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Instant Speed Reanimator Edition

Last time on /edhg/ >>56573571

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
What's your favorite way to reanimate fatties, and what are some your favorite targets?

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Sun Titan for general purpose reanimation.
Animate Dead on Worldgorger Dragon for stupidity.

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GW here, looking for a BR player to own me

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So what's the difference between tier 1 and tier 1.5?

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I'm thinking about getting back into magic with commander, I don't have my old rares anymore, would the commander 2017 ur-dragon deck be a good start? Only cards I have left are a bunch of bulk commons from Ice age to Kamigawa and an Archenemy Nichol Bolas.

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I love this guy in my Riku copyallyourstuff.dek
I usually go for whatever my opponent has with a nice ETB to trigger multiple times, but I also run a couple targets of my own just in case, such as Terastodon and Deadwood Treefolk

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About $500.

Nothing, it's just arbitrary bullshit people like to argue over. Yisan is 1.5 because Tazri is tier 1 for example. Is Tazri better than Yisan? It depends how you build it.

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>Thread Question
Patriarch's Bidding in The Ur-Dragon
Rise of the Dark Realms in Mimeoplasm
Debtors' Knell if I ever find a place for it

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>What's your favorite way to reanimate fatties, and what are some your favorite targets?

I like to use reanimation spells. Favourite targets are whatever is best and needed at that point.

What kind of question is this?

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Anyone got a Damio, sage of stone list for me to look at?

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I can't be the only one who got mail today, right?

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Only a few posts in and we get an autist of this magnitude, God bless.

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>buying tokens
>not just using the archenemy phone app
dumb ass

>> No.56592077

Still waiting for my token order :(

and wort the raidmother deck

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>this guy
At least the question is grammatically correct.

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Combustible Gearhulk, Worldgorger Dragon, Dragon Tyrant, Tyrant of Discord

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>being this ass blasted over 24 (TWENTY FOUR) hours later

holy fuck another why are you so autistic?

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This thread's been open 13 minutes, anon. What are you referring to?

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Are you on drugs? This thread was just made.

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Please answer this

I love g/w fights

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>using phone apps for tokens

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he is referring to the last thread and literally posted like 20 posts about the thread questions grammar. he is somehow still mad about it 24 hours later

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>Not owning 2 tokens of each type you use, one to represent tapped and one for untapped

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I can only imagine the number of Goblins and Saprolings you'll be making...

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right here bby

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It seems to me like you're the one who's still mad about some arbitrary bullshit 24 hours later.

Is this what autism looks like?

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The only difference is that spergs don't get mad at 1.5 decks. If something is unfun to play against (stax, tutor/combos) it's tier 1. If it's fun to play against (toolbox, creature based) it's 1.5. It doesn't actually matter which one wins more

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>stupid question is posed
>lol autist

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Never enough.

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Scarab God.
Favorite targets are Lord of the Void and Gin-Jan

>> No.56592229

Sold a shit ton of old video games recently and got my Gaea's Cradle in.

Feels good man.

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Being unable to comprehend the intent behind a question is a pretty tried and true sign of someone being on the spectrum Anon.... OP clearly meant what method do you prefer, and what targets you ideally want.

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Didn't get any input last time so ill ask again: Will (link) lock down a table quickly? I've never gone all-in stax, so I'm clueless. Is Starfield right, here, or should I go all in for speed and cut more >4 drops for <3 drops?


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>u jus dun gitit

Your question was shit. Get over it.

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So I'm not a turbo sperg if I want to build Sisay?

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What's a fun commander that can avoid being dogpiled? I know it can't be blue or black, or include any tribal, high-power cards, nukes, ramp, rocks, combos, or land destruction.

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>being this mad
Sure anon, whatever you say.

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only thing I got was a caged sun that took 2 weeks longer to ship than everything else.

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Play Iroas and avoid being dogpiled by never being competitive in the first place

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GW sissy boy here, anyone want to ERP?

>> No.56592344

Iroas might get me dogpiled for attacking too early, or for having "scary" statlines.

>> No.56592360

sure post discord

>> No.56592363

Literally nothing.

Why not run something terrible like Kentaro or Daghauter or whatever.

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>What's your favorite way to reanimate fatties, and what are some your favorite targets?
It's hard to go wrong with Animate Dead and Dance of the Dead. Only a couple reanimation cards are cheaper in cmc and there's a few ways to recur it in WBx, including Sun Titan and Ironclad Slayer, who I'd say is underrated. If you can reliably feed your GY and don't rely heavily on non-aura enchantments (I'd only ever run Auramancer in dedicated enchantress), he's great at retrieving your reanimation auras or greaves.

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>What's your favorite way to reanimate fatties, and what are some your favorite targets?

Feldon, and Tyrant of Discord. With something like Illusionist Bracers and Magewright Stone it's practically a Board Wipe. Then with Sundial of the Infinite you've got a bunch of 7/7s. It's pretty great.

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I had to explain to someone that Daghatar is, in fact, terrible one time. He still doesn't believe it. I might just go full No Fun Allowed turbostax and condition them to accept decks like Inalla and Patron of the Orochi as fair.

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I'm not even OP Anon....

>> No.56592424


I've been experimenting with Thundermaw Hellkite and shit is tight. I've had it blow up an entire board of talarand birds, swing through an archetype of imagination, and it's basically unblockable unless something has reach, which literally no one plays anymore.

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Is there really anything sissy about G/W voltron?

>> No.56592445

>avoid being dogpiled
Play a pillowfort commander like Michiko Konda or a defensive commander like Rune-Tail, I guess?

>> No.56592464

Faster is probably better. You gotta get your lockdown as quickly as you can. But what do I know? I've never played Stax in my life.

>> No.56592465

>I had to explain to someone that Daghatar is, in fact, terrible one time. He still doesn't believe it.
Did you show him Ghave, who is literally the same thing, but better in every way?

>> No.56592482

>GW is for sissies
>There's a commander called Sisay

>> No.56592485

That could work. I've thought about building Hokori or Rune-Tail. I'm moving somewhere pretty soon, though, so I'll likely be facing a completely different group. Based on my experience playing people at LGS, I'll need to make sure my deck has no staples and nothing valued over $3, also nothing remotely well-known or popular as a commander or a main strategy.

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He believes that Ghave should be banned.

>> No.56592516

yes it would be

>> No.56592554

Oh, he's just retarded.

I mean, Ghave is pretty darn degenerate, but if you ban Ashnods, Ghave is taken down pretty significantly.

