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Preorders for the core game STILL going on:

Rolled a 1-2 on severe injuries >>56299884

10 days without scanon debinded his book, hope he's doing okay.

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10 days without scanon after he debinded his book*


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I got the game about two weeks ago. I jumped in blind due to the Kickstarter hype last fall. Didn't even watch playthroughs.

several Lions, a couple Antelopes, several TPK's, and a Butcher later all I gotta say is: Jesus Christ I love this game so fucking much it makes me angry.

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Where is that one from, I don't recognize it.

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I'm getting my Allison sometime soon, and wanted to know if anyone had any difficulties with putting her together. Specifically any issues with her arm with the sword and if anyone needed to pin her due to balance issues or anything. I'm using this model as practice for more delicate model work than what I'm used to.

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This gallery here. https://imgur.com/gallery/0FSYZ
Also DBK introduction story.

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Nothing 28mm / 35mm should ever need pinning unless it's not made of metal. But usually not even then.

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>unless it's not made
* unless it's made

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These are from the expansions, right?

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some are from core rulebook too (eg. very first is when Phoenix shows up)

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If only there was someone to carry on where her frail body failed...

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New plan is to have a full prisma hunt team. Loli and death what could go wrong

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Grade A waifu material. 10/10 would turn towns into paper dolls with

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>Paid my shipping fee a little over 2 weeks ago
>Still no core game, bordering on 3 weeks now
>Check Backerkit to see if there's any information on where my package is, or how I can track it's whereabouts

If it's ready to ship, fucking ship it to me already. Jesus Poots PLEASE. I want to play.

Also, thinking I'm gonna model my first settlement after Magic the Gathering, and name all my survivors after Plains Walkers.

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You just know Urza is going to fuck everything up for everyone if you do that.

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>Loli and death what could go wrong
Everything, which is why you should do it.

Save MTG for people of the stars, legendary dragons will keep you busy.

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Well work's been busy lately, but I finally got a chance to start up an actual game instead of just making the minis. Decided to name my survivors after Homestuck, because it was an easy name system to remember and also because I'm trash.

This turned the first hunt into "Jade Harley beats a lion to death with her bare hands while the rest of the party falls all over themselves and Dave has a mental breakdown."
Seriously. No one else did any damage, it was ridiculous. Meanwhile Jade opens the fight by critting off the hand, and it just gets dumber from there.

I can't wait to get off work tomorrow and get back to it.

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Hey guys, Scanon here posting from the crapper at work. I'm still here and still posting a lot and I'm sorry to any anons looking forward to the scans. I got a lot on my plate right now but I still plan to scan. It's just going to be slow going. What free time I do have I find it hard to want to spend it in the printer room scanning pages. I will get it done but it's a time consuming task and I don't have much time as it is. I hope everyone understands. I'll try to update more.

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Shit happens.

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Finished old Spidicules

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Can't you use a hair dryer to bend the legs a tiny bit so they all touch the ground?

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It's all good my dude, I was just hoping you were alright.

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Absolutely disgusting.

Can you use your skills to teach us how to paint latex for when Red Witches are shipped?

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Where to store all my Expansion Cards?
I had hoped the Update Box would have been a bit bigger so I could store them there...

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While going through my pile of last year’s appetizer promos for cards, I found a “Tattered Parcel” sticker that comes with Allison. Where exactly am I meant to stick this?

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In the rulebook's Hooded Knight. Don't bother sticking though incase new additions come out, just remember if you get Tattered Parcel you get the sword, the robe and the blue lantern.

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>and the blue lantern.
All these promo lanterns have become a lot more usefull with the endgame of 1.5, I think that is pretty nice.

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Blue Lantern is so sick too!

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I take it there are ways to mitigate 2d10 brain damage

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... but I do think some of the other promos are imbalanced jokes. Blue Lantern is all okay in my book, cursed and that.

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Accept Darkness and survival of the fittest! Also finding ways to generate insanity such as priority target just in time for monster controller.

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At worst you´ll suffer a single brain trauma, whoop dee doo.

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Can be horrifying without accept darkness.

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looks like Irish housewife except for the missing teeth

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nothing a little trepanation won't cure

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I already did that and the end result was Miyu getting coup de grace'd and Kuro turning into the Kingsman, Illya was fine though >>56363220.

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>always go on how important food is and all
>make many special additions to the Gambler Box related to food
>still let the Cooking Story Event be super shit in 1.5

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go ahead and eat the bugs raw if you're so brave

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For that to happen I first would need to have a bug in the first place.
I think the Vermin Deck is the only one I have not drawn from a single time through all my three campaigns.

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That's odd, normally I get 1 or 2 per campaign. You must be unlucky on terrain

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>people not filling gaps

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The only viable use for cooking in 1.5 is healing shitty disorders.

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I don't think you gain insanity unless you have a choice of targets and you choose yourself.

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You still need some Phoenix resources for that.
I actually think the Venison Oso Buco is the best recipe.
Only needs Antelope stuff, and your best chance for getting the bug and acanthus is its showdown. With how the Antelope drops its shit in 1.5 you probably have all needed resources after two or three hunts.
+1 permanent evasion is also quite good for how there is basically zero risk in getting it.

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The +1 Endeavor just for having the innovation is pretty spiffy though.

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Antelope now guarentees one.

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Settlement got Clinging Mist'd. Fitting both story-wise and gameplay-wise, too, as the others had realized Survival of the Fittest was hard, and decided we'd try something else this time.
A new chance at life.
The only two left survivors behind were a psychopath murderer and a fear of the dark retired chicken.

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It guarentees a bug patch, right?
Not outright a Vermin ressource?
How high are the chances on a bug patch anyway?

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First time player, got 3 vermin in the settlement. No cooking though.

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If I throw a founding stone do I draw a hit location?

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Yes, and if the hit location doesn't have any crit text, then the stone gets archived without doing anything.

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Anything? But it does a wound anyway right?

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Nope. The Stone's activation does a critical wound, not a regular wound. You only get a critical wound on cards with critical wound text.

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When you roll a critical from a regular attack and there is no critical text in the hit location you don't dicard the wound, you wound and apply the wound reaction if there is one.

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When I critically injure a White Lion's Beast Temple HL I roll a die everytime I draw an AI card.
If I roll a 1 or 2 I discard that card at the end of the turn.
Now, the obvious pile that I would discard the card into is the wound stack, but I'm a tad confused as to why it wouldn't say so outright.
On the other hand, discarding a card into the discard pile is what usually happens to the AI cards at the end of the turn anyway...

