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First for old men.

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Second for the Omnissiah

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3rd for all dread lists

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4th for supersonic genestealers

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5th for tau are melee race.

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New to 40k? Don't know which faction to play? Here's a quick, (hopefully) impartial breakdown of every playable army in the game.


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Dreadnoughts are precious metal boys who are to be cherished

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nth for the omnissiah

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6th for deep stike spam

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Mor "3 daddies" tarion

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>>56416633 #

Yeah sure.

Primaris were a big thing for a little while, everyone talking about nothing else, but I've barely seen them even -mentioned- the last few months.

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ITS OVER!!!!!!

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Well, at least it seems like /tg/ learned how to count to five today

Maybe next time, buddy. Good try though. I'm sure we can reach 6 next thread!

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You could try actually going to a store and seeing them there, instead of trying to convince reality of your weird 4chan-contrarian driven narrative

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I'm proud to have been a part of this.

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>spending every CP to deep strike 50% of your lucius mechanicus army turn 1

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if you could take one rule from a unit and give it to another what would be the most op

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>tfw nobody at your shop plays primaris
What a wonderful world I live in

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Celestine on a imperial knight (or other superheavy)

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Is an all dreadnought alpha legion list considered dickish?
Especially if the list involves 2 leviathans and 2 contemptors along with 3 normal hellbrutes?

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There's a few primaris players here, but most of them seem to regret buying into it, especially the guy with a Gulliman and primaris army he paid a commission painter a fortune to do for him then he can't win a game. Guy grumps bitterly through entire matches.

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I don’t think you even play this game or participate in the hobby at this point

I think your primary interaction with 40k is /tg/

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Genestealers get the "Supersonic" special rule that flyers have, and also gain their movement stats.

Real answer:
Every unit gains the character special rule

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should be fine

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Crimson-black blaze, king of myriad worlds,
though I promulgate the laws of nature,
I am the alias of destruction incarnate
in accordance with the principles of the Inquisition.
Let the hammer of the emperor descend unto me!


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Pretty sure it's only kids and the store manager near me and I think he's got pretty much every army going at this point.

I never even see him playing them but whenever I drop by he's painting them up and having fun with that so I guess I don't really have Primaris near me either.

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I'm not actually this anon >>56416773

And I go to my LGS once a week on fridays to meet up and play with my friends there.
I will admit it, and I am ashamed of it too, I havent gotten to painting any models in a couple weeks

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I'm >>56416823

I'm the guy arguing that Primaris seem to have passed as a fad. The other guy who says nobody has them at his LGS I can't speak for.

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a tough infantry unit (crusaders? terminators?) with Yarricks 3++ last wound FNP would be interesting

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>Can't win a game

Why didn't he just spam hellblasters?

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Most units with the Airborne rule would be pretty good.

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Id give leman russes the infantry keyword so that I could outflank a stormlord full of russes up my opponents ass

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You'll probably see a lot more after points drops in CA.

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Well it took months before I saw the first chad marines appear on a game table in the LGS. Even now they're vastly outnumbered by ... every other army besides GK really (always only ever had a single GK player here)

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He has some hellblasters, but he's got a pretty awful overall list including being dumb enough to take two Redemptors with plasma.

>> No.56416926

As if hellblasters are an autowin unit

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When is CA coming down to save us from the jellyman?

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Melee mech is best mech!

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>mfw 20 leman russes jump out of an outflanking stormlord on T1

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Officially some time this year. We don't have any more specific word.

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Yah that's on him. You should be able to win at least a few games with primaris if you gunline correctly.

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>posting worst girl
Begone loli lover

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Dark age teleportation technology of course

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If it really is all dread or all dread save HQs it'll have some pretty glaring weaknesses that can be exploited if your opponent is smart and has a good list, I'd play it

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Are Ruststalkers still trash in comparison to Electropriests? It still sucks that the Priests only have a 5++/5+++ and one wound. Overwatch becomes way scarier.

>> No.56417047

>cant win
100% just being a bad player

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What's the best mech setup? Beepboopbots with flamer+fists, what else? Is Mars worth it or should I go Stygia for infiltrate?

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Girlyman rules on a horde unit.

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Real world changing keyword stuff, adding biker to the Vyper did a lot to make it better, especially in saim-hein who are the ones who want if fluff wise anyways

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Squats already are reference in the appendix of the 8th Ed. Rulebook.

>> No.56417079

We knew this two editions ago.

>> No.56417086

Please no

>> No.56417089

Yes they get a tiny blurb about them in the fluff yet again, just like they always will and nothing more to keep the 3 actually squat fans satisfied until they finally die

>> No.56417090

Man, that just kills all the mystery.

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Hello my brother, may your taser weapons always roll 6's. Got any advice on if Ruststalkers or Kataphron Breachers have a use anymore? I have a few sitting around but I can't figure out how to use them.

>> No.56417107

Tripple phospher robots.
Crab walkers with neutron or Icarus.

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>Overcharging a 2W unit so you can hurt a tank on 3/4s
>Even with rerolls, each squad has a 5/36 chance of losing one 30-odd point soldier to his own gun.
>Only does 2 wounds to the tank anyways

Primaris need Devistator teams so damn bad.

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Has any of the codexes actually increased prices for any units?

>> No.56417110

why did they exterminatus the squats anyways? Nobody bought them?

>> No.56417111

>squats get plastic miniatures before sisters

>> No.56417112


>Please no

>Unironically hating on space dwarf bikers with zeppelins, drill tanks and war-trains

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Flat is Justice!

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They "returned" in 6th ed when they were named as an abhuman type, so their extinction was retconned. Now this is just another small blurb which wont mean shit but it'd be cool to have like a squat gang.

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I raise you melee IG.

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Yep, admech nerfed Infiltrators again.
First they lost the -1 WS, BS and initiative aura in the index and now they've had a points increase while losing an attack each.

>> No.56417132

Sorry, I meant melee mech, was replying to the guy higher in the chain.

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Fuck yeah biotitan centrepiece

>> No.56417144

I'd rather they give that stuff to an interesting race, not just midget humans

>> No.56417147

Is it canon now that the black rage always affected the Blood Angels?

>> No.56417149

Ruststalkera best use I'm home is objective grabbers, not dropping until they can do work.

I was running the avatar of khaine when I faced them though, and he wins melee against non-daemon primarch units.

>> No.56417155

They did, but in AoS

>> No.56417161

no, the red thirst always affected the blood angels. the black rage started because of sanguinius' death.

>> No.56417163

I thought biotitans were those massive forgeworld bugs?

>> No.56417164


Midget humans with beards and alcholism, you mean.

Fuck I love squats. If they bring them back it'll almost make up for irredeemable garbage like Primarchs and primaris.

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I wish they were Bio-knights, but they are meant to be Bio-Dreads which they are not. Still love the Trygon family.

>> No.56417176

>flat is Justice
Fucking a flat girl is basically just fucking a trap with a vagina

>> No.56417180

Thunderwolves with the bezerkers ability to attack twice

>> No.56417184

Luckily it'll NEVER EVER happen. Even in all their stupidity, GW can see how shit squats were

>> No.56417188

you say that like its a bad thing

>> No.56417195


>> No.56417201

Anon, Squats have been mentioned as a living Abhuman species in the main rule book since 6th ed. You dumb fuck.

>> No.56417202

Didn't Sanguinius recently fall sort of to the black rage in ruinstorm?

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Trygons are classed as a biotitan, and were actually the original gargantuan creature before Cruddace nerfed them.

Hierodules are a bit bulkier, but not really bigger overall.

>> No.56417205

Warlord titan with quantum shielding.

