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EDH /edhg/ Tribal Edition

Previously: >>56459277

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
What tribes need more support?

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No tribe needs more support. Tribes are a crutch for people that can't build decks. You just throw all cards of the X tribe on a pile, pick the ones that buff the tribe X the most and your deck is done.

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2nd for waifus a shit

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i'm a fan of the more subtle "tribal" stuff where the lords and what have you synergize with an ability that creatures of the type commonly have.

Olivia, Mobilized for War doesn't buff all your vamps, but a ton of vampires from the set were aggressive creatures with madness, so she fit in perfectly in a deck with them.

I'd like to see more of that.

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I want to build a shitty Unesh Sphinx tribal deck and I agree with this but for a slightly different reason.

Tribes already have a lot of support. With things like Urza's Incubator, Conspiracy, Changeling cards, Heralds Horn etc. I think 90% of tribes are playable.

Most tribal decks are putting in the best of X tribe cards, some good instant, sorcery and enchantments from your colours an some that synergise with the tribe your playing and that's it. outside of the mana rocks and lands that you run in any optimised deck

I think they can be a lot of fun to play, and are great to play against sometimes especially if they're built with flavour in mind, but I don't think they need any support because realistically if they're too strong then the person dropping insane creatures that benefit from 80% of cards in their deck is either going to get hated out a lot or win far too much for just playing creatures that share a tribe.

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Post 'em boyos and girlos. Make sure your list looks good. We fancy now.

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Inb4 someone calls them spam again

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>still no GW sissy bf

feels bad man

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>have qt dom gf
>she's legally blind and can't play Magic
>tfw she will never dominate my board state with hard Azorius control
It hurts just a little.

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Hopefully none of those mean bullies see this

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fuck deck posting. start combo posting.

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>work trip to Japan
>decide to treat myself to a Japanese Mana Drain as a memento
>buy a Mana Drain and 4 iconic masters packs for the equivalent of $115
>open another Mana Drain, and a Horizon Canopy

Should I keep or trade the second one? Outside of the g/u/x goodstuff style of deck, what sort of deck would be most improved with a Mana Drain?

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I looked through my card collection. There are enough good cards to build several decks right on the spot. But I just can't do this because the decks would miss a few key cards and therefore wouldn't feel "complete" or "optimal".

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you don't like combos?

>> No.56482050

I don't like that one image Being posted heaps

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My very first deck was an Elf tribal deck, and though I still have it, I don't use it often 'cause all it does is cheat out a bomb by turn 5 or 6 and win with an alpha strike. I get the most joy out of playing tribes with very little support.

For example, I recently made a Skeleton tribal deck as a Halloween surprise for my playgroup. It absolutely sucks. HOWEVER, the one game I win out of five is worth ten victories, and that's what's great about EDH; It lets you win on your own terms (sometimes.) Nobody expects to be overcome by "Zombies with osteoporosis" as my friend calls them. Nobody expects me to flash in Tidal Flats and cackle maniacally as my army of deathtouching, Levitating Skelies calcifies their trampling Dragons. Nobody expects Reassembling Skeleton to go infinite and fuel Zulaport Cutthroat. Everybody expects my dumb smirk whenever I cast "Read the BONES" or "SKULLclamp" or "SPINAL Embrace," but that's OK.

So yeah, I agree that Tribes can be fun if you avoid the played-out stuff and keep flavor in mind.

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>> No.56482122

I like how Half-Kitten, Half- and Adorable Kitten are respectively the before and after of the moment.

>> No.56482133

do posts like this get bullied? I think its way better than just posting images of the legendaries

>> No.56482429

post list?

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Not really liking my zada deck because it turns out playing solitaire and having to look people in the eye afterwards is a lot harder than comboing someone online. Thinking about turning it into Krenko. Is he more interactive?

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If blocking goblins is interactive, yes.

>> No.56482591

Krenko is boring as hell. Just pick Grenzo and put Krenko in the 99.

>> No.56482595

I'm afraid that I don't have a list uploaded anywhere. I edit my decks at least a little bit every week, so I don't use stuff like tappedout.

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>thread q
Demons but not via swamfriendly +1/+1 lords, more indirect stuff like they already have in Blood Speaker and Shadowborn Apostle except not tutors. Something along the line of a human cleric with "{T}: target demon creature gets +X/+0, where X is that creature's power" or something

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So is dual zombie goblin tribal a thing

>> No.56482636

tribes are also boring as fuck

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>What tribes need more support?

>> No.56482653

krenko is boring, you either double your goblins like 4 times and kill everyone at once or get bored wiped

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>Thread question
Minotaurs, Ragemonger is half-assed without a lot of cards to support.

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my LGS has basically stopped playing legacy because a lot of the players have moved away over the last few months. would it be in poor taste to take the dual lands from my legacy decks and put them into my EDH decks when my play group is mostly upgraded precons? they cant really give THAT much of an advantage in a 100 cards singleton format

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Why doesn't your commander have foil titties, anon?

>> No.56482740

Find out how to print braile cards anon. Paradise is within reach if you just believe in yourself

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speaking of tribal i want to build a 5 color commander. which do you guys think would be more fun? o-kagachi spirit tribal, horde of notions elemental tribal, or slivers

>> No.56482828


O-Kagachi is garbage and spirits are undersupported.
Slivers are either combo nonsense or crying every time someone wipes the board.
There are a lot more quirky elementals for fun and variable interactions.

>> No.56482891

Slivers will also swiftly turn you into the archenemy in any halfway casual table without offering you enough power to survive that position unless you're in an actual Weenie Hut Jr. and nobody has even heard of removal.

>> No.56482924

thanks to iconic masters arch angel of thune is cheap enough for me to buy, what should i take out of this deck to make room for it?


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The best tribes are the ones with terrible support so you can actually design the deck to have some sort of strategy beyond turn cards sideways

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I think the exception is Zombies.
There are so many ways you can build it:
>Resilient threats
>Disposable tokens
>Creature Combos
>House of Lords
>Abusing cards like Gempalm Polluter, Grey Merchant, or Shepherd of Rot

Or blending them all together by degrees. A well made Zombie deck can play out completely differently between games, adapting to different situations and working around hate cards.

>> No.56483121

I like stealing my opponents things. Which is more fun?


>> No.56483163

Follow your dreams Anon!

>> No.56483169

Horrors have basically no support but there are plenty of them. Might be fun. Also Clerics, we keep getting them (and good ones at that) but there have been almost no tribal synergies since Onslaught.

You can find this artist on FA:
She does oodles of fun animal versions of iconic Magic art. It's pretty cool that she's now living her dream of making art for the game proper.

