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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
How would you make a color combo you think is weak better?

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"Bident of Thassa but Boros"

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So I'm somewhat new to EDH and like monogreen but all the commanders that tickle my fancy look like they all rely on this prick to win games. Is Craterhoof the only win con for mono G decks?

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Give white more ramp and easier draw. At the very least more functional reprints of Land Tax, Mesa Enchantress, Sram, and Mentor.

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pretty much, there are a bunch of cards to bascially do the same thing but at the end of the day its all hoofdaddy

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Omnomnomnath can use Helix Pinnacle, Titania can use Food Chain, Ezuri does it himself, and if you're concerned over budget just use Pathbreaker Ibex a few times.

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All 4-color combos now have extra partner commander options and/or more than a single 4-color creature per color

Reposting from previous:
Help a scrub play a better cookie-cutter deck anons.

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Anon, are you retarded? Do you even speak English? The fuck are you trying to say in that thread question.

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>How would you make a color combo you think is weak better?
It's fine. A little awkward but totally understandable you whiny faggot.
"How would you improve a color combo that you find weak?"

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>How would you make a color combo you think is weak better?
an enchantment in white that reads creatures with power 3 or greater cannot attack, draw a card during your upkeep. exile 3 creatures sac this card

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What is wrong with it? I can understand it perfectly and seemingly everyone else can too.

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Im not going to bore you with grammatical nuance, but it's fucked.

"What colour combos need improvement, and how would you improve them?"

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You're already boring me. Nobody cares. Everybody understood. Kill yourself.

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>Im not going to bore you with grammatical nuance,
>"I realized brain no work for a second but I've gotta double down on an internet fight."

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You guys literally post with these faggots. The absolute state of /edhg/.

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>i wont explain whats wrong with perfectly functional sentence but but just believe me anyway


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Feel free to leave any time.

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>How would you make a color combo you think is weak better

Make mardu more control based

impossible without spending thousands on legends rares however.

I refuse to use ching chong fakes.

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Chinese fakes are fine anon.

>> No.56573894

how is mardu not control based? white and black have amazing amounts of control in it

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Not that anon but the sentence is fucked. Make is the wrong verb in context, and better is a dangling adjective with no descriptor. Really, he wanted the word improve instead of make because it describes bettering something that is weak, but I understand why he didn't want to type out all that nonsense in a magic thread.

Mental misstep.

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>has both black and white
>not control based

Outside of literally counterspells what more do you want that those colors can't do? Shit even red can blow stuff up.

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>friends are shit deckbuilders
>spend hundreds of dollars
>decks are still garbage fires
>set hard $60 budget
>EDH is suddenly fun
It's like seeing color for the first time.

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no they aren't I've bought sets from proxyqueen, villa zheng and others, all don't compare to real ones, villa comes close to the actual colors but the hue of the borders are WAY off, too saturated anyone who knows vintage mtg will tell you this.
I like to build around my generals, I main Atraxa and Nin ( used to use Leovold )
I've just yet to see a mardu general in EDH with really good control, kaalia is the obvious newbie player choice and Alisha dies to everything.

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>been playing for 15 years
>3 guys start playing for 4 months
>build 500 dollar EDH decks
>they whoop everyones asses at lgs league
>nobody plays EDH there anymore

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I run him in Seton but I have a bunch of infinite mana outlets in there too

>> No.56574171

I can't figure out how to build this guy, but I want to.

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>How would you make a color combo you think is weak better?
Keep doing different things with Boros commanders. Depala and Avacyn, though underwhelming, are better than the same old combat trigger beaters we always get.

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My kind of people right there anon.

My LGS does various EDH leagues on our own time secludes since that's what most players lean to now after set releases. It's good, makes the store money and with the shit Wizards has been pulling recently it's a good thing.

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Hey "absolute state"-anon, you're spreading yourself thin

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Pillowfort, goad, force everyone to attack everyone else.
Finishing move is Insurrection

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Since tcgplayer is doing a ten percent off deal for all singles what staples should I buy? Or should I finally get a Gaea's Cradle?

>> No.56574309

Don't worry anon, they'll keep printing shit like pic related for all of the reserved list cards. So eventually in EDH madru control will be possible and you will get the general you want.

>> No.56574320


how do I explain to my table the commander exile rules without just making them watch this video? Got into a huge argument about it last time and my phone doesn't have data so I couldn't prove it

>> No.56574330

Cradle, all reserved list cards will only rise in value. Bite the bullet now.

>> No.56574351

Where do you see their deal? Only site I've seen with proof of an event is CardKingdom

>> No.56574353

I hope so, I want a really oppressive Madru general that WON'T get banned like Leovold did for bug.

Leovold did nothing wrong.

>> No.56574377

So glad I got my Judge Cradle when I did. Nabbed it for $430 about a week before it spiked to its current insane price.

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>Leovold did nothing wrong.

>> No.56574403

>being a spike player

>> No.56574467

I own two cradles one in atraxa one in my reserve safe so yea same friend. also got in on the Shaharazads, Drop of Honey and All Hallow's Eve buy outs. Always listen to your gut on mtg reserve lists buys.
I play in a super competitive league for cash, can't help it lad, mostly spike EDH players around in my area.

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Isn't playing for cash illegal?

>> No.56574562

Got no idea, been doing it at my LGS for a good bit tho never had the cops come busting in lol.

Unless Wizards has some fuck all rule against it I'm not aware of. We don't use the DCI system tho, The store gets a cut and we all have fun so whats the big deal?

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Fiend Hunter and its friends are easy enough to explain if your opponents know how the stack works, and all the new "until ~ leaves the battlefield" cards are trash so it shouldn't ever be relevant.

>> No.56574588

Explain to them that Banishing Light and Banisher Priest have one paragraph, and the returning to battlefield clause doesn't look for a card that is necessarily in exile. Replacement effects do not cause objects to become new objects. Honestly it's a tough sell without a judge to cite, even though it's correct.

>> No.56574682

Depends on the state anon lives in, the rules on playing mtg for cash pretty much don't exist in most places.

>> No.56574770


the fiend hunter one I can explain well as it doesn't introduce any new concepts so it doesn't sound like I'm just pulling something out of my ass to cheat. It's the replacement effects that are just rules they've never heard of so they think I'm wrong

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What is "eggs"?