So it does get taken to the wound stack, right?
Also, last night I played the tutorial with my brother and we finished the fight by kicking the lion in the nuts and we even kept them as a ressource.

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If it says "discard" it goes on the discard stack.
If it says "wound" it goes on the wound stack.

There is no way to get that wrong.

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Yeah, I just read the card again. It helps not being an illiterate fuck.
It says roll a die and on 1 or 2 discard the card AND end the monster's turn.
Not AT the monster's turn.

I'm gonna give myself some brain damage now and maybe a disorder or two...

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The Founding Stone dictates that you perform a critical wound, it specifies that it has to be a critical wound, not that it wounds and then causes the critical wound effect. That requires there to be critical wound text present. Otherwise, there's nothing to critically wound, and the stone is wasted. It's dumb, but that's how it is.
Crits are impossible on a location that doesn't have critical wounds, so you can only regularly wound. Lantern 10 is NOT a crit in this case, it's only a guaranteed wound. It means that something like the Butcher is basically impervious to founding stone activation, though he got one HL that can be critically wounded.

>> No.56379661

And as per the rulebook, a crit that is done on a hit location that has no crit text is treated as a regular wound.
Man, you are really reading too much into it.

>> No.56379836

Could you please show me where it says this? Because as far as I see, only a roll of Lantern 10 is guaranteed to wound on a card without critical wound effect, and as per the rulebook as well: "A hit location without a critical wound listed cannot
be critically wounded." Page 75.
Let's assume you have 4 luck and you roll a 6 on a HL without Critical Wound text. If 6 wouldn't be enough to normally wound, then you simply do not wound. It's the critical wound that causes the wound there, without the text being present you are not given a critical.

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A wound is a wound. If it happens to be a critical one you also apply the proper effects from the hit location instead of the normal reactions, if there is crit text on it. If there is no critical text on a hit location, the wound has no aditional effects and does not negate the normal reactions.
But the wound is done nonetheless. What you try to defend makes no sense at all. The stone makes an automatic hit that makes an automatic wound, which is also a critical wound. It's fucking simple.

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Let me break it down really simple.
The Founding Stone says you perform an automatic hit, and then perform a critical wound.
If there is critical wound text, you perform the critical wound, which does a wound of damage as per the book.
If there is no critical wound text, then the critical wound cannot exist. There is no wound as a result.
This has nothing involving the normal wound roll. There is no strength roll to fall back on. Crits are impossible on a non crittable card, but if you attack normally you are still given a wound roll. There is no wound roll here.
It simply is a critical wound.
If there is no critical wound text, it does nothing. That's all.

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Look at it that way:
Using your founding stone is like rolling a 10 on the "to hit" and a 9 with 1 luck and -10 strength on the "to wound"

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I backed and pledged 1.5 and got it in a couple of weeks ago. This week I was able to start it up and this was way more fun than I expected. Our first real hunt ended with a full party wipe due to Threatening Roar being one of 2 cards left in the AI deck.

Question for you all though. What's a good time to use the founding stones? We still have two of ours left.

>> No.56380822

>What's a good time to use the founding stones? We still have two of ours left.

1) In threat of wipe
2) Once you have Cat's Eye Circlet, to manipulate a desirable crit, ideally one that gets you a permanent benefit.

To explain 2, the Cat's Eye Circlet is one of the most important pieces of gear in the game because of how it lets you stack the HL deck. With it, you can manipulate the trap down and up, cracking it at your leisure, and control in a rough way who eats what reaction. Once you have it, you can "turn in" your stones for permanent benefits on survivors, such as the +1 Strength for taking the White Lion's "Strange Hand" (Often a good call as the first action of the Prologue), or more survival-expensive options such as (IIRC) Movement off the Antelope. In People of the Stars, it's really handy for controllably getting the very important Frozen Star Secret Fighting Art onto a specific survivor. In 1.0, the best use was usually setting up the "Understanding Loop" off the white lion (Lost Hand persistent injury and one of a few AI cards as the last in the deck), but now the +1 Understanding for watching the Lion mourn its stump is once per lifetime (Per AI card that does it, I believe) so you can't trip White Secret on four survivors for the cost of a single Stone.

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Rolling a 10 or a 9 with 1 luck when you wound always succeeds to wound even if your strength after modifiers is 0.

That FAQ was done for 1.31 and several responses do not apply anymore and contradict rules in 1.5 rulebook.
And even then, that response does not imply that the wound is discarded, it only means it is not critical, just like when you roll 10 to wound and there is no crit text.

The wound is done first of all. And after you have wounded, you check if you must apply reactions or critical effects. You don't even have to look at the card before rolling unless it has some effect that applies before rolling.

>If there is no critical wound text, then the critical wound cannot exist. There is no wound as a result.
Wrong. There is no special critical effect in that case, but the wound has already been applied, because that's the first thing you do.

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everything in this post is wrong

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ya he was. thanks for agreeing. it's sad to see people thinking they can bullshit other players in a general, but i guess you cant fix retardation.

>> No.56381217

Thanks mate, happy free wounding with your founding stones!

>> No.56381255

glad we're smart enough to recognize that the idea is so ludicrous it's worth repeating for comedic effect

>> No.56381269

You make no sense at all, are you drunk? No wonder you can't even understand a rule as simple as performing a critical wound.

>> No.56381299

>trolling this hard on a general full of people who know the rules
whatever brings you joy, friend. just know that no one here is dumb enough to fall for it

>> No.56381588

He may be legitimately confused. It is true that you cannot critically wound a location without a critical wound effect, it's easy to misinterpret.

>> No.56381628

Jesus christ my man.

Page 74, The Wound Steps:
> 3. Wound Attempt
Founding Stone = Automatic Wound
> 4. Check for Critical Wounds
There is Critical text -> It is a Critical Wound as per Founding Stone rules.
There is no Critical text -> Can't be a Critical Wound as per page 76 rules.
> 5. Wound the Monster
After determining if the Wound is Critical or not, move the AI to the wound stack.
>6. Fellow Survivors react.
Perform Survival if you want. You can even throw more Founding Stones.
>7. Perform Reactions
If the wound was Critical, cancel reactions.
Otherwise perform the reactions that apply.

As I said, the Wound is first, the Critical is second.

