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This Triggers the Maro Edition

Previously: >>56157232

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
What do you think is the best spot removal in each color? You may include colorless if you so choose.

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I wanna build Salvaging Station. Maybe I could work it into my WB artifacty partners deck? Opinions? Marionette Master, Salvaging and Origin Spellbomb seems spicey.

White: Swords to Plowshares
Blue: Dissipate (Cyclonic Rift if you think Dissipate is cheating)
Black: Go for the Throat (Silence the Believers is probably next on the list)
Red: Chaos Warp, no question
Green: Beast Within
Colorless: Duplicant

Honorable mentions: Return to Dust, Path to Exile, Pongify, Chainer’s Edict, Vandalblast, Mizzium Mortars, Acidic Slime, Reclamation Sage.

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Swords to the Plowshares
Go for the throat
Song of the dryads

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I modified this Arjun eggs deck
I found on tappedout and included salvaging station in it to retrieve my eggs. The deck is a fucking lot of fun to run.

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W- swords, path if your group has tarded deckbuilding habits
U- cyclonic rift, it makes me hard thinking about that value
B- kcommand, lol
R- chaos warp, Ive straight up won with this card because Ive hit gold. Fuck maro
>G- beast within, because its too good

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I want to build an adamaro deck, as it's the first legendary creature I have ever had. gonna follow this list http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/shoot-that-adamaro-adamaro-edh-primer/. thoughts?

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White: Swords to Plowshares
Blue: Dissipate, Void Shatter if counterspells are allowed, otherwise cyclonic rift
Black: Snuff Out,Hero's Downfall, Dismember
Red: Chaos Warp
Green: Beast Within, Terastodon
Colorless: both Ulamogs, Spine of Ish Sah, Duplicant, Karn Liberated

That's all just my favourite spot removal in those colours

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Sounds too light on instants to not have Veldaken Orrery, Gamble wouldn't hurt.

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What's the point of building a deck if you just follow a list someone else made?

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What's the point of playing the game if you don't play optimally?

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I am not going to copy this list obviously, or I wouldn't have asked advice from you guys, I'm using it as reference. If you have other, better lists for me to check out I'd be grateful. I have to follow some lists cause I don't own most of these cards, so I have to start somewhere. I agree with you though

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>Thread question

Go for the throat
Acidic Slime
Lightning Bolt

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Is there a good Magic the gathering free game for windows or android?

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It just looks like a typical mono-red goodstuff/artiact deck with random grouphug thrown in. Seems pretty weak friendo

>> No.56177144

which one? Magic online make me pay for cards, doesn't it?

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>no mention of Reality Shift anywhere to be seen
You plebeians disgust me.

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Oblivion ring
Lightning bolt
Reality acid
Beast within

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Is Thing in the Ice a good card for Kess storm?

>> No.56177685

How the fuck do you even win with this guy?

>> No.56177708

I am very happy that we haven't seen magical hack type cards in 4 years.

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Whats the most winningest deck in commander 3vs1? Asking for a friend...

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Swords to Plowshares
File Not Found
Chaos Warp
Beast Within

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Willbreaker works pretty well once you have a ton of mana.

>> No.56177762

>Reality Shift
>Giving your opponent potential card advantage

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>> No.56177827

Is it better to focus it on the voltron aspect or the everyone-draws aspect for adamaro? I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'd like to hear your opinions.

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>> No.56177862

At best, it exiles one of their creatures and exile-mills them for 1 if it's an instant or sorcery, at worst they effectively get to draw a creature card, that could be blown up by just about any amount of damage

>> No.56177899

Tasigur can use to to deck people with infinite mana.

>> No.56177919

Anyone want to help me out?


I'm looking for budget upgrades, or cards you guys think aren't very good that I should take out. Budget, I'm talking >5 a card. I've sank a lot of money into the deck recently, so I'd really rather not buy the manarocks yet. And, I know I need a Tendrils, and probably Exsanguinate. Any other tips?

>> No.56177950

I also have a Yawgmoth's Will, but it's pretty fucking mint and I think I'm gonna send it off to get graded instead of playing it. and then Ill buy one in really shitty condition for loads cheaper

>> No.56178595

You are going to kind of need both to make him work. Pure voltron he's meidocre, and pure draw he can't connect

>> No.56178609

>grading a $40 card

>> No.56178741

reserved list. PSA 9's are ~55-65 from what I can find. I don't need to sell the card any time soon. So, you know, I'll just sit on it.

>> No.56178815

>Send it off to get graded
Top kek.

>> No.56178861

Problem with Rakdos VS Neheb is that you are much more locked with creatures, Neheb is not as powerful on the creature-part, but he also has the advantage/disadvantage of being mono-colored; Less card-draw and removal, but all the fun stuff of mono.

I also already have Mazirek, Samut and Edgar as creature-decks, so I want something a bit different, but I also want to use the Eldrazi I don't use elsewhere

>> No.56178888

>spot removal

>> No.56179043

Neheb really shines with the Blaze /fireball variants

>> No.56179046

oh baby nice 8888

>> No.56179319

Just play with it you fag.

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>opponent casts a spell near me

>> No.56179376

No, the only creatures worth running for kess storm are baral, JVP, and dark confidant

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Quads confirms counterspells aren't spot removal, Blue eternally btfo

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Thread Question
>W: StP, Path, Oblation
>U: Pongify, Rapid Hybridization, Reality Shift
>B: Doom Blade, Gate to Phyrexia
>R: Chaos Warp
>G: Beast Within

Is tappedout going slow or just plain acting odd for anyone else? It's being a pain to upload decks and just taking long times to load

>> No.56179755

How does Part the Waterveil work with Rebound?

>> No.56179818

I'm experiencing the same.

>> No.56179839

>Part the Waterveil
It doesn't, as part of resolution of the spell it exiles itself, and rebound never has a chance to trigger.

>> No.56179841

It doesn't. Rebound is a replacement effect that is applied to the event of putting the card into your graveyard as it resolves. Part the Waterveil exiles itself before that event would happen, so there's nothing for Rebound to replace.

>> No.56179929

Black: hero's downfall
White: swords to plowshares
Red: chaos warp
Fuck blue
Green: beast within

>> No.56180055

White has path of exile and plowshares
Blue has reality shift and pongify
Black has fatal push or go for the throat
Red has chaos warp and lightning bolt
Green has pounce and beast within

>> No.56180319

I'd run Notion Thief too

>> No.56180324

is caged sun in Zada worth it? I feel like the game should be over before I can really extract value out of it

>> No.56180356

Giving a shitload of goblins +1/+1 is also value

>> No.56180511

I've played it and it can help you get back from a blowout. I have also just killed somebody like it was a Krenko deck with slightly larger goblins.

