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Fine you lazy shits I'LL MAKE IT EDITION
>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao
>Chapter Approved Strats, Traits, Relics, and Reece Spin

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaLsg3M7jOs [Open] [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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Fuck you lazy shits. I made this in the fucking shower it's not that hard

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You don't need to rush to make a new thread just cause one guy is sperging about it. The old one is only on page 7, had plenty of time.

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>Showering needed to make a new thread
no wonder it took so long

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yeah well I am

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If you eat a Tyranid, do the others respect you?

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SO is the new Custode HQ a Tribune or a Shield General or what?

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>there's no perfect army for me

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>he says as he leaves water mark, fucks up title, and doesn't fix the duncan

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Fuck Ad Mech


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He's Captain-General.

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Then do multiple small armies

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Captain-General, also known as Top Custard

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Does anyone has Ashes of Prospero?

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Just play nids, you faggot, and stop whining. Whining is for chaosfags

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How many points worth of models should you have in a "completed" army?

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Nids is one of my preferred armies, but they're too expensive for me.

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Fuck off CAACfags.

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Any thought about that upcoming Civilization-clone?

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2k+ for more varied lists

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its not called 40k for nothing

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at least 100-500 or so power level. Yes, powerlevel, because you should have magnetized several weapons options and left some invisible load-outs free to actually build lists. Also, titans are all worth double points, so they throw off the count.

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Any thought on the upcoming Civilization-clone Gladius?

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So what. Now Custodes can run a patrol!!! Woooooo...
Sisters of Silence getting an HQ as Well? Or are they still in who gives a fuck territory

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Big games are 2000 points
If you want to not play the game list every time you'll need more than that

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Casual at any cost.

A few threads ago some autists were arguing that an army with 3 of the same unit was boring and WAAC.

These people are CAACfags who want your army to make no sense, have no focus and be general random '''fluffy''' shit.

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Don't care about it.
How hard can it be to make another 40k RTS and not have it end up as a steaming pile of rotten shit like DoW3?

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> power level

>> No.56634906

and a vanguard/spearhead

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Like a base 2K that you can tweak around with vehicles gear, special weapons options, character gears, etc...

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They can, and they get the HQ bonuses whatever those are going to be. From the post it seems he buffs IMPERIUM in addition to just his own boys so its kind of like Bobby G for Bananaboys
Sisters of Silence, we don't know dingus.

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>tfw too lazy to magnetize
Guess it will bite me in the arse at some point.

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>Casual at any cost.

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>tfw you will never have a cute Adeptus Mechanicus wife

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I've been developing a love for orks, mostly because my Tau don't seem to make it into as many vidyas.

I'll play it, but I may or may not pay for it.

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I pulled that once with 6 kastelans and 6 plasmaphrons. Killed ~900 points of necron shit. Very CP intensive when you add the binharic override to it too (1+2+2) then 2 cp on subsequent turns (usually with the second volley you don't need Wrath anymore either)

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Where did you see the datasheet
Pls gib

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Power level are the way to play 90% of your friendly games.

Matched play only make sense for competitive gameplay.

It's always funny to see CAACfags complaining about list built with points being WAAC...

No shit sherlock, if you want casual gameplay and armies, stick to power level.

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I already told you two days ago to go nidzilla if the swarm is too expensive. Or just look on ebay fo cheap deals, I got 30 gaunts for 20 euros a while back. Stop whining about not knowing army you want to pick here, either ask for actual help on choosing one, or figure it out yourself. I bet you didnt even TRY to make a 2k nidzilla list like I suggested to you the other day.

Also ffs, its 40k. Dont start by buying a 2k list, buy a single box of troops, paints and tools, completely finish that unit and go from there. It took me 2 years to slow grow my nids to the 2k army I have today.

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Bananas got an HQ ?

>> No.56634958

Captain-General is getting a mini
No datasheet yet, but in the post they reveal him they say
>Captain-General Trajann Valoris is master of the ten-thousand strong forces of the Adeptus Custodes. We think he’ll make a great leader for any Imperium army, whether you’re looking to field a force purely made up of the Emperor’s personal guard or a mixed collection of agents, assassins and more besides.

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Enough to be invited to the traditional Christmas Apocalypse.

And if you don't do a Christmas Apocalypse then you all fucked up big time as wargamers.

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I usually only do it on the bigger, rarer, or more expensive kits.

Infantry can eat a dick.

And if you do it wrong, you'll look like my mate's nids, weapons sagging floppily around.

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Bits my shiney metal ass, its all we have for killing Lords

>> No.56634962

If there is a Talons/ Imperial Agents codex then I imagine sisters will act like the sub-factions in the guard codex, where including them wont prevent the regimental rules.

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> tfw married to qt Asian Woman with double masters in engineering
I don't know how you can live senpai

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Yuri/Yaoi is the lowest form of forbidden love

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Why would a loyalist chapter fall to Nurgle? The other gods I get, but I don't understand why Space Marines would willingly choose to worship Nurgle.

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t. WAACfag

>> No.56634974

>Very CP intensive.
>The enemy just lost 45% of his army T1.
I say it was well worth the investment you absolute broken piece of human waste product.

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Gaurdfags cucked again!

Marbo is Resin!

Look at this dude!

Oh no no no noo


>> No.56634979

Because he loves you.

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>> No.56634986

Even more amusing when you consider that the new banana man HQ is confirmed to be in plastic

>> No.56634988

>bananas excited

Why? custodes are fucking gay. The only people who could possibly like this shit must have a fucking texture fetish.

>> No.56634989

>he doesnt reconize the superiority of resin

>> No.56634994

Fuck, really? Time to remake my list I guess. Not like I really had anything set in stone before.

Is anyone else pissed that a Haemey is stronger at melee than archons and succubi? Worse yet is that I have no faith in GW to do any good to DE

>> No.56634999

I imagine the ad mech units do this whenever this strategy is used.

>> No.56635001

>having taste this bad

>> No.56635002

Naisu beito

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>tfw Apoc is dead
>tfw my Titans went up by half their points again overnight so the epic size of the battles we try to do anyway is going way down

>> No.56635006


>can do literally anything
>wants more than every possible option
>says things are imperfect due to his ridiculous standards
>still bitches

Eldarfag whether you know it or not anon.

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Holy shit these chapter approved faction rules are trash.

GSC have to pay a command point for more dice instead of getting to just choose. Sister warlords reroll morale. What the fuck was GW thinking?

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Yeah well, guess I'm motherfucking gay too

>> No.56635026

> Guards being cuck again.

What a surprise.

>> No.56635033

> instead of getting to just choose

GSC player here, that would be fucking stupid unless it was like 4 or 5 CP

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>> No.56635044

>Have three tactical squads
>Get called WAACfag

... ok that is kind of hilarious

>> No.56635045

The Sisters warlord trait is garbage but everything else they got is good. Free AoFs that you can abuse to make Celestine even more infuriating to kill? Actual psychic defenses, with better odds of actually Denying vs Fagnus and such? A 4 point relic that is three times cheaper than the now-obsolete eviscerator? Points drops for inferno pistols? Count me in fampai.

>> No.56635047


The reroll moral is hilarious as it is a simple downgrade from the +1 leadership bubble.

GW rule writers can't into math.

>> No.56635050

fug, definitely going to be adding a custard patrol now. I hope this dude gets deep strike or custodes get a venerable crusader

>> No.56635059

>Cost cp

Yeah excuse me if I think you're as retarded as gw

>> No.56635062


Not everything is buffed. Repressor got a 20 pts hike. Deserved I guess, but a nerf nonetheless.

