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Warhammer Fantasy General

Best Career Edition

>Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: http://www.pastebin.com/8rnyAa1S
WFRP: http://www.pastebin.com/0e6RuQux
Novels: https://mega.nz/#F!9Lw1WIRZ!eKxkOlAQwuZO3_8pHOK-EQ

>We're looking for these novels for the archive (not updated)

>Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers
Tomb Kings Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-undying-dynasties-army-release#/
Bretonnia Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-kingdom-of-equitaine-army-release

>The 9th Age

>Warhammer Wikis
warhammerfb.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Wiki (most complete)

>Warhammer Video Games
Total War Warhammer 2: http://store.steampowered.com/app/594570/Total_War_WARHAMMER_II/
Vermintide 2: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552500/Warhammer_Vermintide_2/
Mordheim City of the Damned: store.steampowered.com/app/276810/
Bloodbowl 2: store.steampowered.com/app/236690/
Man O' War: http://store.steampowered.com/app/344240/
Age of Reckoning: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/
Doomwheel: https://www.katsugames.com/doomwheel

Previous thread: >>56217983

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Why are Slayers so shit?

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because they're naked soyboy cucks fucking poor manlets

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That's a strange way to spell awesome.

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Requesting art of non-mutated non-gigantic-armored Chaos warriors.

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I will update the OP with the missing books eventually lads... one day... but it is not this day.

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They can't not make WFRP 4e forever

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How is your actual tabletop army coming along /wfg/? I'm putting together some Infernal Guard right now. Drazhoath the Ashen is next.

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It's unfortunately packed up in boxes because I'm living in another country but it's ready for my return.

I need a small project I can do while I'm over here, something I can take with me as hand luggage since I wouldn't trust them to not smash the shit out of it in the hold.

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I have my skaven army gathering dust, but I am painting a screaming bell at the moment. I am hoping to post in the local wargame Facebook group and pick up a game soon.

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they're all on rounds because nobody near me plays fantasy, so I've got dwarves multibased for kow though

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Why would you rebase your miniatures on round?

On rounds you can play... AoS... maybe some other obscure skirmish games.

On Squares you can play KoW, Fantasy, Mordheim, AoS... if you really wanted to I guess.

There is no advantage to rounds whatsoever.

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> INB4 they look better.

But they really don't though...

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our club plays mordheim on round, there's no facing and it's a skirmish game

we also play osprey games

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Again though, you can play Mordheim and Dragon Rampant on squares, you can't play Fantasy on rounds though.

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Saga though

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rounds are more accurate when measuring 360degree ranges

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Squares are only good for regiments, you dont even need them for KoW, you can just have a movement tray for rounds. You can even play Mordheim on rounds and it even looks better

And AoS doesnt deserve the hate it gets.

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I’m looking to GM the RPG, and I have a few mechanical questions. Specifically, has anyone sat down and mechanically differentiated the weapons, or are “Hand Weapons” just going to be the general category?

Would it break things tremendously if I gave the priest Initiate career a point of magic given that the casting number is pretty high in most cases?

Speaking of which, any home brew Magic that isn’t horrifically broken? Realms of Sorcery just seemed somewhat limiting to me.

Thanks for any replies.

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Begone shill.

Nobody in life gets what they deserve.

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Maybe if your measuring with industrial grade lasers, for most people it makes no difference.

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It's possible to distinguish hand weapons, and the Old World Armory offers some ways to do so, but if you go beyond that you have to be very careful. 2e has a pretty balanced weapon system, but like all systems the more you add the harder it is to balance.

t. guy who tried to make a bunch of different weapons and ended up with the pathfinder syndrome, ie a ton of options but only a few of them viable

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That daunting feel when you remember Age of Sigmar literally cannot be undone.

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> The Chaos Warrior is not a complete game.

I kind of wish it was.

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Someone tried but it was shit.
Stick to "hand weapons" and make a difference only when your party finds a best quality item

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I look at it this way, stormfags were going to happen. I'd rather they be in a separate game than GW just gutting Fantasy and wearing its corpse like Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

Now it will be immortalised forever in it's glorious 80's form.

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On tabletop their lack of any kind of defense roll makes them easy pickings for the enemy ranged units, while their low initiative means you need at least 30 of them to attack a small unit like a giant or some trolls, making them poorly cost-effective.
In the RP their lack of armor makes them very easy to kill, especially early on, but they are tough and with some luck they can become some absolute monsters. The real drawback is they can't use shields, and shields save lives

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Deathblow means they can hit back even when they die though. Remember you can also give them Vanguard. Still, compared to the rest of the Dwarf Special they're not a standout choice.

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I don't play 8th.
Apart from that this deathblow rule seems like a placebo to make you feel like you didn't waste your points. Plus i don't think it works with ranged attacks.

Vanguard is and has always been shit. It basically allows you to isolate your units and make them easy pickings saving your enemy the trouble

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> I don't play 8th.

Well you should have specified that since it's the latest edition.

Deathblow pretty much does what it says on the tin, every Slayer that gets into combat will always get to strike at least once, so their low initiative was somewhat mitigated.

Vanguard is very good when used correctly on gyro-copters and helps Slayers escape a round of shooting.

As I say though they competing with all the artillery, Hammerers and Ironbreakers in Special, which are all much easier units to use than Slayers.

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So I've reread some of the elf army books of 6th edition and I wondered, why they turned most of them into Asian looking guys and girls with black contacts? With the whole almond eyes shtick and such.

Does anyone of you know?

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To not make them look like thin humans

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Ayy lmao Elves?

Just artistic choice really. Some Elves still have the solid black eyes, some have pupils, just depends who's in charge.

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Because it's the best edition.

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This brings an interesting point up.

Which unit do you love for their fluff or their models, but can't be bothered to use on the TT because of shitty rules or great alternatives competing for the same slot, anons?

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Well I never let the rules get in the way of good models but Chaos Chosen are pretty shit on the TT. Just no use for more elite Warriors really, they're good enough to beat most things already.

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Slayers, Goblin wolf riders and chaos marauders. Also gyrocopters because in 6th ed you want cannons.
Hammerers are in this list too if you don't field them with a Lord

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Welves vs. Delves.


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Rp question.
How much magic is too much magic?
Speaking about magical items and weapons, how rare are they in your campaign? I thought i could give my players a little magical item when they clear a barrow from its wight and dire wolves occupants, but they just started the campaign and are still early in their first career

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when the fuck is the empire and bretonnia going to get doggos?

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I'm sorry what?

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Which army is best for Multiple Small Units and why?

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Bretonnia because it's 90% cavalry and you can field multiple small units for high mobility
Dwarfs because even if small their infantry is rock solid
Empire for the parent and support units

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Chaos Spawns definitely. They're a goldmine for conversions and their fluff is perhaps my most favorite part of the warhammer setting yet on the tabletop they're just rubbish. Their only semi decent thing is that for an additional 20 points you get a lvl 3 breath weapon on them which can come in handy. They still have no defense and shitty random movement however.
If I were to design them I'd skip the random movement and give them a bunch of optional upgrades so that you could customize them to your own desires.

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They're overpriced aye but it's just so hard to say no to a festus-buffed block of T5 halberdiers. Granted I wouldn't ever think of squeezing them in to a list smaller than 2500 points.

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I wouldn't be against having them bunched up into a unit as proper monstrous infantry like they did in TW either.

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Just out of curiosity...

If GW said 'right guys, we're bringing back fantasy but it's going to be the Horus Heresy of 40K, ie. you have the lore and the models but the rules are an amendment of the AoS rules'.

Would that float anyone's boat?

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4e will be good, and it doesn't matter how long we have to wait as long as it is.

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Well I give my regular warriors halberds and it's diminishing returns after S5 since 9 times out of 10 they'll just be hacking into T3/5+.

I bought some models and used them as my unit champions though.

>> No.56246913

I'm practically certain it's going to happen.
Spire of Dawn is basically that, Poorly masquerading as an AoS release.

I feel people here like Rank-and-file too much to enjoy round bases though.

