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>GM kills you for slight mistakes
>GM only runs his homebrew 2e
>GM hates magic
>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions

ITT: "That GM" thread

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Sounds good to me. :^)

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>GM says there is no proven negative side effects for staying awake for 100+ hours
>Develops autistic devotion for his pet system

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The anti magic shit is hyperautismal and defeats the purpose of a high fantasy rpg. Otherwise OK desu

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>>GM says there is no proven negative side effects for staying awake for 100+ hours
I would suggest putting that to test. I'll volunteer to supervise.

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the not letting girls in, and the fighting kobolds and shit for 30 sesh's are pretty bad too

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>GM kills you for slight mistakes
>GM only runs his homebrew 2e
>GM hates magic
These are all okay IF the GM is explicit in running a high-lethality or meatgrinder campaign.

>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
Assuming you mean, "GM doesn't accept women as players," yeah, that's weirdly immature. But "no women PCs" is a much more common rule, and actually defensible.

>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions
Again, I'm assuming this refers to the GM throwing tons of generic, carbon-copy monsters at you, not a kobold priest of Tiamat blessing a squad of kobold slingers, who are taking cover behind the improvised barricade of a kobold tinker, while a kobold cavalier charges the party astride his rust monster steed.

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>GM actually did stay awake for 100+ hours while developing his pet system

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>But "no women PCs" is a much more common rule, and actually defensible.

what's the deal? all the games i've been in have had female PCs and it's been fine

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The guy in the OP literally did that, he stayed awake for 120 hours on stream.

Name ONE gm as dedicated to making a realistic world as that.

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>GM never lets women play in his campaigns

You've apparently never had one in your campaigns if you think that's a bad thing. Bonus points of bad idea if it's a player's girlfriend.

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Some guys like to play female characters as a fetish thing, and some other people are way too paranoid about anything sexual showing up in their games.

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I can testify. I regret to this day ever introducing my gf to pathfinder. Stuck having her in every game for ever, as im the DM. Fucking hell.

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I'll play devil's advocate.

>GM kills you for slight mistakes
>GM only runs his homebrew 2e
>GM hates magic
I see no issues with these, it's the GM's preferred system and rule set.

>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
Bad experiences with women in gaming perhaps?
There are many reasons this could be a logical choice for that GM.

>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions
The GM likes to stick to the tried and true.

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That makes him outlier. I mean there's people that can't do 24. Poshybrid

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Oh, yeah, "I'm not going to help you introduce your barely-interested bf or gf to RPGs" makes much more sense. But most women who sit down to tabletop aren't there just because they're humoring their boyfriends.

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I can see being against that, but i'd probably just read over a sheet to make sure that character wasn't purely fetish fuel before banning it outright

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all but one of my games have had girls in them and they didn't derail, or make the game worse for anyone, so maybe your players just doesn't know how to hang out with girls who aren't shit?

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it's almost like /tg/ neanderthals are grumbling incels or something

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No way, that's impossible.

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I've had games with mixed groups, all male, and all female. In my experience all female groups tend to operate differently from all male groups, but the differences are subtle and its hard to really convey. The mixed groups are the least functional in my experiences. Its almost like watching a mini guerilla war, as both sides battle for control of the group. I don't mean that the men and women are openly hostile, its very subtle and unless you have seen it happen quite a bit and have other groups to compare it to that are all male and all female, its so damn easy to miss the cues and clues that spark these subtle conflicts. FYI women almost always win in the end.

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I'd have to see it to believe it. Sounds like an exaggeration

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I don't know why you guys act like girls are so much different from boys, I've never seen anything like what you're describing inside and outside of Tabletops

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Even if 30 sessions is an exaggeration, I kind of get what he means. If you spend too much time fighting dogshit mook creatures like goblins and kobolds and shit it gets boring. and if you're really a creative DM you can come up with ways to add in more unique and interesting creatures and adversaries, relying on the standard "You encounter five goblins!" shit into level 4 or 5 just looks like a lack of creativity

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>GM hates magic
Based as fuck. Magic ruins everythinf
>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
Nothing wrong with that. Everytime a women appears all the neckbeards try to win some reproductive rights with her.
This when they're not ignorant about the game, which is very normal

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>>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
All else is forgiven

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Go back to plebbit roastie

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Avatar posting...

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Kokichi makes for good reaction images, What can I say?

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How do you find women that act like men that are not shit?

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It's not that they "Act like men" they just don't act like some kind of stereotype I guess, As for not shit. idk I just don't tend to find myself around shit people I guess.

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Why would a woman who acts like a man play a children's game?

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Okay allow me to clarify
>The mixed groups are the least functional in my experiences.
This hasn't happened in every mixed group I have been in but out of 23 such groups I have been in, mini guerilla wars have happened 22 of them.

You have your experiences and these are mine. Neither are wrong just different. Just because you've never seen anything from my experiences doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just because I haven't had your experiences doesn't mean mixed groups don't work together.

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Because fighting, which is very common in RPGs, is a male role. And RPGs are basically roleplaying male roles in a fantasy world.
If a girl want to roleplay as a male, I expect that she's likely not much feminine.

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>Fighting is a male role.
if you say so

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Points 1 through 3 you have a valid answer to.
Point 4 is literal faggotry
Point 5 is exactly as written and not what you want to imagine it is. You know it, I know it. Every fucking Body knows it's going to be "evil kobolds"

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>>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
There is literally, unironically nothing wrong with this.

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I thought I was in /tg/ not /r9k/

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Aside from the 2e thing I can live with most of those. I don't particularly like them, but they don't really seem difficult to work with, and I actually like killing kobolds and gnolls

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But seriously, there's a lot of overlap.

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Depends are the women bros or are they attentionwhore 6s who couldn't get attention from hot guys so they make due with nerds who'll ruin their friendship in an attempt to try get with her?

Former is fine latter should always be chased out.

Nerds need to learn to tell thots to begone.

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That's when I drop the neckbeards as opposed to the player who has done nothing to make the game worse.

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>If X shares a opinion on a irrelevant question with Y, it implies that X is Y

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>GM never lets thots play in his campaigns

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Correlation does not imply causation

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mods pls

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>4th Ed
>First time playing ever
>Make a Tiefling Warlock, explain I don't want to look like I just walked out of WoW though, we hash out some details for something a little more classic fantasy
>Party includes a Mage, a Rogue, and a Barbarian
>First quest, go to a cave and kill a shitload of Goblins who have been poaching the local area recently
>Fair enough, off we plod
>Handling encounters okay so far, Healing surges and shit allow us to make do without an otherwise mandatory Healer
>Suddenly, "That" Encounter happens
>Large cave, big chasm in the middle, narrow rope bridge going across
>5 Goblin Skirmishers or whatever, they use Javelins, one on the bridge, other 4 on the opposite side of the chasm
>Roll initiative, Barbarian is first, I'm dead last
>Barbarian charges part way across the bridge, reduces one Goblin to the consistency of chunky salsa
>Other four Goblins get their turn back to back
>Each one performs this "tactical move" ability, where they move several feet, gain tactical ground, and get bonus to hit and damage or some shit
>each one of them takes aim, and throws Javelins
>They didn't aim at the Barbarian
>You know, the guy who just made Goblin Salsa, and is within reach of them on his next action
>No, they aim at the Warlock who is currently skulking in the shadows at the back of the cave, hasn't taken an action yet
>All 4 javelins hit, because the AC of a caster is shit, even in the modern, harder to die in 4th Ed
>Each Javelin deals about 15 damage or so, give or take a couple points
>I had about 20 HP total
>I am now at about -40 HP

The Rogue and Mage were murdered in short turn after that, the Barbarian was the sole survivor.

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>GM kills you for slight mistakes
That Ghost detected.

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>But "no women PCs" is a much more common rule, and actually defensible.
No it's not

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t. ism

Either you're socially incompetent or hang out with girls are

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Most of this are just preferences. I wouldn't like to play such game, granted, but i think they are valid, if sometimes stupid or weird to me.

Did you tried to argue with him? What was his reasoning? Because that sounds weird.

>> No.56218225

See, I discussed it with him, but here was his problem; he felt that as a GM, he had to be adversarial to the players. In all honesty, I'm surprised the barbarian wasn't the primary target for _so many reasons,_ one of them being that the adversarial attitude was directed primarily at him for being something of a power gamer.

Needless to say, I wasn't particularly pleased, but rolled up a Cleric as my second character. People stopped attending after a while, because of aforementioned issues. He can be alright at times, but he can also be quite competitive in a weird sense.

>> No.56218468

What you should have done is ask him:
"What could I or someone else done to avoid this outcome" and if his answer is 'idk' it just means he's a trash GM and person. It seems fairly obvious they gave no thought to the encounter at all.

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That is because you are a huge faggot.

>> No.56218639

well, it's is pretty hard to get away from your hand.

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Sounds like a fun campaign for me to be honest, maybe ~30 sessions of fighting the same creatures is maybe too much if it does not have flavour.
Where can I join game like that?

>> No.56218779

So using this logic, if a GM has had an issue with a male/coloured/gay/ etc. player it would be perfectly logical for them to ban one of those groups of people too?

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How the fuck do you choose to only run 2e (clearly D&D because nobody else fucking calls systems just their edition number cause usually other games editions aren't vastly different and dogshit between each other outside of D&D) but also hate magic even though, from what all the old school grognards on /tg/ seem to jerk off the system for, 2e doesn't make casters super duper the best?

