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New Easy Build Crap Edition

>Beastman model thing coming soon

>latest Peach/Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cdk2Fs2CP0 [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs and Errata, GW up to 1.3, FW up to 1.2:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Tyranid Codex (Expires 18/Nov)

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those new units look pretty gay

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4 u

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>He doesn't like cheapo meganoughts and zippy haulers

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This thread belongs to NURGLE

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More like Nerdgle

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How can you not like this?

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Hello friends. Never played Warhammer before, but the first three books of the Horus Heresy arrived today.

What am I in for?

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Space marine warlord traits

Which 3 are best

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Why are the Night Lords so much better than other traitors? Is it because they don't worship chaos?

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How should I build my Death Guard? Not all of the elements are exclusive, but I can't have them all.

Terminators? Poxwalkers? Plague Marines? Plagueburst Crawlers? Bloat Drones? Characters? Psykers?

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>Black Library
"Pukes externally"
Just read through some of the older rulebooks fluff if you want to really get into 40k and grimdark and shit

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Would like to recruit /40kg/ into helping me brainstorm - what conversions or paint techniques would you use to bring out more of the horror aspects of Necrons? I can't play my Tomb Kings anymore, and I like the Necrons but I'd want to try and tie into some of those horror tropes that show up in TK armies. How would you make Necrons feel more like Space Undead and less like Terminator Knock-offs?

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posture helps. Make them more hunched over. Robots are always so stiff looking

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>It does not end well for the T'au
Still has to be one of the stupidest and funny lines i have ever read.

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Should I put spinemaws on my 3 Ripper swarms or just put Toxin Sacs on my 6 Tyrant Guard to finish up my list?

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Damn new threads.

>Daemonic Instability
>If your army is Battle-Forged, all LESSER DAEMON units in Chaos Daemons Detachments gain this ability. For every model slain by a unit with this ability, they may subtract one from their leadership tests until the beginning of their next turn. For every point that they pass a morale test by, you may return one slain model to the unit, up to their starting unit size. For Nurgling units, you may restore one wound to a wounded model for every point the morale test is passed by, only returning slain models once all living models are at full wounds.

>Daemonic Assault
>If your army is Battle-Forged, all units in Chaos Daemons Detachments gain this ability. Before deploying your first unit, split your entire army into two equally sized halves (in the case of odd numbers of units, one half will have one more unit). Roll a D6. On a 3+, you choose one half of your army to arrive via Daemonic Assault, otherwise your opponent chooses one half of your army to arrive via Daemonic Assault. When deploying a unit arriving via Daemonic Assault, it may be placed anywhere that is more than 13" from the enemy deployment zone and more than 13" from any enemy units. During deployment, any unit with this rule may be placed in the warp instead of placing it on the table. At the end of any of your Movement phases this unit can breach into reality- set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models.

Boom, Daemons are fixed.

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>using all the texture plugins for gimp


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You can't be a Ta'u fire warrior of Vior'la, that's like saying a Terran Guardsman of Fenris.

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Has anybody leaked any necromunda stuff like points or weapon stats?

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>easy build options for everything

Does GW think THATS the reason people dont get into the hobby?

Do they think their target audience is braindead morons?

I was putting together complex plastic models when I was 6

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Yuk! I'll be keeping my Cadians thank you very much! They may be cartoony but at least I get to pose them myself. And kitbash. And Convert.

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Chapter specific included or just generic?
If just generic, I'd say
1.Storm of Fire
2.Iron Resolve
3.The Imperiums Sword

Chapter specific ones included (also taking CT into account)
1. Ultramarines: Adept of the Codex
2. Ravenguard: Silent Stalker (tricky to use, but incredibly good in the right situation)
3. Storm of Fire (Its just such a great buff to a gunline)

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And this isn't your blog.

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>Do they think their target audience is braindead morons?
Do you not?

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One of the main ways children are diagnosed with autism is when they cannot understand that different people share diifferent experiences and hold different opinions than they do.

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>kitbash. And Convert.

Theres no options that would require kitbashing anymore, because taking a thunderhammer and gluing it onto a space marine captain is too hard for little timmy and will scare away his parents money

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They're interesting, but they aren't really characters. That's the real issue with Tyranids and lore; it's impossible to make them compelling since it always just boils down to "space locusts that just want to eat everything." There's no personal drama or dilemmas or any of the other hallmarks of compelling characters.

This isn't an attack on Tyranids (they were what got me into 40k- I love them), just a statement of the facts.

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So haulers are just easy-build? That would be disappointing if they had options, but it looks like they don't so at least they might be cheap because of it.

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>t. people who have plastic glue fingerprints all over their models when theyre donre

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>Farsight dueled the Swarmlord to a stalemate
>Geriatric Tau don't lose to the joblord in melee

Loving Every Laugh

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Isn't Tau both the homeworld and the species name? So it would be more like "Human Guardsman of Armageddon"?

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>blight hauler has no alternate weapons options because the easy-to-build kit is the only one GW planned on releasing

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>Anally devastated ad-homenim

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How come you deluded nidfags say nids are more interesting than Chaos when you just explained why they aren't interesting?

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It, like with oldcrons, makes them a good antagonist faction. But kind of poor for your dudez, narratives, and back-and-forth struggles.

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> jew workshop
> cheap anything
Sweet summer child

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Some of us don't need a reason!

(WIP dry fit test, please ignore mold lines and white shit)

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How do you prevent fingerprints?

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Sand your fingers, fingerprints only hold you back

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Storm of fire useful if only hitting one unit? I dont use that big of a gunline only 4 lascannons and a las dread

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Demonic instability is way too good. I like the part where they get more resistant to morale the more they kill, which is fluffy and a good mechanic.
However, adding demons to the unit for each point by which you passed the morale check is fucking insane, especially lategame where you dont have enough firepower to force a bad morale check, it literally forces you to ignore attacking the demons, since shooting them might actually create moremof them.

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I went for a buttload of poxwalkers, 3 drones and 3 psykers (typhus+2 blightcasters). for the remaining points, I either deepstrike deathshrouds or keep a big squad of plague marines w/ 2 plasma. The poxwalkers are supported by a plague surgeon, typhus and a noxious blight bringer.
So far, pretty fun. Most of my opponents waste so many ressources on the poxwalkers. I'm using 80 right now, but im bumping to 100 soon.

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Think they intended the drones to be their customizable fast attack unit.

The blight buggies just fill in fast fire support.

>> No.56440838

Deff Dread loadout.

2x Skorchas
2x Klaws

>> No.56440840

>more sm and nurgle
Wow, so innovative and inspiring.

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Tyrone, pls.

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How much glue you using, son? How are your details not melting like candle wax?

I suppose rubber gloves, if we're being serious.

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>blight-hauler fags BTFO

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What Chaos God should my Warband belong to my dudes? will also accept undivided

I'm finally getting into 40k and I thought a lot about playing Iron Warriors but the whole "your dudes" aspect is pretty appealing

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Honestly converting them to be more like that picture would go a long way. Hunched back with armor plates and limbs blasted away, but regenerating. If you're good with lighting make their cores and eyes really bright and their metal dark.

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Where did you get that many Poxwalkers? I've got 40 so far, doesn't feel enough desu.

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Use less fucking glue.

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What units are you planning on using?

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>Most powerful Chaos god canonically
>Renegades get to Advance and Charge, which means Pistols and Assault weapons are very nice with them
>Khorne is cool
>GW loves you
>FW loves you
>that anon over there in the corner doesn’t like you

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The first one I ever made had two klaws because I thought it was cooler. Second one had a klaw and skorcha.

The skorcha helps add some decent range without having to rely on their low bs.

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Storm of fire is best with heavy weapons that spam tons of shots, like say
>Heavy Bolter/Grav Devastator teams
>Centurion Devastators with Heavy and Hurricane Bolters
>Primaris Aggressors with dakka everywhere
>Killshot Predators with autocannon and bolters
>even just normal marines with bolters
Unfortunately its not that fantastic for high Ap low rate of fire weapons like lascannons.
Its also pretty good if you can somehow get a +1 modifier to your shooting, since then you can proc it on a 5+

>> No.56440926

Slaanesh is the best for 'general crunch' since they have a stratagem to shoot twice, also their unique physic power is quite good.

If you run Night Lords, Nurgle is good for the leadership debuff.

Khorne is obviously good on World Eaters and Khorne Berserkers which are great.

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I like chaos undivided, lets me mix and match marks and dedicated units which is fun. Really depends a lot on how you want to play your CSMs since different marks allow for different units and stratagems.

>> No.56440951

So how much of a pain in the ass is it going to be painting my World Eaters as Pre-Heresy colours? Also how would their vehicles be painted? Just white with a gold and blue trim?

>> No.56440956

Why ar people playing Chaos? I can’t see the appeal at all.

>> No.56440957

Worth running on a 3 man aggressor unit? or would it be better on 6?

>> No.56440959

Give it at least one skorcha so it has alittle more threat range.

>> No.56440962

Is it possible to remove their lower jaws? Maybe parts of their skulls? Make them look a bit more ragged/undead?

>> No.56440965

"Blight Buggy" just gave me a stupid idea and I love it!

Take a Plaguereaper, give it a "Fortress of Arrogance' style Pulpit, and stick Morty on the top.

We'll call it...THE BLIGHTMOBILE!

>> No.56440978

But the only super heavy you get is a blood vaccume that costs 888

>> No.56440994


Tau is the species, the apostrophe indicates the homeworld.

>> No.56440999

There's an anon that uses pre-heresy emperors children colours for primaris. So I can't imagine it would be difficult, just find source artwork and roll with that.

>> No.56441010

Why ar people playing Tyranids? I can’t see the appeal at all.

>> No.56441040

That's a good question, I was thinking of avoiding bezerkers for now since the models are old as shit and I'm new to hobbying and don't trust myself to do conversions that don't look like total shit yet

What sort of units have a lot of cool tricks up their sleeves? Sorry to ask to be spoon fed, I'm about to read the CSM codex to get more of an idea

I like Khorne but the reason above is my main concern

Thanks, will my warband rules basically just revolve around what I say they're a "successor" of like with Space Marines?

I kinda like the undivided aspect too, if I'm honest I'm more excited about fluff than crunch since I'm at uni and might not get much time to play any time soon anyway

>> No.56441061


Reminds me of Hirohito's line when he announced Japan's surrender to his people in 1945.

"the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage"

>> No.56441073

Humans have a particular fear of the long, gaunt, and skinny. Give them a hunch, yes, but also look for ways to make their limbs unnaturally long.

>> No.56441076

You could always just make a splinter group of Iron Warriors. All of their sensibilities but none of the strings attached. You also could do something dumb like make them a Tzeentch worshiping Iron Warrior splinter that is using fire and magic to try to one up their competitors on the Daemon Engine market. Keep the iron look but replace the hazard marking with blue or something.

>> No.56441080

I can try this tomorrow. Might do the trick.

>> No.56441084

They probably like the lore behind the legions.

>> No.56441089


Hey the Gorkanaut/Morkanaut has no alternate options and it's not in an easy to build kit.

If it did I'd strip all the ranged weapons off both of them and make them actually decent.

>> No.56441096


Lol. The placement of the pupils on the eyes is going to make or break this model.

>> No.56441097

For your 'legion trait', Alpha Legion is good for shooty armies. Renegades are good for stabby.

If you go shooty, Obliterators are good, as are havocs with special weapons. Get some vehicles like the forgefiend, hellbrute or predator/land raider.

If you go stabby, get rhinos, possessed, daemon prince, berserkers and helldrakes.

Lots of good stuff, just need to build well.

>> No.56441112


Take Kans instead

>> No.56441117

Why don't the thread starters for 40kg ever put links to previous threads??

>> No.56441134

he should make dynamic duo with disapprovingly looking commissar - I mean, that backward motion is technically retreating...

>> No.56441151

because exposition to 40k makes people lose all sense of continuity

>> No.56441155


Does that mean if a Guardsman starts moonwalking it doesn't count as retreating because they're still facing towards the enemy?

>> No.56441165

Not if you go to FW anon.

>> No.56441170


Cool models. Get to play the villain.

>> No.56441178

>buying from nazis
Just no

>> No.56441182

Or make the hazard stripes yellow and blue or black and blue

>> No.56441191

Possessed are good this edition. Right? R-Right?

>> No.56441193

Not that anon but I'm stealing this concept

>> No.56441202

Does anyone have experience using phosphorescent paint?

>> No.56441215


>> No.56441225

You can call anyone a nazi these days.

The logo for Kiss uses two nazi like symbols, they had to change it during their European tour,

>> No.56441241

Is that glow in the dark paint, or explosive paint?

>> No.56441252


that's the opposite of what he said Y'FAG!!!!

>> No.56441256

Alright, I think I’ve finally finished it! What do you think of my list, anons?

Court of the Nephilim King
Tyranid Battalion Detachment

•Hive Tyrant with Stranglethorn Cannon, Scythes of Tyran, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs, 192

•Tervigon with Monstrous Scything Talons, 243

•Old One Eye, 200

•Termagants with Fleshborers and 10 Devourers (30), 160

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters, Flesh Hooks, and Adrenal Glands (3), 90

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters, Flesh Hooks, and Adrenal Glands (3), 90

•Ripper Swarms with Spinemaws (3), 39

•Maleceptor, 172

•Tyrant Guard with Crushing Claws, Adrenal Glands (6), 300

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

Heavy Support
•Carnifex with Tusks, Bone Mace, Monstrous Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Chitin Thorns, and Spore Cysts (2), 224

Total: 1998

Hopefully I’ve got all the points right

>> No.56441264

Love this!

>> No.56441274

>cool models

Most of the csm range looks dated at best.

>> No.56441327

I dunno, the marines still look pretty good if a bit short and all their bigger stuff looks great. It's just the bezerkers I have an issue with - I can't fathom why they haven't been updated yet.

>> No.56441344 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56441362

All hail our lord of plagues.

>> No.56441363

Just convert some Chaos Warriors. some filling should make the legs look close enough to space marine legs.

>> No.56441372

They're probably waiting for the big WE update to push them all at once like they did with TSons and DG.

>> No.56441379

I have a magnetized Dread. I don't have any Kans

>> No.56441388

wtf is with those crisis suits, they look like shit!

>> No.56441420

And the winged daemon prince, is that a warmachine model?

>> No.56441425

They’re okay at best. Berzerkers do a better job for less points.

>> No.56441426


It's pretty easy to make better Berserkers with either FW HH parts or AoS models though.

>> No.56441430

>worth it on 3?
Yeah, I suppose so.
>better on 6?

