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>Done Canned Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RnhihILJXo [Open]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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First for HFY fags need to stop

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Will admech get buffs in Chapter Approved? Cawl going up in points isn't good news.

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So I just got a Stormraven for my Black Templars and I'm wondering about how to kit it out.

I considered running a 10 man Crusader squad plus two characters for support, and an ironclad dreadnought, but that would be about 700 points for transport + content.

Now I'm considering the stormraven, a 10 model crusader squad(5 initiates, 5 neophytes), and the Ironclad. Is that a good amount, or should I cut back further?

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C'tan rules that match their fluff when. I want them to be more than shitty psykers.

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Only nerfs and points increase

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I want a Skittle Alpha that's basically an admech copy of an Autarch.

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You want C'tan to wipe whole tables of units with a gesture?

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you get dick

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What's your Blood Angel wishlist?

>Furioso cost cut
>Inferno Pistol cost cut
>fight twice stratagem

BAs could really use some sort of always on assault buff, to differentiate from basic marines. Strength is taken up by the Sanguinary Priest, and attacks on charge by the death company, so who knows what they'll get.

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I wouldn't give a shit if his name was Dick Cuntos, I would still field him.

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>C'tan rules that match their fluff when.

Last edition, it was broken as shit.

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I just want C'tan that feel powerful man. Nightbringer is okay, but Deceiver is pretty meh. There also seems to be no reason to ever bring a Trancendent C'tan either.

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are shooty terminators worth taking?

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literally only slaanesh combiplas with a sorc for prescience and warptime. no other kind has remotely the output needed for their price

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>yfw Cawl brings back jetbikes

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Its a gunship that can drop a dread if you can ge tthe dread in a good spot the res is just icing

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Id personally like to see death company get better FNP or a berserker like ability

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So drop the Crusader squad?

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Same, fighting twice would be good and would truly make them the crazy close-quarters beatsticks that BAs need.

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Deathwatch terminators can get the most heavy weapons per terminators, but it is pricey.

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You can get it into position turn 1 easily, so it should have the weapons to blast anything intervening with getting your guys into the juiciest target available
Typhoon, lascannons, hurricanes. It's expensive but who cares

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I think we need a buff to charge distance

Rerolls are nice but that would make ours more consistent

That or advance and charge

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I face nids a lot so I went for melta, asscannons, hurricanes.

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stormbolters not any good?

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As far as I can tell we aren't allowed to want anything new because our models are fairly new.

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>yfw Cawl is actually Arkhan Land but forgot his name after erasing his memories too many times

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>yfw they're primaris only for literally no reason

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Definitely. +2 to charge distance would be an excellent tactic, although I'd also take advance+charge. I think I'd rather have the charge bonus though, would confirm our seat as the assault-marine army.

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Yeah! Let the harvestmen have a go instead!

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As funny as that would be the fact that Cawl worked with the Emperor on making the Black Carapace kind of kills that possibility.

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That's about all the lesser Shards would be, isn't it?

I doubt most Dynasties are going to waste a more powerful shard or risk unshackling it most of the time when it's as much a danger to them as the enemy.

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>trusting marinelets with expensive jetbikes

>> No.56562971

even plus 1 would be good enough to make our charges better than most

DC are useless right now which means lemartes and astorath are

Sanguinary guard are great though as is the sanguinor

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>Making big ass vehicles
>Can't carry normal marines
You bet your ass they'll be primaris only

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stormbolters are fine, but are not enough to make a model as expensive as a terminator a shooty threat

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BL have done worst retcons though

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Why take a stormbolter when you could spam 3 man squads of 3 cyclone missile launchers AND 3 stormbolters.

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Holding out for gauss related 6+ wound rolls to be mortal wounds instead.

Would alleviate the need for subpar and overtaxed AT option and would allow for the good old silver tide warrior blobs instead of Immortal Tesla only.

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Shoot and then charge in? Thats what I do its okay I kind of drop them with 2 other DS units to give my guys time to run up

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Because that's a shitload of points invested in models that easily die to massed infantry fire.

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I mean fuck it man. The're a bunch of old men with doomsday shit. No reason not to use it. Also don't all shards have a shackle that reels them back to the vault if they start acting up?

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No, that's fucking bullshit. They are already gimping smite spammers because it's getting too strong and you think they are gonna allow for an armywide mortal wound spam? GTFO

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I will refuse games against lists with Sly Marbo just like how I refuse lists with all human characters who aren’t rich enough to afford juvenat treatments. The timeline advanced 200+ years with 8th and they are all canonically dead of old age.

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>7th edition

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I want Lychguards to deal a mortal wound on nat 6 rolls on their 4++ save and their forced movement flyers to have the 'Heavy weapons platform' special rule as not moving isn't really an option.
>AdMec gets oldcron reflective hits rules.
>Necron doesn't

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>implying this is the same Sly
Different model and different look should tell you something.

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That would be utter filth

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Sly Marbo is not a person, he is a state of mind

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>Multiple stars of terra
Holy fucking shit he's a living propaganda engine, his blood is probably 50% Juvenant.

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Nah rending would do the same thing without going through invulns.

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Gimping Smite is going to absolutely fuck Thousand Sons over, unless they make it so that ONLY TS canspam Smite with impunity while everyone else is locked at 3.

We literally get no access to even Chaos Lords, everything is a fucking psyker. What are we expected to do, melee with force staves or engage in glorious almost-melee combat with my trusty inferno bolt pistol? Fuck outta here.

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Mortal wounds would be ridiculous. Some kind of rend would be more reasonable.

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>who aren’t rich enough to afford juvenat
I mean at this point I'd imagine that the Imperium would pay for their treatment so they can continue kicking ass.

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>Comparing literal unstoppable d3 mortal wounds with to something that averages 0.109 mortal wounds per shot.
>20 shots averages 2 wounds that you don't need to get through saves.
I get your reaction, I've faced the spam lists.
But I think comparing the two is a little over the top.

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>Implying he didn't just sneak his way out of death
Come on, mang.

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The Great Rift raped time across the galaxy. For example, the Baal system was put inside a time bubble. While the Angels fought the Tyranids for what has been days, 70 years passed in the galaxy. Similar events have been noted elsewhere.

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He might have just been flung forward in time by a warp anomaly.

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I was baffled and shocked; then I saw the filename and had a giggle.

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I'd prefer strafing run.

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So if the Baneblade is the super-heavy tank, the Leman Russ is the heavy tank, and the Hellhound is the medium tank, what's the light tank in the Guard motor pool?

>> No.56563151

I have admittedly not looked at other flyers' rules as my group don't field them.
>unknown rule, what do

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Senitnels I guess? Or the Taurox.

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I've actually figured this one out.

The confusing part is the fact that her tits are HUGE - nearly the size of her head. But you'll notice below the upper bra strap a line that intersects with the jacket.

That's her neck.

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>Implying even death itself can catch Sly Marbo

>> No.56563173

+1 to hit vs non flyers.

>> No.56563176

Explain her thighs and singular panty-line please. because I'm confused.