>> No.56592569


>maybe if i use a reaction image it will hide my rage

lol keep trying

>> No.56592594

Yeah. Any time a new commander is revealed, he assumes it's overpowered unless it only does non-obvious things, or if he plays using it and loses.

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Is U/r degenerate?

>> No.56592661

if you run lots of counterspells

>> No.56592671

Any colour(s) bar Boros can be degenerate. It all depends on how/what you build.

>> No.56592674

>give good players a budget
>let bad players spend their money
It's the best.

>> No.56592675


It's run exclusively by fags, so take that as you will.

>> No.56592709

I didn't use a reaction image Anon.... There's more than just me who thinks you are retarded

>> No.56592779

>Boros can be degenerate
>mfw Boros is so bad a Revised Plateau is $60

>> No.56592814

>taking this long to use photoshop

>> No.56592851

Hello selesnya player

>> No.56592876

I'm a phone poster mate, is it even possible to Photoshop with that accuracy?

>> No.56592881

The absolute state of /edhg/.

You talk to this fuck more often than you think.

>> No.56592919

So what commander would /ourguy/ Unsleeved Media play?

>> No.56592931

??? I almost never post.

>> No.56592947

boros has a lot of limitations but it is nowhere near as bad as i expected. mono-color decks are way worse to me.

>> No.56592952

Yes, you take two pictures in the same aspect ratio set up at the same level, create a layer above the previous one, and crop the line segment with (you) slightly longer than it should be so it looks like a seamless blend.

Thank fuck, you can stop any time now.

>> No.56592998

>bought a Plateau years ago at GenCon thinking it'd be good for some EDH deck in the future
>haven't used it once

The absolute state of Boros

>> No.56593000

On a phone though cunt, I know you can Photoshop it in general.

go back to whatever containment board you live on

>> No.56593034

i think you are both missing the point that i'm the only person actually posting itt and i need to stop being so mean to myself

>> No.56593037

Everyone, post your top two colors used, Timmy/Johnny/Spike, and most commonly visited boards:

>Black and White
>Melvin-Spike - not competitive so much, but I like my decks to be streamlined and consistent
>/tg/, /mu/, /vg/, /vp/, /trash/

>> No.56593042

>some cuck
>our guy

>> No.56593053


Boros is the same as mono-R or mono-W except you have to spend 20 times the amount on the mana base

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>> No.56593080

>red and black
>/tg/, /vp/

>> No.56593093

Green and Black
/tg/, /lit/, /g/, /gif/

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>> No.56593123

>Blue and Red (don't actually have any Izzet deck's though)
>/tg/, /bant/, /d/

>> No.56593125

Green and Blue


/tg/, /vg/

>> No.56593137

Green and Red
Spike with Johnny tendencies
/tg/, /vg/, /trash/

>> No.56593193

play depala

>> No.56593214

>green and black
>Spike - Melvin efficiency gives me a huge boner
>/tg/, /vr/, /vg/, /gif/, /lit/ boards I used to post on 5+ years ago: /mu/ and /x/

My nigga! What are you reading? I'm thumbing my way through Faust at the moment.

>> No.56593220

Johnny/Timmy (tad of spike)
/tg/, /vg/, /co/

>> No.56593260

>/co/, /tg/, /vg/, /gif/, /d/, /aco/

>> No.56593308

>Black and Red
>Timmy Spike
>/sp/, /gif/, /vg/, /lit/, /vr/, /ck/

>> No.56593311

White, everything else is equal as I'm pretty new.
/tg/, /vg/, /trash/

>> No.56593330

>Red and Green
>/tg/, /asp/, /b/

>> No.56593338

/pol/ /tv/ /fit/ /tg/
>spoilering your shameful boards
The Ashamed Virgin lmao

>> No.56593344

Can I get some feedback on this Skullbriar list? More aggressive lists like this are out of my wheelhouse.

>> No.56593371

with the boards you just posted you could use a little shame

>> No.56593378

I love this lol

>> No.56593408

Go and don't come back.

>people actually post on /b/
No fucking way. Are you 15?

>this fucking guy likes pokemon

You're alright.

Holy fuck you post on a lot of boards, you weirdos.

Eh, no strong opinions either way.

>> No.56593419

Confirmed for SEETHING

>> No.56593441

>people actually post on /b/
>No fucking way. Are you 15?
23. Granted, I go there once in a blue moon, but that's still more than the rest of the boards I didn't list.

>> No.56593459

Looks pretty solid. A few cards you might want to look at:

>gift of the deity
>maelstrom pulse
>varolz, the scar-striped

>> No.56593482

>red, black, green
>/tg/, /gif/, /trash/, /aco/, /vp/ (rarely)

>> No.56593518

wow, Gift of the Deity seems super good. Thanks anon!

>> No.56593519

You got it

>> No.56593533

No problem. Have fun smashing face!

>> No.56593618

Is Chrome Mox any good in Commander?

>> No.56593624

oo i'm into this

>ash barrens
wait why
>jungle hollow

you could run stitch together over animate dead. it's sort of underrated. your deck has a lot of graveyard stuff and it has some marginal advantages. you could definitely run regrowth over treasured find. it's strictly better. eternal witness is a must. feast of the fallen is kind of lame unless you can trigger it on opponents turns. unspeakable symbol is not a great rate.

kind of surprised you don't have bow of nylea. some other things you could add: verdant confluence, inspiring call, genesis, tuskguard captain, predatory hunger, mutant's prey, durable handicraft, dread return.

>> No.56593649

For specific "go fast" combo decks, it's great. If you don't need to go fast and combo hard, it's mediocre due to the card disadvantage.

>> No.56593711

I took a peak, and here are some arbitrary opinions I have about stuff.

Things in your deck
>sword of light and shadow
For what purpose?
>Abrupt Decay
You'll rarely use this. It's much better in other formats unless it's there for something specific.
>Winding Constrictor
Good in some match ups, will 100% fuck you against certain decks.
>Essence Harvest
Now that's some fucking spice right there.
>Sudden Death
Not a fan. It's good in the sense it's instant-speed removal, bad in the sense that it's not very strong. I like Sudden Spoiling, and Dismember but it depends on why you're running it.
>very few rocks, very little ramp
Sets my willies ablaze, but that's up to you.

Things I would add:
>Rite of Consumption
>Burnt Offerings (if it works the way I think it does)
>Crystaline Crawler
>Toxic Deluge

>> No.56593745

I love these suggestions, thanks guys. I'm running the Treasured Find purely because I have a foil, but other. The Sword is a gift from a dude in the playgroup and I have no other decks it would be good in. I'll try for a few more rocks.

