loving daddy is pain.

>> No.56644889

And baller swords and a pysker fucking tank transport

>> No.56644894

Heed the Prognosticars, asshole.

>> No.56644896


You're going to be playing a melee marine army. Don't worry no one is going to think your a WAAC player.

>> No.56644901


SoB don't have a five +1S force swords variant.

>> No.56644903

Up your conersion skills, anon. Dont settle for mediocrity.

>> No.56644911

nobody is gonna call you a WAAC because if your army is painted you couldnt of done it that fast

>> No.56644921

In that case it's 100% a Helbrute, just with variant weapon options. It definitely is a valid target for Fire Frenzy.

>> No.56644928

Did you even read my post?

Explain how Prognosticars can give anyone a 2++ aside from Draigo and the champ, the latter being only in melee on the defensive, aka worthless.

>> No.56644932


Too much fine detail to convert en-masse really, and I say that as a guy who tried to diversify 30 Necron destroyers a bit.

>> No.56644933

Is it considered taboo to copy somebody's conversion..?

>> No.56644946

Nah, sometimes there's not many options

>> No.56644954

>3 attacks

who fucking cares lmao

>> No.56644956

Not in the slightest, I know I'd be flattered if someone copied me. Don't know why you'd copy your pic though.

>> No.56644960

>All great art is great theft
Definitely not taboo.

>> No.56644964

>reposting an image you posted a few generals ago


>> No.56644965

I'm so hyped to fight someone in melee finally. Come Blood Angels, let us punch each other for 5 rounds. Catachans, Psykers, Bullgryns, Assasins and melee Inquisitors. Gay mind powers and mauls everywhere!

>> No.56644969


Nah - imitation is honestly flattery.

>> No.56644972

>Never gonna make it if you settle for decent
Who said I do? I didn't draw that picture and wouldn't consider it finished in that state if I had. It's not shitty though.
Your comment actually gave me autism with it's idiocy. Thanks.

>> No.56644973

Got any good 3rd party models for the Redcowls or is it kitbash only ?

>> No.56644978


Muscle wizard?

>> No.56644983

Thinking of starting GSC over Christmas. Is this a good starting point?

>> No.56644989

redcowls are literally made from a kitbash

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>> No.56644995

>Jumping to your own defence at an imagined slight
Jesus fucking christ get a load of you.

>> No.56644999

>tfw worked from 7am to 7pm today
>missed the entire BA reaction
I might be shit at 40k, but uh, this looks pretty good. What were y'all's reactions to the preview? I know there was one anon last night praying for landspeeder storms, and I see he got his wish.

>> No.56645000

Almost literally Skitarii Rangers with Guardsmen arms. You weren't seriously going to buy a ton of the flak coat the official models use, after all, were you?

>> No.56645004

I'm already prepared for it with my Alpha Legion. Honestly though, fuck it. Anyone that screams "WAACFAG!!1" isn't worth your time.

>> No.56645009

>Riding is overrated this edition.
Rhinos are fucking awesome what are you talking about?

>You don't need to ride very far when you have an effective 36 inch range.
Whoa bolters with more range and ap 1 holy shit. For the price of 8 Intercessors you can buy a tac squad with full plasma, which will kill three times the MEQ, and can hurt hard targets. The intercessors are a bit tougher, but bolters+ isn't much to sing about.

>> No.56645012

I am glad its better than +1 strength on the Charge. +1 to wound is way way stronger.

>> No.56645018

Ditto. Literally fucking inches from pulling the trigger

>> No.56645024


Nah, Overkill is a better starting point.

Also you won't need the cadian-based ones unless you go for a very specific build.

>> No.56645030

This little guy's been getting some fucking mileage this edtion. What army should I make a penguin edit of next?

>> No.56645039

>can take a second special weapon instead of a heavy weapon
>can take chainswords
Why do tacticals not have these options ? They're more TACTICAL and versatile.

>> No.56645041

Orks or necrons are solid choices.

>> No.56645042


Sisters of Penguin.

>> No.56645043

Post the deldar one

>> No.56645044

>Double chainsword units wounding hordes on 2s


>> No.56645052

Here you go.

>> No.56645054


>> No.56645057

>Also you won't need the cadian-based ones unless you go for a very specific build.
Do tell. I'm interested in them

>> No.56645059

Tbh, Brotherhod champion isnt worthless. I like him quite a bit, actually.
>Make him the warlord
>give him first to the fray, only warlord trait worth taking and the cuirass relic for durability
>GOI up the field to meet up with your deepstrikers for the trait aura
>since he's not really that scary, people ignore him in favor of draigo, whom they instinctively assume is the warlord
>great for tarpitting melee monsters
>cheap HQ that can actually make its points back/have actual utility (fucking techmarines and chaplains, yo)

>> No.56645060

Sisters are great this edition, shut the fuck up.
>muh 20 year old casts
Deal with it.

>> No.56645064

>tantalus is 400 pts

>> No.56645065

It's pretty insane and even more insane because it's not just when they charge. That means they can charge my chaff unit with +1 to wound, then if the chaff survives and I leave it in combat, then charge in with my stronger unit they get +1 to wound again.

>> No.56645068

>Implies I settle for 'decent'
>Doesn't think this is a slight
>Also thinks someone defending themselves is a negative
Enjoy being a cuck?

>> No.56645075

>Enjoy being a cuck?
What the fuck does that even mean in this context?

>> No.56645077


Because tactical marines are an awkward holdover from rogue trader fluff, too deeply entrenched to remove.

Been through three tours of duty, become the worst equipped members of the chapter.

>> No.56645081

>whom they instinctively assume is the warlord
I'll take things that only happen with the legally retarded for 200, Alex.

>> No.56645083


>> No.56645087

That bullshit interpretation of the the detachment rules on that page are exactly what people were trying to argue to prevent magnus from having death hex. I not going to buy into rai for that purpose when every single other applicable strategem uses <legion> or <chapter> to create faction restrictions.

>> No.56645088

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

>> No.56645091


>> No.56645103

How do you pronounce 'Sororitas'?

>> No.56645105

Do a Rubric one for us TS guys that don't want to bring Magnus.

>> No.56645106


>> No.56645108

>It's pretty insane
No it isn't. The majority of units get very little mileage out of it.
>it's not just when they charge.
Only when they charge, or are charged, or HI.

>> No.56645110

I never said he was worthless (he's better than Crowe), but his defensive stance is. He already has a 2+ save, so hordes will wear him down just fine. He might live longer against big dick weapons but honestly with such a low wound count he's going to be dead after one or two failed saves anyway, and if you aren't buffing his sword, he isn't going to kill anything and will start failing saves sooner or later.

2CP to give him a 2++ for a turn, under those circumstances, just isn't worth it unless he's somehow contesting an objective that will win your opponent the game if scored..

>> No.56645114

models are too expensive
game is tilted towards power gaming neckbeards
gw never has sales
unbalanced armies
p2w business model
shitty finecast breaks all the time
gw only cares about space marines
infantry can now kill tanks with rifles
terrain is too expensive
gw are nazis about not letting you use 3rd party models
citadel paints are overpriced
very little innovation in the company (just rip off successful business practices from other companies)
2 many net listing cheese noobs
need to buy massive, expensive boxes for HH
gw is too litigious, stifles innovation
games still use imperial measurements (it's current year)
not enough difference from AoS, they're basically the same game
not enough support for 3rd party retailers, no tourney support
gw is giving IP away to make shitty mobile games
space marines look like fisher price toys
Duncan Rhodes hasn't done tutorials for every model (get on it)
they sell paint cups for too much (seriously?! its a coffee mug)
orks look like WC orcs
40k is a fantasy game in a sci fi setting, AoS is a sci fi game in a fantasy setting
no community testing of rules
squats are gone
necrons are the dick
people say its getting better, prices haven't dropped since Tom Kirby left
no chaos chosen kit yet (with options like deathwatch boxes)
BFG isn't back yet
only 2 types of plastic IG models (which are the lamest anyways, very little flavour. seriously where are plastic steel legion and tallarn?)
no fantasy naval game (so much potential)
no centralized gw forums for company-community discourse
admech need more FA choices
no food concession at GW stores
gw is doing nothing worthwhile with lotr IP
very little in the way of unique paint schemes on the sub
no intro of new races in a long time (where are my rak'gol?)

>> No.56645115

Sore - oar - it - ass

>> No.56645117

Well hes referring the bolter and flamer variants.