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>> No.56563181

Nope, still makes no absolute fucking sense.

Even Chaos Spawns have better anatomy

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Rolled 7 (1d10)

He-Man Anon here
Lets Create a Tau Cadre
What was the sept founded in?

>> No.56563194

Blessing of the Omnissiah>Xenos tech heresy

>> No.56563208


They've given him Snake Pliskin's gun.

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Rolled 6 (1d10)

3rd Sphere of Expansion founding.
What was the majority terrain of the home world?

>> No.56563223

Yeah ok, that sounds neat.
Dedicated air-to-ground weaponry!

>> No.56563257

It also gives a much needed buff to the tesla destructors.

>> No.56563267

Rolled 3 (1d10)

3rd Sphere of Expansion founding on a swampy world.
Tactical Philosophy of the commander?

>> No.56563286

I want this. It would be great having a lord variant specifically for Scarab or at least generic Canoptek synergy.

>tfw can make unlimited scarabs with press moulds and milliput so I can make a massive 2K swarm army for literally less than 10 euro.

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Oh god, that Punisher is bothering me more than it should

>> No.56563315

Taurox is an AFV.

I know it doesn't have a lot of relevance to the game, and perhaps combat doctrine doesn't call for light or scout tanks in the 42nd millenium.

But here's how I see the breakdown of tracked vehicle classifications (excluding forge world):

>Super-Heavy Tank
Baneblade, Hellhammer
>Super-Heavy Armored Fighting Vehicle
Stormlord, Doomhammer, Banehammer
>Super Heavy Assault Gun
>Super-Heavy Tank (Titan?) Destroyer
>Super-Heavy Self-Propelled Gun
>Heavy Tank
Leman Russ
>Medium Tank
>Light Tank
>Armored Fighting Vehicle
Taurox (Prime), Chimera
>Self-Propelled Gun/Gun Motor Carriage
>Self-Propelled Multiple Launch Rocket System
>Self-Propelled Mortar
>Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery
>Self-Propelled Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile Launch Platform

...I got a bit carried away with that. Was fun to write though.

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Rolled 79 (1d100)

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point.
What are the tactics of the Cadre itself?

>> No.56563347

>the punisher
>not the shadowsword-sized turret on the baneblade with no co-ax
>not the tripod-mounted heavy bolter slapped on top of a taurox
there are many things wrong with that image.

>> No.56563356

>220pt flyer
>8 shots of S7, -, 1
>avg. 1.4 wounds per shooting round vs Spessh Mahreens.
>also dat one heavy d3 shot AT weapon that has a 50% hit chance.

Necron flyers is a shit.

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Rolled 6 (1d10)

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

What is the function of this cadre?

>> No.56563377

You're not alone friend.
Currently have at least 1500 points in scarabs collecting dust because they're not functional enough to field.

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Rolled 2 (1d10)

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

Cadre is designed to conquer new worlds.
Adherence to the greater good?

>> No.56563390

>Lord Feelthis

>> No.56563398

They're at least cheap enough for objective holders.

>> No.56563412

But I got warriors and Wraits for that.
>They both live longer for some reason.
>They also reduce enemy numbers while there.
>Pew pew particle pistols.

>> No.56563416

Any named character is important enough to get juvenant treatments.

>> No.56563419

I feel the warp overtaking me.

>> No.56563420


>> No.56563423

They're really easy to hide out of LoS and cheap enough to sit there doing nothing without being a waste. Also handy for just denying area.

>> No.56563425

>a trio of blightlords
>smokey, spikey, and hentai

>> No.56563426

Sly Marbo is $25USD.

>> No.56563428

Wasn't his name supposed to be Filthiest.

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>> No.56563436

I guess you're right.
But 117 points for 3 bases is iffy.

>> No.56563440

A rules question
>if the unit that you charged dies and you still have units that can fight can they pile into another unit and fight, or do they lose the ability to attack anything for the rest of the phase?

>> No.56563442

Rolled 8 (1d10)

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

Cadre is designed to conquer new worlds. Has a higher than normal presence/adherence to the Greater Good.

What is the Size of Auxiliaries in this Cadre?

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>> No.56563449

anything that charged gets to pile in

>> No.56563450

Scratch that, read that incorrectly. Turns out they're 39 per 3, not per base.
I think I'll have to try them now.

>> No.56563453

going to get that guy, hollow out the head and replace it with a nurgling piloting the armor instead

>> No.56563456

Sweet did they preview the snap fit primaris stuff?

>> No.56563457

right but the charge rules also say you must target only what you declared in the charge which is the problem. also on multicharges do you have to make the charge for every target or just one of the units?

>> No.56563458

>releases on my birthday
Thanks for the nice present GW

>> No.56563459

Just one.

>> No.56563464

is there anywhere that this is explained in the rules? just curious

>> No.56563466

Rolled 19 (1d20)

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

Cadre is designed to conquer new worlds. Has a higher than normal presence/adherence to the Greater Good.

Has smaller than average auxiliaries.
What is the composition of these auxiliaries?

>> No.56563469

You dont get attacks and they get attacks back but you can pile in

>> No.56563470

They're nice just to have something to throw in the way of something nasty. Having genestealers spend a turn eating three scarabs instead of a squad of warriors is great.

>> No.56563476

GW will never let Necrons be a lore threat again. That's what newcrons did. Downgraded them from galactic tier threat to a another side problem.

>> No.56563477

Under 4. Make charge move.

>> No.56563478

he *might* be resin tho. If the rumour was correct.

>> No.56563485

Chimeras of course

>> No.56563496

Rolled 9 (1d100)

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

Cadre is designed to conquer new worlds. Has a higher than normal presence/adherence to the Greater Good.

Has smaller than average auxiliaries. These Auxiliaries are made up of a mixed groups and have no clear majority of species.
Who does this Cadre prefer to fight?

>> No.56563508

So I guess GW now feels comfortable releasing new models before all of the Codexes drop?

>> No.56563511

Do they even remember how guns and gun accessories work anymore?

I mean for fucks sake if you have to do something retarded like put a scope on a machine pistol at least don't attach it on a fucking suppressor.

>> No.56563514

Don't GSC consolidate like 6''?
Or was that some other strain of 'Nids?
>People consolidating into melee feels bad for the warriors.

>> No.56563519

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

Cadre is designed to conquer new worlds. Has a higher than normal presence/adherence to the Greater Good.

Has smaller than average auxiliaries. These Auxiliaries are made up of a mixed groups and have no clear majority of species.

This Cadre prefers to fight the Imperial Guard.

Who is the leader of the Cadre?

>> No.56563521

is he holding the mag

>> No.56563522

>Do they even remember how guns and gun accessories work anymore?


>> No.56563525

Cut and glue

>> No.56563526

That's hormaguants. I also push the scarabs out as far as I can to create a dead zone to make it hard to consolidate in.

