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so im buying books to gather inspiration from.
any advice for what i should get? (any genre but i would prefer /tg/ related stuff)

also request for the name for that book that sometimes gets mentioned around here. it's supposed to be the "only fantasy book /lit/ likes" or something. any help at all would be appreciated.

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don't respond or sage. i jumped the gun and bought all the books i thought maybe could be what i was looking for

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>my paycheck just came in
>so im buying books

Stop making frivolous purchases and start saving your money until you get to the point where you don't have to wait for a paycheck to buy books.

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Sound advice, if you're living paycheck to paycheck (even if its just your spending money account and not overall) you need to get your shit together. Literally at any time something outside of your control blindsides you with a fat expense and then its debtor hell for the rest of your life.

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niggers i told you to sage. but that's good advice tho. i don't usually do this but today i was buying stuff for christmas and wanted to treat myself.
you guys don't happen to know if that book i was asking about is called "the name of the wind" by any chance?

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No idea, but that is a great fucking book. Read it and the sequel in about 10 days. Couldn't put them down

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Not OP but here's a tip for you:
"Waiting for my paycheck to come in" for most normal humans doesn't mean the have 0 money left. I have (if converted to burger-dollars) ~20k in savings which is a year living comfortably, two uncomfortable if necessary in an emergency (This is not counting my savings for retirement / buying a house).

Due to me being a normal human with self-control, i don't dally into (any) of those savings when i want to buy shit, i wait until i have money saved beyond that (i.e from a paycheck), and me being only ~5 years into my career those accounts still swallow a big chunk due to the retirement + house fund obviously being quite abit empty at this early stage.

So stop projecting and contribute to the thread instead.

Now for OP:
Honestly buying a collection of H.P lovecraft changed everything /tg/ and horror related for me. For me (probably due to me being retarded or something) it opened up new vista's of creativity and ideas i never had before. REALLY recommend them.

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that's great. i bought it with a load of other stuff before.

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JRR Tolkien's Red Book, Greg Bear's Songs of Earth and Power, Tanith Lee's Flat Earth Chronicles, The Windrose Chronicles by Babera Hambly, The Diamond Throne/Ruby Knight/Sapphire Rose by David Eddings (for god's sake and your sanity, assume it ended there), Fables graphic novels, any of them.

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Also, the Riddlemaster of Hed series by Patricia McKillip.

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thanks. appreciate the tip. i've already read most lovecraft tho. do you read any other horror writers stuff?

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holy shit, anon! where were you an hour ago?
>The Diamond Throne/Ruby Knight/Sapphire Rose by David Eddings (for god's sake and your sanity, assume it ended there)
>assume it ended there
i know that feel already kek. still thinking about the henchman from the first trilogy that they didn't get in tamuli but were defeated by his own alcoholism...

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As far as I am aware the only series that is equally loved by /tg/ and /lit/ is the Book of the New Sun. I think Gene Wolfe - the author is probably the best living writer but your mileage may vary. It also mixes fantasy with the sci-fi so be aware of that.

Some other books I would recommend are the Hyperion Cantos and the Illum/Olympus series by Dan Simmons. Pretty much anything by Tim Powers. Roger Zelazny's stuff, mostly Amber and Lord of Light. C.S Friedmans Coldfire trilogy. Most of Branden Sandersons Cosmere novels. Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Estlemonts Malazan series. I'll also second Tanith Lee's Flat Earth series, The Red Queens War by Mark Lawrence, The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron, The Powder Mage trilogy and sequels by Brian McClellan, The Space Trilogy by CS Lewis, The House on the Borderlands and the rewrite of the Nightlands by William Hope Hobson, various stories by Clark Ashton Smith and finally the Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

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>the Book of the New Sun
that's the one! thank you.

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Like SciFi? Like Fantasy? Don't mind a bit of romance?
Sounds like you need some : The Night Land, The story retold

It has quite a cult following for the original, but if you dont have patience then youll be twisting your brain in vertigo

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Listen to this man as well. He has taste, and where he does not have taste, he has an understanding that it's still important to get an idea from stuff that sucks.

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i've skimed though some reviews but i'd be a bad person if i didn't ask: would my aunt hate me if i bought this for my teenage cousine (female)?

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If she's a fundamentalist Christian of any sort, YES. Otherwise, no.

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im OP btw

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great. thanks

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wait...just how raunchy are we talking here?

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Yea damn even learning of the existence of someone so poor that they have to wait to buy books bummed me the fuck out. I hope you are ~19, OP

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i was homless when i was 19
contribute or gtfo

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List some shit you like OP, /tg/ related is a pretty broad umbrella

The only fantasy book /lit/ likes...could be Gormenghast or the Book of the New Sun perhaps?

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Alright then.

Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny

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I'm in the same boat, but 24. I'm at Uni though and shit is intense in 4th year.

Just got a job and my first shift starts Saturday though.

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Not even raunchy....

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that's good. that's great.

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It's not the sex that's the issue. It's the lack of god. Everything in it points to a severe failure of the Christian God to support his chosen people. So, Christians would think it'sa a work of the devil to read.

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I read Name of the Wind but I've heard really bad things about The Wise Man's Fear.

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oh ok. im ok with that. im still trying to get my priest to explain how the problem of evil get annuled by God.
this is my last respons. the sun is rising i have to go

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>Name of the Wind

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I really, really fucking wish they had a better cover for that.

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Codex Seraphinianus. It's like £50 online, a giant and inspiring book of weirdness.

...pirate a PDF copy first, to see if it's your sort of thing.

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I personally love everything by Brent Weeks. His current series is the lightbringer series, it's all about muskets, pirates, and creative inventive magic with morally dubious characters.

His writing feels like he creates the entire history of a world right up to the moment the book begins, and just let's these very real characters inhabit the world. They act in accordance to the world.

His first series, the night angel trilogy is a bit rougher around the edges, (and it dips into edgy a bit as well) but is an engaging and fun read. So many interesting concepts and ideas in that book.

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If by Christians you mean the diminishing number of bible belt retards then yes. I recommended it first in the thread and am a pretty devout if somewhat unorthodox Christian. CS Lewis - probably the most famous author of 'Christian fiction' also loved the book though he though the author embellished the language a bit much (a fair complaint).

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>so im buying books to gather inspiration from.
>any advice for what i should get?
I recommend the Scavenger Trilogy by K.J. Parker
>(any genre but i would prefer /tg/ related stuff)
Do you mean Fantasy, or like The Gamers? /tg/ does Sci-fi too y'know

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More like KEK of the wind lel

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This. I'm a big Brent Weeks fan.

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I like old cloak and dagger stuff, since it got plenty of adventure in it but is old enought to be full of foreign ideas.

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>when there are five lights

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