I like Space Dinosaurs

>he STILL hasnt given his units roles within his royal court

>> No.56441439

Yea that thought cross my mind right after I posted my message
Go for it man. I'd do it, but I've already started Eldar.
Thanks. Honestly my favorite part of Iron Warriors is the Daemon Engine shit. Using the god of bullshit to make a better product just seems like a logical step.
Yea I guess. It depends on what you want to use. If I were to make a Iron Warrior force I'd probably buy a box of BoC or two, and then all the Daemon Engines I want. Probably look pretty good with minimal if any converting.

>> No.56441445

thasa good lookin dredd

>> No.56441466

Is the book out?

>> No.56441469

Alright TG, how the fuck do I convert this into a hive tyrant?

>> No.56441491

Think it’s custom built using a rat ogre if I remember.

>> No.56441497

have you seen Abbadon? Most old chaos models are pretty bad. The basic chaos marine is terrible at this point. Then again they're still doing better than the eldar aspects and characters.

>> No.56441501

Ditch the STC for a HVC imo. Think of the STC as an autocannon with D6 shots, it's nothing special and will constantly disappoint you.

>> No.56441514

You dunk that in some Simple Green overnight and while it's soaking you buy a hive tyrant.

>> No.56441519

How should I add some melee to my AdMech army? Breachers, Infiltrators, Rust Stalkers, Dragoons, or Electro-Priests?

>> No.56441525

Buy a hive tyrant kit and use balrog wings to provide shade for yourself while you assemble and paint your tyrant.

>> No.56441537

Remove horns, add single horn.

Then add an extra pair of limbs.

>> No.56441546

On the note of zerkers? I know it would be fluffy to replace all my Chain swords with Chain axes but chain axes just seem worse since they dont grant an additional attack.

>> No.56441557

saw off the wings and attach them to an older metal tyrant

or just sell it and buy the current plastic kit

Really there's not much you can do with him, he doesn't look niddy at all.

>> No.56441558

Hot glue it

>> No.56441560

Replace all parts of model with parts from a hive tyrant model. You might as well ask how to change an old greater demon or an action figure into one.

>> No.56441570

Replace the bolt pistol.

>> No.56441587

Electro-Priests w/ staffs are money makers. Infiltrators will clear GEQ like no ones business though that's mostly the pistol doing work. Dragoons will do good work on the charge, and fist bots will punch a hole through anything.

>> No.56441595

>Another fucking Chaos release
This shit better be like...late 2018 at the least.

>> No.56441596

Why couldn't they have done this for rank and file Fantasy minis? Would have made collecting armies so much cheaper while still having the main sets for conversion and modelling people.

>> No.56441638


Those plague marines are like 5 dollars a model before tax. $50 for a 10 man line squad is... Not cheap.

>> No.56441647

>Flesh Hooks

That's 12 points on the warriors that won't do shit and might even mess up positioning during combat, instead use the points to upgrade one deathspitter in each warrior squad to a barbed strangler. Same strength and AP as the deathspitters, but more shots, more range and +1 to hit on bigger units. GEQs and other hordes are the main target of bonesword/deathspitter warriors so a few barbed stranglers are a perfect fit.

>> No.56441649

sooner than you think anon

>> No.56441651

Wait, the zerker kit is old? Then why are the weapons so much more detailed than the normal CSM ones?

>> No.56441668

Slaanesh/EC are the only thing I remotely like about Chaos as a faction. 1k Sons comes in 2nd.

>> No.56441675

Why did i not think of this? Is there enough axes in the kit to do that?

>> No.56441684

I'm building an Ork army because I love the little buggers, but I'm wondering what colour should be predominant in my paint scheme.

What tends to be the most popular colour scheme for Ork armies that you will see painted? I like the idea of going bad moons/yellow but I get the impression its a bit over represented at this point.

I'm also wondering whether a meganob makes a good base for a good centerpiece warlord, or if I should just go for Ghazkull in resin and work from there?

>> No.56441685

The normal CSM kit is realllllly old. Like 20+ years. Still not approaching ork boyz or pheonix lords foe age but it's up there.

>> No.56441704

green ya git

>> No.56441708

Meganobz are notably smaller than the regular ork HQ models. If you want a big megarmor leader buy one of the ones Kromlech sells or try your best at converting the age of sigmar orc warlord. Ghazgull is nice but is a solid brick and would be almost impossible to convert.

>> No.56441712

Sweet I have 3 and I ususally run them with an LT so ill just make him my warlord

>> No.56441727

goffs are a trap, the black and red seems newbie friendly but the checker patterns will make you want to kill yourself

>> No.56441736

>implying FW aren't actual nazis
Hello holocaust denier

>> No.56441747

Think only the champion can duel wield chain weapons.

>> No.56441762

Is there any reason I can't paint my Orks a different colour? Tyranids have infinite skin colours.

>> No.56441767

>he doesn't use masking tape.
warhams kids aren't even fucking hobbyists anymore.


>> No.56441775

Any Khorne Berzerker may replace his chainsword or bolt pistol with a chainaxe. Copy paste.

>> No.56441791

2 Dark imperium boxes for myself. 2 death guards half of DI from 2 random dudes as the 8 th ed hit the shelves. 10 more pox by trading them for my extra drone (dont need more than 3). Need 10 more to reach 100. Almost went mad painting and basing the first 80.

>> No.56441800


>> No.56441808

I feel like pistols can work by killing off a unit in the shooting phase. Why waste another whole assault turn on like 4 guardsmen when you can just shoot them in the face then assault the nearest unit.

>> No.56441809

Are fist bots a better use of points than shoot bots though? Also, what is the solution for getting electro priests in range? I'm assuming the answer is to take either Stygies or Lucius as your forge world and to deepstrike/concealed deployment?

>> No.56441820

>cutting out 500 billion tiny tape squares

>> No.56441821

you can do what you want anon, they're your dudes. I don't think there's anything in the lore about different skin colours, but there are loads of hues of green from pretty-much-grey to neon green to almost-yellow. You do you.

>> No.56441832

You get much more out of the double melee on berserkers as they fight twice.

>> No.56441841

Virtually no admech unit is going to perform better in its mellee role. Maybe the sword hand skitari as counter assault units, but you're almost always just better off retreating from assault and shooting again.

>> No.56441854

Every Zerker can take both a Chainsword and chainaxe. It's their best load out in 8th.
What kind of theme are you going for? Each of the major klan has a theme and color related to it.
Goff- Black, Boy spam
Evil sunz- Red, Biker and goin fast
Bad Moons- Yellow, with lots of dakka
Snakebites- Green, More boy spam but with less tech
Blood Axes- Shitty Camo, Stealth
DeathSkulls- Blue, Dread Mob

>> No.56441869

That's the price you pay to have a good-looking model, my dude. When people turn their heads and go "DAAAAAMN" at how well you painted that model, it's worth it.

>> No.56441871

So the answer overall is don't bother with melee with admech?

>> No.56441876

I've seen orange and red work, just keep in mind that if you have warm colors for skin tones you want to offset with it dull or cool tones for clothing.

>> No.56441879

>Is there any reason I can't paint my Orks a different colour?

There's something about off colour skinned Orks that makes me REEEEEE internally.
But don't let my tardrage stop you Anon.

>> No.56441882

she still won't fuck you

>> No.56441884

What the fuck is that primaris dread, looks like an abortion between a dread and baby carrier

>> No.56441885

Reminder that blood angels are Xenos loving cucks who allied with necrons and still got BTFO by a single tendril of a hive fleet and had to be bailed out by Daemons and the superior ultramarines

Reminder that ultramarines beat an entire hive fleet on their own with no Xenos help, no sudden warpstorms, and no primarchs showing up with legions worth of chadmarines to bail them out. All they had were imperial navy and PDF forces and they still win. Ultramar could have easily withstood the splinter fleet that assasulted Baal

>> No.56441886

You don't need to cut out squares you fucking moron. Undercoat it black. Put tape around the area where you want the checkers, put vertical and horizontal pieces of thin tape down so it's in squares. Spray it white.

That's literally all you need to do you fucking abortion of a hobbyist.

>> No.56441892

See, you use masking tape. I took a fine tipped pencil and just painted in the lines for the same effect....with varying degrees of success.

>> No.56441896

If your're getting mauled by first turn genestealer cult charges or something then yeah, but otherwise they're not an army that supports a mellee focus very well. The shooty robots are a LOT better than the fisty ones. Having a speedy unit to counter charge like the chicken walker could be ok, but admech is a gunline by design.

>> No.56441907

maybe it's cuz of the shit quality but I really like the way they look

>> No.56441912

... the redpemptor dreadnought is already available. I think that's just one of those kits with paint included.

>> No.56441914

This is some weak bait. Considering that the Necrons did not help the Blood Angels fight on Baal.

>> No.56441915

That works too.
If you go to a painting/airbush stores you can get tape in minuscule millimeters of width for a dollar.

>> No.56441918

>power metal intensifies

>> No.56441919

Got to say, playing Tau into Eldar is fucking tough

All your regular dudes (4bs) are -1 to hit from a 12" away.

Then, you take the psychic power that makes that a further -1 to hit on a high value target.

There is also a stratagem that makes another unit -1 to hit.

My buddy takes ALL rangers as his regular mooks.

1 squad of 6 rangers can tank 60 shots from fire warriors at distance. Needing 6's to his fucking sucks.

You need to hard tech against an Eldar list as Tau, meaning taking Commanders with 3x fusion and velocity trackers

200 points of pathfinders bought me 2 markerlights for 1 round, because 6 to hit

How the fuck are Orcs going to deal with this? Negetive hit modifiers are fucking suffering

>> No.56441921

>how to create uneven square grids with big gaps

If I had autism that would kill me

>> No.56441923

>fist bots a better use of points than shoot bots
No. They are fun to use though. I like the model and include 4 dakka bots and two fist bots in my 2k list.
>Also, what is the solution for getting electro priests in range? I'm assuming the answer is to take either Stygies or Lucius
Yes. You could also walk them up the board using Shroudplasm if you're Mars, but that's less reliable.
I mean you could. Though I think most will just assume it's suppose to be body paint.

>> No.56441935

Dude you must be seriously retarded if that's hard for you and you fuck up that badly.

Find a new hobby.

>> No.56441941

So i see you are looking into World Eaters around the same time i am. What do you plan to run in your army anon?

>> No.56441956

K. Second question then: more rangers or more vanguard?

>> No.56441958

They did help them eliminate a large portion of that same fleet in the cryptus system, did you not read shield of Baal?

>> No.56441964

Hang in till codex and hope for some delightful goodies

>How the fuck are Orcs going to deal with this? Negetive hit modifiers are fucking suffering
Just fine, they just too powerful, according to a certain playtester.

>> No.56441971

I like Bad Moons because of the wealth aspect of them and all the potential flashy use of metallics. I'm really just worried about picking a colour that'll bore other players because it's used so often, but I have no idea what most people are picking.

>> No.56441973

>having standards so low that cris crossing tape to form square grids where the squares are supposed to be corner to corner doesn't bother you

please draw on this grid where you are putting the long contiguous strands of tape

>> No.56441975

>> No.56441980

who was that guy again?

>> No.56441987

But he isnt wrong tho. They have the ability to kill things and They can hold objectives. Thats all you need to win the game

>> No.56441988

Looks awesome.

>> No.56441997

No body uses yellow because it’s ass to use.

So go for it

>> No.56442005

I'm not even going to bother with you since you're obviously retarded and I've literally done it before. That's literally how most painters (like graffiti nerds) do their perfect grids.

You should consider suicide for being this stupid.
Holy shit pal.

>> No.56442015


I honestly feel like our codex (tau) is going to blow. I heard those guys at Frontline had a lot of say in 8th, and they hate Tau.

The new markerlight table is brutal. Looking back at the older tables, I'd honeslty rather have those...4bs is miserable for an army that does 2 1/2 phases of the game (move, shoot, MAYBE assault to tie something up)

>> No.56442031

"Do this"
"Do what?"
"Hutrr you're a retard"
Dude if its such an awesome method explain it to this fucker

>> No.56442036

Why are people playing AoS? I can't see the appeal at all.

>> No.56442052

its because Tau were op as shit, at least when their codex first came out.

>> No.56442068

Yeah, except its twice as many steps as you just quoted. Realistically its about 3 times as many steps and involves waiting for paint to dry twice which makes it worse than tiny fucking squares you plebe.

>> No.56442077

I tone down my Mymeara Eldar list when I play against my Tau friend. He can't deal with it, and since he loves his drone spam they all become worthless if I go all out. Hopefully they get something in the dex.
>How the fuck are Orcs going to deal with this
I mean they can still hit things in melee, but yea someone who likes dakka Orks will hate himself.
So just boyz then? Aight.
GW just uses yellow a lot on their site. Between the six or so Ork players I've fought three where Goffs, one was Evil Sunz, and Two were Deathskulls.

>> No.56442086

I did explain it.
He couldn't comprehend because he's a brainlet.

He could try the method but he's to focused on his autism to even make an attempt.
Why would I give a fuck?

>> No.56442093

I had enough warhammer fantasy units that I didn't want them to go to waste so I bought a few of the new ones and boom.

I still prefer fantasy though

>> No.56442094

The Tau playerbase is too big and loud, and most importantly, willing to buy anything for GW to shit over them.
You probably won't have a terrible book, at the very minimum, Reece doesn't talk about how your army is super powerful and players shouldn't complain (see Necrons and Orks)

>> No.56442095

Just gold some old school NOISE MARINE guys and some old Possesed(I think they are. Guns and blades growing out of arms. )

What will take the paint off? I've got them in some LA's Totally Awesome to start off

>> No.56442105

Fine fine fine! Just 4u anon:
>OOE- The General
>Warriors- Warriors
>Termagants- Footsoldiers
>Rippers- Peasant Rabble or Hunting Dogs. Peasant Rabble sounds funnier but Hunting Dogs prolly fits more.
>Carnifexes- King’s Knights
The rest all have official courtly names that I think are cool. But I’ll post them for you anyways, anon.
>Tervigon- King’s Consort
>Hive Tyrant- The Nephilim King
>Hive Guard- Royal Guard
>Tyrant Guard- King’s Shieldwall
>Maleceptor- The Vizier/Court Wizard

Anon, the Invasion Swarm painting guide’s at least a year old or so by now.

Hmmm, they’re both the same point cost and they both seem pretty good. Yeah might swap it out then. Depends on which looks cooler tbqh.

Yeah that makes sense, anon. I was thinking the Deathspitters were better because of the consistent 3 shots instead of d6 shots and 5 points cheaper. My thoughts with the Flesh Hooks were that if they got into melee/charge range they’d get to fire an even larger salvo before charging in to finish off the remnants of the unit.