>> No.56381676

Thought the white lion got you.

>> No.56381705

no one anywhere on the internet or irl agrees with you because you are one hundred percent incorrect. sorry that you lack the reading comprehension to understand the rules, maybe buy simpler games from now on

>> No.56381728

founding stone does not equal atuo wound, it equals auto crit

>> No.56381739

Cooking was a disappointment.

>> No.56381750

A crit IS a wound.

>> No.56381789

Let's talk about your best set-ups to get the most out of the Organ Grinder!

How do you get the most out of your grease? Anybody here pay for the lucky charm?

We always end up with a clawhead arrow and bandages on either side of a lucky charm to make our archer luckier. We put that rig on anyone who gets an early +1 luck for massive crits.

I am a big fan of leather gloves and boots chained together with the Monster Grease, and try to pick up the affinity with a shield.

>> No.56381844

you will not find one resource that agrees with you. sorry friend, stick to pandemic maybe? it probably has rules you can understand

>> No.56381885

Please, continue appealing to authority, that will make your argument stronger.
Unless you contact Dark Mediator for an official clarification on the Founding Stone behaviour against Hit Locations with no Critical sections, there is no doubt that a critical wound IS a fucking wound.

>> No.56381927

A crit is a wound as long as the HL card have a critical text. If there is no critical(or lantern don't remember the exact wording) text, then you just check if you can go through the toughness to deal a normal wound

>> No.56381961

it's a game with defined rules, of course appealing to authority is a legitimate argument, but good try.

the fact is very few people are as dumb as you, and every time they speak up every around them instantly corrects their mistake. you could just thank us for setting you straight instead of trolling a board of people who are really trying to discuss the game

>> No.56381986

This is a clear case of RAW vs RAI.

How does it make sense, fluff wise, that a wound MUST be critical or not wound at all?
That does not make any sense.

I'll go with the RAI interpretation of the rule unless officially proven wrong. You can do as you want.

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I'm done with your ad hominems, fuck off.

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>ill break the rules so the hard game is a little easier

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Thanks for confirming you are a fucking retard.

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>more buzzwords

>> No.56382053

Because a wound is you being strong enough to hurt the monster, while a crit is a stroke of luck where you unknowingly hit a weak point.
At least you agree that you were wrong on the RAW part.

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>getting triggered by a frog

>> No.56382141

>someone told me to stop smearing my shit on the floor!
>it must be because they're triggered!

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>so triggered i made a post claiming im not triggered

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Frogposters are retards even when they're right.

Founding Stone into uncrittable location = Wasted Stone. This was relevant to the 1.4 (not 1.5 though it is included) change to the Furious Scrag: Some streamers killed Butcher with a stone, which shouldn't have happened, but Poots amended Butcher to reflect the fight that happened.

>> No.56382302

The cat eye circlet seems incredibly powerful! I will make it a priority to get one in my group and I'll make sure we hold onto the Stones we have left unless we desperately need to end the fight because we are in threat of wiping. Thank you!

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There wouldn't happen to be, lets say, someone in
Who would like to join me for a campaign once my 1.5 edition arrives?

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Man I just skimmed through the thread and the whole critical wound business.
It feels like to me from how I've been playing and reading the rules:

Founding stones reveals a hit location, and will wound anything not impervious or a trap. It will deal a critical effect if there is one available. Either way it's a wound, as it says it deals a 'critical wound'. If there was an ability that said "your wounds are always crits", I'd find it hard to believe you wouldn't be able to wound locations unless they had a crit location.

When it comes to wounding a monster in standard combat, your luck doesn't help you against places without crits. Luck is a measure of your ability to hit and exploit critical locations.
Example: If you have 10 luck, you don't wound against a monster's Hit Location without a crit location on a roll of a 2. This is explicitly stated in the Rulebook.

>> No.56383337

Do what Giger did - gaze into the abyss, once it gazes right back, start stroking yourself without breaking eye contact until the abyss gets uncomfortable and walks away.

>> No.56383370

I got into it with a friend of mine playing against the Butcher. The last AI card on the Butch ended up being Devour Lantern. So we kept getting nailed with -3 Accuracy tokens and he got super butthurt because he felt it was "unfair" and "made no sense" that he could devour a survivor's lantern after already devouring their lantern.

ITT: Fags let the way they envision things happening ruin the way the game is actually played.

You go ahead and decide if that applies to you.

>> No.56383536

well like >>56382237
said, Poots himself has said you're wrong.

>> No.56383980

Do you have a reference to this post?
He posts random shit on twitter and boards all the time that seem to go against how the rules are written. Hard to keep up.

>> No.56384153


At the bottom, look for the updated Furious Scrag image and scroll up from there for the story.

>> No.56384191

Relevant statement

"A thrown founding stone, is 100% useless against the Butcher. It will automatically hit, then fail to cause a critical wound."

The butcher's one critable location was then amended/added.

>> No.56384445

Makes sense, and works for me. Also makes sense thematically.

I still think the confusion was not on the end of "you can't crit a location without a crit location" but on the end of what exactly a critical wound is. So when he says "It's clear in the rulebook" it isn't really because bypassing the wound stage to do a critical wound is something only the founding stone does, and within that context a critical wound is never explicitly defined.

>> No.56384916

>my municipality is literally named for a thing
No thanks.

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Hey. You know you want to(if i read that correctly).
Inga konstigheter.

>> No.56385423

I'm in California, duderina.

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>> No.56387848

Thank you for actually providing hard evidence for those too stubborn to read the goddamn rule book.
It’s also nice to see Poots call out the clear reason for a disjunction between wounds and critical wounds - luckspamming builds would be able to effectively ignore Strength and Toughness altogether.

>> No.56387955

>a year or two ago, forget how long
>four of us playing kd:m, not my copy
>get attached to starting survivors as we don't know about the mortality rate
>my guy is super powerful due to stumbling into a luckspam build that i find out years later was illegal
He was only Superman for a few fights though, really, and he got instagibbed by the Hand five minutes before retirement.

>> No.56388419

Most people understand you can't crit a HL without a crit location. The confusion came from something that bypassed the wounding phase to case a "critical wound" immediately.

That's not cleared up in the rulebook at all, has nothing to do with reading it.

