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>Many Day Edition
>Flashback to School Days

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I want to explode in Megumin.

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Someone got there head cut off maybe?

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>That moment when you realize that the harem ending is actually the worst one, as three children have sex all days long with no regard for the future, and the two girls get pregnant, dooming any of their prospects

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This should be Thread #1895. Last one's number went back a bit.

Yes I know we're probably still several dozens of threads off by now. Shh.

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>Hell, one maid went against Ainz and save humans from slaughter.
Her name is Pestonya. If she's someone you empathize with, know that one of her allies in this effort was Albedo's sister, Nigredo. Nigredo is insane and thinks of dolls as babies, but she loves children and cannot abide the idea of anyone hurting them, so she too betrayed Ainz for the sake of saving the orphans.

Lovecraft's Yog Sothoth was capable of shifting himself so as not to drive observing mortals mad, and that's what he generally did if he knew you were looking and could give a fuck. So you're good with him too.

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What jumps have the cutest brown girls?

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What demon should I use as my base for the Demifiend capstone in SMT? I honestly can't decide.

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The best one, Mara!!!

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I used Fenrir because it's one of the few interesting demons at that tier.

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Fist of the North Star jump:
Is Hokuto Shinken worth the price? What if I have too much hope to ever obtain Musou Tensei?
Should I take the Hokuto Ujouken or Hokuto Sonkaken capstone? The wiki doesn't give a lot of feats for the latter.

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Hokuto Shinken is busted in its own series. We've had discussions about this before the jump was even written

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She's a cheater, she's no good.

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Ignore the autist.

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Nobody even said anything about Amalia in particular. The race as a whole is cute and thicc.

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Child murderer! Child murdererrrr!

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She ruins all of them by proxy.

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Well, that sure sounds logical and not at all like a bitter manchild lashing out at a cartoon.

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Everyone does, if you just take the time to look.

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Amy from Gargantia

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The issue is that none of the rest (of the girls) are named. OCs are boring as shit.

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Who, and what about them?

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You guys seem weirdly offended that someone doesn't like a cartoon character btw.

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Why is that penis tentacle monster riding a chariot? What the fuck happened in that game?

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And here you go again


How is "I'm tired of hearing this manchild bitch about an online waifu" equalling offense.

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No, I was trying to warn the guy questioning not to question further so we could hopefully avert this. I don't want another thread consumed by french cartoon relationship arguments.

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Senpai nobody has even said about about her in months and nobody was even throwing a big fit about it until you came in and acted offended.

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>inb4 Tamamofag gets namedropped

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That's not how it works.

That's brown?

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Mara is SMT's most bizarre monster design in a series full of weird monster designs. People often enjoy bringing it up because it's so damn silly.

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Senpai you can stop pretending you're innocent of trying to start dumb, inane arguments.

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Demons happened.

It's not weird to be tired of someone keeps repeating their hate for a cartoon character, especially when it amounts to someone using the slightest excuse to say the same thing over and over again. It's like the Tamamo autist, except no wait it's exactly the the same.


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Someone posted an opinion and you started screaming at them. YOU are the one starting a dumb, inane argument for no reason.

>someone keeps repeating their hate for a cartoon character
See >>56574609

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That's exactly how it works.

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I do notice a recent trend in anons to get PREEMPTIVELY get offended at something that MIGHT be something they don't like, and through their disproportionate response, ending up causing an argument they were pretending not to want. All of y'all need to chill.

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Tan is brown.

Here's some Aisha.

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>ITT: "it's just a prank bro stop getting offended bro why you gotta be so huttburt bro"

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See >>56574570 , I really don't like OCs.

She doesn't look that tan to me. Aisha is good though.

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I haven't seen far enough into Wakfu to see whatever she did that would make people call her a cheater, but ever since I saw her design in episode one, I have had an eternal boner for brown druid girls with green hair.

I'd be peeved too if someone tried to tell me that boner has been leading me astray all this time.

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This argument started by itself, what the fuck. At least wait for the autist to bait

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Meh. It beats the usual namefag drama.

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She basically gets mad at Yugo and starts making out with what's basically his evil clone while he watches, then tries to sell the evil clone's plan to everyone.

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I've begun experimenting on an adeptus mechanicus jump, and am making a tentative claim on it.

Is anyone working on an imperial guard jump? I ask because enginseer was among my choices for backgrounds but it might fit more with the guard, along with perks for sentinel/knight/titan piloting. Being responsible for too much overlap between the two jumps would irk me, so I'm curious.

Also, is anyone considering making a lovedagger jump? A drawback I came up with made me remember it existed, and I decided to include a fan-fic drawback so people can visit that setting.

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What's your trump card, /jc/? The thing you draw forth when only overkill will do?

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That's some soap opera

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I really don't like anon's being big primadonnas about an argument they think might happen, though. That leads to a dangerous road where you're forbidden from saying things, else the thread all cut off your head.

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Jump # 258 Dead Space
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Background: Engineer (100)
Starting location USG Ishimora (100)
*Scrap hound (0)
*Infinetly Customizable (100, Discount)
*Modular Design (200, Discount)
*Master Haggler (100)
*People Person (200)
*Power Node (0)
*Utility Mods (0)
*Engineering Kit (100, Discount)
Rig (integrating in to knight saber power armor)
*Increased Inventory (0)
*Overcharger (0)
*Universal Clamps (100, Discount)
*Stasis amplifier(100)
*Kinesis amplifier (100)
*I need a bigger gun (+ 200)

Went a little long again but here is the story if anyone is interested https://pastebin.com/7PRVGp4d

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You an SBer?

>> No.56574736

Imperial Guard was me. There's no reason saying we can't both have Techpriest backgrounds due to overlap, though they'd probably be more detailed and expansive in an AdMech jump whereas I'd just cover the basics for the most part. Didn't plan on going over Sentinentl/Knights/Titans except as a bolster to your forces in Part 2 at maximum, but I haven't gotten far enough to really think about that. Whatever works for you.

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So, a harder version of what thread's like now.

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Aisha is the best part of Outlaw Star.

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It'd be like what anons did to a guy in this thread, only with everyone constantly. Thread would rip itself apart real quick.

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What thread's been trying to do to itself by forming namefag cliques and fan clubs.

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>Mara is SMT's most bizarre monster design in a series full of weird monster designs
Second place goes to incubus

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I just love that the Seventh Scripture is just written with "tightly-packed complaints with every possible impeachment of reincarnation criticism"

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What jumpers actually DO prefer OC?

>> No.56574782

Sienna Khan is good too for RWBY although I don't know if she's waifu material. She only shows up for a few moments. She wants equality for Faunus through use of violence. Yet she was killed off like as soon she was introduced.

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How's it going on it?

Please send help, I can't stop staring at the gif.

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Nigga quit lyin'

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I drop the Banhammer.
It's literally me flying up into orbit and throwing my hammer at whatever the target is. I've only used it once, and I accidentally the whole planet as well as my target.

>> No.56574797

What a waste of a character.

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So... while I can see clear as day that most everyone here would prefer this topic is dropped soon, there's no way I can hear something like that without asking for details, or at least context.

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Nanoha magic.
I bought S-Class Potential and Ace of Aces in Nanoha and imported the Eye of Set from Sword of Sorcery into my device.

So if Nanoha Takamachi can do it i can do it at 10x the power, because the Eye of Set is hax.

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Depends on how much effort I feel like expending to make an OC.

>> No.56574810

just accept the Holy Saint into your heart anon

>> No.56574814

>she was killed off like as soon she was introduced.

>> No.56574815

Mostly just been writefagging and stressing/destressing from work. I have today, tomorrow, and the weekend off so I'm going to at least get a skeleton or two done. Imperial Guard is probably going to take the longest, but I hope to have backgrounds for the classes/their umbrellas outlined first along with their perklines.

Chrono Cross and Terranigma will probably come out first or alongside it - those three are my primary focus right now.

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On what end do you need context?

>> No.56574823

I'll try to sum it up so hopefully this ends. Brown Girl and Short Guy are in a relationship. Short Guy is insecure since he can't grow up for whatever reason and becomes distant. Short Guy tells Brown Girl something to the effect of "I wish we'd never met" and runs away. Brown Girl sad. Brown Girl is seduced by alternate timeline version of Short Guy who is an adult and actually into her. They kiss, Short Guy sees, she regrets it. What happens after wasn't brought up last time but both seem to have just dropped it.

This is brought up in thread, butthurt anons on both sides. Anons who want to stop them from ever getting in a relationship and cursing Brown Girl to bad times. Other anons on the opposite side. Anons on both sides getting extreme to the point where you get "Brown Girl should die and go to hell" and "Short Guy deserves to get cucked as much as possible" come to play.

You're free to think whatever you want. Can everyone else shut up now?

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OC feels less like I'm stealing something precious from the world for my own sick joy. Also, I don't have to deal with Anons using my companions to have bullshit arguments in the thread.

>> No.56574842

Super saiyan whatever. Usually when I pull that out things have gone wrong. Things are on fire. People are dying... It's my final answer to really big problems (especially ones than need exploding)

>> No.56574844

>alternate timeline version of Short Guy who is an adult and actually into her

So this IS one of my Spanish Soap Operas!

>> No.56574850

I think he's also evil, so yeah, absolutely Spanish Soap Opera, just French.

>> No.56574858

That implies that a world can own someone.

>> No.56574862

>Also, I don't have to deal with Anons using my companions to have bullshit arguments in the thread.

I don't know what's worse.
That I think this viewpoint is sad, or that I agree with it.

>> No.56574866

I'm actually more butt hurt that I'm gonna have to find a new colour name that begins with S for one of my companions.

...or I maybe I should just leave it as is for some low-level Blake bullying.

>> No.56574869

If my acoustic guitar becomes an electric one, you really should be running.

Sometimes they can be nice from a story point of view. They let you bring in a character without the audience having any preconceived notions about their personality and history so you can build it up yourself. But a canon character can be useful for exactly the opposite reason of not having to fill all that in.

That said, my Companion roster is 80% OCs this time around. Which I'm having fun writing.

>> No.56574875

Most canon characters i like have little reason to go jumping with me or lack the proper mentality for it.

There's also the fact that i don't really like a lot of canon characters THAT much.
Most of them would probably just piss me off long term. Even if they're cute.

>> No.56574876

>third circle cucking

>> No.56574890

Mostly OC except my fate waifu who is never mentioned.

>> No.56574899

Spinning Angler, it get's on my nerves when an enemy get's way too into their feelings, like those idiots that try to take over the world for some stupid sentimental reason, so I spin the Earth to death, to show them how little the universe cares about their problems.

>> No.56574901

Nobody even tried to make a conversation of hating her, Jesus. You didn't learn your lesson at all about presumption.

>> No.56574909

It's Tamamo, isn't it?

>> No.56574911

I use all of my magic to launch a single attack spell, and considering the amount of mana I have that's pretty overkill.The specific attack depends on the circumstances, but that's just to add to the overkill.

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>> No.56574922

You better be hiding a book loli, anon.

>> No.56574925

I believe that's the basis behind a lot of copyright lawsuits.

>> No.56574928

>Waifuing Medb

>> No.56574935

Copyright laws are trash. They need to be completely overhauled.

>> No.56574937


The Ultimate Kick accessed by Kuuga's Ultimate Form. It's a kick with the base power of a nuke, and only goes up from there.

I haven't had to use it yet, thankfully. But I know it's there, and I know when I need to use it.

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>> No.56574946

Yes. Yes they do.

>> No.56574948


OC companions? I tend to avoid them for story reasons - I've got a huge setting to work with anyways, there's not much point to creating a new character. Maybe if I write something detailed enough that a background character becomes fleshed out enough that I can become invested in them and what to take them along, but otherwise no.

>> No.56574952

Holy fuck dude, you need to let your imagined crime go.

>> No.56574958

We're a bit too late in the game for that, unfortunately. The people with the cash to do that have already stacked the deck in their favor.

