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Very Important Edition

Previously: >>56246032→ →

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.


>Thread question
What is your most competitive budget build? What are some hidden budget gems?

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>building mono black
>forgot to get necropotence and cabal coffers

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My group is pretty casual, so I usually don't put necropotence in my deck. At best phyrexian arena. Necropotence is so insane, I have no idea how that card is not banned. It's literally infinite gas. It's almost impossible to beat once it resolves if the game goes beyond a couple turns.

>Sylvan Primordial and prophet of kruphix out, necropotence, mana crypt, and sol ring in. Thanks Sheldon

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>Thread question
I've only spent about $30 on my Hapatra deck, I packed the rest. Does that count?

If not then it's probably my Sisay deck (bought before she was expensive), which isn't particularly good

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Do I build Toshiro Umezawa or 5c Spirits?

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Most competitive budget is probably my UG Ezuri Counters/Mild infect list.

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I've been wanting to build Hapatra, but I have a "no two commanders in the same color combination" rule. Picking up duplicates when you don't have to sucks. But she seems interesting. Is it good? Do you have a list for it?

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>>Thread question
I ran Edric for exactly 1 night and $30 and promptly took it apart after. It was boring as fuck.

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If you don't mind keeping track of -1/-1 counters, yeah she's fun. Expect to have gruul players poop on you tho.

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Finally played the Feldon deck I've been working on. Got out Extraplanar Lens early, then just recurred Bosh and Scuttling Doom Engine until I won. It was pretty fucking great.

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This guy looks fun as hell. Can he be built effectively on a budget?

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He's a one-trick pony. You will win one game and afterwards everyone else knows that you can win the game with one swing while he is on the battlefield, so they will remove him every time he is played.

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>Expect to have gruul players poop on you tho.

Why Gruul specifically? If it's +1/+1 counters, I'd expect Selesnya to be more of an issue.

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Best self mill commanders?

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Sidisi or Tasigur.

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Post 'em if ya got 'em, boys

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R8, H8, Appreci8.
I also need to add Neheb, the Eternal to the list of decks I want to build.

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I think the only issue I run into running so many decks is that I tend to focus on newer builds and don't give the oldies the love they deserve. May just start running them in a cycle.

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Was gonna buy a Shirei deck myself a while ago, but figured it'd get real stale to me real fast.

If you're still looking for a Candidate as far as Azorius control goes, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is probably the way to go.
Somehow had never managed to know of Thromok until now. Sounds like a fun commander.

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It's the same problem as Yidris. No one will ever let you connect unless you open the straight nut. One connect=game. It'll get to the point that once you successfully attack people will scoop. Unfortunately a one trick pony. Better in Rakdos Lord of Riots as one of the 99.

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>Azorius Control

Can't go past Grand Arbiter. Go full stax and free yourself from the burden of friendship.

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How do you use Behold the Beyond in Nin? Isn't it not in her colors?

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Anyone here run Norin? Is he fun?

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In your professional opinion /tg/, for EDH, what is:

>Strongest mono-color
>Strongest dual-color
>Strongest tri-color

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>Strongest mono-color
>Strongest dual-color
>Strongest tri-color

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Well meme'd
Enjoy the (You)

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Mono Color: Black
Dual Color: Green-Black
Tri-Color- Sultai

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Refusing to play with land destruction ends up buffing green and nerfing white/red. The same people then complain about blue-green degeneracy.

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post combos, boys.

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Aren't sliver banned? I remember when they first came out and made me quit the game for theit bullshit stackable effects

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KIll all Augustus players

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I'd rather play in a meta where UGx players do too much than a meta where RWx players don't let anyone do anything, and I don't even have a deck with UG in it.

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You know what's better than one doom blade? Two

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xth for EDH cube is best EDH

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Bruna, Fading Light

I've got nearly a dozen, but here's my top 4, currently.

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Sram commander?

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I don't normally play or condone combo, but I'll pull it out if someone else is about to. Pic related or magistrate's scepter + multiple proliferation sources in Atraxa.

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Nice. Pic related is my combo.

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That's funny cause it's my fav deck and I just got these for it.

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How much for the Cradle?

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>Competitive EDH

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>Needing to connect

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Why is there 3 edh threads?

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Not at all. They're just the epitome of tribal. They're very predictable and people know exactly what they're getting into when someone sits down with the deck.

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I mean, there are budget options for semi-competitive decks.

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Not with the amount of board wipers in the format and the hate it generates from other players.

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It's MP. Got it online. $270 Canadian. It's honestly very close to HP.

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Just playtested my new Wort Raidmother deck, had 4 tokens from hornet queen and a parallel lives. Cast howl of the horde and got the raid boost. Cast Second Harvest with 2 cloned and one conspire. 1st drops 8, 2nd drops 24, third drops 72, final drops 216 for a total of 324 1-1 flying deathtouch hornets. Used a heroic intervention to dodge a boardwipe and swung for game.

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Just line down up all the most expensive cards from my Edric. Spent way too much on one fucking deck. At least I only buy the MP or HP cards.

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What are HP and MP?

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>blind drop sphinx ambassador
What do you name?

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Heavily played and moderately played.

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Ah okay. The cards look fine on the picture though.

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Why would someone swing with Neheb when they just have to jam "X" damage to everyone spells then cast huge fireballs?

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Just got booted from a random EDH lobby on Cockatrice that was titled "Casual" for casting Ruination, which would have blown up 4 lands, 1 of which mine.

So that's where we're at I guess.

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Nah. Look at the edges or the mana drain and cradle. Has white spots. They are chipped for sure.

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Can't destroy lands, hurts too many feelings.

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Izzet deck is currently Locust God Windmills, but my buddy showed up with her Nekusar deck and curbstomped me. I might break it and build something else

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It's a psychological thing. People just hate land destruction and when they are forced to discard. You can kill all their creatures or destroy all their enchantments and they just accept it. But remove some of their lands and you get dirty looks. It's not really logical, but I get it. EDH is a format about fun, so I removed the little land destruction I had from all of my decks and everything is fine now.

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I'm gonna guess you designed your image yourself, instead of a program / app where one can plug in images and text to automatically generate a like image?

>> No.56265691

People don't like land-destruction because they would actually like to play the game without requiring every deck to have 50/50 of artifact ramp and lands.

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I have a stack of cards that is all land hate, it's called the "you were warned asshole" stack as I only use it in response to someone using dickish combos. I also keep punishment cards for when someone overextends in decks, like Overwhelming Splendor. I refer to THOSE as "counter target fun".

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Land destruction only annoys me when one player in particular targeted-- which most frequently happens when said player behind anyway. One guy being able to produce 3 mana when everyone else can produce 12+ is beyond vexing. But if we all go back to 0, or step back in equal increments, I don't see any harm.

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You don't actually need the claws. Nexus says if a player would BEGIN an extra turn, it gets skipped. Meaning if you make a second one and legend rule out one of them, it'll be gone instantly, and you can begin the extra turn normally.

