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Chaos vehicles are dead.

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my dudes > your dudes

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Are you the same kind of person who says white genocide isn't real because people aren't actively saying they want to kill all white people?

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Come on anon why wouldnt they squat chaos vehicles then bring out tons of brand new kits?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7VREYeG9Vs why do they do this?

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Jesus Christ anon, take it to /pol

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What is the most brutal lore as of late?

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back to your containment board alt-shit

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my rainbow>your greytide

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As new general started I will repeat the question :

Could someone help with Eldar list? I am totally new player to 40k and I want to build Eldar army for around 1k points.

Mostly looking at Ulthwe or Alaitoc, I am really not huge fan of Yvraine

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Gav Thorpe doin an AMA on the Reddits tomorrow

yes yes you're too edgy for Reddit, super sekrit club etc etc

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A few weeks back at the game store I fucking rekt a Catachan player
Yesterday he was really excited to play me for what seemed like no reason so we had another game.
He had his actual codex this time and kicked my ass.
Do you think he just wanted to get me back or does he want the succ?

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do they all work together?

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So how do you want your dudes to fight? What units do you like the look of? Do you want a small, elite force, or a rainbow of all the aspects? If you want help, get us started. There are a million ways to build any army.

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What should I get after buying pic related for 1k pts games? I know it's a decent deal but still it's pretty expensive so I'm looking for budget ways to expand this box

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any ideas for a FUN™ 500 point Craftworld list?

most of my friends are casuals/focus on fluff to the active detriment of their army (one plays Thousand Sons while actively refusing to run Magnus, Ahriman, or any Daemon Princes)

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I'm gonna field a ten-man rubricae with icon of flame, sorcerer with staff/bolt pistol...

flamers or bolters for the squad?

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SC! Tyranids, both the new and the old one are pretty great.

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Paints? I mean i wouldn't buy anything after it until i have the entire thing painted.

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I like chimeras and mechanized infantry (not heavy armor, mech infantry). Too bad GW doesn't anymore.

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Holy strawman.

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How many carnifexes are too many, because I see myself making 7 including old one eye.

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Yes. Their endgame is the complete and utter destruction of carnacs butt

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Jaghatai Khan surfing on top of a ridiculously fast tank during the Siege of terra and cutting down whatever he didn't run over?

That tech priest guy lifting a chaos space marine sergeant up with his mechandrites, tearing him into quarters, and then throwing them into his squad to break their moral?

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No such thing as too many.

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What would you ask him?

I wanna ask him if there are any Death Guard books coming out.

They're relegated to side characters and villains, never really their own protagonists. Except Garro, but he's a loyalist so that hardly counts.

I wanna read a Mortarion Primarch book, dealing with how he has had 3 fathers and how him hating all of them affects him. How he doesn't accept that he's truly fallen and so on. Would be great if ADB wrote it.

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Holmes the other anon was being nice nudging you to give us more background, noone wants to fish for your thoughts to help you, bring something to the table maybe

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>I like chimeras and mechanized infantry (not heavy armor, mech infantry).
As a BAfag whose army's core was Tacticals in Razorbacks blitzing up the board, I feel your pain at how mechanized infantry play in 8E.

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Well, Icon of Flame is pretty short range so if you want it for more than looking pretty (And its quite pretty) then go for flamers. But flamers are quite expensive too... you're gonna have a bad time with Rubrics.

You need a delivery system for them, but that adds cost onto cost and its just unreasonable.

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I want to know what Cypher's been up to the past century, last time we saw him he was on Terra with what we assume is the Lionsword

>> No.56202171

Wheres my Primeork?
When does Ghaz get to (literall) butt heads with the big plastic lads?

>> No.56202174

Tell me about the model standing on this tank

>> No.56202178

I don't know much about warhammer, so I am not sure what is good and what isn't... I generally like Eldrad from what I read about him, I like guardians and scatbikes, autarchs..

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I don't got anything recent.


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Well, I need 1000pts of models to play legal games in the lgs but I'm sure as fuck I'm not gonna buy anything above these 1000 for a long while
Then I'm gonna buy the old one - thanks

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Grab a couple of Wave Serpents and put infantry in them then. You’re now halfway to 1k. Add some Bikes and some elites and walk away.

>> No.56202219

going to try and buy as many chaos vehicles as possible so i can flog them after they go out of production, if you can id recommend doing the same for delicious profit

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wargames exclusive pinup guards(wo)man

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Has Perturabo ascended to Daemon Prince status or is he still a mortal sperg?

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What is this chaos vehicle meme about? I go to one fucking concert and I miss everything, I swear to god

>> No.56202262

I would hotglue a lot of those tbqh.

>> No.56202266

Metal as fug.

>> No.56202272

>hey Gav, I've got this great idea for a book
>& I want ADB to write it
Please do this

>> No.56202276

So the Behemoth Relic is Scythes of Tyran, replaces a models monstrous scything talons, has +1 strength and adds +1 attack and generates additional attacks on 6+ to hit.

OOE can take this, already has an ability that generates additional attacks on 6+ to hit. He's also a Carnifex and benefits from his own +1 hit aura, and benefits from the +1 to hit on the turn he charges from the new Living Battering Ram.

So OOE on the charge with this relic has 6 Strength 8 attacks hitting on 2+, re-rolling 1s, generating TWO extra attacks on each 4+ to hit, doing 3 damage apiece at -3 AP. And for 1CP you can pop a stratagem to re-roll on his wounds.

You'll be making 13 attacks with this on average, 12.63 hits, 9.47 wounds against T8, against a 2+ sv or 5+ invuln thats 6.31 failed saves, resulting in 18.95 damage on average against a Land Raider or Imperial Knight. Also he gets an average of 1 mortal wound in on the charge, so round that to an even 20.

Also I forgot to factor in his Warlord trait, that adds +1 damage for each 6+ to Wound.

This 200 point untargetable Character with a 1CP stratagem and relic will pretty much 1shot Knights on the charge, and definitely will kill Land Raiders OR GUILLIMAN no question.

Now that is a motherfucking Carnifex.

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I personally like this one

>Purity of Cause
>Endeavouring to forget the corruption of the previous millennium, the Adeptus Ministorum seek penance by conquering the xenos-filled Benedictine Sub-sector. The Black Templars send their entire Chapter to fight alongside five orders of Sisters of Battle and massed armies of faith.
>Several Aeldari worlds are captured, and in the ensuing conflicts, two High Marshals are slain in swift succession. The Ecclesiarch himself declares an end to the war, claiming that they had achieved enough in the Emperor’s name and recalling his armies. New High Marshal Constantine continues the crusade regardless, and the Black Templars alone successfully cleanse the remaining worlds of xenos.

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He is the Daemon Prince of Chaos Unwanted.

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Are you guys mostly Europeans and East Coasters or something?

Last time I asked about tipping you all seemed perplexed. Here in Seattle we (At least my gaming group and everyone I've ever seen in a gaming shop) tips the manager.

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Random anon claims GW isn't gonna produce anymore of the old chaos vehicles (pred, rhino, land raider). Still hasn't provided any kind of source or evidence. Make of it what you will.

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right... i glued it on but i'll just pretend it's a tzeentch banner, figured a 10-man barebones squad should fit a troop choice nicely

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I still don't get why we don't have cyborg Tau.

>> No.56202300

Basically we know that GW are going to be phasing out the older chaos vehicles and stopping production of them, we don't know if they'll be replacing them with anything new though.

>> No.56202304

He ascended when he sucked off the geneseed from a thousand dead Imperial Fists and gargled on cum.

>> No.56202306

>having ____ dudes at all
Just play the fucking game.

>> No.56202309


We tip on the East coast, just not store managers. Tips are for waitresses, barbers, that kind of thing. Not the guy who owns the place.

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>codex creep continues to ramp up
>post yfw sisters and dark eldar stomp everyone in 2018

>> No.56202319

2/10 bait, one person will reply seriously to you though

>> No.56202321

Well, Eldrad with 2 Guardian squads and 3 scatbikes is 500 points. I don’t know fuck all about Eldar, but I would probably go with that, an extra bike unit and then figure the rest out.

>> No.56202322

Pretty rad.

>> No.56202325

They'll turn him into a nurgle prince once they are done with Fulgrim, Angron and whichevet loyalists they settle on. Provided they still feel like making Primarchs at that point, till then enjoy being literally whitescars tier in terms of relevancy.

>> No.56202331

Are you sure that OOE can take the relic? All other characters currently can't take relics, and it would be a bit weird if they changed that up just for tyranids.

>> No.56202336

I remember another Seattlite said something about you being the weird one soooo.

>> No.56202344

Dark Eldar are already decent, issue with buffing them is buffing Ynarri which are quite broken already.

Its already confirmed that Tyranid 'characters' aren't limited to Hive Fleets, so why not extend that to relics too?

>> No.56202353

Leakers have said Tyranid special characters can take Relics unlike other factions, just like Tyranid special characters can be taken in any Hive Fleet unlike other factions. We're not 100% on that yet though, they've been wrong about some details.

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I like how Tyranid leakers were right in some areas, but wrong in others.

They leaked half of Kraken's trait, and everyone thought it was dog shit... then the other half made the strongest one.

No idea how they got Leviathan's trait so badly wrong though.

>> No.56202382

Any word on Jormugandr relic?

>> No.56202384

Do the dark imperium primaris come with helmet options for everyone? I'm considering some hellblasters and I'm wondering if the box set is worth it over just ebaying the models.

Do hellblasters even come with different weapon option

>> No.56202390

>and the Black Templars alone
Every time I read stuff like that, I mentally add "and their shitton of serfs"

>> No.56202392

Yes, and they probably adressed that early on since it is different.

Nothing so far about that relics don't work the same, and if that was the case they would probbaly had brought that up on the warhammer community post concerning relics.

>> No.56202393

>we know that
Complete bullshit. We don't "know" anything of the sort.

>> No.56202398

What's the 40k general Discord? rev up that autism

>> No.56202400

>dark imperium
It's a starter set.

>> No.56202406

>No idea how they got Leviathan's trait so badly wrong though
The guy said Salamanders when he meant Iron Hands, that's all.

Thing is the first leaker was the one who was mostly inaccurate, the second one who took over hasn't been wrong yet, he just forgot to correct some of the stuff the first guy got wrong. I BELIEVE he's the one who said OOE can take the relic, and he's the one who reported the stats for it, so I think this is legit.

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>Twin Assault Cannon Baal Predators are exactly the same as Twin Assault Cannon Razorbacks but have 1 more wound and roll 2 dice (picking highest) when advancing
>Razorback can transport 6 models while the Baal Predator can't transport any
>Baal Predator costs 42 points more
What the fuck GW. That "extra" movement and 1 more wound isn't going to help your when you can buy nearly 3 Twin Assault Cannon Razorbacks for every 2 Baal Predators. Is there something I'm missing or are Baal Preds just turboshit compared to Razorbacks?

>> No.56202432


How the fuck is that a strawman, you idiot?

>> No.56202434

Talking about the combat squad boxes

>> No.56202439

Blood Angels don't have a Codex yet, that's what you're missing. Stop comparing placeholder index rules to codex rules.

>> No.56202442

Baal Pred needs Assault Cannon sponsons and commander hatch weapon options.

>> No.56202443

Are the new jain zair and last hunt novels post gathering storm?

>> No.56202444

Does anyone have the Templar audio drama from HH? I really wanna hear it but fuck paying 20$ to Black Library.

>> No.56202448

Wait for the codex asshat.

Silly to compare index army vs codex army.

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Enslavers are probably still the most unpleasant thing the lore's thrown out

Tuska is GWAR-tier metal though

>> No.56202461

You can add more dakka with sponsors. Also expect BA to get a predator Killshot strategem, and they also take up slots in detachments->more command points.

>> No.56202468

We are never getting a codex

>> No.56202474


>The black Templars send their entire chapter

This isn't how the Black Templars work.

Fuck dude, has any other chapter suffered such massive retcons to their fundamental fluff in the last few years?

>> No.56202482

I had to catch myself before I said stuff about front armor.

I guess you can use them to fill detachments for cp. That's about it.

>> No.56202483

Which is funny because white scars gained a lot of prominence in 7th, HH and now 8th while IW are still literally who tier

>> No.56202487

>Kraken Deathleaper can be -4 to hit
Jesus fucking christ. Someone already found an exploit to make Nids basically immune to first turn shooting until they can alpha strike their tunnel stuff.

>> No.56202500

The last hunt is, I think Zar is too

>> No.56202520
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How do most people kit out their sentinels? Scouts with flamers?
Hot damn I love me some Eversor lore
Have they been around in the fluff lately? The only thing I know about them was them fucking the Old Ones.

>> No.56202535

Scouts with flamers and blades, armored with lascannons or autocannons are fine if expensive.

