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First for terminators suck

>> No.56405446

my dudes > your dudes

>> No.56405478

>the virgin tactical dreadnought
>the chad mangressor

>> No.56405490

Will FW do enforcers or arbites?

>> No.56405493

Hey think of it this way. A storm bolter is almost as good as a flamer is when shooting at Light Infantry. So they have that going for them.

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Dumb question, but if you fail a charge roll, do the units still move the number on the dice, or do they not move at all?

>> No.56405505

I claim this thread for the Dark Gods!

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They don't move at all in the Charge phase, but they can pile-in towards the closest unit in the subsequent Fight phase.

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Would you allow your opponent to use a Repulsor without the turret equipment? It looks nicer and it would save about 40-100 points.

>> No.56405543

>it would save about 40-100 points
If you really, really want a 290 point Twin lascannon Razorback for some reason

>> No.56405546

I would, yeah.

Honestly they should have made it two variants, with the turret one the "Razorback Repulsor" and a non-turret "Rhino Repulsor" type.

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>I like the way this sucks!

>> No.56405558

Damn it looks a lot better without without that turret.

>> No.56405561

It also looks good with a predator turret

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Hey nidfriends I have two quick questions

1. Are pyrovores ever worth running?
2. I have the Maleceptor/Toxicrene box but I don't know which one to build. If you had to pick 1, which would you build, and why?

>> No.56405573

In a similar vein, I wonder if anyone's developed a "create-a-unit" template similar to character generators for DnD where you type stats and shit in, and it spits out a nice "codex similar" page. Maybe with Chapter Approved's Vehicle Rules someone will step up.

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It flies and transports chads.

>> No.56405585

I can see that.

>> No.56405588

They don't move at all.

I don't think this is true, but, I can't seem to refute it at the moment.

>> No.56405593

I know this won't be very good against a competitive list but here's something I'm going to try soon. I have an iron hands and a crimson fists army, thinking about fielding an iron hands terminator detachment for FNP terminators up close while the fists shoot from a distance.

Iron Hands vanguard

Terminator librarian
5 cataphractii (2 twin LC, 2 power fists, power sword, 3 storm bolters)
5 terminators (Cyclone)
5 terminators (Assault cannon, 1 with chainfist)

Crimson Fists batt
Pedro Kantor
Lt with fist of vengeance

5 intercessors
5 intercessors
5 tac marines with power fist, flamer, combi flamer
asscan razorback

LC+missile dread

Devastators with cherub, 3 lascannons, missile, a few bolter marines

Assault plasma hellblasters

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Why does GW hate Orks? Do they undermine the SRSBSNS that is the core of 40k nowadays apparently?

>> No.56405606

Both, I can't wait to see the kitbashes.

>> No.56405615

Yeah and spending the extra 40 points on good guns is probably worth it, considering chads lack lascannons otherwise

>> No.56405621

1. Ehhh. They're okay? Not as godawful as last edition. Being one of the few units with >9" flamers they can shoot after Deep Strike. Maybe worth a shot bringing them in with Raveners using the Jorm strat or something.

2. Toxicrene is probably more viable, they got buffed a bit in the Codex with WS 3+ and AP -2 weapons. Maleceptors are just worse Hive Tyrants with a psychic gimmick that isn't worth it.

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Pyrovores have always been a joke unit. They still don't look very good, though they can attack the turn they deep strike since Flamespurt has 10" range. If you have a way to deep strike them.

>> No.56405642

Do they though?

>> No.56405644

>I don't think this is true, but, I can't seem to refute it at the moment.
To be fair it needs an FAQ because there's nothing that 100% confirms it either correct or incorrect. GW needs to clarify if a unit that declares a charge counts as a unit that charged. If an opponent disputed the rule in a game I would accept it and not do it until an FAQ says otherwise.

>> No.56405647

I hope, I'll jump all over that shit. Run them in my IG too.

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>top is an incoherent mess with a hundred guns
>bottom is a shoebox

primaris shit is so ugly

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Pyrovores are good if you deep strike them via Jorm's stratagem with Ravaners or Trygons (since Pyrovores are infantry). As for Toxicrene or Maleceptor, I would go for Toxicrene, Maleceptor sadly just doesn't do what you would expect, the Toxicrene has more of a threat radius to it and a decent source of mortal wounds.

>> No.56405657

??? orks are one of the best factions right now

>cheap bodies
>assload of shooting with lootas
>cheap grot objective holders

>> No.56405664

Has uh anyone ever sold their shit to Frontline Gaming? I want to sell off some old armies I don't play anymore and start a new one. Selling to them and getting bonus credit in their shop seems like a good idea. Anyone given it ago?

>> No.56405669

They don't hate them, they just don't have anyone that cares about them.

>> No.56405674

Lootas are shit.

>> No.56405676

>enforcers or arbites
what's the difference?

>> No.56405679

I imagine they'd pull a Gamestop on you.

>> No.56405683

what are you guys hoping for in the new daemon codex?

>> No.56405693

Lootas are garbage that can't hit anything.

Orks are nowhere near best faction but they're also not as bad as some people say they are, they're just heavily monolist and boring. The only viable Ork list is Greentide with lots of Stormboyz.

>> No.56405695

Fluff mentions of them being shit on by Tau.

>> No.56405707

deepstriking lesser daemons
Toughness 4 bloodletters.

>> No.56405710

Am I crazy or did two weapons used to mean you could attack twice as much

>> No.56405711

Phoned in garbage to make chaoscucks like carnac off themselves.

>> No.56405724

It just meant +1 attack, not double.

>> No.56405725

>deepstriking lesser daemons
likely a thing.
>Toughness 4 bloodletters.
not going to be a thing.

>> No.56405726

You used to get +1 attack if you had two or more melee weapons.

>> No.56405730

Death Company attacking twice on a charge, cheaper dreads and inferno pistols.

>> No.56405732

Demons can battle forge with any faction that are bad guys

>> No.56405735

Some delivery system for My Khorne Daemons. And buffs to skull cannons because fuck that thing. It is never worth 147 points

>> No.56405743

Be'lakor getting shit on by rocks.

Bonus points if they're meteors hurled by Hive Fleet Jormungandr.

>> No.56405745

Just taking off the pintle and closing the open hatch auto-launcher boxes is enough to improve the look. It's also fully legal.

>> No.56405746

Bringing in all the AoS/WF daemons into 40k that haven't been already so I can use the Mutalith Vortex Beast/Slaughterbrute models for something other than like a Maulerfiend/Forgefiend/chaos spawn.

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I honestly hope they do not include the sacred number crap. It's a neat fluff bit, but was pretty unusable for some of the gods. Giving them all deepstrike back would be nice

>> No.56405762

how well do primaris fit into blood angels? Im thinking about getting some Reivers at least

>> No.56405768

I hope they actually produce enough of the beastman model so scalpers don't fuck over everyone AGAIN.

>> No.56405782

A-Anon, We aren't Daemons our lost brothers are not Daemons either.

>> No.56405796

WIP Furioso, hoping points are balanced out in BA codex and Furioso gets beefed up. 13 front side armor in 7th but same statline as other dreads in 8th?

>> No.56405800

The new Inquisitor rules would be nice.

>> No.56405806

>with lots of Stormboyz
Nah. They're all fully or semi Green Tide with 90 or more Boyz, But there are lots of optional units you can take. Not just Stormboyz.

>> No.56405819

>blood angels


>> No.56405820

Anon that thiccness should increase its toughness by atleast 1 point. Chewing through that paint is going to be tough.

>> No.56405829

1CP deepstrike stratagem is likely, probably with a limited max number.
I see advance then charge being a thing for khrone or slaanesh.

Sacred number could come up in weird funny ways in strats or relics.

>> No.56405831

Anon from the last thread who's doing a quick breakdown of the 40k factions.

Here's what I have thus far of the loyalist space marines. Anything I should add, or details I fucked up?


>> No.56405835

Arbites are the official imperial branch of a police force, where enforcers is a term used for local authorities, usually pre existing before compliance.

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>> No.56405854

>Lying in the second sentence
C'mon, anon. I know newbies are gullible, but that's cruel.

>> No.56405865

>descendant chapters
I think you mean successor chapters

>> No.56405866

every unit is usable though. Not COMPETITIVE, necessarily, but this isn't 7e where you're actively gimping yourself using certain units.

>> No.56405883


Pyros aren't worth it. Yea, you can deepstrike them in with the help of a Trygon or Raveners and have them fire immediately, but they're not particularly difficult to kill so most likely they'll be killed right after. No big deal, they're only 38 points each, right? Well, yes, but they also probably exploded and dealt mortal wounds to the units you also paid points for to help bring them onto the board, so...

We're not hurting for the kind of anti-infantry damage a couple of heavy flamers can bring. So Pyrovores don't really do much. If their Flamespurts could fire a melta-esque profile they might actually have a role in the army that isn't superfluous at best, or a hindrance at the worst.

>> No.56405885

Reivers are about on par with Death Company for both horde and MEQ killing, but have an extra wound, so there’s that. They have trouble with TEQs, but that’s why you have Sanguinary Guard with encarmine swords. The Gravis captain as a BA is really good though, especially if you give him Indomitus armour and Legendary Survivor or whatever it’s called, high defenses, toughness, and killing potential all for a little over 100pts.

>> No.56405888

Placeholder until I can figure out how to paint decent writing

>> No.56405890

Give LoC's Magnus super smite
Make Pink Horrors worth taking
Make Summoning less shit
Bring over more Tzaangors stuff from AoS That probably can wait till the Tson dex though.
Bring over more stuff from AoS like rules and models in general
Yea that's kinda what I'd figured. Still I should probably just shoot them an email and see if I think I can swing more from Ebay.

>> No.56405899

thanks, I knew the word was wrong but I couldn't remember the actual name.

>> No.56405902

I have a deathwing army and I need some help, i've been doing okay so far but I just need to find that little something extra to make my army good.

