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Lovers, edition.

>Beastman model thing coming soon

>latest news
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ViyjCYsy1w [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs and Errata, GW up to 1.3, FW up to 1.2:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Tyranid Codex (Expires 18/Nov)

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First for Trygons.

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I'm torn as to what to do for Imperial Guard, I can't decide between Death Korps or Vostroyan Firstborn, I like the aesthetic of both, but I'm not sure if I want to do an entirely metal army. As well, Death Korps are expensive, but look amazing.

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nth for admitting that non-god affiliated legions are NPC tier and only good for memes in a post 4e Codex world

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all camo cloak/sniper scouts or missile launcher specialist, SMs?

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my dudes > your dudes

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Get some style, nibba

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I respect your opinion and good taste, and present you with my favourite nid model in exchange.

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Just got crushed by some tyranids. I'm guessing that their codex is really good?

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Vostroyan, fuck those edgey masochists, brutal imperialism ftw

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There isn´t enough Vostroyans on the tables, and I swear if I see another krieg army with the french scheme and muddy bases im going to kill myself.

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Go Vostroyan, every mother fucker be wanking over Death korp.

Buck the trend friendo

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What is everyone else's favourite model from their faction?

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Forgive me father for I have sinned.

I build my tyrant with wings even though I think walking tyrants look cooler even if they're not half as good.

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How would the Secutarii treat Knight Titan Knights? Would they view them as like little brothers to the titans or consider them totally insignificant to their charges?
Do these guys still exist in 40k?

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I really like the Emperor's Champion

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This thread has been blessed by the righteous! PSYKERS KEEP MOVING, THIS IS A WITCH-FREE THREAD!.

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Necron: Destroyers
Admech: Dragoons
Thousand Sons: Ahriman
GSC: your basic neophyte cultist

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What the fuck is this fanfiction cancer?

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>thousand sons
My dream is this in 40k

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Well, I guess I'll go for them Vostroyans. Any good third party stuff I can use to make them, or should I go all metal for it?

>I swear if I see another Krieg army with the French scheme and muddy bases I'm going to kill myself.
I didn't want to do that at all, I swear.
I wanted to do them white on fresh trenches

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Is tzeentch even worth playing without fagnus and 100 brimstones?

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Idea for Death Guard List:

Daemon Prince with Talons and Wings, Suppurating Plate Relic and Arch-Contaminator Warlord Trait. 180
Malignant Plaguecaster, 110

Noxious Blightbringer, 70

5 Plague Marines with 2 Blight Launchers and 1 Plasma Gun, 136
5 Plague Marines with 2 Blight Launchers and 1 Plasma Gun, 136
5 Plague Marines with 2 Blight Launchers and 1 Plasma Gun, 136
5 Plague Marines with 2 Blight Launchers and 1 Plasma Gun, 136

Plagueburst Crawler with Slugger and 2 Entropy Cannons, 156
Plagueburst Crawler with Slugger and 2 Entropy Cannons, 156

Lord with Combi-Plasma and Balesword, 95

Blight Hauler, 142
Bloat Drone with 2 Spitters, 158
Bloat Drone with 2 Spitters, 158
Bloat Drone with 2 Spitters, 158

Total: 1927.

Also summon a Herald of Nurgle with fleshy abundance for 70 pts. Buffs the daemon prince and drones with +1s. Can also heal them.


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I love this guy, his IG shit is amazing, but for your guys you'll probably need to kitbash if you dont want to spend 6 gorillion

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Yes because not everyone is a boring ass tournament wannabe

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Look into historical miniatures - there are some 28mm ones that fit the Vostroyan theme out there.

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This cunt. Specifically this model and not the new, shitty one.

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Fire Warriors

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Excuse me good sir. My sensor detects a high amount of waacfaggotry radiating off of you. Please step into the back, and never mind the big guys with guns.

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I've seen Mad robot, that stuff looks good. Was actually tempted to get some of those Lucky 87s for if I ever play HH.
Any specific recommendations? I assume I need to look at Napoleonic stuff.

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Get ye more boy.

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you could run them as dreadnoughts

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Warpsmith is a really cool mini, I just wish he was plastic

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Vostroyans are a bit..problematic anon. unless you are very very trusting in your conversion abilities dont buy them as your main army.
Since there is only a single squad for sale the poses will become very recognisable when you have more than 2 of the same guy. Especially with someone very recognisable like sergeants.

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>not wanting to lose 100% of games because literally every unit is shit except for 2-3 is waacfag
Seriously. They all suck except for fagnus, brims, and changeling.

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Love the Lord Commissar model

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you could make your own doctor octopus

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Been thinking about magnetizing my tyrant when I get it because I am uncertain about wings. If I end up going Jorm I don't want a flyrant. Plus thinking about what possible poses I could do with it and well, let's just say I am a fan of dragons and want to see if I can get it on four legs instead of bipedal, though that is a bit WAACfaggy due to lower profile and all that since the wings don't count for seeing a model.

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Am I the only one that hates the designs of Power Sword blades? they look like slightly sharpened cudgels with a really cut-oriented tip

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The Predator Baal, I love the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT

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>Space Marines
The emperors champion or the death company chaplain

Maleceptor all day

Bonus round for factions I don't care for
Shadowseer (they guy with the faceless mask)

Great squiggoth

Fire dragons

>dark eldar
The entire fucking model range

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I've never found a good substitute for the tendrils

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How about a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour. I am asking this in the assumption that i will be able to some how fit new arms on the BaC Terminator captain even tho hes mono pose.

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Quints decide if I start a tyranid army, and if so which hive fleet.

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>warpsmiths can't take conversion beamers
>no doctor octogonapus

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Warlord Games has a good range including some nice multi part plastic kits under their "Black Powder" ruleset. They're similarly proportioned to GW.

Also, they have Winged Hussars you could use as Rough Riders, and we ALL know you want to.

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I really need to repaint mine. Look at that smug face,

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>army is 90% nearly literal dumpster fire tier
>lol get good ecksdee

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That is how special snowflakes get born.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Rogal Dorn should have been the surviving primarch, not girlyman and his faggots

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>Winged Hussars you could use as Rough Riders
Oh Fuck Yes.

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He's alive, calm down.

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The Warp has overtaken me. Do you hear the voices too?

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Why is his face half Spock and half Kirk though?

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I hear one voice. The will of the Hive Mind.

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*Sanguinius, was looking at something else

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Wanted to spice up my army so converted my Dark Angels to Fallen.

Look good?

Pls don't bully.

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Already got the army I want, going to buy guants, carnifexes and everything related to spores next (yes, even biovores).

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guitar wire or wire wrapped paperclips with the servo arm ends of SM rocket launchers

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>tfw rejected from employment by GW

I was so excited boys

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They're entirely usable in casual play of your local playgroup isn't stained by waacfaggotry. You sound like you want tg to justify your use of hyper competitive netlist bullshit. Rubrics and tzaangors are fine, if a bit weak and lacking in codex improvements.

If you're trying to make a mono tzeentch daemons army though, I'm sorry. I hope things will be fixed with your codex because they suck total ass even in casual play.

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Biovores are great.

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And I am sold to Chaos, hence I need a strong call.

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What position, lad?

>> No.56437363

at a store or back office?

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fucking kek, great conversion anon, you take kitbashing to a whole new level

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Rules wise but people make fun of them for being cum cannons, big balled bombardiers, dicked destroyers.

>> No.56437389

How convertable are they? If I can give them plasma guns easily enough I'm sold. Actually i'm sold anyway, but I want to know.

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>No crested head

It's shit.

No seriously I get that every other part of the model is a huge step up in quality, but no crested head is shit.

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>Do these guys still exist in 40k?

Yeah, they're still around. They recently got a medium-sized role in the Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine book where they kick a shit ton of ass with aimbot grenade launchers and mecha-punches. Darkmech is pretty cool in that book too, they have suicide EMP bomb corrupted Dunecrawlers to breach the Secutarii lines. I'll find the excerpts.

No idea how they'd see Knights, though. They escort Titans, so I suspect they'd be the big brothers to the Secutarii as opposed to baby Titans.

They did have 7e rules where they were kind of insane, with 24" Assault 4 lasguns that rerolled wounds at BS5 Ignore Cover that could also fire Rending 30" range Warpfire Bolters or S3 AP5 IC blasts that could aim out of Line of Sight. Basically if you were less than T5 and in front of Peltasts you became very sad.
Hoplites were basically a 12" Instant Death Radius for vehicles with Haywire shots, although without transport they only became lethal in the Heresy with Deep Striking 8.33 Hull Points off any Superheavy or Spartan or something. If their Haywire is better than the expected S5 AP- D1 (D3 against VEHICLES) crap then they might be pretty brutal with Stygies tactics.
8e rules were going to be in FoC, which was supposedly so close they and the Ordinatii were the only units left out of the Indexes, but that won't manifest until 2018 at least.

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Unfortunately they're metal models and monopose, so not very. You're probably best off hanging the guns from the saddle.

>> No.56437419

That's a pretty neat drop pod assault you've got there.

>> No.56437427

I'm sure he'll turn up.

>> No.56437429

I hope his junk compensates for the size of his hands.

>> No.56437445

True, part of why I have thought of getting Pyrovores instead (plus cheaper) and just buying a bundle of spore mines and recasting the spore mines.