>> No.56202540

I don't know about other players, but I roll Armored with plasma cannons.

>> No.56202569

Aesthetically, these are patrician.

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Cobranon here.

So I'm not sure if I played against a THAT GUY today, but I do know I'm almost positive those new nurgle dice are horribly balanced.

>2000 pts, vs death guard, friendly game
>he's fielding morty, I fielded my baneblade
>quickly drop morty down to 8 wounds since I manage to deploy first
>he fielded 6 squads of poxwalkers/cultists
>and of course, a daemon prince to turbo up morty
>and a fuckton of blightcasters
>plus a few bloat drones
>morty still somehow manages to punch 16 wounds through my baneblade in one shot, bringing it down to 0 wounds
>still manage to wipe out morty and almost everything else he had
>he only won because he grabbed the Prize with a blightcaster, then kept it way behind all his other bloat drones and blightcasters
>he had a bloat drone with 2 wounds, a blightcaster with 3 wounds, and another with 2 wounds left

he had a good 60 tiny-ass mobs pushing up the field...and because fucking all his DG shit had disgustingly resilient, it took forever to cut through. It also feels like he was fielding a full-on competitive list...and fuck those stupid plague dice.

Still, the game was closer than either of us expected, because of some lucky shots with my russes.

>unpainted models

>> No.56202607
File: 4.94 MB, 4608x3456, 20171102_165236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some more pics

>> No.56202617 [SPOILER] 
File: 141 KB, 1111x1920, 1509668115798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, let's be real. When is He coming back?

>> No.56202622

>Silly to compare index army vs codex army.
>Stop comparing placeholder index rules to codex rules.
I'm comparing the Baal Predator to the Razorback in our own army and, unless the Razorback got a massive point decrease in the SM codex and BS updated the BA rules to reflect that drop, I'm using the point costs in our index as well.
I get that comparing placeholders to non-placeholders is stupid, but right now I'm comparing placeholders to our other placeholders, which SHOULD be fine.

bls anon, my lil heart can't take such abuse
>tfw all of our special rules will be locked behind a CP paywall
>you want furious charge, better pay that 2 CP sweetie :^D
>oh, you only get furious charge on that one unit btw
>you wanted it on your whole army? slow down son, only one CP buy per phase

>> No.56202623
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ah shit, that was the end of the game. Clicked the wrong handful of images. I had one russ and a tank commander to his weakened bloat drone and blightcasters left. the clutter at the back is just dead models.

>> No.56202631

>kraken swarmlords can move 37 inches on average for 2CP, then let one of your units of deep striking genestealers or hormagaunts move in the shooting phase for a guaranteed first turn charge for them

>> No.56202636
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Dude's dead.

>> No.56202642

Trazyn's got a dead enslaver in his museum & one of the Deathwatch rulebooks had a piece about the Inquisition finding a system that had become infested with them via a rogue psyker trafficking ring. Don't think there's much more but that art always gives me goosebumps

>> No.56202645
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FUCK and that's the wrong game. I'm an incompetent buffoon.

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>implying i listen to filthy xenos' worthless drivel while i'm purging them

>> No.56202665

yfw normal Death Company get squatted and we can only use Primaris Death Company

>> No.56202667
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final pic

>> No.56202668

When it comes to weapons, would you rather have more shots or more damage? Assuming same weapon skill, strength, AP and so on.

For example, would you rather have Heavy 2, S7, Ap-1, 2D or Heavy 4, S7, Ap-1, 1D?

>> No.56202674

More shots.

>> No.56202677
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>> No.56202678

>Leaf playing fotm posting blurry ass pics
like pottery

>> No.56202679

>Unknown origin.
>Thought to be older than Eldar.
>Can't be bonded with Chaos.
>Grants immortality to the point where bonded individuals can be revived from literal ashes as long as they're introduced to blood and electricity.

>> No.56202680

So did he paint any of his models.

>> No.56202684

More shots every time

>> No.56202697

Always more shots if all else is the same.

>> No.56202700

how'd you know I was canadian?
I wasn't aware steel legion was fotm, especially after the FAQ

no. best he had was some primed.

>> No.56202705

>my guard finally lost so he must have been a waac badwrongfun player

>> No.56202713

I never said that.
Keep projecting though.

>> No.56202714

Something about the blur on that is making me feel physically sick, Battle Report Anon. The effect it's having on the plague drones is like chromatic aberration on steroids

>> No.56202716

one of your pictures has a FB link in it so people can go to your profile

>> No.56202718

>glueing a highly-detailed model together before even undercoating it
Fucking disgusting

>> No.56202731

>I'm not sure if I played against a THAT GUY today, but I do know I'm almost positive those new nurgle dice are horribly balanced.

>> No.56202732

well fuck, I'm a tard.

oh well.

>> No.56202735

not him but it implies the only people who agree with that statement are fat neckbeards, when in reality its literally hundreds of millions of people world wide.

>> No.56202740
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What's the reasoning?

I'm trying to understand (For example) why people rate Talons so highly on Daemon Princes vs Sword and Talon.

Sword is 4 attacks at S7, Ap-2 and 3d. Plus you gain 1 more attack at S7, Ap-2 and 2d. Total damage potential is 14.

Talons is 7 attacks at S7, Ap-2 and 2d. So 14 potential damage.

What am I missing?

>> No.56202741

Maybe some Rangadan tech.

>> No.56202755


>steel legion fotm

When did Armageddon become the new thing? I've been playing them forever and 8th hasn't exactly been kind to them. If your goal was optimization, why would you play steel legion instead of cadian, valhallan, catachan, or tallarn, all of which have better rules that are better suited to 8th edition's bias against vehicle weapons?

>> No.56202760

he rolled 2 5/6 for every 3 with those dice.

I lose all the time, but not like that.

and I posted his list and showed the grey tide. Keep projecting though.

>> No.56202771


>> No.56202775

More attacks means that you not as vulnerable to bad luck, for example having both shots miss always sucks. You also mow down weaker things that only have a wound or two faster.

>> No.56202777

also I just realized that I'd completely forgotten about the steel legion's trait to ignore -1s on my tanks - I was taking the -1s on bloat drone attacks.

>> No.56202779

Who are those people by Celestine i have never seen them before

>> No.56202782

more dice leads to better average results, as there's less variance.

For example, if I make an attack that does d6 damage, I'm just as likely to roll 1 damage as I am 6.
If I make 6 attacks that do 1 damage, I'm much more likely to average out at 3.5.

I can spike on either set of rolls, but the results of a poor roll are generally not as bad with more dice.

>> No.56202795

as if I could tell he was playing steel legion with those blurry ass pics

>> No.56202796

>Primaris Death Company
>implying GW's new posterboys will ever fall to corruption or gene flaws
Nah, instead we'll get Games Workshop's new "Seething Seraphs™" and "Ichor Cherubim™" to run in our exclusively Primaris Space Marine™ Blood Angels™ Battalion Detachment™

>> No.56202811

They still have the flaw in them my dude. Cawl specifically didnt remove it

>> No.56202814




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What is his endgame

>> No.56202828


If you couldn't tell what he was playing, why did you think he was playing flavor of the month?

>people think about things before they post on 4chins

Oh...never mind.

>> No.56202831

He's back? We're saved lads.

>> No.56202838

Location wise it could make sense but I don't think the timeline works out. These things are ancient but the Rangdans were wiped out in the great crusade.

>> No.56202839

Because damage doesn't spill so more attacks means more dead models.

>> No.56202842
File: 569 KB, 681x1023, the_great_maw_opens_wide_by_majesticchicken[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't hear you over the screams of your tiny friends as they watch the rest of their squad get swallowed whole.

>> No.56202843

The death of heretics and xenos everywhere

>> No.56202846

Nice, anon. Andy's Dark Eldar series was SPECTACULAR.

>> No.56202850
File: 4.50 MB, 4608x3456, 20170915_210128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously, every guard player ever ONLY plays flavour of the month.

>> No.56202858

He might not be back on the design team or anything, but at the very least it seems like they one-shot commissioned him to write this book since he's the OG Tyranid guy.

If we thought Carnac was going to get btfo before, this is going to be utter madness.

>> No.56202861

The flaw is in them but iirc "it remains to be seen if they'll fall to it" or something.
It's the same thing with Primaris and daemonic corruption. GW has left it open as to whether they can be corrupted, but so far we've seen nothing to indicate they can be.

>> No.56202869

During GW's Warhammer 40000 Grand Tournament someone did very well with a only Primaris List if Im correct. Does someone knows what he played?

>> No.56202871

I dont think thats celestine since she has black hair, but now that you mention it thats probably her and her two bodyguards.

>> No.56202880

Can we all raid together like the whole Bane posting AMA and ask him why he sucks so hard at writing

>> No.56202895

I've got a set of those DG dice anon, they really don't roll right. I won't use 'em and I'd ask any opponent not to either.

>> No.56202903

Named characters cant take relicx :(

>> No.56202908

Go aspect warrior heavy, but not Dark Reaper heavy.
Go easy on the jet bikes
No D scyth Wraithguard

>> No.56202909

>mfw I want to run as many carnifexes as humanely possible
>mfw torn between this absolute rape train and taking a full Jormungandr list for 2+ save 'fexes and exocrines and warriors


>> No.56202922

God please this

>> No.56202925

Raven Guard was the CTs, I don't know what the list was.

According to leaks, Tyranid ones can. They ignore most of the usual restrictions for special characters.

>> No.56202926

I'm so hype to play against new Nids.

>> No.56202929

Purging heretics of course. Get with the programme anon.

>> No.56202943

alright, so it wasn't just me. Good to know.

>> No.56202947

Her two what? I thought she was a single model unit?

>> No.56202948

Are Deathwatch accessible for a new player? I've heard the weapon variety can make it a bit confusing if you're new.

I really like the Night's Watch aesthetic but I'm torn between them, Grey Knights because KNIGHTS IN SPACE and Tyranids for some giant bug action

>> No.56202953
File: 206 KB, 729x941, Rak'Gol_Abomination.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are never gonna see them again are we?

>> No.56202965
File: 44 KB, 600x620, 365674563264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have you been in a coma for the last year?

>> No.56202967

Jorm is only good if you're playing full shooty or making full use of the Tunnel stratagem with Raveners as cheap drop pods, since the bonus doesn't work in melee, or against overwatch.

Leviathan is better for survivable Carnifexes in CC. Just throw some Warriors, a Broodlord, or a Flyrant into combat with them for 6+++.

>> No.56202974

nah, she has two bodyguards who take hits for her.

or she did in 7e. I don't know if she gets them now.

>> No.56202976

I have a 2k friendly game soon against eldar.
I have played 8th only once and its gonna probably take the whole day.
im gonna play my new Death guard(sadly mostly unpainted-im a slow painter)army against them.
What are the most common mistakes when playing 8th?
What should I know about DG?
How are eldar after the new codex?

Its gonna be a super friendly match so either way im gonna have fun.
Thanks in advance bros

>> No.56202977

Its a joke anon. Because no one takes the Geminai

>> No.56202981

just look at the manface on the right

holy shit

>> No.56202983

How the hell am I going to transport my dark eldar?? I don't need a foam tray for 4 raiders when I'm just trying to transport 1

>> No.56202990

Yeah, it's a shame, they look so damn good. But after my first game with them and about a hundred rolls after it to confirm, they'll just sit on my workbench from now on.

>> No.56203004

Plastic Celestine has two plastic Seraphim bodyguards for reasons anon. SEXY reasons.

>> No.56203005

Make a custom tray.

>> No.56203009

they're not bad for 50 pts each I think. I haven't really read the index too much but can she still shuck wounds off on to them?

>> No.56203020

Probably not, but I'd hope a good idea gets used.

>> No.56203025

they're both dead cannoness's, no shit they look rugged. fap bait sisters don't live past 25, and if they do they got scars and shit.

>> No.56203034

> not paints huge detailed models like Morty in sub components
It's a sign of a shit painter/ prime and drown in wash/ grey tide player anon.

>> No.56203035


I'm disappointed because the concept was awesome

>> No.56203046

rolled 7 dices, got 6 6s.
they are great for keeping wounds tho.
magnets and metal cases. Its a bit of a bother to get the right magnets(too strong and the magnets wont stay attached to the model, too weak and they wont stay still in the case)but othwerwise its a cheap, great solution.

>> No.56203074
File: 70 KB, 498x535, 6WFTSWL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big if true.

>> No.56203075

I rolled a 5 30 times in a row with one of 'em.

>> No.56203084

Shooting is my big concern. Getting to combat is my main concern. The 6+++ might be better though, I'd have to check numbers to fully check.

Doesn't it need synapse within 6" to activate though?

