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Last time on /edhg/ >>56591922
Eating disorder edition

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
If you could add one out-of-color card to one of your commander, which one would it be?

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What is going on with all this drama about this cosplay chick? The white knighting going on over this is sad.

Thoughts on UnsleevedMedia (Jeremy)? Professor and Wedge came out against him.

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I remember a while back some woman cheated at a tournament and a bunch of /tg/ was saying she shouldn't be banned and shit, which is ridiculous. But there are also cases where a woman happens to be in the right, and then it's right to side with her.

So what actually happened here?

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Lots of info to dissect...

This is the "Victim"

The Culprit

Secondary opinions


(Had to take our the URLs because it said it looked like spam, just search their handles for their twitters.

I recommend checking out their latest tweets, my understanding is that Unsleeved Media is being accused of sending his fanboys online to target a cosplay. He defends himself saying he made one video a few months ago criticizing her, maybe calling her ugly, idk. She, the cosplay, has said it has been an ongoing stuggle throughout the year and is retiring from doing magic cosplay (all cosplay?).

My view is that when you put yourself in costumes online, you are fair game as far as comments. If Unsleeved is doing a ongoing/relentless online assault on her then he is in the fault.

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Right. So if it's ongoing, that's fucked up. If he just made some comment then maybe it's shitty but also whatever, move on.

I don't think she's ugly, based on that picture, but that's really not relevant at all, of course.

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>thread question
Probably green to anything. I want to play my shit.

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>If you could add one out-of-color card to one of your commander, which one would it be?
This fucker in Jhoira

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It's been a while since I have been here at /edgh/, so probably have missed a discussion that has probably happened already, but how would I deal with someone who wants desperately use an un-card in their commander decks, commander or in the 99?
There's been a huge influx of hype and discussion about said thing, so should I be an autist and deny their usage, or take the bullet and dive in the deep end with the dumb ass rulings that aren't absolute? Such as StoPing Infinity elemental for example

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>Clockspinning is U
>this is W

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Unsleeved is a bitch who deletes his tweets and videos and then bitches that his critics have no proof. You can find plenty of screencaps of him insulting Wedge, for his weight, for cross-promoting, for being lazy. He made a video calling Sprankle a pornographer, referred to her as a man, a dog, 3/10, and made several comments about how he'd fuck her. Even if he, personally, hasn't sent her hundreds of hateful messages, he's the public face of doing so.

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Ask which one, if it's one of the not so silly card and everyone else agree just let him play it for one game and see if it's not busted.
or just ask to rip one of his moxes because that's why you posted that comment right?

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>casual format full of busted and fast combos and dickish prison decks

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Thoughts on my decklist?

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Ironic choice of image, considering that Frankie Peanuts reads "At the beginning of your upkeep, destroy target player."

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You've given me an interest in building this, I've got a bit more of a budget so I'm trying something truer to that original list. Parts are in the mail, I'll get back to you once I get a chance to test a little. So far looks like yours is built for a midrange meta, and I think it'll be successful there. Could use a little more counter magic.

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>If I were to ask you "Yes or no, do you concede?", would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

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I don't deny them because they're broken, but rather that they don't really work with non-un format rules wise.
For example, StoPing Infinity elemental would cause the opponent to gain 0 life instead of infinite, because all values of the games have to be defined numbers. Only way the IE would work arguably, is through combat, and even then it really doesn't.
Again, I don't care about the power levels, just that the rules questions are a nightmare, and even more so, since the retards who want to play them interpret the cards in their own way, which isn't usually right converted to actual MtG rules

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You do know that you can't force your opponent to concede against their will by any means right?

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Close, you have to be a little cleverer to prevent "No" and "Fuck you" from being the answers.

Ask for the binary value of the answer, not the actual answer.

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That's two questions and the card doesn't work like that anyway. Besides, paradoxes don't have a truth in a sense, so technically the question isn't a yes and no question, since there's only an option to pick only one answer.

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MaRo stated that having infinite life gives you a permament Platinum Emperion effect

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If they cheat they lose. Answering Frankie's question falsely when they could have abided by it is cheating.

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>if able

Frankie says nothing about losing if you're unable to abide to the answer

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CR714.6 only applies to when you control another player, which Frankie Peanuts doesn't do

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107.2: If anything needs to use a number that can't be determined, either as a result or in a calculation, it uses 0 instead.

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Cards such as Relentless Rats can and have altered rules before

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It's not two questions, it's a single question about a question, and it's not a paradox, it's just a Yes/No question where both answers lead to the same result.

You are asked "If I were to ask you "Yes or no, do you concede?" would the binary value of your answer be the same as the binary value of your answer to this question?"
If you reply Yes you are saying that your answer to the question "Yes or no, do you concede?" would be the same, Yes.
If you reply No you are saying that your answer to the question "Yes or no, do you concede?" would be different, Yes.

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can still lose by mill/commander damage/infect.
in a game with infinite 2-3 card combos, we are really going to complain about one card in another two card combo JUST because its in unstable?

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here is his account, take it as you will.


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So I can just pull out a gun at GP and force my opponent to concede? Or blackmail him?

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Why should it be a problem if it's not a broken card or competitive?
The only thing I would require is to be informed before the game to decide if play or not.

Taking advantage of this I going to repost this from old general for more help:

There is a 99% I'm going to build this guy, so was thinking, what are the best combinations I should always seek?

Until now I have thought at
- Serpentine crocodile
- half squirrel half pony (Know about the errata but I find it still strong, in particolar with non combined Host)
- rhino kangaroo
- monkey bot (but I'm not sure if it works)

Some are obvious, there are more I'm forgetting\don't see?

The only new thing I have came up with is the interaction between Serpentine kitten and Multiheaded crocodile

>If you could add one out-of-color card to one of your commander, which one would it be?

My main is Ur-dragon, so usually I don't have this problem, I wished to be able to use Bioshift and Plaxcaster frogling\Veigean hydroon in Marchesa, while for pic related regret that I can't use the Host and Augment in the other colors

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I can't stop making decks with RG in them.

Serious. I have Intet, Mina and Denn, and Mayael. And I'm in the process of collecting stuff for a Samut deck based on infinite Combat steps, Gishath Dino Tribal, and Wort the Raidmother. And I still want to make a Jund deck.

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And then promptly get removed for an IPG violation, sure.

>> No.56606034

So it's ok if there is no judge around?

>> No.56606035

Not seeing any problem here. Wort is a nice change from the usual gruul style too.

>> No.56606141

Yeah man, go ahead. Just remember to tell the police some guy on the internet told you it was okay.

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I'd murder my firstborn to play this in alesha

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What's with not understanding this? You can't have infinite anything, just an arbitarily large number of life/tokens/whatever. It's a core rule of MtG.
That's entirely different situation. It's about deckbuilding rules and closer to situation where a player would have banned cards in library. This has nothing to do with infinites, which can't happen in MtG.
As I said, it's not about the power of the cards, but the fact that un-sets don't follow the normal rules of MtG. The rules aren't absolute, which they should be and not up the interpretation of the player.
This means that any situation that comes up cannot be solved properly, as long as the rules are formattes differently.

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>but silver-bordered rules allow it.
Don't be pedantic anon.