>> No.56417209

10 shots at a 90% hit rate, 67% wound rate, Ignores 3+ armor, 2 damage a hit

So an average of 12 damage to a T7 vehivle, or 9 to a T8 vehicle

They'll kill most vehicles in 1 turn of shooting, provided Girlyman is with them.

>> No.56417212

A couple eldar units got a base point increase, but it was an effective decrease when weapons we're calculated in.
Iirc, everything was either equal or less once you put in weapon cost.

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trygons are technically a biotitan

though they looked like this when they were called that

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The Keeper of Secrets in the background is a good conversion.

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File: 1.19 MB, 3536x1620, Cadia broke before the Guard did.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>fucking a loli is like fucking a trap
>traps are gay
>therefore fucking a loli is gay
The most simple of deductions

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Tru dat. I'm looking forward to finally getting my Melee Cut together and having a game with the Codex, since I've been really damn busy since before it came out and I don't see that changing until next August. Everyone at the shop plays Marine Mash and the place loathes conversions, so I'm going to Stygies teleport a reroll Magos, 40 Fulgurites and 20 Corpuscarii onto their heads Turn 1 and open fire point-blank with my entirely converted army.
Only problem is finding enough Admech heads for all of them. Maybe I should just use the hooded Ranger heads as well as the hooddown ones on the Corpuscarii, but I feel that would look wrong for Servitors.

Been reading all the tourney players crying on DakkaDakka about how we have two competitive units. Personally I'd like a bunch of tweaks and points cuts here and there, but we're not all that bad unless your idea of a competitive unit is at minimum a Conscript blob. I'd like Neutrons to get some kind of slight bonus since all the Codex armies save GK and Nids either have a Killshot strat or double shooting leaving what's meant to be the premier tank destroyer looking very sad, plus Sicarian buffs and the long-awaited Kataphron points cut to around 5/9 of what they are currently.


Sadly the Rusties are pretty much permanently garbage. A single Rustie and a single Fulgurite will do the exact same number of Mortal Wounds at 0.444, except the Priests hit much harder normally, get better bonuses and come in huge blocks. They're not THAT much worse, but without Deep Strike you're using Infiltrate for guaranteed 3" T1 charges anyway so the Priests are strictly better.

I'm praying that Breachers get a points cut to 30ish ppm or a much better selection of guns in Chapter Approved, because I want an entire army of servitor blocks, Rataphrons, walkers and maybe my melee dudes but having to take Troop Skitarii gets in the way of that. ATM they're useless over MSU Skittles because they do no damage.

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A man of exquisite taste.

Pleb tier taste detected.

>> No.56417265

They were gargantuan creatures when FW was making the model, which is the exact same as the current one, and where turned into monstrous creatures when the kit became a GW plastic in 5th ed.

>> No.56417271


Ryza actually; rerolling 1's on wounds is super nice. Other than that, Stygies; first turn charges all day. Mars sucks, Lucius is too slow.

Ruststalkers are comparable to Electros, but with slightly more endurance and slightly better chance to hit thanks to protocal, and are faster by 2". Way more expensive, however.

Use Kataphron and Kastellans to screen the enemy and take shots or go after heavier melee units. They are your anvil, as they can take a beating and keep on trucking. Use vanguard for fire support/Plasma. Sniper rangers are optional.

Prime Hermeticon+Mechadendrite Dominus is pretty good at a melee and support; deep strike or run with the troops. Charge your heavier/cheaper units in, THAN use your Sicarians, Dragoons and Priests

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>> No.56417295

Someone should shoop megumin as cultist-chan

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what the fuck is up with those random twitches her hair makes

>> No.56417311

I'm home neutrons don't need a buff as they already shoot 1d3.
The other stuff that got a double shot buff had 1 shot on their tank killer gun
So they already have the same number of average shots, an invuln save, and can move and shoot without penalty.

>> No.56417313
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ah alright, cheers anon. I was thinking of these guys which is why I was a bit confused.

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>fucking a loli is gay

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That's just standard anime shit, hair usually rises to show surprise or excitement

>> No.56417355

Has anyone ever compliment your models?

>> No.56417373

On the internet sure. But i have never taken my models anywhere so in real life no.

>> No.56417385

That's so sad anon.

>> No.56417388

You're one of those collector only goys eh?

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In real life, yes.
Here on 4chan people tend to shit all over them.

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>Keeper of secrets in the background is a good conversion


>> No.56417397

I'm not a vain person but the feeling of someone seeing my painted army or a new unit and saying nice things about it is a huge motivation for painting my shit and getting better

>> No.56417402
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Yes, but only when someone else is holding them.

>> No.56417410
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>tfw i know that feel

maybe we'll play a game one day....one day

>> No.56417416

Yeah sadly this is kind of what I thought when I saw them. I can't not love my breachers in casual games though, there's nothing as satisfying as rolling a 6 on the damage for heavy arc rifles and just bursting open marine transports, revealing the little bastards for my tin-men to baton to death.

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>> No.56417427

I never even thought of using melee Dragoons. Are they good? They look good on paper but I'm not sure how wieldy they are.

>> No.56417440

all the time
I don't really deserve it, though.

>> No.56417442

Eh i sorta havent finished painting my army after having it for about 2 years now and have no way to transport it without breaking anything.

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Hey guys im just starting to get into warhammer and needed some advice. I want to start a dark angels army but im not sure what units to buy, so if anyone has aby recommendations or can point me to a site that could help it would be much appreciated.

>> No.56417452

Look it up on 1d4chan for the full story. But they actually sold fine. Believe it or not they actually wrote them out because they thought their lore sucked and they didn't fit in the setting.
And yes they mention Eldar are space elf they just thought their lore was better then the squats,
So there really isn't anything preventing new squats in much the same way nothing is preventing a new vect model.

>> No.56417453

I too haven't seen a primaris army fielded at my local store, which is funny because I know for a fact two regulars there have entire primaris armies. I've only ever seen the occasional hellblaster squad.

>> No.56417454

IIRC Fire Prisms also had D3, but who uses Vanquishers? Neutrons are slightly superior against things like Land Raiders, but both Russes and Prisms get better backup guns and can use their doubletap basic loadout to gib infantry too. Neutrons do one thing very well, and if they're going to give the basic tanks the ability to do almost as well (Russ does 3 1/9 wounds to a Pred, Neutron does 3 5/9) as well as more flexibility. In their codexes Russes got Shoot Twice and significant buffs from Relics, Orders and Doctrines, Fire Prisms got Shoot Twice and a Killshot-lite, Neutroncrawlers got a points cut of 3 to 6 points per model. Whoop de do.

>> No.56417458


Also here is my actual keeper of secrets conversion, she's possessing a Wraithlord.

>> No.56417461
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>remembrance pict of magnus ca. M41, still trying to make things better#
Dindu nuthin wrong

>> No.56417469

Try asking around the local gay bar.

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Ha ha, missed out the pic.

>> No.56417499

Gosh, that pic made me laugh

>> No.56417503

ebay, buy all the cheap shit that came with the start playing box not too long ago. Double up on the bigger dudes and you got a stew going.

>> No.56417506

Same, I wonder sometimes whose opinion I should value more

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A few times yeah but the only one that matters is this one time in the store some semi-normie came in with his pretty hot female friend/family member and while he was browsing she noticed us painting and came over to look. She complimented my Autarch. My dick was literal diamonds in seconds, i want to bend her over right there and then and ravage her with paint spilling everywhere....ofc all I managed to muster was an awkward t-t-thanks without making eye contact

>> No.56417515

Azreal is good, place everything in your army within 6" of him.