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Well I'm of the opinion that 28mm is not a good scale for rank and file... but AoS just doesn't have enough depth and rank and file is an easy way to have depth by having facings. So it's a difficult one. You could have SAGA style rules but that wouldn't suit AoS's 40 man blobs.

I think SoD was just them printing some free money with already made casts.

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What should be the formation of choice for 30 Savage Orc Boy Big Ones?

>> No.56247030

I'd be ok with it since it would be the only way to have fantasy back.
But sincerely i'm starting to prefer things as they are now with the setting dead and everyone free to play with the rules they want and use the lore they prefer. Much like D&D.

Warhammer was first and foremost a skirmish game. It'd be nice for it to go back to the roots

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I would say 6X5.

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If only someone had the balls to go through the AoS books and change all the names to their correct version... seeing Orruks instead of Orc makes my scrotum retract into my body.

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I didn't know that I wanted Warhammer SAGA, but now I really, really do. I might have to get to work on a conversion if I can't find one.

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>Well I give my regular warriors halberds and it's diminishing returns after S5 since 9 times out of 10 they'll just be hacking into T3/5+.
That undoubtedly the more prudent pick.

>I bought some models and used them as my unit champions though.
Neat. I myself use the same unit interchangeable as warriors or chosen.

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What >>56247056 said.

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Beastmen in general

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Has your character ever encountered a hard counter to their playstyle?

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What game are you talking about?

>> No.56248358

Already planned my budget to enlist 501st legion
>Spire of Dawn
They aren't producing it anymore

>> No.56248377

WFRP, or WFB if applicable

>> No.56248406

WFRP doesn't offer "playstyles" that can be countered.

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Honestly, their decision to use yellow as the default color for Ork armor causes way more mental trauma to me.

>> No.56248561

A priest that knows his salt and is high enough in his first career could easily kill a single Wight
But it's true in WFRP shields are the true god-items

>> No.56248582

I wish Chaos Spawns ever actually looked like this The Thing-esque monstrosity. Why can't this be the model in TWW?

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you mean like this?

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too many charlemagnes

>> No.56248881

Mine are still in boxes and bags. There always seems to be something in the way of painting them, either another step I have to do first or just it not being the right time of year (gets too cold to prime in the garage).

I wish I could figure out how to weaken the bonds of superglue without ruining plastic figures.

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What exactly happened to the Norse Dwarfs? Was only Kraka Drak destroyed by Valnir or the entire realm?

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File: 1.38 MB, 1280x720, [Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - 05 [BC9F61B4].mkv_snapshot_20.12_[2015.08.08_00.36.20].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the hell is going on with 4th edition? There is 0 news in months.

>> No.56250150

How fun are the prebuilt adventure paths for WFRP 2e?

I've heard some people say they're amazing and some people say they're rushed or boring.

Do you have to do anything special to run them and make them good?

>> No.56250510

>costs as much as a chaos warrior with a shield
>only 5++ that can be mitigated by magic
>2 S4 attacks
>only M5
>special rule only makes enemies in contact -1LD

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File: 19 KB, 249x163, Chaos_Spawn_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I can't wait to cut up fucking Nurgle shits. Please let us get extra gory dismemberment like in Vermintide 1.

>> No.56250844

>Specifically, has anyone sat down and mechanically differentiated the weapons, or are “Hand Weapons” just going to be the general category?

There are houserules for that, but I don't use them. I only differentiate best handweapons in my game.

>Would it break things tremendously if I gave the priest Initiate career a point of magic given that the casting number is pretty high in most cases?

You also need Channel, Magical Sense, and Petty Magic (Divine) to be open to make any use of that 1 point. It wouldn't destabilize the game much, but miracle working priests are supposed to be rare.

>Speaking of which, any home brew Magic that isn’t horrifically broken? Realms of Sorcery just seemed somewhat limiting to me.

See attached.

>> No.56250861

And more.

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I liked it

>> No.56251578

>limiting magic
That's the point. Magic in warhammer is more of a burden than it's worth if you follow the rules of the colleges

>> No.56254260

God I love all the little details in all the roleplay books.
I don't know why but I got a real kick calculating the distances to each o the towns between Averheim and Wurtbad.

Does anyone know where I could get some good female dwarf and halfling models?

>> No.56254267

WFRP questions:

Did the original Enemy Within campaign (not the 3e remake) ever get a 2e rerelease?

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Pros: I got the Forgeworld model aND it's sexy. I love the idea of this rat daemon playing chess with the skaven.
It's a huge fucking "shoot me turn one and waste 200 points" wizard. It's got potential in battle from its weapon, but it's stats make it pretty garbage in a fight. But if it's out of combat, every ranged weapon in the game is trained on it.

>> No.56254692

A good deal of them really, but the Arachnarok for Orcs&Goblins is a particular stinker.

>> No.56255401

go back to your containment thread

>> No.56255611

The fuck are you talking about? Verminlords are pre end times, and I'm talking about table top.

>> No.56255911

It's the same shitposter from before. I don't know why he's not banned.
I don't like Age of Sigmar much, either, but this guy just spergs out at the mention of anything remotely related to it and tells everyone to go back to their containment thread and anyone who doesn't hate it with as much vitriol as him is a shill and other such bullshit.
When you see his pattern of shitposting, just report and ignore. He'll try to say some retarded things for some (you)'s, but you have to stay strong and not point out what a fucking tiny-dicked little pile of assburgers he is.

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I love when characters wear fur over their armor or on cloaks or something. I wish Bretonnian characters had more of an excuse for it.

>> No.56256151

While a cool concept, i will never not be mad about what the verminlords did in End time.
I don't play 8th but i always suggest to use one as an unaligned daemon prince

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well considering that 99% of the time its just to show off and look fancy or show off some monster you killed, i would think it would be MOST common for bretonnians to do

>> No.56256587

First of all, checked.

Second - there's a shitposter that comes here from /aosg/ and pretends to be multiple people, making stupid and incendiary statements and trying to start fights. I think he figures he can kill this thread off with butthurt and shitposting.

>> No.56256735

Been doing some light reading and research, hopes of getting into the hobby. What are the differences to consider if I'm unsure about getting into WFB, Age of Sigmar, or 40k?

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File: 5.46 MB, 1350x1800, TheCosmicForces-WoWChronicleSample.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i unironically like this magic setup and never really took to the winds idea that warhammer uses

>> No.56256878



>> No.56256880

WFB is harder and more expensive to come by. GW still sells many WFB models on their website, you just have to use the search function; for example, "human" gets you Sigmarines, but also Empire units, but no Bretonnia. "Aelf" gets you High and Dark Elves, but only a handful of Wood elves.
Ebay is always a good option for things people are getting rid of, but pricing can be sketchy, especially if they painted it. They may think they're entitled to extra dosh because of their shitty paint job that you'll probably want to scrape off anyways.

AoS and 8th edition 40k seem to play very similar, very streamlined and simple rules. If you don't want to haul around a rulebook that can kill puppies if it falls, these are probably the best best. I don't like the blobs of AoS and 40k is the sci-fi verse, so it doesn't really need ordered formations.
Also, they're both still in production, so getting models won't be an issue for some time.

>> No.56257003

how exactly is it worse or different as a system than separating magic by winds? its literally the same shit you chode

>> No.56257011

the winds idea is better for wahammer than warcraft because magic has the ability to royally screw you over as a gameplay mechanic. meanwhile in warcraft everyone's casting fireballs like its no one's business.

>> No.56257039

how magic is broken down has nothing to do with how powerful or difficult it

its just different lore explanations of what magic is

>> No.56257109

except in warcraft you regularly retcon everything to explain what the different schools of magic are. It got so confusing that blizzard had to release the chronicles to lay down a baseline for how everything worked in their setting.
warcraft magic isn't literally physically flowing from the poles of the world.

>> No.56257301

Because the different forms of Magic in warcraft are not the same. Magic proper is solely arcane magic (which is why it got an aspect). Magic in Warhammer always flows from the warp

>> No.56257322

Did the warcraft rpg not try to connect all Magic to the nether and attract demons?