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>instagibbed by the Hand
I deliberately spoiled myself while sleeving his AI deck and now I’m anticipating a lot of pic related moments in our settlement’s future

>> No.56388883

I kept myself from doing so.
So far I just looked at all the artwork for the Story Events, but didn't read anything I wasn't suppsed to read.
And I found that throughout the art ist mostly well done, except for one piece where there's a girl being gobbled up by the antilope.
The artstyle is just too bright, too clean and too anime overall. And the side-mouths look weird.
But apart from that, pretty cool stuff.

And it's so nice having people look at the KD stuff.
My brother looking at the phoenix:
"That looks cool."
"Wtf is that a face in his beak?"
> Turns it around.
"Why does he have hands coming out of ist asshole?!"
> Me, an intellectual.
"That's a cloaca."

>> No.56388970

Any scans of the core rulebook around? Or is that the thing from scanon? I'm a new baby bitch.

>> No.56388986

>The artstyle is just too anime overall.
The whole game is anime as fuck.

>> No.56389028

Old one yes, not 1.5 yet.

>> No.56389092

Just look at the artwork in question and you'll see what I mean.

>> No.56389192

Oh right, just looked at it again.
This is especially weird since there is no other art made in this style anywhere for KD:M.

>> No.56389361

Started soem magnetizing with some magnets I had left over. Drilled two arms and four hands.
Not as bad as I was expecting it, especially with the hands since all you really do it cut off the wrist and replace it with a magnet. Just need to make sure it's sitting in the center.

>> No.56390424

I just went over the Kickstarter Page again and I can´t believe how much shit we are still about to get.
And everything sounds so big, too.
I am very excited. Gambler Chest alone is really big with the Advanced Rulebook.

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File: 11 KB, 500x194, e5921da5-f0b8-45e4-b753-96e7b24772e7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56390766
File: 41 KB, 395x394, leave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The artstyle is just too bright, too clean and too anime overall. And the side-mouths look weird.

>> No.56390810

Look here Gollum. I'm as much of a weeaboo as any of us. But bad art is simply bad art.
And it's not even too bad, it's just not as good as the rest of them.
Just look at the mouth of the guy on the left.
Look at it.

These are dark times indeed.

>> No.56390818


Christ. And I just blindly lobbed my last Founding Stone at King's Man. Luckily it gave -1 speed token.

>> No.56390898

Anyone know what the changes in 1.5 to the hunt event table is?

>> No.56390904

>cherrypicking THIS hard
Please go look at the King's Curse and tell me it's too clean and too bright and too anime again you jackass.

>> No.56390919

He's saying that a specific piece, one related to the antelope, is bad, not that all the art is. What does King's Curse have to do with anything?

>> No.56390942

Ah, my mistake. You know, when you put a line in a new line that usually means it's a new statement independent from the previous ones.

>> No.56390946

Plenty of events got changed.

>> No.56390954

Double line breaks bruh they change the game.

>> No.56390966

Uhm, okay. First off, simmer down buddy.
Second off, okay, if you want my opinion on that specific Piece of art as well, I'll take a look at it as soon as I can.

But you do realise I was talking about ONE SPECIFIC piece of art? And that I stated that ALL THE OTHER pieces of art are much better?
Just checking.

>> No.56391159


It's been a while, but you might want to take a look through archives. Someone posted photos of the whole hunt event table some time ago.

>> No.56391284

That was me, and I've just seen scananon is ten days in with no material up. Do you guys want some more photos of things? I've finished assembling a lot of shit and have organized the box, so I can get to things nice and easy now.
There was am imgur for the hunt table, I didn't save the link though, another kind anon complied it all.

>> No.56391397

Update Pack just arrived, that is quite a lovely box of goodies.
Love the Gold Smoke Knight sigil on the lid too.

>> No.56391430

Personally I've been craving for story events, specifically monster showdowns. I'm kind of stuck there, as I know there have been changes to nemesis rewards, and my campaign is about to encounter one of those.

(As if I will ever need/reach the rewards section... Full wipes all day, every day)

>> No.56391510

So anyone got experience with the Gold Smoke Knight yet?
He seems like overkill.

>> No.56391799

Anyone want to speculate what else we might expect from the kingdom death universe?

I remember poots talking about some labyrinth game and also there was that sprite of a white speaker hopping onto a ledge.

>> No.56391915
File: 330 KB, 654x654, Lunacy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would love for some pics of the changed hunt events or a link to said imgur album if anyone is able to find them. I went through the archive and all i found was this https://imgur.com/a/ox1nX

>> No.56391951

>living with brother
>me an intellectual

>> No.56391993

I'll leave it up to your own imagination as to why we are currently inhabitating the same homestead.

>> No.56392114

Anyone else been mangled by GSK yet?

>> No.56392141
File: 5.06 MB, 5680x4608, 1-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Since photoanon has been kind enough to bless us with some pictures of hunt events, I will carry his torch. It's his work here that I have compiled for myself for a little easier view. That means editing looks atrocious.

>> No.56392159
File: 5.64 MB, 5688x4608, 7-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56392166
File: 4.80 MB, 5016x4608, 12-17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392179
File: 5.45 MB, 5096x4608, 18-25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392196
File: 5.28 MB, 5136x4608, 26-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392206
File: 5.16 MB, 5080x4608, 32-38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392223
File: 5.37 MB, 5152x4608, 39-47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392238
File: 5.45 MB, 5040x4608, 48-53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392251
File: 5.33 MB, 5104x4608, 54-62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392269
File: 5.46 MB, 5160x4608, 63-69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392283
File: 5.46 MB, 5128x4608, 70-73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392301
File: 5.07 MB, 4840x4608, 74-79.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56392315
File: 5.23 MB, 5096x4608, 80-84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For a while CAPTCHA was far smarter than me.

>> No.56392328
File: 4.96 MB, 4872x4608, 86-94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For a while I was far smarter than CAPTCHA.

>> No.56392339
File: 5.80 MB, 5688x4608, 95-99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But now we are equal.

>> No.56392353
File: 4.21 MB, 3456x4608, 100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


... and we're done.

>> No.56392360


Thank you so much man. I really appreciate the effort.

>> No.56392382


I take credit only from posting these now in this particular moment. The real hero here is the guy who took the pictures.

>> No.56392999
File: 1.27 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That anon was right, this SPECIFIC piece of art is almost Attack on Titan level bad.

>> No.56393088

>Attack on Titan level bad.
Anime or Manga?

>> No.56393318

May good things come to you, man with the plan to scan.