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Yeah, I made it in Adobe Illustrator (shh the lines are crooked, don't tell anyone)

I might be open to make some for people in this thread. I got no plans today, I'd just need your commanders, text like mine, and your favorite card for each deck.

And a cartoon of yourself for the top corner if you want

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Built UW Taigam after having success with it online. Deck is super fun, and can play real under the radar until you Rise from the Tides for 22 followed by Storm Herd and Clone Legion. Played it at my LGS for FNM, took my first damage on turn 10, and they complained that my deck was too good. Politics saves lives kids.

>Legend rule 1 of them
>Other one still has replacement effect
Uh huh.

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How has it been four years and I still can't fucking remember how it works

>> No.56265951

No. You cannot have 2 Ugins nexus on the field at the same time and get both effects. The second's copy would force you to skip the extra turn. Period. If there is no Ugin's Nexus on the field, and you create a second one, you get the extra turn, just make sure you create the second one during the extra turn where the replacement effect can't skip it.

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I just coerced my roommate into Magic via edh and he bought the Arcane Wizardry premade, I heard it was the easiest to upgrade but im finding it hard. The deck sucks, whats a good wincon for Wizards? The best tech is $12+ and not even that spicy.

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What I enjoy the most are games that go up and down with a lost twists and turns. What are some good generals/strategies for such decks. that don't just involve wrathing the board too often, as that might make my friends (extreme casuals) feel like nothing is ever happening.

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Trash tier gamer desu senpai.
Inalla is lit.
Not the best for beginners I would say, maybe Marsil jank would be more fun for him?

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What I enjoy the most are games that go up and down with a lost twists and turns. What are some good generals/strategies for such decks. that don't just involve wrathing the board too often, as that might make my friends (extreme casuals) feel like nothing is ever happening.

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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.

Not because I need it. Because my friend who plays Ur Dragon fucking loves it.

I do this every time with my Unesh deck, sometimes grabbing Nicol God Emperor or my other friends Snapcaster/Archaeomancer

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The Wizards (even with a bunch of initial upgrades) just get steam rolled every time we play in a group, and Ive played it myself a few times now, you get stuck with a lot of expensive crap and little board worth. You delay the game without having much to win with

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I think this one looks entertaining:

>> No.56266064

>MonoR, MonoW, and Boros
You sir are NOT a weenie.

>> No.56266083

Saw that original post Anon!
I think that green stompy stuff can be fun, (specially Genesis wave dumping rng value)
The deck is split in 3, one bit for kess (spells) one for activated abilities (Marsil) then inalla, that's why it feels weak, focus on cutting two and strengthening one. For inalla, panharmonicon and etbs.

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Sounds might magnanimous of you, if you're being serious. If so would you consider taking a crack at mine: >>56264689 ? Featured cards would be Mishra's Bauble for Hope, Mesmeric Orb for Bruna, I'm torn between Keening Stone or Lantern of Insight for Erebos, and Thopter Foundry for Ertai. I don't know if you want a little toon dood which fits a template like yours, or just a doodle in general, so I hope my pic suffices. Please just ignore it if it doesn't

>> No.56266217

Mairsil sounds awful for a beginner

>> No.56266246

It's a crash course that's fun. Basic ass combos all based around one guy. Legit just write some example combos and if your friend should be good.

What are the other commanders your group runs?

>> No.56266321

It's more like being thrown into the deep end of a pool while your instructor shouts "no problem, have this deflated rubber boat"

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>retiring Isamaru
>retiring Isamaru AND Nin
Top pleb

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Build a red goodstuff deck, don't try to make him go full burn or he'll be removed every single game as soon as he hits the field. Run him as a way to close the game if you're ahead, but don't require him to get there.

>> No.56266404

>Mono: U
>Dual: UG
>Tri: BUG

>> No.56266500

you picked a bad precon for what you are asking
the 2016 decks are significantly better for this, the decks are pretty close to 75% right out of the box, shit I kept my gaydudes deck completely unchanged for over a year and it still regularly won.

>> No.56266534

Explaining how the deck works, and how the basic functions work is a deflated dinghy huh? 2$ says you are a burger

>> No.56266547

Didn't take long for you to resort to tribalism

>> No.56266587

Better in Xenagos, God of Revels

>> No.56266611

Look anons, I'm going to level with you. Grixis is very VERY difficult to build if you don't know what you're doing. In general Grixis is strong because it combines blue's fuckery, with a splash of black sadism and red's reckless abandon. It is literally the colour combo for edgelords with too much money. The manabase is tough to get, mana fixing is hard to find, and while you have oodles of card draw, you really need to understand what your wincons are, and how to enable them.

All that aside, if you want your Precon to be used well, there are a couple of options for a new player. First, lets look at commanders:

Pretty straightforward. Ramp hard, ramp harder, hit something with Nin's ability, and draw a bunch of cards. You can ping something like Stuffy Doll to cause all sorts of bedlam, and it's honestly pretty fun.

>Azami Wizard Stuff
This deck is also pretty simple, and generally hated. You grab every monoblue Wizard, throw them into a deck, tap them to draw cards. In theory you play things that fuck over people's hands, and use Azami to make the lock asymmetrical, or your ramp, shit out a billion mana, draw a bunch of cards, then combo off in some elaborate way.

This one is fun, but the manabase is expensive. The idea is to use things that send creatures to your yard, recur them with your commander, and abuse the shit out of some +1/+1 shenanigans. The idea is to take a bunch of strong creatures with good ETBs, and kill them over and over again.

Now, if you want something completely different that can use parts of your deck, I suggest Maelstrom Wanderer. It's always the deck I suggest to new players because it can be built in any way, it hits really hard, and it's pretty straightforward. You grab a bunch of green basic land ramp, hit 8 lands, cast Maelstrom and combo off into value. You can use all the U and R stuff into it, grab a selection of jank rares, and actually win games without spending $200.

>> No.56266730

Respecting the effort in this post

>> No.56266737

ur formatting sucks

Just post the cards fgt

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File: 1.37 MB, 996x1187, EDHdecksNov6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go my guy, I didn't know Ertai had double forearms. What a weird guy

>It is literally the colour combo for edgelords with too much money
I love Grixis, but anon here knows what's up. I totally want to build a Nicol Bolas consortium deck one of these days with Tezz, the amonkhet gods, and grixis goodstuff

>> No.56266903

I think the double forearms thing only came about post-Phyrexian corruption.

>> No.56266939

Volrath glued them on him for shit and giggles, it's not his fault man.

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I always thought it was an Ulamog signature for it's corruption. But then again, I'm new to the story.

Volrath looks like a slimy dude

>> No.56266982


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Thanks anon, I appreciate it. I always get a little wistful thinking back to the bullshit I went through when I first started, and I honestly like to help.

