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The primaris conspiricy, edition.

>Sly Marbo and some smug primaris angels.

>Spot where I replace the daily duncan video with some stupid youtube meme xDD.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nZDnj1peY8 [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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First for Noise Marines on Open Day

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Rounded up the various TEQs and multi-wound infantry in a modification of the mathhammer chart to stack up the elites against one another. Included all loadouts, a few more targets and points efficiency calculations (it's on the Heavy Infantry tab). Thoughts?

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Huzzah for reasonably cheap and un-Nurgled conversion fodder. My Biologis are happy even if I'd like to see what absolute mess they make of making it a sprue. I can almost certainly use two of those to make the head and missile pods if I ever go for the Biologis Vulturax.

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How long before the obligatory Black Library trilogy?

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I think I might use these to make Kastellax Robots on tracks. Just add Helbrute arms or something.

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never. primaris is the new hot stuff, man.

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What would Yvraines roasted Ork head taste like?

Happy Thanksgiving, anons.

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>Feed Me, Sly!

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Marbo release is trending on social media. No one is talking about those boring DA/BA primaris.

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What would Yvraine's roast beef taste like?

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Of course, they are just lieutenants after all, there is nothing to talk about.

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I’d probably eat that. Mushrooms are fucking delicious.
Guillimans dick.

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Most merciful of men when?

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Social Media was a mistake.
Im happy for the IG fellas, Marbo is interesting, but the only thing im talking with my friends, who don't play SM, is the rest of the stuff

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>Primaris are the how new thing
>nobody is talking about them


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And Sly is just a Private.

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Orks are not edible.
Someone would had figure out an Ork farm by now

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Reposting this because fuck this guy, seriously

> If you're a student, this hobby is not for you

Than who the fuck is going to buy the models imbecile?
Grown ass people have jobs and family that takes most of their time and it is very rare for them to justify spending considerable amount of money on plastic miniatures. Even in that case they are mostly into historicals.

>Better Quality=higher price
No , fuck you. The models are the industry standart. It always was the case.
When sisters of battle minis came after the fall of the soviet union they were the best in the market. GW is just following the industry standart. They are not creating minis that are way better than their competitors.

>poor dont buy argument

Lol, again fuck you sideways. People who are actually rich wont even spend a single dime on 28mm plastic miniatures. Rich people are very carefull with how they spend their money.
>inb4 you post rich american kids spending money on useless shit.
In that case they arent spending money on plastic man fighting either, they are not the gw customers.
GW customers are kids and students and they have to appeal to them to keep selling their plastic crack.

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>4 hours of YouTube videos
Isn't War by Deception only like two hours, though?

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Too bad the catachan infantry look so fucking terrible

Why they released the command squad, characters and heavy weapons, but left the actual guardsman the 1998 sculpts ill never know

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Orks figured out a human farm, though.

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Only a sith talks in absolutes.

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That is one smug DA.

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Yo be fair marines are the most boring part of 40k.
They are nice hook to the hobby, but once inside. Everything else is more interesting

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he's just managed to convince someone he's not a heretic

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This game is a hobby. Post what you hobbied on recently

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its just because they haven't made any cool characters for them yet. I mean we are still setting up the plot of how well all the Marine Chapters accepted the primaris. Once that's over with we are going to probably get the all new Blood Angels characters and special characters for each of the Chapters.

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Makes sense. Marbo is a meme and a beloved characters. The Primaris Marines are literal who's and also Primaris Marines which no one wanted or asked for.

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why did you ruin that model with that silly headswap

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Well humans eat human already so hardly a new thing

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>I seriously hope you guys aren't fallen

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If you play non-conscript guard you want to buy command squads anyway for plasma etc.

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What are you guys doing for thanksgiving?

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>dumb spanish phoneposter

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>Fire of Ciraxis leaks
>VC for Sigmar
>A new Faction
>More Primaris models

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Take your bets on the next classic character to get a model.

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something not space marine
something space marine

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>Someone would had figure out an Ork farm by now
Orks are too violent and intelligent.

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>it is very rare for them to justify spending considerable amount of money on plastic miniatures.

Once you actually have a full time job you'll realize that it's not really a considerable amount.

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Hopes I pick up Necromunda, expectations I pick up Necromunda.

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Hopes: Something Non-primaris and non-Chaos


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Would 8th be better if GW stopped trying to follow on from the "anything goes" mentality of 7th and slapped some restrictions on allies? I'm talking way back to 4th edition where they're barely a thing outside of designated, tiny detachments, or unique armies like Knights and I guess Inquisition.

It would eliminate the dominance of soup and superfriends like Guilliman/Celestine/Guard circlejerking, but with where w are now, would it improve the hobby?

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Love goofy faces.

Knight Head Advent Calendar

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something not PRIMARIS space marine
something PRIMARIS space marine


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Someone from Necromunda

Mad Donna, Kal Jericho or Klovis the Redeemer

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>>A new Faction
They still have 11 Codexes to go, dumbass, they're not releasing any new factions for at least another 6-8 months MINIMUM.

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>You will never have a xenos gf to make dinner for you

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Currently sanding a Rhino.

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>grox are a thing

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More primaris stuff, Emperor's Children, next primarch, Orks

Nothing new revealed that wasnt already shown off today

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He realised his Primaris strength asshole is in no danger of being torn by his old type brothers' dick.

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Once you have full time job you dont have time to collect, build and paint miniatures.

And even if you squeeze it you are not going to build armies over the course of few months. And therefore wont spend big for gw.

The target demographic of GW is not grown ass man.
It is the kids and students who have spare time in their hands to actually buy shit ton of minis and build them.

Therefore it is an illogical to say lol get a job, because at that point you are outside of the market already.

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well, you're not wrong there, thanks.

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More primaris stuff,

>> No.56568573

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>Would 8th be better if GW stopped trying to follow on from the "anything goes" mentality of 7th and slapped some restrictions on allies?
It's not just allies, they need to slap a ton more restrictions on list-building as a whole. Percentage limits, minimum points sized games per LoW, less ez-mode do-anything Detachments. Even bloody Age of Sigmar understands this.

I get that for the 8th launch to be successful they didn't want to drive players away by invalidating too many of the shit armies that had been allowed by 7ths retarded ruleset, but now that we're past that point they should go ahead and start putting their foot down. Chapter Approved is the perfect time to do this.

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>Once you have full time job you dont have time to collect, build and paint miniatures.

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Assault Primaris.
Veteran Primaris.

Or World Eaters.

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You forgot custodes, ynnari, and assassin's. The 11 factions in CA don't include those and at the very least we should still be expecting a series of releases for ynnari since their army consists of 3 named characters, prevents anyone who uses them from taking non brb warlord traits, and is setup to get a primaris tier army release.

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A Titanicus model or the next Necromunda game
Primaris are my favorite Primaris

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Go into an FLG and tell me how many students you see you dumb cunt.

This hobby is a luxury. If you can't afford, it's not the company's problem. It's not supposed to be worth a "fair" amount of money. That's what luxury is, buying overpriced stuff (and occasionally, that i better quality).

I can afford that model and I'll probably buy it because I like it. At the end of the day, you're throwing a tantrum because you don't want to buy somethinf no one is forcing you to buy.

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Groxes can't make weapons and spaceships out of scrap, they big animals.

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>Once you have full time job you dont have time to collect, build and paint miniatures.

Yes you do, apart from very niches cases. There's that little thing called time management.

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I am not quiet following what you are trying to say here?
Are you implying americans have time to do that or are you trying to say americans would buy them even if they dont have the time to build them ?
Or, are you trying to say yo uarent and american and only americans wont have time for it as opposed to people in the rest of the world?

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>You forgot custodes, ynnari, and assassin's.
No I didn't. The stuff that didn't receive support in CA is not getting its own Codex. Custodes rules are already printed, they're in the Talons of the Emperor box. Ynnari rules are in the Triumvirate of Ynnead. Assassins do not constitute a Codex.

If any of those armies are expanded that won't be until 2019 at the earliest.

>> No.56568615

Is Guilliman/Yvraine ship now canon ?

>> No.56568620


Aelidari/ynnari stuff, where is the follow up to gathering storm that guilliman got?
Another 6months of space marine model releases, possibly the next primarch.

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>> No.56568622

Neither can Orks in small numbers.

You need a critical mass for that to happen, otherwise they are just savage Orks usually just a pest used for trainning.

>> No.56568627

Well, "your dudes" is a thing that's worth keeping it open for, but the way the keyword system is constructed now there's little way of getting bonuses besides unit synergy from multi-faction lists. AFAIK only Guilliman and Inquisitors buff Imperium units as a whole, whereas in 7th you could mix and match, which, while cheesy because of how unit-joining worked and the proliferation of special rules, allowed for fluffy things to happen with inter-faction interaction.

>"it's not the warp, it's mathematics"

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Unless you live in a developing country, the only place that has ridiculous working hours and no time off is America.