I wish they kept the crested head, was tempted to pick one up off of Ebay, damn the price.

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Store Manager for a new shop. Thought I aged the interview and everything.

Skype interviews are weird as fuck

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Custodes, this baller right here
Bonus answers:
SoB = Celestine and her girls
Orks = A specific Nob I painted up not long ago

>> No.56437486

It's much easier to make a good impression in person. Never do a skype interview unless it's your only option.

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They technically exist, but their rules have yet to be updated to 8th edition.

Despite multiple claims made by GW that all models would have rules, at least Index rules.
Despite multiple releases by FW since 8th started, including some errata that allow for the fielding of other units that also didn't have rules at first.
Despite the FW Mechanicus book having been announced approaching two years ago.
Despite them having been available on the webstore since 2016, meaning hundreds of people probably have those models with no ability to play them.
Despite many questions asked of the customer service team, and many responses along the lines of, "Soon, we promise."

My advice is that if you don't already own them, don't buy them now.

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Aw. Welp, it'll do, and look fabulous doing it. Aside from that, what specific models in Warlord's range would work for converting?

>> No.56437529

bully if you want: I'm the anon making a complete custom doctrine for play with my friends casual and narrative games and I need some advice. I'm trying to make a regiment based in a forgeworld or similar and looking to make some blanced doctrines between Infantry and Vehicles, also I don't want overpowered rules, but better fun and in similar tier with the official ones, so what do you think? Will you pick some of them? Are my options realistic or OP? Thougts? Ideas? Thanks for the help.


- INFANTRY units with this doctrine add 1 to their Leadership characteristic if they are within 12" of a friendly DASADSAS OFFICER.In addition; COMMAND SQUAD, SPECIAL WEAPONS SQUAD and VETERANS units with this doctrine add 1 to their Leadership characteristic.

- INFANTRY units with this doctrine treat attacks against them with an AP of -1 as having AP 0.In addition; TECH-PRIEST ENGINSEER and SERVITORS units replace their faction keyword <FORGE WORLD> for this doctrine.

- INFANTRY units with this doctrine treat attacks against them with an AP of -1 as having AP 0.In addition; all MILITARUM AUXILLA units adds the faction keyword <adsasdasd> doctrine.

- INFANTRY Two other Guardsmen may form a Heavy Weapons Team who must take an item from the Heavy Weapons list.

-VEHICLES with this doctrine add 1 to their Save characteristic.

-VEHICLES with this doctrine can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for cannon weapons. A cannon weapon is any weapon profile whose name includes the word ‘cannon’ (e.g. autocannon, battle cannon, hellhammer cannon etc.).

- If a VEHICLE with this doctrine remains stationary or moves under half speed in its Movement phase (i.e. it moves a distance in inches less than half of its current Move characteristic) it can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for cannon weapons. A cannon weapon is any weapon profile whose name includes the word ‘cannon’. If a model has a similar ability you can choose which ability to use, but you cannot use both.

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Tau: Hammerhead or the plain ol' Fire Warrior, can't decide
Space Marines: Cataphractii
Admech: Rangers

>> No.56437544

It's all they offer I'm assuming since the hiring is done through the Texas hq

But yea super weird being put together only from the waist up and not being able to look the person in the eye is outputting

Surprised they turned me down though I thought I would be a good candidate (I help the local gw manager all the time)

>> No.56437559

It's also pretty likely they already had someone in mind through another connection. Every single GW employee in my city is either a friend or a family member of some current or ex-employee. All store managers are former staffers that just got promoted in favor of hiring new people, even though the put it out there and had interviews and everything.

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>They're entirely usable in casual play of your local playgroup isn't stained by waacfaggotry.
It's pretty close to this.
>You sound like you want tg to justify your use of hyper competitive netlist bullshit
Quite the opposite. Primarchs were a fucking mistake and I refuse to use them, and likewise brimstone horrors should not fucking exist, especially since with each nerf, horrors get worse as a whole. Why they're not separate us beyond me.
>Rubrics and tzaangors are fine, if a bit weak and lacking in codex improvements
Would be great if I was playing thousand sons
>If you're trying to make a mono tzeentch daemons army though, I'm sorry. I hope things will be fixed with your codex because they suck total ass even in casual play.
And there it is. That's what I thought. I got excited for my daemons again for the first time since they'll horrendous LOLRANDUMXD 6th edition codex after playing a game with them in fucking AoS of all things. Then, I thinned through my index again and just made myself sad. Everything is trash.

>> No.56437568

Doesn't help their head designer passed away. While yes not everything should revolve around him writing it all he likely had a lot of plans set up and not on paper leaving a lot of things devoid of anything to work with. So now FW has HH core rules to push out, they have to patch shit as 8th edition codex's come out and work on making their own, ect. Throw in reduced running of production likely cutting back how much they are focusing on 40k over HH stuff yeah, your advice is best. If you don't have em already, don't buy them until rules come out, which likely won't be for another 2-3 years.

>> No.56437569


Crested tyrant head tutorial. Should be even easier now that they aren't metal.

>> No.56437575

Coolest infantry models Ive seen. Hopefully IA14 comes out soon for their rules

>> No.56437576

Personally, I use their WW2 Soviet and Finnish infantry as guardsmen. Anti tank rifles = lascannons, MGs = heavy bolters, mortars = mortars, etc.

You could just look into the various Napoleonic infantry ranges and find someone who looks good for guardsmen. If you're doing Vostroyans, well: https://us-store.warlordgames.com/collections/napoleonic-russians

>> No.56437577

Ooo, thank you, book marking that. I am all for making my HQ's and solo elites as unique as possible.

>> No.56437582

Casually? Yes for Thousand Sons, not really for Daemons.

Magnus isn't that bad in a pure Thousand Sons list.

>> No.56437583

Either Illuminor Szeras or Vargard Obyron
XV9 Battlesuit (with burst cannons)
Valdor Tank Hunter

>>56437175 is probably my favourite model overall though

Interestingly the only one of these I own are a couple of XV9s, although even they've got the fusion cascades

>> No.56437595


Here we are.

><Protector imperative alpha,> Magos Xura Thezerin ordered from within Gloria Vastator.
>The secutarii responded as if possessing a single, collective mind. Thezerin’s doctrina imperative slaved all of their strategy to the overriding purpose of protecting the god-machines. Noospheric links switched their perceptions to binaric omniscience. Venterras experienced the entire battlefield reduced to digital components. The foe was a series of data streams, equations to be solved, then cancelled. The most efficient arc of fire, coordinated relative to that of every other secutarii, appeared before him. His response and his perception were simultaneous. The same was true of all the hoplites and peltasts.
>The results were devastating. The heretics ran into a wall of precision destruction. The front wave of the mob went down, not a single attacker making it through the wall of explosions and energy discharges.

Skitarii aimbot OP plz nerf.

>> No.56437607

Kastellan robots?

>> No.56437614

>primarch isn't that bad
You're everything that's wrong with 40k

>> No.56437620

Do a Skarok Swarm fleet

>> No.56437623

Math hammer link is wrong, OP.

>> No.56437625

Would it really be lore friendly for Skitarii not to have aimbot?

>> No.56437627


>> No.56437636

AdMech: onagers.
Dark eldar: kalabite warriors
Chaos: berzerkers

>> No.56437652

Do their metal kits have to be built with a heavy bolter, or can you just get a squad of ten?

>> No.56437655

Really? You like the dance troupe?

>> No.56437684

It makes them hilarious. I call them ravezerkers

>> No.56437685

Shove your quints.

Do Leviathan and make them look like Frieza.

>> No.56437712

Quints aren't any time soon you hecking dummy

>> No.56437717

No, of course not, but it's kinda funny how dangerous they are compared to how little they cost the Mechanicus when your standard Rangers can put Leyden balls through Marine eyepieces at significant range under Alpha Doctrinas. In Infinite Circuit a squad of Deathwatch say "4:1 superiority in numbers will never overcome us", charge a Skitarii outpost and then are terminally surprised when a bunch of shirtless pilgrims lay the smackdown on them with lightning.

In Admechland, even the conscripts, pilgrims and cartographers are hardcore.

>> No.56437729


>> No.56437744

What you see on the gw store is what you get lad.
That is why vostroyans are more suited for a kill team currently rather than a full army. Granted they would make a very nice kill team.

>> No.56437748

Start a Nid Army, you fuck. Jormungandr.

>> No.56437776

A-am I cool again y-yet, /40kg/?

>> No.56437778

What would be the most fluffy configuration for Catachan sentinels?

>> No.56437782

Heavy Flamers

>> No.56437784

You could have just been, but you missed it by one. Necronhouse is still not a meme.

>> No.56437791

Fuck off you entitled little faggot.
Just play fucking Nids. They're the best bois you could ever want.

Also fuck official hive fleets, make your own badass scheme, you lazy cocksucker.

>> No.56437795

Scout sentinels, heavy flamers and chainsaws.

>> No.56437798

This sexy beast

>> No.56437804

Scout Sentinels with Heavy Flamer. Probably the best use for non-Tallarn Sentinels anyway. Add Chainsaw for fun if you want/have spare points.