>> No.56218797

Dedication is cool and all, but you can be dedicated to something with every fibre of your body, and still be worse than some random douche that barely tries.

>> No.56218830

Don't know what kind of chicks you've been hanging out with, but my girlfriend is the best dm I've ever had.

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Having no female PCs isn't defensible if allowing women to be players is alright to do you tard. Everyone with a handful of sense usually plays their own gender when they game, at least for their first character.

If what you meant to say is "not letting male players play women PCs" is defensible, then sure, you're right. Because never IRL have I seen a someone in my group play a woman competently outside of the forever-GM (although when he did it he was playing a Sororita in Dark Heresy) and it usually devolves into dumb fucking "haha girl stereotype things, periods and shopping, amirite u gaiz" jokes or crass undeveloped lesbianism.

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>ITT: "That GM"
Do as OP says, not as OP does.

Don't make slight mistakes.

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His name is James isn't it.

>> No.56219087 [DELETED] 

It's neal ericsson

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back to witcher general realism fag
hold up actually, you are worse then them

>> No.56219101

Not him, but...
Do you play with people you don't like?

>> No.56219131

Oh shit, this incel hasn't succumb to hopeless depression yet, they're still white knighting to get laid. Roflmao
"You're making it hard to WOMYNX to express themselves in ur campaign, it's only okay to acknowledge that men are the ebil uncapable of rping onez and cannot be womynx."

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>Player from shadowrun group wants to host his own shadowrun game. Wants to give forevergm a chance to play
>Forces least friendly character creation on group (Equivalent of 3d6 in order)
>Makes changes to the mechanics of things for 'balance' AFTER characters have been made, effectively neutering 2/4 characters
>Creates a new police force who's gimmick is literally "Shoot first, ask questions later" and are about 5 times as aggressive as typical shadowrun cops

Needless to say, that game lasted all of 3 sessions before it was never returned to again.

>> No.56219323

>he felt that as a GM, he had to be adversarial to the players.

I agree, but he has to know how to design encounters. All ranged enemies in open terrain at large distance are PC killers ...

>> No.56219513


Just because she knows your magical realm.

>> No.56219573

>he felt that as a GM, he had to be adversarial to the players
(Depends on individual style but) I think the GM should be prepared to offer the players some form and level of challenge, alongside an interesting world and plot to follow. I think sometimes many people go too far with it and start thinking that their job is DIRECTLY to JUST kill PC's, as they somehow fall into considering the players their enemies. Fucking up the balance of challenge and fairness is an easy way to completely ruin a game.

>> No.56219879

Sounds great

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>But "no women PCs" is a much more common rule, and actually defensible.

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Yeah the fact that she literally sucks your dick absolutely has not biased you or changed your opinion in any way at all

>> No.56220975

>no woman pcs
Can be a good idea. My current game has a guy playing as a woman and one of the first things he does is to chat up a couple of other women (whp arent too fond of men) and having sex with one of them. At least the DM told him to cut it out when he asked to roll how good it was

>> No.56221091

It makes sense from an strategic perspective. Now, what is arguable is if the goblis would reason like that.

>> No.56221155

Not that guy, but yeah. Biologically speaking, a woman's far too precious to risk in an adventure. Likewise, she evolved instincts that preclude one from taking those risks.

Think about the most dangerous jobs in the world, and women's ratio. One single female adventurer should be as rare as a man that got 3x18s and 3x14+ out of 6x 3d6.

And chances are she doesn't self-identify as a woman either.

>> No.56221159

>>GM only runs his homebrew 2e
>>GM hates magic
>>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
Beardy, but understandable. Tom Petty wouldn't let women in his and.
>>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions
You stuck around for 30 sessions?

>> No.56221169

>Biologically speaking
Yeah, I bet you are "that guy"

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If your dm can't make kobolds endlessly entertaining he's a shit dm. Kobolds can form parties, make their own dungeons and traps, capture monsters and domesticate them, tons of shit. Then you can have them all be the underlings of some big monster. Kobolds are nothing to fuck with.

>> No.56221184

You do realise that these games are generally in a -fantasy- setting, right?

>> No.56221268

> Ban X type of character
Not that guy, but...

If the DM wants to run a game where everyone is less than 16, female, cute, and have magic powers... who am I to stop him?

I can just refuse to play. Although I might try it once out of curiosity.

> Is it logical?
It doesn't need to. If someone wants to run something more realistic, removing women from the equation (or making said women so out of the norm the term "woman hardly applies anymore) is his choice.

Just like banning drows, gunpowder-based weaponry, schools of magic, etc.

Also, I've seen groups being dismantled, or the games quality heavily deteriorated because that can happen when you mix girls and men that are young, dumb and full of cum.

On one hand, these girls are often hesitant to take decision, fearing without good reason to do a tactical blunder which slooooows down the game.

On the other, the game gets derailed as a single pout pushes the DM to retcon 15 minutes of roleplay.

>> No.56221271


>be girl
>play girl
>dm tries to force my pc to bang some npc
>long, awkward scene where he says the guy isn't leaving
>'well i jump out the window'
>'there are bars :^)'
>eventually someone else yells at him to fucking cease
>now I only play boys

It's great, boys aren't some sex object to them. Boys can just be people. Boys' appearances don't matter. Boys can also be sexual/attractive beings without a bunch of grins. Boys can be nice to npcs without a bunch of hi5's around the table.

>> No.56221355

It was our natural instinct when we played End of the World series. INCLUDING THE GIRLS. They asked we took risks in their stead.

Google "% of garbagewomen". Heck, I study to be an electrotechnician, they literally turned NO ONE accepting two candidates that technically did not have all their prerequisites on the spot and no women.

#Not an argument

And in every fantasy setting you know, women are not the only ones to bear children? In the whole Lords of the Rings series, one woman swung a sword. Pretty close to the ratio I described.

>> No.56221366

I want to play in one of Neal's games.

>> No.56221438


On behalf of dude gamers everywhere, holy crap I am so sorry you had to deal with that.
My GM found out I was Bi one time and tried to play a somewhat efette, noble born wizard (Kind of a fop, but still good in a fight) and the GM took this as meaning I was a "Trap" and proceeded to try and get my character molested by orcs and Hobgoblins.

I got the fuck out of there by the end of the third session.

>> No.56221495

>I was Bi one time
Are you usually not?

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Yeah my grammar is hot garbage. I meant that at one point my GM found out I was Bi and was a creepy perv about it, trying to act out his grody femboy fantasy shit.

>> No.56221604

>Implying Someone can't just be nice to people.

God /TG/ has gotten so jaded.

>> No.56221629

Stop playing with losers.

>> No.56221633


>implying /tg/ hasn’t always been full of emotionless autists from the get-go

>> No.56221648

4chan is now flooded by russians trying to lure NEET white boys into being total pieces of shit. First it was /pol/, then /v/ and /b/ has always been a festering pile. Why do you think moot jumped ship finally?

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File: 1.45 MB, 291x320, 1468355839761.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Do you know this DM? Is he accepting players right now?

>> No.56221853

What if it's not high fantasy.

>> No.56221880

>actual women fight in IRL wars
>hurr women dun never do it
But you'd defend playing some 7th son of a 7th son Chosen One sorceror or some other snowflakery, right?

Contemplate enacting the swift, self-made end of your existence please.

>> No.56221956


>muh russians

lol ok bud

>> No.56221962

Not an argument.

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>> No.56222092


You guys are being ironic, right?
Please tell me you are. I refuse to believe people this new are allowed to exist.

>> No.56222133

Yeah, who let you in?

>> No.56222220

>implying the fetishists can't hide their true motives
anon, it's almost like you've never had to deal with them

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>> No.56222276 [DELETED] 

I forgot to add a few things =]
1. Yes I replied you because you're a female gamer, 'tis an awesome thing to see!
2. I'm Brian.
3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen =D.

>> No.56222443

Biologically they are way different, why do you think they wouldn't act as such socially? We are not all the same. Get out of here with your fee-fee shit.

>> No.56222450

see i prefer my magic to be a bit subtle. the heroes are heroic because they have a certain magical energy in their veins. it's the reason why the bard is super strong, or the bard is super witty, or the archer is super accurate. either because magic isn't well researched, or it's a force uncontrollable by mortals - i haven't decided which concept i like more. perhaps in the former scenario, the players are the first to develop the first spells, while in the latter the players find out they are demigods and are given the knowledge of casting fireballs and whatnot. in both scenarios, however, it would be interesting for the world to react with fear in the wake of the players casting fire from their hands, and in awe when the players heal the sick.

>> No.56222492

barb* not bard.

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>the dm never fudges rolls
>he smirks and says "git gud" if you call him out on killing your character

>> No.56222569

If your using biology as the be all end all for your argument then yeah you are 'that guy'
Let me ask you this how many adventurer backstories involve them losing there parents or having shitty parents?
Women and Men will become murder hobos if they had shitty things happen to them.
Also being a parent in any fantasy setting is the riskiest occupation you can have. Cause something tragic is going to happen to you no matter what.