>> No.56180519

>playing alesha in 3 player game
>other players just ramping
>draw nothing but mana and one beetle back chief
>draw into mirror entity
>accidentally kill them both by turn 5
they both quit for the day

>> No.56180554

Did you omit that you drew Sol Ring and Mana Crypt or something? I call bullshit

>> No.56180586

that's what I meant when I said I drew nothing but mana. Had sol ring, mardu banner and 2 lands that tap for 2. Swung for 32 on turn 4

>> No.56180599

>Thread question
White: Swords to Plowshares
Blue: Cyclonic Rift
Black: Victim of Night
Red: Chaos Warp
Green: Beast Within
Colorless: Spine of Ish Sah (for combo potential)

>> No.56180610

>mardu banner
People actually play those pieces of hot garbage?

>> No.56180618

it's only like a $60 dollar deck

>> No.56180626

Maybe they don't have darksteel ingot?

>> No.56180642

>Sol Ring in a casual deck ruins an entire game night

>> No.56180650


Why not? Gives you all the wedge colors and potential draw a card if you need it:

>> No.56180652

If you're in those three colors alone it's basically another commander sphere. It's not great, but it works.

>> No.56180696

Unless you need the redundancy, Darksteel ingot + commander sphere basically take up the slot that mardu banner fits in.

>> No.56180699

I guess, do you already play Commander's Sphere, Darksteel Ingot, Cultivator's Caravan? Or a dozen other rocks that tap for colorless but have other great upsides and are less than 50 cents.

Commander sphere costs 0 mana to sacrifice, that's huge.

>> No.56180782


I play both, actually, in my Mardu and Temur colored decks.

>> No.56180790

if it's that cheap I guess I'll upgrade next time I'm at the shop.

>> No.56180875

What's stopping me from cramming every version of this card into a deck and winning every time

>> No.56180879

>Cultivator's Caravan
As if anyone actually plays that shit

>> No.56180887


>> No.56180898

Removal. Combo. Synergy. Aether Snap.

>> No.56180903

He's playing a beatdown deck, it can be useful then. Also surprisingly good at stopping people from attacking you if left untapped.

>> No.56180915

>Mardu and Temur

Mardu I can see because those colors dont lend well to color fixing.

But why Temur? You have access to massive card draw and color fixing, I cant see the need for a banner.
The fact it has zero protection, and otherwise is a pretty vanilla beater.

>> No.56180920


>> No.56180935

the power 3 or more limitation hurts too much because my alesha is nothing but 2 power or less cards

>> No.56180980

I can see what you mean, but you can tap multiple creatures, and don't you play any anthems?

>> No.56181002

Alesha can only reanimate things with 2 or less attack, is what he means.

>> No.56181028

Caravan isn't a creature so he wouldn't be able to reanimate it regardless of what its power is.

>> No.56181052

I do but they aren't terribly common. Deck focuses heavily on reliably filling the board every turn and less on anthem effects

>> No.56181056

Ah, right, of course.
Regardless, Caravan doesn't provide much to an Alesha deck. I wouldn't run it.

>> No.56181079

I'm not arguing that it is good enough, but I'd run it over Mardu Banner every time.

Another worthwhile benefit to it is that it can give a form of pseudo-haste to creatures you play, by tapping them to activate the caravan and attack.

>> No.56181098

I'm still new and shit at this game so I've been using edhrec to find some commanders to build decks with.

I'm failing to understand how to use this card as a commander. Is he only good for skullclamp fodder? How do you make Squee good? Is he even good?

>> No.56181121

Nope, he is not particularly good.
He has a few fun synergies but overall they aren't strong enough to justify make a deck out of it.

>> No.56181130

Spiciest deck you've ever seen / deck that after you played with/against it you immediately wanted to go again. What's her name /EDH/?

>> No.56181169

Yeah, I'd run it over Mardu Banner, in some situations, but I'd run Command Sphere over all of it, and the signets/Darksteel Ingot over Caravan.
He has plenty of inexpensive Mana rocks to pick from, many of which outclass both Caravan and the keyrune.

>> No.56181178


Probably the most hillarious deck I have, because you get the satisfaction of plopping down a huge bomb or ten every turn.

>> No.56181197

>mfw beat 3 cEDH decks with Anya

I got a round of applause for winning with boros

>> No.56181237

Even if you happened to win at a real cEDH table with Boros, that doesn't change the fact that it's probably just an outlier on a long list of defeats.

>> No.56181262

The deck is doing real good against them, that said it wouldnt do well against most other kinds of decks

>> No.56181291

What kind of Boros list do you have that can interact with combo/storm? Do you run Boros stax?

>> No.56181331

Vanilla beater and pretty dead draw in the mid to late game

>> No.56181338

For that matter, what sort of "cEDH" lists we talking about here?

>> No.56181389

Thrasios/Tymna, Kess storm, RUG stuff
its an abstract kind of stax, making list now

>> No.56181430

>32 mana on turn 4

>> No.56181451

Beetleback Chief, Mirror Entity and Alesha are 5 total creatures on board. If he pumped them all with Mirror Entity, it's only like 8 mana on turn 4, which is entirely possible.

>> No.56181483

They cost 10 in total and none have haste

I feel like tons of fast mana would have been necessary to have this whole thing go off by T4

>> No.56181506

>doesn't read
>is confused
what a shocker

>> No.56181570

Are you retarded? You first assume he only had 1 creature and 32 mana turn 4, and now you're back-pedaling to say he would need fast mana. The post you replied to literally tells you he had early Sol Ring. Is it that hard to read?
I'm sure he can't exactly recall the board state and exact turn everything happened, but it's not like he's telling some unreasonable crazy story.

>> No.56181580

Target has a deal on right now where you can get 25% off any "toy" and Magic cards are included. That apparently includes fatpacks and decks, so if you see any c17, you can get it cheap.

>> No.56181605

I'm just really not sure how a 5 CMC beater as a commander of a 'stax' list would slow down FlashHulk enough to win.

>> No.56181623

Er, that should be:
>25% off any one "toy"

Can't just sweep the whole Magic shelf, unfortunately.

>> No.56181655

um, how so?

>> No.56181700


>> No.56181712

You text a thing and get a one-time use promo QR, so I guess if you spoof your phone number you could get multiples, but otherwise it's only a single product.