>> No.56437806

Necrons were never cool. Even when they were alive they were bitter, cancer-ridden, virgins compared to the Chad Old Ones.

>> No.56437815

Exalted Sorcerers. They already look pretty nice, and the customizability of them is really fun too.

>> No.56437819

give it another 60m years

>> No.56437825

Like I already posted, I fucken love Hive Tyrants.

For my GKs its gotta be them sexy Terminators.

For my SMs, its probably a tie between Dreadnoughts , Terminators or Land Raiders

>> No.56437826


I'm gonna paint my Tyranids like Metroids. Not sure what paints that'll need just yet.

>> No.56437827

Making your own scheme for anything is the best part of this. Part of why Warmachine-Hordes as well as Infinity don't draw me in as much, they feel hard locked in colors. If you have to paint a certain fleet, go paint hive fleet Tiamet and run Jorm for tactics.

>> No.56437839

Thanks, I'll roll with this.

>> No.56437861

I'm painting the Jormungandr scheme for my Nids, mostly because I eventually also was a Sons of Jormungandr Genestealer Cult.

>> No.56437864

Ravenwing Black Knight.

Or, if we're counting box sets, Company Master Balthasar.

>> No.56437885

Fair enough, and good luck, which version of Jorm are you doing, the one out of the book, or a more Waspy version?

>> No.56437912

Yeah, sorry bro. Exalted flamers and to a degree normal flamers are okay and screamers are kind of close to okay with a chariot Herald buff but that's all I can think of other than the changeling. My tzeentch daemon friend has basically shelved them until 2018 (daemon confirmed first codex of new year)

Daemons are frankly so lacking that I think their codex is going to change their overall play very radically - for starters, deep strike as a rule for daemons detachments seems likely to me.

Be strong for the rainbow chicken and good luck.

>> No.56437929

Funny thing is that my "OC donutsteel do not steal!!1!" original scheme is pretty much behemoths scheme, just slightly modified.
I didnt know nothing about fluff, lore or paintschemes when I started out, all I knew is that I wanted to play space dinosaur bugs.
My thought process for my scheme was pretty much
>I like red, and I think it looks aggressive, so lets make the skin a bright red!
>Hmm, red looks good with a dark color for contrast, lets go with a dark blue/black/purplish carapaces!
>"experimenting with white highlights" hey I kinda like these, I'll put more white highlights on the carapace to make them really stick out
>Tyranid weapons are organically grown, right? Bone-colored would make sense then
When somebody asked if I was playing Behemoth the first time, I was like "Huh? Waz' dat?"
Still kinda bugs me until today, but I still love my scheme nevertheless.

>> No.56437947

Blood Angels: The Sanguinor
Khorne Daemons: Skull Taker
On that note anyone else find it silly that if you take nurgle daemons in your DG army it immediately shuts you out of DG stratagems. Unless i am just being stupid that is.

>> No.56437962

Daemons confirmed for last codex of THIS year.

>> No.56437971

what the FUCK
I went to the GW near me and they don't go to games day with the banners anymore
what the fuck
standard bearers were the best shit

>> No.56437972

I'm not happy with the size, but SC have been part of 40k forever. There's no real dkfference between a SC and any other mono-pose character.

From a balance perspective, pure Sons with Magnus are still fairly mediocre. If the enemy is capable of killing Magnus early (and plenty of casual lists can), then the Sons are going to struggle.

>> No.56437983

The one out of the book, I like the red parts in there too.

>> No.56437987

Since when is January this year?

>> No.56437992


> 2018 will be kicking off with a new codex for Chaos Daemons

>> No.56437999

Should I up-gun my Devastator Sergeants if the squad is 2 Lascannon, 2 Plasma Cannon, 1 Bolter Marine? I know that I'LL never put them close enough for Bolters to matter, but as they are if they get jumped they're FUCKED. And I have another squad for midfield objectives, but they're 3 Bolter, 4 Heavy Bolter, and a sarge with a Storm Bolter.

Oh and they're Dangles so I'm leaning toward Combi-plasma on general principal.

>> No.56438002

Screamers suck balls.

>> No.56438006

January, 2018, you illiterate.

>> No.56438010

Heh, well hey if it works for you, more power to you. Sounds good though, would like to see photos of them.

Easier to do than the old scheme. Good luck with that yellow. You doing a base coat of light grey first?

>> No.56438021

Put them in an Imperial Bunker. Gives them 10 wounds of T8 3+ armor the opponent has to get through before attacking, and if they charge the bunker, the devastators can still shoot units meleeing it.

>> No.56438023



>> No.56438033

Say you meant tax year, Anon ;^)

>> No.56438036

I dont know if i should start a World Eaters Army with a small detachment of Daemons to ally with them or start a Daemons army with a small detachment of World Eaters to ally with them.

>> No.56438043


>> No.56438063

Smart, should help with that yellow from being a complete pain in the rear. Post pictures when you got some to show.

>> No.56438069

Screamers are arguably the worst unit in 40k

>> No.56438074


>> No.56438079

Did the warpsmith originally have 3 built-in guns instead of two?

>> No.56438087

Looks great, dude!

>> No.56438100

Nice, love the aggressive pattern on the shells. And that is a nice solid red on them. The bone color for weapons is a very nice contrast.

>> No.56438119

The brood lord is standing on a nid capillary tower thingy.

If there are capillary towers it means the vegetation is already being consumed and should be gone, right? I shouldn’t base him with shrubs and grass?

>> No.56438129

the bait that suckered me in to this all too hated faction

>> No.56438138

maybe its just tyranid shrubs and grass that look exactly like normal shrubs and grass

>> No.56438149

How are they going to hunt tanks in a concrete box?

>> No.56438158 [SPOILER] 

is that a goatse?

>> No.56438167

Capillary towers can go up while digestion pools are still being filled by rippers chomping away at Tyranid mutated vegetation around the rest of the planet. Plus said vegetation could have re-grown near the tower due to pollination and is just in need of re-harvesting by ripper swarms.

>> No.56438178


Also anyone here go to TTS? Are they okay with ForgeWorld?

>> No.56438180

5 models may fire out of the fortification through fire ports.

You have 5 models in the squad, and your weapons are long-ranged enough that with proper positioning you can threaten the whole board.

>> No.56438196

You cant use pistols or grenades after you advance, right?

>> No.56438200

Thank you, kind anons

Too any other nidbro's out there, post /yourbugs/
I'd love to see them!

>> No.56438206

I play Eldar, but I have one of these on my shelve. One of these days I'll start a Daemon army.

>> No.56438217


>> No.56438225

If i were to go the Daemons with back up World eaters what would be the best way to outfit them? I am guessing Anti-Tank seeing as Khorne Daemons lack that along with range.

>> No.56438239

That top carapace on the zoanthrope tho.
Really nice scheme, it can be difficult to create a color scheme that's colorful but doesn't blind someone when they look at it.

>> No.56438244

Okay I think I have the final version of my list down now maybe. How is it, anons? Anything that should change?

Court of the Nephilim King
Tyranid Battalion Detachment

•Hive Tyrant with Stranglethorn Cannon, Scythes of Tyran, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs, 192

•Tervigon with Monstrous Scything Talons, 243

•Old One Eye, 200

•Termagants with Fleshborers and 10 Devourers (30), 160

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters, Adrenal Glands, and Flesh Hooks (3), 79

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters (3), 79

•Maleceptor, 172

•Tyrant Guard with Crushing Claws, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs (6), 306

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

Heavy Support
•Carnifex with Tusks, Bone Mace, Monstrous Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Chitin Thorns, Spore Cysts, and Toxin Sacs (2), 278

Total: 1997

>> No.56438251

Why would you ever take Mortarion's eviscerating attacks over his sweeping?

>> No.56438255

And it’s a kraken vanguard organism so I guess it makes sense that they could just be blitzing somewhere.

Anime girls always draw my attention, it’s like I’m bewitched.

I need someone, someone to break this spell on mE.

>> No.56438259


Vostroyans, you won’t regret it.

>> No.56438284

Hey Akko german poster, your nids look cool.

I just started with mine so they are still shit and I am still experimenting with the colours. This is my last iteration

>> No.56438286

Who do they compete with?
Lords of change are pretty awful, purifiers are pretty awful even with a codex, flash gits always suck, lictors are still underwhelming, primaris chaplain has no options and barely has primaris to buff, redemptor wants to sit back and shoot it's main gun, but doing so wastes its other guns and expensive fist, oh basically all the daemon engines are bad, but especially the forge fiend

Most daemons are weak and over costed, most units I can think of that are bad are just over costed... any other big loser standouts?

>> No.56438290


Given nobody who's opinion matters owns a Primarch model, when would it ever come up either way?

>> No.56438305

>he didnt tell us what role each of them have in his kings court
Go start over.

Maybe this gun will help

>> No.56438312

Source on that fleet? It looks and sounds awesome.

List wise I don’t know much about ‘nids, sorry anon.

>> No.56438335

Her are my first two Tyranid models, still working on learning how to paint nids. Second model was an attempt at The Red Terror since I didn't care for the model GW sells, nor it's over inflated price tag. I like the colors but I need a lot more practice on the carapace pattern and work on controlling the wash better.

>> No.56438336

Go World Eaters with Daemon friends. Daemons are in kinda a shit place right now. So you'll probably want to cherry pick units, which will look better if it's as allies to World Eaters.