>> No.56568638

Japan too anon
It's no wonder why they're becoming elves

>> No.56568639

>unit synergy from multi-faction lists
Is enough of a reason to can the whole system. Just look at the current tournament-winning lists.

>> No.56568644

There are 168 hours in a week and only 40 are spend working on full time at a minimum so that seems like you have plenty of time to model.

>> No.56568647

That might work. Personally I'm thinking that I could use the armour to make some of my Skaven-unit conversions less Skaveny by replacing the shoulderpads with those tread covers and using the weapons pods to mount the required arm guns. Dunecrawler dual phosphor blaster as an arm cannon and the other arm just smashing stuff can count-as a Castellax for 30k or Kastelan for 40k.

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>All of them

I think you assumed FLG stood for friendly local gaybar.

Also fuck off shills, seriously. You are not very good at hiding that you are GW employees that are just shitposting here.

Only people who are defending GW prices this way are the cancerous shills that are in this board.
I advise everyone to go look at other chans and see if anyone is defending GW so retardedly.

And you will see that shills are not just a catchphrase but they are actually a thing.

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Daily reminder

>> No.56568657

Maybe its the decades playing black templar, but this picture triggers me to no end.

He has 6 witches right in front of him and he isn't murdefucking them to death.


>> No.56568660

Unless you have friends, family and other stuff outside of 40k. Like you know a normal individual.

>> No.56568661

So custodes cant and won't ever get non brb warlord traits? Or relics? Shouldn't they be the people in CA instead of something like orks? We know orks are getting a codex so it's only a matter of time for them. Meanwhile my golden boys don't even get the pittance of a warlord trait?

>> No.56568663

Well developing countries are making the majority of the world and developed first world countries are in the minority.
So you shouldnt base your general assumptions on the minority.

>> No.56568667

True, but in Japan, it tends to be self inflicted.

>> No.56568670

I will get 3 of them and perhaps it will make fielding massed Plague Marines more worthwhile.

>> No.56568672


>> No.56568673

This level of shitposting is bretty up there

>> No.56568683

>normal individual
I think I found your problem anon.

>> No.56568684

>comparing a stratagem to a sub-faction trait

>> No.56568686

Maybe forgeworld will make a modern Custodes army with more gubbinz and rules.
And potentially, a Mechanicus that is a complete rapetrain

>> No.56568690

Well, there could be rules introduced to make faction conglomerations cheaper in tournaments, not to mention the tournaments themselves could set their own rules. WAACs are always going to WAAC using the rules as given, but most 40k games aren't WAAC (at least in good company), and most players put some thought into the fluff.

>> No.56568696

Let’s also take out an extra 56 to assume 8 hours of sleep and then 14 more to account for 2 hours each day of preparing for/going home from work. Still plenty of time, though.
You are allowed to tell people no, you know.

>> No.56568702

Custodes are a single fucking unit with two optional loadouts that only exists because of a boxed game. They were never intended to be supported as a real, full faction. They never had a Codex last edition. You are an idiot for even expecting them to be treated like a Codex army.

>> No.56568703

>And you will see that shills are not just a catchphrase but they are actually a thing
>Huuuur everyone who disagrees with me is a shill

I'm just tired of poorfags is all. I understand and almost encourages people to use recasts for stuff that is legitimately overpriced, especially when the quality isn't always there, like with FW. Hell I bought some recasts no later than last week.

But saying that a plastic character model at 15 pounds is too expensive implies you have much greater financial problems than plastic men.

At some point there is a reasonable price. Marbo is reasonably priced.

>> No.56568706

> Whoever disagree with me is a shill.

Holy kek.

>> No.56568708

They did have a codex in 7th edition, though. So you're straight up lying

>> No.56568709

How does that matter? Do you go out to meet with people every single day of the week?
I work full-time, spend a reasonable amount of time with friends+family and also have plenty of time for 40k and vidya.

>> No.56568710

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, anon.

>> No.56568711

then subtract chores, invitations, friends, partner.
The latter will take A LOT of your time, especially if you live together.

>> No.56568712

I am not sure, when you look at the rents and price of living in japan it is obligatory to work hard for most people. The microwave noodle consumer japanese white collar is not a meme afterall.

>> No.56568716

If my father was able to introduce me to miniatures and I to do the same with my son, while we both work more than 60 hours a week, you can manage your timetable too.

>> No.56568718

No, they had a little Talons of the Emperor booklet released with the boxed set. They never had a real Codex.

>> No.56568722

Mechanicus is already a rapetrain.

>> No.56568723

>invitations, friends, partner
See >>56568711

>> No.56568725

>Have no arguments left
>Resorts to calling names

Your next line is, well uhh you are just a dumb anime poster.

>> No.56568726

Correct. A single unit does not need relics and Warlord traits.

>> No.56568729

No it isn't, end this meme. Are you the same autist from the last thread you spouts shit because of his terrible local meta?

>> No.56568734

If the shoe fits, anon. You're just doing this to yourself.

>> No.56568735

Leaping to complain about shills doesn't help your internet argument.
Generally the people who post thoughtlessly are either genuinely stupid or "trolling". (Which overlaps with the previous).
~t. bystander

>> No.56568737

Damn thing flip those.

>> No.56568738

How should I kit my Marshall out to footslog with a bunch of crusaders? Preferably looking to use him to take out big gribblies/challenges

I was thinking a thunder hammer and the shield eternal

>> No.56568742

Custodes and assassins both had a codex.

Ynnari didn't which makes it really weird that they can't piggyback on their root factions trait/relics if they aren't getting a book either since they're nothing but warlords for existing factions.

>> No.56568747

>tell your partner that you want to spend a few hours with your dudes now
>problem solved

How the fuck are you even alive if time management is so difficult for you

>> No.56568748


literally ruins the mini

>> No.56568754

>literally improves the mini

>> No.56568755

I have never been that social but once you grow up and get a job is almost unavoidable, in a way.
Sometimes you have to go places just to keep in touch with colleagues and collaborators.
Same with partners. I bet you are 21-22 tops

>> No.56568763

Put a reaver muzzle on him then

>> No.56568767

>when your entire chapter are heretics but you've convinced everyone you're loyal

>> No.56568769

No idea what you are talking about, so I guess not.
But you only need to take a look at their codex and maybe play a few games against them to understand that they are very fucking good right now.

>> No.56568773

Is not always that simple.

>> No.56568775

Huh thats weird, says codex right there, must be a misprint

>> No.56568776

Honestly surprised that Marbo got a new model. You know, a non-space marine? The madmen! What's next, a xeno?

>> No.56568778

>that Solitaire looking over his shoulder at you
I love when artwork has classic touched like that.

>> No.56568779

Isn't America middle of the pack in terms of hours worked?

>> No.56568784

Assassins have historically had Codexes but they honestly don't need or deserve one, they are four (4) models with zero (0) [nil] options. As far as I'm concerned they can stay in the Index for the entirety of 8th edition and forever after unless GW is going to put out an actually good Inquisition Codex and include them there.

Custodes didn't have a real Codex. It was called that but it was a paperback booklet included inside a boxed set. You couldn't buy it off the shelf like an actual Codex. They have no right to be considered an army and take up a slot in the release schedule that real armies need.

>> No.56568786


>> No.56568787

Will brexit increase the cost of dudes?

>> No.56568788

>you only need to take a look at their codex
Read it cover to cover.
>and maybe play a few games against them
I've done this every week since the beginning of 8th. My GK thrash the local AdMech player, and I don't even play them very competitively. And that's fucking GK, as in "worst codex in the game right now" GK.

Mechanicus have some gimmicks and a few decent monobuild lists for a couple of their faction traits but as a codex they are pretty shit.

>> No.56568792

i think you need to expand where you play beyong your two friends, most people i see playing 40k are older guys that look in their mid 30s or older.

>> No.56568793

I think your underestimating the amount of autism you could inject into your life to have nothing but 40k and work.

>> No.56568796

People memed marbo into existence.
Otherwise no one would have cared.

But i wonder, why havent we managed to meme sisters into existance yet?

>> No.56568806

>stapled together paper booklet from a boxed set
>being this pedantic and childish

>> No.56568807

So far Its made them cheaper to buy from UK retailers because of the pound taking a pounding

>> No.56568809


Because he knows nigga. He knows.

>> No.56568810

>At some point there is a reasonable price. Marbo is reasonably priced.

Wait, there are rules for him already? show plz

>> No.56568812

>People memed marbo into existence.
Is that the power of belief in the warp?

>> No.56568813

But is not something that one wants.
Ultimately, kids/young adults have more time and these prices are pricing them out.

>> No.56568817

As a Dangles player, who only plays Dangles, I agree
But I've got a soft spot for my monastic, secretive, knightly doods.