>> No.56181790


Maybe you gonna like Dragon mage and Browbeat.
Cards like burning inq could help making an oponent discard a card he/she wants to use or make them draw that card and keep it. idk if its more useful than bad
You also may try a lot of destroy lands so the oponnent cant play too many cards each turn (but this sure gonna make someone pisses off a lot)

>> No.56181909


anya is a good beater, thats all i really use her for

>> No.56181923

It'll still be a big/big if you let it grow before playing that

>> No.56182073

>Darksteel Forge
I'm sorry to break it to you, but that's really not cEDH. You guys are probably running high power, gimped versions of similar strategies, but i'm really not sure how you're supposed to get by with an average CMC of 3.13 in cEDH. My Boonweaver Karador is 2.67, and that's still me being generously slow.

>> No.56182091

And to clarify, Boonweaver Karador is still too slow for a cEDH table.

>> No.56182135

im not gonna make their lists but their decks go fast

so i mulligan for fast mana and disruption and it usually sticks

>> No.56182171


So, what, if somebody hasn't won by their third turn it's not cEHD?

>> No.56182244

some people think this, and its the same people that think vintage games always end on t1 or 2

>> No.56182262


>> No.56182326

>this fag again
Fuck off bud, play the format. Just about any combo is fine if it has few enough easily searchable parts. Where you really run into issues with speed is if you have no removal or aren't running a suitable stall strategy to fish your pieces.

T1 cEDH is a completely different beast, and generally most combos are still fine, but you need to be able to chug them out through 5 fucking kinds of zero cost removal, AND have them counterspell backed. Tazri wins not because it's efficient but because you can play 5 colour goodstuff to stop someone from exiling your foodchain before you even get it, and one mana tutors that exile.

>> No.56182372

>Have Feldon nearly complete and ready to play
>Also working on Gishath
>And Samut based on infinite Combat steps
>And have started setting things aside for Wort the Raid Mother
>Already have 7 other decks

When does it stop?

>> No.56182389

now to more of high-power and meme decks:
I was thinking of playing something like this today, need to cut 4 cards yes i know i should cut most of the garbage

split-second cards are in there b/c of my meta

>> No.56182461

Never, although when I hit 12-13 decks I started taking apart some of the ones I didn't play regularly

>> No.56182472

r: chaos warp
w: swords
b: vraska's contempt
u: reality shift
g: beast within
c: scour from existence

>> No.56182564

It doesn't. I have decks for almost every type of wincon/archtype of somesort.

I did start scraping some of my first shittier decks though. Decks are always going through refinement.

>> No.56182696

I play it plenty. And i'm not saying that a game needs to end T2 for it to be cEDH. I'm just saying, cards like Darksteel Forge and Obliterate are very high CMC, and really have no place at a cEDH table. How often in a game of cEDH do you realistically get a chance to cast something like Obliterate?
I'm sure that his playgroup play competitively, but how do you really define the difference between cEDH and '75% we play combos' power level? Cause that seems more like what the playgroup is. And there's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.56182904

Helm of Obedience for the instakill with RiP.

Sudden Spoiling as an actually good split second card.

>> No.56183006

Opinion of song of dryads or imprison in the moon on commanders? Person in my group thinks they should be banned because he pretty much exclusively plays voltron

White: swords
Black: for the throat
Red: chaos warp
Blue: cyclonic rift
Green: song of dryads

>> No.56183007

Can Thraximundar be a decent general for Grixis control? I figure wait till my opponents are burnt out on their resources and send in Thrax to finish off the game. Thoughts?

>> No.56183028

I absolutely love Song of the Dryads.

Especially with Vesuva and Thespian Stage so I can copy whatever it is I enchanted in the first place.

>> No.56183055


Both very useful, and if a voltron player cant deal with them, they need to retune their deck if they cannot remove a single aura, or put in land destruction to bring back their commander.

What are they even playing that allows them to get hit by something like that though, most good voltron commanders have inbuilt protection to avoid being brought down by a single card.

>> No.56183093

Something that imparts some form of card advantage would be better lest ye be the one to run out of gas trying to control three other players. Thrax might as well be a vanilla beater for all the good he'd do you.

>> No.56183127

So Kess or nothing, eh?

>> No.56183141

Thrax is a very aggro commander, I'm sure you could go control with the colors but your commander wouldn't help the strategy in any way. If you wanna play him it'd probably be better to support him with a more aggro strategy that overruns your opponents.

>> No.56183175

Fraid so my dude.

>> No.56183214


>> No.56183234

Don't be sad. Double casting spells feels good man.

>> No.56183243

Another good one is Temporal Isolation. Best played on Nekusar, but useful against all sorts of stuff.

>> No.56183357

>Vraska's Contempt over Silence the Believers

>> No.56183369

Tell him that a voltron commander that doesn't have hexproof is a shitty voltron commander.

>> No.56183376

Has anyone had much experience with The Scorpion God? I think i'm going to build him next.

>> No.56183439

I need some spicy tech for neheb. I use dragonmaster outcast and landfall burn shit like tunneling geopede. I also don't know how many big red things to run?

>> No.56183452

Time to shamelessly advertise your commander decks guys. Here's mine: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/gears-in-motion-semi-competitive-sydri-edh/

>> No.56183474

Advertise? You want good boy points or assistance?

>> No.56183500

View whoring fuck.

>> No.56183508

Constructive criticism regarding deckbuilding is always appreciated.

>> No.56183669

You don't want tendies then?

>> No.56183727

Whats the most winningest deck in commander 3vs1? Asking for a friend...

>> No.56183747

Nah, just deck building advice.

>> No.56183898

How do you feel about using commanders that aren't released yet? I'm really excited for combo dinosaur.

>> No.56183904

Depends on the setting.

>> No.56183911

very nice.

>> No.56183947


Not my cup of tea, but I am looking forward to Rivals commanders.

I am hoping for another W/B commander, but one that isnt garbage like Vona.

>> No.56183952

Would anyone like to sell me a timespiral?

>> No.56183955

any setting. i just want to know which deck has best odds of winning against 3 people give any possible scenario. another anon mentioned FTC earlier im wondering if anyone else thought otherwise.

>> No.56183975

Breakfast hulk

>> No.56183993

I need a dumb, cheap solitaire deck to play for when I'm just trying to keep my playgroup happy after giving them the zada. Suggestions?

>> No.56184057


Mairsil, bar none. Have fun jerking yourself off at one end of the table.

It only needs a few cheap pieces.