>> No.56203093
File: 614 KB, 1122x1552, nidscuckedbytauscience.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56203099
File: 83 KB, 478x254, 1337863660291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56203117

I mean if they squat all of our cool units and turn us into a primaris only chapter imma burn all my Blood Angels Models

>> No.56203122

Slaugh would be better desu
Minor Xenos kit when

>> No.56203123

Where would I attach the magnet? The flying base? I dont trust the clear stands after too many have snapped on me

>> No.56203130
File: 43 KB, 400x400, C_UNXZuUAAEzkwk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56203131

I believe it was raven guard aggressors hellblasters but I don’t know the specifics

>> No.56203141
File: 119 KB, 1000x1000, pepegao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56203149
File: 66 KB, 459x276, 1506352886900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>every thread after the codex drops

>> No.56203151

>Doesn't it need synapse within 6" to activate though?
Yes, but it's on a per unit basis, not per model. Flyrants should have an easy time staying within range of your dudes.

>> No.56203160


>> No.56203171

Hadn't read any of the RT lore but glad I looked these guys up. Very cool

I miss the Saruthi. Did Chaos far better than current daemons

>> No.56203175

I'm a wash-as-baser, but even I do sub-assemblies.

>> No.56203177

>Nah, instead we'll get Games Workshop's™ new™ "Seething Seraphs™" and "Ichor Cherubim™" to run in our exclusively Primaris Space Marine™ Blood Angels™ Battalion Detachment™

GW killed off 80% of your chapter in recent fluff, just so they could say they were reinforced with Primaris-Sues™, in order to have a reason to put out more Cawl-Shit™ that is thinly justified in the festering cancer that passes for fluff nowadays when they drop your 'dex.

Blood Angels will be forever known as the Primaris™ Chapter/Legion from that point on.

Rejoice, brother. Rejoice in the coming oblivion.

>> No.56203178

>Kelly writes the rules
>Chambers writes the fluff

Have we done it lads, are we free from the Crud

>> No.56203199


>mfw the Necrons/C'tan will be behind everything yet again.

>> No.56203202

How would you rate the Hive Fleet Adaptions for Nidzilla?

I'm on the fence between Jormungandr and Leviathan.

>> No.56203215

>Poison the Tyranids when they are busy in eating mode and not fighting mode
Honestly just seems like a smart idea. Hit them when vulnerable.

>> No.56203217
File: 28 KB, 443x395, 1446298572703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56203222
File: 31 KB, 411x515, Slaugthfacialrape1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically this we just need minor xenos in general.

>> No.56203225

Get Blight Launchers. They wreck most Eldar things except dedicated vehicles.

Eldar are fragile unless wraith or vehicles. Exploit their T3.

>> No.56203226

Half the rules are amazing, half of them are still kinda crap, but overall crunchwise I give this book a 7.5/10 which is a huge improvement over the 3/10 we had with Crud or the 5/10 index.

If we're getting some 10/10 fluff I honestly cannot complain, GW did their jobs. Not perfect, but great.

>> No.56203243

Im surprised that after all this time we still havent heard anything of that new army that GW said was going to come in this edition.

>> No.56203253
File: 746 KB, 500x281, 45684135345.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I'll play Kronos

>> No.56203259

Jorm stratagem doesn't help Nidzilla.

You want Leviathan, Kraken or Gorgon.

>> No.56203263

Good think I actually play Flesh Tearers.
I can't wait for the inevitable "BA and FT get shit chapter tactics while a literally who successor gets and OP one" once the codex drops.

>> No.56203264

Reminder, today's Daily Duncan is painting one of the Septs expected in the T'au codex.
Either that is a hint they're soon, or so far off that GW doesn't even care.

>> No.56203281

Death Guard was one of them.

>> No.56203296

It doesn't necessarily mean anything, a lot of daily duncan's are made in response to requests from people on the Facebook page. If some Taufag was like "hey can I get a tutorial on Sa'cea" that could be why.

That said, Tau is the most likely Xenos race by far to be one of the remaining Codexes this year.

>> No.56203298
File: 80 KB, 704x756, 1506093639156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the most overpowered fucking thing in this game.
I need it for research

>> No.56203301

Probably waiting until all the armies get a Codex, it would piss off the players waiting for theirs if a new faction was released first.

>> No.56203315

Kraken makes your nidzilla ridiculously fast, considering how its stratagem overlaps with the overcharge stratagem.

>> No.56203316

Thanks mate.
I play friendly using pp so i can buil lists easier.
So far i have 4 plague marines units of 7 with 2 plasmas, 2 blight launchers, one cc specialized and one without anything(to go along with a biologus for the grenade stratagem shaenigan), a lot of helbrutes and every elite in the codex.

oh, and 10 blighlord, 3deathshrouds and morty.
Im thinking of adding 3 drones but man, 40 bucks each is fucking outrageous, even for GW standards.

>> No.56203319

Ratlings. Super cheap sniper rifle spam. It's the new leaf-blower.

>> No.56203321

I'm going with a foot tyrant for fluff/style reasons and shitloads of warriors. Synapse shouldn't be an issue.

>> No.56203325

>need minor xenos
>when mayor factions still have no new thing

>> No.56203333


>> No.56203336

skaven when?

>> No.56203342

Alphabet Chicken

>> No.56203347

Blood Angels will get +1 attack in CC on charge and 6" consolidation.

Death Company become fearless only in close combat. They get to advance and shoot all weapons at -1, and can advance and charge but only if they did not shoot their weapons unless they were pistol weapons.

>> No.56203349

Most stuff is simply by request.
But WHTV does group subfaction content up for codex time. So it remains to be seen.

>> No.56203363

Well if Admech or GSC are any example then GW does not really give a shit how old your line is.

>> No.56203365

Leviathan sounds like a really good pick for you, then. Throw in a few flying units to make best use of their stratagem, though. Gargoyles can do the trick for cheap. The first Tyranid Start Collecting even comes with 1 Tyrant, Warriors, and a Garg brood, so it's perfect for that if you don't have the models yet.

>> No.56203381

Dude it wasnt just the chapter it was almost all the chapters got almost completely wiped out. So have fun with your primaris Tearers.

>> No.56203391

If you're dying that quickly to Ratlings, you just have an unbelievably bad list.

>> No.56203402

I give Tau a solid 50/50 chance of being one of the remaining Codexes this year.

In fact my shortlist for most likely Codexes is Deathwatch, Thousand Sons, Tau, with Genestealer Cults in a distant fourth place. Everything else has reasons why it shouldn't be expected this year.

>> No.56203415

inb4 this is how Cawl brought Guilliman back

>> No.56203419

Should I start tau, dark eldar, or death guard?

>> No.56203421

Drones are really good imo. Give them spitters, Morty/Daemon Prince keeping up with them for the arch contaminator warlord trait and maybe even a herald of Nurgle and you destroy things. I remember getting 9 successful wounds against a hell turkey with 1 drones shooting due to arch contaminator alone.

>> No.56203429

>Good think I actually play Flesh Tearers.
Every last BA successor except Lamenters was on Baal getting assreamed by Tyranids. Flesh Tearers are no exception. Fluff-wise, the entire Blood Angels Legion has almost been wiped out, and the vast majority of them are going to be replaced by Primaris now.

>> No.56203438

dark eldar.

>> No.56203449

That's going to aggravate the Blood Angels no end, since Primaris Marines are some combination of too stupid and too THICC to use the fast jump packs.

>> No.56203452

Thanks mate. Im thinking of charging the enemy asap so they can keep the enemy busy while the rest of the army footslogs.
is the cc drone alright? I mean, ill build one(or maybe 3...)just for how it looks.
Its so deliciously metal.

>> No.56203454

Dark Eldar, do it for Vect

>> No.56203459

Could definitely see TS as Codex 9 for the humour.
Number 10 is up for grabs.

>> No.56203462

What's the point of infestation nodes?

>> No.56203466

Best way to deal with Tyranids as Eldar? What units should I utilise?

>> No.56203486

my list for the rest of the year is
>Blood Angels
>Thousand sons
They desperately need one
I want my main army codex'd

>> No.56203487

I like how they look but i heard they were difficult to play

>> No.56203489


>> No.56203494
File: 387 KB, 956x1280, tumblr_muhk66ThrY1r21rsxo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently being turned into one of these is an honour.

>> No.56203501

they were in 7e. Nowadays just watch your placement and shit out splinter weapons and ravagers. Dissies and dark lances are both stupidly good.

>> No.56203505

I assume to give you resistance to being alpha struck, since the nodes are indestructable to ranged or psychic attacks. You just need some infestation nodes and some spores to make your genestealers come on to the table turn 2 reliably.

>> No.56203516

Hey guys, I need some help choosing a Hive Fleet for my Tyranids. I know the book isn't out yet but the leaks covered almost everything and I can't decide.

So, usually I played (at 1500 pts):

-2 Carnifexes (OOE and Stonecrusher)

-Hive Guard
-Warriors for backline synapse

-Trygon Prime with ~20-30 Devilgants

With the changes I'm planning to hide the Malanthrope in the back and give the Carnifexes spore cysts. But I'm still unsure which Carnifex type to play and which Hive Fleet.

>> No.56203518

>shrikes are not in the codex

god fucking damnit gw make up your fucking minds

>> No.56203527

Keeps your Stealers safe from being shot off the board turn 1 for free without needing to pay for another thing that Deep Strikes them like a pod or a trygon. Combos with the Lictor Pheromone Trail stratagem to turn Lictors into 45pt Genestealer Drop Pods for 1CP. Also allows you to appear within roughly 3" of an enemy unit if they're stupid enough to come near the nodes without getting within 9" to erase them.

>> No.56203530

What do you actually want to buy/build/paint?

>> No.56203532

The nodes die if your enemy deep strikes anything near them, and they can't be placed in relevant positions since they're limited to your deployment zone.

>> No.56203535

Has the Thornback been leaked yet?

>> No.56203552

Right, but you can use spores to guarantee nothing deep strikes near them.

>> No.56203555

>all the eldar point decreases in the codex
>dark eldar being good as they are
So ynnari are gonna be extremely powerful right?

>> No.56203559

SC2 was horrible though.

>> No.56203568

My list was based on what's likely to come out, not what I want to come out.

The last two Codexes this year will almost definitely not come with model releases considering GW is having production issues and hasn't even squeezed out the last Death Guard unit, and is trying to focus on Shadespire and Necromunda sales for the holiday, plus we've seen the release catalogue. That means probably no BA, as they'll likely accompany another wave of Primaris stuff when they finally arrive, and a Primarch-tier Sanguinor Avatar of Sanguinius or some shit.

Drukhari and Orks are confirmed not til next year by Chapter Approved.

>> No.56203573

Death guard but they seem overplayed and I want to be a snowflake
Dark eldar but they seem difficult.
Tau but their stigma from 7th...

>> No.56203579

Andy Chambers wrote for SC2? Know what parts? And yes, it was fucking horrendous

>> No.56203587

They don't have models, why would they be in the Codex.

>> No.56203602

Being in a Redemptor is suffering.

>It is whispered that the advanced systems of the Redemptor are a curse as well as a blessing. The Martian tech-savants that first built these walking machines of destruction spared little thought to the health of the incumbent, seeing him as little more than another part to be interred or replaced as necessary. Many of those Redemptors that have fought for a sustained period have already had their sarcophagi replaced, their original pilots burned out by the intensity of the machine’s destructive prowess.

>> No.56203604

He also wrote the early Tyranid Codexes which were fucking god-tier.

>> No.56203629

I asked what you wanted to build and paint.
Not for a list of whine.

>> No.56203631

>That's going to aggravate the Blood Angels no end

The Marines who might have this complaint will be outnumbered by Primaris Marines 4 to 1. Pretty sure the legion as a whole, which is now almost all Primaris, isn't going to care that it can't into non-Primaris.

Blood Angels (and all successor chapters) are now Primaris chapters.


>> No.56203658


>> No.56203682
File: 48 KB, 600x450, bat kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56203685

Are Ynnari any good?

>> No.56203687

Yeah but didn't Gulliver save you all like he's saving the Imperium? He's so dreamy!

>> No.56203688

What the fuck do redenptors DO?
The way it is written reads like the marine can't handle the sheer amount of Dakka

>> No.56203694

Wait, BA recruited from the moons? HAha, RIP.

>> No.56203701


>> No.56203702


As far as I know Thornback is shooty Carnifex (Devourers and Scytals, can equip Deathspitters and/or Stranglethorn) without spores but can get +1BS.

>> No.56203707
File: 86 KB, 510x546, wsHnQPt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the marine can't handle the sheer amount of Dakka

>> No.56203711


Rejoice, brother.

Rejoice in the coming oblivion.

>> No.56203712
File: 124 KB, 620x451, i have a question.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anybody else problems with mega?

I always get an error message telling me something about insufficient buffer for in browser downloads, which is horseshit cause I got 4 gigs of memory free to download a 16mb pdf. They are trying to blackmail you into downloading their app. I read that Kim Dotcom sold the company recently.