>> No.56568823

Regardless if I can bath in Sly Marbo, throw them away and do it every day no problem.
That does not mean the price is stupidly high for what you are getting.

Beside everyone knows GW prices have to do with expected sales more than anything else.
Hence why one time purchases cost so much.

Or things like scion and sternguard have those prices even though they are effectively the same thing

>> No.56568830

Does it or does it not say "Codex Adeptus Custodes" on the cover there? Doesn't say "Talons of the Emperor", thats for sure

>> No.56568832

Holy shit Ravenwing is so easy to paint.

>> No.56568833

Are you serious?
/tg/ was always filled with horror stories about gw and flgs stores filled with bunch of brats all the time and older people are in the minority.
Maybe 1-2 40 years old dude for a single store.

Do you really think the 40k hobby is fileld with grown up people with the average age of 30?

Go make a quick check by looking at 40k facebook comments .

>> No.56568835

Because let's be honest, the love for SoB from neckbeards isn't exactly pure.

>> No.56568837

Chores take a few minutes everyday if properly maintained, fewer still with a partner.
You can decline invitations if you don't want to go.
Friends usually share interests so you can do warhammer with them.
Partners are usually happy to leave you alone for a few hours.

>> No.56568850

As you said I am a young adult and I have a full time job and I have friends outside the hobby, I still manage to model and paint, maybe not a frequent as I like but it's possible to do.

>> No.56568853

At least for matched play, we need this. If we got that, I could finally decide who to pick up the ranged slack of my Grey Knights.

>> No.56568856

I don't know what you're talking about

>> No.56568857

Fuck it
I can’t decide
Pick my faction for me with the magic of dubs /40kg/

>> No.56568859

What’s your list? I find that hard to believe.

>> No.56568860

Orks. That wasnt so hard now was it

>> No.56568863

The regulars at my LGS are 20-35 and not a single one of them fits the fat greasy nerd failure at life stereotype

>> No.56568866

Man, I’m a mechanical Engineering student and I’m into this stuff. It’s just rough finding time to paint, and a group I like to play with

>> No.56568867

Genestealer Cults.

>> No.56568870

>high marshal
Don't really think the meta is aligned with those choices or the combination of them, since Helbrecht and land raiders are more killy, but if you're set on that idea, then TH is probably the best weapon (careful about the -1 to hit though), and the shield eternal is probably the best relic for surviving things, though don't expect a Smashfucker out of it.

>> No.56568872

I'd be against hard restrictions, purely because making people's armies illegal is awful. They just need more benefits for pure armies. Make Stratagems pure only, add more in-faction synergies for every faction, etc.

>> No.56568875

>1 day a week is date night
>4x a week gym
>Starting Muay Thai in the new year
Wew lad you know it's hard a fuck sometimes

>> No.56568876

Renegades and Heretics

>> No.56568877

>beliving /tg/ stories
>using it as an argument
Oh I am laffin

>> No.56568878

Beep boops

>> No.56568883

Could you imagen how much plastic crack you would buy if GW prices made sense and where reasonable?

I’d be swimming in unfinished models that people would confuse me for a Tau player!

>> No.56568884

Harlequins. Get your freehand on.

>> No.56568887

It is for me. My GW store has like 3 regular teens and they're all right. The rest is a bunch of cool order dudes, some going as old a 63.
The one before was slightly younger, but it was still an average between 25 and 40.
And the one before that was like the first one.

>> No.56568888

Dark Eldar

>> No.56568894

>date night
>muay thai
Either you don't understand the average demographic here or you are trolling.

>> No.56568895

>Muay Thai

>> No.56568900

>/tg/ memes aren't accurate
>Older people don't give a shit about facebook


>> No.56568910

Prepare your anus!

>> No.56568912

Because blood angels fan aren't happy that primaris will replace their marines and made BA just red ultramarines without guilliman.

>> No.56568913

In my experience playing this crap for decades around the world. The game is mostly play by people under 30.

Past 60 are more uncommon than women

>> No.56568916

>You can decline invitations if you don't want to go.
Most of the time you don't want or you cannot decline. I am afraid you are missing the point.
>maybe not a frequent
this is the point.
When kids arrive, you have less and less. Especially if you move often and if you have an extremely absorbing career like academia.

>> No.56568917


>believing /tg/ stories
>believing /tg/ goes outside
>believing /tg/ doesn't shitpost stories about themselves outside as a kind of roleplay
>believing /tg/ actually owns any models
>believing /tg/ ever plays the game

Shit I haven't even played a game of 40k in 15 years and I still hate Taufags.

>> No.56568923

>allowed for fluffy things to happen with inter-faction interaction.
I just want my OC Hospitaller to heal my OC Inquisitor again, dammit!

>> No.56568931


>> No.56568936

> Quads

>> No.56568937

I found that once you start getting fit, people treat you better.
Plus it helps cloak you against normies

Oh and it's good for your health and wellbeing assuming you don't go to snapcity

>> No.56568939

My poorfag radar is beeping.

>> No.56568944

Good point. I probably saw more women than 60 years old and more. But still, the demographics I dealt with were generally older than what anon the shitposter that never went to a shop says.

>> No.56568951

For the dark eldar SC, is it worth losing a dark lance warrior if I can shove the archon into the boat?

>> No.56568955

>You can decline invitations if you don't want to go.

I wish I had this superpower.

>> No.56568966


Its cos these witches helped him resurrect a primarch, its a shit tier primarch by his perspective but said primarch is also sitting not ten feet from the witches and he know's by the time he raised his bolter there would be a hand of dominion lodged in his abdomen.

he's biding his time.

also solitaires are the only eldar who couldn't be called witches because they're eldar nulls.

>> No.56568969

>Trade DL warrior for Blaster Archon
I wouldn't desu

>> No.56568970

Squig apparently tastes pretty good.

>> No.56568972

>mfw bought a membership to get back in the gym after moving olaces and 6 months of no gym
>still haven't been

I mean, I tried once, and there were more people in the room than there were weights. Queues for every single bench for fucks sake.
I do need to get back to it though, it was fucking fantastic getting properly fit.

>> No.56568979

Add to that. Most people that play this and are under 30. Are not exactly functional adults.
But that is just my opinions towards them.

>> No.56568982

>They have no right to be considered an army and take up a slot in the release schedule that real armies need.

>no right
What the hell kind of thinking is this. They can release things that aren't just complete armies in isolation, and they aren't bound by the laws of the universe to only release week by week slightly modified index entries for 40 dollars with nothing else new save ugly unbalanced dice.
And the Custodes are (more or less) a complete army, it's just that most of their models save the basic plastic kit is made by FW.

>> No.56568994


My FLGS is filled with 20 year olds and a few more in other cities i have visited. Hell i even visited some stores in germany and they were the same. That is why i said are you serious.
Tg stories initself are shit most of the time but the majority of palyers are young that stands.

Also old people dont give a siht about facebook?
Lol. Most older relatives are more active in facebook/instagram etc. in a single day than how much time you spend there in a week.
And believe me, they shitpost lot harder than low key trolls here.

>> No.56568997

>Most of the time you don't want or you cannot decline.

Not really, most invitations I get are garbage, and a polite "Oh sorry, I'm busy" gets you out of most.

>> No.56569008

Ultramarines Red Edition

>> No.56569009

>Let's get rid of this Nice 6+FNP with a shitty 6++.
>Also, these dauntless cyborgs don't need a relentless equivalent anymore.
>btw let's just remove doctrines :D

>> No.56569013

>And the Custodes are (more or less) a complete army, it's just that most of their models save the basic plastic kit is made by FW.
That's for 30k.

>> No.56569015

Left-handed garbage.

>> No.56569019

Old people shitposting on facebook is harder mostly because they actually believe the stupid opinions they post. Take a look at your local news stations page every once in a while and depress yourself.

>> No.56569021

>the thread has derailed into bitterly arguing over calculating the hour-by-hour weekly schedule of the average normie
real burger hours have started earlier today

>> No.56569026



>> No.56569030

If you only get those anon, is your problem

>> No.56569032

So whats the big reveal on saturday?

>> No.56569033

So what do I do with him? My blaster trueborn already have the venom.

>> No.56569037


>> No.56569050

>> No.56569053

>tfw no time for gym all week because of work
>only day/time I can go there (and not have a billion people everywhere) this week is friday evening
>also my birthday
But it's okay, nobody would come to a party anyways or has time to go out somewhere. So I'll just get some paint and new models and do what I should do.

>> No.56569054

GW hates orks confirmed.

>> No.56569055

The exact measurements of Kirby's dick

>> No.56569070

Not necessarily hate, Orks have always been the punching bag of warhams since HeroQuest

>> No.56569071

> mah Muay Thai
> mah self defense
Gays pls go

>> No.56569074

Get another Raider/Venom

But seriously we can't really help unless we see a list or something

>> No.56569079

The average age at my store is 30, the oldest dude is 45 and the youngest 18.

