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3D, real, or illustrated, OP?

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anything you want, baby

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Down with the black ones. Free Temeria

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why is crystal armor so rare? i think it looks cool.

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Pay attention to the caption

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Post helms

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This thread needs more sallet helms

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I read a story about that guy’s armor if it’s the same dude. Basically he had s modest income and saved his money over several years. The armor cost 13k and required multiple fittings. They said when he moved it sounded like sisscors. No clanking at all. The guy is British and big into re-enacting.

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Because it has low durability.

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Why is a breastplate and skirt so styling /tg/? Men or women, doesn't matter, it's fashionable as fuck

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Chain skirts are cool too

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Glòir Aen Ker'zaer!

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Anyone have some advanced looking bronze like either of these two?

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That sounds rad.

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>stabs you through the jaw

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So what? It's missing a bevor. If you think ever soldier can where full plate you're a related. Half of these pics have exposed weakspots. Go be an asshole somewhere else

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You have to wonder about someone who picks the chin as the glaring weakspot and not,say, the 3/4s exposed arms and entirely unprotected legs. If you are going to criticise the practicality of the getup this seems like poor prioritising.

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Underrated, made me kek

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Northern Realms are trash.

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Of the armor in this thread, that guy honestly looks the most realistic, if one assumes he looted the helmet.

The basic order of importance of protection is head > torso > arms > legs. And then, if one has a shield, lower legs > upper legs and upper arms > forearms.

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jokes aside, anime armour is a realy cool concept and looks very nice

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is this supposed to be from a real time period? If so where?

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the bronze age was pretty fucking stupid wasn't it?

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if its not 18th century poland, its definitely from around the area

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thats just a fancy marching hat though

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Yeah the horseman looks a lot like "mailed companion" (Towarzysz pancerny), a medium cavalry from 16th to 18th century Commonwealth.

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Or some bastardized hussar with wrong equipment.

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The Greeks wore armor with chiseled abs and pecs, so yeah I'd say so.

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damn that is ugly

every piece looks like it's from some cheap indian website

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nah, the guy is armored properly for a poor man. The helmet is the first thing you buy, and a sallet was widely available. The artist chose a polished one, when someone poor would likely have a black sallet. Anyway, the byrnie protects his vital organs, and he's got a gambeson on over it with a long sleeve aketon under. Next thing he would buy is a brigandine or breastplate, with arm/leg harnesses being the last addition

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don't you die on me

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Romans had pretty aesthetic gear

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>black and gold
>sun motifs
> war hammer
Muh dick. What is this? Is there more?

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And now in high res.

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what style of helmet is the one with the horns? {discounting the horns obviously} maximillian?

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bellows face sallet

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anon, even i can tell thats clearly a different thing.
compare bellows
to maximillian
neither quite fit but ones closer than the other.

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The Nilfgaardian Empire in Witcher. That might be a full size of a Gwent card illustration, I don't know, haven't checked in with that game for a while.

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Maximillian is a style of armor, not the name of a type of helmet. Your second pic is a close helm or armet

that's like calling a baseball cap a tuxedo

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Can anyone identify the short sword he has on his hip?

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I love everything about this guy. The breastplate with leatherstraps, the gambison with the shortsleeve chainmail and leather popping up at his collar. The jackchains and his dagger with the ring crossguard. 11/10

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From the length and hilt I'd guess a katzbalger.

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I think you're totally right, thanks!

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Does anyone here who own plate carriers and plates?

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I have plates underneath my chainmail

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that's no dagger

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>medium armor is the shittiest armor type in morrowind stat-wise
still mad

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anon i dont know how to tell you this but...a helmet is a piece of armor

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>INB4 someone complaining about how easy it would be to pull that helmet off

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i mean, your rightish, but your comparison is wrong

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Shouldn't it be the opposite?

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One game of RuneQuest and everyone would understand how armor works. Your first job is basically: go earn some money to buy a better helmet, don’t forget a shield when you go.

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Those helmets are missing their feathers

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>Talks realism
>Posts ladyknight

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Thanks for the support. Have another

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not everyone gets to wear raptor wings

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Gotta say the Witcher 3 has some bitchin armor designs, especially when they look reasonably practical.

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fok you

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So you are retard that does not know anything about realism, ok then.

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Stop talking out your ass

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No you

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Anybody have any armors with fur lined collars?

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No you

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Siege Helms are great.

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>de clare heraldry
>with fleurs de lys


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took a bunch of photos from the arms and armor exhibit at the Met in New York last spring, have a bunch more if ya’ll are interested

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some of that *click* *click*

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>tfw so fucking alpha another guy is a piece of your equipment
these men were truly great

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Whaat are those weird chest pieces called?

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Ebony Mail is pretty badass, but the poor stats on Bonemold were tragic.

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They've got some good shit there. The Met's amazing in general.

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It's just a cover of fabric applied to a breastplate.

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Looking for some forest-ish knight armors.

In my upcoming campaign I've planned a cursed reclusive knight sect of woodsmen with inhumanely long lifespans but spend most of it in animal-like torpor waiting for an apocalyptic event to once more rally into the fight.

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It is speculated that this style was used by people that could not carry shield such as chariot drivers, check up dan howard for someone who has wor on of those and like to comment about it

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It is a reprodction of a chestpiece found in a church painting it is a brigandine with a breastplate over meant to look roman I think, the second picture I think is is toby capwell curator of arms and armour at the wallace collection or at least the same armour he wore at some joust

The bellows face visor is a typical aestetic in maximillan armour and is used on both sallers and close helmets, I beleve the that the helm in the picture is some fantasy bullshit that is not really any of the above

Norwegian kings mirror claims a man should have his plate armour underneath the mail with padding top and bottom but that was written in 1200 something and fashion changed later

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what videogame franchise has the best armor?