>> No.56606264

that's not totally right because platinum emperion prevents you from activating cards with a health cost

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Hello me a year ago. Build wort, start to get good, keep mayael (you'll regret taking it apart), and start investigating other colors. The decks you think you'd hate most will turn out to be quite fun. Also feel free to try out cEDH a little.
Trust me, my child. You'll thank me later. You're literally EXACTLY where I was at May 2016, commander choices and all.

>> No.56606296

Is there a card effect that lets you do that?

>> No.56606321

But they aren't legal in any format. Un-rules are different from regular rules, like you can't deal fraction damage either.
Besides, I feel like that this is important, since some people WILL play un-cards in commander, and I want to accept it, but they generate unusual problems, which is an issue.
Unless WotC decides to do full errata on each previous joke set and update the rules, they simply don't work with regular rules.

>> No.56606322

The saddest fucking part is that amongst the sea of hamfisted, unorganized video structures and unabashed clickbait there are a few well-constructed pieces, but every time one of them comes out he immediately dips back into slinging shit at other people like he’s posting on /v/. I’m not surprised in the slightest that he’s using his fanbase as attack dogs.

>> No.56606323

When you come to him
and you can't go through him
and you can't knock him down
you know that you found

>> No.56606344

At least I won. The thought of that will keep me warm whenever I drop the soap.

>> No.56606361

>MaRo stating absolute bullshit about game he works on
Why am I not surprised that he doesn't understand the game?

>> No.56606383

>MaRo stating absolute bullshit about the absolute bullshit set that he's being payed to make up absolute bullshit about
Why am I not surprised that /tg/ doesn't understand joke sets?

>> No.56606394

Eldrazi Monument or Door of Destinies?

>> No.56606397

Answer me this /edhg/.
If I enchant my Karona with Cloak of Invisibility is she only passed around to half the players? Does she phases out during one player upkeep and then phases in during the next?

>> No.56606401

is there a way to import a deck i have online into tappedout or do i have to manually type it in?

>> No.56606412

>permanent Platinum emperion effect
So he implies that you cannot gain life nor lose life, nor you can pay any life.
Besides, what would happen, if a player would be gaining infinite life and I would respond with False cure?

>> No.56606422

Phasing happens before untap, not on upkeep.

>> No.56606426

She never phases out except for on your turn. Phasing happens on untap step normally, and her trigger happens on upkeep

>> No.56606439

I quess I could use cards that require me to say something to mask my threats.

>You really pathed my Fugitive Wizard good. It'd be a shame if something happened to you
>no Mr. Judge I was just showing him my foil glock

>> No.56606440

Haha dude you're bootyblasted because you didn't actually read it and just looked at some post on 4chan.
>Once you're at infinite life, your life total effectively can't change. At infinite life and gain 2 life? You're at infinite life. At infinite life and lose 29 life? You're at infinite life. You can pay any amount of life. In fact, if you're at infinite life and get with an opposing Infinity Elemental, you'd still be at infinite life.

>> No.56606444

then they'd die horribly due to infinite life loss

this isn't hard

>> No.56606449

Heavily depends on the commander/deck

>> No.56606457

>Unless WotC decides to do full errata on each previous joke set and update the rules, they simply don't work with regular rules.

They're actually doing it

>> No.56606465

edgar markov vamp tribal

>> No.56606467

>infinite minus infinite equals infinite
can a mathfag confirm this

>> No.56606474

is there a way to import a deck i have on Mtgo onto tappedout.net or do i have to manually type it in?

>> No.56606513

Eldrazi Monument is good when you have fodder to sac, which you do
Door of Destinies is playable but quite slow and fragile

>> No.56606521

"Infinity minus infinity," doesn't actually mean anything, but it can be effectively true. Take the infinity of whole numbers, subtract the infinity of even numbers, and you get the infinity of odd numbers. MaRo's post probably isn't very rigorous, but if he's saying that's how it works then it's close enough.

>> No.56606522

Mathfag. Infinite isn't a number, per se, so if you want me to go full mathfag, we'll have to ascertain first whether Infinity Elemental's power is supposed to be the limit approaching infinity or some aleph number or large cardinal. However, at any infinite point, a single iteration of addition or subtraction is completely irrelevant.

>> No.56606535

Wrong, since infinite minus infinite is sill infinite.
I was implying that MaRo has no idea what Platinum emperion does, since he said that it gives the permanent effect. With PE you can't gain or lose life, nor you can pay life. I know that he means that your life total doesn't really change, even though it does. Just because you start with infinite and end up with infinite doesn't mean that your life total doesn't change. There's no "the infinite", but infinite number of infinites that vary in size. If your life total didn't change, you wouldn't get any triggers from Sanquine bond for example.
I understand kind of what he's trying to say, but his lack of understanding mathematics is way too much and I'll take any legitimate reason to make fun of him.

>> No.56606626


Still looking for input. I've never built dedicated stax before so I don't know of I'm a mile off or not? Suggestions?

>> No.56606649

I seriously hope that they don't fuck up and make infinity an actual concept. There's just gonna be a shitload of stalemates, where game cannot go on anymore

>> No.56606662

is there a way to import a deck i have on Mtgo onto tappedout.net or do i have to manually type it in?

>> No.56606727

I would guess that the intended infinity is aleph null, not that it changes a whole lot. In any case, an "infinite" life loss combo like Mike & Trike can't possibly kill you if that's your life total, since the amount of life you're losing is really just an arbitrarily large integer no matter what.
I'm looking forward to the mathematical dialog that this card will inject into the game. Some Consecrated Sphinx interaction I ran into a while back had me thinking seriously about how it related to the Axiom of Choice; wish I could remember the specifics.

>> No.56606768

>aleph null
Is there any card interaction that takes an input of n and produces 2^n?

>> No.56606810

I'm interested in what would happen with Greater good and Infinity elemental. When do you discard the 3 cards? Does the game just end in a draw, since the ability can't end and state-based actions can't be checked either?

>> No.56606847

You just deck yourself when it resolves

>> No.56606905

Djinn Illuminatus, 1 token on the field, Second Harvest in hand. Input is available mana/4, output is number of tokens on the field.

>> No.56606981

So could we scale up through the alephs with Infinity Elemental, Elemental Mastery, Cryptolith Rite, Djinn Illuminatus, and a way to recur Second Harvest?

>> No.56607024

But you can't die to it, since the state based actions are checked only after the thing has resolved and you keep drawing cards that aren't in your library.
You can't skip the draws, even if you run out of cards, so you never end up in the discard part of the effect.
Think of it like this:
>you control Alhammarret's Archive
>you cast Enter the infinite
>Enter the infinite says you draw 2*X cards, where X is the number of cards in your library
you die only after the spell has completely resolved, you trying to draw double the amount of cards you actually have, not losing to the 1st one after you have drawn all you have.

>> No.56607046

This shit still doesn't work, since they can just wait to answer your question about conceding until after their turn ends and tell you to fuck off.

If you don't ask something in game terms (like "are you going to block with your Earl of Squirrel this turn") then you have essentially wasted your question

>> No.56607054

So Elemental Mastery on an Infinity Elemental makes infinite hasty tokens, Cryptolith Rite turns that into infinite mana, Djinn Illuminatus and Second Harvest turns the infinite mana into ∞^2^∞ tokens? Only problem I see is how does an infinite amount of spells on the stack resolve?