At age 21, I'm the third youngest person there.

Most of the people there work at least half time jobs and all can afford to buy shit and dedicate hobby time.

Really, if you can't afford GW and can't put an hour or two into the hobby, then that's your problem.

>> No.56569084


New Primarch obviously. I think you're right, it's probably the Lion but after him they will balance it out with a loyal one like Russ.

>> No.56569088

Yeah, but the models are there both physically IRL and in the 40k fluff for there to be rules for them. The GW/FW division when it comes to rules-writing is something I have never seen convincingly justified.

>> No.56569096

No pity, no remorse, no waifus.

>> No.56569098

Happy birthday my dude.

>> No.56569106

More left-handed garbage.

>> No.56569108

>having anything to do with GW anymore

>> No.56569112

> Also average age of 40k players, GW pricing etc...

Man /40kg/ sure reachs a new low everytime when there is no leaks.

>> No.56569118

>nobody would come to a party anyways

I'd come to your party my nigga.

>> No.56569119

>My FLGS is filled with 20 year olds

Probably because they don't have anywhere to play. My and my friends each have our own tables. We'll typically only play in store if there's an event or we want a change in scenery.

>Also old people dont give a siht about facebook?

None of the people I know, and that's not even counting friends, but relatives too. If they were on facebook they wouldn't be posting on the warhammer page.

>> No.56569125

It's Thanksgiving you limey cunt. We got the day off

>> No.56569126

>my list
BC, Brotherhood Champ to fill Battalion reqs, generally 2 Strikes and one set of Termies, a quad of Interceptors, min-sized squad of 3 Paladins plus banner and Apothecary, then usually some combination of 1-2 Dreads, a Stormraven or LRC.

>his list
He's tried literally everything in the codex but he favors spamming 2-3 Neutronagers, Sydonians and Fulgurites.

>> No.56569132

me and my friends*

>> No.56569133

Well I’ve got the SC, two heat lance scourge squads, and a blasterborn venom. Also have 5 leftover warriors/trueborn I might run in another venom or with the archon in a boat.

>> No.56569142

It's not really a problem though, is it?
Since I get to have free time.

>> No.56569144


>> No.56569145

Damn Khorne, calm down.

>> No.56569146

>but he favors spamming 2-3 Neutronagers, Sydonians and Fulgurites.
b-but the Kastelan Robots....

>> No.56569148

Thanks anon.

>> No.56569149

Oh that is why thread is full of shills and low quality baits and cancer.

>> No.56569153

>People actually playing at a store
Are you too poor to buy your own or what?

>> No.56569156

>D-daa! I-im a Angel!

>> No.56569161

Are you that afraid to socialize?

>> No.56569167

Not using the Cawl Beep Boops is killing him obviously

>> No.56569173

Huh, interesting. I’ll plug it into shitterscribe and see how it works. Has he tried Cawl? Cawl + Castellans or Onagers is fucking NASTY.

>> No.56569177


>> No.56569182

Dante confirmed bestest son; too pure for grimdark of the galaxy

>> No.56569183

Where's bolt pistol? I hope he also gets the master crafterd assault heavybolt rifle.

>> No.56569184

What is wrong discussing about teh average age of 40k players an gw pricing?
Would you rather share cultist chan memes for high quality threads?

>> No.56569188

>I-I's got.. suh..-suuh-wooord..! *swing*

>> No.56569190

el monstruo gordo...

>> No.56569196

Did not see that coming.

>> No.56569198

He's used those. Stopped using them when the most damage they did to my army was exploding and dealing about 7 mortal wounds to my Paladinstar.
He plays Lucius or Stygies, so no Cawl. Does own the model though. I had to suffer through him back in 7th.

>> No.56569204

>Mfw I go after the lab to the gym two days a week, climb to others, Pub or football on Friday with mates, weekend with missus.

Maybe this is why I am still painting my first SC box

>> No.56569205

I am one of the youngest people at my LGS at 27. One of the regulars is a fucking Korean war vet.

>> No.56569206

>Where's bolt pistol?

On his hip.

>> No.56569209

>tfw Keeper of Secrets is the only greater daemon from Warhammer that hasn't gotten a video game adaptation

>> No.56569212

Guys are uncomfortable inviting a girl over to their place since they all have girlfriends and wives. I have to play at the store.

>> No.56569225

>Make sure you come back to Warhammer Community on Saturday for a closer look at these releases and even more reveals – there’s one, in particular, you won’t want to miss.
what did they mean by this?

>> No.56569228

Damn, you must be great at rolling. My Gk army is typically half way dead by the end of turn 2.

>> No.56569236

Sorry for not having the down payment for an actual hobby store immediately at hand

>> No.56569238

DL > Blaster > HL for Scourges atm, although i hope our Dex will change it.
Oh in that case yeah stick him in Raider with a Blaster

>> No.56569240

Anyone got epub or pdf of this story? Can't find it on the mega.

>> No.56569243 [SPOILER] 

tfw such a Chad I haven't even painted my Dark Vengeance

>> No.56569247

>that guardsmen and guardswoman
You just know

They’re actors in a game

>> No.56569250

They get bonuses in three which I think is just awesome. Will a multipart kit come out for these guys or is this just it?

>> No.56569251

> Insert Lion El Homo.gif

>> No.56569258 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56569265


>> No.56569267


>> No.56569268


>> No.56569270

What's considered the "typical" amount of points to play with these days?

>> No.56569279

Its like they're pointing out over and over 'HERE! HERE ARE YOUR WOMEN WARRIORS, YOU IDIOTS!'

I love it. I actually have a female inquisitor conversion planned. I'm ordering a series of 10 heads. I'll pick the best one for the inquisitor, convert some helmets for the other nine, then blend them into my line troopers.

I have nearly 100 guardsman models. Spot the lady soldier.

>> No.56569280

He's right handed, he has his gun in the right hand so it's more accurate, yes?

>> No.56569282


>> No.56569286

That's it. They have no options so no reason for a multipart kit.

>> No.56569289

Boss... eazy on da squigz...

>> No.56569290

There was a Korean war?

>> No.56569296


>> No.56569305

Forge World's KoS made an appearance in Age of Reckoning.

>> No.56569307

I'm pretty lucky, I'll admit, but by now we've played enough games that the law of averages should be coming into effect.
My Interceptor Justicar is a fucking legend though. Two games back-to-back his squad has jobbed to inane shit in one turn, only for him to endure over half the enemy's shooting AND SURVIVING. Dude needs a promotion.

2k, duh.

>> No.56569313

Is this the proper way to deal with Eldar?

>> No.56569318

Yes and the wrong side won

>> No.56569319

>tfw my dudes are preheresy dark angels, ravenwing and deathwatch, tash'var tau
I swear I'm not lazy

>> No.56569329

My typical saves for some paladins always include at least 3 1’s.

>> No.56569335

I just thought about something, how the fuck do astartes and other humans deal with the ynnari soul eating buisness.

I mean the eldar are used to their souls being eaten or wrapped up in wraith constructs or being used to power spaceships so it doesn't trouble them much. but ynnari don't just eat eldar souls they eat the souls of everyone, enemy or ally.

so picture you're a black templar space marine sword brethren fighting with the visarch on the quest through the webway to rescue gorrillaman. and you go down to a treacherous hit from an enemy sniper. but rather than being brought to the side of the emperor you come to in a speakeasy populated by dire avengers and incubi playing poker around a table with a broken clock hanging on the wall labelled "time till the rebirth occurs."

how do you even deal?

>> No.56569345

Theyre half an army right now, they need some major fleshing out if theyre gonna replace manlets

>> No.56569346

Not enough chainsword.

>> No.56569353

Join in on the game. You never read Guardsmen Party?

>> No.56569360


Here's my weekly schedule, feel free to flame:

112 total hours awake

- 9 hours raiding in WoW
- 10-15 more hours playing WoW
- 3-4 hours painting minis
- 3-4 competing in local MtG tourneys
- 42 hours working at a dental clinic
- 2 hours watching all my fav shows
- 10-15 hours hanging out with my gf
- 5-10 hours painting/sketching
- rest of the time is anything else, sometimes going fishing with my dad, helping around parent's house etc.

>> No.56569362


>> No.56569363

Look back at stormcasts release schedule and you’ll see that they will be a fully fleshed out army above all others in a year

>> No.56569364

>Khornate DE

>> No.56569366

Replace Tau with Eldar, done.

>> No.56569371

Vulkan lives!
With a surprise [wink]

>> No.56569375

>>when you regret having multiple wounds in your stat line
>>when the farseer tries to get inside your head so you get your head inside his first

>> No.56569379

Human and astartes souls dissipate in the warp when they die. Technically the infinity lounge is a step up from non-existence assuming it works that way and you don't immediately cease to exist.

>> No.56569383

Wrong. Try swinging a melee weapon in your offhand, and let me know how that feels.