>> No.56222580


>>GM hates magic
It's 2e, half the magic is save-or-die! Of course he hates it like any decent person should, you colossal cumstained-pandasuit-wearing motherfucker

>> No.56222674

>>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
>What is Misscliks
>What is Shenanigans
>What is Rollplay
>What is Heroes Graveyard

>> No.56222782


>> No.56222873

>In a 5e game, we go into an orc cave at level 1.
>ballista at the entrance to the cave
>we decide to wreck it so the orcs can't use it against us later
>part mage cast light on one of the party members helmets so we wouldn't have to carry torches.
>the party trips an alarm trap
>we wait for the orcs to come but none of them show up
>we press on and go into the main room
>suddenly orcs start pouring in from two side tunnels
>we're flanked on both sides by 20 orcs
>they immediately fire javelins at the mage
>tpk happens
>a couple days later the gm says that we should have "gotten gud" to avoid the tpk
>tpk first session of the campaign
I left the campaign after that. I later heard the other party members took them out by stealing the ballista, then smoking them out so the party could use a bunch of flaming oil AOE and ballista bolts on the orcs.

>> No.56222985

Did you even try to be stealthy after no orcs showed up or did you just figure there must not be any?

>> No.56223018

It was the first session the campaign with a level 1 party. I'm just wanting to have fun, not play fantasy operator simulator.

>> No.56223055

>DM literally trying to rape you in his mind and make everyone else imagine it too.
Not gonna lie, I'd watch my back around that dude.

>> No.56223060

So you just continued forward like a dummy and got killed for it.

>> No.56223062


1. I have a girlfriend already. It's really sad that being nice to someone who happens to be a girl gets associated with wanting to hook up with someone.
2. My name isn't brian
3.If I ever found myself saying 'tis I would douse myself in gasoline, set myself on fire and do a swandive into a woodchipper.

>> No.56223071

It's a meme making fun of neckbeards on reddit.

>> No.56223102

It's no the being "nice" part, it's the apologizing on behalf of your gender.

>> No.56223146

Agreed. That isn't normal.

>> No.56223155

Oh, yeah I never go onto reddit so that one kinda blindsided me. Real talk though anyone who uses "Olde english" Outside of doing shakespear needs to burst into flame.

Eh, as a guy I've come to accept that guys, especially guys in this community, can be outwardly hostile to women, which sucks ass. Nobody deserves to be creeped on or treated differently because of their gender.

>> No.56223226

In most heroic fantasy games, player characters tend to be exemplars. Exceptional. Not average. You are speaking in terms of averages, and norms, to which a heroic fantasy character would be an exception.

>> No.56223234

Thank you.
Boobplate ftw

>> No.56223517

Men often play women kinda weird. Even if they were hypothetically able to completely nail the character, they still wouldn't be able to do the voice, and there would always be that layer of why did they pick a female character at all?

I think it's okay to have female-characters be only a fraction of a group. I'm not one of those idiots who say that female characters should have stat penalties, but no matter what place and time in history you pick it is always the men who are the majority of the fighters and explorers.

>> No.56223558


>big cavern with huge chasm with a single bridge across it

>More than the parties number in enemy skirmishers with excellent ranged weapons on the other side

>not immediately leaving whatever area this is the way you came and coming up with a better plan than 'i run across the bridge and you stand still'

you kinda asked for it.

>> No.56223563

>It's 2e, half the magic is save-or-die! Of course he hates it like any decent person should, you colossal cumstained-pandasuit-wearing motherfucker
Then why the fuck is he running D&D instead of a game that doesn't have magic in it?

>> No.56223584

Because he's played that particular system for something like 20 years and he's got it practically memorized

>> No.56223604

Not an excuse. Games that aren't D&D are withering on the vine because people who don't even like D&D still aren't willing to try anything else.

>> No.56223661

>Not an excuse
Because the games he likes to play are best handled by the system he runs I guess, I've seen him play other systems and run other systems and it seems like he just really likes 2e

>> No.56224239

/pol/ is getting better at the false flagging because this one had me going

>> No.56224376
File: 55 KB, 300x451, 3a1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>On behalf of dude gamers everywhere

>> No.56224446

>they still wouldn't be able to do the voice
y'see, there's an easy solution to that
you just dont do a squeaky voice

>no matter what place and time in history you pick it is always the men who are the majority of the fighters and explorers.
good thing dungeons and dragons doesnt take place in history eh
and even if it did, your adventuring party doesn't have to be representative of all the other adventuring parties (which were a real thing that existed in history)

honestly if you can imagine a party consisting 50% of elves and not one consisting 50% of women i dont know what to tell you

>> No.56224452

>DM throws 20 orcs at a lvl 1 party
>first encounter of the game
There was no way out of this. Even if they'd avoided the first trap, or the second, or the third, there is no way session 1 was going to end in anything other than a TPK.

>> No.56224484

>I later heard the other party members took them out by stealing the ballista, then smoking them out so the party could use a bunch of flaming oil AOE and ballista bolts on the orcs
see, that's pretty cool. the problem isn't that he's running a high-lethality campaign where you are given the tools to think around problems rather than just charging in.
the problem is he didn't tell you that was what he was doing - or that you weren't on board with it.

>> No.56224909

>If it kills you, its not a slight mistake
>Stick to what you know
>Because nobody reads the spell limitations or casting prerequisites
>When I find a woman who isn't disruptive I'll invite her to join
>Starting from level 1 builds character

>> No.56224940

it can't have been all male AND all female unless you were somehow both.

>> No.56225011

what if I can only imagine a party consisting of 50% woman if those same 50% are elves?

>> No.56225815
File: 85 KB, 500x673, dynamitefu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like he's devoted, knows what he wants, and runs a tight ship. I don't know if he's a great GM or not but every great one has those same qualities.

>> No.56226147

>Implying fetishists need to.
It's all in plain sight. If someone wants to sexualise something, they will.

>> No.56226264

Isn't Missclicks all female and hasn't it been going for years?

>> No.56226371

Чepт, нac pacкpыли!


>> No.56226442

This is bait but I guess I'll bite on the off chance it isn't

>Kills you for slight mistakes
You mean he plays 2e?
>Only runs his homebrew 2e
He also runs 5e quite a lot, though his 2e is far better
>hates magic
He doesn't like playing as mages, he doesn't gimp them when he dms tho
>kobolds and gnolls
Again, he is playing 2e

>> No.56226735


>> No.56226930

What the hell were you expecting when you charged into an orc hideout, when the orcs knew you were going in due to the alarm?

>> No.56226945

>Have to infiltrate dwarven cave fortress to retrieve artifact
>We know dwarven fortress is now full of ogres
>Most knowledgeable PC rolls fine and we know ogres are, among other things, "mean bullies and as dumb as they're strong, and they're very strong"
>Fortress is inside a mountain, there's only one entrance (we didn't discover more) like pic related surrounder by forest and with a 150 ft plain semicircle around the entrance
>There're only two guards but they can activate the level at any moment and close the portculis
>We decide to use what the GM said (Dumb and bully) and use the halfling monk (unarmed and unarmored so technically "helpless") as bait
>So while he moves from the right of the gate distracting them we move stealthy fromt he right and manage to take a hold on the gate
>The moment the halfling moves out of the forest the ogres sound the alarm and close the portculis
>GM call us stupids for not rushing into the gate all at the same time
...fuck this shit, so they can close the door instantly if they see a helpless dude, but if they see 5 armed and prepared adventurers they won't? fuck this shit

>> No.56226951
File: 124 KB, 640x400, shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I forgot pic related

>> No.56226964

git gud

>> No.56227434

> Let me ask you this how many adventurer backstories involve them losing there parents or having shitty parents?
Depends on how likely the DM is to go "lol they dieded".

> Women (...) will become murder hobos if they had shitty things happen to them.
Nope. The average woman will simply go on a reproductive spree, having many fathers for their many children. Just look at the black community.

Survival of the specie is based around "women precious, men disposable", and shitty childhoods tend to extrapolate this.

> Also being a parent in any fantasy setting is the riskiest occupation you can have. Cause something tragic is going to happen to you no matter what.
Here you prove how ignorant you are: If the specie survived among dragons, orcs, undead plagues, raids of ratmen, it had to focus on a high reproduction rate.

"K" vs. "R strategy" is pretty basic stuff, look into it.

>> No.56227486

> In most heroic fantasy games, player characters tend to be exemplars. Exceptional. Not average.
I actually agree with you. But that 18 Str woman will still be called "Sir" by NPCs from time to time, and social stigma will be to the point she might pass herself as a man anyways.

> You are speaking in terms of averages, and norms, to which a heroic fantasy character would be an exception.
Technically, I spoke as "degree of exceptionalism". This means a female adventurer is so rare the DM might as well not include any similar character as NPCs. Or at least that any number over 1 will be a stretch.

Then again, she might pass herself as a man anyway.

>> No.56227494

I'm glad we're in agreement.

>> No.56228084

Oh shut the fuck up and stop being such a soft bitch.

>> No.56228253

>GM won't learn the rules
>reads through once and barely remembers basics
>leaves players to memorize everything else otherwise we're subject to insanely inconsistent rulings
>some shit can't be helped though since the people who know the rules aren't involved in the inner workings of his game
>constantly thrown into shitty combat encounters because he doesn't know how to make anything interesting or fair with his lack of knowledge on the systen
Fortunately we're adults so we talked to him and other people in the group are going to give GMing a try. Who would of thought it was that easy.

>> No.56228392
File: 72 KB, 612x526, distraught.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM has issues with players using their own class features even though the enemies get more powerful versions of it
>DM stops players from making decisions to argue with them about it
>DM gets mad at martials for doing martially things that are unrealistic but the martial can do by RAW, but allows casters to do crazy shit and gives casters legendary items every fucking second
>DM gets mad at players for using equipment monsters have used after seeing the monsters use it
>DM gets super passive aggressive about any of this
>DM has lots of shitty characters who aren't funny and/or useful, but forces us to talk to them

>> No.56228426

It's already been done. There's this radio broadcaster back in the day who stayed awake for 8 days straight. He basically broke.