>> No.56635073

I run 3 squads of Necron warriors because I like them more than the 10 man Tesla squads.
>Golly gee I never knew I was a waacfag.

>> No.56635079

>field 3 tactical squads in lascannon razorbacks accompanied by a captain for rerolls
>get called WAACfag
>tfw this is literally what happens when I beat the shit out of my opponents with my mantis warrior list

>> No.56635081

No, it really wouldn't, considering the shitty state GSC are in. Their units are trash. A GSC army is better served by taking nids and guard, because those units are good and have reliable deepstrike.

GSC units are shit and have deepstrike that has a chance to punish you for using it.

>> No.56635084

>1CP to revive what is already the hardest to kill HQ in the whole game without triggering her built-in revive
I think you may be retarded friendo. 1CP is a steal and Sisters weren't using them on anything other than rerolls anyway. A free round of shooting, or Celestine shenanigans is way more valuable than that.

>using Repressors
Chinafags had it coming.

>> No.56635085

Stop trying to push this as a word. They’re just fucking casuals.

>> No.56635086

>Free AoFs that you can abuse to make Celestine even more infuriating to kill?

read the wording again, if a geminae dies and you use the stratagem, you remove celestines unit from the game entirely before you do the AoF

>> No.56635092


2k plus enough options to make varied lists to beat different shit/field things you like at this level. Could vary immensely but about 3000-4000pts is what I'd imagine for most people. Haven't played a game over 2k points this edition as it's pretty rare where I am.

>> No.56635096

So I played with this Necron fuck who stated that I can not target Imoketh if he is behind Necron Warriors, he said it was in the rules and I nodded as I played 40K for the first time, altho I did not remember it being written in the rules. He mentioned something about if he is in a unit he can not be shoot at. Am I missing something or is this faggot mixing Fantasy Warhammer rules with 40k? The rules clearly state that you can shoot at anything that is not within 1 inch of a friendly unit as long as you can see it from the perspective of the shooter.

>> No.56635102


He's Mars, they're not exactly known for moving quickly and completely lack the ability to actually do so aside from Dragoons. They're like Tau squared.

Other Forge Worlds are usually picked entirety for movement bonuses because some of our melee units are hilariously devastating out of Deep Strike.


I'm just putting together three Plasmaphrons just so I can pull a very minor version of that with a Stygies Dominus and two Kastelans. Even regular Kastelans without any buffs at all have dominated pretty well against the numbers of Primaris+Guilliman lists I've been fighting lately. Last time I was at the store there were four tables and five Guillimen leading various marine mishmashes.

>> No.56635105

>considering the shitty state GSC are in.

the only shitty state they have right now really is the fact that if any character has no one else within 3" and he takes a wound, on a 4+ he automatically dies

genestealer spam with earthshaker/mortar spam in the back is very strong, the only thing that remotely balances it out from getting auto charges on everything is the randomness

> that has a chance to punish you for using it.

it also has a chance to reward you with an automatic multi charge on 21 models

a stratagem that would let you +1 to your roll would be fine, letting you choose would be too strong

>> No.56635107

Read the rules before playing the game.

>> No.56635108

>doesn't understand how acts of faith work
>Thinks 1cp and character death is free
Do you, are you an actual GW writer?

>> No.56635117

>t. literally cannot read two pages of rules retard

>> No.56635119

Sisters were a mistake

>> No.56635120

he's in the right, you're in the wrong
Read the fucking rulebook. It's only a few pages.

>> No.56635126

Gud bate, mait

>> No.56635130


>Use points in matched play (i.e. competitive).
>Is not using Repressor as they used to be flat out better than immolators

Nice mental gymnastic, CAACfag.

>> No.56635133

Yeah, I faced a Stygies list with 3 Plasma Kataphrons and 3 Kastellans, though 1 of the Kastellans had fists.

They just used elimination volley and had rerolls from a dominus.

It was still 42 shots of Str 6, Ap-2, Ignore cover hitting on 3s, rerolling 1s. Also 3d6 overcharged plasma which can't kill you, hitting on 3s rerolling 1s.

I had trouble killing his shit from the -1 to hit but he was having no issue just picking a squad and deleting them. Its a really strong combo.

>> No.56635136

The CHARACTER keyword adds some extra stuff to that. If a CHARACTER has less than ten wounds it can't be shot at unless it's the closest enemy unit to the model shooting at him unless the model or weapon has a rule that explicitly says you can, like Sniper Rifles.

So yes, you can hide Imoketh behind Warriors and your Characters with less than ten wounds can hide in your army too.

>> No.56635139


>accuses opponent of not reading rules
>hasn't read rules
>losing to necrons

Almost got me 7/10 good effort

>> No.56635142

no, you were

>> No.56635143

Am I the only one who wishes Seraphim had helmets? Their faces are so dumb looking

>> No.56635157

Wait, if you have a dood that gives an aura of +1 to hit rolls does this mean you can supercharge your plasma shit without risk? Or is it if the die reads 1, you are the le killed?

>> No.56635162

Oh shit you're right. Well, spamming 40 point Imagifiers it is.

>40 points, 1CP

Sisters are fine, their fanbase and playerbase are not, and I say this as a Sisters player. Also all three of those cosplays are awful.

I use the models I have, I don't buy recasts, and the Repressor looks like shit on top of being by all accounts a terrible kit to work with. Also when I did try to buy one ages ago, GW lost my order and by the time they had addressed it, the kit had been pulled from their store

>> No.56635166

I wish seraphim had 12 inch range pistols. It's kind of ridiculous the implied scene where the seraphim swoop down from the sky and land, and then do nothing.

>> No.56635168

if you roll a 1 you still miss, but you dont overheat

>> No.56635169

Yes its without risk.

For some reason, GW made overcharge fails happen after modifiers.

>> No.56635171

> I played 40K for the first tim
Should have read the rules before hand, it's like 2 pages.

>> No.56635172

This is a pretty bold post from 2004

>> No.56635175

Well... holy shit. Too bad I don't think I have anything that adds To Hit but I'll keep it in mind.

>> No.56635184

I didn't say it wasn't worth it, just that you need to build the army so that you can have enough CP instead of just spearheads of artillery and robots

>> No.56635187

he's the main guy in charge of all the custodes, in the Emperor's Legion book he even joins the high lords

>> No.56635193


I just think
has reading comprehension issues

>1CP to revive
Huh ? You mean there are idiots who let germinae lives longer than celestine ?

>Weren't using them on anything other than rerolls anyway
Derp. What are mission stratagems ?
Also counter offensive on Celestine.

>> No.56635208

>Huh ? You mean there are idiots who let germinae lives longer than celestine ?

it doesnt work with how the stratagem is worded, however if it did it would be like this:

>kill geminae
>spend 1 CP
>revives geminae or heals d3 wounds on celestine

>> No.56635209


>> No.56635223

>Saturday afternoon
>have my first ever game against Custodes - the first time anyone fielded them in the store
>Bring my steel legion
>Get absolutely annihilated, starting with him taking 20 wounds off my baneblade turn 1
>checking news while waiting for my shift to start
oh hell. Still, I'm hype. I've never been so thoroughly wrecked by such a tiny army.

>> No.56635231

>reading comprehension issues
I reread the stratagem and realized my mistake already, friend. Celestine isn't the only way to abuse it though.

>You mean there are idiots who let germinae lives longer than celestine ?
Well yeah, if you can choose who dies there are some rare circumstances where it's beneficial to let Celestine eat it and then bring her back next turn where the Geminae are.

>What are mission stratagems ?
Specific to missions, the majority of which aren't in matched play anyway.

