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Bigass Dinos edition

Previously: >>56507373

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Got any plans to run the upcoming commanders?

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>Tetzimoc, Death Primordial
>Legendary Creature - Elder Dinosaur

>B, Reveal Tetzimoc, Death Primordial from your hand: Put a "Prey" counter on target creature. Only activate this ability during your turn.

>When Tetzimoc, Death Primordial enters the battlefield, destroy all creatures with a "Prey" counter on them.

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This is perfect for my Korlash mana bomb deck.

>> No.56522538

>Thread question
You mean between Ghalta and Tetzimoc, who does nothing in tgr command zone?
I thought about Ghalta but just made kermit instead

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Translation needed

>> No.56522645

>players can't activate planeswalker's abilities
>Draw an additional card during your draw step
>Spells you cast cost 1 less to cast
>Creatures you control get +1/+1

>> No.56522653

The immortal sun
The players can activate loyal habilities from planeswalkers

You draw an additional card at the begining of the draw step?

Sorceries you cast cost 1 less

Creatures under your control get +1/+1

>> No.56522657

players can't activate loyalty abilities
you draw an additional card
+1/+1 anthem on ur dudes
1 generic reduction on your spells

>> No.56522710

This will be the only anthem effect I put into my Locust God deck. I love it.

>> No.56523217

>Planeswalkers get BTFO
>Other good shit
It's only fringe playable but it'll be entirely worth it when you hose the occasional planeswalker. Tutoring up a needle with trinket mage feels awful imo

>> No.56523306

I'm going to order like eight of these fuckers, but at the same time, am I the only one a little pissed off about the design?

>Finally get a direct PW hate card
>except it's not
>It's a value engine at a decent cost, but all those stapled-on abilities cost mana and it's on an artifact with no protection rather than, say, an enchant
>Only about half of these effects will ever matter at one time

>It's legendary so you can't even stack it against spot removal

Like, fucking hell, is it too much to ask for like... at least a half-decent anti-PW suite? Give me effects that tax opponents mana for using loyalty abilities. Give me effects that make PWs cost more. Give me effects that tick down all planeswalkers either gradually. Give me effects that mirror what I can do to creatures. Give me a card that says "Destroy all Planeswalkers" for 3WW.

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>Tax mana of Plainswalkers

Anyway, I'll put it in my Karn deck which means I can take out Karn Liberated and Ugin to put in more interesting cards.

>> No.56523432

I'm trying to think of different deck ideas other than my usual voltron/swarm/big trample bastards style and I came across this guy.

Is a discard-themed deck scummy at all? I don't want to be hated out, just trying to play/win a different way

>> No.56523974

Discard is hard to make work. You've either got to stick a Spirit of the Labyrint/Notion Thief and wheel, or get out Nath and a Sadistic Hypnotist. With a 4 man pod there are just too many cards to chew through normally.

>> No.56523995

build Grenzo Doomsday with the Murderous Redcap loop as the prime wincon

>> No.56524011

>Tfw my friend just paid out the ass to make a superfriends deck
>this gets released

I'm almost upset for him

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Mirri "Go Wide" Tokens or Nazahn Voltron?

Or both?

>> No.56524152

Mirri Voltron. She's the duelist, give her swords.

>> No.56524156

6 mana to eat a Naturalize and fucking die because nobody is letting you go off with extra cards and mana. The PW hate is not the reason why somebody is going to remove this.

>> No.56524159

Mirri "Go Wide" Tokens or Nazahn Voltron?

Or both?

>> No.56524214

Nahiri can go in a Nazahn build. Nazahn can’t fit into a Nahiri build unless you start shifting the theme to an equipment deck.

>> No.56524215

It can be, if any player is running superfriends, getting rid of that is their top priority.

>> No.56524288

Mirri doesn't have good synergy with tokens. I mean tokens don't give shit if there's one blocker or seven, because you're going through for lethal anyway.

>> No.56524368

>friend builds Scarab god, all jazzed about it
>can't stop hyping up his deck
>game day over the weekend
>Seton vs Beetleorg
>T2 Ground Seal and fuck him over for the rest of the game
>guns for me the rest of the night

>> No.56524396

So, I decided to resurrect my old Marchesa deck, but I don't know what to change, and the fact, despite the occasional upgrade, it's years that I don't play it doesn't help, and it was aimed at multiplayer games

I know I must put Thraximundar in it, maybe instead of Ob Nixilis.
I own Goblin Bombardment but I don't think that "another" sacrifice a creature it's necessary

What do you think?

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>more forced dino shit
Dinosaurs will never ever be good wizards stop forcing tribal cancer into edh

>> No.56524477

>potentially nifty black monster
>nothing too crazy
>not pushed in any real way
whats your issue?

>> No.56524540

>has fucking nothing to do with Dino synergy and is off-color for the tribe

2/10 see me after class

>> No.56524601

>not going the most Patrician Route

>> No.56524652

>reveal wrath of god dino in your hand
He's shit. If I'm balls deep in mono black, there's better commanders, better boardwipes and I can just tutor that shit.
>mono black
>zero synergy with the rest of the naya tribe

>b-but muh nifty potential
>it's a dino!

The powerlevel is dreadful; the tribe was terrible. As I read the spoilers and leaks, I noticed that every time a dinosaur popped up, it was a gigantic timmy-saur that cost 2 mana too much.

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time a dinosaur was overcosted. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. WOTC's r&d is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that they have no other style of cardmaking. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Ixalan development by the same Mark Rosewater. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are playing dinos at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to play Standard." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you play dinosaurs you are, in fact, trained to play Standard.

>> No.56524715

>I began marking on the back of an envelope every time a dinosaur was overcosted. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. WOTC's r&d is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that they have no other style of cardmaking. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Ixalan development by the same Mark Rosewater. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are playing dinos at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to play Standard." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you play dinosaurs you are, in fact, trained to play Standard.

>> No.56524730

Your pasta is showing

>> No.56524873

>when one anon's shitpost is mistaken as your own

>> No.56524941

Is that a current pic of Brendan Fraser? Dude's starting to look like a Simpsons character

>> No.56525130

Who /xenagod/ here?
Any secret spice?

>> No.56525227

Big dudes with trample.

>> No.56525486

Playing him (both copies) in a better R/G deck, like based Radha or Ruric Thar.

>> No.56525683

>friend has been meticulously crafting grixis planeswalker / spellslinger deck
>stomping most people in play group
rip him.

>> No.56525741


Deus of Calamity, Avatar of the Slaughter, Elvish Piper, Brawn, Giant Adephage, rancor, and putrefax.

>> No.56525754

Fuck my mana curve and possibly wallet.

>> No.56526139

I like running Mirri in the 99 of Nazahn. In fact my Nazahn deck is pretty focused on having both Mirri and Arabho out along aside. The ability for Nazahn to tap out their best blocker (even more so if I also throw another equipment on someone) combine with the one blocker they get from Mirri alongside buffing Nazahn with Arahbo's ability means he can easily hit for commander damage on one swing. It also allows me to keep the deck cat themed even though I removed almost all the cats.