>> No.56417517

Bikers and/or terminators.

Read your codex buddy.

>> No.56417525

I mean you dont have to be vain to take pride in your work and enjoy when some one compliments good work.

>> No.56417537
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>> No.56417538

4chan will be more honest, but will also be more bitter if your army is better than theirs
People irl are who you play with and who see your army in person so I'd take them more seriously

>> No.56417545

Wait, so the Chaos Gods are fueled by emotion and thoughts, but they want to destroy all life.


>> No.56417561

they don't want to destroy life, that's the necrons. Chaos just wants chaos

>> No.56417567

It is pretty Chaotic desu

>> No.56417576

Thank you for the advice, it is much appreciated.

>> No.56417585

yeah girls in the store is pretty heretical but goddamit she was just too beautiful to deny.

>> No.56417625

Melee dragoons are pretty insane. Lances hit like S8 autocannon but you can pay 1CP for Conqueror Protocols and take them up from 3 hits per model to 5.5. Take a squad of 4 with Stygies tactics to make them basically invisible, charge and wipe Guilliman or a standard Predator-grade vehicle off the board, or delete a damaged blob. They do everything pretty well, including screen to block DS.

This might just be my almost DSless Admech complaining, but I do wonder why they suddenly decided to allow Turn 1 deep striking. Basically removes the downside of Reserves entirely and just makes it a free perfect deployment and alpha strike. Infiltrate already exists to do that job at the cost of sticking your head out for deleting or burning Command Points if you don't get T1.

>> No.56417635

Only that Khorne retard wants to kill everybody. Even Nurgle is smarter than that.
Nobody knows what Tzeentch wants, and Slaanesh just wants to turn the galaxy into an internal orgy.

Trying to find logic in Chaos will drive you crazy anyway.

>> No.56417646

IRL people generally dont say what they think.
In an anonymous image board there is no consequence of saying what you think.
So your models are probably shit.

>> No.56417650

Trygons have never been referred to as bio-titans. Hierodules and Hierophants are the original bio-titans.

>> No.56417672

But even Khorne doesn't want everybody to be dead; he just wants to kill them, cuz killing is fun.
And he's retarded.

>> No.56417683

Girls are icky in general and should not be trusted at your LGS anon, trust me I'm a girl (female)

>> No.56417685

Met one of our patron's older sister in store once. We started talking about the local University and how I was interested in going back to school. Then the owner's teenaged son, who doubles as our local autist, butted in and she never walked into the store again.

>> No.56417687

Yeah now that you mention it it sucks that we don't get any cool 'formation' stratagems like the other codexes did. I mean sure we got the stupid Castellan/Kataphron reroll but I'm talking about stuff that we had before like a Sicarian Killclade or Ironstrider Cavalier formations.

I miss the days of my army of chicken walkers tracing through eachother and cleaning up a load of light armour.

>> No.56417690

Control yourself man.

>> No.56417691
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>the absolute state of eldar players

>> No.56417694

Incredibly, incredibly good. They have a tether, so they hit on 2's, get 2 more hits on a 4+. -2 to hit them with stygies, they are AP -1 and Str8, and D2. Oh, and they can shoot as well thanks to their pistols.

They are monsterous.

Eh, Sicarians aren't too bad; I'd argue that Infiltrators will do a better job mudering GEQs than Electros due to 5 Pistol shots and their Str 6 weapons naturally. Plus their LD debuff can occasionally help a bit. Plus, they are a bit more immune to lucky hits and shots thanks to their W2. They can really do some work.

Rusties are a bit worse off, and lacks the rules and weapons of infilitrators that make them viable. They need some changes or a price cut; Your right in that they lack a good purpose. I would change the dual blade set up should be AP -5 and +2 Str on the second round of combat.

>> No.56417725

>the absolute state of 40k players

>> No.56417726

Any ideas for Sicarian Infiltrators headswap? I hate that R2D2 thing. I was considering flagellant heads.

>> No.56417739
File: 1.90 MB, 1920x1080, 1507381688696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So your models are probably shit.

>> No.56417745

They have gimp heads on the same sprue.

>> No.56417752

Luckily they rarely come in

you dodged a bullet anon. Almost got intwined in a thots trap

I did, that's the rpoblem. I'm not alpha enough

>> No.56417759

>the absolute state of model painters

The Chad 40k player goes with unpainted models

>> No.56417767
File: 42 KB, 293x304, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The state of this fucking bare-faced liar

>> No.56417786
File: 10 KB, 260x194, youknow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56417789

as a chad; you're 100% right

>> No.56417793

You are not my negro
Kataphron heads should fit

>> No.56417802

>dodged a bullet
I'm not going to live forever. And I'm not even sure I want wizard powers anymore.

>> No.56417804
File: 46 KB, 692x451, i told you dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when will mods start removing the off topic anime posters?

>> No.56417806

A friend of mine plays Warhammer 40k and is a regional tournament organizer. 40k has recently released a new edition which has brought a lot of old and new players into the game. With more players comes more drama. He’s been sharing me horror stories from past and present when we’ve been hanging out, and I’ll share a good one that happened recently.

This event happened at a 20 person tournament. A mix of people were there, a few neckbeards, no one was too smelly. Enter Teen-beard. He was probably 16 years old with a scraggly neckbeard, stained shirt, cargo pants, but no fedora, sadly. He was dropped off by his mom, who gave him a stern warning of “behave yourself”.

This warning was not heeded. Teen-beard played Eldar (space elves for the unfamiliar), and his lack of skill, combined with being a very poor sport, did not make for a good combination. Every round, my friend would hear nasally whining from across the room about how unfair the dice were, and how his opponents lists were “overpowered.” For reference, the latest edition of 40k is the most balanced it’s been in many years, AND the Eldar are a very strong faction, so he didn’t have any ground to stand on.

On round 3 of the tournament (and after several players walked up to quietly complain), Teen-beard is matched up with a Space Marine player who brought a powerful list with a lot of Stormravens, which are a heavy gunship that dominated the meta early after the edition came out (they’ve since been nerfed). The opponent is, according to my friend, a good guy and seasoned 40k player who enjoys going all out when it comes to tournaments, and also has a low bullshit tolerance. Teen-beard kept charging his units forward, which led his opponent to strafe his units with his gunships and wreck the Eldar in a powerful alpha-strike. Teen-beard threw a tantrum, whining that his opponent’s list was “broken”, that he should take it easy on him, and so on.


>> No.56417807

This also happened to me
Girl came into our game store because she loved to paint and wanted to paint some thousand sons as a summer project
I put on my disguise as a normie and talked to her for a bit, turned out she liked anime and we started discussing that, local autist butted in and started spouting Reddit tier memes and she got really uncomfortable because she was shy
Repeat that about 3 times in slightly different ways and she just stopped coming in, I texted her asking if she gave up and she said she just paints from home now
I hate that guy so much because I missed out on making a new friend to paint with because of him

>> No.56417810

It's always the Eldarfags

>> No.56417812
File: 13 KB, 342x342, _PANIC_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmmm, something about that wraithlord looks funnyOHMYGOD WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THAT?! KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS D:

>> No.56417823

True Chad 40k player don't use models.

>> No.56417826

Yeah losing the Transonic blade rule hurt more than I thought it would honestly. At least before you had a chance of melting through a Terminator unit if they survived the combat, now you survive and you're still fishing for 6's even though we still had the 6's rule in 7th ed anyway.

The Codex helped out a bit but I still feel like a lot of the cool non-op stuff about admech is gone for no good reason and there's nothing to replace it, that was Ruststalkers entire thing and now they just occasionally do a mortal wound. It's not like they were even any good in 7th, Infils were still better but let's just nerf them anyway.