>> No.56257337

the RPG has been retconned to hell.

>> No.56257341


Magic is extremely powerful in Warhammer, as in wipe out a small army with a spell powerful, but it's extremely dangerous, because good, evil, and neutral spirits and energies reside in the Warp, and if you don't want to be completely fucked, you have to hope you get some not-insanely-evil energies that don't make you explode.

>> No.56257375
File: 89 KB, 736x483, red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>warcraft magic isn't literally physically flowing from the poles of the world.

my problem is that the lore on the winds is never really followed, it should be super weak at the equator but its never represented so in lore. hell the most powerful mages on warhammer world live near/on the equator

also an individual wind is supposed to be baby tier compared to high magic but that isnt really followed too closely either, sure elves and slann are more powerful but you still have shit like nagash, gelt, elsa, etc

>> No.56257431

Fuckin what? It's explicitly stated in the books that one of the reasons it took Nagash so long to figure out Necromancy is because he lived so far south. The reason that Necromancy uses Dark Magic is because otherwise he wouldn't have been able to grab enough magic to raise a skeleton without it.

>> No.56257484

yeah i know its stated, and yet in practice it never effects anything

nagash and the slann, two of the most powerful magic users in the setting, both live near the equator. they say one thing but do another. if it was never stated to be the case why the hell would i have a problem with the lore not matching you mong? araby is also basically the land of mages, and ON the equator is an entire nation of magic skellys. its literally the opposite of how things are "supposed" to work

>> No.56257494

I thought he managed to get a lot of shit done while he reigned. Sure they had ways of prolonging life but he was still human and not always undead. If Nagash making what he did from the DElves he kidnaped counted as slow then what’s fast?

>> No.56257539
File: 465 KB, 1167x1112, 1508547915462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Araby isn't really a land of mages, they just use magic in a similar fashion to ice/hag witches in Kislev (getting magic from 'spirits of the land')

>> No.56257571

except ulthuan literally has a giant vaccum that sucks out excess WoM out of the world which is why elves are so magical. If anything the TW:WH game was far closer lore than everything blizzard does with their own IP.

>> No.56257630

I thought the elves were that magical because the old ones made them that way.

>> No.56257635

Warcraft RPG was declared non-canon long before Chronicle retconned it. I think they said it was not canon at some point in Cata I think.

>> No.56257640

The slann and nagash are powerful because they live so far south and could still harness the winds. Every retard who goes into the Chaos wastes can easily become the greatest sorcerer ever, but then quickly dies or transforms into a mutated mass

>> No.56257650

The Slann live near the equator, but they also were literally built by the Old Ones to be better at magic than anyone or anything else could ever be, and they also are relatively close to the Vortex in Ulthuan. Even though the Vortex sucks out excess magic from the world, it still is a massive beacon of energy that can be harnessed.

>> No.56257675

>Every retard who goes into the Chaos wastes can easily become the greatest sorcerer ever, but then quickly dies or transforms into a mutated mass
This makes me wonder about how magical Tzeench Daemon Princes or Lords of Change are supposed to be.

>> No.56257830
File: 542 KB, 1920x1080, 20171105003721_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The elves are more attuned to magic, yes. But a huge part of their magical prowess is due to the vortex and the fact that they research and innovate upon their magic.
In contrast elves in warcraft require a source of magic at all times. Night elves have the well of eternity and try to wean themselves off magic. High elves in warcraft were magic junkies drinking off the sunwell and stealing high elf aesthetics from warhammer.
Blood elves were supposed to be drinking demonic magic from the legion but by the end of burning crusade they were off and became literal high elves infuse with holy energy, basically mary sues.

Also, this is interesting. apparently skaven don't even like eating elves because their purity makes them sick.

>> No.56257843

I have no experience with Warcraft and don't really get what all this is supposed to mean or how they're really in relation to each other.

>> No.56257879

its a fancy venn diagram. the different lores in warcraft are formed when primary sources of magic mix with each other.

>> No.56258054

So how do I get do Tyrion campaign in Mortal Empires? My economy seems to suck, and all the other elves hate me because they're all catty bitches who all want to murder me the moment I confederate with someone.

>> No.56258077

unite homeland under 1 banner
Create elf lebensraum by killing malekith and mommy.

>> No.56258106

Well a Lord of Change in the rpg has a Magic stat of 5, which is higher than any human can hope to have. In addition they have the Dark Magic talent, meaning that they roll SIX dice and take the highest FIVE.
They also cannot fail a Channeling test, and could theoretically cast any spell in the game using the spell Tzeentch's Blessing, and even if Tzeentch's Blessing fails they get a mutation anyway, which is often beneficial for them.
Tzeentch's Blessing gives them access to Conflagration of Doom, which they will be able to cast successfully 80.19% of the time, a spell that deals FIVE hits dealing an average of 9.5 damage each. It can also do this every three turns, if it channels.
That's right, if a spell targets it, it gets a Will Power save to complete negate the effect AND make the mage unable to cast any spells for 24 hours. With a Will Power of 94 and every test being rerolled, this means that any given spell cast at a Lord of Change only has a 0.36% chance of doing anything.

tldr; Lords of Change can cast any spell, have almost no chance of failure, and are immune to magic. Killing one would probably take a couple of very well-equipped armies, and even then I would bet on the LoC.

>> No.56258162

To be honest, I don't mind conquering them. But I want Chrace, Nagarythe, and Yvresse (even though you start out at war with them for some fucking reason).

>> No.56258245

don't forget clothique.
I was playing as serra and found out that tyrion started off with war with me. I had to burn a lot of influence to get peace with him.

>> No.56258277

Why clothique?

>> No.56258382

They start off at war with tyrion and lyonnesse. I am playing a colonization campaign as Clothique. I own half of bretonnia while the other half is fought over by wood elves and bretonnians.

>> No.56258427

Okay, that's not too bad, especially when you want an element of mixing and matching various ideas and concepts, or to align certain concepts along two broad axises. That makes a lot of sense for an RPG or an MMO, with different kinds and types of magic for different classes and races and stuff.

But Warhammer's magic is more a question of order over disorder, and the different splittings into winds don't matter much on a cosmic level, you know? It makes sense for providing a level of separation for a wargame - eight lores instead of two or four - but there's not much true variety between casters beyond level of power or what lores they have access to, not in the same way druids or warlocks could be different.

>> No.56258437
File: 534 KB, 1920x1080, 594570_screenshots_20171101133219_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Start out at War with half of Ulthuan as Tyrion

Why. Isn't Tyrion basically Finubar's champion and acts as his general on the field of battle? Aren't you kind of playing Finubar too when you play the High Elves because you get to decide what happens at court and all that?

I understand it's for gameplay purposes and all but it rubs me the wrong way having Ulthuan basically at war with itself early on and shrugging off Tyrion as if he's some petty noble when trying to be diplomatic. Same thing with Malekith and anyone important and powerful lord. I enter diplomacy with some shithead Dreadlord from some tiny faction and he calls me a liar and threatens to kill me while my army is surrounding his last settlement because I wanted to trade? Alright. I'm the fucking Witch King. You should show a little more respect than that. I know it makes more sense for the Druchii to spit in their leaders face as they're all treacherous schemers but still.

Again I know it's for gameplay purposes as they can't have all of Ulthuan or any nation united while other, more fractured factions are not. It just makes me want to confederate or conquer my home territory first thing when I start a campaign if I'm playing a race like the Empire, Dark Elves or High Elves. I don't mind going to war with other Druchii or Skaven because that's in their nature, but as a "good" race like the Dwarfs or Empire it feels stupid and wrong to fight inwards while so many outward threats also exist.

>> No.56258480

the intrigue mechanic suggests that you are playing as finubar and just as planning everyone.

>> No.56258547
File: 85 KB, 493x599, 493px-Finubar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what it felt like, though I haven't spent much time in a High Elf campaign. Does Finubar have a presence at all in the game? Does he even appear? I always liked him as a leader.