>> No.56593757

So it'd be cool in Momir Vig but not Ruric Thar?

Thanks anon.

>> No.56593760


I enjoy using the scarab god
to make my and everyone else's best creatures into 4/4 zombies that i control so that i can scry to the bottom of my deck and deal a ton of damage to their face.

>> No.56593765

>Red, Green, Black
>Johnny to the core - love the weird shit
>/v/, /tg/, /vg/, /mu/

>> No.56593784

Without a clear list, I can't say for sure, but if you're running fast combo Momir, then yeah. Chrome Mox is disadvantage, so you've gotta really want the speed it provides in order to make it worth running.

>> No.56593805

>Blue and Black (most of my decks are grixis, but UB are my favorite colors of the three)
>Melvin-Johnny-Spike in that order. My love for jank that cannot be denied, but it is only outclassed by my love for flavor. I love winning with my utter jank, when possible. I hate running things that break flavor.
>/tg/ and /tg/ only, what else would you need?

>> No.56593872

>reanimate fatties
Lol I run Alesha, no fatties here

I'm probably going to make a Chainer deck soon though

>> No.56593887

>Black and White
>/tg/, /diy/, /out/, /pol/

>> No.56593908

You're not edgy, you're not cool.

>> No.56593913

Why is EDHg the gayest of all the mtg general threads?

>> No.56593940


>> No.56593942

Have you seen how this board reacts to anything that isn't the going reddit opinion? It's fucking awful. Say the word "/pol/" or SJW, and you get swarmed by bugmen

>> No.56593966



>> No.56593973

>everything I don't like is reddit


>> No.56593974

Of course I have, but EDHg seems to attract the largest number of degenerates. I don’t see this as often in the legacy, modern, or hell, even the standard threads

>> No.56593985

because EDH is the least competitive format in magic, less so than standard

at least, it's meant to be, or cards like Prophet of Kruphix(too slow for most cEDH decks) wouldn't be banned.

>> No.56594003 [DELETED] 

>Everything I don't like is /pol/

>> No.56594005

>Watching tv


No kidding huh. I think the shills are bleeding over. Apologies for that.

>> No.56594021


>> No.56594034

>are bleeding over

Been bleeding over for years.

>> No.56594061

>551 posts


Yeah nice

>> No.56594085

Mostly making my way through Kafka again.

>> No.56594170


>> No.56594193

No. I'm tired of /pol/ ruining everything. 4chan was always ironically racist and bigotted.

>> No.56594214

There was literally(I know that's your favorite word) nothing going on until your assburgers vomited capital letters all over my screen, fagola.

>> No.56594220

>mfw my unfocused pile of jank somehow pulls off a turn 4 win

>> No.56594225

>i cant handle differing opinions


>> No.56594244

Excellent taste, you're welcome to my playgroup and fancy bourbon any time.

>> No.56594245

Hot take: if you shut up about it and don't give the guy attention, it's like he's not even there and you can discuss EDH normally

>> No.56594246

Story time?

>> No.56594262

fuck, can anyone explain hatred to me?
and im not talking about the magic card.

>> No.56594264

So is me replying to you a good thing or a bad thing?

>> No.56594280

Thinking about building Momir aggro, what sort of things does he want in the 99?

>> No.56594296

It outlives the hateful.

>> No.56594297

It's Friday Night anon, and we're losers with no friends posting in a autistic magic thread anonymously. Let them have their fun, we'll just make a new thread when they leave.

Hatred is waiting in life for 20 minutes to get a sandwich, only to have some fuck walk straight to the front of the line, completely ignore everyone else, and order the last sandwich you wanted right in front of your face.

In magic terms, imagine some guy playing derevi. Then, after you bitch about it, he swaps to Teferi stax. Finally, you think you're through the gambit of shit, he busts out a fun deck, you get mana screwed/flooded, and he laughs at you for being terrible.

>> No.56594301


>> No.56594330

More generally though, I'm trying to brew this one mostly from scratch for once

>> No.56594350

Thanks anon. If you ever find yourself in the ass end of New England you've got a seat and a glass of questionably legal beer.

>> No.56594359

Aggro to me means beaters.

>> No.56594489

Living Death is by far my favorite mass reanimation. Granted, it could end up more beneficial to my opponents, but oh well.
Puppeteer Clique is always a good one, too

>> No.56594494

sometimes people just don't like each other for whatever reason. Maybe some girl broke up with them in high school, and all the other girls in the school laughed at him so he developed a deep-seated hatred for women. He got in with the nerd crowd and learned about MTG. After playing for many years, he made a youtube channel and harassed a cosplayer who played magic until she quit, just to get his revenge.

I think that's what hatred is like, anon.

>> No.56594504

What a fascinating story. 3/10. I'd still do it.

>> No.56594511

If I'm going to run a shit manabase, how many rocks do I need to make Grixis functional? I can't really ramp outside of rocks, so I figured I would just use a fuckload to offset the expensive as fuck izzet lands I'd need to make it decent.

Also, anyone play Kess around here? Any tips?

>> No.56594567

Sol Ring, 3 Signets, 2 Talismans, at the very least. Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, Chrome Mox, Grim Monolith and Mox Diamond to step things up.

>> No.56594569

This is my Arjun-list. Pls give critiques, no matter how brutal. And yes, 31 lands is fucking stupid but I will run with it.

>> No.56594571

Lmao I just looked this up and it started because she played flip it or rip it

Fuck this shitty hobby

>> No.56594574

just run the much less expensive rakdos / dimir lands and you should be okay.

Tip for total dumbasses #1: Spellslinger deck is go. Heavy on spells and spell accessories. Wheels are great for your deck, because you have access to your binned spells most of the time.

Shadow of the Grave is also a good inclusion if you run lots of wheels; wheel into wheel into flashback Shadow to get so many cards into your hand that you have no idea what to do with them is super fun. Then be a memester like me and cast fateful showdown targeting someone at 30 or less while having 32 cards in hand.

>> No.56594576

Is that what that Unsleeved faggot did? Jesus Christ.

>> No.56594577

It sure looks that way to a newfag, huh?

>> No.56594588 [SPOILER] 

Fuck some of the people in this shitty hobby t b q h.