My list is so far:

Terminator Captain w/t Relic Blade and Storm Shield
Terminator Librarian w/t Force Sword and Storm Shield

Deathwing Apothecary w/t Stormbolter

Deathwing Champion w/t Halberd

Deathwing Ancient w/t Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

(5) Deathwing Knights w/t Hammers/Shields and Flail/Shield

(5) Deathwing Terminators, Sgt w/t TH/SS, Plasma Cannon/PF, (2) Terminators w/t SB/PF, and Terminator w/t CF/SB

Land Raider w/t (2) Twin Las Cannons and Twin Heavy Bolters

Roughly 1500 points. What should I add to boost it to 2000 and 2500?

>> No.56405909

So I rolled up a Chapter for fun and I ended up getting an Ultramarine successor Chapter from the Ultima Founding made up of Primaris space marines.

They favor armored assaults, are a fleet based Chapter, currently on a Crusade against Tyranids, works with the Black Templars, and I can't seem to think of a color scheme and name for a group of Ultramarines that decided one day to become Black Templar lite.

I was thinking of taking BT and DA bits and putting them together with the Primaris Marines along with some Tyranid bits as trophies.

Does anyone know how a vehicle heavy Primaris list would be?

I would be completely for this. It would drive up more sales and Chaos gets more toys that look nice/cool.

>> No.56405912

Yeah, I much prefer taking biovores over pyrovores for their points, plus I think pyrovores are in stock unlike biovores...

>> No.56405919

>front says 'fuck'
>back doesn't say 'a duck'.
Strip it and start over.

>> No.56405920

Been away for a bit. A new lore since Dark imperium?

>> No.56405925

So who is gonna pick him up? Also more bbhuman models when?

>> No.56405927

either practice extensively with the smallest brush you can get or use a micron pen

Before you do that you need to practice painting in a solid consistency

To this end I'd recommend a wet pallet and just practice paint application, you shouldn't just glob paint onto the model directly from the pot, you should spread it out on a pallet of some sort so you can control how much paint is going to be applied to the model while thinning it down with some water allows it to smooth out as it dries

>> No.56405930

Assault marines

>> No.56405936

>You can deepstrike, but only with units of the sacred number.

>> No.56405937

So I got a cheapo land raider from a friend of mine but its missing some stuff. The multimelta, stormbolter, and other top junk. It's also missing the heavy bolter turret, pictured.

Anyone know where I can find one, or maybe someone could send me one they have spare?

>> No.56405940

You also need to figure out how to properly thin your paint.

>> No.56405942

Not really true, there are still units which are just bad. The tesseract vault comes to mind.

>> No.56405947


Thin your paints

>> No.56405948

I know most people hated it but I'd love for sacred numbers and warpstorm to come back.

>> No.56405958

As I said. Assault marines aren't horrid, but there's better choices.

I wouldn't know, I've never seen anyone field anything except warrior spam since 8e.

>> No.56405963

Hows this for an all dreadnought list? I know I want to build one just for fun but I want to get a good idea of what additional dreadnoughts to get, I have Bjorn, two venerable dreads, a leviathan and a deredeo so far. I really want some input on how good redemptors are

Space Wolves Vanguard Detachment 2000points

Bjorn the Fellhanded: Plasma Cannon, Trueclaw w/ heavy flamer 257pts
Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought: Assault Cannon, DCCW w/ heavy flamer 198pts

Venerable Dreadnought: Fenrisian Great Axe & Blizzard Shield 145pts
Venerable Dreadnought: Twin Lascannon, Great claw w/ heavy flamer 182pts
Relic Contemptor Dreadnought: Kheres assault cannon, chainfist w/ plasma blastgun 227pts
Redemptor Dreadnought: Macro plasma incinerator, fist w/ gatling cannon, fragstorm launchers 201pts
Relic Deredeo Dreadnought: Arachnus lascannons, twin heavy bolter, aiolos missile launcher 257pts

Heavy Support:
Siege Dreadnought: Multi melta, Seismic hammer w/ meltagun 192pts
Relic Leviathan Dreadnought: Grav flux bombard, siege drill w/ meltagun 341pts

>> No.56405968

I'll think about it when he can be hired by the Tau.

I'm a noob, but I've been using toothpicks instead of brushes for some of the details.

>> No.56405969

Name a worse unit than assault marines, point for point.

>> No.56405971

I had to use some brush I never used before that was large, intended to only base it until I could find my regular brush but once I got going I couldn't stop. Not that I'm that good either way.

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>> No.56405974


>> No.56405982

Are Maleceptors still that bad even after the new codex buffed them?

>> No.56405993

When/where will he be sold? GW store exclusive or some gameday thing?

>> No.56406000

what size micron pen is best?

>> No.56406005

From the looks of it he will be FW.

>> No.56406015


You should do Iron Hands instead of Space Furfags. It would be fluffier that way.

Your HQs can be Venerable Chaplain Dreadnoughts from Forge World. Make one of them your HQ and it can have 3 6+ FNP rolls for every wound it takes (one from being Iron Hands, one from being Venerable, and one from the Warlord trait).

>> No.56406023

Dunno, how are bikes these days? Does anyone even use Vindicators and whatever Marines have for AA tanks?

>> No.56406044

They didn't buff them enough to be worth it. If Psychic overload only took one power slot instead of both you could see a reason to take it.

>> No.56406049

Deepstrike availability mainly, some units (like seekers) have felt a bit lacking on their ability to actually kill things.

>> No.56406055

Yep hes FW and seems to be for Necromunda so i doubt he will be usable in any Imperium army.

>> No.56406056

Assault marines are legitimately worse than just running tacticals

>> No.56406074

Bikes are some of the best dakka in the marine codex, the AA tanks are cheap, and vindicators aren't great but are cheap and T8

For 1 more point per model you get twice as much shooting at better range, faster, better special rules, and their melee is stronger, but they're a lot more fragile. I'd consider it to be a wash. I'd probably take the hellions though desu, combat drugs and power through pain look a lot better than most marine tactics

>> No.56406078

They are bad, they target per unit, not per model and have balls range and move at a snails pace. You got 7" movement, then advancing, can't take adrenals for extra advancing, 18" regular smite (no super smite). Your head popping power only kicks in at 6", and while good, again, it is a 2+ per UNIT not PER MODEL to do 1 mortal wound, on a 6 though it does 3 to the unit instead of 1 (woo?), also it stops you from doing other psychic stuff, while normal smite you can cast one other power. Toxicrene is better by far, much more reliable even if it has technically less range, but, you can't deny shooting like you can deny a psychic power.

And this is from someone who wants to like and run a Maleceptor, they just aren't good and it is annoying. Because fluff wise they are cool and the look cool too, pluse Toxicrene's for some reason don't the same mist cloud like Venomthropes or Malanthropes do which is annoying.

>> No.56406082

>Well, yes, but they also probably exploded and dealt mortal wounds to the units you also paid points for to help bring them onto the board
Doesn't happen, they can only deal MW to enemy units.

Still wouldn't disagree Pyrovores are bad though.

>> No.56406086

and hellions are legitimately worse than running kabalites in a raider or venom.

>> No.56406088

Quite good, 27 points a pop for gattagofast storm bolters, T5 2W and special weapons.

>> No.56406097

He would make a good Renegade Enforcer for a R&H army.

>> No.56406100

How much are hellions compared to kabalites in a raider

Just curious

>> No.56406102

The new Codex barely buffed them at all.

>> No.56406105


They only generate one psychic power vs. the Tyrant's two, the Tyrant can be kitted for ranged AND melee or just one of the two whereas the Maleceptor can only do melee and is worse at melee than a Tyrant, has degrading strength and a lower movement so it is worse at getting into melee over a Tyrant.

And their prices are comparable. A walking Hive Tyrant with just scything talons is just 163 pts.

A Maleceptor is 172. It has the superior Massive Scything Talons, but worse performance with them.

>> No.56406120

Should I give up on Catachan models ever restocking, and just go for Cadians?

>> No.56406125

isn't R&H just Malefic lords?

>> No.56406130

10 hellions with default loadouts is 170 pts
10 kabalites with default loadouts is 185 pts, but also fit cleaner into a battalion formation.

>> No.56406137

Surprisingly there are more models.

>> No.56406161

Maleceptors have 2 powers now

Did they have +1 to Psychic tests in the index? I dont recall

>> No.56406171

Court of the Nephilim King is the best Hive Fleet.

>> No.56406174

10 tacticals are 130
10 assault marines with jump packs are 160

You pay 30 points for the privilege of doing 2 S4 attacks in melee instead of S4 attacks at 12”.

>> No.56406178

I want to go with a reflective style cockpit glass for my Valkyrie, I'm wondering if I should just paint it silver or my other idea is to line it with tin foil, what do you guys think?

>> No.56406201

I was factoring in the 115 points for a raider as well.

10 kabalites costs 70 points on their own, (will get) obsec once chapter approved hits, and have options to take anti-tank darklight weaponry.

you pay over a hundred points extra for extra attacks in melee and extra movement range.

>> No.56406205


They can manifest two, but they only know Smite and one other power.

I did fail to mention that they actually get two Deny the Witch each turn vs. the Tyrant's one.

>> No.56406245

Are they a splinter of Behemoth?

>> No.56406263

Fun psychic powers, sacred numbers because 9 a best, and god specific warpstorm tablels instead of boring stat boost traits.

>> No.56406268

Sky Ray.

>> No.56406272


>> No.56406280

Take a look at the mad robot jungle fighter figures.

>> No.56406283

Why gravis as BA specifically? He doesnt benefit from anything at all vs codex marines

>> No.56406287

no placings for orks in the top 30s at major events say you are wrong.

>> No.56406294

>sacred numbers because 9 a best, and god specific warpstorm tablels instead of boring stat boost traits.
Why would you want these things back?

>> No.56406295

They're useable for fluffy or cool factor, but they don't offer anything you can't get better elsewhere. Not complete irredeemable garbage, but they don't really fulfill the niche the lore gives them (tough tank that wrecks tons of infantry with psychic powers). If Psychic Overload targeted models it might.

>> No.56406298

They've done a couple top 8 actually, but no further than that, and not a lot compared to the usual high tier armies.

