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>Drow live underground where the sun don't shine
>are black and evil

>Elves live in wild nature, under the sun
>are white and good

That's racist.

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Quality thread.

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You don't seem to understand. I want to fuck their female no matter what.

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It just doesn't make sense. Shouldn't the Drow be horribly pale, lacking all pigment?

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You are just protecting your own prejudices on to others.

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They have black skin because their evil god, that also dominates their entire society, gave them black skin. Case closed.

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The sunlight cleanses their bodies of impurities.

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they're not the process of natural evolution and the underdark is not an ordinary cave system so no

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That fluff is entirely racist, though. It literally serves no narrative purpose other than racism.

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>race has no connection to black people outside of having dark skin
>anon perceives them as a stand-in for niggers
>starts to cry about how it is racist

OP perhaps you're the real racist here.

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That doesn't make any sense. I'm saying that they have black skin for no other reason other than "they're evil". I didn't compare them to any ethnicity.

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Brown Elves exist on the surface and are as chaotic good as the pink ones.

Drow are black and grey, skintones humans do not naturally come in.

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don't forget to go into the catalogue and click "hide thread"

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Racism is good.

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It does have a purpose.

Lolth is black because she is a giant fucking black spider, and gave her people skin to match. The dark skin tone also helps Drow blend in where their home is, the Underdark.

Also, you forget Eilistraee is the black skinned Elf goddess of good Drow. Who are nudists, for some reason.

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>Lolth is black because she is a giant fucking black spider
Why? Because she's evil? This is the problem.
>The dark skin tone also helps Drow blend in where their home is, the Underdark.
Everyone has heat vision in the Underdark.

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>Who are nudists, for some reason.

ed greenwood probably

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>Also, you forget Eilistraee is the black skinned Elf goddess of good Drow.
>Who are nudists, for some reason.
Another racially motivated fluff. It's because they're "savages".

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Honestly, a sunless region would make the elves pale. Not like, white guy pale, but nearly transluscent, milky, colorless skin with veins visible beneath. Huge, pupil-less eyes taking in as much info as they can. Larger ears to help them detect angle and position in catacombs.

.....well now I have to make CHUD drow.

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Because black widows.

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Drow are basically just palette swapped elves. Elves were described as being pale with dark hair, drow are dark with pale hair.

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Your typical D&D surface elf has black hair, pale skin, and green eyes. Drow are the evil mirror versions of surface elves. Therefore their appearance is a photo-negative version of them: white hair, dark skin, and red eyes.

That's literally the thought process that went into drow.

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хyяcism, now eat an empty bottle with your asshole

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Also Drow are meant to be the evil counterpart to the typical party.

They're literally built to be the opposites of the protagonists.

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Not really.
Surface Drow are the same as regular Elves, they just dance naked in moonlight parties for some reason.

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Being dark underground does have its benefits, being harder to detect and all, and whose to say elves have 1:1 biology with Humans

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Then how is it racist? You can’t be racist against anything fictional, so if its not commentary on anything real it is not racist.

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>They're literally built to be player character killers
Fixed that for you.
The intent behind drow was all the versatility of elves (warrior mages) with a shitload of ways to directly match and counter what pcs could bring to the table, while offering nothing of real value if looted.

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Drow are black because the underdark is massively irradiated. Earlier editions had it si radioactive that drow equipment became somewhat enchanted by the energies, acting as +X on weapons and armor, but rapidly decaying when removed from the underdark.

This was on top of the drow being inspired by the Svartalfar, or black elves, of Nordic myth.

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>”Look at me, father, I’m wearing a dress.”
>”Nope, not again.”
>”I swear father, I’m actually wearing clothes this time.”
>”Fool me once.”
>”I swear, feel the fabric.”
>”Covering your arms isn’t going to convince me to look at you.”
>”No, I really covered up this time.”
>”Are you just holding it up with your hand?”

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It's because Ed Greenwood thinks it's hot.

He's not...entirely wrong, though it's not really my thing overall (though certainly I can understand the appeal). Mostly when I think about Eilistraee dance-naked-in-the-moonlight parties I think about how my CG human-raised drow thief would react. Her patron goddess is Tymora.