I’ve edited the list using your help, how is it now?

Court of the Nephilim King
Tyranid Battalion Detachment

•Hive Tyrant with Stranglethorn Cannon, Scythes of Tyran, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs, 192

•Tervigon with Monstrous Scything Talons, 243

•Old One Eye, 200

•Termagants with Fleshborers and 10 Devourers (30), 160

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters, Flesh Hooks, and Adrenal Glands (3), 90

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters, Flesh Hooks, and Adrenal Glands (3), 90

•Ripper Swarms with Spinemaws (3), 39

•Maleceptor, 172

•Tyrant Guard with Crushing Claws, Adrenal Glands (6), 300

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

Heavy Support
•Carnifex with Tusks, Bone Mace, Monstrous Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Chitin Thorns, and Spore Cysts (2), 224

Total: 1998

>> No.56442108

You know spray paint dries within 5 minutes you utter mongoloid.

>> No.56442111

>Why would I give a fuck?
Why indeed when it appears you have the consideration for others of a wet towel
Why are you even posting on this forum if you don't want to interact with other posters
Quit jerking yourself off and go outside

>> No.56442112

Orks literally can't shoot anything with any BS modifiers in the first place. They can't actually shoot down jets, fliers are all but immune to them.

Orks really need a "can always hit on a 6" rule or something. The fact that running makes a 20 point combi rockit hit on a 6 invalidates that and almost any other gun option entirely.

>> No.56442113


Tau elites have shitty BS because we've always had markerlights.

Now that markerlights are more gimmick than core mechanic? We're really feeling not having fluff accurate skill stats.

>> No.56442120

step 1 is pointless

>> No.56442143

They need an ork clan trait that prevents negative hit modifiers for shooting.

>> No.56442145


>cry about thing
>get a solution
>get mad
consider suicide

>> No.56442148

Did someone shop the face of this Obliterator? That looks like its been shopped.

>> No.56442149

does anybody else hate the new painting guy

>> No.56442153

What are the best things to deepstrike in with a burrowing monster in a Jormungandr list?

>> No.56442154

Thanks for the advice Anon, I'll look into the Kromlech and AoS models.

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on Space Marine helmets, Tyranid skulls etc. for conversion?

I want a dead killy bosspole to go with my warlord with some skulls from some of the lesser races but I'm not sure what the best thing to do is in regards to getting those bits cheap.

>> No.56442156

Tell that to the paint you're pulling up by going back in with tape 5 minutes later and good luck doing any of this on anything that's not a fucking rhino you retard.

>> No.56442157

You could also do it like pic related. Wont be as nice but it gets the job done.

>> No.56442160

Makes it easier to align the strips properly.

>> No.56442171

He is an ork player, their brains are equal to the average boys in their army. Nothing else really needs to be said.

>> No.56442177

Maybe on a small model but not on anything big, thats a grafiti tutorial since the turd above said it was easy to do with a single tape application, which is geometrically impossible

>> No.56442180

quit being a fucking jerk

>> No.56442191

Fair point.

If you knew shit all about painting (you don't) you'd know you can buy masking tapes in a lot of variable widths.

You are straight fucking retarded. Holy shit.

>> No.56442196

>whining about meanies on 4chan
You're on the wrong site m8

>> No.56442198

okay so should i take 10 man CSM squads? or is 5 man squads still the way to go? Are chaos cultist still good troops to fill gaps? This is for World Eaters. I swore they could take khorne berzerkers as troops but i guess that was last edition.

>> No.56442211

Get better at your multiple hundred dollar hobby you fucking child.

>> No.56442212

Straight up negating all negatives would be ridiculous though. Adding in situational positive modifiers would be nice.

For example, my Enclaves getting something like +1 to hit rolls against units within 12'' would be real nice.

>> No.56442216

>I did explain it.

No you fucking didn't. You said one application of tape creates a checker grid because you lack the ability to perceive how that is geometrically impossible

>> No.56442219

>painting your orks

Anon you don't know why kind of power you're messing with.

>> No.56442221

Whoops I accidentally posted the same list

Time to commit sudoku

Actual new list:
Court of the Nephilim King
Tyranid Battalion Detachment

•Hive Tyrant with Heavy Venom Cannon, Scythes of Tyran, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs, 192

•Tervigon with Monstrous Scything Talons, 243

•Old One Eye, 200

•Termagants with Fleshborers and 10 Devourers (30), 160

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters, Barbed Strangler, and Adrenal Glands (3), 89

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters, Barbed Strangler, and Adrenal Glands (3), 89

•Ripper Swarms with Spinemaws (3), 39

•Maleceptor, 172

•Tyrant Guard with Crushing Claws, Adrenal Glands (6), 300

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

Heavy Support
•Carnifex with Tusks, Bone Mace, Monstrous Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Chitin Thorns, and Spore Cysts (2), 224

Total: 1996

>> No.56442222

pretty sure they retconned that this edition and T'au is now both the homeworld and the species name

>> No.56442253

If you weren't retarded you would have figured out how to do it by that explanation.

>> No.56442254

A single -1 is enough to halve the effectiveness of ork shooting.

>> No.56442258


Yeah, but that's a retcon and therefore completely wrong.

>> No.56442260

Oh yeah, since there'll probably be melee suits one day.
Crisis with melee weapon and WS 4+ probably. Nothing absurd.
Paint 'em red and you've got WS 3+. Stick Farsight nearby for reroll 1s and you've made that model useful and got a unit that can fight

>> No.56442267

I'm not even that original anon, I just think you're adding nothing constructive to the thread
vitriol is not content
you're probably worse than i am at painting figs desu

>> No.56442279

Not really, basically both of your armies are giving up their traits to neutralize the situation.

Being raven guard literally cuts ork shooting in HALF if they can hit at all since a 5-6 change is 50% of the possible results taken away. If its a raven guard that gets a further -1 you need a 7 to hit whereas a marine need a 5. One of these two results is impossible to roll.

Negative modifiers hit orks way harder than any other army in the game.

>> No.56442283

Debating with a buddy atm. He says Deathwatch Veterans can't take stormshields. I say they can. Who is correct here /tg/?

>> No.56442285

Hey guys, is Samus (Daemon prince of the ruinstorm) anywhere in 8th ed?
I'm trying to find him but I can't and I really fucking want to field his model

>> No.56442287

Plastic glue in general is retarded and should only be used for things like demanding load bearing connections or vehicle hulls. Only fucking scrubs assemble basic line infantry with plastic glue. Same retards who will argue this point and who will ask /tg/ what glue they need for their first non plastic model, if they even get that far.

>> No.56442293

>you're probably worse than i am at painting figs desu
shots fired.

>> No.56442301

That's nice.

But you're still a whiny bitch.

>> No.56442302

>Peasant Rabble
This is good. Considering this Hive Fleet was given it's name by Imperial Knight Pilots It seems fitting. Alternatively call the gants Peasant Rabble and the Rippers worms or some shit.
>Orks literally can't shoot anything with any BS modifiers in the first place.
Orks cant shoot anything this edition at all. Anything that's suppose to be good at shootin has BS4+ which would be okay, but then are given low rate of fire heavy guns. They're also super squishy so they never do enough before they're blow off the map. You suggestion helps them less than you'd think.

>> No.56442306

Except single taping is a method people use, it just has shit results since you have to fill in half the grid squares by hand after you fucking incest baby

So no, I don't magically know you both can't write worth a damn AND know nothing about practical painting techniques.

>> No.56442314

Considering all orks units save for a handful all shoot at +5 is a downside enough. So maybe having Bad Moons be the only Ork Clan to have a chapter tactic that ignores negative modifiers works for the primarily shooty clan.

>> No.56442316

I like the longer drying time for fiddly joints that need to be positioned (moreso with malifaux minis than 40k) it's also nicer to not have a model shatter into pieces when dropped on the floor

>> No.56442322

What? I am a Chaosfag, and I never said anything about Nids being more interesting than Chaos.
At least Oldcrons had C'tan (and IIRC Lords also had some semblance of sapience left). Tyranids have nothing. It's all space locusts, all the time. Which can be interesting, but it requires another faction to provide all of the character. The Tyranids just end up being the NPC's.

Returning slain models can't increase a unit past its starting size. Those wouldn't be slain models. It forces the opponent to either commit to wiping out units of daemons or risk them recuperating losses as the game continues. How about if the number of resurrected daemons is capped at their casualty count for the turn?

>> No.56442325

it says in the index that you can, heck you can take two for whatever reason

>> No.56442326

It's not my fault you're retarded.

>> No.56442335

I'm not saying that negative mods don't hurt.
Just that ignoring an army's CT and anything else that effects hit rates passively as an army wide trait would be a bit too much.
"My CT lets all my guys ignore your CT+stealth abilities+stealth powers+stealth relic", is too much.
Hits on a 6 always, or situational +1s are bit more reasonable.

>> No.56442344

From what I can see in the index, they can. Any Veteran can exchange their bolter for 2 items from the Deathwatch Equipment List, which the Storm shield is in.

>> No.56442349

>hurr durr I both fucked up my description and then went full retard trying to defend myself
>hurr durr ur bad at painting lol

Yeah ok

>> No.56442355


Obviously so you can beat people to death with two of those towering deathwatch stormshields.

>> No.56442364

Dual wielding shields master race

>> No.56442369

RAW it says vets can take any weapon from the Deathwatch Wargear section. Stormshields are listed as part of their wargear so they can.

>> No.56442376

It's not a fix to them right now. Their shooting is overly expensive and wouldn't work in a game that had no modifiers in the first place. The codex will presumably change a lot of point values.

>> No.56442383


>> No.56442389

Hit on 6's doesn't fix anything, and you'd need a pretty consistent +1 to hit.

>> No.56442391

>Can't figure shit out on your own.
>Please spoonfeed warhambaby!
And your defense is literally
>hurr durr ur bad at painting lol
You're really an intellectual in disguise. I can tell.

>> No.56442392


>> No.56442400


>> No.56442410

Seeing as he hasnt made a deal in a few years, that pretty accurate :(

>> No.56442423

Imagine being this autistic about checkers

>> No.56442426

holy shit those easybuilds are amazing. cheap dreads, aggressors and blight haulers? Yes please!

Is that also easy build death guard terminators?


>> No.56442430

1. no
2. if you're going to take csm squads, yes
3. yes
4. they can take Khorne Berzerkers as troops

>> No.56442434

You have a lot of ways to build a DG army.
Plague marines are a "must". A couple of units of 7 are completely fine, and they'll be your objective holder.
Everything else is up to you.
Poxwalkers are great but a)you must run them in big numbers and b)thyphus is mandatory, otherwise I personally prefer plaguebearers and/or cultists.
Everything else is subjective, I love Dg as you can play a lot with stratagems and build a lot of funny sinergies and combos.
Some are pretty easy to see, like Biologus+plague marines(i just love its, but works better in bigger units of marines-just be wary of morale).
New FOC means you can pile in a LOT of elites, with douvles of my favourite, the blightspawn(it killed yncarne, yvraone AND a wave serpent in a single game), and you also have a lot of ways to protect these elites.
Only thing the whole army has: its slow.
Like, really slow, so you need something fast(first choice is usually the drone with flamer).
i personally like nurglins, because they are cheap and deep strike on the first turn, giving some meat to the enemy to shoot at while you use your stratagems to cover your advance.

>> No.56442446

>Can't figure shit out on your own.

I literally posted the diagram to show you you are full of shit. The reason I knew to do that was because I already knew you were full of shit.

>And your defense is literally

Are you so dense that you can't see the dude who has posted that exact thing in defense of you and your stupid monotape like three times

I mean, yes, you are, because you apparently missed it and we're here in the first place, but c'mon.

>You're really an intellectual in disguise. I can tell.

I'm starting to figure out how this turned out the way it did. You sound like you have some sort of no thiunk gud problim

>> No.56442447

or chess

>> No.56442475

10/10 would read 2 word hyper burn again

>> No.56442490

>Actual brainlet tier tl;dr
Just remember to use masking tape next time you fucking NERD.

>> No.56442495

Imagine being this autistic

>> No.56442498



>> No.56442499

Chaos Space Marines (the unit) suck. Just take Cultists and Berzerkers for your troops. Check the FAQ for the Berzerkers-as-troops thing. Generally speaking, it's better to take 2x5 instead of 1x10. More Sergeants (therefore more special weapons/attacks), less chance of morale fucking you over.

>> No.56442517


>> No.56442522

Full daemon engines is so fun. 5 bloat drones with launchers and a daemon prince w/ arch contaminator is hilarious in a 1k game. Launcher drones and cannon crawlers are absolute staples for me so far in dg.

>> No.56442547

Anyone have a list of how well colors go over each other? Like is this an acrylic paint thing?

For example, I've found that macgragge blue(and similarly Army Painters Ultramarine Blue) will go over fucking anything in a single coat, no matter the underlying color.

Meanwhile any yellow I've ever used, white(obviously), bronze/brass, and any shade of red and green don't cover dark colors well at all.

Like I've got to do a fucking layer of white to get red to go over black. It's tedious.

>> No.56442553

>5 bloat drones with launchers and a daemon prince w/ arch contaminator is hilarious in a 1k game
Not for the opponent. "Oh, you didn't take nothing but anti-tank weapons? Bend over, faggot."

>> No.56442576

I fucking hate bloat drones so goddamned much.

>good at close combat
>fucking great at shooting
>moderate 18" range
>excellent movement
>High toughness
>bucketload of wounds

fuck those things.

>> No.56442579

Still too good and now requires book keeping.
Have it the -1 to the moral for each model they kill, then them get a model back for each point under zero the result is.
Just each point they make it by makes getting back all casualties way too easy.

>> No.56442581

Cool colors go better over black. Warm colors should really be down over white or grey. Yellow is notoriously difficult. I like to do a layer of brown under any bronze/brass/gold.

>> No.56442587

That's really down to the particular chemical solution of the paint. The pigment to solution ratio is pretty important but is usually not something the companies like to tell you.

You want thin with multiple coats, though. Trying to go on in one means it will come out thick and streaky.

>> No.56442589


Or you can just draw in the checks needed with a well sharpened pencil or pain the lines in with a size 0 brush and then fill the colours?

In other words, do it freehand, and if you're too shakey to do straight lines then checks aren't for you.

>> No.56442599

Hey wait a minute, couldn’t I have both a Vanguard and Battalion with all these units for some extra CP?

>> No.56442604

also they're fucking orks, they ain't gonna paint no straight lines and even boxes.