It's not even just that, losing real Arc weaponry is shit as well, no more haywire has made all our Arc weapons into less reliable and worse lascannons that cost the same or even more.

>> No.56417832

40k Veteran calmly replies that one, it’s a tournament, and Teen-beard has been doing the same bad tactic of charging across an open field each game (terrain and cover is much more important in this edition), not taking into account enemy weapon ranges and so on. Teen-beard just whines and blubbers some more. Teen-beard’s turn comes, and inflicts only a few wounds, since flying units give a penalty to hit. None of the gunships have been shot down. Teen-beard is practically in tears at this point.

Teen-beard: “I just want to win! Is a simple win too much to ask?!”

40k Vet: “Dude, it’s a tournament, people are playing to win. We’re not going to let you win just so you will stop crying.”

Teen-beard (in between sniffles): “I-I’ve been waiting for th-this all month. I’ve worked so h-hard on my models!” (His models were poorly painted)

40k Vet: “I loudly overheard you poking fun at people who go all out painting models. Don’t pull that. Let’s get this game over so I don’t have to deal with you.”

Teen-beard: “Up yours, you grognard.”

40k Vet snorts and starts his turn. By now my friend the tournament organizer is about ready to disqualify Teen-beard, since he’s now throwing insults. 40k Vet, having dealt with much of the Eldar units that could hurt his gunships, now goes in for the kill, targeting the Eldar Farseer (a type of wizard). As 40k Vet starts to place his gunships, Teen-beard actually blocks the model with his hand, shrieking “Don’t kill my Farseer, DON’T KILL MY FARSEER!”

40k Vet: “I…need to… because it’s how I can wrap this game up quickly.”

Teen-beard: “My Farseer hasn’t killed anything yet! I want him to kill something!”

40k Vet: “Well, you should have done that on your previous turn.”


>> No.56417836

>off topic

this is 4chan not reddit

>> No.56417842
File: 41 KB, 340x395, 1494366695143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not this shit again
It wasnt very funny the first time around

>> No.56417846

A single example will totally disprove that statement. Feel free to find and post a piece of text from an official source referring to a trygon as a bio-titan.

>> No.56417852

And sells them for a loss on ebay.

>> No.56417855
File: 64 KB, 400x400, 1491755153152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56417856

Teen-beard continues to try and block, so my friend goes up and warns him that he’s going to get DQ’d if he keeps this up. Teen-beard pouts and removes his hands. 40k Vet has good dice, he rolls to hit, and then rolls to wound. Maximum Damage. The Farseer and other targeted units are obliterated.

Teen-beard just emits a shrieking growl of “UURRRRRRRRRRRRRR” and starts shaking the table, tears starting to flow. My friend finally tells Teen-beard that’s he done, to pack his stuff and leave.
Teen-beard: “Fuck this stupid tournament! You’re all a bunch of cunts!”

40k Vet: “Peace out, neckbeard.”

Teen-beard then smacks one of the gunships, which hits another and sends it off the table, causing it to shatter. 40k Vet looks like his about to strangle the kid.

My friend: “Call your mom.”

Teen-beard: “No!”

My friend: “Either you call your mom, or I call the police.”

Teen-beard goes pale and takes out his phone. After he dials, my friend demands that he speak to her, before Teen-beard can spin the story. After Teen-beard refuses, my friend again threatens to involve the police. He then gets the phone and tells Teen-beard’s mom about his son’s tantrum, while Teen-beard just stares at the floor.

Half an hour later Teen-beard’s mother shows up, and literally grabs him by the collar of his sweat stained shirt, pulling him towards the exit.

Teen-beard: “Wait! Mom, my models!”

Mom: “I don’t care.”

Teen-beard: “My models!”

Mom: “You are DONE with your models.”

Teen-beard: “I want my Warhamm-“

Mom: “I said you’re DONE.” She then yanks him again and Teen-beard follows her, crying. As soon as they are out the door, random players start cheering. 40k vet ended up getting second place, and everyone threw in some money to help cover the cost of a new gunship (two people even offered to paint it). Two people were interested in starting Eldar as a second faction, so they split Teen-beard’s army between themselves.


>> No.56417863
File: 84 KB, 736x741, 1487665693675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't say that anon, trust me as a wizard it's worth it.

bro, you had your in. You could have went over to her house to "help her paint"

>> No.56417872


Anphelion project, where it was introduced.

>> No.56417877

I appreciate the explaining anon but we play 40k and know what these things are so you can just save yourself the time of explaining it and we'll still get you. Don't mean to sound like a prick and I appreciate you sharing your story, I'm just trying to save you the time of typing all that extra stuff out.

>> No.56417896

I think it might be copypasta from reddit or something

>> No.56417897

Anon, don't respond to it. This is the second or third time this twat has posted this shit.

>> No.56417908

As soon as you start posting /pol/ shot and crash the entire thread with no survivors

>> No.56417910

Fire prism Lance was one shot.
The d3 was str 7 d3 damage

>> No.56417916
File: 39 KB, 1771x221, problem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you solve problems /40kg/?

>> No.56417917

Yeah, if any faction is going to pull a "combined targeting uplink" thing to smash tank weakspots it would logically be us, but no, we just get Reroll Ones unless we commit to a Named Character just to get what a good few others pays 2CP or one poxy order for.
Personally I think Ballistarii would be usuable if they got the ability to target Characters if they move less than half distance, AKA the exact same thing they do in the fluff ALL THE TIME, described in the codex. Would probably not build any because I love my taser chickens and I need all those heavy weapons for conversions, but it would promote them from shoddy to good.


Infils are currently good, although I've never had any luck with them because they've fluffed the deepstrike shooting and charging before being deleted both times they've hit the table for me, but I can see their uses. Maybe make them cost a couple less points or give them their A3 back.

Rusties will never see a second round of combat since people know they can do that and can just Fall Back. You'd have to add the No Escape rule Wyches have, and even there it's risky as hell. Charge through Overwatch, tank 1 round of combat, win a roll-off, probably tank a second round if your opponent is halfway smart and only THEN can you do some crappy knockoffs of Mortal Wounds?


Pretty much. Three great units, three mediocre units that are quite boring to use, everything else becomes a bit shit.

>> No.56417920

>Introduced in anphelion

>> No.56417937

I guess the only thing to figure out is how to replace the gimp.

>> No.56417938

Oh, come on now anon dont cry. Post some of them. I only said probably shit.

>> No.56417940

by ignoring them

>> No.56417944

The worst part was that the autist/owner's son seemed to blame me for it and took it out on me in a slow and gruelling passive-aggressive nature until I moved for work.

>> No.56417948

My bad lads, took a break from here to /fit/ so I'm not up to date with the pasta. Last thing I remember was that fucking picture of Bile murdering the titans from that raging neckbeard.

>> No.56417955

>off topic
>on a website made for Atlantian kelp farming
Can I get a wewlad?

>> No.56417958

Str 9 ap -4

>> No.56417964


you need to leave

>> No.56417965

Gimp heads aren't any better. I guess I'll go with flagellants.
Gimp heads+ flagellant bodies could make for some cool chaos cultists.

>> No.56417967

this is /tg/ not /a/ theres no reason to shit up a thread with off topic anime discussions

>> No.56417973

I like Tau

>> No.56417983


>> No.56417987

I like Tyranids

>> No.56417993


I'd have borrowed him some deodorant privately and asked why he doesn't wash.

>> No.56418006


>> No.56418012

It's this piece of shit again. I wonder where the model destroying anon is.