>> No.56184090

k thanks lad

>> No.56184091

Jori En, Ruin Diver. Play a few spells a turn, draw a couple cards, strategically use your counterspells to make allies, etc..

>> No.56184164

Because I work for Target and I will stop you from doubling up on coupons that specifically limit to 1.

Also, if you're local Target is anything like the one I work at, half the people that work there play Magic and have already bought all the good stuff.

>> No.56184208

Hey is there anything in EDH that plays like Rakdos Reanimator in Legacy?

>> No.56184210

If you define solitaire as winning the game using weird combo's, I do that using my karn deck

>> No.56184219

does kess' ability reset if you bounce her?

>> No.56184265

Pongify is better than reality shift and theres nothing worse than giving an aggro deck a free 2/2 that might be their best creature. At least with chaos warp the result is instant so if your fucked yourself instead of saving yourself the rest of the group might respond.

>> No.56184293

I was playing Taigam a full two months before his release. By the time he came out the deck had become the bane of my Timmy meta and people are still stubbornly refusing to run answers.

>> No.56184315

I got a ruling question. with counterbalance and scroll rack out on my field, can I respond to the opponent tapping mana to scroll rack a card to the top of my deck with the same cmc? How would I go about this interaction?

>> No.56184326


>> No.56184354

don't play legacy, but inalla might be your gal if etb abuse and graveyard strategies are your jam

>> No.56184362

You cant resopond to somebody tapping mana, but you can respond to them casting the card. If the spell is split second you gotta deal with it and hope tje top card was a match.

>> No.56184377

I second the Breakfast Hulk notion. If they don't respond to the flash, or the Hulk trigger, they basically can't interact with your combo, and you just win.

>> No.56184381

is there a better commander deck than this lads?

>> No.56184383

You can't respond to mana abilities but you can respond to the trigger from counterbalance to dig

>> No.56184393

Tapping lands for mana does not use the stack, and cannot be responded to.

>> No.56184406

With chaos warp the creature does still trigger its ETB effect, which is relevant in a lot of cases, and the owner doesn't have to pay an additional cost to use his new permanent. Reality shift's morph can be removed before it's turned over, can't be turned over if it isn't a creature and the spell costs 1 less. The only downside I see is that reality shift only hits creatures, while chaos warp also hits noncreatures

>> No.56184408

duly noted, thanks for responding

>> No.56184420

If your opponent has priority, you can't do anything until they pass priority, whether it be after casting a spell or to pass into the next phase.
Only then can you do whatever you want to.

>> No.56184440

And reality shift can't undo itself by putting the removed permanent back onto the battlefield due to bad luck

>> No.56184475

Swords to Plowshares. No contest.
Chaos Warp.
Beast Within or Krosan Grip.
Pungify/Rapid hybridization.
I have no answer for black spot removal. There's so few wrong answers that I can't find a true right one.

>> No.56184527

Morphs/manifest dont use the stack and just give your opponent more hidden knowledge on top of not being able to hit any permenant type. Ive fucked my group hard when they reality shift me because im playing a tricky deck. Giving good beaters haste is bad and isnt worth the risk compared to being hit by a 3/3 tilll the wipe happens.

>> No.56184567

Rakdos Reanimator is pretty much
>loot and dump huge shit like Griselbrand and Iona into the yard
>bring it back for stupid cheap off of Reanimate and Exhume

You can do all of this on turn 1. Dunno if there's anything similar

>> No.56184608

Yeah, but chaos warp could just as easily have hit that same beater, and given it its ETB effect. Also, anyone who removes a creature pre-combat is a fucking idiot unless that creature has an on-attack trigger

>> No.56184650

I'm a big fan of Vraska's Contempt.
It's 4 mana, but it exiles Creatures and Planeswalkers at instant speed.

>> No.56184722

Doesnt even work.

>> No.56184766

Vizier + Dino + Ashnod's Altar + Herd Gnar/Rhonas's Monument/Primeval Bounty goes infinite. Throw in Soul of the Harvest/Primordial Sage/Garruk's Packleader to draw your deck, then Aetherflux Reservoir and Bontu's Monument to kill everyone. How does this not work?

>> No.56184772

The shittiest part about shift is you dont know anything about what they hit. A random enchantment from turn 3 and an unblocked manifest can be gg, or it could be a dead draw land. Its like prefering browbeat over goblin grenade.

>> No.56184821

Not him, but that seems like a fairly inefficient combo that requires a lot of moving parts in a colour that doesn't have gooe non-creature Tutors.

>> No.56184870

>2 artifacts that work fine on their own
>oracle for creatures
>solid enchantment
idk man it seems pretty good to me

>> No.56184886

I know, it's a joke deck. All the parts work though, and I'm running an assload of draw including Abundance and Greater Good, so it should in theory be able to get them all.

>> No.56184950

List, in case anyone's interested. I'll probably cut the less efficient creatures for more graveyard salvaging to save key pieces like Vizier.

>> No.56184986

How many lands do you play in your decks?

>> No.56185010


>> No.56185017

Between 30 and 40. 40 is playing it safe, anything less is running into manascrew territory

>> No.56185057

Depends on the deck. Shit like elves can get away with low 30s, most everything needs high 30s.

>> No.56185065

roughly 37. depends on the deck

>> No.56185067

Depends on curve and acceleration, but I usually hover around 34/35 with about 10-ish pieces of acceleration

>> No.56185080

>Burning Inquiry

>> No.56185098

Check your mana curve, use a hypergeometric calculator to make sure your deck curves the way it needs to. Make sure your percents to have x mana by turn y are over 80 because going down more is often times not signifigant enough for it to be consistant and functional for you.

>> No.56185113

She is actually a pretty decent commander. I run her in human tribal

>> No.56185178

>All those pieces require a certain point for it to be "infinite".
Meanwhile Inalla only requires two pieces at most.
You need to have so many pieces for it to work.
That's where you're fucking retarded.

>> No.56185192


Naya Colors and she gives everything Haste, along with an untap when you need it. Perfect for an infinite Combat deck.

>> No.56185223

I'm sure she's a great commander. That was WotC's intention afterall.

>> No.56185273

40 is also below sea level in terms of flood risk

>> No.56185297


Too bad about the art. Really should commission somebody or something to get some different art on there.

>> No.56185312

Depends on the deck, in any super low cmc deck like storm or elves I would run high 20s like 27/28, in any stax deck or other deck that has huge mana acceleration I would run 30-32, I would never run more than 35 except in gitrog monster

>> No.56185411

>why would you want to play 'that' commander when you could just play this other one that's completely different
but why can't I play the one I want to use?
>pshh fucking retard

>> No.56185435

the Voltron side. Everyone draws is fueling opponents even though it does help Adamaro, the voltron side is more one sided to helping only you.