>> No.56442616

>Is that also easy build death guard terminators?
I may be wrong about this, but I think it's Deathshroud Terminators and a Lord of Contagion with the other weapon option on their datasheet, the one that doesn't come on the Dark Imperium guy.

>> No.56442623

If you gave them 6's always hit and double the RoF of their guns it might be enough.
>Doing some list building for Eldar
>Notice my Wraithguard and Lords are BS3+
>The constructs that see the world in a foggy dream like haze can shoot more accurately than Flashy Gits.

>> No.56442624

Wouldn't imperfect checks be more "orkish" anyway?

That's one thing about people who play autismorks, they make a vehicle out of garbage but the paintjob is all perfect checkers and nice bright colours.

>> No.56442637

This too. But the pencil line/fine brush line technique works for armies that have proper checks like marines. I don't know why people bother with masking tape when it's super easy to do it freehand. I swear Duncs did a video on them.

>> No.56442648

How many elite mechanicus forces are needed to deal with an entire space marine chapter? 1000 full strength.

If a hypothetical battle took form.

>> No.56442664

The only reason I only have one is that I hate duplicates(so not getting em from the starter box) and one for 40 bucks is fucking retarded.

Im still kinda sad turbo dinos are not in the codex. Maulerfiend with distustingly resilient would have been hilarious.

>> No.56442665


>> No.56442673

Orks can paint in a straight line and I'm pretty sure they have tape too. They have space travel and teleportation, they can paint straight when they want too and a roight propa goff has roight propa checks

>> No.56442684

Why is he so angry?

>> No.56442685

Anyone know if the old Epic 40k rules are in the Megas anywhere?

>> No.56442688

Pretty much yeah, but like i said here >>56442637 it works for other armies that would actually have nice pretty lines. Masking tape is dumb.

>> No.56442700

because him and his entire chapter were wiped out by the World Engine.

>> No.56442709

no, no they can;t. They have those things because of looting but if you look at everything they actually build themselves it's a jumbled mess

>> No.56442717

So, it's looking like I can get a termagant brood(12x) and the SC! Tyranid box(trygon/mawloc, broodlord, 8x genestealers) for $96(shipping is free). It's certainly less than from GW directly, but anyone else have places they use that might be cheaper?

>> No.56442719

Am I alone in sometimes trying to figure out what I'm painting?
Sometimes I can't quite make out where hair ends, or what something is a piece of etc.

>> No.56442728

I thought Superman destroyed that thing?

>> No.56442734

R8 my retarded Khorne list

Vanguard + Superheavy Auxiliary 1996 pts
Renegade Chapters
>Chaos Lord with Jump Pack (105) - 2x Lightning Claws, Talisman of Burning Blood

>30 Cultists (147) - 26x Pistol/Weapon, 3x Flamer, Champion w/ Pistol/Weapon

>10 Berzerkers (180) - 10x Chainaxe + Chainsword, Icon of Wrath
>10 Berzerkers (180) - 10x Chainaxe + Chainsword, Icon of Wrath
>5 Possessed (120) - Icon of Wrath

>5 Warp Talons (135)

>Blood Slaughterer (180) - Impaler Harpoon, Slaugther Blade

>Maulerfiend (172) - 2x Magma Cutter
>Maulerfiend (152) - Lasher Tendrils

>Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne (625)

tl;dr run big stabby things at stuff, also run small stabby things at stuff, hope some stuff stabs some other stuff

>> No.56442745

N...no more death guard models please...I literally spent a fortune buying every new Dg model.
Does anyone knows whats gonna be in the Lord Feltrius kit btw?
Looks like a Lord of Contagion with schyte, but cant recognize what are the other guys.

>> No.56442750

Orks do not have teleportation and space ships because of looting. Orks are the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy and at one point teleported two moons directly into Terras orbit. Their accomplishments are related to their numbers. A large enough WAAAAGH is going to have lines so straight you'll go blind.

>> No.56442754

I had this the other day trying to figure out a bit from the tempestus scions box. There were three copies, I think it was supposed to be a book.

>> No.56442770

Fuck me, could a large enough Ork waaagh produce true level

>> No.56442783

I was trying to figure out how to get that joke in there but I couldn't draw a line to it without it sounding forced

>> No.56442789

No they're shit works because Meks are born with the basic knowledge of how to make thing run at a basic level. From there the Ork Waaagh field pushes it into over drive.

Also the moon thing was The Beast's doing right?That's something they'll never accomplish again.

>> No.56442806

That 30 man cultist unit is going to get cut to pieces by morale. 5 man Possessed is never going to make it across the table with enough dudes to do anything. You could really use some shooting to catch fast-movers. 5 man Warp Talons without a Sorcerer are liable to land, flub their 9" charge, and then get shot to shit.

>> No.56442809

Quickly, somebody find a picture of the largest number of ork models on a table! We need the largest WAAAAAAGH to create perfect level!

>> No.56442812

Is Orkimedes still alive?

>> No.56442823

No one?

>> No.56442826

Isn't there a new Orkboss who's approaching Beastmode?

>> No.56442828

>No they're shit works because Meks are born with the basic knowledge of how to make thing run at a basic level. From there the Ork Waaagh field pushes it into over drive.

Nah, the waagh field just maintains stuff and makes bullets appear from nowhere occasionally. The basic physics of ork technology routinely astounds admech xenologists. They can't ever replicate it because of a mix of lacking the field and also being worthless hacks who can't fix any of their own shit in the first place, but that doesn't mean it's not based on actual real world physics. Admech can't copy tau stuff either because they're terrible at their jobs.

>> No.56442831

How are thousand sons this ed?
i finished reading A Thousand Sons and im still angry and I was thinking of building a small force, mostly infantry(somethin like Magnus, 2 units of TS, one termy unit, one unit of sorcerers).
Are they fun to play? are they incredibly shitty or are they gud?

>> No.56442836

That really sucks because i was thinking of buying the FW World eaters tactical squad kit. Though it kind of annoys me that it only has 20 shoulder pads 10 heads and 5 torsos. Now i guess i just have to figure out how to convert good looking Khorne zerkers or wait for a World Eater release.

>> No.56442838 [SPOILER] 

It gets better once you throw in epidemius at higher point games.

>> No.56442839

>the spirits of dead heroes are more capable of aiming than a crazed idiot.

>> No.56442849

If he ever existed then it is suspected that he is still alive. They were never able to find him. He better have a goddamn model eventually.

>> No.56442852

You can always just slap CSM backpacks onto AoS khornate dudes. I'm not a big fan due to them running around in leather boots, but it's a fairly common conversion.

>> No.56442857

Fuck you I'd like to see you try and fix a Baneblade

>> No.56442858


How can I fix it? I haven't actually bought anything yet, I just want to start Khorne as my second army and run a lot of daemon engines, berzerkers, and fast shit.

Drop cultists and replace with Rhino is my first assumption. I thought the chance of the Warp Talons making the charge is something like 50%~ with the Renegades ability. The hope was going to be that they'd make their overwatch-immune charge and then the Lord would follow with the Talisman to actually make it.

I don't want to run a Sorcerer in a Khorne list but I'm open to any other option. I just figured I'd need more bodies desu

>> No.56442861

Im still sad epidemius works only on demons and demon engines.
Aos spoiled me with epidemius working on any Nurgle unit.

>> No.56442868

>dead heroes

They were potters and gardeners. They take anyone who they can get to wake up.

>> No.56442887

Yeah Margaret Thatcher

>> No.56442896

It doesn't look very complex. We don't have plasteel here on earth but other than that it's an internal combustion engine attached to a big world war two tank.

I'll accept a titan or a space ship might take some tech we're not familiar with but a baneblade isn't even high tech by earth 2017 standards.

>> No.56442904

did I just time travel to 1980s /tg/?

>> No.56442906

Admechs CAN copy tau tech, but they're banned cause the guy in charge of the guys reverse engineering it decided their rifles sounded like the machine spirit was screaming so BANNED

>> No.56442911

Thats the Imperial Uplifter primer

>> No.56442913

I mean i bet if you did some greenstuff and some filing you can make them look sorta Space Mariney. Also its the 41st Millennium with warp fuckery i am sure that space marines could wear some leather boots.

>> No.56442915


>> No.56442919

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

>> No.56442921

Do you know how to fix an engine?

>> No.56442927

I'm sure they tell themselves they could copy tau tech if they really wanted to while their ocular implants leak oil as they lie down in their tiny 1 meter by 1 meter rest cubes

Meanwhile orks are slapping tau tech to their stuff like its going out of style

>> No.56442932

>uplifting orks was a bad idea

>> No.56442933

hoping for tellyporta shit in the codex, especially to move stuff like MANz with.

>> No.56442936

okay im fucking dying

>> No.56442938

>I thought the chance of the Warp Talons making the charge is something like 50%~ with the Renegades ability.
Can't advance after Deep Strike, so the Renegades ability does fuck-all for them.

Having some Cultists around to hold backfield objectives and screen more important shit is a must for any CSM list.

If you aren't going to take a Sorcerer for them, I'd just drop the Talons. Use the points for a pair of Rhinos for the Berzerkers (probably also split them into 4x5) and swap to World Eaters for more CP and ObSec.

Drop a couple of the Daemon Engines for shooting units. Deepstriking Plasma Raptors/Terminators, Predators (the gold standard of MEQ anti-tank shooting), Helbrutes, even fucking Havocs. Just get something so that all your choppy dudes aren't destined to charge Rhinos then get murdered by the occupants.

>> No.56442948

pretty fucking cool

>> No.56442965

It's fucking great innit?
And on the day Thatcher died someone posted a thread that was basically "RIP Ghazghkull"

>> No.56442969

>if you did some greenstuff and some filing you can make them look sorta Space Mariney
Oh, I'm sure you could, but I've never seen anyone do that. They just slap the backpacks on and call it a day.

>> No.56442975

>Do you know how to fix an engine?

Wait, are you comparing me the person typing to an organization 38 thousand years in the future controlling thousands of planets?

Because if you give me a few years and enough money I could probably snag an engineering degree while the admech just seems to have forgotten how they work

>> No.56443004

The admech's general incompetence basically stems from an overreliance on computers.

>> No.56443016

no, those are guardians, guardians don't become wraithguards.
Wraithguards are dead warriors, wraithlords are the souls of some of the greatest heroes.

And seeing through the haze of souls reduces their reactions speed, by eldar standards. It's why they don't have battle focus and only move 5" to normal eldar move 7".

>> No.56443018

Well that's the thing anon, not every admech has the time or money to go to some fancy pansy engineering school. Those poor bastards have to learn as they go.

Really Crawl is too blame since he was alive back when everyone still knew about technology but never decided to write it or teach anyone else

>> No.56443038

>The admech's general incompetence basically stems from an overreliance on computers.

I think it just comes down to shit writing. Like, they forget how black hole warheads work? Legit. Forgetting how to make space ships that can turn invisible? Legit.

Forgetting how to make a slow, fat, world war 2 tank that might as well be steam powered? That's idiotic. The baneblade isn't a high tech vehicle. It's a slab of metal.

>> No.56443049

okay, in those engineering classes, ask them how easy it would be, using modern technology, to get a tank the size of a Baneblade to work. And how easy they would be to produce and fix.

And that's with none of the crazy weapons that a baneblade can use.

>> No.56443053

It's not that they forget; it's that they're too religious and wrapped up in dogma to even open the hood of a tank, let alone replace a gear

>> No.56443055

Hello anons i am just getting into GSC and got one of the new Nid boxes for stealers and i want to make a nid detachment with the trygon for support and to have nidfun along with my cultplebs

What other nid stuff should i use

>> No.56443060

dude, baneblades are massively larger than WW2 tanks.
WW2 germany tried to make tank not a large as a baneblade, and it fucking didn't work.

WW2 tanks are Russes. They know how to make those fine.

>> No.56443080

>okay, in those engineering classes, ask them how easy it would be, using modern technology, to get a tank the size of a Baneblade to work. And how easy they would be to produce and fix

Really fucking easy. We have vehicles that are way larger than the baneblade and have for a century. Hell, the germans were testing tanks larger than the baneblade in world war 2.

>> No.56443095

Where the fuck do they get fuel for these tanks? Do they know how to refine gasoline?

>> No.56443109

testing and failing.
And that thing isn't a tank.

The admech has plenty of big vehicles it knows how to make and maintain, if you bothered to read the fluff.
Baneblades are vehicles that large that can still move and operate under wartime conditions, with multiple weaponery, and move as swiftly as smaller tanks, while being fare more durable.

>> No.56443110

>The baneblade isn't a high tech vehicle. It's a slab of metal.
It may look archaic but it has a highly advanced powerplant (either multi-fuel or reactor, depending on source), which is what allows it to be so heavily armed and armoured while still having good mobility (mobility being the difference between having a true battle tank and a slightly mobile bunker).

>> No.56443112


Thanks, anon.

>Can't advance after Deep Strike, so the Renegades ability does fuck-all for them.

Oh right, derp.

I like the Talons but if they suck I'm open to trying something else. I don't want to drop the daemon engines though, which gives me very little room to fuck around. Alternative attempt:

Battalion + SH Detachment
2k/2k, World Eaters

>Chaos Lord with Jump Pack (105) - 2x Lightning Claws, Talisman of Burning Blood
>Exalted Champion (71) - Chainaxe, Chainsword

>10 Cultists (40)

>10 Berzerkers (184) - 9x Chainaxe + Chainsword, Champ w/ Power Axe + Chainsword, Icon of Wrath
>5 Berzerkers (89) - 4x Chainaxe + Chainsword, Champ w/ Power Axe + Chainsword
>5 Berzerkers (89) - 4x Chainaxe + Chainsword, Champ w/ Power Axe + Chainsword

>Blood Slaughterer (180) - Impaler Harpoon, Slaughter Blade
>Raptors (111) - 2x Plasma

>Maulerfiend (172) - 2x Magma Cutter
>Predator (190) - Twin Las, 2x Las

>Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne (625)

Slightly better? I'm not really going for a serious competitive list, I just want to run at things and stab them with big stabby things

>> No.56443117

A german tiger tank is notably larger than a leman russ. The mouse was larger than a baneblade. They didn't have engines that could power it 70 years ago, we have them now. An abrahms turbine engine could move one easily, especially at the slow pace the baneblade is supposed to move.

Also, we have vehicles way fucking larger than baneblades.

Seriously, did none of you love construction equipment when you were kids? Baneblades are small.

>> No.56443122

This picture shows why this illumination effects you see in so many effects is bullshit. Once you take away the dark background it just looks like a messed up paint job.

>> No.56443123

yes, it's called promethium.