>> No.56563528

rereading it, it does say that you can multicharge and it is counted as a success if you can end within 1" of an enemy so that solves that

doesn't that seem pretty dumb though? I guess now that I better understand the multicharge rule that I can just weather the extra overwatch and get around it like that

>> No.56563529

Rolled 6 (1d10)

shit forgot to roll the dice.

>> No.56563539

Where are the WD pics coming from? Any blood angel upgrade sprue pics?

>> No.56563541

Hey new to 40k.
Anyone have a good 500 point list for the Grey Knights?

>> No.56563545


>> No.56563549

Thanks. And yeah, that does sound like the smart thing to do.
I assume the opponent will bitch a LOT about LOS though.
>Inb4 arguments about models that is literally just a torso or is thinned down to reduce LOS.

>> No.56563561

Yeah someone pointed that out in the other thread. I mean it is still retarded but at least it is a homage rather than outright stupidity about guns.

>> No.56563562

Rolled 5 (1d10)

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

Cadre is designed to conquer new worlds. Has a higher than normal presence/adherence to the Greater Good.

Has smaller than average auxiliaries. These Auxiliaries are made up of a mixed groups and have no clear majority of species.

This Cadre prefers to fight the Imperial Guard.

Lead by a Shas'el, A Fire caste Noble.
What is the characteristics of this leader?

>> No.56563581

3rd Sphere of Expansion on a Swampy world.

Lead by a commander who follows the Mont'ka Philosophy of study the enemy before attacking their weak point. Leads a Cadre that uses stationary units to support mobile units.

Cadre is designed to conquer new worlds. Has a higher than normal presence/adherence to the Greater Good.

Has smaller than average auxiliaries. These Auxiliaries are made up of a mixed groups and have no clear majority of species.

This Cadre prefers to fight the Imperial Guard.

Lead by a Shas'el, A Fire caste Noble. Who shows the characteristic of Alhosive, or Reclusive.
Thats all the tables create. Thanks you for playing along /tg/ Now just need to get a name for the Sept and flesh it out slightly more.

>> No.56563583

I should have saved the horned cyclopean helmet from my Blightlord kit for this dude.

But maybe he'll look alright with the all smiles guy.

>> No.56563602


Can GW make a Death Guard character that doesn't look like total shite?

>> No.56563615

Old Typhus and Deamon prince?

>> No.56563621

Good. Your marine manlets need to know their place and isn't on the modern table past 7th edition. GW constantly said that the Primaris are the real Astrartes now. Your manlets have been replaced. They're obsolete. No longer wanted. Completely irrelevant. Deal with it, you nerd.

>> No.56563644

I actually subscribe to WD and it rustles my jimmies every time there are spoiler pics

>> No.56563648


It's a reference to Escape from New York you faggot.

>> No.56563687

>shadowsword turret
I mean I love it but that ain’t right

>> No.56563713

Anyone got price for easy build aggressors?

>> No.56563722

wow you must have the shittiest memory ever, how about apocalypse sized flamers, flying over things to destroy them, or 8 fucking d6 str 8 shots that shit on anything.

>> No.56563724


>> No.56563737

>Not getting the reference
Oh boy, you'll get banned for being underage

>> No.56563738

Not a tank.

>> No.56563739

where are these leaks coming from?

>> No.56563745

From WD Dec.

Where do i get it? I stole from other forums.

>> No.56563754

Its still a really shit gun. Though thats not GW's fault, thats just hollywood being hollywood.

>> No.56563757

Yeah for their cost they should make your Opponent plan around them... now it is just meh shoot a few Lass Cannons and poof hope you got that 220+ point out of him.

>> No.56563762

They are characters with under 10 wounds so they have that going for them.

>> No.56563763

Quite apart from the obvious reference, you do realise that suppressors must be very accurately aligned with the bore, right? There are worse places to mount optics like onto a stamped metal action cover.

>> No.56563766

That’s tough

Brotherhood champion: 115

10 man Strike squad w/ daemonhammer and 2 psilencers: 233

6 man interceptor squad: 150


>> No.56563778

Do the PDFs in the OP jostle your Rambos, too?

>> No.56563780

>>shadowsword turret
>I mean I love it but that ain’t right
Since when does a shadowsword have a hull mount demolisher?

>> No.56563782 [SPOILER] 

>Marbo is back
I hope our lord of mercy and redemption comes back with a new model

>> No.56563797

>grey knights

>> No.56563805

Nope, I just really look forward to opening the mag and feeling like a kid with a christmas catalogue or some shit, but there's always spoilers and leaks which destroy it for those who...y'know, actually invest in it?

>> No.56563831

we need to meme it harder in GW pages

>> No.56563835

Those are APC's though. And they don't have turrets.

>> No.56563842

which forums though

>> No.56563844


>> No.56563848

More left-handed garbage.

>> No.56563874

Those dastardly leftists!!!!!!

>> No.56563877

I just wish it was like with other armies. Ho shit Morty in on the field or Bobby G or Magnus or even Celistine. If you don't play around what those can do you are screwed. A literal piece of a god fighting should give a army pause. I wouldn't mind paying 350+ for somithing awesome and game changing like the center piece for other armies.

>> No.56563898

It'd be nice if the transcendant was like that at least.

>> No.56563913

They don't have a chassis that falls in between the taurox and the chimera.

>> No.56563914

I'll ask Merkel to warm up the ovens.

>> No.56563927

Prediction: Chapter Approved pushes Primaris Psykers up to 80 points, forgets about Inquisitors and leaves them at 67.

>> No.56563929

one day the left handed will rise up and cast off the yoke of right handed oppression, we'll replace all your tools with wierd left handed versions and watch as everyone slowly loses it.

>> No.56563950

Is there any point to putting Terminators in transports now that teleporting is pinpoint accurate?

>> No.56563955


>> No.56563962

Fewer drops. You need to spend a drop putting termies in the chamber

>> No.56563966

not paying an extra couple hundred points to do it.

>> No.56563980

If you want a safer charge.

>> No.56563983

>transports cost a couple hundred points
>teleporting is built into them
I think you have it backwards anon

>> No.56563989

Assault termies still like being able to get close.

>> No.56563991

Ambidextrous master race reporting in.
You're all just children in our two-handed game.

>> No.56564000

Now that Tyranids are out, who's next up for their Codex, orks?

>> No.56564001

He has multiple stars of Terra. He literally has more reason to get more rejuvenated than all but the highest Lord's of Terra and Inquisitors.

And that's implying that anyone in the imperium is crazy enough to deny him the treatment in the first place. Do you want to be the first Biolgis techpriest to learn what it's like to be turned inside out so fast the omnisiah winces?

>> No.56564005

BA, DA then Demons.

>> No.56564008

that i do, coffee water is heating up.

>> No.56564009

Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Deamons in new year

>> No.56564068

I need to edit marbos face on to this

>> No.56564116

I'd build a Catachan list if then entire model range got updated like Sly.
They're in my Top 3 Regiments

>> No.56564149


>> No.56564159

GW doing any black friday stuff? I know it is a long shot but I am cheap

>> No.56564176


>> No.56564214

Theres also the Salamander reconnaissance tank

>> No.56564219

A melee redemptor dreadnought, armed with blood talons or siege drills.
I want units that can go toe to toe with wulfen space yiffs. It makes little sense that the BA that are known for their assaults while not haveing the best assault units imperial wise.

