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>when you highlight your model's face

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So close yet so far

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My dudes > your dudes

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Dark Angels confirmed for coolest chapter.

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Yep. Basically.

1v1 me. Dawn of War. The Scouring mission.

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>pr*maris BTFO

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My theoretical dudes > your dudes

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This wonderful chap did nothing wrong and you all know it.

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I bought too much Warhammer and now I can't afford food.

You can't die from not eating for 3 days right?

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I have decided that in order to get fully into the spirit of playing Death Guard, I will no longer bathe. If anyone in my local store cannot handle my rancid stench then they're simply not as blessed as I.

If any heroic chad decides to take matters into his own hands and put black paint into my miniature carry case it shall only make me stronger

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that "wonderful chap" should have been aborted

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Eat the cardboard boxes the warhams came in. Delicious fibre.

Disclaimer: probably don't actually do this, I'm not a /ck/ regularly but I suspect it's a bad idea.

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Except being a part of space Al qaeda? literally killing planets already conquered by the great crusade for not worshiping the Emperor hard enough? Legion is such dicks another legion has to step in and say "stop."

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>The Scouring
Does anyone actually play this mission, outside of randomly rolling it?

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Huh, neat. I’m glad they’re actually going to explore some primaris vs manlet tension.

It would be completely odd if a bunch of 30k neophytes jumped into the modern dark angels and everything was cool. That makes sense for ultramarines, fists or white scars but Dangles are a little too heretical for that

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Did DAoT humanity know about daemons/Chaos? They invented Geller fields, but what was the extent of their knowledge?

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>You can't die from not eating for 3 days right?
You can, in theory, go weeks without food... However, it's ill-advised to go days without food. You may become dizzy and weak.
>implying you aren't weak already

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>t. Corpse worshippers not realizing the truth

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>wishes my hand could reliably be this steady.
I'm not bad, but doing shit like this is beyond me.

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Why are the Night Lords such awesome legion? Is it because they are not tainted by Chaos?

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Stay hydrated and you will survive, buy a giant box of dollar ramen when you can. You college student life style now. But you can survive a while without food, like 2 weeks, but, it is not good for you. You will not feel well and be pretty weak and disoriented from it as your body has to adjust. Water is far more important, you will die from dehydration far faster.

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>mfw thots screeching like mad because of some silly app that removes their makeup from photos.

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>literally killing planets already conquered by the great crusade for not worshiping the Emperor hard enough?
This is just the same as someone calling themselves a Christian but never going to church and believing in gays being able to marry and shit like that. You aren't committed to praising the emperor if you are doing a half assed job of it, they deserved everything.

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i really think they are just edgy kids
they would have an excise for that if they were tainted by chaos

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If i was going to buy the Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth to use as Chaos marines. What the fuck am i going to do with the Contemptor Dreadnought and Cataphractii Terminators? Do they have Chaos rules in 8e?

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>Contemptor Dreadnought and Cataphractii Terminators? Do they have Chaos rules in 8e?
I always assumed that they were Chaos versions of most Imperial assets, being that anyone can fall.

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I think that they can be tainted like the others.
Most warbands will seek less chaos but you will get people possessed and such.
Maybe in the Word Bearers being possessed is the coolest shit ever, while in the Night Lords you are considered like the Death Company for the BA

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Just use them as Helbrutes and Terminators. Chaos has old ass shit due to the Warp doesn't do linear time. Baring that, Obliterators.

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Praise Nurgle

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> fallen hate dark angels
> all loyalists dislike dark angels
> all traitors hate dark angels
> primaris hate dark angels

It's almost like the Dark Angels are traitorous, useless cunts

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Use the Cataphractii as regular ass termies, and I'm pretty sure Contemptors have rules from FW. Alternatively just use em as helbrutes.

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I have decided that in order to get fully into the spirit of playing World Eaters, I will no longer skip gym. If anyone in my local store cannot handle my awesome muscles then they're simply not as blessed as I.

If any heroic virgin decides to take matters into his own hands and put black paint into my miniature carry case it shall only make me angrier.

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>Loyalists happily fought side by side with the Fallen.
>The Fallen have used the Dark Angels lust for them to drag them to places where the Dark Angels are actually needed saving countless lives.

It is almost as if the Dark Angels are autistic and need handlers while the Fallen are functional humans.

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forge world has rules for chaos contemptors

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Note to OPs:
Mathhammer has been replaced by squigs.

Question to readers:
Should Mathhammer continue in future OPs or no? I understand this link has been abandoned?

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I’m starting an Eldar army and need a lore question answered.
My army is going to be an alliance between Iyanden and Biel-tan. Which of those two Craftworlds would a Warlock make more sense thematically to be a part of? I don’t think either of them are against Warlocks, but wanted to be sure.

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Thanks anon.

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kickstart dinner

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>But remove her makeup and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I've been found out.”

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I see it is opposite day over where you are, anon.

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Good question.
Considering that even retarded species like Tau know about them, I bet that at least some humans should've known about them.

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Serves them right.
Besides, girls are cuter without makeup anyways. I consider wearing makeup as a form of lie.

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biel-tan will have a lot of warlocks because they're the aspect warrior craftworld and you can only be a warlock if you've been an aspect warrior before.

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Probably Biel-tan, though warlocks are hardly unfluffy for Iyanden (maybe not as common as spiritseers though). Warlocks are eldar on the path of the seer who previously trod the path of the warrior, and Biel-tan would have a lot of eldar who'd been on the path of the warrior at some point in their lives.

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t. Low IQ retarded that believe that emotions given form are gods.
Worshipping corpses is stupid, but so are worshipping emotions. Real men use pure logic untainted by religious dogma

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Are you me anon?

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>Waiting for a real Ork codex since 4th edition

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>implying it actually removes makeup
It just adds blemishes anon

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What'd be a fitting craftworld trait for Mymeara? I'm guessing Alaitoc, but that feels dirty. Specially for my Shadow Spectres. -2 to hit dosnt seem fun for others.
Probably Biel-tan. Warlocks are just Eldar who stopped following the path of an aspect to instead follow the path of the seer. Biel-tan haveing such a hard on for aspect warriors in the first place probably have a higher amount of warlocks as a by-product. Besides most Lyanden warlocks would probably train to become Spiritseers anyway.

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In Talon of Horus, there is short note about the first humans that they send into the Warp. The author named them "Empyronauts".

Not sure, if he mentions them meeting the local residents of the Warp too....

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Do we mean actually without makeup or just foundation? Because there's a distinct difference. Why am I contributing to the shitposting?

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>cuck beaten by a banana

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At least 6 of the traitor legions openly worship Chaos, which means that they're much more likely to being tainted.
I think that only the IW and NL are the only legions that despise or only use chaos as a tool. The Black Legion seens to have a bit of both.

I understand you.
I have destroyed more than 1k worth of models after I failed in painting them.
I always end doing some shit that ruin my minis

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Quiet you fool, don't let the women know we're onto them.

has the mathhammer website been updated for 8th yet? also you shouldn't rely heavily on mathhammer because the dice have no loyalty to no one

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Reminder to ask Andy anything tomorrow

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>Besides, girls are cuter without makeup anyways.
This 1000%. Most put on way to much which I find distracting. My first crush was actually a co-worker that was kinda nerdy, but put on way to much makeup. She came in one day running late and didnt put any on and it made my heart go doki doki

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Not edgy at all.

Have you seen what the guys from the mexican drug cartels do with their victims? NLs are pretty much drug cartels in space

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Dunno, are you a suicidal Finn who really should be writing school reports right now, rather than shitposting here?

Well duh. The effect is still the same and if it didn't get at least somewhat accurate results, women wouldn't be bitching about it.

I literally do not even fucking know what a "foundation" is. I am a guy for fuck's sake, I don't use any sort of makeup.
But yes, any sort of merely aesthetic shit splattered on one's face is disgusting in principle to me. It is a form of lie that hides your actual appearance.
The fact that such vanity, which used to mostly infect the aristocrats of old, has become staple of our entire culture.
The fact that capitalists succeeded in convincing women that they need to plaster their faces with chemicals in order to appear to be pretty, is a sure sign of how utterly detrimental this system is to us if we allow it to run amok freely.

Most girls are pretty to guys by nature. That's how they fucking attract men in the first place. They don't need tons of chemicals and aesthetic powders on their face to be pretty to us guys.