>> No.56569385

Oh you!

>> No.56569386

What surprise...?

>> No.56569390

But consider how much easier it is to point accurately at something with your non-dominant hand than it is to manipulate something requiring precision with your non-dominant hand.
If you're already holding a gun one-handed, you might as well learn to do it with your left hand because no matter how good you get with your non-dominant hand at swordfighting, you're going to be better with your dominant hand, whereas with a gun, so long as you can get it on target you're doing as much damage as if you were using your other hand.

Where's this from? Looks fairly brutal, though the last marine's face would make a good reaction image if it wasn't facing away from the viewer or covered with blood splatter.

My hope for Primaris is they make an Indomitus-style terminator set so we can get an updated true-scale set of bulldog armour just like we've gotten power armoured true scale in the form of the Primaris.

>> No.56569413

I believe all SM are ambidestreoux.
but everyone knows left handed is shit aesthetics.

>> No.56569418

>expecting Dark Angels to not fight Southpaw/Sinister
That is the most fucking fitting thing for them

>> No.56569428

This guy gets it. What's with all of the left-handed models, Games Workshop?

>> No.56569436

One that will make our female audience very happy!

>> No.56569437

Issue 4 (the latest and last) of the Dawn of War comic that was made after Dawn of war 3 was released. The story is kinda eh, but it have some funny moments

>> No.56569443


it does work that way, the Yvraine has a bunch of eldar souls she talks to when she's feeling lonely living inside her until ynnead can be bothered to reestablish a cycle of life and death and/or turn them into daemons. one of the reasons the visarch is so hard in the lore is because he's got a dozen+ other dudes in his head who borrow his senses and tell him when he's missing or forgetting something, and his combat style is built from the best moves of a bunch of different dire avengers and incubi. sometimes dead souls even hijack the body of living ynnari when they're being retarded and/or incapacitated.

It would still be a terrible fucking shock for any humans to enter that kind of half-life.

>> No.56569447

>mfw that BA Lieutenant
I'll stick with my ordinary Primaris Lieutenant for those sweet rerolls.

>> No.56569454

>What's with all of the left-handed models, Games Workshop?
Being thematically fitting for dark/morally ambiguous characters like DA. That's if Astartes aren't all ambidextrous anyways, which they likely are.

>> No.56569457

>pic related

>> No.56569463


18+ board

>> No.56569471

>What's with all of the left-handed models, Games Workshop?
The thing I can think of besides biased lefties or people who've never thought about how to hold a sword or a gun is that right handed people are designing something and mirroring it by default and not fixing it to represent the right-handed majority.

>> No.56569480

Or they don't give a shit about some SJW shit like "representation" and just make the models however they want.

>> No.56569486

We need more new minis !

>> No.56569490

>left handed people

>> No.56569493

Did you read the post at all you dumb mongoloid?

>> No.56569506

Wait, so DL scourges are better than HL? That saves me 40 points

>> No.56569507

People post attractive Lorgar all the time but this picture still doesnt make sense to me

>> No.56569508


Dark Lance warriors are pointless anyway, they're Heavy and still less mobile than Scourges

>> No.56569512


>> No.56569517

> pic

I don't get it.

>> No.56569523

Yeah it's some faggot crying about how he wants more space marines to have "right-handed representation" like it's something anyone would ever really give a shit about.

>> No.56569528

Lorgar said stupid shit on purpose so Gillyman would have to correct him.
just like is happening right now

>> No.56569539


dante should stay a manlet until he can gurren lagann it up with the sanguinor to make super galaxy golden hawkboy.

>> No.56569540

Is there anything the SoS do that no one else does as efficiently ?

>> No.56569547

Primaris helmets are so much better than the Mark 7/8 helmets

Now if only we could get Mark 3 helmets for some future elite units

>> No.56569551

Why is there so much hate for WAAC? As long as I'm not cheating I don't see what the problem is. Winning is the whole point of the game, and it's the only part that really challenges your and pits your intellect against someone else's. Sure people enter painting or conversion contests, but that's just an opinionated popularity contest - the actual game presents an empirical way to determine if, on any given day, you can best someone in a game that models warfare (with an abstract but still very robust system). Military and defense agencies use games to simulate scenarios and train their members all the time, so I think it's fairly obvious that the competitive aspect of 40K is the most important part. If you don't enjoy that, just focus on the hobby part and enjoy your kitchen table games. But leave those of us alone that want to take the game aspect to it's natural conclusion and run the mental gauntlet of consistently beating your opponent. Some people's naturally calling is warfare, and they don't deserve to be ostracized because you're only into the game because you like to fetishize aliens or pretend that you're artistically talented because you can paint over someone else's work.

>> No.56569554

The mightly HL has been overtaken - Darklight is king

>> No.56569566

A huge golden angel Lord of Battles for the BAs ?
There's a part of me that wants this.
That part is my dick.

>> No.56569573

Retard... 90% of the world is right-handed. All 3 models today (Marbo, both Angels) are left-handed.


>> No.56569578

>Primaris helmets are so much better than the Mark 7/8 helmets
They're basically mark 4 though, right? I still like the old ones with the classic faceplate. If I ever get some Primaris I'll give some of them old-style helmets.

Survive in the presence of the warp.

>> No.56569583

So the range and S8 offset the -1 to hit on move, higher potential damage, and better AP?

>> No.56569585

Trying to paint an EC Maulerfiend. Can't for the life of me decide what shade of purple / pink i want it to be.

>> No.56569589

>He doesn't know trolling is a art

>> No.56569592


and every bloodletter sculpt is right handed, your point?

>> No.56569595

>The story is kinda eh, but it have some funny moments

Sounds like par for the course for 40k fiction.

>> No.56569598

90% of the world is right-handed

>> No.56569600

>Drop them in the middle or somewhere safe T1
>Huge range which the enemy will have to deal with
They're basicaly a better Ravager

>> No.56569603

>Marbo has weapon in each hand
>Left handed

>> No.56569607

Primaris Blood Angel spotted!

>> No.56569623

female plastic imperial models

>> No.56569626

Being a blank
Look some what decent with a top knot

>> No.56569627

Looks like Raging Heroes miniature.

>> No.56569628

Imagine having to actually paint that.

>> No.56569631

>90% of the world is right-handed
The fuck does that have to do with mutants and genetically engineered supersoldiers 38,000 years in the future?

How much of a weird obsessive cuck do you have to be to even notice that?

>> No.56569636

You sound like the kind of faggot who browses through tumblr for days to find some obscure, long abandoned blog by a teenage girl so you can complain on a burmesian teadrinking board about how TEH SJW IZ RUININING ERRYTING!!!!1!!!

>> No.56569642

Horribly overdesigned with just far too much Stuff put all over the miniature.

So, a legit leak of an upcoming GW model then.

>> No.56569644

All Space Marines are ambidextrous.

>> No.56569649

A more accurate representation than catering to the 10%.

>> No.56569660

Since we're talking purely opinion, I disagree. Strongly disagree. Disagree to the point where I'd like to ask your opinion on a number of different matters, since I'm just about certain that you and I will disagree on such a level where anything you love I will hate, and anything you hate I will love. I want your opinion because I know that you have to have the worst possible opinions in any given circumstance, and I wish to use you as an inverse meter of quality. You are like a shit-barometer

>> No.56569666

>Someone would had figure out an Ork farm by now
The octarius Tyranids did

>> No.56569677


Less GW models should be white then considering America is about 50% white and Britain 60%.

>> No.56569681

Knife is in the left hand
That pretty much confirms he is left handed.

But since GW can not into basic military let alone anathomy we will never know

>> No.56569687

Point at something with your non-dominant hand, then try to write with that hand. Report back which is easier, or closest to the quality you can achieve with your dominant hand.

Handedness isn't a race, (You) moron.

>> No.56569694

Trips of truth kek

>> No.56569698

Hard not to notice with oversized weapons

>> No.56569708

Why do you idiots always feed the troll?

>> No.56569713

>and I wish to use you as an inverse meter of quality. You are like a shit-barometer

>> No.56569714

>gun in right hand
U wot

>> No.56569720

Anyone else notice the ezbuild redemptor doesn't have the mandatory shitty AA missile launcher hat?

Wonder if that means it will be optional eventually. Good way to make the overcrowded big bastard slightly cheaper and able to make his points.

>> No.56569727

Aw, this is cute.

>> No.56569731

>you still have a dominant hand
>it still be the right one
But you are right 40k humans are not modern humans but Stone made to be better, than normal humans. So we can all agree everyone in 40k does not have dominant hands and can dual wield

>> No.56569735

Wonder how much itll be

>> No.56569740


they're not catering to anyone. almost all GW sculpts are right handed. every tac and intercessor marine is right handed. every TH SS terminator is right handed. the guard are entirely right handed. and the only left handed plastic models I can think of off the top of my head are dark eldar wyches.

whats the point of this argument.

