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Old Fogey edition

Previously: >>56395611

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Who's the oldest commander you run?

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>Who's the oldest commander you run?
the sexiest man in magic

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holy fuck who designed this card? Who would ever willingly put it into a deck

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>into a deck
your commander doesnt go INTO a deck silly
hes clearly a man you dingus

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>Thread Question

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Please post your list. For my morbid curiosity's sake.

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I apparently added cards without cutting some cause there's 109 in the deck
I take this out when playing with new people

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Pretty much all of Van Camp's art is like that and it bugs me so much

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>Lightly dampen qtip with acetone, clean off the ink of the foil card
>Try not to get any of the acetone on the edge of the card or it'll bleed into the acetone
>Don't be afraid to use up qtips as needed or you'll smudge around the ink

>Print out the card art on the window decals, you have to use laser or the ink will just slough off
>Print in large batches, don't be a retard like me and print them off one at a time
>Cut the decals using a straight line cutter if possible

>Stick it on the foil blank

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With the exception of the Eldrazi Titans, isn't Tazri technically the oldest being in the multiverse? She's lived countless millenia compressed into a few moments

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>Actually following lore after the invasion cycle
No point

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Welcome to the miracle that was Homelands.

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Post your decklists that (you think) have the highest fun:price ratio.

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Let's do this early. Post 'em boys!

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Guy in play playgroup won't stop playing uninteractive Bant bullshit.

How far do I go to shit down his throat? Tutor contamination every game?

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Anybody remembers the name of the card recognition app that also does shit like translations and keeps track of decklists?

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Learn how his deck works. Then build a deck that has game against it.

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hey dipshit. im not complaining that the unstable lands are not worth more. im saying that it is retarded to open 4 dollar packs for them that dont even guarantee the ones you need when you can just buy them online for 2 dollars each

holy fuck how are you this fucking retarded

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>How far do I go to shit down his throat?

Depends on how far you want your shit to travel mid air before reaching his throat.

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>I was just pretending to be retarded

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what up

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Played 7 EDH games yesterday.

Mana screwed in 6 of them, flooded in the last.

My decks all run proper proportions of mana and fetching/draw etc. Just insanely awful luck.

I'm not happy with MTG right now.

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So you just can't read and were being a moron from the start.

>"Ugh, Unstable lands aren't even worth that much."
>"Of course, dingus. You can't sell them for more than they cost to obtain, I.E., more than the price of a pack. Not until the set goes out of print at least."
>"Omg don't tell me to buy packs JEWWWWWWWW."

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>My decks all run proper proportions of mana and fetching/draw

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>Who's the oldest commander you run?

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r8 r8 r8!

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Not a whole lot right now. Working on some stuff, waiting to head out to my LGS for commander night in a couple hours. How about you?

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>three decks are the first decks 3 of the people in my playgroup ever made
That's super weird.

My friend made Trostani, I made Krenko and another friend made Locust God after pulling him in a draft, he only ever drafted and borrowed decks before that.

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>have literally been saying the same thing this entire time
>im going to put word in anons mouth, ha that will show him

kill yourself kike

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Trostani a qt, good waifu anon.
How's Krenko? I kinda want to put him together because he seems cheap and easy to build and I don't have a mono red deck but I feel like it would get old fast. I love the flavor of MTG gobbos though.

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>im going to put word in anons mouth, ha that will show him
You fucked up. Sorry.

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How do you cheat out exprnsiveass commanders early enough for them to be relevant?

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When will he be back? When will Parasite Blade be made into a card and what would be it's effect?

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I filled my deck with 25% board wipes to hold everyone back until I can get him out.

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Whenever Witcher becomes public domain.

>> No.56419353

At the beginning of your next untap step.

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It's pretty strong both in 1v1 and multi, super fast, all the deck sinergizes perfectly with itself and 10/10 fun to play, just imagine being a green mafia jew beating the living shit out of everyone.
It's pretty cheap i believe, my local lgs has fucking nothing and i had to buy lots of FNM version of otherwise really cheap cards, so i had to spend quite a few bucks to finish it.

Also, T1 Lackey means you basically won the game.

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More like finite number of cards and lack of designspace. Its perfectly normal for such "lucky coincidences" to happen. Makes sense when you imagine all the times they didnt happen.

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How come we have a 2 drop enchantment wipe, but the artifact wipe costs 2 more and is also RR in shatterstorm?

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Two Explores.

>> No.56419595

Red sucks.

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So I want to build a fight-themed deck and was going to have Rhonas at the helm. However, now I'm thinking Gruul colours would be better and someone like this big bastard would be a good commander.

Main idea behind Gruul is Ragebeast, Domri Rade, Pit Fight and just having access to red.

Any advice?

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Why is it black isn't evil in and of itself but when you mix it with the other colors they're almost always evil?


Claude Frollo

We wuz sneaky organizations n shiet

Edgy druis

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There are no writers at wizards
I mean, they say there are, but they're so terrible at writing I hesitate to call them that

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For the same reason red only gets fire n shit.

>> No.56419999


Hey, Red gets Goblins 'n Shit too.

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>fellow Volrath bro
Hell yes my guy. What's the fastest you've ever dropped somone?

>> No.56420087

Is this a real question?

