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EDH /edhg/ Ph as in g Ed it io n

Previously: >>56439565

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Have you ever built an EDH deck based around a mechanic/keyword?

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>Have you ever built an EDH deck based around a mechanic/keyword?
I don't play to win when I use it.

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Trying to brew up a control list with pic related, any of you played with / against him? Help me out lads.

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chaos isn't really a mechanic bro

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I have a Feldon deck that I'm trying to tune up. Recently trimmed some of the fat and got the land count up to something a bit more respectable(used to be at 33, super dodgy), but it's still not where I'd like it to be. Suggestions appreciated, the deck is my baby and I want to see it able to keep up a bit better in my metas.


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I had a very shitty anafenza deck built around the abzan as a whole. It was taken apart though with the change of group from casual fun to tryhards

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Almost always. Most recently it was UB cycling.

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Milling everyone and then doing reanimator shenanigans, turning their own fatties against them, sounds like a reasonable path. Recycle a sepulchral primordial and all that fun stuff.

If you want specifics, posting a tappedout list might be helpful.

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Demons or zombies?

>> No.56460875

Big, fat, meaty demons.

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I built a deck with an exert tribal subtheme and I want to build a Zur cycling deck, do those count?

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With Sylvan Library when I draw two extra cards can I choose which on to keep and put the other two on my deck in any order? The wording on the Eternal Masters printing is different than the old.

>> No.56461190

Quicksmith Genius-cycle your hand
Amulet of Vigor-counters Kismet/Blind Obedience effects which kind of fuck up your deck
Scrap Mastery/Trash for Treasure-optional recursion
Codex Shredder-Recur EVERYTHING

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>Gitrog is broken

>> No.56461224

He's a great combo general since he can recycle tutors all day erry day. Put together whatever combo you'd like, maybe make it a fun multi-part one for laughs.

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>tfw scapeshift is worth 1/4 of my deck

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Ok, Sylvan Library is oddly worded. Here's what happens.

During your draw step, you draw two extra cards. You then select 2 cards from among those that you have drawn this turn and put them back in any order, unless you pay 4 life a card to keep them.

Note: you can put back cards you didn't draw with Library but already drew this turn (say, from a Phyrexian Arena or Staff of Nin). This isn't super useful, but it's come up in my games before and been handy, so its worth you knowing about it.

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>Things no one has actually said on /edhg/

I think every pepe costs these frogposters a few more brain cells.

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>tfw have a gitrog that isn't memes

>> No.56461491

It's a pretty good feel.

Mine's value/turbofog. Pisses people off with Constant Mists and stax elements.

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Never thought about stax with gitrog I just play mine like golgari landfall. How does it work

>> No.56461709

Pretty well, for a casual circle. Stax is decently commander independent, though it works WELL with Gitrog (Since I can sac my lands and draw fresh, including potentially dredging back and replaying Dakmor) on the field I can do a lot of damage to the board even while the frog is dead. The big weakness is that I NEED either a crucible effect or Loam. It got a lot more comfortable with Ramunap, who can be found by a few extra tutors compared to Crucible and Loam (which basically needed unrestricted tutoring in black/green) and is a little easier to recur than crucible.

For being horrible jank normally, Tainted Aether is a fucking all-star. A lot of decks lose their mind when I've got forced-sac running and they can't gain +permanents from dropping creatures. But I'm drawing cards and if I really need to throw dudes down without losing my land I can feed Tainted to the Smokestack.

I'm not gonna lie and say it'll hold up to competitive pressure but it's a nice low-power execution of Stax principles.

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Anyone have advice for improving the Breya precon on a budget? I play in a really slow durdly meta where all the decks are U/G and I don't want to scoop to wave of vitriol

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Trophy mage, any of 4 WUBR gearhulks, ashnod's altar, nim deathmantle. If wave is hosing you invest in more counterspells

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>play Radiant
>monowhite angel shit
>plenty of annoying shit though
>opponent is playing RazzleDazzle apostles
>has tons of mana because monoblack
>casts Necropotence
>other guy moans at blue player because he tapped out to counter his spell the previous turn
>cast scouts warning in response
>cast Angel of Jubilation
>gets huffy
>drops a Plague Lord and tries to kill angel
>tell him he can't because angel
>SALTY turn pass
>blue player wind falls
>Razzledazzle discards a few apostles, Phyrexian altar, and bidding
>blue player tells him they're exiled because necropotence
>salty scoops and leaves in a huff
Am I wrong for loving every second of his assmaddery?

>> No.56461888

Adding combo outs and counterspells instead of the more value cards will really help. Ashnods altar and nim deathmantle make infinite death triggers, artifact etbs, thopters if you want. Cards like Lord of the vault or reckless fireweaver make that lethal immediately

>> No.56461894

Reckless fireweaver and panharmonichon. Its less boring pinging people to death not using breya.

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>Angel of Jubilation
My nigga
The only reason this cunt isn't in my Boros deck is Hall of the Bandit Lord

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play this combo.

here's my budget breya deck that does fairly well in my own durdly meta. a lot of the cards are either in the precon or fairly easy to grab. only a few cards really stand out as pricey (lotus bloom, master transmuter, scarecrone, krarks clan ironworks)

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My playgroup doesn't like combos or counterspells which is why everybody plays blue green...

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Should have told him to rtfc, other than that 9/10 for a self saltening scoop.

>> No.56461934

>don't like counters or combos
>play UG
sounds like a shit playgroup. play combos to make them mad and change things up. you must be the catalyst for change. also, who could get mad at you for pulling off the combo i posted?

>> No.56461948

that's not a mechanic or keyword. why are people struggling with this question.

who was the commander?

yes those count

your playgroup sounds worthless

>SIX card combo
with a 4 color commander you can do a lot better than this.

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Yeah, it is based on the combat mechanic and it wins by reducing my opponents likepoints to 0

>> No.56461980

mm. missed the sarcasm.