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one of the biel-tan relics also works great on warlocks.
Gives a psyker a free reroll on a psykic power, but if they fail the reroll they can't make any more psykic powers that round. Which for warlocks means nothing.
Also for farseers means basically nothing as they use their inbuilt reroll on the first failed check, then if they fail the second check would use the relic. Then out of pyskic powers. Unless they use they wanted to use the stratagem.

Also the new Runes of battle are great for helping Aspect Warriors.

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I'm trying to piss off our local autist by turning my FW renegades and heretics list into a WAACfag guard list until he begs me to go back to my FW rules. I've already got a baneblade and the vahallen pistol of index commissars, how else can I make this list more dickish?

Crybaby backup list (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [102 PL, 1983pts]
>Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum)
>Primaris Psyker
3) Psychic Barrier, 4) Nightshroud, Force Stave
Heavy Support
Basilisk w/Heavy Bolter
2xBasilisk w/Heavy Bolter
3xWyvern w/Heavy Bolter
>Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum)
>Company Commander
Astra Militarum Orders, Boltgun, Chainsword, PIETROV’S MK 45
>Company Commander
Chainsword, KUROV’S AQUILA, Laspistol
Four seperate 30x Conscript squads
>Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum)
>Primaris Psyker
2) Gaze of the Emperor, 3) Psychic Barrier, Force Stave
>Primaris Psyker
3) Psychic Barrier, 6) Psychic Maelstrom, Force Stave
>Primaris Psyker
1) Terrifying Visions, 3) Psychic Barrier, Force Stave
>Tech-Priest Enginseer
Lord of War
Autocannon, Demolisher cannon, Twin heavy bolter
4 Lascannon & Twin Heavy Flamer Sponsons
Dedicated Transport
>Trojan Support Vehicle
Heavy Bolter

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Petulant manchild =/= real men.

>> No.56434244

I think you've been using the same image since 4th as well, pinhead.

>> No.56434252

Well they were sort of like that until Curze lost control of his legion, now they just flay babies for shits and giggles

>> No.56434254

hellforged contemptor is forgeworld and very good, and DG use cataphractii termies but idk if any other chaos dudes do (this only matters if you are super into being accurate with your models)

>> No.56434264 [DELETED] 

dude, you need to calm the fuck down.
There is a lot of anger there you need a healthy outlet for.

Not every act of personal expression is a lie intended to deceive you.

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You have to go back.

>> No.56434272 [DELETED] 

Because is this or Kangs.
At least makeup had something to do with painting

>> No.56434276

I am mainly looking to make some interesting allies for my Khorne Daemons. Now i just need to decide how to paint them.

>> No.56434279

>made my heart go doki doki
This post gave me diabetes

>> No.56434298

I agree that was adorable, too bad anon is a fat neck beard that will never find love

>> No.56434300 [DELETED] 

Are you by chance, a woman?

>> No.56434311

What're your thoughts on pic-related?

>> No.56434317

so stage makeup, intended to give make facial features clear at a distance under bright lights. It looks overdone close up, but that's not how it's seen in action.

Exactly like would be happening looking at the faces of your models on a table form standing.

>> No.56434327

Take the 3 psykers and the bane blade and make Tallarn to outflank them.

Drink tears

>> No.56434335

World Eater trait + contemptor + a forgeworld hellwright is nightmare fuel. 7 14str -4 4dmg attacks hitting on 2+ with d3 wounds coming back per turn and you can eat models you kill for extra wounds. very cool

>> No.56434347

In a seperate supreme command detachment that is

>> No.56434348 [DELETED] 

>girls are cuter without makeup anyways
They don't wear makeup for men, they wear it for other women. Men compete in more active pursuits like sports, games, fights. Women compete "passively."

>> No.56434374 [DELETED] 

nope, a guy. But I've been in theater, been in a wedding party, and paint.

People do it knowing it's an effect, and the viewer knows it's an effect, but it looks cool.
We're not trying to fool you into thinking there isn't stuff on their face, their trying to make a thing that looks nice to them.

You're seeing deception instead of creation, and clearly coming from a place of anger and ego.
Maybe what they're doing isn't about you?

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is the Battle for Vedros Starter Set worth it?

I play orks and also wanna paint some Iron hands on the side

>> No.56434387

This would be nice. Should i paint them Heresy Era colour scheme? the warp works like that right? Heresy Era fuckers showing up in modern day?

>> No.56434401

My store manager told me The Lion was coming soon now - I dont know if that means within the year or sometime next but I hope sooner rather than later. I really want to have something to compete since my closest friends play Ultramarines, Thousand Sons and Death Guard so unless I make a really try-hard playlist, I lose most games where they bring Primarchs.

>> No.56434411

One month without food, one week without liquid, one fortnight without sleep...

It is as if you never went to the scouts as a kid anon

>> No.56434421

comes with best deffchoppa, at least

>> No.56434431

Never happened.
The retarded banana fell right into Perturabo's trap

>> No.56434432

>store manager

>> No.56434435

Jesus why do Eldar have so many -1 to hit modifiers. I can pretty easily get a -3 to hit against my Shadow Spectres. That's disgusting.

Also has there been a FAQ about whether or not the Avatar can pick his warlord trait or if he's stuck with the craftworld one?

>> No.56434437

Your store manger is lying to you, Lion ain't waking up any time soon

>> No.56434443

>women wouldn’t be bitching about something that just makes them look shitty
Really nigger?

>> No.56434478

Sure, with chaos you have a lot of options

>> No.56434479

>My store manager told me The Emperor was coming soon now - I dont know if that means within the year or sometime next but I hope sooner rather than later. I really want to have something to compete since my closest friends play Ultramarines, Thousand Sons and Death Guard so unless I make a really try-hard playlist, I lose most games where they bring Primarchs.

>> No.56434488

>If we can't trust you idiots with the handheld Lascannons what makes you think we'll trust you with the chapter secrets?
Our chapter has secrets?

>> No.56434497 [DELETED] 

> But I've been in theater,

>> No.56434512 [DELETED] 

Not really.
The vast majority of girls are ugly as fuck.
They attracted men because men are lustfull creatures, not because they're really pretty. I think that Schopenhauer wrote about it once

>> No.56434514 [DELETED] 

>t. insecure manlet

>> No.56434527

How would the store manager even know? Store managers are too low on the chain to know anything about in-development projects until they actually receive the inserts and displays.

Next time, ask him what makes him say that. If he says he got a memo or some promotional material, ask him to let you take a peek/pic. Tell him the frothing fanbase reveal will be good for sales.

>> No.56434529

You need to go hack, mr. roboto

>> No.56434532

Why are Dornfags so shit at making memes?
You didn't even mirrored Dorm's face

>> No.56434534

well shadow specters are broken and the rest of the codex isn't designed with forge world shit in mind.

That said, getting more than -2 isn't that easy, and even -2 is pretty restricted outside of alaitoc.
Plus the short range on a lot of the eldar guns means they aren't maintaining that bonus after things move up in the first round, and the psykic powers and vectored thrusters don't turn on until after you have turn, when you want to move up.

It's possible to make a list where you're getting to use the -2 to hit benefit, but that list is pretty restricted and requires you to constantly moving away from the threat.

With the new runes of battle I've actually been relying a lot less on conceal stacking to hit penalties, and used that warlock for reveal almost as often as conceal.

Not saying it's not an advantage, but it's not going to be in every eldar list, and a lot of the combos people are concerned about aren't there, or are actually weaker than with the index option.

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>> No.56434570 [DELETED] 

>in theatre
as in warzone, on stage or operating theatre?

>> No.56434578

My store manager told me he was coming soon now - I dont know if that means within the hour or sometime next but I hope sooner rather than later. I really want to have cummies in my tummy since my closest friends are chads so unless I really blow-hard, I tire my arms when they drop their pants.

>> No.56434582

Dubs names my Razorback

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>> No.56434603

the anal annihilator

>> No.56434606

the smelly cumrag

>> No.56434612 [DELETED] 

>Puttibg makeup in your face to hide shitty flaws like broad noses and square jaws
>Not doing it to deceive others

>> No.56434615

The AIDS injector

>> No.56434616

Should i get a shadowsword or macharius /tg/ ?
On one hand i really really like macharius but it being resin gives me headaches.
Bent barrels, not perfectly fitting tracks that are parrallel to ground is an incredible source of anguish for me. That is why i limited my resin vehicle purchases to a single vulture so far, and kept to using plastic vehicles. To further complicate the issue the price is damn high. 125+15 percent shipping +20 percent customs tax =168.25 britistan dollars. But dammit the model is so nice. And i would be very, very disappointed if they made a plastic version of it like they did to the old resin baneblade after i but the damn thing.
I am at a complete indecision /tg/ help me.