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Skycloud, Darkwater, Shadowblood, Mossfire, and Sungrass Eggs are a cycle of 1 cmc artifacts with activated abilities "2, {T}, Sacrifice: Add {Y}{Z} to your mana pool. Draw a card" where Y and Z are a pair of allied colors. Later on we got Chromatic Star and Chromatic Prism, which are much the same, but for one mana they make one mana of any color. The eggs strategy is to stack such things, that can sacrifice themselves for a card draw and no net mana lost, along with cards like Lotus Petal and Lotus Bloom, which sacrifice themselves for mana, in order to chain cards like Second Sunrise, Scrap Mastery, and Faith's Reward together, ending with drawing and floating arbitrary gobs of mana.

>> No.56575452

not allowed in my house along with other such favorites like stax and lantern control

>> No.56575503

Along the same lines, what is 4 horsemen?

>> No.56575648

apparently tomorrow there is a 10% kickback on tcgplayer. should i finally pull the trigger on a new EDH deck or buy into modern affinity?

>> No.56575718


Which do you play more of, Modern or EDH?

>> No.56575725

Is this a Legacy thread?
Four Horsemen is a deck that uses Basalt Monolith and Mesmeric Orb to mill a player's entire deck, get out Narcomoebas, (optionally shred your opponent's hand with Cabal Therapy), flashback a Dread Return to get a Sharuum into play, use that to grab a Blasting Station, and then keep milling Narcomoebas and saccing them to Blasting Station to kill your opponent. You also keep one copy of Emrakul in your deck to shuffle everything back in and loop.
This turns out to be a problem. Because your deck's arrangement is random, you have no guarantee that you'll hit, a Sharuum, a Dread Return, and a Blasting Station before you mill Emrakul. Therefore you can't shortcut the game into that scenario, and since the board state doesn't significantly change between loops, at events with a judge you're likely to get hit with a Slow Play violation.

>> No.56575836

There's no pauper general. Why no pauper general. Anyways, I play Edh and pauper exclusively so maybe some other bros can help me out.
Sat out of pauper probably a year. I have a bunch of UB staples, what has changed in the past year. How does UB delver, teachings and alchemy stand?
Also haven't played EDH in the same time. My pet deck is Slobad, any huge shake ups in the format? Kaladesh bring me any cool toys?

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usually EDH

>> No.56575932

>Why no pauper general

because pauper isnt popular

>> No.56575977


>> No.56576008

Pathbreaker Ibex
Myojin of Life's Web
Genesis Wave
Shaman of Forgotten Ways
Triumph of the Hordes

Or just really big dudes like this guy.

>> No.56576084

>How would you make a color combo you think is weak better?
Create a Boros commander that has some form of card advantage built into it.

>> No.56576256

Can you point me to the paper pauper banlist? I don't think one exists and I think that's why your support is so small.

I would just slot hymn to tourach in your deck and fuck kids though.

>> No.56576341

That Modern player does not represent us.

>> No.56576495

You could play Ghalta when he comes out, he wins with Ashnod's Altar, Vizier of the Menagerie, Primeval Bounty, and Bontu's Monument.

>> No.56576518

What are some creatures you wish were legendary so you could build around them?

>> No.56576657

Bump pls

>> No.56576677

What's lantern control

>> No.56576688

a really fucking annoying modern deck

>> No.56576701

This bad boy.

>> No.56576724

Great fucking taste, anon. Love this card.

>> No.56576743

I tried putting him in Nath, I tried Hapatra, but no. I want to build around him and him only. Also, best art.

>> No.56576755

>Ragemutts pull the chariots of the Butcher Clowns, a trio of wingless, zombified faeries formerly of the Izzet.

These things deserve a card so bad it's not even funny.

>> No.56576812

>Grusilda, Monster Masher
>Combine Heartless Hidetsugu and Rakdos Ragemutt

>> No.56576823

Thanks anon, someone was talking about it like it was some sort of legendary deck of ultimate fuckery. It seems strong, but more tedious than anything. I heard something about shuffling until your cards melted, or something like that? Idk, I guess he was way off base.

>> No.56576837

imma try scorp god

>> No.56576850

Tell me if it works.

>> No.56576868

Definitely Tree of Perdition. Dragon Mage would be my waifu.

You're a spicy bastard, I hope you know that anon.

>> No.56576897

how would the end step work with both? only once or would it loop for a time?

>> No.56576965

You put him in a dimir wheels deck. Maybe Grixis if you're a real sadist.

I bet astral slide cycling zur could also be pretty nifty.

>> No.56577013

When someone starts a non-deterministic loop, that being a loop where the number of iterations is unknown an potentially infinite, you have a few options. If you're in an actual event, you make them play it out, with a judge nearby to call slow play. If you're at home, the reasonable thing to do is forfeit, give them the win, and go do something better. The tedium arises when you're too stubborn to quit, but lack the authority to make them quit, so you just sit there as they shuffle their deck until the end of time.

>> No.56577102

What is Basilisk Collar/Loxodon Warhammer and greaves/boots/haste

>> No.56577274

So I found an interesting deck online, and I'm wondering if it's any good. I really like the concept, but let's see if we can improve it at all.


I mostly liked the name "staxdos" but it seems like a reasonable idea. Does anyone have experience with this sort of deck? Seems like I can cut some of the obvious pingers and things for more gas/mana rocks.

>> No.56577682


>> No.56577699



>shouldn’t it be a 16/16?

>> No.56577720

One of the longest, most annoying matchups you never want to have.

>> No.56577754

I bought a foil master biomancer because I thought he was legendary when I got into magic. I even had a complete bullshit deck built around him.

Anyways, I guess I'd run this guy.

>> No.56577756

You could use Hapatra or Scorpion God as a commander and then include Archfiend in the 99 as your “secret commander.” There are plenty of ways to tutor it up in black. I know it’s not the same, but...

>> No.56577794

I’ve never seen this card but I would love to build around it. Good choice!

>> No.56577852

I remember some anon putting grafted exoskeleton on him and saying if you bounced blasphemous act off it, and it'll kill a player with infect, but really, since the damage is redirected, infect doesn't apply.

It would be hilarious though.

>> No.56578014

Ive been savng this question for when I make an EDHG thread but i havent been lucky enough to get the timing down with work. With that being said, if hypothetically, every legendary also had partner, what two would you run? And what do you think would be the spikiest shit you could pull.

>> No.56578036


>> No.56578043

Should I buy promo force spikes or izzet vs golgari? I'm fine either way because I like both arts. (Pic is my altered Ugin, because why not.)

>> No.56578098

Derevi and Narset for maximum Prison/Enchantress fuckery because my LGS is full of no-fun-allowed cancer.

>> No.56578210

Daretti and Arcum

>> No.56578310

>Thread Question
Give Jund a Commander that isn't sacrifice-based.