>> No.56564224

Perfect anon

>> No.56564272

Of course not, this is Britain. Some people have been trying to bring that over here but most people don't give a fuck, which means less places offer deals, which reduces the number of people who even remotely bother. GW certainly won't.

>> No.56564276

>I want units that can go toe to toe with wulfen space yiffs
Primaris BA go full dracula with the black ragr.
Dive head first into the werewolves vs vampires trope.

>> No.56564318

My dumb ass didnt realize the last thrwad was ded, so heres the post again

>i can never paint normally, i just either get bored or lose my enthusiasm to do so
>this means ove accumulated a shitload of unpainted models
>get hammered tonight and feel like painting
>crank out 15 dudes nonstop
I want to finish my army as much as the next guy, but the ammount of alchahol i need to injest to get any painting done is probably raping my liver, is this my life now?

>> No.56564332

Look at the models once you sober up and see if it was worth it.

>> No.56564337

>tfw want to get into 40k but too lazy and bad to paint minis

>> No.56564345

Have you tried amphetamines?

>> No.56564360

And so why are tyranids still a threat?

>> No.56564365

I hope theyll push all full blown psykers to at least 80, but your prediction sounds sadly accurate

>> No.56564366


just get an army like the Tau or Necrons and just hit them with a nice spray paint coat and be done with them. sure they won't be fancy but they will be good enough

>> No.56564367

to give you something to bitch about

>> No.56564370

Its not the first time ive done it and ive been happy with the outcome every time

>> No.56564380

We need a stratagem to allow Night scythes to make a unit disembark after it moved

>> No.56564387

Since Necrons don't have good anti tank I use scarabs to charge enemy vehicles and transports preventing them from firing and disembarking. They actually work absolutely great. If you manage to surround a vehicle the vehicle cannot fall back, units cannot disembark, and your enemy cannot shoot at the scarabs.

>> No.56564415

You don't have to go that hard into painting. You get better over time just practicing and you can just paint them at your own pace. I paint maybe a unit every couple of weeks before suddenly feeling like painting and then painting up two or three units before not finishing anything again for weeks. This is especially true when I get hit with the desire to make something look a bit nicer than usual and just burn myself out.

>> No.56564416


The real problem is the retarded rules that took away joining units, causing all kinds of issues after faction tags had already nerfed the idea of deathstars.

>> No.56564417

Regular SM libbys will be 88

>> No.56564428

I hsd similar issues.
Found two things helped a lot.
Do one unit at a time, pack the rest away so youn don't have the sea of grey reminding you how much needs to be done.

Communal painting, get together your gaming buddies or at the FLGS and spend few hours talking 40k shit and painting. You'll paint slower but keep your motivation.

>> No.56564439

Did you stick with the he-man green or the darker green?

>> No.56564449

Sounds interdasting. Needs to be tried.

I forsee strats that increase ballistic Skill a la formation bonus from 7th.
I forsee relic that gives overlord a girlyman/celestine ressurection as they had in 6th.
I forsee a strat that makes reanimation protocol roll to be made at 4+.
I forsee a strat that makes canoptek things either grow a wound or get a temporary reanimation roll based on canoptek units still on the board.
>Also that one strat where you pay 4 CP to roll reanimation for a recently removed unit.

>> No.56564450

>spend a drop
Please explain

>> No.56564459

I miss the old scarab's that'd ruin vehicles defences.

>> No.56564469

When you alternate deploying units. Putting a unit in reserve counts as a deployment, putting a transport with unit(s) inside only counts as a single deployment.

>> No.56564471

Deploying a unit in a transport gets 2 of your units on the field for a single deployment action, which works to getting you the first turn in matched games.

>> No.56564475

Hmmm, next codices revealed when and what?
WH Open? I don't know of any other events soon where GW might reveal stuff

>> No.56564479

I have to say; that was pretty aids though.
Fuck your 400 points baneblade, I have 120 points of scarabs.

>> No.56564493

Visually though, hundreds of scarabs squeezing through the exhausts, vision slits and burrowing though the thinner armour and then going to work on the crew.

>> No.56564502

Speaking of drops, how much is too much? My army has 13 drops and it worries me il end up going second and blown off the board beforeI get to act.

>> No.56564507

gonna take a guess:

orks, thousand sons, space wolves(not necessarily in that order)

>> No.56564512

Why can't humanity and the Aledari see eye to eye when they have so much in common?

>> No.56564513

There a LOT wrong with the old rules, scarabs were the least of it.

>> No.56564520

I think wolfwolfs with russ might be legit, so they wont be soon

>> No.56564524

that's not how I remembered Vulcan Mind melds

>> No.56564527

that's what people said about dark angels with the lion.

and blood angels with sanguinius.

>> No.56564528

Dang son, 15 squid for 142pts of versatile buffing and anti tank goodness? I'll take 3.

>> No.56564531


>> No.56564532

I don't know what the Mon'Keigh consider tact but when torturing my slaves of differing races I always hang them at eye level with their eyes sewn open so that I can see eye to eye with them as you say, until I've squeezed the last ounce of life from their flesh at least.

>> No.56564535

How about one to let me summon after disembarking, but only if I have forge world doors?

>> No.56564536

I wonder if they were going to include one in the starter set then said fuck it, lets use the sprue in it's own box

>> No.56564540

When did GW change them from the Eldar to the "Aeldar"?

>> No.56564552

start of 8th edition, it's so they're easier to trademark

>> No.56564556

Adepta Sororitas, Deathwatch, Drukari, Genestealer Cults, Harlequins, Imperial Knights, Necrons, Orks, Space Wolf, Tau and Thousand Sons are all in CA, so BA And Daemons first, then the rest might start to trickle in.

Aeiy'ght edition

>> No.56564557

8e. Dark Eldar are now Drukhari, Craftworlders are Asuryani, then there's Ynnari.

they also changed Tau to T'au.

>> No.56564562

Pretty sure it happened midway through 6 or 7 before Ynnari were a thing, right around when they started changing Sigmar names and made Dark Eldar Drukhari.

>> No.56564573

drukhari were not a thing until 8e.

in any form.

>> No.56564591

That's gay as fuck

>> No.56564592

Sangy is never releasing.
DA being farted out before 2017 ends seals Lion's fate.

Post Daemons is the subject

>> No.56564598

what's the redemptor?

>> No.56564605

If I use the Iron Hands' Machine Empathy stratagem on a UNIT of vehicles, does it affect one model or the full squadron? the Stratagem just says "vehicle"

>> No.56564606


Thank god Tyranids is a made up word

>> No.56564607

Are you sure? I thought I remember seeing the Drew Carey memes before 8th was even announced. If not my bad, I have a shit memory and don't play knife ears, but I could have sworn I saw people joking about it back then.