I would argue that its the souls franchise

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All the best witcher armours look like shit, and all the nice looking armours have shitty stats.

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None of the witcher school armours are particularly cool looking. Every one of them makes you look like some kind of itinerant hobo alchemist with a sword.

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That's because witchers are itinerant hobo alchemists with swords.

Which is why the manticore school set is the best, to really play into that angle.

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I think Manticore looks great, while Griffin is indisputably terrible in every iteration.
I assume Wolf, Bear, and Cat divide opinions.
I don't really get that hobo angle you're coming from though.

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The Yaruga has fallen, and so shall the the Pontar!

Or the other way around, geography isn't my strong suit.

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Finally, I'm not alone in wanting nature-attuned knights.

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How realistic is pic related's armor exactly?

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Not contemporary with Joan of Arc, though.

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What type did she wear? Some dude claimed he had her set but then some French curator was skeptical but it was true that she had more than one set as she donated a set to a church after she was injured. So like just curious what type of armour she would be wearing?

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We don't know, but it was probably something like this.
I remember there being a pointed, open-faced bascinet that was said to have belonged to Joan, though.

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Coolios thanks anon.

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Post more of the Maid.

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Because you are an itinerant hobo alchemist with a sword. If you want knight cosplay go play Mount and Blade.

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Maybe something a bit more sci-fi?

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The breastplates are in most cases longer than historical ones or at least the fauld starts too far down, not alway but often.

She had a sallet at some point if I remember correctly It is mentioned that she was shot from a wall and was hit in the shoulder between the sallet and the backplate (from behind??? idk) While putting upp ladders, there is also some pretty relible mention of her being shot from the side in the calf, one of the few mentions of arrows piercing plate armour, since the back/sides of the greaves were generally some of the thinnest parts of the armour

Pic unrelated

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Helmschimd best armourer

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Best kind of armour is one surrounded by hot naked chicks and no motherfucker gonna risk hitting you or firing at your ass if there's a chance it will hit a hot naked chick.
Checkmate virgins.

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>not knowing wiedźmin

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Anyone have some info on the weird ass armors from the original Batman movie? I just remember some weird as shit with gasmasks, and feathers, and things I saw in dreams after watching the movie.

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>helmet that shows the face

Unironically lame. The cool mask-like element to it is half of what makes it interesting.

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I don't know how historically accurate this armor is, but I love it

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WILDLY inaccurate, but very snazzy.

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What episode is he from?

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Season 2 Episode 4

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>tfw no fullplate

>> No.56522878

Ah, another man who doesn't want to breath or see.

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>tfw tactical greathelms will never be a thing

>> No.56523260

>needing to breathe

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no u

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Joan of Arc didn't fight and died at like 18 so not

>> No.56523790

She did wear armor and carried a banner into battle though, also nothing about that picture contradicts the fact she died when she was young.

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What the he'll is this tiny bitch hammer

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I always liked this one, despite its poor stats.

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I like the last rank of Griffin.

>> No.56524133

Snazzy to the point that the romans would have had a set made if they saw that picture

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More realistic than a huge cinderblock on a log, though none of the rest of it is particularly realistic to begin with.

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No you

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Except Griffin in game makes Geralt look like a fat fuck because the implication that a cuirass or something has been installed in it isn't well conveyed. Best armor is the Kaer Morhen/Viper school armor. Chainmail segmentata-like shoulder pads are pure sex

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The shoulders are cool, no arguments here, but I always felt it made him look a bit like he's wearing a corset.

Bear armour I always wanted a good look at, though I never managed to get the set built in my most recent playthrough (which was a few years ago). I like how it's more heavily armoured than the rest.

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How come this style of armor was stop being use after Rome fell?

>> No.56524773

Loss of infrastructure/means of producing it?

>> No.56524835

it's a lot harder to make than chainmail, while not offering significant advantages. It requires much more maintenance and you need help to put it on.

Lorica segmentata also wasn't as widespread as many people think. Rome mainly used chainmail, segmentata was phased out of use during the 4th century.

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I always used to think his KM armor/leather jacket looked stupid bc of how unrealistic it was. Then I realized it didn't seem that unrealistic, and then realized that it is a fantasy game, and it was built to go up against and fight monsters, and not really humans.

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>> No.56526107

It bothers me because his shoulders are heavily armored, but he hasn't got anything on his head.

If something is gonna strike your shoulders, it's also likely to hit you in the top of the head/face.

>> No.56526135

There were a lot of better armors on more interesting enemies in that game and for some dumbfuck reason this is the Dark Souls 2 icon.

God is fucking dead.

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Your mom

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Double Nigger

>> No.56526383

Your face is a double Nigger.

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That doesn't make sense you cuck

>> No.56526419

Now kiss.

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You don't make sense you faggot

>> No.56526701

w-was she defiled?

>> No.56526753

Kiss yourself fag lord

>> No.56526768

With pleasure.

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>> No.56526807

There's some historical debate on the matter.

>> No.56526826

t-those bastard! she saved them from damnation and that was how they repaid her?

>> No.56526852

I'm not sure she went out of her way to save anyone from damnation. For all that media may tell you, Jeanne wasn't around for much of the 100 Years War at all.

>> No.56526872

That is so cool. I mean that helmet shape is probably completely unessecary, but it's still really cool.

>> No.56527001

lies! lies i tell you! you are sprouting blasphemy you damm heretic!

nah thanks for telling me homie i didn't know that cheers bud

>> No.56527079

Had a distant memory of something I was reading about her, check this out.


Even has a bit where her squire talks about how she had lovely breasts.

>> No.56527086

The stupid fucking diterlizzi face ruins this.

>> No.56527706

Dragon's Dogma has some great stuff

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