>> No.56420133

>proper proportion
Post list and we'll judge

>> No.56420138

I meant oldest in terms of cards/sets you mongoloid

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Dont play high cmc commanders unless they pay you back, like Maelstrom

>> No.56420231

What are goblins but glorified gas cans, blasting caps, and charcoal?

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I play mono red combo Krenko and muddyred MLD Daretti. Should I kill myself?

>> No.56420434

Because MTG goblins are usually fucking dumb.

>> No.56420450

>I play mono red combo Krenko and muddyred MLD Daretti. Should I kill myself?
You post on /tg/ so obviously

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Just a cozy night watchin' the dog and taking care of uni homework.

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Is Ancestral Vision any good in Commander?

Building Momir Vig and am wondering if it's a good draw spell.

>> No.56421510

I would only include it if you're using mechanics like "X's Expertise", Hideaway Lands, or As Fortold

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>> No.56421563

I'm glad that Legendary Tutor is defined as, in part, a White Mechanic

>> No.56421634

>Run Ruric Thar
>refer to them as "they" because they're literally two distinct individuals on one body
>greasy neckboard /pol/tard throws a fit at LGS and gets thrown out

I fucking love Ruric Thar

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Just found this cringey shit, how playable is it really though?

>> No.56421875

what cards are essential for orzhov life gain?

>> No.56421901

authority of the consuls/blind obedience/suture priest/soul sisters in general

>> No.56421941

Wall of Reverence is often overlooked but a real champ

>> No.56421986

Looks like fairly standard Gitrog build to me, should perform fine.

>> No.56422063

So I was thinking today.

How did cards like Lion's Eye Diamond and Mox Diamond rise so high but than fall back so hard?

Is it because there's a lot more stock not accounted for by "investors" and when the card shoots up people start opening old boxes looking for them thus flooding the market with more supply?

Also to this day I still don't know what makes Lion's Eye Diamond good since I don't play Legacy.

>> No.56422075

How successful is Ruric Thar in general?
I'm looking for something cheap and fun in green or red + anything else

All of my other decks have blue in them and I'd like something that's a good change of pace that I can switch to without dropping too much in it initially.

>> No.56422126

>How successful is Ruric Thar in general?

Here's Tier 2. Power him up make him unblockable and smack people in the dick.

R/G is probably the cheapest you can go. Even if you wanted to splurge on the original R/G dual it's the cheapest by a huge amount.

>> No.56422134

Lion's eye diamond is good in legacy because demonic tutor is banned so they have to use the hellbent one

>> No.56422138


>Things that never happened

>> No.56422140

>perform fine
Its not even fine enough to wipe my ass with.

>> No.56422172

I'm pretty sure that at the very least golgari wasn't evil. Just like turbo sus.

>> No.56422206

Well if you want to be picky then I expect it will perform well enough for average tables but insufficiently for tryhard tables. The victory lines are not nearly refined enough to make it any sort of competitive version of Gitrog but It seems to have most of the makings of the average Gitrog suite.

>> No.56422207

And make sure to put in possibility storm. It makes him absurdly durable since you in order to get rid of either you need to get lucky or get lucky AND take a dozen points of damage to the face

>> No.56422240

And don't forget this for fun times.

>> No.56422271

You gotta make sure that possibility storm and possibly exoskeleton if you're not afraid of bein' hated, are the only permenants of their type in your deck though

>> No.56422274

>Even if you wanted to splurge on the original R/G dual it's the cheapest by a huge amount.

>Revised Underground Sea: $450
>Revised Taiga: $85

Does anything in Legacy even use R/G?

>> No.56422280

Thanks, this gives me something to think about. I'm kinda iffy on going voltron with that cmc but I guess if I get hated out I still leave a mark

>> No.56422283

Have a list? I would really like to see it

>> No.56422315

Yes but Tiaga is literally the only land it runs

>> No.56422322

I think Goblins run Taigas

>> No.56422326

>I'm kinda iffy on going voltron with that cmc but I guess if I get hated out I still leave a mark

He's R/G so run a shit ton of ramp

>> No.56422343


>> No.56422371

Yeah, true.

>> No.56422382

Specifically creature based ramp. You wanna keep noncreatures to a minimum in ruric, Preferably no more than 10 total, not including lands

>> No.56422401

>started as elfball but that's for gays
>as he transitions the deck to being focused on phallic wurms.
OK bro.

>> No.56422402

>cast anything, usually Infernal Tutor or YawgWill
>in response, crack LED
>dump your hand for 3 mana
>either tutor up a winning combo piece or play your entire hand from your graveyard

It was the "fixed" version of Lotus for a long time because it required you to be without a hand in order to get the mana, but Wizards dropped some stuff later on that makes that point moot

>> No.56422413

You can have a few noncreatures, but keep them low, especially if you're running possibility storm.

>> No.56422419

There are a great many more Wurms than the giant penis ones from Ravnica

>> No.56422435

I like how every time Wizards tries to fix the P9 people still complain their too powerful like Mox Diamond in Modern.

Only one I can think of that isn't is Chrome Mox since it was banished to the Commander Containment Zone and the ones like Ancestral Visions unless there's something I'm missing about those.

>> No.56422451

Play Shardless Agent and try cascading into it. Crystal Shard to recast it.

>> No.56422461


Chrome Mox is banned in modern for being too good though

I might be misunderstanding what you're trying to say here

>> No.56422465

>Mox Diamond in Modern
That would be the day. Jesus, I'd run the shit out of that in Modern. I think Vision is run in like 1 Modern deck.