>> No.56461996

>doesn't like the 6 card convoluted combo
each card in the combo is fine on it's own, and scrap mastery pulls them all out of the grave anyway. not to mention it is a really fun combo: it allows for milling everyone out, infinite mana, casting of every spell in your grave an infinite amount of times, and infinite myrs if you do it right.

>> No.56462013

>that's not a mechanic or keyword
Ok Bolster/Outlast. Happy now dumbass?

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You fucking suck at sarcasm.

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So is Spike Tourney Grinder going to be edh legal, and if so how will having them as a commander affect fetching cards that aren't black? Will I finally be able to play Erayo in edh?

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>> No.56462343

Definitely fucking not

>> No.56462376

everything is legal as long as your playgroup says so

>> No.56462400

>silver border
>edh legal
nope. your playgroup may allow it, but there's a reason why you can't have frankie peanuts as a commander either - it's just too much of a headache to run cards that were made to be jokes. that being said, i wish i could run fruitcake elemental in a deck.

>> No.56462489

>doesnt want to unleash the reeses storm with thopter pie network

>> No.56462582

Why is this so funny to me?

>> No.56462642

Funnest/most christmasland targets for rite of replication?

>> No.56462650

Shadow deck anon here.

I am thinking of ordering a custom playmat, since I like making the deck and accessories aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Pic related is one image I am considering using. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Grayscale/shadowy stuff is preferred, but I'll consider anything.

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>> No.56462726

because it's hilarious

dual caster mage goes infinite. mindclaw shaman is one of my favorite cards tho.

>> No.56462739

I used this as a win condition for my hypothetical tazri allies deck.

>> No.56462768

targeting a reaper king you control is equal to 25 vindicates, targeting a reaper king someone else controls is 20 vindicates.

>> No.56462770

Gary is my favorite target. I <3 him so much. I love zombies and he's near the top for my favorites.

>> No.56462826

>fun ever
Shit's exodia tier.

>> No.56462879

But my Heart of the Underdog Exodia deck was fun.

>> No.56462895


ink-treader nephlim, all other answers are wrong.
>>56462686 is close to being right

>> No.56462900

U/G is the combo counterspell king though...

>> No.56462903

angel of invention with commander out

>> No.56462914

>what? You don't like sitting there and watching me draw/play solitaire until I instantly win?

>> No.56462926

Let's see 'em

>> No.56462932

learn to take my giant robo dildo, fag

>> No.56462941

That's more of a Laser dildo.

>> No.56462953

I'm so glad this card is real
>old boarded
>powerfully weak
>p h a s i n g
>named after a mythical creature in my New Zealand ancestry

This is going straight into my Skeleton Ship deck. Old boardered, pirate, ship, skeleton and sea themed.
It's the worst deck ever made that I use against new players

>> No.56462963

Can you post Ayli?

>> No.56462973

how many 6/7/+ mana cards should i have if i only have 5 ramp 4 rocks and 36 land?

>> No.56462974

Worldslayer + Taniwha

>> No.56462989


>> No.56463002

How many does that make? I can't into math right now

>> No.56463026

you'd have 6 non-tokens and 12 tokens total

>> No.56463049

and then you snapcaster rite out of your grave again and get an infinite amount of golems.

>> No.56463073

>Scout's Warning a Phyrexian Obliterator into play after attacks are declared

>> No.56463091

Make as many golems as you like friend.

>> No.56463356

Who /monoblack/ here?

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>> No.56463382

I have yet to touch any of my other decks for weeks now. I fucking love Erebos.

>> No.56463425

I want to but I have other shit to build. Big Black is probably something I'll make over the long term.

>> No.56463480

Cabal Coffers/Urborg are just getting more expensive with each passing month

>> No.56463515

Would you allow a deck with silver bordered cards in your table as long as it's not some dumb shit like Mindslaving your opponents to do the HokeyPokey?

>> No.56463558

>slow durdly meta
sounds like they are in need of some "the game ends at turn 5".

>> No.56463561

Work in progress, desu. I'm probably going to get that new Parallel Lives from Amonkhet and gain mad value off of Boon Reflection. Elspeth, Extort, Daru butts, Panharmonicon, and more.

>> No.56463578

Jesus Christ, all those ETB activations.

>> No.56463595

That image reminds me of someone.

>> No.56463604

Mine's changed slightly, cut down the WIP decks to the one I'm ACTUALLY building instead of half-brewing on tappedout and then forgetting about. Also updated to reflect that I'm running the FRF printing of Atarka (prerelease foil and everything!) because my friend gave me his.

>> No.56463655

Syura a best

>> No.56463662

looking for a GW land shenanigans deck inspiration **because fuck GB**

>> No.56463681

Fuck off, this counts as spam at this point.

>> No.56463721

Don't remind me.

>tfw this is probably going to end up just like wheel of fortune where I don't buy it, it spikes, and now I'll never buy it

>> No.56463722

They gives people something to do, they let people find decks they might be interested in, and they're a jumping-off point for discussion. What's the harm?

>> No.56463739

So is this infinite board counter?

>> No.56463758

You can say the same abouy discount viagra pill ads too, the problem is the frequency.

>> No.56463769

Yeah if they aren't also infinite lifegain.

>> No.56463794

Ruin Ghost
Landfall Quests, Ascensions, & Ordeals Lifegain Enchantress

>> No.56463864

Where is the synergy with ascensions?

>> No.56463888

There isn't, just another enchantment cycle I thought of and they aren't bad cards.

>> No.56463895

The "Retreat to X" from BFZ would be more in line, also the big landfall critters from that set . White's was Emeria Shepherd, idk the Green equivalent

>> No.56463911


>> No.56463950

Run the Hippie Sack

>> No.56464127

Star breaker best girl
Nath second best girl

>> No.56464128


>> No.56464631

>Here’s official Blogatog errata:
>You may use The Grand Calcutron as a commander in silver-bordered Commander.

So what happens if somebody plays R&D's Secret Lair? Does Calcutron just stop being their commander or do you boot them from the game for having an (even more) illegal deck?

>> No.56465000

reyhan. reyahn gets 90 +1/+1 counters with a kicked rite on her.

>> No.56465515

I want to build him too.
I'm using this list as a starting point to see what I like.