>> No.56645127


new types of blast weapons (eg. D6, D3) should not be able to hit the same target more than once. makes them OP with the new wounds system on vehicles
terrain does less to protect your units now. (city fights should be room to room, careful placement)
DoW3 sucked
I can't smoke in GW stores
game should have streamlined rules for apocalypse games
too much emphasis on special characters (your army is supposed to be YOUR DUDES) I hate going to tournaments and seeing 3 people playing kharn (GW should outsource special characters to FW to encourage scarcity)
GK are OP
ork players need to stop screaming WAAAGH mid-game. It's getting old
bring back metal models (better than finecast)
purity seal sealant is garbage (frosting ruins paint jobs) outsource to testors
gw needs to sell brush soap and decrease prices of brushes
bring back old deep strike rules
charges should not be 2d6, make it a fixed distance to encourage skill rather than luck
mods deposed Eastern European royalty
tau need to stop with animu mecha suits, look like weeb shit
expand range of plastic kits at expense of finecast
if cadia is gone give us more IG variants rather than the vanilla army dudes
gw should bring back those enormous apocalypse bundles
there should be restrictions on lords of war in low-point games (you always have that one cheeselord bringing a knight to a 1000 point game)
imperium lists are at an advantage because of wider troop selection and better synergy options
inquisition armies should be fleshed out better
no plastic SoB
some people need to paint more (I don't care if you paint particularly well, just don't have me up against a sea of grey)
dice spam wins all the time
space marines are the chicken nuggets of armies

>> No.56645130

Literally anything with a 4++ can get a 2++.
Sanctuary turns it into a 3++, then you use Heed. Yes the psychic power stipulates you can't go beyond a 3++ but Heed doesnt change the save itself, it changes the save roll, Therefore turning a 2 into a 3 and passing the save.

>> No.56645131

Because some fucker at GW wants his personal favorite army to be the best and he has a fetish for wolves and vikings.

Every edition Space Wolves are Marines+

Just look at their fluff - Space Wolves are the ultimate Mary Sues of 40k. They do whatever they want and get away with it.

>> No.56645133

They do not need them.
Also a single or double Culexus is cheaper than a squad of SoS or squad and it’s transport.

They can do the SoS job cheaper and faster, with the added benefit of being a little annoyance to deal with

>> No.56645134


Okay so: Brood Brothers as a concept represents members of the cult who aren't actually hybrids, just controlled infectees. A lot of these guys join the local PDF or even guard regiments to get access to neat weapons. This is represented by allying in guard.

Cadian-based hybrids basically consist of using an ancient, much less well sculpted kit and hybridising it with a neophyte conversion kit to cosplay guard.

>> No.56645138

Maybe? Dunno how that's fluffy.

>> No.56645144

What are you babbling about? The Psychic Powers page doesn't ever restrict them to CSM units, but the Daemonforge Stratagem is restricted to CSM units, which are defined in the same section that the Stratagems are located in.

>> No.56645148

epic 40k needs to be brought back
take DKoK away from forgeworld
lascannons are underpowered
public drunkenness is frowned upon in GW establishments
GW should support historical rulesets
they should play better music at GW stores
guardsmen are too cheap points-wise (given support options available to them)
seriously, lower your prices GW
GW should have paint commissioning service with studio painters so that I don't have to deal with unpainted opponent armies
Eldar are OP again
GW should include rules for hazardous environments (eg. toxic atmosphere, radiation, hostile fauna, etc.)
old rules for vehicles were better
all armies should be able to take a hit better
chaos marines should be individually stronger than space marines with less synergy (think jedi-sith dichotomy)
GW needs to get more creative with unit options (think nanobot clouds floating across the battlefield, stuff like that)
more community engaging campaigns (elected commander able to call in exterminatus on planet, etc.)
persistent campaigns rather than events (evolving galaxy, work game balancing into narrative)
faction subforums
asymmetrical battles and objectives should be the norm in tournaments/campaigns
direct GW support for 40k RPGs should be a thing, don't outsource to FFG
bring back Inquisitor
more discussion of the game in this sub
GW needs a campaign app to track ongoing campaigns
there should be multiple supported rulesets (simplified 8th for narrative play/apocalypse, with something more like 7th for tournaments)
necrons OP
tyranid troops should be worse but more numerous, I want to see a swarm dammit
GW should accept bitcoin as payment
orks should get looted vehicles back
should have an ongoing balance effort
tau should have more emphasis on client-species (cuts down on weeb shit, makes it look more like an optimistic federation)
make a better RTS (something like wargame: red dragon) in a 40k setting
retcon everything Matt Ward touched

>> No.56645154

Its not that they dont know he's the warlord, its that they look at him and think
>huh, a little dude in power armor and a dinky sword. I guess I should kill him for the warlord VP...
Then they look at draigo
>FFFFFFFUUUGGG 5 S8 AP-4 attacks on 2s rerolling EVERYTHING around him with a 3++ melee beatstick

They tend to ignore him, which works well in my favor. Tip for the day: make your warlord a model that is tough and hard to kill, provides decent buffs to be useful, but isnt OMG SO SCARY that he'll be focused down immediatly.

>> No.56645155

To me that sounds pretty cool in all honesty. How are they on the table top? If you have the time to give me a run down.

>> No.56645157

>p2w business model
I'd believe this if the shit units weren't also expensive as fuck. lookin at you, sister

>> No.56645166

>melee based army wont get mileage off an ability to increase to wound on the charge when most fights wont last more than 1 fight phase anyways.
Anon why are you like this?

>> No.56645169


So effectively you're playing bad players?

>> No.56645170

Did anyone save that nid autist math regarding shooty carnifex?
Need to know what to equip them with

>> No.56645172

Right but if they are in combat with my chaff unit and I charge in with my strong unit that means they were charged. And yes it is insane. It's gonna be a blast.

>> No.56645177


>> No.56645179

>lascannons are underpowered
>necrons OP
>necrons are the dick

quality b8spam

>> No.56645180

>Tyranids are boring, have worst lore, but are the biggest threat to the galaxy
>Imperial Guard, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Imperial Fists and actually all loyalist marines are gay
>Sisters of Battle are actually all transsexuals
>Chaos is the weakest faction in lore and on the table
>Eldar and DEldar actually want to be fucked by Slaanesh, but are in denial
>The Emperor is dead and a meme
>AdMech can't do basic math
>Tau have terrible aim and can't into close combat
>Orks are bisexual mushrooms
>Necrons walk around naked and have no shame
>Your dudes are worse than everyone else's dudes
>ADB is the best writer that Black Library has

>> No.56645184

A Librarian Dreadnought is a character vehicle dreadnought with 8 wounds.

How does that affect him in terms of shooting?

Standard character rules apply?

>> No.56645189

>models are too expensive
ebay and recasts

>game is tilted towards powergamers
just play with mates over beer and pretzels

>gw never has sales
ebay and recasts

>unbalanced armies
beer and pretzels with mates

ebay and recasts, beer and pretzels

>shitty finecast
ebay metal models

>gw only care about marines
plenty of strong xenos factions, see: eldar and 'nids

>infantry can kill tanks with rifles
space laser rifles tho

>terrain is too expensive
ebay, recasts or diy

>gw are nazis
don't play in gw stores then

>citadel paints are overpriced
don't buy citadel paints then

>gw is lazy
this has been true since forever. plus by the sounds of it you'd bitch just as hard about any other company

>> No.56645190


Not that guy but melee and marines don't mix.

>> No.56645191


Sorry what I'm trying to clarify is that if you wanna go brood brothers, just go brood brothers. The guard allies will do that job better than a neophyte unit cosplaying as them could.

>> No.56645195

Apparently yes.
Mind you, these are the kind of people who think that GKs are OP in 8th edition.

>> No.56645196

Is he a character with more than 10 wounds?

>> No.56645204

>no plastic SoB
I feel ya

>> No.56645205

Yeah he can't be shot at unless he's the closest model.

>> No.56645207

Ohhhhhhhhh gotcha, but the guard allies don't get the ambushing rule right?

>> No.56645209


Then that's a bad plan.

>> No.56645210

Khorne daemons.

>> No.56645212

But SoB this edition are rather good if not OP.
Also expensive models.

If I didn’t knew GW one would think it was intentional

>> No.56645214

Death Company....

Intercessors are 2A

Reivers are 3A with their rambo knives. Against T4 they will wound on a 3+

>> No.56645222

Sō · rôr · i · täs

>> No.56645223

>40k is a fantasy game in a sci fi setting, AoS is a sci fi game in a fantasy setting

>> No.56645233

Can someone explain how Sisters are that good? I'm genuinely curious as I haven't played them and they seems kind of meh.
Obviously Celestine is good but their only other unit that isnt below average is melta doms in a repressor which got nerfed fairly hard in CA.

>> No.56645237

I mean normal marines sure. But Blood Angels have Death Company, Sanguinary Guard, and 2 types of dreads that specifically want to be in melee. Blood Angels are literally the Marines who mix with melee rather well.

>> No.56645246


>Ohhhhhhhhh gotcha, but the guard allies don't get the ambushing rule right?

Absolutely true, but there's not a lot of point to ambushing in a buncha lasguns with a heavy weapon team.

>> No.56645255

Hey, if it aint broke, dont fix it. Cant blame md for capitalizing on peoples stupidity.
Plus, I get a reason for playing my awesome BC model.

>> No.56645261

Most of the army isn't actually melee though. It, like pretty much all MEQ armies and every MEQ army that doesn't get laughed off the table, is primarily shooting units supported by a handful of melee units.

>> No.56645266


They will die before they get to combat or they will get screened and then removed. Melee marines are bad. It isn't about the volume of attacks, its about the cost on a T4 platform.

>> No.56645271

It was like a meeting of brothers separated at birth. Arriving at a time of great darkness and upheaval, the Primaris Astartes' strength was welcomed.