>> No.56607055

r80's m80's, just finished putting Edgar together, missing some shit coz it's not proxy and everything I have.


>> No.56607072

I would add black to xenagos because jund needs a good commander that isnt prossh

>> No.56607086


>If I were to ask you "Yes or no, do you concede?", would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

I believe they could accurately say 'No' and then when you ask 'Yes or no, do you concede' they can tell you 'Go get fucked' as Frankie doesn't force them to only give yes or no answer to ALL questions, just that one and that's a different answer.

>> No.56607100

If it's an infinite number of the same spell, or a periodic infinity of the same order of spells, couldn't it just be resolved through extrapolation?

>> No.56607171

104.3c If a player is required to draw more cards than are left in his or her library, he or she draws the remaining cards, and then loses the game the next time a player would receive priority.

>> No.56607179

Red to Gitrog Monster for Jund lands.

>> No.56607191

Frankie does say you have answer truthfully and abide by the answer if able. The thing is, you just don't have to answer the second question on your turn, since the asking of that question doesn't force the boardstate to stall out until the ability resolves like with Frankie's question.

>> No.56607195


>If you could add one out-of-color card to one of your commander, which one would it be?

Alesha would actually be pretty ok in my Iroas deck. The commander rules not letting her be in the deck are bullshit anyway

>> No.56607201

He's obviously profiteering off of internet drama, cosplayers are still whores, and WOTC is still run by kikes. Anyone who ever tries to claim that harassment is legitimately why women don't play competitive magic is still a lying con artist.

>> No.56607214

Seems right to me. Call to Mind and Relearn, replicated once, solve the problem of getting Second Harvest back to the hand.

>> No.56607229

is there a way to import a deck i have on Mtgo onto tappedout.net or do i have to manually type it in?

>> No.56607239

One at a time, but you couldn't make infinite spells, since you have to replicate each one individually, so you'd just end up with arbitarily large number of spells in the stack.
I would use Zada instead, since she would make infinite spell copies with infinite tokens. The game would end up in a draw, unless you have a way of disrupting the stack or ending the game straight away.
I would be interested, if there is a way to generate a infinite storm count.

>> No.56607261

That doesn't explain anything, since nobody would get priority anymore. State based actions are checked only after the ability has fully resolved.

>> No.56607501

If you are okay with someone playing an un-card you should be able to understand that you should follow the silver border rules, you can't have infinite life in black border game but in a silver one? Yes, you can.

>> No.56607566

You literally can't have infinite life in regular magic

>> No.56607607

He just said that though?

>> No.56607644

And silver borded magic adds a rule that states you can, it's not that hard to understand.
If you play black border magic you can't play infinity elemental, if you allow your opponent to play it then you are playing silver border magic.

It's not the same game, SBM is a game with the same rules as BBM + additional rules that substitute the original if they are contraddicting it.

>> No.56607692

I can say that I have sexual relations with easter bunny each day, but that doesn't make it true.
You can't have infinite anything in regular magic, and you cannot give me an example of any combination of cards that set you at infinite life, give infinite mana or do anything else infinite. You can use cards to give you any amount of life or mana or whatever, but you'll never end up with infinite, no matter how much you play Dragon Ball Z and scream bigger numbers, but none of them will make you end up in infinite life.

>> No.56607773

do you want to rip my mox too?

>> No.56607777

Are you illiterate?
I was saying he already made the point you did.
>you can't have infinite life in black border game
Is the same exact thing you said in >>56607566

>> No.56607782

Yes, I'm aware of this, but silver Magic isn't regular Magic and currently Infinity elemental is the only thing that can do anything infinite.
I get it that it's a joke set and the cards play differently there, but as the rules are, in black border the rules don't allow you to have infinite anything, but you must choose a number anyway, which will end up in confusion in casual EDH tables, where people allow silver borders in decks.

>> No.56607810

I apologize. I'm tired andd english isn't my first language anyway. Checked

>> No.56607836

No problem, I shouldn't have insulted you like that.
Be sure to get some sleep.

>> No.56607870

>allow silver border cards
>use black border rules
if you allow a silver border deck you are automatically playing a silver border game.
Silver border rules are not a different set of rules, it's just a collection of "what if" for situations that can be created by silver border cards in a normal game of magic.

>> No.56607929

>If a player is required to draw more cards than are left in his or her library, he or she draws the remaining cards
>he or she draws the remaining cards

>> No.56607967

Will do. Have a nice day/night

>> No.56607979

It feels really good.

>> No.56608041

How does the niv-mizzet deck fare in 4 player games? You don't have the fuel to deal enough damage.
I guess others could deal the brunt for you.

>> No.56608065

You nigs jelly?

>> No.56608095

Yeah, but they don't cover all what ifs

which is why silver border should just die in a fire.

>> No.56608120

So if I only have one Glen Elandra Archmage, and I have both Ezuri, Claw of Progress and Inalla built, which one do I put it in?

>> No.56608126

>Not in phyrexian
>Doesn't even have a watermark

Meh, how does it feel to have the worst elesh?

>> No.56608141

The Curiosity/Ophidian Eye/Tandem Lookout combo is in there, but I usually keep that as a backup. Durdle, dig, loot, wheel, and keep dealing damage throughout. When I do go for it I keep 4 mana up, kill one player, then Fateful Showdown to kill the other two.

>> No.56608154

probably ezuri, since the number of times you would want to make a copy to counter spells til endstep is very small.

>> No.56608157

Doesn't even feel bad, I have the Phyrexian print with the watermark, which is objectively better.

>> No.56608177

I just figured in multiplayer games, with her persist, it can be convenient if I pop her during an opponent's turn and I get to pay for a copy, threatening more counterspells on their turn.
But you're probably right, I only want to put her in Inalla because she's pricey and I wanted an excuse to play with her more.

>> No.56608222

Oh, and I also have Pestermite, Deceiver Exarch, and Zealous Conscripts+Splinter Twin in there.

After checking the price for an IMA Kiki, I might pop that in too.

>> No.56608268

How many noncreature spells do you really think they are going to cast on their turn? Even if you are just determined to get value, and counter their signet and whatever they play after it, you are still spending 7 mana total to counter 2 noncreature spells (with the option to spend an 8th mana to counter another noncreature spell whenever).

Up to you, but that shit seems really unlikely

>> No.56608276

I'm gonna be mean, but when it comes to stax you need that.
Your manabase is a disaster, lands entering tapped voluntarily on your side is a death sentence for trying to break parity
You have a variety of effects and no cohesive attack plan - how do you intend to win, what do you intend to lock down, and how will you answer the things you cannot lock down? Choose three to four resources to attack (hand, mana, untap step, permanents, etc) and go hard on them.
Try building a stax deck that isn't 4 colors first, then expand. I know you want this one, but it's just going to disappoint you.

>> No.56608298

How do I build Homura? What kinds of cards do you even run in mono-red?

>> No.56608319

You guys are missing something

the attack is ∞, not a traditional infinity number we know

∞ has special properties, just like * does in different context it represents a property with its own rules

∞ does lethal damage, gaining ∞ life grants ∞ as your life total which cant be altered unless it changes due to another effect, having ∞ mana would grant any amount of mana of the chosen color for one phase before emptying, drawing/milling ∞ cards would deck out.