>> No.56574964

Nursery Rhyme and Al Azif should be friends.

>> No.56574965

Only if its alter bride anon :^) , but no
See pic related

>> No.56574974

Hanson still has no power over the fictional realm. Or book spirits, for that matter.

>> No.56574976

The Sword. I'm terrible about names, both creating them and picking them when options are given to me, which is why she isn't named.
But The Sword is a weapon I've been working on and improving almost my entire chain, and is a fucking terrifying weapon.

>> No.56574991

Just saying waifus being OC doesn't stop people from trying to use them to create drama.

>> No.56574992

Hansen has no power anywhere anymore. If he ever did.

>> No.56574997

>Adeptus Mechanicus jump
Yesss. Can't wait to see what you'll make of it. I'm going to get ALL the mechadendrites.

We'll be able to become Secutors/Myrmidons, right? Also, in addition to Titan stuff, maybe an Ordinatus too? Maybe include a Factor of the Lathes stuff for more... subtle cybernetics?


>> No.56575001

>I'm actually more butt hurt that I'm gonna have to find a new colour name that begins with S for one of my companions.
>Letting yourself fall prey to the "only one bob" law of fiction

>> No.56575003

Unintended consequences stories, /jc/?

>> No.56575004

Noble Spirit Anti-Rider Class: Chris Hansen

>> No.56575009

He kinda didn't, behind the scenes the dude basically never managed to get anyone arrested.

>> No.56575020

I'm confused. What?

>> No.56575024 [SPOILER] 

I think I know a guy who could help with that.

>> No.56575025

He'd be as hated as Blackbeard by the girls for cockblocking all the loli/jailbait Servants. So basically the opposite but equal problem for them.

>> No.56575026

Is anyone actually shameless enough to use these jumps in their chain?

>DYN Freaks
>Generic Isekai
>God of Highschool
>Jorge Joestar
>Medaka Box - Abnormal Edition
>Saint Seiya Episode G
>Sekai Oni

>> No.56575027

Tactical Plush Drop

>> No.56575030

Well there was that time I handed out Stands like they were candy
and that other time I did the exact same thing
and that other time

>> No.56575033

Just don't. It's stupid all the way to the bottom.

>> No.56575035

When there's 50 people with the same name in the same mile radius and they're all important, you're gonna need different names.

Shiki/SHIKI and Sion/Sion T/Sion Osiris is already getting annoying and that's only in one game

>> No.56575041

His and Blackbeard's rivalry would be legendary.

>> No.56575042

>I wonder if it's weird for a book to fall for a human. No, it is not weird at all right? I mean, there are people who fell in love with stories after all. We are the best of couples, Master.

>> No.56575043

Yes. Except Saint Saiya, still have CP left to spend in that and I don't really want anything else.

>> No.56575050

Overhaul can't help anything except to unite the thread.

>> No.56575052

Damn straight.

Shame is for dumb idiots who hate freedom.

>> No.56575055


>> No.56575059

They would ironically become almost like friends, if only because absolutely nobody else would hang out with them.

>> No.56575063

There has been one Sienna, and she has never, at least during the show, been within a mile of Blake

Let your OC have that name, it's fine.

It only gets weird if they are also a Tiger Faunus.

>> No.56575065 [SPOILER] 

Nah, fαm. He got handled.

>> No.56575068

Yes, though it's only Generic Isekai so far.

>> No.56575072

Mara is a Buddhist being of desire that prevents you from attaining enlightenment. SMT made it a dick that gets around.

>> No.56575084

Everyone of those except generic Isekai

>> No.56575090

That's just asking for paper cuts

>> No.56575092

Why did you keep doing it, then?

>> No.56575107

>Accidentally the whole planet
>HeavensAnon 2: Planetary Boogaloo

>> No.56575111


>> No.56575112

I think I have an even mix of OC and Canon.

Canon is nice because they have an established personality and you don't have to try very hard, as long as you have a solid understanding of the character and how they would react to things.
OC is nice because you don't have to figure out why this character likes you and wants to travel with you. You can just fluff those details however you like. Plus, it doesn't interfere with any ongoing plots!

And sometimes an OC character comes with a predefined personality, and that's ALSO fun, because it's got the upsides to all those things!
In my... third? I'm gonna say third revision of my DBZ build, after the latest update, I ended up having like six hundred CP leftover that I didn't really want to spend on anything... so I ended up picking the OC Saiyan Waifu. Not because I really want her to follow me or anything? But because I really like the idea that she EXISTS, like, in the setting. Dragonball needs more living Saiyans, and especially more Saiyan girls. So now I'm having fun imagining how she might effect the regular plot.

Although, now I'm also stuck with the realization that she's totally gonna follow me on my chain and she's totally gonna fuck up the power balance even more.
... what the fuck am I supposed to do, now that I have some crazy ape lady demanding we schedule training FOR THE HONOR OF THE SAIYAN RACE twenty jumps down the line?!
Why do I keep picking things up that force me to be more active?!

>> No.56575117

Sienna doesn't need to go to Beacon and would have a lot of difficulty doing so given she is an international terrorist.

>> No.56575119

I like to get a mix usually. Some canon, some OC. I prefer OCs slightly, though, due to the freedom in deciding their personalities and appearances.

>> No.56575137

Because handing out Stands is fun?

>> No.56575139

Other than DYN Freaks and Medaka Box, I don't think any of those even give you the power to get through the TTGL end jump, so I have no problem with them being non-end jumps.

>> No.56575144

Yes. I do need to learn more about Saint Seiya though.

>> No.56575176

Oh my god that's amazing, his dream was to be the spy.
I agree I really love the new jump Valeria made

>> No.56575178

It's almost as if deep down your jumpself has an intense disapproval with how she squanders her opportunities and talents, and will obtain things on a whim to try and provide the opportunity to improve herself or improve others later to manage a perceived cosmic balance that she feels she has thrown out of whack from how she acts.

>> No.56575195

>Archer as Archer
>Pam as Berserker
>Lana as Rider
>Ray as Lancer
>Cyril as Caster

This idea entertains me WAY too much.

>> No.56575198

That shading looks like Plague of Gripes

>> No.56575200

My first jump was as a criminal in Kekkai Sensen. I got in way over my head time and time again trying to kill the mafia, so over the course of my journey, I ended up:

becoming an exhibitionist

living in the sewer

pretending to be the wife of an old blind man

getting my back blown up and then having my spine pierced by a pile driver

getting spotted, and subsequently needing to murder Leo

and needing to murder a random mother I passed by on the street for her face, then needing to take care of her kids in her place so Libra wouldn't super murder me.

>> No.56575202


I'm including a perk that specifically deals with having and using lots of mechadendrites simultaneously.

Mentioning factors gives me an idea - a lot of things are universal across all branches of the cult, so it does make things a lot easier to have a section of more general perks - I'll include one to deal with more subtle/artistic implants.

I'm not sure how to handle titans and ordinatus yet, but they'll probably go under the skitarii background. The RPG stuff should be covered by other perks.

>> No.56575205

Who's Saber and Assassin?

>> No.56575210

Generic Isekai without skill book, upgrade or gacha isn't really overpowered. It is still unbalanced because the gamer perks are better than the other origins but it is usable.

>> No.56575211

But they're high quality parchment and her cover is leather-bound!

>> No.56575232

It's amazingly appropriate despite being crude.

>> No.56575237

I must find this deeply buried portion of my inner psyche and destroy it.

... later.
Training was really hard today and I'm soooo tiiiired. All I wanna do is sleep.

>> No.56575238

>Cheryl as Assassin
>Woodhouse as Saber
>Malory as... Avenger?

The last two are kind of shoehorned in, but they make the most sense.

>> No.56575253

>inb4 this deeply buried portion of your psyche kicks your mental ass, makes you it's bitch, and takes over your mind.

>> No.56575255

You won't.

You care too much to get rid of it. It's the part that keeps you going.

>> No.56575265

New chapter is out, and sad stuff is happening.
They put Eri in quarantine because of how dangerous her quirk is. It's also mentioned that, because it only works on people, it'll be extremely difficult for her to learn how to control it, so who knows how long she'll be alone? Also, more sad stuff that I won't talk about because I feel wrong posting spoilers anywhere besides the /a/ thread.

>> No.56575272

Considering Saint Seiya is a key part of one of my Chains?

And God of High School sets me up for High School DxD in another?

And that I'm thinking about using my SMT Compendium and making it into my own grimoire in another Chain?

Yup. Definitely shameless.

>> No.56575277

Yeah, but you're the guy who unironically uses Creative Mode and Suggsverse and complains at Stranger12 about not being able to buy more than one variety of omnipotence. You saying you like Val's jumps has about as much weight as bancho saying he doesn't find someone morally repulsive.

>> No.56575290

Can... can we haz a Speranza? I want my Ark Mechanicus.

>> No.56575291

I used all of them. Only a jump's writing quality and/or setting would stop me from jumping it. Things like who the author is, which community it came from, the power levels, and so on are irrelevant to me.

>> No.56575315

Shiki Nanya, Shiki Tohno, SHIKI Tohno, Shiki Ryougi, SHIKI Ryougi, or [ ]?

>> No.56575325

>And God of High School sets me up for High School DxD in another?
Could you tell me about this? It seems interesting.

>> No.56575337

Turns out trying to repair the Matou Magecraft and getting rid of the Crest by making the whole thing genetic leads to Zouken being able to possess anyone (read: Byakuya, Kariya, and Shinji) that has that particular gene.

That was a fun thing to find out.

>> No.56575348

I just grabbed the Materials from Nanoha.
They're fun.

>> No.56575350

>Writing quality
>>Generic Isekai
>>Arguably some of the others

>>DYN Freaks
>>Medaka Box
>>Sekai Oni
Really anon?

>> No.56575352

Would it be a good idea to companion Pyrrha from RWBY?

>> No.56575353


>> No.56575357

Excellent. Basically all of that pleases me.

Oh, an option to get a bunch of servo-skulls? Haven't seen any of those in any of the 40k jumps, jumper needs more floating skull-drones in his life.

>> No.56575358

Then why did you jump Generic Isekai?

>> No.56575363

It's not a good idea to companion anyone, everyone should stay exactly where they are and never wish for anything better.

>> No.56575365

Well I guess my jumper is adopting a new daughter again.

>> No.56575378

It wouldn't be a terrible idea.
Which, given the track record of most Jumper plans, is better than the norm. So you could consider it good thanks to the low bar we have set.

>> No.56575392

Isn't that bar pretty much set at the ground right now?

>> No.56575393

How would you argue some of the others?

>> No.56575406

It's dug into the ground last I checked.

>> No.56575425

5.32 feet at the last measurement.

>> No.56575429

Are you really saying DYN Freaks and Episode G are high-quality jumps?

>> No.56575434

I asked you how you'd argue. What makes them bad?

>> No.56575436

My bar for jumpable writing quality is "passable English". As for the settings, I didn't have a problem with them in any respect.

>> No.56575449

>Companioning someone who gives love a bad name

>> No.56575453

better then what most anons could manage.

>> No.56575459


But she was the one shot in the heart.

Cinder's the one to blame.

>> No.56575471

>I'll include one to deal with more subtle/artistic implants.
>artistic implants.
We bling-priests?

>> No.56575475

....Yuri Goggles Activate?

>> No.56575510

This was done just for myself and my personal dislike of the Inquisition.

>> No.56575530

She's a talented fighter with magnetism powers and a strong sense of duty and loyalty.
Decent Dragon or second in command material, with time and upgrades.

>> No.56575531

You can deactivate them?

>> No.56575578

Any updates on the World of Warcraft update?

>> No.56575586

What perks would you need to make a good set of yuri goggles?

>> No.56575618

Sounds like you could use a Kamen Rider W Gaia Memory (Yuri) and make a partial transformation device in the shape of goggles?