I've been shitbrewing a Lord of Tresserhorn grixis reanimator deck for a while now, but I just can't quite figure it out. In my heart, I just want to play Sire of Insanity way too early, but my head knows that I should just empty everyone's hands, cast Tresserhorn, give him doublestrike, and laugh my way to the bank.

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>>56266085 here, it looks fantastic! Much appreciated

>> No.56267066

Eldrazi are a nearly two decades after the Weatherlight saga. Volrath had a lot of penis envy towards Gerrard, so he fucked up his wizard as soon as he caught him. Then said fucked up wizard battled a vampire to become the new king, and then he got killed by an imortal goblin.

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Heya beginner here, was wondering how expensive would an Inalla mana base be and what's the cheapest it could be do u think? Also do u have a list I could look at?

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File: 53 KB, 640x424, 088e3f247fac838efebc0cac0e20ea1dg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Strongest mono-color
Black. Tutors, ramp, removal, card advantage, good creatures, goes infinite easily enough.
secretly mono-red massland destruction

>Strongest dual-color
Simic, hands down. It makes me salty everytime – counterspells & incessant value are devastating.

>Strongest tri-color
There's not enough commanders printed here to give you a professional opinion. Needs more data.
But what I can say is that tri-color enables infinite combo decks to get really consistent. So Ghave or Prossh or Sen Triplets can carry their entire tri-color banner as "the strongest tri-color" just by virtue of there being nothing else like them in their colors. It's no Simic in terms of color-domination

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Maybe he's not being Tribal and it's just a Conspiracy

>> No.56267282

Let's flip it

>Weakest mono color
>Weakest dual-color
>weakest tri-color

>> No.56267305

I guess... Grixis

>> No.56267334

As the "tribalist" Anon I approve this message

>> No.56267352


You take that back. Grixis is great.

>> No.56267426

I don't actually play Inalla, so unfortunately I don't have a list, but I'd be happy to talk manabases.

Really, there are three schools of thought for manabases. I'm going to start big and work my way backwards because it's a bit more intuitive that way.

>Optimal for Tricolour
A "good" manabase usually has around 36 lands in it, and ideally lands that don't come in tapped. You're looking at 9 Fetches (Marsh Flats, Verdant Catacombs, Scalding Tarn, Misty Rain Forest, Flooded Strand, Bloodstained Mire, Polluted Delta, and Windswept Heath), 3 ABUR Dual Lands (Underground Sea, Badlands, and Volcanic Island), 3 Shocklands (Blood Crypt, Watery Grave, and Steam Vents), and 3 Pain Lands (Underground River, Sulfurous Springs, and Shivan Reef). That leaves us at 18, half of your mana base. You're going to want a handful of basics, let's say 3 each, which leaves you room for 9 other lands. From there, you're going to want things that mesh with your strategy, or something like Filter Lands, that enter untapped, but arent optimal. For utility, we're talking things like Maze of Ith, Tabernacle at Pendral Vale (yes I know) and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. You fill in the blanks based on your strategy and you're good to go.

>Building for your playgroup
If you showed up to a FLGS with that list I put together, you're going to get hated on because you spent thousands of dollars. You want to see what your playgroup runs, and play to it. If everyone uses tap lands, you can budget a lot more, if everyone is using ABUR duals, you're going to need to compensate. In general, most groups are fine with 3 fetches, a bunch of basics, ways to fish your basics, and shock lands.


>> No.56267441

>Building on a budget: Grixis Edition
Ordinarily I'd say rock green because you can run Explosive Vegetation or Sakura-Tribe Elder with primarily basics, but I'll touch on Grixis specific stuff. This depends on what you want, but keep in mind Lands that enter untapped >>>> Lands that enter tapped. Vedalken Orrery. Buy that shit, tutor it out, and suddenly your shitty tapped lands are MVP. For grixis, you're going to want at least shocks, maybe 3 or so fetches if you can afford it, and whatever else you can scrounge up. Lifelands (lands that enter tapped but give you a life) Scry Lands (lands that enter tapped but let you look at your library) Whatever those Kaladesh Lands were called, and the Shadows over Innistrad lands are also pretty good. The number one thing here is to set a value you're willing to spend, and invest in it. The more you spend on your lands, the less you have to fuck around with your deck, and the smoother it would play. For Grixis in particular, I'd recommend shocks, painlands, filter lands, and various basics. That, or you can focus primarily on black with mana rocks to fix for your other colours, and shoot for Urborg/Coffers/Crypt of Agadeem.

You're looking at like.. $100-ought dollars for a playable Grixis manabase. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly because anything with blue black or red in it is prized by competitive spergs, which drives up the price.

>> No.56267490

>vedalken orrery
you mean amulet of vigor? Vedalken orrery doesn't do shit for taplands.

>> No.56267500

>stealing a noncreature with Ambassador and getting away with it

>> No.56267506

>Weakest mono color
Mono red that's not a thinly veiled mono-brown deck

>Weakest dual-color
See, >>56267305 & >>56267352

Boros. If it's a card worth playing in boros, it costs 6+ and good god do players love to murder them. Since Boros relies on attacking, it can't do shit but pray to Gisela their shit stays alive until the next damage step.

>Weakest tri-color
Bant. It's best commander is banned and now it's got nothing threatening. I've seen more bant hugdecks than worrisome decks

>> No.56267525

>It's best commander is banned
There are no banned Bant commanders and the ones they have are all pretty good

>> No.56267529

It's so he can channel life force while performing the somatic parts of countermagic, his card is surprisingly flavorful

>> No.56267532

Yup I did, thanks for catching that.

>> No.56267559

Ah awesome thanks senpai

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>check to see if Derevi is on the banlist
>mfw only banned in French
Holy shit, I take it back. I've been wrong for years

>> No.56267569

>It's best commander is banned
are you playing french or something?

>> No.56267599
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>even acknowledging French to begin with

>> No.56267616

>Even acknowledging the french at all

>> No.56267677
File: 155 KB, 265x370, fishermen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tais ta gueule, c'est la seulle façon que je puisse jouer EDH en Québec

meuf plaquard

>> No.56267692
File: 111 KB, 400x239, 3003353251_1_7_NGplhuX8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are some things that they do get right desu

>> No.56267728
File: 622 KB, 375x211, 1509760479389.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unlucky! :(

>> No.56267758

Theres a saying in my area of leafland. The french dont like french canadians, and canadians dont like french canadians

>> No.56267760

>Tais ta gueule, c'est la seulle façon que je puisse jouer EDH en Québec
laquata chachata madicka dakata

>> No.56267774

The French Canadians don't like French Canadians.

>> No.56267819
File: 29 KB, 223x310, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, fuck you frenchie, come to ontario and we'll show you how the big boys play.

Please bring me some fois gras poutine, I had that shit once in quebec city, and it brought me to tears.