>> No.56608334

Mana doublers. Gauntlet of Might is too pricey to recommend in good faith, but that's the sort of thing you want.

>> No.56608349

Yeah, I guess you're right, it is pretty unlikely i'm going to be able to net value off of all of those non-creature spells.
Ezuri will be keeping her!

>> No.56608351

also this

>> No.56608393

Export the deck, it'll give you a .txt file you can do whatever with.

>> No.56608439

will i have to cut paste each card into tapped out or will only once?

>> No.56608474

I'm a budget fag and I have a Phyrexian Elesh Norn, you gotta try harder.

>> No.56608530

The classical art is a nice contrast to your mental retardation

>> No.56608547

saskia with more R/G gruul theme.
how do i build that?

>> No.56608603

Thanks m8

>> No.56608682

Fun ultra budget decks?

>> No.56608706


>> No.56608725

counterspells are never fun, anon

>> No.56608734

Okay /Pol/

>> No.56608745


>> No.56608759

That black Mikaeus combo deck

>> No.56609116

>Black Mikaeus

>> No.56609169

The deck costs something like 45$. Mikaeus is 25 of that. Also >>56608682
Edric, Spymaster of Trest.

>> No.56609197

What's the deck then? Mikaeus, Triskelion, and a bunch of tutors/swamps?

>> No.56609226

It's Aristocrats heavy.

>> No.56609256

If I can find a local EDH community, I might actually consider putting something like this together.

>> No.56609299

get out jeremy you dumb fat bitch we hate you

>> No.56609312

So, /edhg/ until now I'd thought I had deck protection and transport "solved" -- Ultra Pro Satin Tower holds 100 single or double sleeved cards rather snugly, all is well, I can use dragon shields or anime sleeve + Character sleeve guard.

But my next brew is Mad Avacyn ft. Brunela thanks to FTV transform and I don't want to do what I did with other decks featuring DFCs (Get an extra copy for transformed because cheap) so I've been thinking I should have a clear innermost layer

Redpill me on Perfect Fits and Triple Sleeving. is the slight extra weight/thickness of FTV:Transform foils going to be a problem? Are there brands that are better or worse? And moreover since I doubt the good ol' Satin Tower will do the job, are there any "off the rack" deck boxes that will take the triumphant thickness of a triple-sleeved deck?

Or should I just stick to double with standard (Dragon Shield or otherwise) + Character Guard, leave Avacyn in just the Character Guard unless she gets sent to a hidden zone, and deal with desleeving Brunela all the way in case they transform?

>> No.56609342

>YT "personalities"
Honestly Unsleeved seems like a standard cringy fat virgin neckbeard.

>> No.56609466

>go to buy animar online for my brother's xmas present
>sold out everywhere

it'll be be back in stock soon, r-right?,,

>> No.56609490

tcgplayer has plenty of Animars. Or did you mean the deck? 'cause you're kind of hosed if your looking for a multi-year-old precon with > face value in the box.

>> No.56609505

>you're kind of hosed if your looking for a multi-year-old precon with > face value in the box.
ebay has some copies of Mirror Mastery. For ~200 but it has them.

>> No.56609519

>Just want Riku shit
>Animar fags drive the price up

>> No.56609531

>guy in edh group has a bunch of degenerate decks
>says he's going to build gitrog as his non degenerate deck
>ok sure, he doesn't seem that op
>he finally finishes it
>his turns take 10 minutes
>half of his library is in his graveyard
>just dredges half the time to draw more or boosts the shit out of wild mongrel or noose constrictor
>no one plays graveyard hate
>our faces when he wins by Jarad
>our faces when he has 95% of his lands in his graveyard, plays worm harvest and then splendid reclamation
>our faces when we can't do shit because he has glacial chasm
>next turn he plays exsanguinate
How did any of us underestimate gitrog, he plays so little and is just a draw engine

>> No.56609566

>Darkmor Salvage
>win the game
holy shit you're dumb

>> No.56609677

mana base is from a different incarnation, I'll look into swapping away from temples. Maybe just swap 'em out for more basics, or any good suggestions?
win-con is actually same as last incarnation, which is pop darksteel reactor, or, as it's come to be quite often, just slowly eeking out a win using Atraxa because virtually no one at my LGS brings flyers.
I'm not sure how fragile or delusional I'm being, but it seems like a number of 3 card combos just lock about every component down (Orb of dreams / kismet + Stasis and Hellbent Gibbering Diseent / Static Orb and Tangle Wire) It seems like gibbering descent + a a large number of stax pieces would be sufficient on its own.

I hope I don't sound like I'm arguing, I'm just explaining my (wrong) lines of reasoning, to help make it clear why mistakes were made, and hopefully highlight what I should change about my outlook to best optimise my deck. Your input helps a lot, appreciate it.

>> No.56609711

maybe this is just because I largely play aggressive decks but I can pretty consistently rush down my local gitrog before it gets rolling

>> No.56609732

It's also probably not a great Gitrog if that's happening

>> No.56609842

he is a pretty shit player desu

>> No.56609872

>build gitrog as his non degenerate deck
You guys got hustled, it seems. Gitrog just generates so much insane value and can be built in so many ways that it's not a surprise to me that the guy with a bunch of "degenerate decks" had a hard time making Gitrog friendlier for opponents.

>> No.56610001

just based off what i saw from a quick look:

looks like you need more land for a 4-color commander. i'd say ~36 with ways to draw cards and get them out.

you will greatly benefit from amulet of vigor, especially with all the etb tapped lands you run. speaking of etb tapped lands, blighted woodland and krosan verge are great for fixing and run well with amulet.

burgeoning relies on your opponents playing land. exploration is better imo.

you are running enough enchantments to greatly benefit from enchantress effects (stax decks usually run hella enchantments). mesa enchantress, eidolon of blossoms, verduran enchantress, argothian enchantress and enchantress's presence are all i can think of off the top of my head but i feel like i'm missing one. 3-4 would be good but i run all of them in a different deck.

green sun's zenith for x=0 to grab dryad arbor is one of the best opening plays you can do to set yourself up. zenith can also grab enchantresses.

tutors are good if you can afford them.

lastly, orochi hatchery is perfect for atraxa. reliable ways to produce smokestack fodder are going to be inportant and its hard for your opponents to recover from a smokestack that's ticked up to 8.

i hope this helps!

>> No.56610058

also, i forgot to say you should run a copy of replenish and maybe some more protection like sterling grove (greater auramancy and privileged position) to really lock things down. don't forget copy enchantment for double the fun.

>> No.56610089

If Gitrog is his non-degenerate deck, what are his degenerate decks?

>> No.56610150

She's dropping Magic because there's no money in anything Magic related except buying Dual Lands for 1/4th of their price, she can cosplay for other IPs where people will actually tip/superchat her streams and she won't have to deal with the special kind of autistically outspoken neckbeard that magic has in spades.