>> No.56185455

What is the better option in a wheely themed kess deck. Chaos Warp or Ashes to Ashes ? Can't decide, pls help

>> No.56185477

>missed the entire point of the post.

Work on your reading comprehension.

>> No.56185572

Just how good is she /tg/?

>> No.56185605

im laughing at you / not impressed

>> No.56185651

salvaging station is amazing. my favourite two card combo with station is executioner's capsule+station=doomblade machine gun. i ran a whole package in my WB obzedat stax deck (stall and drain everybody slowly), and it's currently part of a bunch of combos in my breya eggs deck. next im thinking about building a reaper king artifact combo deck with it. anyways, check out this spicy super combo

>> No.56185667

Sorry, your great intellect is too impressive for me to understand. Apparently 2 card combos are the most superior, actually I realized now the error of my ways and will only run combos that interact with my commander while it's in the command zone. But only if its one card, 2 cards is too much now and has too many pieces that can be removed!

>> No.56185736


>> No.56185744

In a deck that runs green and likes running a lot of small mana dorks, like 6+, if you also have the good/fast mana rocks you can drop the land count to 31ish.

>> No.56185754

Here's your (you).

>> No.56185781


>> No.56185784

Isn't that farmer holding the hoe the wrong way? When he swings down, it won't be the metal part that hits the field

>> No.56185830

That's a good point, anon.

>> No.56185888

Well, it IS the dudes first time using a hoe.

>> No.56185898

>Reds are all artifact removal

>> No.56185934

Black is supposed to have the best removal.

This is pathetic. Blue is clearly best.

>> No.56185945

Except Chaos Warp

>> No.56185966

People like to pretend Red's normal means of removal don't apply to commander and most of the time they are right but a good flameslash is never bad in a deck

>> No.56185983

Black is supposed to have the best "Creature" removal

>> No.56186050

Reality shift in particular is a big "fuck you". Card's fucking dumb.

>> No.56186191

Sure, been a while since I spammed the decklist here.

>> No.56186392

>running keiga deck
>had to cut pongify/rapid hyb/reality shift for fun stuff
On the plus side, it allows space for more combos but holy shit am i running naked here. Would not recommend doing.

>> No.56186395

once the "best card in all of magic"

now not even in the top 5 planeswalkers

>> No.56186486

>the top 5 planeswalkers

Which are?

>> No.56186540

Liliana of the Veil and Karn Liberated would be two guesses, maybe flip Jace?

Although the only one I'd agree with is Liliana.

>> No.56186612

if Karn is in there Ugin has to be one.

>> No.56186685

and of course, everyone's favorite guy, dovan baan

>> No.56186730

>not exiling pwers
no anon u r the pleb

>> No.56186809

Agent of Bolas makes the list

>> No.56186837

Liliana I agree, Karn would be behind, but Ugin is nowhere near those three, and neither is any other planeswalker.

>> No.56186841

>best card in all of magic*

>*in real formats
No shit TMS decreases in power in a 4+ player game where basically everything is legal.

>> No.56186868


>> No.56186883

>mikaeus deck costing less than $20
mikaeus alone costs more than that, my dude

>> No.56186896

Actually, Dack Fayden is up there with Jace and LotV

>> No.56186926

Mikaeus costing over $20 is in large part due to that deck.

He was $5 when I made the list.

Also, you can still get the deck for €24 on MCM, Mikaeus included. Before shipping

>> No.56186972

The thing about Dack though is his power completely scales with the power of you opponents artifacts. In my meta at best he would be a 3 mana sol ring, but for higher power stuff like blightsteel and moxen he's incredibly strong

>> No.56186987

3 mana sol ring that destroys a sol ring when it enters and then eats removal or a combat step

>> No.56186995

>Got a copy of Dictate of the Twin Gods, and Furnace of Wrath
>Bought a bunch of things like Fork, Reverberate, Increasing Vengeance, Reiterate, and Wild Ricochet
Now, what's the next step to a monored deck that spell-slings giant fuck-off fireballs, and murders someone with a single Bolt? How likely is it that I'll actually win?

>> No.56187014

as >>56186987 said, he is much more than grabbing just a sol ring. I've won games from people who kept a hand assuming they would have a sol ring in play turn 2/3.

Also, Dack is an all-star in Vintage.

>> No.56187015

make neheb the commander and then put in pyrohemia and earthquake effects

>> No.56187020

Not only Dack Fayden requires multicolor, but is also situational. It is in no way in the same league as jtms.

>> No.56187034

Don't forget Fire Servant

>> No.56187035

artifacts are ubiquitous

plus you can just double loot with him if you've got nothing better to do

>> No.56187046

Dack Fayden is stronger than JTMS in Vintage and EDH.

>> No.56187052

Big Dick Nigga Hidetsugu

You might not win a lot but it's a fucking amazing feeling knowing your finger is a quarter-inch away from the nuclear button

>> No.56187053

double loot doesn't put dack fayden on the same level as jtms or lotv. And having a situational ability also doesn't help that much.

>> No.56187059

I have exactly the deck you're describing. It's pretty decent, I have won games with it, once against a Trostani deck. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/13-08-15-third-degree-burn/ is my deck. Only recent change is putting Neheb in charge.

>> No.56187071

the fuck kind of craw wurm bullshit meta are you playing in where not a single person at the table has a mana rock by turn 3?

>> No.56187121

put heartless hidetsugu in your neheb deck

>> No.56187135

Dack is so absurdly much stronger than JTMS in EDH that it's not even funny.

JTMS is disgusting in 1v1 formats, but in multiplayer he is hot garbage.

They have different strengths which makes them more suited for different formats. Both are really powerful.

>> No.56187156

Alright, this is my exact issue, Hidetsugu or Neheb? Obviously both will be in the deck, maybe I'll just alternate between them until I pick something I like.

Pretty sexy list anon, have this secret tech.

>> No.56187169

The original poster said about "all magic", and not only EDH. And he still has to provide 5 planeswalkers better than jtms in all magic.

Dack fayden is only better than jtms against some decks, jace is still better for not being just a walking loot in a bad matchup.

>> No.56187184

I've literally never had a situation where nobody plays artifacts.

>> No.56187191

in EDH it's no competition, dack beats up jace and takes his lunch money

in a 4-player format, jace is just a brainstorm and a fog for 4 mana

>> No.56187200

Talking about Vintage, the only deck that I can see jtms struggling against that dack fayden destroys is shops, otherwise, having jace sounds a better option if you don't know what you are facing.