>> No.56438351

Fire Warriors for T'au and Tyranid Warriors for Bugs

>> No.56438365


>DKK is expensive

Oh herro

>> No.56438379

Anon some people dont want to use Recasters.

>> No.56438387


>Someome claiming to be a Tau player using the apostrophe

What is with all this trolling lately?

>> No.56438390

Is there a roll sheet for Dark Eldar Kabal names? I need something edgy having to do with poison

>> No.56438396

Damn. AdMech are hardcore as fuck. Favourite faction by far

>> No.56438397


>> No.56438399

Lords of change are really that shitty? I hope they get better with the codex; my end goal for my tzeentch traitor guard is to make them into a cult led by a LoC they summoned. And ask people nicely if I can use them as regular guard in casual matches.

>> No.56438401

Necron: Destroyers
Imperial Guard: BaneBlade
Skaven: Doomwheel

>> No.56438413

like every time I answer this, it's always the leman russ vanquisher

maybe it's not the most efficient russ, but to me it's definitely the most stylish

>> No.56438419

>Want's to use recaster's for OOP Tyranid Shrike Wings
>Is noob and can't find their contact information

At least it isn't pressing

>> No.56438427

Kabal of the Venomous Cumfart

>> No.56438437

to be honest that anecdote just seems like GW being inconsistent with their power levels just as usual

>> No.56438447


I have one converted shrike but the legs and tail came out funny and I'm not really feeling making more now that they aren't in the codex.

Think I'll make the other two a Tyranid prime and a Lictor.

>> No.56438449

>maybe it's not the most efficient russ
It’s statistically the WORST russ vs practically ANY target.

Even the nova cannon is better antitank.

>> No.56438452

Cabal of the Low LD50

>> No.56438458

T'au is a faction name now. Should I be triggered about apostrophe?

>> No.56438462

What's /40kg/ doing for Thanksgiving?

>> No.56438469

If GW really wanted to portray Rangers how there are in the lore they would be BS 2+. Oh well, I await Secutarii in IA14

>> No.56438472


Meh. To each their own.

>> No.56438475

This question hasprobably been asked before but what are the scale of those necromunda models? I want to run them as/kitbash them with imperial guard to spice shit up. Also because i never have enough helmeted female heads but all my male heads are helmeted.

>> No.56438477

Swinging on other big shit.
They're going to keep making them regardless of how much you shitpost.

>> No.56438478


It's the home planet. Specifically and only the home planet.

>> No.56438486

I know. I'm still gonna field 3. I did through all of 7th, through every tournament, and I will until this game dies

>> No.56438497

fucking a turkey

>> No.56438503

I like the organic feel.
Veggie Nids
I really like the pink and grey, I'm not sure if the green works that well in combination with them, though
Welcome to the Hive mind, and dont worry about first models looking bad, they always do when starting out. Watch lots of Duncan vids, they're great for learning. He also does a really good job of explaining how to do the official nid carapace "look"

I'm actuall currently repainting my Zoanthropes Carapace since the highlights are way to thicc. See pic related for comparison.

>> No.56438504

Not only are they way too expensive, they just don't make sense. They have a vastly extended smite range that they don't need because they have a huge movement and fly and can still only target the closest, their only weapons are for melee but they aren't particularly good at not dying in melee. I beat the last one I saw to death with tactical marines - not from full wounds, but still.

>> No.56438516


It kinda makes a shit ton of sense that admech would be scarier than marines in most respects. Marines are just a pile of overall gene enhancements, whilst Admech can keep stacking as much augments as they like on someone. A Thallax or Ursarax is in every respect but skill a much scarier supersoldier than a marine.

>> No.56438519

Not anymore I guess. But hey, you can be mad about whatever you want tho

>> No.56438520


At least you have the sense to use the version that combats the Vanquisher's main weakness.

>> No.56438528

Do I have to anon?

Court of the Nephilim King in the Invasion Swarms painting guide.

>> No.56438554

I thought the highlights brought a nice looking contrast to the model. Still looks nice though.

>> No.56438559

No, it doesn't. At the numbers the AdMech fields, marines would be irrelevant if they weren't the bestest.

>> No.56438566

They work good on commanders with lascannons. Escpially because the enemy will usually ignore them if there is any other vehicles on the table

>> No.56438572

That's some old pasta anon

>> No.56438576

I have two reasons I want them, one is for 2 groups of 3 Shrikes, I mean not in codex anymore, but, fast moving without advancing synapse is nice. The other is creating my own Parasite of Mortrex just for the sake of I want it and to possibly run a campaign locally with it with some homebrew rules to work on balancing it.

Thanks, I wanted them to have a scheme that made sense with eating a lot of less populated worlds, or Eldar Maiden worlds.

>> No.56438584

Posting in best thread

>> No.56438588

I put it on all my vanquishers because tanks should have co-ax guns. I'd do it for all my russes if they had the option to.

the game doesn't always gotta be which unit is more efficient. balance is ephemeral, imo you should pick what you like and play with it, rules be damned. I just like tanks with long barrels.

>> No.56438599

easy to build big-boynought is real.

>> No.56438602


Well yes, that's because 1 million marines actually straight up is a number that would make them completely irrelevant.

This comes up a lot online. The number is objectively retarded.

>> No.56438611

They're the second best Greater, but they're still fairly mediocre. Their stats are kinda meh for something that costs as much as a Land Raider, and two of their spells have WC costs that are too high (especially fucking Bolt).

>> No.56438619

>Be Lord of Change
>Greater FUCKING demon
>Chosen of Tzeenth, plotter of ways
>have orchestrated the downfall of countless worlds
>arcane magic so powerful that mortal men go mad from just witnessing it
>get beat to a pulp by a bunch of barefisted manlets
>I think one of them even punched me in the dick with his Lascannon heavy weapon instead of shooting me

Meeting up with family and long-time friends for turkey and pumpkin pie

You dont have to repost the list, just tell us what unit fills what court role

I'm not getting rid of the white highlights, just making them THINNer. I have to make duncan proud.

>> No.56438621


Weird, but I'll probably buy one if its as easy to convert to not look retarded as the full kit was.

>> No.56438623

Ive been playing my Blood angels as of late and I have to say Primaris units are great as a mobile firing line to pin down units for me to assault

Anybody have some underappreciated units for the angels?

>> No.56438628

How are you getting 79 points for the warriors?
The nid warrior is 20 points base, plus 5 points for the DS plus 2 points for the BS, which makes 27 points total, or 81 points for 3

>> No.56438632

So I updated my list with an extra cheese pizza. Losing the land Raider but not much else, and gaining an ancient. How's it look?

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Kaldor Draigo
-- Gate of Infinity, Purge Soul
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Brotherhood Champion -WARLORD-
-- Cuirass of Sacrifice, First to the Fray, Hammerhand
-- Daemonhammer , Sanctuary
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon, Gate of Infinity
Venerable Dread
-- 2x Twin Autocannons, Astral Aim

Inquisition - Vanguard Detachment
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
-- Terminator Armor, Daemonhammer, Combi-Melta, Terrify
Eversor Assassin
Eversor Assassin
Culexus Assassin

Also picture related. Purpley grey knights? GMM did a style of these and I was really impressed.

>> No.56438638

what did this come out of?

>> No.56438648

well there's more than a million now that the Indomitus Crusade has happened

>> No.56438653

Yes, the quantitative number is retarded, but even qualitatively marines are supposed to be rarer than skitarii. If that's the case, marines have to be more dangerous/capable in order to be relevant.

>> No.56438656

You just jelly 'cause our primarch gets to tap all that Eldar pussy.

>> No.56438661

Whenever I see deathguard boxes, I always get this feeling of disgust because it reminds me of the deathguard campaign.

The deathguard campaign that didn’t include a deathguard codex.
The deathguard campaign where Morty didn’t even show up for his own party.
The deathguard campaign where chaos was so utterly humiliated GW had to cheat.

>> No.56438673


Eh, true. But nobody really cares about primaris fluff. I've purely seen opinions ranging from neutral to vehement hatred.

>> No.56438679

Well, we haven't seen Electropriests fight anywhere else other than picking off a few random Tyranids on Tyran from range. Don't have anything else to gage power level by, and both the ones against the Deathwatch and the ones who try to kill Torquora take significant casualties. They're the same in lore as tabletop, lethal fighters with fickle and unreliable defences.


Skill counts for an absurdly OTT power bump in Gamesworkshopland though, or Primarchs and Chapter Masters wouldn't be considered much more dangerous than a standard Terminator or Tyranid biobeast in melee. I believe the only times we've seen Thallax fight Marines the Marines do win, since one Blackshield managed to take out fifty uncommanded Thallax over a long assault and another random Captain kills six at once, but the latter is presented as a great feat of arms.
Thallax are basically expendable Marine substitutes, which fits since they're pretty bad in melee, but Ursarax are death incarnate to big heavy slow things like Terminators, since they can just absorb a couple Lightning Claw or even Power Fist hits while preparing the railgun punches.