>> No.56645277

I had an idea for a labor of love campaign
>multiple 6k+ armies preferred
>large map thats about 30 squares by 30 squares
>each square is about 2" and can hold 3 regiments
>each player has 100 regiment points
>each regiment has different costs
>infantry 1
>Mechanised 3
>armored 6
>Primach or LoW 10
>each army has different special regiments
>WE-> slaughter band
>chaos -> daemons
>different regiments can move different distances
>infantry slowest fast calvary fastest
> every week the group meets for everyones turn where everyone moves each piece that represent each regiment
>A tank commander outside of a hatchstands for a tank regiment
>a rifleman is a infantry regiment
> gullimans head on a pike stands for his LoW detachment
>and each regiment has a 2k point limit for figures wargear is free
>2 regiments can attack 1 regiment at a time
>each regiment can alter a square to make the enemy go through a terrain slower or more painful
> when a regiment takes damage during a battle it stays like that
>ex if a regiment loses a squad that squad is gone for ever
>each army has a wargoal
>krieg just wants to fucking die
>chaos wants different things
>tzeentch can build shrines and after enough is built badda bing badda boom victory
once 3 people win or chaos or nids win campaign over
so what do you think TG
any changes or ideas also i understand it would require a lot thats why its called a labor of love campaign just wanted to make sure that was clear

>> No.56645280

>Right but if they are in combat with my chaff unit and I charge in with my strong unit that means they were charged
I have no idea what you're trying to say. If you mean that the unit that charged charged, no fucking shit. If you mean the chaff unit got charged, then you're incorrect. You did not charge your own unit.

>> No.56645282

>more discussion of the game in this sub

>> No.56645283

Plus scouts. In a storm with knives they are cheap, fast, bring a heavy weapon, wounding marines on 3's, and (most importantly) not just another case of tac squads in razorbacks

>> No.56645292

> or is it kitbash only
>redcowls are literally made from a kitbash
No shit Sherlock.

>> No.56645295

>took the time to add pauldrons
>didn't paint the CF's fists crimson

>> No.56645299

I was thinking more along the lines of using them in one of their rock grinder things and infiltrators having shotguns. You gotta deal with one of 'em.
I'm just spit balling, the army looks neat is all.

>> No.56645301


No they don't. You pay premium points for a T4, 3+ save platform - it dies easily. They aren't durable enough to make it, even without tricksy deployment options because good players screen to keep their hammers safe. Marines are a shooting army - taking marines that are dedicated to close combat is a great way to lose.

>> No.56645309

...but I like my Tac squads in Razorbacks, anon.

>> No.56645315

>T3 was buffed in 8th and matters less, except SoB are 4 ppm cheaper than a tactical marine and can be spammed
>Easy access to storm bolter spam and BS3 melta, the latter being especially relevant now that CA is nerfing Scions
>Dominions in general
>The Immolator, a unit traditionally spammed by non-WAAC Sisters, is excellent
>AoF rework

Basically they're a good balance between Marines and Guard, and when put that way they sound pretty good. The on-demand extra phases is just icing on the cake.

>> No.56645321

Me too, but I want to do something different, and this will be _fun_.

>> No.56645328

>I mean normal marines sure

Shut your heretical mouth! I will have you know that Black Templars are actually kind of ok at melee!

>> No.56645333

>people thinking flying lib dreads will actually do something
They are just as shitty but now they spend a psychic power on literally nothing.
What's it going to do? Charge something? Everything in its price range will murder it and even fucking tau commanders will survive it in cc

>> No.56645341

still shit at melee compared to my dudes

>> No.56645345

Come on anon. I play Templars and I know we got shafted this edition

>> No.56645363

Do it for us Thousands Sons guys who do bring Magnus and still struggle because it's shit

>> No.56645367


>> No.56645372

I do like that BA can reposition a jump back unit on the fly for 1CP. With the new character targeting rules there are going to be a lot of opportunities to deny targeting.

>> No.56645375

Both garbage CC units. Sure, +1 to Wound is nice, but it doesn't really the end result much. It's great on Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, and Dreadnoughts. Everything else? It's basically just the same +1 S that everyone was dreading.

>> No.56645382

>Arguing about who is better at the least powerful aspect of the game

>> No.56645392

> spending any more points in troops than the bare minimum to get BN detachments in: Elite Slots/Fliers: the Codex
Do you even Blood Angel brah?

>> No.56645402

>It's basically just the same +1 S that everyone was dreading.
How do you figure that? +1S does nothing most of the time unless you're tied, doubled or about to double the enemy toughness.

>> No.56645406

How come the new death guard models are so fucking overdesigned? I want to like them i really do, but all this random shit and nurglings looks like shit. Am I retarded or do these look bad

>> No.56645407

i was just stating that WE rule melee

>> No.56645411

>I play Templars and I know we got shafted this edition

Compared to what we used to be in 6th/7th I take it as a buff, I mean I remember when we got rolled back into the codex and then ignored for 2 editions while everyone else got buffs out the ass and formation detachments and we got jack and squat, that still hurts.

Do we need buffs? Fuck yeah, Vows as Auras to buff units would be the quickest and easiest solution but we also need a real close combat unit that can wreck stuff. As it stands we are still a melee army stuck in a shooty codex which sucks but I can live with it and it certainly is better than the last two editions.

>> No.56645419

Except you can now wound literally anything in the game on a 5+

>> No.56645420

>cast "I believe I can fly"
>can jump over infantry screens
>can get into position to smite the right target
>can fall back even if surrounded, and still shoot if I want to
>4 S12 AP-3 Dmg 3 hitting on 3s is apparently bad
I dunno, anon. I dont play BA, but it seems like a pretty dope power to me.

>> No.56645423

They do indeed look awful

>> No.56645425

They do look bad. I feel like if I sad down and just wrote a description of each of the particular elements of the model design it would sound great. Something between that and where they ended up went horribly wrong.

>> No.56645426

Posted in the old thread...

EC fag here, I am trying to branch out and try new strategies since I think I have a good one for competitive games.

I normally rely on a 10 man plasma terminator + termylord drop, burn 3CP for VotLW and endless cacophony.

That has won me a lot (for me, i've only played 11) games.

That being said, what are some strategies that work well for EC? I'm probably always going to have a decent ammount (2 at least) of noise marines.

I am looking at maybe trying some vehicle combat, is the laser vindicator any good?

>> No.56645429

Its the nu-GW design ethos. Love it or hate it or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

>> No.56645433

I like everything about them bar the "smoke effects" on these and other new DG models.

>> No.56645450

Not really. If you were already wounding on 3+ for any reason, the push up to 2 is highly substantial.
Now consider that Primaris are S4 A2. Ten Intercessors will wipe almost all of a full-strength Infantry Squad in a single phase (with a good chance of morale finishing the job) which sounds and is very underwhelming, but is great by default ranged Marine standards. Reivers and, dare I say it, Assault Marines, suddenly become reasonable anti-horde options, too.

>> No.56645455

Do you really have that terminator bomb as WYSIWYG?

>> No.56645463

Because his fur's already red. But fine then, they're Fulminators now

>> No.56645468


He's going to die so quickly. 0 durability once he jumps in.

>> No.56645472

Also banners. Motherfuckers have banners and terminators in their tactical squads.

>> No.56645475

They are too different to each other that's why. If all of them looked similar in mutations and armor it wouldn't be that bad, but we got chainmail, fly, tentacles, quills, spikes just all over the place.

>> No.56645478

>No guardsman Helmet on Tom

>> No.56645479

>plasma terminator star
Must be fun winning against children and CAAC fluffmonkeys

>> No.56645480


Do you know what's a far better anti-horde option? A few Razorbacks with double assault cannons. And they don't spend part of the game getting blasted before they get into range to do work.

>> No.56645483

Don't forget blood chalices giving +1 strength aura.
Now you're reliably S5 w/ Red Thirst you're guaranteed to wound T4 on 2s WITH YOUR BASIC DUDES.

>> No.56645488

What are some good books about Dorn?

>> No.56645491

>How do you figure that?
Because those units are going to spend a lot of time fighting other MEQ units where S=T.
Anything that you would be wounding on a 6+ (or even a 5+) isn't going to be worried about a handful of no-rend attacks.

The trait isn't bad, but it doesn't really change anything for the majority of BA units.

>> No.56645501

Only two issues from being pure wysiwyg

1)Some are still ultramarine painted because I got them in the [email protected] box and it will kill me to paint over my first models

2) they are combi-bolters and axes, I didn't have any combi-plasma pieces

>> No.56645505

>Flying Dreadnaughts

That's so stupid...I want it!

>> No.56645506

The Repressor basically made the choice between Immolator and Repressor relevant. Not exactly a nerf.

Also they are good because they have all the good things from marines (BS and Sv) and all the goodness of IG (cheap and easy to spam)

Not counting CA you could put 20 meltas with an effective range of 36”+2D6” turn one for less than a 1000 points. The Repressor is also decent enough against horde when shooting and melee.
With the nerf it is about 1200~
Hell your basic troop could spam 3 meltas or 3 SB for basically nothing. While the Immolator is a 24”+D6” effective range double heavy Flamer that can always advance and shoot for 103 points

In other words big stuff are no problem versus SoB and do not suffer much against horde due to how easy it is to get anti horde with the mandatory units

>> No.56645508

I freely admit I am new and am just going off of what I have had success with : ^ )

>> No.56645516

Primairs BA captain - stalker rifle or assault rifle?