>> No.56267903

I'd make a note that it depends on playgroup- improving your land base is the best way of making a deck more competitive. As such, even if you're all running precons and you change no other cards but the lands, your deck is a load better than the others.

As such, if you're in a low power or early group and you want to upgrade, you could consider not running land upgrades as it means you can do more tweaks to the bulk of the deck without getting as much of a power boost.

>> No.56268028
File: 106 KB, 500x651, cozy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All this hate on French

You guys have never played strip French EDH with your French Canadian Fiancé sharing a bottle of locally made Cabot Trail maple liquor

This is how French was made to be played

This card translation was so stupid, they fucked up the grammar so it actually reads "descend upon the fishermen" instead of "descend upon the sinners"

>> No.56268155

In french Sin=Pêché, so it could be either one

>> No.56268234
File: 98 KB, 850x500, Jhoira.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, it's not extremely competitive but it's a pretty brutal deck for like $40
Unfortunately had to build jhoira this way because I can't afford the cards to make it archenemy and I can't lay down some typical MLD shitters because I'll get focused down too quickly.

Fun deck though, my table loves it

>> No.56268384

Un-retireing Nin soon, meanie.
Oops, I meant Enter the Infinite. Guess I gotta fix that.

>> No.56268580
File: 99 KB, 620x394, 1499665030144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What is your most competitive budget build? What are some hidden budget gems?

>> No.56268785

>rereading the card an realising I'm a retaed playing with 3 other retards
Won't be using it like that again, and I'll let my group know.
it wasn't just me to, it gets reanimated to fuck with people all the time

Luckily it hasn't won me any games so I don't feel too bad, but it might have lost my friend one of two.

>> No.56269066
File: 143 KB, 332x394, 1331137063986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>learn about the Hammer of Nazahn/Blade of Selves interaction last night
>about an hour before EDH night with my group
>cannibalize 2 decks to hastily rebuild Godo
>deck was previously undefeated before retirement so it's got a reputation
>Go 3-0 with it


>> No.56269138
File: 21 KB, 222x180, Godo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you have a list? I wanted to build godo as well after learning of that monstruosity of an interaction

>> No.56269142

Necropotence is banned.

>> No.56269159

Stop lying

>> No.56269185


>> No.56269189

It definitely isn't
If any mono black draw spell needs to be banned it's ad naus

>> No.56269190

Any way to kill in a single turn with Godo now? In a 4 player game you search for Blade, then Hammer, then I'm thinking something that gives infect and a vigilance equip, on the second BP Surestrike Trident and something else? There's got to be a way.

>> No.56269233

Infect + 10 power + Chandras ignition kills, but you cant tutor ignition with Godo

>> No.56269293

it's not an equipment, but chandra's ignition after grafted exoskeleton (and something else to boost the power) is equipped is gg. same is for soul's fire (just for one opponent)

>> No.56269346

>equip Blade, swing
>get Hammer, Batterskull
>next combat, Argentum Armor, Grafted Exo
>cast Seize the Day for more combat, grab Swords for protection from colors of person you're swinging at
>flashback Seize for even more combat

This is obviously the most Magical Christmasland scenario but it can kill a 4-player table in a single turn. I've learned that Godo benefits greatly from chaining extra combats and turns rather than just a shitload of equips.

>> No.56269432

I was trying to come up with some way using only Godo since you have him available at all times. You could kill two players max it seems (Exoskeleton+Trident), I can't rmemeber any other equipment with an effect similar to Trident to kill the third one.

>> No.56269434

Just built Sidisi, Brood Tyrant and this deck is fun as hell. Won my last game with Splendid Reclamation for 10 lands followed by Seasons Past into Exsanguinate for 16. After that it was a matter of swinging with a swampwalking flying Kessig Cagebreakers for a dozen wolf tokens a turn.

>> No.56269499
File: 220 KB, 3000x3000, 3lTFntt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ban ad naus
>necropotence is ok though

>> No.56269533

Arjun is very fun high octane self mill no regrets

>> No.56269570

Reposting from last thread:

Hey, I want to rip out my cabal package and am looking for things to replace it with.

Cabal Package:
Cabal Coffer's
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Lili of the Dark Realms
Expedition Map
Posing this question again:
Could I get some suggestions for replacements?
I'm also thinkning of taking out exsanguinate since i'll be unlikely to have enough mana for it to do shit. I plan to leave debt2deathless.

Cards i'm thinking about:
Skull Clamp
Sorin, Grim Nemesis
Annointed Procession
Shitty Taplands for basics
Cabal/Urborg with basics

Thoughts? Any obvious changes/replacements i'm missing/not listed?

>> No.56269577

Im assuming sunforger says the words in text so it counts as boros so you cant tutor it and get the kill off that way?

>> No.56269606

What's the interaction?

>> No.56269619

ban all black tutors when

>> No.56269641

i built a ~$50 edric deck
it can hold its own cuz i run split second/stifle effects/pithing needle effects and a few other hate cards that shut the game down early as i peck everyone to death drawing a million cards

>> No.56269700
File: 34 KB, 277x401, ruric-thar-the-unbowed-33394-medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am planning on building a werewolf deck. I asked this in a thread recently and all the responses were how bad werewolves are but that is not what I am asking about. I don't play cEDH, and my playgroup is very casual.

My question is, should I use Ruric or Xenagos as the commander?

>> No.56269727

Correct. Many symbols in the textbox count towards a card's color identity.

>> No.56269738

He gives +2/+0 to all werewolves.

>> No.56269765

Sylvan Prime and Prophet should absolutely be out though, the other stuff not being banned is stupid but those bans are real and strong and my friend

>> No.56269833

I really want to make Leovold Banned tribal. Any thoughts?

>> No.56269868
File: 21 KB, 875x215, godo_interaction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one

>> No.56269887

Alright, Anons, I'm looking for a commander to build. And I'm looking for something fairly specific out of it. You know in fighting game vidya, where one player has total skill dominance and can simply ANNIHILATE their foes, chain-stunning them into the ground and erasing their health in record time? I want to do that.

To be clear, I should say that I want to do that when I win. I don't need to win every time, if that was the element of the experience I wanted, I'd just bring a competitive deck to a casual table and be done with it. No, I'm looking more for the visceral savagery, and the rusk of unleashing all that destructive power. Whether I dominate the table or fail to even claim my normal winrate, I'm looking to have fun.

I've thought about combo, since that would seem to fit at first blush, but it's either "Here, let me spent fifteen minutes jerking off until I can actually tell you you're dead" or "Oops, looks like I win". No battery, no savagery.

Stax is closer; for my opponents, losing to stax will have the same feeling of helplessness and futile flailing, but when it comes to actually ending the game, Stax is rather pillow-fisted, and the setup, while incredibly rewarding, is intricate and delicate. So close, yet so far.

