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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
With the upcoming release of Unstable, will you allow people in your playgroup to play silver bordered cards temporarily or permanently?

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I bet that transforming fucker will be requested so much that saying no will become tiresome.

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I've been trying to settle of a U/R Spells deck
Working on this list



>> No.56395688


Need help with this deck:
Needd to fit in:
Villianous Wealth
Cabal+Urbog and ways to tutor
Cyclonic Rift
Maybe Vraska

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Optimus Prime? He's expensive, which helps keep people from playing him.

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Is Grimlock in Unstable? I thought he was just a promo card

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OP is just about silver bordered cards *shrug*

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Anyone who bans silver borders should stick to competitive formats where their rules lawyering will actually matter.

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I would be amenable to having specific decks built to play with silver border cards, but that would have to be agreed upon before hand.

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We already do this. We have a Grimlock player who is surprisingly scary with the deck.

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>no thread question

6/10, it's all I can give you.

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>letting me play Earl of Squirrel in my Ghave deck
Give your head a shake anon.

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Anybody play pic related? Wanted to build a cheap gruul deck while I wait for more dinosaurs and came across this link
Seems fun to throw mountains and trees at people but I'd like to hear from people who actually run him.

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>Is Grimlock in Unstable?
No. only Sword of D&D.

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There's a guy here who runs him, this is from the archive

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>Cast big man borbo for 8
>"I'll counter that"
>Cast big man borbo for 10
>chuck a land at someone
>"I'll respond with a StP/PtE/Instant Removal"
If you don't have a Keen Sense or Snake Umbra the turn you play him you're gonna have a bad time. Hell, most of the time he just gets removed the moment he shows his face because the deck pretty much hinges upon his board presence. Had a lot of fun with it while it lasted but it's way fragile around anybody that knows not to let him stick.

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as long as you've got enough rituals and draw spells, literally any pile of garbage is playable with mizzix or melek in front of it

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This is my brother's build. It performs pretty well, most of the time it wins via Omnath, Titania, Valakut, or of course Borb himself. Sylvan Safekeeper is an especially obnoxious little bastard.

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>just plays HS on Twitch for megabucks now
He was my hero

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>dedicated U deck in our playgroup keeps counterspelling my Meren and letting the Ur Dragon out and the cat deck put down mental equipments
>I end up ramping hard enough to cast it for 16 and lock down the board with Butcher of Malakir, Kordoza Guildmage, High Market and Veridian Emissary anyway

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He’s making hay while the sun shines. HS is dead within the next two years

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Earl of Squirrel is pretty fucking crazy. I guess it's not THAT much better than something like Kalonian Hydra but jesus

>> No.56396666

it's certainly not unprecedented

>> No.56396709

its not unprecedented.

But Earl costs 2 less, and is lord for squirrels and all token creatures..

>> No.56396718

>dem quads
>dat Timmy bait card
Welp, that's another card for Seton's Bullshit Factory

>> No.56396748

Earl of squirrel is a 6 drop 4/4 that creates 4 2/2s when it deals damage to anything. Living Hive is not even close

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>With the upcoming release of Unstable, will you allow people in your playgroup to play silver bordered cards temporarily or permanently?
No. This should not even be up for debate. And frankie is a perfect example of why.

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i just want squirrel tribal

>> No.56397079

You got a problem with Frankie Peanuts?

>> No.56397195

>thread question
I haven't really talked about it with my playgroup but I think they'd be fine with it. We all plan on drafting it together so it would only make sense but you never know. We also haven't seen enough of it for it to be feasible to even guess what's going to work.

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>i fell for the Boros meme

>> No.56397227

Which commander?

>> No.56397263

>not wanting to play Hard Mode

>> No.56397277


Aurelia (what else?).

>> No.56397332

>(what else?)

>> No.56397457

name one reason frankie shouldn't be allowed in edh besides being silver-bordered

>> No.56397471

>(what else?)

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Any good changes you would make on Arcane Wizardry?

>> No.56397599

The same for all 2017: delete Eminence

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>> No.56397621

"Does the answer to this question have the same binary value as your answer to the question 'will you concede before the end of my draw step this turn?'?"

>> No.56397629

Post 'em if you got 'em, boys

>> No.56397630

Depends, if you're going with Inalla then I recommend removing the other commanders and plugging in some fun ETB mess
Theres a lot of potential for different decks packed into one, you'll want to choose a playstyle and cater to that then ditch the rest

>> No.56397682

dude wtf I don't understand any of this is but I bet this is why we can't have nice things

>> No.56397831

You can't pull this bullshit, because while the card requires you to ask a yes or no question, but that doesn't imply a yes or no answer. You can elaborate as fully as you want to answer the question, provided the answer is truthful (so you can't say maybe, since then if you asked if they were going to block this turn or not, and they responded with "maybe" to the question, when you attack and move to declare blockers "maybe" will cause the game to go to time.