I'm not too surprised, since we know Myrmidons are at least a match for Astartes and Marines die like anyone else when shot with plasma cannon. They can't take the Admech's medium or heavy stuff on in a fight, hence why they tend to lose if the Admech has more than the 40k standard of "two untrained conscripts" guarding any critical locations. Marines are better than Skitarii, but not better than entire squads of Skitarii with plasma SMGs and anti-Thunderhawk AMRs.

>> No.56438687

Okay, I guess ill have to learn the lore of World Eaters then. I hope they dont have the same problem as my Blood Angels.

>> No.56438695

>cheese pizza
GKs dont have cheese, mate.
>dropped the Land Raider for some stinking assasins
Fucking DROPPED. You had one job, man. ONE goddamn job.
You're the Purifier anon, right? I thought you had good taste, man. Dropping a Land Raider for assasins....what a waste..
>purple GKs
eehhhhh...whatever does you, man. I like my GKs with some red mixed in, but purple can work well too.
If you do run purple, I'd make the glowy bits like the eye lenses and power swords yellow for a nice contrast.

>> No.56438699

I guess I'm gonna get Aggressors and a Redemptor then...

>> No.56438700


Yeah but Skitarii are the basic bitches of admech, and are even then augmented enough that underestimating them would be retarded.

But sure, put an assault marine against an Ursarax and see how that goes down.

>> No.56438704

>I beat the last one I saw to death with tactical marines - not from full wounds, but still.
My dude, today my guardsman infantry squad managed to tear apart a squad of cattiphracti terminators in melee.

Shit happens.

>> No.56438709

Makes you wonder why they bother with marines at all if admech can do everything they do better and cheaper.

>> No.56438710

You can't spam Hammerhand, so if you have some sort of insane desire to spam Paladins, mixing up their powers might be a good idea. Why are they all in 4-man squads?

>> No.56438714

Aren't maulerfiends actually really good at the moment?

>> No.56438723

I wanted to do some green on blue-grey, I agree it doesn't totally work and I am trying to see if it grows on me because I am pretty clueless on what other colours to use otherwise, maybe some shade of orange, amber or copper

>> No.56438727

>>but it's the burny kind instead of bolty

>> No.56438729

The bayonet meme is real.

>> No.56438736

Yeah it is neutral at best due to there just isn't anything there due to "SUDDENLY NEW THING! (With dubious ties to canon thrown into the mix to give some plausibility but via the wrong primarch and no buildup)". I mean that is my issue with it, just mismanagement of something that could have been cool. Mix of Thunderwarrior-Custodius-SpaceMarine-Raptor into a new breed has basis in lore, but, how it was done and how fast well, just a let down of lost chances. Still want a few to augment my chapter but, eh I hope they get fluffed out proper in the coming years.

>> No.56438740


The redemptor is a really weird choice for that. A cheap version would reduce 90% of the reason to ever think about the more poseable one, given... How many Redemptors are you even going to buy? Two tops?

>> No.56438743

Aggressors look to be the flame variant.

Not going to replace the rugeluar kit if you can't get the bolter gauntlets on them

>> No.56438744

Doubt it'll cost that much to get the bits online.

>> No.56438751

Not him, but if you go MSU with paladins 4-man blobs are the best way to do it.
3 guys arent enough of a threat and are killed to easily
5 is too high an investement to go MSU, at that point you might as well just go for a huge blob
4 is the balance of staying threatening, durability and being just cheap enough to spam.
Also, why go over 4 unless you plan on stacking buffs? Heavy weapons are better on Purgators anyway

>> No.56438758

To be far the whole point of Space Marines was that they could do more than just fight, they are supposed be guardians of mankind rather than pure killing machines, otherise Big E would have just stuck with thunder warriors.

Also they have better manual dexterity

>> No.56438762


Burny are stronger unless you're deep striking them via stratagem anyhow.

>> No.56438764

Shoot I must have miscalculated, thanks for telling me, anon!

>> No.56438770

Haha it's interchangeable. I just have a load of Assassins now to play with, too. For funsies.

Dark grey armor with purple to complement instead of red. Haven't decided on power glow yet. Yellow, orange or green maybe? Maybe even red. Hmm.
Basically what the guy who replied to you said lol.

>> No.56438776

>those things are rare as fuck
>ad mech are already dubious in loyalty to the imperium and are well known to try and get away if the opportunity ever arises, letting them be in charge of the space marine equivalent would be full retard

>> No.56438777

do you think this is 5th edition or something?

>> No.56438780


>> No.56438783

Marines are rare as fuck as well.

>> No.56438785

I would imagine that would depend on what main colour you wanted to keep from the existing two. Either the green or the grey as the two don't really work together all that well currently, albeit I think the pink exacerbates that clash a bit as well.

If I were you I'd choose which of those colours I preferred and then go from there.

>> No.56438795


The heresy novels seem to imply that the emperor was going to shitcan marines after all the Xenos were gone.

Because he has this confusing plan where he wants to evolve humanity to a master race, but doesn't want to do it by augmenting them manually.

>> No.56438796

So stoked my nids were getting love, decided to repaint my childish mishmash. On a lark said to myself Hive Fleet Wu-Tang after the early memeing here and got to work on black with yellow carapace. Discover in the codex that Jormungandr already has just about those colors and I plan to run Jormungandr.

>> No.56438797

>I hope they dont have the same problem as my Blood Angels.
Which is?

>> No.56438809

Ask the GW guys how to do Hive Fleet Tiamet, it is close to what you want I feel.

>> No.56438812

and Ursarax and such are even rarer. In fact, the Ursarax can't even be made any more because the info on how to make them was lost after Enabrin Falkan, who created them, died and his followers warred amongst themselves and in the process lost the secrets to making them

>> No.56438827

Are they really? I had no idea. I just auto picked bolters because imperial fists.

>> No.56438832

>The heresy novels seem to imply that the emperor was going to shitcan marines after all the Xenos were gone.
And the BL HH novels are also completely retarded, to the point were they barely make sense anymore

>> No.56438834

Very scary looking. BLACKED.NIDS

>> No.56438843

I'd be keen on keeping the skin colour desu.

>> No.56438846


What do you mean lost the secrets to making them? They're just Thallax with an overclocked jetpack, a pair of fists or claws and a stream of combat drugs.

Oh sure, maybe they'd lose out on the Volkite chest beam, but that was pretty much the least important design element.

>> No.56438858

I personally preferred the pink and grey. I think the little pink bits look fantastic.

>> No.56438861

What are you guys working on ATM. This hunk of shit is taking up all my time

>> No.56438876

>The heresy novels seem to imply that the emperor was going to shitcan marines after all the Xenos were gone.
Isn't it was just Horus who thought that?

>> No.56438891

needs imposing Wraithbone(r)

>> No.56438893

jesus christ

>> No.56438902


Orks: Trukks or Warbikers, even if I made myself sick to death of those kits in the first year of starting the army
Tyranids: 2nd edition Genestealers. Also sick to death of them because of how many I own but I still love them.
Genestealer Cult: Neophytes, I like grunt-type units and these guys just have tons of personality.

>> No.56438909


Burny Agressors average 7 hits to the bolt ones 6.3. They also get nasty overwatch, and encourage a playstyle more likely to actually use their power fists.

Bolt ones are vastly better if they can shoot twice, but unless they start the game in range that ain't happening.

>> No.56438924

What count as BUILDING in 8th, just fortifications?

Do terrain that have levels and shit count?

It seems like the IF chapter tactics for shooting buildings is useless

>> No.56438936

>pins & pins & pins & pins
titans fucking never

>> No.56438938

They require allies to actually be relevant on the table top. Their main stay units are mostly bad when compared to every other chapter units. Mostly that if you use them for what they are known for you wont be able to win most of the time.

>> No.56438941

Anyone here played Kill Team: Operation Konor? Is such a skirmish game any fun? I want to buy a Tyranid start collecting box to paint some neat models but on the other hand buying a plastic crack just to collect the dust seems to be a waste of money. It would be nice to push some needs on table with no need to build a full-scale army

>> No.56438952

Just the fortifications, you can't shoot at terrain.

>> No.56438959

Which variant of the Vanquisher is your favourite?

I quite like the Stygies VIII variant.

>> No.56438960

I've never seen a fortification ever brought.

Do they tend to show up later in editions?

>> No.56438967

Good thing I finished some shooty Aggroes. FEELS SHIT THAT I JUST BOUGHT A SHOOTY NOUGHTBOI

>> No.56438973

They're mostly overcosted for what they bring.

>> No.56438977

It's pretty bad. They should have at *least* gotten the bonus against all VEHICLES with M0, like Drop Pods.

>> No.56438981

>What do you mean lost the secrets to making them? They're just Thallax with an overclocked jetpack, a pair of fists or claws and a stream of combat drugs.
See HH book 3, page 225, they can't be made anymore

>> No.56438984




>> No.56438987

I'm not the only one underwhelmed then.

I've actually switched to CSM because I really only liked IF loyalists and they seem so terrible.

>> No.56438994

Those shields look painfully stupid.

>> No.56438995

Fun fact I have 10 ish pins in each foot which is made of I think 8 pieces

>> No.56438998

Anybody knows when will be Thousand Sons codex released?

>> No.56439022

Just gotta convince my wife to let me spend this much money on this shit. Gonna make orange and black waspnids or shiny greenish-blue nids.

>> No.56439039

What is that amazing fucker

i want one

>> No.56439041

Is that gondola?