And after trying it a few times I was able to download a few files and now I get the error again. Anybody got a hot tip on how to circumvent this?

>> No.56203719

Yes becuase Baal itself isnt known for sustaining life. So they lived on the irradiated moons and fight horrible things like giant Desert Scorpions.

>> No.56203728

Add quotation marks around ""entire chapter"" and it makes more sense. How the hell else are the BTs going to explain their numbers?

>> No.56203755

I think they use a super charged reactor with little to no radiation shielding to power all the weapons, so the primaris marines inside 'burn out' quickly.

Ironic, using cancer to kill cancer.

>> No.56203756

I guess BA's are going to move to a Black Templar style recruitment method for the time being while recolonizing dead fucking husks that they lived on.

>> No.56203760

In general the more advanced or information is pumped into the human brain the faster it seems to decay in 40k, you get Thallax who have so much shit thrown in that they break down in psychotic attacks, leviathans which are also kind of dangerous and then titans who have to be constantly fighting and reigning the machin spirit and even then they are also prone to becoming dependent on their titans, besides the Redemptor was made without any care for the Marine inside so it probably has less amenities than a Castraferrum.

>> No.56203776

Eversor assassins are always out for that sweet, sweet S rank.

>> No.56203795

For a nice bright red Nuln oil or agrax?

>> No.56203798

It amazes me that this thing is only $8

>> No.56203802

Original BA become fleet based, go on crusade, get eaten by nids.

Primaris BA take over Baal system and recolonize nothing, as they get their new Primaris recruits from their new primarch

>> No.56203811

>while recolonizing dead fucking husks that they lived on
You can't really recolonize worlds the Tyranids stripped. They're airless, moistureless, nutritionless, balls of brittle chalky rock with utterly nothing of value.

>> No.56203820

Like they didn't evac some of the civilians. Or they won't just tell some of their chapter serfs (also from Baal) to repopulate with some other bitches from where ever the fuck.

>> No.56203824

Guess GW figured the hard edges on it were enough of an ass raping.

>> No.56203832

It is, and always will be, the daemonculaba.

Fucking Honsou.

>> No.56203852

But the base Carnifex can get all of those things. How does the Thornback differ?

>> No.56203854

Oh, you are right, it was stripped completely barren except for Tyranid skulls on Baal Primus. However Baal Secundus isn't expanded upon with regards to it's fate. So, there is likely a moon that isn't completely dead, the other one is.

>> No.56203871

Good call, actually, one of the moons might have made it out.

Thornback has some sort of different bonus for charging Infantry and I think it's cheaper.

>> No.56203879
File: 318 KB, 709x709, iron-warriors-champion-wip-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw Honsou and the way Iron Warriors are written always goes against everything their lore is about
>Tfw they are always generic Chaos Marines with lots of growths and chaos runes rather than pragmatic cold steel and hatred of chaos and generally anything that isn't IW

Fucking hell

>> No.56203882
File: 102 KB, 1280x1154, 1508528113815.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was pretty sick. The art for it was also pretty bad.

>> No.56203887

>As far as I know Thornback is shooty Carnifex .... without spores but can get +1BS.
>But how Thornback differ?????

>> No.56203905

Regular Carnifex has access to +1 BS, jackass.

>> No.56203906

Base Carnifexes can also take the +1 BS biomorph.

The difference for Thornbacks is in the special rules.

>> No.56203939

They really should've just given platinum the rights to MGS. Kojima was obviously sick of it, and konami only cares about pachinko

>> No.56203946

What the fuck Turkey, north turkey, Albania, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Slovenia
I have no words for the stupidity of some of these though

>> No.56203963
File: 2.13 MB, 366x349, 1509520647105.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you anons play 40k? I have gone to the game shop every warhammer night for the past 4 weeks and haven't found a game.

>> No.56203966

>How do I rock?

>> No.56203976

Annnnnnnnd, I don't care.

Nids are lame as fuck, I wish GW would hurry up with the next Codex already. Even heaving about TAU would be better than this constant masturbation over fucking bugs.

Hell, i'd even take Necrons.


>> No.56203986

I go in and talk to the people there for a bit, then see if anyone wants to play a game

>> No.56203990

Saturdays are guaranteed games just about, I get there at opening and snag a game before the tables get taken. If I want I can hit up a buddy to play on a weekday since those days are usually empty

>> No.56203994

Sharp black contrast or red with darker red recesses?

>> No.56203995

i ask the boys to come round and hash out a game
try it with your friends anon, never know what they;ll wanna play

>> No.56203998

Nice blogpost faggot.

>> No.56204024
File: 186 KB, 713x800, Cutenids.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do Tyranids trigger you so, Anon?

>> No.56204030

>hundreds of millions believe in white genocide


>> No.56204043

wow you're funny anon haha wow!

>> No.56204045

Just bought the new craftworlds start collecting as well as a dark eldar start collecting box. Am I doing it right?

>> No.56204051

Daw, whose a cute nid~ You do the hive fleet proud.

>> No.56204055

>Nids are lame as fuck, I wish GW would hurry up with the next Codex already.
No one cares what you think, we had to sit through 3 editions of Cruddexes, then four fucking shitty Marine dexes in a row at the start of the edition, and now we're finally getting a real book again, with actual good rules, customization back, and fluff written by the original based grand-daddy overlord who created the Tyranids way back in the very beginning.

I'm not going to stop posting about this for months, faggot. Just because it triggers you I'm going to make extra sure to discuss it in every thread for the rest of the year and then some. I'm going to post pics of my new bugs when I'm done painting them, I'm going to post entire battle reports pic by pic in every thread like the IG guys do, just because you're being a cancerous twat.

>> No.56204058

yes, and thats just Poland. Pull your head outta your ass for 5 minutes

>> No.56204076

Aaaaand there goes the start of a new argument ffs. Anyway guys, any tips for building a Dark Eldar list?

>> No.56204087

Shoo, neckbeard. Back to your containment board. We're here to talk about plastic army men, not your desire to be persecuted.

>> No.56204091

Wait weren't the skulls found on Baal Secundus? Thats the main recruitment world i believe as its the place where Angels Fall is.

>> No.56204106
File: 28 KB, 311x211, the_wiseau_emperor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His name is Tommy

>> No.56204132

shut up

>> No.56204143

Have Genestealer Cults ever infected any abhuman worlds in the fluff? I'd be interested to see how the genomes interact, especially in Beastmen.

>> No.56204174

muh dick

>> No.56204185

Cmon man

>> No.56204198

>Hundreds of millions
>Just Poland

okay, we've completely forgone attempts of effort.

T'au is going to be massive shitposting.
It'll be delightful.

>> No.56204229

Wait, wait.

The general way GW writes rules is that attack proccing rules don't proc themselves.

Have you accounted for each of his abilities proccing the other one, which is almost certainly legal? Or did GW miraculously account for this for the first time ever?

>> No.56204247

Nope, the skulls were on Baal Prime, which was where the bulk of the Tyranids where and the blood angels failed to hold the nids back. Re-reading the entry on in the rulebook (PG52-53) all three worlds (Baal, and both moons) suffered from draining to some extent. Primus was complete, Secundus was not complete but was still damaged, Baal likely the same situation. The BA were driven back to their fortress monastery, and friggen most of their successor chapter masters died and most of their successor chapters got depleted just like the Blood Angels, save Lamenters.

>> No.56204264

I'd assume we do, but giving Tau super complex combat prostheses isn't their way. IIRC Farsight has a metal leg, but it isn't relevant to his role on the battlefield. Generally speaking, the more senior officers, who are more likely to have sustained extensive wounds due to length of service, get assigned to battlesuit duty. There just isn't much space for MGR-tier cyborg Tau.

>> No.56204272

Laugh at me all you want but I need help creating a devilgaunt based list. I have 4 biovores, 9 zoans, 2 winged dakka tyrants, a magus, 3 oldest model screamer killers, tyrannocyte, tyrannofex, broodlord, trygon, about 100 devilgaunts, 30 hormagaunts, 40 genestealers, deathleaper, afew old warriors, some gargoyles, and a sporcyte (not sure if that's what it's called but its the model like the drop pod.) I've made like 10 2k point lists since the leaks started and I can't decide how I wanna do it especially if I have access to the strat the returns a dead unit to the field. I haven't painted my guys yet so I'm totally clueless.

>> No.56204282

Incredible how the adaptation of the Nids does not work this time, they can absorb the Forge Words, but could not handle a little poison

>> No.56204293

It's usually written as a blanket statement so the extra attacks can never proc extra attacks regardless of source.

>> No.56204334

They also froze to death in another case

>> No.56204338

I don't know if there are any specific mentions but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Genestealers in the lore have infected everything from Eldar, Orks, and T'au, to giant Leeches and reptilian centauroids.

The bonus attacks do not proc more bonus attacks. But that's irrelevant, it generates so many attacks because with the relic he's got two separate abilities that proc extra attacks, so that initial wave of attacks is proccing TWO more each on every 4+ instead of just one.

>> No.56204351
File: 143 KB, 1514x960, FB_IMG_1509675143691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Thornback is now called Chitin thorns

>> No.56204352

Apparently that one was a splinter fleet, so there was no second wave to come down with the cold adaptations after the first wave was nuked.

>> No.56204356

Do we have any pics of the all the points and relics yet? I figure thats all the info we don't actually have

>> No.56204357

Couldn't handle the DG poison either.

And lost a battle of attrition in another case

>> No.56204362

DE aren't hard to play anymore. That's leftover stigma from 3e when we were basically a surgical knife with no handle. Nowadays we have actual survivability and good guns. We get fucked by Hordes though. They ARE difficult to paint and assemble though as they have a HUGE number of tiny details and additions. This makes them very rewarding if you take your time but if you're not a fan of the hobby aspect of the game I wouldn't suggest them. Also GW regularly fucks us every codex so get your anus ready for 2018 where they cut the codex down to just Haemonculi and Hellions because fuck fun.

>> No.56204363
File: 121 KB, 1481x960, FB_IMG_1509675158551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56204366

Thornback is its own Datasheet with different rules and options, like the Screamer-Killer. It comes with Chitin Thorns standard but also has a modified LBR special rule that does more MWs to Infantry but doesn't grant the hit bonus. There might be other changes too.

>> No.56204383

More like the DG couldn't handle the Tyranid poison lol

Literal magic-empowered warp zombies of disease and plague got out-plagued by bugs.

>> No.56204409

Newfag here, who that?

>> No.56204454

The original creator of the Tyranids and guy who wrote the 2nd and 4rd ed Codexes. Also just based in general. He's one of the OG GW people responsible for 40k being the setting it is today, before the soulless corporate jews took it over and milked it for money while it slowly degraded in quality.

>> No.56204466

Minor xenos is just the T'au codex anon, you've had that in the line for a long time now.

>> No.56204473

>2nd and 4rd ed
2nd and 3rd* ofc

>> No.56204480

>I did not hit her. I did not. It's bullshit
>Oh hi Malcador

>> No.56204484
File: 1.48 MB, 731x1010, Mawloc_Attack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any idea on which Hive Fleet to choose?

Usually I play at 1500 points:

-2 Carnifexes (OOE and Stonecrusher)

-Hive Guard
-Warriors for backline synapse

-Trygon Prime with ~20-30 Devilgants

With the changes I'm planning to hide the Malanthrope in the back and give the Carnifexes spore cysts. But I'm still unsure which Carnifex type to play and which Hive Fleet.

>> No.56204497
File: 962 KB, 1920x1911, 1509646044927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hive Fleet dedicated to BTFO Chaos

>> No.56204507


>> No.56204533

They should of allowed Hydra to have larger size units than other Hive fleets.

>> No.56204535
File: 84 KB, 800x1200, Rise-of-the-Ynnari-Ghost-Warrior-800x1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone share Rise of the Ynnari novel?

>> No.56204550

Half your list lends itself to melee, the other half is gunline.

You may want to seriously consider a 50/50 split and take two separate Hive Fleet Detachments, just be very careful how you handle your synapse. That said you have 4 Synapse units so you can probably manage it.

Jormungandr and Kronos are the picks for ranged. Behemoth, Kraken, Leviathan and Gorgon can all work well for melee, although in your case I would go either Kraken or Leviathan.

If you don't want to fuck around too much with multiple Hive Fleets, either Jorm, Kronos or Leviathan will do you well.

>> No.56204552

>>Hive Fleet dedicated to BTFO Chaos

Watch it fail miserably.
Only ones who have a chance of BTFO of Chaos are the Imperium and Ynnari.

>> No.56204564
File: 47 KB, 300x379, BLPROCESSED-Ruinstorm-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ruinstorm audiobook is available now

>> No.56204567

I just realized that the Lictor in the Feeder Tendril strat leak is highlighted, does that mean that I've been using a good amount of strats incorrectly (ex. using KILLSHOT with Deimos Predator)

>> No.56204572

No, it;s pretty good though.