>> No.56578344

Happy thanksgiving

Post your favorite creature

>> No.56578358


>> No.56578370

So how can we get mtga to have a good edh community guys?You did remember to sign up for the beta right?

>> No.56578400

I'm assuming nonlegendary

>> No.56578416

Needs an edh format to have an edh community

>> No.56578466

Not at launch no, but im sure that edh will get in after drafts. This is the new mtgo after all.

>> No.56578467


>> No.56578486

I've got like 18 of these guys, wish I picked up more foils before they spiked

>> No.56578529

Yidris Wheel and Deal. Fucker is hilarious there.

>> No.56578533

Xenagos and Athreos sound pretty rad together, so let's go with that.

>> No.56578554

That is also my favorite creature anon. Reanimating him at instant speed or flashing him in to block a giant fuck-off creature is the best feeling in the world.

>opponent swings with a stupidly huge ghave when I have no blockers
>Makeshift Mannequin the obliterator, block ghave
>that glorious feeling when ghave didn't have trample, and he had to sac his entire board

>> No.56578567

When did they print a super-affordable ultra-cheap Imperial Seal judge foil? Shit's like $130–150 when Vampiric Tutor (a sub-$20 card) sells for $50 now? Must-include for all black EDH. Especially that fat Sharuum combo.

>> No.56578574

I honestly feel bad for how many games my Meren deck wins just by getting this guy out like 3 times.

>> No.56578580

>How would you make a color combo you think is weak better?
Draw in mono-white, even if group-hug "everyone draws" effects.
More colorless effects to protect artifacts, so that a single artifact nuke doesn't completely shut down colorless decks

>> No.56578589

superb taste

>> No.56578619

>want to build Chainer
>all that expensive black shit you end up needing for mono-b
Fuck, I just wanna grave rob people and cheat bigass creatures into play from my yard

>> No.56578624


>> No.56578631

So I'm looking into Gruul commanders and I have to ask, What is the win-con or overall winning plan for Radha, Heir to Keld? Do you just use her for mana and play goodstuff?

>> No.56578662

10% kickback on tcgplayer. You guys pickin up anything? Just got a phyrexian altar and from the vault delver myself.

>> No.56578664

I don't even have a deck built for this guy atm but he's a good boy nonetheless.

>> No.56578675

How do you build Nebuchadnezzar? Do you focus on ramp so you can turn bounce effects into spot removal, or do you just use untap effects to machine gun him until it works?

>> No.56578727

Omnath locus of Mana, friend. He just gets big and then you poop out big guys and you win

>> No.56578803

Picked up some jank and a deck
>Argothian Elder, Forbidden Orchard, and Maze of Ith for my Jund Lands Deck that already runs Rakdos Charm
>some bigger items for Hapatra now that I'm keeping her
>A pretty rough but decently tuned Arjun eggs deck
Good purchases overall, $50 kickback ain't bad either.

>> No.56578817

Artifacts that have to be equipped.

>> No.56578830

Green Kamahl works pretty well as a MLD commander, who can turn any significant ramp into a wincon, and Patron of the Orochi has quite a few combos of its own.

>> No.56578983

It's not the only but it's easily the best because it pumps the whole team by an absurd number.

>> No.56578998

>draw in mono white

Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

>> No.56579012

Fat creatures and X burn spells are pretty good at getting there.

>> No.56579024

>thread question
Unban Leovold. BUG doesn't deserve getting only decent commander removed, it's already a color of no wincons.

>> No.56579043

>not destroying enemy's creatures, artifacts and lands

>> No.56579049

Why was Leovold banned anyways?
>no wincons

>> No.56579050

>having a shortage of good commanders
If this isn't bait I will break your spine over my fucking knee

>> No.56579073

What would it break? For hybrid commanders, the only W/x hybrid that doesn't have access to at least some decent drawpower is WR, which is generally agreed to be the weakest color pair. Giving white draw power wouldn't make WU, WB, or WG more powerful, or any WU/x, WB/x, or WG/x for that matter. It'd only help mono-white and WR, both of which are generally outclassed in EDH.

>> No.56579091

Of course I'm already doing that. Anyone who hates MLD should learn not to overextend their mana base.

>> No.56579104

I just don't think it's worth destroying the game so that one color/color combo can be better in one format. White has a full toolbox, so giving it draw makes mono white crazy.

>> No.56579137

>Why was Leovold banned anyways?
Because it turns Magic into game of one player smugly sitting at the table and other players not playing at all once Leovold enters the battlefield.

>> No.56579174

>tutor for Anvil of Bogardan
>play Leovold + Anvil
>Lock everyone out of the game
Everyone would gun for the guy playing Leovold

>> No.56579196

This is my main finisher in Kruphix. I love the guy. The other day I managed to activate his Monstrous for X = 400 with 34 mana to spare and a hand full of countermagic to back him up.

>> No.56579225

How does the table let you get to that point?

>> No.56579319

They are all probably idiots that don't aggressively gun for the UG/X player every single time. Of course, this is when poster above smugly states that he's better than his playgroup anyway, so it's not it matters anyway, even if they do so. Fuck UG/X, it's so fucking ez-mode I can't fucking stand it.

>> No.56579391

That was a weird exception to most of my games because of my 3 opponents 1 was mono-green and the other 2 were on Boros. I also had an opener with GSZ so I had my Seedborn Muse out turn 5 and drew into Doubling Cube the turn after.
I'm not a better player, I got trounced the two games prior by Kaalia and Sigarda voltron. I just had a stupid opening hand and my opponents didn't have enough interaction in the decks they played that game.
I'm sorry I like UG, I just wanna slam dumb fatties and draw lots of cards.

>> No.56579903

Don't put them in Hapatra, Put them In Scorpion god. Red and Black care more about discarding than green and black.

>> No.56580071

Then play BG/X, preferably without U. Does the same thing, without being nearly half as cancerous.

>> No.56580140

>telling other people what to play

>> No.56580185

People like you are fucking trash, man. Its not the colors you pick, its the way you build your deck that make it cancerous.Ive got an affinity for shitty cards like Tidal Kraken, and Thorn Elemental. I play UG so I can play my favorite cards. Stop telling people how to enjoy MTG you autistic fucking crybaby.

>> No.56580242

shut up simic faggot

>> No.56580245

>not playing the king of -1/-1 counters

But yeah, wheeling after tutoring up an Archfiend has to feel incredible.

>> No.56580260


>> No.56580281

Maybe i hope so. Or tutoring him up with a Dragon Mage on the field.

>> No.56580300

What commander is best for non-basic land hate?

>> No.56580319

Thick Thalia. She's better in the 99 of Derevi though.