Basically, he harassed her for no apparent reason for a really long time until she finally quit. I was just giving it a narrative.

god damnit i really shouldn't be laughing this fucking hard

>> No.56594598

>Red, then Green
>Gigantic Flaming Timmy
>/tg/, /d/, /a/, retired /v/ poster

>> No.56594627

Ive been broken by working at a card shop for five years, I find it easier to hate the hobby and like a few people in it than the other way around at this point

>> No.56594639

I honestly don't get this. So you go for your win T5 instead of T4. That's the difference playing Sunken Hollow/Choked Estuary/Drowned Catacomb over Underground Sea/Watery Grave makes.

>> No.56594640

what do you think the worst magic product wizards has produced is? so far my money is on the Magic "Gift Pack", literally aimed at gullible know-nothings

>> No.56594659

>Red, Green
>Timmy/Johnny. The ultimate blissful numbnuts combo
>/a/, /co/, /d/, /pol/

>> No.56594660

Commander Anthology, for releasing a second wave of Kaalia/Derevi/Meren players on the world.

>> No.56594676

This makes me strangely sad.

>> No.56594683

You got it.

Second worst is Arena of the Planeswalkers. Garbage. Hot, stinking garbage.

Third is Explorers of Ixalan, which hasn't been released yet but has been universally panned as 'bad planechase with bad ixalan-themed decks'

Fourth is FTV: Annihilation.

Fifth is MTGO.

>> No.56594700

>/a/, /tg/, /v/, /d/

>> No.56594708

Standard? Everything after Dragons of Tarkir.
Supplemental? Archenemy Nicol Bolas sucks so much ass and is an overpriced mess.
I won't count the chaff like Holiday gift pack because that is meant for confused grandmas and apathetic parents

>> No.56594734

>Third is Explorers of Ixalan, which hasn't been released yet but has been universally panned as 'bad planechase with bad ixalan-themed decks'
Look, man. I bought EXL predominantly for the Shared Animosity. The rest of the cards and the game board thingy were just gravy.

>> No.56594747

Oh man, I'm running things like Darksteel Ingot, Cultivator's Caravan, and a couple of the Cluestones too because I think the manabase is going to be so bad. I have 8 rocks that make coloured mana at the moment, on top of Worn Powerstone, Sol Ring, and Thran Dynamo. I think that will work, and if I like the deck, I'll grab my goodstuff out of Ghave.

I just have an assortment of random lands lying around and I'm going to slap them together to see if the deck concept is worth expanding on.

>Shadow of the Grave
Holy fuck. Thank you anon, that's some grade A+ spice since the deck is a wheels deck designed to wheel so hard people get milled out. Archfiend of Ifnir seems extremely strong too.

>> No.56594783

put it on an isochron scepter for even more fun. Run Psychosis Crawler / consuming aberration / Nekusar in the 99 to make your wheels lethal faster. I run Rite of Replication for Crawler / Aberration specifically though I also use it to make 10-20 copies of electromancer and slam spell after spell on the board if nobody's interacting.

>> No.56594806

Is there any way I can peak at your list? I'm a stompy reanimator kind of guy, I've never built a wheels deck before. My whole concept was "oh, wheels = discard, why not run liliana's caress, waste not and megrim."

>> No.56594824

>tfw bought a Gaea's Cradle for $50 years ago at GenCon
>mfw it now causes people both irl and online immense asspain that I own one and they don't

>> No.56594834

My list is more of a straightforward spellslinger deck that relies on being able to play from its graveyard though i recently put a storm package into it. I don't have a formal list on here.

>> No.56595067

Dammit man if im gonna make 100 snake tokens with deathtouch i want my opponents to not have space to put stuff on the board.

>> No.56595080

Fuck you I got that sweet sweet Freyalise precon now and it's so good

>> No.56595118

Got some Drogskol Captains for modern, but that doesn't count.

>> No.56595126

>this much armchair psychology
Jesus Christ, I hate reddit for making this a goddamn thing. I've looked into it, and they're both massive attention whores, both are disingenuous, both working the sjw and anti-sjw sides into a damn frenzy over flip or rip.

>sprankle tore an invention playing that stupid game

>> No.56595152

Does anyone even know what the board game will be like yet? I'm interested in it, but at the same time, i'm worried it'll be unbalanced or just boring

I love shit like planechase and kingdoms so you'd think I'd be all over this shit but asking us to buy in sight-unseen is kind of shitty

some of the cards are decent but eh, I want the product to be fun too

>> No.56595155

>le reddit


>> No.56595158

Friends, I beg of you, how do I make Depala good? I want to do it but I can't seem to find a way to make it not shit.

>> No.56595169

I'm praying for your soul

>> No.56595197


Are there even 99 cards that fit Depala's theme?

>> No.56595199

This guy has u, hes worked out the kinks. Id say to play avacyn and smash faces.

>> No.56595224

I know. When did it get so bad?
Fuck if I know man, That's why I'm asking you guys.

>> No.56595227

>one of the worst commanders in the worst groups
It's just not going to happen. Even if you get vehicle density, you're never getting Dwarf density, and RW will never have support cards like Arcane Adaption to force it. You're also never going to get vehicles as good as the ones already printed thanks to Kaladesh/AER standard environments.

If you really want to force it, build up strong mana, probably through rocks because Boros is shit at what good EDH decks do, run as much artifact subtheming as you can, play the incredibly small number of good dwarves, and then focus down efficient ways to crew those vehicles.

Also run a couple of land destruction cards because it's the only way you're going to win in RW. No one is going to see that shit coming out of fucking Depala.

>> No.56595295

ways to wheel and loot help since depala only nets dwarfs and cars. play vehicles and creature boardwipes so you keep your jank, run equpt search/sunforger package.
i made a budget depala for a friend. pretty fun with the good darfs and scarce few vehicles.

o shit pretty tight, maybe ill make an upgrade package for him

>> No.56595302

I was adding a narrative for the sake of a joke, don't get so assblasted about it.

>> No.56595391

>Red White
>Johnny Melvin
>tg, v, ,vg, pol, an, wsg

>> No.56595393

>Thread Question
I have a cheap as fuck Meren deck, so I reanimate fatties when I've killed enough weenies.
I love flopping Terrastadon out with Kordoza Guildmage, I destroy 3 non-creature permanents, get 9 1/1 Saprolings and then flop it out again.
It's great because everyone has some Elephants and they feel alright but then they get sad again when I start making them sacc shit with Butcher of Malakir and a sacc outlet for my Saprolings

>> No.56595412

People talk about running Blade of Selves with Godo (I do run it with him). But swinging BoS attached to this fucker makes people saltier than Lot's wife.