>> No.56434623

The anal investigator.

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>> No.56434634

the avatar isn't hard locked into a warlord trait i believe, no idea if he can take a relic.

>> No.56434635


>> No.56434641

Shadowsword. But I like killing other people's big toys

>> No.56434642

OwO what's this *unzips troops*

>> No.56434643

What is a roboto?

>> No.56434645

Poop machine

>> No.56434650

>Tfw too intelligent to worship Chaos Gods
>Not using Chaos as a tool and only a tool

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>> No.56434658

Big Cum

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>> No.56434665

the anal penetrator

>> No.56434668

>the robot is lost

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>> No.56434670

step up guys

>> No.56434675

Continuing to refine my Hive Fleet Cerastes:

Detachment 1: Battalion Kraken
1xHive Tyrant, wings, adrenal glands, toxin sacs, chameleonic mutation, monsterous rending claws, two deathspitters with slimer maggots, one step ahead, the horror, psychic scream.
1xNeurothrope, Catalyst
3xRipper Swarm
30xTermagant, 20xDevourer, 10xFleshborer
30xTermagant, 20xDevourer, 10xFleshborer
1xThe Red Terror
6xRavener, 6xRending Claws, 6xDeathspitters
3xShrike, 3xAdrenal Glands, 3xBoneswords, 2xDeathspitter, 1xBarbed Strangler
3xShrike, 3xAdrenal Glands, 3xBoneswords, 2xDeathspitter, 1xBarbed Strangler
1xTyrannofex, Rupture Cannon
1xHarpy, 2xHeavy Venom Cannon

Detatchment 2: Fortification Kraken
1xSporocyst, 5xBarbed Strangler

1999 points, 6CP.

>> No.56434678

first blood

>> No.56434685

metal bawks

>> No.56434689


>> No.56434690

fuck you

>> No.56434691

Red Rocket

>> No.56434692


>> No.56434696

>pic related


>> No.56434697

voting for this again desu

>> No.56434698

The Dominator.

>> No.56434702

Laser-o-matic 3000

>> No.56434704


>> No.56434707

the lictor fister

>> No.56434717

mr dongs party bus

>> No.56434724

Well, I mean, Alaitoc has some incredibly strong rules. I'm still expecting it to shake out as hands down the strongest Craftworld, in general.

Don't forget, one use of Conceal is simply forcing your opponent to close in to deal with the Concealed threat, and then you can Wraithrape them.

>> No.56434726

The Faggin Wagon

>> No.56434727


>> No.56434732

Submitted For Your Approval

>> No.56434750

Hammers of Dorn are regular jobbers to Tau

>> No.56434755


>> No.56434757

Enrico Skyler

>> No.56434762

Finally fucking hell.

>> No.56434764

Red hot Catholic love.

>> No.56434766


>> No.56434767

at last it is over

>> No.56434769


>> No.56434770

Oh thank god

>> No.56434771

Now that i think about it i will definetly get shadowsword but should i buy a macharius? I am at fence about it due to the afformentioned problems.

>> No.56434793

Awesome, now better question is it worth sticking with the base weapons for +1 attack or is their a better option?

>> No.56434803

Only a really dumb low IQ man would unironicaly worship a bunch of warp entities

>> No.56434812

alaitoc for fluff reasons and against competitive (allthough spectres aren't 40k so you'll probably never play competitively) and any other of your choice for keeping friends. It really doesn't matter all that much, because mymeara's main features are shadow spectres and hiding.

Edit: Nvm, just pick Alaitoc. It's not THAT evil since -1 only works for 18" and more. You wont have any benefits most of the time anyway.

>> No.56434813

From Bolter & Chainsword:

“At my local GW today and they received a next steps panflet for people who have just bought Dark Imperium. It had the usual such as Mortarion and Primaris characters, but it also had some new Easy To Build kits, consisting of the following

Redemptor Dread
Lord Felthid and the Court of something something
Plague Hauler

The pics were only of the box artwork so couldn't see the exact content or models and there were no prices, but the Lord Felthid box was of a Lord in Cataphract armour with a Manreaper, and three Plague Marines around him. Being a smarty pants I didn't get a pic, and there was no details of when they will be released, but at least the Blight Hauler is on the way!”

>> No.56434822

The tracks and sponsons on the macharius are one solid piece with the only movement being the actual sponson weapon if that puts you at ease about the tracks.

>> No.56434829

who is this?

>> No.56434850

>Easy build dreadnoughts

>> No.56434853

Looks like some old nerd. He probably plays with toys in his spare time.

>> No.56434880

So because I know some people are still saying 'why do x instead of just a wave serpent', I'm going to say that the codex actually does make that a consideration.

A falcon+brightlance gets an extra s8 d3 damage over the double brightlance WS. (and while I know D1d6 has a higher EV, the reliablity of D3 makes me like it more.). Costs 2 points less.
So the protection of the shield, or an extra main gun shot?

The firs prism 8 points more than a 2 BL serpent, with the 2 shots will actually value out at being a better shot in all cases.
Vs T7, the focused shot has an EV of 4 to the BL 3.5, and more reliably does at least some damage. Vs T8, T6, or T5 the FP will have +1 to wound, with either equal 3.5 or 4 expected damage.
So double shots is always going to be better than the WS double bright lance.

This is before bringing in that the multiple modes means that the FP can get better shooting options if shooting at things with lower wound count.

And while the shield does improve the WS survivability, 60" range 36" does matter. While 36" will be able to shoot basically the whole field if you deploy centrally, it also means everything can hit you. A FP can deploy in the corner, out of range of enemy returning fire.

Then there is the stratagem, which makes multiple FP a pretty sweet option for taking out big targets quick.

Not saying there aren't times when the WS isn't better, but it's not always better now, which is nice.

>> No.56434885

>spectres aren't 40k so you'll probably never play competitively
>1 only works for 18" and more
It's 12". Which gives me a nice buffer for most of my units. Besides those that want to get in close anyway like Fire Dragons and Wraith units.

>> No.56434899

If a weapon is S- does that mean it always has to roll 6+ to wound?

>> No.56434903

I had bought a china macharius on sale before and it had problems about tracks not fitting the hull perfectly.
I just gave up on it as a result of that and i am planning to convert it to a bunker.
When you fit the pieces are they perfectly parrallel to the ground and to each other?

>> No.56434914

No because '-' is not on the chart.

>> No.56434919

Hey guys, I'm new to the tabletop stuff and was hoping to get into the Dark Eldar.
I saw this offer up on Ebay and was wondering if it's any good?


Should I get this or should I buy from a different place.
I hear there are shops that sell 40k stuff cheaper than GW.

>> No.56434920

I wouldn't, now that all the baneblade variants have been buffed in the new codex, while the forgeworld ones won't be for a while most likely.

>> No.56434937

Hmm sounds like another Lord of Contagion, with his alternate weapon. You could really easily convert it though, since the Deathshroud box has 1 spare manreaper head which you could stick on a generic one.

>> No.56434942

Resin models require more attention than plastic, you fix it with a blow dryer.

>> No.56434950

The resin experience™.

>> No.56434963

Barbed Stranglers suck. Why are you using Kraken, especially on a Sporocyst?

>> No.56434964

>easy build aggressors

If they have boltstorm aggressors that are 3 for $15, they’ll have officially undercut chinaman for my aggressor list.

Man I hope it’s true

>> No.56434965

Picture isn't mine but the macharius i have which is sitting unbuilt due to laziness fit the hull perfectly when i was test fitting it. It also sat fine on the ground as far as i could tell - but thats just from memory.

The only issue I had was the hull gunners port was chipped slightly but forgeworld sent a replacement pretty quickly.

>> No.56434970

Just did some shitty mental maths using google shopping and I'm pretty sure it's around the same price that you'd get them from some non-gw retailers that offer discounts, it might be maybe £10 cheaper but it's not a must buy deal.

Some other anons can probably help you out better as my mind is fucking melted from studying for exams right now.

>> No.56434987

Some men are fine with easy fit plastic kits.
Some men want to work harder to put together finely detailed resin kits.
Some men just want to watch the world burn.

>> No.56434995

conceal doesn't care about range, and they can just shoot something else.

And personally, I think Biel-tan, Ulthwe and Iyanden all have a real chance at coming out on top.