The closest I've gotten in magic was in 60 card constructed, building Pickles: I had plenty of counters to be 'untouchable', nobody could tell what I was doing because Morph Tribal, and when the lock finally came out I had at LEAST 10 power on the board which erases opposing life totals in fairly short order.

But I'm still hungry.

I was thinking Ruric Thar or Angry Omnath, but then I wonder if having blue around to crush peoples hopes at the last moment and keep myself gassed up might not be mission-critical.

TL;DR, looking for a commander who, when on a successful run
>Takes short turns
>Kicks people while they're down
>Ends the game in an efficient and brutal manner.

>> No.56269932

Please name a card that is legal in the format instead of your stupid silver-border shit.

>> No.56269942
File: 136 KB, 223x311, forest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you lads have any tips on helping a player who crams every expensive card he owns into a deck and call it great? Guy in my group has an Azusa and Meren deck that are just crammed with expensive cards but lacks any synergy or game winning strategy beyond don't counter my stuff/use removal. I'm sure he qualifies as a timmy as he's ignorant to his poor deckbuilding and gets frustrated with games he doesn't win which is all but 1 game

>> No.56270047

What are ways to generate value off of milling you own library besides BUG Sidisi and Crawling Sensation?

>> No.56270111

>bringing prophet back.
why? U/G already is already the best color combo in commander.

Prophet is a game winning card, that basically grants an "extra turn" for each opponent until its removed. Any U/G or U/G/X can abuse it.

>> No.56270150

The exception is if it's reminder text, which really only comes up with Extort

>> No.56270174


>> No.56270195
File: 63 KB, 312x445, 298[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, that'd be a bit awkward otherwise.

>> No.56270203

A "casual" playgroup should have no problem allowing Grimlock as long as you get one of the transformers that takes like half a second to transform.

>> No.56270345

>Do you lads have any tips on helping a player who crams every expensive card he owns into a deck and call it great?
Play Atraxa.

Happy Meal toys are good for this, and have the advantage of being small and easy to transport. And less than valuable.

>> No.56270435

>Tais ta gueule

Vous parlez vraiment comme ça au Quebec ?

>> No.56270609

Necro you only get at the end of your turn, it's sorcery speed, and everything you discard gets exiled.

Ad naus is an instant so you get to untap with your mana and 35 cards in hand

>> No.56270867

Sidisi Ad Naus

>> No.56270981
File: 59 KB, 907x266, OPEN 7.25.2018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

daily reminder

>> No.56271012

just a little over 8 months senpai

>> No.56271097

I have exactly that deck, and it's really one of two decks:

>Oona Artifact Ramp
Dick around early game with some control bullshit, then suddenly get infinite mana, exile everyone's libraries, then pass turn.

>Kira Great Glass Spinner Meta-Counters
You use counters to counter counters. The whole idea of the deck is to play giant things with impunity, and to do things like spellskite someone's instant, countering it, then playing it again with Guile. Dropping stormtide leviathan and archetype of imagination is way more fun than it should be. I pack a full suite of counters just to counter anything that might fuck up my plan, and because it's artifact centric, I just abuse darksteel forge.

>> No.56271173
File: 209 KB, 672x936, 23[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Opinions on this card? I figure it could be of use in a deck I have that can often establish an infinite mana combo.

Something about the art is appealing to me, too.

>> No.56271180
File: 92 KB, 1500x844, you_know_i_can't_think_of_another_work_where_a prominent magic_user_has_a_scottish_accent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So now that Tapped Out isn't down for me I noticed that there's literally no decks containing my pet combo of Zur and Screams From Within (also Grim Guardian), and a StartPage search yields nothing either. In theory it should reliably wreck weenies and trigger loads of Constellations, especially if you can put the Screams on a disposable body in between weenie massacres. I realize it can't compare to voltron or cycling Zur, but is the deck concept really so unwieldy that nobody has bothered with it, or is the combo just too obscure?

>> No.56271210

>Shrunk down thumbnails looks like a mind-flayer.

>> No.56271222

The art is reason enough to run it.

>> No.56271250

You need to be empty handed to use it which is hard to guarantee. It also costs a lot of mana for a do-nothing enchantment. You should try it and report back to us, but don't be terribly surprised when it doesn't do anything.

Screams From Within is a good, if extremely obscure, card. It has two big problems though:
1). It only works once. You use it to clear out someone's 1/1s then it gets stuck on some bigger creature for the rest of forever.
2). It compares poorly to its competition for token-killing enchantments, Illness in the Ranks. Illness works all the time and costs 1.

I played Screams in a Ramses Overdark deck for awhile and while it was cute, it wasn't that good. It just didn't do enough frequently enough to be relevant.

>> No.56271262

So what's the combo? You tutor it to blow up a bunch of 1/1 creatures, and deal X damage, where x is the number of creature blown up? Not fantastic, have you ever pulled it off?

>> No.56271370
File: 60 KB, 725x400, really_more_of_an_evoker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah that's all, except you can also let it rest on one of your own creatures with more than 1 toughness and then sac it when the time is ripe for another round. And no, I'm just theorywanking. The greater theme I'd probably settle on would probably just be low-cost enchantments in general for the purpose of triggering Grim Guardian

>> No.56271422

One other issue I encountered with Screams was that a lot of the time, people playing tokens don't leave them as 1/1s. Anthem effects are rampant and extremely good with tokens as I'm sure you know. However, with anthems, Screams doesn't work, making it a dead card. It's cool on paper but in practice it has serious issues.

>> No.56271459

Yeah, I guess if you want to force it you could go produce tokens of your own, but that just exasperates the jank


>> No.56271507
File: 29 KB, 595x298, lina_ohayou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what effect or colors do you guys look for or would like in a commander that isn't currently available now?

Some of the mechanics I feel are a little over the top for trying to make new unique commanders, while some simpler effects that represent a color has little or no options in the available pool we have now. So I'm curious in what your ideal commander would be like.

>> No.56271508

>Vous parlez vraiment comme ça au Quebec ?
I dunno, I'm from Vancouver, do they? Do you play French in Paris mon chum?

>> No.56271510
File: 130 KB, 223x311, Kess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, how can i play her without being a total dick and not ending the match without losing all of my friends?

>> No.56271514
File: 245 KB, 672x936, Xenagos, God of Revels_BNG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was thinking about making a xenagos deck for cheap with a focus on red and a splash of green for removal/ramp. Cards like new neheb and maybe some damage doublers. Any spicy xenagos tech?

>> No.56271537

Give me fun boob window Teysa lists and tech

>> No.56271604

5-color morph. It's a mechanic that's been around forever but never got proper representation in edh

>> No.56271649

Not possible. You can't play a cancer commander without being cancer and expect to win

>> No.56271673

Fuck people who take 5 minute+ turns.

>> No.56271714

Malignus is well-known but that makes it no less spicy

>> No.56271829

do you want infinite version or fun version?