>> No.56595419

Everything about GW is sissy. It's about loving BIG things that grow out of control (G) and being under the control of something stronger where you follow their every command (W).

>> No.56595424

>Red and Black (admittedly I was pretty even until I started culling my unused decks and realized I apparently hated Blue)
>Johnny-Timmy. I like cool interactions and big stupid cards. I like finding value in odd places. I like being able to explain what my decks do to people who don't play Magic and blow their minds in at least three different ways.
>/tg/, /d/, nothing else even remotely close to those two but for sake of argument /h/ and /e/
Pic not really related, but on theme for my answers.

I'm thinking about building up an Anafenza, the Foremost deck, but I'm really not sure how to Abzan properly. Here's what I've got out of it so far:
>Bolster, Outlast, Renown, Scavenge keywords
>White weenie hate, cards like Ghostly Prison and Authority of the Consuls too
>Delicious Orzhovian Removal cards feat. Golgari staples
>A Rest In Peace, if I can ever find my singular copy

Here's the thing, I have no real idea of how I'm going to win games. Duneblast + Reyhan seemed dece, but pretty christmasland. Also, I'm wondering if maybe a Golgari-focused reanimator and self-mill strat might work better than my current heavy Selesnya bend.

Basically, I'm asking for any tips I can get on an Anafenza deck. Must-have cards (I'm not buying a doubling season), good strategies to work with, that kind of thing.

I know there's better in Abzan colors. There's also worse. Anafenza is well within my comfort zone in terms of power.

>> No.56595509

>some inbred midwestern faggot who can't even pronounce cards names properly or speak into a camera properly


>> No.56595521

But do you also run Hammer of Nazahn with Godo?

>> No.56595548

>/tg/ /co/ /aco/ /h/ /gif/

>> No.56595605

You sure showed him, 4 hours later

>> No.56595619

Of course! They're both in my Kalemne deck.

>> No.56595635

Some idiot ass garbage because he's trash

>> No.56595638

Doesn't make what I said not true

>> No.56595642

>not running the Big Dick Warlord as your commander

>> No.56595656

I just want to say, before I go to bed, I think you're all really swell and I appreciate you talking to me about my nerdy hobbies.

Thanks for always being there /edhg/!

>> No.56595660

Yeah but 4 hours later? May as well have waited a week to respond to him.

>> No.56595699

Is it possible to be a Melvin/Vorthos? I love flavour and when my cards flow as a narrative, but I also love how things interact mechanically within that.
I'm a sucker for really neat interactions, not necessarily game winning or even advantageous ones too.

>> No.56595705

>Implying Kalemne couldn't crush Godo with her volkswagen-sized nigger clit

>> No.56595758

I shared this with my friends because I wanted to start playing physically instead of online and it's the best decision we've ever made.
2 people had loads of cards and 2 of us only ever borrowed or played on Cockatrice and Untap.io and we played a couple of weeks with the base decks then everyone adapted them and it was great.

>> No.56595827

Haha what a weird fetish
What would be weirder is if someone drew this haha

>> No.56595857

Isn't that the guy who just whines about everything LGS do and keeps pushing pointless drama back into the spotlight? I fail to see how that makes him our guy

>> No.56595910

>implying Kalemne wouldn't eat Godo's shit off the carpet from a single swing

>> No.56595926

love you too buddy. neat numbers you got there.

>> No.56595949

But anon he triggers the libtards and essajews!

>> No.56595991


>Red and Black (Mostly Red due to attachment. play any colors really, but blue is my least used in edh)
>Johnny/Spike (i like brewing combos and interesting junk rares but im somewhat too far gone to be just a casul shitbrewer)
>/co/, /tg/, /vg/, /aco/

i am brewing scop god because he was my favorite from the start. no one gives the bug any love like locus and scarab, and i probably would have make him out of spite had i not fell in love with the bug. My most competitive edh deck is budget Zada. Red is a drug and i need more of that good jank.

>> No.56596016

Do you guys feel that fast mana like chrome mox and mox diamond have places in decks that aren't competitive combo lists? I imagine it would be strong to power out your craw wurms but then they just get removed and you sit there unable to fill your hand back up

>> No.56596038

>blade of selves on yosei
everybody just takes 5 damage...creatures with ETB triggers are waaay better.

the deck just has no ramp whatsoever. it's slow and inconsistent. i would run 36 lands and mana rocks. i'm not really sure what your win condition is.

>> No.56596042

I love when Goblins get badass flavor text. They don't get nearly enough credit. Pic related is one of my top 5 favorite cards for a reason

>> No.56596061

he probably browses 4chan...
hey Desolator/Unsleeved/whatever your thing is today.
good job idiot.
you fucked it.
park your car under a rockslide.

>> No.56596068

chrome mox and mox diamond aren't very good if you don't have strong synergies with them or need to play super fast. in non-competitive games you rarely need to sacrifice so much for speed. they are bad draws later in the game and aren't really worth the slots in many cases. it's card disadvantage.

>> No.56596100

Blue player here; I see red as the left one. I find that all of the colors can be played both with depth and with "smash smash" - it all depends on the person and the deck.

>> No.56596109

Delete this post before you get dogpiled for being bad at magic.

>> No.56596129


>Red and Green
>Timmy/Johnny - I like big creatures, but I also like using weird strategies too
>/tg/, /co/, /diy/, /out/ /v/ and /ck/ on occasion, /trash/ specifically for the /hmofa/ threads

>> No.56596143

>Werewolf colors
Checks out.

>> No.56596148

WOW you are a monster

>> No.56596150


You're dumb. Legendary Rule. The copies of Yosei come into play, then you have to sac all but one to the Legend rule, you get n-1 triggers off those deaths, where n is the number of opponents.

>> No.56596168


That's where you're wrong, I want to be a human that fucks the Werewolves, not be one.

>> No.56596184

Kokusho'd be a better choice, though, probably.

>> No.56596197

gobs are really underappreciated. the good ones ether die or get forgotten only to die off-screen. slobad and tuktuk will always be alive in my heart. at least krenko/grenzo/deretti got the street smarts going for em.

slobad has alot going for him. the fact that he can crew smug copter has more going for him than deretti.

>> No.56596223

Red, every other color has even representation amongst my decks. Im a jonny with a huge synergy boner, so every deck has some sort of game changing combo. I go to /v/, /co/, /tg/, /pol/, /d/, /h/, /gif/, /aco/, /trash/, and /a/ .