>> No.56187202


>> No.56187245

I agree with this, but EDH is only but 1 format, and a very casual one at that. In vintage jtms is still better, and the most defining point is that Dack fayden isn't even legal in modern, one of the biggest, if not the biggest format in mtg.

>> No.56187254

3 mana vs 4 mana is pretty big. Its easier for me to T1 or T2 a dack then it is to a JTMS.
Looting Twice is really good, it digs you 2 cards deeper into your deck while with jace if you aren't running fetches or shuffle effects his brainstorm ability gets worse after each activation. Also while planeswalkers in general in EDH arent great, JTMS is one of the worse. Back when I actually ran him he would allways bite a removal spells ot get killed because it a Jace The Mind Sculptor its 60 dollars kill him

Also Dack stealing a Mana Crypt or sol ring turn 2-3 both accelerates you and gets rid of your opponents mana.

This is purely looking at them from and edh standpoint. Obviously in 4 of formats Jace gets way stronger than Dack

>> No.56187280

Neither is JTMS though.

>> No.56187291

Jace isnt legal either

>> No.56187300

>if you aren't running fetches
Why wouldn't you be? I see people running fetches in mono color decks just for that shuffling and deck thinning for 1 life.

>> No.56187314

idk, I run as many fetches as I can but alot of people dont because money

>> No.56187315

Oh, I didn't see he got banned, haven't been following modern in a long time. But still, he made a bigger impact in the format than Dack will ever do.

>> No.56187338

Jace has literally never been legal in Modern.

>> No.56187350

wasnt he banned in modern by like the next banning announcement after he got printed

>> No.56187377

Thinning is never a reason people run fetches.

Usually if a mono colored deck runs fetches, it's because of additional synergy, like Delve, Life from the Loam, Crucible of Worlds etc.
If people run brainstorm, they run fetches.

One of my favorite example is an extended mono black vampires decklist I saw that ran 4x Vampire Nocturnus, and because of that ran 12 fetchlands in a 20 land list.

>> No.56187433

This is wrong.

He was so broken they banned him in standard, and then banned him on modern on the next list.

>> No.56187458

>June 2011, August
>Modern: Becomes a sanctioned paper format from an online format. The initial ban list is: Ancestral Vision, Ancient Den, Bitterblossom, Chrome Mox, Dark Depths, Dread Return, Glimpse of Nature, Golgari Grave-Troll, Great Furnace, Hypergenesis, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Mental Misstep, Seat of the Synod, Sensei's Divining Top, Skullclamp, Stoneforge Mystic, Sword of the Meek, Tree of Tales, Umezawa's Jitte, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Vault of Whispers.[78]

>> No.56187469

Of course 1 life for 1 less card in your library isn't a good trade, but it's extra advantage and should always be considered. After 4 or 5 fetches, you are significantly increasing your chances of not drawing land.

>> No.56187487

>becomes a sanctioned paper format
People played modern way before that list.

>> No.56187609

Late-thread "post em" entry

>> No.56187744

grasping at straws mate, give it up

>> No.56187804

legacy burn runs fetches for thinning mostly

the only things they synergize with in the deck are the 1-of grim lavamancer and sort of searing blaze

>> No.56187808

Is there a funner way to get the current MtG lore? The stories are often unnecessarily long and tedious.

>> No.56187822

Hey, did you ever post that Seton wurmball list? I was the dude who asked recently.

>> No.56187827

oh no, did you just type the word "funner" on an imageboard where everyone hates each other?

>> No.56187870

All the lore dorks on youtube are about as entertaining as a cup of fleas. The best place to learn the lore is by crawling mtgsalvation articles and going to your local library and finding the books that correlate with a cool character.

>> No.56187906

So I have vela out and a caldron of souls. can I rite of replication kicker targeting vela then give them all persist as they etb to get them to get double the dies triggers?

>> No.56187907

Personally I'm really bad at deckbuilding from scratch. Generally I'll look for budget lists using a particular commander that seem like I would enjoy playing them, build those, and then modify them as I play until they become my own thing entirely.

>> No.56187953

>sort of Searing Blaze
No, that's a really good reason to run it.

>> No.56187955

You can replicate her for 6x5 triggers, but you can't give them persist because A) they're tokens and stop existing when they hit the graveyard and B) they die as a state based action, so you never have priority to activate cauldron.

>> No.56187978

>can I respond to a state based effect (In this case, a legendary rule)

>> No.56187986

It's a word!

Yeah I'm not a fan of them. They somehow manage to make stories I like sound worse

>> No.56188020

>this plus R&D's secret lair

>> No.56188021

in burn you're pretty much always gonna be cracking your fetches as soon as you play them unless you've got multiple searing blazes in hand and no more guaranteed land drops

it's pretty much solely in there for deck thinning

>> No.56188036

Tokens disappear the moment they hit the graveyard, they won't exist to trigger Persist. Unless of course you sacrifice the non-Token Vela, in which case she'll come back, but the rest won't.

Which is a fun little way to squeeze one more trigger out as you then bin your final token.

>> No.56188038

thanks, i wasnt sure about the reaction with state based action but i completely forgot about how tokens that hit graveyard dont exist after

>> No.56188061

>bought Cat deck yesterday
>edited it slightly, maybe 6 cards before showing up for our weekly commander night tonight
>ran Nazahn as my commander
He performed far better than I expected and I really want to build him as a new commander. Unfortunately I know Voltron decks run a fairly high price. I willing to shell out the money for most of the good equips and equips fetches but I'm wondering what are some budget equips that people have found to be very useful?

>> No.56188078

argentum armor is great for a curve-topping equipment

>> No.56188095

It's mostly played for getting a landfall trigger on your opponents turn.

>> No.56188096

usually 35 or 36 depending on what i can fit. the most i run is 55 in a deck that wants to play multiple lands every turn

>> No.56188156

Song of the Dryads and Imprisoned in the Moon are fairly underrated. They're good tech to have.

>> No.56188180

Sword of the Animist.
Sword of Vengeance.
Lightning Greaves / Swiftfoot Boots.
Conqueror's Flail.

You'll eventually want to get the Swords of X and Y, even though some of them are really expensive; they're very good.

Equip support is good too:

Sram, Senior Edificer
Puresteel Paladin
Stoneforge Mystic

>> No.56188198

Equip support also should have Sigarda's Aid. Card is busted in a dedicated equip / auras deck.