>Also counter offensive on Celestine
>implying Celestine is going to be charged
>implying if you fuck up and she is charged, the enemy won't fight first with whatever charged her anyway

>> No.56635235

Not much news in White Dwarf.

>> No.56635246

How do you take that damage in turn 1 from >24" away? Because you don't put superheavies in the fucking front line so everyone's multi melta can hit you

>> No.56635247


>> No.56635250

Literally how the fuck? Did he just get lucky with LR lascannon shots or something? Were you somehow retarded enough to drive your tank close to the melee death squad of doom? I literally do not see how this could have happened without you making a fatal error in judgment.

>> No.56635265

Ez build shit.

>> No.56635268

Given how badass the Kastelans are at deleting Marine squads it's not strange for me to point one robot at several of those 5-scout tax squads you see in Marine Battalions and comfortably kill two squads per turn with unbuffed Kastelans. I'm tempted to make three more from Skaven Stormfiends and going full dakka, but that's a massive pile of points not going into Dragoons and Crawlers and Electros and other stuff that deals meaningful damage.

>> No.56635271

we did open war, and he had 2 custodes land raiders(4 lascannons each) and a custodes dreadnought(multimelta).

>> No.56635273


>Oh shit you're right.
Literally have to have someone else spell the RAW again for him in order to understand the rule.

>Well, spamming 40 point Imagifiers it is.
80 pts for 1 unreliable aof a turn on average. Force you to footlog in 8th ed with troops that are more than 5pts/wound.
Literally buy an another unit of the unit you were trying to buff, it's more cost-efficient.

>40 points, 1CP
Yes. If you want martyrdom trigger use dialogus anyway. Which mean don't. This stratagem is a nice bonus when you send your canoness to her death, you can't reliably build anything around it.

>I use the models I have, I don't buy new ones

>Sisters are fine, their fanbase and playerbase are not
WAAAAH, Stop enjoying the game in a way I don't.

Omg you can't read for shit or project into the meta.

The anti psy-stratagem is of dubious value for sisters (burning a CP as the only way to deny a single power per phase) but is absolutely a godsend for Souplists, as this stratagem can be used AFTER a deny the witch has been failed.

Stop playing with points, stick to power level. You fail to understand even the most basic balance mechanism.

>> No.56635276

Power levels are never good. Stop being a retard.

The only time you could use them is when you are teaching new players. Only acceptable for 10 games. After that play the game as it should be

>> No.56635278

>almost half the price of the multi-part
Hey, thats pretty good

>> No.56635282

And Aggressors.

>> No.56635290

>daily duncan STILL not a duncan video
kill yourself

>> No.56635305

Would today's video be the huge Mortarion one?

That's a good video.

>> No.56635309

>Aus $50
Uhhh, hello?

>> No.56635312

Normally I would agree wholeheartedly but I happen to know Duncan himself loves that video so I'm allowing it just this one time.

>> No.56635314

>being this much of a WAACfag

>> No.56635322

>I don't buy recasts, and the Repressor looks like shit on top of being by all accounts a terrible kit to work with

How do you know it's a terrible kit if you never built any ? It's literally an alternative top for rhinos and a dozer blade.

>> No.56635334

PL are awful. Unbalanced as fuck not even fun to play with.

>> No.56635340

He is a CAAfag. His mental capacities are so limited that he needs to call himself casual to defend his utter incompetence

>> No.56635352


>it doesnt work with how the stratagem is worded

Yeah exactly. If you want to use this stratagem on a Germinae death you have to remove from the game the enite Celestine unit. As if they added the extra wording specifically to prevent abuse with the only named character of the faction this stratagem belong to.

>> No.56635353

The Canoness is fine, this is fine too.

>> No.56635364

to be fair it would be brutally powerful if they allowed celestine todo that

wasnt all bad though, if i ever want to not care about CP, i can make celestine my warlord and take a geminae for that relic

3 extra S5 ap-3 3 damage attacks for 25 points and a relic is solid, shame it doesnt hit on 2+ though

>> No.56635365

>getting rekt this hard
Ausfags btfo

>> No.56635366

My words might be rude but I'm not really all that emotionally invested though.
Our local AdMec player usually have 12 CP from batallion detachment at 2k points, so a 5CP investment to make sure you win the entire game turn 1 sounds like a reasonable investment.

You do you AdMech.

>> No.56635370

It's the newest generation of GW resin in a mold that was designed from the beginning to be resin. It will be fine.

I'm way more worried about the Eldar MtO stuff, a buddy got his last Friday and a bunch of it was finecast bullshit, but he didn't tell me about the quality.

>> No.56635375

I faced a custard player fielding 4 general Dreads behind 15 footsloggers with stormshield.
Dat 48'' Las cannons and Twin autocannons hurts like a bitch.

>> No.56635377

Geminae are named characters and cannot take relics, how do Sistersfags keep getting the fucking rules wrong?

>> No.56635378

Your lack of basic reading comprehension is showing again.

>then bring her back next turn where the Geminae are.
Reread Miraculous intervention.

>implying Celestine is going to be charged
Reread counter offensive.

Literally all of your points are showing you can't fucking read. I'm sure you are one of those idiots who call WAAC on their opponents and complain about them arguing about rules because those players actually read the rules correctly.

>> No.56635388

>Reread counter offensive
Not him but you're seriously illiterate yourself if you think the counter offensive stratagem supersedes the opponent's first pick to fight with a unit that charged/has ASF. If he was serious about taking down Celestine and charged her with a Knight or some shit there is nothing you can do to stop him from fighting first with that one unit.

>> No.56635389

Wait you can give the Relic to the cheerleader?

Also the Repressor nerf is hardly noticeable. I mean you could fit 4 melta Dominions under 1k. Now it is like 1200~ ?
Basically I have to think my list a bit now. Fucking nothing! In the long run

>> No.56635390


IDK. It's the exact same fags that can't read the rules
that complain that
>their fanbase and playerbase are not

when they are in fact the retards.

>> No.56635397


>Geminae are named characters and cannot take relics

there are 2 models both called geminae, they are not named characters right now

>> No.56635399

Never had relics till the CA from this edition. You can hardly blame them.

>> No.56635408

Part of a unit that is a named character, they're named characters, fuck off.

>> No.56635411

No. Only eligible units for any relic in any army are non-named, generic characters.

Germinae are named.

So far, only the Canoness can wield the new relic.

>> No.56635413

I wish GW would make one 'inquisitor' multi part kit. They do so much in terms of optional parts these days, if not fully-poseable models, you could easily have something which covers the main three ordos.

>> No.56635415


>> No.56635424

>non-named characters cant take relics because someone in their unit is a named character

point to me where it says this is actually a rule, as far as i am aware its on a per model basis, not per unit

>> No.56635433

They are not named thou. That is like saying Primaris Librarian is a named character.

Celestine is the named character, cheerleaders are random bitches.

>> No.56635438

>This Stratagem is used right after an enemy unit that charged has fought.

Celestine is in fight with Unit A since your own turn.

Unit B charge your Basic Sister Squad.

Unit B Fight.
Use Stratagem.
Celestine Fight.
Only then Unit A can fight.

RTFM you too.

>> No.56635455


Germinae have the Keyword Celestine, and hence are named character. Fuck off.

>> No.56635456

>incredibly niche circumstance
>opponent has to be retarded and literally set up the situation for you to use the stratagem
Explain how it can save you when, like I said, the enemy isn't a drooping retard, and charges Celestine with a Knight or primarch, then picks them to fight first.

You know, the thing my opponent would actually do if he wanted to kill Celestine.

>> No.56635460



>> No.56635468


>> No.56635473

Just look at what happened to the Death Guard. Nurgle pulls that kind of shit all the time.