>> No.56465606

...where did you get 90 from?

>> No.56465632

5 reyhan dying x 6 reyhan effects triggering x 3 counters each = 90, or at least I think so. math is hard.

>> No.56465643

not that guy, but here's my math of how it will go. i could be wrong. 5 reyhan's dying, each sees each other and themselves die. 5 deaths each causes 6 reyhan triggers each putting down 3 counters. 5*3*6=90. so the reyhan left on the field will be a 93/93.

>> No.56465787

Wydwyn. She has flash, so it helps with the draw go nature of the cycling deck.

>> No.56465835

Scourge of Valkas

>> No.56465870

Building a deck around this guy

Any suggestions welcome. Not going super overboard with the budget only spending $50. Saw all the important stuff on EDHrec and did some other research.

I need cards that constantly do damage to my opponent while I just sit back. Any suggestions?

>> No.56465915

citadel of pain, zo-zu the punisher, sulfuric vortex, mana barbs, vicious shadows, psychosis crawler

>> No.56465939

I'm partial to Yosei.

>> No.56465951


Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into those.

Is sitting back and being defensive the way to go with this commander? I just wanted an excuse to throw something mono red and cheap together.

>> No.56466059

Oh shit, I need sleep
I forgot that they would see each other die

>> No.56466106

not an expert, but I think you can go the opposite way and go full aggro. kazuul's ability already gives you some kind of defense

>> No.56466149


Maybe that is worth trying, I already have an aggro deck in the form of Xenagos. This deck now is just a fun little budget jank deck.

>> No.56466269

Nah man, force the table to constantly be attacking every turn to force them to give you ogres then punish them for it

>> No.56466669

Burning earth
Sulfuric vortex

>> No.56467352

I always liked when one card of a themed bunch became amazing, while the rest is garbage. Like psychatog or cockmongler.
What would be some more recent examples?

>> No.56467565

>Have you ever built an EDH deck based around a mechanic/keyword?
tried making an outlast deck at one point
then I realized you cant do it at instant speed

>> No.56467891

Primeval Titan

>> No.56467992

>My playgroup doesn't like combos or counterspells
what about non-basic lands
do they let you play non-creature spells?
or creatures that arent crawwurm?

>> No.56468024

Dark Petition. Anger. Bant Charm.

>> No.56468240

>> No.56468288

>> No.56468361

I don't care if it would be a ruling nightmare, I want this card with black borders.

>> No.56468464

More importantly, Jaya Ballard appears to be returning for Dominaria.

>> No.56468467

>Play with new people
>Everyone else sitting on more creatures than me or propaganda effects
>A lot of attacking being done my way
>Get low on life while others are still on starting life
>Decide to play one of my wincons as a boardwipe just to stay in the game
>Blow up all creatures, artifacts and lands

>> No.56468560

How does this make you feel?

>> No.56468584

Wow, you ruined a game. I want to be just like you one day.

>> No.56468592

>> No.56468595

get your kike hands out of my shitty format
EDH is good because, as bad as the RC is, they at least aren't WOTC

>> No.56468598

Why should I give a fuck what somebody with no power over the official EDH rules thinks? I don't even care that much for the guy who DOES have power over the official rules.
Also "how does this make you feel?" Should be filtered to "please pay attention to me I'm so lonely"

>> No.56468613

I thought this was an Unhinged spoiler for a minute

>> No.56468643

Why is it blue/red?

>> No.56468686

maybe the whole cycle is two color

>> No.56468703

>> No.56468712

No you don't, but if it makes you feel any better it ended up being a really even game.

>> No.56468772

U/R Artifact commander WHEN??

>> No.56468806


>> No.56468815

>still no UR artificer

OH BOY YES YESSSSSS who else do you think could appear again? Teferi?

>> No.56468984

>Jaya Ballard appears to be returning for Dominaria.
HECK YEAH! This image is more exciting than the entirety of Unstable.

>> No.56469004

old but relevant image

>> No.56469005

>who else do you think could appear again?
I'm hoping for Jodah. Jhoira and Teferi would also be great to catch up with but they've had really good card executions already... though a Jhoira 2.0 could be our UR artificer commander.

>> No.56469032

I find this Jaya somewhat harder to fap to.

>> No.56469056

She's been aging for the last 60 years since the Mending. Fappable or no I'm happy she's still kicking ass when she's probably biologically 80 or so.

>> No.56469082

>tfw unstable lands look like shit
>tfw people will still try to "pimp out" their edh decks with these wastes of cardboard
end my suffering

>> No.56469198

Forest and Island look okay. You're right about the rest though.

>> No.56469229

>Why should I give a fuck what somebody with no power over the official EDH rules thinks?
>the company that prints the card in commander, that printed planewalkers that could be used as commanders, has no power over what is played in commander

>> No.56469245

I like the Swamps, though.

>> No.56469285

At least there is breya

>> No.56469312

fuck that mainstream bitch

>> No.56469329

>>magic mainstream
>>>edh mainstream

>> No.56469404

I dabble

>> No.56469458

Was playing against a Gisela deck which had gotten me down to 15 before I stabilized and was taking back control of the game. I had 5 4/4 flying Angel tokens and felt safe, I was making more every turn and was making the comeback, then he top decked "tap all flying creatures" and took me out that turn. What a fucking lucky cunt I'm grumpy about it.

>> No.56469512

>Tainted Aether
aw shoot dawg I gotta pick one of those up for my own Froggy deck. Smokestack is a blast, and I want to go further in that direction.
Are you running Bottomless Pit?

>> No.56469582

Should just run Ruric Thar

>> No.56469637

>one of the most broken land revisited
>also one of the hardest to flip
>not available to Daretti and Sharuum shitters
I can live with this

>> No.56469732

>Implying Mountain isn't objectively the best.

>> No.56469765

No bottomless pit in mine (Random is a bitch), but if you're looking for another corner-case piece check out Desolation, it really fucks with people who go all-in on responses. True, they may well just respond to the Desolation, but it's fun in any case.