>> No.56439044


I'm surprised I haven't turned up any third party bits that are compatible with the 6e plastic kit and give it a more impressive head.

If I had to debate the pros and cons I would probably have to come down on the side of no-crest - current design is a much better throwback to the original Hive Tyrant design, while 3e Tyrant was really just a lazy Xenomorph Queen knockoff - a cool looking one, definitely, but still. FW shouldn't have stopped carrying their winged 3e Flyrant, though, it looked great.

>> No.56439064

Well, the first colour to replace the green carapace that comes to mind would be some form of navy, preferably darker. The thinking being that it would go nicely with both the grey and white that's present on the skin and provide an overall darker tone to the model that will synergise a bit better than the grey on light green. That way you could also tie in the pink parks, if you want to keep them that is, by washing it and the skin with the same wash.

That all being said, if there some overriding theme about your dudes that you'd want to aim towards? If you went with the navy option, for instance, the bugs could make for a nice winter-themed option.

Eh, they're a bit too bright for my tastes. Perhaps if they were a bit less bright than the surrounding, rather dull skin tone then they'd appeal to me. But that's just my opinion on it, it's fine to keep it if it works.

>> No.56439070

Neato, finally coming out with the Blight-Haulers. What's that one above it though? Also does anyone have any more pages of these to post please?

>> No.56439076

are you
are you serious

>> No.56439080

phandom didan :DDDDDD

>> No.56439090

Is there a cheaper alternative to terminators for deep striking plasma?

I love the value they get at 40x shots w/ endless cacophony but it's 520 points before the HQs

>> No.56439091

Farzeer Sprudo :DDD

>> No.56439095

Lord Felthius and the Tainted Cohort.
It's looks like melee plague marines.

>> No.56439099

Dubs decides my craftworld

>> No.56439101

i can see that it is based on a Tiger I

I want to know the specific model.

>> No.56439105

Oh well I guess they don't have that problem. CSM is a good enough codex. It's just really fluffy and to your benefit to bring some daemon allies or try summoning them in.

>> No.56439112

Taco bell, taco bell, product placement from taco bell.

>> No.56439116

Well it's clearly built to look like a Tiger 1. Question is though, is that a 1/35th scale Tiger 1 with baneblade parts on it, or is someone producing "heroic" 28mm tiger tanks with a steampunk look to them?

I'm pretty sure I've seen cathedral steampunk KV's around somewhere in 28mmH

>> No.56439117

Craftworld Hoame-Ohe.

>> No.56439135

Can I use Air Caste Thinner as a replacement for Lahmian Medium?

>> No.56439139

1/48 is probably the closest to IG scale
at least in terms of figures

>> No.56439140

any protips with flamer agressors? I usually pop em with a primaris LT for rerolling 1s as well as a decent assault weapon so he can advance and keep up with the boys and if its worth Ill drop my salamander Stratagem.

Hows the storm of fire warlord trait if your not running a gunline? I ususally take the FNP or the Anvil of Strength

>> No.56439161

> tfw you kill all our opponent's models but 1 and he kills 1 squad of your guys and the game ends on turn 6 and he wins 3-1 on objectives because you couldn't draw an achievable objective all game

>> No.56439165

do you even know what lahmian medium is

>> No.56439171

>any protips with flamer agressors?
Yeah, don't. Your options are watching them die as they crawl across the table, or paying an excessive amount of points for a repulsor taxi.

>> No.56439178


>> No.56439181

Plasma Inceptors.

>> No.56439189

aren't lahmia's like a bodyguard for druiichi HQ's?

>> No.56439194

isnt it just the part of the paint that isnt the colouring?

I assumed thats what the air caste thinner was as well.

>> No.56439207

I would probably go with summoning. Having more flexibility with what i can use when i need it will be better in my estimation. Kinda sucks tho that you need to cause a Mortal wound to your self or d3 at the most to summon a bloodthirster.

>> No.56439211


>> No.56439218


>> No.56439220

paint thinner thins the paint's texture
lahmian thins the paint's colour and makes it more transparent

>> No.56439233

Ive had no issues with them so long as you can move from cover to cover theyre faster than youd think and fairly resilient

Also the best way for me to get a shitload of flamers cause hey im a salamander player

>> No.56439244

How important is it to use GW paints specifically? They don't seem like the most expensive aspect, but I wouldn't mind saving money where I can.

>> No.56439254

why would it be at all important to use them
use whatever paints you want to dumbass

>> No.56439257

You could try raptors with Plasma guns + 2 Plasma pistols. That's 6 Plasma shots at 12" for 125 points which also moves 12" to cap objectives.

>> No.56439273


I feel you misread me in a really weird way here.

I said "what is there to lose" not "no they aren't lost"

>> No.56439276

Don't use GW paints. They're excessively overpriced, and their containers are designed to make the paint dry out so you have to buy more.

Buy Army Painter, Vallejo, or Reaper instead.

>> No.56439277

I do this with blood angel vets and its great provided you can Overcharge via an HQ

>> No.56439278

GW paints will help if you plan on following any of teh GW specific tutorials.
Otherwise army painter is pretty good value

>> No.56439280

hey nidfriends how often do you use more than 1 exocrine?

ive got 2 exocrine boxes but im thinking about building one into a haruspex

ive heard the haruspex isnt too great but i dont know when i would use more than 1 exocrine

>> No.56439284

Because while I don't know much about paint, but I do know for example house paint is different from water colors which is different from car paint. Thanks for responding though fuckhead.

>> No.56439301

Thanks brahs.

>> No.56439318

Good pose or nah? If nah, what looks bad? trying to avoid the BaC shit look

>> No.56439319

CP = Cheese pizza

lrn 2 lrn

>> No.56439334

Me: Alright, I have not had a day off in almost 2 weeks, I CAN'T waste the whole day painting, just prime them before the weather gets too bad, nothing crazy.

Also me, zero beers later:

>> No.56439341

>play kronos
>play a shitton of exocrines, hiveguards and biovores
>grab about 60-ish Genestealers and a Broodlord or two to throw down your opponents throat
>watch and laugh as they struggle to kill the stealers, and then are annihilated by a storm of bioplasma, spore mines and impaler cannons

>> No.56439349

Please tell me those vanguard arms are magnetized.

>> No.56439358

jesus christ those marines

>> No.56439363

>Also the best way for me to get a shitload of flamers

5 sternguard, 2 flamers, 3 combi flamers = 131 points.

>> No.56439372

Are GK fun?

>> No.56439401

Recommendations on which colors to paint my Tau starter kit?

Was thinking about something to do based on communism, but that'd be cringey. It'd be funny yeah, but 20 minutes into a match and not funny anymore.

>> No.56439403

>She wants to have fun
Look at this lesbian

>> No.56439405

Or 3 agressors with gauntlets a cool 129 with one more wound and t5 and powerfists

>> No.56439409

They're very dynamic

>> No.56439414


>> No.56439422

Don’t worry, just magnets, hoping the silliness would help get some (You)’s. Really though, does the pose seem realistic or good?

>> No.56439428

But only 3 models. Enjoy all those weapons that do more than 1 damage a shot.

Also your 4-inch movement.

>> No.56439429

Huh, the gatling loadout is the better one on that dread anyway right? Not a bad idea to pick up a pair

>> No.56439440

If I use Death Frenzy stratagem on a Haruspex as it dies, and use its grasping tongue to kill a model and heal a wound, is my Haruspex still slain?

>> No.56439451

On the note of summoning how does it work? Like if i roll high enough do i get to summon a full 30 man squad of blood letters or is it just base number no matter what?

>> No.56439455

this is so dumb, everything about it. I hate this steam punk direction. 40k is moving daily away from being pure and fun/original. Just cringey shit now.

>> No.56439456

I should have specified CSM even though I said endless cacophony but ty

I might give that a shot. What's a loyalist model that I can "easily" convert them to?

I have EC legion tactics btw

>> No.56439457


>> No.56439459

Referencing the most destructive ideology in modern history sounds perfect for the tyranids

Black and red are the Kronos scheme, but that doesn't fit with the starter box

>> No.56439468

wat? Why would they produce an easy-build redemptor? Like how many weapon options does that thing even have? 2?

Who is going to buy the regular kit with the much cheaper easy build out?

>> No.56439475

But it no longer has 0 wounds, so why would it be slain?

>> No.56439503

What are scenarios in which a noise marine's music of the apocalypse wouldn't go off?

Dying in a transport?
Failing morale?

>> No.56439513

if it has a retarded pose like the BaC Contemptor the MPPK will be infinitely more appealing

>> No.56439523

Because it dies in the moment it has 0 wounds.

>> No.56439538

Think of it like this.
Only a model that is currently "alive" can gain wounds.
A model is either "alive" or "slain"
Cannot be both or inbetween.

The strategem can only be used in the event that a model moves from the "alive" category, to the "slain" category, and allows you to do something before you remove it from the table.

It does its thing, gets back a wound.

It is now a "slain" model with 1 wound.

What happens to "slain" models?
They get removed from the table.

>> No.56439544

Might pick up some Haulers for my 5th company Death Guard.

Thinking of going 2 Bloat Drones, 2 Haulers, 2 Crawlers. Gonna have 20 Plague Marines, split into 5 man squads, 10 going with 1 Hauler each or hanging back to defend backline Crawlers, depending on enemy.