>> No.56406304

So I know the Herald of Tzeentch on a Chariot kit comes with a Herald and an Exalted Flamer. Can the Screamers be easily used? Like if I went out and found the flying bases do the Screamers in the Chariot kit have the little slot to accept a flying base?

>> No.56406314

Ya probably.

>> No.56406322

2 Denies at +1 with Shadow in the Warp is pretty solid at least. Not "worth taking" solid, but it's something.

It really should target models. Advance into heavy weapons team, bam, they're mist.

>> No.56406323

Because some people like fluffy things. Just add it in CA as optional rules and don't put it in the codex is my solution. Then all the fluff haters can be happy they don't have to deal with 'lol random' (which it is, but it is accurate to the setting) and the fluff players can have it back.

>> No.56406339

What would be the most OP combo if you took one army's psychic power/faction trait/relic/stratagem/whatever and put it into another?

>> No.56406341

How likely is it that my Bloodthirster is going to die before it ever sees combat?

>> No.56406346

How do you Chaos players here usually kit out your Chosen?

>> No.56406350

Not that anon, but I always liked that shit. I'm a fan of RNG, good or bad I'll always gamble. It's what attracted me to Daemons in the first place. Well that and Horrors/LoC's.

>> No.56406364

depends on how many points you're playing at, the lower the better for you.

>> No.56406365

Because I'd rather have fun and stuff with little bits of extra fluff and stuff like that. Plus the randomness adds a bit more variety and some fun into the matches.
Haven't touched my WIP burning chariot in a bit because I've been painting other things but if I remember correctly the screamer bodies have little bottom spikes or something, not sure if I'm remembering that right though. Probably not.
Even if they did have holes on the bottom though, their tails are a bit wonky since they're supposed to be connected with the warpstuffs.

>> No.56406398


Unfortunately Deny the Witch is not a psychic test, so they don't see the +1 bonus there. It specifically refers to psychic tests.

>> No.56406399

I was thinking a standard 2k match. But i guess it would be better the enemy to focus all their fire on him rather than my poor little Bloodletters.

>> No.56406404


>> No.56406408

What went wrong.

>> No.56406414

>YFW you realize GW is planning to have the Primarchs loyal and disloyal unit against the Tyranids in an edition-ending narrative

>> No.56406415



>> No.56406417

Warptime and prescience from the CSM book are probably 2 of the best powers in the whole game,

Your worry shouldn't be getting shot to death, but shot to the lowest tier of stats, which is pretty decent. You also need to be the one that charges or a knight or primarch is just going to bitch slap him

Same way I've done it since 5th, a bunch of plasma. You get up to 5 guns or power weapons, but will lose out to other CC specialists so why not shoot the fuckers until dead.

The RNG daemons had in 6/7 was neat, but could fuck you out of a decent game and made the game take a lot longer

>> No.56406424

Kairos can you see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

>> No.56406428

Would it be WAAC to make Primaris versions of regular Space Marine units?

Like making Primaris sized Tyrannic Veterans?

>> No.56406431

It went according to every plan at once which caused every plan to fail at once. Hence why his hand is growing another hand that is made of flesh on fire which is very painful, as you can see by his screaming and his holy shit expression. Tzeentch fucked with him so hard that even his spine changed species.

>> No.56406445

>The Heresy was the Emperor's plan all along in order to strengthen Chaos enough so it could be wielded as a weapon against the Nids

>> No.56406447

>Hive Tyrant- Nephilim King
>Tervigon- King’s Consort
>Maleceptor- Vizier/Court Wizard
>Haruspex- King’s Champion
>Tyrant Guard- King’s Shieldwall
>Hive Guard- Royal Guard
Top tier hive fleet.

>> No.56406448

It does not add to deny. Grey knights for example when battleforged have +1 to psychic tests, as well as +1 to deny the witch tests. Says specifically.

>> No.56406451

ah yeah don't expect him to last too long against any remotely shooty army in a 2k game. Though in that large of a game it might be a good idea to run two of them.

>> No.56406466


Chaos Sternguard (5x combibolter) or all plasma

Fuck stabbing things

>> No.56406467

Multipart cultists when?

>> No.56406472

Here's my look at the traitor legions. I must confess, I play one of these factions,
but due to a lack of chaos players at my store,
I'm not all that familiar with the tactics of most of these. If I fucked up anything, let me know.


>> No.56406482

So I'm posting my list variation that I'm pretty happy with aside from a few nitpicks. Unable to afford the hammer on the Apothecary by four(4) points is annoying as hell. And I was going to do twin-autocannons on the ranged dread, but I can't seem to find any second hand at good prices. Or they only have the right arm. Anyway.

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Grandmaster Voldus
-- Gate of Infinity, Purge Soul, Vortex
-- Warding Stave, Sanctuary
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Brotherhood Champion -WARLORD-
-- Cuirass of Sacrifice, First to the Fray, Hammerhand
Venerable Dreadnought
-- Twin Lascannon, Missile Launcher,
Astral Aim
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon, Gate of
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon, Gate of
Land Raider Godhammer
-- 2x Twin Lascannon, Multi Melta, Storm

I basically have everything bought but the Dreadnoughts. The army is coming together nicely!

>> No.56406489

Now. They come in Khorne beefcake and Slaanesh slut flavors.

>> No.56406495

For what it's worth, I plan to run Emp's Children, so most of my shooting will probably be provided by sonic blasters. I've got a chainsword tac squad carrying 2 plasrifles and a pistol. I think I heard somewhere that melee's starting to gain ground over shooting this edition.

>> No.56406496


Actually at Warzone Atlanta which just finished one Ork player finished 3rd overall, going 4-1. Forgeworld seems to be the key for him; he took two Big Trakks with Supa Skorchas and a Gargantuan Squiggoth. The Squig in particular looks to be a steal; clocks in at around 400 points but has 35 wounds and puts out D6 mortal wounds on the charge.

But yeah, whilst Orks aren't the bottom of the barrel they were in 7th, most of the Ork index is hot garbage.

>> No.56406504

The base +1 W/A template of primaris seems to be about 4 points, so yeah the primaris versions would be nearly auto take.

See: Paladins versus grey knight terminators as they’re literally primaris terminators

>> No.56406516

See i am using him as the Insensate Rage version because i feel like i need actual anti-tank and that seems to be the best variant for that. I dont know if i want to sink 680 points into my HQs I was just going to run one of him and a Herald on a Bloodthrone as my other HQ.
I dont know. If he eats enough fire to get down to 4ws in the first turn it may not be worth ever bringing him. Which would suck since i love the way the model looks and is pretty much the only Anti-tank Khorne Daemons have.

>> No.56406521

More reason to go with shooting chosen so you have more options for the slaanesh stratagem that lets a unit shoot twice, 20 shots of plasma will ruin almost anything

>> No.56406539

My mistake, I was talking minis wise.

Like converting some Primaris and fielding them as regular Tyrannic Veterans.

>> No.56406543

The unit failed its charge roll and as a result didn't charge. It isn't a charging unit since no charge was made - they attempted to charge and failed.

>> No.56406544

Not a big fan of the models especially for cultists.

>> No.56406547

Oh nothing wrong with that at all, in fact there have been quite a few conversion projects like that recently

>> No.56406561

Slaanesh cultists? Where?

>> No.56406568

could use the frostgrave ones

>> No.56406576

But what about brain and brawn?

>> No.56406579

Well, I play Tzeentch daemons, so most of my desires are focused on them.
>Flamers either get an increased range or a reduction in price- shooting attack is based on User's strength and Attacks
>Screamers either get an increase in lethality or a reduction in price- slashing attacks improved and/or get Turbo-boost analogue
>Pink Horrors get their shooting attack based on User's strength and Attacks, some way to mitigate morale (Icons are just too unreliable) so larger squads/Split is really viable, redo their Smite (again) so that Horrors are better than Blues and Blues are better than Brimstones- remove the 1x Blue 9x Brimstone exploit
>Disc of Tzeentch gives bonus wounds/toughness like a Bike
>Burning Chariot ignores movement penalty for heavy weapons, Irritating Chant also affects morale
>Herald of Tzeentch casts 2 OR gets "MW on Cast" ability like DG caster
>Rod of Sorcery/Staff of Change do something actually worthwhile
>Changeling price increase
>Boon down to WC6 OR you pick one of the two non-rolled bonuses
>Bolt down to WC7 OR increase damage count
>either in-built power recycling for Psychic Focus OR access to more than six spells
>all Tzeentch spells come with overcharge version a la Smite

>> No.56406601

>The RNG daemons had in 6/7 was neat, but could fuck you out of a decent game and made the game take a lot longer
I'm not opposed to daemons having some unpredictability, but the last codex added a significant amount of time both pre and during game. If they bring back the Warpstorm table, it needs to be guaranteed to actually do something AND it needs to not have any of the "lol you fucked now nigga" results.

>> No.56406607

>13 whites, 6 yellow, and 1 brown
What did GW mean by this?

>> No.56406622

Yeah, when you put it like that, it's suddenly pretty tempting to grab a box of those plasma guillimarines and stick some spikes on 'em...

>> No.56406626

is there an image album or like a book of various Tyranid colour schemes?

>> No.56406631

The only decent assaults are BA, they can DS with 2 meltaguns.

>> No.56406646

Theres the pdf of the codex in the op

>> No.56406653

Yeah, the codecies. There you'll find most official stuff, with the possible exception of armies by studio members that were introduced in WH.

Don't know if lexicanum has an illustrated list of tyranid swarms, but I don't think so.

>> No.56406654

Slaanesh termis can all take combi-plas and be in units of up to 10, might be worth considering as well

>> No.56406655

I need more dammit

>> No.56406662


Well there's some good old schemes that have been reprinted in the Tyranid books a few times that aren't meant to represent any specific fleet.

And GW seems to have the idea of representing some splinter fleets derived from the better known fleets (Behemoth, Kraken, Leviathan) with just some simple crest markings or very slight chitin color variations, which I personally find a bit dull.