>> No.56596253

Make a 5c commander. I suggest Scion.

>> No.56596280

haha i don't give a shit

yeah that's pretty decent

>> No.56596412

Slobad was the head of my first serious artifact deck and he kicked so much ass. I might have to switch back.

>> No.56596493

inb4brainlet, but how does a Slobad deck even work?

>> No.56596517

some people i know got it in their heads that red = stupid. like legit magic player stereotyping going on here.

>> No.56596518

Probably just like every other R artifact deck except harder to break because indestructible buffs.

>> No.56596529

Anything that makes you lots of THOTpters is great since you can survive loads of boardwipes

>> No.56596549

Yeah, one of the reasons I don't go the LGS here is that the community immediately bases their opinion on you as a person by what two colors they first find out you run.

>> No.56596568

Imagine the funnest Rube Goldberg artifact combo you could possibly think of

Now make that a reality

>> No.56596588

The only assumption you can make is that any Selnesya players are either Female (Female), Female (Male) or Male (Sissy)

>> No.56596612

I find that simic and izzet players are also quite often completely insufferable. Like, the idiots that go all in and don't like to play other colors or refuse to.

>> No.56596635

aw yeah. i threw him back together just to have a janky ass mono brown deck again. its amazing how well smug copter works well with him.

i play eggs. crack and loot, then bring some stuff back to crack again. eventually i get combo pieces to work with. very interactive when you get some junk going and hard to interact with due to sacing and indestructible. very easy and fun to implement weird combos.

heres a quick primer

>> No.56596637

I mean I wouldn't assume anything about anyone based on the colours they're playing.
I have found through playing that some people are really adverse to playing outside of their colours and even playstyle and I find that pretty weird, since I'll happily play any colour combination and any deck type as long as the deck gets to play cards.

>> No.56596655

The people at the LGS assume that:
>Red players are stupid
>Blue players don't know anything about the game
And then otherwise make personality assumptions based on the Ravnica guild and Mark Rosewater's color pair articles.

>> No.56596673

Ever get hung up on naming your deck? I keep wanting to use the name "Muse", not like the band. The problem is that that name can really only work once, and it doesn't visually match the commander in question (although I can perform enough mental gymnastics to bend it around). Like I can wrap my head around Meren singing the dead back to life, or Kaalia calling on the angels/demons/dragons. But then we get to nerds like Old and New Newzuri, who to me match flavor/mechanics of it, but is this ugly motherfucker.

I fully know how autistic this sounds, but this is seriously bugging me.

>> No.56596686

It's a shame people are so willing to judge and catagorise people as opposed to sit across from them and play Magic, but I get it's the culture cycle we're in at the moment is judgement without being judged.

Just name them all puns. Like "mind over mana".

>> No.56596709

Name them all after the colors the deck is made of. For example I call my nekusar deck my grixis deck, my edgar deck is my mardu deck, ect ect.

>> No.56596714

At this point, most people I see who try to start playing there give up on the game after a month. They "teach" them to play by having them buy a starter deck and pulling out a competitive Modern or Standard deck.

>> No.56596759

>Green and Red
Timmy-Vorthos: I've only really begun to explore the combos my decks already have in them.
>/tg/, /m/, /toy/

>> No.56596778

I do think the buy in to most formats in Magic is the biggest roadblock next to the community.

A lot of people playing don't realise that they could have a decade of experience on someone and concepts that are as simple as breathing for some people are brand new to others.
I get the issue with getting something lower power and then getting destroyed by something competitive. My friends who got me into Magic had 2 modern decks, a Lantern Control and pretty run of the mill Jund deck and after reading the standard rules we played some BO3 whilst swapping decks and the person who wasn't playing giving me a hand. I think the aspect that I didn't play against something that completely won 90% of the time was actually a lot of fun and a big reason why I'm still playing today.

>> No.56596805

i dont usually name my decks alot. raidmother wort i had dubbed "Turn and Burn" because i would do land ramp/hate instead of fireball tribal, tho i couldve added more actual burn, i had tokens up the ass to valuetown all my stuff.

RG omnath is angry angry omnath for obvious reasons.

>> No.56596808

I'd say the community is the biggest roadblock. I haven't actually played in a long time - the communities at all of the LGSes in the area are stuck-up and pretentious at best and actively opposed to people under 30 playing at all at worst.

>> No.56596993

>mfw I made that comic
I did not think people would enjoy the best red artificer that much

>> No.56597045

As anyone here ever tried Luminarch Ascension in a deck? Obviously its good if you can get it off but youre basically putting a massive target on your head that says "Hit Anon or he'll win the game."

>> No.56597104

I've found that I only like playing decks with green in them and decks without green can get in the fucking trash

Color bias rules

>> No.56597116

It's pretty good in stax decks that lean more towards pillowforting. How can your opponents damage you if they can't keep a creature on the board long enough to attack?
It works pretty decently in enchantment pillowfort decks as well - put it alongside Propaganda, Ghostly Prison, etc. and some nukes.

>> No.56597132


Of all the horror stories Ive heard about LGSes from /tg/ and /v/, Im always thankful mine is okay. It might not be great for buying or selling any cards, but the community aside from maybe 3 people is relaxed and friendly. Even if some of them can be autists theyre all pretty harmless and just want to have fun and play games. Theres only 3 shitters; A ruleshark jackass, A salt mine, and an autist who has trouble with personal space. Honestly Ive heard worse from this board.

>> No.56597156


Honestly I somehow didnt think of that. Im making an Avacyn deck from the ground up and a couple people recommended the card to me since I wanted to do mono-white Angels. Ill probably make the deck without Luminarch first and then gauge its pillowfort potential. If it does a good job of deflecting damage Ill throw it in.

>> No.56597177

Dread Return bringing back Lord of Extinction

>> No.56597202

Honestly, my community is pretty great- crazily, it's almost all blacks and hispanics, and all of them come by once/twice a week to play EDH at a local shop that treats us all pretty well.

There's just one shithead who is a fucking puerto rican nazi with a luna playmat who will scream kike and nigger at the top of his lungs and then get butthurt when no one wants to play with him.

>> No.56597206

I'll spare the details, but suffice to say that after giving the LGSes in the area 2 months of active play, to see if there was any good in the community, I sold off nearly every card I own worth more than $5. It's only the Magic community here, too. Every other community at the LGS is full of great people, with maybe one or two shitters at most per game.