>[At the inn]
>"Wait, there's a goddess for good drow?"
>>"Yes, child. Her name is Eilistraee, The Dark Lady."
>"...good guys aren't usually called that."
>>"It's just an epithet. We are having a celebration of Eilistraee this very night. You should join us!"
>"Well...okay...but my goddess is Tymora. I'm going to learn about my culture, but I won't be turning away from Tymora just 'cause."
>>"That's fine, child. Eilistraee is an ally to all the goodly gods."

>[That night, in the forest]
>>"We dance in celebration of the Dark Lady!"
>>"But you are an adult! Now strip naked and dance with us!"
>[runs away]

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>Your typical D&D surface elf has black hair,
Wait, really? I thought it was typically light- to medium-brown.

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>Your typical D&D surface elf has black hair
Wrong. They typically have blonde hair. So why do Drow have white hair they're just a negative? The fact is that they aren't.

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>D&D lore
>Basic logic
Pick one and only one.

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>the Svartalfar, or black elves, of Nordic myth.

Nordic myth dark elves are just dwarves.

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Black may be a bit of an exaggeration, but dark hair is the standard, yes, or at least it was in 3rd Edition and earlier (there were exceptions, of course, but the majority of elf art had dark hair). Starting in 4th Edition, elves started having more human color ranges. The success of the Lord of the Rings movies probably helped push blond elves to the fore as well.

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>Black elves are evil
>White elves are good
>Brown eves are good
>Implying that for the betterment of elfkind, white elves need to racemix with brown elves
I wonder who could be behind this!

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Elves are slavs.

Drow are west slavs.

Wood Elves and their cousins are East Slavs.

And High Elves...

High Elves are South Slavs.

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Here's every pic of an elf in the AD&D 2e PHB as well for further proof that the standard D&D elf was dark-haired.

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It's a reference to dǫkkálfar/svartálfar, which had black skin and like many instances of elves in Norse mythology, were virtually synonymous with dwarves and lived underground. Of course, we have little evidence that they're not just a creation of Snorri's Christian revisionist brain, but Gygax probably didn't know or care about that.

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You're full of shit, though.


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Or maybe drow are just Soviets.

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In the interest of fairness, the top three pictures in the AD&D pic might actually be the same elf each time, just in different outfits.

Heck, the bottom one might be the same elf too. AD&D is a Hell of a drug.

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This might have been funny the first five times. Now it's 1d4chan-tier outdated

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This stopped being funny a long time ago.

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They can't be stand-in for blacks, they have a civilization of their own.

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They can't be stand-in for blacks, they have a civilization of their own making.

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Implying. Lolth is the one that delivers all the gibs-me-dats.

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Drow have black skin, because in the original Fiend Folio, published before SJW's and /pol/itics became so pervasive, lived in the underdark, where strange radiations and weird light permeated the place, not only giving them their dark skin but also causing their weapons (which was also the introduction of adamatine) magical properties that faded when removed from the underdark and the strange radiations within.

The whole 'curses' and 'deity politics' have nothing to do with why they are not pale, especially since there are a umber of underground dwelling creatures in that very book which are in fact pale from living underground. They were just another terribly evil race that were meant for killing, and nothign more. Just like Dark Creepers and Dark Slayers and Dark Stalkers, Crabmen, and Duergar (because killing normal dwarves, normal elves, and normal humans didn't appeal to a lot of the playerbase at the time, since they were more than just murderhobos.).

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Its not clear what they are, it differs from source to sources.

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Mixing black and white gets grey, brown Elves aren’t in the mix.

Also, considering his love of stout beer Barry O clearly was a tall chocolate Dwarf.

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They’re based off of texts about combining Tolkien’s elves with Norse “svartalfar”, which literally means “black elf”. Perhaps taken to a literal extreme.

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Zulu created their own culture, its fucking awesome too.

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And why does that matter?

Yea, they are different races. Try live in different places.

Why tho?

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In the real world, creatures need at least some light to see. No light underground means no sight, means no need for pigment.

In your typical D&D world, however, Darkvision exist which needs no light but is black/white/shades of grey only. Pigment can be useful there.