They did get something a bit like that in Kamigawa with ogres. Unfortunately all those cards are basically unplayable.

My commander is an amphibian.

>> No.56483511

Gonti, by a country mile.

>> No.56483527

Thoughts on this card? Seems risky, given how prevalent artifacts are in the format, but the amount of extra mana you get is hard to pass up.

>> No.56483576

Do it anon, if it upsets anyone they were a bitch to begin with.

>> No.56483588

Only good in a dedicated artifact deck with high cost payoffs like Eldrazi.

>> No.56483626

Speaking of tribal, I see people making werewolf tribal with Xenagos. How and why? Don't they just transform back to humans unless you have immerwolf?

>> No.56483635

Blinknoth Urn always worked well for me.

>> No.56483737

Because even furries know that Ulrich is a trash commander.

>> No.56483749

Even better : Silumgar

>> No.56483756

There are so many ways to tap artifacts these days that it can be an amazing piece of asymmetrical ramp.

>> No.56483767

Nah, I've already done the U/B steal thing with Jeleva. I enjoy the fun of mono color decks much more than multicolored decks.

>> No.56483825

Do you have a list for your jeleva deck? Looking at lists right now to build my own thievery tribal deck

>> No.56483910

The best spells you can include in jeleva for stealing enemy spells are bounce spells and haste enablers. Mana ramp is good too. You can't really plan too much for synergy, because you're devastating your deck as well, so you just have to build your deck with the most efficient cards in the roles that you want. If you do that, then people who bank on synergies between cards to make subpar choices good (most edh players) will be more hurt by the disruption of Jeleva than you.

>> No.56483918

i want pimp out my lands, what are your favorite basic mountains and swamps?

>> No.56483982


>> No.56484173

Anything Rebecca Guay

>> No.56484205

>but there have been almost no tribal synergies since Onslaught
I mostly think it's weird that this one hasn't been reprinted yet

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>> No.56484525

Who is a better commander for token shenanigans? Ghave or Prossh?

>> No.56484593

Can't reponst here, curse invalidated

>> No.56484614

They're both ridiculous and should not be built.

>> No.56484698

over rated lands honestly. i dont really see the appeal

>> No.56484865

>No tribal synergies since onslaught

That is not how you spell lorwyn.

The whole block was tribal

>> No.56484866


>> No.56485035

>the whole Lorwyn block contained ten clerics
>none of them interact with the subtype in any way

>> No.56485073

I want Spectre tribal. Fuck you, you don't get a hand.

>> No.56485265

Tribal is so fucking shit and boring. Literally a deck building archetype for brainlets.

>> No.56485276

skeletons scare me

Skeleton commander thats not skittles when

>> No.56485368

Can I get some feedback on this deck I just finished?


The meta is pretty casual

>> No.56485384

>Thread question
Demons and Werewolves

>> No.56485424

I feel werewolves mostly need one or more legendary cards and another source of indefinite transformation besides Immerwolf to be okay

>> No.56485453

i still say the cats precon should have been werewolves with an eminence commander that kept them flipped of transformed them into wolves on each up keep

>> No.56485465

I like them because they look so dreamy

>> No.56485499

Psst, OP of that post here. There is one other Legendary Skelie in MtG. Remember how I said the deck absolutely sucked? I'm currently brewing up Voltron as this weekend's variation. I can't wait to beat my pals' faces in with a 0 power commander this evening.

>> No.56485516

I'm so upset because now I know that this thought exists, and was never acted on. One day werewolves will get the treatment they deserve

>> No.56485542

Something like Vandalblast would probably do a lot more than, say, Artifact Blast. I don't understand the goblin subtheme, nor the presence of Dictate of Erebos, Grave Pact, and Butcher of Malikir.
Braid of Fire is no good with the X-spells, since those are all sorcery speed. Braid's mana dissipates by the time your first main phase rolls around.
Bubbling Muck is an odd choice for a deck with just five Swamps. In fact, do you really need that many dual lands for a two-color deck?
It looks like it might be fun, but it's all over the place; X-spell Big Mana, land hate, goblins, blue hate, reanimation... Cut a few of those themes and add more support for the ones you're most fond of.

>> No.56485544

I wonder if there's any bone-related enchantments for voltron

>> No.56485561

That's a pretty elegant solution, only problem I see is that it would force everyone who wants to run wwolves into using that commander

>Skeletons riding flying/jumping tortoises


>> No.56485583

>tfw for some retarded reason, this is a soldier, not a warrior.

>> No.56485607

I have similar yet reverse feelings about Godo

>> No.56485627

>force everyone who wants to run werewolves into using that commander
>as opposed to running a legendary with no tribal synergy with werewolves or a werewolf that also does not affect werewolves globally that also suffers from the inability to transform
one is better than none

>> No.56485667

Yes it would certainly be better than what we have now, I'm just saying you could print multiple tribal-friendly legendaries instead

>> No.56485702

And don't forget about cheeky dolphin.
I've been down that path of research. The only remotely useful ones are:
Casting of Bones
Skeletal Grimace
Spinal Graft
and Glistening Oil ('cause of the art)

Captcha: Select all the boats. No, really.

>> No.56485748

Make a boat theme deck by having the old-school ship creatures crew ship vehicles, somehow.

>> No.56485773

Oh no, I'd have to run a commander that actually supports my tribe

>> No.56485847

There was actually a moment last week in which my Skeleton Ship swung at somebody while under the effects of War Barge. This means that Skeleton Ship or Pirate Ship or whatever could crew something like Bomat Bazaar Barge, and then the ship-crewed BBB could get on a War Barge. AND, if someone destroyed the War Barge during combat, the vehicle would sink, but the ship inside of it would still be afloat.

What a time to be alive.

>> No.56485914

Hahaha, wtf are you talking about anon, there is no way Saskia is a s-

>> No.56486051

Damn thanks for the advice, this is really helpful

>> No.56486055

All werewolves need is a legendary. I don't count Ulrich because he's borderline unplayable. Fuck they really should have made Huntmaster legendary and it would have been fine. All demons need is to not cost a gorillion mana. Lord of Riots kind of helps the issue but they're more or less like angels in that aspect.

>> No.56486207

Glad I could help!
Also consider Rakdos Charm and Kolaghan's Command for more flexible instants.

>> No.56486215

This swamp is sweet

>> No.56486282

Target attacking creature.
I don't see how this would work

>> No.56486318

It's be absolutely unnecessary, but id personally be overjoyed if a legendary Myr was printed. I have a myr tribal shell set aside which isn't very good, but is very cute.

Non-full-art swamp of choice.