>> No.56393715

Whatever allows you to get maximum enjoyment out of your gaming.

Fuck any gamer elitism, let people play in ways they enjoy. I'll be running it with rules to make it easier, so we enjoy it more.

>> No.56393817

The mage and the disciple minis, what were they originally released for?

>> No.56393943

As purely decorative models, which is a majority of the resin releases Poots does.
The Disciples of the Witch will now be in the Flower Witch expansion, the mage has no game purpose yet.

>> No.56394210

90% of the Kingdom Death model range is solely for collectors and painters. Only like the 10% is for KD:M.

>> No.56394922
File: 533 KB, 2048x1536, 1508349449600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A bit late, and not the same anon, but I've got pics for most the showdowns in 1.5 that someone posted at one time.
They didn't post the watcher though, so I'm afraid I can't help you there. I got a scan for his status card, at least. Hopefully his showdown didn't change much.

>> No.56396931


So very much perfect. Thank you for the link.

>> No.56397692

Question regarding The Hand Does the final attack he does when Respect is triggered need to be adjacent to target? I ask because the last wound was done with a spear.

>> No.56397925

You cannot avoid it with Range/Reach. You are simply targeted, and then the roll happens. It's not an attack, technically, but a targeted ability.

I mean come on, the dude already has the ability to teleport wherever he wants when he's having a giggle, you think you can avoid him when he decides to get serious for a moment?

>> No.56399738

You seem Australian.

>> No.56399894

I don't follow. I only have two Understanding.

>> No.56400564

Ah, Canadian then.

>> No.56401400

You say that, but spiteful difficulty has its own singularly unique entertainment value.
It’s why I keep going back to Darkest Dungeon, because knowing there’s good odds a fucking champion mob is going to show up and one shot my perfectly min-maxed midline nuker and set me back five hours of effort makes it all the more satisfying when I finally mitigate and/or sidestep the worst-case scenario.

>> No.56403563

Ok I have a random rule question from the other night's session against the screaming antelope. It was my first time against antelope and doing things blind. We pulled "Chow Down" for it's first AI. It started the fight by eating all of the acanthus before it ever got wounded. At the bottom of the chow down card it says "Place Chow Down on top of the monster Ai deck instead of discarding it." So, it just runs around eats all the acanthus at the start of the fight without worrying about attacking? It seems like a retard question but it seemed like retarded Ai pulling it as the first card. But i see how it would work if it was in the middle of the fight.

>> No.56403949

I believe it discards Chow Down if it can't heal or doesn't reach Acanthus, but I might be conflating it with the Lion's Lick Wounds that discards if at full health but goes on top if not. If it's as you say, yeah, it'll eat all the Acanthus. Not great since you want that stuff but if there's other terrain to harvest and shenanigans to set up, sure, you got lucky by having it be the first card.

>> No.56404223
File: 112 KB, 667x889, Chow Down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think for a first fight going blind it was the best possible outcome pulling it first , just didn't seem that way when I pulled it.

>> No.56404355

... yeah it'll Chow until you either wound it off or run out of plants.

>> No.56405699
File: 448 KB, 639x831, DiscipleoftheWitchFour.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Unsure if boy or girl witch" is a go. Place your bets. And maybe get him/her a Beast Steak or something.

>> No.56405748

This is Kingdom Death we're talking about. That's a dude, because there are neither large breasts or large hips, nor is it a child.

>> No.56405757

I'd never noticed before but that Witch appears to be playing rock, paper, scissors with the cloak. And winning, presumably with the stakes of not getting eaten today.

>> No.56405813
File: 374 KB, 699x492, needless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56405841

Normally I'd agree but Witch Four is explicitly supposed to be deathly malnourished. Scrawny build in KDM says dude (sort of), but the style of the corset and shoes is much more like the female witches than Disciple 3 though, as does the hair style of the model sans hat, but none of it is conclusive.

>> No.56406301

He's a dude, just wearing cute shit. It's much more masculine in sculpt than in the concept art.

>> No.56406563

It's a man you autismo.

>> No.56406645
File: 200 KB, 1021x1204, DDE616A3-5981-41A9-90D9-418B6CF0C7EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The X doesn’t lie, nerd

>> No.56407143

Is it possible to attack or activate a shield on the monster's turn if i use surge?

>> No.56407874

I think so provided you A) aren't the attacker, and B) it is in a flow.

>> No.56407997

Yes, given the correct time on a flow.

>> No.56408227

Magnets will be arriving today. Gonna start with the torsos and legs, then glue some arms together and give them a day to dry before drilling those too.

>> No.56408246

First Kings Man tonight. That is a STEEP increase in difficulty over some Lions and Antelope, holy shit.

>> No.56408596

Welcome to your first Check.

Did you win?

>> No.56408767

Nnnnope! Took some middle of the road survivors out who had low stock on survival. We had some armor and a lot of good options for weaponry, but it wasn't enough.

We got handed a lot too, we had tall grasses and a survivor got King's Step on turn 1 before the King's Man went. We were unprepared for the strength of those hits, and once we knew what we were in for it was too late.

Not that we could have done much about it anyway, we had no survival by that point and he was routinely smacking our KS survivor all over the map.

>> No.56409036

kill yourself shill rat

>> No.56409083

>KDM general
>gets upset that someone is plugging KDM
How retarded can this place get?

>> No.56409212

Got all of the monopose survivors and every monster aside from the watcher and smokey assembled. Next I'll need to get my hands on some liquid green stuff mostly for the rare gap in some of the models.
The intimacy female has a hole in her right shoulder which I can't seem to find a piece for so that'll get stuffed for sure and the back of the white lion has an obvious gap, but most of the other models look neat enough for me.
Switched Lucy for Rachel in my solo game. Dem hips man.

>> No.56409331

Sorry, if I dig up an old argument again, but just to get it right...

Throwing your founding stone causes an automatic hit, but it does not wound the monster, it simply causes a critical wound if the HL has a critical wound effect?
So if a HL has no critical wound effect the stone is archived wihtout doing anything.
But do you add an AI card to the wound stack IF there is a critical wound effect? Or does that only happen when you actually roll to wound?

>> No.56409387 [DELETED] 

>But do you add an AI card to the wound stack IF there is a critical wound effect? Or does that only happen when you actually roll to wound?

>> No.56409437

A critical wound will always wound, unless the hit location has impervious or such.

>> No.56409451

Can't tell what you're trying to get across. I guess I wasn't clear enough?