>> No.56645517

What's wrong with it? Double tap plasma is solid

>> No.56645520

Instigating a call to arms that we demand GW release rule previews so the fucking game can be properly play tested before we buy the goddamn book.
They'll still sell, because people like the fluff included, but we shouldn't have to pay extra because the devs don't know what the fuck they're doing

>> No.56645527

>bring the rotor cannot fetish into 40k
I mean sure, if you hate fun and just want to pull a move that literally turns you into red Ultramarines, except at -1 because of no Guilliman, you could do that, yeah.

>> No.56645531


Oh no! The T4 3+ body is good at close combat!

>> No.56645533

This one should cover it.

>> No.56645534

>Do you mind if I proxy these Crisis suits as Commanders?

>> No.56645538


My only regret in life is my army can only take one jump dreadnought.

>> No.56645539

Assault. stalker is not great by any means

>> No.56645549

Tom would be a marinelet in this instance.

>> No.56645550

Fellow AdMech players,
Do you rather pick a 5 man squad of Rangers or Vanguard, assuming blank with no extras. Why? Personally I like S4 on the Rangers a bit more. Also almost double the shooting range feels good. I feel that S3 this edition is really mediocre considering most stuff has a decent T4 or better, and the extra Damage won't matter most of the time, where the AP-1 is pretty good regardless of situations.

>> No.56645560

40 Plasma Shots is a pretty hefty amount of firepower.

>> No.56645563

>Because those units are going to spend a lot of time fighting other MEQ units where S=T.
Right. I forget that everyone fights marines all day. it's guard and deldar as my opponents, so this is all good news for me.

>> No.56645567


Option 3: Wait for Thallax.

>> No.56645568

Mildly amused yet?

>> No.56645572

can I get the epub?

>> No.56645576

Glad you are having fun, anon.

>what's wrong with it
Anyone playing well will not allow terminators to deepstrike near anything valuable.

>> No.56645577

So, they aren't even remotely close to being WYSIWYG.

>> No.56645584

Hopefully the codex will stop making commanders terrible at buffing so they are more leader like. And less suicidal

>> No.56645588


I don't understand.

>> No.56645599

How are the walls, Dorn?

>> No.56645600


Why are the primaris so tiny?

>> No.56645601


>> No.56645602

how is a combi-bolter/power axe terminator not "remotely close" to a combi-plasma/power axe terminator

>> No.56645607

>tfw a month or two ago, EC plasmabomb was considered the premier tactic of CSM

>> No.56645609

>too retard to understand what's going on
Typical Imperial Fist. How's that extra chromosome treating you?

>> No.56645610

Plasma can be dropped anywhere because it's good against almost anything.

>> No.56645612

Thallax? Who or what is that? I'm not up to date lately. Just got the news of point reductions in CA which are cool.

>> No.56645616


Strong. I still don't understand. HELP.

>> No.56645625


Slaanesh Obliterators are strictly better because of their range and it being harder to effectively screen their shooting.

>> No.56645628

>ITT BA players are hyped about their codex and people just want to shit on their happiness.

>> No.56645629

>how is me using a bunch of ultramarines terminators without combi-plasmas as stand-ins for Emperor's Children terminators with combi-plasmas not even close to WYSIWYG?

>> No.56645642

>read this post in Moro's voice
Need to go rewatch that now.

>> No.56645643


Thallax are S/T5 cyborgs with jetpacks, lightning guns, chainsaw bayonets and 1/3 special weapon ratios.

They aren't 40k legal yet, but are troops in 30k.

>> No.56645645

Was it autism?

>> No.56645647


Please be patient. I have autism.

>> No.56645648

>Tfw FW hates money and refuses to let anyone use HH models in 40k because autism

>> No.56645652

It's just a noobstomp tactic. You get obliterated by return fire on the following turn from stuff that cost half the points of the terminators.

>> No.56645656

How do you guys pick your basing scheme?
Also, how thick can you layer on the thick citadel texture paints?

>> No.56645658

Just because something else is better doesn't mean that Plasma Terminators aren't still good. That said, >>56645576 is right that it's not overly difficult to force them out of rapid-fire range on anything valuable. I bring Alpha Legion cultists with my Thousand Sons for that very purpose.

>> No.56645659

It's /tg/. The only reason the WAAC insults aren't flying is because BA are Marines and, therefore, shit competitively without Guilliman to buff them.

>> No.56645663

They aren't stand ins, they are cataphractii in model because I like how they look.

If anyone has a problem with me using that model instead of the ugly chaos ones in my box of stuff then I don't want to play with them

>> No.56645664


>> No.56645665

We got more then we expected and its day 1 Let them try to shit FOR I SHIT FOR SANGUINIUS

>> No.56645669

As long as crisis suits maintain their current stats and/or points, that doesn't make much of a difference.

>> No.56645671

Anyone here use a captain with jump pack+thunder hammer+storm shield? I was thinking about running one as my Deathwatch warlord

>> No.56645682

What the... You think they'll ever get in 40k (per FoC soom (tm))? They sound RAD

>> No.56645684

Hoping to start an ork army, warmachine is wearing me out and want to play a fun and random army.i played 40k 2nd to 5th ed and a lot has changed so my question is
-orks still fun as hell to play?
- is the get started worth its money for orks? Kinda light on boyz...
-any key units to avoid?
Any help would be appreciated thanks anons!

>> No.56645686

I should report you for being stupid.

>> No.56645692

I use one witha thunder hammer the armor indominus and a plasmagun of some sort

SS never really worth 15 pts imo when you can have a relic for free

>> No.56645696

Yeah so what exactly is changed? They are a jihad-screaming suicide unit, I don't think anyone expects them to survive. You must make their one phase of shooting count.

>> No.56645701

>tfw BA, not Guilliman, get nerfed because Roberta makes them too good
better start prepping the penguin edit now

>> No.56645711

Getting my brother-in-law some kits for Christmas. He plays both Space Marines and Tau: are there any units from either faction that are getting a decent buff in 8th edition that is pulling them from obscurity/uselessness? I don't want to just get him some generic standbys.

>> No.56645723

>you can't fire me, I quit
Okay, champ.
Ten Terminators with 2+ 5++ 5+++ can be pretty difficult to shift, especially if you can nuke a couple high value targets with your 40 +1 to Wound Plasma Shots. Sure, it's not really a top tier tournament list, but it will crush casual lists with ease.

>> No.56645726

primaris are getting cheaper

>> No.56645729

Uh, T'au will probably change up a fair bit in the codex making it really hard to say. What units does he have?
Also, what flavour of marines?

>> No.56645736

So even you don't understand what you're trying to say. Good to know.

>> No.56645743

Right, but if all the stuff that's within rapid fire range is cheap screens and other chaff, then it will not do much. Don't get me wrong it will do serious damage with double fire + VotLW and maybe warptime, but they will struggle to return their points.

>> No.56645745

>SS never really worth 15 pts imo when you can have a relic for free
you do realize you still have to pay for the base equipment on relics, right?

>> No.56645748

As Deathwatch my only relic is a teleport (which is fine by me) thats why I'm taking the shield. How has your captain been performing for you so far?

>> No.56645751

Only if said body is literally a regular in your FLGS.

>> No.56645752

That's an Ogryn.

>> No.56645767

>crush casual lists with ease
Yeah, exactly what I meant with "noobstomp tactic". It is good for teaching others about deeptrike though since it will force them to learn and adapt.

>> No.56645779

>it's bad because of chaff screens
Right, but that's always been the case. It's not like the prevalence of chaff has increased recently, either, since back when CSM dropped the Conshit meme was in full swing. Did it really take this long for /tg/ to realize how to counter deep strikers?

Also, not every list you face will have enough chaff to protect everything, which can let you play mindgames with your opponent's deployment. Hell, not every army is even capable of quality chaff.

>> No.56645782

safe bets for those factions are space marine primaris hellblasters and tau empire stealth suits. Both are very good for the respective armies and would make great gifts

>> No.56645786

Casual list does not equate to noob. There are plenty of veteran players that aren't running tournament-grade soup lists and who would be hard put to stop a ten-man Terminator bomb from gutting their army.

>> No.56645787

Get him Some Kroot for his tau and Some Assault marines for his Marines.

>> No.56645795

>Tfw GW puts this image in the CSM Codex but Chaos Space Marines can't use Power Hammers for some stupid reason

Why...Why the fuck can't I use a god damn power hammer? WHY DO YOU DO THIS GW

>> No.56645800

Primaris are still a skubfaction, it would only be a good gift if anon knows the dude's stance on primaris, which I'm guessing he doesn't. If the guy's as autistic as most of /40kg/ then if he doesn't like them they will never even be built, let alone see use.

>> No.56645807

>Casual list does not equate to noob
That's exactly what it means. No veteran player will build a list that is not tactically sound, especially after having faced terminator/scion deepstrikes.

>> No.56645813

Literally a power maul, are you retarded?
>muh thunder hammers
Not all mauls are thunder hammers.

>> No.56645814

I've got the BA terminators from the Space Hulk game, are they a good starting point for a BA army?

>> No.56645815

Really killy i slap him with some vanguard with plasma pistols and axes and they clean up any hq units faffin about
If you read the post you'd understand what relic I chose.You dont play 40k anyway so no biggie

>> No.56645816

What's a good start for getting into Death Korps?