>> No.56469847

I'm still wondering what happens if you play R&D's Secret Lair.

>> No.56469959

>implying breya isn't worse than both

>> No.56470148

>Why should I give a fuck what somebody with no power over the official EDH rules thinks?

He has power over the official Silver Bordered rulings. It's an errata, not a rule change, which means it's applied at the card level. Basically, The Grand Calcutron will have "The Grand Calcutron can be your commander." as part of its rules text now.

>> No.56470163

I'd rather one cancer commander has access to it than ten cancer commanders having access to it

>> No.56470201


First commander I thought of when I saw it, definitely rebuilding her to try the "fixed" Tolarian Academy out.

>> No.56470391

How was your Iconic?

>> No.56470500

I'm jelly, will be pulling some later

>> No.56470533


>> No.56470774

How cancer is this?

>> No.56470804

>everyone ignoring me because all I have is a Purphuros on the field and can't draw any creatures to save my life
>Playing a land each turn and a few rocks and suddenly Mirari's wake
>Next turn drop Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, and Impact Tremors
>Turn after that drop Elpseth, Sun's Champion and +1
>All of them take 36 damage and die

I hate Marath and am taking it apart but shit like this is what drew me to Marath to begin with

>> No.56470821

Don't have to rely on dead draws if you can run good tutors.

>> No.56470822

whats your wincon?

Tooth and Nail to get Craterhoof, and then repeatedly bounce with deadeye?

>> No.56470825

>I hate Marath
yeah even for a magic christmas land scenario that seems really shitty id take it apart too

>> No.56470848

Not gonna buy a box when all I want is Mana Drain. I'd rather pay $75 for a single than take a chance and not get it.

I watched Rudy's opening of like five boxes and only two were any good so it makes me worry about that set

>> No.56470856

That's a common one, otherwise infinite mana BSZ among others. Sheer value usually wins first though.

>> No.56470870

this set is going to suck and its not like theres not better products coming out like 3 weeks from now
better wait

>> No.56470874

I've got plenty of tutors in the deck I just wasn't drawing any that game.

I was hellbent on making a Naya commander since I have the Naya ABUR duals but I'm just gonna split them up into individual two color commanders except Boros because Boros sucks.

>> No.56470880


I dont think this looks too "cancerous" Not particularly original, but hey its UG.

>> No.56471006

What's the best commander that is 2 or less colors, under 3 cmc, and under $5?

>> No.56471055

Objectively? Thrasios and Tymna since they're Tier 1.

>> No.56471064

Competitively speaking? Edric, Spymaster of Trest, no contest. The deck is dirt cheap but strong even in its weakest form.

>> No.56471080

Mono green Selvala if you wanted mono color

>> No.56471093

Selvala is like $8 anon

>> No.56471120

Are there any funky tricky counters that you can put on Skullbriar, the Walking Grave? Like stuff that isn't +1/+1 counters.

>> No.56471146


>> No.56471379

I'm gonna think about getting a mana drain and then not get it cause fuck spending 80$ on cardboard, i'm gonna get a Unstable box with that money instead

>> No.56471439


Ah yes, because unstable will surely retain its value

>> No.56471500

>Just got a foil Teysa for $23 USD
>Only just now found out her boob window is foil

Not my picture, just one of the best ones for showing her shiny titties.

>> No.56471549

Oh my God

>> No.56471606

So I posted this list a few threads back and got some good advice on what to cut and what to add. I've updated it since then and I'm wondering if there's anything else I should consider running/cutting before I pull the trigger on buying it.

>> No.56471675

WotC just can't stop jerking off artifacts, can they?

>> No.56471819

Progenitor mimic, which was copying an opponent's progenitor mimic, which was copying your avenger of zendikar.

Actually happened to me in game, was playing Newzuri with about 10 lands in play.

>> No.56471823

I have Erobos. It's one of my fav decks to play. So many different lines of play and every game is different.I love it.

>> No.56471839

Yes, that is correct. EDH is a homerule format first and foremost.

>> No.56471882

>deck boxes with no dice storage

I don't think I could ever go back to this. Satin towers have ruined me.

>> No.56471919

meh, I am not gonna buy 6 fancy deck boxes. I just have one dice bag and that's good enough.

>> No.56471932

Is there a way to make a chaos deck that doesn't annoy other players too much and uses the chaos aspect as tool stall time until you go off? I thought maybe splashing green for ramping, then destroying all the chaos permanents when I have enough mana. Maybe white to stop the chaos when I have enough of a board presence?

>> No.56471962

>Satin Towers

Nah that ain't fancy. Shit like custom wood boxes is fancy.

Which I plan to slowly have made over the next few years thank god I have four decks

>> No.56472143


Commander-ness is a deckbuilding restriction. Calcutron will still be viable.

>> No.56472157


Maro comes up with much better mechanics and rules than the dogshit edh rules committee.

>> No.56472184


So guys, how would you build Calcutron edh?

One cool thing I heard was that technically cards in your program are not considered in your hand. Which means stuff like brainstrom just becomes draw three.

>> No.56472199

>what are full art lands
>what art full art foil tokens
>what is an actual fun set to keep for drafting and playing sealed

>> No.56472208

>Buy a Mox Diamond off of MTGDeals with money I made off of old video games I don't play anymore or have in collections released for new systems like Mega Man 1-7
>Check seller feedback
>Ton of negative comments about how the card wasn't the description it was described as
>Get it in today
>Perfectly NM

I wonder what happened with those people's orders cause I was legit worried I was gonna get something beat to fuck and back. Now I'm less worried about buying Gaea's Cradle from them since I still have a lot of /vr/ money left over.