>> No.56422474

Boon Reflection/Rhix Faithmender

Noble Purpose and True Conviction are bombs if you use enough creatures.

>> No.56422501

I meant Mox Opal

Was it? I thought it was just not that good.

>> No.56422570


Chrome Mox has a heavy drawback and if it was legal in modern people definitely wouldn't just slap it into every deck but what chrome Mox does is it enables Prison decks to be oppressive with t1 chalice of the void, t1-2 blood moon, t1-2 trinisphere, etc

It would also make a deck like Ad Nauseam go off a turn sooner sometimes which would be difficult to beat

>> No.56422687

am i a shitter

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>> No.56422840

hi there Volrath

>> No.56422870

My man! There's 1 card in the game that costs 16 and it's got a perfect home in Volrath

>> No.56423100

>want to make a Dino tribal eventually
>at Target, decide to set some money on fire and buy an Ixalan fatpack full well knowing I probably won't get my moneys worth
>first pack has a foil Carnage Tyrant

>> No.56423310

Sell that shit while it's still over $10

>> No.56423320

>Carnage Tyrant non-foil is down to $14 now

Man what happened there?

>> No.56423409

GP Ixalan happened and it turns out nobody actually plays Ixalan cards not named Search For Tomorrow, Hostage Taker, Vraska, and Freebooter

>> No.56423526

Am I late tot he party?

>> No.56423637

>brewing Newzuri
>friend begs me not to put in the sage of hours
>tell him that I probably won't
>get memed on by his Inalla and Mizzix several games in a row
Guess what card just made the list, motherfucker?

>> No.56423677

sakura tribe elder?

>> No.56423682

>people who get mad about combos in the first place


>> No.56423750

Probably a stupid question, but please no bully.
Do I want cards like kindred charge or disrupt decorum in Edgar? They seem like potential win conditions, but how useful are they really?

>> No.56423761


>> No.56423898

I fucking hate when people bitch about sage. If three people can't deal with one creature through my counter spells, when I've told them at the start I run him to go infinite, that's on them. My deck isn't even that tuned compared to theirs.
Anyways, keep fighting the good fight bro

>> No.56423936

Kindred charge seems pretty good. I'm not feeling the goad one tho

>> No.56424171

anyone want to play on my team in commander 2 vs 2 im trying to get to 100-0 ...please respond if you're an actual dedicated player. fetch and dual lands a + but not absolutely necessary.

>> No.56424218

>anyone want to play on my team in commander 2 vs 2 im trying to get to 100-0 ...please respond if you're an actual dedicated player. fetch and dual lands a + but not absolutely necessary.

This is the absolute worst pasta. Inconsistently posted. Low effort.
and I'm one of the anons who like to gaypost

>> No.56424279 [DELETED] 


>> No.56424293

im dead serious

>> No.56424303


What can I cut to get this to legal size?

>> No.56424347

working on blinging out lavinia

cant decide between getting one of each full art land with different arts or multiple of the same ones
I know same arts are more competitive but I think different ones would be cooler

>> No.56424362

How ya planning to storm off with no real draw?

>> No.56424378

Why'd ya wanna achieve 100- 0?

>> No.56424395

This is edh not a ptq famski. Go with the cool ones!

>> No.56424399

I run all legal cantrips that draw off Zada. This is about as good as it gets for monoR.

>> No.56424408

More cantrips, less combat buffs. I've found that Zada functions way better when you can hit critical mass on spells and swing with a fuckbillion tokens than she does trying to get cute in combat. Also, Inner Fire is an absolute monster that any Zada deck should seriously consider.

>> No.56424415

because no one else has. then you say yeah well how do you know that. i just know no one has online at least. i've gone 100-0 in classic 2hg and i like to challenge myself. commander is popular online and its just something i'd like to be able to know i accomplished. sadly finding a dedicated player is harder than anticipated.

>> No.56424523

Because wotc has bad writers.
>passioniate driven people always end up evil!
>self serving but orderly people are all corrupt and could never ascend beyond clerical work, but ignore all those real world leaders that became heros in the history books through warfare and order
>Anyone who only aspires to knowledge that can benefit him is a your dickhead boss or hitlers mooksquad, they could never be the stern elder who is trying to educate his villages future leaders to ensure his people lives on
>gb has vraska, who just gave the color misinderstood edgy good guys, which is a start.

>> No.56424528

side note ive gone 31-0 (Commander 2vs2) thus far

>> No.56424545

I already have Inner Fire, and I don't know of any more legal cantrips that trigger zada (aside from what's already in the deck)

>> No.56424676

Boiling Blood
Chaotic Strike

>> No.56424698

Boiling blood I missed.

Chaotic strike is out because coinflips are a huge pain to resolve.

>> No.56424738

Maybe run the lil 0 cost fuckers like Kobolds and Memnite to up the count on copied spells. They also help your Storm count.

>> No.56424904

Wait Vraska got popular? I got 3 in one box. I saw her sitting at 10 the first weekend.

>> No.56425021

She's around 20 now. Various successful Sultai/Abzan/4c decks used her.

>> No.56425025


>something to be not bored with anymore

>> No.56425053

What's with Hapatra getting popular all of a sudden around here? I swear I see more people talk about her.