>> No.56258631

Aren’t many named spellcasters like Malekith and Natasha as well as random Slann capable of rivaling if not succeeding many LoCs?

>> No.56258662

referenced mostly. He doesn't appear given that tyrion is the faction leader for eataine.
He has a lot of hand behind the game basically being represented via dilemmas and giving you quests and shit.
The closest example I can think of from a previous total war game is Sauron from 3rd age TW. He exists offmap and has no influence directly on the game but causes big ass crusades instead.

>> No.56258674

To be fair the Slann and Malekith were never given stats in the rpg.

>> No.56258705
File: 145 KB, 977x818, 2925f0633ee52ab4047d654d803931cf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does a Rat Catcher fare against skaven?

>> No.56258933

30-40% chance to hit
30-40% chance for the successful hit to miss

>> No.56259093

I like that since the odds of meeting a Slann or Malekith in person are so low it might as well never happen for PCs.

>> No.56259386

I've never seen Malekith defeat a Lord of Change.

Nagash is much more powerful magically than Malekith is or ever will be.

>> No.56259391

If he's a Tilean, well.

>> No.56259619

Well, let's see.

For this example, we will be assuming a starting rat catcher going up against a single clanrat from a minor clan. Obviously this isn't realistic, but I guess the Skaven was on a mission to do something and got cornered by the rat catcher and his dog, and figured that the only way out was through this guy. All stats will be using the average.

Assuming all combatants all-out attack in an insane attempt to kill the enemy as quickly as possible, the combat would last on average 5 rounds, with the dog and rat catcher still very much alive (not even considered heavily injured) and the Skaven very much dead, bitten and stabbed to death in a single bloody combat.

The main asset that the rat catcher has is, unsurprisingly, his Small but Vicious Dog. While it may not be very tough or do a lot of damage, it's a great distraction and irritation for the clanrat, and gives a +10% bonus on all attacks the rat catcher makes.

>> No.56259638

Small but Vicious Dog truly is the most important trapping

>> No.56260154

>which is why elves are so magical
that is not the reason, but the vortex putting them into s magical draft is part pf the reason why they are fading as a race.

>> No.56260191

they have a natural affinity to magic, but their magical studies themselves are linked to the vortex and stabilizing it.

>> No.56260201

Now, if he has a small but VISCOUS dog, it goes much worse.

>> No.56260574

Pretty much the whole Warhammer world has winds flowing through it on some level - they're just weaker towards the equator.

Nagash had to rely on a large quantity of warpstone for his most powerful spell, and it would also make sense that Dhar (which tends to congeal and pool in a sense) would be more common where the winds are slower. Lustria has a magical grid that helps keep things in check and siphon in some energies, and Slaan are especially skilled at magic through instinct and experience. Even Gelt can be a very skilled wizard just through his mastery of his one wind - it doesn't matter that he's farther away than a Chaos sorcerer that won't learn to properly harness his power and control it.

>> No.56260672

Nagash also built the Black Pyramid specifically as a magical capacitor.

>> No.56260960


Serious question, with no Warhammer Fantasy Battles, why would they release the RPG of the same world?

Isn't everything Age of Sigmar with the Not!Space Marines now?

>> No.56260974

Because the Warhammer Fantasy setting's better.

>> No.56261029

Slann had to construct a magical network of wards and Leylines to direct the winds into a perfectly ordered state that they tap into.

Nagash built the black pyramid, which is basically the same thing but also converts the wind it siphons into death magic.

They are the greatest wizards because they had to learn how to manipulate and control their flow of magic in lands where it is otherwise hard to come by. When they have access to more magic, they just have more clay to work with.

That's why chaos sorcerors suck so much, they fling raw magic at one another and don't have the creativity or understanding of how to more efficiently use it.

>> No.56261058
File: 58 KB, 600x450, warhammer careers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its vidya is selling like hotcakes right now.
GW isn't as controlling with the IP now that they soaked in gasoline and set it ablaze
They're capitalizing on the established WFRP name and are using it as a beta test for the AOSRP they are also making.

>> No.56261156

There's a mod for that


>> No.56261192

mortal wizards<Chaos wizards<Necromancers<Tzeench sorcerors<Vampires/wights<famous wizards<Lord of change< strongest faction wizards (malekith,teclis,gelt)=young Slann<Fate weaver< Old Slann< Nagash</=Kroak

>> No.56261270

Wasn't Nagash still super strong in ET even after the pyramid was blown up?

>> No.56261328

Everything on the bad side was super strong in ET because they all became hyper Evil Sues.

>> No.56261569

That was one of ET's worst bits. Virtually any fight was determined by who's more evil.

>> No.56261631

Warhammer Fantasy has an established setting, proven systems, and a fanatical fanbase. A fair part of the basic work is already done.

Smegmar basically doesn't have a setting, but it's getting a system too.

>> No.56262845

>Gymnast to house painter
All of my whats?

>> No.56263266

You mean Realm of Chaos. There is no Warp in Warhammer Fantasy.

>> No.56263298

Hello, /wfg/. Don't know anything about Warhammer but I recently came across this utterly badass article about the War of Beards. From what I understood, the Elves got their asses handed to them with their king slain and his crown taken, albeit at a high cost.
Can you tell me which race is the 'canon' faction of WFG? Like, for 40K, it's the Space Marines.
Which is on paper the strongest faction fluff-wise? From what I gather Dwarves btfo Elves who btfo Dark Elves
Are Elves popular choices fluff-wise given how they ended up losing to dwarves?

>> No.56263365

its why they are the center of tw boxart.

>> No.56263399
File: 105 KB, 440x927, soldier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56263424

>Are Elves popular choices fluff-wise given how they ended up losing to dwarves?
They needed to lose, the fluff before that was about the elves kicking demon ass. High elves are one of the most popular races, not only for fluff, they were also pretty strong on the table.

>> No.56263487

>not only for fluff,
Care to elaborate, anon?

>> No.56263563

Good shooting phase, good infantry, strong lords, really really strong magic phase and banner of the world dragon.

>> No.56263882

HElves were extremely popular because they've always been broken as shit on ttp, especially in later edition with shit like ASF armywide, even on units with great weapons

>> No.56264231


Rats that big aren't in his job description.

>> No.56264249



We're going to need a smaller, even more vicious dog.

>> No.56264258

He would be more akin to someone that hunts beastmen. Except that these beastmen have guns.

>> No.56264815

Do Winds of Magic care about words, symbols, gestures, etc, or you just need strong enough willpower and affinity and you can just channel them, while all the incantations and sigils are more like placebo to help you?

>> No.56264856

Winds of magic are not divided in nature, but flow constantly over the world. Some sigils, gestures and incantation work like siphons allowing the wizard to use a sort of metaphysical net and trap the energy of a particular wind so that ot can be used as raw material for his imagination.
This is also why in some places one wind is stronger than others

>> No.56265658

Why exactly does the small but viscious dog provide a bonus to attack rolls?

>> No.56265699

Piling up advantage
If you attack an enemy 2v1 it gives you a +10% WS

>> No.56265743

why are there no small but vicious dogs in FB wargame?
(not counting dwarfs, that is)

>> No.56265792
File: 9 KB, 225x225, 1503639457860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think the era of hurt feelings was the reason they killed the setting? To avoid the inevitable "this is so close to our own earth geography which means it's not inclusive!". It just really seems like they went to incredible lengths to stray as far from any believable fabtasy setting in favor of "WHACKY SPACE RING WITH DIFFERENT BIOMES! Sigil? Never heard of it.". Was it to get the mtg audience? The dnd audience? Who was this for? Or was there some sort of unknown corporate changing of power we never knew? We are actively seeing the recycling period of entertainment (take somthing great back then and switch it up a bit for those too young to know it, see: the film Alien vs. the film Life.)
I'm just sad.

>> No.56265818

>"this is so close to our own earth geography which means it's not inclusive!"

>> No.56265828

In WFRP it is specifically stated that spells need the proper incantations to work. A wizard who cannot talk cannot cast spells.