>> No.56564610

Nah, starset units aren't on their own seperate sprues. They're all mixed together on a few big sprues

>> No.56564619


I don't think drukhari were once ever referred to as such until, at the EARLIEST, gathering storm.

pic related, Dark eldar 7e codex.

>> No.56564627

>$35 AUS

>> No.56564633


>> No.56564638

I don't get that. What do you mean by push them out for a dead zone?

>> No.56564646

An air-gap the enemy can't reach another unit with a consolidation move.

>> No.56564650


> clo(w)ning

SS13 is probably pretty respectable as far as AdMech voidstations go.

>> No.56564654

Was expecting $50 for aus

>> No.56564661


>> No.56564663

>$30 CAD
shit, that's the same price as most HQs.

>> No.56564670

If i wasnt painting shadespite related stuff then id post some drunk WIPs ylto get some feedback, but since im not, what are you working on right now /40kg/?

>> No.56564671

But thats what I'm talking about, I thought that in the lore when they released Gatherinf Storm prior to the ynnari release they changed it. If we're talking direct reference in rules text absolutely, but I could have SWORN people were shitposting all the time when the book came out. Again, if I'm wrong I'm wrong, I never really pay attention to other factions.

>> No.56564674

gathering storm was released about 2 months before the announcement of 8e.

>> No.56564678

That's still exactly what I said, before 8e was even announced. I had no idea how FAR it was before 8e was announces, but 2 months prior is still prior.

>> No.56564683

and in context of this thread, people were talking about drukhari being mentioned in lore as far back as 6e.

>> No.56564693

I'm still not getting it as you have to end your consolidation closer to the closest enemy model.

I get you could maybe move them away from some models in a unit this way but I'd imagine it must be difficult to maximise your attacks but then be able to consolidate out of harms reach.

>> No.56564695

triggerd yet?

>> No.56564698

>Pretty sure it happened midway through 6 or 7

>> No.56564699

>all these new leaks
keep em coming boys

>> No.56564704


>> No.56564706

>caring about the gender of meat for the grinder
I mean in reality mixed gender platoons don't work well, but it's a pass in a Universe like 40k

>> No.56564718

Fuck, guess I forgot what "or" means. I concede the argument, you guys win and it didn't start until after 8e because I don't fucking care about when the retarded name for other people's factions started being used.

>> No.56564726

you got this right
>true love only between guardsmen
but I still want to get guardswoman als over my army

>> No.56564734

The only problem is how it looks like her face was edited in after the rest of the image was finished.

but I'll take it over the digital trainwrecks in other GW publications

>> No.56564740

Model idea I want to make sometime

Techmarine who studied with the Magos Biologis instead of the mainstream Mechanicus

>> No.56564747

She could be from an all female regiment. They're a thing in the guard. More common than mixed ones from memory.

>> No.56564751

not really. look at the tank's damage. it just looks unfinished. I think the face looks out of place because it has the most details.
I still like it. good artwork.

>> No.56564752

Nothing like new BtK art to brighten ones day

>> No.56564758


>> No.56564764

Yeah but those scarabs were t 3 and took double wounds from blasts. if you llet them near your tank, then you haved. D one it to yourself

>> No.56564796

Mah Promethean battle-brother

>> No.56564797

What was the name of the upcoming plague marine novel? Lords of Silence?

>> No.56564801

If the scarabs were with in front of the units your protecting and the enemy kills them and then consolidates into combat with your guys then your guys will start your turn in combat and then cannot shoot.

If you have that dead zone the enemy can fight the scarabs, kill them, consolidate towards your units but then they have to stand there as you shoot at them.

>> No.56564804

I blame that on the really poorly done neckline. It looks like a flap of skin connects directly from her sternum to her chin like some kind of pelican throat.

>> No.56564812

Does anyone else think that removing initiative stat was a mistake? I get that it made assault phase hard for some armies, but that could gave been helped somewhat by for example, giving dedicated low initiative melee units like ork boys etc, a boost to their initiative in combat if they successfully charged the opponent. Not a massive boost that would have made them faster than genestealers, but enough that they would hit most basic foes they face first if they charged them successfully.
This sort of initiative with modifiers system would imo be better than both the old one where initiative was generally static and only affected by psychic powers and some wargear etc, and the current one where there is no initiative at all and plague zombies fight as fast as slaanesh deamons.
It would also bring back the utility of lash whips.

>> No.56564826

I think removing initiative was the right call. Combat is much smoother now.

>> No.56564829


>> No.56564838

Bathroom's down the hall and to the left

>> No.56564848

Too bad that the primaris don't suffer from the black rage
Maybe they'll make a story about how Ka'Bandha corrupts the new primaris with the black rage, that could be nice

>> No.56564865

>Does anyone else think that removing initiative stat was a mistake?
No. What advantage does the Initiative system have over the Charge-fights-first-alternating system? You mentioned a possible 'fix', but not why you should want to use that system in the first place, especially when your fix would make calculating and keeping track of initiative even more tedious.

>> No.56564867

Smooth combat is ok but shut like terminators hitting genestealers first pisses me off. I think that a system in which a successful charge boosts initiative (the amount of boost could depend on the unit) would be better and help to differentiate the armies more.

>> No.56564870

Working on my Deathwatch right now, cant decide between power or chain swords. On the topic of shadespire, any chance of a slaanesh release?

>> No.56564873

Well not when they rolled off the assembly line, who knows what happens after they drink from the Red Chalice.

>> No.56564878

Oh they definitely will, its always been mentioned that geneseed flaws were ALMOST removed. Plus a couple of suggestions of possible unintended consequences.
GW are setting things up for "flawed" primaris marines to be rarer, but a bigger deviation.

>> No.56564880


>> No.56564886

Because I don't think that if units hit first in melee should depend more upon what they are fighting against, instead of just a flat rule of charge first, hit first. It should depend on the context

>> No.56564889

I'm working on building a spider version of a Shadowsword for my Admech because I'm so bored. New Admech units when? Fires of Cyraxis is a myth

>> No.56564896

It's the helmet and broad shoulders that's throwing it off for me. Like, her head is too fuckin small.

Not bad art, but having worked jobs like it in the past it smells real strongly of a last minute change.

>> No.56564899

If terminators actually manage to get the drop on genestealers (charge them) they deserve stike first.

The whole alternative activstion mechanic adds a new facet of tactics to the game and rewards good placement and manouvering. From a game perspective these are good things.

>> No.56564900

>too bad
There's a cure for that, practice

>too lazy
If you're lazy, there's a guy in my FLGS who just sprays his khornate daemons with pic related and puts a shade on them.

>> No.56564901

Capitalist desire for money means stupid shit to protect trademarks and companies fucking over the customers to prevent 3rd party sales of bits (Chapterhouse, anyone?).

>> No.56564902

I meant does it make sense in terms of gameplay? I know little about it but it would be a nice excuse for some daemonettes

>> No.56564905


Charge first was a pretty good balance call, but alternating after is pretty abhorrent.

