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Help me /tg/, you’re my only hope. After days of searching for a new fantasy book to read, I’ve hit a wall. Looking for some feel good fantasy, stuff like the Hobbit or Eddings. Something... comfy. You always give better advice than /lit/, so I come to you.

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I'd recommend Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising, or Lloyd Alexander's Pryddain books.

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Chinese cartoons but y'know...

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That’s the Black Cauldron Guy, right? Saw the cartoon as a wee lad but never read the books.

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The cartoon is only very loosely based on the books. Hobbit movie level of relation to the original work.

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Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart.

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Downloading a sample now

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Seconding delicious in dungeon, even though in the latest chapters shit got real

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The Worm Ouroboros. Can be hard to read with the style of prose, but lavish as fuck old-school fantasy with a huge scope, tons of characters, and great, unapologetic violence.

after killing literally the entire cast of enemy characters, the heroes are so bored they wish them back to life so they can do it all over again

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I've heard good things about Journey to the West.

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But feel good?

Doesn’t go into Konosuba levels of goofy shit does it?

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Every chapter has a good meal though :)

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not the latest ones.

>tfw no Sister chili

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Know which is best translation?

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Weebs gtfo. Jap manga, Chinese, Chinese.

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extremely comfy

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Took a quick look on Project Gutenberg and yeah... that prose! May be something to save for when the snows hit later and I can leisurely digest.

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The Vlad Taltos books by Steven Brust can get kinda intense, but overall are very comfy.

Lord of Light by Zelazny is somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy, but has some great scenes and a kinda sad but very hopeful ending.

More in the vein of The Hobbit, the Chronicles of Narnia are good, reread them.

Also read Tarzan if you haven't.

If you'll accept /comfy/ sci-fi, Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper is top tier.

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Read the first two years ago. I do remember really liking the first one, but the second one was so different in tone I never went on.

Lord of light sounds interesting. I liked Amber.

And Narnia is another I stopped after a point, but don’t remember why. I’ll dig out my collected edition and see if I can remember

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>Dark is Rising
Fuck yeah. Except for a...rushed conclusion, this is one of the best.

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Anthony C Yu

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Nothing beats reading the comfiest version of the comfiest fantasy book

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Would love an english version with dat art!

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Maaaaaybe the first book? But the series as a whole I wouldn’t consider feel good comfy by any means. Not grimderp either, but....

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there is a 2012 version that revises the translations by Anthony C. Yu.It has 4 volumes, with 25 chapters each

imo is the best edition

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Unfortunately, no.

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I tore the 8th or 9th book in half and threw it in the garbage and never looked back. Fuck Robert Jordan.

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Kingkiller trilogy go!!!!!!

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The wandering inn is a very cozy piece of writing with a great big amalgamation fantasy world to explore with the POV character, the setting’s culture behind having abundant-ish magic, multiple sapient species interacting and everyone getting level ups has a clear effect on the world at large very much akin to Worm and it’s parahumans. Also easily has the best and deepest depiction fae and goblins i’ve ever seen.

The first comment of the very first chapter honestly nails it on the head about what the book feels like.

>This novel is wonderful. If you’ve read the first chapter just now for the first time, KEEP GOING. It gets (and stays) really good.

>This particular chapter (he means chapter 1)…not so much. Most of the novel is specific, warm and personal, filled with rich characters and surprising, convincing ideas about what people in a fantasy world would be like.

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I'm a sucker for the novel of The Princess Bride.
Goldman's version, of course, not the original Morgenstern.

I also heartily recommend any and all of Neil Gaiman's short story collections.

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>the setting’s culture behind having abundant-ish magic, multiple sapient species interacting and everyone getting level ups has a clear effect on the world at large very much akin to Worm and it’s parahumans. Also easily has the best and deepest depiction fae and goblins i’ve ever seen
That sounds really awful.

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Have tried 3 times, but it just doesn’t grab me.

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I’ll add it to the Xmas list if I can find it. Thanks!

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>The Vlad Taltos books by Steven Brust can get kinda intense
The Vlad books are great, lighthearted fun (I don't get the intense part at all) about a human assassin with a mini-dragon familiar living within the Dragaeran (not-really-elven) empire as a member of House Jhereg (sort of a thieves' guild criminal organization) in a high-magic setting. The books pretty much all start in the middle of things (often referring back to previous events he hasn't/hadn't written about yet), so you can choose them based on quality rather than chronology. In terms of quality, and even style, they vary widely (don't read Teckla!). I recommend starting with Jhereg or Taltos, and then asking for recommendations.

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>Konosuba levels of goofy shit
It's 80's western fantasy played straight with show-don't-tell worldbuilding, good characterization, and attention to detail.
Easily among the best ongoing series at the moment.

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Goddamn that’s some impressive grip strength.

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John Bellairs The Face in the Frost.

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You mean this series?

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Get on my level

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If you are up for another Manga suggestion, I think The Ancient Magus' Bride is pretty damn comfy.

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Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett.

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I skimmed through the Abhorsen trilogy and I got tons of comfy vibes.

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Earth-Sea: 4 (5 now?) novels set in a world of island archipelago where magic is mostly rare and sometimes dangerous. By Ursula LeGuin

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You’re talking about Delicious Dungeon right? I’m not into anime or manga but I’m willing to give it a shot. Just want to get the right thing. It’s $10 on Amazon. I can only find bootlegs in Japanese.

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In English for u my dude: http://mangakakalot.com/chapter/dungeon_meshi/chapter_1

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The main trilogy is great, especially when read by Tim Curry.
The spinoff and sequel, not so much.

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Interesting start but it's feeling more generic the more i read it.