>> No.56526450

how fun is rashmi? i dk how i feel about her since she needs to be in play and just goes off on your first spell each turn
and she costs 4 mana and is a fairly weak body

>> No.56526750

It's too expensive to be a staple for all decks, but it can be really useful. Faster decks and cEDH decks won't have a place for it, but it might be pretty useful slower midrange/control ones, especially if they run a lot of creatures

>> No.56526832

I just fucking realised it means I have a colorless banner so all my lands stop dying to Karn + Lattice, which alone justifies it in my meta. It isn't even a single guy doing it. Every colorless player besides me runs it around here.

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>> No.56526915

Has anyone else been watching Rudy's recent opening videos? It's quite a laugh, he keeps on complaining about getting multiples of the same rares for some reason even though he's been getting them fairly evenly. He will also freak out over sub-$10 cards but then complain when he opens a Kamigawa dragon or literally any Praetor. It's like he knows literally nothing about the set, yet he thinks he has the authority to tell us why Iconic Masters is shit beyond Wizards printing so much that it screws over scum like him.

>> No.56526937

I don't click his shit, all I heard about him through various MtG threads here, he sounds like a shithead, so I'm glad if he gets rectally ravaged.
I think he also shit on other card games because he couldn't """"""invest"""""""" well in them.

>> No.56526957

Did anyone ever make an edit of this but the "I'm sad" bit is Karn?

>> No.56526980


I think it's a fun card, but don't really like the fluff. Should have been a pterosaur or demon/archeopteryx, this just looks like some kind of pokemon. Also the flavor doesn't match the card text - if it was a demon or some mythical behemoth it could have been awesome.

In short: proof that good stats aren't the only thing that attracts players to a card. Feels like it has half the strengths of a card like Razaketh with none of the charm (emoticon)

>> No.56527002

Take this shit to one of the innumerable other threads about it. Not saying you don't have a point, but this here land is for EDH-related shitposting, not collector-related shitposting.

>> No.56527040

I like to put on his videos, mute them, than put on Hurt Feelings by Flight of the Conchords. If he were a wrestler it'd be his theme song.

>Some people say that investors don't play the game
>These are the tears of an investor

>> No.56527093


So much fun. So much. Especially with Mind's Dilation on the field.

>> No.56527110

oh nice tech

>> No.56527225

Call me crazy, but I’m fairly certain Wizards deliberately engineered this lack of hype over Iconic Masters to depress the price of packs down where they want it so it doesn’t get bought up en masse by people like Rudy, as was the case with MM1.

>> No.56527257

Iconic Masters is also subject to a much higher print run than expected, since you can get it at Target and WalMart and Meijers and the other big box stores like that, so there's that to consider.

>> No.56527272

Investors on suicide watch!

>tfw Mana Drain keeps dropping

>> No.56527306

Let’s hope they finally managed to sidestep investors, then. I’m fine with $120 average EV per box if I can get one for <$180, and Masters cubes can start becoming a thing.

>> No.56527313

how long will prices drop? horizon canopy has been stale on 25 eurodollaridoos for like 3 days
im thinking of buying one before they increase

>> No.56527335

It'll hold through the holidays but the Iconic Masters printing will never reach $200 like the Legends printing.

>> No.56527351

They’re beginning to stabilize already. I give it two weeks at most before we hit the floor. I already got the three good Praetors, might want to go ahead and grab your Dynamos and Swords.

>> No.56527406

i'll keep waiting and check prices then i guess. gonna draft one for roughly 25 bucks (europoor convertion), maybe i'll manage to pick something up

>> No.56527410

You've got about two weeks until prices are at their lowest. They'll float there for a few weeks, maybe a few months, then start the inexorable slow climb. Most cards will never reach their prior prices, but many will gain a lot still. Put together a list of what you want and pick it up now while you can for cheap. Praetors, O-Stone, Dynamo, that sorta stuff is all as cheap as it's gonna get.

>> No.56527432

yeah i'm probably gonna grab some staples in december

>> No.56527495

speaking of the praetors, which ones are worth it? i feel like i only want the WBG ones.

>> No.56527517

Red is good in certain decks.

>> No.56527522

do sacrifice effects happen sequentially? as in you choose the order of what creatures die?

>> No.56527548


>> No.56527566

you arrange death triggers however you want if creatures die at the same time, if i got your question correct

>> No.56527584

Just picked up the 2017 wizard precon for fun, never built Grixis before. I think I'm going to go Wizard tribal initially, maybe try out Marchesa or Kess as well.
Which Grixis commander do you guys have the most fun with?

>> No.56527634

Well you may as well start with inalla, she has some interesting combos.
Bloodline Necormancer + Ashnod's Alter for example is infinite recursion, token copies with haste, and colorless mana.

>> No.56527641

Oh no its almost like superfriends isn't just black bant .dec with fogs, boardwipes and enchantment/artifact removal. Oh wait.

Tell your freind to git gud

>> No.56527644


>> No.56527648

Honestly, basically all of them are good. Urabrask is the weakest, but he's hardly a slouch, he's just weak compared to his kin. In WUBRG order:

>Elesh Norn
A sizable anthem stapled to a double Night of Souls' Betrayal stapled to a decent body. She costs a lot, but damn you get your money's worth. Absolutely fantastic, part of multiple "fuck your land" combos, card's great.

As expensive as the day is long but wow that effect. The body is nothing to write home about for the cost but we're here for the card advantage and it is *real*. The draw is excellent but the denial of everyone else's hand is the kicker. Often immediately ends games if he sticks, the CA is too hard to overcome. Gotta build with him in mind though, his cost is nothing to sneer at.

Honestly, not as powerful as she looks, mostly because to get full mileage you have to untap with her for the reanimate effect. Often, opponents will have fodder to sac to her, but sometimes you can just lock someone out with the effect which is pretty strong. An Abyss effect isn't anything to scoff at, after all. Reasonable body, again. Expensive but a frequent reanimation target and for good reason.

A global haste effect and a Blind Obedience on a good sized body for a reasonable cost is just fine. He doesn't win any flashy or power awards, but if you need the effects he offers he's a great choice. I run him in a Radha deck and have never regretted it.

Man, this fucker. I've lost more games to Vorinclex than any of the rest, thanks to that land lockdown effect. It's pretty easy to ramp him out and then you have an asymmetric mana flare combined with a lockdown on enemy lands which is brutal as fuck. He's very strong and if you want the mana flare you're in for a good time.

If I had to rank them, it'd be U>W=G>B>R. Elesh Norn and Vorinclex are very good but Jin just randomly insta-wins the game. Sheoldred is good but not as good and Urabrask is only solid.

>> No.56527707

W and U are the most valued in terms of playability, but they all function exceptionally well in their respective colors.

Marchesa could almost be my favorite deck. Best thing is she shares more than a few parts with Inalla if you want to go competitive.

>> No.56527760

>Better than Urabrask

I respectfully disagree.

>> No.56527786

The real thing about JinJan is that he's best in a UBx deck. Entomb+Reanimating him is a recipe for instant salt.

>> No.56527790

Accurate assessment, well done.