>> No.56645819

>hey look at this sick-ass Iron Warrior
>have fun trying to make a model that looks remotely as good with your decades old infantry kit
>ps I hope you didn't assemble your marines with a pistol, chainsword, and boltgun

>> No.56645829

Not really Tbh but they look cool as fuck

>> No.56645830

infantry models and whatever artillery you like

>> No.56645831

A power maul is not two handed and also a maul and a hammer are two quite different looking things.

>> No.56645833

Does anybody know what color this guardians gun is

>> No.56645842

They're useful but I wouldn't call them a good starting point. Termie spam is not all its cracked up to be.

>> No.56645843

Paralympic Purple

>> No.56645846 [SPOILER] 

>what's a power maul
in b4
>it's a hammer not a maul
same fucking difference. It bashes stuff.

>> No.56645863

B-But a maul isn't two handed so I don't get the same badass Two handed bringer of death feel as I would with the fuck huge hammer.

>> No.56645864

I thought they didn't make art unless there was a model to go with it?

>> No.56645870

If the heaviest weapons in my army is blastmasters, autocannons and missile launchers, should i invest in some lascannons for AT or should i be fine ?

>> No.56645874

they are a great addition to the line up and you'd have to be mentally ill to overlook them (especially hellblasters) just because they're slightly taller than your normal dudes

>> No.56645880

MkIII kit comes with a thunder hammer/power maul.

>> No.56645884

>kids don't remember the days of chapter traits that allowed you to take 2 special weapons and chainswords in tactical squads

I'm guessing it's to make CSM and SM different from one another. Weird that CSM get to take special and heavy weapons in their "tactical squads", when 30k Legions can't.

>> No.56645887

>A power maul is not two handed
Where does it say that? Like, where in the rules does it say I can't equip my dude with a two-handed maul or two-handed sword?

>a maul and a hammer are two quite different looking things
>if it's a blunt weapon like a mace or staff, it's a power maul.
Source: 7th edition rulebook. This is the only guidance we have on the appearance of a power weapon; just because it says it's a maul doesn't mean the weapon actually has to be a maul. Anything blunt but powered counts as a maul, pic related. A thunder hammer on CSM would count as a maul, shit, in Space Marine the CSM equivalent to the hammer WAS a daemon maul.

>> No.56645888

Who cracks up non-CSM terminator spam?

>> No.56645894

Sounds good to me.

>> No.56645901

Personally, I really, really like how the DG miniatures look. Those Terminators especially.

>> No.56645904

I do that, but have decided after one game that never more than 1.

>> No.56645906

The fluff is abysmal and that can be a dealbreaker for man players that care about the fluff of their forces. You wouldn't stick Primaris in a Flesh Tearers force, would you?

>> No.56645918

One squad can take a banner.

As I recall, IH used to put sergeants in terminator armour instead of having dedicated terminator squads. Hell, I remember when Scout sergeants could wear terminator armour and the endless debates whether or not he could still have a sniper rifle.

>> No.56645921

It can buff itself to 4A and take the warlord trait. Suddenly its 4A hitting on 2s wounding on 2s at -4 D4 and will deal 12-16 damage.

>> No.56645922

Mainly because all of the power maul bits are always one handed and never two handed.

>> No.56645923

They look real bad. HH Death Guard models would be easier to make Nurgley than these would be to look good.

>> No.56645928

I've never met anyone IRL that really cares one way or the other about primaris. Most of the marine players think they're okay but have little-to-no interest in collecting dudes that are just slightly up-sized versions of the guys they already have.

>> No.56645935

> low energy, shit tier bait
> is a fucking leaf
It all checks out

>> No.56645946

shoo reddit shoo

>> No.56645957

Shoo shoo leddit Jew

>> No.56645961


>> No.56645962

The only issues that I have with them is that the Nurglings tend to be too cute/cartoony and that they're effectively mono-pose.

>> No.56645964

What about that post makes you think that poster is Canadian? Also fucking reply normally next time so people don't have to actively search for what you are replying to

>> No.56645976

people use @ to point out who they are replying to without giving them a (you)

>> No.56645982 [DELETED] 

>feed me (you)s

>> No.56645992

Is it sad i remember watching this episode? As i recall, Jerrys buff friend kicks everyones ass

>> No.56645995

>without giving them a (you)
This is what peak autism looks like.

>> No.56645996

1. yes i think they are fun to play. i dont enjoy spamming boyz though. its just tedious to move that many models.
2. the painboy is good, the boyz are good and the nobz are kinda bad but they can be used as nobz for units so they have a purpose. the deff dread isnt great. fun model though.
3. the best units are tankbustas, slugga boyz, mek gunz with KMK, big gunz with kannon, painboy, weirdboyz, burnas, lootas and kommandos. everything else is either shit or overcosted. some things are hilariously god awful (deffkoptas/buggies) or at best ok (gretchin/stormboyz).

>> No.56645998

/pol/ pls go and stay go ok thx

>> No.56646019

Only redditfaggots would be stupid enough to want to respond and not (you).
Just report and ignore or enjoy the argument.
Or fuck off back to your upboat shithole.

>> No.56646021

>giving a fuck about (you)s

>> No.56646031

oh and i forgot. big meks with kustom force field is all the rage these days. that 5+ save is pretty useful.

>> No.56646033

What the fuck does "@" have to do with Reddit?

>> No.56646037

You know the Iron Warriors' history, right? Why would they start getting treated well now?

>> No.56646069

Not him, but hoping to play bad moons or cult of speed

Are buggies and wartrakks still shit even with a twofold CA price drop? Buggies with twin big shootas and wartrakks with skorchas were units I was looking forward to

Deff Dreads are bad too? Next you'll tell me trukks and warbikers suck. This is the worst day.

>> No.56646072

It makes it obvious they aren't from here

>> No.56646078

Are burnas actually good? I don't actually play orks nor do I ever play against them but I've read here about them being ridiculously overcosted. Aren't kombiskorcha nobz a direct upgrade?

>> No.56646081

I'd like to think it doesn't matter either way.

Unless we get a big AL reveal after all the other primarch bullshit with either Omegon and/or Alpharius coming back, or at least the ghost legion saying they never existed and a huge domino effect after 100 centuries of planning. Culminating in a jaw dropping climax to the setting I will not be satisfied.

I like that the other legions marginalize us, because I can always have the last laugh.

>> No.56646087

It means that they participate in the retarded (you) meme and think it means something

>> No.56646137


Brother-in-law's flavor is Crimson Fist. I was looking at some Hellblasters but I also heard of either a Lieutenant or Captain that is making a good splash. He's been playing for years while I'm a scrub that has a bit of knowledge in Eldar and Necron so all of the replies are a big help.

>> No.56646139

I redeem all my (you)s at the good boy store.

>> No.56646141

Trukks and Warbikers are okay

>> No.56646163

They don't even have the same underlying terminator armor!

>> No.56646173


Something like this?
Alpharius... I mean anonymous?

>> No.56646186

Really? I keep hearing 8e bikeboyz are violently overcosted for what melee and dakka they bring to the table

>> No.56646193

What’s the state of the game right now? A few months ago I bought about 1000 points of dark eldar, but since the semester (from hell) started, I haven’t had a chance to get started building. How’s the new edition? Last time I heard, DE were doing pretty good. Some of the new battle boxes look pretty sick too.

>> No.56646212

Somone helped me in the last thread

What are some good salamander units?

So far I have dreadnoughts and lascannons in tactical squads from what i got from the last thread

>> No.56646226

Just getting into the game, I've gone Space Marines (Salamanders) to start off with.

My question is how do you actually create an army?

I'm used to building decks in card games using a tempate of choosing a core concept or theme and then expanding upon that and filling in weaknesses. Using this I am assuming I would want to take advantage of the Salamanders Chapter Tactic (reroll 1 hit and 1 wound each unit) by throwing down heaps of lascannons (theand other heavy weapons, then filling in with weapons to help against hordes and smaller units?

Is the same template for 40k? With so many different options and variables to consider, how do you avoid making horrible decisions?

>> No.56646235

The virgin newfags
The Chad Old guard
The retard. The gif had a faggot waving the Leaf flag in it

>> No.56646236

What is his endgame.

>> No.56646237

Dark Eldar seem to be doing better now that the meta is shifting away from horde, since the average kabal can fuck tanks inside out with the sheer amount of long range mobile/kiting anti tank delfs can bring to bear

>> No.56646240

>state of the game
It is all about building detachments to take all the best units from your faction. So for elves, get ready to ally in some craftworld/harlequins/other elf stuff.

>> No.56646247

Dreadnaughts are amazing, as are Devastators and Sternguard.

>> No.56646252

except, as shown in shroud of night, there are renegade-but-not-chaos warbands of AL still operating.

Also it was always fun watching my AL friend who played renegade lists (used heresy era marines, no chaos units, heresy era forgeworld units like contemptors) call our dark angel friend the one who played chaos space marine instead of him.

>t. Ultramarine player

>> No.56646256

getting cucked

>> No.56646257


Basically highly elite small units that can take the most advantage of the single re-roll.