The Alaitoc strat is basically worthless, while the Ulthwe and Biel-tan are both very good. The Alaitoc relic isn't very good either, compaired to the psyker relics for the other 3.

and wraithguard have to be too close to get any real advantage from Alaitoc.

>> No.56435019

So what do you guys think of the Malcador Infernus?

give it 2 Heavy Flamers and yolorush into the enemy lines?

>> No.56435024

>Some men just want to watch the world burn.

You mean the autists burning their armies due to age of shitmar?

>> No.56435032

I have decided that in order to get fully into the spirit of playing Emperor’s Children, I will no longer stop masturbating. If anyone in my local store cannot handle my extreme ejaculate then they're simply not as blessed as I.

If any heroic puritan decides to take matters into his own hands and put black paint into my miniature carry case it shall only make me hornier.

>> No.56435034

I agree with this. There's no indication Forgeworld is putting in effort to update their Indices, and we have some pretty major problems right now with the half-assed faqqery we've been getting (looking at you, Elysian plasma weapons). Until they get updated, you're generally best off with Codex shit.

>> No.56435038


Just read the desc on ebay and it says it saves you £25 from the GW price. Most non-gw retailers offer 10/20% off GW product so this will probably work out more expensive than going to your flgs and buying these kits because you'll have to pay shipping on the ebay one.

>> No.56435040

fucking kek

>> No.56435045

they are purely forgeworld, and you can't look at the forgeworld index and not see that it was rushed so badly it needs to be excluded from all but the most casual and friendly games.

>> No.56435052

So have I have bought 50 chaos predators, 40 chaos rhinos and 25 chaos land raiders in preparation for their imminent squatting. How are you preparing /40kg/?

>> No.56435055

The description for that listing tell straight up tells you that you save £25. It's pretty good deal if you wanted to start up DE

>> No.56435057

pls correct me if I'm wrong, but death spectres were forgeworld last time i checked.

>> No.56435062

consider also the slot, you can always get a dedicated transport slot but maybe you've spent your heavy support slot on wraithlords. falcons had some decent work the couldstrike rule. i think most prefer wave serpents because of more troop and the horrors of 6th

>> No.56435074

Buying some Prime-time marines to convert into HQs for chaos.

>> No.56435080

Easy to Build kits of those make no sense. I'm putting my money on one of those campaign boxes that come with assorted kits and a new character model for both sides (Sanctum Reach, etc.)

Assault on Black Reach had one. Man, should have bought a few. Would love to make a boxnought unit for 30k.

>> No.56435083

need some help. i want to convert my yv'ahra into a riptide. how do i do it

>> No.56435087


>> No.56435098

I already panic bought everything i wanted when age of signal landed. The only thing I need to buy is new stuff they release... that is if its any good.

>> No.56435101

Yeah they are FW, but people bring FW in to my shop all the time. At most I was only going to run one squad of Spectres for flavor.

>> No.56435105

What does Chaos Hellwright look like? Just a Chaos warpsmith?

>> No.56435110

As a DA player, is it okay for me to make Lion's head soup?

>> No.56435111

>"Hey, this is a riptide with the burst cannon and plasma."

>> No.56435120

Thank you for your answer i will think about this issue more.

Yeah they certainly do, i have dealth with my share of resin models and saved lots of cihnacasts. It is kinda acquired skill when you are collecting krieg.
The real problem with resin happens is in models that have large flat areas. For example most IG vehicles.
On round surfaces etc the problems are less apperent. But when you are looking at a ,lets say a dkk centaur from the front the side hulls must be parallel to each other all the way along the hull and must touch the ground perfectly.

There isnt much of an issue with it in,lets say a domitar battle automata because it doesnt have large flat areas.

>> No.56435122

I'd assumed they were more human.

>> No.56435126


>> No.56435133

*shadow spectres I mean

>> No.56435134

>3 aggressors

knowing GW it will be 2 aggresors so you cant have a full unit

>> No.56435139

except this is 8th ed.
Where you have plenty of slots, and have extra HS slot might let you take another detachment for an extra CP.

and cloudstrike works just as well or better for triple shuriken cannon WS.

>> No.56435141

every single time ive faced T'au this edition, the Yv'ahra has done more than a riptide, why do you want to do this?

>> No.56435149

Because mixing hive fleets is heresy, otherwise would put jorm on it (which is more fitting).

Barbed Stranglers don't look that ass to me when compared to their 20 point counter part of Venom Cannons that are half the shots and meant for popping light vehicles and walkers while Stranglers are for infantry groups.

To be fair though, I probably should do Jorm given it is more fitting with my fleets fluff for the Sporo and it isn't like it does a huge amount of difference since it should still allow the synapse node to trigger. Oh, that's right, due to Sporocyst's only trigger their synapse bubble with friendly <HIVE FLEET> so for that to work it needs to be the same as the rest of the army. That is why I took it as Kraken.

>> No.56435157


You are aware that Perturabo is a daemon prince now, due to Gods rewarding him for slaughtering the Imperial Fists at Sebastus? And that he destroyed the Forge World of Toil by invoking Nurgle, the Plague God, to aid him?

>> No.56435169

well then it's not a problem.
The issue would be spamming FW units in a competitive game.
And given that FW index has so many very clear problems that's just not going to be allowed most places.

>> No.56435173

How long until:
Chaos reverse engineer Primaris;
Tau up their game too;
Eldar learn how to steroids;
Orks mutate;

And so on, to better face the Primaris and sell new models

>> No.56435175

>shadow specters are broken

Thats a pretty low bar you've set. They are wet paper bags that get shot off the board without deepstrike. -2 makes them worth the points

>> No.56435178

But it'll also come with a datasheet to field a 2 model unit, like with the 3 model intercessors and reivers.

If we do get aggressors, I just might have to make a unit. Turn my spare gravis captain into a sergeant with some extra bits and make a unit of 4.

>> No.56435179

I also had a hell of a lot more problems with my Malcador fitting together properly than my Macharius ever had. Tracks not fitting, sponsons being crooked etc.

Macharius was a dream in comparison.

>> No.56435186

Should I set up a Reddit account and forward questions from /tg/?

>> No.56435188

Pertuarbo is a undivided prince

>> No.56435189

Still fine by me. Would love to easily add two to my and have a nice five man unit I can stuff in a repulsor.

>> No.56435201

synapse in general requires friendly <HIVE FLEET>
so you can't ignore moral or instinctive behavior if you have another hive fleet synapse.

>> No.56435207

Literally using them as a tool rather than giving them worship anon. The same is true for pretty much all Iron Warriors. They acknowledge Chaos Gods are powerful beings but by no means do they serve them and only call upon them when they need something, and even then they only do it on THEIR terms.

>> No.56435214

Does anyone have pictures of a baneblade/stormlord's assembly?

>> No.56435215

Chaos is the true enemy though.

>> No.56435221

Why? It would be exactly like Vedros, just with primaris. Easy build dreads have existed for a long time

So for $45 you get 6 aggressors instead of $50 for 3.

Still an auto buy

>> No.56435222

No, you should set up a Reddit account and stay there.

>> No.56435225

this eradicates the carnac

>> No.56435231

Thought that <HIVE FLEET> was like with <Regiment> or <Chapter> where it was filled out by taking one. Not just in general, if it is in general I'll take Jorm because like hell a Sporocyst will ever advance or charge.

>> No.56435237

they can stack to -3, which is the point where a lot of things just can't deal with them. -4 if you use a strat.

The stacking capacity for -1BS is enough that adding another -1 can put it out of control, and their gun is good enough that it can be a problem.

>> No.56435238

you can get the same issue with a GW one
you need to cut down the area enough an get some hot water

>> No.56435250

that is a fair point, i guess for my own army i wouldn't get a falcon since i already have 2 wave serpents and i want more infantry over more tanks

>> No.56435257

You can do that with the psyker jet. Which is better>>56435237

>> No.56435268

>I had bought a china macharius on sale before and it had problems about tracks not fitting the hull perfectly.


>> No.56435274

Pfffff bahahahaha
If that was true the Necrons or the Eldar would actually made an effort to prevent the scar thingy.
Instead they just dick around doing random stuff

>> No.56435281

oh I forgot super seeeekrit club

>> No.56435283

>Chaos reverse engineer Primaris;
i don't think they really will.
chaos marines are getting bigger
then again GW loves money

>Eldar learn how to steroids;
last year

>> No.56435291

I started making a Daemon Prince from my contemptor, never finished it though. Sorry for shitty pic quality.
And the terminators are just terminators, for chaos it doesn't matter what their mark of armour is. Just give them some power weapons.