"Shenanigans"? I guess I Ghave, but each is a general which merits a focused, specific strategy, and if you're just playing for shenanigans, you'll draw an undue amount of hate. If you're just BSing around, consider a commander who buffs all your dudes, slesnya populate bitch from ravnica, or azorius unlockable boy from amonkhet.

Demons are already workable. Shadowborn apostle already fills out your low end stuff on its own, and if you don't want to bend a singleton format using a dozen+ of one creature, I've seen people in medium power level groups get by just fine using a heavy focus on ramp or reanimation to make it work.

>> No.56486345

After being declared an attacking creature, tapping or untapping it doesn't remove it from combat, it still is an attacking creature.

>> No.56486348

Just attack with it?

>> No.56486380 [DELETED] 

It abuses hownwe define "attacking" since Maze negates damage, but doesn't state, "it's no longer attacking" it'll still be an attacking creature, and so a valid target, for Maze until combat phase ends. Since it's untapped, it can activate its ability to untap maze and orchard, maze, once again seeing an tapped "attacking creature" can again tap to untap it. You're also tappi g orchard each iteration to give your opponent a spirit and float a mana. Repeat ad infinitum to give your opponents infinite spirits and rakdos charm for game.

>> No.56486382

So is this dude really worth running in Xenagod?

>> No.56486455

which one is that?

>> No.56486528


Oh neat so after you declare it attacking you can use maze of ith to abuse it's tap ability. That's cool. I suck at this game.

>> No.56486529

Portal Second Age

>> No.56486557


>> No.56487017


>> No.56487061

If you're going full pimp, there's the Japanese graveyard swamp that's fucking awesome. Mountains are harder, I like Tempest, Portal, and either Fuji APAC or Vesuvio Euro Mountain. Pimp sense + Aesthetic sense says Vesuvio

>> No.56487291

Make a non red deck nerd

>> No.56487454

stop playing blue

>> No.56487649

Problem with that is House of Lords is way better than all the other ones.

>> No.56487672

House of Lords is also weak to sustained wrath effects, so it comes with an in-built weakness.

>> No.56487689

>not playing Magics most patrician color combination

>> No.56487703

>izzetfag misspells "plebeian" yet again.

>> No.56487790

Can someone suggest a nice, aggressive Black 2 drop? Even better if it's an old card from an older set. Something to replace my Erg Raiders, but I already have Black Knights.

>> No.56487853

What 2 drops do you already have?

>> No.56487924

>being THIS much a bluelet you cant play any other color combinations that dont involve U

>> No.56487964

Was gonna order some cards. I have 4 black knights in, because it's iconic and nice. The deck has alot of discard related effects (hypnotic speccy as a 3 drop)

>> No.56487977

Gifted Aetherborn.

>> No.56487986

I love izzet but I'm fairly sure orzhov is mathematically the most patrician color combo

>> No.56488040

after IMA draft failed to fire last night and we drafted ktk instead, I pulled this cheeky fucker
what are some decks that get maximum value out of him?

>> No.56488064

I hate myself

>> No.56488091


>> No.56488151

I guess lava axe everyone gain ~half your life total every turn is decent. I've been looking for an excuse to try meren anyway, I've got mimeo built now so i have survival/fauna shaman and the whole buried alive/entomb/exhume/reanimate/necromancy package already

>> No.56488204

meren, although i still maintain to this day that gary is better

>> No.56488225

Please send help, I can't stop until I have a deck in every color combo. It's going to be the end of me.

>> No.56488245

>dom gf
Does she just flail her strapon around until she hits something?

>> No.56488252

you can kinda just flop out kokusho with no board though, although Gary is hilarious with a grave pact out and also used to be like $20 cheaper
but kokusho dropped to like $5 with the reprint

>> No.56488328

Legally blind. She can sorta see if she's wearing glasses, squints really hard, and has her big magnifying glass thing.
It involves a lot of touchy-feely.

>> No.56488433

Are they all optimized and do you all play them regularly?

I used to have 20 decks. Then I realized that I have built them too fast and didn't even really know them. So I took almost a third of the decks apart and spent time just improving the decks I have instead of building new ones.

>> No.56488449

I have a friend who plays competitively and he's legally blind. turns out once you see a Path or Fatal Push or Bolt for the 1000th time you don't actually need to read the text
might be harder for a newb though.

>> No.56488462

>good ulrich
>3 and gruul
>first side: Eminance - if in command zone or field on each upkeep if a werewolf you control is on the human side transform that werewolf
>pay 3 and gruul, transform good uldrich

>back side: same eminance
>when good uldrich is transformed all werewolf and wolf creatures get +2+2 and first strike


>> No.56488499

Wrong thread/10

go back to cancer land

It's the right track though

>> No.56488511

you don't need eminence on the back since the game doesn't/can't check for it there, so no need to waste the space

>> No.56488590

just won a 3 hour game where every single boardwipe/win con got milled or was never drawn. I'm fucking exhausted

>> No.56489039

When will the precon reprints occur? Have they already?

>> No.56489078

Are you in the wrong format? Who the fuck plays french vanilla creatures and cares about being on curve?

>> No.56489131

>yeah, you like that bitch? You like my big black cock on your face?
>you're slapping a dildo on the lamp honey

>> No.56489185

They already have

>> No.56489234

That explains the 25 dollar wizards.

>> No.56489516

Thoughts on using Ancestral Statue to bounce and double up on ETBs with Rakdos, Lord of Riots?
I'm really creature heavy, cause I didn't want to go too burn-y, but 40 is a lot.

>> No.56489707

zulaport cutthroat, dark confidant, bloodghast, corpse hauler, vampire hexmage, nezumi graverobber

They all give you some early game ok beats and are still reasonable draws late game. Blood artist can also potentially do a lot of damage, albeit not through attacks.

It really depends on your deck? Oona's blackguard is potentially a fucking powerhouse, but the very nature of your question in the context of edh is kinda throwing me here, anon.

>> No.56489736

>double up
Unless I'm mistaken, Ancestral Statue can be cast infinite times so long as you've dealt 4 damage that turn and Rakdos stays on the field. Sounds worth a slot to me.

>> No.56489767

I have Purphuros in the deck for that, yeah, I meant bouncing another creature (like Ulamog if I deal enough damage in a turn) and cast him twice.
If I don't have exactly Purphuros on board, though, casting him infinite times doesn't accomplish anything.

>> No.56489843

Clones/Rite of Replication

>> No.56489864

I see, I see.

Well, I've never played Rakdos but it sounds like a good plan if you can reliably make things cheap enough. Having a spare win con in your pocket never hurts either.

>> No.56490039

Good point. Maybe i'll throw him in the deck and play around with him a little bit.