>> No.56204575


Interesting, may I ask why?

I thought of Kraken to be more suited for Genestealers and fliers.

It wouldn't have any effect on half of my army I think?

>> No.56204576

All they need to do to fix Hydra is:
A) fix the adaptation to count all friendly Hydra models in combat for purposes of outnumbering, instead of going unit by unit

B) fix the Endless Swarm stratagem to work like Tide of Traitors and Fresh Recruits so it doesn't cost RP.

>> No.56204580

Just played a hilarious, quick, cheap game with 25 Power Level, Eldar vs Gray Knights

Baharroth, 10 Swooping Hawks, 2 teams of Guardians with Bright Lance platforms, and a Vaul's Wrath Heavy Distortion Cannon platform

versus Grand Master Voldus, a Paladin Ancient, and a 5-man Striker squad.

End result: 1 Guardian squad at full strength, 1 Guardian squad only missing two elves, and Vaul's Wrath platform at 4 wounds

versus Voldus with 3 wounds left.

And the Grey Knights won with 6 victory points to my 2, because Voldus infinity gated to the Superior Objective on the last turn and popped Sancutary, and I couldnt get any guardians to the objective in time and the Heavy D. Cannon managed to roll 1, 1, and 1 with it's volley on the final turn

Voldus you motherfucker.

>> No.56204585

>Behemoth if you're not sure

Reroll charges is always useful

>> No.56204591

>These use trench warfare!
>These are the fastest breeders!
>These are toxic!
>These hunt demons from hell!
I love this.

>> No.56204597

Its mainly because kraken looks cool. Either that or go Kronos

>> No.56204602

If I wanted to do beastmen guard, would renegades or imperium be better?

>> No.56204603

>Andy Chambers is writing the fluff
>He thinks the nids are going to fail miserably
The newfags who started playing after Cruddace era and never experienced real nid fluff are in for a shocker.

>> No.56204606


>> No.56204619


They KEYWORDED Lictor so it works for Deathleaper. If it's not KEYWORDED it only works on the unit with the datasheet name that corresponds directly to what is printed.

>> No.56204626

How powerful is the tyranid hive mind? Do the Tyranids have a leader akin to the god emperor?

>> No.56204640
File: 46 KB, 291x343, 159845646984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw a couple of bugbois invalidate GK as a faction

>> No.56204642

>>He thinks the nids are going to fail miserably

In their mission to BTFO of Chaos?
Absolutely. There's an actual meta narritive now, and Nids aren't part of it.

Only the Imperium and Ynnari are position too actually hurt Chaos significantly with the pylons and Ynnead respectively.

>> No.56204656

Fexes sprinting up the table faster, falling back and charging again to get the charge bonuses every turn, Relic can give one of your guys an additional -1 to hit, WL trait to always fight first in the fight phase.

>> No.56204661
File: 167 KB, 277x257, ilikehitler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Hive Mind is more powerful than, say, Magnus, but less powerful than Tzeentch. I've always interpreted it as being roughly as powerful as a full-on C'Tan.

>> No.56204665 [DELETED] 
File: 227 KB, 1080x1920, 1552ad96-4369-4f03-ba5e-9567892a9ac1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is my list? I know GK terminator wing isn't fantastic but I love the models and it sounds like loads of fun. Should I take a second Doomglaive instead of the Paladins? I could only fit a bare minimum.

GK Battalion - 2000pts
Castellan Crowe - Warlord, Cuirass of Sacrifice, Hammer of Righteousness, Purge Soul

Draigo - Vortex, Gate

(3 squads) Terminators - Falchions, Psilencer

Apothecary - Warding Stave, Sanctuary
Brotherhood Ancient - Falchion, Purge Soul

Paladin Squad - 2x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Doomglaive Dread - Stormbolter

Stormraven - Hurricane Bolters, Twin Lascannon, Typhoon Missiles

>> No.56204670

>How powerful is the tyranid hive mind?

Weaker than human collective unconsciousness.

>Do the Tyranids have a leader akin to the god emperor?


>> No.56204680

>Do the Tyranids have a leader akin to the god emperor?
There is no leader, the Hive Mind is a distributed network. To kill it you have to kill every psychic Tyranid, and the more that are born the larger and smarter it grows.

>> No.56204683


I thought about Jormungandr and it was definitely my first pick, until I read you lose the cover bonus while advancing or charging..

It's really hard to decide because as you said my army is split in defensive gunline and offensive melee. Leviathan needs to hug synapse and 6+++ doesn't seem to great..

It's a really hard choice

>> No.56204688

>It wouldn't have any effect on half of my army I think?

Think objectives
Three dice pick the highest for advance moves plus a cheap stratagem that lets you double the result

Mobility wins games

Also Kraken's fallback and charge lets you reuse "on charge" bonuses like living battering ram and tusked if you get caught out or stuck in combat a turn later, which helps fexes a lot.

>> No.56204692
File: 13 KB, 300x158, warhammer-dark-elf-druchii-assassins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How it felt to ruin CSM and Dark Elves

>> No.56204698

What sort of meta do you play in, what's your usual opponents style/list/faction?

>> No.56204702

So, is there a chance at all to defeat the Tyranids?

>> No.56204712

Tyranids are a second string villain at best.

>> No.56204718

>So, is there a chance at all to defeat the Tyranids?
In the long term, probably not.

>> No.56204720

I'm fucking down for that. Let Orks, Tyranids and Necrons get back some of the screentime that Chaos has been hogging for years.

>> No.56204723

The Hive Mind is not an entity like the Overmind or a giant singular organism, its the psychic gestalt of every Tyranid organism thinking the same and basically being one mind bent on one purpose, to feed on the Universe. Its like a psychic miasma thats able to swarm parts of the warp and drive psykers insane.

>> No.56204725

>Imperium, Chaos, and Ynnari fucking around with pylons and crone swords
>too busy to unite against the nids
>Chaos weakens overtime as more and more systems are wiped clean of life, same for the imperium as they lose valuable resources and still have to fight a war on all fronts.
>Nids reach criticalass where they consume all life in the galaxy, which wipes out the warp bar the small portions that can be kept alive by the Dark Eldar untouched in the Webway, but they too soon die as they no longer have anywhere to raid for slaves.

>> No.56204733

Has anyone thought of guns that shoot bug spray? And by that I mean, guns that shoot a type of spray that is very damaging to nid flesh?

>> No.56204735

Would it be possible to avoid them in the warp?

>> No.56204736

I mean there is always a chance. but it is up to you to decide if that chance is worth taking anon. Will you lead the Imperium in the darkest of days?

>> No.56204741

Malefic Lords for volume, Aetaos'Rau'Keres for single model assrape.

>> No.56204756

I-I will dad

But I will do it in the name of Ynnead

>> No.56204760

Both of those cost RP now you fuck.

>> No.56204767

>wipes out the warp

That's not how it works.

>> No.56204768

theyre in the index

>> No.56204771

Definitely. The easiest way I can think of offhand would be to simultaneously teleport every Tyranid in the universe into the warp, like a void bomb on a supergalactic scale. Fairly trivial if you could convince Cegorach it would be really fucking funny.

>> No.56204782
File: 11 KB, 200x283, based lord chambers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. carnac
>doesn't realize pic related is writing again now

This is you when the new Codex fluff comes out.

>> No.56204791

>Chaos weakens overtime as more and more systems are wiped clean of life
As much as it sucks that's not how that works anymore.

>> No.56204804

>He actually likes the Not-Slaaneshis
You have disappointed me son

>> No.56204808

>hundreds of millions in Poland alone
>population of Poland is 38 million

Wait a minute...

>> No.56204813

Alright so clearly we all need to set aside our differences and fight off the biggest threat which is the Tyranids, and even I know that would be an insane feat.

>> No.56204814

>He doesn't suck nid cock
>He must be Carnac.

Chambers is actually pretty low scale, so don't expect the Nids to do anything to over the top.

>> No.56204815

Nids aren't magic, they're made of flesh and blood mostly, normal things like fire and acid work fine. The problem is they've got all those weapons too and enough psychic power to deal with any ethereal threats.

In the webway? Maybe.

>> No.56204820


Hard to say because I play inna large group. Mostly shooty Marines with one or two Landraiders, not much Deepstrikes. More gunline

>> No.56204824

>the biggest threat which is the Tyranids

The Imperium and Aeldari disagree.

>> No.56204832

I can't wait for the full point's list to leak for nids, it has to be out there given all the other leaks. Then I can get to updating my possible lists before buying anything more than a paint scheme test mini.

>> No.56204833


>> No.56204835

You know what? I actually do really like the Ynnari, and I know not a lot of people on here do, but I think its a really awesome and interesting narrative. So fuck you dad.

>> No.56204840

Didn't that just win a tourney? Assbacks with tac marines?

Anyone interested in hearing a BA vs Necrons batrep? No pics unfortunately

>> No.56204841

Shit really? Where did THAT get retconned? Wasn't it an important part of nid backstory hinting that they may have been created by the old ones as a final solition?

>> No.56204846

What if chaos are the good guys and the imperium are the bad guys?

>> No.56204850

>T'au is going to be massive shitposting.
>It'll be delightful.
I can see it now.
>Tau get something good
>Tau get something mediocre

It will be a sight to see.

>> No.56204855

There are no good guys

>> No.56204860

It helps when it has rerolls to hit and wound from bobby.

>> No.56204861

I don't know the nids seem to have a hard time dealing with some orks not to mention blood angels with the help of chaos.

>> No.56204863

Good luck, brah.

I mean, yes. All 4 Chaos Gods working together could do it without even trying hard. But they're not going to do that, because they hate each other totes magotes.

Your best *realistic* bet right now would be convincing some non-Chaos hereteks to go work for Trazyn, and getting them to whip up some Agent Smith grade solution which ends up far worse for everyone than the Nids ever were.

>> No.56204866

>Wasn't it an important part of nid backstory hinting that they may have been created by the old ones as a final solition?
No that was never, ever a thing. It's a random shitty theory with zero mention in any canon source that somehow got perpetuated online like a game of telephone.

>> No.56204874

You're cruel anon.

>> No.56204875

>what if chaos are the good guys
Fuck off Carnac

>> No.56204876

>Brought Guilliman back to life, saving the Imperium
>Brining Ynnead to wakefulness do slap Slaanesh

The aeldari are super relevant.

>> No.56204877
File: 116 KB, 316x316, gtfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ADB, could you go and stay go?

>> No.56204881

Rad. Maybe we'll get some good shit, I've read up a bit on older fluff and wow the current watered down HH in 40k can't hold a candle.

>> No.56204887

A rules lawyer

>> No.56204891

>and getting them to whip up some Agent Smith grade solution which ends up far worse for everyone than the Nids ever were.
>implying the next Hive Fleet to show up wouldn't just be immune

>> No.56204892

I'm not cruel, I just don't have an ebook.

>> No.56204901
File: 10 KB, 428x336, 5bff39976b022bf77aa2acc4d4234f79.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

xenos can be forgiven, the real threat are heretics, those who had the chance to bath in the light of the emperor but willingly chose to abandone his path, they are true enemy, and their time has come (in 2-3 weeks when my eisenhorn inquisitor arrives from russia)

>> No.56204902
File: 116 KB, 1347x730, 1509646117304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kraken baby

>> No.56204904

I am going to laugh like mad if T'au get good shit so all the WAAC grey tide fucks who sold off their shit to go to IG (and then went Eldar, and now are going Tyranids) scream as they are back at T'au again and just burnt a bunch of money on shipping and could have actually just bought MORE MODELS and the new dex, and maybe a fleshlight.

>> No.56204908
File: 1.47 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20171102_224414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got a FF-D20 game coming up and my DM is asking the group if anyone has minis to represent groups of armed soldiers.
A bunch of magic murder hobos are about to meet the Hammer of the Emperor

>> No.56204909

A proper Agent Smith solution would take over every Hive Fleet and turn Trazyn into the Hive Mind. Like I said, worse for everyone.

>> No.56204913

>did one of the most stupid parts of current fluff
Okay they might be relevant but its not like they are ever going to achieve anything. They cant possibly squat slaanesh

>> No.56204931

No, the Old Ones bit was theorycraft, as a lot of lore from 3-5 was "maybe it's x, maybe it's y, maybe it's z, nobody knows." with vague hints. Chaos being literally powered by the living has been a thing since I started playing way back in the day. When was THAT retconnned?

>> No.56204935

Could theoretically the Orks defeat the Tyranids?

>> No.56204937

>Literal Red-Shirts

I lol'd.