>> No.56580722

for locust god do i need all 3 of tefferis puzzlebox, arjan, and mindmoil?

>> No.56580747

I just use puzzlebox and mindmoil. Honestly they can be a pain to have when you have a perfect hand, but thats because I like to use counterspells.

>> No.56580764

A friend picked up Inalla, enjoyed it but wants something bit stronger that's still somewhat similar, (combo-ish) any suggestions oh sages of /edhg/

i'm a dirty Izzet player who can't offer much advice

>> No.56580768

Why do people want to play Locust God? It's the most ridiculously boring commander I have ever seen. Every Locust God deck is exactly the same. Every game with Locust God is exactly the same. A bunch of wheels and then they kill everyone else in the game in one turn.

>> No.56580776

>Why do people want to play Locust God?

he was my first commander and got me into mtg

boring and fun is subjective

>> No.56580781

Because he is funny

>> No.56580785

Shirei. You get the mana stability of monocolor, and you're essentially running "power 0-1 tribal". Shadowborn Apostle engines/variants are popular, but not necessary. Hell's Caretaker, Blood Artist, Bottle Gnomes, and Workhorse are all good choices.

>> No.56580791

Not the butthurt fag bitching about LG, but if you like wheel synergies and find people getting annoyed by your bugs, check out Arjun.

>> No.56580815

The precon doesn't come with enough ETB Wizards for it to be good, it kinda durdles without a wincon.

Any of the legendaries from the precon are actually better and in my opinion more fun for commander.
Kess is really strong and Mairsil is tonnes of fun.
If your friend is happy with Inalla and wants to make that deck better then just look up some good ETB or leave the battlefield,
but not "dies" since the token is exiled
Wizards to abuse with the pay 1 for a copy with haste.

If he's feeling really spicy Conspiricy for Wizards is good for using whatever creature type you want with dope effects that you can double.

>> No.56580818

Isnt that just the atraxa dexk?

>> No.56580834

>Conspiricy for Wizards

Arcane Adaptation is better.

>> No.56580837

Play sheoldred instead, much more annoying for everyone in the game

>> No.56580839

Oh fuck off! Let people enjoy their commanders. I'm sure your UGx commander is super complex.

>> No.56581411

No you fuck off. That commander is terrible and everybody knows it. Desperate projecting and baseless insults are not an argument.

>> No.56581452

UG is cancerous on its own and would be even more so if you built a deck around Master Biomancer with him in the command zone.

>> No.56581463

Where did the locust touch you? Please post your list of good commanders then, I'm sure its just a copy paste of some cedh tier list anyway.

>not an argument
Epic molyneux meme. Your attitude is disgusting.

>> No.56581503

Not him mate, but the "not an argument" thing generally stands alone if it's molyneux inspired, he was at least putting some reasoning into his statement

So... what you wrote was not an argument :^)

>> No.56581566

I literally translated "not an argument" from my native language, where it's commonly used. There is no point in arguing with you since you don't have a point whatsoever. You can't even write a coherent post on its own. I pity you.

>> No.56581610 [DELETED] 

Take your pity and shove up your asshole.

>> No.56581634

As if I care that some anonymous retard on a thread about a card game pities me. Go fuck yourself douche.

>> No.56581701

This thread is fun

>> No.56581730

Where did the pity touch you?

>> No.56581731

What's your most fun interaction in the game anon? What two cards do you play and go
>oh baby that's a spicy meatball

>> No.56581770

it's not two, and i'm not him, but i like this one a lot.

>> No.56581849 [SPOILER] 

also, THIS ONE

>> No.56581929

Pretty basic interaction but when it goes well it's a one-sided wrath followed by big numbers.

>> No.56581941

Say I had an anthem Enchantment out that gave all of my creatures +1/+1, would all of my creatures die before getting the state based buff or would I get the 1/1 copies of the Hydra?

>> No.56581966

Am I a cunt if I play orims chant+isochron and bloodmoon so i can stax my enemies out?

>> No.56581982

You'd keep your stuff. It's the same if you had your anthem and decided to cast a X=0 ballista or endless one

>> No.56581999

Only if you get salty when they bully you with their Timmysaurs and Johnnysongs when you aren't controlling them.

>> No.56582012

It's not really a hot tamale but whenever I see both As Foretold and Paradox Haze in my opening hand I get all fuzzy inside.

>> No.56582081

This is my WIP land list for Edgar Markov (Mardu)

I'm aiming for 38 lands, any comments on what should be cut/added, I don't have the money for a caverns atm so that's out of the question.

>> No.56582091

K, I never get salty and I think it will be funny.

>> No.56582102

Just remember that there's the chance you'll get to do it once before you annoy the guy with facesmasher.dec or counterspell.dec

>> No.56582144

I have 7 decks, I have no fear.

>> No.56582150

I took out Temple of the False God out of almost all my decks. That you don't have enough lands for it to work happens way too often and it's a serious problem with that card. Also two colorless mana aren't that great in a three-color deck.

>> No.56582175

After having tested an Ink-Treader deck I decided I'd rather not. It'd be a little too busted for my taste if I could have it in the command zone.

>> No.56582206

Steel hellkite

Hope of Ghirapur + Emrakul

Prototype Portal + Ugin's Nexus + a sac outlet.

>> No.56582221

remove temple of the false god, promenade, rupture spire, garrison, basilica, and carnarium. i'd say put in another basic of each type and some utility lands. some that i enjoy in those colours are westvale abbey, geier reach sanitarium, rix maadi, volrath's stronghold, high market, vault of the archangel, windbrisk heights, bojuka bog, or strip mine

>> No.56582223

So I don't get it, how do eggs get you infinite mana with Faith's Reward if Faith's Reward only brings them back once?

>> No.56582243

Probably Codex Shredder.

>> No.56582261

Tell me cool tricksy things I can do with Zada Hedron Grinder instead of just goblin token aggro

>> No.56582294

Also my favorite creature art.

>> No.56582326

>putting this in the cage with Mairsal

>> No.56582345

Is damia sage of stone doable on a budget?
Is she good?
is she fun?

>> No.56582656

Is it wrong to steal the pretty basic lands from the game store whenever I'm drafting? I build my deck, get some good-looking lands from the land station and after the draft I put in ugly lands I brought in from home. Nobody noticed yet and I doubt anybody ever will.

>> No.56582701

I doubt people care about that, the only basic lands that differ in price are foil or special ones that they wouldn't put on the land station anyway

>> No.56582734

If you got the lands out of a box of whatevers its fine as long as your going 1:1 with the giving.

>> No.56582883

But is it as beautiful as pic related?