>> No.56439546

Not sure about transport but probably not for a morale check, since that would be running away and not dying.

>> No.56439549

>BaC Contemptor the MPPK
I have no idea what you're saying here.

>> No.56439572

it's a mad robot miniatures Gideon main battle tank

spendy, about 80-90 dollars a tank, so not really viable as a full LR replacement, but they make good commander tanks

>> No.56439580

You set aside some point during list building. Then during the game you can use a Chaos character to summon instead of moving. You roll three die and the result is the maximum power cost you can use.

So for example you set aside 500 points. During the game you decide you want some Bloodletters PL 4 so it's pretty easy. Your Sorc instead of moving summons. you roll your dice and get 12. You can bring a full 30 man squad if you so wish and have 290 more pts worth of summoning.

>> No.56439589

If it has a retarded pose, like the Betrayal At Calth Contemptor, the Multi Part Plastic Kit will be more appealing.

>> No.56439598

Who doesn't want to math out "I wonder how many terminators I can cram into 2k"?

>> No.56439637

Thanks for clearing that up. it seemed weird since they didn't have any restriction on what you can summon and with what wargear they come with like last edition did.

>> No.56439639

This. It explicitly says “when a character is slain... it can immediately fight before it is removed from the battlefield”, so I’m saying no getting back up. Though interpretation is pretty open, if my opponent did it to me I’d probably okay it if he was chill, and if an FAQ swings in I’m happy either way

Refers to Betrayal at Calth, the plastic 30k boxed game.
The infamously shitty monopose dreadnought contained in said kit
Multi-part plastic kit

Keep up kid

>> No.56439645

9 average 5+ Advance

If theyre shooting plasma at my agressors good for them and if lascannons melta or missles even better Ive got a ton of primaris on board and terminators

>> No.56439651

>Trying to find a Recasters Info since he seems like he does good stuff
>He's fairly new so info about him is limited
>Find multiple dead ends
>Finally find a lead and contact the guy
>Just realized the guy hasn't been active on the site I used to contact him in well over a month
Fucking shit. Maybe I should just look for Z. Will probably be easier.

>> No.56439676

You know ill never understand why things like Terminator Armour Captains and Librarians are monopose.

>> No.56439762

Wait I miscalculated my Carnifexes point costs meaning I have more points to spend than I thought! Woo!

>> No.56439766

It's nice that it's flexible, but it has some problems. You have to have the models to be flexible, which I started Tzeentch Daemons so this was easier for me. On top of that you have to sacrifice a characters movement for a turn and hope your army can handle being under manned while you find the right time to summon. One of these days I'll roll just right and summon a surprise magic chicken.

>> No.56439804

RIP your sorc if you manage that tho.

>> No.56439814

Name a new character that deserves a mini and statline.


‘Forward! Forward! Forward!’ Felix screamed as loud his as lungs would allow. His battleplate
amplified the cry tenfold, feedback pushing it to the edge of incomprehensibility.
A wave of blue, green, gold, red, black and white armoured Space Marines rose up and followed the
Tetrarch of Vespastor in a howling line, charging headlong at the Plague Marine position as if the river
were not there to stop them. Dozens of Primaris Space Marines in the livery of the Ultramarines were
around Felix, many of whom had fought with him at Ardium, including Sergeant Hellicus and Sergeant
Tevian. The rest were grizzled veterans from the first Ultima Founding reinforcements sent to Ultramar.
Among them stomped Malcades, the first Primaris Space Marine to fall in Ultramar, now bound into the
massive shell of a Redemptor Dreadnought. It was a towering thing, heavier by far than the preceding
Together, the Primaris Space Marines bounded forwards, outpacing their older counterparts and defying
the cratered mudscape to close with their enemy...

>> No.56439835

Capt Donatos Aphael

>> No.56439847


>> No.56439850

>5th ed
Anon, I..

>> No.56439852

You never know it might be good!
Actually I know and it's shit. Great daemons are all super shit right now. That's 340 points I've left off the table on a gamble on top of it.

>> No.56439865

Shit my brain skipped over the word new. I just Read Name a Character that deserves and mini and statline.

>> No.56439867

Thoughts on the following list?

Alatioc Airwing
>Crimson Hunter Exarch

Ulthwe Supreme Command
>Farseer Skyrunner
>Spirit Seer

Ynnari Battalion
>Spirit Seer
>5x Kabalite Warriors
>5x Kabalite Warriors
>5x Kabalite Warriors
>5x Dark Reapers
>8x Shadow Spectres
>5x Wraithguard - D-Scythes
>Wave Serpent - Twin Shruiken Cannon, Shruiken Cannon, Spirit Stones

8 CP/1997 points

>> No.56439868

>3rd ed
Anon, I..

>> No.56439873

Can anyone tell me if my sisters list sucks?
Battalion, 1500pts

Vanilla canoness
Celestine and 1 geminae
3x sisters with 3 storm bolters per squad
A squad of 2 crusaders
1 imagifier
Mistress of repentance
Vanilla priest
Squad of 8 repentia
Rhino for repentiae, priest and mistress with hunter killer missile
2x squad of 5 dominion with 4 meltaguns per squad
Each squad in an immolator with hunter killer
Penitent Engine

>> No.56439883

Nah it's cool. Anyone come to mind though? It's not like there's a vast amount of choice.

>> No.56439889

Dark eldar : scourges.
Eldar: old metal striking scorpions. New fire prism.

>> No.56439950

>Dark Eldar
The Voidraven is sex incarnate. Otherwise, if Incubi were in plastic, I'd choose them.
Broadside hands down. Ghostkeel in 2nd.

>> No.56439975

What was special about him?

He seemed like a generic asshole who killed everyone he saw.

At one point he runs past like, 10 Plague Marines, cuts them all down then kills a Noxious Blightbringer with ease.

He doesn't face any challenges, he doesn't do anything interesting. The homoerotic tension between the Space Wolf and Dark Angel were more interesting.

>> No.56439989 [SPOILER] 

Killy as fuck and I can skin my dick to it.

>> No.56440011

First die in a fire cheesing asshat.

Second, spirit seers over warlock just for smite is dumb now imho.
The runes of battle are good enough now that you will be using them now over smite all the time.
Even if you are only have the shadow striders to Target, protect, conceal, quicken. Then you want jinx, reveal, and likely restrain. Probably terrify too if you are running hemlocks and a farseer with mindwar.

>> No.56440016

GW just needs to decide what they're supposed to do. If they're supposed to do fly-bys, Slashing Attacks needs drastically buffed. If they're supposed to hunt tanks and elite units, their bite attack needs to hit harder. They just don't do anything well.

>> No.56440071

I love all the daemon engines honestly but the Heldrake is probably my favorite by GW, alongside the Decimator from Forgeworld.

>> No.56440101

>kills a Noxious Blightbringer with ease
No he didn't. The damn thing had him and every other primaris practically on their asses until a Librarian countered the tolling of the bell.

"A light penetrated the dismal world that Felix inhabited. He lifted his head from the ground on his ageweakened
neck and saw the glowing figure of Codicier Maxim striding through the grey, his blue armour
as pure as sapphire, the green shoulder pad of his Aurora Chapter insignia as bright as virgin forest
‘Stand firm! Pay no heed! It is but a poison of the warp!’ bellowed Maxim. His voice strained as he
spoke. The crystal rods and tracks of his aegis hood glowed with fierce counter-wychfire.
The bell tolled again. Maxim’s image flickered. He approached Felix.
‘Captain! You must finish the herald, or we shall fail.’
Felix raised a shaking hand, the last fragments of rusty armour falling from his fingers. Maxim grasped
him arm, and suddenly he was armoured, young and full of the power of the Emperor. The grey world
crumbled as if made of dust. He was in the feasting hall again.
‘Go, now!’ said Maxim. ‘I shall shield you.’
The bell rang. Felix took the psychic impact with a grunt.
While the Primaris Space Marines were reeling from the bell’s dolorous effects, the Death Guard
renewed their attack, regrouping while reinforcements made their way in from some of its many entrances.
He had to act now."


>> No.56440107

>no scars and burns all over her body

>> No.56440112

As much as I hate him, Khayon would be nice to give Codex: Chaos Space Marines a sorcerer special character.

>> No.56440114


I honestly was running the Spirit Seers as a points thing - I had 20 pts left at the end and upgraded them.

I know its a rough list but this is the list I'll likely be taking to LVO this year so its got to be hard.

>> No.56440124

Holding aloft his power sword, he leapt over the edge of the balustrade, landing in the middle of his
foes. He recovered well and barged past a Traitor Space Marine, desperate to slay the bell-toller before
Maxim’s power gave out. Warriors came at him but he smote them down, crushing the chest of one with a
blow from his gauntlet, eviscerating a second with a reverse cut of his power sword.
Heart, heart, head – the mantra for combat against other Adeptus Astartes, doubly important when
fighting the resilient Death Guard.
Despite their toughness, Felix cut them down economically, guarding his movements against excessive
flourishes that may expose him. A brief burst from his boltstorm gauntlet mashed the head of a bloated
giant whose armour joints sported fringes of tentacles. The traitor fell to his knees, his additional limbs
spasming and falling limp.