>> No.56490800

no excuse
this was the only article i could find but he recently played draft at a protour or something and did fairly well

>> No.56490897

Damn, that's super cool. We might just have to do that.

>> No.56491314

How often do you guys run taplands, like the guildgates and the ones that gain 1 life? In a dual color deck, it's tempting to cut basics to run them, even though they're slow.

>> No.56491325

I've only got so much money, so I build what I can.

>> No.56491750

Guildgates are bad in EDH. If you're going to play a land that ETBs tapped, there needs to be a good reason for it. The lifegain lands, for example, should only go in Karlov.

Bouncelands are fine.
Tapped fetches like Evolving Wilds or Flood Plain are decent if you recur lands from the graveyard.
etc etc

>> No.56491791

>Ordered from TCGplayer
>From 5 different sellers, all Direct-blah-blah-blah
>Some of the most expensive shit came in terrible condition
>Packing order conditions say LP-HP, check the site and all my orders have LP-HP conditions marked
>I always shop with the NM/M only checked
>I explicitly made sure the thing said NM/M when adding to my cart
>I didn't use the cart optimizer at any point

What the shit is going on? Is this some sort of new scam?

>> No.56491792

Fuck, I lost it.

>> No.56491803

>If you're going to play a land that ETBs tapped, there needs to be a good reason for it.
I dunno, "I run two colors but I'm poor" isn't exactly a bad reason.

>> No.56491844

Are the bouncelands that tap for 2 actually good? Unless you can untap them they're basically like guild gates, I thought.
I mean, don't two color decks usually run more basics anyways? I'm not really budget myself, I guess I just don't know what an optimized two color Mana base looks like. Obviously there's differences between commanders and what not.

>> No.56491908

In 2 colors you can run all basics and you'll do fine.

Bouncelands give you an additional land drop.

>> No.56492084

Bouncelands give you an additional mana. This can turn a two-land hand into a keepable "three-land" hand due to the mana acceleration. Just remember to have a turn 1/2 play so you don't discard (or if you're in reanimator or something similar, rejoice at a free turn two discard. I've pitched life from the loan and juicy reanimator targets too often to not have a soft spot for the bouncers)

>> No.56492116

In two colors it's easy to run only basics (and command tower).
If you really want dual-lands though, the "enter tapped unless you control two basics", the "tap to add generic or tap and take 1 to add one of two colors" and the bouncelands are all pretty cheap
>Are the bouncelands that tap for 2 actually good? Unless you can untap them they're basically like guild gates, I thought.
if you start with two islands and the gate, you can have your two colors by turn 2, but if you don't draw another land you'll get stuck at 3 mana.
If you have two islands and a dimir aqueduc, you won't be able to do anything turn 2, but you'll have at least 4 mana available.

>> No.56492155

I always find myself cutting the bouncelands, maybe I'll give them a shot again. I just can't handle how slow they are sometimes.

>> No.56492352

thanks anon.

I was just asking because EDH players know many many cards across formats. I'm just building a casual, atmospheric deck for fun.

>> No.56492356

i have been tuning my doran and brion deck so my kraj is still in limbo. is it dumb to run dark depths and vampire hexmage in doran? depths combos with solemnity which i'm already running and hexmage is a shaman which has small synergies with my deck.

yeah both demons and angels seem to only manifest themselves through humans as a design rule. you can't really run either without humans.

how is that tymna/ravos power level wise?

>>Thread question
>What tribes need more support?
atogs, horses, cephalids, and somewhat dwarfs. i'm thinking about building depala tho. i'm hoping dominaria sees some cephalid and atog support.

i like this idea.

portal, onslaught, masques, invasion, odyssey are all i run. lorwyn and urza's saga both have great art though.

complain and they will likely give you a full refund with no return required.

>> No.56492382

>Build Inalla
>Build Scarab God
>Working on Mairsil
>Almost done with Gwendlyn
>Eyeing Beckett Brass Pirates and Sedris Reanimator Jank

Grixis is a drug and I am an addict, help.

>> No.56492455

Anything with blue that wants counterspells? Mana drain is broken.

>> No.56492515

>tribal edition
Is Path of Bravery good enough for Edgar? Are 36 lands, 7 rocks, black matket and Legion’s landing enough ramp?

Pic unrelated

>> No.56492618

So i roll Kami of the crescent moon combo police with black vise effects. its fun, but what else can i do with my commander.

>> No.56492729

what are some cheap dicks?
im kinda tempted on doing a big spellslinger deck

>> No.56492813

>what are some cheap dicks?
I hear they go for cheap downtown

>> No.56492837


>> No.56492867

I could give you my dick for free if youre cute enough~

>> No.56492965

Send some my way, maybe it'll inspire me to make a selesnya deck

>> No.56492975

UG merfolk tribal could be fun, and at least mildly less degenerate than generic UG goodstuff.

>> No.56493013

sent ;)

>> No.56493227

I think gruul wort can be cheap.
I built Xenagos for like $40/$50 and borbywhateverthefuck enraged can be built for like $30.

>> No.56493321

>/edhg/ gayposting is back

>> No.56493342


>> No.56493370

I bring the gay with me sorry bud

>> No.56493387

A Tazri deck can be built for like, $30 tops.

Hope of Ghirapur tron can be done for less than $10 if you grab shitty equipment.

>> No.56493697

Is Shu Yun fun?

>> No.56493742

Alright I'm drunk and I need some input.

Do I buy a iconic masters box, or do I buy new pair of shoes? I probably won't get my money back on the box, though I love gambling, and fresh kicks would be mint, but size 16 is hard as fuck to find.

>> No.56493764

>size 16
why you so fat though anon

>> No.56493774

budget shoes+singles you need
selvala is FUN

>> No.56493834

It didn't work

Group hug is too gay, even for me

>> No.56493864

play with a prostate massaged in your ass next time youre with the group and each time you take damage, a spell you have gets countered, or a perm you control gets killed/exiled/taken wiggle your ass on the seat

>> No.56493894

Tell me more about Neheb my man, I have a prerelease card that I've been meaning to use for anything at all.

>> No.56493931

>group hug
that's not how she works.
step 1 play dorks, ramp selvala
step 2 get umbral mantle / sword of paruns / paradox engine / other untap effects
step 3 draw tons of cards, generate tons of mana, cast all your spells
step 3 craterhoof behemoth / mirror entity / ezuri

Playing selvala is like playing single player edh

>> No.56493946

Fatness has little to do with shoe size, I'm just fuck huge. Like statistical anomaly fuck huge.

Budget shoes don't exist for me, but point taken. I'll buy $150 shoes and $150 of things I need. Thoughtseizes here I come!