>> No.56583125

Do you think Wotc knows parter commanders were a mistake and no one likes them or will we see more

>> No.56583160

I 1:1 trade basics in to the land station. I only grab the white borders though

>> No.56583266

>> No.56583273

What are you talking about? Partner commanders are wildly successful. People use them all the time. There is very limited design space with them though, you can't have partners that would simply allow you to splash any color you like, and the more partner commander there are the more interactions they have to keep in mind.

>> No.56583459

>trying to double sleeve deck
>always 5 cards that the inner sleeves catch and start coming out of the bottom of the inner sleeve 3/4ths of the way into the outer sleeve

name ONE/PING/FETCH thing more infuriating than this.

>> No.56583596

Remember that the mana you get from her attacking disappears once you move to Declare Blockers, so you better have something instant speed to use it on.

>> No.56583620

Take some random spare card and insert it together with the inner sleeved card into the outer sleeve. Then take out the spare card.

>> No.56583727

Is this supposed to be proof that no one uses Tana because Tana by herself doesn't get used? Tana Commands 28 Gruul, 90 Jund, 244 Naya, 23 Temur, 19 Glint Eye, 360 Dune Brood, 27 Ink Treader, or 791 decks total.

>> No.56583847

That isn't going to work if the opening of the inner sleeve is at the bottom and the outer sleeve opening is at the top. Don't tell me anon... you actually have both openings the same direction?

>> No.56583863

I'm gonna grab a blade of selves for my friend along with some other cards for packs I'm getting for xmas, I'm poor af so think if I get them some cards to add to their decks it'll be personal enough and they'll apprieciate it.
They use the Cat precon and it'd be a really good addition.

>> No.56583932

Okay, I will explain it again.
You take the card you want to sleeve.
You put it into the inner sleeve with the opening at the bottom.
You lay the card with the inner sleeve on the spare card.
You take the two cards and insert them into the outer sleeve as if they were one card.
You take the spare card out of the outer sleeve.

>> No.56584073

I don't think this works

>> No.56584116


>> No.56584147

Put Breath of Fury on Pia's first Thopter. Pia attacks, unless you have only one opponent left you get another thopter, put Breath of Fury on that Thopter, and keep going. It fails once you've knocked all but one opponent out of the game, but if you manage things carefully you can just get the last one to within one hit of dying.

It also works a lot better with Pia and Kiran.

>> No.56584156

I work at an LGS and I can tell you no one gives a shit about taking basics. Any of them worth anything are already taken out and we have literally thousands of them laying around. Usually we end up burning them.

>> No.56584158

Not him but if he put the Aura on the original Thopter wouldn't it work?

>declare Pia w/ Blade and Thopter with BoF attackers
>myriad to create more Pia tokens
>ETB each create a 1/1 Thopter
>legend rule state happens, sacrifice the token Pia's from myriad
>Thopter deals combat damage, is sacrificed and you attach BoF to another Thopter

>> No.56584160

I've already got a permission control deck, helmed by Jin-Gitty, but it's not gonna cut it for me. I'm starting to draw more and more hate from certain people at my LGS, due to out of game reasons, and I'm gonna need to shut down a whole table in a jiffy. I've got Atraxa built and its win con is charge counters: It's a little bit stax-y, a little bit tax-y, but nowhere near enough. Give me your meanest prison/tax/stax artifacts and enchantments, so I can build a pile of only mana ramp and lockdown.

>> No.56584164

How is this supposed to work? It doesn't make sense.

>> No.56584175

>getting bullied for out of game reasons
You deserve it all lad

>> No.56584186

Oh I see. The image made it look like Breath of Fury went on Pia and not a Thopter

>> No.56584206

That doesn't work, the Thopters don't have haste.

>> No.56584210

The issue is the Thopters that aren't the first have summoning sickness, no?

>> No.56584228

>Locust God? It's the most ridiculously boring commander I have ever seen.
I take it you've never seen Nekusar, then? A good Locust deck can have at least a couple silly avenues to victory in case it gets (soft) locked out of the boss, Neksuar's backup plan is usually just similar effects - Ebony Owl, Underworld Dreams, Megrim...

>> No.56584248

They sure do

>> No.56584260

Yeah but there's nothing better then someone using fractured identity on Nekusar and then making the Nekusar player draw themselves to death.

I guess its not hard to give things Haste in Red.

>> No.56584268

I'm aware I'm not really a good guy here. But role of "good guy" is filled by a guy who tries to get anyone who doesn't conform to his idea of what biblically just conduct is b& or hated out, and oftentimes, a table is him, and his sibling / best friend / best friend's sibling playing decks bought w/ parents' money. He gets tilted pretty easy, so I want to see if I can get his whole brood away, so our card shop can feel relaxed again.

>> No.56584323

I get it, you're trying to bully him with the cards because it's completely cool and fine, but if it's earning you hate in game it's obviously not going unnoticed.
It might not be best to go full control, since it sounds like he's already got enough clout to make you not enjoy playing at the shop anyway.

Have you tried talking about it with him?

>> No.56584427

My LGS wants $150 for a "new mint sun bleached tropical island" in pic related. Is that worth it?

>> No.56584465

new mint? that's a decent price. you can look up prices online.

>> No.56584497

>Winter Orb
>Static Orb
>Sphere of Resistance
>Orb of Dreams
>Torpor Orb
... it takes balls to play Stax.
>Clock of Omens
Not on its own but it does really funny things with some other choices
>Thorn of Amethyst
>The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
>Nether Void
>The Abyss
>Chains of Mephistopheles
Spare no expense if you want World Enchantments.
>Descent into Madness
>Bottomless Pit
>Ethersworn Canonist
>Tangle Wire
>Lodestone Golem
>Mana Vortex
>Land Equilibrium
>Gibbering Descent
>Null Chamber
Surprisingly fun
>Pithing Needle
>Phyrexian Revoker
huh, but...
>Lethal Vapors
>Aether Storm
You name your own shit with Pith effects.

>> No.56584534

near mint*

its "sun bleached" though, not sure if that affects the price, there is a HP one next to it for comparison

>> No.56584565

... Wow. In that case, Might I recommend Counterbalance+Sensei's Divining Top?

>> No.56584574

Well aren't you a special fucking snowflake

>> No.56584596

Actually, hate in-game came from a bias he developed just overhearing me exchanging banter. He considers anyone who swears unholy. He refuses to talk about it, since I'm already evil in by his perspective; We're talking chris-chan levels of delusion, here.