>> No.56418015

We talk occasionally, she sends me pics of her work and I say that we need to have a night of anime watching, nothings come of it but maybe during winter break when I'm not as busy
Side note for people who wanna paint, have someone you can send progress to, it'll feel good showing them the results of your work and feel like your getting stuff done

>> No.56418027

Don't stink, don't get your shit fucked

easy to understand

>> No.56418048

Maybe it's just me but I tend not to get rock hard and have the urge to rape women whenever one get's close to me unlike certain people. *ahem

>> No.56418051

They don't afraid to shot at anything.

>> No.56418056

This is basically what /wip/ is for.

Also the various discords for 40k and other games

>> No.56418058

I arm myself with Axe spray and directly engage the problem.

>> No.56418060 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.69 MB, 4032x3024, 1510694816879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418062
File: 113 KB, 739x819, 1501685156150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have had compliments, but they're always tempered by my own belief that I'm a mediocre at best painter and that the only reason they're saying it looks good is because they don't know shit about painting.

Side note, I have been working on my self confidence issues.

>> No.56418075

You're a good guy anon

I wish you good fortune in the wars to come

P.S Good Idea about the paints. /40k/ and /wip/ act as my someone but i t hurts when nobody replies to you post

>> No.56418078

He destroyed his own models being lacking basic human decency.

Fail to meet elementary human decency, open yourself up to retribution. It's that simple.

>> No.56418100

I like the claws, they kind of work on a trygon(?) t b h

>> No.56418101
File: 61 KB, 313x382, 1498283698699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bait didn't work the first time?

Here's your (you)

>> No.56418106

Pure cringe, mate.

>> No.56418108

Did that change in the codex?
Because I don't remember it being s9 before.
-4 AP is nice, but wasn't better than -3 vs a lot of things

>> No.56418110

they have noice mechas
not nice

>> No.56418112
File: 221 KB, 1000x1277, 7ef13251e55f4cd2af391343358de07e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello, primitive, I like Dark Eldar

>> No.56418122
File: 1.06 MB, 640x360, 1432847599210.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>various discords for 40k and other games

>> No.56418128
File: 569 KB, 681x1023, sushi for dinner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also like tau
They're very tasty

>> No.56418134


>Introduced in anphelion

Surely you aren't counting armourcast anon?

You know how ignorant morons call FW third party crap? Armourcast actually was. Hell, they didn't even sell it in the UK!

>> No.56418141

Nope it was 9 in the index. single shot was str 12.

>> No.56418142

Only in the last couple weeks, since I've watched a bunch of Duncan videos and actually learned to paint competently.

>> No.56418152

that is rude anon
how do they taste

>> No.56418158

Pretty average desu.
Remember to watch duncan tutorials and paint in two thin coats.

Only part that i would really call shit is you didnt drill your bolters. Drill those asap

>> No.56418175

Hey /tg/

Dubs decide what I'll play in a tournament next month:

Pure GK
GK with IG

>> No.56418184

This is exactly my problem. Our army used to reflect the luff, vanguard caused rad-storms on a 6 and caused loads of wounds, ruststalkers attuned their weapons and devastated, Infiltrator's neurostatic aura actually affected enemies and wasn't some shitty -1 leadership thing.

We see Balistarii described as being able to stalk across a battlefield, snipe commanders with perfect accuracy and shoot so well that they can fire inbetween Dragoon's legs moving to kill a target and stuff like that.

What we get is just a fast moving lascannon carrier with no real reflection of this stealth and accuracy they have, a fucking headhunting vehicle doesn't even have sniper, what the fuck?

I also really want a Dragoon shock cavalry kind of Stratagem where they get a bonus to charge and detract leadership to reflect the fact that a perfectly coordinated mass of cyborg-knights are charging at you with tasers, calmly chanting binharic bullshit while covered in a massive cloud of incense, maybe even a fucking reroll to charge but no, we just have to pay for Doctrina Imperatives now because they couldn't be fucked to give us something fun.

It's like none of the rules writers actually care about the army they write for anymore, they just churn out a passable codex without giving a shit about fun or reflecting the fluff in the crunch.

Our old fun rules like the transonic blades might have been underpowered but at least I felt like I was using ruststalkers that were preparing for the kill-move instead of a fucking marine with a powersword or something.

>> No.56418187

Tau with GK

>> No.56418190
File: 1.91 MB, 1145x1469, IMG_1655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418192

girly painted Tyranids

>> No.56418203

Good on you for keeping in touch for any motive. It at very least helps her keep motivated to keep painting. And yeah having people to show off your progress helps motivation to keep painting. Having nobody to show off what you are working on kills any will to work. "Why bother, nobody will see it" is a real thing.

Also I tend to take what anon's here have to say with a pile of salt. But, I take it as criticism nonetheless to help get better. Be it they are scathing due to they can get away with being dick bags and lying about how good or bad something is due to being anonymous, I also get feedback from people in person (where they can manipulated it in person with various light sources), and others online who are friends and well, not friends. Gets a healthy set of feedback to really see what it looks like, and yeah, people who know you will have a bias based on their opinion of you. However, anon's here tend to also want to rip people's self worth apart (and some are 100% fine with destroying their stuff over petty things instead of engaging in human interactions because they are 200% autistic).

>> No.56418205

A happy ending everyone can be happy about!

>> No.56418209
File: 128 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

didnt you see my filename?

>> No.56418212

Play whatever but it has to be fully painted to the same standard

>> No.56418214

I'm here to uplift fa/tg/uys into the realms of gfdom. Join me brother, and join the glorious ranks of the /fi/tg/uys.

>> No.56418234


>> No.56418236

This just isn't true. Anphelion project only describes Hierophants as bio-titans and doesn't use that term in reference to anything else.

If you disagree and can prove it please feel free to provide a citation. This should be easy if there is one as anyone would be able to independently verify it.

>> No.56418238

so do i

>> No.56418252


Only acceptable if you were bulking for a 40k cosplay

>> No.56418264

>Pretty average
at least they aint shit
>Drill those asap
Where do I get a drill the right size though? I dont want to shill 25 euros for the GW one.

>> No.56418267


>> No.56418269


Could achieve that with GK and Tau probably.

My Vostroyans take ages to paint and are my newest army.

>> No.56418270

I count trygons as having been introduced years before in epic, because they were.

>> No.56418276

>mfw was /fi/tg/uy for 8 months
>break rib deadlifting
>am now just regular fa/tg/uy again

On the plus side my paint has improved dramatically.

>> No.56418295
File: 1.51 MB, 1200x1697, a (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418296
File: 162 KB, 875x894, 1502534691031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will fucking lose, though.

>> No.56418306
File: 987 KB, 745x672, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this help the two of you?

>> No.56418319
File: 791 KB, 800x1223, YourNewScheme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what you must do.

>> No.56418331
File: 1.52 MB, 2250x1750, 1431537039118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I know. I like my GK anyway.

>> No.56418343

>I'm here to uplift fa/tg/uys into the realms of gfdom
I'm already /fit/ tho.
I dont get gfs because I'm a social autist that can act all nice and friendly for small talk and conversations, but cant keep it up for an actual relationship

>> No.56418363
File: 95 KB, 603x674, sister smiles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418364

a-are you me?

>> No.56418378

So...beating faggots with a pewter penance engine, yay or nay? Half-brick in a sock kinda thing?

>> No.56418384

Good luck in your quest.

>> No.56418395

Oh right, was thinking 7th ed strength.
Still only d3 dmg. Neutron shot is still much better tank killer before double shot buff.

Even with double shots that's average damage of 8 to the neurons 7, so the fire prism isn't much better, and the crab has an invuln.