This probably doesn't apply to the very strongest casters though... I think Kroak can't speak but he can still cast spells alright

>> No.56265834

Strange enough, they have giant rats the size of a small but vicious dog.

>> No.56265843

I don't think it was any of those reasons
probably some young aspiring (or worse - old one, reading about new advancements in a magazine) marketologist made a focus group, and those choose AoS.

>> No.56265868
File: 306 KB, 1600x1280, 6e07251ccce124f18838c016f50832c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look familiar?

>> No.56265888

Whfb world map is almost identical to real world. If people where willing to boycott Witcher 3 because fantasy medival Poland didn't have a robust population of black individuals, I can see them saying some shit about the empire 'glorifying racist, because reich is german, and german nazis and shit like that'.
Long story ahort, I stay up at night wondering why a well established and rich setting was not just updated, but burned and blown into the wind in favor of this new setting.

>> No.56265895

a couple more hurricanes and america will really look like that

>> No.56265906

I know how the warhammer world looks, but doubt that anyone ever said something like this.

>> No.56265930

Same thing.

>> No.56265971

some people are just so insecure about originality of their favorite setting, that they feel they have to correct anyone using 40k terms, as if those definitions are important

>> No.56266290

they said same thing about Bret armybook update

>> No.56266303

I finally got drive to convert stuff, and can't even approach my minis 'cos my room is a middle of major reorganizations and is a complete primal chaos.

>> No.56266445

The weirdest part of AoS getting an RPG is who they hired to do it. This over-the-top fantasy setting with endless planar travel, steampunk dwarves with tophat cannons and fiery gay midgets that get stronger the more they rub one another. This setting is getting an RPG from the people whose only project to date is the grounded Middle Earth RPG.

>> No.56266503

its like taking a setting with giant lightning-spewing hamster wheels, tentacles sprouting from your face just because you read a wrong book, and whole deserts inhabited by magical undead and making RPG focused on rat-catchers, dung collectors and dirt farmers for it!

..oh wait

>> No.56266649

>implying the Empire exists anymore

>> No.56266662

is there a chance GW will make normal-sized box sets of Shadespire skellingstons?
I like the one with greatsword, a box of those would make perfect Grave Guard with great weapons

>> No.56266673


> They hired.

They forced C7 to do it, it was part of the deal for getting Fantasy.

>> No.56266685

it exists... IN OUR HEARTS!

>> No.56266689


It exists in our hearts.

>> No.56266705


Fuck me, hive mind.

>> No.56266718

Oh, that makes far more sense. I'd only heard about them working on AoS. So basically they were required to make an AoS game in order to get the Warhammer Fantasy license after GW snatched it back from FFG?

>> No.56266723

does monopose work for rank and file units?
i want to make eternal guard with paired weapons (for T9A) as sombre monopose with faceless masks

>> No.56266744

I don't know why 'Knocker-up of workpeople' is on here, considering it was a fairly common job.

It's just someone who goes around knocking on people's doors to get them up for work. Because there were no alarm clocks.

>> No.56266758


It seems that way. I can't think of any other reason why somebody would want the AoS licence.

>> No.56266770
File: 540 KB, 688x445, 1508701276711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In WFRP, can you split a full action into multiple turns? Like could a dragon use a half action to fly, and then use the second half action on the first turn and the first half action on the next turn to breathe fire?

Because that would look like this:
1: Flying and starting to breathe fire
2: Actually breathing fire, continuing to fly
Repeat from 1

Or does a dragon need to land to breathe fire?

>> No.56266772


Of course it does, monopose makes it easier to rank them up usually.

>> No.56266781

high mortality rate, I guess
its not that they were rare, its that there few surviving past morning of day to answer a survey

>> No.56266801

Yes they are, they get divided when they leave the chaos wastes.

>> No.56266829

>that first response



>> No.56266839

No it's not, it's never called the Warp in Fantasy, that's 40k only. People who call the Realm of Chaos in Warhammer Warp are only betraying their game background.

>> No.56266856

Well, likely just as a means of mentioning the position. Not a lot of normies know about that shit.

That survey has nothing to do with rarity, it's just some quirky answers they got.

>> No.56266857

Have been in the middle of a major painting block recently and the time I do spend on it has been on the 40k side with 8th dropping. I have Empire and Ogres to paint so I'll get round to them eventually.

>> No.56266863


> Betraying their game background.

'You betrayed the law'

Yeah but seriously, it's the Realm of Chaos.

>> No.56266872


>> No.56266918

Betray as in reveal.

>> No.56266948

I would say yes, but only because certain spells like Conflagration of Doom require a half action and a full action

>> No.56267025

Trust me, GW doesn't give a shit about PR on that level. Look how badly they've mangled advertising and using videogames to support model sales.

>> No.56267074

What do you even need the models for if you're already living the Daemon Prince life?

>> No.56267123

They have, I've seen them.
But luckily it has been confined to a couple of threads on the likes of RPG.net.

>> No.56267197

They are gonna make both. Cubicle 7 is gonna do WHFRP 4, and do both Old World and Smigmar

>> No.56267383
File: 75 KB, 500x500, rf orc hold on now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>From what I understood, the Elves got their asses handed to them with their king slain and his crown taken, albeit at a high cost.

I'm a dwarf fag and even I'll acknowledge that this doesn't to the elves credit. Yes, they lost. No, they never successfully sieged a major dwarf hold. All the same,they inflicted appalling casualties (and also did things like specifically target women and use tactics like poisoning water which dwarfs considered beneath even elves), and this left the dwarf kingdom open for the combined shitstorm of a major waaagh, a skaven uprising, and the entire World's Age Mountains shifting after the Pepes decided they needed to be moved for no fucking reason.

>> No.56267390


>> No.56267423

Magic definitely cares about symbols - see runes of all kinds, not just dwarf ones - and gestures are probably used to evoke symbols. In WFRP, speech is explicitly confirmed as necessary; it's how you 'confine' a Wind to a specific shape to do a specific thing, rather than it being raw, diffuse potential for anything. Fucking up this conceptual cage causes 'leaks' and unintended backfires/side effects/disasters.

The speech requirement is probably a component of the willpower thing, and it seems likely that there are hyper-casters with willpower so great they don't need to speak. Lords of Change, for example.

>> No.56267448

>Was it to get the mtg audience? The dnd audience? Who was this for?

Kirby looked at Warhammer Fantasy and said "why isn't this selling better?" No one had the guts to tell him it was because 8e was overbloated and badly-supported with 'big showpiece' models being the main thing they released any more, most of which sucked and got blown away by 8e's sniper-accurate OP artillery. The edition also blatantly favored horde armies because they were the most expensive, and price hikes to bolster sales decline were a thing. Finally, the rules were a fucking byzantine mess (something even GW recognized).

Kirby shrugged and figured that 40k sold well, so if he made Fantasy like 40k it would sell well too, and so that's what they did.

>> No.56267459
File: 12 KB, 210x295, ashi awoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did they respond to the whinging over that, anyway?

>> No.56267462

what language are those spells in then?

>> No.56267488

>In WFRP, can you split a full action into multiple turns?

This is necessary for some spells and actions, and in the case of your dragon example I'd agree it was possible.

Then again a dragon (should) have Fate points, and remember Fortune can be spent to gain an extra half-action in a round. Why roast your players later when you can roast them now?

>> No.56267499

Magick (which is an archaic form Eltharin), Daemonic, High Nehekharan, Old Eltharin. There are a few magic tongues. They need to be very, very complex and very specific to do fine enough work to shape magic.

>> No.56267595
File: 2.06 MB, 1240x1210, Dragon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How many peasants armed with crossbows would it take to kill a dragon in one shot? We'll assume the Beggar stat block from the back end of the core rulebook.