>> No.56569744

The 10% IS the mutant. And your bitch-ass has obviously never used a one-handed melee weapon before.

>> No.56569745

People will find it weird that most monopose characters are running around with their precision melee weapons in the hand that 90% of people IRL would definitively NOT use their melee weapon in.
How little awareness of the ability of other people to think differently do you have to be so stupid?

>> No.56569749

it's a troll feeding the troll. it's been like that for 6 months. where have you been?

>> No.56569754

You do not hold your gun on the dominant hand when you are also wielding a knife.
You hold the knife with your dominant hand.

>> No.56569760


>> No.56569766

Holy fuck I'm saving this, this is some savage pasta now

>> No.56569768

Pic related, that's his point.

>> No.56569769

Point: If GW are going to make MONOPOSE left-handed figures, it should be for characters who are specifically identified as left-handed, not generic characters who most people (most people being right handed) will not readily identify with.

>> No.56569773


>> No.56569784

>event at LGS where you bring in a HQ and unit type of the week
>bring barebones Blightlords and caster
>vs commander and 6 crisis suits with something like 21 meltas and tons of drones


>> No.56569789

I heard it's about a tau genestealer cult. Is it good? How long is it?

>> No.56569790

>>some people's natural calling is warfare
Is there more of this pasta?

>> No.56569792

And also this.

>> No.56569793

He looks bulkier. Like he has shorter shoulder span.

>> No.56569796

Needs more 40K Norman Rockwell pictures.

>> No.56569801

GTh? TThMTh??Th?
PsiThN ?PhiS

Lear how to greek Danglefags

>> No.56569813

Do people really find it strange?
How often do you run around with a gun and a knife in hand?
Would the gun be relegated to the weaker hand? I don't know.

>> No.56569823

Every ez build kit so far is 15 dollars regardless of model number, but that seems unlikely. I'm guessing 25 for this and the aggressors (I like their poses, by the way)

>> No.56569824


>> No.56569825

typical tau

>> No.56569830

Well fuck I didn't know it was inspired from a real picture. You're a cultured anon.

>> No.56569833

depends on whether you expect to be using the knife/sword or not

>> No.56569839


>> No.56569852

You clearly have never had any military training.

You don't just offhand a fucking gun.

>> No.56569858

i dont want that, cause it would make my dick explode and i`d rather keep my dick

>> No.56569872

it looks like shiiiiiiiit

>> No.56569877


you should have brought a lord of contagion and six deathshroud. you'd never catch up with them but the mother fuckers would never be able to kill you

>> No.56569879

Man, some BAfags...

>At least we aren't that blatant about being homo

>> No.56569884

Are there any Eldar Craftworlds that are predisposed towards Warp Spider usage?

>> No.56569894

You need dexterity and strength with a knife. With a pistol at close range you just need to hit the target. No need for precision aiming specially at close range.

In any case just use the pistol like a sane soldier. Beside ghetto there is little reason to run dual wield

t. Guy that had to do ghetto trainning

>> No.56569909

I have. Yes, it takes practice. As stated before, it's also a billion times easier to learn than swinging a melee weapon with your left arm.

>> No.56569911

>metal gear
Please anon

>> No.56569927

I dunno about knives but I'd definitely rather one hand the pistol in my dominant. Weak hand shooting is basically just for if you already got hit in your strong hand.

For whatever it's worth, I check houses with dominant hand weapon and open doors/block/move people with my weak hand. But I'm just a cop, have no military training and just try to mimic what I see our tactical team do.

>> No.56569939

1. Isnt your fortress named after a gay nightclub ?
2. What is manlier that fucking another man in his golden arse with your golden dick ? You are just jealous, i bet you even like girls
3.Using my precognition i already traced your IP and send someone to teach you a lesson about loving your primarch the *real* way

>> No.56569943

There is hate due to leafblower lists exist. It is no fun to know you have no chance to win, there was no point of putting your models on the board due to the other person has no intention of actually doing anything beyond tabling you. Why? Because tabling is the most effective way to win, forget objectives, forget everything else, quickly annihilating the enemy means victory before anything else can become a factor. This ruins the ability to have the fun of actually playing out what is going on the board. You a WAAC? Go play tournies, go play leagues, specify at your LGS that is what you are looking for matches aimed for so you don't draw in the person looking for a casual game where they want to have fun in the process of play and not the result of the match.

The fact you only get joy from victory means is the problem for most people as they can have joy while playing form the random shit that happens and by just strategy employed regardless of outcome with victory being a marginal boost to happiness. Your utility for the game is 100% tied up in victory instead of maybe 20%, it isn't healthy for anyone around you outside of other WAAC's. There is a difference between playing to win and enjoying the game along the way and still having enjoyed the match even on a loss and only being happy when you have obliterated the enemy. Winning isn't everything, it is the icing on the cake that is the 40k hobby, and it is WAAC's we laugh at due to they bought Tau and Eldar, ran them unpainted, then sold them off when 8th hit to buy Imperial Guard if they were Tau. Because they have no interest in anything other part of the hobby but winning so why bother with any other aspect beyond the bare minimum that their scene requires.

TL:DR WAAC's are hated due to they ignore all but winning which is one small aspect of the damn hobby and can't seem to enjoy the fucking thing unless they win which is pathetic as fuck.

>> No.56569947

You realize he's using the Harries technique, right?

CQC discipline says the gun is your PRIMARY weapon, the knife being the backup. Maybe Space Marines like to get in close but for a Guardsman it will always be a last resort.

Marbo is right-handed.

>> No.56569952

I'm really not liking the way they've been painting power swords lately.

>> No.56569955

how many wounds can 6 bolt/fragstorm aggressors deal to a landraider if they did the whole double shooting shenanigans?

>> No.56569959

Considering buying one, is pic related any good? Seems expensive and not great, but also looks damn cool

>> No.56569969

why do we pretend space marines are manlet compared to primaris marines instead of just considering the models out of scale?

>> No.56569972

They are a lot flatter than Mk IV. On photo they appear the same but once you see them by profile the difference is big.

>> No.56569974

That's just holding a pistol. Now hold your baton in the other hand, and tell me which hand you'd prefer to defend yourself in melee range with.

>> No.56569979

>those Urban Warfare RC bolters
I like your style, anon.

>> No.56569982

You do realize this it is a GW model? And we are basically shitposting?

>> No.56569991

What should I use in my Lias Issodon Ambush squad? I already have a 5 man multimelta devastator squad.

>> No.56569992

Because Primaris Marines and canonically larger than old types.

>> No.56570000

Because they actually are taller in fluff, probably something small like a half-head taller.

>> No.56570001

I would prefer to keep my primary weapon in my primary hand, shove off the attacker (parrying if necessary, which is why the blade/club is held against the wrist, to create a larger and more intuitive defence surface) and then fucking shoot him.

>> No.56570008

Because projecting is fun.

>> No.56570009

If I ever get my plastic sisters I'm using it as an Exorcist. And I know there is a FW version already but eh, I like this model a lot.

>> No.56570014

They CAN do 24. But they won't.

>> No.56570026

Wait, can BA, DA, and yiffs use Marine chapter tactics?

A dude at the table next to me was playing crons v space wolves, only the space wolf player was using CT: salamanders. Is this allowed??? I didn’t say anything cause I didn’t know either and didn’t want to but in, but this seems like it’d be forbidden. On the other hand, I guess all the other named chapters do get to use tactics.

Please help this seems crazy and I have no answer

>> No.56570028

Assuming they're inside 12" range for the fragstorm launchers...

6 models firing 6 shots each, so 36 bolt gauntlet shots. double that, so 72

6 models firing d6 shots = average 21. Do it twice = average 42, so call it 104 shots from 6 models.

At BS 3+, that's around 69 hits. S4 vs T8 is wounding on 6s is 11.5 wounds. After the 2+ save, you will on average deal just under two wounds to the land raider.

>> No.56570029

>unable to identify with a character because of handedness

literal autism right here folks. Stop being a retard and use both of your hands you mong.

>> No.56570030

Primaris are taller in fluff, and a lot of marine players seem to be perturbed at the idea of Marines not being tallest.

>> No.56570031

>Implying I have the space in my shitty apartment for even a desktop, let alone a 6 x 4 table.

>> No.56570042

>shit taste
Organ gun or die!

>> No.56570044

This is not allowed - but maybe he was just proxying his Wolves as Salamanders until the Wolf codex comes out and they get their own chapter tactics

>> No.56570048

>Wait, can BA, DA, and yiffs use Marine chapter tactics?


>> No.56570055

>Wait, can BA, DA, and yiffs use Marine chapter tactics?


>A dude at the table next to me was playing crons v space wolves, only the space wolf player was using CT: salamanders. Is this allowed???

If he was just using the space wolf colour scheme it's fine, but he shouldn't be using any Space Wolf specific units or rules in combination with a different Chapter's rules.