Okay, so. Normally, you roll to hit, roll to wound and if you wound you move an AI card from the deck to the wound stack. If you roll a critical wound you also apply the critical wound effect if the HL card has one.

Now people have stated that throwing your founding Stone into a HL that does not have a critical wound effect does nothing, since it doesn't wound, but only applies the effect (if possible).
No critical wound effect = founding stone disappears into the night uselessly

Now, IF the HL card DOES have a critical wound effect, do i apply that AND ALSO move an AI card to the wound stack? Or does that only happen when i go the usual route of rolling to hit, to wound, etc.?

>> No.56409461

>Can't tell what you're trying to get across.
That I hit "send" instead of the cancel button by accident.

>> No.56409677

When you activate the founding stone, reveal a hit location. If that location has a critical wound effect, resolve it and discard an AI card as part of the critical wound process.
If the revealed hit location has no critical effect, the stone cannot resolve a critical wound and thus has no effect at all. Since the stone doesn’t have a regular roll to wound there’s no chance of a regular wound occurring, but resolving a crit (on a proper location) skips checking vs Toughness anyway.
I’m not quoting directly, but I’ll come back to this in the morning to double check.

Do we really need to go over the Butcher’s tutorial-grade reminder text a third time?
You can’t resolve a critical wound on a location that doesn’t have a critical effect - though you still wound regularly on a 10, or if you rolled high enough to match Toughness anyway.

>> No.56409698

Nah, you don't have to. That is clear enough for me as is.
I just wasn't sure about when to check for which steps.

>> No.56409716

>Do we really need to go over the Butcher’s tutorial-grade reminder text a third time?
Nah man, that wasn't what I meant. A critical wound always wounds, but if there's no critical wound effect then the critical wound can't occur in the first place.

>> No.56409737

Oh lol, now I get it. Wound as in the isolated act of removing an AI card, not the process of getting to that action.
Man, I need to sleep

>> No.56409771

Porn of young survivor where

>> No.56410276

You stay away from my daughter!

>> No.56410297
File: 466 KB, 639x1003, Deja Vu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does deja vu end the battle with the phoenix immeadiately when it is resolved?

>> No.56410335

What the actual fuck even.

But yes, it says start over, so you immedietly start over.

What the fuck.

>> No.56410617

It was in the original game too guy. People hoped to end up with it on runs they felt wouldn't make it, make a good little nest egg for starting the next settlement.

>> No.56410635


Still seems kinda bullshit for adding a lot of extra time/monotony to the game.

>> No.56410669

if you have expansions, it's not a problem.
You could switch quarries/nemesis to change things a bit.

Hell, you could probably switch to a totally different campaign like People of the Stars or People of the Sun.

>> No.56410744

>Still seems kinda bullshit for adding a lot of extra time/monotony to the game.
You're free to homerule it, it's not as though you'll be fucking with some finely-tuned balance.

>> No.56410769

NG+ is fairly important, farming that shit off the Phoenix is key to turning a dying settlement into hope for the future.

>> No.56410790

Kathryn Insaneway died carrying a lion claw, do I get to keep it after the showdown? I know I read a rule regarding this in the rulebook but I looked in the obvious places and couldn't find it.

>> No.56410811

Nevermind, there was another obvious place I didn't think to look and it was there.

>> No.56410932

The answer for people that find this is yes, as long as another survivor survives the fight

>> No.56411027

If a survivor dies their resources are grabbed by other survivor.
If all survivors die, you lose all the resources they were carrying. Gear returns to settlement though.

>> No.56411190

On a settlement events lingering effects it says "prevents Blank Innovations" Does that mean if I Innovate and pull 2x "blank" Innovations I don't get to innovate and wasted my Endeavor? Or does that mean my "blank" Innovations just don't work for that settlement phase?

>> No.56411259

I was adding Hovel consequences to the innovation deck, glanced at Family, and it said I can now use surnames.
I've been surnaming all my survivors.

>> No.56411357

All your surnames are now given names and you have to give them ridiculously pompous sounding actual surnames.
That's what you get for being a cheater.

Exp.: Cara Miller Von Hoovenschmauser

>> No.56411741
File: 1.40 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just wanted my fully automated luxury space communism

>> No.56411790

Deep Face Nine van Schneitzen
James T. Kirk Proppelmeier-Lorenz
Kathryn Insaneway Dravenschmitz
Benjamin Sisko Brödelburger
Michael Mutiny zu Langensteig-Freiwach
Jean-Luc Picard von und zu Freiluft-Hochhausen

>> No.56412681


And I totally get that gamer mindset. But I also understand why others don't want that as much- and non-digital games allow you to modify to your preference nicely.

Like I'd love to beat Crypt of the Necrodancer, but I just can't win as Grandma, it's beyond my abilities and no longer any fun whatsoever. Getting to the right level of challenge for your group is the trick.

>> No.56413424

...are you actually using a pen instead of a pencil?

>> No.56413940

it gets extra hilarious with Hours Ring where you would make new settlement and then (if conditions are met) get a chance to return to the old one before this hunt

You don't need to hunt the Phoenix. At all.

>> No.56414472

No one has an answer or opinion?

>> No.56414598


Well, mostly Settlement Events say "Prevents Art endavors/ Prevents music endeavors", not "Prevents art innovations". What specifically are you referring to, or was the eye reading something embedded in brain rather than printed on card?

>> No.56414738

It was specifically the "Glossolalia settlement event" Lingering effects are preventing science endeavors and preventing education endeavors. We lost 3 endeavors on the roll on the settlement event and than used our last endeavor to innovate. We pulled 2 science innovations. I screwed up the wording in the original post , it is endeavors not innovations, so I am assuming now that you just cant use your science or education endeavors for that settlement phase

>> No.56414790

So what IS the one-eyed knight?

>> No.56414873

No idea, in 1.0 this event was encounter with GSK.

>> No.56414906

>so I am assuming now that you just cant use your science or education endeavors for that settlement phase
This is correct. It Glossolalia prevents you spending endeavors on science and education, it doesn't keep you from taking science innovations when you innovate.

>> No.56414948

Our group let the Savior solve the Glossolalia and he got a Nat 10.

After having a laugh, we realized he had gone deaf in the previous hunt.

>> No.56415236

>Or does that mean my "blank" Innovations just don't work for that settlement phase?