>> No.56472227

Played my first EDH game recently, I had built a low tier Locust God deck based around drawing cards like a fucking madman after LG hits the board. Even though I was completely bodied I still had a good time
>5 Players including me
>One player has boompile out
>I have 5 lands about to drop my sixth when another player swings at Boompile guy with Ojutai, tapping the boompile and it doesn't untap during it's controllers next untap step
>Boom player doesn't just tap in response because he wants to save for later
>Ojutai guy explains that as long as he can keep swinging, he'll keep the Boompile tapped and unusable
>Gets to my turn
Untap, drae for turn, pay 2, Mirage Mirror becomes a copy of Boompile, tap Boompile calling tails
>Everyone has a laff as Ojutai, God Pharaoh, A commander, and my 3 2/2 creatures all get BTFO

>> No.56472236

>except Boros because Boros sucks

>> No.56472258

Search your feelings anon you know it to be true

I wish we could post webms

>> No.56472303

Boros is the most sayisfying win. All your cute tutors, counters, ramp, and draw spells losing to the one village idiot whose stuck playing Fair Magic

>> No.56472348

>I wish we could post webms
you can

>> No.56472378

Eternal Witness, getting you 4 cards and Rite of Replication from your graveyard.

Master Biomancer is another one of my favorites

>> No.56472399

Holy shit this is the fucking worst

>> No.56472400

Obviously you want lots of draw and a low curve so you can reliably play out your program. You don't want a lot of responses since a straight counterspell could really gum you up, so pick versatile counters like Cryptic and Mystic Confluence. You can't use anything hand based but that means you never have to discard. Of course you can't discard but that's neither here nor there. You want ruthless efficency rather than "Gotcha" effects since your hand is going to be revealed, removing any element of surprise.

I have a feeling the damn thing is gonna look a lot like GAAIV when you're done.

>> No.56472411

What's the point of a video like this if it doesn't lead to something sexual?

There's not even a shot from behind. It's just some autistic jap pretending to be a cat.

>> No.56472438

its cute you buffoon
dear god you degenerates are insufferable.

>> No.56472450

Holy crap that girl is stoned out of her mind.

>> No.56472522

The feeling given off clearly isn't supposed to be cute. Look at her fucking tits, it's a sexual thing.

>> No.56472556

its just a little skin get over it

>> No.56472591

I'm not saying that she should cover up.
I'm saying that the video is clearly meant to illicit a response from your dick rather than "daw qt'

>> No.56472607

>using rocks, plural, in green
>bitching about not drawing creatures when playing mana dump: the commander
>your opponents let not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE different enchantments that all scream "remove this or I will win" stick to the board for multiple turns
The problem is not Marath, the problem is that you and your opponents are clinically retarded.

>> No.56472650

You're trying to take a bath without getting wet, mate.

>> No.56472662

>the video is clearly meant to illicit a response from your dick rather than "daw qt'
ur just a perv

>> No.56472679

>First point

You're retarded

>Second point
>spawning 1/1s to activate Purphuros
>drawing attention to yourself when that's all you have on the field

>third point
>What is threat assessment?

You're retarded

>> No.56472699

I shed a tear for your awful meta

>> No.56472719

>using chromatic lantern and signets in a three color deck is bad

It's amazing how good you think you are at the game when you're clearly not.

>> No.56472722

>awful meta
>not using multiple rocks even in mono green
its not his meta thats terrible...

>> No.56472730

say that 2 my face fggt

>> No.56472793


I guess. I am just getting into commander and I want to build decks that I couldn't in regular constructed. Like Sydri artifact beat-down (1/1 lifelink, deathtouch Sol Rings n shit).

So far what I have seen as uniquely EDH deck types are
>Group Fight/Fightclub

Stax seems to mean for my playgroup, Pillowfort/Voltron can be just durdly versions of control and boggles. So I am left with chaos and fightclub, which both seem to be red decks.

>> No.56472807


>> No.56472820

Any tech for yidris? Other than assault strobe and temur battle rage
Fire shrieker is shit

>> No.56472838

nu uh

>> No.56472893

I can understand Sol Ring, Mana Crypt etc. because they're fast mana, but there's no point in running signets and 3 mana rocks when you have stuff like Nature's Lore, Three Visits, Harrow, Wood Elves and inherent card advantage in Skyshroud Claim, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach etc. You're practically begging for a board wipe to fuck your shit up.

>> No.56472916

>Wood Elves
id never play wood elves over a signet in a deck except for roon

>> No.56472949

Kind of? No intentional synergy, but I've built decks using almost solely flying creatures because I had a hunch no one at my table would bring a flyer. And was right. And continue to be right.

Only in un-mander. Which I'm probably going to build a deck for, my group will play once, no one else will be up for it again, and it'll collect dust indefinitely.

Everybody's seen it, but okay

>> No.56473018

Sure beats Chromatic Lantern unless your manabase is shit

>> No.56473019

>there's no reason to run signets or chromatic lantern

Anon one of my top decks is Sidisi and there have been games where the entire early game my only access to green was a Golgari or Simic Signet and I didn't draw my cultivate or kodama's reach.

Commander is a singleton format and you're a simpleton player

>> No.56473033

>Marath player has ABUR duals
>No doubt has access to shocks, pain lands, etc if has access to ABUR duals

like >>56473019 said it's a singleton format. Sometimes you get fucked. You're not as great as you think you are champ.

>> No.56473049

>Have awesomely busty GF
>Recognize immediately based on how girl in video bounces/is held that her top is not a very good bra and won't give her the support to be comfortable for an extended period.
>Probably chafes too
>Really hope she didn't have to do too many takes for that little slice of cute/ecchi

Sometimes ignorance even of the best knowledge is bliss.

On that note, what commander would you unprint if possible?

>> No.56473068

>what commander would you unprint if possible?
sorry but theres just no way to not build it busted.

>> No.56473070

What would it take to make mill & burn both somewhat competitive in FFA EDH?

>> No.56473075

The entire C13 cycle

>> No.56473087

B-but muh bird tribal

>> No.56473102


So they can redo him to be closer to the others (except kalmne) power level.

>> No.56473133

I want new Emrakul to not exist just so a tard I know would build a new deck. He never wants to join in Multiplayer because he can't win and everyone targets him and all he wants to do is 1v1 which is fine if no one else is around but everyone knows his strategy at this point and every game is the same. Every game he mulligans until he has enough ramp in hand and if he doesn't have a clear shot at victory he scoops.