Urabrask is the "weakest" praetor, but by fuck's almighty he's still strong because he slows your opponents down. Sticking him t3 is usually a game ender even if the rest of your deck is durdly bullshit.

I have never EVER seen anyone actually use Sheroldred, and I run the stupid thing. It just eats removal the second it hits. Jin-Jan Augur Man can usually stick with flash, elesh norn instantly fucks everything, but Sheroldred is too big of a target to ignore most of the time.

>> No.56527794

that's why i want vorinclex. he's strong and i should be able to get him out on turn 4 pretty easily.

>> No.56527812

Anybody had any experience playing The Scorpion God as a commander? Tempted to build it but not sure it'll be any fun

>> No.56527831

>anywhere near as good as Elesh Norn
Anon, are you on crazy pills? The thing about Vorinclex is that by the time you have all the mana to cast him, you don't really need any more mana to cast him. Someone will StP or Path him almost instantly, and sure their one land wont untap, but it'll hardly be worth it for the dude casting him, unless he's reanimating him very early.

>> No.56527865

Is Sheoldred any good in Hapatra?

>> No.56527872

It's not very good.

>> No.56527897

Is there any website that can help me find decks that would fit a commanders deck by CMC.

I need some 4 drops for my Meren deck but theres really only Solemn Simulacrum and Jarad

>> No.56527908


cards that would fit a commander's deck*, sorry

>> No.56527917

If he can't answer a 6-drop artifact in seven different ways not involving planeswalkers, he built a bad deck anyway.

>> No.56527918


From what I've heard, Hepatra Vizier of Poisons is a much better -1/-1 centric commander.

>> No.56527920

you can always do something like this

>> No.56527941

edhrec could help

>> No.56527942

i believe both scryfall and magiccards.info let you search by cmc and color identity

>> No.56527956

I'm tempted to build a tri color prison deck, with stuff like Thalia and Urabask, is UWR good, or RWB? Along with creaturespells coming in instead of relying too much on noncreature spells (Spell Queller, Reflector Mage) or is that too gimmicky and I should focus on something else? If UWR maybe an artifact subtheme?

>> No.56527968


EDHRec doesnt help because I dont think you can sort by CMC

>> No.56527971

Awful jank question

Say smokestack has multiple soot counters on itself. If i were to sack smokestack to itself as the first sac, would i need to sacrifice for the remaining counters?

>> No.56527984

>he has trouble finding four drops
Here, anon, I'll trade you. All I do is know 4 drops:

>desecration demon
>phyrexian obliterator
>bloodspore thrinax
>Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
>Crypt Ghast
>Disciple of Bolas
>Tree of Perdition
>Vindictive Lich
>obstinate baloth
>Nylea, God of the Hunt
>Vizier of the Menagerie

And seriously anon, I can go on and on and on.

>> No.56528009

>not mentioning our lord and savior birthing pod
ignoring that it's actually a 3-drop

>> No.56528011

You're welcome to your opinion, but in my rather extensive experience, you'd be wrong. Jin draws a million cards, Urabrask just doesn't.

Yeah, he's pretty damn strong.

I know "dies to removal" is the hot meme these days, but Vorinclex *does* actually survive sometimes and those times are terrible. Either you play nothing and hope someone else has an answer (then you die because you did nothing and they have a mana flare on a fat guy) or you play stuff, get locked down, and value'd you by the Vorinclex player since he has vastly more resources than you do. He's strong like Elesh Norn, but for very different reasons.

Eh, probably not. Doesn't do what the deck wants to do. Sheoldred is a great B/G value card. Hapatra is a general with a specific game plan and Sheoldred doesn't play into that. If you need a scary threat and don't particularly care who it is, only that they do something, Sheoldred's a great fit. Otherwise, I might find something that fits your theme a little stronger.

>> No.56528044

Yep. Once it's triggered it continues resolving regardless of whether the source still exists.

>> No.56528045

Yes, you'll need to sac all the way. You don't do it one at a time.

>> No.56528048

Yes. You sacrifice one for each counter, not one for the first counter then one for the second counter then one for the third.

>> No.56528054

Those are all creatures, don't even get me started on friggin everything else.

I also didn't mention Oracle of Mul Daya, Phyrexian Metamorph, Purphoros, clever imposter, bloodfray giant, evil twin etc. etc.

Seriously, all my decks are just littered with 4 drops, it's a giant clusterfuck because you need 8 mana before you can start casting 2 a turn.

>> No.56528076

I mean, it'd be kind of pointless to tell him about all these non-b/g creatures given that he was asking about 4-drops for Meren.

>> No.56528081

Not even memeing, it's one of the few situations where it actually matters because his CMC is so high. Elesh at least has an impact as soon as she hits the field, to the point that she's a legacy staple. I've never seen anyone play vorinclex outside of commander, and everytime someone tries to hardcast that fucker, they're met with a swath of fuck-off, unless aceticism or prowling serpopard or some shit is out.

>> No.56528082


>> No.56528088

Vorinclex is a trap due to his effect being difficult to utilize after playing him due to his huge cost, and draws unanimous ire for forcing people to skip untaps. Urabrask is severely underrated.


>> No.56528098


>> No.56528116

Fuck off bud. It's simple:

>Oh, you're playing *insert uncommander here*? Hold on a second and let me get my gleemax and blacker lotus out. You're cool with Earl of Squirrel in Ghave too right?

>> No.56528145

Iconic Masters is a pretty EDH friendly set my man, I thought this one fit pretty well. Sorry there wasn't a designated shitposting thread. Trust me, I checked the catalog first. Us guys are the closest thing to it under calm /tg/ nights.

>> No.56528211

Vorinclex is real nice as a bomb in the 99, not so much in the command zone

>> No.56528294

>Is tearing up someone's most valuable card a reasonable cost for them to play Uncommander with you?

I'm afraid I don't get the question. If you tore up my Gaea's Cradle I'm afraid I'd have to beat the ever loving shit out of you/press charges against you.

>> No.56528317

>If you tore up my Gaea's Cradle I'm afraid I'd have to beat the ever loving shit out of you/press charges against you.
And today on "World's Dumbest Criminals", a spindly little autist flailed in vain at their friend with spaghetti arms, before crying to the police about a magic card. When confronted, the autist claimed it was worth a ton of money, but the officers called to the scene only saw torn cardboard.

>> No.56528320

Some autist stated that if someone wants to play Uncommander with him, he has to tear up a card in that person's binder. He never specified expensive or not, and tore up his friends Masterpiece Mox. Pretty autistic and I wonder if the schmuck is still friends with him, because you'd have to be stupid to remain friends with a guy like that.

>> No.56528352

>Oh, you're playing *insert uncommander here*? Hold on a second and let me get my Spike, Tournament Grinder commander with Time Vault and Voltaic Key in my wish list. They're also all proxied.

I don't think it ever actually happened. Unstable isn't even out yet, for starters.

>> No.56528359

There have been un-legendaries before Unstable. Johnny, Timmy, Frankie Peanuts...