>> No.56493953

>I need to be a bad special snowflake to have fun

>> No.56493989

I tried this once with one of the fancy bluetooth butt plugs, a friend commented about how someone's phone won't stop vibrating and I immediately regretted everything since it was on for a good 10 minutes

But I already have a gitrog deck, I've used my allotted masturbation time for this year.

>> No.56493995

It really plays odd the way it's built:
Either I draw Didgeridoo by turn 3 and shit out Minotaurs, or I abuse the fuck out of discard effects.

Mindslicer, Avaricious Dragon, Dark Deal, Syphon Mind, Torment of Hailfire, Necrogen Mist, and Megrim are a must have. If I had a Wheel of Fate, I'd throw it in.

>> No.56493996


Kokusho comfortably occupies the MVP spot in my "Group Sacrifice" Kuon, Ogre Ascendant deck. He's a big beater when I need him to be, and he's a wonderful sacrificial lamb to Kuon's Essence, Contamination, and Attrition when I need him to do that instead.

>> No.56494233

>Kuon, Ogre Ascendant
I loved how effective that guy is at keeping the board clear, but it always bothered me that some decks are (mostly) creatureless and he doesn't do much against them. I eventually dismantled it for parts and built one that was better at ramping into demons and other value shit.

>> No.56494431

Would you allow this at your table guys? I desperately want to build around Grimlock

>> No.56494469

maybe.. but it seems pretty strong considering you're green and can probably get the 8/8 dino on turn 4

>> No.56494473

It's not nearly as dumb as some un-legendaries. Yeah, I'd allow it.

>> No.56494522


I would if not for the toy thing. That seems like a waste of time.

>> No.56494552

It depends on what kind of Transformer toys you have access to. I have a bunch of old happy meal Transformers somewhere that can transform pretty fast, somewhere.

>> No.56494553


It might be different for me because nobody else in my circle of friends makes creatureless decks, so Kuon is free to run rampant. The deck is an absolute blast to play. I know I'd probably be better off upgrading to Meren, but I always find myself asking "Will I really have as much fun with her as I do with Kuon?"

The answer always ends up being no. Kuon is just too damn fun.

>> No.56494557

Bump, meant Black Market

>> No.56494603


I would use one of those stupid happy meal toys. The ones that transform in a minute or so.

>> No.56494609

All of my commanders are foil except Sisay.
All of my commanders are girls except Oros.

All of my commanders have foily tiddies except Sisay and Oros

>> No.56494977

>All of my commanders are girls except Oros.
Is this actually something you're proud of?

>> No.56495566

But how many of them are the tiddies actually foil on?

>> No.56495589

Between Sigarda host of herons or Kaalia which one is less degenerate?

>> No.56495613


While it can be built to be degenerate, it can also be built weaker.

Sigarda is just super boring voltron every time.

>> No.56496540

Ive actually built this deck. All old boarded including the lands.
Its super flavorful. Ive never managed to pull a win with it. I use it in 1v1s with new players

>> No.56496565

Just played a few games with the new vampire precon. Damn that is probably the strongest deck out of box.

>> No.56496666

Double bump

>> No.56496736

You need 20 pieces of ramp.
5 mana spells aren't ramp. Path of bravery is too strong for your meta.

>> No.56496885

no and yes.

>> No.56496931

Has anyone ever seen this pop off?

>> No.56496932

Maybe collective blessing or sandwurm convergence. Seems like both are far too costly to have in the same deck. maybe mimic vat as well since you can't use it on your tokens.

>> No.56496964

>hey, anon, i found a new piece for your infinite turn combo

>> No.56497052

Yes, several times. Most of the time there is nothing worth it among those six cards. It's fun though.

>> No.56497169

Been playing for about 2 years now but I've focused most of my efforts on legacy decks for some table top games with some friends. Lately i've branched off more into commander decks, so here's what I have going.
Lazav/dimir-Mill until I find an awesome creature, or just mill and get out some big creature that benefits from big graveyards.
Breya-Trying to avoid infinite combos with this deck so i've gone the route of being as diverse and unpredictable as possible while getting out some big creatures like darksteel or erebus. Because of this focus on diversity it hasn't been the most consistent deck.
Rakdos lord of riots-Spent too much money on this deck but it can be a ton of fun. Ive added a lot of hand discard combos to it which haven't really paid off as I had hoped. Most of the time they make me a target which doesn't help when it comes to getting rakdos out.
Varolz-Scavenge bonanza. This is my only fully completed deck. Difficult to win in a multiplayer game but it has potential to win 1vs.1 on 4th turn if i can get a deaths shadow or a phyrexian into my graveyard.
Obzedat life taketh life giveth-Simple white black life gain/take deck. Focused on making as many crazy combos as possible to build up other creatures with counters instead of just using my life total to win. Could potentially build a ajani pridemate into a 12/12 in one turn.

Aside from Breya all of these decks grew out of legacy decks that couldn't quite find their stride. Love this format and it's card/win diversity.

>> No.56497214

>my infinite turn combo is time sieve, mimic vat, and myr battlesphere
pfft nice try, kid

>> No.56497313

Greetings, gents.

Shadowdeck anon here again. I have taken your advice and uploaded my decklist to tapped out, found here:


As per the feedback of the thread, I dropped out most of my shroud/hexproof stuff, leaving only a few artifacts to keep the commanders a bit safer. With the extra space I put in a lot of draw, and switched my commander from Karlov to Ravos/Tymna. I am happy to report that it worked quite well.

While I got beat in every game tonight, the deck held out like a champ and always had something interesting to contribute to the mix. There is no question I was the weakest one at the table, but the shadowmonkies hung in there for a 4 hour 4 person game. One of the players actually drew himself out of the game it went on so long. Best game I've played so far.

>Zealot il-vec + basilisk collar assassinated a number of big guys before getting removed
>dauthi trapper/embrace + dauthi cutthroat also ganked the white lion archon guy
>divinity of pride + spirit en-dal snuck in a 16 damage lifelinked swipe
>spellbinder + teferi's protection got me a couple rounds of taking a turn, then phasing out completely until my turn again
>sword of the animist on a dauthi jackal filled my land up really fast
>selfless spirit saving my entire board from a wipe, then Ravos bringing it back on the following upkeep

>> No.56497401

is there any deck that uses collected company?

>> No.56497435

Would Grove of the Burnwillows be good in Ruric Thar when the whole point of him is commander damage?

>> No.56497495

His ability doesnt deal commader damage, if that's what you're suggesting. Commander damage is only dealt via Combat.

>> No.56497507

wtf I hate Saskia now

>> No.56497560

I think the one life is pretty inconsequential, that said I own most lands and still only run duals/shocks and fetches for mana fixing, never fails me. I run a lot of green ramp though and that always helps fix my mana.