>> No.56575626

I just wanted an excuse for me and my companions to be properly descended from heroes / historical figures so that flip the Hero Faction the bird.

I was the descendent of Gilgamesh, Io was Himiko's, Mami was Arachne's, Rin was Paracelsus', and Saeko was Hachiman's.

We were going to carry this into High School DxD and play the part of some runaways who wanted nothing to do with the factions, until Azazel found us and offered a place amongst the Grigori to help us out with our Sacred Gears and get us some anonymity. Since our families were kinda (in)famous and the Hero Faction wanted us hardcore.

Each of us had an Ancestor that stood up against the gods and either spit in their faces or forced them to accept said ancestor as one of their own or proved themselves equal.

>> No.56575642

>whistle the deadly premonition song in some random city in pokemon jump
>a continent later I hear someone else whistling it
Turns out cross universe music contamination is a thing that I abuse for great profit

>> No.56575676

>Calling the Deadly Premonition Whistle Song "Contamination"
I think you mean you fuckin gifted a world a great new song.

>> No.56575691


yep, an explorator-worthy ship will be one of the options.


servo-skulls and many, many servitors. Possibly as a warehouse upgrade. Hell, just for giggles maybe I'll throw in an option that lets you 'upgrade' non-companions into servitor versions for extra functionality.

What are the most common 'mess of helpers' perks? Waddle dees and prinnies? That's going to look horrible.

>> No.56575714

It really hurts me to know that a gadget like this would be possible.

>> No.56575742

>Arc Mechanicus Yes

>> No.56575755

None since Valeria BTFO out of him.

>> No.56575779

That sounds pretty cool. I just decided to mess with everyone by being old Lucys reincarnation. It helps that I was much stronger then pretty much anyone there.

>> No.56575785

Jumper Industries
>We've only just begun to inflict the science you didn't even know you wanted on you!

>> No.56575815

I've got at least five posts worth of writefaggotry. Spam or pastebin?

>> No.56575824

Went in as Ymir and 'borrowed' Rossweisse from the Norse.

>> No.56575827

What was that jump with the giants and space idols?


>> No.56575828

I've been wondering about this too, anyone have any old WIP's of it saved? That I could grab?

>> No.56575830

Spam it man!

>> No.56575831

Make an audio post of you reading them aloud.

>> No.56575837


>> No.56575839

Oh what the hell's Spacebattles trying to do now?

>> No.56575849

Jumpers spend the entire jump trying to get the ship to cough up STCs

>> No.56575857

Jump 33: Nier
Origin: Family Man
Age: 25
Location: Home Village
Looking For Work?
Magic - Red Orbs[1200]
Bring Down The Beast [1100]
The Implacable Man [900]
No Need To Think Too Hard [600]

Pet Boar
Magic Words [300]
Family Home [200]
Healing Salves [0]

Gestalt [1300]
Ostracism [1400]

>Meiling woke up a bit troubled, one day. The first trouble was that she had awakened at all - the doorway to the Warehouse had become her eternal vigil in the place of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Though the gatekeeper was allowed more breaks than her previous profession had ever given without the watchful eye of Lady Remilia over her, she liked to overachieve and stand guard at all hours whenever possible. Kaori, Stan, and a few others had offered her to head indoors and relax a little...and sometimes, she did, though she would remain outside.
>However, something was amiss. Merely a day into their arrival, Anon had disappeared somewhere and didn't say when he intended his return. The others kept close to the house and their shelter, with the world full of strange, dark monsters that rampaged out in the open, and a horrid feeling of dread in the air. Ford and Atticus busily worked away at something in the walls of the Warehouse, while Stan, Shaggy, Speedwagon, and Asgore played poker. Stan would usually win every hand until Speedwagon angrily pointed at him and announced “STAN IS CLEARLY CHEATING!” - usually to distract them from the fact he was also cheating. Shaggy wasn't a good poker player in general and Asgore was just happy to be there. Toki had gone to a nearby village and continued his role as a healer and a teacher. But Anon was nowhere to be found.

>> No.56575871

Presuming for a moment that jumper somehow manages to beat Vortex Buster and receives Azathoth's full power;how would they compare to stuff like the one above all or the white god or the presence or other such beings?

>> No.56575873

If he wants to replace OA, I say we should let him.

>> No.56575875

>Normally, Meiling wouldn't have thought much of it...but Anon wasn't usually the type to miss dinner so many times, or at least not state where he was headed and why. That alone wouldn't be cause for too much concern unless it had dragged on too long. However, one crucial detail hadn't escaped the gatekeeper's mind. One minor detail that only she, as a resident of Gensokyo, would understand the implications of.
>Yukari Yakumo was also missing.
>It was enough to spur the youkai into action. That woman's presence or lack thereof never meant anything good in the long run - by reputation, the gap youkai was a troublemaker. And Meiling knew enough of the situation that it wasn't Anon that united them all - rather, it was the Key that everyone else seemed to covet. Had Yukari spirited him away in a gambit to try and take it? Or some other sinister reason...?
>The first person Meiling questioned was Kaori - Anon's first companion and the one closest to him, at least when it came to trust. Kaori had a distressingly warm demeanor to everyone, even the sour and troubled Atticus, and it often helped bind them together through disagreements and through great hardships - much like the second battle against Darius. It was a surprise that she hadn't gone with him - the girl seemed like his shadow, always close by. But Kaori replied with a sad smile, simply saying ‘I can’t follow him everywhere...this was something he felt he had to do alone.'
>Then why was Yukari gone as well...?

>> No.56575880


>> No.56575887

>Her suspicion and distress growing, Meiling went on an unannounced trip of her own. Several of the others present cared little for Anon's health and simply the wellbeing of the Key - and she didn't trust the idea of him being potentially vulnerable to someone like Atticus or the strange, scientific brother of Stan. Her second-hand experiences with the explosive mishaps of the Kappa Valley told her how dangerous an overeager inventor was, after all.
>After all, if you wanted something done right, you had to do it yourself.
>Meiling began her search in the nearby village, where she'd be briefly reunited with Toki, who was mostly protecting the area. He said he had seen Anon run off into the sunset one day and not return, so that's where she went. She offered Toki the chance to come along, but he declined, citing that the dangerous shades were something he had to remain for and take care of.
>Along the way, she learned that this dying world was full of jerks. The humans were unpleasant, especially to strangers, ESPECIALLY when she brought up Anon. Apparently he somehow broke every faus pax possible in this post-apocalyptic society or at least had done it enough times to make good malicious rumor fodder. Unfortunately, she didn't quite put it past him for this to be untrue. She was the same way, after all. Not that she'd admit it.
>Through the teeth gnashing and the other unpleasant things Anon had been called, she eventually found that he had disappeared into a mountain range a good distance away.
>She learned about halfway up said mountain that it was a volcano.
>As molten ash and lava rolled down the hill, Meiling remembered she could fly and did so, zooming up before realizing there was a clearing in the eruption: Anon and a thing made of shadow, both covered in an aura she recognized as the Satsui No Hado, were clashing amidst the burning mountain.
>Acting on instinct, she arrived and attacked the shadowy being with a hard kick.

>> No.56575888

Even with just stuff like a high tier Fragment God like Yog, you'd be at least equal to the OAA or Presence and way beyond any feat the white god has shown.

>> No.56575891

You're trying too hard, Genesis Anon.

>> No.56575907

I had to take it out of my system sorry

>> No.56575909

>Anon was surprised at her presence, but after her arrival, they had managed to dispatch the foe before it bellowed something in its dying throes she couldn't quite recognize.
>Anon collapsed from exhaustion as the power of murderous intent faded him, and she had to whisk him off to safety.

The stars are out and we're talking over a campfire. I have a few injuries that are bandaged and my Praetorian armor is resting a few feet away, only wearing a shirt and some shorts underneath. Meiling was roasting a pair of fish over the flame.
>"You might've actually died there if I didn't show up, you know!"
She laughs about it and gives me a hard pat on the back.
“Yeah...I guess I'm just lucky you were around, huh?"
Like all the other times I nearly bit the dust.
"Did you just follow the volcano?”
>"No, I...actually went looking for you."
I blinked. “Why?”
>"Well, uh...."
Meiling stopped for a moment before she took one of the fish and took a bite. If it burned her any, she didn't really show it.
>"You weren't around, so I went looking for you. That's a good reason, right?"
I just stared at her.
“No, it's just...I don't think anyone besides Kaori has done that before.”
>"Really? Not once?"
“Not really. Not for long.”
>"Oh. Huh. Well...sorry?"
“No, no, it's...it's fine. I appreciate it, I really do.”
There was a long period of awkward silence.
>"So, uh...that shadow thing sure was tough, huh!"
I shrugged and let out a weak laugh. “Yeah. I was almost a goner. They put up a really good fight.”
The two of us laughed over this together. This was where we bonded the most, after all - combat, martial arts, and being mutually bewildered at how confusing other worlds were. It was the simplest thing. But it gave me a moment's solace. We decided we'd return to the Warehouse eventually and reunite with the others, going on a vacation for the rest of the decade.

Not done.

>> No.56575914


>> No.56575922

Once Meiling was asleep, I sighed.
“I know you're still there. You don't have to keep hiding.”
>"Hmhmhm...I must be losing my touch."
“You're almost always shadowing my movements, even when I'm not doing anything interesting. Do you find my situation that fascinating?”
>"There's not much else to watch. Nothing I'm not used to, anyways. But...I'm more curious about what's going on in your mind right now."
“Of course you are.”
>"Hmm? You seemed happier when that gatekeeper youkai was concerned about you. Why so suspicious about me?"
“I may be an idiot when it comes to people, but I know how to read clues and investigate events and those around me. And I know I'm in a bad position with everyone else here. Everyone sees me as either a ticking timebomb, someone to either coddle or throw at the nearest evil, or the landlord. You're just as interested in the World Engine as Atticus and Ford are. Why else would you follow me?”
She just smiled patiently at me. It seriously pissed me off.
>"You're distressed at what that Shade was saying to you, weren't you?"
That shut me up.
>"I could translate, if you prefer."
“...fine. What was it saying?”
>"'I want to go home. I want to see their faces again. I want to be human again.'"
“...that so?”
>"I wonder why it would say things like that. It's so mysterious, isn't it?"
>"Could you answer one thing for me, at least?"
“If it ends this conversation any sooner.”
>"Do you plan on keeping your promise?"
“My promise?”
>"To live and die as a human? It's been several times your lifespan, already. What sort of life will you keep living? And when will it end...?"
“That's...” I hesitated before turning around and shouting. “None of your damn business!”
And she was gone. Meiling's snot bubble popped and she sat up, groggy. “Huzzawha...?”
“...erm. Sorry. I was thinking out loud. You can go back to sleep.”

>> No.56575933

Maybe if i had introduced the sinner's sandwich. The whistle song probably belongs in scp foundation universe as a cognitohazard if it isn't already one.

>> No.56575936

>"Oh, yeah, no problem. Sorry, sorry." Meiling would grumble before she went back into a rested position and prepared to sleep. Though it'd be difficult, considering she was awake for most of that conversation.
>Humans worry about weird things, Meiling mused. Who cares about living or dying as a particular thing, as long as you're using that time in a way you're happy with...? Idly, she wondered if Anon really would have been happy if he got to finally return home and die of old age...or maybe he was just after something else.
>She decides it's a question better suited to Yukari, or Ford, or someone smarter than her. Anon was here, so was she, so was Kaori, and so were the others. This was a vacation for her - but it was a worthwhile one. And she'd have no shortage of stories to brag to Sakuya about.
>She hoped, somewhere in her mind, that wherever Anon went, she could convince him to let Gensokyo be his final resting place.
>Not because she was biased or anything. No. That'd be absurd. Completely and utterly. She grumbles as she drifts off to slumber...

Dear god this came out longer than I intended. Hope yall enjoyed it despite the spam.

>> No.56575939

Nobody asked you.