What's the point cost of crab with neutron?

>> No.56418399
File: 60 KB, 600x600, IMG_2404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start dieting and becoming /fit/ so I can have a trap tier figure (no bully)
>go to the gym at my university after work then get home in time to do an hour or two of painting before headed to bed
>do this all semester
>loose substantial weight, look better, gain self confidence, both armies are almost fully painted for multiple builds at 2000 pts
Being /fit/ and 40k go so well together and will remove any guilt of spending all days at tournaments or dedicating saturdays to painting

>> No.56418421


>Any cheap deep striking unit (like those 21 pts elysean sniper team of 3 models)
>Cataclysmic Explosion on death (D6 mortal wound to every model in 3D6" range)

>> No.56418426

how feminine are you

>> No.56418429
File: 615 KB, 1280x1549, a (68).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new plastic models fuckin when?

>> No.56418431

Wait for plastic, they are a bitch to assemble

>> No.56418435

Shit man, that's my worst fear. I'm progressing on my big lifts pretty cautiously now because whenever I feel too strained I'm paranoid of taking a trip to snap city and losing all my gains.

>> No.56418439


>> No.56418447


too sexist

>> No.56418465

/fit/ is best board.
That's rough. I've got a bad back and can't into deadlifts. I legit bench about as much as I can comfortably dl.
Social gains are like anything else you've got to keep trying to get good.

>> No.56418480

>/fit/ is best board.

yeah, if you're a pedophile

>Social gains are like anything else you've got to keep trying to get good.

bullshit. I've been trying for 25 years and i'm still shit at it.

>> No.56418486

I'm pretty sure you can fuck your models whenever you want, you don't have to wait for them to be plastic.

>> No.56418488

>I get banned almost immediately for one off-topic post a couple of weeks ago
>/fit/ is still here
Mods, do your fucking job.

>> No.56418490


There was a tournament in 8th ed were the winning list was exclusively made of imperial soup CHARACTERS and exploiting assassin.

>> No.56418491
File: 70 KB, 849x589, 1509402784088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when the emperor physically gets off the golden throne and strangles each chaos god to death.

>> No.56418517

Your off topic shit was probably /pol/.

I'll take /fit/ over /pol/ any day.

>> No.56418521

mods are afraid the alpha /fit/ chad will beat them up

>> No.56418526

AlmostPassible/10, it would be a lot of work to actually go full trap mode, for now I'm happy with girls talking to me more and feeling better about myself and my body, maybe I'll even get a GF before I'm out of college if I slow down with work/40k/school/exercise enough to find time, I just have to find someone who's not a thot

>> No.56418535

Just wait for Him to transfer His mind into Roboute

>> No.56418536
File: 353 KB, 2047x929, 1493228788478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418545

This exactly. The fun army was both much better internally balanced and fun enough that any minor effectiveness gaps were papered over with entertaining moments like a Vanguard Alpha Left For Deading his way though a horde with radium rifle and Taser Goad rolling ALL the exploding dice, whereas now it just feels like you're pointing the same lascannon and lasguns and bolters and stuff at the enemy as everyone else, only with a few tweaks to go "look guys, we can do fluffy rules in 8e!". 8e is smoother than 7e or Heresy, sure, but it's a bit like forgetting to add the actual contents to a Corner yoghurt and then noting it goes down much more easily.

>> No.56418548

>25 years
Sounds like You must be sad r/incel got taken down

>> No.56418552
File: 1.91 MB, 445x250, bam.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418560

the mods are autistic retards who ban for inane reasons, you and me will probably be banned right now for criticising the mods because we hurt their gay faggot feelings

>> No.56418564

I'd give you some bullshit fake advice but it's not really going to make a difference. Just keep going out with your friends and doing shit you enjoy and eventually you'll find someone it works with. I know it sounds obvious but play the field even if it's not your dream grill, just go out with girls so you don't lose all your social skills even if you're not 100% into them, otherwise when you do find someone you like you might have lost the balls or capability to try and make it work.

Keep on going though anon, we need less autistic fatfucks and more autistic fitfucks in our stores, even if just for the sake of my nose but that's a whole different thing.

Cheers anon, doing an extra neck set for you. We're all gonna make it lads.

>> No.56418567

So a bit cheaper than the fire prism, at 160.
Not seeing the need for a buff, or at least not a large one. The invuln with possible rerolls is pretty damn big.

>> No.56418570

why would I be sad about that? That was like what t_d is to /pol/

>> No.56418575

>yeah, if you're a pedophile
>I've been trying for 25 years and i'm still shit at it.
Some people are hard gainers. You don't make progress unless you push yourself. You've got to put yourself in social situations, even if they make you uncomfortable.
/fit/ is always on topic for /tg/
Space marines are fit as fuck.

>> No.56418576

You know what the best part is? It wasn't a strain injury. I was going too fast, leaning a bit forward, and when I came down hard I kneed myself right in the rib and cracked it along its entire length.

I kneed myself into fa/tg/uy status in one swift move. Once I can sleep without aid I'm going back, but I have not been successful in keeping weightt off since.

>> No.56418579
File: 1.16 MB, 320x180, D0NGGn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418584

I think a quick fix for the Character rule would be wording it like this:

CHARACTERS can't be targeted in the shooting phase if there are other visibile not-CHARACTER units closer to the shooting unit.

It would fix all of this "armies made of culexus" bullshit.

>> No.56418585

/fit/ is faggot central, get your board memes straight you nigger.

>> No.56418595

Depends on the day and how much attention the thread is getting
If people are shitposting or posting a lot of inflammatory content that's gonna get reporting you might get caught in the crossfire
If the thread is /comfy/ enough tangents aren't punish because noones reporting
Shitposting is an art anon

>> No.56418597

sorry, I was thinking of /sp/

>> No.56418604

I think I remember hearing someone float that as something that was coming in CA

>> No.56418618

Who here /pullups/?

I've got a pullup bar in the doorway to my hobby room. Any time I enter or exit the room = 5 full form pullups. So once I go in there to paint, it keeps me incentivized not to leave repeatedly and get distracted with other shit.

Either I stay and paint, or I do a shit load of pullups. Ttypically in a 2-hour paint session I still end up doing 30-40 pullups.

>> No.56418623

>Shitposting is an art anon

you fucked up

>> No.56418632

>not deathleaper

>> No.56418654

The "armies made of culexus" thing got fixed by obsec, didn't it?

>> No.56418663

Good, because it's an obvious and easy fix. With this, the smite limit and points rebalances CA should be a fantastic thing for the balance of the game.

>> No.56418686

Search hand drill at aliexpress.
Prices are between 2-4 usd.

>> No.56418696

Yeah this is my major problem with 8th. As someone who came back into 40k with 7th and admitedly it was a little tricky to learn all these special rules, we had these epic moments where you'd get those 6's and pop the land raider, blow it up and kill everyone inside.

I totally agree with cutting away the rules bloat but I feel like they built a solid base and then just forgot to add anything in to give it character. 40k was a mess before but it had a soul to it, it was exciting compared to Sigmar at least. Now there's not as much of a gap between them, sometimes I just feel like I'm rolling dice and it's a chore, not like I'm charging a bunch of ancient cyborg warriors into extragalactic space bugs who've infested a continent-spanning urban wasteland while there's a massive battle raging around them.

>> No.56418701
File: 282 KB, 1000x885, 386D3761-FF2A-4CCF-8239-FE0024919BB8-4031-000002F103A4C8B1_tmp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Space marines really are the /fit/ Chad faction

>> No.56418718

How much do you think I could get a bunch of metal Eldar on ebay?