>> No.56610362

i've been building a cycling oriented gitrog edh deck

is that cool or am i suck

>> No.56610363

If you're only triple sleeving the commander(s) you should be fine. I've used KMC (both old and new, no noticeable difference as opposed to their Hyper Mattes) Perfect Fits and Dragon Shield Perfect Fits. The two are interchangeable as far as I'm concerned.
A fully triple sleeved commander deck will not fit inside a UP Satin Tower.

>> No.56610432

It's simple.

>> No.56610449

Shadow of the Grave is cool, as is using Slippery Karst, Polluted Mire, Desert of the Glorified, Desert of the Indomitable, Ash Barrens, Blasted Landscape, Barren Moor, and Tranquil Thicket in one deck.

>> No.56610451

Just get a fuckin checklist card and sleeve the real one in a clear sleeve problem solved

>> No.56610604

Burgeoning is just what I had on hand desu, I'll probably swap 'em around when I come across an exploration,
I was actually considering just swapping my temples over to 1 of each basic, shimmering grotto, and unknown shores. Base as it sounds, I have a certain fondness of prismatic lands, you see, _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ it pretty.
Any reason why blighted woodland over myriad landscape? Is it because myriad enters tapped? Its lower activation cost and lack of color requirement are pretty appealing
And as I was building, I was talking about Orochi hatchery, I used to really love it, and I have no reason not to use it, it just slipped my mind. So I'll have to figure out what to cut for it when I go pick one up.

>> No.56610675

Is Jen really a Spike's Spike or are youtube faggots the most pathetic kind of "funbrewer".?

>> No.56610688

yeah man. i'm running 24 cycling cards. it's too bad there aren't more cycling pay offs tho. i'm running archfiend and abandoned sarcophagus but i could use a couple more.

in the very least cycling cards helps pump up lord of extinction and vile manifestation tho.

i should watch some gitrog videos to understand what other people use it for. i realize you can basically put your whole library into your graveyard with dredge but i'd kind of rather draw the cards.

>> No.56610735

Honestly the Gitrog combo really appeals to me. It requires a combination of deckbuilding and play, and even though it's really easy to do and airtight, the thought put into it is there. Gitrog+Discard Outlet+Dakmor Salvage+Shuffle Effect+Instant Speed mana generation+an algorithm on how to stack your deck.

>> No.56610740

>If you could add one out-of-color card to one of your commander, which one would it be?
Cyclonic Rift in Queen Marchesa.

>> No.56610783

>If you could add one out-of-color card to one of your commander, which one would it be?
Master Biomancer in og marchesa

>> No.56610836

i dunno. from what i'm reading the combo can either get you an infinitely large creature or infinite mana by dredging through your deck. but it doesn't seem very exciting to me. i have an abzan deck which can do both of those things in much simpler ways.

making an infinitely large creature will also draw removal. and if any player can exile your gaea's blessing you are also boned. i think going to card draw value and graveyard shenanigans seems more interesting. i guess i will find out when i run my deck though.

>> No.56610846

Who is the best commander for mill? An old friend of mine who played mill just died and even though I hate mill I miss him

>> No.56610855

Phenax or Scarab God.

>> No.56610864

Niggerzar the mindfucker is my favorite

>> No.56610868


>> No.56610905

did he have a mill commander deck? ask 'im for it

>> No.56610953

???? Autism

>> No.56611021

the idea of a stax deck is to lock everything down and tax your opponents out the ass so there's no room to breath. once you have the right board state you kind of sit back until you can win
this is just to add to everything that's been mentioned

cards that give permanents to sacrifice to smokestack:
squirrel nest
sigil of the empty throne

stax/tax effects:
standstill (pairs well with sun titan)
no mercy
ghostly prison
sphere of safety
root maze
either thalia
mystic remora
authority of the consuls
aura of silence
aven mindcensor
grafdigger's cage
sphere of resistance
nether void
necrogen mists
thorn of amethyst
containment priest
linvala, keeper of silence
notion thief
leyline of the void
arcane lab

sun titan will help keep your permanents from staying gone.

and remember, you have a lot of artifacts in your list. suppression field is going to hurt you too

>> No.56611140

i didn't see the myriad landscape. it's definitely better than blighted woodland.

>> No.56611202

The size of the creature isn't actually the important part, and Gaea's Blessing is only the secondary yard shuffle effect anyway so if they blow yard exile on it I dare say it's better than them hitting Kozilek/Ulamog

>> No.56611251


>> No.56611294

>unstable fullest art lands are now loaded onto tappedout


>> No.56611403

Great list, I'll probably swap out DecNaught for Notion, since I'm now noticing I need 1 fewer blue and 1 more black. Or am I letting my autism eclipse a better swap?
I'll also probably swap Bloodchief for Necrogen, to focus a bit more on hand hate. overall. Life totals aren't too important, since my wincons are a card which just says "you win" and commander damage. I'll keep more of it in mind, next I'm browsing singles, or, more likely, placing an order online.

Sucks about suppression field, but at least until Immortal sun is released, and probably even after for redundancy's sake, I can't risk a superfriends player dominating a locked down board.

>> No.56611552

i'm having trouble making cuts in a boros deck. what yall opinions on land tax? it's good turn 1 but terrible beyond turns 5-6. i'm tempted to just drop it for more fun cards that have more impact throughout the course of a game.

>> No.56611575

It's ALWAYS good. You can always use more mana and everybody else ramps better than Boros.

>> No.56611654

nah it was a casual deck with OG jace, grindstone+painter, and chancellor of the spires

>> No.56611679

you're right. i just get tired of being responsible and want to put in jank.

>> No.56611736

I mean, far be it from me to deny Jank, but you're picking one of the few cards in Boros for which there's seldom if ever a real replacement, given its role. I'd more likely kill something that could be covered by your remaining cards.

>> No.56611857

>I can't risk a superfriends player dominating a locked down board.

I feel you there. sounds like you've got the idea though, good luck to you.

>> No.56612014

Replace it with Tithe senpai. I took pimpdaddy out of my Boros deck and I havent been missing him. 34 lands6 Basics, 6 rocks, Average CMC 3.12 and I never looked back.
The only argument for keeping it in would be things like Scroll Rack.

>> No.56612068

i was considering this. tithe has the same basic effect. land tax doesn't really have any added downsides though.

>> No.56612146

Tithe will get you the land drop you're missing (and most likely more) the turn you play it, is instant so you can keep mana open/sunforger it, and fetch nonbasics. It also isn't dead if you manage to have more land than your opponents.

>> No.56612278

do you just get 1 land at a time or do you get 3 and pitch them for deck thinning?

>> No.56612280

Who's the best partner for Flankman? Considering buttlink snake at the moment.

>> No.56612296


this is the current budget sidisi list I'm building off of. I'm intending to open up the budget a bit but not spend over $100 or so. Any suggestions?

I definitely want to fit a living death in here along with a sol ring. I also want to throw in some dredge cards and maybe some more ways to buff my board of zombies

How important are all these "shuffle your graveyard into the deck" effects in Sidisi? I know they're to help dodge graveyard hate but this list hardly has enough recursion to justify it I feel.

>> No.56612384

All this shit seems to be online and that's it. Nobody at my LGS is talking about any of it. Just let the neckbeards duke it out online and keep me out of it.