>> No.56440142

The bellringer was a metre away. Felix was taller than the traitor, but with far less mass; the bellringer was a swollen horror, bloated with unnatural disease and fell power. His cracked armour strained to contain his bulk. Diseased horns sprouted from his back, the bell hanger but one of them, and they were part of his body. A filthy tabard hung from his armour, yellowed by smoke pouring from a censer at his waist. Felix leapt onto the corpse of the tentacled Space Marine, using the backpack as a springboard to launch himself at his foe. The bellringer loosed a shot from his plasma pistol, and a globular sun howled past the captain’s ear. Felix let fly with his boltstorm gauntlet, the shots ringing the bell, then brought his power sword up and back for a mighty downwards cut. The blade’s powered edge sank deep into the traitor’s thick armour, bringing forth a wash of black blood and a ringing grunt, more bell chime than voice. The traitor staggered, his motion setting the great bell on his back into another swing. Soundwaves pummelled Felix, piercing the psychic protection of Maxim. His auditory dampers burst. The scent of fried electronics filled his mask, and his ears bled. A second, smaller bell hung from the traitor’s hand. He swung it like a weapon at Felix’s head. Felix recovered quickly, his Primaris physique, aided by the Codicier’s psychic might, purging the great bell’s effects from his mind, and he swung his power sword, cleaving the bellringer’s hand from his body. Blood, thick and slow as tar, congealed at the stump. Felix levelled his sword, and rammed it as hard as he could at the traitor’s chest.
Woops I need four posts 3/4

>> No.56440156

A sparking furrow split the armour as the point scraped across the rounded chest-plate, setting the traitor’s tabard aflame. It bit near the bellringer’s armpit, and penetrated the metal to the rotten meat beneath. Felix put all his weight onto the sword, and pushed it through his enemy. Metal squealed on metal. The disruption field cracked and banged. Stinking smoke wisped from the wound. The traitor roared, and flailed once again with his smaller bell. Felix released his sword and punched hard with his gauntlet, caving in the traitor’s helmet. As the bellringer fell, Felix yanked his sword free and swung, cutting through the bell’s supporting horn. It fell with a muted clank, and was silent."

>> No.56440190

This was as embarassing as the Primaris wank where they killed those Iron Warriors.

You know, the one people keep reposting.

The good parts of the novel were the Death Guard/Nurgle bits, the Guard bits and the Guilliman bits. The primaris and Calgar stuff was so weak.

>> No.56440199

How do you deal with behemoth adrenal gland faggots?

>> No.56440210

So, to my point, he certainly didn't do it with ease. He and many other marines were fucked and he was half fucked while fighting.

As for what's special about him, he had command thrust on him from day 1 and rolled with it and rose to the occasion. He forged friendships amongst the Unnumbered Sons that saw the various inherent battle doctrines work seamlessly.

He sure as hell didn't seem like an asshole, if anything he was one of the more polite marines.

Eh, I disagree. I think the Calgar stuff might be building to his death as he tries to win back Guilliman's favor.

>> No.56440215

I only have them on my melee units :^)

>> No.56440220

Now if only GW would make their rules as good as the model

>> No.56440248

R'Varna or Broadside maybe

>> No.56440249

He's an asshole insofar as he's flawless and uninteresting.

What are his characteristics? Boring administrative asshole and guy who kills the enemy with easy. Ehhhhhhh.

At least Guilliman grappled with choices and had to make decisions.

>> No.56440255

If Calgar is killed by anyone but the swarmlord it will be a massive letdown

>> No.56440258

Ok get that.
Bring that to a non hardcore tourney game and you deserve to be kick in the balls, but I get it.
I can see the spirit seer upgrade if you just have extra points. Not worth cutting things for those points, but if you already have them.

Because at 5 RoB casters I did not feel like I had too many.

>> No.56440271

Bruh, I got bad news. Tyranids are never going to be a major part of narrative arcs. Nobody likes or cares about the Swarmlord. Calgar will probably go down when Angron shows up next year.

>> No.56440301


Nah I play a Biel-tan brigade in my casual games. Its still good but it wouldn't survive in the big leagues.

And yeah I really like RoB powers, I find myself casting them all the time in a wide variety of circumstances. I started tinkering with 2 and always felt like I needed to double up on a power so re-wrote the list for extras.

>> No.56440325

Nephilim King has some potential. I personally REALLY fucking like the whole thing with him.

>> No.56440327

>he's flawless and uninteresting.
His flaws and interesting character traits come from his uncertainty. He has concerns and questions about the Primarch, the Emperor, the Imperium and himself. Being given administrative roles is important to grooming leaders. And being a skilled combatant in Gravis armour with a power sword and a power fist means you're going to be pretty lethal. Does that make him special? No. I don't see why you think being a good fighter is a negative.
As for Guilliman grappling with choices and decisions, that's going to happen because it's his book. Felix is just another cog in the imperial war machine, his decisions and actions are smaller, but equally as important. He has room to grow and I like that.

Honestly, I don't see it happening, I'm inclined to agree with >>56440271

>> No.56440355

Make him use your loaded dice that never roll higher than a 7+.
Then watch his tears as he fails several 8" rerollable charges every single game.

Real answer: Use a tarpit and abuse your early board control to keep his deepstrikers at distance from your key units and force them into unadvantedgeous situations.

>> No.56440370

new thread

>> No.56440385

>Named character
>With a model
Hm, yeah, doubt he'll ever die.
Tau got the honour of having a miniature character die but doubt GW will do it more

>> No.56440523


Point me to the page that says wings don't count.

That's right, you can't, because there isn't such rule in 8th.

>> No.56440570

>Daemonic Instability
>If your army is Battle-Forged, all LESSER DAEMON units in Chaos Daemons Detachments gain this ability. For every model slain by a unit with this ability, they may subtract one from their leadership tests until the beginning of their next turn. For every point that they pass a morale test by, you may return one slain model to the unit, up to their starting unit size. For Nurgling units, you may restore one wound to a wounded model for every point the morale test is passed by, only returning slain models once all living models are at full wounds.

>Daemonic Assault
>If your army is Battle-Forged, all units in Chaos Daemons Detachments gain this ability. Before deploying your first unit, split your entire army into two equally sized halves (in the case of odd numbers of units, one half will have one more unit). Roll a D6. On a 3+, you choose one half of your army to arrive via Daemonic Assault, otherwise your opponent chooses one half of your army to arrive via Daemonic Assault. When deploying a unit arriving via Daemonic Assault, it may be placed anywhere that is more than 13" from the enemy deployment zone and more than 13" from any enemy units. During deployment, any unit with this rule may be placed in the warp instead of placing it on the table. At the end of any of your Movement phases this unit can breach into reality- set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models.

Boom, Daemons are fixed.

>> No.56440705

What God should my Chaos Warband be devoted to?

also are CSM shit in 8th

>> No.56440733

Slaanesh for shooty.

Khorne for not.

CSM are good.

>> No.56440787

Jorg ability says models without fly keyword.
Tyrant dataslat says wings give fly.

>> No.56440804

First is broken.
Second is just going to be a statagem. 1cp, unit can deepstrike.

>> No.56441069


That has nothing to do with what I said.

>> No.56441454

Z is a meme dont fall for it, keep looking harder at yoyhammer. Also at aliexpress.

>> No.56441978

>Everything I don't like is steampunk

>> No.56442098

Z is trash tier, slippage, bubbles, pieces warped beyond all reason (I know resin warps easily but this is taking it too fucking far). MI is the best I've seen, but also one of the most expensive. Even in the recasting world you get what you pay for.

>> No.56442379

underrated post

>> No.56442462

>1cp, unit can deepstrike
Meh, not too bad.

Deepstriking 40 bloodletters while 2 bloodthirsters scream up the board will make a lot of people nervous.

>> No.56443005

>1cp, unit can deepstrike
I know this is the best we'll get and it depresses me.

>> No.56443111

Wait who died for tau?

>> No.56443338

Aun'va, killed by a Culexus. The model is a really good hologram.

>> No.56443375

How big are 40k table tops. 4 x 6 ft?
Could the equivalent be simulated in roll20 for free 40k?

>> No.56443613

>How big are 40k table tops. 4 x 6 ft?
>Could the equivalent be simulated in roll20 for
free 40k?
no clue

>> No.56443639

It could be done. The map would be rather large but it could be done.

>> No.56443652

To be fair. As the fluff suggests that the Tau High Council have covered his death up and implanted an imposter (and his role in the military was merely one of morale.) They can keep using his model in armies indefinitely.

>> No.56443733

People already did it through vassal, whether you'd enjoy it is another thing altogether.

>> No.56443788

ugh, I tried the vassal version once. ONCE. It took 3-4 times as long to complete a game on it.

we didn't complete the game

>> No.56444208

So me and my friends are jumping back into 40k now that 8th edition codexes are rolling out and we ran into a rules question

The scenario was as follows:
My friend charges my leman russ with a unit of berserkers with miasma of pestilence on them. I use the defensive gunners stratagem, am I hitting overwatch on 5's or 6's? We figured 6's because overwatch is technally shooting but we weren't sure.

>> No.56444301

can't cast miasma on non-nurgle units so that can't happen to begin with. idk about the other part

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