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>(What else?)

>> No.56397990

>mana drain is still legal
why is life suffering?

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last thread we were tallking about sweet cgi alters what do you guys think of mine
I reallllly like it but for some reason this cute girl at our LGS keeps making fun of me for it
I think she just wants me to ask her out

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>this is why we can't have nice things

>he thinks anything in an Un-set qualifies as a "nice thing"

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>> No.56398154

did someone say more proxies

>> No.56398241 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56398338

R8, H8, Appreci8

>> No.56398360

24/100, needs more 8's

>> No.56398502

I wanted to build silver bordered 5 color for a while, but when my cart of uncards ended up being more than a hundred bucks, I cancelled the whole thing.

I might do 5 color Un with Unstable and a tiny few cards from the old sets though. Depends on how well Unstable works with itself.

>> No.56398557

I’m thinking of building proper strong Saffi or 5 color Allies next.

>> No.56398566

and i was just hired too

>> No.56398590

>thread question
I briefly considered it when Grimlock was released but I can't find a copy less than $100 now so I don't think I can bother with it yet or potentially ever

>> No.56398688

Karn is currently in pieces for Godo

>> No.56399105

Yea that's what I figured but if I can win a couple times I'll be content.
Thanks anon

>> No.56399194


R8, H8 masturb8

>> No.56399218

I understand anime girls
I understand anime boys
I understand the reasoning behind just about every alter you could make
except this, this I do not understand
is it a pre-established character?
I could understand that
someone please end this madness

>> No.56399301

I've seen this before and it always makes me mad

The fucking mana cost isn't even right

>> No.56399719

It's a League of Legends character named Fizz.

It doesn't make sense even if you know the character though, so you're fine.

>> No.56400325

this is 99% of the reason these alters usually suck, zero thought put into them

>> No.56400331

It's intentionally a troll alter. Start picking up on the little things, like the text and mana cost. It was made to upset people. It gets replies nearly every time it is posted.

>> No.56400361

Are you visually challenged? That is clearly a centaur. The text box is see through, look again.

>> No.56400389

well then it appears you can

>> No.56400449

Yep. You're not wrong about it sucking, but at least call it out for the right reason, like being fapbait. For fuck's sake, Karador is a King, they should've made it some beefy bara centaur to troll more accurately.

>> No.56400611

As a waifufag, my commanders are only cute girls, can't have big dumb centaur men on my table
fixed some shit anyway

>> No.56400696

Is mizzix one of the cure girls?

>> No.56400809

>(What else?)

>> No.56400862

I want Adrianna to sit on my face.

>> No.56400902

Whilst using melee on Jamal and the gang?

>> No.56400959

What a fucking ugly character.

>> No.56401001

While getting fucked by the rest of the table because Boros.

>> No.56401029

I’m hype for the Pack.

I love this shit. Booster Tutor is my fave un card other than maybe Duh.

>> No.56401079


breh i was so stupid

but Iroas is fun tho

>> No.56401124

good in naya decks
trust me

>> No.56401175

I’ve been running hapatra for a few months and as time goes by I keep adding more and more eldrazi for late game. I’m considering building a deck commuted to eldrazi with rakdos as commander, any better suggestions?

>> No.56401221

What the fuck

>> No.56401258

can someone name the creatures featured in the card art?

>> No.56401281

It looks like a zombie unicorn, a zombie demon, a zombie shark, and a zombie homunculus.

>> No.56401310

my first thought was Fblthp but it doesn't really fit that well

>> No.56401327

I want to use this with a pack of Legions

It's impossible to say. There is no zombie unicorn and this could be any unicorn. The shark can only be Giant Shark but I think it's actually just "generic shark". This is a very half-assed card that could have been a masterpiece if it actually depicted cards that could all be in the same booster. Alas, Giant Shark is in The Dark and no unicorns are in that set so Matt Cavotta phoned it in with random creatures rather than go the extra mile.

>> No.56401332

I have never wanted a card so badly as I do this one.

>> No.56401346

What’s the best pack for this? I want to say Zendikar for all the activated abilities

>> No.56401350

The shark is probably Giant Shark, since it's probably the only normal shark in magic. But the rest looks kinda generic, I don't remember any homunculus that matches the one in the pic. The only other creature that may be recognizable is the demon??? on the back.

>> No.56401365

As already mentioned, Legions is all creatures, so guaranteed 15. For quality, Rise of the Eldrazi, maybe?

>> No.56401383

I'd think Rise of the Eldrazi for all those big fatties. Maybe New Phyrexia for funsies.

>> No.56401388

a Masters set would have above-average power

>> No.56401429

Good look finding sealed legions boosters for a reasonable price. Even Zendikar boosters should be fairly expensive.

I think that >>56401388 has the right idea. Or maybe you should start holding onto that last booster in your box that has a mythic in it.