>> No.56635475

I have another question. Since I have never used relics.
Does it say model? Unit? How is the rule written?

We are clear Celestine can’t, but I wonder if shit like Cheerleaders, familiar and other crap that are basically gears for a character count.

>> No.56635486

Inexorable odds paired with a natural instinct to survive, bogged down in a constant war of attrition.

Anything that pushes endurance to the absolute limit.

>> No.56635488


the tag doesnt mean you are named or not

come to think of it there isnt actually any rule to define what is a named character, the only ones RAW are the ones specifically named in the codexes under the relic page, yriel, creed, draigo

the fact that you can take TWO geminae shows that they arnt unique, whichgoes against the generally idea of what named characters are

if you actually gave them thier actual names in the rules, that would be enough to make them named

>> No.56635490

What's the minimum point game you would bring a butcher cannon Leviathan in?

>> No.56635493

I want to get into Dark Eldar but all the HQ options are shit.

>> No.56635499

This pleases me greatly, I didn't pick up the 7th ed codex so 8th is going to be my first. $40 is rough though.

>> No.56635500

>opponent has to be retarded and literally set up the situation for you to use the stratagem

Not really. Counter assault mean that he can only make ONE of it's unit that has chharged fight before celestine unlease the pain.

It could be charging your dominions with his cqc beatstick.

It could be charging celestine herself with multiple units. It could be charging celestine already in a fight.

Literally the only situation were using this stratagem is not beneficial is if you let celestine alone, not already in a fight, be charged by a single unit. This right here is the niche circumstances.

Ofc this does not only apply to adepta sororitas, but to any army engagd in beatstick duels. If you are not using this, you are a worst player than I am and I will win more than you when we fight.

>> No.56635509

Yeah, but Archons are only like 58 points.

>> No.56635521

How do factions rank in terms of popularity/sales?

>> No.56635529

>space marines
>chaos space marines
>npc races

>> No.56635532

No idea. GW has not release a sale report by faction.

>> No.56635533

3 battalions? really? I don't need that many CP usually and that means less HQ tax.
I find I am good with Cawl and an Enginseer under 2k, and a TPD at 2k for the spearhead (battalion + spearhead usually are enough for me).
Does he play 9 units of fucking skitarii/kataphron?

>> No.56635535


>> No.56635538

Celestine is a named character and the Geminae are part of the Celestine unit. Their unit is a named character, it doesn't matter how many models make up that unit, or who does or doesn't have a name. The unit entry is the named character.
Also, the Geminae do have names, taken from the Triumvirate box and Gathering Storm itself. Eleanor and Genevieve.

No opponent who isn't a retard will let you do that. If they want her dead, they will charge her with a unit that can kill her, and then elect for that unit to fight before anything else in their turn, and then she will die, end of.
It doesn't matter if they charged with anything else that turn, because they can choose which of their units that charged fights first.
It doesn't matter if the killer unit is already locked in combat with her, because either she's already dead or, if they are absolutely devoted to killing her, they hold off their charges for a turn. In the case of a Knight, they can and will just fall back and charge again.
It doesn't matter if the killer unit is charging into an ongoing combat, since it will fight first and wipe her before you use the stratagem.

You seem to only play with faggots who are incapable of planning ahead or even planning around a strategy, so it's no wonder you win more than lose.

>> No.56635550


Any character that has it's gear cost included is named.

You don't pay extra for the Germinae power sword. Hence they are named.

>> No.56635555

> watermark
Well, he WAS in the shower...

>> No.56635558

That axe is pretty big.

>> No.56635560

How is the relic rule written for SoB. Simple way to find out

>> No.56635566

>Also, the Geminae do have names

not as far as the rules are concerned, which is my point

also, again, there is no actual rule that defines what a named character is right now, people were going off of characters that you cant take multiple of, however right now you can take 2 geminae, which violates this

tldr: GW shits up a rule yet again

>Any character that has it's gear cost included is named.

gonna need an actual rule in the book for that mate, thats all ive been asking for

>> No.56635568

>4 u

>> No.56635579


>> No.56635584

So... apparently paragon spear is a big ass axe.

>> No.56635587

Right now, the RAW of the relic lets you give it to a Gemina, sure. But it will be FAQed, just like Celestine used to not be one per army and was immediately FAQed. The RAI is clear. Feel free to cap this or whatever, as soon as the Chapter Approved FAQ hits, they will spell out who can and cannot take the relic and they will rule out the Geminae.

>right now you can take 2 geminae
Geminae are not a unit. They are part of Celestine's unit. Celestine's unit is a named character's entry.

>> No.56635593

we knew that already

>> No.56635598

Was Dark Eldar really almost squatted? What's more popular, SoB or DE?

>> No.56635600

>Geminae are not a unit. They are part of Celestine's unit. Celestine's unit is a named character's entry.

which for the 3rd time you have not provided any proof of this being an actual rule
>Right now, the RAW of the relic lets you give it to a Gemina, sure. But it will be FAQed

as you just admitted

>> No.56635603

>The RAI is clear.

I'm a bit less sure on that. As if they'd wanted them to be named characters they could have just given them names on the sheet, it wouldn't be hard.

>> No.56635630

40k Custodes are getting Captain-General sooner than 30k.

>> No.56635639

Man id buy one of those if they weren't that expensive. At least i've got the head.

>> No.56635640

30k will have their Valdor soon. Besides, 30k Custodes has way more cooler shit than 40k.

>> No.56635646

Should I play Nurgle or Khorne?

>> No.56635668

>the people calling people cheaters for taking a relic on geminae eventually admitted its allowed in the rules

the absolute state of casual players

>> No.56635669

Space Marines are most popular followed by Chaos and Guard

>> No.56635670

Soo paid bug fix, will need a bug fix...
Why is GW so trash?

Also you admit you are wrong.
Thank you

>> No.56635676

>The new Primaris hover tank from Forgeworld has the same turret as the Caladius
>Caladius doesn't have rules in 40k yet

>> No.56635677

Wait, you can do that? I didn't read it yet, but that sword is really really nice.

>> No.56635681

read up in the thread chain, you can


>> No.56635684

Depends. What playstyle do you want?

>> No.56635685


>> No.56635688


Honestly, it might make the Geminae good for something other than taking hits. Right now they are kinda toothless.

>> No.56635691


Playstyle suggests Nurgle, but fluffwise suggets Khorne.

>> No.56635692

Casual fags are cancer.
If you want to make pew pew noises do it, but do not drag everyone else into your autism

>> No.56635694

30k died with Bligh and the success of 8th was the adamantium nail in the coffin, press F to pay respects

>> No.56635699

I feel your pain. I play Guard with Straken and lots of Bullgryn. I went up against a Custodes player and my vehicles got popped like 2 a turn with the Lascannons rolling like fire. Then my Bullgryn got destroyed by the Custodes in close combat. I was not ready.

>> No.56635700

20 pounds is actually 35 AUD :^)

>> No.56635702

>Lmaoblood fluff is interesting
Truly the worst taste

>> No.56635712

This strategy is fucking awful. why would you cast the mortal wounds on a unit who already has good guns and poor bs? cast it on vanguards or infiltrators. idk. Ad mech players on here suck.

>> No.56635713

Anyone got a daemons list that is fully playable in AOS?

>> No.56635714

I second this.

>> No.56635723

Are Custodes even a playable army in 40k?

I don't remember seeing their minis for 40k, only HH minis.

>> No.56635729

>The fact that Ork warbosses can take 3 Grot oilers show that the Grot Oilers isn't named characters.