>> No.56228472

That's why FATE is better

>> No.56228853

>>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
While on principle I'm sort of against it, I understand where he's coming from. Assuming we're talking players and not PCs.

I used to be GM of a few MMO games, I never really had a reason to ban female players so I couldn't bring myself to do it because logically I know its not their fault they cause issues.
However, whenever you have a nerd hobby like this with tons of awkward socially inept guys, they'll ruin the guild just because dumb ass teenagers can't contain themselves.
And at some point you do have to start banning guys for being majorly inept (sending dick pictures and threatening to (literally) rape and dox other guild mates is not okay)

That said I still couldn't ban women because honestly the best guilds and groups I've ever been in have been run by women. The last guild I was in before I quit MMOs as a whole was run by a group of 4 girls, it had restrictions like everyone had to be over 21 and have a job, but everything was organized. They had paperwork and calendars set up so everyone always knew what was going on as well as where everyone else was at. Events actually done on a regular basis etc..

So in no way can I actually blame women for ruining games, it really is the fault of socially inept guys. But when you have to balance the 2, do you really want a woman who did nothing wrong to play with you, or do you want the 6 autistic fucks who can actually play pretty well, not fall apart because a woman sat down next to them.
Honestly I'd choose the 6 autistic fucks, because at least then I can play the damn game.

>> No.56229024

>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions
sounds good. i only ever use one or two monster races as well

>> No.56229065

Do you have any male friends? Have you ever had an actual conversation with another man?

Do you use the word "dudebro"?

Have you ever had a funny conversation with a male friend or friends?

Christ Almighty. I hope you don't think that your behavior excuses your foul smell and fat hips

>> No.56229082
File: 32 KB, 266x278, unassuming face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Player rolls To Hit
>Rolls a 1
>Gets mad as fuck

>> No.56229090

If the autistic fucks think dick pics, doxxing and rape threats are reasonable behaviour, then I struggle to believe that cramming six of them into a small room will produce an enjoyable social experience.

>> No.56229110

Not every rpg is about medieval fantasy.

>> No.56229125

The thing is, people like that act -fairly- normally when by themselves. Something about introducing a woman into the equation makes them forget what boundaries are in a desperate attempt to shove their dick in something.

>> No.56229163 [DELETED] 

Teehee Maccaroni is the bane of my fucking existence.

Every fucking campaign that my GM runs inevitably at some point involves running into an NPC named "Teehee Maccaroni," who the GM affectionately describes as "an epic level sorcerer who's also a retarded nudist gnome."

Teehee Maccaroni wander the countryside with a unique Rod of Wonders powered by "retard magic" shoved up his anus, and he casts the Rod of Wonders by diddling his penis. He says nothing but his own name in different inflections and the phrase "I like-a the goodberry, gimme gimme the goodberry." The GM thinks it's hilarious to have this character show up during the middle of encounters we're struggling at and start jerking off magic everywhere.

But the worst part is his chant. He wanders around chanting his name, so when he's about to show up the GM will start low;
Tee-hee-hee, Maccaroni Maccaroni
Tee-hee-hee, Maccaroni Maccaroni
And then get louder and louder until he's fucking shouting

And the table loves it! The other guys I play with think this is the best shit! Teehee Maccaroni has been our table's de-facto inside joke, our signature "running gag" for six years now. When that chant starts up, everyone else joins in like a ritual; the whole table is expected to start chanting "TEE HEE HEE, MACCARONI MACCARONI" by the end, and every fucking time I refuse because this is some embarrassing circa-2002 Penguin of Doom shit, it's always the same thing; "There goes user again! No fun allowed around user! Anon's just a big grouch who's getting angry because we're making him touch Teehee Maccaroni's penis again! Why won't you just let us have fun with this character, he's just here for dumb fun, you stick-in-the mud!"

These motherfuckers are all over 25 years old.

Teehee Maccaroni is going to be the death of me.

>> No.56229172

>Something about introducing a woman into the equation makes them forget what boundaries are
If they'll freak out over a woman, they'll freak out over other stuff too. I'd consider it a serious warning.

>> No.56229185

Sure, wby wouldnt it be?

you're going to have to have a really large to community to draw from if

>> No.56229196

...you want to ban males and still have a group

>> No.56229234

this is my favorite copy pasta by far

>> No.56229236

You can say this all you want anon, but for the purposes of the game they can function. They might do stupid shit, but logically they know that behavior is unacceptable.
Therefore, so while they might make an inappropriate joke or 2, they're not going to suddenly say
>I want to roll to rape the entire town!
they'll just play the game as it should be played.

>> No.56229355

Yeah this guy sounds like an idiot.

Having been awake 96 hours trying to get out of the Olympias before a blizzard hit I can assure you that being awake follows a pattern: after the first 20 hours you're feeling like someone is trying to beat you to sleep. This lasts until hour 30 or so, at which point your body stops bothering to tell you that you're tired and that lasts roughly until hour 65-70, at which point you just hurt all over and you're delirious, probably starting to see phosphenes and shit.

At hour 96 you've just turned over your truck's motor, cranked the heat, and passed out.

Since someone's going to be a smart ass, this was before cell phones were common and radio was the primary way of reaching park rangers. Radio which, of course, doesn't function well in a blizzard.

>> No.56229447

git gud

>> No.56229462

>every great one has those same qualities.

You hit the nail on the head.

>> No.56229569

So instead I can play 30 sessions of statistically being worse at tasks than I actually am in real life? No thanks.

Fate is a cool idea but when you run out of fate points your character is literally weaker than a commoner.

>> No.56229602

>But "no women PCs" is a much more common rule, and actually defensible
when i was a teenager i had this rule where you only could play as the gender you were irl. it made DnD an actual game instead of 8 hour long lewd jokes.
even now i only ever let people i know very well play as the opposit sex.

>> No.56229708

I can't understand getting pissed at a single nat 1, however I can understand the annoyance if they go an entire session and only succeed on 30% or less of their rolls. At that point you begin to feel useless and start contemplating why you're even here

>> No.56229755

To be fair, I agree that 20 orcs was too much. 12 would have been a better number. Still too many to fight straight on (unless you're a 8+ man party), but if you take out one group, fight another group but alert the third group you might still be able to win.

>> No.56229768

>as dumb as they are strong
>very strong
You realise that by your words, the ogres are actually very smart?

>> No.56229816

>GM kills you for slight mistakes
need some context
>GM only runs his homebrew 2e
nothing really wrong with it. a man can choose what he wants to run.
>GM hates magic
magic IS unreliable and bullshit
>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
literally nothing wrong with that
>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions
sounds good to me

>> No.56229919

Go to sleep, DMkun

>> No.56229945

Not female only, I'm pretty sure Trump is in devotion, it's primarily females and it has been going on for something like 5 years now. Maybe more, I don't know I'm not watching it

>> No.56229989

No it means they're very dumb.

>> No.56230024

>>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions
This is entirely fine if the campaign is about invading kobold and gnoll army. It's like playing a WWII game and complaining you only fight Nazis.

>> No.56230048
File: 345 KB, 670x670, 1481862626489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New player asks if he can recharge some of his spell points by sapping into the magical energy of a defeated undead (but intelligent and capable of using magic) enemy
>DM unceremoniously kills him by having the enemy take over the PC's body, requiring us to kill him
>A couple of sessions later, I get targetted by a projectile attack while at very low health
>I miss my saving throw, get hit for so much damage that it would outright kill my character
>Said projectile is suddenly 'inert' and my character gets out alive
>Later on, he outright sets up a situation, where it's completely obvious to me that it was created to kill a specific character
>Surprise, surprise, said character also gets unceremoniously killed

>> No.56230088

A level 1 party can expect to be able to beat maybe three orc simultaneously. Four if they're lucky or smart, but then they'll probably need to rest. There is no situation when a level 1 party should have to go anywhere near 20 orcs, unless they just sneak through the entire situation and fight nobody.

>> No.56230128

>GM never lets women play in his campaigns

Good choice.

>> No.56230189

>I later heard the other party members took them out by stealing the ballista, then smoking them out so the party could use a bunch of flaming oil AOE and ballista bolts on the orcs.
Looks like you're wrong.
git gud

>> No.56230206

English isn't your language, right?

>> No.56230274

To add on that, according to 5e DMG 3 orcs are 600xp encounter difficulty (100 for each and x2 for a group of 3-6), 4 level 1 characters has a deadly xp threshold of 400xp. So even 3 would be beyond deadly.

>> No.56230301

By that logic a lvl 1 PC could accidentally find some world-shattering relic that instantly slays every monster on the planet, therefore objectively no amount of enemies is challenging to any PC of any level.

>> No.56230335
File: 186 KB, 665x900, Skellispider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw that was me at one point in my life
School was a hell of a drug

>> No.56230361
File: 101 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Minecraft Generation is now old enough to post "nostolgia" stories here
us gamers

>> No.56230401

That phase was back in the day when the whole family would pre-write emails because internet was payed by the minute.
Never played Minecraft, is it good?

>> No.56230655

I only played during alpha/beta, when people would yell at Notch for being a lazy cunt who only took vacations.
It was full of potential, that was never acted upon. I want to be hopeful and say that Microsoft might have changed that, but realistically speaking, they didn't.