>> No.56401500

>pay a shitton of money for a sealed legions pack
>play unstable draft with friends until I manage to get my hands on summon the pack
>watch this
>unzips legions pack
>open phage
>lose the game

>> No.56401622

>With the upcoming release of Unstable, will you allow people in your playgroup to play silver bordered cards temporarily or permanently?

>> No.56401850

>allow players to use silver bordered cards
we have one player who likes to run mother of goons and we would allow any non “op” cards since Commander is supposed to be fun

>> No.56401882

>since Commander is supposed to be fun
You do know what thread we're in, right?

>> No.56401995

hearty kek

>> No.56401997

>Commander is supposed to be fun
no it isnt

>> No.56402051

Fuck no. Boros has the most issues with consistent ramp and card draw. I don’t have enough gas to go full voltron or giant tribal.

>> No.56402115

LGS virgin spotted

>> No.56402171

bfg, giant shark, sacred pegasus and fblthp. All zombified.

>> No.56402172

>"""""""""""""""""""competitive commander"""""""""""""""""""

>> No.56402221

i meant revered... im just gunna set myself on fire

>> No.56402397

Giant Tribal is a trap. If XP counters are sought after at all in a Kalemne deck, they are best paired with alternate cost creatures like Flamsrush Rider, Ingot Chewer, Avatar of Fury

>> No.56402424

Troll bait aside, I'm getting into foil alters. I got some testing sheets ordered and some 60 foil commons in the mail. There's just one thing that concerns me
>10 dollars for a packet of 2 sheets
Shit's gonna add up. Why isn't there more options? Why did Office Depot stop making the good ones?

>> No.56402517

It can't be. He has 3 fingers as opposed to 4 in the art, and 2 toes as opposed to 3 in the art.
The unicorn is really generic, and I don't what you mean by bfg, do you mean bfm?.

>> No.56402530

The big one looks like a Baloth

>> No.56402546

we're definitely going to get it. i'm 100% building a squirrel edh deck. ordering squirrel staples tonight before they spike. it will probably end up mono-green but i would be very happy if it ended up selesnya.

>> No.56402615

someone on mythic said maro said no squirrel legend but i can't find any source for that

>> No.56402617

could also be a kavu

why does wotc make up all these beasts

>> No.56402665

You try to come up with original names for "big fat creature" for 25 years.
They already have the Howlpack issue.

>> No.56402692

>we're definitely going to get it
nevermind. i just looked into it and it looks like no legendary squirrel. wow. what were they thinking.

>> No.56402713

Just have legendaries that generate tokens that will become squirrels via the lord

>> No.56402774

>via the lord
but it's one card out of 99. no way you're guaranteed to draw it/play it. i'm not building that. damn. i just went from 100% building a squirrel deck to 0% building a squirrel deck.

>> No.56402779

I was thinking that the art represents dead creature types? Though I can't identify the creature in the back

>> No.56403014

More spear/pole-arm equipment when? This and Moonsilver being the only ones is a tragedy

>> No.56403141

Because literally no one actually uses that shit

>> No.56403269

Hey boros posters how do I brew crazy avacyn? I want to try building boros.

>> No.56403292

Just run all the cards in that Selesnya populate dude, Trostani, I think. You get the new white Wild Pair, Wild Pair, and all the token generators you like. So why not run that with all the squirrel cards? The new squirrel guy would work in that deck regardless of the other squirrel cards.

>> No.56403401

ehh, it's just not the same. it ends up being a subpar trostani deck instead of a squirrel deck. i've got a lot of squirrel cards from back in the day already so i'll just see if those go up in price and maybe make a couple dollars.

>> No.56403770

Remaking Sevala into Freyalise. But it's a infinite mana combo and elf ball hybrid. It's pretty good.

>> No.56403964

Nah, so far it's just phyrexian and etherium thighs

>> No.56404009

Who is the funnest Big Black commander? I run Volrath right now but it's a one-trick pony: Give Volrath tons of evasion, feed him bigass creatures, recur them, and hope you draw into mass reanimation if that fails. Kind of want to try Chainer and just use everyone else's stuff to my benefit.

>> No.56404052

Daily reminder to give competitive players zero tolerance.

>> No.56404168

Runechanter's Pike
Sharpened Pitchfork
Scythe of the Wretched(? maybe)

>> No.56404169

Currently I have
1. K+T Grouphug
2. Draconic Domination Timmy Deck

Looking for something fun, dynamic. Maybe combat or spell-slinger, but not Voltron.

Can y'all help me decide between these three commanders, focusing on fun?
a. Mizzix SpellSlinging
b. Alesha Graveyard Aggro
b. Locust God Token Swarm

>> No.56404216

Yeah, the two card monster. I missed the lack of fingers, so hes gotta be jeering homonculous

>> No.56404577

Worldslayer, land disruption, wipes and reanimators. If it doesnt feel like you're playing black you arent tuned enough.