>> No.56575999

If your chain had an opening before each jump what would they show?

>> No.56576020

I can't wait for Meiling to join the Heavensbowl.

>> No.56576040

You know, I believe Gravity Falls actually has a perk that does that.
Just saying.

>> No.56576045

I have no claws and I must cat. Where would I find some good cat options for early chain?

>pic related?

I wouldn't call Darkstalkers early-chain.

>> No.56576062

Dog Days and Body Mod.

>> No.56576063

Does outlaw star count?

>> No.56576065

The Nintendogs Jump?

>> No.56576093


>> No.56576097

Here's the best part, I fluffed the fact I have Down Fall Dragon Spear as me helping Azazel out with his research and he created the Armour for me after I cut a deal with Fafnir for near-unlimited access to his treasures as long as I give him new ones every month or so.

So now you have a descendent of Gilgamesh wearing a Golden Armour using all kinds of bullshit weapons / tools.

And after I let Asia contract with Fafnir, I revealed that I had figured out how to support the Sacred Gear with my own soul, because I have the Authority of the King. My eyes would turn red each time I activated my Sacred Gear and it would eventually evolve into something crazy.

> Basic:
Down Fall Dragon Spear
> Balance Breaker:
Golden Dragon becomes Golden Lord after Fafnir leaves
> Juggernaut Level
Guardian King

>> No.56576113


>> No.56576115

Yo. I am not fond of disrupting the world more than I already do. As such, I prefer OCs or near-OCs like the Sister option from A Certain Scientific Railgun. Not to mention that most of the girls that I would collect already have a canon love interest, which I don't want to get in the way of.

>> No.56576119


>> No.56576182


>> No.56576190

You're not even good enough to be my fake!

>> No.56576210

Interesting. The dialogue flowed really naturally, and I like character interaction.

Were we ever told if Meiling was a youkai or not? I always presumed she was human.

>> No.56576211

Oh hell no, I do not know World of Warcraft well enough to do it justice in a jump. I just wanted to grab a WIP so I can use the updated stuff for myself.
Besides, I'm working on an Invincible Jump, that I should have a rough draft for in a few weeks to share here.

On that note anybody have anything they'd like to see in an Invincible Comics Jump?

>> No.56576248

Here you go

>> No.56576255

How hard would it be to steal the silver key in jump? I already bought the shiny D20 and am god Yog-Sothoth, but I really want the key. Can't really afford it without giving something up though. So I'm considering just magpie-ing it in jump.

>> No.56576270

That does sound pretty awesome. So who did you end up using your Golden Lord on, was it Issei, or just the Hero Faction? So what happened to Asia in your jump anyway?

>> No.56576316

Would Reinforcement Magecraft add more utility to Luther Strode Hercules Method?

>> No.56576352

What do you mean? It would probably boost your regeneration, reflexes, strength, etc.

>> No.56576356

I demand there be sports commentary if and when this happens.
Omae wa mo spamdeiru
She's definitely a youkai, though it's not clear what 'type' of youkai she is.

>> No.56576359

Look at this fucking thing. Adorable. There are so many neat animals and not enough alt forms.

>> No.56576367

Is its eye popping out of its head to look around?

>> No.56576380

No, you're just seeing an illusion caused by the red coloration around its eye.

>> No.56576397

It is pretty cute.

>> No.56576424

Thank you my friend, this is greatly appreciated.

>> No.56576471

Legend of Zelda has an entire race of brown women.

About half of my companions are OC.

>> No.56576481

Did we ever get a finished BOTW jump?

>> No.56576494

Fuck it.

(Monster Hunter) #46
-Species: Human (Free) -Stick to the game plan.
-Background: Craftsman (950CP) -TIME TO MAKE SHIT.
-BBQ Specialist (900CP) (Discount) -OH fuck yes, MAKING MEAT.
-Journeyman (Free) -Gotta start somewhere with smithing and crafting.
-Waste Not... (750CP) (Discount) -Reduce the amount of materials used by 50% eventually!
-...Want Not (600CP) (Discount) -And those I gift things to will be absurdly awesome.
-Infusionist (300CP) (Discount) -I can give things I craft an element? FUCK YEAH.
-Anti-Theft (250CP) -MY SHIT IS MY OWN.
-Gathering Master (50CP) -Every yield is maximum yield now.
-Carving Master (-150CP) (Discount) -Get some extra carves off a monster.
-Balance Bangle/Weapon & Item Storage/Official Documentation (Free) -Uh... huh. This is neat!
-Ore Cache (-200CP) (Discount) -And some ores to go along with it.
-Wounded (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Kokoto Village, 26 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

This whole thing was just me taking a backseat and trying to improve my trade. Don't get me wrong, the idea of hunting super big monsters and taking them down to make high-grade equipment out of their bones and scales is badass and primal, while guaranteeing that the kill doesn't go to waste beyond its meat. But being wounded means I can't really go out and be a mighty hunter. If anything I need to be a supporter, using advanced technology and a touch of magic on the side in order to assist other hunters before I can take my carve and leave.

Is it boring from a story standpoint? Yes. But it's also satisfying in a primal way when one thinks about it. We're talking hunting down powerful beasts, and by using their body as materials to make high-grade equipment we're essentially taking their strength and adding it onto our own. Through blood, we grow stronger. The fact that things I gift to others are even stronger is pretty awesome, too. So that's going to encourage some altruism. The elemental infusion is also awesome, too.

>> No.56576499

Not yet :(

>> No.56576519

With the recent talk of harvest moon/story of seasons/Rune Factory, I will put a tentative claim on Rune Factory 4, the only question I have is that I played it 2 years ago and dont remember the finer details and I am quite slow at playing games. Would I be okay to watch a playthrough?

>> No.56576525

Now to see how Space Battles shits all over it.

>> No.56576526

>all those OC-positive responses
>literally one response when I asked about OC companions in a previous thread

>> No.56576529

>No BOTW Jump


>> No.56576534

Reminder that it is acceptable to take Riju and her bodyguard Buliara, as well as a revived Urbosa, all as your Gerudo wives.

>> No.56576548

Remember, Fish is for Link

>> No.56576557

>Rune Factory 4
YES! Please do it.

>Would I be okay to watch a playthrough?
I think some of our jumpmakers do that if they do not want to slog through it. Either way you are getting the details of the game.

>> No.56576558

I mean sure, you research how you research. All I ask is an option to replace the protagonist, and an option to waifu Ventuswill (Though even with her it's going to be a hard choice, most of the girls are good people.)

>> No.56576564

Which means booty Zelda is free game.

>> No.56576566

I gotta wonder which Gerudo Chief decided that men aren't allowed in their city, even the ones married to Gerudo.
I also gotta wonder why the Gerudo let her get away with that.

>> No.56576569

I don't see why not. It's been years since I played Breath of Fire 3, so I'm just wiki-diving and researching the details I need. Watching a playthrough should be good enough if you combine it with wiki-diving.

Depends on the crowd you get in the thread. I would have responded at the time, but I'm still writing about three of my OCs, so a lot of the details are still working themselves out.

And sometimes people just don't feel like typing up a whole post about their OCs.

>> No.56576578

I usually prefer making up OC companions. I might grab some canon ones for this chain just because, but 90% of my past companions were OCs, maybe more. I like making things up, I like designing things, I like putting those characters through things and watching how they grow.

>> No.56576585

I like it. Just hanging back and building weapons of mass destruction has a certain charm to it all its own.

Also, good to see you posting builds again. They were always fun reads.

>> No.56576595

She was probably really ugly and angry that no man would take her.

Anyway, that's something I'd talk to Riju about during the jump. Tell her to allowed men married to a Gerudo into the city, and argue about how beneficial it is to the wife and her daughters. I don't really care either way if they still want to keep unmarried men out, that doesn't cause much issues.

>> No.56576596

Once more, not making a WoW jump

>> No.56576597

Fish is for Link
Booty Zelda, Gerudos, and anyone else are up for grabs.

Oh wait. Tiny Fish is for her pen-pal
And that one specific Gerudo is for the dude who builds a town.

>> No.56576604

What are some good "whimsical" magic systems?
I want to eventually reach a point where I can just do stuff without having to come up with a spell or explanation for every little weird thing, cause sometimes you just gotta peel a tattoo off of one person and stick it on another.

>> No.56576610

But which Zelda would you want? They all kind of vary from game to game.

So is there a village of all of the married me someplace nearby?

>> No.56576611

True. Also some of the birds are married, so they should be left alone since most of the birds are nice. The only asshole bird is dead.

>> No.56576625

Ok then, hope I can make most of it on winter vacation
>Though even with her it's going to be a hard choice, most of the girls are good people.
Choose wisely anon

>> No.56576632

Isn’t Riju like 13 years old?

>> No.56576639

Learning that Kass was married made me sad, but then I met his family and it made me happy again. I worked my ass off to get him home ASAP.

>> No.56576642

>But which Zelda would you want? They all kind of vary from game to game.
My favorite Zelda is Tetra and my second favorite is SS Zelda, followed by ST Zelda in third. Personality, not design wise. But all three of these are shipped hard with their Link, and I like Link, so I'll settle for Aryl and/or Medli

Only Zeldas I'd probably pick up would be OOT and BoTW since they don't end up with Link. TP Zelda is cutest but she's also too stoic and dead inside to be fun.

>> No.56576644

Serenity best Hassan.

>> No.56576646

Trying to take it slow.

(Cardcaptor Sakura) #47
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -You don't know me.
-Safety First (900CP) (Discount) -My own magic doesn't affect me? Nice.
-Magician (700CP) (Discount) -I can do magic without Clow Cards!
-Conjoined Conjures (400CP) (Discount) -Aaaaand oh look, I CAN MIX MAGIC SYSTEMS.
-Moon Battery (-200CP) -Absurd mana regen and doubled magic power under moonlight! Yiss!
-Phasmophobia (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Tomoeda, 13 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Right. So I can mix magical systems I come across, and I become empowered whenever I'm under the light of the moon. This is undeniably awesome for someone who loves magic and the otherworldly, especially with all the symbolism the moon holds. Having no reliance on cards or finding my own magic doesn't harm me is pretty good too, so I'm pretty fond of that!

There's just the matter of being afraid of ghosts. That really sucks. Clows are like ghosts. But that's okay. I can avoid ghosts and assist Sakura in my own ways. I ain't afraid of no gho-

>Shadow of Mordor
>Wraith purchase that places Finduilas within me
>she is a ghost
>she is a ghost
>she is a ghost
>mfw there is a ghost inside of me right now

Mistakes have been made. I cannot stop screaming.

>> No.56576647

You liked Kass, huh? His family is really cute.

>> No.56576655


>> No.56576656

Or you could go to the Nightmare City Jump and get the actual Banhammer of Moot via a Drawback.

>> No.56576664

Hero BBS

>> No.56576676

That's a handsome bird, Anon, and the wife is cute too. And the kids and dad all singing together on the landing is the cutest shit.

>> No.56576679

Wouldn’t it be wise to wait a bit for marriage? Like 3 Years at minimum? Unless Guerdo mature rapidly.

>> No.56576687

Has that ever stopped most jumpers? And if you think of it after ten years she would be an adult.

Stoic and dead inside? There are perks to help her liven up a bit. But nice choice of Zeldas. What are your thoughts on taking Midna?

>> No.56576689

>>mfw there is a ghost inside of me right now.
There's a skeleton inside of you too.

That line and its implications made me laugh so hard my wife demanded an explanation. Well done. Nice to see you posting again.

>> No.56576691

I dunno which Zelda I would WANT. I know which one I like the most, but that Zelda is for Link
And I don't know where the married men go. But considering how many Gerudos are away from their town? I think they just leave their lands to move in with their husbands.


>> No.56576705

We're spending 10 years in the jump anon. Plenty of time for her to grow a bit.

>> No.56576710

I don't see why I should wait or care, senpai.