>> No.56635732

you fucking dumbdumb

>> No.56635735

prove me wrong mate, right now they haven't properly defined what a named character is

also who doesnt love grots being used as orky relic bearers

>> No.56635740

My bad, the 9 CP one.

>> No.56635742


...yes? A grot oiler wouldn't be a named character.

>> No.56635763

New Drukhari list please help

Drukhari Brigade

××× HQ ×××

Archon Blast Pistol Agoniser
Haemonculus ElectroWhip
Succubus Relic Pistol

××× Troop ×××
6×5 Kabalite w/ Blaster

××× Elite ×××
3× Lhamean (18pts each with CA)

××× Fast ×××
2×5 Scourges w/ blasters
15 Hellions
××× Heavy ×××
3× Dark Lance Ravager

××× Transport ×××
3 Raiders
1 Venom

Plan is to deepstrike the Hellions and succubus turn 2, squads share raiders while Archon rides with his 3 Lhameans, haemy runs with raiders to keep up toughness.

>> No.56635772

No, you prove me wrong mate.
>Fukken checkbait

>> No.56635776


Comes to 2000 pts btw and leaves 9CP for rulebook stratagem after deepstriking

>> No.56635786

there is no FAQ or rule that actually states what a named character is, right now, RAW every character can take relics aside from those lsited as excemptions on relic pages of codxes, like creed, voldus, etc

there u go, now prove me wrong

>> No.56635791

> npc race versus the Chadest of Chad armies
The game was decided before it even began anon

>> No.56635809

>it's technically legal right now
The absolute state of WAACfags.
Let me guess, you're still butthurt that your 8 Celestine army was FAQed away?

>> No.56635817

How i press P to puss on their collective grave

>> No.56635820


It's WAAC to say that a character without a name of her own is likely not a named character?

>> No.56635831

Nurgle go home.

>> No.56635838

>Let me guess, you're still butthurt that your 8 Celestine army was FAQed away?

one of my freinds actually did this and he never won a game because I ran taurox spam behind a load of mortar teams and conscripts, so even with fly he could never get close enough to kill my tauroxes

He made a fucking mint on selling them all off though as they were all painted really well

>> No.56635839

>getting this bootyblasted over being this wrong
Wew lad

>> No.56635844

>there is no FAQ or rule that actually states what a named character is.
Done. Discussion closed.
>One would however -assume- it is the models in a unit with a name keyword.

>> No.56635849

i guess they need some healing tears

>> No.56635862

Try using temporary glue like I do.

>> No.56635876

they were missing an HQ, but custodes, custodes land raiders, and custodes dreadnoughts are all playable in 40k.

Sisters of silence also exist in 40k.

>> No.56635886

drop the hellions down, give those scourges dark lances.

>> No.56635898

According to you RAW Abaddon the despoiler, Fabulous bile and Kharn the betrothed are not named characters since they are not listed specifically in the relic page.

They do have their own names as a keyword though.
But that is just a quaint mishap, right?

For everyone else; where was it stated that named characters have all their gear included in the price? I can't for the life of me find it.

>> No.56635907

Woah shit they put in my shitty homebrew addition to the mathhammer chart in the OP. Now I feel obligated to finish and update Chart-anon's work. I'll get it done next week.

>> No.56635909


Only used DL scourges once and they did fuck all.

Any lower and there isn't much point deepstriking or even having the hellions

>> No.56635913

How do I make a red and black scheme on Tau not look boring?

>> No.56635920

Well maybe? GW has done a super bad job writing rules this edition.

>> No.56635925

I figured it would be like Tsons or grey knights: Cool to see on the table, but not actually very good.

My body was not ready.

favourite thing in the game was turn 4 though:

I had my tank commander down to 3 wounds,
and my 2 russes were at 1 wound a piece.
He charged my tank commander with his squad of 1 left. Got in, destroyed it. I command rerolled to get the explosion(I'd already lost at that point), and the tank commander blew up both my russes AND the custodes that had assaulted

>> No.56635926

Link to the reveal?

>> No.56635929

By painting off-black or dark gray rather than actual black.

Or devising an actually interesting scheme and not trying to paint a faction of Shadow the Edgehogs.

>> No.56635930

>Too expensive
Don't play 40k, it's an expensive hobby. If you're not willing to spend a four-digit sum, this hobby is not for you.

>> No.56635931 [SPOILER] 

Peace through power!

>> No.56635932


>> No.56635933

its on the Warhammer 40,000 normiebook page

>> No.56635941

I use a squad of 10, and the hellions tear shit up. Deep strike the scourges into a ruin, and let them just snipe everything while they keep a 3+ save.

>> No.56635951

Oh awesome! Let's hope the Sisters of Silence get an HQ as well, I'd love to use them without paying a CP.

>> No.56635959


That's how I used them, a single stormraven made them miss all but a few shots then blew them to pieces with hurricane bolters even with the 3+. I only use 10 Hellions usually but it seems excessive to pay 3cp to deepstrike 10 and a succubus.

>> No.56635960


I tried until I realized the £55 2 carnifex box is 200~ points.

>> No.56635965

...just use an inquisitor.

>> No.56635973

Nod pls go

>> No.56635975

sounds like you just got dice fucked, and you fucked up trying to shoot with AT weapons on a 5+ to hit.

>> No.56635978

>Spend 4 figures on minis, paints, rulebooks and other miscellania
>Spend hours painting your army so it looks decent
>Payoff is being able to play a shitty awkward tabletop game with a grognard rules lawyer who will push your shit in with his hyper optimized army

>> No.56635980


I should have pointed out my meta is full of DG with alpha legion pals, Raven Guard SM and Stormravens, a minimum of 1 in every marine list.

>> No.56635991

>tfw painted up some Nod stormtroopers, really proud of how they turned out
>tfw nobody in my LGS gets the reference, even when I started spewing quotes at them and making it super obvious

>> No.56635992

>According to you RAW Abaddon the despoiler, Fabulous bile and Kharn the betrothed are not named characters since they are not listed specifically in the relic page.

and right now i'm fairly certain thats correct, as GW havnt done thier fucking job

>mfw castellan crowe RAW can take the hammer

NOW we are tlaking, none of this bullshit s4 ap0 black blade

>> No.56635993




Most of the stuff I fight is -1 to hit so the scourges will be missing everything except things they'd overkill turn 1, probably dead next turn since everyone knows kill the dark lance and you've won.

>> No.56635995

my local meta is full of DG, ultramarines, and dark angels, with 2(including myself) guard players, and 1 nid player.

It's rare that my scourges don't make up their points.

>> No.56635997

Pics please? And they are clearly GDI stooges.

>> No.56636006

>everyone knows kill the dark lance and you've won.

that's why my list I have scourges with DLs, 3 squads of trueborn with blasters, and a ravager. Can't focus on any one target with darklight or the rest will fuck them up.

>> No.56636009

Sisters of silence exist but are extremely limited. They have three troop varieties, Witchhunters, Prosecutors and Vigilators, but no HQ and only a cheaper Rhino for a transport.

>> No.56636016

>Own 3 vet squads for my IG, gas masked maniacs with Flamers, 10 guys with blast helmets, demo charges, and grenade launchers, and a squad of plasma gunners with trophies of big game kills
Shit, I had no idea I was so casual

>> No.56636025

Can't blame you. Nod units are aesthetic as hell.

>> No.56636035

Take out DG sales from publicity and Dark Imperium and CSM go below Eldar at the minimum.

>> No.56636039

It does not help, that Culexus do the same thing better and cheaper.

>> No.56636048

Judging by Custard stats, he's likely in between a chapter master and a primarch. Noice.