>> No.56425128

Who are you commanders

>> No.56425162

Huh i dont keep up with anything not EDH cause im a casual fuck. Thanks for the heads up.

>> No.56425175

Ah who gives a shit? I'm looking for something that's a little more classic commander. Maybe a lot of creatures with good value. Right now I play no creatures or one, or tokens that are just sac fodder

>> No.56425190

>Ah who gives a shit?
I do. It helps to know your commanders so I won't recommend anything remotely similar.

>> No.56425231


>> No.56425256

Thanks bud

Play Mathas. Pillowfort politics

>> No.56425272

Play avacyn, sit on face and recieve mld.

>> No.56425287

That actually doesn't sound too bad.

Which one

>> No.56425311

I've been wrapping my brain around it but I can't come to a decision on what color is best in EDH

White and Red automatically aren't

But blue has the best card draw, black has the best tutoring, and green has the best ramp and arguably creatures.

If red is 5th and white is 4th how do you thoose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place?

>> No.56425320

Blue green
Blue red
Blue black

>> No.56425365

Are we talking just mono-color? I'd say
>Black (only just behind blue)

Otherwise anything with UG is the king.

>> No.56425392

>If red is 5th and white is 4th

Red is a mile ahead of White, mainly because of it having some very quirky and powerful commanders. Just Daretti by himself almost makes monored in contention with monoblack.

>> No.56425400

its blue, green, black, red, white

red actually has mono colored options, white on the otherhand is near impossible to create a decent monocolor deck without a faggot artifact theme

>> No.56425429


Obviously it depends what you're trying to do but generally speaking.

>> No.56425444

I want a voltron deck but I feel it will get boring fast. What's a good voltron commander that doesn't do the same thing every game?

>> No.56425497

None. They're literally meant to do the same thing time and again.

>> No.56425534

I forgot I had them and was wondering are Razakath and Necropotence any good in Hapatra?

>> No.56425647

>is an instant speed tutor that requires sacs to use it's effect good in a token based deck?

>> No.56425731

Yay or nay?

>> No.56425746

Could do.
3GG for two CMC 3 guys could do a lot, especially when one of them is Eternal Witness and you get to do it again.

>> No.56425780

Best Spellslinger commander /edhg/?

>> No.56425817

Tell me you have the mycosinth lattice/bludgeon brawl combo in bolas

>> No.56425831

#noblue because blue is for faggots
play wort

>> No.56425864

the good one

>> No.56425882

no bully pls

Also what about Necropotence? I've heard it's a black staple for EDH

>> No.56425904

necropotence is good in any deck

>> No.56425969

What is a good commander to play if I don't want to get stuck?

I want to be able to play cards from my library, graveyard, use abilities on the field. I just want to be able to interact with the game at any given time.

>> No.56425999

Flip avacyn. If it doesnt feel oppressivse you arent doing it hard enough.
Ive won on t3 with a bloodmoon and a serra ascendant against shuyun, animar and prossh. It was funny.

>> No.56426109

I did for the longest time but the novelty wears off the first few times it goes off and then it just becomes pretty worthless

I did manage to get three bolases on my creature bolas once

>> No.56426157

I don't see how she can be oppressive

>> No.56426230

I've been talking with my regular group about allowing some Unstable cards, particularly the ones that would be actually playable in a regular game.

Some of them look ridiculously powerful. I can't wait for our format to be so warped by their inclusion that we re-ban them.

>> No.56426238

it's not avacyn he's talking about
for better or worse R/W has the best suite of cards for land denial

>> No.56426266

>Ive won on t3 with a bloodmoon and a serra ascendant against shuyun, animar and prossh. It was funny.
Legitimately how? Did they just scoop when blood moon came down?

>> No.56426273

just add blue to the mix for consistency and you've got something really spicy.

boros is for chumps.

>> No.56426278

>Legitimately how? Did they just scoop when blood moon came down?
i'd bet on this. blood moon isn't fun. they should unban prime time/sylvan primordial and ban blood moon.

>> No.56426292


>> No.56426296

not everyone enjoys sitting there and playing land after land while doing nothing to affect the board, anon.

>> No.56426301

>blood moon should be banned because it ends games on turn 3
>but infinite combos + tutors is fine

>> No.56426310


>> No.56426325

holy shit i wish this was black bordered

>> No.56426332

it is when i'm the only one with a creature out

>> No.56426334

protean hulk is unbanned and it gives you uncounterable infinite combos just like prime time

>> No.56426339

What the fuck did non-full art basic Wastes come in? I need one to cut up for a mana-tracker thing I want to make for my Kruphix deck but I couldn't find one at my LGS.

>> No.56426340

>wanting to buff artifacts even more
Kill yourself.

>> No.56426345

>Build some stupid white weenie/mono-w Super Friends deck with Djeru as kind of a joke since my friend and I joked about it.
>I haven't lost once with it yet.
This shit isn't funny. Djeru shouldn't be winning me games.

>> No.56426374

Maybe you're a lot better than your friends? Maybe you should tone it down if winning so much bothers you

>> No.56426379

i'm kinda glad hulk is unbanned. no one in my regular group is spikey enough to play boring linear combo decks, so whenever a hulk dies at the table it's gonna bring out some fun stuff.