>> No.56406664

The Invasion Swarm painting guide has like 5 hive fleets I ain’t seen anywhere else.

>> No.56406675

So how will your cultist feel when the hive fleet finally shows up?

>> No.56406684

To add to this maybe make Bloodcrushers cheaper. As of now they are 47 ppm and make so little impact as they don't seem to have a place in the Khorne Daemons army. They don't hurt anything that a normal bloodletter doesn't do better damage against. The 4+ save doesn't really help them considering that you will most likely be using the 5 +Invuln save since most things are atleast ap-1 or 2 now. Flesh Hounds are also over costed i feel. You are pretty much spending 100 points for 5 models that are only good for one phase of Denying the witch and then they are most likely dead. So maybe like a 5 or 10 point decrease on them.

>> No.56406688

A unit that charged and failed is still a unit that charged. That's why many rules refer to a unit that "successfully charged" - if a unit that failed the charge doesn't count as a unit that charged, there would be utterly no need for the word successfully to be included in the rules text.

>> No.56406697

"Say Reg."
"Yes Lyle?"
"Were the angels supposed to be this...bitey? I think they already ate Frank."

>> No.56406698

Afaik they expect salvation, but are eaten instead.

>> No.56406706

I was thinking of making some scenery then read up on some lore from Epic 40k.

Namely the Squat's units like the Goliath cannon.

Is it wrong that I now want to make those old units up to scale for 40k, then use them as terrain/scenery?

>> No.56406707


Where are renegades?

>> No.56406710


>> No.56406715

They'll feel like ants.

>> No.56406718

There's also slugga boyz/weird boy spam

>> No.56406731

Are there any instances of a Genestealer Cult uprising happening at the same time as a Chaos Uprising?

>> No.56406739

one or two even had rules for apocalypse I think.

Go nuts.

>> No.56406742

A track 48" long that you place on the edge of the table so you're fighting next to an enormous tank would really give the feel of a small engagement as part of a massive pitched battle.

>> No.56406746

yours looks so uch cooler than the actual model.....

>> No.56406755

He has W6 and will get 6+ FNP as BA, not to mention an extra attack, and he’s already among the killiest caps

>> No.56406756

any kind of instability they could take advantage of they probably will.
Would stand to reason. I think I may have even read that plot in a BL book before.

>> No.56406758

Yes. CSM codex has a small bit about the AL setting up a cult on a planet and then find a genestealer cult there as well. They proceed to instigate a war between the cults and leave

>> No.56406768

God that must be embarrassing, you and your kin plan for years for this only for some spiky asshole to hog all the glory.

>> No.56406770

The FNP is from the warlord trait only death company get the Black Rage FNP

>> No.56406771

The Imperium is so big, it'd actually be stranger if this didn't happen from time to time.

>> No.56406776

Probably. Also if any other Chaos or Xeno threatens their world they will rise up to defend it.

>> No.56406779

Could make for a neat story, especially if tit's a Slaanesh/Tzeentch cult that doesn't want open planetary rebellion so they try to suppress the GSC uprising secretly.

>> No.56406782

So what happens if both of then start an uprising at the same time as the tau start subverting the government?

>> No.56406793


Space Wolves unique melee monster units are the wulfen and thunderwolf cavalry, as well as their basic Blood Claw infantry. Their Terminators aren't particularly exceptional.

Blood Angels like fast vehicles and jump packs and have special dreadnoughts, they aren't just the melee chapter.

Ultramarines are space romans, the iron snakes and minotaurs are the space greeks.


Word Bearers have a lot of styles to them besides daemons and daemon engines. High number of psykers, flame weapons, possessed, cultists, high morale.

Alpha Legion is about stealth and infiltration.

>> No.56406800

>Slaanesh orgy cult runs into Genestealer rape-baby cult
God, the potential syncretism would be horrifying

>> No.56406805

Bad rules and humiliating fluff. Anyone edgelord enough to unironically play space satan deserves to be shit on, anyone else is just a leftover WAACfag from 7th.

>> No.56406807

I feel like this would be the beginning of an awesome idea for a comedy.

GSC, Chaos uprisings, along with corrupt Tau loving merchants and nobles all scrambling to take control all the while on the backwater areas, there are Digganobs.

>> No.56406821

It all cancels out and imperium wins by doing nothing

>> No.56406830

its the same turret on a razorback kit.

>> No.56406851

alright, thanks. I'll update them.

>> No.56406855

lmao @ the winning list for warzone atlanta

Vostroyan brigade with 3 company commanders, 3 lascannon/3 GL vet squads, 6 lascannon/plasmagun infantry squads, 3 lascannon sentinels, and 4 mortars heavy weapon squads. Krieg with death rider HQ, command squadron, and 3 squadrons, and cadians with a psyker and 4 manticores

>> No.56406870

good list

>> No.56406886

He beat a list that was mortarian, magnus, 3 princes of tzeentch, 40 brimstones, 3 giant spawn of nurgle, herald of nurgle, 2 malefic lords, the changeling

>> No.56406888

Would you guys be cool with someone using the Venomtrope models as Malantropes?

>> No.56406891

That's unironically sexy.

Also all the fags claiming IG were ruined by the FAQ completely and utterly BTFO, they're still the top army even with Commissars properly balanced.

>> No.56406892



>> No.56406900

Good, fuck those primarch sausage lists

Here's hoping the Kronos nids help push Magnus out of the meta completely

>> No.56406903

Absolutely not, Malanthropes are broken enough as it is.

>> No.56406905

Are you hating on my magic chickens?

>> No.56406907


>> No.56406908


No that's pretty fucking dumb.

If you're going to be a FW tryhard then either convert/build the models yourself or put up the cash.

>> No.56406910

God I hate huge centerpiece models. Don’t care how cancerous the guard list was, that chaos list is utter bs.

>> No.56406912

You have to be autistic to get mad at people using combo models as something they didn't spec it as

>> No.56406917

Basically dumb 'umies that think they're Orkz

>> No.56406921

I, for one, am looking forward to my opponents bewildered looks when I use my Tsons Tzaangor army.

>> No.56406923

anyone have any idea what colors are used here for the bone and blue? saw this posted yesterday and it basically reaffirmed what start collecting ill treat myself for christmas

>> No.56406924

Wait, they are not in the Tyranid codex?

>> No.56406932

Anyone know of an insect like set of wings like Zerglings, like the Raptor Zerglings. Think that it might look good, plus with adrenal glands and their 6" pile in the things are on fucking crack so it is fitting.

>Inb4 sc2 was shit
>inb4 sc2 hate

>> No.56406933

>guard list
>running a bunch of standard troops, sentinels, fucking cavalry, only one single psyker, minimal HWT spam

>> No.56406934

Nope, they're forgeworld and much, much larger than a venomthrope is.

>> No.56406944

Those are Wulfen, my dude


>> No.56406949

So after looking over some of the tyranid codex, what would you guys say is their most consistent anti armor? Assaulty carnifexes with claws? Tyrannofexes with burst cannons? Carnifexes with venom cannons? Massed smite? They really seem to lack anything higher that strength 8 outside of crushing claws and a couple special weapons. My brother really likes his leman russes...

>> No.56406953

Ah, disregard that then. I thought they were just a souped up Venomtrope like the Neurothrope and GW baked into the codex, seeing that most codex reviews include the Malanthrope for some reason.

>> No.56406957


>> No.56406970

Balancing to the extent that a khorne player doesn't feel obliged to field a bloodthirster

>> No.56406972




>> No.56406973

>most consistent anti armor?

Not close combat. Best is shockcannons.

>> No.56406975 [SPOILER] 

I've moved alot this past year and in the three shops I played at I got a lot of weird looks whenever I plop down a squad or two. Probably dosnt help that I painted them up in three colors. Blue, Pink, and a red shade that matches Magnus.
I also use a Tzaangor Shaman as one of my Exalted Sorcs

>> No.56406977

20 genestealers will one-round basically any T7 vehicle in he game. Against T8 and higher, try stonecrusher carnifexes.

>> No.56406981

This post is serious autism in action.

>> No.56406986

>guy who runs the paint clinic at my lgs and has won multiple painting competitions doesn't thin his paints
>he recommends this to other people as well

>> No.56406987

I never understood why the hive fleets eat the cultists... I mean isn't that a huge waste of energy to take them, eat them up, digest them, and then turn them into shitty gaunts or whatever? Why not just keep the dudes who already have guns, tanks, etc... and slog them to the next battle?

>> No.56406990


No, they had just become commonplace in Index-based Tyranid lists (still was a FW choice then too) and the new codex didn't really provide any options that offered a similar or better alternative to Malanthropes, so people will likely continue to use them.

>> No.56406991


>> No.56406998

>Against T8 and higher, try stonecrusher carnifexes.
You think FW will actually get off their asses and FAQ them with the new LBR rules?

>> No.56407001

>obliged to field a bloodthirster
But Bloodthirsters are shit? Pretty much all the Greater Daemons are shit right now.

>> No.56407004

wow good for that guard player, that list is utter fucking cancer.
And I say this as a chaos player.

>> No.56407005

It's a bigger waste of energy to provide air and food for them for years of space travel

>> No.56407013

W... waste of energy? What? They're already eating everything on the planet, it would be FAR more trouble to find a way to pick the cultists up and bring them aboard a ship, and cultists are inferior to Tyranids.

>> No.56407014

What? End him anon, or show him the error of his ways by beating him easily or something.

>> No.56407020

>three different regiments
>not cancer

>> No.56407029

Probably not but it's still 4 S12 ap-3 D6 damage melee attacks that reroll failed hits and failed wounds vs vehicles for 105 points. They're pretty fucking good.

>> No.56407030

Yeah, I'd like to avoid going FW if I can. I'm wondering if 2 venom cannon carnifexes might be better that a Tyranofex. You get consistent damage, slightly less ap, and better ballistic skill.

>> No.56407032

Yeah, one's an infantry Regiment, one's a cavalry Regiment, and one's an artillery Regiment. This is LITERALLY how they do it in the fluff. As long as he has each group modelled and painted differently to tell them apart I don't see what the issue is.