>> No.56230661

It has bunch of entertaining experiences to offer that won't hold well over time. Worth trying but nothing to stay for unless are 8 years old.

>> No.56230799

But is it worth 24 Bucks? I may be prejudiced, but it looks like a chinese lego knockoff simulator.

>> No.56230848

But anon didn't do that. He was killed for no reason before he had a chance to reason with the party or even just ditch them.

>> No.56230901

>Never played Minecraft, is it good?
At this point only with mods. After Notch fucked off the Mojang that was left were a pathetic directionless mess that throw out useless low-effort scraps to the community every so often so that they can deflect critisicm by saying "Well we HAVE updated the game!" With mods you can be a fucking space wizard, design massive automated factories, engineer and explore extra dimensions and lots of neat shit, it depends what you're looking for honetly.

>> No.56230983

I mean if we’re assuming he’s talking about playing D&D as anything but high fantasy and expecting it to work optimally then that’s it’s own breed of retardation

>> No.56231038

Also, there have historically been women participating in raiding parties and that kind of stuff

>> No.56231166

>dumb as they are strong

>very strong

>very (dumb)

>> No.56231202

So, to stop beating around the bush, why does /tg/ hate women? This keeps coming up in various obvious ways. Can you not just accept that they exist and play games and move on with your life?

>> No.56231392


>> No.56231400

My guess is it's because of bad experiences with some specific women getting extrapolated to apply to all women.
Or it's because some had their games dissolve due to kissless virgin neets lusting after the sole girl in the group and disrupting the game with their clumsy, creepy come-ons.

>> No.56231513

This is a That DM thread, not a Based DM thread.

>> No.56231551

You realise that by your words, you are actually very dumb?

>> No.56231612

Social outcastes seething with resentment.

>> No.56231630

>would of
Are you sure you're an adult?

>> No.56231693

No, pirate it if you are going to bother with it at all.

>> No.56231749

You're missing the point, the GM allowed that other party to defeat the orcs by creatively using the resources they had access to. Noone's arguing that 20 orcs is a fair challenge for level 1 PCs on their own, the point is that a good GM can provide the means for "gud" characters to overcome these difficult challenges using the resources at hand. There's nothing 'objective' about it.

This anon is correct

>> No.56231796

Because they make roughly 50% of mankind and I kind of hate everyone. On better days it's excluding myself.

>> No.56231921
File: 37 KB, 229x377, 1348875583001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably because women are shit at roleplaying.

This isn't fucking rocket science.

Also roasties meme is funny, especially when people get offended.

>> No.56231957

Guys I think I might be retarded.

>> No.56231959

t. hat guy

>> No.56232218
File: 36 KB, 625x468, moist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GM has a house rule that female characters can have big boobs and gain +4 Charisma
>Right off the bat we find a cursed girdle of femininity. Not Maculinity/femininity. Just femininity.
>In the evil mages spell book we find "Enlarge (Breasts)" a permament spell.
>Oh look another cursed girdle of femininity. This one catches a character because we didn't think he'd give it to us twice in a row.
>Not a single caster able to cast remove curse
>Bouncer at the thieve's guild offers to let the party in if he can fondle some breasts
>The way guild members identify each other is with coloured gloves for men and coloured garters for women
>The big loot at the end of the dungeon? A Tome Of Tits. And a magical garter +1 protection or something.
>Oh look another cursed girdle of femininity. Not catching us this time.

>> No.56232395
File: 100 KB, 529x397, Cones-of-Dunshire-Next-stage-6.nocrop.w529.h421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, this?

>> No.56232427

This literally sounds like your average parody of what people think role-playing is like.

>> No.56232565

Just play Terraria instead if you want actual gameplay with your building block emulation.

>> No.56232635

It's 100% legit. Eventually we found so much shit like that that it became a running joke.

>> No.56232831

that's so fucked, whats the point of doing shit like that?

you know he had a fucking erection the entire time he was telling you guys this

>> No.56232915
File: 130 KB, 1280x792, 1483146805.vairos_sharked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the rouge dies and the dm eats him
worst game i ever joined desu

>> No.56232959

Was his name Blackleaf?

>> No.56232962

AD&D worked fine with relatively low magic because it didn't require autismal buildomancy to beat DR

>> No.56233218

Get a load of this hohol.

>> No.56233219

I have yet to meet a woman that I enjoyed gaming with. It's a big world, so I'm sure there's one out there, I just don't have very high hopes for any one in particular.

>> No.56233272

/r9k/ fucks have been leaking into our board hard.

>> No.56233384

>be a shitty player
>blame GM and leave session
>other good players prove how shitty you are by beating orcs without you using same resources
git gud

>> No.56233681

Perhaps if you spend as much effort getting good as you do bitching this sort of thing won't happen.

>> No.56235102

Yeah everyone agrees that you are a smelly moron.

>> No.56235138

Said the underage retard with bad B.O

>> No.56235180

>I never played with a woman and I also underage and really stupid.

>> No.56235357
File: 129 KB, 260x260, 260px-Adam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not s problem, I'll change a more superior GM :)

>> No.56235445

name ONE koebel show half as good as "Frozen Frontier"

>> No.56236458
File: 288 KB, 480x550, kill_yourself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thread about that gm
>usually have funny stories
>vast majority of the thread is about letting women play
>isnt interesting
>neither side will ever capitulate
>pointless shitposting

>> No.56236524

>fighting with no plan, no strategy, no use of the environment, and probably with a shit GM

I honestly feel bad for you two.

>> No.56238053

campaign i am in now has a woman playing and she is sound, actually one of the more sensible and straight forward characters.

now admittedly the group is 50% noobs myself included (recently formed group at work, DM has been playing for 15 years 1 player has been playing for 10 years and chick and boyfriend have been playing for a while as well) so being one of the more sensible isnt that hard, but she doesnt rules lawyer, knows her character, knows the rules and has a good sense of tactics. but yeah she is also a players girlfriend, given that she is the one who works with us and he is invited via her its a complete non issue, other than her occasionally scolding him for doing particularly stupid things in the game.

women can play DnD just as well as anybody else, sure they are also just as prone to being pains in the ass as anybody else as well but the only real issue is girls being dragged into games by partners and that can happen the other way as well

>> No.56238650


>> No.56238781

Of course.
GM runs the game = GM makes the rules.

>> No.56238974

But if the system is good and works, where exactly is the reasoning to continually buy a new game every , what? Six months?
What is this, capitalism?
Some ideas age better than others, but theres no 'useby' date on game systems.
If there are clear problems, they're apparent through use of the engine.
I find editions after 2nd ed to be too restrictive in some areas, making things far too cookie-cutter in general, which I find very restrictive.

3rd ed even managed to take all the magic out of making a magical item. The whole unspecified nature of how you make these magic things actually enhanced the universe to me...the magical items were little artifacts left by mythical heros and demigods in the wake of their existence, and trying to make magical items yourself was almost dabbling in the stuff of mythic heroes....

>> No.56240393
File: 11 KB, 277x329, 92Q62wf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>asked to join game as a wizard by GM
>nearly all sessions have "anti-magic" fields or high hp constructs immune to magic
What is the point of having me join if you're going to cripple a character?

>> No.56240589

Get a new GM, what the fuck is that shit.
Dumb frogposter

>> No.56240915
File: 76 KB, 438x600, my helm is full of fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit

>> No.56241635

why would you play more than one session?

>> No.56241749
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>> No.56241915
File: 61 KB, 396x374, 1289865471782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bad thread, Bad GMs, bad players.

also this thread scared off any women still on /tg/ so good job guys.

I think /r9k/ really has been seeping into the board, like somebody in this salty thread has said.

>> No.56242715

This is some nice copy pasta. Cooked al dente and everything.

>> No.56242828

Jesus Christ, I'm embarrassed for you.

>> No.56243091

>thread was never about that gm

really tickles the pickle

>> No.56243840
File: 1008 KB, 500x335, a real angry lad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"don't worry guys, this is a high fantasy, heroes always win kinda campaign!"
>always sets the world to be against us, magical items are useless, everything we do has a negative effect and barely anything positive.

I'm fucking sick of this shit, atleast tell us if were gonna have to be prepared for a anti-hero kinda world.

>> No.56244115

Yes fucking retard, just unleash deadly x10 encounter at the party every time and then ultra softball it if they come up with a "clever" way to deal with them.
Nevermind that any failed check in preparation should probably lead to 100% TPK, but it won't off course, because world bends over for "clever" players.
You want to use your class abilities, you know that thing 90% of book is about? Bzzt better, get that cave in / pitfall ready or start a fire at the entrance to suffocate everyone inside, because they are retarded and totally will fall for it, since your GM loves "clever" players so much.
You don't do that every time? Well fuck you, you are not "clever" enough, here's TPK hard move without warning, too bad you can't read my headspace because i'm not going to lay it out for you scrubs, git gut xDD

>> No.56244749

>refuse to heal someone when desperately saving spell slots
>DM's favorite NPC dies
>angry at me
>refuses to let me heal anyone from that point on because it's "out of character"

>> No.56246156

But that's wrong.

>> No.56246271

>GM never lets women play in his campaigns

Seriously, "GM doesn't play with X he is a misogynist/racist/nazist/fascist/whatever!" is getting old. GM is setting the game so he can play with however he wants to. And if you have a problem with that just go play with someone else. That doesn't show he is a bad GM, he could be a very good GM who makes a very detailed and moving campaign, who for whatever reason doesn't want to commune with whatever person.