Bad. Midna is cute and loves Link, I'd actually interfere to make sure they end up together. I don't break up cute relationships.

>> No.56576729

My only problem with Kass was that I really don't like the accordion desu.

>> No.56576748

>Midna is cute and loves Link, I'd actually interfere to make sure they end up together. I don't break up cute relationships.
You are an ally of Justice.
Because Love is Justice.

>> No.56576756

>why wait
So that your intended partner is developed enough mentally to make responsible relationship choices?

>> No.56576763

And the most just kind of love is yandere love.

>> No.56576764

So, I just wanted to ask if anyone has a claim to a Tales of the Jedi series because I'd like to make a Jump based on it.

>> No.56576771

Riju is pretty damn mature, if you've played the game.

>> No.56576782

>I think they just leave their lands to move in with their husbands.

They don’t really leave. They seem to spend half their time in Gerudo Town.

>> No.56576783

What kind of tails do Jedi have?

>> No.56576791

>Hooking Midna and Link up together.
Total approval Anon. You're doing great work in the multiverse.

>> No.56576804

Still a stupid move when they could live, with their husband, in town.
Whichever Chief made that law was stupid. I don't even care if it was Urbosa, it's a dumb law.

>> No.56576805

I am so happy you agree with me Senpai!

>> No.56576822

Very calm and soft ones.

>> No.56576824

I am fairly certain there is no existing claim on...whatever that is. Now I am curious about it.

>> No.56576829

As ever, Meiling proves to be a true friend.
Also, I can’t help but think that Ford and Atticus will at some point find out the hard way that, for all the ways I’ve seen Yukari written, there’s one thing I’ve never seen her portrayed as.

>> No.56576831

I've only grabbed semi canon companions; such as the LoT ones or generic followers from generic jumps

>> No.56576836

It’s probably an ancient law that no one has really questioned.

>> No.56576839

Good job Anon. Although I would not object to an option of taking Links place just for Midna.

>> No.56576842 [SPOILER] 

What are all the WWI/WWII jumps out there?

I want to kill some krauts.

>> No.56576844

So I have a bit of an odd question for those who have done long chains before. When is it time to end a chain?

>> No.56576846

It's basically a comic series based on the old republic from around Naga Sadow invading the republic to Exar Kuns sith war, and finally Ulic Qel-Droma redeeming himself

>> No.56576849

Why do so many jumpers want a woman so madly in love with them that they start killing the competition?

Never feel bad about helping people in love. That is part of becoming a well adjusted jumper.

In the first Zelda jump that was made you can be a Gerudo (female only). That said, it should be easy to find at least one that wants to follow you as a companion. Show up, be strong and you could have almost any of them you wanted. They want the strongest men to help their race. What better man than a Jumper?

>> No.56576859

Never, I jump because I love exploration and learning, so there's literally no reason at all to stop jumping.

>> No.56576861

Platoon jump.

>> No.56576866


>> No.56576873

Does it interfere with the Bane and KOTOR jumps?

>> No.56576876

>WWI: none specifically, but Sabaton and Titanic can both cover it, as can Victoria II
>WWII: Sabaton, Titanic (w/time extension drawback), Platoon, Ring of Red, Strike Witches, Hearts of Iron IV, and at least one more

>> No.56576879

>Why do so many jumpers want a woman so madly in love with them that they start killing the competition?
Violence, blood, and murder are attractive.

>> No.56576884

Bane Jump when?

>> No.56576894

When it is impossible for anything other than yourself to kill you.
When you can kill yourself with that Walrute perk.
When you can easily travel the multiverse without using Walker powers post-spark (World Walker from Greek Myth, Doormaker, ClusterTruck or something else).
When you are a von neumann machine.
When you can win an endjump.
All the above.

>> No.56576895

The cynical, mocking answer is that they're so starved of affection in real life that they idealize a partner with dangerous, murder-inspiring levels of affection and seek one out at the first chance.

The lighter answer is they watched too much Mirai Nikki growing up.

>> No.56576896

>Why do so many jumpers want a woman so madly in love with them that they start killing the competition?
I have no idea why I'm attracted to Yanderes, I just am.

>> No.56576909

It takes place(depending on which time period the jumper takes) either thousands of years before the setup for Bane's rule of two even gets born, or a couple decades before that same event

>> No.56576953

It probably went something like this:

>You need not be afraid.
>I am not here to harm you, but I am not going away. You chose for me to be here.

Just one of those things where one really, really should have taken into account the prior choices that have been selected. But the choices were not accounted for, and mistakes were made. Red probably began to deal with it in some respect, but everyone likely wondered why she was a disheveled wreck all the time who seemed twitchy and apologized all the time to no one in particular.

You know. For kids!

>> No.56576956

Not WW2, but Wolfenstein can scratch that itch.

>> No.56576957

They believe only a mad woman would love them and stay in love with them.

>> No.56576959

But Justice! Killing is unjust when the reason is mere romantic attraction meaning you must bring justice to Yanderes! How do you cope with that paradox

>> No.56576971

Both? Both. Both is good.

>> No.56576979

Knew about it, but fair enough.

Is Titanic even out yet?

Also, in general, is there any jumps based off of flight simulators?

>> No.56576981

You apply Culture justice. The Yandere is followed at all times by an invisible ClarkTech drone that makes sure they don't murder anyone.

>> No.56576990

>This entire post
Spoken like someone who only knows about the most well known archetype of Yandere(Yuno)

Most Yanderes don't ever kill, and even those who do are usually pushed. Yuno was, at least before she took off in popularity and there were others that copied her, a relative rarity amongst Yanderes all things considered.

Even then Yuno isn't as hair-trigger as people meme her to be. By and large everyone she hated and tried to kill was actively trying to use/manipulate/kill the target of her affection. She likes ONE person other than Yukki, and that's his mom. The only person who doesn't try to harm him.

Even when she turns on Yukki it's less because she's gone "full Yandere" and more because "I love him, but he keeps on trusting people who try to kill him!"

The other most famous example of Yandere, the chick from School Days, ....well. There are very few people who say that guy's death wasn't deserved, considering the shit he was pulling.

Yandere is, like most archetypes, surprisingly broad in its' definition. It covers everything from the murderers it's most famous for, to stalkers, to people with shrines, and more besides.

Hell by technical definition HINATA HYUUGA is a Yandere. If an EXTREMELY borderline case, and one that is never actively portrayed as such.

See Above.

>> No.56576992

I don't want anyone to love me so much that they feel like murder is the best option.

Wouldn't that make them mad as well. Don't some yandere go for the "If I can't have you no one will!" option?

How protective are you of your yandere? Would you kill men fro flirting with them?

>> No.56577017

Or you go with Eclipse Phase tech. Make sure that everyone can back their mind & soul up into another body/download an earlier version. So if the original goes missing, you’re still around.

>> No.56577020

>Wouldn't that make them mad as well. Don't some yandere go for the "If I can't have you no one will!" option?
That is a deconstruction.

>> No.56577027

Justice has waifued multiple Yanderes. By and large they tend to be the ones who threaten men who hit on them.
Like Azula.

>> No.56577028

I don't know shit about School Days. Why'd she kill a guy?

>> No.56577040

Dies Irae waifus?

>> No.56577044

He actively fucks like half the chicks in the school, despite being her boyfriend.

>> No.56577046

Marie is the only good one but God will shank you over her.

>> No.56577049

>By and large they tend to be the ones who threaten men who hit on them.
Are you confusing Yandere with Tsundere?

>> No.56577076

Okay I am droping the name Gerudo Love, and going back to Anon.

But I liked Azula. She just needed a hug and friends. I may not have waifued her, but I did offer her a chance to travel and learn to be her own person.

>> No.56577081

Of course! That is completely understandable, however.

1. The post you earlier replied to was specifically about the kill others for competition archetype which most people now associate with Yandere-Chan

2. Hinata is technically a ninja and considering the other peeping person in Konoha is a respected Sage it isn't that odd in village.

>> No.56577089

Also, as an aside.
It's no suprise the dude is such a horndog, nor such an asshole.

You know that one image that gets passed around 4chan, of the one guy who had a child with his child, and then with that child, and then with that child, etc?

Yeah, he's one of that guy's kids from a woman he actually isn't related to.

His sister is being raised by their father, and hates living there.

Perhaps I should clarify
Yandere, who are violent yanderes, are more likely to threaten men who hit on them when they are already dating the object of their affection.

>> No.56577095

Justice doesn't really know what a yandere is

>> No.56577103

He's probably got a better idea than you if you're spouting the 'they're all killers' line.

>> No.56577112

Your female Apoptosis.
I want to do a gimmick build where my Apoptosis is both my Ahnenerbe and my Briah.

>> No.56577117

Fair enough.

1. True, but I felt the need to state it anyway. It is a very common misconception that "Yandere" only means "Elimination type(for lack of a better term) Yandere". The ones who actively kill people.

2. I did say she's a borderline case, and even then I'm stretching it a bit specifically to make a point.

>> No.56577144

Where can I get the ability to keep fighting after my head gets blown off? There are lots of regen perks that let you survive it but I want to keep up the fight without waiting for it to grow back.

>> No.56577170

Tomboys & Ojousamas & (Good) Tsunderes >>>> Rest of that dere shit

>> No.56577184

Puppetry from the labyrinth. You can detach parts of your body, but they must be whole. So if you let your head fly off you can keep going. It also protects against dismemberment and allows for you to still be able to control everything.

>> No.56577186

The Animal quirk in Boku no Hero. Be a cockroach and live for a week without your head.

Be a tier 3 roach and, after some training, you're basically a Terraformar with the name filed off.

>> No.56577195

The God of Highschool

>> No.56577197

My personal favorite is Alucard's Embrace, but you've got to be comfortable with being a vampire.

>> No.56577199

Fantastic taste.

>Justice has no good pictures of Tomboys, so take this Tease instead.

>> No.56577234

There is a perk in McGee's Alice that makes your brain irrelevant for thinking. You can also get omega shapeshifting in X-Men Movies.

>> No.56577242

>not cucking the most powerful loser ever

>> No.56577244


>> No.56577249

The ENTIRE Survivor perk tree in Blame! can pull this off and more. The first perk in the tree can allow your body to move autonomously even when the mind in incapacitated, following its last order.

>> No.56577251

Just use Shard Administration to give him a clue.

>> No.56577259


>> No.56577263

>That entire image
It's true.

>> No.56577266

So /jc/ what was your Thanksgiving diner with family like this year?

>> No.56577275

short and awkward.

>> No.56577286

Spiral cut ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, and some pumpkin pie.

>> No.56577307

Non-existent because I had to work.

>> No.56577317

Non existent because I am not American

>> No.56577326

Non-existent aside from a very uncomfortable phone call for everybody involved.

>> No.56577333

I had to work during Canadian Thanksgiving last month, so I got a plate of leftovers without all the awkward forced social mingling of family members that mostly hate each other and the two hour drive.

So it was great.

>> No.56577338

Decent enough. Jokes were passed around, food was good, I got a cpuple of my seasonal favorites in high supply, I enjoyed it.

>> No.56577378

Thankfully i was awake for an entire 3 hours today, to heat up the food (most everything other than turkey) I prepared yesterday and to partake in said Thanksgiving dinner.
So, short and sweet.

Conversations involving me were mostly "oh wow this is good food" and "uh huh, thanks." Just as planned.

Happy Thanksgiving, /jc/.

>> No.56577386

Very nice. I always enjoy spending time with my family.

>> No.56577411

Sort of depends on if you get involved in the main plot or go on your own adventure. In expansive places where there are already decent heroes, I’m fine doing my own thing rather than steal the heroes’ shoe. Like in Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi’s doing his own thing while I have my own adventure as a Jurian nobleman who lives a double life as a female pirate (I went to Ranma before this) and has to deal with an OC love triangle (heiress I’m engaged to as a guy and who fell in love with my pirate self when I rescued her, a childhood friend of my noble self who joined the police and is determined to capture the infamous pirate, etc.).