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This. OP is subconsciously racist and is knee-jerk virtue signaling anonymously to strangers. Kinda sad

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Quite the opposite when darkvision is a common thing and only works in greyscale

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If there is an issue in D&D fluff, it's not that the "bad" race has dark skin and the "good" race has light skin. It's the very idea that some races are "bad" and some races are "good." Even in a world with actively meddling gods.

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Well then all you have to do is stop being a nigger.

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Let's be honest. OP is consciously a troll and is successfully baiting anonymously to strangers.

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>That's racist.
Yes. and I don't have a single problem with that.

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OP is actually racist and either trolling or here from /pol/ to make peopel mad at a strawman of leftists.
/pol/ literally discusses shit like this in their discords, you know.

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>le /pol/ boogeyman
>btw im from reddit

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Typically D&D has had the stance that there aren't really innately good or evil races, just bad environments in which they grow up. A drow elf could be raised among, say, humans, and turn out to be good or evil, lawful or chaotic, or none of those.

It's just that it's kind of hard to not turn out evil when you're raised in a culture that prizes backstabbing, betrayal, and survival of the fittest attitudes, and has a goddess who actively steps in to prevent anything that would change that.

This also extends to the other humanoid races in the setting, by the way. Orcs aren't innately evil, they just grow up in shitty environments and have Gruumsh constantly yelling at them in their heads to do evil. But if you could find a way to raise a baby orc outside of Gruumsh's influence, he might grow up to be anything.

This actually happens literally all the time just to Faerûn's south, in the continent of Zakhara, where a central point of the setting is that the various races live in basically cosmopolitan harmony with each other without a care for the normal racial enmities, and can be of any alignment (note: this doesn't mean that Zakhara is a paradise by any means - just that race is not a consideration to Zakharans). A Zakharan elf and orc might hate each other, but it won't be because one is an elf and one is an orc, it'll be for some other reason, like one having killed the other's family and so that one swore revenge against the first.

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Zulu drow are now on my next-setting-list.

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Go on, call me a shill.

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What's with all the drow shitposting lately?
We get it, fantastical concepts are dumb. Roll credits

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Is that the one that gender bends the male priests during religious ceremonies, or am I thinking of a different Forgotten Realms god?

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>Typically D&D
WotC D&D, maybe.

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>Everyone has heat vision in the Underdark.
You mean everyone has gray vision, wherein being a shade of black helps you blend in with the surroundings.

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I already dislike leftists anyways

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At the time the drow were introduced, however, there was no darkvision. Instead, there was infravision (heat vision). So while their coloring does make some sense now, it didn't help back then.

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ad&d lore from modules confirm that underdark sickness is radiation sickness, the underdark being bathed in radiation, and drow night-vision is explicitly described in ad&d rules as the ability to see in to the ultra violet and gamma spectrum, rather than the regular range of colour. regular elves only seeing into ultra violet and dwarves having infra vision.

they have solid black skin, to aid against this natural element of the underdark,

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Actually, no, their black skin is the result of a curse back when Lolth first tried to murder her husband and got kicked out of the elven pantheon for it. It was to forever brand those elves who are loyal to her so they could be purged/driven out of elvish society.

Their white hair and red eyes is probably the result of either demon blood (certain Drow rituals involve the Priestesses fucking demons) or the majority of them being albinos due to too much inbreeding since they are an incredibly isolated race that is constantly culling off large numbers of their own population due to constant backstabbing and shit.

I mean, for fucks sake, entire Noble Houses are eliminated on a regular basis. And that includes all the common peasant stock as well as the Merchant class who are currently living on that Noble House's property/working for them.

>> No.56201579

Wait, hold on, don't Drow have heat vision, I remember in the books I read that Drow would turn bright white with rage, due to all the blood rushing to their face.

>> No.56201686

yeah, in gygaxs words, "an orc is a person too! a person that rapes kills and steals its way through life and will be dealt with appropriately"

when Lolth first tried to murder her husband and got kicked out of the elven pantheon for it.

this nu-lore of course contradicts the fact that og lolth was never a god of any kind and was originally the demon queen of spiders who tricked a bunch of idiots in to worshipping her and getting them to go along with the whole spider motif to please her

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>I remember in the books

what books exactly are these?

you have to remember that the authors own settings elves doesnt necessarily mean that those are canon d&d rules

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Better version

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Inexorably we are drawn to the inevitable conclusion.