New Emrakul enables shit players.

>> No.56473143

Fuck off
Meren should have triggered once two or more creatures die in a given turn and ezuri should have been cast

>> No.56473202

>New Emrakul enables shit players
thats every single commander ever
that guy just sucks call him a faggot for me

>> No.56473270

pic related is the most boring foil I've ever seen, when I bought it I was hoping the meteorite would be shiny, but nope, the only part that's foil is the background behind the meteorite
not even the dead guy's legs are foiled

>> No.56473291

Should have went for Ravnica Prophetic Prism or 7th edition Dingus Egg desu

>> No.56473297

I would cut thought scour, pull from tomorrow and cathartic reunion. While looting and self mill is nice, I have found in Kess that you want to be taking full advantage of her ability and casting each spell twice whenever possible. I would also conisder cutting torment of hailfire since you are not running the cabal coffers + urborg meme. Like Torment for 3 or 4 is nice but torment for 10 gets you the win basically. Just my two thoughts.

Depending on how averse you are to taking extra turns as well, that could be an option for additions. I enjoy it and my playgroup doesn't mind too much since I play quickly but I know a lot of people who fuckin hate it. Anyway let me know what you think big boy. your deck looks pretty standard and potent as it stands.

>> No.56473321

>Three visits
>Oh nice i remember it it's basically another Farseek
>I wonder why i didn't ever include it in any of my decks, i always try to use all the green ramp i can!
>Oh, right

>> No.56473332

God damn, I am sorry you hate fun.

>> No.56473338

Also to be clear the reaction image isn't a go at you, I legit forgot it was that and not something else WHOOPS, have a better one

>> No.56473354

>balancing precons is antifun

>> No.56473357

Gonti here

>> No.56473358

>expecting people to use Portal Three Kingdoms cards over rocks. English copies of that can be as much as a Revised Savannah you tard.

>> No.56473437

Farseek, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Rampant Growth etc. does the trick if you're a poorfag, I just wanted to point out that signets costing 2 and producing 1 the same turn can be reproduced and outclassed with good land ramp. If you have the cash for ABUR duals, you have the cash for P3K cards.

>> No.56473474

Your argument only applies to mono-green.

Even top tier cEDH decks use signets for manafixing.

>> No.56473603

Farseek, Wood Elves, Skyshroud Claim and Nature's Lore are good in any deck containing green, i use them even in 5 colored decks since they allow me to tutor for untapped shocks i need at the moment

>> No.56473668

People use signets in cEDH to combat stax and land hate, plus board wipes that hit artifacts are largely irrelevant there

>> No.56473918

Karametra? It's the only deck I've played that can abuse the fuck out of landfall

>> No.56474114

I love Erebos. He was my first Commander. I durdled with him, I cast Necrogen Mists/Bottomless Pit effects with him, I Exsanguinated tables over and over again...but then he got boring.

I'm on the Chainer train now. And it's a jell of a ride.

>> No.56474539

>And it's a jell of a ride.

>> No.56474836

I hope I open consecrated sphinx for my locust god! wish me luck !

>> No.56474937

So, given all the fun shit in this Unset, I'm going to make a League of Dastardly Doom deck, but I've got to keep it not too ludicrous, to avoid my playgroup disapproving of it as a Silver-Bordered deck.

But should I have Mary swapping out creatures at instant speed, turning a seemingly small creature into "Ulamog, the Killbot"? I also want to have some fun with betrayal effects, then swapping their creatures into my hand.

Or the Count, "destroying" players?

>> No.56475145

go full super villian

>> No.56475309

Thank you! That was very helpful. I'm not super keen on extra turns (or the price tag attached to the good ones) so I threw in some more counters I already own, including a FoW that previously had no home.

>> No.56475477


Build von Count as kaervek.dec

>> No.56475485

Someone please explain to me why Thrasios and Tymna are considered tier 1

>> No.56475551

card draw

>> No.56475804

Bribery :^)

>> No.56475923

One is an outlet for infinite mana and also grinds card advantage (and has a fat butt, and doesn't care if it comes in tapped)
The other allows even more card advantage while not losing life to do so, and making use of the combat step in a format where the combat step isn't as utilized (cEDH).
Both together makes a deck that grinds CA better than devoted combo, maintains life totals to avoid getting aggro'd (rare but there), and can outgrow stax if piloted properly. Only things left to beat it are things that can race it.

>> No.56476056

how long should I wait on iconic masters reprints to "settle" in price before they spike up again?
generally speaking ofc.

>> No.56476092

What is a good general for Defender Tribal aside from Doran or Phenax? Zo Zu?

>> No.56476111

A ton.

>> No.56476119

sidar kondo? but you gotta make them into attacking creatures for it to work and do the doran/brontodon route to get damage through

>> No.56476284

Any EDH staples I should pick up while prices are low from Iconic Masters?

>> No.56476390

Dude, my boxes cost me like $2 each at most. Satin towers are like $20 or something?

>> No.56476414

there is even a wall in the art bro

>> No.56476428

to me it looks like the price trend is still going down.
but buy what you need

>> No.56476493

Is O-Kagachi even a good Spirit Tribal commander or is he just absolute garbage and his only purposes are being 5 color and flavor

>> No.56476514


>> No.56476592

And the usual things run in Thrasios/Tymna include Flash and Protean Hulk, with whichever combo they use in the deck to win from that. So not only can the deck play stax and grind card advantage, but sometimes they can just win T1/T2 if nobody has an answer in their opening hand. So, in a way, they can play both game plans.

>> No.56476686

as someone who has played the deck for a while now, yeah, he's good enough. Not optimal, but better than whatever other 5c commander you could be playing

>> No.56476742

Anyone ever try a mistform ultimatum deck? I hate blue but i found this dude in a pile of old cards and he seems like fun

>> No.56476771

absolutely garbage art though

I need to find someone who can just put the Final Judgement art on a Kagachi card

>> No.56476774

He's 5c flavortown but really, what else are you gonna run? Atogatog, Tazri, Slivers, and the Ur Dragon and his Scion are wrong tribal, angry baby could work with divinity counter/soulshift play but isn't really lots of dudes friendly. Karona could do it but she's a little huggy for what's probably a slower deck. Cromat? He's no better than O-Kagachi, really.