>> No.56435299

Conceal doesn't, but under Alaitoc, Conceal matters more depending on range. -2 to hit is a lot worse than -1 - against BS5+, for example, it's infinitely worse. If you apply Conceal to Alaitoc Wraithguard, they're very safe from long-ranged enemy shit, and your opponent will know that, and try to get in close, which is where you want them.

Biel-Tan's attribute is garbage, but it has a good psyker relic; Ulthwe's attribute is decent, with a worse psyker relic than Biel-Tan. I don't think either can really compete with Iyanden's and Alaitoc's offerings.

Iyanden is the only Craftworld I can see really giving Alaitoc a run for its money for best Craftworld.

>> No.56435302

they get filled out, but I'm pretty sure the two <hive fleet> mentions in the synapse and instinctive behavior rules have to be the same for them to work.

I know that you can choose the hive fleet adaption that fits your personal fleet, but I'm also pretty sure you have to pick one.

>> No.56435310

To be fair he had the same issue as the original Fail World stuff.
Bent and usuasable parts is normal with resin stuff of anything.
Lucky for us recaster and FW replace broken parts

>> No.56435313

>chaos marines are getting bigger
>then again GW loves money

I don't see chaos players begging for chaos primaris, as you say the chaos models are already getting upscaled

>> No.56435322

How is Deathwatch these days? Friend of mine saw them and was piqued by the idea of mixing units and marine chapters together so he could be unique. Is it a flawed idea? He also loves the Blackstar

>> No.56435325

Have a few fun photos from weekend game. Big narrative battle of 150 pl-140pl of orks attacking imperial fists and fulminators using the Blitz narrative mission from the brb

>> No.56435330

no, you can't.
Conceal can't hit the jet. Infantry or Biker only.
It maxes at -2, -3 with the strat.

People keep making that mistake, the power changed.

>> No.56435337

Maybe it is because molds getting old and maybe malcador is an older model?
Also another thing ,when i checked the FW website the macharius vulcan shows as no longer available.
Not out of stock or temporarly unavailable , just no longer available.
Are they shelving the kit completely ? That is worrisome.

>> No.56435341


>> No.56435342

I guess i just find it strange that they allowed the Loyalist to keep Cataphractii terminators but Chaos loses them.

>> No.56435345

>I had bought a china macharius on sale before and it had problems about tracks not fitting the hull perfectly.
>on sale
Oh man, the on sale piece that was on sale because it was an incomplete or imperfect kit.. wasn't perfect? Hot diggity damn, more news at 11.

>> No.56435347

Ricky Martin

>> No.56435348

Changed from targeting itself, a psyker?

>> No.56435350

Better as allies than a whole army

A killteam and HQ in a corvus makes a fine addition to pretty much any Imperial army

>> No.56435354


>tfw you're too stupid and arrogant to realize that daemons use YOU, not the other way around.

>tfw even the Demi-God rulers of the legions are invariably chumped hard by chaos, yet I think I am beyond the reach of the dark gods as a retarded murder-janitor.


>> No.56435367

>I don't see chaos players begging for chaos primaris, as you say the chaos models are already getting upscaled
no but they might do a red corsair/ renegade book
or make like a campaign about it/event.

i think primarious are over rated for the most part though
until i can get WE chad zerkers i don't think i will need them

>> No.56435370

>attribute is garbage.
>reroll ones on the vast majority of weapons.

Conceal hits one unit. Kill the rest of the army. And since you are staying away from the wraithguard, they also have trouble reaching you.

If they have already close enough you can't move away, you get in and can kill them because the -1 from conceal is the same as it always was.

>> No.56435373

>bants supported by trips

>> No.56435379


>> No.56435383

Its gone for good.

>> No.56435389

The flyer can't use the buff version of psykic powers. and it's no longer an aura that targets the self.
It targets an infantry or biker unit within 18".

This is why people are making big mistakes about what's good in the new codex. They didn't read the rules, just the craftworld abilities.

>> No.56435391

They lack a lot of heavy firepower that they'd need to make them a full-on army. They're fun to play and model though. Taking Primaris units goes a long way to help them out

>> No.56435394

>Literally using them as a tool rather than giving them worship anon
I dont think anyone can use the all knowing and super powerful gods. He might believe hes using them but i think at this point he is totally being used by them.

>> No.56435402

I know I have to pick one per detachment, and so long as each detachment has only one fleet I get that trait for said detachment. It is the Psychic Resonance rule that I am thinking requires the same Hive Fleet cross detachment, hence taking Kraken for the Sporocyst in it's Fortification Network Detachment. Because the way it is displayed makes me thing it is saying it needs to be the same hive fleet as the sporocyst to "resonate" with the sporocyst, which makes sense given fluff and all.

>> No.56435414

well yes, but their being deceived, voluntarily worshiping.

>> No.56435416

It's 3 weeks without food and 3 days without water you mongoloid

>> No.56435432

Why did you correct him? He could have died from his own stupidity some time in the future.

>> No.56435437

no, you have your personal hive fleet buttsex, and say that it has this adaptions.
Any detachment can be hive fleet buttsex and have that adaption.

You can have another detachment with a different adapation, but that now has to be another hive fleet. Buttsex has already picked the adaptation they have.

>> No.56435446

Anything you would shoot with Stranglers, you should shoot with Deathspitters. But yes, Jormungandr would be a lot better on the Sporocyst, and Kraken doesn't super fit most of the army, because most of it doesn't want to Advance, either.

Jormungandr would also let your Raveners deep strike your Termagants, for example, but isn't so great on the FLYing shit, like the Shrikes. Kronos is also good for the Sporocyst, but not so great for a lot of the mobile guns you've been focusing on. Probably the best Hive Fleet for Shrikes is Leviathan, since it gives them always-on 6+ FNP - Kraken Shrikes can Fall Back, Shoot, and Charge, sure, but only if they're alive to do so.

>> No.56435452

I doubt knowing it's 3 days without water as oppose to 7 is going to be the deciding factor in his survival.

>> No.56435454

I've been thinking about starting, specifically Tyranid, but I've also been thinking about running a Genestealer cult with some nids. Is that a thing?

>> No.56435455

Weirdboy was hurting 30 boy mobz across the field each turn. Ork army had a pile of trukk tank bustas and boys, two battle wagons full of characters, manz, and boys, and a mob of bikers. My smurf-esque partner and I had both our captains hammered with mortal wounds from preliminary bombardment, and while my sternguard dealt 14 wounds in overwatch (!) to the boys battle wagon, a shot from a hell blaster exploded it and wiped most of their squad and the entire aggressor squad turn one. (Ow) my redemptor failed as usual to shoot more than 2 shots with his macro plasma and flubbed his rolls both times as usual. Painting up the gatling cannon now. He did punch out the other wagon before getting shrekt by manz and Warboss Git Stompa

>> No.56435459

Cult marines are being upscaled. I doubt we'll see a new bog-standard CSM update any time soon.

>> No.56435466

You are correct. Psychic Resonator only works with the same Hive Fleet on the Sporocyst as your actual Synapse creatures.

>> No.56435479

Hi folks, I just quit 40k so just giving you guys a heads up there will be a lot of cheap dark Eldar, harlequins and dark elves going up on eBay. Also some big items like a Tantalus and Vampire Hunter.

Auctions are in the UK

>> No.56435481

Which faction in the 40k universe would be Poland?

>> No.56435489

That chadnaught is painted really well but it's jarring to see him so immaculately clean next to his teammates who are covered in mud.

>> No.56435490

by this I mean you can't mix hive fleets for synapse in general, not just on the sporocyst ability.

>> No.56435491

I recognize that Land Raider Achilles.
Good work, anon.

>> No.56435496

Dark Angels are the most obsessed with sausages.

>> No.56435504

are any renowned for having reasonably priced plumbers?

>> No.56435512

Cant say better but there are models with very very good quality that is pretty close to the original stuff.
The biggest problem is ,as i explained in an earlier post . Models with large flat surface areas.
You also have to be carefull with models with long cannons and even worse models with rings aroudn them, for example the one in the pic related.
The reason is two fold.
First, mold slip.
This is a farily common error but in small scale models these are easily fixed. But as you can see with the cannon it is impossible to fix.
Second reason is recasters not fixing the models perfectly before recasting.
For example lets say you have an earthshaker cannon. FW has the mold for it and pours resin into the mold than takes it out and sends you your plastic crack.
Due to the heat the pieces are going to get bent. But when you apply heat again the resin will try to return to its original form and it will be very simple to reshape it.
Recasters however most of the time dont have machine precision accuracy when it comes to fixing their stuff. So they buy/steal etc. the original fw model. Fix it a bit than make a resin casting mold out of that model.
Now we have a new mold that was made with a slightly bent piece of resin.
When you heat it the resin will try to return to its original mold shape. In this case the bent barrel shape. Therefore now you have a bigger problem.
This isnt much of an issue with small models but larger and more flat areas you have the bigger the problems you will have.