>> No.56646270

i think even with the drop in chapter approved they are garbage. they dont do any damage and cant take that much damage either. tankbustas die super fast but they just wreck tanks left and right so if you protect them with a trukk+kustom force field they generally survive long enough to make back their points.

trukks are overcosted by like 25pts so i would only ever use trukks for tankbustas/burnas. or maybe even meganobz now that they lowered the cost for power klaws.

i dont like bikers. they were amazing in 7th because of jink but without it they just die in droves. 2 wounds sure but over charging plasma guns, which is like the most common special weapon in the game, just completely counters them. and they are 27pts a pop.

deff dreads are like bad dreadnoughts. the good dreadnoughts i have seen are the dakka ones, two lascannon/missile launcher ones. well orks cant do that so you just have to slowly walk up the table to chop at stuff. they almost always die and they arent that tough.

burnas are pretty good actually. they show up in most of the ork tournament lists i have seen. kombi-skorchas cost 19pts per guy. so 36pts for a nob with one.

that is a lot for a 2w 4+ save model. i like kombi skorchas on nob unit leaders and my warboss though.

>> No.56646276

No. I refuse to use craftworlds or Ynnari

>> No.56646280

>The gif had a faggot waving the Leaf flag in it
If I post this image does it make me a bong? Are you fucking retarded? Then again, your choice of memes makes the answer clear.

>> No.56646289

Fuck off.

>> No.56646296

Fuck Yvraine

>> No.56646301

Why Sternguard?
like company veterans?

>> No.56646310

God damn, could you imagine if Alpharius legitimately WAS given a super secret assignment by the Emperor to make people think his legion was traitors, and Dorn fucking kills him and ruins the plan?

Stupid Banana man, Dorn was a mistake.

>> No.56646317

You sound like a big guy

>> No.56646320

Do you have a codex? If not pirate one at least temporarily there are rules for a legal army.

Mathematically Salamanders benefit from have multiple small units to take full advantage of their chapter tactic. You may consider building a more 'elite' force of minimum sized units fully decked out with cool toys.

>> No.56646327

>hurr durr image has a flag so the poster is from there


>> No.56646337

It's not that different than it's ever been. The "alpha legion is loyal" take is something fans meme'd into existence, and they'll keep memeing it going forward, so I don't expect anything to change.

>> No.56646338

Nice to hear. I have two boxes of scourges, so I guess I’ll throw dark lances onto them. Also have a ravager and SC. Just mead a sky splinter and a plane

>> No.56646340

Bring some weapons that fuck up hordes, bring some weapons that fuck up heavy vehicles and monsters, and keep things consistent with your strategy and tactics.

I prefer close range aggression and alpha strike, but ablative wounds and chaff are slim pickings in my army so instead I load everyone up with special weapons and then transports to ensure that my troops engage on my terms, because I can't afford to get caught flat footed. As far as I can tell 40k has 5 kinds of unit. Anti-infantry, anti-armor, distraction, chaff, and cheerleaders

>> No.56646345

>That @ shit ever being a thing
Nigger stop fucking pretending the retarded (you) meme was a thing until a few years ago and accept that you fucked up

>> No.56646353

Enjoy playing at the kids' table, cuckbois

>> No.56646371

Stop. This ruins the flow of the thread, and the (you) currency meme is fucking stupid.

>> No.56646378 [SPOILER] 

ahaha why do people use lords for their crawlers. Just use epidemius for t9 and rerolls ahaha

>> No.56646384

>5 death company with thunder hammers
>165 points, or 180 for (better) jump packs ones
>cast blood boil
>stand next to sanguinor
>get 25 S14 AP-3 D3 attacks
>add in a priest to bump to S16, corbulo for that and extra attacks on 6, ancient/lieutenant for reroll 1’s to wound, astorath for +1 to hit and reroll
>you’re now getting more hits than each model has
>and wounding even the toughest stuff in the game on a 4+, and rerolling 1’s to wound

>mfw 30 angry retards- a mere 990 points- can one-shot a fucking warlord titan

>> No.56646387

What? I’m just playing what I like? What’s do wrong with that? Who cares if o like pure DE? I like my dudes.

>> No.56646388

>Being so incompetent he needs to bring in other factions as a crutch

>> No.56646394

venom/ravagers/kabalites with blasters/razorwings are fucking amazing.

everything else is ok at best.

>> No.56646410

He was given an assignment by the Cabal, so yes, bananas did fuck everything up. Hence everyone that knows the lore makes fun of Dorn being an actual mentally-challenged manchild.

>> No.56646415

>Nah, Overkill is a better starting point.
what i want to know is why is Overkill a better starting point

>> No.56646419

How about lance scourges? They’re probably my favourite model in the range and I have two boxes of them.

>> No.56646437

Deathwatch of course

Though part of me feels the feels the image conveys are unique to GK- utter neglect over an edition only yo get hype and a codex out the gates, only to suck even compared to index armies, let alone powercreep codexes

>> No.56646446

>Yfw Alpharius stabbed Dorn in the chest but missed his heart intentionally, because he's not supposed to kill him, and he anticipated Dorn would be smart enough to realize "Huh, why did he miss my heart, given that he's a fucking incredible fighter and tactician."
>Instead of realizing that this was on purpose, he instead thinks Alpharius just made a mistake and decapitates him.

Fucking stupid banana

>> No.56646457

Buy things with powerfists so he can paint big crimson fists everywhere

>> No.56646496

But Titans are absolutely terrible

>> No.56646508

probably fine but may struggle against vehicle heavy lists

>> No.56646509

>once again did not factor in the points of the buffing characters
>did not factor in how Blood Boil is 1/turn cast and cannot affect all 30 retards

>> No.56646514

> N*gger
/pol/ pls go

>> No.56646516

resurrect the eldar race with his dick

>> No.56646527


Overkill has both the only source of abberants and a shit ton of generic acolytes.

I bought the Genestealer side of overkill four times to build up my acolyte horde.

>> No.56646543

They aren't. There are still absolutely rapetastic if actually taken, but they cost so much you will never see them on the table.

>> No.56646544

Please his master, Slaanesh

>> No.56646563

They're still expensive with a low wound count, much better used with jump packs chain swords and boltguns for 20ppm. Lets them deepstrike and kill an infantry unit then you can teleport the ones left alive to an objective for 1 cp the next turn.

>> No.56646580

>tfw you realize that Mont'ka is cunningly brutal and Kauyon is brutally cunning
Does the fire caste worship Gork and Mork without even knowing it?

>> No.56646582

pdf of chapter approved when?

>> No.56646586

Do you guys mean Unleash Rage? Blood Boil is a damaging power.

>> No.56646597

delete this

>> No.56646609

>He said a mean word, he's obviously le nazi boogeyman
Fuck off you overly sensitive cunt

>> No.56646612

Three more days

>> No.56646619

It doesn't really matter which power he is taking about, he is still retarded for mathhammering his big blob of retards all being affected by it.

This on top of failing to account for the cost of the characters/Sanguinor/libbys nearby, and the fact that on the defensive his blob of retards is piss in the wind.

>> No.56646621

Played a game this evening against the following list and got my shit wrecked. How would you deal with this? I play Space Wolves.

He had:

Farseer on Bike
3x Warlocks
2x Dark Eldar Warriors with Venoms
9x Dire Avengers
5x Wraithguard with the Scythes
6x Dark Reapers
9x Warp Spiders
2x Hemlocks
Crimson Flyer
Wave Serpent with Shruiken Cannons

Planes were -2 to hit, possibly -3 with a stratagem, dire avengers and warp spiders deep struck in, wraithguard and dark reapers were just hammering my shit.

>> No.56646623


>> No.56646626

This is probably a really old model so I don't think it has any current true match.

It is a light cyan colour though, so you'd be looking at Caledor Sky as perhaps the closest match.

You could mix up a cyan colour using Green & Blue, or maybe take an existing grey and add a touch of blue.

Celestra Grey might work as it's a bluish grey.

>> No.56646639

>elf fag
checks out

>> No.56646643

How does a warpsmith + 2 sonic dread with ML/Blastmaster + LC predator look for a spearhead?

This would form the center long range AT of my army

>> No.56646655

Telling your opponent to actually follow the rules would be a good start.

>> No.56646656

> the power is actually called unleash rage
> makes mistake in a smug anime girl post trying to correct someone else

>> No.56646658

hang yourself

>> No.56646663

Flame throwers and melee.
or the best counter to his army, not playing him

>> No.56646672

Replace the warpsmith with a lord and it is good.

>> No.56646673

>Nob with skorcha is 36 points
>Skorcha with skorcha is 54 points
>moves faster, 4 attacks, toughness 5 and 6 wounds with 4+ save, and outflanks

Huh. Comparing them to nobs, skorcha wartrakk cavalry don't actually sound too bad.

>> No.56646675

Follow the reply chain before posting.

>> No.56646682


>> No.56646685


So I can call him on it, how is he cheating?

>> No.56646686

>not actually doing the math
>not noticing its 30x4 (or 4.148 to determine hit), so just black rage+sangy
But fine, it’s technically 1397 for sanguinor+astorath+corbulo+30DC. Still, pretty bananas.

Fair, I see them more as the ultimate glass cannon then anything else; 5 guys with nothing but sanguinor or blood boil and a chaplan one-shot a baneblade, which is amazing for only 165 points. Only thing is congrats, you’ve killed them, only problem is not all guns are on you.