>> No.56564906

GW is supposedly going to start releasing new units every month next year, though when they'll get to AdMech who knows.

>> No.56564909

Looks cool.
How are you going to do the legs?

>> No.56564912

Why? Would that make things more strategic that charging certain targets is pretty much never worth it? What's your reasoning?

>> No.56564913

Defiler or dunecrawler stilts?

>> No.56564918


Power swords and special ammo Bolters make for a nice utility deathwatch unit, assuming they have a way to close.

Of course, bikes do it better and have double the shooting, so.

>> No.56564921

I've got two Onagers sets of legs, I think I'm going to divide each set in two and affix them around the sides somehow

>> No.56564929

why spider and not doggo?

>> No.56564933



>> No.56564944

>only $5 cheaper
why the hell wouldn't anyone buy the MPPK

>> No.56564956

Charging some targets with some units should always never be worth it. I object to shit like plague zombies hitting slaanesh deamons first in melee.

>> No.56564959

Slaanesh demons get to fight first even if they didn't charge.

>> No.56564968

If you're willing to go to 750 you can play this fun piece of shit:

Brotherhood Champion
15 Strikes
Land Raider Crusader.

You have a couple points left over to fiddle around with upgrades like a multimelta, or hammers or some psilencers.

Enjoy your entire army fitting in a single transport and deploying in a single drop.

>> No.56564973

You have the shittiest memory ever; that was the customizable Transcendent C'tan from 6th Editions Apocalypse.

>> No.56564979

Doggos don't have 8 legs and a bulging abdomen. Good doggos don't at least

>> No.56564985

>blades of purification: +1 wound rolls in fight on 7+ bonus mortal wounds
>veterans of the long war + 1 wound rolls for infantry
>20 pox walkers get 40 attacks with wound rolls of 5+ being additional mortal wounds
>120 point bullet sponge that hits like a european truck

I don't even care about the normal wound jesus, you can nuke rhinos one turn.
Am I missing something?

>> No.56564986

Ah, I gotcha. I thought you were talking about a dead zone created with a consolidation not a dead zone protecting against consolidation. Thanks.

>> No.56564987


>> No.56564989

>> No.56564995

Well then the cunt I have been playing with doest know the rules of his faggy deamons.

>> No.56564997

>Use this Stratagem just before an IRON HANDS VEHICLE attacks in the Shooting phase. Until the end of the phase, that vehicle can ignore the penalties for moving and firing a Heavy weapon

Niche question, since afaik Land Speeders are the only astartes vehicle that can traveil in squadrons, but

the first part of this wording implied to me you select a unit, but the second half of the wording sounds like it's a single model that benefits

if I nominate Land Speeders with this stratagem, do all 3 of them ignore the penalty, or does only a single speeder remember how to aim?

>> No.56565008

nowhere does it say unit, so it only affects one model

>> No.56565018

Let us drink to the glory of our upcoming Codex !

>> No.56565021

But it also doesnt specifically say model, like the Hellfire Shells stratagem does

every stratagem where the difference matters manages to specify one or the other except this one

>> No.56565026

It also doesn't specify unit, it just specifies "vehicle" singular.

>> No.56565027

Bonus wound from blades doesn't happen for Pozwalkers.

It needs the weapon to be a plague weapon.

>> No.56565031

do the bangels use straws to drink mid battle or the liquid drips inside the helmet?

do beakies look like mosquitoes or tits when drinking?
what happens when the chalice is emptied mid action?

>> No.56565041

Don't forget also that Str6+ used to insta kill them

>> No.56565042

They don't drink mid action, they drink before the battle. During the fight, the chalice is brandished as a symbol.

>> No.56565044

at which point you fall back on anything that would indicate if it is for a single thing for multiple thing

"character" applies to a single model with the character keyword, otherwise SoB can have 3 warlords at the same time

"Ironhands vehicle" follows this in the fact it says an ironhands vehicle, which is singular

>> No.56565046

aaaaaaaand pox walkers seems meh again

>> No.56565050

>pic related
>its fucking nothing
Ok anon, 10/10 I giggled.

>> No.56565056

You're still gonna wound a lot of infantry on a 2+, you just wont get a MW from it.

>> No.56565057


I'm trying to add some space marine vehicles and other toys into my army for more unit variety while doing my best to keep things fluffy, and the Salamanders stratagem on a squadron of double-flamer land speeders is delicious, but I was leaning more towards iron hands so I could take bikers in good faith, with a 6+++ that matches what the rest of my army has

But salamanders bikers would feel weird, and honestly other than that squadron of land speeders there's nothing in the space marine codex that really speaks to me. And if I Auxillary the speeders in I cant use Flamecraft on them anyway.

>> No.56565075

Yvraine is cute ! CUTE !

>> No.56565079

I guess.... just wanted a screen unit that was actually necessary to destroy before it fucked shit up.

infantry killing options are a dime a dozen.

>> No.56565080

Yvraine has man hips ! MAN HIPS!

>> No.56565082

I am giving this team shotguns/fragcannons and intend on putting them in either a Razorback or a Corvus, I should probably use power swords then right?

>> No.56565085

>implying Marbo doesn't have a bunch of clones running around.
Guy is probably every eversor assassin

>> No.56565094

I keep thinking her hat-thing is fire-crackers

>> No.56565095

They're british.

>> No.56565098

>mfw I roll 4 1s in a row when rolling for damage.

>> No.56565100

No I'm just retarded, while typing that post I got stuck remembering wether he does paint characters or not and forgot to add it

>> No.56565104

>...before an IRON HANDS >>>VEHICLE<<< attacks
>...>>>THAT<<< VEHICLE...
Nigger, are you dense? In no way whatsoever can you construe this as hitting a unit.

>> No.56565108

to add to the pox walker question when it says "add one pox walker" can this exceed your starting ammount? can it exceed the unit limit of 20?

>> No.56565115

Yvraine has wide child bearing hips!
Mommy hips!
Perfect for giving birth to her and Gulliman’s children!

>> No.56565134

technically speaking you do want the scope to be farther away from your eyes.

it might rattle a bit but honestly this is like the most minor offender.

>> No.56565137

Nice, I might get 3 as well

>> No.56565142

it didnt specify model, and it didnt specify unit, and 8e keywords can get really fucky sometimes

It's natural to word everything as in the singular when the only astartes vehicle allowed to travel in packs is the only one nobody every actually fields.

If an army got a stratagem that said "before an INFANTRY does X, that INFANTRY may Y" without saying INFANTY unit or INFANTRY model, it'd be the same situation.

>> No.56565144

anyone buying anything for black friday?

>> No.56565155

There is not one rule in the whole system that says "before an INFANTRY does X, that INFANTRY may Y"...

>> No.56565167

it's model, get over it

>> No.56565169

Yvraine has wide heavy-bolter carrying hips.
Marine hips!
Perfect for holding up her Guilliman sanctioned Ultramarine powerarmor!

>> No.56565174

Ok you're just baiting with rules lawyering, the worst kind of WAACfagging.