>> No.56404578

please show me the jenara deck. it sounds similar to the trostani deck i wanted to make.here's a fun combo in exchange.

>> No.56404601

It can't be BFM, bfm has much more horns in its face. Also, Jeering Homunculus has the same number of fingers and toes as fblthp, which is different from the homunculus on the art.

Those monsters on the art are just generic monsters, either that, or they are going to be in an upcoming mtg set.

>> No.56405210

Can do. I’ll get you my trashy newest list tonight.

>> No.56405377

Hey, building a Nazahn on off he cat precon and just need some quick advice. The build I'm putting together relies or is atleast heavily benefited by having both Arahbo and Mirri on the field so I'm trying to play a generous amount of creature tutors in the deck. So far I have:
Congregation at Dawn
Captain Sissay
Eledamri's Call
Green Sun's Zenith
Are there 1 or 2 more good ones I should consider playing?

>> No.56405381

Why not go tribal with a voltron subtheme? Works with my Kalemn

>> No.56405423

It's expensive (both price and CMC) but Tooth and Nail is the best creature tutor.

>> No.56405468

Worldly Tutor is always the best creature tutor

>> No.56405551

protean hulk

is the best creature tutor

>> No.56405705

Thanks guys, I can't believe I forgot about worldly tutor as a fairly cheap go to.

>> No.56405720

>If it doesnt feel like you're playing black you arent tuned enough.
Karmic Guide+Reveillark, Sun Titan, Felon of the Third Path, Loyal Retainers, Goblin Welder are my rez dudes
Consider also Sword of Light and Shadow, Mistviel Plains, Command Beacon, Buried Ruin

>> No.56405753

how do i effectively play a slow combo deck? feels bad getting pinged as an open target while also having nothing to help against the chad at the table.

>> No.56405780

*Subverts your meta*

>> No.56405836

Torpor Orb would hurt more. Completely arbitrary how it hits my decks though. It might be dead or it might win you the game. I don’t have a Flicker deck at least.

>> No.56405891

Make it not a slow combo deck.
Or play politics, be a nice guy, smile, make friends!

>> No.56405892

Kinda like Mindcensor, I'd take the flash over 1 less CMC and the artifact card type. They are about asequally difficult to remove in my group

>> No.56405941

just wipe the board every other turn until you can combo

>> No.56405980

altar of bone

>> No.56405987

*Laughs in general lack of ETBs*

>> No.56406053

>loyal retainers work with walkers now
holy shit anon, i forgot about them because angelic renewal was cheaper and had better timings.... but now im in love

>> No.56406081

They don’t.

>> No.56406136

Only with the Origins flip-walkers, which it would have worked with before the change. So nothing different there.

>> No.56406158

Is blue Marchesa's game plan reanimator, or what?

>> No.56406189

it's threaten effects + wraths
wincon is Bearer of the Heavens

>> No.56406197

alesha is most fun of the three

>> No.56406234

>mfw my LGS has packs of Urza's Saga and Urza's Destiny

>> No.56406247

>repeatedly flickers wormfang manta with brago to take infinite turns
it's not parsonal boy

>> No.56406251

Any thoughts toward additions/changes to my Skullbriar list? Not seen much in terms of decklists.


>> No.56406267

>errata'd in commanders arsenal

>> No.56406275


>> No.56406378

Nah, Legend was a creature type. See Sisay’s old wording. It would have to reference both to ever have worked.

>> No.56406441

still got em

>> No.56406468


>> No.56406508

turn daxos into zur zombies.

>> No.56406551

Here ya go! This is the list as it currently is. Honestly, looking at it, it needs fucktons of work. I've been meaning to cut a lot of this nonsense (karoos? the fuck was I thinking). But that's neither here nor there:


>> No.56406585

>using Zur for a meme deck
he's going to get hatefucked if Zur is in the command zone
tutor commanders are also boring

>> No.56406643

*laughs at inability to deal with enchantments*

>> No.56406712

I kinda want to do Cleric tribal. I don't know why, but a jank tribe seems like fun.

>> No.56406781

do it
Battletide Alchemist turns you into a god at the table

>> No.56406804

>looking for better variants of commanders I have on tappedout
>find literal garbage decks that are highly rated
This really shouldn't upset me but it does. Is tappedout full of jackasses who just create multitude of fake accounts to circle jerk their deck?

>> No.56406811

This looks... AMAZING!!!!!!!
The force seems to flows strong in you..
Dralnu decklist, maybe?

>> No.56406829

Just more casual players who skim, or don't know what they are looking at. there is a chance that your deck is literally garbage too Anon! :^)

>> No.56406854

Drazis are for 5c commander
Roofstorm + arcane adaptation(or conspiracy) make them free
Green is for backup
white is for protection
Red is for....FIRE

>> No.56406861

I wouldn't doubt it considering my fucking kaervek deck is rated higher than my competitive ones

>> No.56406883

Since when the fuck is Mammoth Mogul in goddamn MTG?