Real benefit is them in a gunline, drop them into a bunch of cramped units where the RIP N TEAR really gets going, no retreat no surrender.

>> No.56646697

Thousand Son's truest loves, Independence and a rocking hand sculpted bod you could grate cheese with.

>> No.56646698

> literally changes nothing about the validity of my criticism
Low Energy!

>> No.56646705

is it worth it if I have the points for both?

>> No.56646712

Looks like the fang

>> No.56646726

Oh yeah man. Make a huge scene. Scream and yell and wave your fists around too. Chimp out as hard as you like- YOU'RE not in the wrong here!

>> No.56646733

How does this 5man wombo combo fair against Morty?

>> No.56646738

>10 man assault squad is 82 burgerbucks online
>5 man box is 33 in my local GW store
I'm bad at economy, explain please.

>> No.56646741


Huh? I want to know how he was cheating? I don't like being cheated.

>> No.56646743

its possible to build a list that allows eldar stragegems, and the hemlock to be aliatoc. He wasn't necessarily cheating.

>aliatoc flyer detachment unlocks eldar strategems, which apply to ynnari craftworld units.

>> No.56646755

its possible he wasn't

>> No.56646769

You're a mother fucking retard and I bet you chimp out whenever you look at new releases in Kiwiland

>> No.56646774


Certainly, and I honestly doubt he did it on purpose. I've known the guy for years but if he's cheating he needs to know.

>> No.56646777

I make it match my board(s).

>> No.56646783

Whats a good counter for death guard?

Killing transports and keeping my distance Im planning on but what else

>> No.56646786

Remember that after flailing autistically you're obligated to demand his commit sudoku to clean the stain from his honor.

>> No.56646800

I don't think warpsmiths are worth it, but it's you army, my dude. You're free to do as you wish.

>> No.56646801

Looking at the units you listed, its possible to make a list that isn't cheating.

as per >>56646743

>> No.56646802

plasma mulches plague marines

>> No.56646814


>> No.56646816


Copy that. I knew that part - I just posted it in a big list instead of breaking out detachments - I figured most folks were used to the Eldar Flyer wing bit.

>> No.56646820

Out of curiosity, what's considered a good build for EC and chaos marines in general then? Only thing i can ever come up for my marines is using termie suicide squads with combiplasma/lightning claws backed up by sonic dreads, noise marines and cultists. I don't have any experience with serious tournaments.

>> No.56646821

I haven't used the smith, why I was asking opinions on it.

I'm definitely going with a biker lord for the bigger aura + 2x combis

>> No.56646826

We'd have to know how his detachments are arranged. Yvraine must be the warlord for the ynnari shit to activate, and this disables craftworld warlord traits and relics. And he needs to have a separate full detachment of only craftworld in order to access stratagems.

>> No.56646829

Can't wait to fly this sucker across the battlefield like the majestic angel he is. (WIP and I can't paint)

>> No.56646832


I've seen some success with 30~ noise marines, 2 units of 3 obliterators, double prince, triple heldrake.

>> No.56646838

there's not much you can do against a list like this: it's just cancer.

I played against something similar with my guard army - two hemlocks which were -2 to hit, and 3 wave serpents that just advanced all game long to get -1 (or maybe -2) to hit. He nuked my baneblade turn 2 with the hemlocks, so I lost basically all my firepower.

And to top it all off, it was the relic mission as well - which meant that he basically automatically won, because he got first turn.

>> No.56646843

anyway - to the task at hand.

Stuff can't soulburst on the turn they deepstrike, kill yvraine as soon as possible as she can provide extra soulburst actions.
make sure your friend is aware of the FAQ that limits soulburst to one of each action per turn.

Hemlocks are a tough cookie, but any sort of high-strength flamer work best, if you have access to them (hellhounds, other hemlocks, baleflamers), or just mortal wounds. Basically take as much guaranteed hits or guaranteed damage weapons.

>> No.56646844

I have brought great shame to my family

>> No.56646846

EC termy bombs are great.

Obliterators are aslo great, 3CP for double tap and +1 to wound.

Try to run your noise bois up close so they can do damage even when they die

>> No.56646849


The actual breakout is

2x Warriors in Venoms
Warp Spiders
Dire Avengers
Dark Reapers

Alatioc Flyer Wing
2x Hemlocks

Alatioc Supreme Command
2x Warlock
Wave Serpent

>> No.56646850

New thread. Cancer free! Burgers are almost gone

>> No.56646853

it's 98 dollars here in leafland

>> No.56646855

What do you do with the helldrakes?

Never used a flyer, do you shoot or chop?

>> No.56646856

>this product is temporarily out of stock

>> No.56646870

Everything in that detachment loses the -1 stealth field.

Flatten those fucking Reapers.

>> No.56646872


>> No.56646895

>yfw the Lion reveal on Thursday

oops I wasn't supposed to say that!

>> No.56646897


He was primarily using soul burst on the wraithguard and the Dark Reapers and we were playing the FAQ where its SB 1 action of each type per turn and no SB in the enemy turn. His basic strategy was to soul burst the reapers early and then 2nd or 3rd turn on soul burst the wraithguard instead, and possibly soul burst if he could the spiders to move them.

They do but the Wave Serpent the Wraithguard go in don't and he conceals the Reapers pretty consistently.

>> No.56646908

Replace the termie-star with obliterators, cultists and noise marines. Having Sonic Dreads is the only reason I'd consider going EC at all and to be fair, it is better to take detachments of other CSM stuff for their bonuses.

Consider that you can upgrade your lord to a daemon prince with the points you would spend on the smith and it becomes a clear choice. For me anyway it is.

>> No.56646910

Don't play with my heart anon

>> No.56646914

Just the five of them with BB/astorath/sanguinor wipe mortarion in a single go, dealing just north of 18.5 wounds. Before anyone asks, just the five wombo absolutelt merc guilliman; with only astorath, they kill Bobby G outright, so all the crazy added stuff only adds flame to the fire. Magnus is a little tougher, since with the 3++/reroll 1’s only .22 of each wound goes through, doing only 13 wounds. Better way to fight maggie than BB/Astorath/sanguinor is just more DC, get 10 with astorath and BB/Sang alone and you’ll finish him off. Though honeslty it’s just better to kill as much as possible then wait and use the fight twice strategem imo

Get fucked losers, BAngels king of close combat.

>> No.56646917

I only have one DP model, they are hard for me to get a hold of because I have to use a trygon tail to make it slaaneshi.

I can't stand the standard one

>> No.56646927

>using PMs
Not even once. Well maybe after CA, but even then as a 0-1 at best.

>> No.56646931

I glued the wings on my harpies.

Life is now suffering.


>> No.56646932


I honestly just try to charge shit on the first turn so I can stop things from shooting at me. I take baleflamers and if my opponent has flyers I try to chop em but against other lists the goal is just to shut down shooting as quick as I can so I can keep shooting and he can't.

>> No.56646939

yeah, you need to eliminated yvraine as soon as possible to drop that extra soulburst. (somehow) which means that the dark reapers lose it, unless they're witin 7" of your models, in which case they have other problems.

but putting things in transports or having cheap screens would help as well, as (reapers aside) all his other high powered stuff is short range. and its not like reapers are *that* hard to kill

>> No.56646948


I don't have much high strength auto hit stuff and I feel like my psykers get stopped at least half the time against him.

>> No.56646974


I'll give it a shot next time around. Don't know how I'll do it because he keeps her tucked in tight with other stuff but I'll see what I can do to get rid of her.

>> No.56647018


Not that guy but that list will fucking poleaxe transports fast, probably 2/3 vehicles a turn especially with doom and possibly quicken on the wraithguard.

>> No.56647085

Lads i dont have access to the new imperial guard codex and i have a question

will the following units plus the new christmas imperial guard box get me close to 2000 points?

-5x Custom “riot police” guardsmen conversions
-6x special weapons team (3x sniper)
-3x autocannon teams
-3x mortar teams
-20 OOP Kasrkin Storm Trooper (2x SGT with Power swords, 3x grenade launcher, 1x flamer, 2x meltagun
-1x chimera
-1x Leman russ (magnetized turret for demolisher included)
-20x UNPAINTED Infantry (2x sgt, 2x vox caster, 1x sniper, 1x heavy bolter team, 1x grenade launcher)
-Converted Platoon Command squad (uses FW bitz)
-Partially Painted Platoon HQ (2x palsma gun, medic, vox, powerfist)
-Command Squad (powerfist, missile launcher, vox caster)
-Command Squad (Painted - 2x sniper, 1x autocannon)
-Command Squad (Painted - Banner, vox, flamer, medic, power sword)
-Platoon Command Squad (plasma pistol & Power sword, 2x grenade launcher, vox)
-3x objective markers, Rambo Coversion (can also be used as priest), psyker, 5x ratlings, Master of Fleet)
-2x Infantry Squad (Painted - 1xplasma, 1x grenade launcher, 2x vox, 1x missile launcher, 2x SGT)

>> No.56647145

Never post these again. Please. they look like dogshit

>> No.56647157

Download battlescribe we're not you're fucking dad

>> No.56647167

thanks for the rec didn't know it existed

>> No.56647202

hey, the OP of every one of these threads has links to so many MEGA folders. The very first one should be something like "all 8e rules".