>> No.56476782

Ultimus not ultimatum
"How could you fail english, bobby? You SPEAK english"

>> No.56476803

I'd say do a super jank Voltron deck that buffs it with Lords of various tribes but it'd be monoblue so you'd pretty much just be making a merfolk deck with maybe some birds

>> No.56476870

>trying to make room for 16 cards

>> No.56476920

post deck

>> No.56476951

I like this art more than the final judgement one

>> No.56477642

I don't have an up to date think at the moment. But thank you. I'm down to 7 now.

>> No.56477668

destroy target player, anon.

Use a strionic resonator and destroy two players for the price of one.

>> No.56478403

So I'm looking at spending up to ~$150 on a new deck. Who do I pick?

I already have most of the mana base for Oona, so the remaining costs would be in artifact ramp and board wipes. I'm currently lacking Rakdos fixing for Marchesa. The deck may also require a few pricey creatures and reanimate spells, as well as some of the stronger red board wipes that can't legally be included in Oona. Kess I'm still looking into.

Both Marchesa and Kess would involve buying the wizard precon for parts.

>> No.56478469

Kess is really fun to play, but the deck sort of relies on its commander.

It works casually as a spellslinger deck and competitively as a storm deck.

>> No.56478644

What build do you find fun for Child of Alara? I'm thinking about some Voltron/Reanimator hybrid with indestructible creatures as backup. I'm also playing in a casual meta.

>> No.56478687

Is Gaddock a fun deck to run in the $200 range? I just want a hatebears deck just in case somebody isn't playing fair.

>> No.56478863

>> No.56478872

anyone want to play on my team in commander 2 vs 2 on mtgo? im trying to go to 100-0 consecutive wins...please respond if you're an actual dedicated player. fetch and dual lands a plus but not absolutely necessary.

>> No.56478914

got the go ahead to use this guy, besides the obvious what should I throw in?

>> No.56478941

Gaddock is reasonable at that price range. Fun is too subjective though. Would maintaining hatebears and staving off the hate they generate be your kind of fun?

>> No.56478968

Oh yeah. I want to exert my will on the game, and work hard to keep that hold. Even if I don't win, I just want to make others play around me. I enjoy finding creative solutions, and I know my playgroup does as well. I just want to have my fun, and let others work to have theirs.
Is Gaddock still a good choice?

>> No.56479059

Pretty good but reasonably hard. I tried it for a couple of games. I didn't win a game but it really does feel good making Craw Wurms out of Avenger of Zendikars.

>> No.56479075

Hmm, Strionic can actually also duplicate the shifting trigger.

Very nice.
It's decided, time to start the Countdown.

>> No.56479142

So, has anyone asked MaRo yet what proliferating or otherwise placing an extra Doom counter does?

>> No.56479206

So I've never played EDH before outside of borrowing a deck from someone a couple of times. I ordered the cards for a Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck, because I love dragons and tutors. Anyone who can give me any advice on how to play that deck properly? I imagine that in a multiplayer game, a deck like that which can kill a player instantly in an attack without much trouble is gonna cause people to focus me, or at least my general, a lot. Besides cards like Asceticism and Lightning Greaves, how do you play a deck like this politically? I don't think I can fool people into thinking I'm not a threat after the first time I use Moltensteel into Skithiryx stack shenanigans or whatever.

>> No.56479347

open by telling them its not a hermit druid deck, just dragon tribal

>> No.56479443

>doom counters are an actual thing

looks neat for meme stax

>> No.56479510

I see fetch and duels are no longer a necessary thing huh?

Anon it's a useless goal, why dont you try go outside and exercise 100 times instead?

>> No.56479523

Don't attack until you're sure you can kill all other players on the table in the same turn

>> No.56479541

I enjoy playing Scion of the Ur-Dragon, but my version is one that doesn't care much for politics. I ramp into scion and start screwing with whoever else has the best boardstate as soon as possible.

You can run punisher dragons(Keiga the Tide Star and Destructor Dragon are my personal favorites) to screw with people removing your general. There's also Silumgar the Drifting Death to give him hexproof temporarily.

Scroll rack is a good card.

You need ways to recycle your dragons. One way is to run Wheel of Sun and Moon so you can keep turning Scion into the same dragons over and over.

Or, you can do what I do, which is run a bunch of reanimator spells, chief among them being Living Death, which wipes the board and brings all your big stompy dragons back to the field. If I have it in hand, I start searching in other peoples' end steps so that I have Dragonlord Dromoka, Bladewing the Risen, Dragonlord Kolaghan, and Dragonlord Atarka in the bin at the very least when it goes off. That way, I get Scion back to the board and all my dragons have haste and double strike, and nobody can cast anything on my turn.

There are other dragon-based combos to consider; Ophidian Eye + Niv-Mizzet the Firemind allows you to deal 40 damage to two players; usually enough to kill two players and set up Living Death for the next turn.

>> No.56479611

What would you be using to make Ulamog or your opponents creatures into Killbots?

...That said, if you do have a way to make your opponents creatures count as Killbots, you don't even need the betrayal effect, since it doesn't specify which side of the battlefield.

>> No.56479653

Thanks for the advice.


People actually run Hermit Druid decks? Yeah, I can see why that might draw some ire. I kinda thought those were more of a thought experiment.


That's definitely one way to go about it, though it seems like you'd rely on surviving for a long time that way, no?


The version I ended up building is, I guess, sort of cutthroat - due to normally playing Modern and Legacy, I already owned most of the big ticket items, so I just got stuff like the dragons, some reanimator spells like the Living Death you mentioned and Patriarch's Bidding, and various Commander-specific stuff. I also got some things like Collective Restraint to make people less willing to attack me, though I don't know how effective that's gonna be. To be honest, I absolutely suck at the social dynamics of multiplayer, so not doing too much of that is sort of appealing.