>> No.56188246

>Sword of Vengeance
>>Conqueror's Flail
Lol glad to see those two, those were actually two of the first to come to mind.

>> No.56188252

It's pseudo-Cascade on every first spell you cast on any turn. In Simic, the most value-centric color combo in the format. Take that as you will.

>> No.56188312


I will tomorrow though, I'm still making some edits after that last run

>> No.56188345

Ali from Cairo and/or Fortune Thief?

>> No.56188362


>> No.56188369

Where's the bait, exactly?

>> No.56188374

Using Moon on a mono black player's commander and watching them panic never gets old.

>> No.56188380

>song of the dryads
In what fucking universe?

>> No.56188385

Is that an engine or something?

>> No.56188393

She has become the most hated commander in my playgroup.
Not necessarily the strongest, just the most hated.

Even when you aren't casting the card she gets for free, she still turns your counterspells into free draw.

>> No.56188399


>> No.56188412

they're funny, but i wouldn't. you should be at a higher life total than your opponents if you're punishing them optimally anyway.

>> No.56188419

I love Song of the Dryads. And Lignify, too, but it's obviously not as brutal. My group doesn't have a ton of build-around commanders so it's not super impactful, but it really neuters the decks that are.

>> No.56188449

>once the "best card in all of magic"

Gonna need a source on that, I think you just might be thinking someone called him the best card in standard back when he was legal.

Nigga we have always had time walk and black lotus, Jace ain't shit compared to that.

>> No.56188473

No worries.

>> No.56188499

legacy players were calling him that for quite a while

i don't think they were serious about it, they just liked having another big modal blue spell

>> No.56188507

I wouldn't exactly say it's underrated, many people know of it, and it's a $20 card.

But why isn't literally every blue played that can afford it, play it?
It's fucking disgustingly good.

Last time I played him I ended up with four commanders under my control on the battlefield, from using bounce and clone effects like Phantasmal Image.

I'd argue it's better than Treachery due to how easy it is to abuse the fact that it is a creature. The dude playing Gitrog in my playgroup gets PTSD just looking at the card, since the last 5 games I've played against him, I chord or flash it into play as soon as his commander resolves.

>> No.56188521

why doesn't*

>> No.56188575

i'm not playing it because it's not very good in my meta

>> No.56188601

My meta is very low on creatures, it's still great. Many EDH decks use their commander to win, usually there's at least one at each table.

>> No.56188644

I ran this in an old Gwafa Hazid deck. One game I stole a guy's suited-up Zurgo and beat him to death with it, he got super mad

>> No.56188663

Killing people with commanders that aren't yours is the best. I once killed a table with someone else's Gisela.

>> No.56188767

We should never play a game together

>> No.56188952

He does everything and he was a super durdle-y win back when miracles was dominant.
Most commander games won't let him hang out long enough to be a problem.

>> No.56188981

>voltron without shroud/hexproof
nothin personnel

>> No.56189021

Does anyone have a discard list I can look at? I'm thinking Dimir or Rakdos hellbent would be the best at making sure no one has cards, but I find Im overly reliant on single target discard, like thoughtseize, or things that fuck me over, like necrogen mists.

>> No.56189057 [SPOILER] 

I used to. Stole a Muzzio from one guy before bouncing it, jacking Saskia from another and bouncing it again. Pretty sure I won that game. These days I don't have time for petty theft.

>> No.56189062

It was just the once, and I try not to play my steal-everybody's-stuff deck very often. It was not long after that I made my clone-everybody's-stuff deck. People don't mind that as much.

>> No.56189077

It's a great card, but worse than treachery IMHO. I think the biggest weakness of the card is instant speed spot removal, and if you are in a meta that's any good there should be a lot of it.

Just hit it with swords in response to the trigger and the exchange never happens, much easier to stop than treachery, where you need an actual counterspell or you have to kill your own creature in response instead.

>> No.56189138

It's a bit more "resilient" in the form that it only attracts hate from one player, there's pretty much always one player with a removal spell ready, but if you're stealing that other guys commander that he built his deck around, he's not likely to object.

>> No.56189160

It's a great card, but worse than gilded drake IMHO. I think the biggest weakness of the card is it's cmc and susceptibility to countermagic, and if you are in a meta that's any good there should be a lot of it.

Just hit it with a counter spell when they tap low and the exchange never happens, much less efficient than spending 1U, where you can potentially respond, cast another spell or simply hold up mana.

>> No.56189194

Squee is my main deck. Yes, Skullclamp is the best thing you can do with him. He's also great with looting effects and can help you grind out a lot of card advantage over a long game.

His biggest advantage is that everyone else thinks your deck is shit. He's a massive distraction. Then you just pack it with artifact combos.

>> No.56189224

Oh you're that rich guy

How's your cool deck

>> No.56189307

Just one Timetwister short of p cool. On a strict diet of dust and gutter drippings till I can afford it. My deep dark secret is that I'm not actually rich.

>> No.56189359

Proxies? Or just good at budgeting?

Because I'm awful with money and would probably blow $3k on Magic stuff in a single sitting. I almost did a couple summers ago, when a TCGPlayer store glitched out and was selling RL cards for pennies.

>> No.56189382

GW turbofog

what's a good win con?

>> No.56189387

You're a moron, anon. Almost any meta is going to have more creature removal than counterspells. Even casual metas that don't run a lot of removal are going to run even fewer counterspells.

>> No.56189397

The Classic

>> No.56189420

Budgeting, a bit of luck I definitly didn't pay more that $200 for that 'nacle and stoicism. Once I reach a critical threshold in my finances though, im all about blowing a few grand on cardboard.

>> No.56189431

Man, I almost managed to trade to me a timetwister last week.
I took apart all the staples in my modern jund deck for it, but he backed out at the last minute.

>> No.56189447

>I definitly didn't pay more that $200 for that 'nacle
nigga how

Shit's over a grand now

>> No.56189455

You know some people probably paid less than $10 for a Tabernacle, anon. It's all a matter of time.

>> No.56189456

You're a moron, anon. Nearly creatureless metas are going to have more counterspells than creature removal. Even casual metas that don't run a lot of creatures are going to run more counterspells.

>> No.56189458

I also got a tabernacle for around $200, around 5 years ago.

I traded it away when it was $700, I regret doing that so much.