>> No.56636050

Nah, that anon wasn't entirely correct. Warhams has a high initial investment, but if you pick the right stuff and don't play hyper competitive tournament level all the time you can have decades of enjoyment out of the same miniatures. The only thing that you have to keep spending money on is rules updates

>> No.56636054


I'd say my blaster scourges do, maybe I'll give DL scourges another go.


I usually run 3 flyers, Venoms with single blaster and scourges with 3 ravagers so I split things well, sometimes I steam roll sometimes they miss everything

>> No.56636059

>take out Eldar sales from MtO and new codex and they go below Tyranids at the minimum

>> No.56636062

>tfw warhammer is actually cheaper than a lot of hobbies because all the major costs are up front, and the models retain their utility and value

>> No.56636074

Yeah say what you like about GW's business practices but at least they aren't pulling an EA on their product.

>> No.56636079

I wonder if there is anyone out there using second edition Tyranid figures

>> No.56636081

Yet... Hopefully never though

>> No.56636087

Any spray primers that look similar to Rakarth flesh?

>> No.56636090

>the last hobby game I played was yugioh

they could.

plus, people still use sisters.

>> No.56636092

>Implying literally anyone can't just make their own out of the Catachan command squad kit, and get 4 more dudes for the same price

>> No.56636094

>payed bug fix
>day one extra rules to complete the game
We are missing loot boxes

>> No.56636099

How many ways of converting SoB's minis exist?

>> No.56636100

I think your closest would be storm vermin fur.

>> No.56636118

What I'm wondering is if he'll get a regimental tag. Probably, but I hope not because I really want to run the Riddick Counts As I made for my Cadians years ago again.

>> No.56636120

There's one nid player at the LGS that still has metal screamer-killers.
My own space marine collection is 95% second hand, with models from each era. Everybody has space marines at some point, so it's a really cheap army to start with if you can catch people wanting to get rid of their models and asking almost nothing for them.

>> No.56636126

>he actually plays children's card games
Did something happen to it recently? I was dragged back into it about a year ago but with a local meta of all of two players I had no reason to keep up with news and shit. We all dropped out before Link monster came out anyway, mostly for geographical reasons

Depends how good you are at sculpting green stuff.

>> No.56636127

>people still use sisters
hey fuck you buddy

>> No.56636129

A lot.
What are you asking here? What are the most common?
SoS and Dream Forge, followed by even more lazy than DF by just gluing a girl head on a marine.

>> No.56636136

>your opponent puts down an army made up mostly of DI Death Guard

how do you react

>> No.56636143

All this discussion on named characters makes me realise that crowe is actually a fucking beast

>5 attacks base, every wound is an extra attack, up to 10
>+1a on charge, making 12 max attacks
>can take relics because of GW being shit at rules
>give him the 4 damage hammer
>rerolling hits and wounds
>potentially 48 damage per fight phase
>can spend CP to do this twice

>> No.56636145

The same as I would to any other opponent, why, did you get tabled by Nurgle recently?

>> No.56636147

links have rendered basically every casual deck from the last 8 years unplayable while leaving the meta filled with nothing but spam and horribly powerful decks. Current decks are almost nothing but handtraps as well.

It sucks.

that wasn't intended as an insult. There's a guy at my locals who has sisters and he tears shit up.

But they are more than 20 year old sculpts at this point.

>> No.56636153

Custodes are basically the biggest dicks among heavy infantry, and shockingly cost-effective at that (see the chart). A full unit with storm shields and sentinel blades will destroy pretty much anything you throw at them.

>> No.56636154

>Adeptus Chadus Mirine™ Boosters available now!!! May contain one of the following: Captain Fabio (UR), Sergeant Gregus (R) or a Manlet Supreme Marine (C)

>> No.56636164

RAWfaggots out

>> No.56636174

>most playtested edition
He's complete shit without relics and OP with them, where is the middle ground?

Ah right I see. We came to basically the same conclusion but you cannot comprehend the level of casual we operate on. Aside from one dude's Synchro deck that was already illegal due to banlists, Links don't really affect any of us. Good to know though.

>> No.56636176

21. They are legal almost everywhere in the world. If they do not release anything new this year. They’ll be legal world wide next year.

>> No.56636180

Well, there were those collectiblespace marine heroes in japan...

>> No.56636184

>Kharn the betrothed
Oh, how nice! Who's the lucky lady or probably dude?

>> No.56636185

>you cannot comprehend the level of casual we operate on.
I play almost exclusively character-based decks. Get on my level.

>> No.56636186

>Literally the same as more than half the loyalist marine armies out there
>Most ork armies are at leas half Black Reach

And? Is there suppose to be something special about it?

>> No.56636188

I actually almost found a RAW to stop it from happening

>SM codex has a list of "named characters" in the points listings

>no other codex says named characters

>> No.56636190


Try pulling that shit off at any tourney though.

>> No.56636196

And during GS we had pre order bonus.
It was a shitty print but still.

>> No.56636208


Was just worried it was super overplayed and it'd be like someone putting down The Same Damn Army Again.

>> No.56636214

Are they really that good? They just seem like Paladins+. t. sad GK player.

I play a Ra deck, one with both the other gods in it, one for Horakthy and one of Magician Girls, my most competitive deck is based around BEWD with BESD as its boss. Come at me friend.

>> No.56636219

If I play custodes, do they need land raiders or can some/all squads footslog? I don't want to buy more land raiders, they are so miserable to build

>> No.56636224


>> No.56636227

>Named characters such as Lord Kaldor Draigo already have one or more artefacts and cannot be given any of the following relics
>Destroyer of Crys'Yllix : models with Nemesis Daemon Hammer only
>Crowe has no option to take a Nemesis Daemon Hammer
>Crowe has a locked Warlord Trait that isn't +1 attack on charge

It's a sad day when the shitposters trying to bait no longer even take the effort to read the rules they're trying to shitpost about.

>> No.56636230

>mfw my roommate tries to make a snipe at me for how much I spend on 40k models
>she then spends hundreds a month on weed, coke, and/or booze while going out clubbing
>'but I'm going out and socializing!'

I play Venoms.

>> No.56636258

Death guard can do all that fo only 1 cp

>> No.56636262

>Wondering if Marbo will get a regiment tag
>Sly Marbo, the Catachan
Anon, pls

>> No.56636266

didnt even think about those

I also found that there is definitions for named characters in the codexes

SM, IG and DG have "named characters" lsits on thier points

GK and CSM dont, but list named characters in warlord traits

eldar does neither of these

>> No.56636269

>sly marbo, legendary catachan fighter
>"I wonder if he will get a regiment tag"

>> No.56636273

>Kharn the Bethrothed
Congratulations Kharn!

>> No.56636274

their landraiders are bs2 m8, well worth having a pair for your boys

>> No.56636279

It's not super-cheap, but way cheaper than the alternative. Might get one of each and use the DI gravis captain and some bits to make a flamestorm sergeant.

>> No.56636286

lel you probably socialize more than her, without being a stupid hoe who will hit the wall hard

>> No.56636293

I know he's Catachan, but you used to be able to take him with Cadians no problem and I'd love to do so again without having to resort to multi-regiment faggotry

>> No.56636309

Marines are always going to be overplayed, that's just the way things are. Honestly fighting Chaos is a welcome change from going up against some flavor of loyalists again and again.

>tfw playing the game is actually pretty social, especially at tournaments and shit

Oh shit I've never heard of them, can you explain?

>> No.56636310

Tbh you'll probably be able to. He shows up out of nowhere all the time, and murders the shit out of people, kind of like Celestine.

>> No.56636317

Better keep your eyes on your models now or they will transform in to drugs real soon.

>> No.56636323

>I play Venoms.
Still need to start them someday. Whats decent build for them?