>> No.56246294

Tbh, Koibu used acceleration to survive this

>> No.56246407

what were the files

>> No.56246427

desperate roastie hamplanet detected. sorry this isnt a white knight board like your native reddit

>> No.56246508

>But most women who sit down to tabletop aren't there just because they're humoring their boyfriends.
true, they're there trying to cultivate beta orbiters to pay their way through life and fawn over them constantly instead of getting real jobs and having real interests or hobbies of their own.

>girly avatarfag
>"g-girls arent that bad!!!"
whats the over/under on this fuckwit being a tranny?

>> No.56247694
File: 15 KB, 540x332, 1457359337709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GM kills you for slight mistakes
Faggot who thinks he's running dark souls or that the group will rise to the challange
>GM only runs his homebrew 2e
Improved Faggot and a grognard autist to boot. This is a potent combination of red flags
>GM hates magic
Ok now I'm being memed. There is no GM this shitty and anal agitated
>GM never lets women play in his campaigns
If you and your fellow players cannot handle tits at the table without going full m'lady, fighting over them or the Group as a whole has a history of suffering with women playing, this is fine. Otherwise, cuck GM
>GM makes you fight only kobolds and gnolls for 30 sessions
New GM, shit GM one or the other. Maybe your balls deep in Gnoll county but it seems unlikely.

All in all these are the signs of someone who has no business being near tabletop gaming. You'll get an unfair, unfun and arbitrary time

>> No.56248600

suck my dick faggot.

>> No.56248779

In LMoP, if played by the book, you can have up to eight goblins, a bugbear and his wolf attack you all at once if you bumble into the hideout at the start of the campaign. That's usually encounter number two or three of the campaign. Most players beat it because they don't fucking run into caverns they know are full of hostiles while running the tips of their javelins along the sides of the walls and banging pots and pans.

>> No.56248847

Oldfag here, can confirm this wisdom.

So when I was younger we had a gaming group that was mixed. The girls in the group were, for lack of a better way to put it, some of the guys. Everyone knew each other before puberty so that kind of helps. So long story short we have an unsupervised house due to negligence of one of the kid's family being fuckups. So we'd always play there and do other stuff you weren't supposed to due to nobody looking over your shoulder like drink and smoke, etc.

I was the social (I use this term loosely) one of my crew so I always had normal girlfriends and social life, etc. At one point I dated a girl who was exactly what you describe: A 6 who can't get attention from hot guys. I asked her out because I thought her mass-produced Cradle of Filth shirt bought from Hot Topic framed her tits really nicely. Turns out that was the bra. Oh also I was 15 and stupid. Then I brought her to the game after explaining what D+D was. She seemed interested but then everything went to shit.

[Scene Missing]

None of us are really friends and game anymore. The girl I brought ended up inserting herself into the friend group and flooding it with her witless friends. All 3-6's, none of them are cool at all. You might ask "why does it matter how hot they were" but the answer to that is I think it's fine to judge based on that when the thrust of your actions is seeking attention from men. The other girls in the group never did that.

Our actual female friends who we didn't objectify ended up being pushed out and some bad blood happened over this. Plenty of my friends chose low quality pussy over friendship. I'm guilty, I did too. 2 of the men are married to some of these girls in deeply unhappy marriages. I haven't played 2E in years because this is all I remember when I think of 2E.

The kicker? The girl I brought slept with everyone at the table eventually over the next 2 years in exchange for being treated like a unicorn, more or less.

>> No.56248929

I laughed at the idea that your DM was salty about not saving an NPC that he bars your character from saving anyone

>> No.56248966

>this is fine
no it isn't you fucking neckbeard. if your group can't handle tits at the table then your group should kill yourselves as a teambuilding exercise.

>> No.56249012

Every single person who claims this doesn't happen is either that 6 or trying to fuck that 6.

And honestly I don't even blame the 6 or her attention-hungry friends. I blame the thirsty hordes for being pathetic hunters of m'lady.

>> No.56249039

>GM never lets women play in his campaigns

>> No.56249073

>Assuming you mean, "GM doesn't accept women as players," yeah, that's weirdly immature.
Why? 87.5% of women I've played with have been flakes or just not interested in the game.

>> No.56249171

>And honestly I don't even blame the 6 or her attention-hungry friends. I blame the thirsty hordes for being pathetic hunters of m'lady.

I take my share of the blame for what happened. I was thinking with my dick.

On the flipside though it seems like predation to me to manipulate emotionally stunted men in exchange for attention because you have boobs.

We all sucked in this situation.

>> No.56249380

That same number you pulled out your ass can be applied to players in general.

>> No.56249427


At least you're strong.

>> No.56249637

>getting this defensive
Good job proving his point.

>> No.56249640

>I'm sexist, and that amuses me

>> No.56249974

>Everyone in the party is level 20 after a long chain of shenanigans and rotating GMs
>Return to one player's home village
>PCs pop out of existence
>GM says it's because "it's statistically impossible for that many level 20 characters to be present in a small village at the same time."

>> No.56250059

Better to accept the limits of your group. If they cant handle women playing then you have a reason not to invite them. Perhaps the only reason. The alternative is dissolve the group and jerk off in the dark to your imaginary moral high ground.

>> No.56250210

This is somewhat of a two edged sword. On one hand creative solutions to problems seem really nice, but you also risk completely invalidating the game mechanics and the gamist expectations built upon them.

For example: D&D assumes that you go inside the cave, which the GM has spent a lot of time on to prepare and then work your way through from room to room overcoming challenge after challenge that are based around your level. If you just smoke out the cave, all that work the GM prepared is completely invalidated. This can be extremely frustrating for the GM, so typically players don't abuse real world siegecraft to invalidate the existence of dungeons as doing so would violate the social contract between players and GM. This leads to a mentality where these options are not even considered by the player, who in turn assumes the GM allows him a classical approach to a problem, which can lead to some kind of videogame tunnel-vision. Effectively, a GM should be aware of this and always communicate if he allows or even expects creative solutions outside of the game expectations, or you risk running into exactly the problem anon stated.

>> No.56250363
File: 54 KB, 525x650, 1474590301486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I run games I actually like when the players completely blindside me and take an alternate course of action. I've had a few moments where after the session ends I'll pull out a few pages of now pointless notes and tear them up while sharing a laugh with everyone about it. That's where I get most of my fun from, but you're right about everyone being on the same page for sure. My players are well aware that I like them to not treat the world as a video game and they're well aware that I populate worlds/create encounters that don't match their levels because I hate that "The world is scaled to you" type of play. For me, when you go into the forest that people say is dangerous, you better believe there aren't just five goblins in there waiting to get beat up by you.

>> No.56250459

Yeah, I think most players on /tg/ think the same, since it is one of the bigger differences between P&P and CRPG's. This is probably why many of us are so used to it that they can't fathom that a complete newbie, or someone who only experienced gamist GMs, might be completely unable to think outside the box.

>> No.56251860

Well gee, if pointing out someone is stupid and wrong proves their point, young earth creationists must have their point proven ad nauseam by now, i wonder why isn't it in the science textbooks yet.

>> No.56252190

>my indie darling RPG is dying because pussies like you won't MAN UP and play them
Fuck off.

>> No.56252476

There is an unwritten contract being played at this; the GM prepares and the Players experience.

If the players decide to circumvent this, and it's a huge deal instead of a small one (like where we all had the "the door's adamantium but the stone around it is just stone, bring in the dynamite or pickaxes"); you get carte blanche as the GM to fuck their attempt over.
Railroady and dickish, yes, but so were they, the drew first blood. Smoking a dungeon out? They might only get the first few rooms because there's clever air vents hidden above; the denizens of those rooms are now deeper inside and have bunkered up in the first good filtered room and are ready to party. Or, if they were kobolds or beasts by plan, they are now the Undead, caring not for pussy smoke.

Devious PC plans can always be foiled with extreme ease, or you can at least let them flavor a small victory for the less important stuff. Keep your tracks hidden (so that a beastman dungeon can turn into a skeleton dungeon) and your big bads behind glass windows (or behind a microphone or illusion). If they have a game-breaking wizard, the opposition has the game-unbreaking Cleric; say they cast stone to mud and shape mud to instakill everything inside. An acient rune, or a dead priest disturbed from deep slumber counterspells that easily. Input dead priest in dungeon and have him motivated to undo whoever tried to desecrate his tomb, raising skeleton warriors to combat any other intruder.

>> No.56252565

cont. because I'm a wordy faggot

Never allow a simple and easy solution out, but be ready to accept things as the unravel. Last game, I had a friendly wizard get stabbed and dying in the gut, and my berserker druid player accepted to attempt blood magic and trade health to revive the wizard. I wrote off the old goat as good as dead, but the players really wanted him back, so I couldn't just let him die off; he got back and massacred most of the dungeon (his own wizard's tower was infested) with a single spell (actually, I had decided I didn't want much combats in this session that had to last just around 3.5 hours; I wanted some shock and awe, and the gamist players "felt" these were their "kills", and were content).

The enemy wizards within the tower, and their elite guard, survived the deadly cleansing spell and proved to be challenging for the players. I've dropped lower risk trash encounters from the game because we were short with time IRL.
You have to give them their small victories with your big goal in mind (get the bbeg to finish his part of his own quest, such as stealing the magical runebook the wizard had in his tower). You also need to consider the player's feelings and not outright shut down a solution if it could very well be plausible with inworld logic.

It's a very gentle thing that's hard to discuss about and will provoke heated arguments, the sticking with the story vs. the freedom a player has within it. What works for me is heresy to someone else.