>> No.56577432

Do you writefag Quack? Because that sounds interesting?

>> No.56577433

Not powerful enough senpai.

>> No.56577440

I slept through the alarm that I set so that I could be awake for it, and they decided to let me sleep....or I slept through their attempts to wake me up.

>> No.56577456

Was good as always.

Had turkey, pineapple glazed ham, stuffing, baked green beans with bacon. We also had pea salad, little bit of yams (sweet potato), and cranberries. For desert there was Pumpkin pie, Sugar Free Carrot cake, and Chocolate Icewater cake.

>> No.56577478

I second that.

>> No.56577506

Third. More writing is always nice. Especially something like that.

>> No.56577518

>Canadians have their own Thanksgiving a month early

Why? If y’all want to emulate the US so much. Why not just become a common wealth of the US? Minus Quebec, they can GTFO.

>> No.56577546

There was a provision in the Articles of Confederation that said if Canada ever wanted to join the US, they were in, no questions asked.

Don't know if the Constitution kept that, but the chances of the Canadians ever joining us are 0% and dropping.

>> No.56577568

Can you give me a list of yanderes? I only know a few sadly, and they are the type I like best.

>> No.56577576

Quiet. Simple. Some frustration with moving heavy furniture around earlier, but overall it was quiet. Which is good, I like quiet.

(Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them) #48
-Background: Auror (Free) -I'm on the case!
-School: Castelobruxo (Free) -Know one's environment! Yiss!
-Charmant! (800CP) -Oh look. My magic is utterly gorgeous to look at.
-Herbology Hero (Free) -Identify plants, and way more efficiency in harvesting them.
-Investigator (Free) -I'm on the case!
-Legilimens (700CP) (Discount) -I know when you're lying, and I can read those thoughts.
-Duelist Champion (400CP) (Discount) -Do not try to out-magic me, I will fuck you.
-Baking (300CP) -Magically make breads! This is nice!
-Beasts: Mooncalfx2 (0CP) -Throw them in the fields.
Dice Rolls: 24 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Wand: 10", with a core of White River Monster Spine and made of Pine Wood, with a nice and supple flexibility

Speaking of magic.

You know what's better than having magic itself? Having really pretty magic. Spells that just flow around you and make you look otherworldly, letting others know just what kind of sorceress is near them. Spells that make one look as though they weren't just a magic user, but perhaps one with magic itself with how easily they could use that energy.

...and then I ruin it by offering people freshly made doughnuts.

Why the mooncalfs? Well I've collected a nice tree and I've collected some various places to grow nice plants. It might be nice to plan ahead one day when I've got a better opportunity. Nice to just... sit down. Grow my own magical plants, so to speak.

In the meantime, I've got a job to do. An Auror does not rest, and while I do enjoy looking fabulous, I do not wish for magic to be ruined by those who cheese it with the Dark Arts in an attempt to be superior to everyone else. Magic is a gift that is not to be squandered.

>> No.56577584

>if Canada ever wanted to join the US, they were in, no questions asked.

There is something heart warming about that.
>"Hey Canada. We might not get along all the time, but if you ever want to move in you don't even have to ask. We've got you bro.

>> No.56577587


I like bandwagons and I like writing. Show us what you got, Cat!

>> No.56577598

It's okay to take a day off once in a while Anon.

Have a cute lizard girl with a chubby tail.

>> No.56577599

I ate alone, because my family were all doing their own thing.

Any particularly sub-type of Yandere you like? Stalkers? Worshipers? Isolaters?

>> No.56577620

Generic Yandere lets you attract them.
Albedo is yandere for Ainz. In Reboot (we need a jump already) Hexadecimal was very obsessed with Bob.

>> No.56577626

Does anyone have the Titanic jump?

>> No.56577644

Could a low-epic tier D&D wizard make a difference in the later arcs of Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc.?

Or is the Shounen bullshit just too intense?

>> No.56577648

>Any particularly sub-type of Yandere you like? Stalkers? Worshipers? Isolaters?
All of the above. I do not have any favorite sub-type, they are all great.

>> No.56577664

Maybe. But it's gonna Batman-level skill and preparation. You make one mistake lategame, and it's gg no re.

>> No.56577665

The problem in Bleach is Hax not power

>> No.56577666

>Albedo is yandere for Ainz.
I do not want to take away from Papa Bones.

>In Reboot (we need a jump already) Hexadecimal was very obsessed with Bob.
I remember that show, the visuals still bug me to this day. Also that didn't seem like love.

>> No.56577672

>You know what's better than having magic itself?
>Having really pretty magic.
...science can be pretty too sometimes.

>...and then I ruin it by offering people freshly made doughnuts.
How the hell could fresh doughnuts ruin anything? People get a beautiful light show AND fresh doughnuts! What's not to love?

>> No.56577673

Perhaps with hax and utility but in terms of power levels they are casually doing things an epic wizard would need epic spells for.

>> No.56577685

>I do not want to take away from Papa Bones.
The one thing to help Papa Bones in that scenario is to give him the one bone he is missing.

>> No.56577694

>Super Saiyan 3
>Jagan Eye
>Mangekyo Sharingan
>Red Lantern Ring
>Hollow Mask
>Gamma Accident?
>Hokuto Shinken
>Arc Reactor Heart

Not sure where the coat, orbs, belt, or wristbands are from though.

>> No.56577702

>Also that didn't seem like love.
Well, she was a virus and he was an anti-virus program. A love/hate dynamic was natural.

>Any particularly sub-type of Yandere you like? Stalkers? Worshipers? Isolaters?
Stalkers are my favorite kind.

>> No.56577703

>Gnaw on my Bone Cock

>> No.56577711

Unfortunately, since it’s a plot with mostly original characters, if I write it out I’d probably rather focus on making it a creative fiction story so I can get something published. Not to mention that most of my experience with Tenchi is the manga; I need to get around to watching the anime. Sorry.

One other original character I had a while back was a “Princess of Hearts” Alice from the book Alice jumps, but I’m not sure if it would work anymore. See, I got the idea back when I had that Island Come True perk in Peter Pan where you can add something extra to a setting - naturally, I got rid of that after the rough draft.

I’d already gone to Wonderland and Looking Glass, and used that 0 drawback in the latter to link it up to Wonderland. Upon using Return to go back to the Wonderland jump, the plan was that I’d use the perk to create an Alice who was adopted by the Queen of Hearts as her daughter and went completely cuckoo. Only I forgot to account for how my past adventures in those settings might affect her view of me. She remembered me as an infuriating rival and somehow this led to her insisting that I “take responsibility.” Hence a shotgun wedding the moment I start that jump.

>> No.56577712

Not him, but I wouldn't mind a list of stalkers, if you got any.

>> No.56577731

It is funny that you say that as I just got finished de-boning the turkey.

>> No.56577790

Thanksgivings are always nice with my family. Food was great, family was great. The husband of one of my aunts taught me how to play Magic. Couple of the kids had Nerf guns, so once everyone was done eating we shot/threw those around for awhile.

>> No.56577821

Science can be very pretty, yes. I just happen to really like magic and I will go ga-ga over being able to make sparkles with my hands.

>How the hell could fresh doughnuts ruin anything? People get a beautiful light show AND fresh doughnuts! What's not to love?
...anon, you raise a very good point.

>> No.56577835

Certain Shipgirls in Kantai Collection can be yandere, supposedly. I haven't played it myself.
Mizore from Rosario Vampire is a Stalker-type, and was(at first) an Elimination-type, but that wore out quickly
Yuriko from Red Alert would probably go Yandere if she fell for someone
Juvia from Fairy Tail is arguable
Like half a dozen different girls from Inuyasha
If you're into that sort of thing then Nui Harime from Kill la Kill would almost certainly go Yandere
Ravenloft jump has a drawback that turns various monsters into Yanderes
Overlord(LN) lets you make OCs as Yandere, and several of the Floor Guardians(Albedo most well known) are Yan
I personally fluff Azula as an Isolation-type Yan
Queen Fae from Overlord(Games)
Various Sekirei, Akitsu being an obvious one
SEVERAL Servants from Fate
The Choir from Light of Terra's first DLC
I think there are some in Akame ga Kill? I don't know it very well
Elanee from Neverwinter Nights 2 is a Stalker-type.
Adorjan, if you're into that
Some of the Androids in Neir Automata might go Yandere if they met a Human.
The builds for "Female Jason" and "Female Freddy" in their respective jumps

That's all I got right now, I'm not willing to put in more effort to find more from other jumps we have.

Mizore a BEST.

>> No.56577839

Tinkerbell’s my favorite. Mostly because I like her explosive personality and how her death threats and curses sound like pretty little bells.

>> No.56577876

Actually, it's funny, because Canadians are often polled about how they'd feel about becoming part of the US, and consistently, the province with the most positive replies is Quebec, despite anon not liking them. Most Canadian provinces only poll in the high teens, but over 30% of Quebecois would support joining the US. So you might wanna rethink hating them, they seem to like us the most.

>> No.56577880

What's One Piece up to these days, anyway?

>> No.56577882

Trump: Maybe we need a north wall.

>> No.56577889

>Not hating Quebec
Its the Paris of Canada

>> No.56577902

Most Canadians also agree that Quebec can do whatever it wants, so long as it stops bothering the rest of Canada.

>> No.56577905

I like Tink. she is a much better Navi.

>> No.56577930

Thanks Justice!

Mizore, yay.

I really like her too, she is pretty great.

>> No.56577936

You seem a bit rude about this, I'm just supplying factoids here. I thought it was fun.

On a serious note, I'm pretty sure we're going to be forced together into a collective within this century, whether civilians like it or not. Further economic and political integration has been the goal for a while, and pretty much all proposed trade agreements lately have been along those lines.

>> No.56577937

No problem man, happy to help. Enjoy your Yans.

>> No.56577959

I wasn't intending my tone to be rude. It's a running gag up here and was my attempt at a dry joke.

But the US needs to pull themselves together a little more before they start thinking of creating a collective with the rest of us.

>> No.56577962

Actually, I didn’t dislike Navi at all. Might partially be because I liked the sound of her voice. Though I agree that Tink makes for a great partner, though you have to keep her jealousy for others in check now and then.

>> No.56577968

Is Wukong still around? Will we ever see that Dragonblooded update?

>> No.56577979

I could say the same about you guys, senpai, but let's leave it at that.

>> No.56577998

No update's been posted since the last WIP just in thread.

Why, what do you want to know?

>> No.56578012

>Super Saiyan 3
Looks like Legendary/Berserk Super Saiyan, actually. The wristbands and collar are Broly's.
>Jagan Eye
>Gamma Accident?
>Arc Reactor Heart
Hogyouku, from Bleach.

Ya missed:
>Tsunade/Sakura's super strength/regen seal (the crisscrossing lines)
>Jinchuriki seal
>Six Paths Chakra Mode (coat and orbs)
>Sentry's belt
I think that's all.

>> No.56578021

Fair enough. Canada is hardly perfect either. I'm heading to bed anyways.

You all have an excellent Turkey Day Night.

>> No.56578044

Two different weapons actually.

The Ender, originally an anti-endbringer weapon I made with Iterative Improvement, a harpoon with a combination of Sting and Corrosive Touch plus a combination of unnamed homing and flight powers. I've added as many entropic qualities as possible. Pretty sure that thing with rot a planet without certain protective enchantments.

The next is....well... complicated. The Loyalty Plague has always been an idea of mine. As it stands most of it is theoretical as I've never made the true version of the plague. The true version would in effect replicate itself into various different versions to effect biological, memetic, technological, and magical targets. The Loyalty Plague wouldn't just mind control targets, but potentially UPLIFT animals and machines into sapient, and fully controlled beings.

I have made a inferior version that I used to turn the victims of a zombie apocalypse back into sapient and free willed humans. Another version took control of the Necromoph virus to reconstitute its victims into people and dismantle its own hive mind.