Each beggar is given a crossbow and told to shoot at a dragon that's conveniently directly above them and in the middle of them. With the amount of armour and toughness that a dragon has, it's going to reduce the damage taken from every single crossbow bolt by eleven. This means that every single peasant will, on average, do .62 damage per hit. To reduce a dragon to 0 wounds, you'll need 88.5 peasants. Then you need to have a shot kill the dragon. Using the sudden death crit rules given in the book, you still need another 7 peasants to kill the dragon. However, if you only accept a critical result of 9 or 10 instantly killing the monster then you need another 56 peasants to be all but guaranteed a killing blow.
BUT, not every single peasant is going to hit. Even when they aim, only 35% of those peasants are going to hit at all, vastly increasing the number of peasants necessary.

In summary, to kill a dragon in one round:

-If you're using the sudden death critical rules, you will need 273 peasants with crossbows.

-If you're not using sudden death, you will need 413 peasants.

Obviously though you should use the far superior critical charts for large monsters from Winds of Chaos, because even 413 peasants getting the jump on a dragon feels like too small a number.

>> No.56267602

while I'm not that sad about story never moving forward again (I was quite happy with the static setting in the first place), I sad there won't be any side stories, like that Volkmar vs Mannfred one (before it turned out to be prequel to ET, that is)

T9A only really cares about crunch, KoW fluff is shit...

how about we make a full-blown campaign together, with fluff and stuff?
what one person makes is shitty homebrew fanfiction, but collaboration of /whfbg/ may be worthy of attention

>> No.56267623

meh, just feed the peasants to the dragon as a goodwill gift and sell the crossbows to buy a saddle for your new dragon friend

>> No.56267830

The OWB dragon is also just a generic punk-ass dragon, too.

Then again, they're not invincible. One elven prince got his shot out from under him when he made the hilariously stupid choice of flying directly at a greatcannon.

>> No.56267867

A dwarffag that doesn't go full hurf durf dorfs da best and actually cuts elves some slack, that I'm allowed to see this in my life.

>> No.56267914

>even 413 peasants getting the jump on a dragon feels like too small a number.
No, that's fine. Dragons being immune to armies is stupid, ESPECIALLY in Warhammer where that kind of combat is common.

The Hectopeasant did nothing wrong.

>> No.56268106
File: 579 KB, 2560x1440, f63e3d9974e852c83d94feff7839d110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Works for me. What if we set it during the End Times, only tweaked the fluff a bit so it'd be actually fair and left in the option to actually avert things and change history?

Alternatively we could fluff the Storm of Chaos out a bit better, maybe one-up GW at the developing storyline they never gave us.

>> No.56268514
File: 205 KB, 581x469, 1465243285775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Total War: The Emperor's Armies available somewhere to download?

>> No.56268605
File: 424 KB, 631x819, Portada_Sword_of_vengeance_Kurt_Helborg_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Three of the stories in it are available from the Mega in the Helborg and Schwarzhelm folder. Don't know about this Feast of Horrors one.

On a similar note, has anyone got the Prince of Altdorf story that they made for the first game?

>> No.56268683
File: 54 KB, 500x561, 1508179872947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

T. hanks
Btw are there more short stories like The Peasant Knight & The Nocture for Mousillion

>> No.56268865

Could anyone be kind enough to give me general advice for building a Dwarf army, in terms of either 8e or 9th age? Convinced a friend of mine that I've been playing the crap out of Total Warhammer with that we can still just build and play for the system. I'm just asking for general tips or pitfalls to avoid with making a throng; things like what unit sizes should I be looking at, and runes. Other than that I'm gonna collect stuff I just like.

>> No.56268985
File: 490 KB, 2000x1125, Orcs-VS-Dwarfs-1440x2560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I for one have always been in favour of Archaon failing and the Hordes of Chaos being chased back to the barborous north after they'd turned on themselves. Now it's the time for the forces of order to rebuild. While the Empire prepares itself and a collection of allies to invade the Lands of Chaos the dwarves have slowly begun to retake their long lost holds.
However the idea of Valkia the Bloody leading an immense confederacy of Hung and Kurgan tribes against the Great Bastion with the goal to destroy Cathay is just too awesome to not include.

>> No.56268997

Mantica has room for improvement, but it's also only really been around for a few years. And there's plenty of stuff in it that I like and am eager to see developed. But it definitely needs some more time and some more love. And if there's one thing that I think Mantica does very well it's both allowing for a YUR DEWDS feel that AoS guts itself to provide while also having a solid framework for actual stories and progression that the Old World had. It's not just infinite expansions of fire and shadows and kaiju and shit, but it's also not "There were only 12 Steam Tanks and only 8 are still in service. That's it, fucker," that can cause some issues with the Old World even when you do have the freedom of the Border Princes and shit.

>> No.56269093

Enemies don't die when they reach 0 wounds? How do you kill them then?
Only played 5e

>> No.56269192

I always thought it'd be fun to figure out how a Tomb Kings campaign against the north would turn out, since it was kind of looming on the horizon and they had all the big toys to play with.

Something else like a crusade of Bretonnian retribution against Naggaroth or the Lizardmen fighting against Orcs and Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarf slavers in the Southlands might be fun.

>> No.56269310

Someone actually trying to counter-invade Naggaroth would be cool. Brettonian carracks having gun-duels with a Black Ark would be neat, also, but I'm unsure how well they'd actually do on the ground.

The stuff in the southlands sounds neat, especially if we got to show off some of the stuff from the southern wastes, or maybe things coming from the eastern kingdoms to have a look-see as well as our old favourites.

>> No.56269439
File: 163 KB, 807x573, begone elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

leave dino riders to us

>> No.56269520

>elf virgin overeager poker vs chad casual empalement

>> No.56269566

That lance hits the shield.

>> No.56269685

>implying true bretonnian lances can be stopped by elf shields

>> No.56269752

Maybe if they are blessed by another elf. A bretonnian lance is just a lance.

>> No.56269865
File: 326 KB, 1360x768, LANCED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe if they are blessed by another elf. A bretonnian lance is just a lance.
yeah used by some of the best knights in the world. Riding the best horses in the world

>> No.56269946

Might be the best horse in the world, but the other guy is still riding a dinosaur. Not to mention using a lance that won't shatter if it hits something too hard.

>> No.56269968

As I said, it's just a lance, hitting a shield that is made to stop a weapon from touching the guy behind it.

Stop fellating standard normal lances so much, it get's a bit guy.

>> No.56270193

>druchii defense force

i didnt even know you guys had Internet

>> No.56270233

Look, I prefer Old World to Nine Worlds, but there needs to be proof with a claim like that because it sounds like sour grapes.

>> No.56270272

I'm just tired of anything that reeks of HFY-faggotry
>muh lance is so great because I'm fighting an elf
Great posts.

>> No.56270298

This isn't true, according to most of the books, which connect Arcane magic to the Fel. Don't know where you got this from, but it's wrong.

Moreover, the "Wild Gods" are not in any way equivalent to the rest. They're more Demigods. And finally, the Undead use the Shadow. It's not an independent force.

>> No.56270338
File: 133 KB, 733x680, me on the left.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not to mention using a lance that won't shatter if it hits something too hard.
jousting lance =/= combat lance
>As I said, it's just a lance, hitting a shield that is made to stop a weapon from touching the guy behind it.
the force alone is enough to dismount your opponent.
heres some solid lances at work

>> No.56270374
File: 70 KB, 720x960, stop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this entire post

>> No.56270426

>the force alone is enough to dismount your opponent
Don't think this is guranteed, also in that pic it doesn't look like they are in full motion, rather stopped to duel each other.

>> No.56270429

Anybody here ever run through The Enemy Within campaign from 1st edition of WFRP?

>> No.56270440

Yeah, it's blood-powered. Beats using demons as homing pigeons any day.

I've been trolling the celestial college's forum all morning.

>> No.56270470

Nah, I think the Delf is in the charge (hence why his lance has gone straight through the other guy's shoulder, it's got some serious power behind it), whilst the Bret has been focused on something else and only realized what was going on at the last moment, hence why he's sort of half-turned towards the delf to try and get his own lance in position.

>> No.56270475

>Don't think this is guaranteed
>in that pic it doesn't look like they are in full motion, rather stopped to duel each other.
yeah no clue why they aren't using their swords at that point

>> No.56270484

Stop replying to yourself.