>> No.56435517

Orks do like to steal (loot) anything they can get their hands on

>> No.56435520

Alright, I'll axe the stranglers in that case, at least on the shrikes, IDK what to do with the Sporocyst. though, stranglers aren't much better, same range just a few more shots with more strength so yeah I guess I'll drop them and look for something else.

Alright, that's what I figured, so it is a question of if I want to bother trying to use the sporocyst as a synapse node.

>> No.56435523

For a Leman Russ commander of a PDF, what would a variant be? Regular? Punisher? Autocannon one?

>> No.56435524

Ouch. Sadly it's true, grads from University are cucked into shitty hard labor, no pun intended.

>> No.56435540


That is exactly a thing.

GSC aren't great right now, indirectly buffed a bit thanks to the new Tyranid book (they share the Tyranid keyword so many stratagems and psychic powers from that book work on GSC units), but they still suffer from over costed units and guns. Their core gameplay (popping on and off the table for rapid ambush and redeployment) doesn't work very well anymore but the Chapter Approved book coming in the next few months looks like it might alleviate that a bit.

>> No.56435546

>Implying that Polish people are niggers.

>> No.56435551

Other side was a massive armored battle. Bustas dealt lethal damage to the repulsor turn and it survived with one wound via rerolls to turn two, where it exploded and killed my captain and some orks. Biker boys dealt considerable damage with their shooting and the Warboss was brought to one wound in combat by the lieutenant before giving him the saw.

My Achilles only really got one round of shooting before getting stuck in (but killed two trukks.) It's machine spirit was filled with vengeance and consistently dealt two wounds a turn for 3 turns in melee to the bike boss won had to use cp rerolls to survive until it's death at the hands of approximately 10 power klaws. 4++ land raider is pretty sweet.

It's narrative. And orks.

>> No.56435553

Trips have spoken,>>56435222
You are forever banished from these lands and damned to wander the desolate wastes of reddit for the rest of your days.

>> No.56435555

They're also considered idiotic and a blight upon the galaxy. It fits shockingly well.

>> No.56435556


Probably the variant with the least maintenance.
So Vanilla or Exterminator.

>> No.56435557

obvious pole detected

>> No.56435563

Gotcha, I was mostly looking at is because a lot of the Tyranid stuff is sold out, but not so much for GSC.

>> No.56435570

They're worse.

>> No.56435617

Do chaos icons replace a weapon the model is holding? Can a squad leader hold an icon?

>> No.56435639

Why are Dark Angels such unrelenting cunts to everyone always?

>> No.56435642

Dropping the Stranglers from my list, I go from 1999 to 1997 by adding another 3xRipper swarm, woo another pop up objective grabber.

And I am tempted to run Jorm due to it lets me do more pop up shenanigains, but, Kraken lets me get into position faster and gets the Chameleonic Mutation for the Hive Tyrant so it can, even with wings and advancing have a -1 to shoot it which is pretty nice for protecting it. Shrikes are more to be highly mobile Synapse nodes with more shooting to support the army than dedicated assaulters, at most a strike and fade weapon.

>> No.56435657

We ended it for time after turn 5, but ended with a sweet duel in the last defense line between Warboss Git Stompa and the sole remaining fulminator, the captain. First combat was a 1 damage each cross counter, second round the captain socked the boss for about 9 wounds. The waagh overwhelmed the imperial lines with 18 vp to 12 kill points, but the imperial s left with honor and a growing rivalry between the wounded boss and the marine captain. Fun times. Only survivors of the imperium were my scoots and his captain, everyone else died to attrition tank bustas, who are awesome, and hordes of green tide.

>> No.56435678

l2p noob lmao

>> No.56435692

Also, should I hold off on buying some of the older models(like from 2010) because the might be changing up sizes or anything?

>> No.56435718

How many rounds does a typical game last?

>> No.56435722

>older models
>(like from 2010)
Nigger that shit is new, not "old"
Come back when you have models like the Ork buggies, that can be considered old

>> No.56435733

Yeah, I've only gotten the chance to weather my aggressors so far this year. I'm looking forward to giving him some wear (and go less ham on it than I did with my non-primaris)

>> No.56435753

Probably average 6? Random game length is 3+ past turn 5, 4+ to turn 7, right?

>> No.56435766

I'm brand new to this, I have no idea when things get updated or not. I just saw that things tend to get bigger as new editions come out.

>> No.56435767

Made an image to explain it better.

>> No.56435768

Any model can take one, it doesn't replace. Cultists unfortunately can't take them...

>> No.56435771

its only appropriate for it to be clean since its only just been deployed

>> No.56435799

2 Wycked

>> No.56435802

Chart-anon hasn't updated in a long time, but the chart is as valid as always. If some brave soul wanted to make a copy and finish it (and update it with the new codexes and junk) it'd be great, but it remains relevant nonetheless.

>> No.56435803

>not dropping your equipment into the mud right out of the box

>> No.56435822

does anyone have some cool Leman Russ conversions they can share?

>> No.56435843

Couldn't fit that on the scroll so i mashed it through a english->latin translator and took the second half
close enough anyway.
Here is your honorary laserback

>> No.56435864

Because it's cool.

>> No.56435867

Why the hell did the DA even accept the Primaris marines when they resent their new "brothers?" They should have just politely reject Guilliman's reinforcements on the basis that they more than enough marines for their chapter. That or just request the Primaris' blueprints or organs so they can raise new ones without the cultural conflict.

>> No.56435878

I'm the anon making a complete custom doctrine for play with my friends casual and narrative games and I need some advice. I'm trying to make a regiment based in a forgeworld or similar and looking to make some blanced doctrines between Infantry and Vehicles, also I don't want overpowered rules, but better fun and in similar tier with the official ones, so what do you think? Will you pick some of them? Are my options realistic or OP? Thougts? Ideas? Thanks for the help.


- INFANTRY units with this doctrine add 1 to their Leadership characteristic if they are within 12" of a friendly DASADSAS OFFICER.In addition; COMMAND SQUAD, SPECIAL WEAPONS SQUAD and VETERANS units with this doctrine add 1 to their Leadership characteristic.

- INFANTRY units with this doctrine treat attacks against them with an AP of -1 as having AP 0.In addition; TECH-PRIEST ENGINSEER and SERVITORS units replace their faction keyword <FORGE WORLD> for this doctrine.

- INFANTRY units with this doctrine treat attacks against them with an AP of -1 as having AP 0.In addition; all MILITARUM AUXILLA units adds the faction keyword <adsasdasd> doctrine.

- INFANTRY Two other Guardsmen may form a Heavy Weapons Team who must take an item from the Heavy Weapons list.

-VEHICLES with this doctrine add 1 to their Save characteristic.

-VEHICLES with this doctrine can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for cannon weapons. A cannon weapon is any weapon profile whose name includes the word ‘cannon’ (e.g. autocannon, battle cannon, hellhammer cannon etc.).

- If a VEHICLE with this doctrine remains stationary or moves under half speed in its Movement phase (i.e. it moves a distance in inches less than half of its current Move characteristic) it can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for cannon weapons. A cannon weapon is any weapon profile whose name includes the word ‘cannon’. If a model has a similar ability you can choose which ability to use, but you cannot use both.

>> No.56435884

>not rolling in the mud wearing your power armor like a giant pig to fit in with the rest of your teammates

>> No.56435885

Yeah, I do kind of like letting my units get their feet dirty before I give them weathering. I usually do it right After a game to whoever impresses me most.

>> No.56435888

Because denying dudes from a Primarch would be suspicious

>> No.56435894

Because they're trying to act naturally as possible and never raise any suspicion.

Remember that the unforgiven still operate as a legion. To truly reject the primaris, the legion would have to do so, which is ultimately really fucking shady.