>> No.56443129

The actual logistics of the Imperium aren't exactly explained. So the best you'll get is that the Imperium has planets whose entire purpose is the refining of promethium to be used as a fuel for the rest of the empire at large.

>> No.56443134


>> No.56443137

You'd love me then since I exclusively play Slaanesh Daemons and Emperor's Children with the occasional splash of R&H because damn it I want snipers but they don't show up at tables much on account of FW being banned in tournaments at my LGS

>> No.56443145

Eh i wanna be a bit less lazy with my army. Would love to paint them in Pre-Heresy colours but i am not sure whether i should just use Chaos Warrior legs with World Eater torsos shoulders and chain axes and swords. It would be a lot of work but i want my army to look good, dammit. It's the other parts where it gets bad. Dont know what to use in the rest of the army. Are termies good to run?

>> No.56443155

and the admech has even bigger construction equipment.

>> No.56443160


Whoops, forgot 2x Rhino (stock)

>> No.56443164

I want contruction equipment units

>> No.56443170

Hitler ordered the construction of the Maus because he had a hard-on for impractically-large shit

It destroyed roads, no bridge would have been able to hold it, and at its maximum speed of 15 KPH, it drank a gallon of diesel every 370 feet. While fuel shortages were a real thing no less.

>> No.56443195

Man he must have had one micro dick

>> No.56443198

The new Cypher model has him in like mkii gear with leather gloves, I'm sure some preheresy berzerkers would be fine with leather too

>> No.56443199

Chaosfag here
There is no reason to run cultists whatsoever in a khorne army, bloodletters are so superior
Add 3pts for: +1 str, powersword, +1 to save, mob rule

What am I missing ?

Also helbrutes are now so fucking good with fist+scourge, had a khornegasm looking at their dataslate thing n shit in the codex, kinda disappointed by the cost tho

>> No.56443207

He's in the Forge World Chaos Index.

>> No.56443212


The baneblade is slow and we have tracked vehicles both heavier and faster than the baneblade is in the construction industry right now. Replace all the construction arms and buzz saws with tank canons and some armor and you have a larger, faster, better armed tank than a baneblade. Baneblades are rule of cool, they're not actually high tech, just like the Land Raider is a slow light piece of garbage compared to any modern tank. It's WW2 in space.

The admech doesn't even have bigger titans

>> No.56443217

Why is so much sold out?
Why are Vostroyans all unavailable?

>> No.56443225

You just listed why you'd still take cultists, they're cheaper
If it's just sitting on an objective, spreading out to create a no-strike zone or bubble-wrapping important shit with no intention of survival, you might as well just take the cheaper option.

>> No.56443237

Play genestealers?
He was literally half a man in some regards.

>> No.56443238

>Also helbrutes are now so fucking good with fist+scourge
I was considering either fist + scourge or plasma cannon + scourge for my khornebrute. I kinda want SOME range to my dudes but at the same time there's just so many attacks with fist + scourge...

>> No.56443242

Because GW literally doesn't have the means to keep up production with global demand

>> No.56443244

Yeah, it was a terrible idea. The baneblade would have all the same problems if we applied real world concepts to it. Having a tank wider than a city street means it can't go anywhere or do anything useful.

>> No.56443246

twice the number of wounds per point. Less points to fill out battalion detachment slots.

still count as CSM detachment for faction abilities.

>> No.56443249


>> No.56443254

Bloodletters can also be summoned in right where you need them instead of having to footslog it to where you want them, but cultists are much cheaper PPM and sometimes you just need that many bodies.

>> No.56443268


>> No.56443282

>has never read the fluff.
There are walking cities that are mobile construction bases.

>> No.56443284

plz always show him with his full payload

>> No.56443297

I play em with 2 fists and double flamer, in a Death guard army.
Its amazing. you can protect em with Death guard stratagems and the double flamer helps keeping at bay charging enemies, while double fist assures nothing stays alive when they attack.

>> No.56443299

So, your Lord isn't going to want to try to assault straight out of Deep Strike. Even with a reroll, it goes off less than half the time; instead, he's going to want to deep strike into the midst of the Rhinos on turn one, then assault turn two alongside the Berzerkers.

Your Exalted Champion doesn't have a space inside the Rhinos. Drop a Berzerker (use the points to get the Champ a real weapon, plus extra Combi-bolters for the Rhinos).

Get some Plasma onto your Raptor Champ.

>> No.56443300

and there operational range is?

>> No.56443308

>There are walking cities that are mobile construction bases.

No, There aren't. The imperator is the largest they've got and the only thing it constructs is death.

>> No.56443315

>for each point under 0 get a daemon back
I like this, it means a majority of the time you'd need a 1 on the dice to get anything back.
It also means we'll ignore morale way too much though, if you're going to reduce our morale check by the number of models killed instead of increasing it we should probably have to roll morale on 2d6 or something, with double 1 automatically returning d3 slain models, that way returning models is a bit rarer.

>> No.56443318

>As of 2003, each crawler had 16 traction motors, powered by four 1,000 kW (1,341 hp) generators, in turn driven by two 2,050 kW (2,750 hp) V16 ALCO 251C diesel engines. Two 750 kW (1,006 hp) generators, driven by two 794 kW (1,065 hp) engines, were used for jacking, steering, lighting, and ventilating. Two 150 kW (201 hp) generators were also available to power the Mobile Launcher Platform. The crawler's tanks held 19,000 liters (5,000 U.S. gal) of diesel fuel, and it burned 296 liters per kilometre
>The crawler is controlled from two control cabs located at either end of the vehicle, and travels along the 5.6 km (3.5 mi) crawlerway at a maximum speed of 1.6 km/h (1 mph) loaded, or 3.2 km/h (2 mph) unloaded.

>> No.56443322

I've always wanted to a post-apocalyptic/Fallout-styled campaign or setting featuring this monstrosity being used as a mobile fortress for bandits.

>> No.56443324

read the fucking fluff. Not just the codexs you idiot.

The novels and rpg books mention multiple city size mobile construction machines.

>> No.56443329


>> No.56443333

Pretty much the hanger to that pad and back again. It's also 30 times the size of a baneblade. They could slap a reactor from a nuclear sub on it and have it go across half a continent, though.

>> No.56443370

Well, they're gonna need their personal oil field and refinery then.

>> No.56443371

>read the fucking fluff. Not just the codexs you idiot.

>The novels and rpg books mention multiple city size mobile construction machines

Oh i thought you were talking about titans. Yeah, for pure machines they have, like, the phalanx which is the size of a small moon. Really the scale in 40k is all over the place. A marine shouldn't be meaningful at all in the face of space ships the size of extended metropolitan areas.

>> No.56443380

It'd be easier to just handwave it and say it's nuclear powered.

>> No.56443385

I dont know if thats an effect of the armour or just Cypher's own personal sense of style

>> No.56443386

Please let TS have Rubric necromancers or a disk riding unit.

The army list is so fucking boring

>> No.56443404

That's literally the handwave that makes all of fallout work

>> No.56443415

>It also means we'll ignore morale way too much though
Only if you're killing a substantial amount of models, which is going to be difficult for Plaguebearers/Horrors and will off-set the crap durability of Bloodletters/Daemonettes.

>> No.56443419

All the Daemonic Mounts are being phased out, Disc is only for index datasheet characters, so you can still use them for now but there's no way it'll show up as a regular unit.

>> No.56443428


Yeah that looks like a better list, thanks again anon. Decided to drop the Blood Slaughterer for a second meltafiend, and do most of your other suggestions (exceptions below).

One last question: I can only fit in an extra combi-bolter on 1 Rhino if I switch the one Berzerker Champ to a power fist. Alternatively, he could get a LC and give both the Rhinos 2 combi-bolters. Suggestions? Am I missing something and there's an even better Champion option?

I've never played a Marine or CSM army before, only DEldar. I honestly have no idea wtf I'm doing. I should historically probably have paid more attention to what SM/CSM players do but oh well. I noticed the Exalted issue about 0.5 seconds after posting, too. Oops.

>> No.56443437


>> No.56443443

Literally the handwave that makes this work

>> No.56443461

They have non nuclear vessels much larger than a Nimitz

It takes WAY less energy to move a boat than it does a land vehicle.

>> No.56443465

You know we've got two plastic discs in circulation, right? We're definitely keeping them on what already has them, and GW has been fifty/fifty on allowing minor conversions to stay around.
I'd like to get more Tzaangor stuff brought over; at the very least a Tzaangor champion that lets them Advance and Charge or reroll charges would be neat.

I'm far more concerned with how they're going to fix our psychic phase and Exalted Sorcerers.

>> No.56443472

How big are 40k table tops. 4 x 6 ft?
Could the equivalent be simulated in roll20 for free 40k?
Naturally, it could be done. Is it feasible?

>> No.56443482

Or if you take large units, max size units with that rule would be immune to morale and I'm adamantly against anything being immune to morale even if it is my own dudes.
Especially since our leadership is 7, we'd actually be entirely immune to morale unless we roll 2d6 for morale.
To offset the fact that our models are coming back we should also get double 6 causes us to lose flat d6 models.
Unfortunately this is all just wishful thinking and we probably won't even get Daemonic Instability.

>> No.56443487

Tabletop Simulator

>> No.56443495

> twitch: /frontlinegaming_tv
Reece getting ASSBLASTED rn.

>> No.56443499

>we're definitely keeping them
In the index, the datasheets probably won't even make an appearance in the codex.

>> No.56443503

I can't be assed to do all the math, but I'd drop the twin-LC Lord down to a Power Axe that swaps to the WE relic axe.

As far as Champion options go, keeping it cheap with a Chainaxe is acceptable, but so is snagging a Sword. I probably wouldn't shell out for a fist, but I only run a single squad of them infrequently, so maybe the versatility is more helpful for you.

>> No.56443505

>buy something that could be used for free
I could, but I don't want to.

>> No.56443521

Kinda shit. They are kinda proped up by Magnus. They can deal with low toughness enough but they'll struggle majorly with anything high toughness. They don't have an effective way to deal with Hordes, and your Hqs are kinda shitty because Exalted Sorcs are hugely over cost if they have to resort to casting smite.
Whatever you want really. I run a team of Carnifexs with OOE that does work since the Codex drops.

>> No.56443531

>Or if you take large units, max size units with that rule would be immune to morale and I'm adamantly against anything being immune to morale even if it is my own dudes.
What? You need to be killing shit in order to get those bonuses. Big squads of melee daemons will still be susceptible to getting BTFO before they reach melee.
Yeah, I'm sure they'll look at Ahriman and the Exalted Sorcerer kit and decide to remove their rules.

>> No.56443536

>we have tracked vehicles both heavier
Name one.

The american M1 Abrams weighs in at about 68tons by the way.

The nazi Maus weighed around 200 tons and could barely travel anywhere unless it was hard solid ground, stone, or paved.

The baneblade is 319tons. Even fucking heavier.

>> No.56443557

>liking huge ass tanks means you're compensating
So all Guardfags who field Baneblades are microbenis then.

>> No.56443560

What happened? As soon as I joined the stream, he was whining about how it was a shitty way to end the game.

>> No.56443564

who is this and why is he so assblasted holy fuck what a whiny bitch

>> No.56443567

Thousand Sons options are anemic as is, there's no fucking way they are gonna remove disks when they come in a plastic kit.

>> No.56443572


Playing Heroic Intervention RAW vs RAI, potentially cost him the game.

>> No.56443573

That big tracked rotary saw they use to tear down mountains is fourteen thousand 800 tonnes.

>> No.56443578

yes anon, a miniatures game is totally comparable to RL

>> No.56443588

I just realised it said -1 for each model killed meant by the daemons, not -1 for each daemon that dies.
Never mind then, until we get into melee it's useless and getting into melee and staying there is almost impossible now with all the falling back rules.

>> No.56443596

Why doesn't Kharn still use his armour on his arms? I know its suppose to be that he is so fucking jacked that he can lift his axe without help but imagine what he could lift and use if he had the help.

>> No.56443600

No, just pointing out how silly the idea that liking big tanks means you have a small dick is.

>> No.56443604

Continuing to refine my Hive Fleet Cerastes:

Detachment 1: Brigade Kraken
1xHive Tyrant, wings, adrenal glands, toxin sacs, chameleonic mutation, monsterous rending claws, two deathspitters with slimer maggots, one step ahead, the horror, psychic scream.
1xNeurothrope, Catalyst
3xRipper Swarm
3xRipper Swarm
22xTermagants, 12xFleshborers, 10xDevourers
23xTermagants, 13xFleshborers, 10xDevourers
3xWarriors, 3xAdrenal Glands, 3xBoneswords, 3xDeathspitters
3xWarriors, 3xAdrenal Glands, 3xBoneswords, 3xDeathspitters
1xThe Red Terror
3xRavener, 3xRending Claws, 3xDeathspitters
3xRavener, 3xRending Claws, 3xDeathspitters
3xShrike, 3xAdrenal Glands, 3xBoneswords, 3xDeathspitters
1xTyrannofex, Rupture Cannon

Detatchment 2: Fortification Kraken
1xSporocyst, 5xDeathspitters

Sporocyst is Kraken so it's Psychic Resonance works with the rest of the forces, if it weren't for the fact that it requires friendly hive fleet be the same hive fleet as it, would go Jorm on it.

2000 points, 12CP.

Might drop the wings on the Tyrant and just go pure Jorm though, and drop the Shrikes for another group of Raveners.

Detachment 1: Brigade Jorm
1xHive Tyrant, Maw Claws of Thyrax, adrenal glands, toxin sacs, two deathspitters with slimer maggots, Insidious Threat, the horror, psychic scream.
1xNeurothrope, Catalyst
3xRipper Swarm
3xRipper Swarm
22xTermagants, 11xFleshborers, 13xDevourers
23xTermagants, 11xFleshborers, 13xDevourers
3xWarriors, 3xAdrenal Glands, 3xBoneswords, 3xDeathspitters
3xWarriors, 3xAdrenal Glands, 3xBoneswords, 3xDeathspitters
1xThe Red Terror
3xRavener, 3xRending Claws, 3xDeathspitters
3xRavener, 3xRending Claws, 3xDeathspitters
3xRavener, 3xRending Claws, 3xDeathspitters
1xTyrannofex, Rupture Cannon

Detatchment 2: Fortification Jorm
1xSporocyst, 5xDeathspitters

1998 points 12CP

>> No.56443605

not just big tanks, big everything. Dude was overcompensating his entire life.