>> No.56597218

Luminarch helps you pillowfort anon, 4/4 flyers can trade with a lot of cards and chump commanders very well.

>> No.56597240

<Johnny/Timmy - give me them masturbatory 20 min turns so I can abuse my noninfinite combos that come out in a different way every time
>/tg/, /g/

>> No.56597257

Totally opposite where I am: the edh community is the most chill and welcoming group and everyone else is varying levels of dick

>> No.56597315

There is no EDH community here. The LGS owner and his clique of decade-plus regulars all hate it, because they believe that it's "too casual for their creativity to be seen truly".

>> No.56597324


Im sorry to hear that anon, it saddens me to know that there are people who push others away from the game. I talked with a bunch of guys in line with me for Black Friday and they told stories of the worst fucking snooty turboautists, like people who wont shake your hand because you played a burn deck and beat their 2500 dollar stack of cardboard. I guess I ahould count my blessings that the people Ive met good people.

>> No.56597331

That makes the exact opposite of sense

Wouldn't the format with the least demand for optimization be the one where you had the most room to do goofy shit that isn't always Technically The Best Play

>> No.56597350


Some people are just up their own ass, anon. Some more than others. Shit like that is what actually kept me out of MtG until maybe a year ago.

>> No.56597353

They want to be able to show off their super special homebrews and crush the filthy netdeckers and circlejerk over mocking "named decks".

>> No.56597373

So basically they cant play edh because all the boogiemen are banned so they cant pretend to be heros?

>> No.56597393

Exactly. Also, most of the people who play EDH are in their early 20s, and play the game for fun, and look up card ideas online - all things they hate in players.

>> No.56597444

Do people in the MtG community really care about age? As long as the person isnt a cunt who cares. I played EDH with a fucking 12 year old last Wednesday at my LGS and sat down with him afterwards to help him make his deck better. Seriously who cares about age?

>> No.56597509

The people here really care. The owner and his always-there friends scowl at teenagers and early 20-somethings who come in, and anyone who brings children get harassment both for them and their child. There's another LGS here that pretty much stopped doing Magic (the place I've been talking about is the only LGS in the area with an active Magic community), and a couple in the nearby towns that sell Magic packs on the side of the other games they play. These people have pretty much killed off Magic around here.

>> No.56597695

Friend gave me a Zur the enchanter for a commander in hopes I can make a non-Timmy deck. What are some essential cards?

>> No.56597708

The degeneracy is Necropotence
Also Solemnity with Phyrexian Unlife

>> No.56597724

Reconnisance is a fun setup card.

>> No.56597794

For cancer: Necropotence
For utility: Revival enchantments, spot removal enchantments, extra turn spells
For silliness: Mercenaries/Rebels and type-changing enchantments

>> No.56597811

I know necropotence is strong but what makes it cancerous?

>> No.56597840

It's strong. Oppressively so
I don't think you should care though, since Zur is already cancer incarnate.

>> No.56597882

>White and Black
>/tg/, /vg/, /jp/

>> No.56597909

Since we were talking about that stuff, does anyone have the screencap of that post describing who plays each color combination?
I remember seeing it and laughing like a mong

>> No.56597935

>red and black
>/tg/ and /co/

>> No.56597963

Necropotence lets you get exactly what you need when you need it.
Zur toolboxes it easily.

>> No.56598103

I don't want to sound like I'm saying that necropotence is weak, but you guys are really overhyping it. Sure you get insane card advantage but you also only get it on your end step, you can't dig for answers if you need something immediately. Being a proactive player does solve the problem theoretically but even then you can't possibly plan a turn ahead when there's 3 other fuckers at the table

>> No.56598113

What is in White and Black that pleases vorthos and spikes?

>> No.56598137

You dig into an instant speed wincon and win immediately.

>> No.56598156

Teysa's tits and her text box.

>> No.56598193

White and black have best girls

>> No.56598212

My decks not necessarily have both black and white in them, but almost all my decks have either one of the other. A lot of protagonist/villain factions have either white or black, and both really have access to a bunch of good shit.

>> No.56598244

Nukes, spot removal, toolboxing, and lots of efficient, but still fun, effects.

>> No.56598938

/k/, /tg/, /pol/, /trv/, /biz/, /d/

>> No.56598979


U, G
Johnny with a little Timmy on the side
/tg/, /toy/. Sometimes /a/

>> No.56599096

Potential dumb rules question incoming. If you use whip of erebos to reanimate a creature and then phase it out with something like teferi's protection, will it still be exiled at the next end step even if it's phased out when that is supposed to happen? As I understand it, phasing something out doesn't count as "leaving the battlefield."

If it does not get exiled then, once it comes back will it still have the "If it would leave the battlefield, exile it instead of putting it anywhere else" part of the ability affecting it?

>> No.56599104

You seem to not get what drawing 39 cards does.

>> No.56599133

Phasing gets you through the EOT exile, but the creature is still gonna get exiled on LTB.

>> No.56599163

Im the anon you responded to, it's true what >>56598193 says.

Also my Karador deck is worth more than my car

I run both best phyrexian girls.

>> No.56599166

Thanks. That was what I was expecting.

>> No.56599271

>/d/ and /pol/, bit of /k/

It all checks out

>> No.56599292

>/tg/, /vp/, /x/, /f/, /fit/, /fa/ In post-to-lurk order

>> No.56599319


>> No.56599336

if you want to keep the creature and still have them go to the grave when they die, use blink effects. conjurer's closet, cloudshift, flickerwisp, eldrazi displacer, etc.

he plays a very aryan deck format

>/tg/, /v/, /tv/, /s/, /d/, /gif/, /pol/,

>> No.56599958

Hey do we know how contraptions in Unstable work yet?

>> No.56600072

Yes. You have a separate "contraption" deck
In limited you can have any drafted contraptions in that deck. Constructed is a minimum of 15, but its a singleton deck, you cant run more then 1 of a specific contraption.

Whenever you play a spell that "assembles" a contraption, you take the top card from your contraption deck, and assign it to one of the sprockets on pic related. Beginning of upkeep you move a crank counter to one of the sprockets. It starts at 3, and goes to 1, then to 2, then 3, repeat. Then crank (activate) any # of contraptions that you have sprocket being cranked. So if the counter is moved on to sprocket 2, activate any # of contraptions assigned to sprocket 2.

>> No.56600077


>> No.56600084

while on the battlefield, contraptions are artifacts. If they would go to the graveyard, they go to a different zone "scrapyard". There is no way to interact with them once scrapped.