>> No.56570056

Found the left-handed mutant.

>> No.56570062

They are just painted differently
Just say the models from this detachement are x and those from the other are y

Simple as fuck

>> No.56570064

Because exposing your gunner is smart, maybe if I modify the rear of it to be recessed a bit with some walls to protect the player, otherwise, no. Hell there is no fucking hatch to get up there easily, she just fucking scrambled up there and is either the tank commander playing her skull out or is some random gal who they dumped up there at the motorcade before rolling out.

>> No.56570065

>mfw ordinary Marines wish they were golden vampire angels with nipple armor

>> No.56570069

>pozzed pasta

>Why is there so much hate for WAAC?
Because The Hobby is creative and WAAC is anti-creative.

>I don't see what the problem is
Obviously, but we're here to help.

>Winning is the whole point of the game
You're thinking of organized sports. Gaming is about having some grins with buds.

>pits your intellect against someone else's
You're thinking of debate. Sportsmanship requires matched power levels.

>the actual game ... models warfare
You're not thinking at all. Soldiers don't consider the job "fun."

>the competitive aspect of 40K is the most important part
Not if you ask the people who invented and produce the game.

>the mental gauntlet of consistently beating your opponent
Leveraging RAW loopholes and spamming optimised min-max units is literally a no-brainer.

Try again.

>> No.56570081

>Tfw Best Legion don't get Legion Basilisks from FW despite it being literally two minutes of copy paste from an intern.

>> No.56570088

Having this little faith in the Emperor.

>also implying the piano player has anything to do with the shooting

>> No.56570094


>lord commander is a manlet in charge of thousands of primaris

dante won't be cool unless he gets the chad treatment as well

>> No.56570103

R&H Vanguard detachment, take all the basilisks.

>> No.56570114

Is there a good balance between WAACfaggotry and LAACfaggotry ?

>> No.56570117

I dont know whether to start Sons of Malice or Slaanesh army.
Or start a lamenters army before the codex drops.
OR abuse my wallet and start a Death Korps of Krieg army.
help ive been in this hellish limbo for a while now

>> No.56570120

At least we can win at something in 8th.

I win with my Tau, but I'm also a damn dirty Auxiliaries Gunline fan

>> No.56570134

>1,500+ years of leadership isn't enough because he's shorter than the recruits

>> No.56570135

I get where you're coming from, but that just seems like a good way to shoot myself accidentally.

Of course, if swinging a big stick was the primary means of combat and your gun was for occasional opportunistic shots, like if you were a pirate or cavalry from the 1800s, or anyone in the grim dark future where chopping crazy aliens is the norm, yeah I'd say the choppa is your primary focus there.

Sly Marbo, fictional bad ass super catachan, was probably born ambidextrous anyways.

>> No.56570141

No, the dude was 100% using thunderwolves and other yiff specific stuff, but also CT and relics and stratagems and such. I thought it was weird and so did his opponent, but his argument was basically that other named chapters like Minotaurs, exorcists, red scorpions, etc. all still use the SM Codex, so do all Marine chapters. Seemed strange to me but I can’t find anything that explicitly bars them from it, all relevant keywords and faction things in place. Definitely banned at a tourney though, I’d imagine.

Speaking of which, do we have leaks on new CT for dangles Bangles? I’d be miffed if it was just overwatch on 5+ and+1S on the charge

>> No.56570143

It's more of my engineer profession side showing, it nags me having it set up like that. Alternatively if there is enough space I could swap the organ to face forward with a recessed vertical launcher behind her. Because launching missiles out of Organ tubes is fucking stupid, either it plays music or fires missiles, it somehow does both. If it did both those notes would sound horrible and not be inspiring. That or vertical launch system behind the organ and shift the organ and what not closer to the front of the Rhino to make space.

>> No.56570144

>Featuring Dante from the Blood Angels Chapter

>> No.56570157

A few questions

1.) Why do they keep making resin models if everyone fucking hates resin?

2.) Are the new Primarines plastic or resin?

3.) Who's the cutest 40k waifu?

>> No.56570163

Yeah no he's wrong, only detachments from the Space Marines codex get to use the chapter tactics contained within

>> No.56570170

Not that anon, but I've almost gotten my left hand as dexterous as my right, I just started falling with my non dominant hand. That and left hand is my dominant knife hand.

>> No.56570173

1) Resin was only ever a stopgap to get rid of metal and transition to a pure plastic range
2) Plastic
3) Me

>> No.56570186

Not him, but "knife" is different than sword, and the differences in how combat goes down in MGS versus 40k makes this a laughable counterexample.

>You don't just offhand a fucking gun.
Not in modern times because guns are extremely accurate and lethal. That's why it makes sense in the metal gear example to hold the knife in the offhand: most of the killing is going to be done with the gun, and the reason you would be holding your knife in your hand is because it's small enough to grapple with in case the enemy gets inside the range of your gun.
A sword, on the other hand (pun not intended), is a weapon which has a practical minimum range, that can be parried by the target directing the end away from itself. There's no room to parry a knife with another knife, you have to be in grappling range to do it. But just as a sword has the disadvantage of having the lethal end further away from the direct control of the hand, it has the advantage of range, meaning in using a sword you need to use your dominant hand to ensure the lethal part of the sword remains in a lethal position as much as possible. It's not like throwing a punch, slashing, or making overhand stabbing motions with your weak hand, it requires precision that can most efficiently be achieved with the dominant hand.

>> No.56570188

Would WB Daemon Infantry gaining the Daemon bonus of their patron god be broken?
This would be their legion trait instead of reroll morale

>> No.56570190

1. They don't
2. Plastic
3. Kayleth

>> No.56570191

Yes it is call play to win. AKA playing the game

>> No.56570199

Fapping, not falling. **

>> No.56570204


the new primaris super mega heavy tank they are showing is resin m8

>> No.56570206

>No, the dude was 100% using thunderwolves and other yiff specific stuff, but also CT and relics and stratagems and such.

He might still have been playing legally by using a Space Wolf detachment for all his wolf shit and a regular Space Marine detachment for the Chapter tactic.

>> No.56570208

Anyone going to the open day on sunday?

>> No.56570209

Hence why it is an almost lost STC that the church does not want to give away.

Good music and shooting

>> No.56570214

Forge World are the resin guys.

>> No.56570217

Everything FW makes is Resin

>> No.56570224

The fuck are you talking about. Even if you used the gun and knife equally you would want the gun in your strong hand because it requires fine motor skills to aim and shoot. Knives much less so

>> No.56570227

>Who's the cutest 40k waifu?
This thing

>> No.56570233

So we obviously aren't getting a Lion model any time soon, so can all Dark Angel fags just leave the board. So annoying.

>> No.56570250

>never used a knife

Also why are we talking about knives? Marbo is using a sword for fuck sake

>> No.56570251

So is it just me or does that new Deathwatch relic scream hellblasters?
>relic bearer gets dropped mid field/behind their lines via razorback/corvus
>teleports 10 hellblasters into rapidfire range
>2w wounds+cover keep them healthy
>Blackshields intercept melee when appropriate
>delete anything they want

>> No.56570271

Do you know where the artist is and if theres any more of her?

>> No.56570273

>1.) Why do they keep making resin models if everyone fucking hates resin?
Because there is a (now fairly slight) difference in detail between plastic and resin, and plastic moulds have a high initial investment cost that means more models have to be sold (although GW generally don't have a hard time moving units and FW prices don't reflect being made in a less difficult material than plastic).
Really at this point it's to perpetuate a distinction between GW and FW, who both make models for the same game owned by the same company, an "eccentricity".
>2.) Are the new Primarines plastic or resin?
Except for the ugly superheavy lump of floating resin, they're all plastic. In fact, because GW have made all their heroes monopose plastic now, the primaris characters have basically no wargear options while the normies have many permutations.
>3.) Who's the cutest 40k waifu?

>> No.56570279

Yes and no

>> No.56570287

How much experience do you have firing a pistol? It requires way more fine control than knife fighting.

>> No.56570302

Not when holding a sword or axe

Again my military is super stupid and does trainning for stupid crap like that

>> No.56570306

And sword fighting (ie: what the models in question are doing) requires more than either of them.

>> No.56570327

I beg of ye kind sir, what site do they reside at?

>> No.56570337

Yes, but you will get called a LAAC by the WAAC's because they are fucking stupid and can't get dopamine outside of victory. Play the game, aim to win, be willing to do silly things and play in narratives (campaigns) where it is seeing where the dice take you and if you happen to win, nice, more cake for you. Basically, when you make an army, build it around models you think are cool for 20-50% of it, then the rest fill it in with moderately effective stuff and a few bits of very effective units. Care more about playing the game than winning because winning will naturally follow and the whole experience will be more rewarding for all involved. The fine line between LAAC and WAAC is WAAC will not compromise their list to put units in that they think are visually or fluff wise cool. WAAC has no real love for fluff on the board, any love for fluff comes from the fact it is something that is exceedingly powerful and lets them get exceptional results in their mind. It is ends justifying the means when it comes to WAAC, the proper way is the means justifying the ends for what you play with and how you play.