That's an edit, right?
>It's not.

The ride never ends.

>> No.56406884

>Battletide Alchemist
Oh fuck that's fucking tight. Which commander? Obviously Ayli wins on flavor but Athreos looks really good for Clerics too

>> No.56406959

ayli lends herself to tokens better than athreos so she's better with cards you want like Hanweir militia captain/westveil abbey, MIRROR ENTITY

>> No.56406971

also, don't forget edge walker & high priest of penance

>> No.56406989

Your wallet will weep for many moons after this

>> No.56406994


Another cool cleric is dauntless defender, which combos with pestilence and Crypt rats

>> No.56407019

>high priest

redundant in ayli

>> No.56407027

aaand mirrage mirror, mirror of the forebears, mirrorpool

>> No.56407038

>having repeatable Vindicatesque redundancy is bad

>> No.56407061

>dauntless defender
that creature is named Dauntless Escourt and is in G/W but you meant Selfless Spirit who is a monoW spirit cleric

>> No.56407068

Both of the BW partners are clerics. Just saying..

>> No.56407092

Pulled a foil version of this bad boy today.
What would you guys recommend? Crucible of worlds is a given.

>> No.56407153


No no sorry the name was actually daunting* defender, not a super powerful card given its cmc but it's a cool option I think

>> No.56407162

You think we'll get one last hurrah anytime soon?

>> No.56407163

>wasting a slot to what your commander already does at any given moment

daily reminder that /tg/ is bad at magic

>> No.56407168


>> No.56407200


High priest of penance is a death trigger, it combos with sac outlets like ayli, also it's a cleric, also sac'ing it to Ayli's second ability and exiling 2 permanents at the same time is insanely good value

Not saying it's an autoinclude but I don't think it makes much sense to call somebody bad at magic for thinking it's decent in ayli

>> No.56407212

That's not how High Priest of Penance works.

>> No.56407218

Not the guy you replied to, but have you read High Priest of Penance? That is a damage trigger, not a death trigger. Nonbo with Ayli.

>> No.56407219

Are you thinking of archon of justice?

>> No.56407228

>at any given moment
High Priest is comboable, in the tribe/colors that the original poster stated, and doesn't have a life/creature sac requirement

>> No.56407270


Oh lol whoops, misremembered how high priest works

>> No.56407271

not to mention a very easily recurrable body/CMC/creature type

>> No.56407279

Redundancy isn't that bad to include, especially if you're going for a theme like tribal.

High Priest is more of a deterrent to attackers than it is spot removal. Slightly different situational pieces are fine to run, much like running Academy Rector in Zur, or Swords to Plowshares in Teysa.

>> No.56407409


He's a goofy deck I'll bring out every now and again. Pissed off one of my friends when his new Darien deck just got mountains piled on top of him over and over, and despite the number of kill spells Borby took to the face, I had so much goddam mana floating around I could just keep hard casting him, while chucking more trees at shit.

>> No.56407417

you're wasting a slot to something won't get you to 50 life. it has negligible synergy with the commander. and if you can't activate ayli's ability in the mid-late game, you're already losing.

if you must have redundancy, run the actual vindicate instead so you can target what ayli can't.

>> No.56407447

Can a decent Xenagos deck be built for around $50?

>> No.56407470

Soul Sisters like low CMC critters nigger
B/W can recur it a thousand times more easily than Vindicate (whose effect is stuck at sorcery speed unlike Priest)
You're also neglecting that the original poster wanted Cleric Tribal, the biggest nail in the coffin for your argument

>> No.56407472

King Macar

>> No.56407480

Considering Atarka, World Render is a $0.35 card, probably.

>> No.56407492

Chord of Calling

>> No.56407507

>tell myself that I can't build titiania because she's too expensive with shit like azusa, crucibles, scapeshifts, fetches, and other needed cards
>find myself buying the cheaper cards for her like crop rotation, glacial chasm, natural affinity, and a variety of ramp spells

>> No.56407555

>caring about a tier 4 modern deck in vintage lite
>all those ways to ping your own creatures in WB
>tribal decks can't run sorceries
4/10 made me dispense a (you)

>> No.56407638

>wasted trips
confirmed for never seen an ayli deck
soul sisters are her primary source of lifegain
>tribal decks can't run sorceries
lovely strawman

>> No.56407649

>havent played or talked about the game with anyone in almost a year
>my friend group dissolved and local lgs store is shit and full of no fun autists
>keep making deck lists and lurking in these threads anyways
It hurts so bad, but nothing else has filled the void

>> No.56407735

that's the joy of building it. making a meme deck that can withstand a hatefucking.

>> No.56408289

Some new guy playing the K&T precon, plays an akroan horse straight into his own hushwing.

>> No.56408488


>> No.56408509

Hardcore group hug action. Meletis people don’t got shit on Akros when it comes to fake horses.