>> No.56415586

Question regarding the Hooded Knight. He appears when the settlement has 5 innovations, but since you
can gain innovations during the hunt - ammonia chasing the Lion, for the most common one, do you proc the event immediatly, or do you wait until you return to the settlement? The phrasing of his event suggests it has to be done during the settlement phase, since it calls for returning survivors...

>> No.56415744

Doesn´t 1.5 have a "Trigger Milestones" Step in the Settlement Phase for just those things?

>> No.56415806

Oh. Maybe it has.

>> No.56416054


Probably the new end boss from Kingdom Death 2.0.

>> No.56416312

A pretty nice guy so far

shows up to give you weapons
walking around the plane of faces, he will run after you offering a trade. You find him sat around and he will ask if you want a neat hammer or shield. Or when you are digging for iron he will turn up and hand you some cool stuff for working so hard.

So far only gold smoke knight is the only "dickhead" knight, maybe white knights as well, all others are chill dudes if left alone or outwardly friendly.

>> No.56416357


champion weaponsmith
"The Cyclops Knight awards the black tuning fork to the best artisans of a generation. The Weaponsmith is chosen for her vitality and rude spark of creative energy that is reflected in the masterfully crafted, yet simply named, "Axe.""

order weaponsmith (twighlight knigth blacksmith)
"The Cyclops Knight gathers its chosen artisans for tests of crafting skill.

The Order Weaponsmith forges the Twilight Swords that accompany the Order's knights. Master of the unique process that yokes sentience to the masterfully crafted blades."

so he seems to 1. really like cool gear and 2. might be linked to twilight order

>> No.56416388

>So far only gold smoke knight is the only "dickhead" knight
Well, Lion Knight is a bit of a drama queen.

>> No.56416428

he is but hes a nice guy at heart, helps the poor and starving hes just insane.

>> No.56416889

uh, do you explain the speak and die rule or do you just wait for someone to go "Huh?" and then go "You die"?

>> No.56416928

The event revealer is still allowed to speak so presumably they declare that fact. The extremely impatient, the forgetful, or the foolish may die to that. otherwise you roll your 1d10 and cheat the Gambler if you have the Otherworldly Luck Fighting Art

>> No.56417093

Satin or gloss varnish my dude

>> No.56419538

Do you add the speed of a paired weapon before or after applying modifiers for speed tokens and base stat?

>> No.56419569

Does it matter? It's all addition, never multiplication.

>> No.56419792

I may be retarded but what is the point of the sword specialization ability if you choose the order you resolve hit locations in anyway?

>> No.56419933

Let's say you get a Reaction on fail and a Reaction on wound HL both drawn at the same time, and they're both negative. You fail against the Reaction on fail card, you can switch it to the Reaction on wound and not have to deal with at least one reaction.

>> No.56419961

Doesn't do shit vs Traps though, right?

>> No.56419992

Right, the moment the trap gets drawn, you have to stop and deal with it, no wound rolls involved.

>> No.56421001

just started my game the other day and had a question about survival. I see that the settlement has a survival limit, as in survivors can ony have that much survival, and anything over that is discarded. right now my settlement has a limit of 2, so any survivors that leave for the hunt can only have 2, but does any survival i get during the hunt phase/gear cards stack up, or can i only have 2 until my limit is increased?

also after a showdown and the survivors that used all their survival go back to 2 in the settlement?

sorry if thats confusing

>> No.56421105

It's a hard cap. You can't go above the survival limit in any way (at least what I can think of.)

>> No.56421170

Survivors never gain survival automatically, some kind of effect needs to give it to them. There are innovations that grant survival upon departure, that's as close as you get to auto recovering survival.

>> No.56421302

Before so as not to ludicrously misrepresent the survivor's contribution at our house.

So a survivor with paired LBK and 3 strength would not do 9 damage.per hit.

>> No.56421323

Rawhide gear is good for it too.

>> No.56421471

If you add the speed of a paired katar to your attack and apply Speed modifiers after that you would get for example 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 attacks
If you do it before you would get 2 + 3 + 2+ 3 = 10 attacks.
It matters a lot.

>> No.56421698

One "attack" is all the rolls you do when you use a weapon. If you use paired weapons, you make one attack with two weapons. You add Speed stat to attacks, not to individual weapons.

>> No.56421748

Page 42. Speed: [...] Speed is added to a survivor's weapon speed to determine the number of rolls to hit in an attack.

So, Katar Speed profile = 2, plus 3 for Speed modifiers equals 5 rolls, plus the second katar's total speed after modifiers, 5 more, so 10 rolls to hit in total.

>> No.56421936

I sincerely hope you interpret this as doubling your speed before applying it and you get savaged every single turn by the trap card.

>> No.56421970

"Paired weapons are two identical weapons that can be used as one." Page 218 in the glossary. It's only one weapon, and you don't add Speed twice to one weapon.

Blood Paint would work in way you suggest.

>> No.56422055


Speed fags are the Charles Oppenheimer of KDM. Always trying to figure out how instead of wondering if they should.

>> No.56422171

If you have a tanky as fuck character you could put double katars on him hoping you pull traps. Or a character with a bunch of negative acc modifiers could use ten attacks to score like two hits on average.

>> No.56422187

I am using pencil, what are you on about?

>> No.56422245

>hoping you pull traps
I've only fought the lion so far, but doesn't that not do anything because traps reshuffle the deck?

>> No.56422344

Hitting the trap right after hitting the trap is the worst thing.

>> No.56423511

How is it wrong?

You add speed modifiers to weapons profiles as per rule in page 42, Speed.
Then you add both paired weapons profile speeds to determine total rolls as per rule in page 233, Paired: "Add the speed of the second weapon when attacking with the first."
At this time, BOTH weapons speeds are affected by the speed modifiers.

>> No.56424151

You add the speed *on the weapon profile* as a bonus to the speed of the weapon you are actually attacking with. That's the printed speed on the weapon's card.

>> No.56425244

I get that Critical Wounds only apply if the HL has a Crit box.

So say I happen to have a Blue Savior with a shitton of Luck. Say, Crit on 5 kind of deal after Lucernae.

I swing at a monster and one of the locations has a Crit box. I pull a Lucernae X and Crit by rolling on a six.

However, the monster has Toughness 10 and after modifiers, the total to wound roll would be 9.

Is the monster wounded?