>> No.56270559

I would be using that dino instead of a sword.

It loosk to me like the druchiis lance got through the fabric, but glanced off the armor beneath it. Nobody scored a hit yet.

>> No.56270645

>It loosk to me like the druchiis lance got through the fabric, but glanced off the armor beneath it. Nobody scored a hit yet.
Hm, it's hard to tell for sure from this angle, but it definitely looks like it's penetrated to me. Gone over the top of his clavicle maybe.

>> No.56270698

>I would be using that dino instead of a sword.
the dino doesn't look very interested in that fight. He looks like hes going somewhere else

>> No.56270799

Maybe there is a really tasty looking damsel behind that knight.

>> No.56270819

Pretty sure they did the smart thing: not respond at all.

>> No.56270827

>riding the best horses in the world
>loses to KF reiksguard and gets utterly curbstomped by dragon princes.

>> No.56270894

We'll I think the general rule is that you shouldn't invest too much on shooting and artillery or any sort of static element. Those are just gonna get boring real soon for you and your opponent and leave a bad taste of the army. Otherwise I think dwarfs work really well in all unit sizes and compositions and the 8th edition book didn't actually have any bad choices per ce (well maybe the anvil). 9th age I've yet to try but I think the dwarfs do even better in melee in that one.

Just go and buy whatever minis you like in whatever amount you prefer. Just try to keep the overall feeling balanced and fresh and you'll enjoy the hell out of it.

>> No.56270895
File: 17 KB, 460x423, really makes you think.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 editions without an update

>> No.56271027

>doesn't have plate.
>doesn't have magic dragon armor as well.
Reminder that knights of the empire ride similar warhorses, and the level of breed is less important than the heavier armor and equipment that the men of the empire have.

Not to mention that high elves have better horses by far that are more intelligent, bond better with their riders and bretonnians are LARPing as silver helms anyway.

>> No.56271045

I would be honestly fine with that. As long as it's rank and file though...

>> No.56271162
File: 30 KB, 600x249, empire horselet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't have plate.
wrong. bretonnians are stated to have plate armor in the lore. Bretonnian warhorses are physically stronger and have better stamina than both empire and elf horses allowing them to wear heaver armor. Bret horses are also known to bond with their riders although on on the same level as elven horses.

>> No.56271203

>stated to have plate horses
>wear regular barding 200% of the time.
its alright bretonnia. you can exist as a meme state for empire burgomeisters to laff at.

>> No.56271207

this is an ogre isn't it

>> No.56271332
File: 908 KB, 601x632, calard knight of the realm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was referring to the knights really. I think you underestimate the protective abilities of thick gambeson with mail. Also plate armor becomes worthless if your opponents horse literally runs yours over and your horse cant get up due to its top heavy armor. Id rather have the meme faction chad horse than the "superior" horselet

>> No.56271440

how can the cuckpire even compete?

>> No.56271492
File: 422 KB, 1200x810, Empire_Knights.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

using tactics.

>> No.56271506
File: 967 KB, 475x721, Helblaster_Volley_Gun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56271511
File: 203 KB, 800x527, aaaaaaugh save me louen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56271521

It's in WHFRP2e's Chaos supplement under the Kurgan section

>> No.56271548


>> No.56271551
File: 694 KB, 600x632, 1509822430527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is that why bretonnia outlasted them in the scub times?

friendly reminder that bretonnia is as large as the empire but more powerful and isnt falling apart

>> No.56271583
File: 1.64 MB, 959x668, Steam_Tank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did that look like a pistol to you? Maybe you need another reason.

>> No.56271603
File: 95 KB, 514x700, leave glotkin to us.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56271610
File: 102 KB, 241x401, 1509146007669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone posts an image of a volley gun
>reply with a video of a pistol

>> No.56271620
File: 233 KB, 977x910, by the lady.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>breaks down

>> No.56271660

>>56271506 >GUNS
yeah that includes pistols bud
>le limited range volly gun
>against fast moving cav
>or long range trebuchet
should have gone with a picture of a cannon

>> No.56271703

>There are only 8 still in service in the entire Old World

>> No.56271921

Source for that pic? That GS work is pretty nice.

>> No.56271954

Bretonia is on a more secure area. Anything that could endanger it has to pass the empire.
The Empire is bretonias dwarves and Kislev in one.

One look at a map tells you this.

>> No.56272025
File: 33 KB, 398x224, 3318DC0D-8D5D-46AE-B047-54E9DB77A5B8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that why your empire is crumbling due to beastmen, orks, chaos marauders, and undead. You would think guns would work better against foes that just group up and run at you

>> No.56272026
File: 197 KB, 251x413, Chaos_Warrior.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to play a 2500p game with a new guy tomorrow. He will bring his TK and I will bring my trusty nurgle WoC. To me this seems like the perfect moment to try out a couple of units and set-ups I've always wanted to try out that aren't especially competitive. With that being said I'd still like some input regarding how friendly my army list is. Is there something you'd exclude from it? I'm particularly worried about including the chimera and Gorebeast Chariot of Nurgle.

++ Standard (Warriors of Chaos - Army Book (2013-4) -V8.8.0.) [2498pts] ++

+ Uncategorised +

- Army Size: Army (0-2999 points)

+ Lords +

Chaos Sorcerer Lord [449pts]: Barded Chaos Steed, Lore of Nurgle, Mark of Nurgle, Wizard Level 4
. Chaos Mutations & Powers: Daemonblade
. Magic Items: BRB - Charmed Shield, BRB - Dispel Scroll, BRB - Potion of Strength, BRB - Talisman of Preservation

+ Heroes +

Exalted Hero [259pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd, Mark of Nurgle, Palanquin of Nurgle, Shield
. Chaos Mutations & Powers: Nurgle's Rot, Soul Feeder
. Magic Items: BRB - Dragonhelm, BRB - Potion of Foolhardiness, BRB - Talisman of Endurance

+ Core +

Chaos Warhounds [40pts]
. 5x Chaos Warhound: 5x Vanguard special rule

Chaos Warhounds [40pts]
. 5x Chaos Warhound: 5x Vanguard special rule

Chaos Warriors [317pts]
. Champion
. 16x Chaos Warrior: 16x Mark of Nurgle, 16x Shields
. Musician
. Standard Bearer: BRB - Banner of Swiftness

Forsaken [378pts]
. 18x Forsaken: 18x Forsaken of Slaanesh

+ Special +

Chaos Warshrine [135pts]: Mark of Nurgle

Gorebeast Chariot [140pts]: Mark of Nurgle

Chaos Knights [260pts]
. Champion
. 5x Chaos Knight: 5x Ensorcelled weapons, 5x Mark of Nurgle
. Musician
. Standard Bearer: BRB - Gleaming Pennant

Putrid Blightkings (End Times - Glottkin) [265pts]: 5x Putrid Blightking
. Champion
. Musician
. Standard Bearer: BRB - War Banner

+ Rare +

Chaos Giant [215pts]: Giant of Nurgle

++ Total: [2498pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

>> No.56272074
File: 67 KB, 800x571, 115362_md-Archaon, Chaos, Warhammer Fantasy, Woc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm, seems that I decided not to go with the Chimera after all. That makes me a lot less worried.

>> No.56272115

Better average soldiers, better infantry, more mages, better tech, far more experience by being older and having fought the big enemies often, better infrastructure, richer, better average education, cooler gods, better terms with dorfs and elves, love-hate relationship with the norse, bros with kislev, better equipment.

The Empire does not have to suck up to some demon prince/elven goddess and sacrifice children to it to win its wars.

>> No.56272118

>Bretonia is on a more secure area. Anything that could endanger it has to pass the empire.
>mousillon vengeful vampires
>beastmen hordes
>dark elf raiders/invaders
>norscan invaders
>living next to estalia and tilea
all of these dont even need to go near the empire to get to bretonnia

>> No.56272153

Have you ever fought them? Not just a couple hundred, a proper waaagh? Nah because we stop them before they reach you.

>> No.56272177

bretonnia was so irrelevent in the skub times that GW forgot about it.