Sorry to hear that anon. I personally like Phenax but if your meta is casual enough you can probably pull off Mirko Vosk

>> No.56612560

Probably because it's a thing happening online and primarily affects people who are invested in the online personalities, what a shock

>> No.56612686

People are acting like the Unsleeved Media dude is a piece of shit for making fun of cosplayers. He's a piece of shit because all he does is open booster packs and mispronounce words. His "content" is nothing and he spams shit for attention

>> No.56612722


I don't get why people are trying to twist frankie peanuts into some auto win. you get to ask a yes or no question. The other person just has to answer truthfully, not necessarily yes or no.

Besides look at the FAQ

>Must the question be about a game-related item?

>No, but please be aware that the question shouldn't be about anything that your opponent(s) would find objectionable.

Trying to force a concession through a rigged question is pretty objectionable.

>> No.56612777

Need something to make my Inalla deck faster, currently running it combo-less but either build doesn't really do jackshit until turn 4 other than play mana rocks.

Should I just put in sone control cards for early on, some moee looting + reanimator things or are there any sekrit techs that get the ball going faster?

>> No.56612852

because spikes ruin fun

>> No.56612855

Is this the same dude that started shit with Derium's?

>> No.56612874

Nothing wrong with Faithless Looting or more rocks. There are also some solid wizards who can jam out turn 2-3.

>> No.56612927


damn women and their skunk hair and no-tits

>> No.56612973

Rocks just always make me afraid of the inevitable mass artifact destruction.
Is there something like Mana Echoes, but for a smsller budget and not as ridiculously busted? Closest I can think of is Black Market and that is arguably used very differently.

>> No.56612985

Braid of Fire, but the fact that I even mentioned that shows you that the answer is no.

Commander Sphere and the like help a lot when it comes to not getting fucked by artifact destruction since they replace themselves. Darksteel Ingot sticks around through most artifact destruction.

Being Grixis is suffering.

>> No.56613002

>How important are all these "shuffle your graveyard into the deck" effects in Sidisi?

They are really not important at all. Normally if your graveyard gets removed you just fill it again. I would never play Gaea's Blessing in that deck, it is literally doing the opposite of what you want. If you really want to protect certain cards in your graveyard from being exiled, you could use Perpetual Timepiece instead. I would really take out these cards that do nothing but shuffle your graveyard into your library (Elixir, Gaea's Blessing, Loaming Shaman) and put in something useful. Also you seem to have a lot of filler cards with no obvious synergy (Mortuary, Opposition), while you play blue and don't have a single counterspell.

>> No.56613004

You get semi Edric plus combat math hell and black's removal.

>> No.56613015

Mortuary does have obvious synergy, what are you on about? Not to say that you're wrong to suggest he remove it.

>> No.56613025

He's a shit because his content is shit and he can only remain relevant by being an attention whore through shit such as harassing cosplayers and autists.

He's a basic bully.

>> No.56613035

The funnest part of Spike being an SJW looking grill is that Spike is the most hated player demographic.

WotC can't help shoot themselves in the foot with their "representation".

>> No.56613037

no flat shaming ya aussie

>> No.56613038

Remind me again why Shatterstorm costs 4 while Back to Nature costs 2? When Artifacts are undoubtedly more broken and strong?

>> No.56613044

Thought so. Guess I'll eventually pick up an Echoes.
Already got those two included alonside all relevant Signets, Mind Stone and Thought Vessel. My biggest problem with the deck right noe is that going for anything but control until I can go infinite just sits around way too long doing nothing and being overwhelmed already early on because advantage generation doesn't start until 4 mana. God, I hope we get a 2 mana Wizard that does something other than bounce soon.

Being Grixis really is suffering.

>> No.56613054

Enchantments were always fragile to the colors that can deal with them. It is just due to the history.

Artifacts get hit with 3 colors, enchantments get hit really hard by 2 colors. Just the way it is.

>> No.56613055

Because artifact removal is much easier to come by than enchantment removal while said artifacts are also much more important. Enchantment removal, especially AOE, is rarely important and only available in Green and White. Making it cheap makes it more attractive to splash in while cheap artifscr removal would discourage everyone in the formst to play artifact decks.

>> No.56613061

I really don't see the synergy. Mortuary prevents cards like Wonder and Filth to have an effect and cards that have Unearth can't be used.

>> No.56613074

It puts creatures on top of your library so when you dredge you're guaranteed not to whiff with Sidisi.

You're not casting Wonder and Filth and waiting for them to die, that's a good way of getting them exiled randomly.

>> No.56613092

mortuary is for an infinite combo with narco and altar. I agree though that the card is pretty useless outside of the combo and I was thinking of getting rid of it.

Will definitely throw perpetual timepiece into the deck. What would be some good replacements for the cards I'm removing? Thinking of putting in nighthowler, mulldrifter, and gisa+geralt. I don't really like counterspells but maybe I should throw in a couple?

>> No.56613108

For a Gishath deck (or any combat based Naya deck), how much grave recycling is appropriate?

Currently running Grave Sifter, Eternal Witness, Verdant Confluence and Praetor's Counsel. Have yet to get around to test the deck, are those numbers normally enough? Got 26 creatures total.

>> No.56613196

I'd run a Seasons' Past over Confluence.

>> No.56613377

That's terrible weak synergy.

Worm Harvest, Spider Spawning, Dread Return, Mirror-Mad Phantasm, Kederekt Leviathan are some cards off the top of my head.

>> No.56613401

>would discourage everyone in the formst to play artifact decks
Perish the thought

>> No.56613420

holy shit I've never seen mirror-mad phantasm before. That card is hilarious

I've done some more editing, taken out the extra shit lands and put in tap lands. Will post the new list soon and then start playtesting

>> No.56613557

>my only real friend died this spring
>this post makes me want to play a deck in his honor
>remember his favorite/main deck was a tuned modern UW boardwipe-counterspell-fuckyouintheass control deck
>if he was feeling friendly he'd play Bogles
Maybe I should ruin a night or two for everyone, for old times sake

>> No.56613689

No one want to help?

By the way I was thinking to use some cards with roll dice, like the sword, the thumb and the squirrel, and maybe add the enchantment as a win condition, or is better if I concentrate only on the creatures?

>> No.56613708

>ok sure, he doesn't seem that op

>> No.56613722

>tfw my brother and I shit on our squad tonight

how does one tune down a deck? do they need to suck it up and do more research/spend more money or is it our fault? the game lasted well over 12 turns so is it really that bad he destroyed everyone with big tramplers or I went infinite?

>> No.56613820

>the game lasted well over 12 turns
generally if you are all the same power level and not going all in with 500+ dollar decks, games will last longer than 12 turns

>> No.56613824

Impossible to say without further details. Infinite combos are always bad, but it would be their fault if they could see it coming from a mile away.

>> No.56613830

>infinite combos are always bad
are you sure?

>> No.56613850

If you could only play one commander for the rest of your life who would it be?

>> No.56613869


>> No.56613876

Tie between my athreos reanimator/cleric deck or gitrog goodstuff. Probably gitrog but with more reanimator shit thrown in.

>> No.56613934

reaper king

>> No.56613986

Wait a minute, that claw like thing was it's head all along? I always thought it was unseen in the clouds.

>> No.56613999

>what is time spiral set fuckery

>> No.56614038


>> No.56614048

Will we ever get another time spiral set anons?