>> No.56528364

>thinking he can't get in trouble with the law for destruction of someone's property just because it's a playing card

Not how it works mongoloid. A few years ago I had a fire and when I marked down what had been lost I put down Hot Toys that cost $250+ and my insurance company accepted it. The cops would do the same if I could prove the value of said card.

It ain't the 1950s anymore gramps.

What an unrelenting autist. Hope he gets cancer one day.

>> No.56528365

He greentexted it way before Unstable stuff happened. I think the uncommander in question was Frankie Peanuts.

>> No.56528385

the idea about vorinclex (to me) is that you ramp him out early (in your 99)

>> No.56528407

"haha I milled you for 10 cards! This is so much fun!"
-guy who loses to creatures on board next turn

I don't understand these people. How do I turn my brain off and have fun at the stupidest shit like him

>> No.56528421

OK, I only read the greentext in the last thread. I didn't realize he was bragging about it before yesterday.

>> No.56528423

I was mostly mocking you because you juxtaposed beating someone up, which is illegal, with calling the police over cardboard, which is a waste of their time.

If you aren't strong enough to win, why don't you just put hamburger under the soles of their shoes, or buy one of those "ghost boxes" that randomly scans technology frequencies, and like flickers that shit on/off, or raises the volume randomly until they throw it out?

I remember turning off the power at my place when I left to fuck over a roommate's entire freezer full of stuff. I also cut open their mattress and put a whole salmon inside, and I'm definitely big enough to win a fight.

>> No.56528451

Vorinclex is for reanimator mostly.

Personally, I run him to good effect in monogreen, but that’s not where is strength lies.

>> No.56528461

I somehow managed to do that in the middle of an Ixalan draft and drafted 3 demolishes and whatever the monoblack landhate was in that set, because primal amulet is a hell of a drug.

>> No.56528468

>with calling the police over cardboard, which is a waste of their time.
>destruction of property is a waste of time if I don't approve of it
>admitting to be a cunt

Okay anon whatever you say. If you decide to sperg out one day and start going through people's decks and tearing up everything worth anything and the people at the store perform a citizen's arrest on your arrest and you get thrown in jail I'll make sure to call you in jail.

>> No.56528490

>I also cut open their mattress and put a whole salmon inside
Wow, I don't even have words to describe this. How did they react?

>> No.56528499

>you juxtaposed beating someone up, which is illegal, with calling the police over cardboard, which is a waste of their time.

Destruction of property is destruction of property. Cops don't give a fuck what it is you destroyed as long as it wasn't your's.

Some guy in town got arrested last year because he destroyed someone's Trump sign they'd made that was on their lawn and was caught on tape doing it.

You seem to have no grasp of actual law.

>> No.56528513

You can't win a fight by sitting on them.

>> No.56528523

Grixis is suffering. How the fuck are you supposed to have a mana base?

>> No.56528535

>being a petty sociopath

>> No.56528544

To be fair, it's more fun to be creative with your revenge. America is fucked, in canada if someone tore up your magic card, they'd write a ticket, tell you to settle it in small claims court, and remind you that there are murderers and rapists in the world.

>> No.56528568

>America is fucked, in canada if someone tore up your magic card, they'd write a ticket, tell you to settle it in small claims court, and remind you that there are murderers and rapists in the world.

In America you'd be expected to replace the item or go to jail. You wouldn't be put before the supreme court no matter what you destroyed.

>Canacucks talking about American law

>> No.56528595

We all rotated decks for the evening last night since I didn't think I was staying as long as I was.
We had Ur Dragon, Nekusar, Inalla and Trostani out, I usually play Jarad.
The Ur Dragon player played Nekusar, I played Innalla, the Trostani player played Ur Dragon and the guy who owns both Nekusar and Kess played Trostani.

I have never seen someone so upset at being controlled as the guy with 2 pretty heavy control decks, and it made me so happy. My favourite moment was when he had Phyrexian Processor out and chose 15 life and put out a 15/15, after two more turns we'd killed Trostani but he had 3 of these 15/15s out and it was the Nekusar turn before his, and he played Curse of Echos on me and we all got to cast a Terminate and a Shattering Spree. He gunned for me the entire night after that it was perfect.

Curse of Echos is such a fun card. The Nekusar deck had Memory Plunder in it's Graveyard so I cast my own Memory Plunder to cast Memory Plunder and everyone got to play a lot of shit, it was glorious.

>> No.56528611

Rocks and good lands.

>> No.56528615

It was quite funny. I was still friends with people in the house, so the smell gradually started over the course of weeks. Everyone thought she just stopped showering or something, and all these elaborate creams started to fill the bathroom.

Eventually she noticed when she changed her sheets that there was a giant mold spot, but being a student, that was like a month later. I was slick about it and duct taped the inside of the place that I cut so it wasn't immediately obvious there was a gaping hole in her mattress filled with fish. She never said a word to me about it, you probably couldn't have known it was a fish at that point.

>> No.56528659

>You wouldn't be put before the supreme court no matter what you destroyed.
Small claims court nigga. It's like judge judy with a real judge. They stick you there, waste your time, waste your money, and eventually there's resolution if you're petty enough.

To be frank, it's a fantastic system for resolving things like ripped magic cards and cable bills.

>> No.56528694

Fuck, I'd rather take gayposting than this crapshoot

>> No.56528759


>> No.56528784

No. This is one anon telling crazy stories about how he's some kind of deviant with revenge issues. It's probably done if no one replies to him.

Gayposting is like... threads of nonsense. Threads and threads of dicks. Fuck those guys, if I didn't know gay people in real life, they'd make me hate gay people.

>> No.56528830

I thought about this the other day, is it even possible to straightpost on /tg/?

I’m trying. I need to just man up and run more rocks. Any recommendations? I’m running Sol Ring and Commander’s Sphere but colored is really important.

>> No.56528862

problem with the red pretty is that most people don't seem to run creature edh

>> No.56528864

There used to be plenty of cheesecake threads but I'm not sure what happened to them all.

>> No.56528877


Sex Negative Regressive Left Mods.

>> No.56528879

Yup, you're a fucker. That's straight evil, imagine how bad that must have smelled to sleep on for a month. Oh god, the colour of that mattress...

It reminds me of that one Plaugeson story from a while back.

>> No.56528883

Signets, maybe Gilded Lotus, those karoo lands from Rav, Worn Powerstone, possibly more.

>> No.56528910

Karoo lands proved to be suffering. My meta is too strong to take such a tempo hit.

I’ll do three signets and gilded. I think that makes sense. I wish they’d complete the talisman cycle.

>> No.56528919

>is it even possible to straightpost on /tg/?
They try over on /gif/, but the parade of dicks is too strong most of the time, as with everywhere else on this site, what with OP constantly choking on them in every thread and all.

>> No.56528925

darksteel ingot

>> No.56528936

In Grixis

Sol Ring
Commander's Sphere
Izzet Signet
Dimir Signet
Rakdos Signet
Coldsteel Heart
Prismatic Lens
Mana Vault
Chromatic Lantern
Darksteel Ingot
Worn Powerstone
Cultivator's Caravan
Mind Stone
Gilded Lotus
Fire Diamond
Sky Diamond
Charcoal Diamond
Thran Dynamo

You probably don't need that many but there you go.