>> No.56408538

Is Gamble T1 for Sol Ring always the best play or only mostly the best play?

>> No.56408555

As in taking a muligan? If the first one is free and you need fast mana sure?

>> No.56408573

Going down a card just for a 7 in 8 chance of a Sol Ring doesn’t seem that hot.

>> No.56408576

Sorry I meant the card Gamble.

>> No.56408590

Hah well, if you have nothing better to search for go for it. Seems a waste though

>> No.56408616


6 in 7 right?

Still sounds like an amazing deal, Sol Ring is that good

>> No.56408685


Oh yeah draw for turn

>> No.56408708

sounds like a pretty faggot use of tutors

but I guess that just comes with the territory

>> No.56408751

Who is the best waifu commander?
preferably a top

>> No.56408761

bruse tarls probably what you want

>> No.56408844

Fucking hilarious card. Def my favorite in gitrog

>> No.56408854

Avacyn, angel of my heart

>> No.56408933

Fumiko "who glues foes to her ass" the lowblood. Aka Kazuul EDH.

>> No.56408989

I won a game with a Patron of the Moon deck through an infinite combo (infinite mana, infinite tokens, was able to draw my entire deck). One guy at the table packed up his cards, said that infinite combos are wrong and just left the store without saying goodbye.

So who was in the wrong here?

>> No.56409000

Bite the bullet and go to the store.

>> No.56409018

>plays EDH
>says infinite combos are wrong
that guy's a fag

>> No.56409022

>Muh bad wrong fun
This is low quality bait. Some people like combo's. Some people don't. It's subjective.

>> No.56409131

>nuking the board and ruining the Timmy players experience

Is there a better feeling?

>> No.56409176

surprise milling 3 timmy players into an easy win

>> No.56409284

Cyclonic rifting and then spawning 100 100/100 hydra's right before your turn with counterspell backup.

God I love Kruphix.

>> No.56409598

10/10 flavor text

>> No.56409680

Yep. I wish there was a foil version- one of my all time favorite cards ever.

>> No.56410110

Him for being such a whiny bitch. If he doesn't like something, he could have just told you before playing.

>> No.56410146

He's still in the wrong but man if you go up to every random you're about to play with and say "Hey i hate infinite combos" you'll look like an even bigger bitch.

>> No.56410154

Would it be gay to fill my mono black deck with swamps that have shrek on them?

>> No.56410162

He's in the wrong, my playgroup has an agreed upon rule to avoid them unless it's just some jank 4 card combo or something that should have been punished but when you're playing with randoms it's anything goes

>> No.56410174



>> No.56410331

Then don't scoop.
If you're too childish to handle some games, take measures before you start playing.

>> No.56410361

That has nothing to do with what i just said. There was no mention of scooping. The Patron of the Moon player already won, telling someone they cant leave the table after the game over is retarded. He's in the wrong for getting pissing, because its just a game but telling other players "I DONT LIKE THIS" wont stop them from playing it.

>> No.56410564

That's an awful use of Gamble

>> No.56411163

>With the upcoming release of Unstable, will you allow people in your playgroup to play silver bordered cards temporarily or permanently?
absolutely not

>> No.56411198

Sealed Legions packs from TCG Player average around 10$

>> No.56411533

I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna buy one and bring it to Unstable draft or sealed and give it to whoever gets the Pack.

If they get Phage, even better.

>> No.56411639

i have 3 selesnya decks, am i gay?

>> No.56411665

Sissy doesn’t necessarily mean homo.

Anyone who has more than 2 EDH decks of the same color combination is deranged, so you got bigger problems than insatiable cockthirst.

>> No.56411692

Have Thelon of Havenwood, plan on building Gitrog and Savra. Why do I love GB so much.

>> No.56411742

Because BG has access to a bunch of different archetypes, not like fucking atac boros

>> No.56411757

Savra is still my favorite deck and mine's not even optimized.

>> No.56411761

Oh yes, like “lose to Rest In Peace” six times over.

>> No.56411766

I love savra but she's just so slow, I wish she was a bit cheaper to get onto the board

>> No.56411872

How do I build Selesnya? I have one Mirri deck, but it's pretty bad. No homo.

>> No.56412041

No but I bet you'd like it if I stepped on your sack.

>> No.56412224

For big, stompy gruul/naya decks, do I run a mixture of dorks and ramp spells? Or do I prioritize one over the other?

>> No.56412280

BoP and GSZ+Dryad Arbor if you want turn 1 explosive plays, otherwise land ramp all day.

>> No.56412374

I would say dorks are generally better despite their fragility for the following reasons: fast, potential attacking body, circumvent winter orb and land D, fodder for sac outlets, grant some protection from edicts, turns on various things like survival of the fittest for example.
However, you may want to go the other route if your meta is chockablock with removal/ board whipes.