>> No.56271831

after you have infinite mana you will have to play each card in your hand in order to become empty handed, cause it check if you have no cards in hand on resolution. so as soon as you hit a land you are screwed

>> No.56271891

how to build grenzo without going all in on the doomsday plan?

>> No.56271911

Xenagos. Ramp like a motherfucker tho.
Is it strictly tribal? Or are you leaving room for the better beaters in gruul?

>> No.56271960

Xenagos dood

>> No.56271995

Not an up-to-date one but I can work on it

It's got a lot of MLD, be warned

>> No.56272318

>Kira Great Glass Spinner Meta-Counters
That sounds delightful, and potentially right for the job. Got a list?

>> No.56272389

As >>56271222 says. Its a little tough in blue and you'll either want Mana Severance +Tutoring or a discard outlet. Preferably the latter.

Oh, and if you build for Idle Thoughts, consider using Words of Wind (recasting whatever you bounce each time) to erase everyone's board.

>> No.56272408

Generic grixis spellslinger, just run her as Mizzix or Melek + Black

>> No.56272646

No it's not super tribal, just the good werewolves/lords. None of the tribal artifacts

>> No.56272802

Fun, don't want many infinites as I struggle to control myself when they are present, even if they would detract from everyone else's fun.

>> No.56272934

so, storm+black? is there any good list out there?

>> No.56272952
File: 352 KB, 256x256, 1507751987937.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So l need some inspiration lads,
I currently have a creature based deck, and non-creature permanent based deck. Looking for a spellslinger type commander, but would rather not play melek / mizzix / kess. Want to keep it two-color, though i also like the idea of a mono U commander.

Sell me on a commander senpai

>> No.56272968

Fuck blue, run wort

>> No.56273010
File: 52 KB, 265x370, taigamojutaimaster1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sling spells freely without care.

>> No.56273032

Vile smasher?

>> No.56273035

I want to use red sleeves for my zada deck but what color do I use for Zada herself?

>> No.56273106

check this out

>> No.56273120

I use hatsune miku sleeves for just the commander in each of my decks

>> No.56273144

I had a leftover pack of gold sleeves and distributed them among my playgroup. It's now a tradition that our decks are sleeved in appropriate colors, but all of our commanders are in matching gold sleeves. Sometimes we make a little game of shuffling the commanders together, over a dozen of them, and then dealing out a random commander to each player.

>> No.56273163
File: 132 KB, 464x664, ruin-ghost-cropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the heck is this silly card?!

>> No.56273207

Comes from a set where Landfall was a thing. Are you kind of stupid or something? Do you need me to handhold you through Ruin Ghoat being good when Landfall is around?

>> No.56273222

point being this card is excellent it deserves more play
you dumb cunt

>> No.56273267

Not that anon, but you did a real bad job of making your point.

>> No.56273318

You're all faggots.

>> No.56273374

If only you could have predicted your own post number and included it in the list.

>> No.56273500

I just want a simple GW commander that gives my shit flash. That's all, not a shit ton of text and bs fluff abilities

>> No.56273725

Want to start Commander , can you tell me some good commanders to build a base at about 50€ ?

>> No.56273803


>> No.56273804

no he doesn't

>> No.56273816

Mikaeus if you're willing to be cruel.

>> No.56273914

Well at my playgroup we have a kaalia and a kami so I will not be cruel enough

>> No.56274058

Maybe fill us in on what you enjoy playing first?

>> No.56274132
File: 423 KB, 1400x890, 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goes infinite with Words of Wilding and Mana Echoes. It's also just generally good with Words of Waste. Bottled Cloister is also a good way to get hellbent.

>> No.56274209



>> No.56274267

What's the story behind Marath? Why do you run 1/5th of your deck as Disenchant? Is your meta just completely suffused with shit to kill?

>> No.56274300

Well until now i have made only 3 decks , illusions , u/b standard artifacts and b/g with a bit of ramp and sacrifice. As long as it is budget I can play with decks except some white ones and heavy control

>> No.56274368


>> No.56274504
File: 34 KB, 223x310, Image (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been wanting a deck that I can go all out on, and be a home for my good shit like Mana Drains and Mana Crypts and stuff. I also wanted Lich + Repay in Kind as my main wincon. Secondary "wincon" is Divine Intervention.

List so far:


I would still need about $300 in cards to finish it off, but all the expensive stuff I already have. Is there anything obvious I'm missing? Is this deck going to make me lose all my friends?

>> No.56274791
File: 305 KB, 1484x935, imakeshittydecks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56274797

My meta is ripe with artifact ramp. In particular I always feel good about having a way to kill Sol Ring on turn 1 or 2.
Also IIRC it was actually 18 disenchants.

That was a really fun deck, and pretty good to boot, but someone stole it at a party (I think). I almost quit EDH that day.

>> No.56274945

I don't want to basically build a deck for you since I personally thing that trawling through gatherer and your collection for jank cards that you personally enjoy playing is a large part of what makes the format great.
If you're sticking to a budget, I'd recommend sticking to dual color since the mana base can still be cheap without sacrificing consistency, maybe look into Meren of Clan Nel Toth for value gravy train or my personal favorite, Lyzolda the Blood Witch. They can both be built rather cheaply since the abilities are actually quite strong and graveyard strategies tend to do very well, just try to stick in good sac engines and recursion.

>> No.56274958
File: 146 KB, 464x664, i don't think you understand how much i hate blue players.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm building a deck based entirely around killing blue players. It's full of all the blue-hating instants, sorceries, and enchantments from old magic. What should I use as a commander? It has to have red and green in it at least.

>> No.56274977
File: 418 KB, 1514x1062, dicks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gonna try and make teysa envoy of ghosts soon cause im a waifufag and here boob window does things to me

>> No.56274986
File: 125 KB, 200x289, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ruric Thar is probably the best bet

>> No.56274991
File: 69 KB, 312x445, 42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56275005

I would say Temur Fatties with Surrak Dragonclaw at the helm but it sounds like you're averse to playing blue

>> No.56275052
File: 71 KB, 312x445, 99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56275093
File: 35 KB, 223x310, red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this needs to be in the deck at least

>> No.56275260
File: 25 KB, 450x320, stock-photo-portrait-of-happily-smiling-old-man-woman-in-the-background-120057205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's got you feeling so blue anon?
Did your timmy get countered?

>> No.56275321
File: 44 KB, 960x539, 1483308345765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw realizing Bident of Thassa combos into Arachnogenesis
Is there a way in U/G to passively give your creatures deathtouch? Bow of Nylea is so close but that one "attacking" throws a wrench in it.
This is Newzuri specifically.

>> No.56275349
File: 162 KB, 213x310, 75f5e81907da6e1691655a713edef3a2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a blue control deck but I'm bored if I'm not going to combat. Is crosis the best bet?

>> No.56275362

thraximundar maybe

>> No.56275546

That's my fallback plan, although the deck only has a few creatures in it at the moment. I'll take some other stuff out and put in fatties.