>> No.56252651


>> No.56252681

>wanting a mentally ill faggot as a GM

>> No.56252793

Dming a group of 3 ladies and a dude. No problems what so ever.

>> No.56252928
File: 55 KB, 625x262, well prepared for failure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This allows you to deal with creative players, sure. Not every GM is on your level, though. Think about all those fledgling DM's that go straight by the adventure book and can't improvize to save their regular schedule. Also it won't help with the problem at hand, i.e. players being completely unprepared for a GM requiring creativity, instead of simply allowing it. It is a pitfall you can run into with new players and GM's one should keep in mind when running a group for strangers. Going "get gud" after killing a newbie seems like a pretty good way to scare off actually motivated players that simply lack experience or that have been trained wrong.

You seem to have experience with this: Any advice on how to break in new players so this doesn't happen?

>> No.56253176

I can't help but think that that would make a nice backstory for an NPC, or at least a plot hook. Picture an old man sitting alone in a tavern, nursing his way-too-many-th ale of the night, muttering to himself about goblins and spears and bridges. Cue the entrance of a new party, and pick up where the old one left off.

>> No.56253200

You godda respect their intelligence, and sometimes break the game IRL and go "what you've made is a great solution, but the story goes an another way and this will really distract from the pre-established story at hand. I would like if we could find a more middle ground that we all can gather in".

This is a very crude thing to do; it's like in Morrowind when the game goes "you killed an essential NPC and the main quest is no longer an option for you, please load a past save if you want to experience it", instead of going Oblivion's "npc is unconscious with 30 arrows in the face".

A true master (I am very, very, very far away from this) will resolve the tale in a way that it ties back into the "railroad"; with great smoke and mirrors and players not knowing any better. An improvisator (which /tg/ may hate, the GM that has nothing prepared and flies by the seat of his pants) will have an easier time jurry-rigging a solution to this, but the solutions have a good chance to fall flat.

>> No.56253245

I've been accused of putting TOO much thought into my games. Curse of the Crimson Throne with over 20+ pages of setting material not made by Paizo.

>> No.56253281

Tank you, but my question was more: What would you do to ensure that your players don't treat your adventure like a computer game with fair and balanced encounters that are resolved by game mechanics alone, so they don't run into their death when a creative solution is required? My apologies for not making this clearer.

>> No.56253286

Not too bad

>> No.56253651

Brain dead /pol/ faggot detected. Sorry this isn't a underage moron board like your native subreddit.

>> No.56253675

Or just retarded.

>> No.56253827

I just tell them that; my games are not balanced in any way, anything you meet can and will kill you if you actdum. A group of goblins can tpk a party (a la tucker's kobolds), and a dragon can be brought down with cannon or balistae fire. I will accept any sane solution, and I'm open to those. My boys once took a giant down by slamming a minig pick under his toenail, while the other PC bound his legs with a spiked chain.

But I am confused by what "creative solution" means; so I'm gonna talk about the overcomplexity of solution, where the dungeon door has one way to open it via putting in shiny stones into slots, and the GM had the idea of sending an endless horde of enemies at the PCs until they solve the puzzle.
Having puzzles is a very hit or miss deal because they can bog down the game hard; and not being able to visually get a solution (a boon video games have but not we, the door has a hexagonal red slot for the hexagonal red jewel. If you describe this wrongly, you're fucked and they'll never solve it). Combat puzzles too, they're going to have a tough time with a Troll if they have no prior knowledge (ingame or out) or molotovs/oils/spells to use.

A puzzle can spell the death of an unprepared party, but you godda ask yourself is this what you want out of the game. Maybe have a big bad enemy wear the key needed to progress around his neck (if they didn't figure out the jewels and slots in the door, have it be opened by this key). Make them pay though, if they guessed right the first time around just let them go in without a resource-costing fight.

>> No.56253925

Would you want to play with a gm that hated your guts?

>> No.56253946

Puzzles have a way to be misunderstood by players because words are hard to convey. It's useful to have paper and draw the objects they're interacting with. Be forgiving about solutions that might work.
IIRC, a famous 12-object room with the 12th step being the solution is a good idea, and not just for buying time while the players ponder possible solutions. 12-object room with candleholders, tables, drawers has a secret door. The 12th attempt to solve it (whatever it may be, turning the candleholder, removing the carpet, opening a specific drawer) will unlock the secret door, and the players will feel happy about solving your puzzle.

Concerning puzzles, always be careful, and maybe even metagame if your players are the more passive sort (there's nothing wrong with passive players btw). Have the dragon burn the cannon crew, and have a guard captain order the big hulking goliath to take the gun and shoot the dragon down, if they didn't think of that. Have skeletons that perished to the traps in the dungeon at the entrance so the players know it's trapped inside. Have burned floors when there were fire traps.

Concerning balance (even tho I rarely use it), a GM should always be aware of what the party is packing and be rarely surprised by their combat prowess, and then throw obstacles that are "around" that level of capability. If you're gaming with RP nerds that don't do anything beyond "charge attack" in a fight, go easy on them and maybe even handweave a few fights, just describing how cool their characters are. If you're going against people that have had extensive XCOM experience, go all out or they get bored.

Though if they don't know when to run and when to fight, you godda teach them.

>> No.56253992

Wherein the permavirgin tries to justify his virginity by adopting a niche sexiual identity.

>> No.56254563

Yes, because he is the permavirgin here and not the retards lashing out at women.

>> No.56254616

>table laughs and the game continues as normal.

>> No.56254671

Sounds like good advice. What do you think of the three hint technique? I.e. every riddle/situation should have at least three different opportunities for the player to gain information on how to solve it, so they don't fuck up if they overlook a single hint.

Also with "creative solutions" I meant things like collapsing a mountain on top of someone, or using the infamous "bag of holding + portable hole" arrow (IIRC), instead of shaving hitpoints off a target via full-attacks. Some people get tunnel vision once they figure out how the combat system is supposed to work and disregard any other approach.

>> No.56254694

They are all permavirgins.

>> No.56254823


Ah, for a moment I thouht it was about keeping some sort of historical authenticity feeling.

>> No.56254987

I don't get it either. I actually try to get one or two girls in all of my games just to avoid the kind of cringy atmosphere you can witness here.

>> No.56255029

>Gm fudges rolls if the players are clever about it
>Ranarr the elf wizard is now a pretendergod of a goblin cult because he could levitate the small fuckers

DM felt sad when I missed my persuasion by 1

>> No.56255059

I like the three hints, and maybe even more. Riddles that are exceptionally easy for you are a nightmare for someone else, and I think that GMs should always be afraid of a Gazeebo story; where the player attacks a building because he doesn't know what it is, mistaking it for a magical monster. Always share info with your players that their PCs might know.
Even if a player doesn't know what a rust monster is, the PC might and he will "tell" the player what it is with a Knowledge check.

Sometimes, you might need to use more than 3 hints, or even solve the puzzle for them if they're spending more than 15 minutes on it if your games are fast paced, with an angry minotaur bursting through the magical riddle door (the answer was friend in elvish), bored with the waiting in ambush. This is lenient/casual, but if your game is a fast one-shot or similar, you don't have the resources to indulge in puzzles.

For creative combat solutions, I love them, as long as they make sense. Collapse the mountain but beware of rockfall yourself, push foes into acid pits or spiked pillars, throw grenades into small rooms and bar the door, push foes off balconies and so on.
Moves not tied to arenas are great too, the feints, bleeds, disarms, stuns, debuffs, blinds and so on a character may attempt to do with a malus (opposite of bonus) to a roll.

For the first example, the GM must make interesting battlefields with "toys", such as explosive barrels, acid pits, spiked pillars, rocks, arches, doors, tables, chandeliers (don't know how to spell that word), barricades and rubble. This will make your players take the arena into account; and play what you preach, the smart orcs will hide behind overturned tables or climb balconies, bait players into spiked pillars or traps, throw explosive barrels and so on.

>> No.56255233

cont. i am sorry for blogposting

For the second example, a system that doesn't have attacks of opportunity to punish players attempting cool things like bullrushing (system wars incoming, 3.5 is okay but other systems do this better, such as Riddle of Steel).
Players are smart and will not choose sub-par options for fighting, the charge+attack then fullattack every round are great options if all you have to work with is HP and regular monsters, because you can't disarm teeth and claw and can't trip a quadraped.
Whenever you dislike how they act and think, assume they want to be good at it; they'll full attack because it takes the enemy out of the fight fastest. It's then up to you to figure out some way to make them use other tools at their disposal.

Play what you preach too, use stuns, bleeds, poisons, disarm the boastful fighter and see him squirm for his weapon, sunder the ranger's bowstring (but make sure he has a spare to not 100% debilitate him) and see how he'll fare now, blind the Wizard and go "huh where's the fireball gonna end up now".

To make your players get creative with combat, have enemies worthy of such tactics, give them higher ground or much better gear (such as a full plate wearer not taking almost any damage except armorpiercing; to win here, you need to stun and grapple him). This is also where bulletsponge enemies work well too, because you can't just execute them out of existence; but stunning them provides a great respite in the fight. Weapon types and damage is cool to pay attention to, such as spears getting +1 vs. swords, and swords getting +1 vs spears in small spaces.

All in all, the topic is extremely complex. I've been reading about it for years, skimmed various systems, and my combats are fantastic; everything else I do as a GM falls flat, below average, but my fights are great and memorable.