>> No.56412392

What do you even need three chastity cages for?

>> No.56412455

You get a plastic one for when you travel on airplanes, duh

>> No.56412597

>replacing a centaur with some near-nude archer lady

This is why people shit on digital alters. Get your uncomfortably dressed waifus out of the game. If you want to play your waifu, go play force of will.

>> No.56412641

Ah classic /tg/, bad at magic and blind

>> No.56412683

I know she's a centaur. 90% of people will just see the near-nude archer lady bit. You should keep your porn away from the table.

>> No.56412724

>he doesn't have lewd cards and sleeves to make people uncomfortable

>> No.56412753

>it's only ok when wizards prints near naked women
Nah, I make them for anyone that asks

>> No.56412770

You're only making yourself look like a loser sempai.

>> No.56412780

>you sit down at your LGS
>your opponent sits down
>they have this playmat and haven't showered in weeks
>you can smell the mold growing in the many folds of the bulging body their clothes struggle to contain

We all know this guy. Please stop being that guy. Also, take a shower.


>> No.56412802

Fuck me up with a sexy gitrog bruh.

>> No.56412809

I just put together a list for $35 but i already had Nylea and Xenagos

>> No.56412817

>he doesn't commit to the disgusting body type and mannerisms that distract opponents
Heh, casuals

>> No.56412851

Her contours are showing, somebody think of the children!

>> No.56412865

actually unironic answer from a degenerate. normal plastic one for every day short term use, a metal one for long term use and easy of cleaning, and a smaller one for when your dick starts to shrink from lack of use (not permanent)

>> No.56412869

>i-it's not porn, it's just a picture of a woman wearing almost nothing! I-I'm not sexually attracted to anime girls, r-really!

>> No.56412875

>tfw try to be mlg but eat healthy and work out too much
>lose every game to jiggling flesh beasts that mock me with screeching laughter, putrid odor and distracting waifus
>tears stain my abs
>crunches do nothing to consol me

>> No.56412877


Scarab God loves etbs though

>> No.56412960

It must be awful to have grown up this repressed.

>> No.56412964

>> No.56412987

All jokes aside I lose to a guy like this every week at draft
He's fat, sweaty, wears torn stained clothes, and always has one arm inside his shirt rubbing and revealing his gut

Never seen anyone luckier on pulls though

>> No.56413007


>> No.56413030

Best I could do in lecture

>> No.56413084

This is objectively ugly

>> No.56413094

I have fear.

>> No.56413105

golgari is the best 2 color combo, it can do literally anything and has the best dual color commanders

>> No.56413261

I play him as "G/R big CMC spellslinger" with about 52 lands. Scrambleverse gets a lot more serious than just "tedious chaos.dec" when your whole board is lands 80% of the time. The Great Aurora is a lot better when you wheel into twice as many lands as everybody else. The classic Bobo finisher package (Keen Sense, Snake Umbra, Abundance) is of course there, but it's difficult to rely on it when you don't have tutors for them in the colors.

>> No.56413267


>> No.56413278

Also, break this Commander, /edhg/.

>> No.56413280

>> No.56413285



>> No.56413292

I mean

it breaks itself

>> No.56413297

>people are unironically falling for the unstable meme

i cant wait until people get bored of this retarded waste of cardboard set in a week

>> No.56413307

I'm just enjoying the ride while it lasts. I have no desire to ever buy any packs of this. But the memeing is fun for a hot second.

>> No.56413316


>> No.56413379

to be fair that anon is kinda right even though he worded that retardedly. most people always fall back on the "its fun" argument when being asked to defend their opinion but usually cant explain what makes something fun or good. when they say "its fun" they really should be saying "its fun because...."

>> No.56413386

Wow. /v/ was originally ironically using the “fun is a buzzword” meme? I thought they were genuine.

>> No.56413456

>tfw I want the lands but don't want to spend money on this and nobody near me will buy into it either

>> No.56413470

>playing Boros
>not playing Tajic's Stuffy Doll shenanigans.dec
>not playing Brion gibsmedat.dec

>> No.56413479

just buy them online, the prices will tank when people realize there is a retarded amount of the set out there because WotC is literally banking on a meme. most of them are preordering for 2 dollars right now anyway

>> No.56413501

Don't listen to this drek >>56410174 , make our Swamp-Daddy proud

>> No.56413518

You should be gay for Shrek anyway.

>> No.56413521

Very loli but not very sexy.

>> No.56413530

>draft it once with friends, have a laugh
>sell off any lands and tokens
>donate the silver bordered cards to a friend with more time than sense
>he builds a cube with unstable+conspiracy that we can draft once in a blue moon
Seems fun tbqh fampai

>> No.56413557

I need to buy a Griselbrand and OG Emrakul. I never had a reason to own them before now.

>> No.56413584

>ancient tomb into spike paying 2 and 6 life
>pay 8 life to fetch skull clamp, drop mana crypt into clamp
>clamp spike and draw two cards
Sick plays bro.