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>WotC D&D, maybe.

Haha, no. Note my main source of this is Zakhara, which was first described in TSR's Arabian Adventures, which was released in 1992.

Give me a second, I love proving myself right AND stomping on people who think that inclusiveness only started in the 2010s...ah, here we go. Arabian Adventures, page 11.

Yeah, that's...that's Eilistraee. And that is definitely NOT my fetish. Leaving aside everything else, I dislike that Eilistraee, the supposedly good drow goddess who supposedly would want to do anything to save as many drow as she could from Lolth, would have a practice that basically continues the matriarchy of Lolth.

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furthur proof dating back to first edition. elves have dark hair.

wood elves have fair hair though

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Elves aren't humans you anthropocentric biofaggot.

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Now hol up, he might be on to something
>no sense of honor
>the men die early deaths because they're too busy murdering each other
>single motherhood is the most common system of parenting
>little to no attachment to their spawn beyond what monetary and status gain they represent
>no real sense of honor or loyalty, comrades only exist as long as there is no benefit to backstabbing them
>the most structured system of civilization they can attain is glorified gang wars
>hate to do any actual work themselves
>they rely on a higher authority for every last scrap of power or sustenance (lolth/da gubmint) but in the same breath curse that very higher authority for everything wrong in their lives
Truly, drow are a better standin for niggers than orcs. Orcs are at least industrious and understand loyalty.

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Fuck off /pol/.

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Just as we were about to be free...

>> No.56202366

>Orcs are at least industrious and understand loyalty.
please, all orcs understand is how to stick someone with a stick and wallow in their own excrement

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better miners than humans apparantly. so long as they are not being forced

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>(and both genders too)

>> No.56202918

We wuz servants of the Spider Queen n' shiet

>> No.56202946

Okay but I want to point out Black Elves in Norse Myth are black because of dust from mining staining their skin, and not because they're evil covered in radiation.

Also I'm not sure how Dwarves can both be Black Elves and Hyper Smiths of the gods.

>> No.56203033

Drow are fairy tale characters and not hard science. They are not intended to reflect scientific truths but to reflect personal emotions. When you fight Drow in an RPG it is less a fight between people and bandits and more a battle between order and chaos.

>> No.56203101

Black Elves -were- the Hyper Smiths in some versions of the myth. Gross little cavedwellers who forged wonders.
The whole ljósálfar/hvítálfar and Dökkálfar/Svartálfar/Myrkálfar thing is a mess.

>> No.56204138

>Equating a race of sociopaths to black people
Run off to your klan meeting.

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not same anon, but in the forgotten realms series that follows drizzt pretty extensively (icewind dale?) it claims they have heat/infrared vision

no idea if it's actually canon tho

>> No.56204277

>Implying any of that is bad

>> No.56204342

Light and Whiteness have always been symbols of purity.
Darkness and blackness have been symbols of evil.
It has nothing to do with race and if you think it does- I'm sorry you view the world that way.

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>ed greenwood probably
Actually, yes, but only under direct instructions. While he was writing for 'Drow of the Underdark', someone at TSR asked him to include something to support/justify printing a commissioned piece of art (pic related). The art was commissioned and delivered *before* Greenwood was told to write that particular detail, so this time, the blame's not actually on him.

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>elves are good
They're literally monsters, no matter what color they are. Some monsters just don't bother us too much.

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Elves always adapt the characteristics of their surroundings.

>Elves that spend a lot of time in the sun have features similar to the sky: yellow, white, and blue.

>Elves that spend a lot of time in the forest have foresty colors

>Elves that live in dark places have dark colors

>Elves that live in alternate dimensions are purply

>Elves that know magic have magical stuff coming out of their eyes

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File: 366 KB, 140x160, elf flirts.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're cute.

>> No.56205714

You know what else is a cute monster? DRAGONS. ELVES DON'T GET FIRST CHANCES.