From there, use basic reading comprehension to reach the folder for "codexes" and hit Imperial Guard's 8e codex.

At a glance, I'd say yes.

>> No.56647280

>Dorn was a mistake.
But did anybody listen when I told them?

>> No.56647305

Not him, but fuck you. Not everyone has the talent or patience for painting. At least he actually puts in time.

>> No.56647334

Anyone use epidemius with a nurgle demon heavy DG list? I feel like the count going up for entire units wiped seems steep but doable

>> No.56647343

He posts it every thread and it's always in the same state of thicc shit caked on it

>> No.56647407

How does this look, I haven't done a "long range" army before so this is my shot at it.

I posted text if the battlescribe image is too messy to read

+++ pew (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [111 PL, 1999pts] +++
++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [27 PL, 372pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord [5 PL, 85pts]:
>Mark of Slaanesh, Plasma pistol, Power sword

Exalted Champion [5 PL, 74pts]:
>Bolt pistol, Mark of Slaanesh, Power sword

+ Troops +

2x Chaos Cultists [3 PL, 40pts]: 9x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon, Mark of Slaanesh
>Cultist Champion: Brutal assault weapon and Autopistol

Noise Marines [11 PL, 133pts]: Icon of Excess, 5x Marine w/ chainsword
>Noise Champion: Doom siren, Plasma pistol, Power sword

+ Elites +

2x Sonic Dreadnought [8 PL, 159pts]:
>Doom siren, Missile launcher, Twin blastmaster

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [34 PL, 654pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +

Daemon Prince with Wings [9 PL, 189pts]:
>Intoxicating Elixir, Malefic talon, Warp bolter, Warptime

Sorcerer with Jump Pack [7 PL, 126pts]:
>Bolt pistol, Delightful Agonies, Force sword, Mark of Slaanesh, Prescience

+ Troops +

3x Noise Marines [6 PL, 113pts]
>Marine w/ Blastmaster: Blastmaster
>3x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 3x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [24 PL, 462pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +

Warpsmith [5 PL, 76pts]:
>Bolt pistol, Flamer, Mark of Slaanesh, Meltagun, Power axe

+ Heavy Support +

Chaos Predator [9 PL, 191pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh, Twin Lascannon, Two lascannons

Obliterators [10 PL, 195pts]

Chaos Vindicator Laser Destroyer [10 PL, 191pts]:
>Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter

>> No.56647452

>5 HQs for almost 600 points
>2000 point list

>> No.56647467

I am new, why is that bad?

2 battallions and a spearhead gets me CPs

>> No.56647526

I don't think that anon knows how handy most of those HQ are, and CSM have some really nice stratagems so you didn't go wrong aiming for a CP bump. desu your main problem is that predators are soft and if I was playing you then it probably wouldn't make it to turn 2, but it fits in your list well and will probably do some work if you don't let it get targeted by their whole team

>> No.56647567

oh and your melee noise marines will probably die before they get any use. I guess my other gripe with your list is that marine equivalent units (MEQ) are just so easy to kill that they need transportation to do anything serious which is why I never run chaos icons on mine since they are already going to struggle to pay for themselves

>> No.56647569

What would you put over the predator? The LR is the only other LC platform and it's soooo expensive

>> No.56647581

I felt like I was lacking in melee, should they just be a sonic squad also?

>> No.56647591

I haven't played 8e but from what I see HQ spam not worth the CP.

For the most part those HQ's are going to be useless, maybe the Sorceror will do like a thing, and maybe the Daemon Prince will kill like a guy, but thats about as far as I see them. The HQ's will simply barely get anything done. They are a "tax" in points on your army, costing much more than they're worth. They will rarely pay themselves off.

Youre focusing your Anti Armor in Heavy Support, i'm not sold ont he Chaos Predator or Vindicator as they're both helllla expensive.

The main issue with the list is I see no real way to actually kill things or deal with armor, which is a pretty huge problem. Your Cultists are going to be nice little fluffy shields, but you have such a low quantity of noise marines (8).

If you cut the whole Spearhead detachment and spread the HS across other detachments to lose the 76 point tax it would buy you more models, I'd also deeply consider losing one of the Battalion Detachments. I'd probably kick the Chaos Lord and Exalted Champion.

Again, I haven't played 8e yet, but I'm 99% sure having actual useful units and not 600 point of tax (read, 30% of your army is almost useless) would be much better than CP.

>> No.56647606

also forgot.
Your marines are footslogging. bad >:(

>> No.56647623

The two games I have brought rhinos they get blown up on turn one, so I figured I'd save the points

>> No.56647635

If i am getting back into the game should I start with 1k points or just jump straight into 2k?

whats the major difference between the two mission tables for matched play?

>> No.56647640

What do you have on the board that rhinos are a priority target? How did they get killed?

>> No.56647655

Devastator LCs the first game

A big giant Blood angels flyer + Land raider second game

>> No.56647657

It is very expensive but the increased survivability is nice. If you run heavy bolts and lascannons on 2 predators that would be better than 1 with 4 lasc on it just to help spread the fire out a bit, and heavy bolters can dick over a lot of low toughness/bad save armies. Havocs are your other option and as EC they can really shine with the fire twice strat. I run squads of those with 3-4 lascannons and they do pretty well. Just deploy in cover so they have a chance.
>>56647623 I feel the same way so I guess see if footslogging is worse for you. noise marines get full fire profile at 24" which makes footslogging more favorable but it is tough to do successfully

>> No.56647669

rhinos aren't very durable but they're incredibly cheap. When you have so few marines (literally 8) you can't afford to have their efficiency hampered by having to walk.

His 8 marines would have been the easiest and most cost effective threat to deal with first. Rhinos are not hard to kill, and those are a laaaarge amount of his effective shooting.

>> No.56647670

What's in the Rhino? And in the second game that's 600 points the enemy spent to blow up a 70 point box.

>> No.56647683

I only have one predator, I have the vindicator model also which is why I threw it in there.

If I take out the vindicator and the warpsmith I lose 1 CP but can probably get a rhino?

You keep saying 8 marines, you do realize I have 3 5 man squads of sonic marines and 1 6 man squad of choppy ones right?

Just melee marines + HQs in one

two 5 man noise bois in the other

>> No.56647700


>> No.56647721

I would swap the vindicator for a rhino and a havoc squad (you will need to trim in some other places but it will probably all fit). That gives you something for the choppy boys, more lascannons for cheap, and you keep the CP

>> No.56647730

Ok I'll work toward that and post in in the new thread.

What's better, the image or the text I manipulated?

>> No.56647748

>That tiny little "FUCK" on the dreadnought's leg scroll

>> No.56647749

the list if you manually delete a lot of the excess space/formation info. you will get a lot of flakk for lack of transports but I think ranged noise boys could pull it off so why not give it a try

>> No.56647774

text list

>> No.56647779

No, I didnt realize you had 15.

Base noise marines are 15 points per man, If you kick the Warpsmith, you could probably take another 5 man squad. 99% sure that's flat our superior.

>> No.56647844

Battlescribe is convoluted - not that it should stop you since 40k is also convoluted. But Battlescribe is also out of date depending on which Army you're building. I can tell you now they haven't updated the unit prices for the Guard codex.

>> No.56647863

Stop taking Plasma Pistols on units with no way to get within range. Exalted Champion is a waste with one melee unit. The fuck do you expect that melee Noise Marine squad to do other than die pathetically in midfield without ever actually accomplishing anything? Warpsmith ain't worth it.

>> No.56647890

Posting in this old thread too.

I need another HQ for the 2nd battallion, unsure what to go with. I feel an exChampion is good but he has no entourage to roll with. A dark apostle can help the cultists, but is it worth it? Only other thing would be another sorcerer but they are pricy.

+++ New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [99 PL, 1852pts] +++
Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +
Daemon Prince with Wings [9 PL, 463 pts]:
>Intoxicating Elixir, Malefic talon, Warp bolter Slaanesh: Warptime

Sorcerer with Jump Pack [7 PL, 126pts]:
>Bolt pistol, Delightful Agonies, Force sword, Mark of Slaanesh, Prescience

+ Troops +
----2 squads of----
Chaos Cultists [3 PL, 40pts]:
>9x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon, Mark of Slaanesh
>Cultist Champion: Brutal assault weapon and Autopistol

Noise Marines [11 PL, 224pts]
>2x Marine w/ Blastmaster: 2x Blastmaster
>7x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 7x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster

+ Heavy Support +
Chaos Predator [9 PL, 192pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh, Twin lascannon, 2x Lascannon

Obliterators [10 PL, 195pts]:
>Mark of Slaanesh, 3x Obliterator

+ Dedicated Transport +
Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh

Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh

+ Elites +

Sonic Dreadnought [8 PL, 137pts]:
>Missile launcher, Twin blastmaster

Sonic Dreadnought [8 PL, 137pts]:
>Missile launcher, Twin blastmaster

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [23 PL, 424pts] ++
Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord [5 PL, 85pts]:
>Mark of Slaanesh, Plasma pistol, Power sword

+ Troops +

----3 squads of----
Noise Marines [6 PL, 113pts]
>Marine w/ Blastmaster: Blastmaster
>3x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 3x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster

>> No.56648187

I glued the wings on my harpies.

Life is now suffering.


>> No.56649739

wins the thread

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