>> No.56426419

I countered animar with reb so he scooped because he got color locked and shuyun played mana flare so he scooped to deny me mana. I was able to play aether membrane while floating enough mana to flash avacyn on turn 4. Prossh swung into my membrane and it bounced into his hand and then he was red locked.

>> No.56426425

well then the same thing could be true of prime time? instead of getting coffers and urborg you get springjack pasture and kher keep?

there are lots of cards that can tutor lands. weathered wayfarer is a 1 drop that gets you whatever you want. you can have urborg turn 2 and coffers turn 3. nobody complains.

urborg + coffers gives you lots of mana but it doesn't actually win you the game. protean hulk can easily give you creatures that win you the game on the spot. it's just a weird contradiction to me. i don't see how prime time is banned when hulk isn't. hulk is more abusable to me.

>> No.56426436

I don't mind winning, but I just didn't expect to win ever with it. I'm definitely not better than my friends, well besides two newbies we have in our group. I think it's just because the deck is so unassuming, and then I ult Ajani Steadfast and get indestructible Planeswalkers.

>> No.56426479

Reread my sentence.
Then reread your sentence.

Then come back to me when you have something I can understand.

>> No.56426494

so basically

your friends are shit and scoop to blood moon

>> No.56426557

t. weenie

>> No.56426571

To be fair depending on the colour deck you're playing and the lands you have out vs the number of basics in your deck it's not worth digging through your deck to wait and see if you get a basic before you die.
I'd probably keep playing at that point but the guy playing Bloodmoon probably has some land destro and it'll be incredibly engaging to take 6 turns of damage but down a basic and it get removed.

>> No.56426610

He has to keep everyone color screwed and protect his blood moon at the same time. That's not happening. Someone will blow up the blood moon eventually. Or maybe the blood moon guy will grind out a win. Sometimes that just happens. If you let these things happen, blood moon guy won't post on /tg/ about how his totally awesome archangel avacyn deck blew out two top tier commanders that probably weren't even built well.

Any deck playing red can slam a turn 3 blood moon and color screw casuals into scooping up their cards. That doesn't take skill or good deckbuilding. That takes jamming blood moon and three basic mountains into your deck at minimum.

>> No.56426616

>tutors is fine
>getting your ass in a twist about tutors

Wanna know how I know you're retarded?

>> No.56426665

he isn't complaining about tutors
he's comparing complaining about tutors to complaining about blood moon: equally retarded

>> No.56426696

Sorry didn't read what he was replying to.

I see a lot of Commander Containment Zone types complain about tutoring in this general as if it isn't a basic as fuck mechanic in every card game ever.

>> No.56426909


It's a pretty unfortunate curve there, you want 2 or 3 to be highest usually, and definitely you want more 2s than 5s

>> No.56427038

Anybody running ALL COMMON commander deck? They can be super fun since most of them use suboptimal cards so the games become a mess. Also you are really limited on the commander choices for specific colors.

>> No.56427075

Boi I love me to play some tutoring poker and blackjack!

>> No.56427099

>thinking this was a witty argument

Neck yourself aspie. Only commander rejects have a problem with a mechanic that's existed since Day 1 and continue being printed to this day and exist in shit like Pokemon as well.

>> No.56427427

Problem is removal at common is scarce af

>> No.56427539

experiment kraj or marisil?

>> No.56427625

>whenever I play Edgar Markov, always say "Lemme introduce you to my main man Edgar"
>whenever he attacks, always say "Alright Edgar, now drop a train on 'em"

The precon was worth it just for the joy this brings me.

>> No.56427752

How common is boardwipes

>> No.56427864

In EDH? Super common, ive seen 3-5 average

>> No.56427886

will this draw me hate?

>> No.56427887

I think they were asking about >>56427539's meta. Kraj is a lot worse than Mairsil against boardwipes, so if you see a ton of them you might as well not play it.

>> No.56427898

Ah yeah i see that now. Yeah dont do it if board wipes are like 4-5 per deck.

>> No.56427937

Uhh in monowhite, it shouldnt. But mixed with Green or Black i could see that creature being a target.

>> No.56428019

Whats the gimmick? To protect your lands from single target land destruction?

Can you do it as a reaction to sacrifice a land payments?

>> No.56428034

The gimmick is Zendikar.

>> No.56428064

I am a dumb fuck, can you explain the desired use please?

>> No.56428082

>Can you do it as a reaction to sacrifice a land payments?
. . No

>> No.56428094

So it wont resolve because the payment didnt happen?

>> No.56428095

consider Skybind

>> No.56428112

His group probably has a lot of decks that play with graveyards. So he intends to blink Bojuka Bog a lot to keep graveyards clean and empty

>> No.56428113

This feels like a comfy 3 card infinite combo.

>> No.56428119

The scenario you're describing is very vague but, as a rule, costs are always paid before the "purchased" effect is put on the stack. No one can respond to paying a cost of an ability/spell

>> No.56428120

Paying a cost can't be responded to.

>> No.56428134

Never played voltron in multiplayer and i want to try Uril, any tips? I feel like it will be archenemy until i die.

>> No.56428145

It's not just Bojuka Bog. It's any sort of similar utility land, and any Landfall effect.

It goes especially well with Retreat to Coralhelm.

>> No.56428162

Your commander is hexproof, in the best enchantress colors and can slot Sigarda 1.0 in the 99. There's really no way you can go wrong.
A common mistake is trying spread out commander damage. Don't. Pick a target and go for the kill. Stay on them unless you really feel like someone else needs to be addressed.