>> No.56600363

>if you want to keep the creature and still have them go to the grave when they die, use blink effects. conjurer's closet, cloudshift, flickerwisp, eldrazi displacer, etc.
But that would just trigger the LTB effect and exile the creature, wouldn't it?

It was just a situation I was wondering about. I had not planned on using the whip for that.

>> No.56600489

This one's a simple gatherer ruling.
>If a creature returned to the battlefield with Whip of Erebos would leave the battlefield for any reason, it’s exiled instead. However, if that creature is already being exiled, then the replacement effect won’t apply. If the spell or ability that exiles it later returns it to the battlefield (as Chained to the Rocks might, for example), the creature card will return to the battlefield as a new object with no relation to its previous existence. The effects from Whip of Erebos will no longer apply to it.

>> No.56600875

Does anyone know why xmage is giving me the wrong art on certain cards or how to fix it?

>> No.56601018

>Green and White
>/v/, /vg/, /vp/, /tg/

>> No.56601046

how reasonable is tossing lab man into a sidisi deck just on the off chance you can mill yourself to death?

>> No.56601097

This is how cancer starts.

>> No.56601304

I need your help /edhg/

I'm building outside of my comfort zone to try something new.

It landed on a combination of a colourless deck and voltron. So I'm thinking Karn, with some way of cheating out big artifacts and animating them with Karn.

I need ways to cheat out artifacts in colourless. Any ideas?

>> No.56601402


>> No.56601451


>> No.56601463


>> No.56601577

is that a yes?

>> No.56601583

Not very reasonable. Milling yourself happens way to rarely. And then most of the times when you're about to draw from the empty library and win, someone just shoots your laboratory maniac and you lose instead.

>> No.56601624

This card looks really good, why is it never played?

>> No.56601701

Not too many artifacts where spending 6 mana to cheat them in is better than just casting them.

>> No.56601721

You're right, but it's still a nice drop for the early game.

>> No.56601730

gonna need some combobos bro

salvaging station and some eggs is needed for ramping and drawing colorless. you can even loop station and some eggs with karn.

>> No.56601958

Where can I learn about the old Magic stories like Yawgmoth?

>> No.56602428


I don't want to make another combo deck, but it is tempting.

>> No.56602623

they are all pretty good cards to have in a colorless deck. you gonna need all the tech you can in colorless. wastes and artifacts that search for basics is a good package to have in case of nonbasic hate.

>> No.56602896

I have a 89iq question about the stack. Often enough someone casts a spell and in response someone else casts something like Dark Ritual to get enough mana to cast another spell in response. Or they sacrifice an artifact to draw cards to get a chance to cast something in response. But wouldn't they have to wait until the entire stack resolves to get the mana from the Dark Ritual or the cards from the sacrificed artifact? Why do these effects resolve before anything else?

>> No.56602928

>Green and Black
>/v/, /tg/, /co/

>> No.56602982

The stack doesn't have to resolve all at once or uninterrupted. Players get priority to do things between spells resolving. The next spell in the stack only resolves when all players pass priority without doing anything.

>> No.56603006

Why did Flusterstorm get to be so expensive? Legacy/Vintage?

>> No.56603037

Yes. It'll be like that as long as storm exists as a viable deck.

>> No.56603048

That makes sense. Funny how you can play the game for years perfectly without understanding the rules completely. Thanks.

>> No.56603143

An opponent can cast Dark Ritual in reaponse to some other action once they have priority. Players in turn can reapond to said opponent's Dark Ritual being put on the stack. Certain Special Actions do not use the stack and cannot be reaponded to. These include (but not limitited to, I'm sure I'll have forgotten something) Mana Abilities, turning a facedown card Face Up, ending a licid's aura effect, playing a land for turn. By and large 'Mana Ability' refers simply to tapping an artifact/creature/land for Mana. There are some exotic mana abilities out there though and the Game Rules for those instances explicitly state if something is a mana ability (ie:Selvana's Parley ability)
Phyrexian Tower, Phyrexian Altar, KrarkClan Ironworks, and Ashnod's Altar are some examples of unique mana abilities in that the COST for activating them includes sacrificing a permanent. When a player activates these (sacs a creature/artifact) they similarly don't use the stack. Players can take advantage of this by saccing permanents that have On Death triggers.While the death triggers will still go on the stack, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to stop them from placing said triggers on the stack once they have a sac outlet on the board that functions by making mana, hence their poplularity in infinite combos.

>> No.56603218

I mostly use this wiki for lore related stuff.

>> No.56603338

Bought 60 copies of Abundant Maw and 2 copies of Lashweed Lurker so I could instakill the whole table with Spawnsire of Ulamog's ability. Figured nothing can deal with 60 big creatures and 180 life worth of draining cast triggers. The lurkers were there to stop shit like Phyrexian Unlife from getting me

Got shut down by Summary Dismissal last night. I can't believe I missed that card given it came from the same damn set

>> No.56603460

Getting BTFO by stifle counters is one of my favorite things in MTG.

I applaud your effort in acquiring 60 eldrazis. My group would probably be fine with "The ability resolves? OK, I go proxy up 1 trillion Emrakuls for the extra turns and then kill you all" or whatever. We don't normally encourage proxies but that ability is so win-more we probably wouldn't argue over it.

>> No.56603476


I thought the effect of pulling out an entire extra deck box full of nothing but fodder for a single card was worth the ~$12 I spent

>> No.56603488

Pretty sure you can only select cards from your 'wishboard' which is limited to 10 cards. But a wishboard being used at all is up to your group, so if everyone played your massive wishboard, it's not my place to call 'em on bad judgement

>> No.56603508

*okayed, forgive me for being a phoneposting scrub.

>> No.56603538

In tournament play, cards you own outside the game means your sideboard of 15 cards. In casual play it means any card you physically own, or your playgroup's agreed upon definition.

>> No.56603559


The actual rule is "Abilities which refer to other cards owned outside the game (Wishes, Spawnsire, Research, Ring of Ma'ruf) do not function in Commander without prior agreement on their scope from the playgroup."

I play with friends most of the time, and even in the few LGS games where I've had Spawnsire on the board, no one has had an issue with it. Probably because if you have 31 mana open then you can win in a ton of other less convoluted ways

>> No.56603624

I've actually had games where I do my stuff and as everything resolves I go around the table and ask for responses before the next thing on the stack happens

Melek creatureless storm you beautiful bastard...

>> No.56603748

Thankyou for the explanation.

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