>> No.56189486

when i was a shit kid who had no idea about card values, the local "shark" tried to scam me out of a garruk wildspeaker i opened from a pack

i don't know how much it was worth back then, but to this day i'm the proud owner of his foil metalworker

>> No.56189492

>Gilded Drake or Treachery being relevant in creatureless metas

>> No.56189499

Two or three years ago, when it was just starting to push around $600, a coworker that had long since retired from the game had attempted to sell it to a shop. The shop offered $200 and he declined. A little later he found himself in need of of cash. He knew I was into magic and so he quoted me the last price point he knew. I accepted in the most even tone I could muster.

>> No.56189532

Even the highest power metas run creatures, most don't run too many maybe, but usually high value targets.

I like Gilded drake because I can birthing pod / chord of calling into it really easily. Also hillarious to cast a Cryptic Command and put a Gilded Drake into play with a Rashmi trigger.

>> No.56189578

>they won't exist to trigger Persist
the token will die and trigger Persist, it just won't have any effect because it ceases to exist before the ability resolves

>> No.56189611

Oh, you lucky son of a bitch. I am so jelly.

>> No.56189641

Jitte is busted in cats

>> No.56189673

why is sword of the animist so good?

>> No.56189677

>Jitte is busted.

>> No.56189685

just built this deck and was immediately ejected from the game when i went infinite.

>> No.56189692

rampant growth every turn for free? seems pretty good to me

>> No.56189697

Because it's pretty cheap and ramps you like crazy.

>> No.56189699

It's an attack trigger instead of a combat damage to a player trigger.

>> No.56189702

It has added utility in decks that care about their basic lands/landfall triggers (Emeria, Skyruin; Emeria Shepherd; Valakut; etc) and colorless land ramp is nice to have

>> No.56189727

Whats some spicy tech for snake man?

>> No.56189775

Enough mana to activate your commanders ability 10 times.

>> No.56189804


>> No.56189847

Counterspells and ramp

>> No.56189863

A time machine to prevent Naga from being made a creature type.

>> No.56189868

You all are an absolute goldmine of help

>> No.56189909

Seshiro the Anointed

>> No.56189914

>simicfag kicked from game

>> No.56189918

My friend tried making a snake tribal deck with him as the commander.

He took it apart once he realized he was better off just killing people with commander damage from his unblockable self-pumping commander and keeping up mana for counterspells than playing shitty snakes.

>> No.56190023

seems less consistent than most other wincons in cedh

too many moving pieces

why not just play food chain combos?

>> No.56190041

That’s a lot of spice. Infinite everything.

>> No.56190255

it's atraxa partner colors

>> No.56190277

>sword of the animist and sofaf on the same thing
>tutor for land
>connect with creature and untap new land
This is how I outpace the green decks in my meta and it works in every color

>> No.56190296


>> No.56190306

if you play simic you're a faggot

if you play tymna/thrasios you're a megafaggot

that's the difference

>> No.56190333

>wah, don't play colors or you're faggot! everyone should play RDW so we can only have straightforward creaturefests and lightning bolts!

>> No.56190352

>tymna/thrasios you're a megafaggot

Can someone explain why this deck is supposed to be so good?

>> No.56190355

More salt, Your Grace?

>> No.56190360

how important is training grounds to a tasigur deck
I'm indecisive I just want a commander that's fun, cheap and effective

>> No.56190370

training grounds is a manditory engine

>> No.56190407

Because Thrasios wins you the game with infinite mana.

You can just stuff your deck with infinite mana combos in the four best colors of EDH and always have your win condition in your command zone.

Them being actual decent commanders on their own in terms of generating card advantage is a good bonus.

>> No.56190431

i'm sure they will make all nagas snakes in the Nth creature type overhaul

they will also combine starfish, trilobyte, sponge, oyster, nautilus, and jellyfish into one creature type called "sea trash"

>> No.56190439

>not sushi

>> No.56190442

Teferri Stax

>> No.56190447


>> No.56190532

>not having infinite mana on turn 1.
>Not winning turn 1 before anyone else can play a card
fucking skrubs.

>> No.56190555

They've actually said before the Grand Creature Type was a dicey thing to do and it still has prominent detractors in WotC. They likelihood of them doing it again just to clean up the
Snake/Naga Debate is very low.

>> No.56190560

Teferri Stax.
The answer is always Teferri Stax.

>> No.56190606

Mfw no love for this card in this thread.

Red can be good at removal too.

>> No.56190669

I wanna build a king macar vehicle deck but are vehicles with crew 3 worth running? I wont be using many anthems or buffs that get macar to 3 power except caged sun or sword of the animist maybe

>> No.56190671

>"sea trash"
Anon... Really?

>> No.56190683

>taste like crab, walk like people

>> No.56190855

equipment or enchantment voltron?

>> No.56190863

I'm waiting for them to take the dive and make the big-dicked granddaddy of all single target X burn spells.
>remove indestructible
>can't be regenerated
>exile graveyard
>damage can't be prevented
>can't be countered
>is colorless
>shuffle into library on resolution

>> No.56190954

>what's the point of not being an unloveable virgin

>> No.56191098

>It turns if your commander is exiled with a card similar to Banishing light and you move it to the command zone, if you destroy the banishing light the commander will get out of the command zone and into the battlefield like it was exiled under the Banishing Light.

Well fuck thats something new to learn.

>> No.56191148

I'm sure nobody likes to play with you.

>> No.56191159

Play colorhate.

>> No.56191183

this only works if the Commander has not left the command zone in between it's "exile" and the banishing light/banisher priest leaves play

>> No.56191303

>can't even be targeted in the first place
Hope you brought a lighthouse.

>> No.56191334

Can some one explain to me what does the new dino have to do with storm? I thought he was just the timmiest commander not a combo piece

>> No.56191369

I don't think there has been a Red spell that does that, all the other ones have with Ghostfire being the "exception"

>> No.56191492

I couldnt find a judge thread so im hoping its ok that i ask here.

Im pretty new to magic so i dont really know all the rules yet! But, i have a card from Ixalan named Primal Amulet and it says that instance and sorcerys cost 1 less to cast, does that mean that if i cast a Torment of hailfire and only pay the BB cost, the X will be 1? since im getting one free mana basically?

>> No.56191497


>> No.56191519

That's correct.

>> No.56191527

Okay, what happens here is that you decide what X will be, then the cost is modified before you pay it. So, you can say "Torment of Hailfire, X is 1", it becomes 1BB and then the cost is reduced to BB. The important thing here is that it's still 1BB on the stack, but you only had to pay BB, because some cards care about the converted mana cost.

Ignoring all the technical stuff, yes, you basically do get one free mana in that situation.

>> No.56191622


Thank you guys!

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