In this deck, yes. If I play Boil I don't want to hit myself.

Of course.

Two of my three decks have blue in them. It just kind of pisses me off when I go down to the LGS and 95% of the people there are playing decks with blue.

>> No.56275967

how do I make a lich or nefarious lich deck work in edh?

>> No.56275970
File: 33 KB, 223x310, Image (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

need a teammate to go 100-0 with on modo commander 2vs2 respond if interested

>> No.56276055


>> No.56276085

I kinda want blue so I can donate the shit if I can get the chance

>> No.56276203

>Retiring Isamaru
As the thread's top Isamaru player you disgust me. He is too pure for you. Begone.

>> No.56276213

Why? Any Disenchant effect will buttfuck you.

>> No.56276248

well Ive got fountain witch

but im going with life total switcheroos + effects that can drop my life total to 0 for the win-con and stuff like gideon or angels grace so I can keep the memes going even if they remove my shit

>> No.56276260

Screaming take the knot as you plunge a dog covered in swords, magic and enchantments into some boipussy across the table

>> No.56276292
File: 380 KB, 600x600, layers of storm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Print off proxy version of Ghalta Death Laser to test against pals
>It works

>> No.56276332

Post list

>> No.56276338

Do you ever attack with more creatures other than isamaru at one time? If not, why not run kytheon and never flip him?

>> No.56276346


>> No.56276539

Looks like Vizier is your only way to actually storm out, how stable is that? Would feel more comfortable with Food Chain & Gemstone Array to have more options.

>> No.56276554
File: 22 KB, 248x348, 1510018393332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend takes long ass turns
>don't mind I'd rather he think and enjoy
>he's been looking at his 3 card hand for a solid 5 minutes
>just plays Ur Dragon with Anger in the yard delcares attacking and puts down Ugin
Fuck you man.

I'm wanna build a Boros deck, which commander is the most fun?

With the Into the Vault: Transform coming out my playgroup looks like we're gonna get it together and split it, how viable would a Voice of Nightmare deck be, with Bruna as the commander and Gisela in the 99?

>> No.56276574

Not stable at all. I'm actually going through graveyard recovery cards right now to swap in. Some of the creatures and cards are underperforming too.

>> No.56276655

I literally just posted my list with Lich as a wincon

>> No.56276659

Sure. What's in it for me? It's a shame that 2HG is no longer supported on MODO. I had an Oloro deck that was the ultimate bro teammate deck.

>> No.56276765

This anon understands. Blue boipussi is best for this. They bite their counterspells, whimpering, as Isamaru goes in dry.

Only Isamaru. He is the purest. A vanilla creature as our Lord Garfield PhD ordained as ideal. Begone with you extreme heresy, a flip walker! Ugh!

>> No.56277042

Second best boipussy is girl(male) green white weenie pussy, look of fear with a tinge of hope as they get taken to two two pound town
Praise Garfield

>> No.56277058
File: 273 KB, 550x355, 1498718794280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are strange

>> No.56277125

Green/White is not gay. Not gay!

>> No.56277221

Agreed. I like your style anon. I love how Selesnia bois yell "I am not a girl!" even as they moan and thrust back onto the pounding.

Thanks Dean! Now I have to rewatch Iron Giant tonight.

>> No.56277234
File: 349 KB, 528x570, 1498718559303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well at least something positive came of it I suppose

>> No.56277253

I prefer it when they say I wish I was a girl

>> No.56277292

Selesnya is the least gay guild and GW is the straightest colour combination.

>> No.56277310
File: 33 KB, 223x310, Varchild%27s+War-Riders+%5BALL%5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Building The Scorpion God -1/-1 shenanigans. I'm trying out board token generators (Tempt with Vengance, Varchild's War Raiders) to get easy draws with -1/-1 counter stuff.
Any other good RB token generators, especially if they're for everyone? And any other card suggestions, really

>> No.56277335

Thats a strange way to spell Boros

>> No.56277364 [DELETED] 
File: 74 KB, 312x445, 50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you mean Izzet

[Spoiler] post your waifu /edhg/ [/spoiler]

>> No.56277378

>only one boros player in out group
>looks like a skinhead
>has a boros fist as a tattoo, everyone thinks its a white supremacy symbol
>crossfit gymfag
>lmao weed
>did I mention my huge penis?
>I fuck all the pu55y
>gay guy shows me borosdude's grindr
>he can't host

>> No.56277389

I would say Boros is the most homoerotic, but they have all the smokin hot angel bitches around that you know, out of mercy and for moral, fuck the shit out of all the soldiers.

>> No.56277407

Well you're half right on two counts, but to go straight as an arrow you don't need green, you need to mix white's conservatism with blue's rationality, and adding some of black's general nihilism wouldn't hurt. It's only natural that the straightest combo should be UW, passionate red's natural enemies.

>> No.56277455

>tfw no GW sissy boy bf

I just want a qt to show me his heal spells while I lightning bolt his boipucci

>> No.56277510

>tfw used to cd a lot and was a huge slut
Shit man, I've never had a GW deck before, should I build one?
Is Trostani the only good commander?

>> No.56277560

you should play captain sissay

and also be my gf(male)

>> No.56277561

As a Trostani player, I'm not gay and don't even think about doing lewd things like that.
I only ever splash red for big wurms. Idiot.

>> No.56277593

I think most green players have a thing for big wurms, the white players prefer cute small weenies

>> No.56277604

That joke never occured to me. Im fucking disappointed in myself now, moreso than usual

>> No.56277639


G/W players have one and love the other
they have the former

>> No.56277679
File: 1.00 MB, 1200x950, yes2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When did she get to ~$30, planeswalker rules change was a mistake.
Also the only Selesnya commander I actually would want to play is Teeg, and I don't think an angry old "git off me lawn" gnome man is very conducive to the whole gf(male) thing.

Also what's something fun to cannabalize my atraxa deck? It was fun the first few games but I've begun to think it's actually quite boring, unlike breya for some reason.

>> No.56277695

Oh shit, really? I got a sisay in my derevi pile waiting for some use

>> No.56277719

>(S)he doesnt playfully tease opponents by laughing at them being unable to play spells whilst teasing them under the table with feet.

till they get sick of it and put you in your place

>> No.56277724

told ya dude, GW is destined to be the most fertile color, so much so that even the males want to be bred

I wanna trick selesnyan boys into a male on male populate session

GWs also got some cute angels too

>> No.56277744

One person in my playgroup only plays G, GW and has once played GWB and hates playing U and they're female

>> No.56277745

>He thinks there are selesnyan """boys"""

>> No.56277770

sorry I meant girls(male)

I need to make a ferris edit of selesNya~ charm

>> No.56277779

But someone already has a Sigarda voltron deck and wtf would I even do with Gabriel angelfire

>> No.56277802

>When did she get to ~$30
Around the spoiler of the Ixalan Sheet with Legendary PW. If you were smart, you picked her up while rumors were still flying about that I nabbed two of her at 5 bucks, hours before the buyout spiked her hard. Didn't want to be the Magic: the Investing asshole but I figured I might want to build her some day.