>> No.56636324

NO they can't nigger, spell out your false assumptions

>> No.56636341

have been speaking to the TO of a tourney i'm going to soon and he's allowing it if there are absolutely nothing stopping it

we looked through all the of the codexes to notice that only eldar have the issue and no one plays eldar anyway

>> No.56636342

This. Never trust that scum.

>> No.56636353

Whether they're really good at all is a matter of debate, but point for point, they numerically outperform almost all TEQs. Consider that a Custodes with Sentinel Blade + Storm Shield costs 1 point more than a Paladin with Nemesis Halberd and has a 3++, +1T, +1WS and -1AP compared to it. Then again, no psychic powers or deep strike.

>> No.56636357

Your roommate is going to sell your shit for drugs anon. Never trust an addict.

>> No.56636362

there isn't one.

>> No.56636366

>being roommates with a drug addled degenerate

>> No.56636375

John Blanche is cancer free

>> No.56636377

How good are the Fire Raptors now that they dropped in points in Chapter Approved? I always liked the model.

>> No.56636383

I play in a very friendly meta and we all use Matched play rules, after all it makes the game fairer

We only use Power points in special scenario games where it doesnt matter that one army is far stronger than the other

>> No.56636385

>I've never heard of them, can you explain?
they're a really, REALLY shitty reptile deck based around a really, REALLY shitty field spell. They have a boss that requires you to fill your grave with reptiles. Then, in order to get the actual boss live, you need an unsearchable trap, and to destroy the boss OUTSIDE OF BATTLE, and in such a way that it's not mid-chain so you can activate the trap. The new boss can't be targeted or destroyed and is unaffected by any effects, and if she does battle damage 3 times while on the field, it's an instant win.

It's an unsearchable mess of monsters and still dies to utopia or any kaiju ever.

>> No.56636391


>> No.56636395

are you new ?
How cant you know Blanchitsu ?

>> No.56636403

good. that's my man

>> No.56636410

because i only look at shit to do with the tabletop, not some randomer

so i reiterate, who?

>> No.56636417

You're playing the part of random idiot pretty well, though.

>> No.56636419

If only his fans were as well.

>> No.56636427

i'm not the one posting facebook pictures though, i dont give a fuck if im a randomer

>> No.56636437

That was me and it was more a guideline. Like your spamming something that's powerful and even more exponentialy broken the more you have.

And youre doing this because you're trying to win but not because you enjoying the units.

That was just my opinion too.

>> No.56636438

he made like 60% of the warhammer art
Not knowing him is like not despising Ward/Kirby or like not painting in two thin layers to please Duncan

>> No.56636447

Anyone have had experience with resin casting?
I spent the whole day researching it and i have some questions.

>> No.56636451

Looks like Nigel farage

>> No.56636457

o damn, today i learned something cool

>> No.56636460

I have a tad bit of knowledge in it, whats the question poorfriend?

>> No.56636473

This one is probably mixed up.

Read the colour descriptions and so on.

>> No.56636518

Thats the most important thing, to never stop learning

>> No.56636533

2 thin layers is pretty important to know.

>> No.56636537

How long until she sells herself, possibly using your own bed for the transaction?

>> No.56636539

>belt of like 10 bullets


>> No.56636541

>See people claiming that Daemons, especially Tzeentch, are ruined by Chapter Approved
>All I see are that Pink Horrors are 1 point cheaper

What am I missing?

>> No.56636544

The skulls of all his enemies long dead, currently staving off death or yet to be born.

>> No.56636547

666 minutes

>> No.56636548

Kel under rated post

>> No.56636550

I did 2 thin layers of my entire imperial knight, using only artificer brushes for everything

>> No.56636555

Fuck man. You have my sympathy.

>> No.56636570

Alphabet birb is 1500 points now, so thats a gargantuan hit

>> No.56636579

30 seconds

>> No.56636586

Ward hate is a meme that only secondaries and 1d4 autists still adhere to. His day came and went and his most egregious fluffrape was either retconned or expanded upon in order to become less retarded. His Necron changes are still debated but mostly well-received.

I feel sorry for the guy, honestly. In retrospect, his 40k books in a vacuum weren't even bad, crunchwise.

>> No.56636587

Continue to place you army....? I don't get it. What's the issue

>> No.56636609

pink horrors are worthless anyway, people only take 9 brims and 1 blue in every unit

bigbird went from 700 to 1500 points so people are getting mad as fuck, but tzeentch daemons are still strong as fuck

>> No.56636613

>in a vacuum

we're not playing this game in a vacuum yah ding dong diddly pinhead noodlefucker

>> No.56636614

here's the field:

the normal boss:

the actual boss:

and the unsearchable trap

>> No.56636621

laugh as i realise im going to win turn 1

>> No.56636623

Made of what?

>> No.56636629

Are Tzeentch troops just there to be extra wounds for his characters/actual squads?

>> No.56636630

What is DI Death Guard?

>> No.56636641

Dark Imperium. Its obvious.

>> No.56636645

Guess I'm playing the First, and most loyal, Legion.

>> No.56636655

Kelly books were a lot worse, and even Ward worst excesses were not even comparable to 6th and 7th edition Tau and Eldar codexes.

>> No.56636658

yes plus chances of smite

>obsec 4++ -1 to hit units, 31 points per 10

they are basically conscripts but better in every way, the main nerf they got in CA was people wont take bigbird, so they are no longer ld10 from his aura

>> No.56636666

I played Skull servants as far back as King of Skulls were revealed.
Let me tell you its been a trip, but at least my archtype gets randomly supported every god damn expansion.
>It was fucking hillarious back in the day when the entire combo was 3 normal skulls, 3 king skulls and maybe 3 Ladies. The rest turned it into hyperefficient actual competetive glass-cannon deck.
>Now we have that stupid OTK lawnmover spell.

>> No.56636691

Hahahaha what the fuck am I looking at?
Now I don't feel so bad about my own choice of gimmicks, BESD is a walk in the park compared to this.

This is the absolute truth. Ward was just ahead of his time. Fuck, even his shittiest fluff wouldn't even be out of place in the current setting.

>> No.56636697

How did I do?

Lord of Contagion (Manreaper) - 137

Plague Marines x7 (2x Blight Launcher, Plasma Gun) - 174
Plague Marines x7 (2x Blight Launcher, Plasma Gun) - 174

Blightlord Terminators x5 (Blight launcher, 5x Bubotic Axe, 4x Combi-bolters) - 237

Foetid Bloat-drone (Fleshmower) - 136
Myphitic Blight-hauler - 142

TOTAL: 1000pts

>> No.56636701


Ok, here they come

First of all which modelling clay is recommended?
I looked at a lot of them and found 2 overpriced clays. LeBeau Tusche and NSP.
Both are plastalina which i am assuming is a must for moulds and sulfur free. And they have a few variations (medium,hard etc) that i havent been able to figure out which one would be the best for molds.
I have found 3 cheaper plastalinas first one plastilina pelikan, second one jovi plastilina and third koh-i noor plastilina. But i havent managed to find any info whatsoever about if they contain sulfur or no.
What would you recommend and do you have any info about them?

Second question, i am thinking about casting metal with model metal from prince august.
Since it is not resin i am assuming it wont have that much bubble problems. Am i correct? Or should i stick to resin

>> No.56636711

Fucking quads checked by the King of skulls himself!

>> No.56636722

Timequads too

>> No.56636741

How much of a faggot would I be if I brought a flying tyrant with devourers and Behemoth talons to a 600point tournament?

>> No.56636752

Points are off.
Only a patrol at 1000 sucks. Would rework but that's your call

>> No.56636757

Its good.