>> No.56413586

HAHAHA! You fell for it! You fool! You will spend 12€ just for fun! In the wizards headquarter there is a fat man rubbing your money over his naked greasy body.

>> No.56413700

do men work at WotC? i thought they were nearing buzzfeed levels of non male employees

>> No.56413731

Not sure about company wide, but the Magic Department is still mostly male, as far as I can tell from the articles that list design/development team members.

>> No.56413735

He's kept in The Vault

>> No.56413751

>Flatchested bitch with an overdyed edgy haircut in a black zipup and meme shirt cheating during a match

Holy shit they do know the stereotypes

>> No.56413812

>not having the Swamps be altered to his hut

>> No.56414502

how good & fun is kambal?

>> No.56414596

Lake of the Dead
Realms Uncharted
Nissa, Vital Force
Raven's Crime
Strip Mine/Wasteland/Dust Bowl

>> No.56414736

how bad is a superfriends deck with only the bottom of the barrel budget walkers?

>> No.56414765

still fun, not nearly as competitive.

I won my last superfriend game via nahiri making Atraxa a 9/9 doublestriker

>> No.56414956

list plz? How does it perform?

>> No.56414969

pretty shit honestly and unless you start shelling out $10+ per walker there isnt really enough walkers to fill out a deck

side note, narset super friends is better than atraxa imo

>> No.56415273

Like Oloro so not fun, but without blue so not good

>> No.56415580

>that manface

>> No.56415826

Brainlet here
Is it possible to remove this guy, or to win if your opponent plays him?

>> No.56415843

Ramunap excavator
Rain of filth
Lotus cobra
Dakmor salvage
Life from the loam
Skirge familiar

>> No.56415852

>other permanents

>> No.56415869

A gutshot?

>> No.56415896

He doesn't grant the ability to himself.

So he can be removed via any normal means.

Having two of them out makes it harder, but the are still vulnerable to sacrifice/non-damage boardwipes

>> No.56416005

It's just not now my deck came together. I've got fleshbag and a few processors, the rest of my native creatures are rocking activations (Synergy with training grounds), some death triggers, and quite a few on-damage. Heck, I'll thank Hushwing guy for letting me sneak my Doomsday Specter in without bouncing anything and rewarding by stripping his hand mercilessly. You can totally play ETB Scarab but the beauty of Scarab God is that there are a million ways to play him.

>> No.56416007

Found my new commander

>> No.56416042

Not a creature but I guess if your group lets you play silver-bordered trash anyway.

>> No.56416231

>Legendary Creature - Frog Horror
Should have used some Wakfu art.

>> No.56416308

>you can't crack open a $3-4 booster and turn around to flip the lands for double the price while the set is still in print

No fucking shit. Christ this board is retarded sometimes.

>> No.56416432

>spend twice as much money for a land in a pack than online in bulk from a rando site

i wonder who could be behind this post?

>> No.56416496

But the lands are literally the only reason to open unstable unless you are com colossal memeing fag who will get bored of the set after a single draft.

>> No.56416675

>Tfw no catdragons on mtgo
What gives wizards?!

>> No.56416734

>mtgfinance jew calling others jews for pointing out that it's stupid to expect unstable lands to be worth more than the price of a booster pack before the set stops being printed

>> No.56416736


>> No.56416743

Only thing cheaper than a Jew is an antisemite
Search your heart you know it to be true

>> No.56416783

how do i make this a real card, or good enough to replace my real gitrog?

>> No.56416893

Yeah and?

>> No.56416951

>refusing to pay twice as much for the chance of pulling 1 in 5 lands makes you mtgfinance or a jew
good goy anons

>> No.56417009

new thread

>> No.56417012

>mtgfinance or a jew
poor reading comprehension
clearly im not calling him a jew

>> No.56417016

You're dumb. I'll explain this slowly.

You and other retards are bitching that Unstable lands aren't immediately worth $10 or whatever Unhinged lands go for. Others point out that you can't flip lands for more than the price of a booster while the set is still in print so of course they're selling for cheap right now.

Mtgfinance retards think they're owed an ROI instantly. They are too stupid to live.

>> No.56417235


>> No.56417389

just agressive creatures with etb effects and sac outlets

>> No.56417838

>the beauty of Scarab God is that there are a million ways to play him
Every commander can be played in a million ways when you include pure trash like Doomsday Specter.

>> No.56418170

when i exile something with hostage taker and then cast it
when hostage taker leaves the battlefield i will keep my cast and the opponent will get his one back, right?

>> No.56418266

From the gatherer page

29/09/2017 Once you begin to cast the exiled card, it’s considered a new object. You’ll control that spell and the permanent that spell becomes even if Hostage Taker leaves the battlefield.

>> No.56418744

>Dust Elemental and Sneak Attack

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