>> No.56277804

>literally three girls with wood down there
>big wurm tribal

>> No.56277823

Make boipussy tribal

>> No.56277834

the other sigarda lends herself well to white weenies
plus there are other cute waifus too

or you could do what >>56277804 says and just play big wurms to show people what youre REALLY into~

>> No.56277872

I only picked magic back up when I was forced into Ixalan prerelease with no knowledge of anything since khans block, guess that boat has sailed.

But Gabriel is a female(female)

I tried building white weenies online but holy shit there's almost no counterplay vs board wipes
It might be more fun if I were getting teased about it but unfortunately no one I know personally is into that

>> No.56277882
File: 94 KB, 900x657, edhmot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any OP Izzet deck list ? with old duals and all

>> No.56277912

literally just use edhrec for all your lists till you realize its more fun to be creative

>> No.56277945

>I only picked magic back up when I was forced into Ixalan prerelease with no knowledge of anything since khans block, guess that boat has sailed.
Ah... welcome, then! Too bad the Captain is a little out of starter price range now, but if it's any consolation building a reasonable deck around her had been fairly expensive for some time

>> No.56277948

>come to thread looking for suggestions
>get gay shit

>> No.56278006

Oh nah, I've played EDH for a long time; it's just that I quit for about 2 years because of some shit. Never had any crazy decks but my breya deck is about a grand now, compared to the $30 rakdos deck when I started in RTR

>> No.56278014

Only because someone called GW gay when it isn't.

>> No.56278052

gw is the gayest color combination in magic, this is common knowledge.

>> No.56278066

>when it isnt

>> No.56278075

>Lili is in the FTV: Transform
>as are all the other flipwalkers
Well fuck me, I was planning on buying a Lili and Nissa, but if I can get them foil for around the same price in a month or so then I'll hold off.
Unless the foiling is more shit than usual and are curled to hell and back out of the box. Then I'll probably just buy normal. How long does it take for LGS to flatten them out normally?

>> No.56278128

No, you've got one of the colors wrong, it's gr. They don't give a shit what anybody thinks of their lifestyle. GW at least has some discretion.

>> No.56278169
File: 1.12 MB, 1115x620, 20170925_Commander-Decks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished Atraxa and she is a fun break from what I usually play. So much BUG+ goodness leading to Planeswalker emblems. I think I am caving into the dark side.

>> No.56278176

I can agree to both of those combos being the gayest

>> No.56278187

basically GR is bara faggotry and GW is femboy faggotry

>> No.56278347

They're foil on both sides, so they probably won't curl as bad.

>> No.56278363

Or they'll curl twice as bad

>> No.56278382

>trusting wotc to make quality cards in 2017

>> No.56278474

This is the major concern. I had some non-foil amonkhet cards in perfect fits laying around and within weeks they were fucking warped to shit.

>> No.56278481
File: 31 KB, 223x310, Image (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got any spicy tech for the pope?

>> No.56278482
File: 1006 KB, 1280x719, 1475810085961.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But they'll curl one way, then the other way, which will even it out to be a perfectly straight card! R-right?

>> No.56278503

Do you live in florida? The hurricanes may have had something to do with that.

>> No.56278504

I envy your optimism when it comes to WotC making good decisions.

>> No.56278508

I live in Oregon.

>> No.56278542

ah gayland

I envy you, every cuteboy Ive talked to on r9k has been from there
magic the gathering

>> No.56278584

>implying everywhere south of Eugene and east of Portland isn't red as fuck

>> No.56278591
File: 165 KB, 200x150, 1475768717396.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not saying they're good decisions, I'm saying their shitty foiling process for FTV foils will somehow fight itself instead of doublecurling.

It's a fucking joke.

>> No.56278613

>you cant be pro-trump and gay

>> No.56278813

Gabriel is female(male) google it. Boipussy tribal here you come!

>> No.56278929

I actually had a good time playing EDH today at the other shop. It was incredible. I don’t know what changed.

Also, yeah, you guys were right about Mirage Mirror.

>> No.56279423

I feel Abit of context is missing here, glad you had fun though!

>> No.56279444

If GW is considered sissy, then what would Bant be?

>> No.56279479

If it wins you the game on the spot, I think it's OK. If you're just an indecisive bitch then you gotta stop

>> No.56279483

bant is a stoic sub
he'll wear the skirt if you ask but dont expect embarrassed reactions

>> No.56279529

The official ruling is that any DFC creatures that transform are Transformer Creatures and are included in Grimlock's buff.

>> No.56279531

You'd think that adding blue would somehow increase subbiness
idk I tried building selesnya just now and after like 5 goldfish games, I wanted to gouge my eyes out from the lack of draw

>> No.56279658
File: 108 KB, 430x381, 1509704583909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats a good chill deck to play? I literally can't stop making combo decks and I realize they are tired of it. All spells Rashmi has been chill but looking for other suggestions.

>> No.56279666

no blue is less about the emotion so they wouldnt have the subby need to be taken care of, I think basically you need to have green or white for they gayness to have a chance at kicking in

selesnya is full sissy
gruul is bara man sex
boros is /fit/ otter twinks
simic is bicurious experimentation
azorius is papersexual

naya is bratty sub
mardu is edgy masochist
bant is stoic sub

temur is "Ill try anything once"
jund is rough dom
abzan is power bottom
esper is stoic dom
jeskai is tender dom

>> No.56279679

You'd think grixis would be the edgy masochist.

>> No.56279682

>Official ruling
>On a card that is legal in no formats, not even limited.

Why even care at that point? You are already breaking as many rules as a guy that decides to play a CCG commander.

>> No.56279686

Grixis is probably more edgy sadist

>> No.56279693

grixis would be a more sadist dom desu

>> No.56279709

There's a clear line between using an officially printed Magic the Gathering card and a CCG, anon. You know this.

>> No.56279779


Fucking homos better move

>> No.56279780

switch naya and boros, nayas more fit than boros and you know those justicars are just tsundere for you to break the law

>> No.56279830

Justicars are Azorius, anon.

>> No.56279875

legionnaires then?

>> No.56279899

Seton Big Beats

Run a smaller number of Druids in favor of ramp spells and big fat green tramplers. I play a lot of goofy/annoying combo, my group got sick of it and I decided to switch to the aforementioned idea and we had a great time

>> No.56281423

Do you mind the tokens being big? Hunted Dragon and Horror make knights and centuars, respectively, and stuff like Death By Dragons make 5/5's.

If you want small ones, Acorn Catapult, Genesis Chamber, Forbidden Orchard, Infernal Genesis, and Rite of the Raging Storm seem good.

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