>> No.56418724

arc rifles are 4 points for s6 ap -1 rapid fire 24". they are insanely good. Just not against vehicles.

>> No.56418737


I know some dread lists have done well, but I don't see how. No objective secured, a serious lack of firepower, and a relative lack of mobility.

Also, at $70 a model, it's a really expensive list to run... At 2000 pts you're looking at like 12 dreads at least so like $900+the characters...

>> No.56418743

Only Primaris though. Not virgin manlet marines.

You mean you want to sell them, or buy them?

Either way, not too much. Old metal models generally circulate at a discount vs their current plastic equivalents.

>> No.56418758
File: 83 KB, 1000x1000, 170_1000x1000[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone ever buy anything from hobbyzone.pl? They're polish and I'm US but the prices look good and I like what they're offering.

Not sure about shipping and handling though.

>> No.56418768

All good lad, now go roll for pushups to repent for your sins.

>> No.56418769

>$70 a model
I hope you don't mean ameribux
I got 3 dreads off eBay this week all ranging from thirty to forty dollars

>> No.56418771

>Just keep going out with your friends
Problem is I just started uni and am having a hard time finding people to hang out with (other than the other students that i know from the local lgs)
I even have a bunch of old friends of mine I want to go out with on my upcoming birthday, but for some reason every day it comes closer and closer I am less in the mood for it.
Good advice though. I guess I just gotta suck it up and get through with it.

>> No.56418788

how is /sp/ pedo? aren't they as homotier as /fit/?

>> No.56418794

>find someone who's not a thot
This is the hardest part.

>> No.56418797

Virgin marines belong in the manlet pit along with the squats.

>> No.56418798


Nope, your wording would still forbid shooting in case like a lone acolyte in cover in a corner and the rest of army made of culexus.

I'd go with such wording :

Character can't be selected as a shooting target when firing a ranged weapon unless at least 1 of the following conditions is true :
-The Character have 10+ Wounds on their datasheet
-The Character is the closest visible target
-There is no other visible non-Character target in the firing weapon range. (This mean that if all the targets in the shooting range are characters, you can target any like you would normally target a non-character unit).

>> No.56418799
File: 51 KB, 921x754, saywhutnow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>70$ for a dread
where the hell do you buy your models, anon?

>> No.56418804

kurwa jego mach stant

>> No.56418805

They did not have a points increase and they lost the attack in the day 0 index faq. Stop spreading misinformation.

>> No.56418815

While I can agree with that, I think after all the rule bloat a reset was needed. With time tons of special rules are going to come back. Look at the past editions. 2nd was full of rules for everything, while 3rd was extremely bland compared to it. Then the rules keep increasing and we ended up with 7th and all its bullshit.

there is always time to add special rules, but you need to have a solid core first.

>> No.56418826

>They're polish and I'm US

I have no idea what you're saying polack

>> No.56418832

There's a lot of pedo spam on there

>> No.56418841

Probs aussie land.

>> No.56418853

>Old metal models generally circulate at a discount vs their current plastic equivalents
What about Resin? I have a bunch of Metal Aspect warriors, warlocks, farseers, and Harlequins.

>> No.56418861

why do you guise hate Tau, they have cool mechs

>> No.56418865


Oh, you're right, they're only $55. I only have a Contemptor that I got off eBay for like $30 new on sprue.

>> No.56418873

>Army of culexus
>Actual problem
Pick one

>> No.56418876


>> No.56418879

Yeah I feel you with that last bit. The closer I get to having to go do shit the less I want to do it and just stay in and play vidya or whatever instead.

We both know that it's better to go out and have a shit night than sit in and mindlessly play vidya or watch tv or even paint sometimes and throw away that time with your friends. You can paint or whatever in your actual free time but if you stop turning up to shit then you'll loose friends.

Only advice I have for meeting new people is new hobbies man, think of the people you've met through this, it's the same with other social hobbies. If your uni has any clubs for shit you've wanted to try then maybe give it a go, if you don't like it you could always just leave the club after going once or whatever, if you do like it then you've got a new hobby and new people to talk to.

Sports teams tend to be pretty good for making friends if that's your sort of thing by the way, shit like rugby, football etc.

>> No.56418880

Did you know the average work week is apparently only 28 hours.

>> No.56418884

they're fucking gay looking with gay tactics and attract some of the gayest players

>> No.56418891

Resin is about the same. People prefer plastic

>> No.56418898

What are you talking about? If the lone acolyte in cover in a corner is closer to the shooting unit than the character is then you can't shoot at the characters even with your rules. And the firing range is a useless restriction as you can't actually shoot something over your range.

>> No.56418907


Also lol at trying to have an actual conversation here. Two responses, they're the exact same response and neither addresses the actual post and both just nitpick the same minor detail.

>> No.56418910

Should he actually be put on four bases?

>> No.56418912

Whats about the largest size i will want?

>> No.56418914

Never knew about the faq and I'm almost positive there was a points increase. Maybe it was power-level as I play 50/50 points/PL games. I remember the change when I got the codex though, don't have my books on me to check right now but I swear to god I remember the points increase.

>> No.56418918

Don't go at all

>> No.56418922

>gayest tactics

>> No.56418930
File: 682 KB, 740x740, IMG_2632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56418935

1/4th inch

No idea what that is in metric though if you're EU

>> No.56418944

They look like shit.

>> No.56418946

they're not cool mechs they're gay anime mechs. They clash too much with the settings, feels like they were pulled from another game.

no melee just pew pew with OP guns that also don't feel very fluffy

>> No.56418952

Pretty sure it's a combo of them being written in the fluff to be able to actually think and adapt in combat. As appose to the Imperium that autisticly doing the same thing until it works. It does come off as a little mary sue as they usually find a way to resolve shit. Combine that with the fact that they were just not fun to play against during the last two editions have left a bad taste in most people mouths.

I personally really like their aesthetic, not so much their fluff. I am a big fan of /m/ though so probably biased.

>> No.56418955

Shoulda probably asked what the smallest one i would want is. Like whats the average size hole?

>> No.56418964

I added the "in weapon range". Issue with previous wording was : lone visible acolyte in the back, culexus in the front = can't shoot anything but the culexus (Acolyte too far away).

>> No.56418969

they look really cool, but they are not 40k

>> No.56418973
File: 135 KB, 807x861, 1362510438071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

28 hours? GW should charge them more.
Living in second world is suffering.

>> No.56418974

>still this expensive
damn. Feelsbadman

Here's conversation material:
Dread list I made from last thread, can be made using only GW models (though you do need the forgeworld chaplain dread rules)

>> No.56418994

Did you just assume it´s gender, dipshit?

>> No.56418995

Why do people meme this game so hard? I've played for about 2 hours and it just seems like a shitty dating sim
Is it just autism or do I need a high IQ to appreciate it?

>> No.56419001

if the acolyte is in the back and the culexus is in front then the culexus is closer and you can shoot it. Do you even know how Character rules work? I only added that other characters don't stop you from shooting at characters.

>> No.56419004

You only need one size. Most barrels larger than a heavy bolter are already "drilled" as part of the model.

>> No.56419020

Memes aside it is handy for throwing shit together anon, me and my friends love it for when we bring a few spare armies and don't have a real list set out, it takes maybe 2 mins to throw some shit down and have a game instead of having to spend 10mins on listbuilding before we even deploy.

If I've got a pre-arranged game I'll always use a points list but if I've got time for another one afterwards and want to maybe try something more fun or a different army I can add some shit up on my phone and then I'm good to go, might not be perfectly balanced but it's fine for me.