>> No.56205739

>Elves that spend a lot of time in the forest have foresty colors
I've never seen an elf with green hair in any non-Japanese media.

>> No.56205762
File: 176 KB, 237x313, elf joy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But look at this face. Those ears. How could you be cruel to such a creature...?

>> No.56205782

That's clearly a human though

>> No.56205872
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I didn't say they have green hair, I said they have foresty colors.

>> No.56205876

I kinda like it. Seems a nice idea for them to free themselves from the trappings of Llolth society.

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File: 123 KB, 612x563, you do, don't you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56206150

Infravision *was* heat vision in earlier editions of the game. 3rd Edition introduced the concept of "darkvision", mostly because creatures being able to see heat would necessarily allow them to see things that humans couldn't, and rather than come up with complex rules concerning heat vision it was easier to just invent darkvision. Not to mention people probably bitched about "invisible" zombies and cold-blooded creatures and stuff.

In any event, since the Drizzt books were written before the switch to 3rd Edition, Drizzt and other drow characters sort-of grandfathered in infravision into their personal narratives. But that's solely for internal consistency within the books. In standard D&D since 3rd Edition, drow - including Drizzt - have darkvision, not infravision. And they've always had it, retroactively.

>> No.56206302

No, because black people don't live underground or are spiders.
Modern dnd orcs are though, since they're just stand-ins for nomadic tribes.

>> No.56206317

In AD&D, drow had infravision (heat vision). Once 3.0 D&D came about, infravision (and ultravision) was dropped in favor of darkvision and low light vision. So at one time drow did have heat vision, but no longer.

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>> No.56206876

Anon, I say this with love.

You're fucking retarded.

The San, Hadza, Mbuti, Twa, and Tuareg all flip you the bird as they move on by you.

>> No.56206927

Why do they have to be stand-ins for blacks if they're nomadic? There are nomads everywhere in the world.

>> No.56207671

"Uh, hey, Ed? I kinda bought some softcore with company money, can you maybe cover for me?"

"Say no more my man."

>> No.56208542

I dislike you more than the elf-haters.

>> No.56209541

It's pretty clearly intended to be a reference to similar (neo-)pagan rituals from IRL, practiced by people like the Wiccans.

>> No.56209587

>clean up after humans constantly fuck everything up for everyone and everything

>> No.56209661


I know very little about D&D fiction. Is Greenwood supposed to be good? Been reading Elminster in Hell and his writing is garbage tier, he has no idea of how to frame any of it apart from the occasional set piece.

>> No.56209727

The thing you need to know about Greenwood and D&D fiction is that Ed wrote it
All of it.
He'd been writing it for decades, before D&D was even a thing.

He wrote so much that never at any point has he had to make anything up on the fly when asked a lore question, he always had notes to refer to.
He's got a whole room stacked floor to ceiling with notes and it's all canon.

>> No.56210199

Well, when it comes to the Forgotten Realms, yes. Other settings, not so much, but the man either created or laid the foundations for almost everything ever written for FR. He even did his best to make the Wizards-enforced shit-sandwich of the Spellplague less revolting and more digestible. (He failed, yes, but bless him, he did all he could. Not his fault WotC were knuckleheads.)
>>56209661, the thing >>56209727 says about the room full of notes? Completely true - Greenwood has commented on it multiple times at CandleKeep.

>> No.56210218

FR's the only one that matters anyway desu

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>tfw you want Elves and Dwarves to be their own class again so they will be a little bit more unique compared to humans but you know this will never ever happen

>> No.56210261

Always liked him as a writer. He isnt the best at characterizations but he is great and creating Settings.

I makes me absolutely livid that people who dont know shit about FR see it as GENERIC FANTASY SETTING when it has so much unique and interesting shit in it that WotC never bothered to touch because of suits.

>> No.56210297

Greenwood's alright, and he's responsible for the good bits of FR.
He's also known for some of his wankbait material, mostly in his own novels.

>> No.56210317
File: 2.09 MB, 680x680, elf intensifies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't play Basic D&D

>> No.56210356

>He's also known for some of his wankbait materia
Didn't his elves suffer from this, as well as Elminster fucking his own daughter he speed-grown to an adult? Or something like this.