>> No.56428167

Oh i think im done helping due to tiredness thats twice ive only read part of it. I dont think playing around with landfall will make you a huge target. Since the creature isn't legendary and only a 1/1 it shouldnt be too terrible to deal with him. What commander did you have in mind?

Also side note i really like Spellslinger decks anyone got a commander suggestion? I finished a Taigam, Ojutai Master and that was a lot of fun.

>> No.56428178

Seems like you should play some bloodmoons in your red edh decks anon. Turn 1 blood moon with the funny monkey and solring always gets the tilts.

>> No.56428205

Mizzix is probably the most optimal spellslinger commander but she draws a lot of hate and for good reason. Kess is also very solid and gives you access to black, but is also usually a high priority target (at least amongst my playgroup).
I personally like Jori En because she still nets you a lot of value, tends to remain mostly under the radar, and is well costed at only three mana.

>> No.56428237

Hmm thanks a bunch. I think im gonna look at Jori En. Im still on the fence because i really like Tiagam, but her superior colors made her the better choice. But man do i love grixis.

>> No.56428242

Vial Smasher

>> No.56428365

I see, what about messing with the source of the effect? Opponent taps a guy to do something, I react by bouncing it/exiling it/whatever, the stack resolves and removes the source, does the effect remain in the stack even without the source?

>> No.56428367


>> No.56428404

prime is banned because of flickering same with primordial.

>> No.56428479

yeah, for example say I tap wellwisher to gain life equal to elves I control, say I have 2 elves out. you respond by killing wellwisher. after your kill spell resolves then my wellwisher ability resolves. at the time I only have 1 elf on the field so I gain 1 life.

>> No.56428517

Should I be running boots in my mono black deck to protect this guy?

>> No.56428526

what in the shit? so there is no way what so ever to prevent it (other than countring the activated ability)
if you wait for him to trigger it removing the source wont stop it, and if you remove it first he will just do it as a reaction

>> No.56428552

yeah, that's how it works, you have to kill it while summoning sick, it's why mother of runes is such a powerful card. not the most intuitive interaction.

>> No.56428562

You should run boots period.

>> No.56428627

So what are the ways to prevent things in the stack from resolving? Countering does it, giving it protection in a reaction kinda does it, what else?

Also another situation: I tab a bird for mana, you react by dealimg 1dmg to it, I gain the mana and the bird dies?
What if I react to the 1dmg by bouncing the bird to my hand? I get the bird back, then the dmg doesnt happend because no target and then I get the mana anyway???

I thought the whole point of the stack was to enable you to prevent activated abilities by messing up their sources in reaction.

>> No.56428643

still have my FNM one ~

>> No.56428676

Tapping for mana doesn't use the stack so you can't respond to it

>> No.56428724


...ok, so swap the bird for wellwisher

>> No.56428746

Then when you tap it the ability goes on the stack, once the ability is on the stack it will resolve no matter what happens to the source unless someone counters it with stifle of course.

>> No.56428791

say it was a mana generating ability that used the stack, like on deathrite shaman for example, you would still get the mana in that example even if you bounced or killed the deathrite in response to the ability.

>> No.56428822

if you cast a spell with split second they won't be able to respond by activating the ability as long as it uses the stack. mana abilities and morph cards are the only notable things that don't use the stack.

>> No.56428824

Aren't all mana abilities played as interrupts, therefore meaning that they'll always resolve and the player will gain their mana before anything else can be added to the stack?

I thought that they were changed to interrupts for the exact reason you guys are talking about.

>> No.56428887

When does a thing get removed from the stack? After it resolves, or after the whole stack is resolved?
In other words, you play a split second card, oponent waits for it to resolve, can he put another thing on the same stack afterwatds?

>> No.56428902

Anything in the stack is resolved one by one in a first in last out order.

To answer your question about the split card, yes you can. You can't respond to split second while it's on the stack but once it resolves, sure.

>> No.56428908

interrupts don't exist anymore, they changed it to that a long time ago and have since changed it again to be a lot simpler.
basically you can tap mana at any time you have priority or are paying a cost for a spell or ability.
activating mana abilities doesn't use the stack and therefore cannot be responded to. you also cannot respond to other methods of paying costs, such as discarding cards or sacrificing creatures.
after a spell with split second resolves it leaves the stack and split second will no longer apply so you can activate abilities.

>> No.56428924

If there was a thing that would have a trigger of tapping a land and its effect would counter target spell, would it enable you to counter split second thing on the stack?

>> No.56428925

Things are removed from the stack as they resolve.

Yeah I'm reading the rules now as a refresher.