>> No.56407033

I love it. Currently painting a squad's weapons to look like power axes "le dreaded tzaangor blades". Hoping to make my opponents lose their shit & have them act as a 4++ reroll 1's distraction carnifex.

>> No.56407039

What if he's right and thinning is actually bad and were being lied to.

How many people here thin their paints win crystal brush?

>> No.56407044

Less shots, though.

>> No.56407049

No it'd be way more effort to provide for them when they could just be repurpose now. That said I think I recall some fluff about some of the higher up in the cult fucking off once the Fleet arrives to start again on a new planet.

>> No.56407050

The armor looks like ushbanti bone with agrax earthshade and pallid wych flesh highlight. The blue looks like its Caledor sky, temple guard blue, lothern blue, and baharoth blue

>> No.56407055

Stonecrushers wouldn't be that difficult to convert out of crushing claw carnifexes desu

>> No.56407059

I need to hard-counter Nids in order to survive the next few weeks of my group's campaign.

Is a stormlord the right approach?

>> No.56407060

Am I supposed to shoot the giant tyranid monsters, feels too obvious like I should actually go after small stuff first.

>> No.56407062


Also no degrading performance from taking damage.

>> No.56407064

>. This is LITERALLY how they do it in the fluff
No, it isn't. Vostroyans have their own artillery, Cadians have their own infantry, and Krieg regiments don't consist solely of horses.
> I don't see what the issue is.
Do you see an issue with the Chaos soup list that it beat? If so, then you're a hypocrite.

>> No.56407077

How do I hard counter my waac friends jormangander tyranid army.

>> No.56407079

Impaler cannons with single minded annihilation

>> No.56407088

Stormlord is nice but have you considered repulsors loaded down with frag launchers and onslaught cannons?

Good news, broodlords are their most dangerous synapse and you can't shoot them so you don't have to worry about it.

>> No.56407095

You are no longer my dude, you meme-spewing /pol/ack!

>> No.56407100

I sometimes run a big 30 man blob and cast Weaver of Fates on them. My opponents will usually waste a lot of their fire power on them.

Btw if you plan on buying a lot of them and running them without pistols I'd recommend just buying the Fantasy box. It's alittle cheaper, but dosnt have their pistol.

>> No.56407101

>game decides for me what to shoot

Oh thank god

>> No.56407102

Fluffwise, individual regiments are Combined Arms. You might have the Valhallan 597th Infantry Regiment, the Cadian 63rd Artillery, and the Krieg 5th Cavalry, all fighting side by side.

By contrast, you might have the Cadian 14th Infantry, Cadian 62nd Artillery, and Cadian 202nd Cavalry.

Point is, mixing and matching is fine in fluff.

Stormlord is available, no one has a Repulsor on my team. Is it actually good? I heard bad things about it.

>> No.56407104

In order of priority:
-Efficient targets of opportunity
-Anything near objectives
Adjust as conditions dictate

>> No.56407106

New GUO model and make it a proper tough bastard
Goofy relics and shit like in the 6th edition codex
Make Khorne units either quicker to charge in or more durable especially bloodcrushers
New Fiends would be super nice too
Gimme back Ku'gath god damnit
It'd be nice to see Beasts of Nurgle actually do decently once but I'm a big fan of Plague Drones and daemonic cavalry overall so keep or make plague drones rad

>> No.56407114

>are Combined Arms.
*are never Combined Arms

>> No.56407116

I'm a little lost as to what I should do with my Carcharadon's to make them into a force that can take a game against any army.

So far I have Tyberos, a bunch of tacticals, about 10 assault terminators, a land raider, a rhino, and a contemptor dreadnaught. Most of what I have is second hand so it's pretty mix and match with weapons and stuff.

Right now I have about 1k points done/painted. Maybe someone could give me some advice for future shit.

Captain w/Lightning Claws

Tacticalsx5 w/melta
Tacticalsx5 w/combi-flamer + flamer

Assault Terminatorsx5 w/Hammers
Contemptor Dread w/Assault cannon

>> No.56407119

Read more background nigger. The Guard list is fluffy and uses suboptimal units. The Chaos list is unfluffy gamey looking bullshit.

>> No.56407126

Oosh, this is true.
Is right, I forgot the rupture cannon is heavy 3, not d3. But the carnifexes also give you a good platform for some extra dakka. Hard choice.

>> No.56407127

LMR with punisher and triple flamers look like an answer.

>> No.56407133

Okay thank you

>> No.56407137

Glad I could inspire you, anon. They were only a quick google search away. Welcome to the Dark City, you'll be here forever!

>> No.56407138

anyone recommend a decent learning army for eldar / plague marines?

i have every eldar unit that was around in 5th ed, he has the plague marines that came with the starter set and 2 rhinos. we are both willing to make some purchases to learn :)

>> No.56407152

Assault cannon/typhoon missile stormravens

>> No.56407154

>suboptimal units
That's like saying that Grav Spam Battle Company was a perfectly fine list in 7E because it took Assault Marines. The Lascannon sentinels are just there to give six extra CP on top of being perfectly viable units. Death Riders are extremely punchy for their cost, and quite durable against small arms fire as well. That list is min-maxed to hell, so it's laughable to pretend that it's not on the same level as a soup list.

>> No.56407158

>to make them into a force that can take a game against any army.
Nigel Stillman's advice would be to learn how to play the army you got.
Andy Chambers would advice against the 'arms race'.
Personally, I just paint little plastic men and the last time I played was over a decade ago so I wouldn't know what I was talking about if I was giving advice.

>> No.56407169

>New GUO model and make it a proper tough bastard
I'm surprised they sill haven't updated the GUO and KOS models. They look terrible while the LoC and BT are fantastic models.
>Goofy relics and shit like in the 6th edition codex
Fucking yes please.
>Make Khorne units either quicker to charge in or more durable especially bloodcrushers
Khrone being a little more durable and punching a little harder while Slaanesh is faster with more attacks seems like a good way to do things.

>> No.56407174


I have a stormraven coming in, so that's good news.

My team has a mix of Guard and Black Templars btw.

>> No.56407176

For the record, third place army at warzone atlanta with the guard and chaos list was another chaos list.

Alpha legion with sorcerer, chaos lord, 60ish cultists, 2 units of berserkers in rhinos, 2 units of oblits, mortarian, 5 malefic lords, 30 brimstones

>> No.56407180

I believe the Glotkin was supposed to be a new GUO that instead evolved into Glotkin after they decided all armies needed a centerpiece model.

>> No.56407198

>I don't even play
Then don't bother replying.

You need ranged shooting. You need something to open tanks at range. Get that Land Raider ready to go, and think about picking up a Predator or some Devastators. Assault Cannon Contemptor is crap; Mortis or bust. Those Tacticals need Lascannons and/or Plasma Guns (and combi-plasmas for the Sergeants).

>> No.56407213

>Alpha legion with sorcerer, chaos lord, 60ish cultists, 2 units of berserkers in rhinos, 2 units of oblits,
Oh, sweet, a Chaos Space Marine list that did well and isn't just a vehicle for some spammy-soup bullshit.
>5 Malefic Lords
>30 Brimstones

>> No.56407229

>Glotkin was supposed to be a new GUO that instead evolved into Glotkin after they decided all armies needed a centerpiece model
Wouldnt a nice looking GUO be a good enough centerpiece? I certainly think my LoC is. I dunno why they just make a GUO that looks like the one in DoW2. I always thought he looked like the perfect GUO, but DoW2 was my entry to Warhammer so I might be a bit bias

>> No.56407230

Updated with Loyalist/Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, and Imperium forces


I've never seen anyone run pure chaos daemons, so if anyone can make sure I didn't super fuck up what they do, that'd be great.

>> No.56407231

What army do you hate?

As Primaris Space Marines exclusively, I hate Eldar.
Fast as fuck.
Psykers out the ass.
Their basic guys suck but their specialist troops make my chadcessors look gimped.
Fuck your goddamned Wraithknight.
How many fucking named characters do you guys need? Seriously how many Phoenix lords are there, 7?
Fuck your relics.

>> No.56407234

leman russ

>> No.56407249

i thought the wraithknight was gimped?

>> No.56407250

I was like "holy shit it's actually a decently fluffy lis-"
>5 malefic lords
>30 brimstones

>> No.56407254

>why they just make one that looks like the one in DoW2
They did it's the forge world great unclean one

>> No.56407263

If by gimped you mean "in 7th this thing was so broken you were a cockeater for even bringing one, now it's merely really good"

>> No.56407264

I feel like you could functionally be 90% as strong substituting more "normal" units. Is Morty really that much better than a Lord of Skulls with Daemonforge.

>> No.56407273

Thanks, I'm going to work on the Raider next I think. I'm working on completing the Lightning Claws for the AT so I can swap them in and and depending on the situation.

The problem with me putting lascannons on my tacticals is that I bought everything used and most of that stuff is pretty old (which fits with the Carcharadon's pretty well, I have a few beakies and other older armours). I don't have a lot of different guns that I can use, only what I already had. I would rather avoid buying brand new models just to get different gun models than ones that I have. I have a missile launcher, a flamer, a melta gun, and plasma gun, a heavy bolter, and a couple other one off guys.

Just to clarify, I'm not against buying new models I just don't wanna spend a bunch on models for slight loadout changes. I will probably end up buying a predator and some devastators though.

>> No.56407283

Why exactly are you writing promotional material for GW for free?

I thought it was funny that the BL section didn't really talk about what the legion does on the table, since it doesn't actually have any gimmick.

>> No.56407288

in terms of an Infantry astra militarum army with space wolves whats the best kit to build all my heavy weapons teams out of. just make one of each different kit or like all mortars?

>> No.56407290

How the fuck does GW fix brimstones?

>> No.56407291

They did

>> No.56407294

Eldar have always been a top-tier army with lots of psykers and speed. And Wraithknights shattered a lot of shitters last edition.

Unfortunately Primaris struggle against just about everything at the moment. They need new units and chapter tactics that buff more than infantry and dreadnoughts.