>> No.56528951

Chromatic Lantern too if you don't have that, shit maybe even Dowsing Dagger onto an unblockable creature or something, Shadowmage Infiltrator/that creatureland that's a 3/2 for 1UB

>> No.56528991

Honestly, proportions are probably fucking me. I’m thinking more than I am used to is necessary.

Darksteel and chromatic make sense. Chromatic especially since Mairsil requires a lot of colored for his abilities.

>> No.56529016

Study this:

>> No.56529063

I play it along with the other 2 HOU gods. It's the weakest of the 3 but is a really sweet punisher/infect deck.

>> No.56529100

I think people aren’t going about him right. Too many people mix shit like Blowfly Infestation and Persist creatures.

>> No.56529109

The problem with that is that Zendikar Resurgent is cheaper than him and gives you the gas you need to really take full advantage of your extra mana.

>> No.56529124

How I understand it? Toxic Deluge + Scorpion God + Nekroskitter = draw a million cards, control all opponent's creatures.

>> No.56529152

but zendikar doesn't come with a beefy body nor hurt your opponents

>> No.56529255

Toxic Deluge doesn't work the way you think it works. Creatures getting -1/-1 till end of turn isn't the same as a -1/-1 counter being put on them.

>> No.56529316

how degenereate is Grand Arbiter Augustin IV?

>> No.56529331

Degenerate? Not a whit. Oppressive? Extremely. He's like the anti-degenerate general: he stops people from having their fuckabouty fun, that's his entire thing.

>> No.56529348

maybe it was a poor choice of words on my part. i cant't into english and i haven't slept.
uw seems like a dirty colour pair and i want into it.
what you described sounds like fun for none but me, thanks anon.

>> No.56529463

Are Myojin indestructible when played from your hand? They can't die to normal removal in response to the counter being put on it?

>> No.56529527

Oh, you're in Mairsil? You should consider Jeweled Amulet and Coalition Relic too, then, since they can do fun things with other elements in a "Charge Counter cage" package. Relic is also pretty good on its own.

>> No.56529547

did some quick googling.
Myojin of Cleansing Fire's first ability isn't a triggered ability, since it doesn't contain "when", "whenever", or "at" (C.R. 603.1), but rather a static ability that generates a replacement effect in certain situations (C.R. 614.1c).

it's not a normal etb so it is indestructible

>> No.56529587

I ended up cutting the charge package because of slots, but I may reconsider given my luck with the more creature based one.

Jeweled I should snag. Deranged Alchemist has been working surprisingly well.

>> No.56529803

>Finds out Storm the Vault was spoiled
UR artifact commander when?

>> No.56529841

Vintage fucking destroyed sweet Ravaging Moses

>> No.56529909

Never because fuck you

>> No.56529965

>New big dino legend
>He only does shit from the hand.
Wizards please. Make good commanders in your sets.

>> No.56530024

Eh, if I managed to find a hundred ways to bounce Gonti in monoblack you can get a few for this guy.

>> No.56530042

Why do that when I could just run kill spells to do what he does, but more efficiently? I just think it's a bad design

>> No.56530069

Well, you only need to bounce him once and you can make him into a plague Wind in installments.

Personally, I like him and think he’ll most likely end up better than the red and white ones.

>> No.56530094

No one can help me?

>> No.56530180

I would like to play copies of lets say fetches in multiple of my decks wihtout buying a new set for each deck. How do i solve this? Any ideas?

>> No.56530204

Proxies or Chinamen

>> No.56530218

How does one get Chinaman?

>> No.56530227

the fuck is Rabiah and why doesn't mtg own it?

>> No.56530387

>The most interesting Dimir commander is an Unstable meme that's just Lazav with tits

loving blue black is suffering

>> No.56530400

>caring about unset commanders
Found your problem.

>> No.56530420

My understanding is that Wizards technically does own it but it just steals so much from the real-world middle east and from One Thousand and One Nights that they just don't want to use it.

>> No.56530656

>implying this set isn't just a prototype future sight set in disguise
goblin flogger boss is still black bordered, and all the contraptions are technically legal despite the cards that assemble them are not.

>> No.56530661

Eh there is a pretty strong nath deck in my meta, but we are more worried about its combo potential. Discard can be good. After all, there is a reason leovold is banned.

>> No.56530812

villa zheng

>> No.56530942

Any suggestions on good blue or black spells I can use to pull things out of/benefit from my opponent's graveyards after milling/proccessing them

aside from obvious shit like Aberration

>> No.56531293


>> No.56531350

Wrexial, Diluvian Primordial, Sepulchral Primordial, Memory Plunder, Reanimate, Mimeoplasm if you add green, Yawgmoth's Will + Shaman's Trance if you add red

>> No.56531408

You can have colorless eldrazi/mana symbols in a colored deck the same way you can have artifacts, right?

>> No.56531426

if you're talking about anus mana, yes
if you're talking about devoid cards, no

>> No.56531511

Only two things determine color identity: 1.) mana symbols that appear either in the mana cost or text box of the card and 2.) color indicators like you see on the backside of the flip walkers.

Colorless isn't a color and has no impact on color identity. Devoid isn't a mana symbol or a color indicator and has no impact on color identity.

>> No.56531524

Mishra is my boy

>> No.56531535

Eight more months, anons

>> No.56531754

Razaketh is just a big guy, and a good friend.

>> No.56531806

Mana Drain will be 30 bucks by summer time. Book it.

>> No.56531808

He seems brettty good with command beacon

>> No.56531819

Can't wait to get my $100. I really wanted to buy an invocation or other masterpiece card but haven't been able to justify it.

>> No.56531860

am i fucking up if i dont have him in my mono b deck?

>> No.56531865

Better play him before the ban anon

>> No.56531879

I have a lot of fun with him. It plays as a control deck and the extra card draw in rakdos colors is a huge advantage. I play lots of board wipes in mine along with “swamps matter”, X spells, and pic related. A lot of the deck runs at instant speed the help stop threats. I would recommend Nest of Scarabs but not Blowfly Infestation. Also, don’t forget Heartstone and Pillowfort-like Stax effects like No Mercy and Grave Pact (if you are running enough creatures).

>> No.56531919

a lot of the time he just moves his mouth for the sake of burning calories.

a lot of his statements boil down to "if there is a higher supply there will be a lower demand!" which isn't very interesting if you think about it.

you have to remember that his videos are monetized and so releasing sensational content is in his interest. i don't really dislike the guy but it's good to be clear about things.

>> No.56531960

Bant is good prison colors. Urabrask can be replaced with Blind Obedience, Thalia v.2 or Authority of the Consuls. Root Maze is also nasty, especially with Amulet of Vigor. Enchantress is a good subtheme. 6 enchantress effects to give card advantage and further access to prison effects like sphere of safety.

I’ve been playing Treva, the Renewer for a fair amount of time now.

>> No.56532014


How is this better than Cacodemon? This guy can't even hit hexproof enemies.