>> No.56419021


Yeah, even if it's not meta-powerful, it is VERY annoying to play against and remove a lot of the tactical decision to one of the player.

>> No.56419022

0.5 to 2mm will be sufficient. Most of the time you will be using 1 mm one and 2mm will be for the magnet stuff.

>> No.56419026

reddit says it's legit with US based stores. So look for those

>> No.56419046

Oh damn. I'm selling off some shit I've just passively gained over the years. I was hoping the metal Eldar would interest more people. Would a big army of AdMech get more attention? It's the other thing I'm throwing up for sale and has basically everything you need for a meta list besides Cawl.

>> No.56419054

Because until Farsight Enclaves they had shitty lore and just kind of didn't mesh with the universe. Now they are being better massaged into the universe with more lore being written which is nice. Their overall design is still a bit off putting (Riptide and Stormsurge are honestly the two I hate, the rest just need some smoothing, Ghostkeel is great, the crisis suits need some smoothing to them, look wonky, but, I think that is just their age showing). Also they were just shitty to play against due to "lol we can just shoot you off the table without any recourse and overwatch on 3+" or some bullshit.

>> No.56419062

If you want to go above 2mm you better get an electric drill . You know, they type that has gun handle.

>> No.56419063

there are some autists who would pay a pretty penny for the metal stuff but they're rare these days.

>> No.56419087
File: 261 KB, 500x500, 1413322339469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still haven sold my metal raging heroes stuff.
>even though i am selling them pretty cheap

Come one, i need to buy a macharius dammit.

>> No.56419098


You can shoot the culexus but not the gulliman "hiding" between the culexus and the still-in-deployment-zone acolyte.

>> No.56419131

Dark reapers also skullfuck culexus spam

>> No.56419152
File: 33 KB, 331x408, IMG_2627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same with my necrons
No one wants space robots these days

>> No.56419155


Posted it in the wrong thread.


>> No.56419157

Ok let's stop here as you have clearly no idea of what you are talking about and you are just sprouting random words by now.

>> No.56419196

Okay so i can charge a character that is behind a bunch of bubble wrap right? what happens if i roll a succesful charge roll then? Do i have to engage the bubble wrap or does it count as a failed charge since i couldn't get within one inch of the the targeted model?

>> No.56419197

Lol but you'll still keep replying to me and I'm having too much fun talking to you :^)

>> No.56419208

>Sanctioned Xenos
No such thing. All Xenos should be purged on the basis of their existence. Guilliman is a heretic, as well those who tolerate the alien, in accordance to Imperial Law.

>> No.56419225

You have to be able to get to the character.

>> No.56419228

There is literally nothing wrong with xenos. Heretics and most mutants yes, but not xenos.

>> No.56419234
File: 45 KB, 920x950, 99800107013_JokaeroNEW01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56419265

Till you get back in the gym, just practice fork put downs.

>> No.56419296

Both of you are wrong. The Imperium generally purges sentient Xenos, but dumb animals, which the Jokaero are classed as, are fine. Some Xenos are recognized as not immediate threats and left alone in favor of fighting the stuff that is actively trying to kill you - this occasionally happens with Tau, and more rarely with Eldar. It's pretty rare though.

>> No.56419297

>No such thing.
Fake News.

Sanctioned Xenos exist. But it's very rare and more on an individual basis than as a species

>> No.56419306
File: 14 KB, 299x250, 1497590753089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no one wants to buy a painted deathguard army + mortarion

>> No.56419315
File: 45 KB, 600x620, 1488966554371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56419327
File: 189 KB, 469x658, killthealien.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There is literally nothing wrong with xenos.

A prayer for those sinful of such tolerance like yourself and a vow for the righteous that crush the alien foe!.

>> No.56419328
File: 26 KB, 250x379, IMG_2646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not what the emperor told us

>> No.56419332

Got 9 warriors, should I give 1/3 of them venom cannons?

>> No.56419342

I wouldn't be opposed to buying it depends on price and paint job

I really want to buy a fully painted and ready army but it's hard to find on ebay.

>> No.56419355

The Emperor was wrong

Even Guillemin sees it

>> No.56419359

Yep just actually went back and read the charge rules again and it answers my question. I fell like an idiot.

>> No.56419373

I tend to avoid painted armies. If I want to expand on it I'll probably never be able to match the colors right. So I'll have to strip it, and stripping something like Morty and repainting it sounds awful.

>> No.56419376
File: 1.21 MB, 2560x1440, 20171109_024702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related is my mortarion model

>> No.56419379

> Orks are literally a biological weapon gone horribly wrong
> Nothing wrong with them

>> No.56419386

Best way to do this is to have the FLY keyword, and be able to fit yourself between the bubblewrap and the character. Then multi charge them so if you don't roll enough distance you can still charge the bubblewrap.

>> No.56419409

pretty dope
could do with some shade and highlights on the face, but that might just be the lighting

>> No.56419410

I'd fucking buy it

>> No.56419437

All the races (including humans) are bio weapons gone wrong. The old ones were shit at their job

>> No.56419470

Looks good. I never noticed the adorable little daemon flies wearing hoods like big papa Morty. Between them and Nurglings, Nurgle has the cutest daemons.

>> No.56419483

Humans were not made by the old ones
Your "men of stone" meme is also not canon and shouldn't even be respected with a response

>> No.56419484

Only because GW won't let slaanesh truly be slaanesh

>> No.56419523
File: 674 KB, 2448x1836, jakaero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56419524
File: 256 KB, 1024x1278, dankangels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SO this is probably going to sound like a stupid question, but what's with the John Cena/Lion El'Johnso gif?

I get the lion el homo bit but I still can't fathom the Cena connection... is he particularly renowned for being woofter of something?

>> No.56419535

Ill be honest i was trying to be able to engage the bubble wrap without having to suffer the overwatch. because 60 s3 shots hitting on 6's still kills a model on average.

>> No.56419540

didnt the emperor invite the eldar into the imeprium if they just let him use the webway?

>> No.56419554

Furious George?

>> No.56419564
File: 67 KB, 200x239, 200px-Magical_realm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Corteaz reminds me of the piss wizard there

>> No.56419567


>> No.56419574

we're talking about xenos, not people, jeez

>> No.56419580

I think it was the emperor invited the Eldar into his bedroom to be purified by his divine might

>> No.56419585

>GK with IG
This, but you have to destroy your IG afterwards if any survive and you win.

>> No.56419700

>they're not cool mechs they're gay anime mechs. They clash too much with the settings,
All mechs are gay anime mechs.
Also, humans are the only ones with gothic mechs. everyone else's mechs clash with the gothic aesthetic, too.

>> No.56419710

New New New!!!

>> No.56419728

Won second in a speed paint contest, which felt nice. Have had a couple people say my marine demi company looked good, which did wonders for my self esteem. I then promptly got tabled in turn 2 after only killing a couple enemy models, which did not do wonders for my self esteem. But hey, what can you do?

>> No.56419754

Only eldar and tau

everyone else is fine

>> No.56419790

>he doesnt know

>> No.56420495



You are dense and have obviously never played a games were RAW mattered. (MTG, etc...)

The RAW you wrote above to prevent character spam would have been fucked over by a single VISIBLE non-character unit far away. The other anon then rewrote the rule to prevent such case by making it so that if only characters are in range of fire, then you can shoot at any of them.

>> No.56422469

i just copped a few hundred dollars of half price brand new khorne models. I dont have a chaos army and im pretty new to 40k. is it worth keeping or reselling these? I copped a heldrake, mutilators, terminators, warp talons, khorne berzerkers and two daemons of khorne bloodthrone.
i got

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