>> No.56407303

mostly because the 'which faction should I play' is a REALLY common question basically everywhere.

>> No.56407310

Primaris have a single model that isn't infantry or a dreadnought, anon.

>> No.56407322

Oh it's the LoW GUO? Well that's kinda disappointing.

>> No.56407335

Okay, but cut down on the shill bullshit. Just tell people the facts.

>> No.56407346

Right, I meant to say space marines in general should have their chapter tactic apply to vehicles as well, like the Eldar attributes.

>> No.56407350

They can only come about due to Split and/or worsen the Invuln.

>> No.56407354

Simple answer: Ban them. They shouldn't exist. Horrors don't need to fractally fucking split after Pinks already split into Blues.

More acceptable answer for the Daemon players who would whine like little faggots: Change the rules so Brimstones can ONLY be fielded by splitting Blue Horrors, they can't be purchased during list building.

>> No.56407370

Eh looks okay. Tzeentch daemons are more shooty/mindbullets than melee/mindbullets. The only ones okay in melee are Lord of Change and Screamers, but yes Tzeentch can put out an obnoxious amount of smite.

>> No.56407375

Everyone other than marines (of all flavors) gets their sub-faction bonuses on everything.

>> No.56407395

That is weird. Why don't Marines get it on their tanks?

>> No.56407398

I know that. I don't understand why.

>> No.56407412

>yes Tzeentch can put out an obnoxious amount of smite
Really? Why don't you back that up with some of these Smite-spam Tzeentch Daemon lists. I'm really curious what cost-effect Smite-vehicle you're using, because it certainly isn't 78 point Heralds or casting-on-a-D6-Horrors.

>> No.56407429

Legacy of last edition, I guess? It's never really made sense prior to his, and it makes even less sense now. It would at least be understandable if Chapter Tactics/Legion Bonuses were better than other factions bonuses, but they're frequently identical to other faction's versions.

>> No.56407438

>he has already forgotten pre-nerf 9/1 horror spam

>> No.56407440

Blue and brimstone horrors completely destroyed my pink horrors, now they have to share a ruleset with them.

The only way to make them balanced is to bring back mixed toughness rules.

>> No.56407464

Why don't you bring up some other outdated power builds. Uh-oh, better look out for Nob Biker Star and Wraithwing Necrons!

>> No.56407487


Make them only show up from splittling blues and make blues only show up from splittling pinks. Then make both blues and pinks cost re-inforcement points.

>> No.56407493

>destroyed my pink horrors
Pink Horrors are pretty close to being fine. An 8 PPM 4++ unit with an Assault 2 Lasgun supported by Changeling is pretty good. Sure, it's reliant on taking a specific character, but the Changeling is cool.

>> No.56407513

mortars for anti-infantry
lascannons for anti-tank

>> No.56407514

I 100% agree with making Brimstones only come from Blues, but I don't think making Blues only come from Pinks would work, purely because it would make the the Blue & Brimstone box into a purchase wholly reliant on another box to even use. Even if they made Brimstones only come from Blues, there would be mass whining about making armies illegal, but at least that can be justified due to the two being boxed together.

>> No.56407537


Brimstones being spawned-from-split-only is completely justifiable.

Blues are fine as deployable units as long as Pinks get buffed to be a reasonable choice.

>> No.56407541

I used a similar scheme but I used reikland fleshshade isntead of the earthshade, and my cloth was lilac with biel-tan green

>> No.56407580

Usefulness of units in theprimaris half of starter box in a real game?

>> No.56407585

it really depends upon what you think you're gonna need to kill. If you want to kill GEQ go mortars; if you want to kill MEQ or TEQ go heavy bolters; and if you want to kill vehicles go lascannons. That is literally all you need to know.

>> No.56407589

>Really? Why don't you back that up with some of these Smite-spam Tzeentch Daemon lists. I'm really curious what cost-effect Smite-vehicle you're using, because it certainly isn't 78 point Heralds or casting-on-a-D6-Horrors.
Who shat in your cornflakes today? The list I run is something along the lines of:
10 Heralds w/ Staff
7 Brimstone w/ 1 Blue Squads
6 Exalted Flamers
It's like just under 1500 I think? At work so don't have the list on me to double check. Like I said it's an obnoxious amount of smite. Never said it was good though.

>> No.56407612

Moderate. It's about a 1000 point list. Not particularly competitive on its own, but can make good additions to an existing army.

>> No.56407624 [SPOILER] 

Maybe, but they're rad

Saturnine when

>> No.56407631

Aggressors were based on them.

>> No.56407678

They could make it so that Pinks can cast full smite down to the last model so long as the squad is purely pink horrors and you did not pay for spit.

>> No.56407709

Where can I get a dreadnought missile launcher arm? I can't find the bits online everywhere. I got a venerable dread in a trade but want to put a missile on it.

>> No.56407717

>No, it isn't. Vostroyans have their own artillery, Cadians have their own infantry
Yes they do but not in one regiment.

If an infantry regiment and an artillery regiment are needed for a campaign they just pick whatever regiments are available, they don't worry about getting to make sure they're from the same home world.

>> No.56407770

Oh shit I completely forgot about the KOS yes please that and I think a few other Slaanesh models could use some good updates.

>> No.56407788

>Everyone other than marines (of all flavors) gets their sub-faction bonuses on everything.
Guard don't.
Aircraft, ratlings, ogryns, priests and some other stuff doesn't get them.

>> No.56407804

The changling shouldn’t have any aura, or he should cost double his current points.

>> No.56407828

oh no not the ratlings

Cry me a fucking river, leman russes and artillery get it and that's what matters.

>> No.56407842

God water shit looks so cool

>> No.56407860

There really are times where you don’t need to thin your paint AS MUCH due to light application

You cannot do that with duncans/heavy metal method

>> No.56407876

are you kidding? half of guard is tanks and artillery - marines only have them as an afterthought. It would be retarded if we couldn't get our bonuses on shit that constitutes half our army most games (or an entire army for some)

>> No.56407895

People can bitch about how repulsors are ugly all they want but rules wise it’s a land raider that trades 1 armor point for a lot more anti infantry dakka in addition to its main weaponry and anti-charge defense

>> No.56407902

I play Iron Hands. Iron Hands are explicitly a tank-heavy chapter, fielding hundreds if not thousands of tanks. The SM codex puts the battle for medusa as part of the 13th black crusade as being one of the largest tank battles since the horus heresy. I used to get It Will Not Die for my tanks, now I don't get shit but a crappy stratagem.

>> No.56407942

Might be good to go with my Primaris Crimson Fists...

>> No.56407951

>fielding hundreds if not thousands of tanks
>one thousand space marines in the whole chapter
>he thinks there are "thousands" of tanks

>> No.56407955

My point was not talking about the fluff, in fluff there's entire regiments of cavalry but we got nothing at all for that in the codex for that.
I'm talking about the actual armies that people are using, and all tank armies of AM is pretty common - I've seen a total of one all tank space marine army.

Plus, it seems that GW are making it extremely hard to get FnP on vehicles - so I'd say that's a major reason you didn't get it on your tanks

>> No.56407969

Well you're not going to be summoning with khorne only so you may as well field the fastest and strongest khorne unit

>> No.56407971

One thousand battle brothers. Support personnel, namely techmarines and librarians and shit, don't count against that.

Iron hands has at a minimum in the range of hundreds of techmarines, who are the ones driving tanks. They might outnumber the actual battle-brothers, and all iron hands are trained in technical work anyway.

>> No.56407975

Winged Hormagaunt anon, again. Seeing no feedback, uh I guess no suggestions. Looks like my best option is going to be making a template and cutting it out of platicard and just painting it. Getting transparent/translucent ones would be a bitch in a half to scale unless I wanted to wait until Halloween again, at which point I just need to hunt down a pack of fake flies/locusts.

>> No.56407983

You can probably buy clear plastic sheeting at a hobby store and glaze that for translucent now.

>> No.56407985

I feel like orks should be retconed to have been made by chaos

>> No.56407990

>Iron hands has at a minimum in the range of hundreds of techmarines, who are the ones driving tanks.
Source it.

>> No.56407993

The 1000 marine limit doesn't apply to numerous positions within the chapter, including vehicle crews. Incidentally, that's why Dreadnoughts don't count against the 1000 - they count as a permanently crewed 1-man vehicle.

>> No.56408001


>> No.56408003

Why, that's dumb. They don't feel like Chaos-related at all. Hell, Eldar and Orks coming from the same source is already stupid, GW needs to branch out the backstories more and stop making one thing the main force behind everything.

>> No.56408006

Predictions for how 8th daemons are actually going to turn out?
> tzeentch were good so they'll be the second worst
> slaanesh arent marketable so they'll be worst unless they have a single broken combo or unit that GW overlooked
> nurgle will be top tier
> khorne will be a mono-list play style of only their most durable units or become incredibly cheap

>> No.56408037

Clear plastic sheeting isn't that hard to come by. Still, get myself a template to work with. I'll have to look around for what store has it. Wonder if Home Depot might have it for cheaper, savings is savings even if they do questionable stuff.

>> No.56408039

Slaanesh will be amazingly broken to sell off all the old shitty models taking up warehouse space to WAACfags, only to be completely invalidated by an FAQ after a few weeks, and then when the new Slaanesh stuff comes out for AoS, 40k Slaanesh will get a campaign book or supplement Codex with the new Slaanesh stuff which will be good again.

>> No.56408054

Space Marine Codex, pg 85. Each tank typically has at least 1 techmarine - which means ten dedicated transports per company(10 squads) so an average of 100 techmarines, plus all the techmarines permanently assigned to vehicles which aren't squad transports - predators, vindicators, etc.

In all likelihood, your average Chapter has at least 200 techmarines - a chapter like the Iron Hands that really likes tanks AND has close ties with the mechanicus may well have loads more.

>> No.56408070

Fair enough, anon, you've convinced me.

>> No.56408079


>> No.56408081

I'm painting the Xenos Stasis Chamber objective and I want to paint the inside of the tank's glass to look like it has a liquid in it. How would I do that - a glaze paint?