>> No.56443615

>nda shit. They are kinda proped up by Magnus. They can deal with low toughness enough but they'll struggle majorly with anything high toughness. They don't have an effective way to deal with Hordes, and your Hqs are kinda shitty because Exalted Sorcs are hugely over cost if they have to resort to casting smite.
Too bad mate.
I still think im gonna run them tho, just for fun. never gonna anter a tournament but can they held in casual games?

>> No.56443616

Hey, are the nid thread downloads at the top dead for everyone else?

>> No.56443620

What kind of ground does it move on?

How far does it move at a time?

See this is why a baneblade wouldn't actually work and is absurdly ridiculous. It would only be able to operate in paved, rocky, or densly packed dirt terrain. And if it rains, time to scuttle the tank.

>> No.56443621

>Never mind then, until we get into melee it's useless and getting into melee and staying there is almost impossible now with all the falling back rules.
I deliberately worded it so that the bonuses from killing last until the beginning of your next turn, that way a good round of melee will protect your Bloodletters/Daemonettes/Plaguebeaerers in the following enemy shooting phase.

>> No.56443622

Killing someone with your own strength is pretty khorne.

Feeling of his own hand butchering bitches probably soothes his nails a bit too.

>> No.56443627

Or maybe oversized artillery and tanks are just cool as fuck. This compensating meme never made sense.

>> No.56443648

They're in the first mega now anyway

>> No.56443649

The big saw has been trying to dig itself out of the hole it fell it for its entire life. It still hasn't gotten out but the hole keeps getting bigger.

Thanksfully all his friend dump trucks keep taking the hole he digs up again so it doesn't fill in on him. Good going little dump trucks!

>> No.56443662

Dick jokes are their own justification anon, we don't need excuses for them

>> No.56443672

That's moderately better but would still probably be the weakest bonus given to a codex army.
I'd still take it over nothing but I'm pretty disillusioned and expecting nothing.
I can't get disappointed if I expect nothing.

>> No.56443675

OSL was a mistake

>> No.56443676


You're awfully quiet after I found a vehicle that is 46 times heavier than a Baneblade anon

>> No.56443685

Very mediocre. Rubricae are fairly durable, but Rend 2 Bolters aren't anything to write home about. Scarab Occult really need a 4++ base; they fold hard to any of the standard anti-TEQ weaponry. Both of them are awful casters. Tzaangors are okay. Too expensive too use as chaff/objective squatters, so you end up needing to dip into either Daemons or Cultists for that. Magnus or Ahriman will eat up all the good powers every turn, so you don't really want to run HQ sorcerers thanks to Psychic Focus.

If your opponent isn't running a casual list, you have to rely entirely on Magnus to carry your army. Which sucks, since people lose their God damn minds the minute they even think you're going to run Magnus.

>> No.56443686

Drive that vehicle across a river or down a hill.

>> No.56443688

Sure. Don't get me wrong I think they look top notch. They just have some glaring problems. I run two squads of rubic to hold the backline. Scarabs, and Tzaangors for horde control. With Fist/Scourge Helbrutes as can openers. I've never used Magnus, but considering all the salt he generates I'm assuming he's great.

>> No.56443689

How much for the Aggressors?
I got a regular kit and there's very little customisability there anyway, so if these are significantly cheaper I'd pick up at least one box.

>> No.56443697

The armor got broken and he simply stopped giving a shit.

airsprays were mistakes

>> No.56443712

>big everything
Maybe he was your typical dumbass politician that no one dared to say No to?

>Mein Fuhrer, we need to develop a weapon that can destroy the heavily fortified french Maginot line, Shall we request R&D begin to..
>Just have them make a bigger gun, say 80cm(800mm)
>Mein Fuhrer such a weapon would be too heavy to be carried by any vehicle we possess
>Well mount it on a train then
>Mein Fuhrer even on a traun such a weapons weight would buckle the tracks, perhaps we should...
>Well run another set of rails next to the first, will that support the weight?
>It would actually mein fuher but...
>I'm such a genius

>t. dumbass failed artist turned politician that thinks he knows anything about engineering.

>> No.56443719

Magnus is good ironically because he's everything TS are not.

He's a monster in melee, he busts open hard targets trivially, and he's lightning fast.

>> No.56443720

You sure ignored my reply >>56443620

Care to answer?

>> No.56443728

Drive a baneblade across a river or down a hill

This thing could probably pull the river off just fine since its tracks are like 200 feet long and 50 feet deep and it literally lives inside craters of its own making since it's a dedicated excavator, so I gotta assume it can handle hills just fine.

>> No.56443734

bahahaha you're probably reich

>> No.56443745

>Tfw you see a trap field a Baneblade it probably means they have a monster dong

>> No.56443748

Sure. Big blob of tzaangors with tzeentch blades getting zoomed forward with warptime is your friend. You'll also want some form of armored support with heavy weapons like a lascannon predator, helbrutes, or even a land raider.

>> No.56443751

I also paired it with army-wide Deep Strike, which does quite a bit. That version of Instability was just intended to help out Lessers and keep them from being so easily BTFO by morale when you try to unlock their horde bonuses.

With those two in place, I think all the Lessers really need is some nice new synergistic abilities and some Stratagems. Horrors are a bit more involved (I favor making their throwing fire based on the User Strength so that Heralds help them and making Brimstones only available via Split).

>> No.56443755

Did it work though?
You know the rules, if it looks stupid but it works then it's not stupid.
also it wasn't even Hitler that developed it you stupid cunt it was the Krupp family

>> No.56443764

Oh i figured you were a different anon since you didn't reference what you had challenged me to find and just mentioned the true thing that giant heavy tanks are a bad idea

>> No.56443768


Both good points. Much appreciated, anon. Now I just have to figure out how to convert some Berzerkers, like that other anon was saying, that don't look like they stepped off a boat from M1 to M41.

>> No.56443777

And if anyone fields a stormlord they're telling you they have not 1 but 2 chodes and also a gaping asshole capable of storing 40 dicks.

>> No.56443789

Curious, but I read that few of Perturabo's Brothers had anything decent to say about him or his legion, given their penchant for horrendous destruction and causalities.

Why don't they ever call the Iron Hands or Ferrus out on that?

Don't the Iron Hands do a lot of the same things the Iron Warriors do?

Also, is Temporia an Iron Warriors stronghold?

It seems like it is given it's ruled by a Warpsmith and it's mentioned by name in the Iron Warriors lore.

But this seems odd as it would imply the Warpsmith ruling it is pledged to a god, which seems like something the legion would frown on, unless Tzeentch is just letting him squat there rent free for the time being.

>> No.56443793

>tank can’t fit down street
>shoot the buildings blocking the way
>tank now has room
Problem solved

>> No.56443801

I want army-wide deepstrike, but I know we'll just get the shitty deepstrike stratagem that isn't a real deepstrike and fucks us if our opponent takes the first turn.

>> No.56443802

I really don't like Magnus' tit horns

>> No.56443804

>Did it work though?
no it didn't. It was absurdly impractical. And like many of the other "Miracle Weapons" it was excessively wasteful of supplies that were in dire need.

Obviously hitler didn't draw up the fuckin schematics for it, but he was the one barking that his scientists build all this retarded shit.

>> No.56443805


I answered here


It's a construction excavator, it works on loose sand and gravel and spends all its time making really big holes. It would handle most terrains fine because of the stunning width on its tracks. I have no fucking idea what its fuel economy is like or its top speed, but you don't know that about baneblades because they're a silly fantasy vehicle from a childrens game so it's a draw.

>> No.56443819

But now the building is still there, it's just in front of you in a giant pile your fat tank can't actually roll over.

>> No.56443821

Thanks guys.
Just by reading their stats in the index, I think the big issue is that you have a lot of pshychic capabilities but you don't have enough powers to use it.
Hopefully when a codex gets released they'll get the Death Guard treatment with 6 new powers and stratagems to fix the army.
nice army mate. they look great

>> No.56443834

I’m about to go haggle Eldar trades with another player who wants my old squad of Rangers, five Wraithguard, and a warlock. He’s got Fire Prisms, Falcons, and an on-sprue Wraithknight. I’m thinking I either ask for a Prism to pair up with my prexisting one, or take the big boy to add to my pile of other big boys to practice airbrushing on.

In the interest of making an informed decision, how do the Eldar heavy choices rank up these days?

>> No.56443837

Then don't use them. His chestplate is optional.

>> No.56443841

>would handle most terrains fine because of the stunning width on its tracks

Nope. It's operational range is measured in meters and it often sinks significantly into the ground. Which is fine though because it just needs to dig holes, not traverse a battlefield and rough terrain.

These excavators are assembled on site, and their work area is always fairly level.

>> No.56443848

I do red and browns personally.
GW Skull Kit for all the skulls and you can probably get a bunch of SM helmets cheap from Ebay or bitz sellers.

>> No.56443856

It did work actually, not in the battle it was intended for but it was deployed against the Soviets and among other things it fucked up a munitions depot, an underground munitions depot.
It was impractical and used too much resources, but it was fucking powerful and it worked.
I'm pretty sure Hitler's order was "we need a weapon that can punch through fortresses" and they made a gun that could punch through fortresses, sounds like a success to me even if the weapon made is impractical.

>> No.56443863

Yeah but I'm then im threatened by physique

I'd rather just use the plate but cut the horns off

>> No.56443864

Nah, I've only ever seen an Ork painted with yellow armour once and that was in Bloodbowl.

>> No.56443867

> Urge to buy Magnus to make him shirtless intensifies

>> No.56443872

and then you go and use one of the non-cyclopian heads.

>> No.56443882

>Nope. It's operational range is measured in meters and it often sinks significantly into the ground. Which is fine though because it just needs to dig holes, not traverse a battlefield and rough terrain.

Did you just read that on the back of your eyelids?

>The Bagger's operation requires 16.56 megawatts of externally supplied electricity.[4] It can travel 2 to 10 m (6.6 to 32.8 ft) per minute (0.1 to 0.6 km/h). The chassis of the main section is 46 m (151 ft) wide and sits on 3 rows of 4 caterpillar track assemblies, each 3.8 m (12 ft) wide. The large surface area of the tracks means the ground pressure of the Bagger 288 is very small (1.71 bar or 24.8 psi); this allows the excavator to travel over gravel, earth and even grass without leaving a significant track. It has a minimum turning radius of approximately 100 metres, and can climb a maximum gradient of 1:18 (5° incline).

Because you just fucking lied. It's electrically powered, has little ground pressure, and never sinks into anything.

>> No.56443889

Green iz best.

>> No.56443893

I'm not a big fan of them either, but without them there's a pair of big empty spaces on his armor and I can't free-hand/sculpt for shit. I don't have Magnus because I like the model. I have Magnus so that I can answer more competitive lists/opposing LoW's.
What's up with the Black Legion Prince?
I don't think army-wide deep strike is outside the realm of possibility. Daemons don't really need or want sub-faction bonuses (we already kind of have them with our special rules, and mono-god lists are really, really limited), so it makes sense to just give us a more in-depth faction bonus.

>> No.56443894

>lot of pshychic capabilities but you don't have enough powers to use it
Yes this is a huge problem. If you take our poster boys they'll cover all your power needs besides one of them, and Exalted Sorcs and even regular sorcs are just too damn expensive to just cast smite. For the cost of a exalted sorc I could take a supreme command of Malific Lords and put out 4 to 5 times the mind dakka.

>> No.56443895

Am I the only one who really dig the cyclopian head? It seems no one used it.

>> No.56443916

I'd call - never being fielded for it's intent - a failure.

Could you hammer the shit out of targets with it? Yeah no doubt. But so could 10.5cm artillery and you can bring a bunch of them to bear, fire them more often, be more accurate, and spend less money via munitions that way.

>> No.56443917

>malefic lord
Away, forge world meme!

Anyway, any news on the next codex? I swear to god, If TS are in line before christmas Im gonna cry.

>> No.56443930

>bio “Titan”
>biggest land organism the Tyranids can field
>barely bigger than a knight
>supposed to have 50 wounds and be able to withstand multiple monoliths firing at it
Why is this piece of shit so fucking tiny? This thing would get wrecked by warhound titans, let alone imperators. Is this the best the nids can do?

>> No.56443942

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEcius is kind of an idiot.

>> No.56443951

I would love for us to get a faction bonus for just deepstriking in, it would be fluffy.
But I'd also like warp storms and daemonic wargear.
Just because I'd like for my army to get good rules doesn't mean I'll get what I want.
Currently Daemons can take two routes, power creep actually hits as hard as it has been and we get awesome, fluffy rules and become WAAC of the week, or we get copy pasted stratagems and half assed army bonuses.

>> No.56443953

No, that's not even close to the largest tyranid titan, it's just the largest forge world ever bothered to produce. It was pretty impressive before the plastic stompa kit basically put everything else out of business.

>> No.56443955


It also weighs less than a Leman Russ.

>> No.56443968

Whats the most limited Mono-god list? My bet goes with Khorne since they have literally 0 range capabilities outside of a cannon that wants to be an anti-light vehicle weapon but doesn't even do that correct.

>> No.56443969

I've always wanted to take the "mask" face and smooth out the features, but show one eye. I'm a sucker for featureless masks though. If I ever buy the Crimson King that's probably how I'll do it.

>> No.56443972

Goddamnit GW has no idea what a ton is or how much of it anything should or should not weigh

>> No.56443984

It still worked.
It just wasn't ready for the battle they were originally preparing it for, but when they did field it the gun did it's job.

>> No.56443985

daemons in January. AoS is suppose to get a new faction and i think 40k does as well next year. maybe orks is after?

back in 7th it could go toe to toe with the daemon lords easily

>> No.56443988

Who said anything about how it's powered? How is that relevant at all?

>can climb a maximum gradient of 1:18 (5° incline)
That's even worse than I thought actually. 1:18 is a gentle incline.

I have a hard time believing that
>even grass without leaving a significant track
But they do have between 4 and 8 sets of treads depending on the model, while the baneblade has all of 2. So the bagger is going to displace a lot more weight than the baneblade can.

>> No.56443989


Fire Prism is the best of the ones you listed. Iyanden + running Spiritseers makes Wraithlords pretty solid as well but they'll never be a good. Falcons are somehow still slightly overcosted (or maybe not) but only really useful for transporting Fire Dragons, and you can just deepstrike those in for 1CP.

I'd grab the Fire Prism unless your theme is Iyanden

>> No.56443991

Listen you may not like it but this Is the Ideal tyranid Body, it is what peak performance looks like

>> No.56443992

He's from the scourged, that weird tzeentch warband. That's what my friend originally painted his chaos marines as for the many moons before all of the lovely thousand sons things came out.
I'll pass it along - It's my friend's first army he painted all on his own and I'm very proud of him. SO many years of claiming he could never paint shit and see? Anyone can paint an army.