I find that either I run all of the nonbasics, or just fetches shocks duals.

Also blood moon is good, though that depends on meta. You could run it regardless but if youre running a bunch of nonbasics youre not running as much land ramp, and thus have a harder time fetching out forests.

tl;dr playing it wont hurt really

>> No.56497568

>trostani's description in pink text

that's kinda hot, anon

>> No.56497592

Thanks lad

>> No.56497593

gotta love girly boys
trostanis probably the best girl(male) commander

>> No.56497669

I bought Swell of the hosts, but have no idea how to play MTG.

I have also no other cards at all to use.

>> No.56497727

figure out what you like in mtg, and have fun. those should be your no 1 priorities. as you figure out what you like you can look online for decks and cards. as you play youll find what cards work for you and what dont and begin to optimize your deck to suit and express you.

its a slow process, i like to pretend that most people here know how to play commander so yeah, come here for advice whenever im usually lurking here so just mention that youre ezuri newfriend or something and i can help

if you want to upgrade ezuri then this is a good place to start:

>> No.56497734

it's been fun to watch your progression dude. here are a few random pieces of advice.

>utter end
these cards aren't bad but anguished unmaking is better.

>quest for the holy relic
a bit slow

>celestial mantle
>luminous wake
>righteous cause
>soul link
>spirit loop
that's a lot of life gain. kind of feels like a hold over from when karvlov was your commander. not really sure you need it all. spirit loop is neat. patron of the kitsune is the same thing as righteous cause except it costs 1 more and you get a 5/6 creature. you could run eternity vessel to maintain your life total. authority of the consuls is also surprisingly good. kambal is a really powerful card in orzhov colors. i would rather run life-gain cards like this which have an additional upside. the lifelink enchantments really incentive your opponents to target down that creature. if you run a card like true conviction or whip of erebos it has a bigger impact and it spreads out your targets more.

>cipher cards

>flagstones of trokair
i wouldn't run this unless you have a way of sacrificing your lands for value.
>kabira crossroads
>leechridden swamp
not really worth it imo. i'd rather run basics. obviously you could also include more duals. i put ancient tomb in every deck. if you want more mana rocks i also like fellwar stone, primsatic lens, mind stone, and thought vessel. i run those in most decks over command sphere and darksteel ingot.

if you want more pseudo, tithe and land tax are classic mono-white options. black market is a fun card.

>> No.56497777

i cant stop stomping on one of my playgroups, what commander do i build as a 50 dollar deck.
must be scrub friendly, so my idea of ga4 wont fly cause >muh tax

>> No.56497786

Nice digits

>> No.56497809

thanks kind stranger :^]

for reference this is what my decks do right now (yidris' turn 5 at my non scrub group that plays interaction)

>> No.56497901

Comfy blog post Anon, glad you're having fun

>> No.56498560 [DELETED] 

Anyone with combo elves experience want to chime in on this list?


>> No.56498635

Is karador fun to play against? I like his whole schtick but I don't want to be 'that guy' in my play group.
Pic unrelated

>> No.56498671

It really depends how you play him.
My main deck is Karador and you can either be really fast combo or slow grinding value deck or a kind of control lando deck. A lot of options or kind of a mid range of all of those. I've been trying adding some dredge and random mill effects to both slow down and make interesting games with the deck.

>> No.56498788

>tfw playgroup has 3 Yidris decks
>played dozens of games with it in playgroup
>only seen an Yidris connect for combat damage once

>> No.56499485

Is the buy a box promo pack gonna stick around for rivals of ixalan?

>> No.56500333

why are there no interesting bant commanders?

>> No.56500411

Are there any commanders that can make single target burn instants worth a shit? I'm talking lightning bolt, incinerate, brimstone volley etc.

I was considering Shu Yun to add some double strike on top of them, but that seems pointless. I just want to relive my youth here in EDH and I don't think it's possible.

>> No.56500424

is this card viable in edh? was thinking about dropping it into aleasha

>> No.56500442

I mean at worst you'd probably get like 1-2 big creatures out of the game for a bit with it, for 4 mana, not terrible, but I'm not sure I'd run it over like... Oblivion Ring.

>> No.56500455

no, stop asking every thread

>> No.56500473

It's not bad, but artifacts are very easy to remove. So don't expect this to be on the board for long.

>> No.56500488

What do you do when your deck is 113 cards? I need to make cuts but I don't know what to take out.

>> No.56500515

Post the decklist or nobody here is able to help you.

>> No.56500518

Cut lands

>> No.56500529

Shuffle the deck, draw seven, think about which card I would discard if I had to choose.

>> No.56500539



here! it's queen marchesa, I want many creatures and ghostly prisons, opinions?

>> No.56500554

How strong is this in EDH? The art is amazing but my playgroup thinks it's too OP.

>> No.56500582

Worst looking run up in all of DG. Great player, not such a good driver.

>> No.56500598

He's a shithead racist who ran over some dude with an RV

>> No.56500720

Given the only way you're going to play it is by proxy if your group doesn't care, how isn't it retardedly strong? If you have a good manabase hitting that cost isn't hard, and it's textbox is pretty obviously strong. Worst case it's a good beater, best case you have an oh-shit button in the command zone with flash.

>> No.56500878


>Given the only way you're going to play it is by proxy


>> No.56500904

What's the trick to pick a commander that you're not going to get bored of after a few games?

>> No.56500934

>the art is amazing
yeah, amazingly retarded

>> No.56500964


amazingly fuck off you don't know shit about drawing or painting come to /ic/ and you'll get your ass handed on a plate nerd

>> No.56500965

Don't build a deck around the commander. Construct your deck in a way that it would work even without the commander.

>> No.56500991

Melek is alright. Rather slow, but not bad if you can protect him.

>> No.56501004

It's not a 'real' card. It was given to either Wizards or Toys 'R Us/some toy store high up executives as a reward for something. I don't remember the specifics.
This one was for Dual Masters or something.

>> No.56501063

>what tribes need more support
thrulls, horrors, angel,fungus,dog,snake,monk

>> No.56501095

Build less linear generals. Find generals that fit a theme but aren’t THE theme.

>> No.56501112

Because Bant is the color of goodstuff. Somehow.

I’m disappointed too.

>> No.56501209

Its good in red with goblin welder, or in blue with master transmuter. Its tough to deny the value of a card that boardwipes anything big enough to start demanding removal.

>> No.56501247

Maybe it's just because I really enjoyed the Exalted ability, but Rafiq is a pretty cool bant commander. Always wanted to build him.