Question: Is Tabernacle any good in EDH, or do people just run it to show off their super-expensive decks? I already own it due to playing Lands in Legacy, but from what I've seen looking over some EDH games, people seem to tend to have far more lands than they do creatures, unless they're specifically running some token strategy. I figure that if it's a really good card that's just not being run due to price, then maybe I should put it in - but if it's just something people run to show off, there isn't any reason to really bother.

>> No.56479655


>> No.56479959

Tabernacle is playable, especially in stax decks that tax out their opponents' mana so that they can't pay the cost for Tabernacle.

Some commanders are good for politics. Scion is not. There are very few ways to avoid stepping on toes, and they don't advance your victory very well.

>> No.56480037


Fair enough. So what would a Scion deck use to get around the politics aspect and avoid being ganged up on?

>> No.56480109


in the early turns, play just some ramp and removal spells, so your board isnt too scary, and you're controlling the board which helps everybody at the table feel more secure

then start doing the dragons, and never blow your whole hand. always play each turn with the thought in mind "what would i do next turn if they kill my commander or board wipe"

>> No.56480177


Alright, perfect, I'll give it a try. Thanks!

>> No.56480200

why does everyone with a $4000 deck on xmage act like they live in a cave?

>> No.56480244

Because they do.

>> No.56480251

Discard their hand(nicol bolas, crosis the purger), destroy their lands(numot the devastator), wipe their board(balefire dragon), make it impossible for them to interact with you on your turn(dragonlord dromoka). Take away their precious mana rocks(hellkite tyrant) and use them to hardcast big meaty dragons.

Fill your board up super quickly by reanimating all the dragons you tutor up(teneb the harvester + bladewing the risen, animate dead / reanimate / necromancy) and just get obscene value(The Ur-dragon, Intet the Dreamer, utvara hellkite). Play cards that restrict opponents in how they attack you(crawlspace, ghostly prison / propaganda), in case the game goes long.

Also, you can protect your commander pretty easily. Clout of the Dominus, Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Aspect of the Dominus. Or, just run counterspells like, well, OG Counterspell, Negate, and Disallow.

Ramp spells help you fix your colors. Combined with a good mana base(focus primarily on g/x dual lands and fetches), you should be fine to cast whatever you want. Skyshroud Claim, Ranger's Path, Hunting Wilds, Farseek, and Nature's Lore are all good.

>> No.56480263

>aspect of the dominus
should be aspect of the mongoose, whoops.

>> No.56480404


So it's basically a "protect the king" sort of deck that can also just kill them with an army of huge things?

>> No.56480559

does balance even make it into any real viable vintage lists?

would you play it in EDH if it was unbanned?

>> No.56480567

don't forget that you can also protect him by fetching silumgar to fizzle a kill spell aimed at him

>> No.56480600

>cast this
>hold priority, cast Teferi's Protection
I would play the FUCK out of that card.

>> No.56480758


balance is the 3rd most played white card in vintage, after monastery mentor and swords to plowshares. it is played in 6.9% of vintage decks on mtgtop8 tournament results

card is incredibly broken, it is insanely easy to destroy the whole table in one huge blowout. in edh you can play a super low land count artifact deck that wins tons of games with land destruction + artifact mana, that deck can use cards like devastation, armageddon, and sunder to good effect. now think of how much better balance is compared to any of those cards. balance lets you wipe both permanents and hands from the whole table, leaving people with neither mana nor spells

if you can cast it with 3+ artifact mana in play and any form of incremental value in play or in hand, its very difficult to lose from that position, but even if your opponents rebuild there's no reason you cant return balance to your hand and cast it again, you have to think about that kind of thing when youre going to unban a card, its not just going to be played once per game

>> No.56480808

>monastery mentor
>playable in anything
What even is vintage lmao

>> No.56480816


also balance is way, wayyyyy more suited to edh than to vintage

in edh you have multiple opponents, which instantly doubles or triples the value you get from it, and there are also more people playing creatures and more people ramping their land count

just imagine trying to beat balance from the perspective of a green creature overrun deck, absolutely impossible, with a 2 mana spell you cant counter they can get all your creatures, most of your lands, and also most of your hand, which means normal green ways of beating board wipes wont work, you wont have the mana to recur a lot from your yard, and you wont be able to keep a constant full hand of creatures to rebuild with because they made you discard them

there are few decks like that in vintage, that get hard countered by balance, generally because cards like balance exist in vintage

>> No.56480836


when your deck has ten 0 or 1 cmc artifacts and twenty 0 or 1 cmc spells, the card really shines

also you can play it turn 1-2 very consistently

>> No.56480945

How was everyone's IMA drafts?

Mine went okay. Lotus Cobra, Grove, and a Magus of the Moon were my pick ones. Got blown out by some stupidly fast mill combos round one though. Phantasm into Glimpse into Wight is really, really disgusting to play against.

>> No.56480949

Does shit like Phyrexian Obliterator see play in any other format? Why is that fucker like 40 dollars?

>> No.56481033

It's played a BIT in modern black devotion, but it's most likely expensive because it's from New Phyrexia and every mythic and half the rares in that set are sky high.

>> No.56481302

top notch rattlesnake for mono black decks

>> No.56481423

New thread

>> No.56481680

You okay Anon?

>> No.56481747

makes a counter in the same spot and functions like you would expect

>> No.56482028

Foil peel alterer here. It's doable but keep in mind that the new arts on cards post 2015 are a little bigger than the ones from the previous blog, so you'll probably have some white border inside the actual card, which may look incredibly good or incredibly bad. It' pretty easy, you just need a foil final judgement, a cutter and a ruler and you're set.

>> No.56482067

I was thinking painting or something but yeah I guess kagachi doesn't actually come non-foil does he

sort of sad the foil judgement is more expensive than his own card

>> No.56482341

I don't think there is a non goil version of him. Just put the judgment foil card in a bowl with a teaspoon of dish soap and cold water, leave it there for 3 hours or so, then carefully peel the foil layer from the wet cardboard, dry it with a paper towel, cut the judgement image out ang glue it into kagachi.

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