I may even use sn inferior versions on the Nids and Orks and to make them possible of coexistence with humans. But I never intend to make the true version.

>> No.56578077

Don't forget the one anon who was so evolutionary during Evo it mindbroke Gaia into a yandere.

>> No.56578103


>> No.56578109

"Collective" sounds so clinical. We Americans prefer to think of it as a cultural monopoly.

>> No.56578128

Yeah, in EVO: Search for Eden the planetary goddess Gaia falls for you by the finish of the jump. You get her as a companion if you want her or not.

>> No.56578130

Holidays are for people who enjoy them. I don't.

>> No.56578135

Man, now you've reminded me of that one anon who corrupted Gaia into a proper mythical mother of monsters.

Also got me thinking about the EVO update. Wonder if he'd go for Giant Moon Spider Lucifer instead of Gaia if it were out back then?

>> No.56578140

Sleep well Yoro!

>> No.56578145


>I think she kinda broke after failing to kill me by siccing the entire ecosystem on me. She was super angry for me being a Blacklight entity, and then she kinda snapped when I won the game of survival, and now she's just... Clingy.

>Luckily she seems to be a worshiping-type yandere, instead of one of the competitive/possessive ones.

>> No.56578160

Breaking the goddesses. The best kind of jumper.

>> No.56578184

Thanks for the link, and now I am unsure how to feel about that. Although Konata's plan involving the fairy in Bravely Default definitely has merit.

>> No.56578189


Well, sorta-OC. Taking minor characters and fluffing them out into yandere waifus.

>> No.56578277

Just curious been away for a few months

>> No.56578278

Me running away from a group of yanderes. They start out as black outlines and get colored in as they appear in the "series".

>> No.56578305


>> No.56578352

Me landing in a world and highlights of my suffering. With the occasional new character shot added in. But mostly the highlights of my suffering in each jump. Gotta keep my ratings on Jumper TV.

>> No.56578496

Ackshually Hex comes right out and says she has a thing for Bob when she gets turned into a sprite in the Daemon arc

>> No.56578506

How do you dress jumpers?

>> No.56578515

Goddammit Waver that's not the kind of Greek stuff you should be taking after

>> No.56578519

In a business suit.

>> No.56578562

Waver is probably there to chaperone so Alexander and Gil don't end up fucking each other.

The knights of the round table are the guys who all want to sleep with a teenager they think is a guy.

>> No.56578599

Each Jump's opening would show me setting up booby traps, basically a montage of me putting up tripwires, digging pitfalls, burying mines, positioning turrets, and whatever else I will get my hands on as my adventures continue.

Speaking of which, is there a perk somewhere that makes you a master at trapsmithing, and maybe one that generates materials for traps?

>> No.56578620

Other than the one in Naruto are there any perks that make you immune to illusions?

>> No.56578644

Different guy but on that same note. How much of a god will you be at chakra control post-jump Naruto with Out Of Control since you could then get a significant control boost.

>> No.56578674

Scooby-Doo for both, IIRC.

>> No.56578685

Then I will need to drop in their at some point.
Thank you, Anon.

>> No.56578702

No problem. Have fun with your traps, anon.

>> No.56578720

Also Nightmare before christmas for rapid construction of traps.

>> No.56578743

>With a hole underground, neither appropriate materials nor equipment and without any assistance you can construct a neon gambling-themed death-trap (with singing skeletons) in a couple of hours. When it comes to making traps it doesn’t really seem to matter what you have or how ambitious they are - you can make it happen
From Nightmare Before Christmas

>> No.56578796

Another one earmarked.
The help is appreciated.

>> No.56579041

>things have gotten to the point where we could have Faction Paradox, Nobilis, or Ys as non-Endjumps



>> No.56579083

Why is Ys of all things on that list?

>> No.56579085

What large private dimensions do we have? Like the one in DC Occult?

>> No.56579112


>> No.56579152

Aside from Sburb, what Jumps offer bulk amounts of material gold, jewels, and other such wealth?

>> No.56579161

Okay, so I am doing the one thousand words for my first jump, in Pokemon. I am tying together the saving of my starter from bird pokemon with the Marked drawback by having it be pair of Team Plasma thugs "liberating" an Eevee.
Would it follow that a 10 year old with Physical Fitness, Combat Training, the Collapsible Baton, and the Flak Jacket could personally take on a pair of Pidgeys and their trainers?
Not unscathed, obviously.

>> No.56579226

>D&D (Order of the Stick, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter Nights)
--Genesis (Learnable Spell)

>DC Occult
--Dimension Lord (Perk)

>Marvel Magic
--Hell Lord (Perk)

>Generic Creepypasta
--Pocket Realm (Perk)

>Generator Rex
--Portal Creation (Power)

--MystCraft (Perk)

>Type-Moon (Tsukihime, FATE, Fate Stay Night)
--Reality Marble (Item)

--ATerritorytocallHome (Perk)

--Frequent Flyer Miles (Perk)

>Exalted: The Infernals
--The Inner World (Perk)

>Mage: The Awakining
--Arcanum: Space (Power)

>Sailor Moon
--Subspace Dimension (Perk)

>Anon's Guide for how to become a living universe/multiverse

>How To Turn yourself Into A Living Magitech Universe

>ASA's Living Pockect Realm Combo

>Jumps that can give you the ability to create pocket dimensions or universes post-spark
--Gurren Lagann

>> No.56579233

Trying to make a Pancho Villa servant for reasons

How does this look for their noble phantasm?

Noble Phantasm - "El Dorado Express" , Rank A
"Pancho Villa's greatest victories were in part due to two things: His use of locomotives and his band of legendary cavalrymen, known as Los Dorados for their gold-colored uniforms. This noble phantasm is the realization of both of his great weapons. Los Dorados Express is a gold-plated locomotive with a trio of cars behind it, with a thick metal resistant to damage both physical and magical, as well as being able to move freely at a breakneck speed. Within the car trailing behind is 150 weak heroic spirits, Pancho's personal cavalry brigade Los Dorados themselves. Pancho's favorite tactic with the El Dorado Express is to use it to close the distance and then have his men spring out from within and rush down the enemy, similar to his use of the railway at Ciudad Juarez. "

>> No.56579236

Other Pocket Realm Notes

Combine all your pocket-realms:
>Inner World (Exalted: Infernals)
>Dimension Lord (DC Occult)
>Pocket World + Genius Loci + Avatar (Generic Creepypasta)
>Reality Marble (Fate)
>Power Combinations (Young Justice)

Strengthen your powers while in the realm:
>Place of Power (Masters of Magic)
>Territory Creation EX (Fate)

Bring your realm out/use your abilities outside your realm:
>I Am The Fortress (Masters of Magic)
>Reality Marble (Fate)
>Border of Impossibility (Exalted: Infernals)

For extra cheese, mold your realm after the Warp/astral plane and the use:
>Dream Demon (Gravity Falls)
>Psyker Perks (Warhammer)
>Ghost + Primordial (Justice League Dark)
>Malleable Reality (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
>Lunar/Infernals shaping techniques/graces (Exalted)
>Psychonauts perks for extra-psyker

Strengthen your power in your territory:
>Head Bitch in Charge (F/SN)
>Fisher King (Merlin BBC and Arthur King)
>This is my swamp (Shrek)
These three are tricky, mostly because you have a limited radius of influence. Although this limitation can also be overcome by fucking with space enough.
>Chinjugami (Mononokehime)
>Yorishiro (Chihiro)

More realm perks/bringing people into your realm:
>Ouroboros perk tree from Siren: Blood Curse.

You might also have your companions populating through your dimension by making The House of Mystery (Justice League Dark) the heart of your realm.

>> No.56579249

>On that note anybody have anything they'd like to see in an Invincible Comics Jump?

I'm sure I'll think of something. Right now I'm just real excited that I can cross Invincible of my wishlist and look forward to adding it to my jumplist.

>> No.56579256

May I ask what kind of reasons?

>> No.56579277

There's a little blue cube you can pick up in Animorphs that should help you.

>> No.56579284


Demi-servant, brother

>> No.56579341

Seems plausible. Captain America strength compensates for a 10yo's weakness, the baton gives you some reach, and your opponents don't really have ranged attacks to leverage against you. I could see that working out.

>> No.56579373

Its a nice NP, very useful againts servants with weak endurance and its limited unlike ionioi hetairoi. Makes me want to see it fight a Carranza servant with his Red Battalions noble phantasm. Also Villa was called the centaur of the north, so you may want to play that aspect since its fate.

>> No.56579382

So furry

>> No.56579400

For just A rank, with no limit on cost or time summoned, it seems extremely OP

>> No.56579404

Chiron just has a tail. Tails and ears are about as furry as Fate gets.

>> No.56579409

Went out to eat at an exceedingly average country buffet. Made jokes. Ate too much.

>> No.56579410

Would the centaur thing be some good ol' fashioned Innocent Monster mutation, or a separate NP?

>> No.56579434

You could do both really, but it seems funnier if it was a situation like "We never knew he was a centaur" like Arthoria

>> No.56579445

>Made jokes
I doubt anyone laughed.

>> No.56579480

No bully.

>> No.56579482


I was trying to figure out how, honestly. Maybe merging with his mount as a separate NP?>>56579400
I was assuming the cost was implicit in it, mana wise

I could try and nail down the fact that the train has a "schedule" and once time's up the soldiers leave but was just trying to nail down what it does

>> No.56579483

Okay I guess. Stuffing with bacon on top was the best as usual.

>> No.56579500

There's no real implication that there's a cost and with many noble phantasms not having any, you do need to note it

>> No.56579654

You could just give him a high skill in riding, to the point that it looks like he and his mount are one

>> No.56579841

What D&D jumps do we have?

>> No.56579848

Neverwinter Nights
Forgotten Realms
Order of the Stick

some others

>> No.56579910

Small Soldiers
> Age: 25 [Rolled11] (5/6)
> Location: The Heartland Toy Company
> Identity: GloboTech Employee
> Question Reality [-100CP]
> Play Back [Get a Freebie!]
> Take The Check [-100CP]
> That'd Be Gizmo Over Here [-200CP]
> Even If You Can’t See Something... [-100CP]
> ...It Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There [-200CP]
> 401k [-100CP]
> Salary [Get a Freebie!]
> Corporate Resources [-200CP]
> X-1000 Chip [-600CP]
> They’ve Learned [+200CP]
> Toys... Are... Us? [+300CP]
> + Toys Ain’t Us [+100CP]

o̶n̶l̶y̶ ̶g̶o̶n̶n̶a̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶‘̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶w̶e̶e̶k̶,̶ ̶g̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶a̶k̶e̶,̶ ̶s̶o
Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!!

> "So this setting is, like... what. All the toys are alive and they murder people?"
None of my companions have ever heard of this movie.
> "Is this a rip off of Toy Story?"
> "I'unno, probably."
> "So we're here for ten years?"
> "Actually we're here until we fix the problem."
> "WHAT? WH- Did you take a drawback?"
> "Did I take a drawback... ... yes. I took a̰ drawback."
> "Well... I guess we better get started?"
> "Yeah good luck with that."
> "Wh- where are you going?!"
> "I'm on vacation!"
> "Are you just giving up on the chain?!"
> "Nah! The US Military will step in and start nuking things, prob'ly! These things die to EMPs!"
> The only answer is a door slamming at the end of the hall, as Konata exits stage right.

So! My companions had a lot of fun this jump, as they attempted to solve the issue of global toy warfare. Apparently it involved a lot of explosions and overloading power grids. Of course, I had complete faith in them, and always knew they could handle it. Elodie and Bass were in rare form this jump! Kinda pissy at the end of it, though...

As for me, I spent the jump lounging on top of skyscrapers and shamelessly looting. As a GloboTech employee, I was kept up-to-date on military operations, and knew which cities to avoid! So that was good for me!

>> No.56580076


>> No.56580100

Describe your Patron or Benefactor.