>> No.56435911

Anon there is stuff from 1995 still sold at full price

>> No.56435914


>> No.56435937


>> No.56435951

Some more rumors here:http://natfka.blogspot.cl/2017/11/daemons-space-wolves-and-new-eldar.html

>via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 > Daemons release in Jan really more an AOS thing, but will include Great Unclean One (!) and Pestigors
> Space Wolves last codex out (Summer-ish); Leman Russ returns! Also new Primaris bits for the Wolves (don't know what, exactly - maybe upgrade sprues, maybe a unique unit?)
> Oct/Nov Khorne release inc. Angron, plastic Bezerkers, Khorninators, dudes on Juggernaughts, Hounds
Last bit... Eldar due new Aspect Warriors and Avatar... but no idea when. It was suggested, though, that the new models will be (are!?) so different that they will *require* new codex entries. I asked what he meant. HE WINKED and suggested new Avatar will be size and power of Daemon Primarchs (price point to match) and Aspects will come with multiple weapon options FOR EVERYONE (think Dark Reapers can all take Shuriken Cannons instead of Reaper Launcher; Fire Dragons Flamers instead of Fusion Guns).

Sounds like pure wishlisting desu

>> No.56435956

House Orlock next boooooys

>> No.56435957

What's the best load out for Chaos Terminators? Also do Forgeworld arms fit on the plastic Contemptor dread?

>> No.56435960

I think it fits. I was gonna go Alaitoc for Lugganath because of the running and hiding and sneaking around in the webway thing

>> No.56435966


>> No.56435971

Jellyman fixed our geneseed flaws, making him a racist!

>> No.56435977

Don't ever, ever, ever listen to that site.

>> No.56435985

Shooty or scrappy nids?

>> No.56435992

Terminators seem best when taken on the cheap. Endless cacophony works really well with combi-bolters.

>> No.56435994

What type of conversions are you looking for?

>> No.56436002

one who is easily angered? how did you get that from "a person or country that attacks another first?"

>> No.56436004

why repost it to here then

>> No.56436009

It triggers me whenever people ask "how do I CSM (x)" without mentioning the legion

>> No.56436029

Most likely World Eaters.

>> No.56436041

Why the fuck would GW give eldar new models so close to the release of their codex but not at the release of their codex?
I call bullshit, especially because of all the changes to units that he says will come as well

>> No.56436044

how the fuck is she staying inside there?

>> No.56436046

This mental image is super fukken kawaii, anon.

>> No.56436048

Hell not counting SoB, every army has ancient models from 2000 or before still sold at full price.
The only ones that that have full modern stuff are marines.

Hence why we tend to hear people bitching about marines when ever they get new stuff.

>> No.56436065


>> No.56436076

She's hooked up to it via a fuckload of cables and the big belt thing with the giant pipes/tubes.

>> No.56436082


>> No.56436089

>who is Andy Chambers

>> No.56436091

Cables and chains.
My theory, is that brain is inside the core of the mech. Leaving only the body expose in a way to prolong the pain and suffering of the sinner.

>> No.56436098

>> Oct/Nov Khorne release inc. Angron, plastic Bezerkers, Khorninators, dudes on Juggernaughts, Hounds
I want to believe but it sounds too good to be true.

>> No.56436123

ah. Otherwise, kinda stupid to leave yourself exposed, ESPECIALLY the cables hooking you up to cool machine, but otherwise nice painting

>> No.56436128

R8 my 1k SM list.

>Conversion Beamer

3x Predator
>3x Twin Lascannon
>2x Lascannon Sponson
>Heavy Bolter Sponson

3x Thunderfire Cannon

>> No.56436155

what is your opinion on Centurion Devastators?

>> No.56436160

>kinda stupid to leave yourself exposed
Welcome to 40k.

>> No.56436164

How can you have a 1k marines list without any wizards n' sheit?

>> No.56436187

They are meant to die and suffer a Martyr's death in repentance, that is the whole purpose of those. Hopefully they kill a few enemies of the Emperor first, but that's secondary.

>> No.56436188

Penitent Engines are low-cost pieces of shit whose pilots are supposed to die

>> No.56436196

>tfw making Tactical Squad for SM
>tfw almost all the guide sand people say to use the exposed face ones
>sprues come with actually very nice sergeant helms with flashy bits
why the fuck wouldn't they use helmets again? Aren't they equipped with some next gen targeting stuff and head protection

>> No.56436198

The entire point of the Penitent Engines is for the pilot to die in glorious combat serving the Emperor so that he can repent for his sins.

>> No.56436202

Cool in concept but way over priced imho.

I wanted an armor/techmarine heavy list.

>> No.56436212

I understand that, but why leave the cables exposed? fuckers need to learn the importance of recycling the Emperor's resources

>> No.56436223

I believe either the brain of the penitent is actually put inside the machine and is connected to both the machine and the original body or the penitent is hanging there only as an ornament and has no actual control over the machine. The machine being controlled by a servitor inside the casket.

>> No.56436228

>wanting protect heretics while they do penance

>> No.56436234

Captains, chaplains, psykers, and chapter masters all come with a powerful forcefield over their heads. Sometimes they don't wear helmets to trick the alien into shooting the forcefield.

>> No.56436239

>armoured cables
>but IRL!
>oh sorry I was being retarded carry on

>> No.56436240

40k is like 90% rule of cool, especially for the art. If it looks cooler for them to go without a helmet in the art, they'll go without the helmet. It also gives people a chance to give their models a bit more flair. A guy with no helmet is more noticeable than just another helmeted marine.
Personally I keep the helmets on my CSM just because I'm too much of a shitter to paint their faces anyway, but their helmets look sick.

>> No.56436245

Why does OP have the stupid squigs link again?

>> No.56436252

not really the heretic, but sheesh those must get expensive to produce the mechs

>> No.56436255

>guy rolls "Passive-aggressor"
>anon puts that through a translator
>takes the latter half which is the "aggressor" portion
thats how

>> No.56436264

Ask Carmine
People with helmets can not see snipers.

>> No.56436267

I run grey knights as a main and I currently got a bunch of Assassins from a friend quitting the game. How does this look for an assistance detachment?

Inquisition - Vanguard Detachment
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
-- Terminator Armor, Daemonhammer, Combi-Melta, Terrify
Eversor Assassin
Eversor Assassin
Culexus Assassin

>> No.56436285


My store manager told me that the sisters where coming soon now - I dont know if that means within the year or sometime next but I hope sooner rather than later. I really want to have something to compete since my closest friends play the latest cheese, so unless I make a really try-hard playlist, I lose most games where they bring current new powerlevel.

>> No.56436288

Looks good. Terrify is a great support power.

>> No.56436289

>what is layered armor
well personally fuck painting heads, maybe paint some angry eyebrows on the helmets for some keks, but I make them all look like some nightmare tier shit

>> No.56436301

They are probably just cheap industrial loader mechs altered for combat and a hardwired pilot.

>> No.56436323

something that changes the profile

>> No.56436334

It's just headcanon for Iron Halos. In the first HH book, Horus takes off his helm to see better.

>> No.56436339

that would be much more efficient. Couldn't imagine the blowback from the Mechanicus if some goofy masochist tried running around in a perfectly functional battle suit to satisfy their daddy issues

>> No.56436340

Old lore is sauce.
Also 40k, mech stuff are easy to make so losing a PE is like losing a Heavy stubber

>> No.56436350


Things get awkward when you factor in box sets - GW likes to kick off major new releases with box sets every so often, and GSC was one of them. They're usually a good deal even after the individual boxes with more options get released later on, but sometimes GW never releases everything that was in the box set as an individual box, then discontinues the box set. Now you can still find Deathwatch: Overkill without too much trouble and have a decent start to a GSC army, but the Aberrants that come in a set of 4 in that box aren't available anywhere else.

Thankfully they're kind of crappy and its unlikely you'll want to field very many, if any, of them, but eventually they'll be very difficult to find.

Orks have the same deal going on with Deffkoptas, which were and still kinda are a fairly popular unit that are now relegated to second hand sellers as the original box is no longer sold by GW.

>> No.56436359

is that why they get the 4+ invulnerable save?

>> No.56436386

They get a 4+ in-game because of Iron Halos yes.

>> No.56436445

For my Tactical Squad Sergeants, should I go with Power Fists or chainswords alongside their plasma pistols?

>> No.56436449

The answer is just going to be "no, it's fine" and everyone still gets to be good guys.

>> No.56436492

Chainswords. Your tactical squads want to avoid melee combat, so power fists will be wasted if you're playing well.