Next you're also going to say you can summon after disembarking.

>> No.56565178

The intention is bloody obvious. A Vehicle - One Vehicle. If it was meant to affect a Unit, it would call out Unit. Your hypothetical situation does not exist, it has no bearing on this discussion.
I swear to god, why the fuck does this only happen with GW games?

>> No.56565183 [SPOILER] 

don't open

>> No.56565186

I told you guys that releases aren't tied to codexes any more.

>> No.56565188

But you can. You just have to do it with FW doors, can't summon Slaanesh because she's being squatted, and only after anon posts pic related.

>> No.56565190

That is what made it a hypothetical, comparing it to this existing rule that does the same except for vehicles, specifying neither model nor unit. The Armor of contempt stratagem makes sure to specify "this VEHICLE model"

Iron Hands are just terrible at keeping their shit organized

I don't think my logic is hard to follow, and I was laying it out more clearly for people that didnt seem to grasp why I was confused. I wasnt arguing for either interpretation, I was pointing out how both seemed valid and I wasnt sure how to read it. GW has made dumb decisions and poorly-wored rules before

because GW games attract a much higher ratio of barely-functioning autists

>> No.56565204

Fuck you I do want I want!

>> No.56565206

I am, even though we dont have black fridays here in Krautland.
I have my birthday on Saturday, so I'll treat myself to something nice.

>> No.56565228

Alpharius be like

>> No.56565246

I'm Convinced that the whole of the Alpha legion were exact clones of Alpharous and Omegon with the same power levels as the Emperor's last experiment to create the perfect, easily replicated army of super soldiers.

>> No.56565247

Is it worth taking 3 Blight Haulers in a unit for the +1 to hit?

It's relatively easy to stop the bonus, just focus fire and kill 1. Also they have to be in coherency which makes maximising its aura awkward.

>> No.56565262

It would be funny if they did a 20% discount, down to the cost of buying things from the LGS half a mile away

>> No.56565266


They're faster than other death guard units. You can use that extra movement to start them in a clump then scoot them into being a barrier for your troops.

>> No.56565271


They get to fight first but if the enemy has units that charged or has similar special rules then you alternate starting with the player who's turn it is.

So if zombies charged demonettes the player could quite rightfully fight first with the zombies.

>> No.56565274


Personally I just wanna run them as a group of four bloat drones and three blight haulers as a Nurgle daemon engine conclave, troops be damned. Not sure what HQ to pair them off with, but yeah.

>> No.56565280


My local GW (Glasgow) did a Black Friday thing a while back, but there were no discounts. Manager just kinda tried to use it to advertise bundles.

>> No.56565282

Gunning for some PC upgrades. Want a new MB, more DDR4, an SSD and some of those sweet curved double monitors, thinking 3 if I can snag another Graphics card as well, if not 2 is fine.

>> No.56565284

Daemon Prince? That way a Herald of Nurgle can give him and the others +1str and can heal him.

>> No.56565290

Fuck off /pol/, it’s despicable that you think think you can still spam your memes here.

Did they ban 40k on your board or something?

>> No.56565327


Well ideally I'd want some kinda dark Mechanicus guy, but they didn't bother to make a Nurgle techpriest despite doing literally every other character niche including "solo flamethrower guy" and "grenade specialist".

>> No.56565367

>New characters announced for 40k
>All of them are muhreens.

I'm shocked. Just shocked.

>> No.56565374

Who? What? Where?

>> No.56565376

I know it's easy to mistake Sly for a Marine, but he isn't.

>> No.56565389


Honestly his stats as of the last few times he's had them don't seem to reflect the weird meme status he has, nor does his direct fluff when he isn't being memed -even by GW promotional materials-.

He seems more an imperial lictor than anything: A stealth specialist who can harry weak units and bully support HQs.

>> No.56565393


Fucking hell. More good black and white artwork ruined by photoshop colouring.

Why does every piece of art nowadays have atleast some sort of colour in it, because they think that "black and white is in the past, we are Nu-GW now"

It just ticks me off when there where so many good art work pieces which didn't need colour that they fucked over.

>> No.56565417

Can a kind anon post the uplifting primer pdf Please?

>> No.56565422


I think the memes are RAMBO RAMBO HELL YEAH HELL YEAH even though Rambo in his own movie was a shellshocked veteran having a freakout in the woods over not being able to readjust.

>> No.56565424

Doesn't the +1 stack to +3 max?

>> No.56565432

Man that DAKKA DAKKA strategem is naff
1 CP for 3 extra shoota hits.

>> No.56565435


It's Forgeworld bullshit, but it'd be nice to see some for some others.
Still, at least my army is mostly plastic, it coukd be worse.

>> No.56565442

My tyranid army is 123 points short of my flgs standard, what would you advise to fill this hole?

>> No.56565448

Horde spam something crap as a living shield

>> No.56565449 [SPOILER] 

Y-you t-too..

>> No.56565458

Can we watch while you two make out?

>> No.56565463

NPC won't be getting a codex for a little while now. After the BA DA and demons expect T'au then some more chaos and imperium stuff to come out first.

>> No.56565493

you should be able to use the strategem after you roll for hits

>> No.56565501

depends. what do you have already?

>> No.56565507


That one's been colored by a deviantart guy, not GW

>> No.56565516

Mostly start collecting box stuff.
A tyrant, warriors, gargoyles, genestealers and big worms.
I also bought lots of brain bugs so no more psychic stuff please.

>> No.56565517

Should be a extra round of shooting for the cra, full weapon profile.
Though knowing GWs history of rules clarity, it might even have been the intent.

>> No.56565518

>you cannot use this pyschic ability more than once on this unit

Why do they need to say that if you can't use the same pyschic ability twice per turn?

>> No.56565522

Hello, Im wanting to buy some stuff but Im a little bit stuck. The warhammer shop in my area does a kill team event each week that is aimed at beginners, so Im looking for a box to buy. It is ussualy 200-250pts depending on what people bring. I like the look of Tau or Tyranids. Any suggestions on a box or squad that would be easy for a beginner to paint and wont die fast?

>> No.56565524

To limit its use in open play.

>> No.56565525


You can't even with two psykers?

>> No.56565527

no only smite

>> No.56565558

I thought two separate pyskers could use the same ability.

>> No.56565559

I'm pretty sure it was during GS, yeah.
It was absolutely after Eldar became Aeldari, because I remember the jokes about Aedarki Aeldari.

>> No.56565563

no only smite

otherwise shit like -1 to hit abilities would be bananas with screens

>> No.56565565

A box of warriors is around 100 points, 80 for genestealers and 50/40 for a box of gaunts.
Two warrior boxes would be around 200 points.
Warriors, genestealers and a box of gaunts would be an insteresting mix for 250.

>> No.56565576

Thank you, do you know a similar thing for Tau so I could compare my options?

>> No.56565582

Why? That does not make sense.

It is more likely that GW is being retarded as usual

>> No.56565588

Its so that there is at least some semblance of balance even in open play, at least in respect to that specific power.