And always try to adjust things so that the match is fun for you and your opponent, if you don't know how to do that then work on learning it, that is the pitfall of most WAAC's, they don't know how to turn it off or dial it down, it is always at 10 or even 11 in the case of some who out right break rules and change where things are when the other player isn't looking. Core tenant is that the game is meant to be fun for both players, it can be ignored to a degree in a league/tourny, but outside of that setting (even in matched play) fun is what games are about.

>> No.56570342

Bolter to Kokoro.

>> No.56570353

Who hurt you honey? Who hurt you? So much anger, frustration and hate

>> No.56570359

what is audrey 2 doing in this picture

>> No.56570366

Yo yo, any of the exorcist anons wanna help me make a unit of Enochian Guard?

I really want to make a badass unit of guys that can work as vets, honor guard, and vanguard, and I’m pulling out all the stops. So here’s what I’m thinking, I’d love and appreciate any help.

>sternguard legs/backs
>possibly FW dark angel chestPlates?
>dark angel (FW) or grey knight helmets
>unsure which power weapons/special weapons to buy
>use sternguard pauldrons
>shapeways exorcists insignias
>sternguard backpacks and also vanguard if I want jump packs
Anything else? Thanks in advance

>> No.56570399

This. Its okay to play to win, but its not when thats your only goal.

>> No.56570400

So no experience firing a handgun?
>requires more than either of them
How so? Slashing, stabbing, parrying are all gross motor skills. Moving your entire arm. Not that it doesn't require coordination or skill, but that's what it is.

Firing a pistol with any sort of accuracy requires extremely fine control, where a couple of degrees difference in aim can be the difference between hit or miss. This is made even harder by the fact that handguns have only one contact point with the body, and a small sight radius.

>> No.56570437

t. zero fucking experience outside of mom's basement

>> No.56570452

Not an argument. I will admit I'm a mediocre pistol shooter.

>> No.56570453

No one is discussing that you mongler
The situation changes when you add a sword.
Because if you are wielding one you are expecting to use it. Hence why you end using your of hand with the gun.

If you using a knife. Just use it on your offhand. The entire issue is with a sword not a knife.

>> No.56570469

Fire Warrior #1 is lying on his ass wondering why the Space Marine just left him there for Fire Warrior #2.

....Then he just sneaks away while the Angry Red Man has his way with his old friend.

>> No.56570471


>> No.56570474

With a spouse, baby, social life, and full time job that is only possible once a week or so. Sure you COULD do it more often than that, but little plastic men are not a priority, anon.

>> No.56570482

>Because if you are wielding one you are expecting to use it. Hence why you end using your of hand with the gun.
If you are wielding a gun you expect to use it. The real question is which is hampered more by being wielded off hand, guns which need fine motor control, or swords which need gross motor control?

>> No.56570484

You never try to dual wield? Or do practical shooting runs?
When you start using activily long and heavy melee stuff you end in this situation.
Smaller stuff like knives or tasers it would be stupid to use them in your main hand when you have a pistol

>> No.56570485

Even Marines have backseat drivers. Goddammit.

>> No.56570489

If it's not Doomrider what's the fucking point

>> No.56570495

Why didn't I paint my primaris as crimson fists instead of just adding them to my imperial fists... I had the perfect opportunity and let it all slip.

Sometimes the chapter regrets get too real, boys.

>> No.56570497

Obvious choice, can't go wrong because what else is there?
>FW DA Chestplates
These simply won't work well unless you're outfitting them in Mark 2 plate, because they're made for the Mark 2 bodies which lack compatibility with everything else.
>dark angel (FW) or grey knight helmets
Both are decent, but DA heads are mildly distinctive whereas GK heads can work well as generic "armoured Mark 7"
>unsure which power weapons/special weapons to buy
They're all good (the ones that are just hands rather than arms at least), but generally you should get ones Mark IV or above from FW.
I have no experience with shapeways, but freehanding a large force is NOT feasible in short order for the average beginner/intermediate painter.

>> No.56570508

In the retarded situation of actually using a sword with a gun. The sword is main.

>> No.56570515

Nobody really ever has. I have had bad rolls before that lasted months at a time (it is why I abandoned 'elite' armies in 5th and moved to IG and then DE in 6th). It is more of just an analytical view of the WAAC asshats that I have seen on this board, and I've seen at my LGS against kids (like actual kids, in the 8-12 years old range going full ham to crush them). I have had one WAACfag that I played against back in 5th who ran Nurgle-Slaanesh with the 4th edition CSM codex against my CSM's who abused the lash of submission (I think that was the power) and went full WAAC because outside of the two Daemon Princes being Mark of Slaanesh, everything else was Plague Marines in Rhinos. Forget the points for the game, but, it was over by turn 2 for him, didn't get a turn 3 myself due to I conceded as he had just torn through everything.

More over I have experiences people in PNP games going full power game min-max bullshit whenever we play in my group which means either they are way ahead on the power curve and trivialize encounters, or the GM has to cater to their character. Thankfully after a few campaigns they learned to tone that down, but, WAAC and power gaming min-maxers in PnP are often the exact same mentality and are easy to spot. "I'm not doing anything wrong!" "It's right here in the manual!" "Well if you just built better." "It isn't my fault that you suck (your list sucks)." "I just got lucky. (it isn't luck when you have built to have modifiers that give you a significant advantage that only a narrowly built build gets)."

>> No.56570533

Doing that more than once or twice a week is going to cause your woman to lose her shit. My manager has a girlfriend who is on the verge of breaking up with him because he does too much 40k. You need to show you want to do 40k really bad, but then go with your girl instead. That's how you show you love her. It's a chore, but it's important.

>> No.56570543

I did exactly what you wanted to. I don't like how Primaris look next to classic Marines, so I painted my Primaris as Crimson Fists but left my Black Templars alone. It's pretty cool

>> No.56570583

Tyranids a cute! A CUTE!!!

>> No.56570603

If we assume the sword is in the favored hand, then every Imperial Guard Sargent save those you kitbash are lefties.

Given that there's 1 Sargent in every squad of 10, we seem on the right track already.

>> No.56570628

>>when your woman doesn't have her own shit to do.
A terrible situation to find yourself in. Being someone else's full time entertainment with brief breaks of personal time when THEY happen to be busy is worst way to live, worse than being alone.

Doing what you want to do and spending time with who you want is healthiest and best way to live.

>> No.56570629

They are brits I’m not sure they understand how guns or swords work. Or even human anatomy

>> No.56570638

I understand how difficult it is to shoot offhand, but there is a point to shooting offhand, while there's basically none compared to using a sword in your off hand unless your main hand is kaput and you're just resorting to brute slashing with no self-preservation in mind.

It's important not to mistake the context of offhand shooting in 40k compared to offhand shooting IRL. In 40k scenarios, people hold their guns in their offhands because they are so close to so numerous an enemy that the lack of aim relative to aiming with their main hand is not an issue.
Think about it: you're charging or being charged, and the last thing you do before getting your sword up is loosing a shot at the enemy who's coming right at you, so close you can see the whites of their eyes while you raise your sword to hit or parry in your main hand. Then when battle has been joined and you're squaring off against each other, all it takes is one good parry to be able to get your gun up in the enemy's face and hit them from point-blank range, where aiming doesn't matter.

>> No.56570672

I don't know many women who have shit they want to do alone. They want to do things they want to do and they want you there with them. You will always have to compromise at some point with another person. You can't just do whatever you want whenever you want without making them suffer.

>> No.56570679

Live for me, senpai. I mostly did it for better access to transfer sheets, but my vanity has cursed me to an eternity of yellow and scale disparity.

>> No.56570692


dante gets turn into a primarch when the blood angels turn rolls around. Don't worry about it.

>> No.56570715

You know what else is flat faced and has three sets of nostril holes?

The horribly inbred cats living in my neighbors barn.

Primaris are inbred alien potatos.

>> No.56570792

Yeah, if I figure out the secret to not compromising ever and preserving freedom in a relationship I'll let you and everyone else know. I just avoid relationships and go on the occasional bang date.

I get a lot of painting done, though. It's a very good strategy for eliminating backlog.

>> No.56571149

What is this? Legend of the Dragoon?

>> No.56571258



>> No.56571289

>Primaris Beakies
I need more

>> No.56571302

replied here >>56571232

>> No.56571370

Post older Warhammer art that's not looking like somebody wiped it clean and gave everything a shine.

>> No.56571782

SM's skulls are lined with an inch-thick plate of adamantium. That's why they sometimes don't bother with helmets. That's what makes this so brutal.

>> No.56571893

Being Martellus is suffering

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