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>show-don't-tell worldbuilding
why are you idiots so obsessed with this style of storytelling as if it were the be-all end-all of narrative? Is it an american thing?

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Would you rather have a 5 page treatise at the beginning of the novel that explains the setting?

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It gives you both styles automatically, as if the work gets popular there will always be some autist who creates a wiki explaining everything.

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The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper
The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander
Lone Wolf gamebooks by Joe Dever
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin
Old Kingdom / Abhorsen by Garth Nix
The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

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Bonus Points: Despite clearly being based on Wizardry, the author knows that game mechanics are abstractions and makes no reference to them.

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Bonus Points: Despite clearly being based on Wizardry, the author knows that game mechanics are abstractions and makes no mention of them.

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beta cope is stong

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Is this genuine propaganda for cucks?

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I was in the same boat as you OP.
Then I came across /tg/ quests.

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please be a prank

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this. the first three only though.

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True, it probably doesn't fully capitalize on the good start. But I personally do like the more folkloristic feel of it, and the quiet and comfy moments.
Though I only have read up to, and including, volume 5. I'm quite eager to see where it goes, honestly.
And the anime this season also does a quite good job putting the manga on screen, I think.
And the three OVA episodes are what originally got me started with the manga.

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>Why is Show-Don't-Tell good?
This is more of a general writing thing than specifically for fantasy, but showing is categorically better than telling. If you think about it, both styles are basically telling, since this is a words on a page, not a painting. Then what does "showing" mean? It means that you are absorbed in the work and are experiencing it, rather than reading it like a shopping list still in the context of your everyday life.

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There's this little novel called Uprooted, about a girl who gets chosen by the local wizard to work as his maid. It's pretty good

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I honestly think Japan's iyashikei wave is one of the most important think that happened to fantasy in the last 20 years, but it mostly doesn't deal with high fantasy.

DM is one of the exceptions.

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I hope that was the word you meant to use. If not, I wish it was.

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If its comfy you're looking for
>The Last Unicorn

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I'd actually argue that it tells a lot. Tons of the setting details are just spelled out by characters: think of all the chapters where Senshi is explaining that such-and-such monster is constructed so-and-so way, which is why you can cook it like this.
I guess those usually come after seeing the thing in action, though, so you might have a point. Either way it does it very well.

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where do u think u are?

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Isekai is just the standard 'normal person transported to another world' that used to be the norm for western fantasy before the Tolkien clones took over. Barsoom, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Wizard of Oz, are all isekai.

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OP here, thanks for the recs and generally positive discussion!

Lots for me to check out, but keep em coming I say.

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>tfw Christopher Lee said that he'd still be there to play Haggard in the live action adaptation, because he'd had experience in rising from the dead

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I used iyashikei.


He's not dead anon. He just returned to Dracula's coffin.

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Came to post. Dungeon Meshi is Max comfy

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>you may have fucked her, but I have a special relationship with her

Bro. This is a joke.

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Denna sucks but the rest it's pretty great

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David Eddings
Terry Pratchett

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some moments get pretty dark though, like when they go Fullmetal Alchemist

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The Emperor's Soul, it's short and it's pretty easy to find. Plus if you like you can read other Sanderson books like Mistborn and Stormlight Archive.

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Grimcomfy is the best comfy

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This is best suggestion ITT so far. Brutal levels of comf in the most unexpected places and situations.

This is second best.

My personal suggestion for Deep Comf is the Redwall books (and if you haven't read it, The Wind in the Willows is obviously mega comfy, but it's hard to describe as fantasy). The comic Mouse Guard is similar and also pretty comfy if you like comics. Actually the writing of that comic is pretty shit, I cannot tell a lie, but the art still pulls it into High Comf territory.

Dragonsbane and the original book Howl's Moving Castle are pretty comfy too.

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is Made in Abyss grimcomfy?

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Guy gets friendzoned by his oneitis, who then whores herself through school.

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I guess?

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Redwall is nice lots of feasts! Great books esp for younger readers or the young at heart.

Also I’ll second The Chronicles of Pyrdain.

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I mean, how feel good we talking here?

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Cuck trying to assure himself he's not a cuck, he's also going after worst girl.

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God DAMN IT. This is so typical of how Rothfuss behaves in person as well. Could you GET any more pathetic? I cringed hard.

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Actually yeah, having all the info in one place is always nice.

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>why show don't tell vs info dump
Learning about the world slowly is very immersive. Getting little tidbits at a time, as the characters go through it themselves, puts you in their shoes and I find it very engaging. It has you constantly asking questions, and slowly discovering answers gives a real feel of exploration of a new world.

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Not enough experience apparently

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It's shit.

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Not him, and I do generally both like and use this approach, but one thing that irks me about it is the near inevitability to have things around simply to highlight something to the players/audience that they wouldn't know about or expect, which would be everyday knowledge to the characters.

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The characters in Dungeon Meshi are all from different parts of the world. Most exposition I can think of has been relevant regional trivia.
>We thieves eat treasure bug jam for good luck
>In school, we used readily disposable dogs to harvest mandrake

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Cultivation Chat Group

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He really isn't ever going to finish it, is he?

>> No.56498650

As I recall, he got most of his inspiration while in various colleges.
Given that now he’s a professional event attender and bullshitter, he’s got pretty much nothing to go on

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This would fit well on a /b/ cringe thread. Holy fucking shit.

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The original Howard Conan stories are pretty comfy. Exciting, adventurous stories that don't get too dark or fucked up.

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>It means that you are absorbed in the work and are experiencing it
If you don't do it when reading, it's either poor text or poor imagination

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Huh, it's an actual nip term for comfy. Thanks.

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Y-you don’t know that

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