>> No.56204941

>so all the WAAC grey tide fucks who sold off their shit to go to IG (and then went Eldar, and now are going Tyranids)

I've had an IG and nid army for the last decade
2017 has been a wild party

>> No.56204953

Sic the Orks on them. By the time they're wwiped out it'll be your great great great (...) great grandchildren's problem.

>> No.56204957

>They cant possibly squat slaanesh

Well they can, but I don't think they will.
I think they're going to use Ynnead in 40k and Tyrion and Teclis in AoS to reinvent Slaanesh not that trannies fall under the PC protection.

>> No.56204963

Around the end of 7th, why do you think carnac pushes chaos so much they are literally all powerful and eternal now.

>> No.56204968

Theoretically yes, but the odds are against them. Nids are basically just Orks that still have Old Ones constantly improving them instead of being fire-and-forget.

A combination of Orks and another powerful race like Necrons working together would stand very good odds. Good luck not just uniting all the Orks, or all the Necrons, but both together, though.

>> No.56204969

>have nid and tau collections
>started collecting in 2010
>both grey because ive been trying to finish my fantasy armies with the little spare time i have

Will people hate me for wanting to play my nids because of the new codex?

>> No.56204980

Oh wow I love that eyeline shading. Is that after you used Nuln Oil like you described the other day?

>> No.56204984

Trazyn would make a good Hive Mind though.
Imagine how clean the galaxy would be with all the trash he picks up.

>> No.56204985

Don't we have fluff on that? Isn't that where Squigs come from?

I believe, canonically, that mixing Nids with Orks too much just gets you upgraded Nids and upgraded Orks to fight everyone else, since Orks will produce infinite biomass because fuck physics, and get tougher the longer they fight the Nids.

>> No.56204986

maybe, the whole purpose of orks is "galactic immune system"

You want to live in a galaxy that's just orks and nids fighting each other forever?

>> No.56204987

They're both bad guys. Chaos is just worse.

>> No.56204988
File: 173 KB, 830x900, mVq3hTm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying the orks will lose

>> No.56204990


Play anyway.

>> No.56204991

Actually, now that you mentioned it, could the necrons defeat the 'nids?

>> No.56204992

Ok, so I'm getting into this game, and I'm confused about something. Why do vehicles have a leadership stat? It says leadership is used in the morale phase when a unit loses models, so why do single models have it?

>> No.56205009

Vehicle Squadrons exist, and you can make them take morale checks like anyone else.

Also, psychic powers interact with Ld - for example, Mind War works on Pask.

>> No.56205012

Fully united, at the height of their power, with all their tech functioning, yeah they could probably manage it. I think Necrons have the highest tech level in 40k, they're basically on another level from everyone else - problem is, they're scatterbrained and retarded with space alzheimers and still fighting amongst themselves.

>> No.56205014

You just know they'll probably get some absolutely cheeky things.
>Negative modifiers getting you down?
>Strategem: Ignore all negative modifiers for a phase
>Armies spamming advance?
>Strategem minefield: All <Infantry> models advancing roll a D6, on a 6+ they are slain

Stuff like that. Hilarious things.

>> No.56205015

Necrons could just wait it out assuming the fluff of the nids avoid tomb worlds is still canon, the reason they are against the nids is that if the nids win then they won't be able to get new bodies.

>> No.56205021

Is that the official party line or just found in footnotes and interpretations of ADB's Chaos-centric novels?

>> No.56205024

Yeah I have 2k of IG sitting on my shelf that I've been working off and on for the past five years. So suddenly it is like "oh wow, this shit is nuts" and I also have Craftworld Eldar in the same sort of situation as my IG.

Grey for reason of backlog, is a reason I don't mind grey. I am just up my own ass about my armies have to be 100% painted before I play them. Which leads to far more painting than playing.

>> No.56205031

The only thing stopping nids is retarded and inconsistent writing, everything else is irrelevant

>> No.56205032

Its easy, man, you do it like I did.
Grab some space dinosaurs. They're fucking great, no matter what. Fun as heck to paint, build and play.
Then, when you feel like you've gotten far enough with your nids/want a break, grab yourself eithe DW or GKs, depending whichever you think is best. I personlly collected nids for a good year or so, and inbetween I bought myself a GK grandmaster, a dreadnought and a box of terminators. Start small and grow slowly, thats what DW and GKs are great for.

>> No.56205039

That's so fucking stupid. It was the only thing keeping the Gods from jist joining forces to wipe out the materium and then go back to stabbing eachother in the backs after they've won. If they don't need the material plane why not just fucking destroy it, they're obviously capable. I always thought the point was to just eliminate Emps as he was the only thing capable pf ending them for good. Just when I thought I hated nufluff I find out this stupid shit.

>> No.56205044

"They" was the Tyranids. The inevitable endgame of the galaxy is all civilization, all knowledge and reason being buried under neverending waves of screaming green retards.

Because Orks was made for fightin' and winnin'.

>> No.56205047

There are other abilities that interact with leadership. Yeah it's mostly morale so leadership doesn't matter much for single model units, but occasionally it will.

>> No.56205050

C-could we, in theory, starve the nids to the point where they eat eachother?

>> No.56205054
File: 1.52 MB, 1159x811, 1447589555341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56205056

Oh, that makes sense
thanks lads

>> No.56205064

They would just say fuck it and leave, looking for another galaxy to molest with their lovely tentacles.

>> No.56205065
File: 411 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-21-07-47-52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is KingNiggerJew in the back going to be the boss?

>> No.56205067

Well if that is the case Nids are never going to win anything

>> No.56205068

But Nids are retarded and inconsistent writing. If you removed that they would simply cease to exist.

>> No.56205069

That looks very sketchy anon, what link do I click to download it

>> No.56205076

Fuck, I laughed too much anon

>> No.56205077

Just wait till you see some carnac posting, like horus being litterally nothing in the grand scheme, in fact the last 10,000 years was insignificant to chaos they will just outlast everything, and many more.

>> No.56205078

It can vary a lot. The last three codices and DG have all gotten tons of varied, fluffy and internally-balanced options. It's just marines, spiky marines, speshul marines and cogboys that have gotten the shaft diversity-wise. And people at GW like the Tau (get fucked Reece) so I say there's a pretty good chance we get some goodies.

>> No.56205080
File: 696 KB, 1000x768, New40kFightSangGuardArt2 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys Sigmarines in 40k

>> No.56205089
File: 205 KB, 1600x898, Using mind war on Pask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mind war works on Pask

>> No.56205096
File: 163 KB, 365x421, convergent evolution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They don't really "starve" as they aren't eating planets to feed themselves like people eating farm food. Nids can sustain their current amount of population at any time indefinitely, they're a fully contained eco-system with genetically engineered tyranid producers that photosynthesize sunlight and radiation for energy. The reason they consume planets is to get more biomass as raw material for making more nids.

Also when they eat each other it's good for them and bad for everyone else.

>> No.56205108

Most squadrons operate as individual units after deployment though.

>> No.56205110

T'au are popular enough to not get put out to pasture. But what they'll get who knows.

>> No.56205115

>AC is writing them again
Yeah that's about to change.

>> No.56205125

See that's the thing though when the orks beat the nids they they will go back to infighting and their population will mellow out. The orks are just the galaxies immune system in check. This assumed Gazghkull doesn't unite him that's basically galactic MS.

>> No.56205133

>They don't really "starve"

Yeah they do.
They have to go into hibernation to not die if there's no food.

>> No.56205134


I literally have a whiteboard infront of me figuring out how we could beat the Tyranids

So far, it seems that just a huge united military force would be the only way of driving them back.

>> No.56205138

The whole setting is retarded and inconsistent writing

>> No.56205146

There's a piece of fluff that has the AdMech win against nids in a war of attrition by being more efficient at recycling, so you can fuck nids by denying them biomass.

>> No.56205160

Has there been a leak of the full nid codex yet?

>> No.56205162

Have you tried plan green because orks alone is all you need to stop them.

>> No.56205165

The warrior-organisms always go into hibernation whether or not there is food because it's more efficient, but the Hive Ships just live off sunlight like plants. They have genes from everything they've ever eaten and they eat entire worlds full of plants, anon. They can subsist on photosynthesis forever, but then their numbers don't grow any larger.

>> No.56205169
File: 23 KB, 280x400, stop autism now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I literally have a whiteboard infront of me figuring out how we could beat the Tyranids

>> No.56205172

We meaning who? The Imperium?

That's easy. Convince some of our ships to wake up and deal with it. Imperium ships - the originals, not anything made relatively recently - are canonically capable of precognition and shitting out black holes, and there's no such thing as adapting to a black hole, you just die.

>> No.56205179

>tfw painted T'au army
I'm fucking waiting for the guardfags and chaosfags to go ballistic on any little buff we get.

>> No.56205182

Lemme have fun man

>> No.56205186

>the Hive Ships just live off sunlight like plants

Nope, they go into hibernation too.

>> No.56205188

How. A million Orks vs a million nids will eventually be a nid win.

>> No.56205198
File: 365 KB, 650x460, Moon_Earth_Comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes and they do. A planetary invasion is huge investment for a hive fleet, if too many prey "get away" after the fleet has committed it eventually weakens. Kryptman did this during the first tyrannic war and eventually behemoth was destroyed in naval actions.

Of course even one planet is a feast considering official fluff says they literally drain the oceans and strip several percent of the planet's mass and turn it into new ships in a matter of weeks.

For a sense of scale the Moon is 1.2 percent of the Earth's mass. So a nid invasion gains a Moon's worth of new ship matter from a single successful invasion. A couple of systems later and the fleet's gravity alone is enough to wreck a planet with earthquakes and tidal forces.

>> No.56205201

You realise plants need more than sunlight to conduct photosynthesis, right?

>> No.56205209

A shitzillion of Orks vs A shitzillion of nids would be an Ork victory tho

>> No.56205212

Just get the Chaos Gods to rape them.

>> No.56205213

If you can keep up the pressure so that they can't get a foothold where they can recycle their dead safely out of artillery shell range, and slowly grind them down with both sides recycling over a long period of time, while winning the war in space, yeah you can beat Nids on attrition.

The Orks and AdMech are pretty much the only ones to ever accomplish this, and I guess Ichar IV counts except instead of recycling anything the Imperium just kept throwing more and more and more shit into the meatgrinder while the Ultras performed precision strikes against synapse.

>> No.56205219

convince the orks that killing 10 bugs makes them a nob, 100 kills makes them a warboss, and 1000 kills makes them big boss.

>> No.56205222
File: 11 KB, 264x281, the face of merct.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56205223

official hive fleet tier list

the best tier
okay tier
everything else.

>> No.56205235

You understand that thermodynamics do not apply to Orks, right?

A million orks vs a million nids eventually becomes 2 million orks vs 2 million nids.

>> No.56205243

That's a sanguinary guard and they've been around longer than AOS has been a concept you heretical fuck

T. Triggered BA player

>> No.56205245

After enough time the orks would be at beast levels and curb-stomp them. Whent he average boy is the size of a warboss, and meks are putting out machines that would make a imperitor titan feel fear what will the nids do?

>> No.56205246

Nice, I just dislike people who chase meta of the week instead of play and collect what they like on looks and style. Painted, unpainted, whatever, so long as they don't dump their stuff as soon as something gets slightly better because they must win at all costs. Those are people I dislike dealing with, they suck the fun out of any game or hobby because they can't seem to figure out how to enjoy shit out of rubbing it in someone's face that they won. Which is just pathetic.

>> No.56205256

orks just get infected with a gsc that causes them to civil war more often.

the nids harvest them for biomass and take over the universe with their green farms.

>> No.56205262

Drop the Terminators, and either take their equivalent points in paladins (Seriously, paladins are so much better than terminators). Also, you could find the points for your second doomglaive dreadnought here.
Alternatively, if you still want your battalion, you could grab 3 units of strikes, you'd probably still have enough points for your second doomglaive or more paladins (honestly, not sure if you need it, with proper management you can get 2 vanguard detachements with all the palas and doomglaives, so its just a matter of a single CP).

>> No.56205265

Yeah, they need CO2 and oxygen, which just gets regularly recycled by the nid microbes inside them.

A Hive Fleet can't run out of food anymore than planet Earth can. Just because all the people might starve doesn't mean the whole biosphere starves. Nids have producers, decomposers, every part of the energy cycle in one highly efficient genetically engineered symbiotic web, functioning under one psychic gestalt consciousness.

>> No.56205271

For some reason it's the guardfags who are the worst, worse than the marinefags. I think they just mad because gue'vesa canonically have better standard of living and equipment than Guardsmen.

>> No.56205273

Can nids handle their psychic gestalt? I think not. Theoretically, the Orks just have to believe that they'll win.

>> No.56205275

Correction, he starved leviathan. He has to exterminatus all the planetary systems in front of the fleet's approach to do it.

It worked, but he got kicked out of the inquisition after burning a dozen planets or so

>> No.56205277

When the WAAAGH! is going no genestealer is gonna survive more than a second in ork territory.