>> No.56210519

Africa has a disproportionately sizable share due to irregular rain patterns. Also due to the sahara being a hellscape.

>> No.56210566

If the Drow's pale skin tone was the result of natural evolution, that might be the case.

But the Drow aren't the color they are because of natural processes. They're that way because Lloth decided to turn all their skin dark. Partially because Lloth is an edgelord, partially because it makes them basically fucking invisible in the Underdark.

Primarily the edgelord thing though.

>> No.56211118

He helped to raise most of the Seven Sisters, and ended up romantically involved with one of them several hundred years later - namely The Simbul, Queen of Aglarond and bane of the Red Wizards of Thay. By the same token, both of them are incredibly long-lived and have outlasted almost every other person they ever knew, not to mention more than a few cities and even countries. I get freaked out when I go back to my old hometown and see an art-gallery standing in the place of my favorite video arcade of twenty years ago - imagine that spread over three *thousand* years' worth of places and people.
Watching almost everything and everyone they've ever known and loved just... wither and die in front of them has loosened more than a few of their screws (see: compulsively murders Red Wizards), and their affair is partly down to each of them clinging to one of the few people who actually understand what they've been through. It isn't so much fapbait as "immortality kind'a sucks".

>> No.56212346

I never understood this desire, and I never will.

>> No.56212767

Forest elves have brown hair or black hair, it helps them blend in with tree bark and shit.

>> No.56212811

No, you fucking idiot. Their skin is black because their entire race was cursed because Lolth tried to murderfuck her own husband and a bunch of idiots decided to stay loyal to her when she was kicked out of the elven pantheon for it.

>> No.56212845

>green hair
Who the fuck said anything about hair? Wood Elves have darker coloured skin, with a greenish undertone. "Wood elves' skin tends to be copperish in hue, sometimes with traces of green. Their hair tends toward browns and blacks, but it is occasionally blond or copper colored. Their eyes are green, brown, or hazel."

Fifth Edition Player's Handbook, Page 24, under Wood Elf.

>> No.56212942
File: 306 KB, 640x1059, Elves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

D&D had them

>> No.56212957
File: 223 KB, 640x966, GreenHairedElf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever the fuck this is had them

>> No.56215076

DF has taught me not to trust smiling elves

>> No.56215282

Thats because you are too young and too ignorant to be a grognard.

>> No.56215355

>Drow and Elves make Anime porn elves
That's not how that works, but now I actually want a setting where this IS what happens and it's the only thing that Drow and Elves agree as being an abomination because elves think the idea of birthing something that doesn't look exactly like themselves is horrific and drow don't want another elf-race running around that could side with the regular elves and wipe them out.

The twist being that the two races hatred towards brown elves is EXACTLY why brown elves help the other races kill elves and drow on the first place.

>> No.56215385


I think that's the 4e Seeker? 4e separated elf/eladrin looks a bit.

>> No.56215406

That's a 4e Elf, and yes, that's the PHB 3's class artwork for the Seeker.

>> No.56215431

It just feels...weird to me. I mean, if elves are required to be in the Elf class - and if we're going full 1e then presumably there's almost no multiclassing - does that mean that elves don't have clerics, rogues, druids, bards?

What about an elf raised among another race, with no exposure to normal elven society?

>> No.56216505

Does anyone have a link to a repository of the paywalled Drowtales stuff?

>> No.56216601

1. They have black skin, white hair, and weird eyes as a physical mark of their ancestral pact with one (D&D) or multiple (Pathfinder) demon lords. Good Drow still have them, you know.
2. They aren't black: they're fucking bluish-purple, a color so dark that 99.9% of people that the Western world considers "black" look fucking albino in comparison.

>> No.56216619


>> No.56216645

>being able to identify racism means you're racist

>> No.56216676

>seeing racism in places it doesn't exist makes...

Well ok it doesn't make him racist, it just makes him a paranoid moron.

>> No.56216858

>darker than black

>> No.56216935

It could be either, drow have multiple possible skin colors as well.

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