Also, for what it counts, I've been playing Voltron or aggro up til now, which has also enraged him because he considers swinging for any reason besides a damage trigger to start a combo or at any point besides a single game winning swing unsportsmanlike.

>> No.56584623

Fair enough, from your initial response I thought it was more of a disagreement than him being an Paladin of autism.

If he hates combat you should build a deck where you go infinite combats with tiny 1 or 2 attack boys and whittle him down.

Then when he says it's taking too long you say "time grinds even mountains to dust"

>> No.56584635

Maximum cancer is authorized. Unleash counter/top, Lantern Control, MLD, and hard stax.

>> No.56584753

Any sites doing any good Black Friday deals?

>> No.56584856

I mean personally the sun bleaching kills my optimism, would rather get the HP one because at least the color is there. Otherwise that seems like a good price though "near mint sun bleached" doesn't really make sense. You'd think sun bleaching would put it under played or something ... advertising ploy probably

>> No.56585184

What's a good way to produce bunches of unimportant permanents? I want to say Orochi Hatchery, especially since proliferation, but I'm almost certainly missing a better answer.

>> No.56585515

Nightshade Peddler into Dragonlord Atarka is incredibly satisfying. And because she has trample the deathtouch is relevant in combat too.

>> No.56585559

Force everyone to attack Fumiko, Grenzo 2.0, Basandra, Gahiji, War's Toll, Avatar of Slaughter, Bull Whip

>> No.56585565

Tcgplayer has 10% kickback on all singles. Do that.

>> No.56585585

Ideally, rather than a gorillion extra permanents you want something that gives you a trickle for free. Orochi Hatchery isn't bad, per say, especially when you can drop it on 1 and proliferate it up to good values, but you will be strapped for mana by your own shenanigans so 5 to make the tokens can hurt. Assemble the Legion is notorious for being able to feed an arbitrary Smokestack but Atraxa can't run it. Bitterblossom, though, is always popular. Ajani, Caller of the Pride is probably better for a "Big" token hit since he only costs 3 and will give you seriously all the tokens you ever need. Any Elspeth PW is also decent at crapping out tokens, especially Knight Errant or Sun's Champion, you'll have to + Tirel for life now and again. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar also makes tokens on a +.

The best trick, better than tokens, might be the Salvaging Station Package. Use Salvaging Station and a bunch of 0 and 1 mana artifacts, ideally with etb or death triggers. Flayer Husk, for example, comes in with a Germ. Sac the Germ (untapping Station) and the husk then tap the station to get Husk+Germ again. The "Draw a card" baubles can get you value if you don't need to sac them yet, and the Scars Spellbombs can draw even if you do just sac them. And Origin can make a token to replace itself, draw you a card, and then be recurred with station (which untaps if you sac the token). A lot of station-capable cards are independantly good (you can recur Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, and Mana Vault after all. In fact, if you have Vault and Station, never pay to untap Vault again! Just sacrifice and recur it!) while all the baubles and spellbombs cheaply move you another card deeper in your library, possibly while doing something else of value, until you find the Station to start reusing them as sacrificial fodder.

>> No.56585613

Also, consider Sun Titan and his new vampire version, which open up such delightful sacbait as Servo Schematic (Three permanents for the price of one!), Ichor Wellspring, and the Puzzleknot cycle (Hilight: Cogworker's and Metalspinner's)

>> No.56585929

I'm actually working on a similar idea, with a bit less of a focus on creatures


>> No.56585973

I was discussing with a friend we disagreed a bit.
Full background I like playing pretty balanced semi-control creature based decks that often win through combat or in a creature based way and my friend loves hardcore control and his favourite decktype is always counterspell tribals and he loves his Lantern Control modern deck.

I was arguing that the Declare Attacks and Blockers phase of the game is a lot more nuanced than people let on and if you think about those particular phases moreso than your opponents you can get the edge in games just by baiting people into making what they think is the optimal play, and he thinks that it's total shit and it's almost impossible to gain an advantage from a good player through the combat phase as opposed to interaction with their cards and boardstate outside of attacking and blocking in particular.

I'm not adverse to non-combat interactions, I love that aspect of Magic, but am I not also correct about Attackers and Blockers being less straightfordward than most people believe?

>> No.56586070

On more complicated board states, sure.

>> No.56586198

I have no idea where you're from (I'm assuming you're in the US), but my country is very much anti-gambling and me and some friends and colleagues from high school had to do community service and attend one year of gambling support groups because we were caught doing precisely that (though we weren't playing EDH).;

>> No.56586531

Nah dude that ain't grave robbing. I want to make everyone die to their own creatures

>> No.56586709

Anyone else pick up cool stuff for their deck today?

I got my package of FTV: Transform and all but two of the cards(delver and elbrus) are finding their way into decks.

>> No.56586754

How don't you have a home for Delver but have one for Jace?

Which deck are you running Bruna and Gisela in? I was thinking about running them in a psuedo-Brisela deck with Bruna as the commander and Gisela in the 99.

>> No.56586758

I bought a foil monastery mentor and a vadalkon orrary for my gwafa deck

>> No.56586808

Let's say there's this one dude who only runs Combo decks at my LGS, and everyone else is too dumb to target him before he can go off.

Let's say I have a Scrambleverse and a Warp World lying around. Maybe a Possibility Storm, too. What R/x commander should I build around for a "Fuck the boardstate" deck? I was thinking Zedruu so I can gift people stuff too.

>> No.56586889

i wouldn't run warp world/scrambleverse. they are symmetrical. they disrupt the combo player, sure, but to the benefit of nobody. if you want to stop the combo player you should run control, removal, theft, and disruption.

i run lots of combo decks and you really just need to counter/destroy the combo pieces in order to shut it down.

>> No.56586917


>> No.56586919

How many grave-based decks are too many?

>> No.56587042

>friend buys 9 IMA packs
>pulls foil Thoughtseize, Vorinclex, Flusterstorm, Ob Nix, Teferi, and Cryptic Command
Why does this shit never happen to me.

>> No.56587168

if you are spending 9 mana and 2 cards to mix up your opponents permanents then you probably aren't going to win that game. scrambleverse will draw counters. and if you are concerned with a player comboing off i highly doubt you will have time to play these high priced, extravagant sorceries.

here are some cards that can actually shut down combos: rest in peace, stony silence, counterspell, swords to plowshares, rakdos charm, torpor orb, trinisphere, leonin arbiter, eidolon of rhetoric, spirit of the labyrinth, time stop, kataki, etc.

most combo decks can go off by turn 4, 5, 6.

>> No.56587175

Are there better online EDH communities than Cockatrice? Everyone there gets pissed at control and combo.