>> No.56408085

Help me squeeze in 54 points, /tg/

>> No.56408114

chuck in some termagaunts ?

>> No.56408141

Orks are chaotic. Literally chaos incarnate

And this is diversifying. One less race made by the old ones

>> No.56408150

There's a difference between "not lawful" and "aligned to the Ruinous Powers"

>> No.56408172

Do you have tiny units?

>> No.56408193

Clear liquid or opaque?

>> No.56408198


How would I add them into my Spearhead or SupCom detachment, or is there a way to put in a detachmentless unit without taking a CP hit?

>> No.56408199

if you can some how free up 12 points, 2 groups of 3 rippers. If you can't, one group of 4 rippers to grab an objective.

>> No.56408205

Clear. It's got a genestealer skull inside and I want to show that.

>> No.56408213

They don't have to be allied with them. The old ones created them in the current lore but they aren't "allies"

Hell they dont even have to worship the 4, just were made by them

>> No.56408225

"Old Ones" =/= "Ruinous Powers"

>> No.56408226

It says 0-2 for troops in a spearhead?

>> No.56408232

you can add troops into a spearhead

>> No.56408247

Yes your point?

>> No.56408263

I find the current fluff much more interesting to be honest
The whole 'weapon turn against its creator' shtick is better than ' they're chaotic because they were created by Chaos lol' in my book

>> No.56408264


ohhh, i didnt catch that, haha i'm blind

>> No.56408271

the Old Ones are the Chaos Gods. They are two separate things

>> No.56408276

Fair enough

>> No.56408288


"Old Ones" =/= "Ruinous Powers"

>> No.56408307

If tau montka (the advance thing) does that mean like anything including stuff you couldn't fire while moving like heavy or rules that ask if the unit stayed still this turn and gets this bonus.

>> No.56408334

Yeah, your best bet might be one of the gem paints or tamiya clear. I would suggest green.

>> No.56408338

You can move and shoot heavy weapons without penalty but anything else that requires you not to have moved doesn't work.

>> No.56408339

When something says "You can do X if you advanced" it only allows it if you could normally do X without Advancing.

If you had a weapon that said "You can only fire this weapon when not moving" and the model has a rule that says "You can shoot normally after advancing" you still can't shoot it.

>> No.56408354

I have some of the green gem paint here - I'll try it out on the sprue.

>> No.56408359

somehow screwed that up

>> No.56408383


>I play Iron Hands

My nigger.

>> No.56408404

Green gem paint ended up looking great. All gross and cloudy.

>> No.56408413

>almost as good
Statistically speaking it is nearly always better in number of shots.

>> No.56408423

This shit is why I love humanitarian Iron Hands. Them and Salamanders are just friggen amazing.

>> No.56408425

Glad it worked out for you!

>> No.56408439

Cool but those shots still have to roll to hit

A flamer is good for 3.5 hits, a storm bolter is good for 2.6 hits

>> No.56408450

Everyone loves Marines who act like heroes instead of just soldiers.

>> No.56408456

What is that from ? Novel ?

>> No.56408462

That Anon made that up, Anon.

>> No.56408467

True, sadly we have too few examples of them it feels like. Too often they are dickbags, automatons, or soldiers when they are supposed to be heroes.

>> No.56408469


Some thread, I don't remember.

I play Iron Hands because I love Dreadnoughts.

>> No.56408474

Take the range into account.
>3.5 hits under 9"
>2.6 hits under 12", half of that at 24"
For the price, the stormbolter can be more interesting imo

>> No.56408475

I see, good shit nonetheless.

>> No.56408483

that's why I play guard, the sheer fact that they've lived longer than a week makes them a hero for most campaigns

>> No.56408501

Humanitarian iron hands don't exist, sorry to break it to you.

They see any and all weakness as being unforgivable and wouldn't give the slightest fuck about civilians. There was one point where a sub-sector had a chaos uprising and in response they executed 1/3 of the civilian population of the sub-sector.

>> No.56408502

For them to be as shit as we are.

>> No.56408504

Are assault centurions viable now?
> 159 points for 6 ignores cover meltaguns that will tear shit up in cc and can ride a drop pod
They sound like a good replacement to my ironclad

>> No.56408516

I picked Crimson Fists for my chapter after I learned how Pedro Kantor was originally a dick about civilians during the Rynn's World campaign, then picked up and carried an old woman to safety.

>> No.56408517

grimness, darkness, etc.

>> No.56408534


Centurions can't ride in Drop Pods in 8th.

They're literally stuck with 4" movement so they're basically worthless unless you have an objective inside of your own deployment zone.

>> No.56408539

I play guard as well, because Caiaphas Cain. Iron Hands and Salamanders just have a special place in my heart.

They existed, and Ferrus Manus would be angry at his Chapter for taking "Flesh is Weak" they way they did. Plus they got less stupid after Slaanesh's Daemon Prince almost corrupted them.

Crimson Fists are good dudes.

Yeah it's annoying how grim derp it gets. But, that is why players exist to make things beautiful out of it.

>> No.56408545

I like the heroic moments being rare because it makes them all the more special when they happen

>> No.56408578

I'm fielding a lrc anyway, seems like good synthesis to drop out the firepower of 36 bolters at bs3+
That does suck that you have to invest double their points to even think about getting in range, though.

>> No.56408580

Speaking of centurions here's a question

Centurion with 2 lascannons and missile launcher: 155 points

Dreadnought with twin lascannon and missile launcher: 145 points

Fucking why?

>> No.56408585

>Dark Angels are descendants of Jaghatai Khan, and can best be described as Space Mongolians.
Made me think

>> No.56408586

I agree with that, as much as I love them, they can't be super frequent, they need to be rare or they lose meaning. It just feels like it never happens.

>> No.56408589

>They existed, and Ferrus Manus would be angry at his Chapter for taking "Flesh is Weak" they way they did.

Well can't really blame them.

>> No.56408598


Someone once said that miracles happen about once a month. If you define a miracle as a one in a million moment, and a moment as a second, than a million seconds is about 33 days, ergo you should see a miracle about once a month.

The Guard has tens of billions of soldiers, and there are 1,000 x (Number of Chapters) Space Marines, so even the most incredibly rare heroic moments are happening constantly throughout the Imperium and beyond.

>> No.56408633

True, flesh gave way to metal as his head came off. And I say that as a fan of Ferrus Manus. "Flesh is Weak" was meant to be "so we must defend it" as the full statement, but, most of the people who heard that I believe died horribly at the drop site massacre or just Isstvan V in general.

>> No.56408640


Centurions never really had a place. They were supposed to be some sort of gap filler between a Terminator and a Dreadnought but considering Primaris Marines and Aggressors give people a lot of options for that space they really don't bring as much to the table as their points cost would imply.

Shame though, because I think the models look great. GW is retarded for selling a three pack of Centurions for $78 though. Like, crack smokingly retarded. This is the other reason why you literally never see them on the table.

>> No.56408647

>talking about selfless heroism
>no mention of the Lamenters

>> No.56408656

That's because they're all basically dead already.

>> No.56408663

Apparently there's also roughly a thousand Chapters, minus currently casualties + Primaris. Since the Codex is still saying "a thousand chapters" that appears to roughly even out. Marines continue to have fuck-all in terms of numbers if they want to do what they do.

>> No.56408665

80 points base is nuts, they cost more than a rhino.

>> No.56408671


Ferrus Manus is going to be the next Primarch to come back. In Dreadnought armor.

>> No.56408672

Blub blub blub

>> No.56408690


> Seeing a guy ask what to do with his model, then seeing him get suggestions, then seeing him decide on one, then seeing the end result all in one thread


>> No.56408696

Guess he never really tell his sons about how dangerous their practice is and how he's gonna strip-off the silver on his arms once the crusade ends.

>> No.56408704

Well it'd be 6 lascannons with ignores cover because they replace 2 weapons each.
They're also 80pts a model now, though so its more like

> 240+225 pts for 6 ignores cover lascannons and 3 missile launchers
honestly i'm not sure about the weapons costs because they'd come out to 225pts in just lascannons and missile launchers someone help

>> No.56408707

I just happened to have the gem paint on hand, it worked well on the sprue, and, who dares wins.

>> No.56408718

Looks great

>> No.56408734

I see Centurions as access to Hurricane Bolters. But, yeah their cost is fucking stupid high.

Only if Fulgrim brought him back. His body wasn't recovered I believe. His skull was, just bone though so. But Fulgrim made clones and could have continued doing that for a long long time. Which would be an interesting situation.

No he didn't, got cut off before he could, should have been ahead of the game on that once he saw what they were doing. Oh well, I do like the idea of running a decedent chapter of Iron Hands that through being deployed often with the Salamanders (and possibly having their gene-seed mixed with Salamanders) to be more humanitarian to prevent the Morria Schism from happening again and to get another Salamanders like chapter running around. I mean we know the High Lords of Terra did have Successor Chapters that were of mixed Geneseed made, though they keep it down low that they do it.

>> No.56408753

>pic semi related

>> No.56408770

truly a magical place

>> No.56408800


Pretty sure that never actually happened, considering it's literally the plot from The Man Who Was Thursday

>> No.56408824

Aggressors just do bolters better now unfortunately.

>> No.56408833

Assault Centurions are 53p/pm and throw out 6 bolter shots each
thats 8 points per bolter shot.
That's cheaper than a scout, and bolters can now wound whatever they feel like. Not only that but they have twin flamers for close range if 12 bolter shots each aren't enough, and drill hands for cc.
Holy shit maybe assault cents make sense

>> No.56408842

Yeah, one of the few good Primaris units, and they are pretty good from what I have seen.

>> No.56408852

You forgot to mention that all those bolters ignore cover.

>> No.56408884


This would be alright if they weren't stuck with a 4" movement range. In order for them to actually do anything other than mope around and get shot off the board by anything with decent range you'll need to factor in the hundreds of extra points that you'll need to pay for a Land Raider or a Storm Raven.

>> No.56408885

They're 75 each.