Though Chapter Approved makes this list 68 points cheaper. You could potentially upgrade to Typhus for free and still have 10 points left over.

>> No.56636761

You'll always be the faggot you are inside, isnt that enough?

>> No.56636763

>Be out of the game since 5th ed
>8th seems cool, jump back in
>Working on new minis for the first time in awhile
>Manage to stab/slash both index fingers in uncharacteristically clumsy fashion

Is this a sign?

>> No.56636766

They're fucking BONKERS in a chaos list. The last 3 big GTs where I'm from had at least one in the top list, you just have to be able to buff them with Prescience, and the negative to hit Chaos Spell is great

>> No.56636779

Yeah. Khorne has taken an interest in your devotion.
>You know what to do.

>> No.56636781

A sign that you need to slow down and relearn how to use a hobby knife, yeah.

>captcha: select all the bicycles
You would think it would be just like riding one, but apparently no..

>> No.56636783

Which models were you assembling?

>> No.56636786

It's a sign you need to practice with your x-acto knife.

>> No.56636791


I'm not big on janking out on detachments, especially not in 1k.


I'll probably spread the point saving around elsewhere, I wanna avoid Typhus too, I prefer using generic characters.

>> No.56636796

Depends. What army?

>> No.56636797

I guess I should stop hiding the fact I guess.
Flying faggot it is.

>> No.56636811

loud and proud

>> No.56636819

Maybe, but that might be a problem because...

Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot.

See above, Tzeentch Daemons.

Likely this coupled with 4ish hours of sleep and being up for nearly 20 at the time it happened.

>> No.56636837

You could consider upgrading the Lord to a Daemon Prince.

>> No.56636848

>Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot.
Then you've got seven more fingers to go.

>> No.56636858

Khorne is mad at you.

>> No.56636860

If you could remove one faction from the game, which would it be ?
If you could add one faction to the game, which would it be ?

I would the inquisition, it is nothing more than a meme army to me and it should stay in the fluff
I would add Demiurgs ad Neosquats cause they seem to be cool

>> No.56636877

Kroot mercenaries

Also fuck you buddy, Inquisition is the coolest shit and Squats are a fucking meme.

>> No.56636896


Grey Knights, fold them into generic Space Marines as an elite units that can support any army. Kinda like how Guard function with auxillary guys.


Emperor's Children. They have great potential for units and weapon types. Plus playstyle.

>> No.56636909


Malal daemons

>> No.56636918

Tau or Ynnari.

Plastic sisters?

>> No.56636926

For the means of spruing your part, alnost any modeling clay will work just fine, so long as it doesnt react with the RTV Silicon, i personally just tend to pick up whatever i find at hobby lobby or the like. If you plan on using it for anything else lkke making a clay model and THEN casting the entire model i wont be much help.

Second answer, metals in my experience dont have too many bubbling issues, but in all honesty ive had an easier time working with resins, the easiest way to avoid bubbles is to just pour it from up high until its just a thin string, that will collapse any internal bubbles and result in a better quLity cast. Alternatively you can go online and get a vacuum pump and vacuum chamber to force the air out of the resin.

Hope my shitty explination helped

>> No.56636932

your dudes

empowered womyn

>> No.56636938

Sisters of battle. I don't actually dislike them at all, but the poor bastards who play them suffer so much from the perennial hope of an update. Kinder to just confirm for good that there'll never be new models and put them out of their misery.
Dark mechanicum, as their own standalone faction.

>> No.56636946

but i play Blood Angles, they are basicly empowered womyn

>> No.56636948

Remove: Close my eyes and throw a dart at one of the non-generic marine books. Either all variants of a given faction should have their own book, or they should all be subrules inside of a singular book.

Add: The Illuminati, perhaps along with Ordo Hydra.

>> No.56636957

Does cloud of flies mean you can only shoot that unit or it cant be shot if?

>> No.56636963

>If you could remove one faction from the game, which would it be ?
Space Marines

>If you could add one faction to the game, which would it be ?
Old Ones

>> No.56636968

This post is completely contradictory.

>> No.56636973

Yeah that's how half of the actual chaos boltgun bits are too
I try to only use the ones with magazines because of that

>> No.56636981

It counts as a character for all intents and purposes. So if it's the closest unit you're fine, but if there's another unit the same distance away, you can't fire on the Clouded unit.

>> No.56636984 [SPOILER] 

Nice bit of Warhammer -60000k up in this shit.

You interpreted his post correctly.

>> No.56636999

>Not wanting multiple space marine books is contradictory to wanting a force for a secret society of human and eldar agents working to find the psychic null biological offspring of the emperor, and subrules to run the more extremist offshoot of them

How's the brain damage working out for you?

>> No.56637001

>Intensive Purposes

>> No.56637004

>Magazines of Holding are better than realistically-sized belts

>> No.56637005

old ones should be the hivemind

>> No.56637009

I just looked at my sprues and it turns out I was wrong anyways, all of the chaos boltguns have the tiny belts, it's the bolt pistols that have 50/50 belt/magazine

>> No.56637010

Remove: Ynnari for their extremely shitty story and non-eldar looking models

Add: The men of Iron! We need some proper machine men in 40k. I don't mind Egyptian space robots but come on now...

>> No.56637011

Grey Knights

Primaris Orks and Tyranids, fresh out of Octarius

>> No.56637019

>Implying it's not
Nids are the bleach of the universe sent by the old ones to scrub away the failed experiment that is the milky way

>> No.56637023

Will it change in the upcoming update to characters

>> No.56637025


>> No.56637029

Migrate to older thread

>> No.56637036

I have read that people had some bad experience while working with some modelling clays that had sulfur in them. Things like parts that touch the silicone not curing and making horrible sponge like texture .
Oh well, in that case i shall buy the smallest amount of the cheapest clay and give it a try with a small amount.

I have read about pouring from high and some suggested even eehmm vibrators ? How do you use them. I mean i know how you use th. no thats not what i meant. Do you stick them inside the silicone while it is curing or do you hold them with a rubber or something near the mold structre and keep them running for a while?

>> No.56637051

No, lets keep going for a while longer.

>> No.56637057

Probably not, if the change is only affecting models with the 'Character' keyword.

>> No.56637063

Ynnari. With only three models they're pointless as a separate faction. You can fold the characters into the Eldar/Dark Eldar codex like the Harlequins used to be.

Something more uniquely xenos. I'd say Squats on reflex, but that's just a pipe dream at this point. Demiurg perhaps? Or the Rak'Gol? I'd even go for the Kroot getting their own codex, given how the Tau books have been doing fuck-all with them the past few editions.

>> No.56637096

Remove nids
Add squigs and dinosaurs

They can soup in a ton of armies.

>> No.56637100

>If you could remove one faction from the game, which would it be ?
Loyalist space marine.

>If you could add one faction to the game, which would it be ?
Rogue Traders

>> No.56637145

Metal Hive Tyrant, metal Warriors, some of the Termagaunts and Genestealers.

>> No.56637169

Remove Dark Angels, add Rak'Gol.

>> No.56637276

No idea what to remove, but I would like to see Darkmech

>> No.56637290

I would consider dropping the LoC for a plague caster. More utility from the psyker. Use point drops to throw in Bell Guy for mobility, or the Plague Surgeon/ tallyman.

>> No.56637510

Lord of Contagion is ass, you'd be better off with a basic bitch Chaos Lord for the reroll aura.

>> No.56637604

Anyone know how to order Recasts, and who the best supplier is?

>> No.56637688

What's the absolute best weapon combination for a WE terminator lord? I only have 2 pauldrons, so I can't magnetize

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