>> No.56565595

Sorry, don’t know tau.
I’m guessing a mix of stealth suits and pathfinders?

>> No.56565598

You can still disembark from a transport as long as your models dont go within 1" of the enemy models fighting the vehicle.

>> No.56565616

No worries, Ill read up on Tau points

>> No.56565618

Sorry what bizarro world do you come from?

>> No.56565651

It's like you've not been around for the last year.

>> No.56565664

If two players have abilities that let them deploy units "at the beginning of the fist battle round", who deploys first, and is deployment alternated between units, or does each player deploy every affected unit at the same time?
Eg. Alpha Legion using the Forward Operatives stratagem against Craftworlds using the Phantasm stratagem.

>> No.56565666

I have, I see no balance.
Maybe you are the new one that haven’t play this crap for decades.
You can see clearly that there isn’t any balance.

>> No.56565675

>wtf this rule is stupid!
>It's there for balance
>Balance what balance! GW doesn't balance!

>> No.56565681

Where do people always get the White Dwarf leaks from anyway?

>> No.56565685

Perfect balance is impossible. But GW have been doing their best, and things are much, much more balanced than they have ever been. And they are actively trying to maintain it with constant updates.

>> No.56565689

>> No.56565695

I dunno maybe they work at a printing factory.

you typically make magazines like 1-2 months ahead of time.

>> No.56565698

Shops get them early, employees then take pictures. Near the end of the month, subscribers get theirs, so that's when we usually get most leaks.

>> No.56565707



>> No.56565713

Oh look, heresy!

>> No.56565716

>200% Smug

>> No.56565726

>They know.

>> No.56565728

No one posted this yet?


>> No.56565732

Pretty cool, actually.
Wait I thought thanksgiving was burgers only

>> No.56565737

How should I kit out my hive tyrant?
>inb4 flyrant
I want to make him walk. What is the optimal loadout? Are the big guns worth it?

>> No.56565741

It is, but GW has a lot of American customers. That and Canada, anyway.

>> No.56565747

Boneswords and Deathspitters/Devourers.

>> No.56565748


There are no Visarch in sight, he isn't even invited.

>> No.56565750

The whip is pretty much useless, right?

>> No.56565754

Yeah, I love how it looks, but it's useless.

>> No.56565758

I see you have returned fellow sucy poster

>> No.56565763

We didn't get a Thanksgiving poster for OUR thanksgiving...

>> No.56565764


Either go dual talons for a pure melee build, or take any gun and monstrous rending claws.

>> No.56565774

In the way that looks coolest or fits with your specific flavor of nids most, duh.

>> No.56565788

The trick is never leaving
Well except maybe for brief bouts of sleep. I should also obtain more Sucy

>> No.56565795

I dig it. Will buy and convert.

>> No.56565804

6th and 7th are not 40k kid
But how would you know?!

>> No.56565816

Go on, tell us how 5th and before was balanced.

>> No.56565824


>> No.56565831

3rd and 4th are best edition. Anyone that says otherwise is wrong or brain dead

>> No.56565834

Guilliman&Yvraine <3

>> No.56565835

I hate how the lashwhip was made to be completely worthless.

>> No.56565836


>> No.56565844

Tell us how they were balanced, then.

>> No.56565846

>Asmodai's face when

>> No.56565858

I swear there is like a term for this nu-metal that they use for the primaris armor.

like its still got hard edges but they're all softened out with intermediate edges and curves.
Its such a weird effect that looks so different than the old stuff. its kind of neet how they all have it though.

>> No.56565873

It was glorious. Actual rules for different armies that didn’t end with +1 against building or re-roll 1s
Things like proper rules for your dudes.

Man we have to bring those days back

>> No.56565888

40,000 years in paint

>> No.56565891

I just remember the only decent things in my codex being invulnerable holofalcons and seer councils, and everything being BS3

>> No.56565900


>> No.56565901

While agree it's boring to have rules that just be summed up as +1/-1 to random stuff, you were asked to adress the balance, not the quality of the rules.

>> No.56565909

You did well, Anon.

>> No.56565913

>seer councils
what the fuck happened
why are they so shit now.

>> No.56565915

Not what I asked, Anon. How was the balance in 3rd and 4th?

>> No.56565922

Well thanks GW, I have no interest in any of the holiday release.

>> No.56565924

Beautiful. Everyone has a chance to win.

>> No.56565930

They're no longer 3+/4++ rerollable

>> No.56565932

Welcome to me every years since 2003.

>> No.56565936

there's still hope for other new stuff in other armies, too.
next year, my man.

>> No.56565941

what the hell do you play?

>> No.56565945

New Primarch being revealed Sat?

>> No.56565947

Look how happy Dark Angels can be when they dont have a mountain of guilt regarding the Fallen. CUTE!

>> No.56565951

That's what I thought. Lion incoming.

>> No.56565958

Witch Hunters
My army chances rules, allies and restriction like every time an Imperium ruleset is release.
I have a small Imperial army for every Imperial faction at this point due to this crap.

>> No.56565959

its sad because it works really well for balance.

like you can give a buff or debuff for 1/6 chance of improvement, but you can make it for something that was already low so you're effectively doubling your chances. which means you balance around which things you give to what.

like rerolling wounds might be awesome with this army, but if everything is stupidly high str already it doesn't mean shit.

the sad thing though is that you can see where the limits are and they're stupidly constrict.

you can really feel GW is trying to destroy any wombo combo you're trying to come up with.
you basically just find the very few units that peak over the contriction and spam them.

>> No.56565974

Hence why it is shit balance.
You end looking for the most broken shit you can spam. Just to be functional.
It is not even waacfagging at that point it is just preventing getting table turn 1 due to shit balance
Like a “coke-zero” version of 6th/7th

>> No.56565980


>> No.56565987

me on the left

>> No.56565988

no you fool, it's SLY MARBO

>> No.56565991

Stop playing with WAACfags.

>> No.56566014

>being this retarded
Unless everyone agrees to bring the most crappy units and play like a guys just learning to play. A single competent play or not retarded list build will grant you a victory.

The game has atrocious balance

>> No.56566040

They already revealed sly marbo, and I don't care.

>> No.56566096

>disgusting diversity
top kek

>> No.56566186

Tyranids are the objective good guys of the setting

>> No.56566216

Could just make a clause that says it does not stack

>> No.56566384

Pic related. Take them off.
Slaaneshi berserkers were a thing, remember that codex? The shitty one, not the other one.
And what about sneaky deamon princes who ignored armor and invulnerable saves in HtH? Or Iron Warriors Obliterator Spam, boy that seemed new at the time.
Alaitoc, the Seer council?
Phil Kelly's Wonderful Carnifex Spam with a sprinkle of Rippers?
Yeah, everyone had a chance, IF they built their armies the same way AND faced the army they were tailored against.

>> No.56566955


the suffering continues

>> No.56567732

id go with some biovores and gaunts
more boddies always helps and biovores are a solid choice.

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