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God help me. I've set foot upon the eldritch path. No mercy for me or them, only a twisting twilight that never ends. No god upon my road, strange sights untold, never again to breath air of my land. For now, I walk upon cursed sand.

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Sounds fun. Can I come?

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Do you wish to walk the path of no return and get warped by the forces of creation?

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Yes? Why is this even a question.

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THEN WE MUST ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You here for the yearly meetup of Eldritch Touched Persons? Room three on the left, by the red sign.

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If you dress up like a girl and drink semen you can learn seidr magic too.

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Excuse me sir, could you please direct me towards the room for the yearly meetup of Person Touched Eldritchs?

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