>> No.56425257


>> No.56425566

technically ya but if you use cat eye to find it and put it on top youre almost guaranteed to hit once if you have 5 attacks as opposed to giving your tank a weapon with two attacks and wiffing even though you set the situation up proper

>> No.56425580

Is right, but just to clarify in that same situation if the hl did not have a crit box you would not wound. It seems from your post you may already know that but I can't really tell so just restating the fact.

>> No.56425956

Magnetized my first survivor.
Even though the hands should be quite easy to do, they give me the most trouble since the damn magnets don't want to stick to the wrists properly.
Just gotta keep an eye out for the polarity.
Now to finish the rest of the unarmored set, then the rawhide, then leather and then I can take a breather I think.

>> No.56426692

The very first thing you should have done was mark all your magnets with sharpie on one pole.

>> No.56426752

Help me understand how to Dash defensively. It seems like a good idea, but if i dash after target selection every monster seems capable of running me down anyway.

>> No.56426768


Fecal salve surges on close survivors and have it chase your bow guy.

It's all about positioning.

>> No.56426777

No real reason to do that.
Before glueing a magnet into a socket or onto a wrist I check the polarity again by holding it against a magnet it's supposed to hold on to.
Now that I have one model complete, I can, for example, do all the head in one go if I wanted to, since they all have to fit that one neck anyway.

>> No.56427537

Good idea, but Surge is not Dash. Why does it get so much praise?

>> No.56428213

You use Dash to get out of range or get out of the path of collision.

>> No.56429152


The bow guy can dash.

>> No.56429650

>pre-shipment was created in Nov 3rd for my Halloween minis
>no update since
This wait is awful

>> No.56429877

Are you me?

Well, since it's not isolated that means standard delays and nonsense in Poots land, not an isolated fuckup.

>> No.56429936

What did you get? I'm waitikng on the new White Speaker and the Forsaker

>> No.56429956


i am also in the same boat, got my email that my package shipped on the 9th but the tracking number just tells me the label was created on the 2nd.

truly poots likes to bring despair, getting my hopes up and then crashing them down. good to know im not alone in this though.

>> No.56429976

New White Speaker, Halloween TK at last, and Necromancer.

>> No.56430394

Why would you ever put obstacles and impassable terrain around the fighting area? It only gives you disadvantage as most mosnter attacks don't require line of sight and they completely ignore them when moving.

>> No.56430443

>It only gives you disadvantage

I think you answered your own question.

>> No.56430449

You use them to give you disadvantage? Are you drunk?

>> No.56430466

To my experience they really are more of a hindrance than anything else.

Rawhide Headband trickery can make obstacles somewhat useful during early showdown, when things are usually not as panicky desperate.

>> No.56430522

Yes, this is Kingdom Death after all.
And no.

>> No.56430559

so hardcore such gamer wow

>> No.56430737

There are field of view cards, which interrupting monster LoS will let you hide from, or at least hide a particular character from. Some monsters are more "field of view" heavy than others. Also, if you're facing a lot of knockback, it can be worth it to get knocked into a "Bumper" rather than the whole damn way. Again, depends on what you're fighting (If you can pull it off this can save your ass from Full Powered Flick off The Hand)

>> No.56431801
File: 77 KB, 595x960, fighter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wormslut fighter checking in

>> No.56432313
File: 232 KB, 1200x900, bf7ad31c-b6c3-46ba-b728-3fedb2732053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gyaru wormslut best wormslut

>> No.56432507

>real life women will never be both this attractive and this blatantly trashy
just end my life already anons

>> No.56432853

>Right, the shop lore
Somebody needs to do up a Fighter in Sakura's color scheme (either one, though purple hair would probably be more recognizable). Poots would probably get the reference, given his weeb levels.

>> No.56432868
File: 484 KB, 639x3651, 74ab418e80d3cadc1b3eb9c06a3942d6_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rebis is god tier

>> No.56433315
File: 44 KB, 349x467, dude why are you eating that.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got my 1.5 upgrade here in sweden, skåne yesterday.

Man, I didnt expect it to be an actual high quality box like the normal game as its purpose is to replace content. Some real good stuff and that hardcover rulebook is sexy as heck

>> No.56433528
File: 98 KB, 504x470, donald takes a long nap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>throw my most overpowered survivors against lvl 1 phoenix
>be lucky and ambush him, causing 10 wounds first turn
>draw deja vu
>instakill 3 of them
>barely achieve victory with the last one
>settlement population is now 4
>have to deal with lvl 2 butcher right now
>chose survival of the fittest
I guess this is it for this settlement. Fuck this bullshit game and fuck that asshole phoenix.

>> No.56433726

>draw deja vu
>instakill 3 of them

Miserable luck, friend. The time chicken is no joke but wiping 3 survivors at 0 age tokens is something like 6%, not counting that Deja Vu had to be the one fucking card you drew rather than wounding off.

>> No.56434039

>Also, if you're facing a lot of knockback, it can be worth it to get knocked into a "Bumper" rather than the whole damn way
But that can also lead to you taking damage if the obstacle is destructible.
And you will be knocked down, which is a death sentence against certain monsters.

>> No.56434093

Again, depending on the situation, worthwhile. I generally like to keep the things the terrain pieces in question mid-distance from the center. Close enough to use if the fight goes a way that makes it worthwhile, far enough to ignore otherwise. Beats burying them in the corners.

>> No.56434758

>hunting Phoenix on <10 population
>3 dead on Deja Vu with SotF rerolls
You're both overconfident and shit out of luck.

>> No.56434772

Wow I haven't encountered a faggot retarded enough to dogepost in a long time

>> No.56434824

It's ok if it's ironic.

>> No.56434908

Started the game on 12 population and haven't Intimacy'd a single time out of fear for the bullshit SotF rule. Makes your dudes hard as nails but pretty much disables the ability to replace them with new babies.
On the other hand in my previous campaing I had consistently 15-20 population pretty much until the same point but the survivors on Protect the Young are fagets and die too easy, so you can't really stock on stats, proficiencies or fighting arts to deal with the hardest shits.

>> No.56435158

I would innovate really hard into the Home Consequences with PtY, it gives you a lot of medium strong Survivors in the long run as opposed to single power houses as with SotF.
On the other side I don´t see a real reason to innovate that much into the Home Consequences with SotF as it is a bit too risky to do Intimacy in the first place, as you said.

>> No.56435369

No, it's really not

>> No.56435503

>>56435495 new thread

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