405.6. Some things that happen during the game don’t use the stack.
405.6a Effects don’t go on the stack; they’re the result of spells and abilities resolving. Effects may create delayed triggered abilities, however, and these may go on the stack when they trigger (see rule 603.7).
405.6b Static abilities continuously generate effects and don’t go on the stack. (See rule 604, “Handling Static Abilities.”) This includes characteristic-defining abilities such as “[This object] is red” (see rule 604.3).
405.6c Mana abilities resolve immediately. If a mana ability both produces mana and has another effect, the mana is produced and the other effect happens immediately. If a player had priority before a mana ability was activated, that player gets priority after it resolves. (See rule 605, “Mana Abilities.”)
405.6d Special actions don’t use the stack; they happen immediately. See rule 115, “Special Actions.”
405.6e Turn-based actions don’t use the stack; they happen automatically when certain steps or phases begin. They’re dealt with before a player would receive priority (see rule 116.3a). Turn-based actions also happen automatically when each step and phase ends; no player receives priority afterward. See rule 703.
405.6f State-based actions don’t use the stack; they happen automatically when certain conditions are met. See rule 704. They are dealt with before a player would receive priority. See rule 116.5.
405.6g A player may concede the game at any time. That player leaves the game immediately. See rule 104.3a.
405.6h If a player leaves a multiplayer game, objects may leave the game, cease to exist, change control, or be exiled as a result. These actions happen immediately. See rule 800.4a.

>> No.56428932

No because it wouldn't be a mana ability, and therefore would use the stack which Spilt Second wouldn't allow.

>> No.56428940


>> No.56428947

kheru spellsnatcher is my go to example of countering split second cards, morph doesn't use the stack so it works.
if it was a triggered ability such as "when this land is tapped counter target spell" it would work but if it was "tap:counter target spell" it wouldn't

>> No.56428969

but it would be a passive trigger so it wouldnt be done by the player

>> No.56429278

The Frog God
>best colors for tutors, can run Oracle of Mul Daya & Courser of Kruphix for further library access
>obviously loads of GY synergies with things like Crucible/Excavator, Life from the Loam, and Titania; best colors for recursion
>commander is a massive card advantage engine
>you're basically playing control in BG

>> No.56429426

Red blue has some fun graveyard recursion for instants and sorceries

>> No.56429985

I found out that my Jenara deck is missing five cards. What the fuck? At least I have more slots to work with, I guess.

>> No.56430075

Kaladesh had Red be the good guys, so RB was too.

Also, is Daretti or Grenzo evil? I assume not, but I dunno.

>> No.56430099

Is jenara a decent commander to go auras on? I want to stick with green white primarily and I own a copy of jenara, but what's a fun way to build her?

>> No.56430331

i built pirates before it was cool....or good

>> No.56430419

Licids also don't use the stack, when they're transforming from enchantments back to creatures. That's why Dominating Licid is the b3st Control Creature enchanment.

>> No.56430474

mogis list?

>> No.56430505

Anyone else considering making an unmander/un-mander deck? I've heard some talk of it, and presumably it's just regular commander where all silver border cards are legal Spike, Johnny, and I guess Timmy should be b&

>> No.56430551

Where's Mailanon and why hasn't he asked me about what I've received?

>> No.56430594

Turn 4.

>Turn 1: Swamp, Mana Vault
>Turn 2: Swamp, Drew my Draco
>Turn 3: Swamp, tap swamps and vault for Volrath
>turn 4: Swing, discard draco

>> No.56430612

Look what I found, should I make it my commander just for comedy?

>> No.56430616

Daretti and Grenzo are chaotic good at best and chaotic neutral at worst in terms of how Fiora operates.

>> No.56430636

Make it just tutor up Test of endurance and win instantly.deck

Or other disgusting things. He looks like Robbie Rotten.

>> No.56430866

Selesnya stax, go.

>> No.56430874


>> No.56430916

Reanimation is better.

>> No.56430940 [DELETED] 

Deathrite Shaman does not have a mana ability.

>> No.56430957 [DELETED] 

>Deathrite Shaman does not have a mana ability.

>say it was a mana generating ability that used the stack, like on deathrite shaman for example

I think they were aware of that, anon.

>> No.56430975

Alpha Brawl
Chandra's Ignition
Cyclops Gladiator
Fall of the Hammer
Karplusan Yeti
Magus of the Arena
Rivals' Duel
Soul's Fire
Stalking Yeti
Tahngarth, Talruum Hero
Tail Slash

>> No.56431373

I think he wants an Etherium Sculptor that works with instants, sorceries, enchantments and non-artifact creatures that are still on theme.

>> No.56431396

>buying foils of ixalan
fuckin idiot.

>> No.56431427


>> No.56431447

>I don't have $10 to spare
Enjoy your cigs and coffee and early death, I'll be having fun with my playgroup ;).

>> No.56431684

tell me what to play with this card

>> No.56431712


>> No.56431744

I wish there was a way to put together a (functional!) WHITE bordered commander deck and having your commander to be the only black bordered mofo.

>> No.56431753

I just made an artifact goodstuff deck and it's a great time, that and plugged in some of the ixalan treasure generating shit like revel in riches and spell swindle for sac outlets on marionnete master and such.

You can also just go the all the infinite combos under the sun route, but my playgroup hated it

>> No.56431822

>You can also just go the all the infinite combos under the sun route, but my playgroup hated it
there's a guy in my plagroup who already has quite a few infinicombos, I'll get a couple max to get back at him, but I'd like a less frustrating and more original way to build an artifact deck with her

>> No.56431857

I mean she's just really efficient and has a lot of color options so you can do a lot

Mine started as a myr tribal goofing around deck but I just eventually phased them out for expensive artifacts I traded into and made it into what it is today

>> No.56432092 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56432153

what are some cards that make the deck in your opinion?
I need inspo

>> No.56432329

Shit like daretti, darksteel forge, master transmuter, and Nim deathmantle are just too good not to include

Artifacts themselves just open up a lot of bullshit you can pull off, a lot of them are pretty pricey though.