>> No.56444008

Posted this on CYOA general but I feel like you guys would enjoy it as well.

>> No.56444012

>Away, forge world meme!
Fine. I could take a supreme command detachment with Heralds and do twice the mind dakka. My point is that they are just not cost effective for what they do. This could be fixed if they give us a shit ton of powers like Eldar, but I don't see that happening.
>Anyway, any news on the next codex?
Next two are Dangles and Bangles. Not sure on the order. With Daemons getting the first codex of 2018.

>> No.56444017

What are some must-have Dark eldar units?

>> No.56444034

Tallarn general w/ orgyn bodyguard

Plot: The Emperor Awakens

>> No.56444040

>warp storms
Stratagem for sure.
>daemonic wargear
If you mean random tables we have to roll on, then fuck that noise. That was a pain in the ass.
At least Khorne has a gun. Slaanesh and Nurgle are melee only, no items, Final Destination.

>> No.56444041

Choose your own adventure? How does this work? Looks kind of cool.

>> No.56444048

What is this? It looks nice

>> No.56444051


>Who said anything about how it's powered? How is that relevant at all?

Matters for fuel economy since its fuel range is basically 'how long is your cable'.

>That's even worse than I thought actually. 1:18 is a gentle incline.

Yeah that's pretty bad, but that's probably limited much less by the power train than it is just limited by the fact that it basically has a suspension bridge cradling a massive buzz saw balanced on top of it so leaning in any direction is a bad idea. This is not a weapon of war.

>I have a hard time believing that
>even grass without leaving a significant track
But they do have between 4 and 8 sets of treads depending on the model, while the baneblade has all of 2. So the bagger is going to displace a lot more weight than the baneblade can.

The ground pressure of 28psi seems pretty believable. That's less notably less than a sedan. The leman russ tracks are way to thin to ever work. The Baneblades actually seem somewhat proportional to its size so it may do ok.

>> No.56444072

Yea i just looked into it an Cypher must of just modified his armour since even Mk 2 had gauntlets on them. Could just say my Zerkers greves broke and they shoves boots over the broken shoes if converting them seems too tedious a process. Would still paint them a light grey/white to match the rest of the pre-heresy era marines.

>> No.56444084

>Fire Prism unless your theme is Iyanden
Why? a Lyanden Fire Prism will be more effective for longer compared to other craftworlds.

>> No.56444101

pretty straight forward, just choose one category (in this case imperial citizen, imperial guard, orks etc) then spend spend the points you're given (100 in this case) in your chosen category, you can save up points for the bonuses section and the plot. Unfortunately these days CYOAs are more plot generators than actual adventures.

>> No.56444107

None of the tables this edition are rolled on anymore, select warlord trait and psychic powers means any daemonic wargear tables wouldn't be forced to roll on either. I didn't say tables either, just wargear for sergeant equivalents and characters, whips and witstealer swords for Slaanesh, flaming swords and daemon axes for Khorne, plague weapons and diseases for Nurgle, staves and wands or something for Tzeentch.
Warp Storms being a shitty stratagem is what I'm worried about, it'll probably be like the Chaos Boon stratagem, looks cool but never goes off and isn't worth spending CP on.

>> No.56444125


>> No.56444131

>If you gave them 6's always hit and double the RoF of their guns it might be enough.

It actually doesn't. Ork shooting is so badly priced that, baring a unit like Kannons who would be somewhat decent just because they're so cheap and do D6 dmg, even doubling their rate of fire doesn't make them worth fielding.

And even if you doubled the rate of fire, always hit on 6's still doesn't do much for the army. A Stormraven takes 60 Rokkit shots to take down, and doubling rate of fire merely cuts that to 30. Either way, there is no effective way to field that many rokkits for cheap. What Orks need are massive points drops to most of the index so that our worthless shooting units are at least priced like worthless shooting units. Why the fuck is a twin-linked rokkit launcha 28 points?

21 wounds, so 7 rokkits needed. 1/3rd fail to wound so 10 hits needed. 60 shots needed

>> No.56444148


Exodite - 5
Uncommon Weapon - 5
Uncommon Weapon again - 5
Extraordinary Luck - 30
Adept Psyker - 20

I'm a fucking prescient Exodite with a Laser Lance and an explosive crossbow riding a velociraptor. I do not give a fuck what is going on in the so called plot.

Plot: Boldly Going Forward (15)
Because I really don't care what the Tau do, I'm on a dinosaur

Total: 90 but lol who cares I'm on a LASER T-REX

>> No.56444158

Cover Your Own Ass?

>> No.56444166


Because if you're running Iyanden and you're not at least mostly Wraith-themed you're a huge faggot. It's not a tactics thing, it's a theme thing.

Ironically Iyanden traits make giant Guardian units and non-wraith vehicles your most attractive options but whatever

>> No.56444167 [DELETED] 

Cuck your nigger's anus

>> No.56444180

>AoS is suppose to get a new faction
hopefully, its been a while. Orks would be good also, so maybe orkfags could stop whining. 8th codices so far have been extremely good, even for legendary bad armies like nids
>This could be fixed if they give us a shit ton of powers like Eldar, but I don't see that happening.

Itll definetely happen, but the real question is: when? I mean, its a pretty recent army.
>With Daemons getting the first codex of 2018.
interesting. i don't really care since Death guard codex has all the Nurgle demons i need for my DG army and i don't plan on playing tzeench demons, even with my (future)thousand sons army(THEY ARE LOYALIST!), but hopefully theyll make demons viable again without resorting to shitty gimmicks(COUGH brimstones(COUGH)

>> No.56444181

>no tyranid hive tyrant option

>> No.56444193

i laughed

>> No.56444204

>8th codices so far have been extremely good
They've mostly been meh. The last three or so have been really good but the first 5 were mostly meh.

>> No.56444216

>largest land organism the Tyranids can field
Not even fucking close, it’s just the largest Tyranid model. In fluff it’s the most commonly seen biotitan and Most of the art and descriptions of it have it being way bigger than what the model suggests. . Also, unlike the other factions, Tyranids can make one of these in a few days. Orks can probably have a gargant up in a few weeks, but everyone else takes years to even repair a titan.

If I remember correctly, one of the ultramarines books had a fuckhuge biotitan that puts this to shame, but I can’t remeber the source

>> No.56444235

>AoS is suppose to get a new faction
by "new" they mean flavor of vampire.

Like how there are 2 "new" dwarf factions, steampunk dwarves and raging 80's metal band dwarves.

We're almost certainly getting some sort of chivalric vampire faction to stand opposite the feral vampire faction flesh eater courts.

They'll probably roll elements of breton into it as well. Which doesn't totally rape the fluff, because that's basically what the blood dragon vampire sect was.

>> No.56444256

>no hive tyrant option
>no broodlord option
>no genestealer primus option
Fucking dropped, get this gay shit out of here

>> No.56444264

My magnus is the cyclopian head.

I don't like the Dreamworks smirk on the normal face and the mask just looks like a poorly sculpted face rather than an actual mask. Also if I wanted a mask, I would prefer it to be more Egyptian looking

>> No.56444278

is 5 man squads of Zerkers the way to go?

>> No.56444285

Link to the leaks?
Im eager for new Aos shit, hopefully its a "complete"new faction. if they give us just a codex like the savage orcs or flash eater court they better release at least 2.
>Nurgle Book fucking WHEN

>> No.56444300


>You wake up and the Hive Mind obliterates all independent thought, if any existed at all, and replaces them with its own. Your role in this adventure is over.

noice that was fun

>> No.56444310

fuck you i take over the hivemind with sheer will

>> No.56444344

So the tyranid hivemind creates a
in the warp.

What do nulls like the culexus do?

What the the effects of nulls on tyranid synapse creatures? Can they feel it? Does it disrupt their synapse?

>> No.56444348

>Ork shooting needs buffed because it's difficult to wipe out a flying land raider in a single turn of shooting with non-anti-air weapons
I don't even disagree that Orks need buffed, but stop being stupid.

>> No.56444384

Fire prism is good with multi shot now, but doesn't do the most damage.
Dark reapers continue to be amazing, but are still t3.
Haven't tried wraithlord since the t8 boost. I think it will help a lot.
Falcon seems decent now, same points as bright Lance ws, but exchanging extra defense for extra shot.
Vauls wrath I have no idea.

>> No.56444421


It turns out that the Hive Mind is just concentrated REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE autistic screeching, which obliterates your mind once you consume it. You die alongside all other Tyranids.

Would you like to start the adventure over, Savior of Mankind?

>> No.56444430

60 shots over 5 turns means you need to keep 12 rokkit launchas alive AND shooting AND in range the entire game. Basically impossible.

The entire point is that it is unreasonable to expect an ork army to be able to shoot a flyer down at all, let alone with a reasonably army build. It's not "being stupid" it's "Illustrating how fucking absurdly bad ork shooting is by using its standard anti tank weapon against the games most popular flyer".

>> No.56444439


It takes 18 Tankbustas shots to kill a Rhino.

But sure, let's use the single Anti-air gun the Orks have, the Traktor Kannon. After all, that's what we should be using right?

Traktor Kannon hits on a 4+ normally, but it doesn't have a bonus to hit Flyers so it hits on 5+. It does D6 dmg which averages to 3.5dmg per hit, at Ap-2 and Str 8. With a 5+ save against it, the Stormraven has effectively 21 wounds, meaning you'd need to wound it 6 times to bring it down. Str 8 means you fail to wound 1/3 times, so you have to wound it 9 times. At 5+ to hit, that means 27 shots, at a grand cost of 1080 points.

Bear in mind that the Stormraven can straight up delete a full Boyz mob each turn so if you don't take it down you face a massive problem.

>> No.56444440

If you are doing the alpha legion missle or warptime missle, no.

If you are playing WE and just spamming them, then yes.

>> No.56444467

Whoever makes the new general, fix the pasta. Duncan and maths.

>> No.56444481

I'd say that's more "Stormravens are OP".

>> No.56444493


Did you miss the part about how it takes 18 anti tank rounds to kill the games most basic transport?

>> No.56444540

So 3 squads of 5 zerkers should make up my troops then? seems rather ineffective but i am assuming this is just for troop tax.

>> No.56444549

Can eldar pull off fish fuckers with wave serphants vectored engines and warlock buffs?

>> No.56444553

Sure if you don't want to play berserkers in WE list too much.

>> No.56444555

How do you deal with wraithguard(? the smaller ones that are tough as balls and have amazing dakka) as EC?

I charge them and they fall back then shoot with their special rule, I can't out-dakka them with all their psychic support.

>> No.56444561

Its harder but its still possible to win

>> No.56444566

In one of the shield of Baal novels there was a broodlord who existed for decades with independent thought. We actually got to see from it’s perspective, and how it had a vendetta it wanted to accomplish before it’s sentience was overwhelmed by the hive mind.

>> No.56444579

But that basic transport can't delete a mob per turn

>> No.56444592

Conceal can't buff wave serpents anymore.

>> No.56444594

They're slow and VERY expensive.

My advice would be to almost ignore them, kill other stuff hes not protecting or if you're able kill them when he throws them in a dangerous position.

Also they have what a 12 inch range on shooty?

>> No.56444598

I dont really know what a fluffy WE list looks like. I just sorta got into them today as a base for my Khorne Daemons list to shore up some of the problems Daemons have.

>> No.56444599

I want to use Legion Breacher Squads with Plasma Guns swapped in as Company Veterans. Is this a retarded idea?

It would basically mean Plasma Gun + Storm Shield vets in 5-man squads with 4 of them having the above loadout and a sergeant who's useless. Slightly more expensive than Sternguard (20~ points) but with STORMSHIELD PLASMAVETS

>> No.56444606

Fuark didn't know that. Guess you could iyaden

>> No.56444616

Their expensive and slow with shot range.
Use those things.

Also surround them. You need to be able to get over an inch away to withdraw.

>> No.56444624

Give the sergeant a combi weapon - storm bolters are very efficient, and combi-flamers aren't bad.

Just make sure they have access to re-rolling 1s to hit, and bonus points if they have a way to go fast.

>> No.56444632

Blow up their transport immediately for a possible Insta kill. If foot slogging kill the acommpying warlock or spiritseer.

Then kite and kill from afar with missiles and high damage.

If he let's those things get hit you're already winning.

>> No.56444641

A lot of people calling altioc the best didn't bother reading the codex other than the craftworld benefits.

>> No.56444650

I support you anon. They're not a good investment but breacher shields are cool as fuck. Just remember these guys are all 1 wound models so you need to be careful with them cause those shields will draw a lot of fire.

>> No.56444655

They deep struck in and blew up my LR so I kind of was forced to deal with them, but maybe I should have just tried to run from them.

I never thought to surround them

I got it down to 2 from a squad of 10 after I deep struck my obliterators in and endless cacophany'd them

>> No.56444662

well fuck fluff for one thing. Secondly if you got demons already take a astartes demon prince so you get access to astartes strategems and some self buffs on the DP with some warptime.

>> No.56444688

If he doesnt have d scyths use horde like units on them. The huge hits are pointless on weak shit.

>> No.56444691

dubs decides what craftworld I play

>> No.56444698


>> No.56444702

Yeah, the runes of battle only working on infantry and bikers is a big part of why the fluff and rules are so divergent right now - farseers buff wraithlords better than spiritseers do.

>> No.56444709

Iyanden. Because I hate painting yellow, and you will too

>> No.56444710


>> No.56444711

It takes 9 shots from ML Havocs, who cost about twice as much as Tankbustas. Sure, Tankbustas need a buff, but it's not as dire as you're making it seem.

>> No.56444718

you need a herald of nurgle to really boost your DG to the next level

>> No.56444724

Well one rounding land raiders can come a few ways from cw eldar.
Quicken up some fire dragons into melta range.
2 fire prism with the linked fire.

>> No.56444728

Welp, looks like you're playing orks

>> No.56444730

Biel-Yanden, a homebrewed Craftworld that you wrote a forty-six page background about where the greatest minds of two Craftworlds formed a new one. You insist you should be allowed to play with all the benefits of two and you enter a childish sulk when denied and told to pick one.

>> No.56444738

He deep struck the wraithguard(?) and a fire dragon squad with some stratagem. It was pretty wicked.

I ended up winning because noise marines are amazing vs their cover saves, and endless cacophony on obliterators managed to eat enough of his wraithguard that I kept the other half of the field's objectives to myself.

But I really felt like I didn't have an answer

>> No.56444745

RoB couldn't effect wraithknights/Lord's in 7th either.
They work great on wraithguard.