>> No.56532071

Smoke (just smoke) is a good one.

>> No.56532138

Do you keep track of commander damage? Where I play it's almost completely ignored. Only in maybe 1 in 10 games when one commander is some big dragon or something does it matter a bit.

>> No.56532152

as a voltron player this was difficult to read

>> No.56532180

A good chunk of the times that voltron wins it's just one-shotting people anyway.

>> No.56532266

If you're still around I can link my list later. I play him full -1/-1 counter stuff with Nest of Scarabs and Blowfly Infestation. Tons of token generators to get more value with the commander. He's super fun.

>> No.56532368

Of course, not all decks are centered around it but sometimes it makes the difference when it comes down to the wire

>> No.56532405

in my meta it is always cited, sometimes almost ironically. but it's never forgotten.

>"you take 1 COMMANDER damage"

you can tell when it matters tho. if somebody swings at you for 10 commander damage suddenly you are very aware of it.

this too

also sidenote: i wish they would reduce commander damage to 20. 21 is an awkward number.

>> No.56532414

Why the fuck would you not? Ive won with mizzix commander damage, if thats a possiblity then there is no reason to deny players their wincon because you are too retarded to count.

>> No.56532420

I'm pretty sure its supposed to be an awkward number just to make it a little more difficult

>> No.56532464

Can you just remember the damage or do you use dice? To be honest each player having three extra dice in a 4 player game sounds really annoying.

>> No.56532469

99% of the time you can just remember what it is

>> No.56532472


Write it down, retard. You're already keeping track of your life total.

>> No.56532475

Convince me not to make Oketra Voltron

>> No.56532492

Monowhite is trash. You won't enjoy it. There are a couple commanders that make it playable like Sram or 8.5 Tails but otherwise you'll just be sitting there all game wishing you could do something interesting.

>> No.56532496


She literally makes tokens and can't be used without other creatures. Why would you make voltron round her? Use Hazoret instead.

>> No.56532501

Play another game if counting is too hard. You are already keeping track of life totals.

>> No.56532511


Monowhite is great, it has a bunch of broken shit and some good potential generals (I like Little Mike). But for voltron you don't want a 4 mana token generator, you want a cheap evasive beater.

>> No.56532536

indestructible double striker isn't evasive?

>> No.56532560

Nope. Evasion is about avoiding blockers not killing them.

>> No.56532578

I feel like runetails would absolutely destroy the meta at my table and I'm seeing some super budget 30-40$ decks for him which is cheap enough just for the meme. Only problem I'm seeing is how exactly do rune tails deck win?

>> No.56532611

How do you people manage to get mad about the way people count damage? Of course you could write it down, it's not rocket science, it's just inconvenient to have another thing on the table. It's like you people have some violent kind of autism.

>> No.56532764

>How do you people manage to get mad about the way people count damage

Because they're doing it WRONG.

>> No.56533037

Based anon.

>> No.56533080


Why the god damn fuck do they always drop the ball so hard?

>> No.56533237

You could always just use the Lifelinker app

>> No.56533253

Wouldn't it make sense to change commander damage so that you lose the game if you receive 21 damage from ANY commander? So if you get hit by a 5/5 commander three times and two times by the 3/3 commander from another player you lose the game.

It would give incentive to use your commander creatures more often even if they are weak and enable more strategies.

>> No.56533305

I just installed it and looks like you can't mark commander damage, at least in the free version.

>> No.56533717


I'm having alot of success with a Xenagos deck that only has permanents in it. Might just be good for the few people I play against.

>> No.56534042

You should run one non-permanent: Primal Surge.

And also a tel-jilad stylus and/or Elixir of Immortality to restock your library if you don't win instantly on flopping everything onto the battlefield (Thanks to a fog effect not stopped by City of Solitude, say)

>> No.56534063


Oh I should have mentioned, I do run primal surge, pretty much auto gg if it resolves.

I didn't think think of the tel-jilad or elixir, I'll consider it if I lose due to a fog-like effect. I run alot of cards that put cards into play from the top of my library during my upkeep.

>> No.56534071

I need help
So for ramp I'm running explore, rampant growth, nature's lore, farseek, kodamas reach, cultivate, explosive vegetation, elvish mystic, wood elves, Sakura tribe elder, Yavimaya elder, burnished hart, and Mina and denn wild born. For rocks I have sol ring, commander sphere and gruul signet.
Problem is I don't usually draw into them and my opening hand usually consists of beaters and lands. What did I do wrong?

>> No.56534081


Just bad shuffles I guess, you're running all the important stuff.

>> No.56534098

Give Ruric Thar the wheel and have a blast

>> No.56534106

I'd cut Yavimaya Elder (maybe) but definitely Burnished Hart. You're in green, Burnished Hart is usually only used in colors that don't get good ramp.
I'd try replacing them with another dork or two, maybe. But i'm partial and really love mana dorks. They're great.
I agree with >>56534081 though, you're running a good amount of ramp, probably just getting unlucky with your shuffles. Maybe more card draw would help you hit your land more often?

>> No.56534131

Talisman vs Signets, which do you prefer?

>> No.56534163

Unless you're running a bunch of Eldrazi or something and really need colorless mana I don't see what advantage Talismans offer over Signets.

>> No.56534188

Talismans are technically faster, but it makes no difference unless you have a 1-drop ready which you probably won't.

>> No.56534257

Maybe. Nice to know my ramp package isn't shit tho.
Thanks, but he's in the 99 and I like Xenagod more.
I'll cut them both for mana dorks but for right now I'll just replace burnished hart with freaking far wanderings so it's right next to me. And I'll look into card draw.
Quick story.
>first game piloting this deck last night
>stuck on 2 lands while everyone gets to do things
>concede after making a third land drop into elvish mystic and doing nothing else
Game 2
>lands into cultivate
>eventually play Xenagos
>mage slayer
>savage ventmaw
>swings at zombie guy, he takes 16
>Chandra's ignition for 8, wipe field and dome people
>6 mana produced by ventmaw into skullwinder getting back eternal witness
>swing again, ignition, and game
Pretty sweet
Anyways thanks anons

>> No.56534333

So I'm going to give Inalla a shot, and I'm going to include both Trinket and Trophy Mage. Trophy will have at least 3 targets, but right now I only have Sol Ring for Trinket. I could cut Chrome Mox or Sensei's Top from another deck for another target, but what are some other good Trinket Mage targets?

>> No.56534377

Relic of Progenitus
Nihil Spellbomb

>> No.56534390

My issue isn’t the speed, but the awkward manner you have to pay for spells with signets.

Especially for holding up instants or splitting your spells between phases. It comes up more often than you’d think. Needing 1 U to activate an ability or 1 white to hold up a Swords but having to use up two because it is a Signet.

>> No.56534400

Universal Solvent and play a Salvaging Station. You’re in Grixis, this lets you kill enchantments.

>> No.56534402

Mana Vault, Relic of Progenitus, Top, Wayfarer's Bauble, Conjurer's Bauble, Expedition Map, Executioner's Capsule, and Spellbombs (Necrogen, Nihil, Panic, Pyrite, Aether, and Flight) are all legit targets. Most of them, at worst, draw you a card.