>> No.56587247

none of those are really that valuable aside from the thought seize. he probably barely made his money back. your better off not wasting your money and just buying what you need

>> No.56587298

>Bought a single pack of EMA
>pull foil Sensei's Divining Top
>it gets banned two days later

>> No.56587358

>spends 90-ish before tax, if tax
>pulls approximately
>70,10, 25, 2, 3, 20 = 130
I mean 40 bucks up isn't so bad, better than average I'd call it. Plus pretty much all of those carry some desire in EDH or other formats so he should be able to move them if he's not keeping them

>> No.56587380

I've got $50 to spend on cards. I'm building Gishath, Wort the Raidmother (thinking Burn), and I'm thinking about Gitrog Monster.

What do I get?

>> No.56587405

ya but that is entirely dependant on the foil thought seize which you could open another case and not pull. opening packs is for idiots who want to waste money, just buy singles

>> No.56587433

gitrog is my personal favorite of those but its really dependant on your being able to afford a crucible of worlds

>> No.56587436

Gitrog. It's super easy to make on a budget, and upgrading it is as simple as a Life from the Loam later on.

>> No.56587437

Too many LGS virgins in this thread

>> No.56587527

Ramunap Excavator friendo.

>> No.56587561

He spent around $70 total

>> No.56587647

>Top banned

>> No.56587669

In Legacy

>> No.56587716

Ah. Thanks, anon and, um, at least you can still run it here?

>> No.56587963

The point is the price tanked.

>> No.56588035

i was gonna say. I saw whole box going for 150-160 this weekend. No way a pack is still 10. If i didnt want a bunch of stuff from it id say Iconic blows.

>> No.56588086

Buying Iconic Masters is a fool's errand, but it's exactly what people had been demanding all this time, a reprint set that actually accomplishes significantly driving prices down.

>> No.56588133

Yeah definitely, the guy still got lucky though

>> No.56588179

Yeah there are a few things I want in there. Not many, but they are there.

>> No.56589125

In a vacuum:
>Blind Obedience or Kismet?
>Descent into Madness or Painful Quandary?

>> No.56589330

Most fun way to play her?

>> No.56589354

Oh i bought two boxes. But i like to draft so its for that instead. Otherwise i feel like Iconic was a mistake and they pushed it too hard.

>> No.56589397

tap 5 generic and 2 white mana during one of your main phases.

>> No.56589481

Scrub i tap a plains, sol ring, plains, desert of the true. In that order, orgasm every time.

>> No.56589484

In a deck that can turn your opponents lands into 1/1's.

>> No.56589524

With marshalls anthem

>> No.56589597

How do you do that in mono white? Urborg + Kormus Bell? Any others?

>> No.56589618

Blind Obedience
Painful Quandary

>> No.56589861

>What R/x commander should I build around for a "Fuck the boardstate" deck?

Ruric Thar fucks with combo players hard.

t. Combo Player and Ruric player

>> No.56589903


I buy Master's sets and do Phantom drafts with friends. Get a good time drafting, and I get to keep all the good stuff. Worth it to me. But buying it just to crack them definitely ain't worth while.

>> No.56590054

Has anyone else had issues with dragonshields bending cards? I've used two packs and one is great but the other visibly affected the cards I put in them.

>> No.56590066

There is a 99% I'm going to build this guy, so was thinking, what are the best combinations I should always seek?

Until now I have thought at
- Serpentine crocodile
- half squirrel half pony
- rhino kangaroo
- monkey bot (but I'm not sure it Works)

Some are obvious, there are more I'm forgetting\don't see?

>> No.56590182


7 mana commanders will only get cast once or twice per game, and Damia is carrying a giant sign that reads "please kill me before my next turn", making her die even more often.
Tasigur does a better job of playing Sultai goodstuff unless you absolutely hate the graveyard, but in that case, why are you playing Sultai?

>> No.56590211

>I'm a giant faggot who doesn't understand the format
Make your own thread for your yet-to-be-released bullshit.

>> No.56590235

so is it crazy to make tappedout lists of your opponents decks just to analyze them and find the best ways of destroying them?

is it worse to deliberately change story details slightly when posting on a site they know nothing about just to retain anonymity in case they ever show up to a thread on a site they never go to?

>> No.56590273

Is this autism?

>> No.56590284

i dont think so.

>> No.56590341

Never had a problem with them.

>> No.56590437

Stax for Atraxa guy from earlier here, I have no idea what I'm doing. Does link seem alright?


>> No.56590476

Must have gotten a defective product, it isn't anything too serious anyways.
On a related not is there a way to flatten out cards again?

>> No.56590490

I once had an opponent cast Damia on turn 2 and neither my opponents or I had an answer for another couple turns. That shit can get out of hand real quick.

>> No.56590544

put them under a few books for a day, other than that not really

>> No.56590560

Cool, thanks.

>> No.56590577

That's not an argument for Damia, that's an argument against fast mana and for running spot removal

>> No.56590642

ya just know that they will probably never be perfectly flat again

>> No.56590673

>Host game in cockatrice called chill edh
>Everyone leaves randomly
I dont think i'll ever learn

>> No.56590678

okay so because of a weird mixup there are 5 sleeves in my zada deck that are totally different from my other sleeves. Same color but one is glossy and the other is textured. How do I fix this without buying a new pack of sleeves

>> No.56590708

>"Casual EDH"
>people show up with what would be $4000 decks

>> No.56590710

Speaking of bloodmoon last thread:
>started running a "rakdos" monored deck just to tutor blood moon as soon as possible
>first game I do it against 3 UGx decks, each and every single one scoops when it comes out t3
>second game I run the stupid deck someone is running Atraxa, instantly scoops bitching about "spirit of the format" despite playing doubling season super friends
>third game is a Feldon deck, a progenitus deck and gitrog legacy lands deck
>tutor blood moon, slap it down t2
>gitrog just throws his hands in the air and scoops, progenitus starts pouting but doesn't scoop out of spite for a couple turns
>feldon is just sitting there looking confused
>we proceed to have a goofy slugfest and a fantastic time
Any other ways I can make nonbasic land users cry? Back to basics seems pretty stronk, but I'd rather keep it monored or rakdos.

>> No.56590721

Anyone? pls help

>> No.56590808

I dont think the price matters as much as their force of will rhystic study counterspell mono blue deck does

>> No.56590824

Ruination is a beaut. Volcanic Awakening if you chain enough rituals and cantrips. Volcanic Offering for dem sweet politics

>> No.56590843

>Any other ways I can make nonbasic land users cry?
Price of progress and Ruination are a start. I'm sure there is more "destroy target non-basic" you could find in red.