>> No.56444749

Well i plan on starting a Khorne Daemons force. I asked earlier whether or not I should plan my army as a WE with Khorne Daemon Allies or Khorne Daemons with WE allies. someone recommended i go WE with Daemon Allies. So i was trying to figure out how to start a base of WE that would be fluffy.

>> No.56444759

Indeed they do. Alaitoc Concealed Wraithguard are the business.

>> No.56444783

look up necrosius the undying in the fw lists because he costs as much as a plaguecaster and gives poxwalkers the plague surgeon buff automatically

plague marines are overcosted, and I don't see how anyone can win with them as a centerpiece to their army. MSU cultists or pox for objectives, and pox and plaguebearers for tarpits

>> No.56444795

Tankbustas are solid on vehicles that they can hit on at least a 5+, thanks to their reroll misses.

If they're hitting on 6+ or shooting at something that isn't a vehicle they blow chunks.

So it turns out Tankbustas are good at busting tanks, not at busting aircraft.

>> No.56444800

The problem with World Eaters with Khorne Daemon allies is that both do the same thing (chop shit up) but have the same weaknesses (everything other than chopping shit up). I'd just start working on Khorne Daemons for now and wait for the new codex in two months. That way you can have a solid core of Daemons by the time the codex comes out.

>> No.56444811

I was thinking about picking up a Bloodthirster or Start collecting for christmas.

>> No.56444812

>So it turns out Tankbustas are good at busting tanks, not at busting aircraft.
Damn, who could've seen that coming?

>> No.56444822

>Craftworld buff requires that enemy be over 12" away
>Slow unit with max 12" gun.
How about using quicken and protect, with biel tan relic for reroll. Or iyanden strat letting spiritseers reach further so wraithcannons all hit.
Or ulthwe for a benefit that works at short range.

>> No.56444833

Yeah, it actually only takes 13.5 Tankbustas to kill a Rhino, which is decent. Plus is proves yet again that Orkfags can't into math.

>> No.56444841

whatever you do, make sure you have some havoc squads with lascannons punching their big guns in the face. WE and demons in particular need some breathing room to get in position and if your rhinos get rekt by a predator that you didn't bring anything to stop then you will have a bad time. I run my havocs with 5 men and 3-4 have lascannons and bolt guns on the rest

>> No.56444842

Shit, yeah, if you're planning on starting the army in the New Year anyways, don't bother worrying about CSM. Just wait for the codex in January.

>> No.56444845

That seems like a lot of tankbustas.

>> No.56444856

it is only 160ish points to kill a 70 point vehicle

>> No.56444858


>> No.56444863


>> No.56444871

That was the original idea for it. the WE were suppose to shore up the holes of having no Anti-Armour in a Khorne Daemons list.

>> No.56444872

Bad Moonz klan would be pretty well respected if you can paint it well. Most common Ork scheme I see is Evil Sunz, by far, followed by Goffs.

You could always go for a different Klan per squad, it's what my Waaagh! Ghazghkull army's supposed to be when it's organized.

When in doubt, brown should be your default predominant color for clothing, as it meshes well with green skin, and combines as a neutral color to red, yellow, blacks, and even blues or camouflage.

Plastic Meganobz kind of weedy for a warboss, Grukk and others are very much noticeably bigger. Consider the Kromlech "Orc Chieftain."

>> No.56444877

Reece assures me that Orks are good.

>> No.56444880

In one round, and the vehicle has no offense, it's all defense.

Expecting everything to kill it's points in one round is a fucking stupid criteria.

>> No.56444886

Did you see him whining earlier on stream? It was fucking hilarious.

>> No.56444887

How about the REAL Eldar from Commoragh, like the Lord intended.

>> No.56444895

No, tell me more

>> No.56444897

Ooh, any links? That amount of salt must have been tasty.

>> No.56444909

So close.... I'll second that notion

>> No.56444911

Let my Aun'Shi go.

>> No.56444925

expecting bustas to actually make up their points at all is stupid. you would think that with their gimped range and no saves that they could at least pop a rhino for less than double its cost

>> No.56444933

RaW you can argue that the active player's characters can Heroic Intervention after he's resolved all of his charges, which Reece's opponent did. Reece got super salty since that's probably not the RaI or how anybody actually plays. Brought the entire end of the game to a screeching halt.

>> No.56444941


I was just going to stick them in Rhinos with Sternguard and advance a Sergeant up there with them in another Rhino, or something like that


Yeah I'm doing it 99% for cool and 1% for Plasma + Shields being slightly useful. Nice models anon, I like all the shield guys.

>> No.56444960

Wait what?
Isn't HI after one of your units is charged.
How can you do this after you charge yourself?

>> No.56444974

>Captured "alive" by Dark Eldar

I've got some bad news for you anon...

>> No.56444975

Sounds reasonable? All of the changes are supposed to happen at once, right?

>> No.56444981

>their gimped rang
24" on a non-heavy ain't bad.
>no saves
Get with the times, grandpa.
It's closer to like 230- can't forget to buy the rokkits. Still, that's actually significantly cheaper than the point cost of enough MEQ ML's to kill a Rhino.

>> No.56444982


If odds, Lugganath with 50% of the models being Forgeworld (Corsairs, Wasps, Hornets, Warp Hunters, Lynx). You can pick the craftworld trait.

If even, Yme-Loc and every single unit must either be a tank or be mechanized. You can pick the craftworld trait.

If you're a huge faggot who insists on playing one of the named craftworlds then you get Iyanden

>> No.56444986

He's fightin in the pits, yo.

>> No.56445020

It's a super shaky RaW argument (probably about as sound as the "can Celestine teleport around the table with the relic" bullshit), but Heroic Intervention states:
>After the enemy has completed all of their charge moves, any of your characters that are within 3" of an enemy unit may perform a Heroic Intervention.
Reece's opponent argued that this meant that he could, on his own turn, Heroically Intervene after Reece completes all zero of his Charge moves. This causes all sorts of shenanigans (automatically get into melee without rolling, get into melee after advancing, bypass overwatch). It's the kind of move that's interesting to think about but should immediately be met with shunning if tried IRL.

>> No.56445028

If that's the case he may actually be with Lelith now after half of Commoragh got nuked and she left with the turbo-autists. Or maybe he got nuked. Kinda fuzzy on the post Ynnari lore.

>> No.56445055

The one with eldrad

>> No.56445059

His opponent sounds autistic as fuck. The amount of stupid RAW arguments so far in 8th is easily the worst part of 8th.

>> No.56445068

Your welcome

>> No.56445084

Well then that's pretty justified salt.
That's at the "well good game, I'm not playing you again" level of rules lawyer bs.

>> No.56445086

My favorite is the one that says you can make a pile in and consolidate move even if you fail your charge, which is 100% how the rules read but obviously not how anyone, even GW, run it.

>> No.56445088

same as usual

the shadow in the warp isn't an actual null field it's just psychic noise.

>> No.56445105

Oh hey i won

>> No.56445108


He's just fiiiine, he can handle himself

>> No.56445122


some gay homebrew

>> No.56445129 [SPOILER] 

Alright, I'm trying to do the impossible: Make a competitive TAC Ork tourney list. Here's what I have come up with, with the models I have.

Battalion Detachment
>Big Mek w/ KFF - 75
>Big Mek w/ KFF - 75
>Big Mek w/ KFF - 75

>30x Slugga Boyz w/ PK Nob - 224
>19x Shoota Boyz w/ Nob - 114
>19x Shoota Boyz w/ Nob - 114

Spearhead Detachment
>Weirdboy w/ Warpath- 62
>Weirdboy w/ Da Jump- 62

>5x Flash Gitz w/ 5x Ammo Runts - 155
>Battle Wagon w/ 4x RL - 209
>Battle Wagon w/ 4x RL - 209
>Battle Wagon w/ 4x RL - 209

Vanguard Detachment
>Boss Snikrot - 69pts

>7x Kommandos w/ BCNob, 2x Burnas - 72
>6x Kommandos w/ BCNob, 2x Burnas - 63
>6x Kommandos w/ BCNob, 2x Burnas - 63

Total: 1850

The basics of this list if not apparent, is that the kommandos tie up a couple nasty shooting or elite units (maybe try and pick off a poorly positioned character), while my weirdboyz cast their spells on the slugga boyz so they can murder ball or tar pit something big.
All the while my battle wagons with boyz are mowing down infantry or grabbing objectives while my battle wagon with the Flash Gitz go tank and monster hunting.

You guys think this could take on some of the common lists out there? I think a squad of 30 boyz with warpath on the charge would force enough saves to make even Guilliman or Magnus pause. Does the mathhammer support this? I dunno. But I don't see how I could do better.

>> No.56445130

After reading the index I've been thinking about adding a death watch team to my marines for some fun, any thoughts? Have you guys made any meme teams that ended up being better than expected?

Killteam BRRRRRT 652pts patrol:
Watch Master
5 veterans with stormbolters
3 terminators with assault cannons+sword
Corvus Blackstar with assault cannons+hurricane bolter

>> No.56445134

Ya did it

>> No.56445136

So me and my friends are jumping back into 40k now that 8th edition codexes are rolling out and we ran into a rules question

The scenario was as follows:
My friend charges my leman russ with a unit of plague marines with miasma of pestilence on them. I use the defensive gunners stratagem, am I hitting overwatch on 5's or 6's? We figured 6's because overwatch is technally shooting but we weren't sure.

>> No.56445139

Put his head upside down and add a pair of arms.

Khorne worshipping nids are the best.

>> No.56445146

Actually what seems to happen was that Reece rolled to charge with his Avatar and then the guy immediately heroic intervened after that one charge since all charges take place at the same time technically. The thing was that even after that though at the end the guy was totally willing to take back the heroic intervention thing and play from their but reece refused to.

>> No.56445149

-hit penalties apply to all phases unless specified

>> No.56445150

Yme-Loc scheme is best scheme

>> No.56445151

Overwatch ignores modifiers

>> No.56445156

Overwatch explicitly ignores modifiers.

>> No.56445163


I prefer a similar SW grey + red scheme but Yme-Loc is pretty good too. The real question is: white shuriken weaponry on Guardians, or black?

White is right

>> No.56445170

That is not what happened, and that doesn't even begin to make sense RaW. HI literally tells you that it happens after ALL the charge moves are completed. Reece even started listing off the issues with the "HI on your own turn" interpretation.

>> No.56445173

That's not even close to the same thing

>> No.56445180

Da fuq is there salt on some bases and lava on other ?

>> No.56445184


>> No.56445198


That's absolutely 100% fucking retarded either way, but Reece deserves it for being a tourneyfag.

I really don't even see the point in WAACfag RAW arguments since you're no longer playing the game, but rather playing a sub-game of "who can exploit the black letter of the poorly written rules?" Also as a lawyer I seriously resent the title of "rules lawyer,"
there's a time and a place (or times and places) for semantic arguments, and miniatures gaming is not fucking one of them.

>> No.56445207


Good to know, thanks.

>> No.56445211


>> No.56445214

RAW it's "any unit that has charged" and I don't think it has to qualify that with "charged successfully" - if you fail your role, you attempted to charge, but didn't.

>> No.56445226

>Reece deserves it for being a tourneyfag
Beyond even being a tourneyfag, Reece deserves it for pretending to be a play-tester for GW.

>> No.56445232

>Also as a lawyer I seriously resent the title of "rules lawyer,"
there's a time and a place (or times and places) for semantic arguments, and miniatures gaming is not fucking one of them.
That's why they gave it such a sleazy name such as 'Rules Lawyering'

>> No.56445248

If you're going to be taking deathwatch veterans with stormbolters, you might as well take company veterans and benefit from your chapter tactic. Stormbolters do not benefit from special ammunition.

>> No.56445251

Replace the flash gitz, the kommandos, and snikrot with boys or stormies plus zag. Unfortunately every infantry unit in the index is so shit poor for it's points that the list you posted would just get fucked in the mouth by the usual girlyman+assback spam.

Our only hope atm is to literally drown them bodies. Stormies and Zag are good because they're still cheap enough to be points effecient and can also assault fliers, and more boyz will give you that much more of a chance to get into CC. Honestly, I'd replace one of the meks with a bike boss for run charges and the battlewagons for more boyz and more weirdboyz as well. I don't have the index to do the math but in a 1850 list you should be able to run 120 boyz no problem. Thats like 680 IIRC? Still leaves 2/3 of your points to be spent on stormies, meks, and bosses.

>> No.56445281

So i just watched it back and this all happened during reece's charge phase. I created a clip but it wont let me post the link for it. Its the 7th clip down on their clips page.

>> No.56445288

New thread when?

>> No.56445289

The thing is that the rulebook explicitly refers to a unit that failed as a "charging unit" after it failed. The line is "If the first model cannot be placed within 1 inch of an enemy model from a unit that you targetted then the charging unit does not move in the charge phase." It implies that charging is not related to getting within one inch, and then further states that it just doesn't move in the charge phase, not doesn't move period. Again, it's not the correct interpretation but it is very much what the rules are suggesting.

>> No.56445292


>> No.56445296

Are Wraithblades any good? I kinda want to do a wraithstar with two squads and the Lyanden relic

>> No.56445312

>600+ replies
>page 10
Jesus Christ someone make a new bread already

>> No.56445315


Law is a self-regulated profession solely because the members of the bar generally have a higher degree of integrity than members of the general public. You're unlikely to meet the sort of unsavory neckbeard faggot who would make that argument in law. It's fucking stupid. The only place where you might expect to find lawyers who are as shitty as television would suggest is the USA, because the market is grossly oversaturated.

That said, this is /tg/ not /argueoverwhichprofessionisshit/ so let's move on

>> No.56445363

>tfw stormbolters are better than special issue ammo
>tfw an 11 point sister of battle is slightly better than a 19 point DW veteran

>> No.56445408

Random anon here but:
OBJECTION! I think the whole point to call it "rule lawyering" is because lawyers discuss laws with lawyers, and rule lawyers enjoy rules discussion with rule lawyers, but if rule lawyer meets regular wargamer they dont enjoy the discussion and it brings negative connotation.

I do enojy rule lawyering with people who also do it, but i would not bore an opponent who just wants to play.

>> No.56445481

4+ BS firing heavy weapons isn't exactly great at shooting.

It doesn't even get close to spamming Russes, which also get ObSec and have commanders/orders available...

>> No.56445693

I'm an Ork player. I'm the one that pointed out they're good at busting tanks and mediocre at killing other stuff.

>> No.56445747

goddammit GW do bitz orders please. i know i can order this from chinaman for 2 usd..

it is my dream to build a nurgling army

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