>> No.56534469

Was thinking about one of these, or maybe even Tormod's Crypt.
Universal Solvent is an interesting idea.
I need a Mana vault...

>> No.56534625

So I'm thinking i'm going to trim some of the decks I have. I have 5 commander decks right now that are all decent, might go down to 3.

Trying to decide what to keep.

I'm going to make one aggro (Xenagos)
I'm going to make one combo (Brago)
What's a good idea for the 3rd style? What colors? What commander? Preferable not any of the above colors (maybe some black artifact deal?)

>> No.56534650

My group keeps track of the comander damage we have on other people by using a bunch of spare pre-release dice. Since you are the one that is going to win through Commander Damage it is your job to keep track of it. And it just assumed everyone is honest about it because there is no point in playing a game with cheaters or by cheating.

>> No.56534691

Signets are overrated.

Because they're used in a lot of "cEDH" combos, people think they're very good, when in reality, they're only good if you already have excess mana available. They're moderately good at mana fixing for a 3+ colour deck, but nowhere near good enough for any G/X/x deck to play over basic land ramp.

>> No.56534738

Maybe artifacts w Glissa the Traitor
Or Izzet spell slinger?

>> No.56534920

Replace three of your basics with the on-color artifact lands. Never hurts to have the option of color fixing with Trinket Mage.

>> No.56535094

>nowhere near good enough for any G/X/x deck to play over basic land ramp
Outside of Primal Surge meme decks, of course.

>> No.56535111

Everyone here totally believes you.

>> No.56535158

Stax :^)

I have Brago combo and Xenagos beatdown as well. My next deck will be a Control deck featuring Winter Orb, like Breya or even GAAIV.

>> No.56535161

Is Thrasios good by himself or do you have to partner him with someone?

>> No.56535206

You can run Sakura-Tribe Elder and similar effects instead on those.

>> No.56535231

I don't think there are quite enough 2 mana variants to cover it, at least in Wedge colors.

>> No.56535258

He is good but he gets much better if you pair him with tymna or vial smasher

>> No.56535277

>Black Artifacts

You want Stax. Not sure on the commander since Stax is fairly independent; You could run Anown (good) or Gonti (Weird but good) or just have a laugh and run Kagemaro or Kuro. After that, the core package is all colorless! Smokestack, Tangle Wire, Winter Orb, Sphere of Resistance, Lodestone Goelm, Torpor orb (not in Gonti!), Dust Bowl, Strip Mine... then you get into shit like Desolation, Bottomless Pit, Descent into Madness, Death Cloud, grave pact effects, and so on. You can even run Salvaging Station, it does a heck of a lot of work just recurring a couple baubles.

>> No.56535299

There's Wood Elves and his brethren, Sakura Tribe Elder, Yavimaya Elder... A decent amount, and you can supplement the rest with rocks as needed.
Given i'd be running a 3 color deck without green at my disposal, I think i'm going Signets over Talismans because I don't need the colorless mana. I can always swap them out if I really need them to function independently of feeding it a colorless mana.
Mostly wanted them for the fixing.

>> No.56535381

I love how everyone reposts this but this dude is never going to pay everyone a hundred bucks.

>> No.56535455

>theros block uncommons
fuck that

>> No.56535487

>There's Wood Elves and his brethren, Sakura Tribe Elder, Yavimaya Elder
>2 mana

>> No.56535524

>he doesn't like the best uncommon cycle in Magic

>> No.56535545

>wew lad

>> No.56535559

If you're committed to 2 or less, Mana dorks are great. Didn't think the 2 Mana cost was too important.

>> No.56535582

Give me some spicy tech for this pretty little lady so I can meme on my friends.

>> No.56535611

I want to like this card but

You can do better for 8 mana.

>> No.56535613

It's just for the joke

The obvious easy route is a 10+ power critter with something with infect.

>> No.56535656

8 mana ain't no thang

>> No.56535663

She sort of builds herself. Like a broken Mairsil, to be honest.

Hateflayer and Smokebraider.

>> No.56535677

I have a feeling she's an incredible infinite combo enabler.
>Constant recursion of your creature-based combo on one huge creature
>kill or discard your copponent's combo pieces and steal them
>Steal their combo right from the graveyard

>> No.56535696

Cast Replenish and destroy everyone else's hand. What's not the love?

>> No.56535703

master of cruelties/furnace scamp ftw

>> No.56535705

It's good in creature-based decks that can cheat creatures out. He's great in Mayael, for example.

>> No.56535739

Hateflayer is 2R to untap, you need something that generates 3 at least. But yeah you can use some Mairsil combos like Tree of Perdition+Hateflayer indeed, but with a huge creature to boot.

>> No.56535767

I kinda wanted to have some WR prison deck, but Bant should do well, especially with the spells on a stick that they have. Thanks for the advice anon.

Mono brown?

>> No.56535797

It's 21 because that'd be an Elder Dragon hitting you three times and you're dead, remember why the format is called EDH?

Pen and paper.

>> No.56535846

Nath has amazing Stax potential, I feel bad playing it in my meta because if how easily it >kills everyone else's fun long before I kill them

>> No.56535873

It's also half of life total plus one but idk if that was on purpose or not. At least other variants use that rule too (Pauper EDH is 30 life, 16 commander damage).

>> No.56535921

You don’t need infinite to kill people. 1 mana deal 5 should be enough to kill most peeps.

You’re not cEDHing silver border.

>> No.56535939

If you're gonna build a gun, might as well build a machine gun. It's a villainous deck, after all :^)

>> No.56535946

I don't like Explore type effects unless you are running a lot of Karoos, and I really don't like Mina + Denn. If your deck is at a place where you need that kind of effect, cut some lands for more rampant growth clones or mana rocks. Explore can't save you from color screw.

>> No.56536012

I was thinking the way to build her would to go full on old-border SPOOKY SCARY monster art. Like, less of a combo deck and more of a halloween theme.

>> No.56536085

It's sad that you can't combine Bruna and Gisela with her as commander.

>> No.56536317

>tfw considering a houserule to partner whatever as long as it's reasonable
4CMC or less would be fine as partner material, or for flavor reasons. Then again it might just start shit. Like I wanna have some janky manifest/morph deck, so Sidar Kondo seems nice, but that artifact partner just seems so shit and might not mesh well.

Pretty sure it was just the original Elder Dragons dealing death in 3 hits. It makes more sense than halving the life total plus 1.

>> No.56536391

All 5 of the original elder dragons have 7 power. 3 hits from any of them and you're dead. It then changed to 21 life, since they allowed other commanders outside of elder dragons, but they wanted to keep the rule.

>> No.56536427

Does anyone have experience playing with/against Kindered Discovery? It's high CMC but if it isn't removed, that's a lot of card draw potential.

>> No.56536620

I play her as Eldrazi tribal and it's hella fun. "Draw a card" stapled on to every first spell each turn is very powerful.