>> No.56436498

If you're going dedicated anti-tank with meltas it would best to give him a power fist to finish off any wounded vehicles he's shooting.

If the squad he's in is going for plasma anti-heavy infantry an axe, claw or even sword would be best.

But then if you're not playing power all of this is a waste of points but tat attitudes no fun.

>> No.56436524

So far my two squads have a melta and a missile launcher, I'm putting the sergeant with the best AP in charge of missile launcher for dedicated anti vehicle, but should I just stick with the grav-gun/chainsword for that squad, or just Fist them

>> No.56436550

If the squad has a missile launcher the pistol will never get close enough to shoot anyway.

Give the missile launcher sargent nothing but a bolter and give the metla sargent a plasma pistol and an optional melee weapon of your choice.

>> No.56436554

Grav guns are basically worthless. Take a plasma gun instead.

>> No.56436567

>Those upside down bolters

>> No.56436581


>> No.56436603

Truly these heretics have no decency.

>> No.56436616

Played a game just now with 1000 points of Death Guard VS Necrons. I have attached the list I used as a pdf with this post

We were playing the Retrieval Mission with the Front-line assult deployment map

>Turn 1 I win the first round. I move my big blob of 20 poxwalkers up the center towards the objective placed there my Malagant Plaguecaster follows suite and constantly gives the unit +1 toughness and +1 strength
My Rhino moves up the left hand side to the board to flank him, along with my Daemon Prince and the Plague drones. The Plaguebearers and the group of 10 poxwalkers were left to hold 2 objectives inside my deployment zone

>Turn 2: The grind begins; I attack in CC with most of my units, most of the Necrons die, over time but come back, and my units just wont die. But I take out a few key units and start my plan to encircle him

>Turn 3; His left flank is open and I move my Plague marines and the Rhino in there to prepare to attack and claim the objective on his side

>Turn 4: During my turn 4 my plague drones kill his warlord while my Daemon prince has been holding of 20 necron warriors for 3 turns and is now down to 1 wound (lucky save rolls).

>Turn 5: I claim the last objectives and in the end I get 15 victory points, 3 for each objective, along with first blood, slay the warlord and linebreaker

>> No.56436629


will do. should I stick with an all sniper/camo cloak scout squad comp or go for the missile launchers as well?

>> No.56436632

My store manager told me plastic noise marines were coming soon now - I dont know if that means within the year or sometime next but I hope sooner rather than later. I really want to have something to compete since my closest friends play World Eaters, Thousand Sons, and Death Guard so unless I make a really try-hard playlist, I lose most games where they bring plastic models.

>> No.56436647

You need to summon the drones and plaguebeaerers if you wanna keep your Death Guard's inexorable advance and objective secured.

They don't have the Death Guard legion keyword.

>> No.56436685

Anybody? It would be World Eater Legion if that helps.

>> No.56436687

Ok, luckily I didn't have any need for that during this game, but I will keep it in mind for the future

>> No.56436688

Is it really as bad as people say? How do we get the most out of a Maleceptor?

+Shadow in the Warp
+Not a priority target for the enemy
+T7, 3+/4++ and 12 wounds
+2 casts or overload
+2 Deny
+Can do a decent amount of damage to MSU armies
+Has a +1 to psychic tests

-Overload won't do much to horde armies
-There are better targets for Catalyst
-172 points

It doesn't have any shooting so you have no qualms about advancing.
It only moves 7" but if you run it in Kraken you can get a reliable 5-6" advance, and he is a great target for Metabolic Overdrive stratagem. You can also use Opportunistic Advance to turboboosting across the field. For only 1 CP you can reliably get him into range for his overload on the first turn.

Are there better targets for these stratagems? Most other nid units need to be shooting or charging.

If you can get it stuck in melee with some <S7 hitters you can keep it around for a few turns and overload multiple times.

>> No.56436701

wtf are those tentacles coming out of it?

>> No.56436712

>ribbed for her pleasure

>> No.56436727

At first glance Flamestorm Aggressors seem pretty shitty to me. I wish they were able to keep the fragstorm grenade launchers. I wanted to buy some and convert them into firebats but I'm wondering just how much mileage I'd be able to get out of them.

>> No.56436729

History of untrustworthiness?

>> No.56436741

Toxicrene tentacles, for some reason.

>> No.56436752

combi-plas and power axes for the termis. The arms can fit the plastic one, but it will require work on your part since they slot in differently.

>> No.56436773

It's overload is from tentacles as well, just not modeled as they are kept safe until close so nobody shoots them off ahead of time. I guess.

>> No.56436776

The gods are emotions given form, anon.
You're not going to see Khorne planning two warp weeks ahead. His daemons just slaughter everything in sight, which can be weaponised.

You need to notice that chaos are not like flesh beings that have various goals and different desires, the gods just do what they have been "programmed" to do, and when you get it it becomes possible to use them to your own goals.

Chaos are like the idiot warp beings that seeks to eat everything. They're like Tyranids, but with focus on souls

>> No.56436778

Wrong 90+% of the time, accept and put up rumours from literally random people with no evidence. Sometimes even make stuff up.

>> No.56436833

IW get out of this by bein cold callous emotionless cunts driven by bitter hatred of the Imperium. They are more focused on their own goals than that of serving Chaos willingly. It's why they are always consistently one of the greatest threats to the Imperium in terms of Traitor Legions, simply because they are so efficient at their warfare that they literally are on all corners of the galaxy waging war

>> No.56436851

Flamestorm Aggressors are good with Raven Guard because the Strike From The Shadows lets them get into flamer range on turn 1. Other chapters have problems getting to flamer range and do better with Boltstorm Aggressors

>> No.56436854

>perticucks are this delusional

>> No.56436876

will never not make laugh heartily

>> No.56436882


ask him if he identifies as ciswhitehet

>> No.56436892

IMO his main problem is that he isnt really that tough, especially since you have to shove him down your opponents entire army to get into overload range.

>> No.56436905

I'm running them with Deathwatch so that's not really an option. It's only 179 points for a squad of three and at least they look cool I guess

>> No.56436914

>plastic Bezerkers
Aren't berzerkers already plastic???

>> No.56436918

>List of Legions that have helmed major imperium-shaking campaigns and either destroyed or nearly conquered key planets of the Imperium
>Black Legion
>World Eaters
>Thousand Sons
>Death Guard

>List of Legions that have been sitting around being bitter and going MUH IRON CAGE
>Iron Warriors

>> No.56436933

>Khorninators, dudes on Juggernaughts, Hounds
I would love this if it were true.

>> No.56436942

And then there is the Alpha Legion which is ??? as far as I know, just as planned.

>> No.56436953


>> No.56436966

>179 points for a squad of three

Anon. They're 25 points base in the Marines codex, and the Flamestorm Gauntlets cost 18 points(It's a single weapon, not two) so it's 129 points for three. Unless the Deathwatch codex is royally fucking you.

>> No.56436976

Yeah, my bad. Typo

>> No.56437082

They're T7, which is the same as a carnifex.

4++ invuln helps a lot. The only other nid monsters with invulns are the Hive Tyrants,

So a Maleceptor is as durable, maybe even more durable, than most other nid monsters. If the enemy is using heavy weapons against a 4++ then they're not using them against your other threats.

>especially since you have to shove him down your opponents entire army to get into overload range.
If you run Kraken and use the two stratagems I mentioned then you can haul ass across the table and be in overload range turn 1.

>> No.56437086

What do you guys think of armies with different camo patterns in their units? I just got a bunch of guardsmen and wanted to make some urban camo on them, but the rest of my army has a brown plain base. would they look bad on the table?

>> No.56437405

After seeing those vehicle options, this has to be bait.

>> No.56437809

Should I up-gun my Devastator Sergeants if the squad is 2 Lascannon, 2 Plasma Cannon, 1 Bolter Marine? I know that I'LL never put them close enough for Bolters to matter, but as they are if they get jumped they're FUCKED. And I have another squad for midfield objectives, but they're 3 Bolter, 4 Heavy Bolter, and a sarge with a Storm Bolter.

Oh and they're Dangles so I'm leaning toward Combi-plasma on general principal.

>> No.56438086

>Avatar will be size and power of Daemon Primarchs
As nice as that sounds I'm calling bullshit. Still, making a list around something that strong if it keeps all the stratagems that work on current Avatar sounds like stupid fun. Also have they ever released a new model that's the same as an old one, but gave it a new entry?

>> No.56438515


>> No.56439024

Any news on TS codex?

>> No.56439982

Glad it worked out, Anon.

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