>> No.56501249

When Derevi came out, everyone thought she was extremely unique and fun but then everyone started running stasis and she's been relegated to tryhard meme status

>> No.56501296

rafiq just gets you targeted from my experience. other voltron commanders get you less hate

>> No.56501321


Derevi is super good, specially with winter orb

>> No.56501353

She's good but quickly achieved a "shoot on site" reputation from the average player due to fear of stax

>> No.56501400

Think of what your favorite thing to do in magic is, then build a deck with Partners that use the colors you need.

>> No.56501401

She would’ve been perfect if she was likely less pushed. Both for bird tribal and for twiddle.dec.

Honestly, if she just had her cheat into play ability, I would be running her.

>> No.56501420

Shame. Maybe i'll give Uril a shot, then.

>> No.56501466

Wait, wwhat happened to Derebirb? im kinda new on this and i want to play her but i dont know if she is banned, errated, or else

Care to elaborate?

>> No.56501491

She has a reputation for bypassing the commander tax and her ability makes her a really strong stax commander

>> No.56501538

i could see rakdos, lord of riots, and neheb, the eternal being okay with a few straight burn spells. the upside makes them somewhat worthwhile.

playtest it and remove cards that get stuck in my hand. i often remove redundancies as well. i'm also not a huge fan of tutors.

this card is neat. incase you aren't aware it's not legal. it has a strange back to it and i think it's big.

>> No.56501548


Imagine you can pay 4 mana at any time to get a flying blocker into play and tap anything you want, even to prevent opponent from attacking with a fatty, she's super annoying.

>> No.56501599

but is she banned or something? i kinda heard that, tried to find something about it but found nothing

>> No.56501603

how to do something UW without drawing hate

>> No.56501609 [DELETED] 


>> No.56501624

Gheist of Saint thraft voltron

>> No.56501640


>> No.56501655

So, i have my breya precon and my friend says that i should go to weekly tournament to play. it will be good enough or will i be crushed to death?

>> No.56501661

personally im a big fan of sigarda voltron or ruhan assault suit

>> No.56501676

She's banned in 1v1 but that's a dumb format and there's no reason to care :^)

>> No.56501812

How casual is your meta?

>> No.56501834

how would i know? i've never gone there

>> No.56501848


>> No.56501859

if its a tourney you are probably going to get crushed since people will be try harding

>> No.56501866

i still wanna see your arjun eggs deck. if you don't want to share it just say so tho. my arjun also runs lots of cost reduction but no eggs.

>> No.56502211

Currently waiting on cards so I can finish Xenagod and had a question
How much redundancy is too much? I have 4 ways for double strike, 2 ways for haste (Xenagos and fires of Yavimaya) and like 2 ways to give trample, tho most of the fatties have trample.

>> No.56502214

I have a budget version of this guy's list, which explains it much better than I could.

>> No.56502229


As always, I'm thankful for the advice.

>Regarding condemn, unmake, and utter end
I selected those since the Spellbinder artifact only works with instants, and wanted to maximize the chances of a good synergy being possible with it. I know the spellbinder is only 1 card, but with artifact search I have a decent chance of getting the thing, equipping it to a shadow creature, and condemnning/unmaking/phasing/utter ending something every single time the guy hits a player. As I recalle, anguished unmaking is a sorcery and would not work in this role.

>quest for the holy relic
I guess you are right, it is slow. I could replace it with a tutoring card, I suppose, which would be more versatile anyway. Idyllic, maybe...

>lifelink stuff
I'm not married to this subtheme, but it seems like I need it to not die. I do have some spirits in the deck for blocking, but lifelink really does all my lifting when it comes to keeping me alive with few blocking creatures. Celestial mantle in particular is a dangerous card in this deck since my shadow guys just walk right past defenses and poke players.

I will look into these other cards you mentioned, since it's more the role of keeping a healthy life total that concerns me than the lifelink method of doing it.

That's the second recommendation I've heard for dropping flagstones. What's so bad about it? Just too slow?

I am not familiar with these other mana artifacts, but I will look into them.

>> No.56502235

Redundancy is important in Xenagos. I highly recommend Kessig Wolf and other lands that give combat boosts.

>> No.56502294

anguished unmaking is an instant.

flagstones of trokair isn't bad, but in order to activate emeria you need 7 plains. so running a plains is better...unless you specifically need something to counteract land destruction. i see no reason why you would expect flagstones of trokair to become destroyed.

>> No.56502361

Does anyone one have any experience with selling decks? What's the best way to go about it. I got the anthology but after playing with them for a while I want to sell the Kaalia and Freyalise decks. Is it better to sell them as singles, or as a package deal? Also where to list them?

>> No.56502380

New Benalia would be good m8.

>> No.56502389


Ah, my mistake then. I will take out unmake, then, since it's the same mana cost but more limited in what it can target.

While I am thinking about it, I also have pic related but am unsure how it works. Does the blade copy only the creature, or does the copy also get buffs from equipment and auras, too? Would a shadow creature with the blade of selves and a quietus spike make copies that also had quietus spikes, or just the base stats of the creature?

>> No.56502460

Myriad just copies the base creature

>> No.56502510

how does this work with doubling season

>> No.56502547

Myriad says you put a token onto the battlefield, and doubling season doubles tokens, so, you'd get twice as many.

>> No.56502587

those tokens are still exiled btw. the tokens made by myriad don't activate attack triggers ("when this creature attacks") because they never attack. they are put into play already attacking.

they do trigger enter the battlefield and leaves the battlefield triggers though.

>> No.56502628

Yeah, they'd be exact copies of the myraid tokens, so you don't get to keep them. But if you're attacking everyone with a big beater, and you give it myriad, it's gonna get crazy.

>> No.56502657

You have to go to the cart optimizer settings and set it to "same condition". The cart optimizer is defaulted to any condition same set.

Stop being a bad customer

>> No.56502663


What if you hit the creature with this beforehand? The shadow property becomes part of the card for the turn, doesn't it?

>> No.56502695

if I populate will the tokens be exiled

>> No.56502756

Its like how Kaalia of the Vast's trigger avoids attack triggers.

>> No.56503017



>> No.56503205


t. Zookeeper

>> No.56503257

Single target burn spells are very good in 60 card, just get some casual 60 card going.

>> No.56503439

You know that opportunities for 1v1 commander come up all the time between games or after drafts and stuff?
I like my decks being technically legal for 1v1 because of that, even if not built for it.

>> No.56503511

Not particularly. It's just something that occurred to me a few weeks ago and it was relevant to the question posed

The fun legendary effects I want to run just happen to be printed on goils, I guess

>> No.56503679

He means French. It's a different format designed for 1v1 with its own banlist and 20 starting life. It used to be fun when the life total was 30, now it sucks worse than Modern.