>> No.56536683

Have a question so I can make sure I'm not gimping myself, if I have some Eldrazi spawns out (0/1) and I equip skull clamp they die immediately cause state checks and I have no window to sacrifice them correct?

>> No.56536697


>> No.56536699


This guy doesn't tap your creatures, which means you can use him to clear the way for a big swing when he comes down

You also get to split up the mana between turns, so even though you may spend more than 10 it's easier to cast overall

>> No.56536716

yes. Once equip has resolved state based actions are checked before anyone has priority sees the 0/0 spawn, and they immediately die

>> No.56536723

Thanks guys.

>> No.56536992

Looking for cards to go into a janky Iroas build I'm trying to put together. The idea is to load up on effects like Lightmine Field, Powerstone Minefield, and Caltrops to make attacking suck for everyone but me. Then use Goblin Spymaster or other similar effects to force everyone into shitty combat situations. Are there any other effects in this color combo that directly punish players for attacking/blocking? It's a difficult thing to search up in Gatherer.

>> No.56537022

Maybe anything that doubles damage, and some Battalion creatures from Gatecrash, just for fun like Firemane Avenger. Lock pieces could be good too, maybe that one that makes a person pay 2 to activate an ability to hose people down, and if there's a card that exists, something that makes people casting noncreature spells bad, or anything above 5 bad.

>> No.56537023

Why do so many people always choose Time in multiplayer? Do they not realize that giving multiple extra turns to someone who got an Expropriate out is a terrible idea? Or are there really that many Timmies who can't stand the thought of you stealing their Permanents?

>> No.56537065

It's all about timing. You cast Expropiate when somebody has something out that they can't afford to lose right now and the results will be hilarious.

Also, most players trying to stax will choose time, better you do another round of sacrifices than score the bitterblossom keeping them afloat.

>> No.56537084

best way to abuse an infinite combo like kiki-jiki?

and this is a deck i want to play once and retire it as soon as my friends know whats coming.

i was thinking a temur general, and then ramp, worldly tutor, kiki, pestermite, decieiver exarch and so on

>> No.56537142

War's Toll, Repercussions

>> No.56537233

War's Toll is definitely good, Angel's Trumpet is a similar effect I already have in there

Repercussion is probably as dangerous to me as it is to my opponents though. I'm not the only one who plays burn and Iroas only works on my attacking creatures

>> No.56537539

well, they are effectively casting time stretch time for that mana. money only works if you can blow up the board next turn.

>> No.56537562

Timmies probably are the ones who would want money, since they just spam big creatures, and they prefer to lose a creature than take the risk of you drawing a board wipe.

As the other anon said, stax might prefer you taking another turn of stax than taking out whatever keeps him from saccing lands. Even combo players may prefer you getting an extra turn than taking out their win condition.

>> No.56537930

mageslayer or magebane whatever its called

>> No.56537974

Fun jank boros

>> No.56538021


>> No.56538057


This card normally sucks in multiplayer since you can't pick who the creatures attack. But in this case it might actually be better since it doesn't matter who gets attacked, so long as their shit gets blown up


Iroas doesn't protect my own guys against this effect, so it's probably not great here

>> No.56538122

anything that activates an effect when it deals damage to another player
anything that activates an effect when it attacks

Kazuul gives you a 3/3 ogre each time a player attacks you

>> No.56538163

don't forget malignus and warstorm surge.

>> No.56538223

>do one of my bimonthly visits to /r/mtgfinance today to see what the scumbags are up to
>large number of people pissing their pants and crying that IMA is lowering prices on pricey cards
Their tears sustain me. """"Investors"""" can suck a tailpipe

>> No.56538284


>> No.56538356

Just slap in Rune-Tail and you're good bud

>> No.56538394

I've never seen anyone discuss actually selling their cards on that sub, only buying a shitload of singles. They're self-important hoarders

>> No.56538459

I understand how it feels bad to lose value on cards (my Avacyn dropped in half for example), but people really need to grow up about it. It's not like I bought her to hold value, I bought her because she's a good card for me to play.

>> No.56538559

Yuan Shao, The Indecisive makes you unblockable with Iroas on the field
If he's t our command you're most likely trying to go wide with tokens as opposed to tall with Voltron. Asemble the Legion, Cathar's Crusade, Hero of Bladehold/Oxid Ridge, Hanweir Garrison/Battlements, Precinct Captain/Preeminent Captain/Captain of the Watch

>> No.56538593

Surrak is a good commander and serves as a hatebear to protect your creature combo pieces. Then you can use Eldritch Evolution, Yisan, and Birthing Pod to make a creature toolbox type deck that tailors specifically to your meta and helps protect your shit. Don’t forget Vexing Shusher.

>> No.56538626


I'm actually on the fence about whether Iroas is better wide or tall. If you're playing Boros you're probably playing Sunforger, and with Sunforger and double strike or an extra combat step, Iroas is a one shot kill. Boros also has a ton of power boosting anthem effects that can get Iroas to 11 power without equipment. At the moment I'm going with token generators like you said (Including Rite of the Raging Storm), but I think it can go both ways.

Yuan Shao is a little prohibitively expensive, but it would be nice. I'm considering Thalia's Lancers with a nice legendary toolbox to tutor up so it'd slide right in.

>> No.56538870

What are some fun budget go big commanders?

>> No.56538899

Using Iroas as voltron is shaky wince someone can just drop your devotion below 7 to stop his attacks/remove anything attached to him

>> No.56538928


>> No.56539175

I run it in my Scarab God deck with mild zombie theme. Absolutely bonkers if it sticks. Great card. If your opponent plays it, find a way to remove it fast.

>> No.56539535

Run it in Locust God. It'll really bug people.

... Just be sure to have an out at the end (Or a Flash Lab Man), mkay? Game's gonna end real quick.

>> No.56539562

Guys, I need help
this deck needs an actual wincon

>> No.56539718


I mean it's not a secret card really but nylea is cool with xenagod, another good one is Siege Behemoth

>> No.56539750


She is very very strong, and drawing extra cards, as well as free casting shit, is top level fun

>> No.56539869


Superior Gruul coming through!

>> No.56540213


I'm actually making a Kazuul deck around this very concept. Can't wait to find out if its bad or not, most likely will get wrecked by my playgroup. Will be happy to win one game.

>> No.56540263

Your deck looks like a lot of do-nothing with no synergy. Either scrap the entirety of the 99 and actually focus on Skullbriar, or ditch Skullbriar and a good chunk of the deck and actually focus on a GB graveyard commander

>> No.56540311

fuck, i never noticed that discard clause before

where do i get my broken card advantage now

>> No.56540408

That's a tiny downside compared to the infinite gas it provides

>> No.56540453

new thread

>> No.56540717


>somewhere around fate reforged, friend introduces me to magic with commander
>he has a playgroup, one guy in the group has a mono black deck that won constantly
>that guy serves as de facto judge for the playgroup, since they are noobs
>when he played with Necropotence, he resolved his cleanup step discard before resolving the end step trigger of Necropotence
>This lasted for months while I learned the rules of the game and eventually I was like yo, the card does not work that way
>couldn't tell from his reaction whether he was cheating or just retarded

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