>> No.56272189

Any strong attack does. Only little raids and skaven don't.

>> No.56272261

why only differentiate for best? genuinely curious
it never made sense to me that the Old World Armoury specifically says that only best quality hand weapons have the special characteristics to them. I've been playing with the characteristic on good weapons as well and it doesn't make any one weapon overpowered early like the book suggested it might.

>> No.56272265

>vengeful inbred mutants from mousillon
>empire regularly fights vampire counts nd keeps them in check
>wood elves rek them and keep the bretonnians pooing and peeing.
>norscan invaders
>comparing with the shit the empire deals with.
>estalia and tilea
>not happy making money.

>> No.56272426
File: 170 KB, 480x629, bretonnian invasion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related
>ork invaders from the mountians that dwarfs couldn't keep in check
>vampires that plunged the country into war three separate times
>boris could give you a few tips on why you should keep an eye on them
>never said the empire didnt have it worse. point it they still launch full scale invasions of bretonnia as well
>marienburg jews weren't happy with just making money

>> No.56272471

>boris is a retard
>KF has that scar that elf bitches love.
>Bretonnia having anything in comparison with what karl did at blackfire pass.
>bretonnia can only handle oogabooga norscans

>> No.56272613

>Bretonnia having anything in comparison with what karl did at blackfire pass.

>bretonnia can only handle oogabooga norscans
at least bretonnia can actually handle them

>> No.56272639

>can actually handle them
>meanwhile empire shits all over them with so little effort that norscans require gorilla warfare from gorshits and major 5 columnists to even besiege settlements.

>> No.56272648

you underestimate just how fucking huge most kurgan are

>> No.56272682

>meanwhile empire shits all over them with so little effort that norscans require gorilla warfare from gorshits and major 5 columnists to even besiege settlements.
they do that with every faction. They even got BTFO by dwarves that live in their own territory

>> No.56272688

Wha? Is this NEW Bretonnia art?? HOw have I never seen this before?

>> No.56272705

It's just some blessed guy.

>> No.56272710

His head is tiny.

>> No.56272730

Reasons that welves and skaven might be at war? Only lore I can really find is "the tree is pretty magical....and skaven would want it.".
I'm trying to have a small table top campaign with each battle escalating (500pt skirmish, the 1500, 2k, then 4k or somthing) and the only other person I know willing to play is welf player (the WoC player is flakey as fuck and the dark elf player rarely seems interested in anythong at all ever). So I'm just trying to focus on some fluff for the battles.

>> No.56272743

creatures of chaos.

>> No.56272773

The wood elves think the skaven are beastmen, the rats think the elves are High and have treasure. A comic farce.

>> No.56272778

Don't get too excited, that's from End Times. Specifically where Altdorf got curb-stomped despite the best efforts of Bretonnia, the Empire, and Vlad Von Carstein.

You see what I mean about the deck being stacked stupidly in favour of Chaos?

>> No.56272791

speaking of high elves, TW:WH says that skaven are kinda afraid of high elves. They call them pure-things and say eating high elves makes them ill.

>> No.56272796

I mean, yea they would naturally be adverse to each other, but they never leave the damn woods, so I gotta think of a reason I'd want to go into there. The stones and beasts for moulder are all that I can really put together, but to wage a full war, I'd like a decent hook for it if anyone can think of somthing. I admittedly don't know much about the wood elves other then common knowledge

>> No.56272840
File: 1.43 MB, 852x882, chariots 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you see what I mean about the deck being stacked stupidly in favour of Chaos?

>> No.56272948

The best feel I had was when Karl bashed Archaon's fucking head in with ghal maraz during my campaign.

>> No.56272977

nah he's just steppe nomad rich piana

>> No.56273070

that was back in the time of Gilles. Sigmar did beat Nagash, Gilles just killed some orcs and died from a thrown weapon in the face because he was a retard

>> No.56273089


Ah, that's why I didn't see it. Avoided that whole trainwreck like the plague.

>> No.56273174

>Gilles just killed some orcs
>A bunch of orks
>and skaven
>and beastmen
>and norscans
at the same time

but yeah sigmar is pretty badass. He has his own age and everything :^)

>> No.56273319

>Gilles dies from a piece of wood because he was to retarded to evade
>Sigmar defeated the largest army of orcs ever known in the Old World at the time, plus Skaven, the army of an Everchosen and Nagash and lived to tell the tale and became a god
have fun being the meatshield for the Asrai :^)

>> No.56273496

Cheers, that was more or less what I wanted to hear. I was only considering using the few artillery pieces I have and getting some Gyros as I love 'em, and otherwise go with a variety of angry beards.

>> No.56273825

If we homebrew a campaign I’d like to put my hat in for Southlands, mostly because jungles are cool and the Southlands are rarely explored.

Would we want it to be focused on one story, like Throne of Chaos? Or a big open-ended campaign? A Throne of Chaos one might keep things streamlined, but obviously can only work with a few factions.

>> No.56273900

Orc waaghs come out of the grey mountains and Irrana mountains all the time. Carcassonne in particular are basically about nothing but killing orcs.

>> No.56273957
File: 210 KB, 931x671, Map_Southlands_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, we'd need to find something cool there for people to fight over. Or fluff something cool to fight over.

>> No.56274437
File: 230 KB, 583x675, E7455D8D-92A5-4630-A706-B3865894E269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ghost Dwarfs when?

>> No.56274461

I mean, there is a temple-avenue of gold, as well as a Golden Tower! Great riches are always a good motivator, especially for a more open campaign.

For a more focused one...a good focused campaign needs a "protagonist" army, then a series of enemy armies for it to fight. What if the Slann of the Southlands are seeking to travel to each of the cities to cast a great spell to realign some geography? They are attacked by prophetic races (High Elves, Skaven, Chaos or other Lizardmen) to forestall these events?

It could be cool to have it be a campaign about an Imperial expedition into the Southlands in search for fortune, fighting Arbay explorers, Lizardmen, High Elves attempting to intervene or Skaven hidden in the Mountains.

>> No.56274501

ghost dads are already canon

>> No.56274592

Ooh, I like the sound of that idea. Especially as it'd give people an opportunity to use any Ind/Cathay kitbash models they might have (via treasure hunters).

>> No.56274689

I don’t remember them on tabletop.

>> No.56274944
File: 1.26 MB, 2494x1785, warhammer_southlands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We should probably talk about a Southlands campaign in the next thread, since this one is on auto-sage.

>> No.56274949
File: 1021 KB, 400x400, ng421234543.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>filthy Bretfags think they can invade Naggaroth

Literally bringing the slaves to the Dark Elves rather than forcing them to go out all the way to Bretonnia and get them. I'm sure they'd be thankful.

>> No.56275055

I like Bretonnia myself but calling everything cuck just makes me feel bad for liking the frenchfrogs.

>> No.56275154

Look up Endhammer, and realize why 4chan is a shitty source for collaborations
There's some military-grade autism lurking this thread

>> No.56275201

What’s wrong with Endhammer? The only really problems I can see is that it was rather ambitious (trying to do regular games, mordheim equivalents and new armies) and nobody is working on it anymore.

>> No.56275487

>GW changes the entire backstory of factions and deletes the setting
>Lets change the entire backstory of the factions and KEEP the setting.

>> No.56275647

Fair point, though it was specifically made to say “you didn’t have to kill off Fantasy, here’s how it still worked”, but spite isn’t very creative emotion I feel.

Making a fun campaign could work out swell! Especially in a seldom used section of the map (though close enough that we’re not having to home-brew Cathy or Ind)

>> No.56275827

Skaven corrupts everything. Maybe some skaven are skittering amongst the forests' roots

>> No.56276088

Most weapons get a disadvantage to make up for neat traits at common quality.

>> No.56276160

>we stop them
You act like orcs and beastmen only live in the empire. There are lot a of local beastmen and orcs in bretonnia albeit a lot less since Bret’s literally bankrupted themselves holocausting them at one point. No bestmen or orc threat against bretonnia ever starts in the empire. It’s always local

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