>> No.56614054

Teysa 1.0.

>> No.56614105

Every demographic hates the other demographics it's not unique to spikes

>> No.56614111

Maro has said the odds of it are pretty low because of how impenetrable it was for new players

>> No.56614115

This card only interacts with time counters. Clock spinning interacts with any.

>> No.56614131

Nobody hates Timmy or Johnny. We hate cards designed to please them.
Everyone hates Spike including other Spikes, not cards designed to please Spike, Spike's behavior and overall nature.

>> No.56614136

No but okay

>> No.56614296

What are some good combos for a deck based around this guy?

>> No.56614302

Sadistic Hypnotist

>> No.56614322

Nice one man. Thanks

>> No.56614420

*gives an opponent infect*
Nothing personnel kids

>> No.56614480

i put a glistening oil onto another players angry bob once

>> No.56614576

Which is superior: 2v2 Commander, or Duel Commander?

>> No.56614577

I wanted to make a deck with a lot of flip cards, is there any way to make werewolves work?

>> No.56614623

Both are bad, but duel commander is so bad that every other format is better.

>let's lower the life to give aggro a chance
>uh oh aggro commanders are too good now let's ban a few
>uh oh burn is too good now let's ban a bunch of it

Fucking disaster of a format

>> No.56614663

This. French moderators have absolutely no idea what they're doing and they keep fucking up over and over, consistently making the format worse at every "update"
>tfw did the same thing one time and group got buttmad to Bobo player, threatening to ban his deck if he kept winning through infect
Some people don't really think and none of them seemed to realize, that I was the source of their problems in that case. I had hexproof at that time if anyone's wondering.

>> No.56614678

4 people Multiplayer>3v3>Online 1v1>Leviathan>2v2>Tiny Leaders>>>>>>>>>>Duel Commander>Multiplayer Banlist 1v1

>> No.56614690


You cannot post that citizen! The politburo have declared it off topic!

>> No.56614783

What's leviathan

>> No.56614924

A shit format that showed up in response to Duel Commander droping lp to 20. It was stillborn because WotC announced their upcoming official 1v1 list less than a month later.

IMO it's the worst way to play Commander 1v1. The french are retarded but the ammount of decks capable of winning a tournament should be what measures your format's worth and as such:
>Online 1v1
TymnaThrasios, TymnaKraum, TymnaBruse, ThrasiosKraum, Breya, Edgar, Narset, Jace, Marath, Kess
>Duel Commander
Saskia, Zurgo, AkiriSilas, TymnaThrasios, Gitrog, Titania, Karlov, Baral
ThrasiosKraum, TymnaThrasios, Baral, Jace

>> No.56614965

Yes. It's your fault.

>> No.56615030

Hope of Ghirapur But I like Atraxa almost as much, and it may well be a wiser choice.

>> No.56615073

Nah, 12 turns seems more than adequate. Even my intentionally made bad karlov deck can kill somebody turn 3/4

>> No.56615134

Daxos the Returned, Teysa, or Athreos

>> No.56615290

Got a decklist bud? Bought a Karlov last weekend with no ideas but jank infect no fun allowed.

>> No.56615362

It's a hellion, some sort of giant worm. If you look at the left part of the pic you can see more of its body (it's just making some spin in the air, not coming from the clouds but from under the earth)

>> No.56615387

I haven't updated the list online in a while, but I don't think you would want one intentionally made bad. There are no combos in the list, no black tutors, and almost no recursion. That being said it's not a cheap list, I have been playing for a while and like to use my pricey cards when I can.

Thanks gist of killing someone turn 3/4 is a soul sister, then Karl, then duelists heritage.

>> No.56615468

The "fingers of the claw" are actually it's teeth I think, but I could see what he sees, the underneath part being the leg, head being a claw on end of its arm, and head would be in the clouds or it's head is the clouds

>> No.56615549 [DELETED] 

As an aside, if my LGS is sold out of what 2 I mentioned, I'll probably just run descent into madness (rip in piece my curve) and paradox haze.

But is paradox haze too win-more in a stax deck? It only would have 4 interactions, but it feels so spicy if it worked.

>> No.56616227

I almost want to run a jund commander so i can play this dude with og neheb

>> No.56616983

New kid in my EDH group is awkward and says rude shit often, adds unnecessary curse words in every sentence, definitely on the spectrum. Seems like he's trying to joke around but it comes out totally wrong. He has successfully pissed off both the women in the group and two of the less sociable male players. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but people are starting to ask to boot him from the group.

What do

>> No.56617123

Boot him from the group. The game is fun as long as the people are fun. It turns into shit when the people you play with are shit.

>> No.56617231

Try talking to him? At least give him a chance to change, if he is an autie, he may just need some pointers

>> No.56617460

I wanna get into EDH, how much dollardoos is it gonna cost to get a decent commander deck?

>> No.56617514

I spend around 100 USD per deck

>> No.56617516

Depends on the deck.
You can make a good brago or zada deck for under 50.

>> No.56617535

Usually your EDH deck will be like $50 and then another $50-100 in like 3-4 cards, so if you can just find cheaper alternatives for those 3-4 cards you can really make a cheap, decent deck.

>> No.56617650

Wort the Raidmother or Gitfrog

>> No.56617668


>> No.56617688

Really really depends on what you consider decent. Angry Borb is cheap because 40% of your deck is basic lands. Edric is cheap because it's all 1/1 unblockables. You can build those decks for under $50, but a really solid deck can easily push up to over $100.

>> No.56617930

New player to the format, looking for some input on my one deck that I've put my effort into.


>> No.56618192

People don't get that the term "infinite" in Magic stipulates that the combos effect can continue without end, however for the effects of responding to an infinite combo as long as the person has made it clear that they will continue the effect until they win you can respond when they've reached the cycle of heal gain that would kill them with False Cure.

Once my friend was making infinite tokens and had 50ish life, I asked if he'd made more than 60 and he replied "of course this is an infinite" then I cast Rakdos Charm and he was the saddest I've seen a man

>> No.56618313

Some five color commander so I don't have to play the same colors each game.

>> No.56618391

All of my decks range from $400-$800 not including foils or promo costs, reserved list cards are a hell of a drug

>> No.56618419

what happened?

>> No.56618458

Atogatog so I can play whatever the fuck I want and eventually settle into being the king of my playgroup when I make my final deck - Chair Tribal

>> No.56618531

How does one build Rafiq of the Many? I've never built aggro so I need help.

>> No.56618618

You can go for an equipment route with him, but given the colors I would suggest Enchantresses instead. Canopy Cover and Steel of the Godhead are fabulous, and Finest Hour is a must (that and Rafiq alone allow you to one-shot a defenseless player). One nifty little aspect of Rafiq compared to other Voltron commanders is that you aren't restricted to attacking with Rafiq himself- you can buff up something like a Geist of Saint Traft instead if that's more convenient at the moment, and Rafiq will still help you out from the sidelines.

>> No.56618625

How do you Dimir, /edhg/? I'm a fucking Timmy and I want to make a different deck for once, trying to experiment with UB Control. I don't want to play Mill nor Zombieball. What to do?