>> No.56590915

This is exactly what I'm looking for. Volcanic offering seems pretty good too.

Price of progress seems a little... weak but I'm sure I could copy it a coupe of times. I'm mostly looking for symmetrical effects. Magus of the Moon is already in there, but I'll go on the gatherer and see if I can find some stuff.

>> No.56590992

>tfw bring some janky fun mono blue deck like Patron of the Moon or Mistform Ultimus or some shit to a game
>people see mono blue and assume I'm going to do lockdown or OTK bullshit
>focus me out of the game ASAP

>> No.56591037

>Patron of the Moon
>not lockdown
But why?

>> No.56591062

In groups that are fine with stuff like that, I'll run the "no lands allowed" build, but sometimes I just want to mess around with a landfall deck.

>> No.56591074

Building Selesnya.
What color should my sleeves be?
>Apple Green

>> No.56591114

Whatever color matches your chastity cage.

>> No.56591126 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56591164

A gentle yellow.

>> No.56591200

Generally speaking, more money means more powerful cards.

>> No.56591217


>> No.56591225

>Play blue

>> No.56591227

Neon green. fucks with opponent's eyes, gives you the edge.

>> No.56591264

Very funny.

Black is objectively the best color, at least for the inside. But eclipse sleeves are just too much.

Apple green seems pretty bright.

>> No.56591329

Where did the g/w players are cucks meme come from?

>> No.56591331

pink sleeves you sissy slut

>> No.56591347

What's the best commander for being angry

>> No.56591376

Fumiko. Make everyone else angry too.

>> No.56591379

>tfw Zendikar fetches will never be the same price as Khans fetches

Just reprint them in a standard set already you fucks

>> No.56591384

Omnath, locus of rage
Borborgymos enraged

>> No.56591388

There's literally a commander called the Locus of Rage famalam.

>> No.56591413

From GW players. In everyone’s experience, they’re always female(male) sluts who blow you under the table when you blow them out of the game.

>> No.56591433

they wont because when they had fetches in standard an average standard deck cost more than a lot of modern decks. being able to do 3+ color in standard makes deck prices retarded

>> No.56591462


>> No.56591511

My autistic unshaven obese friend plays exclusively GW. Is he trying to tell our group something?

>> No.56591539

Either Akroma

>> No.56591549

How fun are these decks? I like the mass ramp idea and having it do other stuff is also great

>> No.56591627

>play GW
>lose the game first
>everyone bullies me
>secretly turns me on
>cant do anything about it since im caged by the rakdos player
>he gives me that look and we fuck in the bathroom later
>he leaves me a mess on the floor and plays the next game

>> No.56591649

Also they look pretty cheap

>> No.56591739

>his keyholder isn't Azorius stax

>> No.56591746

They’re pretty common, but from what I’ve seen they’re really fun to play.

>> No.56591770

>Be running Higure the Still Wind
>Get focused by table of Breya, Scion Reanimator, and Tasigur for running mono-blue

>> No.56591789

His razor is locked inside a cuck cage

>> No.56591793

sorry im a masochist so BR is a better fit though i wouldnt mind a nice jund key holder to tear my ass up

>> No.56591826

Stop seriously guys just fuck or masturbate or whatever to feel better. I can unleash autism you've never dreamed of, I'd rather not because this is a nice place, so take this larp elsewhere.

>> No.56591883

Autistic fetish Anon...
This is a meme...

Chances are the posters themselves aren't getting anything out of it lewd wise.
gayposting is an edhg tradition

>> No.56591902

what part of im caged dont you understand, i literally cant jerk off until my rakdos BF lets me

>> No.56591938

New thread is up, migrate whenever.

>> No.56591959

Where do you guys find people who actually play? The few people at the LGS who still play Magic are vehemently opposed to EDH, and most of my friends have tried Magic and didn't like it much.

>> No.56592012

I have friends that aren't brainlets
I have friends that are as autistic as I am

Choose either depending on your world view

>> No.56592054

All of my friends who don't like Magic have STEM degrees. The rest of my friends have seen the Magic players at LGSes and don't want to be associated with them.

>> No.56592101

If you can distinguish them from the others while they're in the deck, someone will eventually call you out for cheating whether you are or not. Nothing you can do to the sleeves, buy new ones and save yourself a headache

>> No.56592128

Wouldn't you get more enjoyment actually playing games rather than making people scoop? Not complaining about Blood Moon, but it seems like you get enjoyment from other people not wanting to play with you.

>> No.56592150

>take this larp elsewhere
It's ERP and it's more welcome here than you are, autist-kun.

>> No.56592201

>Any other ways I can make nonbasic land users cry?
Build budget decks and play them unsleeved.

>> No.56592310

>welcome on a blue board
>welcome in a thread that has nothing to do with ERP or RP or even E
Don't kid yourself anon. It has flied under the radar a couple of times because it was mildly entertaining the first time around, but keep it up and people will start reporting out of annoyance.

>> No.56592460

Delver isn't useful in commander. It's a 3/2. Any card can be a 3/2.

Jace, meanwhile, is an extremely good card.

I'm running Bruna and Gisela in a theme deck lead by Archangel Avacyn.

Mentor's gr8, but what's the synergy with gwafa? Just getting value off of your counters / etc? I run him in Sram, because my list runs a lot of auras.

>> No.56592480

Half-squirrel half-pony got errata'd anon.

>> No.56593556

hello my african-american

>> No.56594199

>open my ftv:transform
>huntmaster of the fells is the display card instead of avacyn
Who the fuck was the retard who did this? The only people who care about werewolves are retards and modern players who dont even play with physical cards. When i find who did this Im going to attend a gp where they will be, shit my pants and flig my turd filled drawers at them. Fucking unbelivable.

>> No.56594345

Are we actually allowed to buy this? I thought From the Vault sets were just hoarded by stores and only "sold" to elite friends and relatives of the owners (like back in the day).

>> No.56594537

Im notnsure about your area but I was definately able to get one.

>> No.56594648

>TFW My LGS sells FTV sets at MSRP without descrimination, just first come first serve.

It's a good feel. Got mine today.

>> No.56594699

I preorded mine at $50, because everyone knew the baby walkers were going to be in it. I think the only FtV you'd have been really burned ordering at that price would've been Annihilation.

>> No.56594805

cheap and ez, you can get away with playing like 44 or 55 lands and 20 or so ramp spells. ramp to play angry angry omnath, ramp to drop 5/5s. play omnath again because of removal and ramp some more. throw in some enchantments to work off of the ramp and grul goodstuffs.

>> No.56595063


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