Mine is a loud, shouty voice with a god complex. Sounds kind of like those statues that give ominous warnings in The Labyrinth.

>> No.56580102

Didn't pick up any toy recruits?
I figured out of any Jumper that'd be on your list.

>> No.56580113


>> No.56580174

Question Jumpers what happens if you and two other waifu's. All with Casa-Super-Nova surround and attempt to seduce the same girl.

>> No.56580189

She splits into three distinct personalities, each yandere for a different person.

>> No.56580197

Y'know, I actually looked up some action figures that were available in the 90s, and one of them was Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
... and so I SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED buying him as a companion, possibly alongside Woody.

But ultimately I decided that they would be superfluous, on account of I'd never bring them out of companion limbo, or even really think of then as people, and they'd probably be extremely miserable.
And not even, like, in a funny way. Just kindof a sad way.

It was pretty close, though! The last couple purchases were pretty hard, mainly because there wasn't anything I really wanted, but I really wanted to take those particular drawbacks.

>> No.56580561

>He didn't go Hadou God
>He didn't go Outer God

>> No.56580607

Myself post-spark

>> No.56580639

>Being a God
>He doesn't want to wield the innocent blade

>> No.56580665

Kill Reinhard, take all his waifu-Legion

>> No.56580674

Why does basic class appropriate set of gear your origin should have in Dragonlance cost 50 CP? If we don't buy one do Wizards start without a Spellbook?

>> No.56580685

Interestingly enough, when you're making a character for an actual game of DnD, you must purchase things like spellbooks with your own starting gold, rather than getting them for free.

>> No.56580687

Your starting gold also costs 50 cp in the Dragonlance jump.

>> No.56580692

The DM is not obligated to give you any starting gold.

>> No.56580698

Is there any Jump that lets me combine mechas permanently through an import like you can do with weapons in other jumps?

>> No.56580702

Why does only one of them have a weapon?

>> No.56580728

A mecha is a weapon.

You can fuse the mecha with your power armour in Metroid with Legendary.

>> No.56580858

This is Our Carnival from Arpeggio of Blue Steel should be able to do it, assuming you're talking about the vehicle-scale mechas rather than borderline power armor.

>> No.56580875

A Mecha is a just a massive suit of power armour.

>> No.56580880

Don't be silly. That's like saying a tank is just a big suit of power armor with treads.

>> No.56580882

But I want Jump-chan to do it for me via an import, not having to use perks for it.

>> No.56580902

A Tank isn't an exoskeleton, Mecha generally are.

>> No.56580927

No. Power armor is an exoskeleton.
The defining quality of a mecha is that it's piloted, not worn. If it's worn it's not a mecha, it's power armor.

>> No.56580951

That perk literally just mashes the two mechas together instead of just transferring over their features, so you end up with all of the original materials present.
If you're looking for something more compact or with consistent materials and systemms, you're better off using other crafting perks to manually transfer everything over yourself.

>> No.56580960

Somebody before said Macross, but I looked it over and think they may be mistaken. So probably no, there is no such jump.

>> No.56580970

I'm curious, what does a Dreadknight count as?
Besides being horrendously ugly and dumb.

>> No.56580976

You're right.

You have mecha where pilot(s) control the vehicle through consoles with levers, switches and wheels.

You also have mecha that is controlled by movements of the user's body (simulated or otherwise) in real time and uses VR tech.

The first type isn't power armour. The second arguably is.

>> No.56580998

Mmm... not quite? It's a bit of both.

>Regardless of whether your craft is made of nanomaterials or standard matter, you can fuse multiple vehicles together, merging their hulls and various subsystems – power, sensors, weapons and more into one cohesive system.
>Consequently, the resulting vessel has the combined features of all of its components: the power generation of both vessels, the guns of both vessels, the nanomaterials of both vessels (if present), even the hull armour of both vessels. Unfortunately it also has the mass of both vessels, too, so may be slightly unwieldy.
>merging their hulls and various subsystems into one cohesive system.

>> No.56581010

>I'm curious, what does a Dreadknight count as?
Well you see...

>Besides being horrendously ugly and dumb.
Aww man...

>> No.56581020

Vehicle, since you're controlling it from a cockpit instead of wearing it.
That's the definition i use btw. If your limbs aren't inside the limbs of it it's not power armor, it's a vehicle.

The control scheme is irrelevant.
If you're stuck in the chest of it and controlling the limbs remotely it's a vehicle.
That a control scheme that translates limb movement to the movement of the mecha is intuitive for a humanoid walker doesn't change that.

>> No.56581033

Vid-related, it's power armour.


>> No.56581046

Would keeping the hull and mass from both create weakpoints in the combined mecha if one isn't nearly as durable as the other?

>> No.56581061

It's basically a pimped out forklift. It has no armor value whatsoever.
Still a vehicle, but i sure wouldn't call it a mecha.

>> No.56581080

It is the power armour and mecha equivalent of a spork.

>> No.56581097

I use this rule to tell if something is a mecha or powered armor:
If you put a physically stronger person inside, can the mecha lift more or hit harder?
If yes, it's augmenting the user and it's a mecha (power armor).
If no, then the user is along for the ride, and it's a mecha (vehicle).

So the Power Lifter from Aliens? Vehicle.
Jager from Pacific Rim? Vehicle.
Power Armor Frame from Fallout 4? Power Armor.
Dreadknight? Vehicle.

I used to use Duct Tape Fusion from Invader Zim to just fuse my Gundam and my Variable Fighter together, and simultaneously annoy both fandoms.

It can be one layered over the other.

>> No.56581100

When Grey Knights comes out I hope we'll be able to get one of the cooler fan designed dreadknights.

>> No.56581113

Is it fucking huge and is there a cockpit.

If yes, Mecha.
If no, Power Armor.


>> No.56581121


Could be that the more durable material is used for the skeleton and protecting critical components.

Could be that the materials are just layered (which may have possible weight issues)

>> No.56581147

What if it is too small to be a mecha, too large to be power armor, and the method of control is difficult to categorize as a cockpit or armor (either due to it being neither or a combination of the two)?

>> No.56581175

Then it's a piece of shit.

Also, what's "too small" to be a mech. Titans are still mecha and they're on the low, low-end of mech sizes.

>> No.56581179

Don't be mean to Megaman and the Dalek Emperor you guys

>> No.56581182

Then it is a spork

>> No.56581188

Daleks are for bullying.

>> No.56581203

But Megaman isn't

>> No.56581227 [SPOILER] 

Good Night, Sir Nighteye.

>> No.56581229


>> No.56581253

Immediate spoilers are always appreciated fuckbag.

>> No.56581258

I don't know what's more sad: That Val makes these absurd jumps, or that the thread accepts them.

>> No.56581261

Reminds me of those harnesses new parents carry their babies around in.

>> No.56581264

Cracker_Jack was making high-powered jumps before Val, anon

>> No.56581265

>I don't know what's more sad: That Timmy makes these absurd shitposts, or that Timmy's parents accepts them.

>> No.56581267

Obviously the sadder thing is that this thread continues to attract shit posters.

>> No.56581268

What do you mean "too small"? Mecha can be very small, they're still mecha. Sometimes people put "Mini" in front of it to differentiate the size difference, but that's not required.

If it's got internal control systems that don't just involve you moving normally as if you were wearing armor, it automatically skips to mecha category. Certain mecha do incorporate movement in addition to their internal control systems, but this is not requires.

At any rate, powered armor consists of anything that is form fitting enough to function as only armor, requiring regular movement to function, with possible additional mental/computerized or external systems, such as buttons or panels on the outside of the armor.
Mechs are things with internalized controls that require additional commands to function beyond simple movement.
It is still entirely possible for you to have a shitty mech or suit of power armor which doesn't properly utilize one or the other.

>> No.56581270

But Jaegers are mecha.
You control it with your body movements, but it's still giant hunks of metal being remote controlled.

>> No.56581279

That was the point, ningen.

>> No.56581287

This. Long before you could buy your way into Outer Godhood, there were opportunities for you to forge a weapon out of Galactus' corpse, becoming a magical demiurge or even become Actually God's successor.

>oops, my hand slipped too!
>I wonder what will slip next?

Super was THIS close to making this basically canon.

>> No.56581288

>What if it is too small to be a mecha, too large to be power armor,
…I've never even heard of something like that. Could you give an example?

>> No.56581294

Certain Tau battlesuits.

>> No.56581302

I'm not a heavy 40k fan. I know of the Tau and I know they use some kinds of armor, but the details elude me.
Why are they weird?

>> No.56581321

You know what spoiler tags are for. It's always YOUR fault for revealing them.

>> No.56581322

I still remember when we'd have entire threads about the Light of Terra.
"My Light of Terra is too small," Anon would say. "How can I make my Light of Terra even bigger?"
"Here, let me help you get a handle on it," Anon would answer. "You just need to get a firm grip on it, and then import it in the right place."
"Oh, that's good." Anon would say, "That feels good. Thank you, Anon."
"You're welcome, Anon." Anon would reply. "I just want you to have fun, after all."

>> No.56581326

Felt worse for All Might than I did Nighteye himself desu.

>> No.56581330

The smallest are just power armor and the biggest could be called small mechs but some of them are. . . weirdly sized. Definitely too big to call them power armor but calling them mechs really doesn't fit either. Sort of like a stop gap between power armor and a mech in both size and control method.

>> No.56581332

Spoiler tags with absolutely no indication of what were behind them. As if.

>> No.56581337

Hint: It's spoilers. It's in the name. Your curiosity is your own fault.

>> No.56581338

>it's other peoples fault for not knowing what was behind my spoiler tags, they should be prepared to be spoiled on anything in existence if they mouse over them
Hyper faggot detected.

>> No.56581354

You need to learn to take responsibility for your own mistakes and flaws. The fact that you can't is probably why you're here in the first place, actually.

>> No.56581365

Wow. I have never seen a more beautifully ironic post. You mind if I save it and post it out of context later? Cuz I'm totally doin that.

>> No.56581371

Senpai I'm not here complaining about spoiler tags having spoilers, that's you.

>> No.56581375

I'm pretty sure this guy complaining about spoilers is the same one every time. You'd think he'd have learned by now.

>> No.56581384

I know you're the same guy defending it each time. Sadly, you haven't put a gun in your mouth yet.

>> No.56581417

What if I have power armor that transforms into a mecha? Could I import it into both power armor and mecha import options?

>> No.56581420

you can do anything you put your mind to honey

>> No.56581435

"Anon, have you met Dirge? Quite the mysterious fellow, but I hear he's quite generous when it comes to...endowments"
"W-what kind of endowments would those be?"
"Why, the multiplicative kind! It doesn't matter how big your vessel is, he can make it bigger! You can even bring all your friends along for the ride if you like!"
"Wow! Such a five star dirty deed done dirt cheap, what a story!"

>> No.56581437

That's not a denial.

>> No.56581447

Having spoilers with no context is still a dick move IMO. There is no way to know what is being spoiled. It could be the ending of Harry Potter or some other work you've read. It could be something you haven't and you have no way to tell short of revealing it. It is even worse since it doesn't actually have any relevance to the thread.

>> No.56581450

>put your mind to honey

You have no idea how right you are, the honey item from Fallen London lets you accumulate an entire jungle dream dimension that's also an ideal habitat for mirror-snakes.

>> No.56581462

That's not something you want a habitat for.

>> No.56581467

Harry dies in the last book.

>> No.56581468

It is a jump, so it's pertinent to people who have taken the jump. That's the thing about this thread's subject, ongoing series with jumps can have new, meaningful revelations jumpers might wish to respond to. Like last thread a similar post about another recent event in the same manga had an anon change their jump plans.

>> No.56581487

Here's how I see it. If it enhances the physical strength/durability of the user's body, it's probably power armor.
If it has a cockpit and/or the limbs of the vehicle do not directly envelop the user, it's probably a mecha.

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