>> No.56618675

stealing stuff

>> No.56618700

generally i spend about $100-$150 on a deck and upgrade it later like 10 bucks at a time

>> No.56618727

>scarab god is still 40 dollars

life is pain

>> No.56618764

some annoying moron harassed her and she is quitting. it's really not on-topic for this thread and you can easily google it.

my #1 input is always land base. i don't think taplands are ever good unless you are 4+ colors. i would drop the akoum refuge, bloodfell caves, boros guildgate, cinder bairns, forsaken sanctuary, kabira crossroads, orzhov guidgate, rakdos guildgate, scoured barrens, stone quarry, urborg volcano, and wind scarred crag. if you look in the upper right hand corner it shows you the mana base for the deck and you actually have very little red and are mostly black.

you can probably run a lot of basic swamps and get away with it. you could run tainted field and tainted peak to help you get your other colors. if you're running a lot of swamps they are a good, very cheap option. caves of koilos, shadowblood ridge, battlefield forge, isolated chapel, smoldering marsh, and graven cairns are also good cheap options. you can also run exotic orchard and tarnished citadel as easy 5 color lands. i really like tarnished citadel and i'm surprised more people don't run it.

everything else looks fine to me. i'm a stricty greaves>boots person but there are situations where you want boots. i also always run fellwar stone in 3 color decks. i think the upside on darksteel ingot is pretty marginal.

>> No.56618794

why the fuck do people care about (((personalities)))

>> No.56618840

Scarab God on Hand Stax control mode. Make everyone discard their shit then eternalize it.

>> No.56619082

>Building Mad Avacyn ft Repercussion
>7 Wraths or wrathlikes
>4 MLD
Do I need to go bigger and bust out Wildfire & Destructive Force?

>> No.56619119

Oh God, I barely realized that. I got him when I was barely playing MtG, and I didn't know what a Hellion was at the time. Makes sense though, gaining the actual or different perspective for a card is always interesting.

>> No.56619295

anyone go to walgreens and see if packs were 50% off?

>> No.56619380

I normally start using a base of cards I already own, which is normally values at about 20 bucks, spend about 20 bucks filling in holes and optimise about 10 or 20 bucks at a time, kinda like >>56618700

Sometimes I'll have dead-on-arrival 20 dollar gimmick decks, sometimes I'll inch my way up to hundreds as a deck I really like evolves.

>> No.56619547

Mtghq is the worst kind of /polfag/ - annoying crying bitch that blames SJWs for absolutely everything and derails the conversation into that, every little chance he has. He probably owns a kekistani flag. On the other hand we have a girl doing basically bikini photoshoots and crying about people sexualising her. Said girl has an army of reddit whiteknights ready to hang the guy.

You can't really side with anyone.

>> No.56619593

>not running at least 12 wrath effects and at least 6 MLD
It's like you want other players to be able to play or something

>> No.56619647

I will keep that in mind. Mostly dropping guildgates, and not worrying about red as much.
I just hesitated on Graven Cairns, I might go back to it.

I've had a minute to think about it, and I might go back to the drawing board as far as staying creature focused. I still don't know my bare minimum for removal though. Oblivion Ring and Tragic Slip since I have every intention of activating Morbid. I might be able to cover a fair deal of creature removal with my own creatures.

>> No.56619938

trying to understand mikaeus, do -1/-1 counters cancel out the +1/+1 undying counters? or how does he really work

>> No.56620022

If a -1/-1 would be placed on anything with a +1/+1, it is placed but then immediately kills the +1/+1 as well as itself. They cancel as a state-based action, but are still placed, and as a result still trigger effects looking for those two things.

>> No.56620038

Are there better online communities than Cockatrice's?

>> No.56620050

Depends entirely on your playgroup. I've been playing MtG for about a year now and my decks range mostly from 50$ to 100$ and one might be a bit more. But I still win games since most of the players in my playgroup have decks of similar powerlevel. I also always find even matches in my LGS. So no need to put hundreds of dollars into a deck even though some people say that.

>> No.56620059

>it is placed but then immediately kills the +1/+1 as well as itself.
Interesting. I know those counters obviously cancel out, but I was separately wondering if you could exploit those for the amount of counters on a permanent.

>> No.56620060

so if something that had a +1/+1, had undying had it cancelled out then died again would it come back?
sorry im a little slow

>> No.56620134

Let's do a walk-through
>Undying creature gets fucked
>Comes back with a +1/+1 counter, if the creature dies again at this stage (ie dies with the counter still on it), it will not come back
>Remove the counter somehow (either manually via an ability, or via a -1/-1 counter being placed on the creature)
>Creature gets fucked again, doesn't die with a +1/+1 counter on it, undying sees this and triggers, bringing back the creature with a +1/+1 counter
The key is getting rid of the counter before the creature dies - undying checks for that counter on death.

>> No.56620144

Idiot question, it's about one specific example but I'm trying to wrap my head around the basic concept.

Arcane Lighthouse vs Glaring Spotlight
One is a land at the same time, but the other always cancels out Hexproof while it's on the field.
The flexibility of the land is really better than the artifact that seems to do the same thing but 'better'?

>> No.56620157

Yes, one erases the other. At a brief moment they both exist simultaneously, but due to how SBAs work you cannot touch this brief limbo period at all in the current games rules.

>> No.56620223

>Glaring spotlight is eternal
>Is an artifact, can be killed more readily than Arcane
>Cannot remove shroud
>Emergency protection for your dudes

>Arcane Lighthouse effectively costs two mana and only works one turn at a time
>Not as easily removed due to being a land
>hits shroud too
>Doesn't provide protection
>Can tap for mana
That's the rough breakdown. Biggest thing is some folks justify it as a land slot, others as an artifact. The ability is rather small, but both being colorless is a plus.

>> No.56620477

Glaring Spotlight is useful when your deck is Combat based.
Otherwise go with Arcane Lighthouse.
It dosen't take a slot, Spotlight is amazing when you need Alpha Strikes.

>> No.56620678

Use Chinaman proxies and you don't have to worry about budget.

Talk to him about him, make him self-aware of what he looks like from outside his perspective. If he doesn't want to change a bit to become less standoffish, then boot him. If he's a sperg/tist then try to help him get better with people skills and such.

>> No.56620799


>> No.56620808

Drama queen wants to get out of magic because there's greener pastures elsewhere but also wants sympathy points, tricks virgin neckbeard clickbait artist into taking the bait and causing a massive but entirely forced and artificial event that triggers plebbit and dumblr

>> No.56621015

You have a playgroup without graveyard hate and are complaining about someone else being op. It sounds more like you're building bad decks and are running against a competent player or just someone spending more money than you. Either way, pack some answers and you'll see his decks drop fast by the sounds of it.

>> No.56621663


An exhibitionist's patreon was drying up so she decided to pull an Anita Sarkeesian and cry harassment until the white knights started paying out more.

The guy she targeted is tired of SJW bullshit in the hobby of the "This girl deserves to win because she has a vagina and white men suck EVERYONE CLAP" variety and the thirsty as fuck cardfags on reddit would really, really rather he stop ruining things for the male feminists before they can get their goodboy asspats. Airport's law and all that.

>> No.56623219

Can kill somebody turn 3/4 and then get continually removed by the other two players until the game lasts for 12+ turns

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