>> No.56255345


> We have a combat
> Finish combat
> DM keeps us in initiative order despite combat being over

> DM doesn't understand why our game is moving so slowly


> Player "Hey DM, its quarter to midnight, I gotta go I have work in the morning."
> DM "No no stay, this next encounter is going to be quick I promise."
> Player "Fine."
> Time skip, it is now 2am
> Player: "Dude I gotta go"
> DM "Hey just finish the turn"
> its 2:45 am
> Player "Sorry you guys finish I gotta go"
> DM "Okay pussy we'll finish this combat like real men"

>> No.56255422


As for bag of holding + portable hole = black hole, I dislike such things and just rule that the hole disappears, the bag becomes mundane, and the player probably becomes disappointed. I don't like going full magic where magic has never gone before and assume how physics work when I know jack shit about it. I also don't like game-breaking deals such as that black-hole one or Pazuzu Pazuzu Pazuzu.

I do like creative solutions to the problem at hand, such as aiming at the bullet-belts of an Uber Soldier from Wolfenstein to attempt to silence his guns, or attempting to shoot a radiator/engine block in an armored car in an attempt to slow it down, hitting the helmeted guy with a mace in the helmet gets a +1 to stun him, triggering all the grenades on a grenade belt at once and tossing them over even if it's not covered by the rules, bypassing a network security system through a coffee machine because the admin left it in his private virtual network for quick coffee access, unprotected because who'd fucking hack a coffee machine...

Extra damage from Ice and Fire mages firing in tandem? Advantage from flanking? Yeah, everything that seems like it could work, works. Sometimes, something I deem unreasonable is "vetoed" by the rest of the table and I learn a new thing, like how a car works or something.

I side with the players and their ideas, and we then see if the dice agree.
Loved my Necromancer bro having his skeleton get the Rogue's dynamite and shrapnel bombs inserted into his ribcage and then charging at the bandits.

Sometimes I just rule that a cool idea works, regardless of dice results.

That's fucked up. My table usually stops the game when one of us has to go, but then again my sessions are 3-4 hours tops.

>> No.56255490


We run for about 5 hours but because the DM likes to keep us in initiative order beyond combat for some reason, we don't get a lot done in 5 hours. And right around the 4.5 or 5th hour mark the DM likes to start a combat.

>> No.56255531

Thanks, I'm a fledgling GM and while my players seem to love it so far, I'm always berating myself for the lack of creativity in my combat encounters or how much I am railroading them. Also my first attempt at doing an investigation session was a near disaster (other group, though, no longer plays).

>> No.56255553

>GM never lets women play in his campaign


>> No.56255605

"I play IRL with a group of retards, so all groups playing tabletop should follow rules custom made for retards"

>> No.56255692

Just keep reading, there's Combat Swipes IIRC, and Old School Hack, read Mouse Guard and Warhammer RP/Zweihander for gritty combat, play/read Mordheim for squad-based skirmishes. Barbarians of Lemuria and various OSRs are good for fighting. Also Old School gaming, the Lazy DM, etc.
Here's some of my stuff. Keep reading.

Also video games are your friend, Baldur's Gate, Diablos, whatevers, can help with combat. Even Call of Duty

Never stop reading, and if your players love it, you're already good, it only gets better (and sometimes worse) from here.

And you know, with one disaster game under your belt, that a shitty game isn't the end. Persevere through shit games and they will happen (not often, mind you). Sometimes you're just gonna get bummed out from IRL, or your players will. Sometimes it's a bad day for everyone. What you must know is that it's nobody's fault, sometimes the work/school, bills, fights and other IRL shit just gets us. Be sure to get together again next saturday for the game.

That's the one advice I wish I knew, maybe I wouldn't have dropped all those games in the past.

>> No.56255812

I forgot, blogs (angry DM) and youtube (Matt Mercer's tips, Matthew Collevile tips) work. Youtube tips are pretty basic, but that doesn't make them less valuable.

Even if you dislike the person, listen to what they have to say.
Lots of anons dislike Matt Collevile because he's quite the libtard in his political views, but his tips and advice check out.

This is also useful in real life, just because someone is religious/atheist/gay/liberal/conservative/radical/libertarian/nazi/commie/furry don't dismiss them until you're 100% certain that they're a useless shit person with nothing good to give to your life.
Though it's easy to figure out zealots in any of the aforementioned categories, they will not stop shitting everything up with their "religious" view and blame everything on the "other side".

>> No.56255884

found the ogre

>> No.56255921

The monsters are deadly to the lv1 pc until he finds the world altering relic
The orcs are deadly to the lv1 party until they find the balista

The difference being that the lv1 party was handed the balista

>> No.56255979

This is either
>a self-aware, "parody" campaign based on the sexual gdr tropes and stuff like that
Which could be very fun to play
>a shitty campaign ran by a shitty DM that simply wants to enact his fantasies
In which case, you are retarded for playing in it and enabling him. Don't complain, just leave. It's full of stupid people in the world and everybody already knows that.

>> No.56256004

Wow, thanks for the link, I'll try to make good use of it.

I watch livestreams on twitch or listen to podcasts, to get ideas and improve my GMing. Regrettably, while I'm good at world building and game mechanics, my improvisation skills and general in game acting are super stressful so I often risk losing focus and maneuvering myself into a corner. I guess experience will help, but I am certainly not anywhere near the level of koibu or the like.

I also only play with personal friends, so I'm not currently at risk with the stranger danger. The last group regrettably fell apart because one of the central social figures of the group suffered a paranoid episode, completely dismantling the social circle.

>> No.56256099

Building in minecraft has lots of possibilities but is ultimately useless and mainly done for aesthetic / roleplaying purposes. You can dig a hole in a cave during the first 5 minutes of gameplay and make it a functional base for the entire playthrough.

Building in Terraria has a purpose - because you can create a custom space to fight the game's many bosses, which usually can pass through solid blocks, so you can't trap them to cheese them - but you can build a space for you to dodge, move with teleporters, have health dispensers and stuff like that.
However, due to the game being 2D, your options are severely limited - the aesthetic factor goes out of the window.

Two faces of the same coin

>> No.56256135

Said the retard

>> No.56256232

Experience is key, you'll get better and better at improvising.
The more games you run, the more stuff you'll have in your "arsenal". If you have newer groups that don't know your old tricks, reuse and recycle. After about 6-10 years, you'll never get caught with your pants down.
For now, ask for smoke or pee breaks if you get overwhelmed, ask for "loading times". There's no shame in that.

GMing is kinda like writing too, the more things you experience and enjoy, the better you'll be. Go hiking, train HEMA, train boxing, etc.
These will get your GMing up, like R. A. Salvatore's experience as a bouncer made his combat descriptions great.

Sucks about that group getting destroyed from such a tragic IRL thing, paranoia and mental shit is horrific. See if you can scavenge someone from the old circle, the best guy or the guy you most liked/seemed to become best new friend. Hang out with that one guy and maybe you can get the other guys back in if there dice get rolled well; if not and they don't wanna hang out, at least you'll have your one new guy turned into friend to introduce to your old group.

>> No.56256360


Yea it was pretty creepy.

I'll tell the whole story since this thread is apparently still up.

We were playing werewolf the apoc, dark ages style. I'm a lady obviously and we're visiting my home cairn and it's my npc father (who I hadn't given any info on- I didn't care etc) who wanted my character to like......... breed... even tho we were mid-quest and it was a terrible time for her to get pregnant? And none of the male characters were harassed about this.

So he's like, ok you get to the room they prepared for you and this male kinfolk brings you some blankets. And I'm like "ok, bye" etc and he says the guy doesn't leave. The door slams shut. It's locked. The guy isn't trying anything and looks a little nervous. So I say, "ok, I intimidate him" and the gm says "he's more afraid of your father than you." So I pop crinos monstermode and he says the guy still doesn't leave. I say, "I go out the window." "There are bars." I just don't know what to even say to this insanity and finally another guy yells at the gm to stop and the scene ends.

Later, the guy who defended me tells me the reason the gm did it (the gm told him) was because he wanted to get back at me for when I was the DM previously and I had an NPC try to kiss guy-who-defended-me's PC. He had been ingame flirting I thought, it was totally G-Rated and no pressure but he was embarrassed I guess. Werewolf GM decided to get back at me for this. Other guy was really pissed because it wasn't even an issue in the first place and if it were he'd have talked to me about it.

So not only did he try to like... ingamerape me, it was some weird fucking revenge shit too. Incredibly creepy. I don't play female characters around him anymore.

>> No.56256414

The current group is already the salvage from the previous group. Regrettably we are all advanced in age, so jobs, distance, family and health make our games infrequent. Also as a player I have the darndest luck with my groups, they all fall apart eventually. I pretty much only volunteered to GM because it is the only way to get a consistent game on.

Well, anyways, thank you for taking the time and effort to make all these helpful posts. People like you make /tg/ a great board, even if so many seem to badmouth it all the time.

>> No.56257409

We get it, you lack creativity and can't handle a challenge. Sounds like tabletop roleplaying isn't for you.

You're honestly better playing a videogame which will hold your hand and level scale everything down for you.


>> No.56259744

Whats your problem again?

>> No.56259777

I mean this actually makes sense

>> No.56259843

As of now, I have a campaign with exclusively female players. It's not as bad as you would think. They're just as raunchy as a table of men, and can take a joke. I do wish I had more men in my group, but it's hard to find guys in our club who aren't complete spergs.

>> No.56260289

underrated post lmao

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