>> No.56408909

you forgot to pay for their weapons

>> No.56408913

I... I'm gonna do it

>> No.56408918

Anybody got a PDF of this?

>> No.56408921

They are giving SJWs an inch.
It wont end well.

>> No.56408925

pic related
A storm raven would actually rock this shit hard and bring even more firepower, the unit would only cost <350pts depending on how you deck it out, that's not even ridiculous for a flyer and that much firepower

>> No.56408928

How well do Legion of the Damned perform in 8th? I've always thought that the models were pretty cool, and my birthday is coming up in a few weeks so I was thinking of buying the Legion of the Damned oneclick on GW's website as a present to myself after payday.

>> No.56408935

That's the cost without weapons. two flamers and a hurriane bolter cost 22 points.

>> No.56408939

Ah fuck

>> No.56408944

You're a mad cunt and I love it

>> No.56408962

They're not bad as a defensive unit but tend to be just expensive enough to be worth shooting lascannons at.

>> No.56408964

Im sure it was in a cain book.

>> No.56408970

Its done...

I did it...

>> No.56408979


Here's hoping they won't pander to people who piss and moan about sexism and representation but don't actually pay money for the hobby.

Look how well that worked for the comic book industry.

>> No.56408987


>> No.56408992



>> No.56408994

some genestealers (hive-spawned or otherwise) are driven to "flee" the invasion by holding up in escaping ships or other things, so as to lead the fleet to the survivors and spread new cults.

An interesting idea for a genestealer cult is a "second generation" cult founded by a fleeing magus or other leadership who believed his Gods destroyed his previous world because the people were judged "unworthy".

>> No.56409003

Awesome, man.

>> No.56409010

They're mostly just slightly stronger but pricier marines if I remember right. They're cool though, and you should get them mainly because of that.

>> No.56409023

Grats, you are now poor but happy.

>> No.56409032

That new short story has it, The Greater Evil. But it's a short story so you don't see much. It was a Genestealer Cult vs Nurgle Cultists, with T'au involvement.

>> No.56409039

Where even are they in the codex?

>> No.56409042

They're an index unit.

>> No.56409050

Anyone know when we'll get a pdf of the tyranid codex in the mega?

>> No.56409064

cool scheme man nice and simple but varied in a weird way. perfect types of schemes imo.

>> No.56409074

No anon

>> No.56409075


I wonder if they're going to get an actual codex for 8th, or if they'll just be an index chapter forever, brushed under the rug by GW.

>> No.56409085

its literally in the OP

>> No.56409086

Unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

>> No.56409091

Current project.

Why do the old metal models have so much more detail than the newer plastic stuff? I noticed this on Terminators as well.

>> No.56409101

Ill be the only DKoK player in my lgs

>> No.56409116

I disagree.

>> No.56409120

depends on the age of the mold. New plastics are much better than the plastics stuff from the early 2000s, for example.

>> No.56409121


>> No.56409141

It's literally right there

>> No.56409148

Old GW plastic kits are kind of garbage while the new ones should take over everything, including FW

>> No.56409177

They'll be Imperial Agents

>> No.56409201


>> No.56409202


Is Imperial Agents basically just going to be a catch-all book for everyone not big enough to get their own Codex? Like LotD, Assassins, etc?

>> No.56409228

I guess so. That's what they were in 7th edition, weren't they?
This lead to a 'ew question: do Sororitas deserve their own codex? And if they don't, maybe the Eclesiarchy does?
Plastic sisters when?

>> No.56409308

What >>56405835 said. Enforcers are the planetary police force, Arbites are interstellar law enforcement, and are gonna be better armed and mostly dealing with bigger threats than a bit of gang violence and petty thievery and murder, for the most part. Kinda like the difference between normal police and the FBI in the US, but on a bigger scale, I guess.

>> No.56409314

If they get a big release with new unit yes, if not they can get lumped in with all tye other minor Imperial factions.

>> No.56409406


>> No.56409415

>Takes a look at the 4th ed metal Zoanthrope vs the new plastic one
The old one is pretty slick but detail is one thing that model lacks.

>> No.56409418

Sniper marauders are awesome for an AL army.

>> No.56409465

What even is there to learn about other than Death Company Primaris?

I'm going to laugh so hard if you still need the vanilla marines codex.

>> No.56409479

Much more pleasant. More reminiscent of the grav-rhinos they refused to do for the sisters of silence in favour of vagina-snails, even though they're in the fucking fluff.

Repulsor Crusader

True. Alternatively, a conversion could be tried to make it look more like an OG land raider.

>> No.56409486


BA have a ton of different exclusive units and gear.

That, plus the typical strategems and a shitload of fluff that tend to come with marine codexes.

>> No.56409519

You can put Primaris marines inside a Fortification, right? They only have problems getting into transport vehicles?

>> No.56409526

So, I'm building an army of Nids and I'm still pretty new to the game, so I need your help /tg/. I want to build a swarm list, something that'll make me regret the fact that I'll have to find a way to carry it around. Well, maybe not that bad. But I do enjoy the idea of swarming across the board with an army of bugs, name the Trygon. I like the idea of having it pop up out of nowhere to unleash a swarm of little shits on somebodies backside. I've also been thinking of using some carnifexes since they just got some love with the new codex.

Right now I'm cooking up one with a Swarmlord, Old One-Eye, and a Tervigon as the HQ choices, with a Trygon Prime, some termigaunts, and some number of carnifexes. I dunno whether the Screamer-Killers are worth the extra points either.

So what would be /tg/'s thoughts?

>> No.56409544

The Tervigon is really bad.
Carnies/Genestealers/Hive Tyrants are the best units in the codex so if you want to include any number of these, you really can't go wrong.

And Trygon + 30 Termagaunts with devourers are the most hilarious thing ever.

>> No.56409593

don't focus on the big fancy units like old one-eye and the swarmlord. As >>56409544 said, if you want to have a really strong list buy alot of genestealers, carnifexes and hive tyrants.

If you like the idea of swarming the dude with models he really just can't deal then mass genestealers/hormagaunts are the way to go.

>> No.56409611

>The Tervigon is really bad.
Utterly wrong, Tervigons are disgusting. Over the course of a game they can generate 120 points of free gants easily, meaning they cost pretty much half of what you pay for them by that point while being a T8 high wound synapse creature, a psyker, and buffing the gants in their aura. If your opponent dedicates anti-tank firepower to kill them, that's not going into your flyrants or other big bugs that are right in their face. If he doesn't shoot them, the gants become fucking impossible to remove without dedicating anti-infantry firepower that really really needs to be targeting genestealers.

>> No.56409674

Bloodthirsters to be worth their points. Either dropped in cost or a way for them to get into combat quicker, advance and charge would be nice.

If I want to use them I need to field at least 2 to be sure to get 1 into combat before they get shot off the board. 680pts is too much for this to be worthwhile.

Plus something for moral, Ld 7 is a huge pain when they are mostly large units that die easily.

Something needs to be done with horrors too. 1 blue and 9 brimstones is the only way they're effective but are tedious to play/play against.

>> No.56409720

GW balancing team:
> hey summoning is kinda ridiculous, how do we solve this?
> Just make them pay for what they summon
> hey this tervigon is somewhat similar mechanically to summoning?
> Were they good last edition?
> no they sucked ass
> fuck it they're hot shit now okay

>> No.56409768

Shitty pay for summoning crutch-patch mechanic is shitty.

>> No.56409773

Yup. Put your Ultramarine hellblasters in an imperial bastion, use the Scions of Guilliman stratagem, and enjoy

>> No.56409782

>Death Company Primaris

Nigga, what?

>> No.56409891


>> No.56409910

At least you can do it after disembarking so there's that

>> No.56409917

If you pay for them in advance it isn't free compadre

>> No.56410006

It is if you add them to an already existing unit.

>> No.56410011

I bet you think socialist healthcare is free too.

>> No.56410013


reinforcing units is free motherfucker.

churn out sixty termagaunts as you advance their ass into range of the enemies guns to pull anti infantry fire from your allies.

add ten devilgaunts in the back to deal damage, keep fleshborers up in front to soak up lasguns.

if you're running leviathan the tervigon and the termagaunts both get a 6+++ too. tervigons are lit.

>> No.56410050

Reinforcing existing units costs 0 (zero) reinforcement points

>> No.56410059

>Buy 30 gants with Fleshborers
>Deploy 30 gants
>lose a bunch of gants from that unit
>Use Tervigon to fill the unit back up, no reinforcement points required
>Essentially a bunch of free termagants, or effectively a points cut for the Tervigon by (cost of Gant x Number respawning) points because you bought a Tervigon instead of more gants.

Respawn enough gants, get a cheap or even free/negative points Psyker monstrous creature.

>> No.56410064

Actual one is, not this hipster "socialist" bullshit made by people who know jack shit about socialism. /pol/

>> No.56410071

>not real socialism

>> No.56410094

What is premeasuring?

>> No.56410109

Measuring before declaring any ingame actions.

>> No.56410145

dont make me fucking phone post a new thread guys

>> No.56410211

What's wrong with the named units? Are they really not the points as compared to their base model? Old One-Eye in particular seems like it'd be fun combined with the changes to carnifexes.

>> No.56410221

Alright here you go you dingdongs


>> No.56410227

I wistfully wish I could pay thousands of dollars in tax, and then have to pay even more thousands of dollars if I get sick

>> No.56410236

I was just getting ready to do so.

>> No.56410289

What does he run? What army do you play?

>> No.56410322

998 point batallion (6CP)

warboss on warbike: slugga/power klaw/2 dakkaguns/attack squig
big mek on warbike: kustom force field/choppa

12 boyz: slugga/choppa
inc. nob: kustom shoota/power klaw
trukk: big shoota/wreckin’ ball
12 boyz: slugga/choppa
nob: kustom shoota/power klaw
trukk: big shoota/wreckin’ ball
10 gretchin: grot blastas

7 warbikers: slugga/choppa/2 dakkaguns
inc. nob: slugga/big choppa/2 dakkaguns

2 big gunz: kannon
4 grot gunners

>am I gonna have a bad time?

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