>> No.56432368

How fun

>> No.56432402

This is pretty cool, I'd use the fuck out of this for a jank deck

>> No.56432407

>better meme-oplasm
no thanks

>> No.56432435

Also neat.

The article mentions the ability functions in your hand, but not quite sure why it does.

>> No.56432463

someone in my playgroup already wants to play this guy
im looking forward to see how weird the killbots are theres a chance if they stay relatively sane that we will let him

>> No.56432662 [DELETED] 


>> No.56432718

I love her, but I bet we don’t get enough bots to work in EDH.

Still some fun un-design.

>> No.56432721

How do you get the bots tho? Also what happens if its targeted and you switch it?

>> No.56432763

Bots are their own cards. Switching basically just swaps the card. if a kill bot is being targeted, and you switch to mary, mary is now being targeted
Yeah, I feel you can pull it off with enough artifact recursion, but I cant imagine it being good.

>> No.56433822

These are the times I'm glad changelings exists.

>> No.56433957

I'm loving unstable.

>> No.56433987

best part is, its an ETB effect that is separate from its exit effect.

There are a lot of hilarious ways to use it.

>> No.56434058

Hopefully some of this stuff will get black-bordered like Mindslaver (originally a concept for Unglued) or The Cheese Stands Alone/Barren Glory

>> No.56434089

Is her name a "Fuck, Marry, or Kill" reference?


>> No.56434108

Wouldn't this let you put Changeling Berserker into play without having to exile anything?

>> No.56434130

I said I was going to stop building decks and shit, even giving away the majority of my cards to that effect but Grusilda makes me REALLY want to build a deck around her. Also, WHY WAS THIS NOT LUDEVIC!?

>> No.56434155

>file name

I can only assume they had developed Grusilda first and Ludevic second.

>> No.56434174


I could see this being a RU card called 'Splintered timelines' or something.

>> No.56434180


>> No.56434314

I proposed the idea of making janky commander decks including un-set cards to my playgroup and they had a collective shit fit. What did I do wrong?

>> No.56434344

>> No.56434409

Oh, I can jank to this

>> No.56434498

>Destroy target player

I have been wanting to see this text for a while.

>> No.56434501

>When the doom counter moves from "1," destroy target player and put that doom counter on "5."
>Destroy target player

Sorry bud, card says you have to go to the graveyard.

>> No.56434513

So if you use proliferate or doubling season to place a second doom counter, do you get to destroy two target players?

>> No.56434517

>sorry bud, I am just following the rules written on the cards.

>> No.56434544

Except the card doesn't have any errata to ignore. "Ignore errata" just means you ignore any changes made to the card's phrasing and function after it was printed, not that you interpret it literally.

>> No.56434567

its pre-emptive because i can already see MaRo clarifying it.

>> No.56434790

>Norin the Wary
>Dire Fleet Ravager

>> No.56434798

Clarification isn't errata.

>> No.56434814

Because fuck Mary O’kill and her bots.

>> No.56435144


Because I want to fuck Mary o kill

>> No.56436439

>99 swamps + spike

what's a 3-ish card combo consisting entirely of banned cards?

best i can think of is lotus into shahrazad

>> No.56436769

So what will these Unstable basics go for roughly once its released? Im a little skeptical of the pre-ordering so I kinda planned on waiting until it drops.

>> No.56437026

.8*(Pack Price - Token Price) = Land Price
Everything else is basically 0 value so saying that the land and token are 80% is probably being generous towards the silver borders.

>> No.56437066

sounds about right, i dont really care if they go up in value or not but they're too tempting for me this time

>> No.56437185

there is a version of this called shrek.dek
you run urborg and as much synergy for urborg as possible

>> No.56437471

My Iroas deck has had a good life, but really it's been on life support ever since I got it.
I'm tried of having to rely on Artifacts for draw and ramp, and having only very specific answers to most problems.

So I'm thinking of adding Green to it and evolving it into a Naya deck.

So what's the best Commander for a 'going wide' style Naya deck?
Gahiji? Samut? Rith? Marath? Tana/Sidar?

>> No.56437613

Samut is very solid for Naya go-wide. Combine with new Odric for best results.

>> No.56437662

New Samut is probably your best bet. If you want to be edgy, go Tymna/Tana for black. They also synergize perfectly.

>> No.56437757

>banned cards
rememberer its not just banned from commander, banned in any format including standard
also remember you are in mono black
thats tough but it probably involves black lotus and mana vault
probably can get new emmy out with enough banned acceleration

>> No.56437789

Also includes anything that was formerly banned but no longer.

>> No.56437898

Yes, belcher, but it can also use a stomping ground

>> No.56438094

I can highly recommend Marath, it's so fun to be able to run lots of ramp when you have a mana dump in the command zone and repeatable spot removal against puny commanders like Mizzix or Kaalia. It's also easy to avoid combos and build 75% if that's what your meta is like.

I've tried Gahiji and can't recommend it. It's very inconsistent, your commander is removal bait for combo/control players since it enables other aggro players and the political aspect of "don't attack me you silly boys" doesn't work when it's in your command zone, much like with Edric.

>> No.56438140

Can you post your Noyan Dar? I want to compare dicks

>> No.56438248

New bread when?

>> No.56438266

new thread when

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