>> No.56205286

I'm considering repainting them, too...I originally did the Tron scheme because I was lazy into painting at the time. Now I want to do something teal with purple or orange. I'll see what the new septs tactics or even 4th sphere shit turns out to be before making a decision.

>> No.56205288

nids passively handle all psychic gestalt.

>> No.56205296

What army should I start
I got orks guards and dark eldar

>> No.56205298

If you multiply the nids by a hundred, you get something a hundred times more dangerous. Orks scale way harder. The more there are, and the more organized and united, the more dangerous, smart and powerful they get. The Beast was near critical mass and he wasn't even close to uniting every Ork in the galaxy. Pit every Nid versus every Ork at once and the Orks curbstomp, and the rest of the galaxy too.

>> No.56205300

>A couple of systems later and the fleet's gravity alone is enough to wreck a planet with earthquakes and tidal forces.
That's why they start splitting off into multiple tendrils when they get big, to cover more area and hit more places at once.

But yeah one of the few ways you can quote unquote "starve" them is to wait for them to commit mass to the planet, then exterminatus the fuck out of it so hard all the ash and atmosphere is blasted off and scattered into space so they can't recover it. That DOES drain Tyranids resources, but it also means one less world for the Imperium, permanently, so it's not a viable solution in the long-term, it only buys time.

>> No.56205305

Shadow in the warp doesn't effect the WAAGH! field, the gestalt was designed to be independent from the warp.

>> No.56205306

except the counter waagh by the orc cult of the greenest squig

>> No.56205315

>Shadow in the Warp: -1 to psychic tests
>WAAAGH Energy: +1 to psychic tests per 10 Orks in the vicinity.

Checkmate atheists.

>> No.56205329

You need to start the cult first and that's the problem, in octarious the orks and nids are fighting at a molecular level there is not a point when the orks are not fighting.

>> No.56205332
File: 88 KB, 475x617, Screenshot_20171022-232553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56205344

>It worked, but he got kicked out of the inquisition after burning a dozen planets or so
It was more like several hundred, it was quote "the largest act of mass genocide committed by the Imperium against its own people since the Horus Heresy".

>> No.56205358

unfortunately, u do need to make an account there, but when you do, sign in and click magnet, that seems to be the best way i've always done it.

>> No.56205363

That's nothing.
The Farsight novel confirms that human souls are stronger than ork souls, and the new Ynnari novel confirms that the human psychic presence is far more powerful than the Shadow in the Warp.

Tyranids are going to get their asses kicked once the psyker awakenings take hold.

>> No.56205368
File: 737 KB, 500x313, Gy8D0xR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adapt with glorious giant dinobugs that put the ork machines to shame, which in responce triggers the orks to one up them and build an even BETTER AND BIGGER robot.

Seriously, this is why orks v nids is fucking great. Its like a godzilla vs mecha war with gurren lagaan style escalation hype.

>> No.56205371

Honestly just repaint them now if you really want that (possibly just buy a single firewarrior or something to test it out on) because colors don't matter that much. Then again, GW might actually come out with some cool schemes themselves.

>> No.56205384

The Glorianas or the Ark Mechanicus ships?

The Glorianas I know were given to each 1st founding but aren't there literally two arks in all existence?

>> No.56205387

>If you multiply the nids by a hundred, you get something a hundred times more dangerous. Orks scale way harder. The more there are, and the more organized and united, the more dangerous, smart and powerful they get.
You got it half right.

Nids scale just as dangerously. The more nids there are, the larger and more intelligent the Hive Mind is, and the more of a buffer they have to absorb losses while they engineer and adapt a counter-strategy.

Nids are no less dangerous than Orks when it comes to critical mass. On top of that they recover losses faster, and on top of THAT they've shown several times they can beat Orks even when the Tyranids are outnumbered by outsmarting and outplaying them.

>> No.56205388
File: 22 KB, 283x286, Inquisitor_Kryptman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it was quote "the largest act of mass genocide committed by the Imperium against its own people since the Horus Heresy".

details, details

>> No.56205390

Well Gurren Lagaan is the closest anyone has ever gotten to enough dakka. Which funny enough is the best way to stop the nids finally achive enough dakka.

>> No.56205392

Human souls are really that powerful? Holy shit

>> No.56205401

They're on the backburner right now. I've got a good bit of DE stuff to work on.

>> No.56205407


>> No.56205411

>implying we get to keep them
Anon we Primaris now. Why would they give Primaris Sanguinary Guard. Primaris are prefect

>> No.56205412

Why do you think we are at the center of chaos' view we have the best and tastiest souls on the market.

>> No.56205416

Fair enough, I know how that is, good luck with the DE.

>> No.56205418

Top kek

>> No.56205423

>outsmarting and outplaying them
That will be hard to do if they get to beast levels, they were outplaying the imperium during that time.

>> No.56205430

It's great, it;s not fueled by hunger but crushing mediocrity.

>> No.56205435

insist on using the same dice.

>> No.56205443

I wouldn't mind primaris death company if they actually look cool

I would have a problem with guard since those are our veteran veterans. The most elite troop in our legiom. Some tube grown shitbag is not going to replace our blood brothers

>> No.56205447

>Black Library

That's a possibility, but if the Hive Mind recognizes that threat developing it'll probably go all in on assassinating the Warboss.

It's a shame we'll never see something like this actually play out in the narrative because GW won't let Orks get back to Beast levels or focus on a conflict that doesn't have the Imperium at the center of it.

>> No.56205448

Wasn't that more because your average warboss was on the levels of at the very least chapter masters, and the beast was wearing a fucking gargant for armor?

>> No.56205449
File: 1.14 MB, 2226x1611, IMG_2826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have literally a dozen galaxies worth of biomass in reserve to draw on
I'm going with "not a prayer".

>> No.56205463

2nd Tastiest. The Eldar are still the truffles of the Warp. We are the M&Ms, but hey; we're still tasty, we're cheaper, and there's more of us by a factor of 100s.

>> No.56205471

I deleted since we were at 400 replies, but yeah man good advice. I was able to get two Vanguards and I actually have 60ish points floating around still, with an additional doomglaive as well. I have a really snazzy Inquisitor I'm gonna try and squeeze in here somewhere probably but not sure where. Or I can run my Culexus. Hmm

But yeah, a squad of 4 Paladins is about the same price as a squad of 5 terminators, and the paladin justicar gets an infinitely useful hammer, too. I was only running batallion to squeeze out CP since it'll be a premium for GK.

>> No.56205472

If someone pulls a deus ex machina I WIN button that renders numbers meaningless, it could be done.

Pretty much only Necrons have this power though.

>> No.56205474

either is fine. Beastmen are Abhumans (barely) and Abhumam regiments are a thing.
Or chaos is all about the mutants and deviants.
Perosnally I'd do imperial, its a little more interesting than just another warped people chaos army.

>> No.56205477
File: 728 KB, 2048x1536, partof6k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so my buddy and I have decided to do a 6k vs 6k game but everything has to be painted. I'm still digging around storage to get more orks out but here's the army so far

>> No.56205484

I thought there was an Ork b Tyranids conflict already going on where the kids were getting to "Hierophants as foot troops" level, what happened?

>> No.56205487

And looted moons and they were still intelligent too, they even had ork diplomats.

>> No.56205489
File: 548 KB, 772x739, IMG_2963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56205500

I think you underestimate the levels of chaos wank they could pull with this.

>> No.56205501

Don't forget to take a bigger table than normal, it's really important

>> No.56205510
File: 16 KB, 264x191, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be inquisitor
>be ordered to make checkin on how the octarius war is going
>yfw you find the orks and nids have transcended the physical plane and are currently throwing fucking universes at eachother in a hyper-multiverse spanning battle
>yfw you figure out that the milky way is just a nid cell in the body of a celestial, omnicient uber-god tier termagaunt
>yfw thats just a termagaunt

>> No.56205511

Makes me realise that Moloch and Colossus got shafted for the "literally who?" hive fleets.

What the fuck JewDubs?

>> No.56205516

IIRC, I mean the Ark Mechanicus ships.

Some quick googling found me three by name, but I am certain there are more, and if you can wake them up, I suspect they're fundamentally unstoppable, since they're powered by plot devices. Would not be surprised to learn each one has an Old One for an AI, a C'Tan for a power supply, and guns that actually operate by asking Orks how to physics.

>> No.56205519

It's not wank, we already know the Gods don't care about the Nids.
Guilliman coming back radically changed fate, but the coming of the Nids didn't.

>> No.56205520
File: 490 KB, 1253x1301, 2979053544674470379-account_id=1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the current plan is a 4x12 city themed table

>> No.56205522

That's Octarius and it' still happening, we'll probably find out a lot more in the new Tyranid Codex.

Khorne tried to get in on the fun when the Rift popped with the largest Blood Crusade in history and got solidly beat the fuck out by the combined forces of Ghazzy and the Swarmlord.

I can't even imagine how much fun that warzone must be as an Ork.

>> No.56205523

Only Slaanesh feels that way, and it's purely for fetish reasons. 3 out of 4 chaos gods prefer humanity.

>> No.56205547

Is it ever worth it to field a stompa? I mean it's alot of dakka but it's also BS5+ and nearly a 1000 points...

>> No.56205548

That's the Zoats, they're only included as an easter egg.

Shame Moloch didn't get included, but maybe he has a shout-out in the new book even if he didn't get rules like Hydra.

>> No.56205556

I really hate that they pretty much gutted us so that they can sell more primaris models

>> No.56205557

>got solidly beat the fuck out

Actually it was a stalemate.
Even the Aeldari of a single Craftworld managed better.

>> No.56205563
File: 10 KB, 321x207, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately the bugs have run into a bit of an issue with actually getting here. I call it "Authors don't want to end the universe".

>> No.56205567
File: 23 KB, 300x300, 300px-Nurgle_hug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Papa Nurgle loves all equally

>> No.56205569

is a battalion of Tac squad Scout squad and Primaris squad a nice coverage of bases for troops?

>> No.56205576

>we already know the Gods don't care about the Nids.
Wrong, the recent article on the community site says they're afraid of the Tyranids.

>psychic might to make the gods tremble

>> No.56205578

Finally! A table big enough to justify my Basilisk Fetish!

>> No.56205579

>it's alot of dakka
You answered your own question

>> No.56205580

>How powerful is the tyranid hive mind?
its probably the most powerful "individual" entity in terms of oure brute force, greater even than the Chaos gods or Emperor. But it interacts and sees the universe only through its beasts in the materium so it doesn't exert its power so overtly like the gods. It could punch khorne, but it won't because its not aware of khorne or the warp in a meaningful way to do that, so instead its power is just observed in the incorruptible nature of tyranids joined to the hive mind and probably the power behind their spacetime bending FTL.

>> No.56205582

>That's a possibility, but if the Hive Mind recognizes that threat developing it'll probably go all in on assassinating the Warboss.
>Implying Ghaz won't be soloing Hierophants by that point

>> No.56205587
File: 1.11 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tyranids going on AGAIN about how they're the big final scawy universe boss that already won
Wow, never heard this circle jerk before.

>> No.56205589

All the Zoats died, but Colossus is still kicking.

>> No.56205601

Doesn't specify which gods.
Khorne sees them as playthings, and the coming of the Nids never changed anything.

>> No.56205603

>It's a shame we'll never see something like this actually play out in the narrative because GW won't let Orks get back to Beast levels or focus on a conflict that doesn't have the Imperium at the center of it.

This is too right. Coming over from WFB where we had huge centerpiece battles of High Elves versus Dwarves, Wood Elves versus Vampires, Lizardmen versus Skaven, and then seeing that 40k is The Adventures of the Imperium versus Dastardly Chaos (and some xenos in the background) was a disappointment.

>> No.56205607

Will crons players be this bad when their codex comes out?

>> No.56205612

New thread?

>> No.56205620

Well they are the rise of the old people screaming about the kids on their lawn.

>> No.56205624

Nah, Colossus was literally the Zoats, and it got exterminated to the last. 4th ed Tyranid Codex is the source. It's not even a "true" Hive Fleet, the Zoats were basically the last remnants of a race from another galaxy that got Genestealer'd and then fled when they realized the truth, and came to our galaxy because theirs was entirely eaten.

>> No.56205626

>its probably the most powerful "individual" entity in terms of oure brute force, greater even than the Chaos gods or Emperor.

It's been defeated by both the Emperor and Slaanesh. Even a fragment of Morai-Heg was enough to cause it agony.

>> No.56205630

Nidz are the kind of enemy that gets killed off by a deus ex machina so the real showdown between chaos and imperium can happen

>> No.56205633

Is it a problem that I read that as Daddy issues chaos because I think I might be letting this general get to me.