If you're playing multiplayer and have downtime people will just expect to be playing 1v1 with regular EDH decks.

>> No.56503727

A rule I tend to use is that if you wouldn't want to draw into it when you're losing, don't run it. 36-40 lands depending on your curve. This is also just what I would do. Disregard as your playstyle dictates

Right off the bat I see:
Brave the Sands (Good but with your pillowfort cards it might just be redundant)
Darksteel Mutation (Funny but not worth the mana unless you have a specific target that's heavy in your meta in mind)
Chandra's Ignition (I personally run this card in my commander deck. Who's your target? Something with deathtouch? You could just run Wrath or Damnation or Jokulhops)
Ophiomancer (Without effects to make more tokens, what's the point? You're getting one blocker that dies after it does its job. While it makes people less likely to attack you, it's kind of a moot point if they have even a simple evasion clause or trample)

Overall it seems like you have a lot of good ideas, but you might be trying to do too much with a single deck. You've got a lot of "Can't attack unless" effects and drain so you could definitely shoot for that and let your opponents kill one another, but that might mitigate the usefulness of cards like Ankle Shanker. Not sure how much this'll help. Good luck though. Let us know what you come up with

>> No.56503797

looks fun anon, would play with

>> No.56503867

20 pieces of ramp is way too much, especially in an aggro deck. Are there even 20 playable ramp cards outside of green?

>> No.56503904

>Getting trolled this softly, so far in the future

>> No.56504064

It's a broken card even without stax.
Instant speed, can't be countered by normal counterspells, completely spits in the face of commander tax. Even if it's just a flying 2/3 with Twiddle on ETB, it's an amazing blocker and combat trick that can lock down a player trying to go tall with only 4 mana and a sac outlet. Tap down anything with trample, chump block anything without.
On top of all this, Twiddle on combat damage for all your creatures is just absurd for value, lets you ramp like crazy or give your creatures pseudo-vigilance or tap down the control player's lands to cast stuff in second main phase, among other things.

>> No.56504194

Nope, you are free to make your clone legion of sissy GW traps

>> No.56504236

I pray for the day we can return to kamigawa

>> No.56504323

my group does its damndest to not let him connect
sometimes i can protect it enough and that happens

>> No.56504385

Probably a supplemental set, where it won't be tainted by shitty standard bullshit.

>> No.56504494

I'm sure WotC is aware of its popularity among older players, and they're running out of older
planes to revisit anyway.

I hope it undergoes a technological leap between the time gap. Spirits and steampunk would be a really cool mix.

>> No.56504521

I really doubt WotC would be able to pull that off, considering how shallow the steampunk in Unstable is.

>> No.56504852

GW is known for being the girlfriend deck, so id figure why not. i was going to make it yellow but its too bright. instead of buying the cat deck id figure to make one instead that can actually work in multiplayer.

>> No.56505238

Are there any good burn spells that grow based off of things other than mana? Like something that scales off of the amount of creatures someone has, their life total, cards in hand etc.

>> No.56505266

I'm thinking of starting a second EDH deck themed around filling the board with tons of soldiers that are always attacking everything and drowning the combat phase in bodies, preferably soldiers. Where are some good places to start?

Monowhite seems like the most obvious choice for this, but Boros would give me an excuse to say Deus Vult whenever I tapped 30 soldier tokens. What do you guys recommend for commanders and a good base for soldier token buff and spam?

>> No.56505371

Heliod or Darien are your best bets, no rw guy will make tokens for you

>> No.56505407

Iroas is probably the best Commander for that IMO. Boros is notoriously bad for lacking ramp and card draw though, so be aware of that.

>> No.56505584

>considering how shallow the steampunk in Unstable is

Unstable was pitched as Steampunk, but it ended up getting quite far away from it.

>> No.56505725

Screw steampunk. Wizards can stop blowing artifacts and actually give us an enchantment set for once. Kamigawa would be a fun environment to explore with that in mind.

>> No.56505753

This would be a shoe in if you went Iroas/RW.

>> No.56505779

Remember how poorly they made theros?

>> No.56505965

boxes are a meme if you ain't drafting
if you can get 7 frendos tho, then worth

>> No.56506025


what about candleman?

>> No.56506091


>> No.56506217



>> No.56506260

Theros wasn't Enchantments Matter until the third installment, even then it was primarily notGreece.

>> No.56506293

5 color eggs

>> No.56506497

Use Gatherer you fucking trash boy

>> No.56506575

Rakdos charm
Chain reaction
Chandra's ignition
Sudden Impact/Runeflare Trap
Parallectric Feedback
Price of Progress
Fanatic of Mogis
Molten Psyche

>> No.56506773

What was it?

>> No.56506945


>> No.56506997

Journey Into Nyx was the last third yhat actually cared about enchantments in any meaningul way. The main focus of Theros, BotG, and JIN was to showcase a plane inspired by the tales of Greek Mythology with Elspeth being the classical tragic hero. Enchantments were always secondary/tertiary to this main goal.
Urza's was the last time Enchantments Matter happened and even that is debateable since the powerlevel of EVERYTHING in that block was cranked to 11

>> No.56507113

Today I took a fun risk that taught me a bit about the game.
>playing my Gitrog against Maelstrom Wanderer, Scarab God, and Eddie Markov
>Edgar has a pretty full board
>Tap out, sacrifice all my lands to Squandered Resources
>Torment of Hailfire: X=18
>oh shit, Scarab God player has a Blood Artist
>other players conspire to sacrifice all their creatures first (I learned that Torment starts with the first trigger for the player to your left, then circles around one trigger at a time until all have been accounted for)
>during the sixth of these sacrifice cycles, I die from the Artist
>the spell is exiled when I die and the other 12 triggers never happen

>> No.56507181

Your playgroup needs to learn how to play better. All of those repeats of ToH resolve before any of the Blood Artist triggers.

>> No.56507339

A judge came over and explained that the way we resolved it was proper.

>> No.56507381


>> No.56507390

Good in the 99, garbage as commander.

>> No.56507418

>Torment starts with the first trigger for the player to your left
>repeats of ToH
Are you guys talking about the Squandered Resources triggers, or what? When Torment of Hailfire resolves, all 18 choices are made at the same time and nobody gets priority.

Any triggers placed on the stack due to ToH only resolve after the spell does.

>> No.56507431

Except Torment of Hailfire is just ONE sacrifice trigger

>> No.56507440

Your judge is retarded. A spell completes all of it's actions before it is removed from the stack and other triggers may resolve. The blood artist certainly sees all of those creatures dying and its controller chooses a target for each of it's triggers, but none of those triggers resolve until Torment of Hailfire completes it's resolution.

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