>> No.56205638

its not impossible. it would just require all the races of the galaxy to cooperate significantly for a very long time without any infighting at all.
Its the grimdark dark tragedy, the tyranids could be beaten, but they won't be. because everyone is to busy stabbing eachother in the back to get their shit together.

>> No.56205642

The inevitable result of the Necrons Codex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQLrMPHeeQE

>> No.56205647

>Doesn't specify which gods.
Then it's obviously all of them. It doesn't say "except Chaos", it says gods period.

>Khorne sees them as playthings, and the coming of the Nids never changed anything.
Wait til you see what the new nid Codex says, since it wasn't written by a shitty hack for once.

>> No.56205649
File: 697 KB, 537x590, old people.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GW has already started the party.

>> No.56205658

No, it's literally only chaos and Nids that do it. That's the worst part of when Carnac and nidnogs rear their ugly heads and fight, literally both sides are autistic assbags whose pretentious fluff-wank is slowly killing the hobby, and neither has the foresight to recognize it.

It's like when kids play superhero and everyone picks a part except that one twat that insists he has ALL the superpowers and already wins the game by default

>> No.56205660

Oh look. Some peach colored faggot came back.

>> No.56205662

That's where I got it from, this party is going to raise the roof. Though the rate it will be at, everything else will die from old age.

>> No.56205670

>and the coming of the Nids never changed anything
First Contact with Behemoth was literally the event that started the age called the Time of Ending.

>> No.56205671

You understand what a hivemind is right? It isnt a warp entity, its only as powerful as long as theres a lot of nids to be part of it

Id all the nidz died the hivemind would cease to exist, whereas chaos gods only het more powerful when things die

>> No.56205674

I'm just grinning at the mental picture of a bunch of Khorne Daemons popping in like they're hot shit and Ghaz and Swarmy agree to take a break to give the angry pansies some noogies.

>> No.56205677

It's a problem as a chaos player who's warband just wants to go raise hell, screw the galactic geopolitics.

>> No.56205679

Literally the baal invasion

>> No.56205681

Oh god that piece of fluff man

I mean I get it, the tyranids are scary totally fine

But you just killed most of a legion in some off hand bullshit "the tyranids blotted out the sun" only to have fucking guilliman pop in like a daisy and save the day.

Eat a dick. Guillimam did what the entirety of my legion could not? Shield of baal was actually pretty cool and describes the blood angels fighting tooth and nail to push back the enemy. The fall of our planet was relegated to almost nothing.

And to do it for no reason than to push new models is just a slap in the face

>> No.56205685

chaos and tyranids are pretty much both the biggest threat, in that if they're not both beaten eveyone dies. Just on different timescales.
Tyranids are a long term doom, realisictly its going to take thousands of years for them to completly strip the galaxy. Chaos is the big threat right now, they coud fuck everyones shit next weekend. Making it easier for the tyranids to nom all the survivors.

>> No.56205692

Nidfags didn't start this discussion, they just answered questions from a dude interested in tyranid fluff, read the reply chain.

Also with their new codex coming it this is literally the most appropriate time for this discussion to happen. Everyone else gets their time in the spotlight when its their turn, anon.

>> No.56205693

What are you talking about the Blood Angels successfully defended Ball with only the ultramarines as help no one else.

>> No.56205702

Change of pace from obnoxious chaosfags who shan't be named doing the same

>> No.56205719

>Then it's obviously all of them.

Not at all, when we've got contradictory canon.

>Wait til you see what the new nid Codex says

Yeah, wait.

That's a human appelation. The Gods have had shit planned out for millenia, and it's only because of Eldrad's meddling that fate changed when Guilliman returned.

>> No.56205720

Colossus has been destroyed TWICE, and still managed to hassle the Space Wolves in 897.M41

They're around

>> No.56205725
File: 175 KB, 1024x887, nidfags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56205742

I have a lot more tolerance for the nidfags because they don't have an obnoxious wanker on the writing team canonizing that Chaos is teh bestest evar and retconning bucketloads of lore so that they already won and everyone else is an NPC.

>> No.56205745

The only reason I could think Guilliman could do more is having a shit ton of ships (now that the hive fleet was gone) to help, with a full imperial army (while the BA just had serfs and a couple thousand marines, instead of millions of troops). It was handwaved far too hard though. I wish it was fleshed out more, and active warzone with Baal itself actively infested with BA's working on retaking it to prevent it birthing a new hive fleet splinter from it's surface with what remaining resources exist upon it. Even after Guilliman showed up and helped out for a week and dumped off some new tots in power armor and a new way to make marines.

>> No.56205748


Not when the Imperium has deus ex machina after deus ex machina to wipe out hivefleets

If they ever wrote an end to the 40k setting, do you actually believe nids would play a large part?

>> No.56205758

>Chaos is the big threat right now

Chaos is the biggest threat period.
It's been established you can't run from them and the doom they're bringing is larger, more horrible and thorough than the Tyranids.

>> No.56205776

>I think Necrons have the highest tech level in 40k
arguably tyranids are or are at the same level. They're the only ones with FTL useful for Intergalactic travel and have other stuff like railguns and plasma cannons. They just went heavy in bio engineering and don't make a distinction between animal and machine.

>> No.56205779

New thread
Mistakes were made
New orkz when?!
Who's next on the line?

>> No.56205790

>more horrible and thorough than the Tyranids.
Carnac, shush

>> No.56205802

tyranids don't really avoid tomb world's. They just don't bother with lifeless world's, which most tomb world's happen to be. They've never shown hesitation in attacking tomb world's that do have life.

>> No.56205803

>arguably tyranids are or are at the same level.

Not even close. Necrons have system busting super weapons.

>> No.56205816
File: 132 KB, 800x840, tyranid_swarmlord_by_sarahjaneart-d6kyyhn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow rude

>> No.56205818
File: 10 KB, 248x203, 2017-05-30-20-04-42-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw orks will never be more than a minor nuissance
>Even the biggest ork who ever lived, who had a dozen clones, leading the largest waaagh ever seen, was wiped out by a single space marine chapter

>> No.56205843

they do. Their BFG rules literraly had an upgrade of more photosynthetic sails that gave them a speed boost because more energy.

>> No.56205847

Sure sure, but I'm fucking tired of Nids always popping in with the 'we have such a big army we already won 40k' when it's damn clear that doesn't matter a bit in universe and at all in the writing. I like Nids, but FFS the playerbases needs to chill on pushing how much they've already won. It's like they're making up for no character traits by saying 'doesn't matter, tyranids come everyone dies'

>listening to stupid shitposts instead of shitposting stupidity
Pardon if I don't express my excitement vocally

Fair, but I don't think neglected in one place means they should degenerate as a playerbase. I mean shit, tons of factions have no chance of victory by their own admission and still seem nice enough. It's just a stupid thing to focus on is all

>Le Carnac boogeyman
I half expected this, so go figure. I hate chaos wankers just as much, but that's not who's screeching right now. As soon as Carnac and his gang of merry degenerates come back to post, I'll tell them to fuck off too (and in fact already have 2-3 times over these last 3 posts)

>> No.56205851

How's that Carnac?
Chaos is plans to plunge the whole of the galaxy into mega hell were you're tortured for eternity by daemons.
That's way worse than getting killed and eaten.

It's also on a whole 'nother cosmological scale, to the outside observer the Tyranids leave a galaxy almost exactly how they find it, while Chaos would leave a giant bleeding warp anus.

>> No.56205860

It's possible the Imperium reused the name by mistake and there are two different Hive Fleet Colossuses (those administratum scribes aren't known for accuracy)

>> No.56205870

Doesn't mean they don't go into hibernation.

>> No.56205877

its more than the moons mass. There was an old WD fluff but framed as an admech analysis of a devoured earthsized world. Its diameter had been reduced by 4% which is roughly 10% of its mass.

>> No.56205878
File: 167 KB, 1024x712, Necrons_vs_Eldar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So any news/rumors of when the Necrons dex gonna be coming out? or i guess just whatever the next set of codexes are gonna be?

>> No.56205885

Except for Necrons have a failsafe for Chaos (see Cadian gate, with Necron Pylons, even Abbadon really doesn't care for chaos, sees it as a tool for conquest and would happily toss aside the dark gods once he takes over humanity if he know they wouldn't back stab him). Nids though were enough for the Silent King to say "fuck this, I fucked up, fuck everything, everyone wake up, we need to get together and fight this shit NOW!" And just kind of ignores chaos. Kind of telling.

>> No.56205906

Nids are close but the Necrons have shit that straight up breaks physics on several levels beyond what the Tyranids are capable of.

I say this as a Tyranid player.

Next year, same as Orks and DE. You'll get some stuff to tide you over in Chapter Approved (probably a lot of points drops too).

>> No.56205913

the whole octarius war was started by ork genestealer cults, they where so successful that they diverted all of one of the major tendrils of Leviathan to come after them.

>> No.56205927

>Except for Necrons have a failsafe for Chaos

It's not working very well.

>Nids though were enough for the Silent King to say "fuck this, I fucked up, fuck everything, everyone wake up, we need to get together and fight this shit NOW!" And just kind of ignores chaos. Kind of telling.

That's not true. The Silent King never experienced Chaos, he just met the Nids out in the void and decided to come back. I doubt he sees the Great Rift as nothing, that shit dwarfs anything unleashed even in the War in Heaven.

>> No.56205944

>Great Rift dwarfs the Enslaver Plague
>My sides
>My brains as well as Enslavers eat them.

>> No.56205970

The pylons were not meant for chaos they were meant for the eldar, it just so happens that the eye of terror was in the same place as the eldar planets.

>> No.56205987

>>Great Rift dwarfs the Enslaver Plague

Well yeah, it's a huge tear in reality about a hundred thousand light years long.

>> No.56206006

no, but it means they won't starve while hibernating. Tyranids are all about efficiency after all.

>> No.56206028

yeah exactly. thats all, just a mere breach in reality in part of the galaxy.

>> No.56206048

Except that the Enslavers came through a great rift in the past just like what exists now at the end of the War in Heaven, their arrival put an end to it as the galaxy descended into chaos. First through possessing the bodies of psykers then through warp storms until the whole galaxy was a shit show. Necrons were like "eh, this shit will take care of itself" and went to bed. It only ended when the Enslavers ran out of shit to devour. Unlike Nid's who can hibernate they just died out. Do you know know lore?

>> No.56206052

It doesn't mean anything of the sort.
Photosynthesis doesn't translate to unlimited energy. That's obvious by the fact they have to hibernate.

>> No.56206105

It's a very big breach and grows and erodes space and time around it.

>Except that the Enslavers came through a great rift in the past just like what exists now at the end of the War in Heaven

That's not true.

>their arrival put an end to it as the galaxy descended into chaos.

Also not true, that's retconned fluff from 3e. The War in Heaven ended with the Necrons and C'tan slaying the Old Ones, the Necrons shattering the C'tan and the Eldar ascending to power.

>> No.56206125

>Photosynthesis doesn't translate to unlimited energy. That's obvious by the fact they have to hibernate.
yes it literally does, it means they can constantly take in energy from the enviroment and don't need to burn calories to get it. Hibernation doesn't stop animals starving, it just makes them starve slower.
But since they can photosynthesise Hiveships can't starve, that they hibernate is actually irrelevant.

>> No.56206168

>yes it literally does

It does not.
We know Nids can't sustain themselves via photosynthesis, or they wouldn't have to hibernate in the first place.

How long can you survive off a couple of a couple of bread crumbs a day? Longer than nothing, but not indefinitely.

>> No.56206192

Most honorabu tau plot armor folded ten gorrillion times

>> No.56206230

while hibernating tyranids can sustain themselves off photosythesis.
You can't starve them by just waiting. They key to their indefinite sustainance is the photosynthesis. Hibernation just means they don't need as much starlight.

>> No.56206293

>while hibernating tyranids can sustain themselves off photosythesis.

So you say, but nothing actually suggests this.
The fact they have to enter a hibernation state and actively seek feeding grounds suggest they cannot sustain themselves indefinitely with photosynthesis.

>> No.56206324

the fluff always talks about them awaking from eons of hybernation. The timescales are to long for them not be sustaining themselves.

That its been mentioned in most of the codexs that tyranids don't devourer planets as a food source. Its to gain more raw materials to increae their numbers and new genetic material to design stuff with.

>> No.56206426

>dat pic

I know that line and pic. I fucking hate all cursing, but young me certainly could just rationalize it as weird skin color for a house full of busty horny lesbians.

>Hive Fleet Dagon’s dominance was foretold!

>> No.56206921
File: 143 KB, 443x599, 443px-Lelith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How good are Bloodbrides at tackling other melee units?

I was thinking of grabbing some Witch elves to turn into Bloodbrides.

Does anyone know how to paint up some chocolate elves?

>> No.56208063

I'm amazed that it even exists

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